Millech the Hump

Male Human (Chelish)


“Actors… don’t talk to me about actors…”



A stocky hunchbacked man with stringy white hair, Millech has long wanted to be an actor but knew from an early age that his deformity and lack of natural talent would make such a lifestyle impossible. As such, he threw his considerable skill in trickery, stealth, and illusion at the next-best thing—backstage support. Millech has worked with Robahl on all of the director’s plays, and the two have an almost uncanny ability to know what the other wants. The resulting working relationship has as much to do with Robahl’s success as the director’s own skills.

Millech is in charge of most of the special effects, set building, and other backstage work on the play, with the exception of providing the devices and beasts

Millech the Hump

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