GURPS on Golarion

Introductory Adventure

A non-related demo adventure prior to the official campaign beginning.


Arodus 1, 4710 to Arodus 7, 4710

Short Synopsis

The Company of the Broken Lantern was gathering information pertaining to the bounty for some escaped fugitives when they were contacted by an organization with some information. That information was sold to them with some conditions. using this information they sought out and found the fugitives in their lair. Most were slain but a few were captured alive. They were turned in for the bounty. Soon afterward, members of the group started being harassed by the city guard. Nothing violent, yet, but occasionally escalating nearly to that point. The harassment mostly consisted of searches, hindering of daily business, and tax collections. There was also a matter of anonymous threatening messages being delivered randomly overnight. The culmination of these events and plenty of money in pocket convinced group to leave town and look for business elsewhere, just as Xeno had suggested.

Character Summary

Participating Character Notes/Conditions Character Points Awarded
Eltera 19
Content Not Found: loric 16
Tristan 19
Urso Crippled arm 15
Satomi 18
Zindal 20

Challenge Summary

Creature/Obstacle/Task Outcome Notes
Gather Information about the fugitives. Success
Defend yourselves from the dangers on the streets. Success
Meet Xeno at the Limping Lion. Success
Proceed Below to learn more about your quarry. Success
Get past the gator pool. Success
Make your way through the sewers and find the fugitives’ lair. Success
Acquire fugitives for bounty. Success
Find hidden exit. Success
Collect bounty. Success
Identify mystery guests. Failure
Acquire fugitives as Allies Failure

Loot Summary

Item # Location Found Magic Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Leather Armor 8 Fugitives N Damaged, 3/4 standard value ? ?
Leather Boots 6 Fugitives N Damaged, 3/4 standard value ? ?
Leather Helm 8 Fugitives N Damaged, 3/4 standard value ? ?
Leather Pants 6 Fugitives N Damaged, 3/4 standard value ? ?
Large Knife 8 Fugitives N ? ?
Small Knife 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Short Sword 3 Fugitives N ? ?
Thrusting Broadsword 2 Fugitives N ? ?
Med. Shield 2 Fugitives N Spiked ? ?
Broadsword 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Bow 3 Fugitives N ? ?
Crossbow 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Quiver 4 Fugitives N ? ?
Arrow 15 Fugitives N ? ?
Bodkin Arrow 5 Fugitives N ? ?
Bolt 5 Fugitives N ? ?
Bodkin Bolt 3 Fugitives N ? ?
Maul 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Great Axe 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Med. Buckler 2 Fugitives N Spiked ? ?
Spear 1 Fugitives N ? ?
Short Sword 2 Mystery Guests N ? ?
Small Buckler 2 Mystery Guests N ? ?
Gold Coins 97 Reward $$ N $9700 total $100 ?

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
Xeno Human Syndic Contact Helpful
Joram Human Syndic Sage Elderly/Blind Helpful
Cee Human Gladiator Dead Hostile
Floyd Human Gladiator Dead Hostile
Groby Orc/Ogre Gladiator Dead Hostile
Jaim Human Gladiator Dead Hostile
Marlon Human Gladiator Dead Hostile
Nurrien Half-Elf Gladiator Dead Hostile
Rene’ Human Gladiator Captured Hostile
Skuli Human Gladiator Captured Hostile
Simeon Human Activist Captured Neutral



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