House Rules

This section includes “Optional Rules” from the source material and rules devised by the GM.

House Rules

Combat Reflexes (B43) functions as written except for determining initiative. Instead, it grants a +1 bonus to your Turn Sequence roll.

Luck (B66) retains its three tiers and point cost. However, due to the rate of online play the usage rate has been changed. Luck grants you one use per game session, Extraordinary Luck grants you two uses per session, and Ridiculous Luck grants you three uses per session. There are no constraints on the time interval between uses.

Turn Sequence (B324, B363) within a round of action will be determined by rolling 3d6 and adding Basic Speed (3d6+SPD), rather than using the static Basic Speed value. Combat Reflexes adds a +1 bonus to this roll.

Surprise Attacks and Initiative (B393) is a convoluted process as written and instead the following rule will be used. A detection roll (opposed or modified for circumstances) will be allowed prior to any conflict. Success indicates that the participants were not surprised and may act normally. Failure indicates surprise. Total Surprise applies as written if the participants were in a “safe” environment and not expecting trouble. Partial Surprise would apply if the participants were expecting trouble, but simply failed to notice it. This results in being mentally stunned and proceed as written to “shake it off”.

Attribute Damage (B421) is only partially covered in the basic set. The rules cover how to handle temporary attribute penalties but not how they recover or are healed. I will handle this by determining the underlying cause. The underlying cause (poison, disease, injury, etc.) needs to be healed or removed before the temporary attribute damage can be permanently restored. Temporary attribute damage heals following the established rules for Natural Recovery (B424). (Note that this makes HT damage particularly nasty.) You may improve recovery by following the established rules for Medical Care (B424). Magic can assist in magical settings. Boost (Attribute) can temporarily counter attribute damage for the duration of the spell but it is not a cure. To cure the damage you must use a Healing spell. Restoration can also heal temporary attribute damage and is one of the few ways to heal permanent attribute damage. (See below, for spells.) Note that even magic Healing will not remove the source of the damage and it will progress till it runs its course or is removed through other means.

Concussion (M26) has been modified to link off of “Thunderclap”:
The caster creates a ball of highly pressurized air in his hand. When the air strikes a target, it explodes dealing crushing damage based on Cost. The blast is extremely loud and acts as a Thunderclap spell out to 3 yards or the maximum radius of the explosion (2 x dice of damage), whichever is greater. In an enclosed area – less than 10 yards in any dimension – increase this distance to 6 yards or twice the maximum radius of the explosion. To avoid deafness (and possible stunning), roll HT at -1 for ever 2 HP of injury suffered. Protected Hearing gives a +5 to this roll. Concussion has 1/2D 20, Max 40, Acc 1; roll vs. Innate Attack skill to hit.

Shapeshifting (M32) has been modified. Replace “Clothing, jewelry, and armor vanish when the beastform is taken and reappear when the human form is resumed (magical jewelry cannot be detected while “vanished”). Backpacks, carried items, etc., simply fall to the ground.” with “Worn gear vanishes, losing all effects and melding into the new form, when the beastform is taken and reappears when the natural form is resumed (magical items cannot be detected while “vanished”). Carried items simply fall to the ground.”

Body of … (Magic, Various) has been modified. Replace any statement regarding gear and the new form with “Worn gear vanishes, losing all effects and melding into the new form, when the body of … form is taken and reappears when the natural form is resumed (magical items cannot be detected while “vanished”). Carried items simply fall to the ground.” It can be deduced that substantial forms may allow you to equip gear, however it must be set aside before the transformation if you wish to do this.

Burning Touch (M76) has been modified to resemble other “Burning” effects:
Wreathes the caster’s hand in flames. The first target struck after the spell is cast suffers 1d+1 of fire damage for every point of energy that the caster puts into the spell. Armor protects normally. Only highly flammable materials may catch fire.

Minor, Major, and Great Healing (M91) remains as written but add: “This spell can alternately be used to heal temporary attribute damage from a single attribute instead of HP.”

Restoration (M93) remains as written but add: “This spell can be used to heal all temporary attribute damage or permanent attribute damage from a single attribute.”

Thunderclap (M171) remains as written but add: “If the HT roll to avoid deafness is failed by 5 or more, the subject is stunned (roll HT each turn to recover). Protected Hearing gives a +5 to this roll.”

Shocking Touch (M196) has been modified to resemble other “Lightning” effects:
Charges the caster’s hands or staff with lightning. The caster must strike the subject to trigger this spell; hit location is irrelevant. The subject takes 1d burning damage per point of energy in the spell. Treat any metal armor as DR 1 against this spell! The effects of lightning damage listed under Lightning apply.

Anything that can be crafted within the standard GURPS enchantment/alchemy rules can be purchased, if found with a shopping roll. You may find things in your adventuring that are not explained within the rules and these are rare items that have no explanation as to how they exist, but yet they were somehow made by someone in an unknown way. I am free to price these arbitrarily if you wish to sell them. Enchanted items up to 100 energy points are $1/point, more powerful artifacts are almost always second-hand items at $20/point, and alchemical amulets are rare and cost $66/day, plus ingredients.

  • Magical items $100 and below and are found automatically.
  • Other crafted unique material and magic items and must be found using a Merchant roll modified by city search modifier and total cost of item (-1 per $5000). This represents the variety of shops available and the likelihood of the item being stocked.
  • It takes a week (7 days) minus the city search modifier to look for an item. This represents the replenishment of stock in different societies. At the end of the search period make your roll to find if you were successful for that period. You may quicken your search for time sensitive items by declaring beforehand that you want to find it in half or quarter the time and taking the appropriate penalties. Quickening your search only modifies that item and does not affect subsequent searches. You may also lengthen your search time if you are willing to wait longer and gain a bonus on hard to find items.
  • You may search for multiple items in a period. However each item you find imposes a cumulative -5 penalty to the next roll to find additional items during that same period, as your focus is spread among multiple things. If you fail to find an item it does not impose the penalty.
  • Henchmen or magic Servants may assist another character in finding an item if available. The assistant makes a straight unmodified roll to help find the item, giving the purchaser a bonus equal to its MoS on the roll to actually acquire the desired item. An assistant can only help a single character find a single item per period.
  • If you fail to find an item with your search roll you may not try to find the same item again that period.

