Session 1

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Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey

Taragnor has connected.

Taragnor: yeah gotta make some skill changes from the last version I netered here

Taragnor: since not sure of where else to put energy reserves, I’m marking em on my label bar on my token

Taragnor: Also put my power stone down there too

Urso: picks up a trusty Large Shield.

Urso: readies a trusty Large Shield.

Urso: readies a trusty Backpack (and Items).

Urso: sets aside a trusty Backpack (and Items).

Taragnor (new character): picks up a trusty Scribe’s Kit.

Garrion: howdy all, just finished dinner

Taragnor: yo

Garrion: what is PS?

Taragnor: power stone

Garrion: ahh, ok

Taragnor: Also to signify that this character is different from the original Loric, I’ve changed the spelling of his name to Loryc.

Taragnor: Just to remind people he’s a somewhat different incarnation. heh.

Garrion: haha, ok

Taragnor: because he’s pretty much drastically different lol. He’d basically not have slaughtered those gladiators (or assisted in it). And is generally way more of a hero type.

Taragnor: He’s more of a thrill seeker too, and less of the stereotypical arrogant mage that Loric was.

Urso: picks up a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Urso: readies a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Urso: picks up a reliable set of Reinforced Boots.

Urso: readies a reliable set of Reinforced Boots.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Greataxe.

Sefiros has connected.

Sefiros: Hey guys

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: everyone working on character updates

Sefiros: I’m using my character as she was, is why i havent updated her, i dont have anything i want to

Sefiros: saving my pts

Garrion: you been getting our emails sef, not seen any responses from you

Sefiros: yeah i saw em

Sefiros: i talk to sachi and T on yahoo all the time

Sefiros: i was going to maybe make another character at first, but decided to just stick with eltera

Sefiros: if i knew gurps better i prolly would have, but i didnt wanna bother hehe

Sefiros: id like to make a low powered version of mina one of these days, but i dont know the rules enough to do that

Taragnor: heh, yeah apparently G thought it’d be better if my character was a revised Loric instead of adding a new PC to the group so basically forget everything you knew about Loric’s personality and abilities, but pretend you’ve been travelling with me all along.

Garrion: well everyone is essentially staying the same… only loric a bit different

Taragnor: Also he now spells his name as Loryc.

Sefiros: haha

Sefiros: GRRM revision?

Taragnor: He’s basically a totally different personality and such.

Sefiros: yeah i hear ya, i meant the spelling

Sefiros: ie replacing I’s with Y’s

Sefiros: GRRM does that

Garrion: well i mean in reality we really didn’t have time in the demo to develop personailities all that much

Taragnor: well I mean, it’s mostly just the fact that like the bloodbath that happened in the prior mission wouldn’t happen with new Loryc.

Taragnor: He’d object heavily to that stuff. where as old Loric didn’t give a shit.

Sefiros: well yeah i mean no one takes a one shot too seriously, when its basically a tutorial

Sefiros: RP wise

Taragnor: Yeah heh.

Garrion: i don;t think it would have mattered.. Satitomi objected heavily and the killing still went on

Sefiros: yeah i mean i wouldnt even have accepted the quest period lol

Taragnor: yeah lol.

Sefiros: a freed slave, aint gonna take up a job to go catch slaves

Taragnor: At least now we’re gonna have opportunity to choose quests, as opposed to just go along with whatever.

Taragnor: Since it’s gonna be more a sandbox style, which should be cool.

Taragnor: So we don’t have to get railroaded by the first plot hook that comes along, heh.

Garrion: yep, much better… but the purpose of the demo was a structured introduction to build up to more lethal encounters

Taragnor: I mean that first mission was such a clusterfuck, that I’d almost like to just retcon it out of existence heh, and say we made the money elsewhere. :P

Sefiros: yeah same here

Taragnor: Since it didn’t really make sense for Eltera or Loryc to do that, and Satomi hated what happened anyway.

Garrion: that is fine…. we can omit all memory of it if you want

Sefiros: works for me

Taragnor: Yeah, I’d like to do that honestly. Since my character is totally new, and that quest totally goes against our Robin hood theme.

Garrion: i was really hoping events would have taken place that would tie in with the main camp… make some enemies, gain some allies etc.. but we can just wipe the slate clean since none of that happened



Taragnor: Well I mean you can still say we have similar enemies.


Taragnor: I mean we could have made the money doing something against the enemies we made before.

Urso: how do you add to how much you can carry?

Sefiros: if anything, i could see us fleeing cheliax for the opposite

Taragnor: My character already has an enemy of the Council of theives as a disadvantage heh.

Sefiros: ie underground railroad type deal

Taragnor: well we’re actually not fleeing chelliax.

Taragnor: we’re just moving to a different city.

Garrion: cool, that will tie in nicely

Tristan has connected.

Sefiros: well i just meant if for plot reasons, we still originated in egorian or whatever

Sefiros: i always say cheliax when i mean the capital city

Tristan: Hello everyone

Sefiros: hey

Taragnor: I mean given my disadvantages, it’d probably work best if I was a westcrown native, since I pissed off the thieves guild as an enemy. But no real rason I couldn’t have done some quests in egorian too.

Garrion: speaking of which.. we need to determine who are native chelaxians and who are just here by fate

Sefiros: eltera was a native

Tristan: If i’m going to update some equipment, which icon should I update? (I am not native)

Taragnor: Given my languages, and enemy, I’d say Loryc will be a native.

Sefiros: or well technically, she has been here for years

Sefiros: she was born elsewhere, and carted off into slavery

Taragnor: Yeah or at least been living there a long while.

Sefiros: wherever there are the nearest elves, thats prolly somewhere around where she originated

Taragnor: He may have been born somewhere else, I’m not sure how common blond hair and brown eyes are in chelliax.

Sefiros: and was taken a slave at around 5 or 6

Taragnor: But certianly he spent some time in Chelliax, enough to make some enemies and become a good speaker with the regional dialects.

Sefiros: so shes spent pretty much all her memory in cheliax

Garrion: update Limbo.. these are all new

Tristan: How did Eltera free herself?

Sefiros: rich patron

Tristan: was that Satomi?

Sefiros: nah

Taragnor: Ah okay, I was gonna say if you didn’t have a backstory for how she freed herself, wouldn’t be terrible if some of the other party was responsible.

Taragnor: Give us some ties to each other.

Garrion: it very well cound have been.. wound be a nice connection

Sefiros: she belonged to some minor noble family

Sefiros: and outlived like 2 generations of em, since she’s a half-elf

Sefiros: anyways, the line died out when the last heir was a single child, a woman who was barren

Tristan: we should probably come up with some good backstory of how we all met

Sefiros: after she gained her freedom, she lived on the streets for a long time

Sefiros: scrapping by

Sefiros: till she met satomi

Taragnor: I would imagine Loryc would be the one who kinda talked Satomi (and the group) into doing the whole Robin Hood style thing, assuming most of the group is still gonna have greed and what not.

Garrion: I’m working on a GM control sheet so i can keep all your important plot related traits and stuff handy

Taragnor: And Loryc is more the outlandish hero who would recruit you in on some kind of crazy scheme to help the common man.

Garrion: well like i said in email… i think just gradually falling into that concept would be more natural than stating it as your mission from the start

Taragnor: Well yeah, I mean for them, that’s fine. heh. Loryc is basically build with that concept as part of his personality (basically all his disadvantages relate to that more or less)

Garrion: yeah.. Loryc can be the catylist

Taragnor: That’s why I was kinda thinking it’d be interesting if Loryc actually ended up recruiting em to the first mission or something, so we can do some RP where he tries to talk them into being more than greedy mercenaries.

Sefiros: well they could have met eltera doing that, since she does that sorta stuff for personal reasons, ie she lived it

Sefiros: and thats how she bumped into satomi

Urso: how do you add to how much you can carry?

Sefiros: more STR?

Urso: no, lifting capacity

Garrion: or carrying ST

Taragnor: maybe create an item of negative weight?

Urso: carrying

Garrion: i think there is a seperate component of ST just for loads

Sefiros: what happened to everyone in limbo? i only see myself now

Tristan: i only see myself as well

Taragnor: Yeah, it’d be kinda cool if

Urso: not under the attributes

Taragnor: we had Loryc recruit em or what not, if they kept their prior personalities and usch

Garrion: we all there.. i just made vision where you see your vision.. not all… that cause i have some NPCs on there too

Sefiros: you gotta add the thing to your sheet i imagine cedric

Sefiros: drag “liftinbg STR” onto your sheet

Sefiros: dont that update your lifting load automatically?

Urso: drag onto sheet? am taking in maptools

Sefiros: oh

Sefiros: i thought you meant GCS

Taragnor: yeah heh, he’s talking about the MT character sheet not the gcs

Garrion: now the problem woould be appying tit to the token.. i don;t think the token is that “smart”

Urso: na, gcs I"m pretty well figured that thing out

Sefiros: yeah what T said

Sefiros: do a negative item weight wise id imagine

Sefiros: or if you cant, then just take off the amount of diff items maybe for the diff?

Garrion: yeah, just ignore the weight on some items so that your load is correct

Garrion: just say they weigh 0

Urso: don’t really matter at the moment, either way am light load

Taragnor: yeah you’d want to get your load right so your move/dodge is accurate

Taragnor: since it auto subtracts from that

Taragnor: so whatever stuff you do make sure your load is at the correct level.

Urso: picks up a trusty Potion Belt.

Urso: picks up a trusty Backpack (and Items).

Eltera: picks up a trusty Misc. Gear.

Eltera: readies a trusty Misc. Gear.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Misc. Gear.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Steel Corselet.

Urso: ok on sheet I got 4 lbs until medium encumb, but in real life I"m about 80lb away

Eltera: picks up a trusty Unyielding Steel Corselet.

Eltera: readies a trusty Unyielding Steel Corselet.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Eltera: readies a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Garrion: so just remove about 80# of gear and make it Wt. 0

Garrion: will be close enough

Urso: shouldn’t matter too much

Taragnor: or just add an item of -80 weight. Think it should let you make a negative weighing item

Urso: can’t go too low, or will be in non encumbered

Urso: am good now, at 78 lbs

Taragnor: heh okay.

Taragnor: yeah I mean it doesn’t really matter so long as your encumbrance level is right.

Sefiros: does striking STR have a limit to how many ranks you can take?

Garrion: ok, we comig up on start time

Urso: enough to put me into light encumb, but with plenty to add before medium.. Urso the group pack horse

Sefiros: my sheet says “maximum +2”

Sefiros: but that came off the swash template, so is that just something for the template?

Urso: I don’t think any of them have limitsA?

Sefiros: ie now that we’re not using em, can i take more than the max 2

Taragnor: Generally they’re limited by the DM or what not. Depending on waht you are.

Garrion: would have to look at the advantge to see

Urso: barbarian base is striking 3

Urso: the default on the template

Sefiros: i cant find the source book for it, any idea which one its in?

Taragnor: it’s in the basic book

Sefiros: hmm weird, search didnt yield any result

Taragnor: page 88

Sefiros: well theres 2 basic books

Sefiros: you mean camp, or characters

Urso: says B65

Taragnor: Characters. that one has all the advantages.

Sefiros: ok yeah theres no limits for it

Taragnor: also the page numbers go up in campaigns.

Sefiros: thats just template starting limits apparently

Taragnor: Yeah it’s bsaically whatever the DM sets

Taragnor: kinda how magery and such have whatever limits the DM wants.

Sefiros: where does it say that?

Sefiros: it doesnt mention the GM

Sefiros: or you mean all advantages period?

Garrion: i would say it can not exceed the hard upper limits.. i think it is ST25 for Barbarian

Taragnor: well everything about GURPS is DM based.

Sefiros: well any rpg is

Taragnor: It’s kinda redundnat, you can’t take 20 levels of DR for a human for instance.

Taragnor: since human sodn’t have iron skin.

Taragnor: So whatever level the DM deems would be unrealistic for you to be stronger at strikes without being stronger at other stuff.

Urso: 5 points per +1 ST You can strike more powerful blows than your ST score would indicate. Add Striking ST to base ST 88 ADVANTAGES Stretching is ideal for machines with telescoping mechanisms. A super with a “rubber body” should add some combination of Elastic Skin, Double-Jointed, Morph, and Super Jump. solely for the purpose of calculating thrust and swing damage (see Damage Table, p. 16). Striking ST has no effect on HP or Basic Lift. If you bought your ST with the No Fine Manipulators or Size limitation, apply the same limitation(s) to Striking ST.

Garrion: normal human limits ar 20 but Barb template allows you to exceed that as part of the template perks

Sefiros: well mines only 15

Sefiros: so whats the limit for a half-elf?

Sefiros: my current STR is 15 that is

Urso: bad copy / paste

Urso: 5 points per +1 ST You can strike more powerful blows than your ST score would indicate. Add Striking ST to base ST

Sefiros: and i have 2 striking, so i guess i hit as if i had 17?

Taragnor: right.

Urso: solely for the purpose of calculating thrust and swing damage (see Damage Table, p. 16). Striking ST has no effect on HP or Basic Lift. If you bought your ST with the No Fine Manipulators or Size limitation, apply the same limitation(s) to Striking ST.

Garrion: let me find the chart.. i think it is in the next level or powerups

Taragnor: basically your efective strength for damage is 17.

Sefiros: ok im just wondering what the cap is

Tristan: how do you “unready” something? I want to check my encumbrance

Taragnor: It just counts as conditional strength.

Sefiros: 18, 19, 20, whatever

Taragnor: just click the R or c Tristan

Urso: ya, just look at whatt the str damage is for your new str, that is waht yo put for your weapon

Taragnor: and make it be an x I tihnk?

Tristan: thanks, that was super easy

Taragnor: Or whatever isn’t an R or c.

Tristan: readies a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Tristan: sets aside a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Tristan: picks up a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Garrion: yep it is in DF11: Power-Ups.. p. 5

Taragnor: I have no idea why all gear is trusty by default. what if I didn’t really trust my backpack all that much?

Tristan: picks up a trusty Thrusting Broadsword.

Sefiros: what is G?

Tristan: picks up a reliable set of bodkin arrows.

Garrion: the racial maxima table

Tristan: picks up a trusty Potion Belt.

Tristan: readies a trusty Potion Belt.

Sefiros: ok 20 for me

Tristan: picks up a trusty lt healing potion.

Tristan: picks up a reliable set of Alchemical Matches.

Garrion: but by following a career template you can get some special perks… exceeding certain limits is part of that

Tristan: readies a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Sefiros: how do you increase throwing weapon damage? any ideas?

Tristan: sets aside a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Sefiros: str doesnt seem to do anything, unless you need 10 more pts just to get a +1

Garrion: Barbarian power-ups focus primarily on strength and toughness. If the GM wants to invent his own, then that’s where to start. As The Next Level explains, barbarians have access to everything on their template plus these options: • Arm ST 1 or 2 (Size, -10%) 5. • Damage Resistance 1 or 2 (Limited, Crushing, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) 1. • Damage Resistance 1 or 2 (Tough Skin, -40%) 3. It’s legitimate to take this power-up and the previous one to get as much as DR 4 vs. crushing attacks – but realize that it’s flesh, and won’t stop electric shocks, poisons, etc. that get past actual armor. • Extra Attack 1 25. • HP up to 1.5 ¥ ST, with the usual Size, -10% limitation. • Resistant to Poison (+8) 7. • ST up to 25 before racial modifiers, with the usual Size, -10% limitation. • Unfazeable 15.

Sefiros: i didnt see any diff to thrown knife dmg by tweaking str in GCS

Taragnor: your throw weapon damage will go up based on strength

Taragnor: all weapon damage is basically based on your sw and thr damages

Taragnor: which are based on strength.

Sefiros: it must be a huge amount

Taragnor: Yeah, some levels won’t raise it.

