Session 2

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Taragnor has connected.

Garrion: howdy

Taragnor: hey


Taragnor: not sure what a shadowgarm is but hoepfulyl we don’t run into it…

Tristan has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Tristan: hola mi amigos

Taragnor: yo

Cedric: hey

Garrion: howdy all, just finished dinner and about go time

Shadow Mastiff:

Shadow Wolf:


Urso: any reply to my message on the OOC post?

Garrion: was it recent, i didn;t see anything new

Garrion: last night

Garrion: looking now

Garrion: ok, didn;t see those two posts when i went to work this AM…

Taragnor: I could illusion you to look normal height. Though the illusions do get disrupted momentarily if you take damage so…

Taragnor: like if you get hit in combat, they’ll get a look at you for a moment and could tell you’re someone big.

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: ok, for cedric… no there are not very many tall humanoids. Sam and Rover were very rare exceptions for Egorian. Half-orcs (which there are not many) are still normal sized humanoids, not as large as you. Sam was an ogre and Groby was an orc-ogre

Urso: so he worried being so big, even in disguise… probably be fairly easy to find him

Zindal: lol yeah, sticks out like a sore thumb

Garrion: 88% of the population are humans, 7% halfling, and 5% other….

Urso: what is not many? how big this town we in?

Garrion: now barbarians are humans, but there are not many giant barbarian humans in the sub-tropical regions of cheliax

Garrion: almost 115k

Zindal: So 5750.00 “others”

Urso: so how many people above 7’ tall are out there?

Taragnor: Well the illusion can make you look normal size (but still watch your head on low ceilings)

Garrion: well others are dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-orcs, maybe a few civilized “monster” races

Zindal: According to this questionable source that I just Googled, about 3 in 1 million people are over 7 ft tall

Taragnor: heh.

Urso: might be better to make him look some other race, as opposed to some shorter version of me

Taragnor: Given the size of medieval cities… the odds are probably not very likely.

Garrion: the point is that you would be in a group of about 2 out of 100

Taragnor: Well I mean, could make you look like a gnoll or something… but

Taragnor: they’re probably gonna know none of thema re in town

Zindal: 101200.00

Taragnor: And if you get struck in comba tthe illusion will waver like I said, so they’ll know it was an illusion

Urso: well this isn’t the real world, there are no people who are 8’10" like him

Taragnor: If you end up taking damage

Zindal: 0.1012

Zindal: 0.3036

Zindal: Yeah you’re probably the only person in town that’s that tall

Zindal: The only human anyway

Garrion: there may be a couple other, but not many…

Urso: why I say is better to illusion him to another race, maybe even getting a “mask” instead of using magic?

Zindal: Statistically speaking a population of that size has 0.3036 people of that height, lol

Garrion: or urso will be used for anorther component than the infiltration under disguise part

Urso: other thing could be for him to be in jail already, perhaps for some minor thing that they yet you go the next day, getting drunk or something.. assist with whatever and then get released the next day

Garrion: now for taragnor’s questions…

Zindal: That’s an interesting idea, man on the inside

Garrion: the jail is also trhe barracks/guard station

Urso: just has to be for some minor offense

Garrion: as far as entry points.. there are a few windows, the ground level are barred and a front door and a back door

Urso: else I just stay back and only come in as backup if you guys get into a fight

Taragnor: Or just don’t get hit

Taragnor: you can get in a fight, just can’t take damage.

Urso: that not too easy to do

Urso: unless I just go full defense the whole time and just soak attack while you guys take em out

Taragnor: well hopefully there won’t be much combat anyway during this. I mean I don’t really want to end up fighting an entire guard barracks.

Urso: do a block and dodge for attacks

Taragnor: They throw up an alarm, we’re gonna be in some trouble.

Taragnor: What’s Urso’s parry/dodge?

Zindal: Zindal has zero problems with fighting the entire guard force

Urso: good

Urso: 12 for both

Taragnor: lol. if we slaughter the entire guard force, the hell knights are gonna be looking for us in full force.

Taragnor: Dunno if we’re ready to become public enemy #1.

Taragnor: plus the guards ain’t really evil.

Urso: is too bad its the hell that are going to pick em up… hitting them on some lonely road and wouldn’t matter

Taragnor: Like if you wanna kill hell knights, that’s fine. They’re a bunch of bastards supporting the demon-run regime.

Taragnor: Well one of my plans involves us pretending to be the hell knights

Zindal: I only care about becoming the best, if they want to throw themselves at my blade then I have no choice but to prove my superiority

Taragnor: and picking him up ourselves.

Garrion: oh, one thing i would like for you guys to put on your sheets… a deity you worship and your general moral compass…. we are not using alignments but it is a good guarge of your general attitude

Zindal: Do we have to pick a deity?

Zindal: I’m pretty much areligious

Garrion: no, you can be atheistic

Taragnor: Well you’d probably be agnostic, not atheist.

Taragnor: I mean only a fool would probably not believe the gods exist in a D&D setting.

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: Given all the shit their clerics can do.

Urso: hey G.. my online sheet shows my block with my shield to be 14.. why it 12 on my sheet?

Garrion: very true

Zindal: Yeah I mean the gods ain’t really done me any favors so I’m not really into worshipping any of them

Garrion: maybe encumbrance?

Taragnor: It might not be adding the PD boost from your shield?

Urso: seems to me encumberance only effects move and dodge?

Taragnor: Yeah, pretty sure it doesn’t appl yot all defenses only dodge.

Taragnor: It’s probably not adding the innate +2 from using a shield maybe?

Taragnor: Since a shield I know gives you a passive bonus to all defenses.

Garrion: not sure

Taragnor: other than that it should be 3 + 1/2 your block skill

Taragnor: So if you’ve got 14 block, it’d be 10 + 2 for the shield.

Taragnor: Anyway don’t really anticipate using a shield for this mission anyway. That’s gonna draw a ton of attention, I mean unless we go with the plan of pretending to be hell knights.

Urso: my shield skill is 15…

Garrion: ok, so was there any objection to leaving Janiven in the alley and heading home

Garrion: ?

Taragnor: Nope. I wasn’t even sure where he was going, I mean I told him where I could contact him.

Taragnor: And we were gonna help rescue Arael.

Zindal: Don’t think so, it seemed like from the discussion we were basically splitting up and forming a plan off by ourselves

Garrion: so that is a base of 7+3=10

Taragnor: At least I told him that.

Taragnor: Yeah, I honestly didn’t want to tell him that much in case they had a mole in thier organization

Taragnor: Plus Loryc doesn’t really need their help anyway for this.

Garrion: loryc sounds pretty conceeded… does he have overconfidence? hehe

Loryc: (Alright based off what I know with my administration skill, where do I think the records about the shadow creatures might be stored in the barracks?)

Loryc: (hehe, nah, he doesn’t, but he does like showing off as a quirk)

Garrion: they would be in the old case files.. and you do not know the interior layout of the building or rooms

Garrion: you could case the jails or the front desk esily enough by visiting someone or just entering the station

Loryc: heh, do they actually let you visit people in this jail?

Garrion: yes, old time jails did not have a visitors area.. that is a new concept

  • Urso works on learning how to slouch.

Garrion: they let people inter the secure area after being seartched and they could go up to the bars to talk to whoever under guards watch

Urso: ( I think of a wild west type jail, office in teh front… and the cages in the back )

Loryc: heh, well I wasn’t sure if the prisoners got visitation rights.

