GURPS on Golarion

A Disturbed Soul

Bisby relates events in more detail once contacted.


Rova 26, 4710

Short Synopsis

The group advanced into the cellar of Delvehaven. Their first turn complicates matters as they feel a portion of the wrathful effects that caused Thrune to withdraw from this place. They spend an hour recovering and head in a new direction. They find a secured room that they finally enter. inside they face dark spirits and once vanguished are able to converse with the spirit of Bisby. He relates portions of his knowledge before drifting off, warning that he can not rest till the Aohl is once again complete. There are additional reasons for reuniting the separate halves also.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Character Points Awarded
Mina 3
Loryc 3
Tristan 0
Urso 3
“Melty” 3
Zindal 3

Loot Summary

Item # Location Found Magic Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Vial 6 Bisby Bag Y Truecolor Dye (pending)
Chopsticks 1 Bisby Bag N Manticore Spikes
Bloodstone 6 Bisby Bag N In small leather pouch.
Bolas 1 Bisby Bag N Fine
Whistle 1 Bisby Bag N Silver
Bell 1 Bisby Bag N Golden, with Thassilonian Runes
Ring 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Pipes 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Lens 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Leather Armor 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Ring 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Crossbow 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Quiver 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Crossbow Bolts 60 Bisby Remains N Mithral-headed (fine, silver)
Javelin 2 Bisby Remains Y ?
Wayfinder 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Stone 1 Wayfinder Y ?

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude

Session Log

Session 35



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