Sefiros: yes i know my melee weapons all increase

Taragnor: Unless your thr or swing goes up, it won’t bring up your damage.

Sefiros: but i didnt see an increase at all from like 4 or 5 pts for thrown weapon dmg

Tristan: picks up a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Tristan: readies a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Sefiros: so it must be a huge amoutn that it increases at

Sefiros: whereas the swords did

Tristan: garrion, would you mind checking my inventory? My weight is much higher than it should be

Tristan: dropping the quick release backpack should put me around 33ish

Sefiros: the melee dmg on the knife went up like the swords

Sefiros: but the ranged dmg didnt

Sefiros: so was wondering maybe if its a bug or im not doing it right

Garrion: so barbarian can go up to 25 ST.. i would allow individuial ST enhancements to go up to that same ceiling… so if you are ST 20 you could only take up to Striking ST 5

Garrion: because ranged damage is baded on the enherent ST of the weapon, not your ST

Sefiros: anyways, im just gonna save my points till i got a better understanding of the rules and what i should take

Garrion: so a bow woul dbe a ST12 bow

Sefiros: thank you G

Sefiros: that explains it then

Sefiros: i just went with knives, so i could throw one each round

Sefiros: plus everyone else already had bows, wanted to be diff

Tristan: throwing knives is cool, especially with fast draw. I almost made a knife specialist instead of the ranger

Sefiros: any advantages i could take to make it better?

Sefiros: dont know much about ranged weapon usage

Garrion: ok, so who all wanrts to start as new associates and RP that.. or just skip past it and say you all buds?

Tristan: fast draw, weapon specialization, TWF, and you can buy some balanced blades.

Sefiros: yeah just skip that bit

Sefiros: i always found it better to start knowing each other

Sefiros: the intros for every rpg i think ive evern been in were bad lol

Urso: is why I now have my main weapon be throwing axe, do same damage as regular axe, but I can throw it if necessary

Sefiros: weapon specialization?

Tristan: picks up a trusty Gold.

Sefiros: you mean the weapon master advantage?

Tristan: picks up a trusty Silver.

Taragnor: well I mean if I can give em a quest, that’d be pretty cool

Taragnor: say maybe I was friends with Satomi that she knew, like a contact

Tristan: yup

Taragnor: and we can go robbing some noble or what not.

Tristan: weapon master

Taragnor: Not sure what quests we got to choose from.

Garrion: well i haven’t given out any yet

Tristan: we should go on a quest to fix our lantern…. we are going to need a working one in the city of twilight

Garrion: so we missing tab and Sachi?

Garrion: haha, good one

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean I was figuring Loryc could just be the guy who introduces them to a potential quest opportunity.

Garrion: well i sent out the city intro in hopes that you would see something of interest to go check out yourselves… or you can search for “jobs”

Taragnor: Like robbing a given noble or ripping of the thieves guild or what not.

Tristan: or hang out at night and ambush the ambushers and see what we can learn. No one should care if we start cleaning up the streets

Taragnor: I mean Loryc would rip off any rich/corrupt noble.

Tristan: but, finding a homebase should be priroity 1

Taragnor: Well you don’t really want to be out at night. lol. It seems like it’s pretty deadly.

Tristan: deadly for normal humans.

Taragnor: And I didn’t get the feeling it was something we could actively stop.

Garrion: that is something i wanted to ask.. all of you get a place to live.. just note on your sheet if it a room at an inn or an apartment

Taragnor: It’s not really an invasion force or something. It’s just like random monsters take to the streets or something.

Tabris has connected.

Urso: have to find an outlaw base of operations, take them out and use it for ours

Tristan: that’s a good idea Urso

Tabris: Yo

Tristan: I like free room and board

Tristan: Hi there Tab

Garrion: and the next thing would be where it is…. you could all have rooms at the same inn

Garrion: well there is that option too

Tabris: I haven’t done any shopping but I think the only thing I really want to buy at the moment is a cloak or something bandit-y to hide my identity

Tristan: we could see if any nobles are hiring and live off their coin while we get familur with town

Taragnor: Well I figured I’d have a small apartment. Since i’d have been living there a while. And yeah, I mean getting a base would be kinda cool. Not sure exactly how we’d establsih one yet, I mean unless we wanted to be outside the city.

Taragnor: Well I mean I figured we’d just rob some noble.

Taragnor: Like find some rich nobleman, rob his estate.

Garrion: i have 1 hook for you.. i was really not planning on using it, but seeing how Loryc wants to be a new contact…. he could be associated with a rebel group here in town and invite you to a meeting

Urso: na, better to take otu some bandits or th elike.. probably some unsuccessful ones

Taragnor: we’re Robin Hood types, we’re supposed to steal from the rich. heh.

Tabris: We’re still going to have to pay the CoL every month regardless of what we do right? Since it’s basically the sum of our monthly expenses?

Taragnor: So I figure go after thieves guild or some kinda nobleman in town.

Tristan: picks up a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Tristan: readies a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Tabris: Oh yeah, I need to update my token on here

Sefiros: i dunno if we wanna get too complicated for our first task until we get out feet under us

Garrion: well if you acquire lodging outside the city i would reduce CoL some for housing.. but there would still be upkeep to the old hideout

Sefiros: if we’re gonna literally rob someone, it better be highway men style

Sefiros: we cant splinter cell his ass

Taragnor: Sure we can.

Sefiros: well not this group, we aint exactly ninjas

Taragnor: Wlel not everyone needs super stealth, I mean one guy can lead the way.

Tristan: Ninja Urso…

Taragnor: Also I can make people invisible.

Tristan: So, Taragor can make Ninja’s…

Garrion: gonna do a private chat with you Taragnor.. see if you are interested in this connection

Sefiros: well how are we gonna break in the guys roman town house with a big group or people?

Taragnor: okay.

Sefiros: what would be the point? why not just send 1 or 2 folks to stealth him?

Taragnor: drop me a msg on IM or what not

Taragnor: well we need people to carry the loot obviously.

Taragnor: I mean Loryc can get you in, but 8 ST ain’t carrying mcuh

Tristan: ok guys, question about equping my cloak and getting the DB from it. I added it to armor but did not see an option to increase the DB, any clue how to do this?

Sefiros: im just saying, it doesnt seem like a group activity to start off with

Urso: add it to shield maybe?

Sefiros: we just gonna have 1 or 2 people doing something the whole session

Sefiros: the rest just being afk

Sefiros: so why dont we set up some ambushes on the road, like highway men

Tristan: yup, shield worked, thanks

Taragnor: damn, did any of you guys take any kind of noncombat skills?

Taragnor: Or are you all like pure combat?

Urso: I got some

Sefiros: no i have other skills

Tabris: Heh, I have Stealth

Sefiros: im talking about the people that dont

Tabris: I’m not that good at it, but I did take it

Urso: but he not sneaky

Taragnor: well like I said, I can invisible people.

Tabris: Well actually I have a 14, I guess that’s pretty good

Sefiros: still tho why do we need 5 dudes breaking into a guys home, seems like overkill mostly

Tristan: sets aside a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Tristan: picks up a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Sefiros: thats like doing a home invasion with a clown car :-p

Tristan: picks up a trusty Fortified Hvy Cloak.

Tristan: readies a trusty Fortified Hvy Cloak.

Taragnor: well I mean, it dpeends on what we’re stealing

Tristan: readies a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Tristan: sets aside a trusty Fortified Heavy Cloak.

Tabris: Depends on the size of the home

Tabris: And how many guards

Taragnor: And yeah, the size of the home. I wasn’t planning on robbing some peon.

Taragnor: this is a high profile theft.

Tristan: sets aside a trusty QR Backpack & Gear.

Taragnor: We’re 250 pt characters, we’re pretty badass.

Taragnor: So lets do something challenging.

Sefiros: im more worried aobut what we’re gonna do with urso

Tristan: we we are going to be taking people out we may want to try to get some authority to do so…

Sefiros: unless we leave him as lookout

Tabris: My authority is the blade at my side

Taragnor: Well I mean we can bring him in when the coast is clear. Or disguise him in some way.

Sefiros: but he might not even be good at that lol

Taragnor: I got a lot of utility capability.

Tabris: Just cast invis on him

Tabris: Problem solved

Taragnor: right. heh.

Urso: or can just hang outside and wait.. be reinforcemetns if necessary

Zindal: A Stealth * check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth * and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

Tabris: Annoying that I can’t see what I roll for Stealth

Sefiros: well we might as well take our gear and shit off if we’re stealthing the guy

Sefiros: dont make sense to be doing B&E in armor

Tristan: unless it’s leather

Tabris: lol, my armor is light enough

Taragnor: heh well yeah, I mean obviously you’d leave the full plate at home for this one :P

Sefiros: lol just using that as an excuse :-p

Sefiros: you guys wear all armor no matter what, you’d go swimming in chain

Tristan: ok, so I think my character sheet is good to go except my weight is showing about twice what it should be. Any clue why it would do this? I set aside my backback and have around 30 lbs of gear but showing over 60

Sefiros: dark matter

Taragnor: I mean we’re suppsoed to be thieves, lol. I hope you guys got some kinda stealth capabilities. I can make you invisible, so as long as you’re not a giant clanging collection of pots and pans, we’d be okay.

Urso: well we only building to being thieves

Sefiros: i always had some

Tristan: or breaking into the arch mages house

Sefiros: but i dont know about everyone else

Tristan: readies a trusty Thrusting Broadsword.

Taragnor: I mean even Conan had some stealth.

Sefiros: i do goddamn it

Sefiros: but i dont know about everyone

Tristan: lol

Tristan: i have stealth 14

  • Sefiros hands T a q-tip.

Taragnor: Yeah 14 is fine.

Garrion: ok, i think i have a hook for you.. if you are wanting to take it.. not forcing it, just an option if not any other ideas….

Tabris: Yeah 14 is what I have

Tabris: Sachi took Thief template so I assume she has decent Stealth too

Sefiros: i got acrobatics, brawling, broadsword, carousing, climbing, dual weapon atk, fast draw (knife & sword), fast-talk, gambling, intimidation, jumping, knife, scrouncing, search, sex appeal, stealth, streetwise, thrown knife, urban survival and wrestling

Garrion: There was discussion that Loryc is a friend of Satomi’s that you have recently met. He has lived here for a longer period than any of you.

Taragnor: Yeah I mean if we got decent stealth we should be good.

Eltera: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 3

Sefiros: i got +12 for stealth, not uber, but better than alot of my other skills

Taragnor: It’s not like I need a whole group of master thieves. Just people that are like reasonably competent.

Urso: Brawling, climbing, gesture, observation, swimming, tracking, wrestling

Tabris: Even with a 12 you have like a 66% chance of success I think, though Stealth might be contested against Per

Taragnor: well remember distance penalties too

Taragnor: I mean they have problems seeing you if you’re far away as well

Sefiros: its a pt or two higher without my plate

Sefiros: so more like 13 or 14

Sefiros: 12 is in plate

Taragnor: and also invisiblility always a plus.

Garrion: ok, who all is ready to start with some real play?

Tristan: i will be after I figure out my weight issue.

Taragnor: Yeah i’m good to go. Alright.

Tristan: i’m about 27 lbs over and don’t know why

Eltera: picks up a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Garrion: check the weight and number of all your items

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Heavy Gauntlets.

Tristan: i did

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Plate Arms.

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Plate Legs.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Steel Corselet.

Taragnor: Alright well since I’m the leader until Sachi gets here…

Eltera: readies a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Great Helm.

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Sollerets.

Taragnor: First we can check out the one plot hook we’ve got, see if we want to do it…

Eltera: picks up a trusty Fur Tunic.

Eltera: readies a trusty Fur Tunic.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Fur Loincloth.

Eltera: readies a trusty Fur Loincloth.

Garrion: alchemical matches weight total of 25#?

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Sandals.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Sandals.

Tristan: ok, so missing a .

Tristan: here’s my sign…

Sefiros: i also got some red sonja chainmail/plate bikini

Sefiros: but i havent added it yet

Tristan: actually, I have them in as .05

Sefiros: i found it in one of the DF books

Tristan: not sure why they show up as 25 in the other column

Tristan: ahh

Tristan: got it

Tristan: I thought it was total wieght for them but it multipled it… makes sense

Tristan: readies a reliable set of bodkin arrows.

Tristan: sets aside a reliable set of bodkin arrows.

Tristan: sets aside a trusty Thrusting Broadsword.

Sefiros: ah ok here it is DF 13

Sefiros: Armor Location DR Cost Weight Mail Loincloth Groin 4/2* $60 6 Partial Mail Top Torso† 4/2* $75 7 Partial Plate Top Torso† 5 $280 8

Sefiros: † Classically a bikini-style top, but can also represent amidriffbaring partial shirt, a network of armored belts and suspenders, and other more unisex items that provide partial torso coverage. On any torso or vitals hit, roll 1d: 1-3 means the location is protected; 4-6 indicates the attack hits an unarmored area, which gets no DR. Treat intentional targeting as attacking chinks in armor at half the usual penalty.

Tristan: that’s fantastic

Taragnor: heh

Tristan: ok, i’m ready. .06 lbs under and I had to strap my broadsword to my quick releast backpack… so not fast drawing that if I drop the pack…. I really need a ST boost

Taragnor: heh. yeah i’m ready when you guys are

Taragnor: was just waiting for you to get your equipment and such settled.

Taragnor: Might as well get your characters inputted before we start.

Sefiros: how do i input the diff categories of DR into the add/edit armor section on the MT cha rsheet

Sefiros: like for my groin DR for my mail bikini

Sefiros: its 4/2

Sefiros: so what do i input in the box

Sefiros: someone who has chain should know

Urso: heh, save my guy

Tabris: I just need to figure out how cloaks work real quick

Loryc: cloaks in GURPS are kinda weird

Sefiros: like parrying sorta

Loryc: they’re basically like shields

Sefiros: yeah

Loryc: only not a shield.

Sefiros: shields is the impression i got

Tabris: Yeah I think I got the gist of it

Loryc: But you use them in a similar fashion

Tabris: It says I get the defense bonus from it just wearing it

Loryc: yeah. that’sh ow shields work too.

Loryc: Think you get it against anyone in your front arc.

Sefiros: tab, how do i input the split DR for chain in the armor section on my char sheet?

Sefiros: what you got as value input in the boxes

Sefiros: for “Damage Resistance Granted”

Sefiros: the 4/2* deal

Tabris: I have no idea, I haven’t even looked at that for my armor since G did it for me

Sefiros: check it for me

Sefiros: see whats in it

Tristan: so, everyone was giving a little about their backstory earlier… here is my basic story: I was the offspring of my fathers unfaithful fling with a human diplomat. She died of some kind of freak illness shortly after birth. The elves did not want me (and I’m paranoid my father was waiting for the chance to kill me) so I took off as soon as I could make it on my own. I ended up with a traveling caravan that treated me like dirt so I spent more and more time away from them until one day they got ambushed by highway men. I slunk off into the woods and avoided the fight and lived off the land teaching myself how to do so. Eventually I met up with the current parter (or a member of the party) and felt like it was as good a life as any i’ve had so I stuck with it. .. and here we are.

Tabris: Also my armor is Elven Chain so it gets full DR against crushing anyway

Garrion: loryc.. give me a knowledge local -2 roll

Sefiros: how much extra is it, i’ll just buy that then

Tabris: Elven is x4 cost

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc: That wildcard basically has all area knowledges.

Sefiros: good ole elven chainmail bikini

Sefiros: even lighter than a chainmail bikini

Sefiros: its like the duluth traiding underwear commercials

Tristan: nice wildcard

Loryc: Yeah I got quite a few wildcards.