Loryc: Not to mention we’d be visiting someone accused of being a rebel… which may not be too safe…

Garrion: depends on the offense

Loryc: since they’d probably set a trap for other people if that’s true.

Garrion: the light offenses have visitors and bail.. the serios offenders are in a more permanent location

Loryc: Hmm…

Zindal: Yeah I’m guessing fomenting rebellion is considered a serious offense

Garrion: well you could go in and ask for him….

Loryc: lol yeah, I mean I’ma fraid to ask for him, since that’ll likely lead us into some kinda trap…

Urso: maybe see if someone else in in jail you might know?

Loryc: How many are in a typical guard patrol?

Garrion: ok, so let’s stop talkign ooc about it and start things IC

Loryc: What if we just imnpersonated a patrol and brought in a prisoner.

Loryc: heh, well I’m planning what I wanna do for a strategy. I think we’re gonna impersonate a guard patrol.

Loryc: And bring in a prisoner.

Garrion: on the streets you know partols are ALWAYS in groups of 7… 6 regulars and 1 leader

Zindal: Heh, we don’t quite have enough people for that

Garrion: i think that was in my first email i sent about westcrown

Urso: maybe say you are looking for someone who kind of looks like him.. but not him.. can go take a look adn be like.. nope that not the guy

Urso: a missing person or something

Loryc: Alright… we may have to just get someone arrested for some petty crime, then I can go visit him to get an idea of what the layout is, eitehr that or I can send in Satomi invisible.

Loryc: If she’s up for a little stealth recon.

Garrion: The Dottari The first forces of law and order encountered in Westcrown are often the dottari, the city’s guards or wardens. Regardless of where their posts lie, dottari all wear the city’s mark—Aroden’s Eye—stenciled in black over a red field on a shield or tabard. Dottari officers wear a reversed mark (red on black field) on their left arms, their rank rising as the mark moves from the shoulder (for lesser officers), to the forearm, to a ring for the duxotar or warden- major in command of the guards who answer only to the mayor. Dottari, regardless of postings, always travel in squads of seven—six soldiers and one lieutenant.

Urso: maybe even go into a different office before hand, doing the same.. sort of set up a legend

Loryc: hmm…

Urso: Urso could get arrested, but might be better to keep him out of their immediate sight as long as possible

Loryc: heh… yeah, I don’t really think we want Urso to get arrested since he’s easily IDed.

Loryc: I can create a temporary patsy for arrest.

Loryc: Since Sachi isn’t here we won’t have her go in invisible.. alright.. I’m gonna create myself a servant… and we can send him in there.

Loryc: Then we can go visit him.

Tristan: so, anyone else we can frame for breaking him free? another evil organization or something? Maybe some in Chelix (not sure of the spelling)

Loryc: well there’s the Council of theives in this town

Garrion: you taking the advantage to give you a servant?

Loryc: No I’m casting the servant spell.

Loryc: create servant.

Garrion: ok, this a real material servant?

Urso: perhaps we can find if there are any other disgruntled groups and get some evidence and plant it… they shut down anyone lately? black market? slaves? anything?

Tristan: probably don’t want to piss them off

Loryc: Yeah.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: how the hell does that work? how can you create a person?

Zindal: Homunculus

Garrion: i need to look at that spell

Loryc: Same way a D&D wizard can spontaneously summon rocs.

Loryc: *orcs

Urso: maybe see if any other prisoners are there…. then maybe blameit on their friends as we release them too?

Loryc: Or hellhounds or whatever. it’s just a summonig basically.

Zindal: Yeah I mean we could just find the head jailer and steal his keys and then let the whole prison out

Loryc: GURPS magic page 98.

Loryc: Then I’m gonna cast independence on him, and boost his intellect to

Loryc: wait not independence, initiative.

Garrion: Creates a stupid but obedient servitor (all attributes equal to 9) to do the caster’s bidding. The caster determines the servant’s appearance. This same spell can also create a Brute – a servant with ST of 16, and all other attributes at 9. Or it can create a servant with attributes at 9 and one noncombat non-IQ-based skill at level 16. Any created servant follows simple spoken commands, delivers verbal messages, etc. It is under the GM’s control. It cannot fight or handle confusing situations; it has no skills. Faced with danger, it whimpers, flees, or simply vanishes. If questioned, it knows only who its master is and what its orders are.

Loryc: He’s normally IQ 9, but I’ll pump him to IQ 15.

Urso: (ya, perhaps there some other high priority prisoner there, we get some some stuff from his organization or whatever and frame them )

Garrion: can’t pump to IQ15

Loryc: yeah I can. withthe initiative spell.

Urso: ( 16 str, decent pack mule )

Garrion: only attribute able to pump is ST for the “Brute”

Loryc: It’s a diff spell you cast on him

Loryc: Initiative spell a page or two back.

Loryc: page 97

Loryc: Initiative is what the spell si called.

Loryc: basically makes your illusions or creations mroe intelligent and sentient.

Loryc: but still loyal to you.

Loryc: It’s 1/3 energy per DX or IQ I’m imparting, and I’m gonna icnrease its IQ by 6, from 9 to 15.

Loryc: mainly so it gets a corresponding will boost and won’t necessarily crack under torture.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Loryc: Thats’ for the initiative psell.

Garrion: ok, handy stuff..

Loryc: And I’ll aslo impart him my acting skill. for another point so total cost for the initiative is 3 reduced to 1.

Loryc: receives 0 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Tristan: looks like mages don’t suck after all… who knew?

Loryc: I should be at 10, then go down to 9, I didn’t restore the other one.

Loryc: I never said they sucked, I said they sucked at ranged combat :P

Loryc: Big difference.

Garrion: you were pumping IQ from 9 to 16?

Loryc: Yeah.

Loryc: It’s 1/3 point for each IQ boost. So +6 IQ

Loryc: wait no 15

Loryc: I’m giving him +6 IQ

Tristan: (I was saying they were gimpped because the hard hitting damage spells are weak, but a utility caster seems very handy)

Loryc: And I’m also giving him my acting skill at IQ+1

Loryc: so he has 16 acting.

Tristan: i’m sad that your creation is smarter than everyone in the group

Tristan: « 2d6 = 8 »

Loryc: btw the servant is now second in command after me!

Tristan: did you kill sotomi while we not not looking?

Loryc: and I pay 1 FP for the servant himself

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Loryc: heh well until Satomi gets here.

Loryc: Sachi comes late, so I’m in cahrge at least until she’s here.

Tristan: works for me. lead the way

Garrion: ok, let’s do this IC before you get too far ahead of yourselves.. you have not even “arrived” yet

Loryc: (Well consider I do thatbasically the next day as we’re planning our robbery.

Garrion: you making lots of OOC plans before you even know the situation

Loryc: (since the servant is gonna get himself arrested)

Garrion: ok, so this is all back at your house?

Loryc: (heh well I assumed the info on the guard place was after we had time to case it and what not)

Loryc: (Well I mean Loryc wanted to case the place as best he couldn from the outside, under illusionary guise of course)

Garrion: no, that is just general knowledge from you living there for ? years

Loryc: Oh okay.

Tristan: (watching Loryc magic up some stuff in amazment, truley impressed that he has the abilities he does0

Tristan: “holy shit Loryc, where did you learn all this? They got a college or something?”

