This section contains rumors you have heard in order of newest to oldest.

The Deformed Son

Mayor Arvanxi has a sick, deformed son that lives in a secret room in the attic, his affliction makes him both susceptible to terrible sunburns and unpleasant to look upon.

The Lost Lodge

Janiven has a friend named Ailyn who is a Pathfinder and has recently arrived in Westcrown. She has some information about Delvehaven, the Shadow Beasts, and a possible government connection.

Return the Debtor

A businessman named Davus Raal wants to collect on an owed debt.

Dr. Stethenfield’s Journals

House Drovenge is looking for parties interested in recovering Dr. Stethenfield’s personal journals from Haverthold Asylum.

The Jewel of Aroden

One of the most powerful houses in Westcrown, House Drovenge, is rumored to have a wondrous artifact called the Jewel of Aroden.

The Mayor’s Vault

The mayor’s mansion is rumored to have a magical vault that holds many valuable treasures and secrets.


Several groups of bandits have been harassing travelers and merchants in the Westcrown area. Most of the activity has been outside the city gates, though a new group seems to have been causing some trouble in the “Dead Sector”. For whatever reason, the city guards have as of yet been able to do little about the bandits — which is probably why the mayor turned to the Hellknights for help. The people of the city are growing worried; it’s bad enough that they can’t go out at night except for a few key streets, but at least they were safe in their homes during the dark hours and travelling during the day. Now even that safety seems to be vanishing.

The Shadow Beasts

With the dying of every day’s light, businesses hurriedly close and respectable homes light lanterns outside their doors. Members of the dotarri light pyrahjes, man-sized torches, throughout the Parego Regicona and in the major plazas of the Parego Spera, patrolling between such islands of light in groups of seven. Taverns, festhalls, and similar establishments maintain sleeping rolls for those who stay after dark, collecting a customary 2 sp fee for boarders soon after twilight. Those forced onto the street after dark typically carry halorans, 7-foot-tall hooked staves hung with bright lanterns, made publicly available along the city’s most traveled avenues.

Despite the city’s adaptation to the nightly scourge, specifics of what the creatures are, where they came from, and their intentions remain the stuff of rumors, with every Wiscrani having his own wildly varying theory. Most residents have accepted and adapted to the deadly curfew. Weekly, though, new tales arise of deadly attacks on curfew breakers, assuring that the nightly ban is widely maintained.


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