Tristan: there was so much content…. I gave up after book 11

Urso: ( main changes with my guy is more defensive nature, using throwing axe as primary weapon, has metal armor now and a large shield )

Sefiros: Elven: Elven mail uses the higher DR listed for the base armor against all damage – don’t reduce its DR vs. crushing blows. Any mail: +3 CF.

Tristan: that large shield will be kick- ass

Sefiros: would that mean cost x3, or 4 then?

Tristan: it’s the first cost, plus 3 more cost so 4 total

Tabris: No, it’s +3 to the base cost

Tabris: So total of x4 base cost

Tabris: Read the little blurb at the start of the section

Tristan: but, if you have “armorer” you can try to make it at 20% reduced cost

Tabris: Actually it’s at the start of the weapons section

Tabris: Page 26 of DF 1

Tristan: (I did not do this but I read you can). you risk wasting materials if you fail though

Tristan: and costing more money

Garrion: ok, have i missed any questions while talking to Targnor about the connection he has

Sefiros: elven mail doesnt affect the weight?

Sefiros: i figured it did, but guess not

Tabris: Nope

Tabris: That’s the Fine thing

Tabris: Or you can buy the enchantment

Tabris: I actually had a question about if you could combine those two

Tabris: I can buy a Fine Heavy Cloak which reduces weight to 3/4 of original and I can put a magic enchantment on it that lightens it by 25% so would that reduce it to 50% of original weight or to 56.25%?

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Fur Tunic.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Fur Loincloth.

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Sandals.

Tabris: Basically am I doing two -25% or am I multiplying by 3/4 twice

Sefiros: hmm plate bra, or chain bra, a girls dilema

Garrion: that is something i can not come up with a quick answer for… remind me later and i’ll check on it for you if you do not find the answer yourself

Loryc: I know for modifiers for character point costs you’d add the -25% for -50%

Loryc: Not sure if that applies to gold costs.

Loryc: or weights.

Tabris: Yeah I mean I have no clue, I just see that there are two separate things that can reduce the weight

Garrion: i don;t want to eat up the whole night working on game mechanics

Sefiros: ok i’ll just go with the plate bra, its 20gold cheaper, and 1 dr better anyways

Loryc: yeah


Sefiros: this

Tabris: I’ll count it as 50% for now since that’s easier to calculate

Loryc: lets do the game mechanics questions later, like through email or IM.

Tabris: And if we find out it’s the other way I’ll adjust it later

Loryc: And not clutter up the chat with a bunch of stuff. I’d like to get started.

Tristan: where is “fine armor” mentioned?

Garrion: ok, so who is ready to start?

Tabris: DF 1

Tabris: Page 27 I think

Loryc: I’m good to start.

Tabris: I’m mostly ready, I can follow along easily enough while I’m working on this

Loryc: I mean I don’t care if people continue to work on it, just dn’t clutter the chat with like 50 lines about equipment lol.

Loryc: It makes it impossible to follow the plot when that happens.

Loryc: Send G an IM or something.

Garrion: based on my email intro.. you have been in Westcrown for 2 weeks now after leaving Egorian… we are scrubbing the last mission flop but the move remains the same

Loryc: But don’t text bomb the chat.

Loryc: He’s on yahoo IM, so just msg him there.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Elven Mail Loincloth.

Eltera: readies a trusty Elven Mail Loincloth.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Partial Plate Top.

Tristan: ok, last equipment question for me. where is “fine” armor mentioned? that weight reduction coudl really help me out

Eltera: readies a trusty Partial Plate Top.

Tabris: I told you, it’s in DF 1, page 27

Garrion: now Loryc wants to be a new contact.. an olf friend of Satomi’s

Tristan: sorry, I was digging and missed that

Loryc: yeah I figure we can just start with the group meeting me and introducing them to the opportunites in Westcrown maybe.

Garrion: he greets all of you when you enter the city and shows you around.. he has lived here a while and has a pretty extensive knowledge of the place

Loryc: Since I gotta talk em into doing stuff regardless heh.

Garrion: he tells you all the info that i emailed about the History of Westcrown and the districts

Garrion: we pick up now.., two weeks after arriving in Westcrown

Garrion: action!

Loryc: “interesting city, Westcrown, there’s a lot of opportunities for men, or women (gesturing to Satomi and Eltera), willing to take some risks.”

Urso: (where we at?)

Loryc: “From what Satomi tells me of you all, you’re not adverse to taking a few chances.”

Loryc: (I figure we can just be talking in a tavern)

Garrion: yeah, any place you choose.. a tavern is fine.. on the street.. it really don;t matter

Loryc: oh also, Setting up a daily buff. Armor spell (2 points of DR).

Sefiros: ok stealth is +14 now in my light armor mode

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 11

Sefiros: so im good to go

Zindal: picks up a trusty Fine Heavy Cloak.

Sefiros: just had to add it to my sheet

Loryc: I can maintain that for free.

Zindal: readies a trusty Fine Heavy Cloak.

Eltera: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 17 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)


Loryc: nice Sef.

Loryc: I do want to do a thieving mission at some point, not sure if it’ll be tonight heh.. but it is on the list of stuff.

Sefiros: well i always had a good stealth check, i just had to fix my sheet manually, it doesnt auto adjust climb/stealth for my armor

  • Urso sits on a big chair, leaning back with his feet up, " Urso think this place looks nice"

Loryc: (Yeah I’ll be telling them this in a tavern)

Sefiros: its base 14, 12 with plate

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Sandals.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Sandals.

Tristan: *sitting next to Urso with his back to the wall watching the crowd for trouble

Tabris: “My focuses are relatively narrow. So long as this city satisfies them, I care for little else.”

Zindal: “My focuses are relatively narrow. So long as this city satisfies them, I care for little else.”

Loryc: “Ah yes… I’ve heard something about you. You like money and women.”

  • Zindal grins slightly, “Indeed.”

Zindal: “As well as the chance to test my skill with my blade.”

Tristan: “some reputation, don’t all guys like money and women?”

Loryc: “Simple enough desires, though I run things here a bit different from waht you might be used ot. I like to think of this as my city, and I prefer to avoid unneccessary bloodshed.”

Tristan: “i’ve heard there is plenty of bloodshed here already”

Loryc: “Indeed. And a good reason to not add to it. The poor people of this city have had it rough.”

  • Zindal shrugs… “I do what I’m paid to do.”

Garrion: ((wish Sachi was here))

Loryc: “But that’s so boring… haven’t you ever wanted to work for yourself? Seize your own opportunites instead of being some nobleman’s dog?”

Tristan: (yeah, shouldn’t she be here soon?)

Zindal: (Should be)

Tristan: “i’m no noblemans dog”

Urso: (hope she bought a bunch of potions… I got potion belt now, heeh)

Tristan: (I have one too but can’t carry any more weight)

Urso: (slacker )

Urso: " what you have in mind, new guy?"

Loryc: “Good Tristan, because I’m not really much for doing others jobs. We can be better than mercenaries. At least if any of the things Satomi tells me about your skills is true.”

Zindal: “So long as the money and the women are in it, I don’t care about the details.”

Loryc: “Well Zindal, corrupt nobles have lots of money.”

Zindal: “Go on.”

Loryc: “Well first I thought we might check out a rebels group I’ve heard of. I’m not sure yet if I want to join them, but it’s worth hearing what they have to say.”

Tristan: “hmmm, taking money from rich corrupt city slicking nobles? You have my attention”

Loryc: “I thought you’d like that Tristan.”

  • Loryc smiles.

Urso: " why the rebels?"

Urso: (they )

Tristan: “i’m sure that the city does not like people going around robbing or killing nobles though… not even corrupt ones”

Loryc: “Because they’re fighting a devil worshipping regime. I don’t tend to like people who worship devils much. I would hope you feel the same.”

Sefiros: “I don’t like people period.”

Loryc: “Devils once offered to buy my soul, It was a terrible offer, I don’t recommend considering it.”

Eltera: “Since I’ve yet to meet any decent ones for the most part.”

Tristan: “Eltera, I thought we were getting along so well….”

Eltera: “Just stating a simple fact, the world is cruel.”

Loryc: “Well I wouldn’t say that Eltera, there are plenty of good people in the world. Me personally, I like to help people.”

Zindal: (Sachi just got home, says she’ll be in soon)

Tristan: “ok Loryc, are you saying we would get a free pass to go out and take care of this business? Have the support of the guard and all?”

Zindal: “That I doubt.”

Loryc: “Support of the guard? Well not exactly. But that just makes it more fun.”

  • Loryc smiles.

Zindal: “The guard works for the city, the city is run by the corrupt nobles.”

Eltera: “Thought you said this was your city?”

Loryc: “It is.”

Eltera: “Doin’ a piss poor job ’en.”

Loryc: “I’ve got a few friends in the guard force.”

Eltera: “So who’s the mark this time?”

Loryc: “I’ve got friends everywhere really.”

Eltera: “We know why we’re here.”

Urso: " Urso thing we going to need masks"

Loryc: “Well first I’d iek to attend the rebels meeting I heard about… see what they’re planning. I like to keep my ear to the street. If we don’t like what they say… well… I’ve got a lot of other ideas lined up.”

Loryc: “Oh, and don’t just think of me as a contact, I’ll be right along with you helping you on your adventures.”

Tristan: “urso, you are going to need more than a mask not to stand out”

Urso: " best if boss go with you"

Eltera: “Adventures? I wouldn’t exactly call it adventuring.”

Eltera: “Adventure seems to imply you’re enjoying your life.”

Loryc: “I do enjoy my life very much.”

Tristan: “yeah, getting tagged as a rebel and associated with a cause we don’t know anything about does not seem like a great idea”

Eltera: “Hard to enjoy much in a hell hole, like Cheliax.”

Tristan: “can you tell us more about their goals? I mean, I like the whole get rich off of corrupt nobles angle and all…”

Garrion: ((literally… HELL hole))

Eltera: “An’ why dontcha know this stuff already?You said it was your city.”

Eltera: “You wantin’ us to just trustya and go meet a group of strangers? How we know you aint some crook either.”

Loryc: “Well this rebel group recently formed, they don’t even have a formal name yet. They’re a bunch of concerned citizens who want to make Westcrown a better place to live.”

Eltera: “Meanin’ no offense mister, but…..well.”

Garrion: ((Satomi would vouch for him if she were here

Loryc: “And that’s going to mean taking down the old establishment.”

Loryc: “As for being a crook… I’ll admit I’m a thief.”

Urso: " they more folks that do action, or more those that help us do actions?"

  • Eltera seems to be skeptical of any person she doesnt know in general, she gives the impression.

Tristan: “so, your trying to clean this city up then…. Doesn’t sound like our fight but I know Satomi vouches for you so that’s a start. And putting a little coin in our pocket is not a bad idea (nods to Zindal)”

Loryc: “Well that’s what the meeting tonight is going to be about, to see what plans if any they’re going to start up, it’s worht a look like I said.”

Loryc: “And there’s nothing saying that we can’t be cleaning people out while we’re cleaning up the city.”

Loryc: “After all, I know a few rich nobles and slavers with far too many gold coins cluttering things up.”

Urso: (would be good to get some npc support, help hide us if necessary, provide intel, etc )

Loryc: “Clearly, a good cleaning is in order.”

Zindal: “We might as well reward ourselves if no one else will reward us.”

Tristan: “how do you know this meeting was not set up as a trap to find the rebles… rebles are often called traitors by the people they are rebelling agaist”

Eltera: “Yeah, thats my point.”

Loryc: “I don’tl.. but I’ll be going in first to scout it.”

Tristan: (funny, Loryc was our second in command and he’s not in the group yet)

Eltera: yeah its why i dont like intros ingame :-p

Loryc: (Well remember Satomi did vouch for me)

Tristan: (who’s up next? God help us if Zindal is in charge..)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: zindal would be like “whores, free whores you say?, ok, let’s be rebles”

Zindal: Yeah I’m assuming Satomi basically introduced us and then had “business” to attend to elsewhere while we talk

Loryc: “Besides I know of their leader, she’s quite trustworthy.”

Garrion: well the old Loric was.. i think we made a last minute descision fto intro him as a new character

Loryc: (Well Loryc would make a good leader type since he’s got all the knowledges heh. He’s pretty mcuh set up as a mastermind type)

Urso: " when this meeting happen?"

Garrion: ((the idea is that someone makes descisions when no others do))

Tristan: “well guys and gals, what do you think?, it may be worth a listen and I would be perfectly happy taking out some city scum”

  • Eltera shrugs. “Whatever……I go where my friends go.”

Urso: (heh urso just the tactical leader…)

Loryc: (Yeah heh, I’m good at making decisions)

Tristan: (by they way, is walking around with a composit bow “normal” or even legal?)

Loryc: “Don’t worry Tristan, either way we’ll get a chance to take out city scum.”

Loryc: (actually you probably want to hide that.)

Tristan: (I would rather want Urso as the tactical guy than Zindal)

Eltera: "I don’t like starting a sentence off with “Don’t worry….”

Loryc: (According to my knwoledges that G said, it’d be a bad idea to have anything more than like gentlemans weapons)

Eltera: “Sounds like famous last words.”

Loryc: “I have a way with people… trust me.”

Zindal: (lol, Zindal is quite capable of rational and tactical thought)

Tristan: (I know he is, until he fails his saves)

Loryc: “Also the rebel’s leader is rather attractive too… just saying.”

Urso: ( I"m just a wood chopper.. hehe)

Eltera: “But if they’re in, then that means I’m in.”

Tristan: (logs that bleed)

Zindal: “Well Eltera, if he’s lying to us we can always dispose of him like we do anyone else who crosses us.”

Tristan: “what am I supposed to do with my bow? Try to pass it off as a fucking harp?, I don’t like showing up to a sword fight with a death wish”

Eltera: “You mean kicking him in the balls till he’s dead?” jokes with a deadpan delivery

Urso: " when this meeting happen?"

  • Eltera replis to Zindal.

Zindal: “Well that is your usual method.”

Loryc: “This afternoon actually.”

Urso: (time of day?)

Loryc: “So we won’t be waiting around.. and liek I said, I’m just curious what they want to hear, if you want I can go to it alone and let you know what happened.”

Loryc: (It’s the AM right now)

Loryc: “As for your bow, I suppose you mean your walking staff…”

  • Loryc concentrates for a moment turning Tristans bow into a simple quarterstaff… (using illusion shell)

Garrion: ((Bows can be unstrung and carried as staves

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -1)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc: or I can just make it look liek a normal quarterstaff, totally unsuspicious.

Garrion: unless recurve?

Garrion: cool

Zindal: What about his quiver of arrows? lol

Urso: " Urso think get there early and look around"

Garrion: a pouch of mice, haha?

Tristan: “oh, I did not think of that. Exuse me sir, please hold still while I string my walking straff so I can shoot you” ….. “i’m not sure that’s a smart idea… but not like I have much choice. Maybe we can pick off a few of these corrupt bastards outside the gate with a good old fashioned ambush?”

Loryc: “The string is still there actually… you just can’t see it.”

Tristan: it’s a recuve yup (does that matter?

Tristan: “ok there Loryc, you lost me. How can you not see the string?”

Zindal: It does for the unstrung walking stick routine, but not for the illusion

Garrion: not for the illusion.. but you probaly don;t want to walk around knocking it on the fground

Tristan: (oh, yeah, don’t want to ruin my bow at all)

Loryc: “It’s what we call an illusion.”

Loryc: “Sure it looks like a walking staff now, but that’s only appearances…”

Tristan: “so you can magic up my bow so it looks like something else?”

Loryc: “I already did. Look at it.”

Zindal: (He just did, lol)

Zindal: (Right in front of you)

Tristan: “holy shit”

Tristan: “how’d you do that?”

Garrion: you look down and see a walkign staff.. unless you resist the illusion

Zindal: “Magic.”