Tristan: “or is it one of those family linage things?”

Garrion: it is the next morning after departing from Janiven

Loryc: “Actually funny story… I stole my first spellbook.”

Tristan: “so, do we have to worry that the thieves guild is going to suddenly become a den of powerful casters then?”

Tristan: “thats a scary thought..”

Loryc: “The thieves guild and I don’t see eye to eye. It seems that when you try to steal from them, they get all hypocritical.”

Tristan: “how dare them” (with a little sarcasim)

  • Zindal smirks…

Loryc: “Besides that we disagree on a few points. I for instance, think I should go on living.”

Zindal: “No honor among thieves, as the saying goes.”

  • Urso listens to the others while he sits there sharpening his axes.

Tristan: “fantastic, we get to piss off the thieves guild AND the hellknights in the same day, good think i’m not the leader or I could not have thought of this amazing plan”

Loryc: “I know, isn’t it exciting!” \

Tristan: “Zindal, maybe we should just go get some wenches and ditch this stupid idea”

Tristan: “maybe rob a nobel or something with a light guard garrison”

Zindal: “Hmm….”

Tristan: “or, we can follow along with this logic and try to go dry hump a dragon!”

Zindal: ←rolls Greed and gets 13 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 1

Zindal: ←rolls Lecherousness and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 5

Zindal: “I like the robbing some random noble idea.”

Loryc: "Don’t worry there’ll be plenty of time to rob noblemen. "

Loryc: “But first we’re going to break Arael out of jail… besides, while they’re so confusing figuring out how there was a prison break, we can be robbing someone else in the nobles quarter.”

Zindal: “Tch… I don’t like doing jobs I’m not getting paid for…”

Zindal: “And prison guards make a poor test of my blade.”

Tristan: “so Loryc, you really did not tell us what we get out of this besides your never ending gratitude, I mean, you hiding my bow is a neat trick and all but I don’t have to do that outside the city walls, and what happens when hell knights start showing up with arrows in their skulls?”

Tristan: (wish Satomi was here)

Zindal: (lol, well the boss already told us what she wants to do… And she is the boss… Zindal is just grumpy about not getting paid enough for this shit)

Loryc: “Well then lets make it a little bit more challenging for you Zindal. I don’t want any casualties on this little mission of ours. These guardsmen aren’t hell knights, they’re just people doing thier jobs.”

Tristan: (so, i’m just playing in character here. not sure if anyone saw my OOC chat but Tristan would probably need a legit reason to do something this “stupid”, maybe some kind of backstory that he owes someone in teh group)_

Zindal: “How is it a challenge when I don’t even draw my blade? The point of testing my skills is to actually use them…”

Loryc: “I don’t expect fighting to break out, but if it does, disarm your foes, or carve a ‘Z’ in thier shirt or something, but I don’t want anyone kiled.”

Tristan: "so Zindal, no whores, no money and you can’t kill anyone, having fun yet?)

Garrion: ((yeah i saw it.. that is up to you and whoever you owe))

Loryc: “As for my gratitude, I think you’ll find helping me worthwhile.”

Zindal: “You’re saying you want me to prove my skill by not killing people?”

Tristan: (I would probably owe either Satomi (only way a urbanite would be my boss) or perhaps Urso… and as a last resort Zindal, but I like our relationship)

Loryc: “A superiro swordsman like yourself only shows fear of your enemy if you feel you must kill them.”

Tristan: “that’s like saying I want to prove your fast by sitting in a chair”

Loryc: “It means that you’re worried they’d come and beat you given a second chance.”

Zindal: ←rolls Obsession and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Tristan: ‘Next you will be asking me to prove i’m a great hunter by shooting my arrows into the ground"

  • Zindal smirks… “That’s a really stupid line of reasoning.”

Loryc: “Besides, it’s much harder to disarm a foe than kill them, isn’t it?”

Tristan: (ha ha)

Tristan: “are you trying to prove your vast intellect by pitching a stupid idea?”

Loryc: “WEll like I said, I don’t anticipate any fighting if all goes well.”

Tristan: “Where is the boss? I can’t believe she is putting up to this stupid shit and she’s not even here”

Zindal: “Do we at least get to raid the prison coffers while we’re there?”

Loryc: “Of course… you’re free to loot whatever you want. We are thieves after all.”

Tristan: (is Urso with us?)

Zindal: (I assume he is)

Loryc: “First I want to get a good idea of whta the layout looks like, which means we’re going to need someone to visit who isn’t a rebel.”

Tristan: “what do you think Urso?”

Garrion: yes

Tristan: “is this wizard making any sense to you?”

Loryc: “Which is why I need Dunric here, that’s what I’m naming my new servant that I just summoned.”

Tristan: “ok, that’s impressive, i’ll give you that. Much more impressive than your plan though…”

  • Zindal shrugs, “Hopefully the guards keep good coin around.”
  • Urso shrugs, " Sneaking round not really Urso strength, but pays to know as much of your opponent as you can"

Loryc: “Well Ic an’t formulate much of a plan until I get a good layout. And that’s what Dunric is for.”

Loryc: “He’ll give me someone to visit, as the guards here are nice enough ot let you visit people. Like I said, just ordinary people doing thier jobs, which is why I’d prefer not to kil them, besides it makes us look like a bunch of amateurs.”

Loryc: “Also Dunric’s disappearance gives us another man who we can break out, which takes the suspicon off Arael.”

Urso: ( who dunric?)

Zindal: (His servant that he summoned)

Urso: ( he looks like a real person?)

Loryc: yeah.

Zindal: “Who says we only have to break out one or two? If we’re going along with this foolishness then we might as well make it fun…”

Loryc: He basically just looks like a mundane looking human.

Loryc: I can determine his appearance so presumably he can be whatever I want.

Loryc: So he’s just gonna be a mundane servant looking person.

Urso: " you want fake person to be arrested, does not matter much to Urso "

Garrion: ok

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “Dunric doesn’t mind Urso, his stay will be quite short.”

Loryc: “he’s a lot easier to break out than a real person. He’s created from a bit of my own ego, so if you catch Dunric giving you glances of superiority, I apologize in advance.”

Tristan: (to everyone except Loryc) “so, we are really going to go through with this?”

Loryc: (to Dunric) “As you probably already figured out, I’m naming you Dunric, that’s what name you’ll give to the guards when you let them arrest you for petty theft.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Loryc: (to Dunric) “Just shoplift something from a store and let the guards catch you.”

Tristan: (whispers to Zindal) (refering to Dunric) “That’s some crazy shit”

Zindal: “The boss has already thrown her lot in with the idea…”

Tristan: “where is the boss?”

Tristan: “We are not her servants you know, she’s supposed to be going through the same crap we are”

Zindal: “She’s the one who pays us.”

Garrion: Dunric: “Yes master. My name is Dunric and I shall do what you ask.”

Loryc: “Well right now I don’t need you to do anything but sit in this tavern.”

Loryc: (to Dunric) “Make sure you do not give them my name… as far as you can tell them you’re just a starving peasant.”

Urso: " Urso can do that "

Zindal: (Zindal’s loyalty may or may not also have something to do with him constantly trying to get in the boss’s pants)

Loryc: (to group) “I will need you later though, so try not to get too drunk.”

