Character Creation and Advancement

Creating Your Character

  • Create your character using GCS and upload the exported images to the character entry on this site and send me the GCS file.
  • 250 points may be used to build your base beginning character. Additional points will be granted based on campaign progress, but these are subject to the restrictions for “Advancing Your Character”, below.
  • -50 points max Disadvantages / -5 points max Quirks.
  • $1000 starting cash in the form of gold ($100 per piece) , silver ($10 per piece), and copper ($1 per piece) coins, modified by Wealth (up to Very Wealthy). You may use this to purchase all the gear and property you own. Your first month’s cost of living is factored into this and will not be accessed till the next month in game time. You may spend points for extra money, gaining $500 per Character Point. (DF23)
  • This is a TL3 campaign with some aspects of TL4 included (weapons, armor)
  • Racial templates must be approved by the GM and taken in full. Racial Disadvantages do not count toward your maximum limit. A racial Advantage/Disadvantage may be cancelled out by an opposing Disadvantage/Advantage, but this will cost points and count toward the usual limits.
  • Exotic and Supernatural abilities must be GM approved on a case by case basis and will most likely have the Unusual Background enhancement, unless included in an approved template or universally common for the setting.
  • Magery is capped at 7.
  • Magic items cost $1 per energy point for enchantments up to 60 energy. Enchantments over 60 energy cost $33 per energy point. Used magic items are limited to availability, which must be determined by the GM, and cost $20 per energy point.

Advancing Your Character

  • Update your character using GCS and upload the new sheets to this site and/or send the GCS file to me.
  • Follow all the normal rules for limitations on what may be improved AFTER character creation.
  • Follow all the normal rules for “Improvement through Adventure” and “Improvement through Study”, in the Basic Set.
  • Follow all the normal rules on maximum trait advancements, regardless of Dungeon Fantasy exceeding these. The only way to qualify for the increased limits of “class” Power-Ups is to meet KEY requirements, determined by the GM, of that “class” template as a prerequisite.

Character Death & Replacement

  • In the unfortunate event of character death, you will create a new character with the same Character Point value. Follow all the requirements for creating and advancing a new character above.
  • Voluntary character retirement is highly frowned upon and will therefore be cause for loosing 10% of your earned Character Points.
  • Note that attempts to kill your character on purpose to avoid the retirement penalty will not grant any reprieve. If the GM deems the death intentional then the same rules as retirement apply.

Character Creation and Advancement

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