Loryc: (actually he has to specifically try to disbelieve it)

Tristan: (testing the string and seeing if I can feel it)

Loryc: (like use an action to try to dsibelieve it)

Tristan: not trying to disbeleive, trying to find the string though

Urso: (my axes going to be ok, or no? they small like hatchets almost I would guess ?)

Loryc: (If it’s a hatchet yeah, great axe probably not)

Urso: (throwing axe )

Loryc: I assume you can have that on your belt and just call it a hatchet, seems liek a tool I’d assume

Tristan: (who’s going to try to take Urso’s axes from him….)

Garrion: (yeah a small hatchet on belt would be ok for an obvious uncivilized barbarian, haha

Tristan: (I would hate to have that job)

Zindal: I plan to keep my sword hidden under my new finely crafted heavy cloak

Tristan: (then some of us have things like broadswords)

Garrion: but a greataxe would draw attention

  • Urso puts his shield into his backpack.

Urso: (heh, that weapon gone.. he a throwing axe only user now)

Loryc: “But like I said, I like to keep the violence to a minimum, I’m no killer. Of course… that’s not to say I couldn’t use a master swordsman and an expert archer.”

Tristan: “well, Satomi vouches for you and your obviously a powerful wizard so I’m in for the meeting” (putting my hand out), “i’m Tristan by the way, nice to meet you”

Tristan: (he’s uber impressed with the spell)

  • Loryc shakes his hand.

Garrion: a simple blade is fine… i’m talking heavy weapons and med to heavy armors and shelds

Loryc: “Loryc.”

Tristan: broadword = heavy weapon?

Garrion: no that is a simple blade

Tristan: “how long is my bow going to stay looking like this? Can you turn it off anytime?”

Garrion: greatsword = heavy weapon

Tristan: (ok on the clarification)

Loryc: “Anytime I want to break the spell, yes.”

Zindal: (I’m guessing anything that’s one handed and fits on a belt is considered a “gentleman’s” weapon and generally allowed as long as you don’t start trouble with it)

Tristan: “what about my arrows here, can you magic them up too? Maybe make it looks like a messenger bag or something?”

Garrion: ((correct))

Loryc: “I can see that I’ve earned Tristan’s respect… if any of the rest of you have any doubts about me, you mgiht as well voice them now… I’m open to challenges to prove my worth, just make them interesting.”

Zindal: “I’ll reserve my judgement until you’ve gotten me some coin or some women.”

Tristan: “well, you just lost a point of respect there…. people that have earned respect don’t brag about it”

Tristan: “but, nice spell, true”

Tristan: “i’ll give you that”

Loryc: “Well the women part is easy…”

Sachi has connected.

Urso: (hey )

Loryc: “As for coin, we’ll have to steal that, but only from people who deserve it.”

Tristan: “getting a women to sleep with Zindal would be an even more impressive feat.. unless of course you pay her like he does”

Sachi: Hey guys!

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Zindal: (lol, I do have Very Handsome you know)

Tristan: (and still have that abbrasive attitude)

Sachi: Sorry, I was a little late getting out of class and I had mom aggro

Tristan: (maybe i’m jelous…)

Garrion: welcome sachi

Garrion: glad you here

Zindal: (Dude, have you paid attention to how most women are? They go for the abrasive assholes with good looks like 99% of the time, lol)

Loryc: “Give me 2 minutes and I’ll get a woman for him.”

Tristan: (I could totally see going too far with Zindal one day and him running me through)

Garrion: we’ll catch you up on events

Loryc: “But that seems like a rather easy challenge.”

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Sandals.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Elven Mail Loincloth.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Partial Plate Top.

Loryc: (Maybe Satomi can just join the scene at this point, perhaps she got held up doing something)

Loryc: (like I was showing them around while she was doing business)

Garrion: ((We had last minute decision to into Loryc as a new character… but an old friend of yours.))

Zindal: (Yeah like I said I figured she basically introduced us and then slipped off to take care of “business”)

Loryc: (Btw the whole last adventure got retconned away)

Loryc: (So you don’t have any blood on your hands anymore)

Tristan: (had to take a poop huh?)

Garrion: As my email suggested you have been in Westcrown for 2 weeks not settling in

Loryc: “Ah Satomi, glad you could join us.”

Garrion: Loryc has shown you around town and told you about what the city holds

Sachi: (Hehe, I was willing to let it slide and treat it as a moment of desperation on Satomi’s part, but I’m happy with retconning it too :3 )

Garrion: he helped you find lodging

Loryc: “I was just sharing some of my skills with everyone…”

Garrion: he has lived here a while and generally knows a lot about it and other things

Tristan: “your friend here just magiced up my bow, that’s pretty impressive”

  • Urso looks at satomi, wondering what took her so long in the bathroom… bad chicken he thinks.

Tristan: (turned it into a walking staff)

Tristan: (lol)

Tristan: (business = complete)

Sachi: “Indeed! He’s a great asset.”

Satomi: “Indeed! He’s a great asset.”

  • Satomi glomps Loryc from behind.

Tristan: “do you know anything about these rebles he’s talking about?”

Satomi: “And a great friend, of course.~”

Zindal: “Our new friend wants us to attend a meeting of some local rebel group… Sounds like a dubious source of income at best.”

Loryc: “Well I doubt they’ll give us much income but it pays to have some friends, when we’re laying low in the city of course.”

Loryc: “And besides it’s a good cause.”

Satomi: “Aren’t we still in Cheliax? The rebels are probably less likely to have us murdered in lieu of payment, actually.”

Loryc: (we retconned that last mission where we killed the gladiators heh)

Satomi: (Hehe, I was just speaking in general terms >.> IIRC Cheliax is kind of oppressive.)

Loryc: “They’re noble people… devoted to making Westcrown a safer city for everyone.”

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Fur Cloak.

Loryc: “I think you’ll like them Satomi.”

Eltera: picks up a trusty Elven Mail Loincloth.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Partial Plate Top.

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Bronze Armbands.

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Bronze Greaves.

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Satomi: (Satomi may value money, but she values freedom too)

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Boots.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Fur Cloak.

Loryc: “And we’re just there to hear them out…. we can always walk away. If I knew everything they were going to say, then I wouldn’t have reason to attend the meetoing.”?

Zindal: “Tch… I only care about the safety of the city so far as it lines my pockets… But whatever the boss wants, the boss gets.”

Eltera: readies a trusty Elven Mail Loincloth.

Eltera: readies a trusty Partial Plate Top.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Bronze Armbands.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Bronze Greaves.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Boots.

Eltera: readies a trusty Fur Cloak.

Loryc: “As I said Zindal, bad people have a lot of money. It’s the Chelliaxian way.”

Urso: (what you buy with the group loot, satomi, mostly healing or what?)

Eltera: (ok im done)

Garrion: ((I pretty much assumed all of you woul d get lodging in the “Parego Spera”… middle class area))

Loryc: (Yeah that’s pretty reasonable)

Loryc: (I don’t realyl got expensive houseing at this point)

Loryc: “And my way is taking the money from those people. Of course if you don’t watn to meet the rebels we can just start right up with the stealing.”

Urso: (urso don’t have much cash )

Tristan: "well, let’s go make some “friends”

Tristan: “you know him better than we do boss, it’s your call”

Garrion: ((Has everyone seen the map of Westcorwn? If you would refer to the map here in MT.))

Zindal: “As I said, whatever the boss wants, the boss gets. I’m just along for the ride.”

Loryc: “I like to think I’ve got an honest face.”

Loryc: “Of course this is your show Satomi, so it’s your call. I understand if you’d like to get right to the stealing.”

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Fist.

  • Loryc smiles.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Fist.

Eltera: readies a trusty Fist.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Foot.

Eltera: picks up a trusty Foot.

Eltera: readies a trusty Foot.

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Longsword “Dawn”.

Urso: (bigger looking city then I thought )

Eltera: picks up a trusty Longsword “Dawn”.

Eltera: readies a trusty Longsword “Dawn”.

Loryc: (it used to be the capital)

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Large Knife.

Satomi: “No harm in listening to their pitch. Besides, I happen to feel a natural affinity for freedom fighters, especially in a place like this.”

Eltera: picks up a trusty Large Knife.

Loryc: (but basically they moved it somewhree else when evil took over)

Eltera: readies a trusty Large Knife.

Loryc: “I thought you’d say that, and that’s not because I was reading your mind.”

Tristan: (looks at Loryc… wondering if he’s reading minds)

Garrion: ((correct…. when the House Thrune took over the throne after the civil was when Aroden died, they moved the capital to their home city… Egorian))

  • Satomi grins, patting herself above the chest in a self-congratulatory manner.

Urso: (can we get a group icon we can put on the big map, so we know where we are?)

Loryc: “Well the meeting is at 4 PM, they’re having an early dinner at a place called Vizio’s tavern.”

Garrion: ((So Peregoo Spera “Hope’s Altar” is where you are now… refer to the email for details of it and the other areas))

Tristan: do we need to do anything to import our icons from “limbo” to the main map or no?

Eltera: picks up a trusty Misc. Gear.

Garrion: sure.. ine sec

Eltera: readies a trusty Misc. Gear.

Loryc: “I want to check it out of course to make sure it’s safe.”

Eltera: sets aside a trusty Misc. Gear.

Satomi: “Aside from money and beauty, one of the things I value most is my freedom to do anything I can get away with, without authorities to tell me what I can and can’t do…”

Satomi: “So I can definitely empathize with them.”

Garrion: ((that work?)))

Urso: (were meeting at, in the city or outside?)

Loryc: “I’ve never been one for authority.”

Loryc: (Meeting is in a tavern in the city)

Eltera: sets aside a reliable set of Boots.

Garrion: ((Loric can tell you IC))

Eltera: picks up a reliable set of Boots.

Eltera: readies a reliable set of Boots.

Loryc: “In fact, funny story, the thieves guild wants me dead, or psosibly just imprisoned.. apparently, they’re not in favor of all kinds of theivery, whjo would have thought.”

Tristan: so, i’m not going to lose my updates if I switch maps right?

Satomi: “Yes… True freedom is the freedom to surround oneself with pillows and beautiful shiny things with no limits… What kind of person would I be if I worked to deny that to other people? I mean systematically, of course.”

Garrion: no, you will not lose any token info

Tristan: (thank you)

Loryc: “Alright then, it’s settled.”

Loryc: (Nobody is wearing heavy armor or carrying any other obvious weapons right?)

Urso: (what considered heavy?)

Garrion: anything heavier than leathe

Urso: ya, then I am

Zindal: (Yeah I got chain)

Urso: ( can I just put a cloak over it?)

Loryc: (Yeah if they can conceal it it’s not a big deal)

Garrion: if it hidden under acloak you can get by with it.. unless inspected

Loryc: (I just don’t want someone walking around like an obvious beacon for the guards)

Zindal: (lol yeah I got a heavy cloak)

Loryc: (like a great helm or something)

  • Urso takes off his great helm and puts a long cloak round himself.

Loryc: (I won’t wear my leather cap most of the time either btw, since that’d look kinda weird)

Zindal: I got a regular helm

Loryc: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Leather Cap.

Garrion: keep in mind that Cheliax is Subtropical climate

Zindal: Actually no, I have a coif

Satomi: (That’s basically what Satomi believes, btw >.> Since she was originally a kitsune, I tried to come up with kind of a whacked-out belief system that only a weird nature spirit could possibly be into, so she’s kind of like a libertarian merged with a hippie.)

Garrion: it is the first of Septenber.. cooling off but still hot

Loryc: “I’d advise you leave most of the obvious armor behind… at least unless you’ve got good reason to wear it… unless you want to have lots of problems with the gaurds.”

Tristan: I have a built in leather hood that I can pull over as part of my buff coat

Tristan: (but it’s down righ tnow)

Satomi: I have a buff coat as well, does the hood come default or is that like an option?

Loryc: (Coat should be okay I’d assume)

Tristan: I specified it but I don’t see why you can’t specify it

Garrion: it was an option he added

Tristan: “first adventure”

Tristan: yeah, you just pay for it (like a leather coif add on)

Loryc: “Why don’t you all change into something more appropriate, and we’ll head over to the tavern for our first meeting.”

Tristan: I did a facemask too

Urso: ( go guard only interested if they see something, or will they try to pat us down?)

Loryc: (Well probably not unless you give em reason to or you pass a gated section)

Garrion: unless thay ahve cause, they shoul d leave you bee

Loryc: (We’re still gonna be in the middle class section anyway)

Loryc: (fi we want to go to the nobles section, then probably lol)

Tristan: (I think it’s amazing that people went into this much detail for the pathfinder setting, pretty incredible)

  • Zindal keeps his mail coif stowed for now

Urso: (backpacks ok?)

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

Garrion: this ain’t quite soviet bloc, although not far from it

Satomi: (Golarion has a ton of detail from what little I read)

Loryc: (I’d assume so)

Zindal: picks up a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

  • Urso puts his armor into his backpack, incase he needs it.

Zindal: I’ll wear cloak over the rest of my armor so it’s hidden

Garrion: yeah, why io like using it as a setting… lots of detail… saw siomething written that a whole college degree could be earned on the lore of Fantasy settings

Loryc: (Alright.. so after we get everything assembled I’ll take em near the tavern.. though not going in yet.. I want to check tyhe place out first.)

Tristan: that would be an amazing (but fairly useless) degree

Garrion: ok, the invite was for dinner which is custiomarily around 4pm

Loryc: (how crowded does it look from the entrance?)

Loryc: (I assume not very since it’s just like 4PM

Eltera: (sorry had to deal with the kitties for a minute)

Loryc: We’ll get there about a half hour earlier.

Garrion: you all have sapre time to do whatever and Loryc tells you where to meet up… he can take you there or can tell you where it is))

  • Satomi wears her coat and her cloak, since they don’t look particularly different from casual wear. (The stats are of a buff coat, but it looks more like a long tunic with a kimono-like cut over the chest)

Eltera: (someone was inquiring about armor before, i just got on the chainmail bikini deal)

Satomi: Ooo~

Eltera: (and a cloak if i need to be modest)

Zindal: Well apparently anything heavier than leather is considered “conspicuous”

Garrion: yes, modest would be ideal

Zindal: Unless you keep it hidden

Eltera: well i wouldnt call that heavier

Loryc: (Well you probbaly want to cover up chain mail, unless we claim you’re a stripper)

Zindal: lol

Eltera: its about as light as you can go

Zindal: Yeah cloak is probably best

Tristan: (I hope you don’t distract Zindal and get him killed)

Zindal: Well for whatever reason metal armor is considered something worn by someone looking to cause trouble

Eltera: well she always wears the cloak period

Loryc: (Well it’s like walking down main street in a kevlar vest in the modern age)

Zindal: Like you don’t just casually wear metal armor unless you’re looking to start a fight

Loryc: (you’re gonna kinda wonder…)

Eltera: i just meant she uses it to cover herself if shes cold or doesnt want people starting at her assets

Loryc: (Alright so… how crowded is the tavern, we’ll arrive around 330, not going in yet, just gonna like take some time to observe it.)

Loryc: (See if anything looks out of place)

Loryc: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Eltera: it aint obvious armor, looks more like a whore than a warrior :-p)

Urso: (back in 5 )

Loryc: See what my observation check gets me.

Zindal: (Cloak is probably still better, don’t want to give the guards an excuse to harass us)

Garrion: the place is just as you had heqard.. it looks deserted

Eltera: the cloak and the armor aint different outfits

Eltera: she wears a cloak WITH her armor

Eltera: how many times do i gotta say it

Garrion: there is activity on the street (this is a populous business area)

Tristan: (it’s part of the show)

Zindal: Oh, heh, I didn’t catch that before

Eltera: she dont go around just in the buff with a cloak on :-p

Garrion: it is just that the place is obvkiously not open for business

Satomi: (Satomi pretty much makes an effort to blend in fashion-wise, though she can’t help herself from wearing high-quality stuff and adding a bit of an Eastern flair)

  • Satomi mutters.