Loryc: (to Tristan) “And as for the boss, well I think she mentioned something about visiting a brothel that caters just to women… or I could have just imagined she mentioned that.”

  • Zindal frowns…

Loryc: (I’ll also cloak myself in an illusion… perfect illusion + illusion disguise)

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 15 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: “Yes, I am hungry and will steal some food.”

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 16 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -4)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc: spendin 2 from energy reserves

Tristan: (Tristan has not really been convinced this is a good idea, are Zindal and Urso all on board with this or what?)

Tristan: (I mean, I want to roll some dice like everyone else but in character, not feeling like he would be on board)

Zindal: (Zindal is pretty much indifferent at this point, he doesn’t really care as long as he gets to steal some loot or get paid in some other way)

Zindal: (The boss said she wanted to go along with it and he’s loyal to her, so he’ll swallow his objections for now)

Loryc: (I’ll disguise myself as a nobleman type. Then I’m gonna send Dunric off to get arrested..)

Urso: ( sending a fake dude in to get arrested.. Urso doesn’t much care either way.. not really much of a loss if somethign goes wrong)

Tristan: (Tristan would feel that way but his urbanight flaw would be saying "where the hell is she, she just gave us away to be some trangers goons)

Loryc: (Gonna give him 30 minutes to get arrested then I’ll go to the barracks in noble illusion guise… Not like a super rich noble, just your average kinda poor noble)

Urso: (maybe take zindal or someone along for a guard)

Zindal: (Heh, well we’re supposed to have an established history already so presumbly by this point you would be willing to work with her enough to put up with the occasional unreasonable request)

Loryc: (heh yeah actually that’s not a bad idea)

Loryc: “I will need one of you as my loyal retainer. If you like I can put an illuision on you as well”

Garrion: ok, from this point ion i’ll let you RP Dunric.. but rememer his limitations

Tristan: “hey by the way there Zindal, I know your a prick and all but you are a good swordman. You mind showing me some basic moves with this here sword from time to time?” (patting his sword that he picked up from the sewers). “I could show you a thing or three about a bow if you were ever interested”

Loryc: (heh okay.

Tokens dropped onto map ‘* Limbo’ by player Taragnor (Player)

Zindal: “I can certainly teach you if you wish to learn… But if you ever become too good then I may have to kill you.”

Tristan: “if I ever pick a fight with you it would be at 100 yards”

  • Urso chuckles.

Zindal: “For now though… I suppose I shall accompany our noble fellow here… You’re not suited for the job at all and Urso sticks out too much.”

Tristan: “and you probably wouldn’t know we where fighting until you noticed the arrow in your chest” (smiles)

Dunric: (Dunric is basically gonna be pretty close to the guiard barracks, not like right outside but maybe a street down, where he’s gonna try to swipe something from a shop)

Tristan: “fine with me, Urso is good company”

Dunric: If there’s no shop, I’ll try to pick pocket a random woman.

Dunric: basically deliberaetly being detected.

Tristan: “and I tend to stay out of trouble with him around. Nobody picks a fight with Urso”

Urso: " Tristan not stupid, this is good"

Garrion: ok

Dunric: (Aslo btwe I’m assuming that being a thief would get him arrested right?)

Garrion: yes

Dunric: (okay good, heh feel free to interrupt my plan if some part of it doesn’t make sense, given Loryc’s knowledges)

Garrion: if the shop keeper calls the guards

Dunric: (heh well yeah I’m assuming he will)

Dunric: (I’m assuming given he’s right near the guard barracks he will)

Dunric: (Dunric is also gonna wait till there’s a guard patrol kinda near too preferably too)

Tristan: “that’s Urso, I knew you were a softy”

Dunric: (And basically just get caught)

Tristan: (I meant "thanks’)

Zindal: (So if I’m going to pretend to be your guard does that mean I get forged papers to allow me to be armed?)

Garrion: ok, fast forward toaction time?

Dunric: (if you want you can just assume Dunric’s capture and we can go to the jail or we can do him getting captured, he’s not gonna do anything pcial but pretend to be pathetic heh)

Dunric: (and get himself thyrown in jail)

Tristan: (Tristan is thinking if he had invisable arrows that could be interesting)

Garrion: what time of day you doing this.. i mean you wake first thing in the morning to plan this out and head out within a hour or two… or it later in the day?

Dunric: (It’ll be early in the day. probably 10-11 AM.

  • Urso flexes his massive arm, " you see soft?"

Dunric: (You want to RP out the dunric thing or can wea ssume he just gets arrested. I wouldn’t figure that’d be all that hard to get caught.)

Garrion: yes.. you all head out and take up your positions… repeat to me your approx locations relative to the situation

Tristan: “nope”

Loryc: Well for now I’m just gonna bring Zindal in there, the rest can be in a nearby tavern

Urso: ( tavern)

Loryc: Pretty much this is just to case the place.

Tristan: “i see a bad enemy and a good frend”

Loryc: Or if Zindal doesn’t want to go I’ll take someone else.

Loryc: Also Ill be resting while Dunric gets arrested so recover my fatigue

Loryc: I recover 1 FP per 2 minutes with my recover energy.

Zindal: Zindal will go, I was just wondering if you’re going to forget the papers to say I’m your bodyguard or what

Zindal: forge*

Loryc: so I’m restoring my lost energy heh, since i"m giving DUnrci a half hour to get arrested (I don’t automatically know what happens to Dunric when he’s independent)

Loryc: well other than him getting killed

Loryc: but he ain’t a wizard eye.

Loryc: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Loryc: I’m not creating papers yet… but you get the feeling Loryc can have em if he needs em. Also while I’m resting I’m gonna illusion Zindal. so his face is concealed.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 14 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: okhe has a hooded cloak right?

Zindal: Yeah he does

Zindal: “You’ve deprived the world of one of its greatest beauties…”

Loryc: same deal illusion disguise + perfect illusion on him. I’m making Zindal appear to retain most of hi sprettboy appearance btw but bearing the same noble sigil my illusion has (since I’m faking a noble)

Urso: " who that?"

Loryc: (And I’m gona make Zindal rather plain looking, but gonna give him a slight gay look to him and make his voice sound a little feminine too.)

Zindal: Hey now

Loryc: (Mainly so if the guards talk to him at all, he’ll make em uncomfortable and they probably won’t inquire much with him)

Garrion: ok, so he is armed and armored normally but made to look like just wearing street clothes?

Zindal: That’s a good way to get a sword through your eye

Loryc: (He’s still gonna have his normal weapons, not gonna change how they look)

Loryc: (So he can potentially put his weapons down if he wants or get stripped of them and it won’t break the illusion)

Loryc: (Since his sword ain’t disguised)

Loryc: (He’ll be thes ame height and build and such, mostly just changing his face and voice.

Loryc: (And adding details like a noble sigil to his clothes)

Zindal: (Heh, well I’m going to have my stuff hidden under my cloak, but I guess the prison is going to want to search us)

Loryc: (Well a bodyguard would present it openly, right?)

Garrion: ok, roll it up wit the other maintained spells and your own

Loryc: (like a nobles mercenary?)

Loryc: (I already did)

Zindal: (Yeah true, what about my armor though?)

Loryc: (See those two spells up above.

Garrion: ok, missed that

Loryc: (I’ll disguise his armor too so it feels like leather armor.)

Loryc: (perfect illusion fools the sense of touch)

Loryc: (At least when paired with llusion disguise)

Loryc: (But his weaponry will look the same.)