Optional Rules in Use

Basic Set

Trading Points for Money (p. 26) – Each point grants 50% of campaign average starting wealth.

Wildcard Skills (p. 175) – Also see Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills under Allowed Material.

Techniques (p. 229)

Buying Success (p. 347)

Player Guidance (p. 347)

Extra Effort in Combat (p. 357) – You must have “Trained By a Master” or Weapon Master" to use these options.

Changing Posture in Armor (p. 395)

Dual Weapon Attacks (p. 417)

Accumulated Wounds (p. 420) – The MapTool framework makes this easy to track. Just apply damage to the limb/extremity instead of general HP.


Approved “Non-Human Races” include:

  • Dwarves (p. 189)
  • Elves (p. 190)
  • Gnomes (p. 192)
  • Halflings (p. 192)

Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level

Approved “Non-Human Races” include:

  • Dwarf (p. 6)
  • Elves (p. 6-8)
  • Nymph (p. 9)
  • Pixie (p. 9)
  • Gnome (p. 10)
  • Halfling (p. 14)


Approved “Racial Templates” include:

  • Dwarf (p. 107)
  • Elf (p. 108)
  • Halfling (p. 109)

Martial Arts

Combinations (p. 80)

Expanded Combat Maneuvers (p. 97)

Committed Attack (p. 100)

Defensive Attack (p. 101)

Grab and Smash! (p. 118)

Extra Effort in Combat (p. 131) – You must have “Trained By a Master” or Weapon Master" to use these options.

Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys

Buying Success (p. 4)

  • includes Buying Failure
  • includes Margins
  • no buying Critical Success in combat, except against mooks

Player Guidance (p. 7)

  • includes Trading Points for Money (p. 8) – Each point grants 50% of campaign average starting wealth.
  • includes Favors in Play
  • includes Divine Intervention (must have a declared religion/deity)

Power-Ups 5: Wildcard Skills

“Additional Benefits” include:

  • Wildcard Familiarity (p. 11)
  • Wildcard Tech Level (p. 11)
  • Hyper Competency (p. 12) – Warning: This adds a high level of complexity and record keeping for the player.
    • Exclude “Flesh Wounds”, this optional rule is not in use.
    • Only approved options from “Impulse Buys” (above) apply to “Other Options for Wildcard Points”.


Adjustable Spells (p. 39) allows you to buy an approved enhancement as a perk. You may then apply this “learned” enhancement to any applicable spell at a default skill penalty of -1 and +1 energy cost (FP) per 5% enhancement cost. You may increase the skill by improving it as an average technique, up to a maximum of the base skill value, but the increased energy cost never changes.

Ethics and Spells (p. 49) is used to reproduce the Lawful/Chaotic/Good/Evil natures.

Custom Templates

Dhampir [84 to 98]

Attributes: ST+4 40, DX+2 20, HT+2 20

Advantages: Hard to Kill 2, Night Vision 3 3, Vampiric Bite 30

Disadvantages: Draining (mammal blood) [-5], Odious Personal Habit: Craves Blood [-5]; Pick any two of: Supernatural Features (No Body Heat) [-1], Supernatural Features (No Reflection) [-10], Supernatural Features (No Shadow) [-10], Pallor [-5]; Pick any one of: Dislikes (garlic), Dislikes (holy symbols), Dislikes (sunlight), Dislikes (running water) [-1].

Vampiric Power-Ups [10 point Unusual Background for Dhampir]
By virtue of their vampiric heritage, dhampirs can buy the following abilities as power-ups:

• Alternate Form (Children of the Night*) [15/form].
• Blood Healing: Healing (Injured Only, -20%; Self Only, +0%; Uses Blood Pool instead of FP, +0%) 24.
• Blood Pool (see below), up to 20 [3/level].
• Claws (Sharp; Switchable, +10%) 6.
• Clinging 20.
• DR (Tough Skin, -40%) up to 3 [3/level].
• Insubstantiality (Carry up to No Encumbrance, +10%) 88 or (up to Light Encumbrance, +20%) 96.
• Mind Control (Suggestion, -40%; Vision-Based, -20%) 20.
• Speak With Animals (Specialized, Children of the Night*, -40%) 15.
• Super Jump 1 or 2 [10 or 20].
Upgrade Night Vision 3 up to a max of Night Vision 10 10.
Upgrade Night Vision 3 3 to Dark Vision 25 for 22 points.
Upgrade Vampiric Bite for 5 points per extra HP/turn drained, up to 3 HP/turn.
Buy off Supernatural Features [6 to 20] and Dislikes 1.

*Children of the Night include bats, rats, wolves, etc.

New Power-Up: Blood Pool [3 points/level]

Dhampirs have a special Energy Reserve called a blood pool, which can be used for anything that FP can be used for – spellcasting, special abilities, extra effort, etc. – but is not depleted by normal physical exertion, lack of sleep, etc. It does not recover normally through rest, but only through use of Vampiric Bite, at the normal rate (1 blood point/3 HP). Each time Vampiric Bite is used, the dhampir must choose whether they are restoring HP or blood points. A vampire may also choose to spend a blood point to heal the daily 2 damage from Draining; to heal other damage using blood points, buy the Blood Healing power-up.

House Rules

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