Eltera: (im a barbarian slave girl, so i got the appropriate barbarian slave warrior outfit, think 80s cheesey female warrior, ala conan/red sonja)

  • Zindal mostly looks bored and hangs near Satomi, though he does pay attention to any attractive women that happen to walk by

Loryc: (How many entrances?)

Satomi: “Best not to barge in, yeah? See if there’s a back entrance, else we should slip in one at a time.”

Loryc: (Any open windows?)

  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: (feeling out of place whishing there were some bushes I could dive into if I felt threatened)

Garrion: You do see activity inside through the windows.. you see Janiven from time to time

Satomi: “I’m sure they don’t want us calling attention to them.”

Loryc: (Ah okay, anything look suspcious from my observation cehck?)

Zindal: “Stuffing an abandoned tavern with people for a meeting isn’t exactly inconspicuous.”

Garrion: nope, it just looks like a closed business

Loryc: “Alright.. loets proceed inside, one at a time..”

Loryc: (I’ll take the back way in if there is one)_

Garrion: Wait.. as you watch.. you see a man in local merchant attire approach the door…..

Tristan: (i’ll go in last) watching for anything watching us

Satomi: “He isn’t hiding… Might be using a cover. Whatever the case… Ah.”

Garrion: he knocks at the door and Janiven comes and unlocks it.

Garrion: he enters

Satomi: “Or we could just knock…”

Loryc: (heh okay, yeah I was using observation on it, so I was staking it out a bit)

Garrion: and she closes the door

  • Loryc walks up to the door and knocks.

Satomi: “You knock, Loryc. You’re the one she knows.”

Garrion: as it gets closer to 4pm a couple more people come… all seem commonly dressed

Loryc: (Yeah I’ll knock around 4 PM)

Loryc: (after staking out for 15-20 mins

Garrion: The lady you know as Janiven comes to the door and smiles at you. “Thank you Loryc for coming…”

Garrion: the others with you?

Loryc: “Of course, I wouldn’t want to miss this. I brought a few friends, they’ll be coming shortly. You’ll know them by their cloaks. I figured it’d be better if we went one at a time.”

Garrion: She frowns a bit at this… “You brought others?”

Urso: (back)

Loryc: “I think we can trust them.”

Loryc: “They’re not affiliated with the nobles or Asmodeus… so that’s a step in the right direciton.”

Garrion: “I really intended to keep this meeting small. But if you trust them well, I guess it is ok.”

Loryc: “Besides one of them is cocky and handsome, I’m sure you’ll like him.”

Zindal: lol

  • Loryc steps into the tavern.

Loryc: “I lvoe what you’ve done with the place.”

Janiven: “Well handsome is nice to look at, but I doubt he has what it takes to interest me.”

Loryc: “I’m also bringing a really big friend too.”

  • Loryc smiles.

Zindal: (Oh, a challenge)

Loryc: “And a cute girl… if that’s your thing.”

Janiven: “Well thank you. We’re trying to get the old place cleaned up a bit and fit for the proper crowd.”

Satomi: (Maybe it’s just some different equipment she’s interested in… ohhh, snap~)

Zindal: lol

Eltera: (i dont think technically sachi took appearance :-p)

Janiven: “Oh no, Girls are too moody… i mean look at me.” she seems to relax and giggle a little.

  • Loryc smiles.

Tristan: (thinking Eltera can be moody but he does not want her to behead anyway…)

Loryc: “Well she’s the leader of thier little group too. I think you’ll like her.”

Satomi: (btw, G, since we’re trying to put more emphasis on RP it’s probably helpful to let you know that I’m gay as fuck)

Tristan: (anyone (not anyway))

Janiven: i gathered that

Tristan: (That is going to eat Zindal alive)

Zindal: (Yeah, he always gets shut out

Urso: (hehe)

Janiven: through casual conversations

  • Loryc takes a seat.

Janiven: Janiven returns to her tasks…..

Eltera: (she just means REALLY happy)

Loryc: (looks to the other patrons in the tavern)

Urso: (meeting going to be in the common room, or some back room?)

Loryc: (assume the common room, the place isn’t open for business yet)

Janiven: “Have a seat here… and would you like an ale?”

Loryc: “How are you gentlemen, It’s a nice afternoon for some good old-fashioned plotting, wouldn’t you agree?”

Loryc: (that was to the others in the tavern)

Janiven: she directs yo to a seat in the open common area

Satomi: (I figured you probably did :3 But just to make sure cause we’re trying to be more involved~)

Loryc: “If you’ve got any.”

Janiven: the 3 others you saw come in are seated in the area too

Satomi: “Oooh, you do have ale?”

  • Satomi follows Loryc in at some point, of course.

Zindal: (Have the rest of us entered yet?)

Janiven: not yet but we can get to that soon

Satomi: (Assume I only said that if I got there in time to hear about ale >.> )

Satomi: (or see ale being imbibed)

Janiven: soon after loric sits she starts back to her tasks when the next person… Sartomi… knocks

Loryc: (I’ll get an ale and sit down)

Janiven: She comes to the door…

Tristan: (do we have to track all those coins or is that considered part of our 600/month living expense?)

  • Satomi flashes a winning smile.

Janiven: She cracks it open.. “I’m sorry miss, we are not open for busimness yet.”

Eltera: “Liquor is quicker.” she says, taking a swig from a flask off her person

Janiven: no, daily comon expenses are part of the CoL

Tristan: (cool)

Satomi: “Oh… But Loryc told me there’d be an event here today.”

Janiven: “Ahh, you must be the friend he mentioned. how many of you are there?”

Tristan: (nudges Eltera for a swig)

Satomi: (there are 6 of us right?)

Urso: ( we all walking in with satomi?)

Janiven: She opens the door wider and invites you in.

Satomi: (5 not counting Loryc?)

Janiven: correct.. i don;t think all at once.. but that up to you

Loryc: Tristan, Eltera, Satomi, Zindal, Urso

Loryc: Yeah 5.

  • Eltera hands Tristan the flask, after a reluctant pause. “Don’t slobber all over it.”

Zindal: (We were filing in one at a time so as not to raise suspicion from anyone who might be observing)

Zindal: (Sorta like when the dwarves all crowd into Bilbo’s house)

Janiven: ((i thought that was the plan.. but plans change at a whim, haha))

Janiven: “Come on in miss Loryc is over there.”

Tristan: (to Eletera) “but no one has ever told you that”

  • Zindal smirks…

Tristan: crap, can’t type “Bet no one has ever told you that”

Janiven: “My name is Janiven. yo are?”

Satomi: (Yeah hehe that is still the plan) “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Janiven! I’m Satomi. There are four, not counting myself and Mr. Loryc.”

Janiven: “Ahh, so 4 more… well I hiope I made enough food.”

  • Eltera gives Tristan a scolding look. “You’re lucky I’m suppose to pretend to have manners today.”

Janiven: “Well have a seat and can I get you a drink while you wait?”

Tristan: “learn to take a joke, I only mess with you because I like you”

Satomi: “A giant human; a man of nature, you’ll know him from how out-of-place he looks in the city; a swordsman who will certainly proposition you; and a half-elf, who… Er, she’s the one over there with the cloak wrapped completely around herself.”

Tristan: “I got your back, you know that”

Satomi: “I would love one, please! Are you the proprietess?”

  • Janiven glances over your shoulder out the door…..
  • Satomi takes a seat.

Eltera: “Yeah, thats what I’m worried about.” she says with an amused look

Janiven: “Ahh, I see, quite the motley crew.”

Tristan: “hey, would you rather me or Zindal have your back? You don’t know what he would try to do back there…”

Zindal: “Oh, she knows.”

Tristan: (thinking "I probably would too…)

Satomi: “They’re fine employees and companions, though.”

Eltera: “You keep talking about having me on my back, I’m gonna have you on your ass, and my eyes are up here by the way.”

Tristan: (to Zindal) “Surprise there”

  • Eltera grumbles.

Tristan: (was that to me or zindal?)

Janiven: ((in general as each of you interact with Janiven… She is an attractive woman who seems to downplay her beauty by wearing rough clothing and adopting a generally stern and no-nonsense attitude, though occassionally a smile can break through.))

Eltera: (to you, tho it applies to zindal too :-p)

  • Zindal smirks… “Don’t worry, Eltera… For now I’m more interested in the lady who’s been answering the door to this tavern… I know better than to go after your forbidden fruits anyway.”

Janiven: she soon brings Satomi a drink and returns to her work

Tristan: (to Eltera) “hey, if you want a go you can be on top. I might not be a horn dog like Zindal but i’m no priest either”

Eltera: “Are you just trying to earn a shallow grave, or do you know given the circumstance, I can’t kick you in the balls right now?”

Zindal: (I’ll go up to the door next, a few minutes after Satomi enters)

  • Satomi tries to flirt as Janiven passes by, though she lets her go on with her business.

Eltera: “You know, I can always wait till you’re asleep.”

Janiven: The lady comes to the door when Zindal knocks… drying off her hands with a cloth.

Tristan: “not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Tell you what, if you want to ravish me while i’m sleeping i’m ok with that, if you just want to ravish my nut sack with your boots I think it’s best to get bunk beds”

Janiven: “Can I help you?”

Tristan: (hushing up when she comes over)

  • Zindal smiles charmingly and tilts his head, “Greetings, m’lady. My new acquaintance Loryc has invited me to dinner here.”

Eltera: “There was this one slave girl I heard about, see she got raped, but she didn’t take her revenger right away, no she spent years being patient, till her master fell asleep with her in bed one night when he let his guard down. This master, later awoke without his manhood. He didn’t even wake up as she was slicing it right off. Ain’t that interestin’?”

  • Eltera takes another swig.

Janiven: ((it hink you still across the street with Eltrara dnUrso

  • Eltera whispers to Tristan, offering him the flask again.

Zindal: (Remember that I have the 16 point Very Handsome appearance in case it matters, lol)

Tristan: (a little laugh (with a little nervous giggle) "your always kidding around… I hope)

Janiven: “So he told me. I’m sorry but I wasn’t expecting such a crowd. I hope I have enough food for you.”

Tristan: “you know, we are not all pigs, and i’m not trying to rape nobody, and definatly not trying to wake up without my best friend”

Zindal: “That’s quite all right. My name is Zindal, by the way. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

  • Zindal takes her hand and kisses it in a gentlemanly gesture

Eltera: “Pigs, funny thats what she fed his member to, or was it goats?”

Janiven: "Come on in Zindal. My name is Janiven.

Loryc: (to Satomi) “Welkl it looks like Zindal is living up to his reputation.”

  • Zindal follows Janiven inside

Satomi: (Sef I like how your character is basically Katai)

Zindal: (Do I get the feeling she’s reacting to the charm job? lol)

Janiven: she blushes a little…. “My the politeness. That is a comfort.”

Satomi: (With like… A CBT fetish)

Loryc: lol sachi

Janiven: roll sex appeal

Tristan: “sometimes I worry about you. I bet your a softty under that man-hating shell of yours” (apparently we are ignoring this lady lost in our own conversation… but I don’t have not city learning)

Janiven: if you want to really turn it up

Zindal: “I always show politeness to a beautiful woman.”

Zindal: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Still a success!

Loryc: heh yeah, and you’ve got a ton fo appearance, technically I think taht gives a bonus to it.

Satomi: (To Loryc) “Ehehe. Well… He’s worked hard to earn that reputation.”

Zindal: (Yeah that’s true I think, I’ll have to check that)

Janiven: “Well i hope you like my cooking. i would hate to disappoint for the first meeting.”

Loryc: “When you said he was a master swordsman, you meant the metal one right?”

Eltera: (CBT?)

Satomi: (I still wanna give Satomi at least one level if I can shuffle my points there… Since we’re allowed to make changes… I still haven’t done that, I’ve been busy writing Java programs and bullshit powerpoints.)

Janiven: 1 level of?

Satomi: (Cock and ball torture. Probably don’t google it.)

Eltera: “I don’t hate men, just annoying cunts, wether they got balls or a wet twat.”

Satomi: (Attractive)

Janiven: ok

Janiven: “Well have a seat over there Zindal, with your friends. May I get you a drink?”

Satomi: (Haven’t redone her, I mean. Though I don’t think I’m gonna change a lot. Anyway if I think of anything relevant to say I’ll ask you later~)

Zindal: “Do you have any wine available by chance?”

Janiven: “Sorry, we just have ale for tonight.”

Tristan: (not sure if she’s calling me an annoying cunt or not)

Zindal: “I see, very well then. Thank you for your hospitality, Miss Janiven.”

Tristan: “are you calling me an annoying cunt?”

Eltera: (well she aint ignoring the lady, she’s just whispering her replies to you quietly under her breath as she stares forward)

Tristan: ok, i’ll be whispering back

  • Zindal flashes her his best smile and then sits down with Loryc and Satomi

Janiven: She returns with Zindal’s ale.

Loryc: “They’re not quite open for business yet Zindal, but I’m sure they’ll get a better selection later.”

Janiven: and gets back to work… hoping her dish is not burning

Zindal: “Mm, well, the selection isn’t all bad so far…”

Eltera: “Think it through.”

Janiven: next up?

Loryc: “I thought you might enjoy it.”

  • Zindal glances over at the other patrons, wondering who else is attending this meeting

Urso: ( who left, just urso ?)

Zindal: (Eltera, Tristan, and Urso are all still outside I think)

Janiven: ((let me know if at any point you don;t want to RP all this introduction….)

Loryc: (Yeah, those three.)

Loryc: (I like the RPing, good to meet some NPCs heh)

Satomi: (Yeah, me too~)

Tristan: (puts his arm out for Eltera) “Shall we?” (and opens the door)

Tristan: (mocking city people)

Janiven: the door is locked

Eltera: “One at a time, remember.”

Tristan: “nope” (pulling on the door

Tristan: “this is stupid, standing outside going in one at a time will draw more attention than us just walking in there”

Janiven: You see the others thought he window sitting at a table across teh common room

Eltera: “Fine, I’m going first to get a break from you, quarter-wit.”

Tristan: "especially with him (pointing to Urso) standing that like a beacon saying “nothing to see here”"

Tristan: “funny, you’ve been waiting to use that one huh?”

Tristan: “fifth wit”

Eltera: “Soon to be eunuch.” she says with a smile as she grinds her heel on his big toe

Tristan: (gives a stupid smile proud of himself)

Janiven: (well i assumne you are not just gawking across the street.. you are probably browsing at fruit stands or some such

Loryc: (yeah lol)

Loryc: (I mean I’d want them to be pretending to be doing other stuff, not standing otgether looking suspicious)

Tristan: (i’ll stare at Urso like everyone else so i’ll fit in)

Janiven: ok, Trstan knocks….?

  • Eltera takes a bit out of a piece of fruit, and tosses it back onto the stand, when no one’s looking.

Eltera: bite*

Tristan: (Eltera went ahead of me (and steped on my toe)

Janiven: slight of hand

  • Eltera procceds over to the door, and knocks.

Eltera: i aint important enough i want to actually try to sneak by if theres someone looking, i was just trying to humor myself

Eltera: it*

Janiven: Janiven rolls 3d6 and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Janiven SUCCEEDS by 0

Eltera: i dont want to fuck up the whole operation by some useless check for stealing a half-ripe mango

Janiven: haha, well you said it

Eltera: well i was just being silly, thats why i said when no ones looking

Janiven: figured you wanted to test your skills

Eltera: i lived on the street stealing food, so it was just a nod to being from poverty

Janiven: ok, moving on

Loryc: you can use the filch skill for that too.