Loryc: And I’ll walk into the jaul with us two in disguise.

Garrion: ok, you give Dunric a half hour while you rest a bit from your taxing casting

Loryc: (Loryctakes on a pompous attitude, getting into character as a noble)

Garrion: you depart with the others and they trail off to a tavern near the barracks

Loryc: (I have acting at skill 20, so Loryc is damn good, also have all the savoir faire skills as well)

Loryc: (So he can impersonate a noble with all the customs and such)

  • Loryc walks into the barracks with Zindal.
  • Zindal follows along behind Loryc, playing the part of a loyal bodyguard

Garrion: Zindal goes with you… as you approach the dottori headquarters you see them bringing in a slightly dishelved looking Dunric… who keeps carrying on about “I’m just hungry and want some food”

Loryc: (heh it took them that long to get there?)

Loryc: (I’ll give him more time then if I see him heh..)

Loryc: (Don’t want to go in just yet, figured they’d grab him in a half hour and get him in lockup)

Loryc: (I don’t wanna go in there to visit him till he’s actually in jail)

Loryc: (so I’m gonna basically just pretend I don’t see him and like I was going a different way if they haven’t jailed him yet)

Tristan: “well Urso, we were talking about a big score, too bad the boss likes this guy. We could probably turn him into the thieves guild for a handsom reward”

Loryc: (the plan is to wait till he’s fully arrested then go in there)

Garrion: also… in front of the srtation you see a heavy reinforced wood prison carriage with sev eral Hellknights around it…. then a half-elf is escorted out of the headquarters and handed over to the waiting hellknights… he is then shoved into the carriage.

Tristan: “not that I want to have a mage pissed off at me, and this guy seems like he knows his stuff. A bit bossy though…”

Zindal: lol

Loryc: well so much for the jail break.

Loryc: okay, destcribe the wagon and hell knight contingent/

Tristan: (woo hoo, ranged fighting)

Garrion: ((see why i said tyou were jumping ahead too much, lol))

Loryc: How many in and around the wagon?

Loryc: what kinda numbers we looking at?

Garrion: a higher ranking Hellknight adresses another….

Garrion: observation skill

Garrion: from both of you

Loryc: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: Hellknight rolls 3d6 and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -3)

Hellknight FAILS by 2

Zindal: I don’t have Observation heh, guess I just roll Perception

Zindal: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc: you may have to default to observation. not sure.

Loryc: also I have reading lips

Loryc: I’ll see what he’s saying

Loryc: by reading hi slips.

Garrion: nope roll observation default.. this is not you looking.. but you looking without looking like you are

Loryc: ←rolls Lip Reading and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: It says default for Observation is Per-5

Tristan: “Urso, hows your crotch doing? I was worried you would be Ursolena after that Gator bit you”

Garrion: ok, then that fails by 4

Garrion: you are seeing what is going on but you are sticking out like a sore thumb doing so

Garrion: anyway….

Loryc: (Well I mean at least we’re in disguise, I mean I doubt it’s all that unusual that someone is watching a big precession of hell knights heh)

Loryc: (I mean it’s kinda like how peopel stop to see if there’s a big police activity in an area.)

Loryc: (So it shouldn’t be that suspicious)

Urso: " Urso is fine.. no stupid gator is going to get him"

Sachi has connected.

Loryc: (whispers to Zindal) “well seems we’ll have to go right to plan C.”

  • Zindal smirks… “So much for all your brilliance…”

Zindal: “Shall I do it right here?”

Sachi: Hey guys!

Loryc: (After I get a count on these hell knights)

  • Zindal lets his fingers play along the hilt of his sword…

Loryc: (i’m still waiting on details of their operation)

Loryc: (basically wonder what kinda numbers we’re looking at, and how many on the wagon right now)

Loryc: (I could try to spook a horse…)

Garrion: the officer says… “Shanwen, choose six armigers to go with you and transport this prisoner to the Citadel for interrogation – under more suitable conditions.”

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Garrion: “You should not incur much difficulty in this task shold you?”

Garrion: The other lower-ranking hellknight speaks, “No sir. We will do as you command.”

Loryc: (If there aren’t many hell knights on the wagon just yet, I think I’m gonna try to spokthe horse, get the wagon to run away, assuming Arael is on it)

Zindal: (Heh, well it’s a random half-elf, we don’t actually know it’s him)

Garrion: the officer waves an off hand to the dottori captain present. “Thank you for your service. We will take over from here. You may go now.” in a condesending tome

Loryc: Well does it match his description?) I’m kinda assuming ti does.

Garrion: there is a driver on it and 2 other armigers

Garrion: on the running boards

Garrion: also on top of the wagon is a large crossbow.. almost the size of a ballistae

Garrion: on a tripod

Garrion: you don;t know much of arael except that he is a half-elf.. Janiven only spoke of him and you have not met him yet

Loryc: Yeah, well I’m guessing he’s not the OTHER half-elf they were supposed to pick up

Loryc: So safe bet that’s him.

Garrion: the lesser hellknight yells out while pointing out to the crowd of hellknights and underlings…. “You , you, you , and you, on board – NOW!”

Loryc: Alrigt.. I’m gonna go slowly near the front of the wagon as they’re gathering.. since it’s basicalyl in fornt f the barracks, shouldn’t look to suspicious

Loryc: and gonna cast madness on one of thier horses.

Loryc: Btw I don’t have to chant or anything to cast.

Loryc: It’s all just a second of concentration

Loryc: Probably slow em down a bit when the horse is insane.

Loryc: Gonna do a severe madness.

Sachi: :3 Mmm disruption.

Tristan: (this spell list is coming in handy)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: that’ll slow em down hopefully so we can plan an ambush.

Loryc: they won’t get that far on an insane horse.

Loryc: And it doesn’t really take effect immediately so they won’t know I did anything yet, since it’s subtle.

Loryc: It gives it some kidna disadvantage like a delusion or chronic depression

Loryc: or it could hallucinate.

Garrion: he then mounts up… “Daylights a wasting and we have some rebels to uncover.” he purposfully says this loud enough for all in the area and beyonf to hear

Loryc: Gonna get like within 1 yard. and casting the spell as I pass.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc: MoS 3 that the horse has to beat, he reists with will -02

Loryc: will -2

Loryc: So hopefulyl being a horse he’ll fail that

Garrion: o, one sec

Loryc: And I gotta pay 2 FP 1 from energy reseve 1 from main FP

Loryc: regains 1 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Loryc: madness is on page 136 of magic btw

Garrion: Horse rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Horse FAILS by 2

Urso: (damn, horse got good will )

Zindal: lol yeah

Loryc: well he still failed.

Loryc: then I’ll just keep going with Zindal, back to the tavern to get the others

Garrion: ok, so as they mounting up you walk by and cast spell?

Zindal: “Isn’t this the part where we’re supposed to… You know…?”

Garrion: not toughing though?

Garrion: touching

Loryc: yeah no touching

Loryc: from 1 yard away

Loryc: and I don’t have to chant or gesutre

Loryc: it’s just pure concentration for 1 second

Garrion: looking at spell to see effect

Loryc: so like I slow down for 1 second heh… then keep going.

Loryc: I did the severe madness version

Loryc: Not the extreme. so unfortuantely yhe horse sin’t catatonic, but it could go berserk. or gain chronic depression or a delusion.