Eltera: or urban survival

Eltera: yeah theres so many skills to be honest, i didnt even know what to take

Eltera: kind of why i havent yet

Loryc: Just remember we’re robbing the rich, so make sure to steal an expensive fruit.

Eltera: for pick pocketing that is

Janiven: ok whoecver knocks.. the landy comes to the door… “Yes?”

Eltera: seems like there were 4 or 5 diff skills for stealing shit

Loryc: filch seems to be the skill for shoplifting.

Loryc: sleight of hand is bsaically taking small stuff I think, and generaly magician shit, like card tricks and palming stuff.

Loryc: And pickpocket is for stealing from others.

Eltera: “I heard this place has some good food. A friend of mine invited me over, Loryc.”

Janiven: or just wildcard Thief!

Loryc: yeah the wildcards are useful for that stuff.

Janiven: “Well we are not really open, but Loryc was invited. Come on in.”

Eltera: (ok I’ll prolly pick one of those up later then when i spent some pts)

Janiven: “I’m Janiven. You have an interesting attire.”

Eltera: (flich is the one for shop lifting?)

Eltera: filch*

Loryc: (yeah)

Loryc: (that’s for taking unattended objects)

Eltera: “Nah, the interesting bits are under the cloak, lady.”

Janiven: "We don;t see furs like that around here much.’

Eltera: “It’s sentimental.”

Janiven: “Well Loryc certainly has interesting friends. He is sitting over there. You may join him and would you like a drink while you wait?”

Eltera: “And when you’re on the road traveling, makes a good place to lay your head, especially if its wet.”

Janiven: “I can understand the use of that.”

  • Eltera looks around, checking out the “patrons” as she steps inside.

Eltera: “Sure.”

Eltera: “If it ain’t a bother.”

  • Eltera doesn’t provide her name unless asked.

Janiven: “I’ll be right back with that.”

  • Eltera nods. “Thanks.”
  • Eltera makes her way over to Loryc, and has a seat.

Janiven: and she returns to wook

Tristan: “ok Urso, your up next” (as i’m walking by him)

  • Urso pats him on his head, " ok " and sets off.

Tristan: (akward)

  • Urso walks toward teh inn, looking about in a casual way.

Eltera: (it’s not like a cloak made all of fur, its more like just a cloak with fur around the neck bit)

Eltera: (like the starks wear)

Eltera: (it aint a huge like bear pelt draped over her)

Eltera: (like a fancy cloak)

Janiven: ok, Eltera

Eltera: (or something expensive)

  • Urso knocks on the door.

Eltera: (or id imagine nice fur trim would be something on an expensive ladys cloak)

  • Janiven comes to the door when Urso knocks…..

Janiven: “Umm, hello.”

Urso: " Urso hear for meeting"

Tristan: (lol)

Tristan: (urso hear for super secret rebel meeting)

Janiven: “Well yes… but please keep it down.” she whispers….

Urso: (heh, he is honest )

Zindal: (She definitely didn’t make enough food for him)

Tristan: (totally in character)

  • Urso nods " sorry, forget somtimes Urso big voice hurt little lady ears"

Janiven: “Well it didn’t hurt my ears. I just don;t want it reaching any others.”

Urso: " pretty lady let Urso in?"

Janiven: “Come in now before you bellow out anything else.”

  • Urso steps in and takes a look around.
  • Eltera looks at the door, as she sees Urso come slithering in.

Satomi: Slithering?

Janiven: "You better have a seat at that bug bench, I’m not sure the chairs will be good for you… " and under her breath, not you good for them.

Tristan: I take a look around to see if anyone is watching the door (and if not I head over and knock)

Loryc: (lol, hes a giant, I don’t think he sliterhs)

Satomi: Urso is like the last person I’d expect to slither.

Eltera: “I don’t think a whole camel could fill him up, they better hide the food.”

Janiven: "You better have a seat at that bug bench, I’m not sure the chairs will be good for you… " and under her breath, nor you good for them.

Eltera: (yes hence the irony)

  • Urso heads over to the big chair as indicated and takes a seat.

Tristan: knocky knocky

Janiven: “Can I get you something to drink.. Urso you said it was?”

Loryc: “Hmm.. it’d be an interesting wager.”

Loryc: “Urso versus a camel, in an eating challenge.”

Janiven: “I’m Janiven, nice to meet you. I’ll be right back.”

Loryc: “What’s the most he’s ever eaten?”

Zindal: “The taverns always run out before we can find out.”

Janiven: She goes to the door as Tristan knocks quickly after Urso sits.

Eltera: “That ain’t what I mean, he aint gonna out eat the camel, he’s just gonna eat the camel.”

Tristan: “hi there, i’m meeting some friends”

Eltera: “Look at him, it’d take a camel to fill his stomach up.”

Janiven: “Yes?”

Tristan: “Loryc and satomi”

Loryc: “Oh I know, Eltera. I was just being dramatic about it. Speaking of which…”

  • Loryc looks to Zindal.

Loryc: “What kinds of sword tricks do you know?”

Janiven: “Yes, they said you would be by. Come on in.”

Eltera: “Stabbin the other guy with the pointy end?”

Tristan: “thanks”

  • Eltera says a bit unsure of his question.

Tristan: (checks out her butt)

Janiven: "Pull up a chir. Your firnds are over there and I’ll be right back.

Satomi: “Well… I’m sure that one big tavern was lying, because I saw them serving other customers when I got up that night to use the outhouse.”

Loryc: “That’s not much of a trick.”

Tristan: “ok sure”

Eltera: “What the hell do you mean by tricks?”

Tristan: (heading over to the table)

Tristan: “I hope someone did not just call Eltera a Trick… I would hate to be him” (and sits down)

Loryc: “Disarms, cutting off clothing, you know flashy stuff to impress everyone.”

Janiven: From the kitchen you hear an exlamation… “Damn’t now the food is overcooked….”

Eltera: “Oh, I see.”

Eltera: “Does making eunuch’s count as a trick?”

  • Urso sits and keeps an eye out for danger.

Tristan: (sitting far away from Eltera)

Tristan: preferbly with Zindal in between figuring she would go after him before me

Satomi: (Take a picture trick)

Satomi: (I’m on a boat, bitch)

Janiven: Soon afterwards she appears at the door and enters the room carrying a huge pan. She has a slight frown on her face.

Loryc: “What do you have agaisnt balls anyway?”

Zindal: “It would take too long for me to explain them all. I would do better to give you a demonstration at some point.”

  • Loryc nods to Zindal.

Eltera: “Them being against me?” she replies philosophically

Janiven: “I’m sorry about the food, try not to hold it against me. i hope there is enough for everyone and thank you all for coming.”

Eltera: “I got no problem with balls, just the cunts they’re attached to usually.”

Satomi: “Oh my, how could I hold it against her?”

Eltera: “Eh, don’t look that bad.”

  • Eltera says looking at the grub.
  • Loryc looks.

Loryc: “I’m sure we can overlook a few mistakes with the cooking, after all you had so much to plan for tonight.”

Satomi: “Also… Whoever it is you saw with balls attached to their cunt, I hope you told them to get a cleric.”

Eltera: “Oh look, they made mountain oysters Tristan.”

Zindal: “Think nothing of it… It’s as much our fault for showing up with such little notice.”

  • Eltera says in jest.

Tristan: “i’ve had them before…”

Loryc: “I am sorry I brought so many… and bringing Urso was a bit of a cruel joke… I hope this covers our meal.”

Janiven: “Loryc and his friends, Kaleb, Lucy, and Daryn, let’s sit and enjoy the meal while we get to know one another.”

  • Loryc flips her 4 silver peices.

Eltera: “Were they still attached?”

  • Eltera says with a grin, as she knocks down some of her drink.

Janiven: “Do not worry about the coin Loryc. That is the least of my worries.”

Loryc: “Don’t worry about it. I’d hate for your first meal served at your new tavern to not turn a profit. It’d be bad luck.”

  • Zindal eyes the strangers in the room, sizing them up

Eltera: “It’s the proverbial cunt boss, not the literal ones.”

Loryc: “I insist.”

Eltera: “You know, like Zindal. He’s a real cunt.”

Eltera: “Might be realer than the one between both of our legs in fact.”

  • Eltera holds up her mug. “A toast, to all the cunts.”
  • Eltera motions to Zindal.

Loryc: “I’m glad to meet you all.”

Janiven: “If you wish. Now if you would like to all introduce yourselves to those here?”

Loryc: “And don’t mind Eltera, she’s always like that.”

Eltera: “Imw Eltwerrwa.” she says as she takes a bite, in a crude fashion

Tristan: (wondering how we got ourselves messed up in this urban nonsense)

Janiven: “I will start. You all know I am Jeniven. i hope to open this establishment soon. My friend and buisness partner should be joining us here in a bit.”

Eltera: “The food’s good by my standard.” she says after a gulp

  • Zindal just rolls his eyes at Eltera and her boorish display

Janiven: Daryn goes next….

Janiven: “My name is Daryn. I’m a mechant here and deal in good from foreign lands.”

Janiven: the lady speaks up… “I am Lucy. I was born here in Westcrown and have been here my whole life. I’m a seamstress.”

Zindal: (How attractive is Lucy? lol)

Janiven: the other man speaks up… I"m Kaleb. I my family moved here from Corentyn when I was young. My father was a shipbulder, and I took up his trade."

Janiven: average….

Satomi: (You might as well just tell him about a girl’s butt every time you introduce one cause he’s gonna ask)

Eltera: lol

Loryc: lol

Zindal: lol

Eltera: (he’s like the guy from dead ale wives)

Satomi: (“If there’s any girls there I wanna do them!”)

Tristan: lol

Zindal: (Yeah that’s a pretty good summary)

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc: A Detect Lies check sent to GM.


←rolls Detect Lies and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Tristan: “stick them with the pointy end” (you could be a water dancer)

Janiven: you recognize the merchant.. his is a fairly prosperous merchant.. the others are too small time to fall on your radar

Janiven: they all seem to be speaking honestly

Zindal: (Not much of a rebel alliance… No princesses or farm boys)

Loryc: (hey man every rebellion has to start somewhere)

Satomi: (Well, I’m not a princess, but I’m a pretty well-to-do merchant)

Janiven: ((but now thay have an URSO, haha)

Loryc: (Yeah, he’s the chewbacca of the group)

Janiven: ((Zindal is like Han))

Janiven: or Lando

Loryc: (also from now on URSO should always be spelled in capitals)

Urso: ( I"ll rip your arm off )

Janiven: ((Loric is old Ben))

Satomi: (I mean, I’m rich enough to automatically get Status 1 from wealth, so I’m at least nominally upper-class)

Loryc: (hehe… I do know a mind trick or two)

  • Loryc stands up.

Janiven: ((ok anyway… the rest of you….))

Urso: ( we supposed to talk?)

Loryc: “My name is Loryc. I’m a master thief. Allegedly.”

Tristan: (thinking this is stupid, like an AA meeting) “Tristan” (that’s all he says) with a small nod, then looks to the next person

  • Zindal smirks… “Well, while we’re being honest…”

Zindal: “I am Zindal, master swordsman and connossieur of fine wines.”

Janiven: next….

Janiven: Eltera, Urso?

  • Urso stands, " Urso" and sits back down.

Eltera: “I’m Eltera, master swordswoman and connossieur of cunts, both proverbial and literal.”

  • Eltera says a bit mocking Zindal.

Janiven: The lady gasps.. the men snicker….

  • Zindal just rolls his eyes again

Loryc: “She’s also widely known for her charm.”

Janiven: "well, ok then…

Tristan: (I snicker too)

  • Eltera coughs. “My apologies.”

Janiven: Janiven seems a bit uncomfortable….

Satomi: “A pleasure to meet you all. I’m called Satomi, I’m a merchant dealing in art and relics.”

  • Satomi decides it maybe isn’t really that important to announce to the whole group that these are her employees…

Loryc: (lol)

Janiven: Daryn speaks… “Ahh, m’lady. Perhaps you shoul dstop by my shop so we can barter?”

  • Eltera shrugs. “They said be honest.” she mumbles

Loryc: “You know sometimes deception isn’t a bad thing.”

Eltera: “I can pretend to be something I’m not if I have to.” she says with a serious tone

Eltera: “I just don’t go about my whole life acting that way like most people.”

Janiven: Janiven speaks up again…. “Wel met everyone. now enjoy your meal and talk among yourselves.”

Satomi: “Of course! It’s always a pleasure to make a new business acquaintance. And business. But they’re really one and the same, right?~”

Janiven: Dinner is satisfactory but not exceptional. Janiven joins you in the meal, during which she engages in idle chat or simply watches as you get to know each other.

Loryc: “Yes, I’ve heard of you Daryn, doing quite well for yourself, even in these tough times.”

Janiven: She seems to listen closely to everything that is said… betraying her innocent appearance, you detect a keep eye and ear.

  • Zindal focuses most of his attention on Janiven, making small talk and getting to know her while working his usual charms

Janiven: keen eye and ear

  • Urso eats his food, and any extras.
Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : SkillLevel=Skill_Level

Janiven: anyone paying special attention to the group roll observation or similar detection skill

Loryc: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Janiven: don;t bother rolling if you just feating and chatting without making point to observe

Urso: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 6 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 3

Janiven: Urso, Loryc….

Satomi: (Hm, I don’t have the skill… That’s one to pick up later)

Janiven: You recognize that Janiven seems worried about something, but seems forthright in general, although she glances at the front window every few minutes.

Tristan: hmm… i’m getting that strange error again where I cna’t click on my skills

  • Urso glances over at the same window.

Tristan: and inventory “enter value for setup”. am I assigned to my icon? I have my image showing up when I type

Janiven: you entered a erronious value for a skill then

Loryc: (I’ll go approach her, getting close so I can speak without the others hearing)

Tristan: (I don’t think that’s it)

Loryc: “Jan? What worries you? You seem a bit preoccupied.”

Janiven: i’ll have to mess with it later.. don;t want to waste game time.. make a roll using thr generic roller if you want

Tristan: ok

Zindal: (Zindal has been chatting her up and trying to gradually work his way into her bedroom, but he probably doesn’t notice her nervousness right off)

Janiven: she looks momentarily agitated, then calms herself, explaining… “It’s those “shadow beasts” stalk the unlit streets after dark. Everyone in the city has a different theory as to the nature and origin of the mysterious shadow beasts, but I think that they were put into place by the House of Thrune to oppress the citizens of Westcrown and consolidate their infernal power.”

  • Satomi makes a little business small talk with Daryn, and flirts with Janiven on occasion.

Tristan: “what the hell is a shadowbeast?”

Loryc: (What doI know about them?)

Janiven: “Yo have been here two weeks and you do not know. WellI hope that you never find out.”

Loryc: (I’ve got 16 in occult and area knowledge, and Xenology)

  • Urso nods, " Urso hear stories of them"

Loryc: (Also magical varities of hidden lore)

Janiven: Even oryc knows little about them.. it is a mystery for that last 30 years.

Janiven: all you know is……

Eltera: “Prolly something from the bowels of hell, like everything else in Cheliax.”

Janiven: The shadow beasts attack anyone they find out after dark—the city government keeps only a few key streets lit at night, and these streets are safe to travel once the sun sets (for the shadow beasts avoid the light). Other streets, including the one on which Vizio’s Tavern is located, are kept dark—in theory, to prevent criminal activity from taking advantage of the streets after nightfall, since Westcrown’s city watch isn’t large enough to defend against both criminals and shadow beasts.

Eltera: "Some of the people in Egorian even called me a demon a few times, or wait, I think technically it was “She-devil with a sword.’”

Loryc: “Even I know little of them… Just baseless rumors. But needless to say it’s best to stay away from the darkness at night.”

Loryc: (how much lgiht is requyired to ward them off?)

Janiven: She breaks away for a moment… “I assure you though, this meeting will not keep you here after dark.You will have plenty of time to get home.”

Urso: ( folks walk around with pole mounted lanterns at night )

Janiven: “If you are concerned we can make arranfgements for you to stay here.”

  • Loryc shrugs.

Loryc: “Well I can make light, althought given that Satomi’s group is the company of th4 broken lantern, it might be in our best interest to stay here tonight.”

Tristan: “any bounty on those things? any clue what they look like?”

Loryc: “Assuming we have to of course… one can never tell how many of us may get hopelessly drunk.”

Janiven: Once dinner is over, and with still a few hours to go before sundown, Janiven checks the front door and shutters the windows, then takes a deep breath and thanks yo all again for attending the meeting. She again assures you that you’ll be done in less than an hour, with plenty of time left over for everyone to get home before sunset. Her speech is short, but delivered with great passion.

Satomi: “Given their… utility, so to speak, it wouldn’t surprise me much if the shadow beasts were put there purposefully… Knowing the sort of people in charge here…”

  • Eltera nods.

Janiven: “Little is known of them. Those that see them up close do not live to tell.”

Eltera: “I agree.”

Eltera: “Sounds like an easy solution for the rich cunt’s problems.”

Janiven: “Again, thank you for agreeing to meet with me here. I have chosen each of you for a singular reason—everyone here, myself included, has suffered, whether we realize it or not. I have lived in Westcrown my whole life, and although I love this city, I must admit, as must you, that despite our peace and prosperity, we continue to suffer. Fear should not be an expected part of life, and yet each night brings fear to our doorsteps. Yes, Westcrown has been safe from war and famine for nearly seventy years, and yes, our businesses has prospered—but this safety and prosperity has been bought in the coinage of fear and prayers to Hell. Other lands live free from tyranny. Other cities do not fear the night. Other governments do not cede the streets to monsters of the infernal shadows. Westcrown was once such a place, and she wants to be such a place again. Westcrown is not only her buildings and canals and docks and history—she is also her people. Westcrown is our friends and neighbors, our mothers and fathers, our siblings and cousins, our sons and daughters! With but a small group of supporters and dedicated brothers and sisters, we can earn the trust and admiration of those people. A Westcrown free of these shadowy beasts that stalk our streets is one step closer to a Westcrown free of the devil that is the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune!”

Loryc: (They’ve been fighting these things for 30 years, so I’m assuming just killing them didn’t really work)

Janiven: To all but the dim-witted, Janiven’s words are, of course, treason—everyone in Westcrown knows a friend of a friend of a friend who was taken away by a Hellknight or executed after a swift trial for speaking less treasonous words than what Janiven has just uttered.

Urso: (not sure any actually killed yet?)

Tristan: (I feel like she is william wallace and I want to yell out "FREEDOM’)

Satomi: (lol)

Tristan: (if she was tied up I would porobably let her go)

Janiven: ((lol, that is the hope… ))

Loryc: (Well I know they tried to hunt them down before)

Urso: (never heard if they actually took any out )

Loryc: (well I’m assuming they killed at least one or two heh)

Loryc: (I mean there’s a ton f them, it isn’t like it’s just one creature)

Urso: ( did they?)

Janiven: YOu do not kow of any bodies from any thing killed.. except people

Satomi: (Hehe, coincidentally, my alternate plan for being able to cast in armor for T’riss would have had to have involved taking levels of Hellknight Signifier somehow for one of the class abilities)

Urso: ( sounds like displacer beasts.. but who knows )

Loryc: (Displacers aren’t afraid of light though)

Loryc: (Plus I figure in 30 years they’d have killed one)

Tristan: (lol, sounds like meta gaming) ’)

Loryc: (Probably something incorporeal.)


Urso: ( probably trained somehow maybe)

Loryc: (My character has an encyclopedic knowledge of beasts!

Janiven: There were fights and reports of the creatures being hurt, but it was very hard to do and the forces took great losses with little death from the other side

Loryc: “indeed and no bodies found…. it seems the correct course of action would be to find their source.”

Zindal: Zindal doesn’t really care about hellbeasts… Unless they wield swords

Urso: ( well we boned of incorporial, since none of us have any magic weapons )

Tristan: “is that the main problem around here? Or are there a bunch of things going on like these beasts? Seems like you could just send out nightly hunting parties if that’s it”

Janiven: (incorporeal works differtent in GURPS

Satomi: (Also, I thought I did have a magic weapon. I gotta check this now.

Tristan: “so, is there a price on these things or what?”

Loryc: “That’s been done.. the creatures killed the hunting parties.”

Tristan: “shitty hunting party”

Janiven: “Well that is the immediate concern but there is more. When they first came that was tried. There were partols, peple too to the streets, but all took great losses with no real impact.”

Loryc: (Have they ever tried tracking them? do they leave tracks?)

Zindal: “Is there any concrete evidence that these creatures even exist? Can they be heard or smelled if not seen? I have to wonder if this isn’t some sort of elaborate hoax.”

Satomi: (Oh, maybe it isn’t magical)

Tristan: “true, could be some fowel sorcery”

Loryc: “There is quite a collection of bodies.”

Janiven: You do not know any thing off the streets.. perhaps if you could get your hands on some official records and do some research

Loryc: “Official records, now that I can do.”

Zindal: “Men can be killed in more mundane ways than mysterious beasts from hell.”

Loryc: “What kind of records were you thinking of?”

Tristan: “pay me a good coin per head and give me a week to track these down, i’m sure all of us could track a few down” (i’m overconfident)

Eltera: brb

Janiven: that was not spoken. that was GM explaining

Loryc: (oh okay)

Loryc: “Well it’s more complicated than a simpel hunt… we should first do some research… like getting some official records.”

Loryc: “Though I welcome you to try to look for unusual tracks during the day.”

Loryc: “If we could track them to some kind of lair, that would be a big help.”

Urso: ( your magic give darkvision or just low light vision?)

Tristan: “i’m ok with a little research. you go research the courts and a couple of us could research the streets… but, we need to talk about pay. Living anint cheap”

Janiven: “I truly believe that a small group of like-minded friends, like us, can improve the lives of the people of Westcrown, but we must take care not to appear as rebels or rioters. We must form our own band of protectors, and must work to win the admiration and support of the citizens by doing good works and providing what aid we can. Key to this tactic is the fact that Westcrown is largely ignored by the rulers of Cheliax as a home-in-exile for the old nobility. As long as we work to win the hearts of Westcrown’s citizens by good deeds and avoid as many direct entanglements with the government as we can, the House of Thrune will continue to ignore what they’ll interpret as “petty squabbling” in the old capital.”

  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: “is this like a neighboorhood watch kinda thing?, I’ve heard about those”

Urso: " have any ideas for how we help?"

Janiven: As you all talk about her words…. you are startled by a sudden pouning at the door…..

Tristan: pouning = “pounding + spooning”? Zindal will like that

Satomi: “Indeed… that would only… Hmm?”

Janiven: Immediately adopting a defensive posture, Janiven peers through a window at whoever’s knocking, then swiftly moves to the door, unlocks it, and opens it. In stumbles an out-of-breath and frightened-looking teenager.

Satomi: lol

  • Zindal turns his attention to the door, reaching for his sword underneath his cloak but not pulling it out just yet

Loryc: “What’s wrong?” (to the teenager)

  • Urso hands strays over to his axe, but doesn’t pull it out yet.
  • Satomi casually rests her hand on her hip… It just so happens the most convenient place is where her smallsword is strapped.

Janiven: “They’ve got Arael!” he calls out, then immediately doubles over in a fit of coughing brought on by his long run. Janiven’s face grows grim as she comfortsthe boy.

  • Satomi gets up and closes the door behind him, lest someone peek.

Janiven: "PLease explain.’ Janiven says

Tristan: looks to Satomi “Is this our fight boss?” (whispers)

Janiven: in a moment the lad recovers enough to spurt out, “The dottari nabbed Arael, and the Hellknights of the Rack are trying to get custody of him! There’s a bunch of Hellknights on their way here now! I only just made it in here; they’ve already surrounded us!”

  • Urso moves over to the window and looks outside to see if the boy was followed.

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: “So much for remaining low profile.”

Satomi: “Oh…”

Janiven: At that point, the sound of clanking armor advancing on the tavern becomes apparent. Urso, looking out sees….

Janiven: a large group of heavily armed and armored Hellknights advancing down the street.

Urso: “back way out?”

Janiven: “I’m so sorry for getting you involved in this!”. she says with pleading eyes to Loryc.

Loryc: “Well that’s not good news.”

Janiven: the Hellknights start hammering on the locked doors of the place and demanding in booming voices for those within to come out and give themselves up

  • Zindal stands up as a faint smile plays along his lips, pulling the hood of his cloak over his head and drawing his sword…

Tristan: (pulling a bodkin and stringing it on my walking stick (keeping it low)

Tristan: (and pulling up my hood as well)

Janiven: “Yes, come with me! I’ll get you all out of here.”

Loryc: “What kind of numbers we talking here?”

Janiven: She quicklly moved behind the bar and bends down to lift a heavy lid.

Satomi: "Well, now that the Hellknights are involved, it’s irrelevant if we want to side with them or not. But how could I take the side of someone so rude?

  • Satomi gestures toward the door that’s being pounded on.

Tristan: (going behind the bar with her)

  • Urso moves after he and helps her lift it.
  • Satomi follows Janiven.

Tristan: (why not have some cover between me and a hellknight)

Zindal: “Should I teach them their manners then?”

Loryc: “If we can avoid a fight better to do that.”

Loryc: (So wait there’s a lid behind the bar that leads underground?)

Satomi: “You can try to do what you want with the Hellknights but I plan on going down this hole.”

Loryc: “Everyone down the hole, I’ll cover our retreat.”

Zindal: “Tch… They’re only Hellknights…”

  • Urso leads the way down.

Tristan: “i’m ok either way”

Loryc: (if they’re doom hell knights you’ll probably want a rocket launcher to take em down)

Zindal: (lol)

Tristan: (draw my rocket launcher)

Janiven: “Quick in here!”, she says breathlessly. This shaft drops down into the Westcrown sewers. By fleeing along this route, you should be able to lose the Hellknights quickly."

Tristan: (fallout style)

Satomi: (If it was Fallout we’d all be shooting each other in the back)

Loryc: (I’ll head down there with em… after everyone is through I’m gonna drop a perfect illusion on the place we went down

Satomi: (That’s Fallout style)

Tristan: (nope, head shots only)

Loryc: so it looks like ordianry floor)

Janiven: Zindal… you know that hellknights are not to be messed with… think of Eltera on steroids

Zindal: lol

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Tristan: (I thought she was already on steroids)

Janiven: one on one you may be able to best one.. but an entire squad… thing again

Zindal: Well I do have Overconfidence but it says that only applies when the GM thinks I’m being too cautious, which I’m probably not in this case

Loryc: That’s my perfect illusion, basicalyl disguisng the hole as ordinary floor once we shut it

Tristan: “ok, the hole it is”

Tristan: (I take a shot on the way down)

Tristan: (of whiskey I mean)

Satomi: (Talkin bout 1 and 2 whenever you give your follower a gun with burst fire)

  • Zindal sighs as he sheathes his sword…

Zindal: “You’re the boss, boss…”

Eltera: “Time to go.”

Janiven: ok, that is all for the first official session.. it is quitting time

Tristan: (to Zindal) "if it means anything, I think you could take one, maybe one and 1/2

Urso: ok

Janiven: everyone that has not done so send me your final characters so i can record imporant info to build into the campaign

Satomi: (Remember? Then the next time you get in a fight they decide it’s smart to shoot a full-auto burst at a marauder who’s on the other side of you)

Loryc: (hehe)

Zindal: You want me to send the update with what money I’ve spent and my new cloak?

Zindal: That’s the only thing that’s different from what you have now

Cedric is disconnected.

Eltera: ok if we’re done im gonna go cook me a steak, anyone ever tried a chuck eye steak? first time cooking one

Janiven: no, that can just be included with your next big update that you send me

Zindal: k

Satomi: Not that I recall, I like to get London broil when I get steak

Zindal: I’m gonna go make a run on Waffle House before bed then

Satomi: And slice it thin as fuck

Eltera: suppose to be a poor mans ribeye

Zindal: Catch you guys later

Satomi: Later Tab!

Eltera: well i was tired of eating thin steaks

Janiven: now one more thing i wanted to bring up.. how many of you would be interested in VOIP

Eltera: so i got this fat bastard thats like an inch and a 1/2 thick

Tristan: I would be ok with it.

Zindal: Heh, I’m not really interested in that stuff

Satomi: Not very, I like it like this

Eltera: yeah text seems to bring out better rp in my experience

Eltera: people get all conversative with voice same as IRL and it becomes a snooze

Janiven: ok, thought i would mention it, to see

Satomi: Yeah I’m a lot more timid when I have to say things with my vocal words

Loryc: yeah, I think text has better RP I mean, maybe VOIP for combat. But definitely not for RP stuff.

Zindal: I wouldn’t do it for combat either, I don’t really see the point in going to all the trouble for the voice connection just to say “I stab this guy in the eye”

Satomi: You’d probably never recognize me if you saw me in person because I don’t talk nearly as much

Loryc: though hopefully this game wont’ be super combat heavy like RA heh.

Loryc: So there wont’ be tons of combats.

Janiven: also Loryc.. i know you a walkign knowledge monster but some things will have a very stiff modifier to know so 16-18 doesn’t guarantee anything.. plus you can’t know what you have never had a chance to find out about

Satomi: Yeah, I like the RP stuff and getting to talk to NPCs.

Zindal: Yeah same here

Janiven: that why i offered you to come up with a way to research it.. could be a side mission all on its own

Zindal: Anyway I’m out, catch you guys later

Taragnor: hehe yeah, I mean I expected modifiers.

Tabris is disconnected.

Taragnor: I mean 16 in a knowledge skill in GURPS is damn good

Taragnor: Obviously I wouldn’t know everything, but he’s very well informed.

Satomi: That’s way entertaining to me. But then the one game I GM’d I would spend all my time coming up with colorful NPCs and not enough on game stats (even though it was M&M and it’s easy as hell to do that in M&M)

Taragnor: hehe yeah, well I like the idea of stealing official documents

Satomi: So basically I have exactly the opposite problem as a hack and slasher

Janiven: break into the city archives and steal the recoerds.. or better yet stick around to research under their noses so that the never kow it was done.. if you steal they will know

Taragnor: Yeah breaking into a place sounds like my kind of mission.

Taragnor: Well not if I perform a skillful theft.

Tristan: need a copy machine

Taragnor: As opposed to a smash and grab.

Satomi: I’m scurred though because remember that time we tried to play Shadowrun? Oh, you mean just by yourself. Yeah, that would probably work.

Taragnor: Well, If nobody wants to go wtih me hehe.. I mean it depends on the job.

Taragnor: I might be able to oslo it. or send in Satomi invisible.

Taragnor: I mean you’re probably technically more stealthy than I am

Satomi: I’ll have my shit done by next week. I gotta see if I can afford some darkvision.

Taragnor: Though I can also try to get us in via trickery too.

Satomi: And get it if I can.

Taragnor: Part of the reason I got all those knowledge skills.

Janiven: ok, so you have a few things on the table to get you started.. the dude that has just been captured.. i’ll let you lore that one Loryc

Tristan: darkvision would be epic

Janiven: the shadow beasts at night

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Janiven: research on said shadow beasts

Taragnor: yeah I mean rescue mission is certainly on thet able too.

Taragnor: We can bring everyone for that one.

Satomi: I do have Fast-Talk

Taragnor: Try to do some kinda cool jailbreak

Taragnor: I like that idea.