Loryc: Either way I figure that drawback is gonna slow em down, and look like the horse maybe goinbg lame or something

Garrion: ok, 4

Loryc: you techincally pick what the problem wth it is… so…

Loryc: I dont’ really know what it’s gonna do but it’ll probably slow em down regardless.

Loryc: since the horse is nuts now.

Loryc: and me and Zindal are making our way to the barracks.

Loryc: Not barracks tavern I mean

Loryc: to meet with the others.

Garrion: hmm, delusion in a horse.. it thinks it is a show pony instead of a draft horse????

Zindal: It thinks it’s a race horse and takes off at a wild gallop

Urso: ( might see crazy things taht aren’t there?)

Garrion: that would be a hallucination

Loryc: Maybe it thinks it’s the owner.

Loryc: and the hellknights are its mount.

Zindal: lol

Sachi: Or it thinks it’s a giraffe and tries to climb up a tree to get fruit.

Urso: ( dog and starts barking)

Garrion: anyway.. i’ll come up with some effect…. the teamster cracks a whip, “Out of the way!” looking to you and Zindal

  • Loryc nods to him as we clear out.

Garrion: and the horse takes off at a trot down the street…..

Tristan: (maybe it thinks it’s a wild animal and does not know why it’s got a harness on it)

Sachi: (It thinks the king is actually from Kenya and not Cheliax)

Loryc: Or maybe it thinks it can fly, that’s a popular delusioin.

Loryc: And tries to go over a cliff to prove it.

  • Zindal fixes the teamster with a malicious grin…

Garrion: now that would be funny

Loryc: (btw given the illusion I put on him, his malicious grin may come off as him flirting with him :P)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: now one thing i need to determine…. one sec

Loryc: And we’re going back to the tavern to get the others.

Urso: (heh, just know your first and only target is who ever is on that big ass crossbow, Tristan )

Tristan: (or maybe Loryc, then I can claim a reward from the hell knights)

Garrion: ok, things not over yet…

Garrion: also as Loryc and Zindal pass in front of the carriage…

Garrion: Hellknight Cleric rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Hellknight Cleric SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal: lol, sees through the illusion?

Loryc: he can’t. not without a specific spell

Loryc: It’s perfect illusion

Loryc: can’t disbelieve it.

Tristan: sweet, told you it was a bad idea

Tristan: probably has a spell for that.

Loryc: Well yeah if he was cawsting the detect illusion spell.

Loryc: I mean he could see magic with detect magic, but it ain’t D&D where it radiates an aura I don’t think.

Garrion: “Wait, you two stop there!”

Loryc: So it could just be some magic items we’ve got, and I look like a noble.. so..

  • Loryc looks up at him.

Loryc: “Well your driver told us to move aside.”

Garrion: “They are reaking of magic!”

Zindal: “Is that a crime in these parts?”

Sachi: (Aren’t the Hellknights supposed to be good at sniffing out magic and stuff actually?)

Loryc: (I’ll use my thaumatology to guess at what kinda effect he’s using to detect me.)

Loryc: well technicalyl my Wizard! skill

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 15 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc: “Well I wouldn’t exactly say reek, I think I smell quite nice.”

Garrion: “Magic iotself is not a crime. But you…. you both are hiding behind magic.”

Sachi: (I just remember reading the Hellknight Signifier prestige class since it had an ability I was interested in for T’riss, and I remember they had some stuff that helped them see through illusions and deception and such)

Garrion: You think he is using a spell to detect magical beings and auras

Loryc: (Does that actually tell himn it’s illusion? I don’t think the GURPS version does)

Zindal: “And is that a crime?”

Garrion: no, not without casting something else

Loryc: (I’d figure he’d need analyze magic, as far as he knows we’d just be enchanted)

Garrion: he only sees that you are covered in a magic aura…. that there is a spel covering your entirety

Loryc: “Yes, the two fo us drank a potion that conferred us a mystical armor.”

Loryc: A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 10 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Garrion: “What do you have to hide?”

Garrion: good fast-talk

Loryc: “What you’re seeing is probably the protection which we are covered in.”

Loryc: (heh Loryc is a social engineer first and foremost)

Garrion: his quote was to zindal, before you said the potion thing

Zindal: “We aren’t hiding anything. Don’t you have an important prisoner to transport? I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any delays in carrying out your official duties…”

Zindal: A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 11 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 1

Garrion: and zindal should just keep his mouth shut

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “I’m more than happy to answer your questions, but it seems you gentlemen are quite busy, and we have affairs of our own.”

Garrion: loryc MOS=9

Garrion: zindal MoF1

Loryc: “Do not listen to my servant, he’s a bit upset, he’s not having a good day.”

Zindal: “Tch… To say the least.”

  • Loryc lkooks to Zindal with a look of “Shut up”

Garrion: “Fine, be off then!”

  • Zindal goes silent with a sour expression

Loryc: “A good journey to all of you.”

  • Loryc heads on his way.
  • Zindal follows

Garrion: the carriage heads on….

Garrion: down the road

Zindal: “It seems your brilliant plan has hit a snag or two.”

Loryc: “No matter, we can still catch them.. while we passed, I happened to afflict one of thier horses.”

Zindal: “Then the reason we’re going in the opposite direction is…?”

Loryc: “So we can get the others.”

Loryc: “Unless you want to try your hand at defeating all those hell knights.”

Zindal: “I always welcome a challenge…”

  • Zindal grins

Loryc: “Well if you think you’re that good. I certainly don’t have any objections.”

Zindal: ←rolls Obsession and gets 16 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 4

Zindal: lol

Garrion: Arael is being transported in an enclosed carriage built to hold and transport prisoners. The carriage has a locked door and is made of iron-reinforced wood . It is approximately 7 feet square and 5 feet high, riding about 2 feet off the ground, with a running board on the sides and rear for easy climbing to the roof and interior. A team of two horses (hitched in series) pulls it, and the driver sits on a small bench attached to the front of the roof.

Loryc: (lol do you have overconfidence too?)

Zindal: lol yes

Loryc: (heh maybe you should roll versus that )

Zindal: Does that one grant a check? lol

Loryc: (overconfidence, yeah pretty sure)

Zindal: Oh looks like it does

Zindal: THough it says it’s when the GM feels that I show too much caution

Zindal: Which clearly isn’t the case here

Garrion: yeah

Loryc: (anyway going back to the tavern to ge tthe others)

Garrion: Zindal is not cautious…

Garrion: ok, you get the others

Zindal: I don’t really want to try to take on a whole squad of Hellknights alone though, lol

Tristan: (wuss)

Loryc: (lol, yeah. being outnumbered in GURPs is not good)

Loryc: “Well we’ve got a bit of a problem…”

Garrion: well only the one was in full hellknight armor.. the rest were trainees… armigers

Garrion: apparently they are also arrogant and overconfident

Urso: (he the cleric?)

  • Satomi finishes draining a mug of ale.

Satomi: “Do tell?”

Loryc: “Apparently they’re already on the road, they made the transfer of the prisoner wyhen we arrived, didn’t have time to do a break in.”

Garrion: Loryc did notice a holy symbol on his shield

Zindal: “It seems our brilliant strategist spent too much time strategizing and now our target is being transported elsewhere.”