Satomi: And Sex Appeal, but my HT is mediocre so that’s only 10

Taragnor: Loryc would definiteyl want to bust him out of jail.

Janiven: ok, your lore for the dude mentioned…..

Taragnor: yeah I’m kinda lacking in sex appeal too.

Satomi: Erotic Art is DX-based though. Satomi’s good at that.

Janiven: Areal is a half-elf and is Janiven’s business partner here at the inn

Satomi: That’s like how good you are in bed.

Taragnor: plus we also need to find out who the leak is.

Satomi: And how kinky, because kinky = good.

Janiven: Janiven seems to look up to him

Taragnor: and how they found us.

Janiven: and lore on the Order of the rack…..

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Janiven: Perhaps later on (next session) she can tell you more about him herself.

Taragnor: hehe.

Janiven: ok, order of the Rack. here it is…..

Taragnor: Yeah they’re an order of hell knights I’ll bet, which definiteyl warrants some stealth.

Janiven: Whereas Westcrown’s city watch and government have little interest in tracking all possible seeds of rebellion, the same cannot be said of the Hellknight company known as the Order of the Rack. The oldest of the Hellknight orders, their greatest obsession is the prevention of rebellion.

Taragnor: given that we were basically told they’re a bunch of Elteras.

Taragnor: Ah… so they’re like the anti-rebellion group of hellknights… definiteyl some people we should try to undermine.

Satomi: Oh damn, I think I have enough to afford darkvision with a gadget modifier

Janiven: ok, so how is it going so far

Janiven: ?

Taragnor: I’m liking it.

Taragnor: Seems like some fun quests with different ways to solve them.

Satomi: Yeah, I do, if I take off the extra skills I took since we started (and it’s not like I urgently need Sex Appeal or Erotic Art)

Tristan: I think so far good, we did not get caught up like last time and i’m really digging the realistic aspect of gurps

Taragnor: Instead of the typical just murder-death-kill. heh.

Tristan: I think the character building time requirement is more unfamilurarity than anything (although the points can be a bit more confusing trying to figure them all out)

Taragnor: don’t worry too much about it Sachi I can give you darkvision btw.

Taragnor: with a spell.

Tristan: it really seems like they have thought of a dice mechanics for every possible thing

Satomi: yeah! I like it so far. Like, I know I was having issues, but those were pretty much with our starting adventure rather than anything else cause I had fun today.

Taragnor: Yeah I’m glad we just retconned that starting demo adventure

Taragnor: Be weird if we started our career as Robin Hood types by just outright butchering people

Janiven: well now that i know what direction we are heading in i can have more prepared ahead of time.. but i still want to introduce some unrelated side things from time to time too

Taragnor: yeah that’s cool

Taragnor: I like some side options. I like how we got choices of what to do.

Satomi: And I love the system. Including all the different skills, though I won’t argue if you guys wanted to switch to ! skills. It’s easier to manage for a heroic-type game like this.

Tristan: it’s hard to go direclty from cold hearted mercenaries to robin hood

Taragnor: hehe… well I like the option of being able to take the ! skills.

Tristan: probably going to be some growing pains

Taragnor: heh well. yeah

Taragnor: I figure we’ll start with half-robin hood

Taragnor: whwere we take from the rich and keep the money

Janiven: we already have’

Tristan: I steal from the rich and give me me!

Janiven: it is optional, but you can use wildcards

Satomi: Hehe.~

Taragnor: Yeah wildcards are awesome. I took some.

Taragnor: I got like 3 diff wildcards.

Janiven: they are more expensive but also carry some extra perks to make more worth it

Tristan: are those in powerups?

Taragnor: yeah powerups – wildcards

Janiven: did you look up all the extra perks i’ve included with the wildcard Taragnor?

Taragnor: oh no.

Taragnor: Where’s that?

Janiven: look on the site….

Taragnor: Ah okay cool

Satomi: Oh and T, I can take it as something like goggles for 18 points. I figure that way if you’re incapacitated or not nearby or whatever that would let me still sneak around in dungeons and caves ahead of the party. Assuming we’re gonna still be doing some dungeon delving which I hope we do some on the side.


Taragnor: ah okay cool I’ll have to look up what those do.

Satomi: It knocks off 30% to make it where they have to make DX quick contest to take it away from me.

Taragnor: hehe… well I was hoping for more like castle/tower/delving as opposed to straight dungeons.

Taragnor: Like more civilization stuff, rather than pure RA mosnter infested dungeons.

Tristan: sneaking around in the dark with darkvision could be devistating

Taragnor: Like breaking into hellknight jail, we’re probably gonna be trying that in the future.

Taragnor: That’s sorta dungeon delving.

Taragnor: It’s actually a literal dungeon since we’re trying to free prisoners.

Tristan: ok guys, i’m heading to bed. have a good night and see you next week

Satomi: Well, it might still be dark, right? Though we’ll probably both be there.

Satomi: Night Tristan!

Taragnor: hehe… well I mean if you have DV it saves me a spell to maintain

Tristan is disconnected.

Janiven: haha, perhaps… but you may have other options a bit easier than breaking into a Hellknight fortress

Taragnor: but still…

Taragnor: Well yeah. but I would like to rescue that guy if I can.

Taragnor: But I’d definitely want to case that place first and get really detailed plans

Taragnor: before we got breaking in.

Taragnor: Like that’s the kinda Op you want to know exactly where you’re going and get in and out ASAP

Taragnor: Since we’d rapidly get swarmed otherwise.

Taragnor: And we’d probably need to disable some people…

Janiven: cue mission impossible music

Taragnor: yup lol.

Taragnor: It’d be nice to do some actual thief style missions. NOt just D&D rogue shit where you disarm traps, but actually break ins and such.

Satomi: Yeah that’d be awesome.

Janiven: well i’ll offer you known options based on your research and info gathering… but if you come up with your own options that you like better we can play it out

Taragnor: Yeah hehe.. I mean I’m definiteyl up for really any kind of mission involving rich nobles with any kinda stuff we could steal (treasure vaults, expesnive art collections, whatever)

Taragnor: Figure me and Satomi would get people in and Urso and Eltera would be the people that’d carry stuff out. And of course if things go to hell help us get to extraction.

Satomi: That’s why I made a thief, cause I looked at the template and I looked at how stuff works in GURPS and I was like, I wanna play a D&D thief who actually does D&D thief stuff, instead of just setting up to backstab people and the wizard and/or cleric bypass everything else

Taragnor: Yeah.

Janiven: plus you notice how i intentiolally left the details of the noble area blank on the city info… that is something you would have to personally explore and break into to find out about

Taragnor: I mean I kinda hate the D&D thief, like you’re not really a thief.

Taragnor: you’re pretty much just a sneak attack machine who disarms traps.

Satomi: Cause I noticed how difficult it is in, for example, 3.5E to make a rogue that’s worth fucking anything.

Taragnor: well I mean if you dual wield and spam sneak they’re good at combat.

Taragnor: It’s just that like… as far as actually doing useful noncombat stuff, you really don’t.

Satomi: Still though, that system has bigger problems, cause it’s like you can be good at one thing, or you can be a spellcaster and be just as good at that thing and also a bunch of other things.

Taragnor: yeah I mean D&D, spellcasters basically dominated everything.

Janiven: yeah sneak atk is not a main focus of the GURPS thief.. i mean they have rules for it but it is completely different… the thief template does offer bonus damage to sneak attacks above the normal

Taragnor: Yeah, I like that. ther’es more emphasis on actually doing missions where you’re not spotted.

Satomi: Yeah, it has Striking ST with like a sneak attack modifier, but it’s not an integral part of the template like G said, and that’s what attracted me to it, hehe

Taragnor: The D&D rogue basically is pretty much based on the premise that any attempts to sneak will be horrible failures, and you’ll have to resort to combat all the time.

Satomi: Granted I would like to take some later, and maybe also a point or two of regular ST so I can also carry more.

Janiven: well d20 in general has way too much dice variability… on the bell curve you have some variability but the skill makes the biggest impact

Taragnor: yeah

Janiven: so this illusion you placed… it lasts for how long?

Taragnor: asn l;ong as I maintain it

Satomi: Yeah I like the bell curve. I mean… It’s not that I didn’t enjoy T’riss and her face-melting spell crit build, because I did… But the curve adds more of a realistic feel to GURPS.

Taragnor: wqhich it’s free to maintain for me

Janiven: but you will not stay right by it? meaning as you get further away it costs more or is harder to do?

Taragnor: hehe yeah. I mean I don’t really hate D&D, it’s just that like with D&D you kinda accept that it’s gonna be super combat focused.

Taragnor: Id’ just like to try something new.

Taragnor: Nope, it doesn’t cost more to maintain by distance.

Satomi: Yeah. Also I like point systems and I like GURPS.

Taragnor: I can keep it up, all it does is like each extra spell is an additiona -1 to other spells I cast later

Taragnor: for each I have maintained

Taragnor: so right now I got 3 spells maintained

Janiven: perfect illusion?

Taragnor: armor on me, illusion o tristans bow and perfect illusion

Taragnor: yeah, I’d pay 1 fatigue for that I believe, but nothing to maintain

Taragnor: cause all my costs are reduced by 2

Taragnor: for 20 skill level

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Taragnor: And I’d take a -3 to casting rolls for all other spells until I stop maintaining something)

Taragnor: IO also got the artist(illusion) skill that lets me create all kinds of better illusions.

Taragnor: Mostly that’s used for creating things that look extra scary/beautiful whatever.

Taragnor: So if I wante to create an illusion of some really hot chick, it might take an artist roll.

Taragnor: Or add a bunch of scarier touches to an illusion to terrify someone.

Janiven: If you cannot touch any part of the affected area, apply a skill penalty equal to your distance in yards from the nearest edge of the area.

Taragnor: yeah that’s when you cast it

Taragnor: Like casting at a distance has a big penalty

Taragnor: but maintaining doesn’t.

Taragnor: Maintaining you can do from any distance.

Janiven: ok

Taragnor: presumably I was within touch range of the thing when I put up the illusion

Janiven: i see, no casting roll when maintina

Taragnor: No reason I wouldn’t be heh. Though in combat range is a big deal.

Taragnor: since that -1 per yard gets big when you’re casting as combat spells.

Taragnor: Mages are generally not as good combat wise as they are in D&D

Satomi: Hey G, I have a two-part question. Part one is, if I have a radically different character concept for GURPS that I wanted to try, would you let me try it for one or two stories later on, to see which one I want to stick with? Part two is, would you let me play a pixie from DF3?

Janiven: you know i had considered putting pixie on the list of approved races but i waited, just to see if someone would ask

Taragnor: Also I’d let the others have a quest or two where you give me a grace period to change their characters, mainly to add skills, since I feel like the group right now isa bit skills lite, and I can’t really blame them, given what kind of D&D stuff everyone si used to.

Garrion: i think that should be ok… but it would really change who you are

Taragnor: But I figure we can move away from pure hack and slash.

Taragnor: Though gonna be tough if we’ve got PCs withot much in the way of noncombat.

Garrion: if you did the other character how would it impact the group cohesion?

Garrion: would you still be the mentor of the group?

Taragnor: I mean I figure if she wants to introduce a new char… she can just be friends of some other character so we got a good way to introduce her.

Taragnor: If someone else voucees for her, that’s fine.

Satomi: I know, but the thing is, for years before I ever got GURPS I’ve wanted to play a tiny flying fairy thing, and after I’d already made Satomi (and asked you all that stuff) I looked at DF3 with the races and I saw the pixie and I saw mage as one of the recommended templates and wheels began to turn.

Taragnor: hehe.

Taragnor: Be funny if you specialized in pure blasting spells.

Garrion: and just how “radical” are you talking…. a pixie mage is your alternate character?

Taragnor: Thits little fairy shooting out a ton of death rays.

Satomi: ^

Taragnor: btw Loryc doesn’t have any rays or anything.. so his long range is seriously fucked for the most part.

Satomi: I wouldn’t specialise in just that but it would be awesome and that was exactly my thought process

Garrion: i would allow it but you would have to settle on a character… soon…. so i can determine long temr plot elements involving the PCs

Satomi: I don’t have a background in mind (like I did with Satomi, which is pretty much the same as her PF incarnation without the special powers) so she could be a close business associate, maybe one who had been living in the far east until recently

Satomi: That would minimize the disruption to your long-term planning

Garrion: what would be nice is if the pixie had illusion and Satomi was the pixie all along.. not sure you have the points for the pixe and magic and wealth

Satomi: I doubt I can fit wealth in with the pixie, but I wish I was wrong because that would be amazing

Garrion: i mean Satom i has not exhibited a lot of her other traits other than wealth, so those could be easily written out

Garrion: her wealth is like her main thing though, so woul dhave to keep that at a minium for that idea to work

Satomi: Yeah, that’s kind of part of her concept, since I felt I had to make an extra effort since I was taking an extra level

Satomi: Actually, in the PF campaign I think she had the background that gave her extra starting money, even

Taragnor: hehe little pixie lugging a giant bag of gold.

Satomi: :3

Garrion: thery actuially very strong

Satomi: Yeah they’re ridiculously strong for their size

Taragnor: heh

Satomi: Though that’s still not saying a lot necessarily

Taragnor: yeah I wouldn’t mind you turning to a pixie.

Taragnor: we havne’t really got deep into the plot yet.

Garrion: according to the pixie stats you use normal ST values.. then you just reduce the size.. makes them emensely strong for size

Satomi: The template does include -5 ST

Taragnor: wow

Taragnor: ah okay.

Taragnor: Main thing with pixie is you probably want at least 2 levels of luck.

Taragnor: Because your hp is gnona be really low probably

Satomi: So you do have a lower ST than normal, but like 6 ST is still a ton for a six-inch thing.

Taragnor: So you’ll get smoked with one hit.

Satomi: Isn’t HP based on ST?

Taragnor: 6 HP don’t go very far…

Taragnor: Yeah it is.

Taragnor: like 6 HP you’re gonna end up being fairy dust.

Taragnor: I mean if you got okay defenses it won’t be that bad, but you need luck to avoid criticals

Satomi: Luck and/or extra HP.

Taragnor: well think there’s a limit on how much HP you can have

Taragnor: like 30% extra or what not.

Garrion: the reason HP based on ST instead of HT is that HP relate ability to take damage and muscle bulk from ST allows you to do that

Taragnor: Since HP in gurps is basically your mass

Garrion: but death and KO rolls rely on HT

Satomi: It says nonhumans aren’t subject to the limit, though that’s ultimately up to G

Taragnor: lol well I’m assuming for a fairy… they probably would be. lol be weird having a fairy with more HP than Urso.

Taragnor: I figur3e the limit is more for like if you’re a gargoyle or something

Taragnor: where you’re super dense.

Satomi: It also says supers. Maybe it says something in DF.

Garrion: the fairy woul dhave a ceiling.. let me see what it is

Garrion: pixie maxes at 15 ST

Taragnor: wow.. that’s still realyl good

Taragnor: 15 ST is a shitload

Taragnor: given they’re super small

Taragnor: Be this little thing ripping people’s arms off

Garrion: 23 DX max

Garrion: 20 for others

Satomi: What about HP? Like, you can buy HP independently of ST for 2 points, but the book says only +/- 30% of your ST, but then it goes on to say that doesn’t count for “nonhumans and supers”

Garrion: HP cap at (ST+30%)-4

Taragnor: Anyway I’m gonna get some sleep

Satomi: Aww

Garrion: yeah i need to head that way too

Taragnor: Good session today, liked how there was a lot of RP stuff. Looking forward to next week.

Taragnor: cya

Satomi: Yeah! Me too!

Taragnor is disconnected.

Garrion: i’ll get rewards posted

Sachi is disconnected.

Session 1

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