Garrion: and a necklace

Garrion: Asmodeus

Loryc: “On the plus side, I did manage to makeone of thier horses insane. It’s difficult to tell how that’ll affect their journey but… I suspect it won’t be in a good way.:”

Loryc: “So that should give us a good opportunity to catch up with them.”

Satomi: “Ah… So why are we still here?”

  • Satomi stands up.
  • Urso hefts his axe, " so now we fight?"
  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: “so, your plan went about as well as I thought it would eh?”

Zindal: “You know Boss, pissing off the Hellknights is going to put a lot of heat on us.”

Loryc: “No it won’t… I’ve got a plan for that actually.”

Loryc: “I jhust thought of it, it just requires you keep one o fthem alive.”

Tristan: “perhaps we can try it the way I suggesed now. Knight in armor are slow, we can easily set an ambush and divide their numbers”

Loryc: “And not allow any others to escape.”

Zindal: “Oh, make it challenging why don’t you?”

Tristan: “your last plan sucked”

Urso: " yes, if we do this.. none can escape"

Tristan: “and leaving one alive is also a stupid idea”

Loryc: (looks to the others) “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Zindal was coming onto me.”

Loryc: (remember you still got that illusion on you :P )

  • Satomi raises an eyebrow at Zindal.

Zindal: “That’s your damnable illusion… At least change my voice back.”

Loryc: “Well if you want… but then the hell knigths are going to see your face, not that it really matters anyway, but I’ll take it off after we’re out the gates.”

Satomi: “You know… If the two of you are willing to work as exotic entertainers, I bet I could hook you up with a job on the side…”

Zindal: “Just give me a different voice you damn annoyance of a Wizard.”

Loryc: "We need to beat them to the gates… hopefully…

Tristan: “boss, if you want to help this guy out, and i’m still not sure we should, we should stop listing to his stupid plans. You know we got experience in this area. This talk of keeping one alive is rediculous, almost as crazy as trying to free that guy in the first place”

Tristan: “if you want to stop them, let’s set a good old fashioned ambush”

Tristan: “hit em hard and hit em fast”

Urso: " you know road they taking Loryc?"

Tristan: "or, we could just find a softer target like a nobel and ditch the dangeous enemy making stuff

Zindal: “We don’t have time to argue. If we’re going to do this then let’s go.”

Loryc: “There’s only one way they could be going, Rack road.. towards the citadel.”

  • Loryc nods.

Urso: " you know this road?"

Loryc: “Take a left at the big crossroads.”

Satomi: “Why’d you say to keep him alive…?”

Urso: " know place where they have to go slower, or even stop? maybe bridge or shallow river, something?"

Urso: ( do we have horses? causse not sure how we gonna catch up to them?)

Garrion: Rack road is well maintianed but rarely travelled stretch of road

Loryc: “Because I can make him think someone else attacked him and more importantly killed their prisoner.”

Tristan: “how many of them are there, how are they transporting the prisioner” (unless he already filled us in)

Loryc: “So that way we can rescue Arael and won’t attract suspicion for us, or for their rebellion.”

Garrion: the only traffic are the hellknight from the citadel and merchants resupplying the fort

Urso: " how for us.. they don’t know who we are and if they all dead, how gonna find out?"

Garrion: there is a bridge crossing a river

Urso: ( gurps have speak with dead spell?)

Loryc: (actually it might… but we can burn the bodies.)

Garrion: not sure… you know the magic better than me…. this my first run at it

Urso: ( or bury them so are never found )

Loryc: (Yeah that may be a better idea)

Loryc: (Since not sure what kinda spelsl they may have to research em)

Zindal: (Heh, yeah, make the convoy “disappear” so to speak)

Garrion: but i think there is.. or i can make one up.. hehe

Loryc: (And it’d make more sense that Areal isn’t found etiher)

Urso: (need to take a couple of shovels)

Loryc: (pretty sure ther’es some kinda speak with dead so we probably weant to bury the body.)

Satomi: “I suppose we could pin the blame on some creature or other…”

Urso: ( or bury and burn em in the hole )

Zindal: (Weigh the bodies down and toss them in the river)

Loryc: (*Don’t worry about the shovles, I got em covered)

Zindal: (They’re wearing armor, should sink like stones)

Loryc: (Well there’s a swamp nearby)

Loryc: (The Dhaenfens)

Zindal: (River, swamp, whatever)

Loryc: (that should be a good spot to dump a body)

Tristan: (make a dragon sighting in the air illusion, or a platoon of archers)

Loryc: (Yeah are tjhere any notorious beats in the area, like something plaguing that area that might attack em?)

Garrion: i said river but it more of a stream.. about 4 feet deep… loryc would not know how deep but would know it is not large

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Urso: ( actually their armor we might want to keep, could come in useful )

Tristan: (there is a dreaded Urso stocking this woods)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: heh, well first we kill em then we can work on a cover story.

Zindal: Yeah heh, we gotta get to ’em and kill ’em before we do anything else

Loryc: “We’ll need some horses… so I advise we go get them.”

Garrion: there are bandits that have been harrassing the area.. several groups… as far as monsters, not many

Loryc: (okay bandits work)

Urso: " they the full hell knights, or the want to be’s ?"

Garrion: nothing bothers traffic on rack road though. unless it is just a stupid wild creature

Zindal: “A single full fledged knight, and six of the lesser ones.”

Loryc: (well these could be super bold bandits)

Urso: " do they each have horses, or all riding the wagon?"

Loryc: “Just the wagon…”

Satomi: Yeah the armor could be a good disguise if we can adjust it to fit…

Tristan: “you said they have a wagon, it’s probably moving slow”

Loryc: “We can talk along the way… first lets get horses of our own… to the stables.”

Satomi: “They should be easy to catch on horses.”

Garrion: the lessers do not get hellknight armor.. it is only for full knights

Loryc: (Does Satomi got horses?)

Garrion: but they are still armored.. just not the special armor

Tristan: “ok, so we rent some horses then these hell knights show up missing…. someone may find a link to that…. maybe we should get one horse for Loryc and he can make an illusion to slow them down. Maybe disguise that bridge as out or something”

Loryc: (Or are we gnna need to steal em?)

Urso: ( special = magical? or just top of the line?)

Tristan: “not sure they make a horse big enough for Tiny here” (nodding to Urso)

Tristan: “and if they do, he’s going to stand out even more”

Garrion: is does not seem to hinder them any

Urso: ( clidesdale should be good enough )

Loryc: (Alright we’re gonna head to the stables)

Tristan: (how many days travel to the Citadel?)

Urso: ( or can ride a cart )

Garrion: less than a day.. at this time of day they will get there just before sunset

Tristan: (ok)

Satomi: (I don’t own horses, no ; ; Do you know how expensive they are?)

Loryc: (nope, but that doesn’t matter casue we’re gonna steal em)

Tristan: (the horse should slow them down enough for us to catch up on foot probably, if Loryc filled us in)

Satomi: (purr)

Tristan: a bunch of them are walking right?

Loryc: (I filled you in taht their horse is insane)

Loryc: (Nah they all mounted the wagon)

Tristan: (ok, horses it is… if we can find them)

Garrion: actually….

Tristan: “Loryc, can you disguise us all and we just borrow some horses?”

  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: “maybe as guards then we can just take theirs”

Garrion: Four of the Hellknights ride on warhorses, while the other six ride on the carriage (one atop manning the crossbow, two on each side clinging to the running boards, and one in front with Shanwen, driving the carriage).

Tristan: “or hell knights”

Zindal: Wait there’s 10 of them now?

Zindal: I thought the squads were 7

Tristan: (crap, there are some on horses, that’s a bit scary)

Loryc: (that’s the city guard)

Loryc: (These are hell knights)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Well shit

Loryc: (do any of the others besides the one with the crossbow got ranged attacks?)

Urso: (thought only one was a hell knight)

Tristan: F a crossbow guy, i’m going for the magic user

Garrion: on the carriage there was a hellknight and he chose 6 underlings to join… as they rode off (i think i forgot to mention) 4 full hellknights followed on horses as escort.. but you do not know if they going the whoole way or just to the gates?

Loryc: (It’s not just a regular crossobw it’s like a ballista, heh that’ll fuck you up)

Satomi: Hmmm…

Tristan: “maybe when we get closer to them you could make it look like there are a lot more of us”

Loryc: “I could… but thye cleric is rather suspicious and I don’t think they’d surrender…”

Zindal: lol yeah I don’t think you mentioned that

Loryc: (Is there anything I think we could do that might get them to surrender? gonna use my psychology skill)

Loryc: ←rolls Psychology (Human) and gets 4 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)


Loryc: wow.

Loryc: Psychology FTW.

Garrion: hellknights NEVER surender… but the armigers could break if not rallied by a leader

Loryc: “We might be able to break their morale by killing the leader. Of course… we still want some kind of cover story so they don’t think this was about Arael.”

Satomi: “None of you happen to be good at, uh, wild animal training on short notice or the like…?”

Loryc: “I’ll deal with getting us some horses.”

Urso: " what story could we come up with that wouldn’t be about thim, there more prisoners on the wagon?"

Zindal: “I can handle killing a leader easily enough…”

Tristan: “do you think an arrow in the face would break the leader moral? Is the leader the cleric?”

Loryc: “Bandits kill off the hell knights and their prisoner.”

Garrion: ((if loryc was a proper wizard he would just whisper to a moth and some giant eagles would arrive))

Loryc: (I could create an illusion of giant eagles)

Tristan: (yeah, wheres our giant moth? Or eagles?, sucky wizard)

Zindal: “If we’re pretending to be bandits then why not have a diversionary force attack and draw off the Hellknight escort…”

Zindal: “Then the rest of us can strike and take down the leader.”

Garrion: the cleric was the leader on the wagon.. you did not get a good look at the other knights on horses

Loryc: “Since this is a wilderness ambush, I’ll leave the specifics to Tristan, since this is more his specialty than mine.”

Loryc: “But I ‘ll just say that we’ll need one ofthem alive if my trickery is going to work best.”

Garrion: ok, you make your way to a stable….

Loryc: “I do detest using violence.. but given what’s transpired, it seems to be the only option, at least without letting Arael go to a horrible fate.”

Loryc: (before we get in I’ll disguise everyone btw)

Loryc: (Gonna just use a complex illusion that covers a 1 hex radisu) and illusion disguse)

Tristan: (to Loryc) “That’s the first good plan you’ve had”

Loryc: (not using perfect illusion)

Garrion: “Jacovo’s Equestrian Supply”

Loryc: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Loryc: receives -3 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 7 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Tristan: “if we are going to take em out we have to minimize their advantage, they got war hourses, magic and heavy armor”

Loryc: “First thing we do si get horses of our own.”

  • Loryc walks into the stables.

Loryc: (I’ll still look like the noble, was gonna disguise Uros as someone large, but not like a giant)

Garrion: ok, you illusioned everyone with tier own 1 hex illusion?

Loryc: I used a 2 hex illusion basically to disguse the group and then bound it to each of em. Or can I not do that?

Loryc: Since Illusion is an AoE figured I could do a larger area complex illsuion

Loryc: To just cover multiple people

Tristan: We should have some tree cover, that will take the hourses out of the equasion, or possibly shoot them from under them. That cleric has to go quick, I would suggest taking him out before he knew what hit him, if you want your Illusions to work, why not magic up one of us as a Prisoner hell knight so they are hesitant to shoot into our midst. I would suggest making that either Urso or Zindal so they can surprise attach them from the year before they knew what happend, or take out their leader and have your fake leader step in to control the situation"

Garrion: no, if they ever move away from each other, outside the illusion area, say to walk around a fence, or through a door…. they will step out of the area

Urso: ok

Loryc: (okay well I’d do a separate one then for everyone

Loryc: Alright for Urso and Satomi…

Satomi: “Indeed… I’m not keen on bloodshed, but I dare say that some bumbling rebel deserves their blood spilled much less than a bunch of Hellknight trainees.”

Garrion: if they stay huddled togehter and stay in the small confined area then you ok

Loryc: Also gonna drop Dunric

Loryc: so he disappears so 1 less penalty.

Loryc: also dropping the individual illusion tristans bow.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 7 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Tristan: “another option is to send old Dunric in there with a ton of exlosives and set his ass off… since he ani’t a real person and all”

Loryc: okay everyone s disguised.

Loryc: paid 2 mana from energy reserves.

Zindal: “Just point me at them and let me do my thing.”

Loryc: “Well yes but Arael is… also I can’t conjure bombs on short notice.”

Loryc: “First we need horses.”

Loryc: (Alright going into the stables)

Tristan: “zindal, not sure if they are going to dismount and give you that sword fight you want, probably just try to ride you down”

Tristan: “yup, we do need horses.”

Garrion: Jacovo… "Hello what can i do for you?

Loryc: “I need horses for myself and my associates.”

Loryc: (also I’m gonan illusion Satomi as a man not a girl, so it’s less suspicious)

Satomi: (Make me a beautiful man)

Urso: (maybe see if Janiven has any friends that have horses)

Loryc: (hehe yeah, I’ll make her pretty good looking, also gonna give Urso a distinguishing scar he doens’t usually have)

Loryc: (Like something they’ll remember)

Loryc: ←rolls Artist (Illusion) and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: (Basically so they give these vivid descriptiuons o the people who did it.)

Loryc: (that don’t match our own really at all)

Satomi: (Draw me like one of your bishounen pose)

Garrion: ok, he is mising an eye from a socket and a huge scar running across his face

Loryc: (whsipers to Urso) “Also just to let you know, this plan will work best if you don’t get cut in the face and lose an eye.”

Loryc: “Stablekeeper! I require horses for me and my associates!”

Satomi: (Loryc/Zindal fan fiction)

  • Urso grunts.

Zindal: Ew

Loryc: (heh Loryc was just fucking with him also figured people would be more uncomfortable to talk to him if they thought he was checking them out)

Garrion: “Sure thing. Let me check my stock. Are standard riding horses suitable or do you require heavier work horses?”

Tristan: (Tristan thinks “if he can just make disguises we should be robbing someone blind”)

Satomi: (I know, I’m just playing fujoshi :3 )

Loryc: (I mean you wouldn’t really want to think too heavily about him. Since you’d be too focused on him possibly hitting on you instead of worrying if he’s a legit merc)

Loryc: “Riding horses would be fine.”

Loryc: “Fetch them immediately and get them fitted with bit and bridle, the fastest you’ve got.”

Loryc: (Loryc is acting like an arrogant noble basically in a hurry)

  • Urso whisper, " one biggger"

Garrion: lets see.. bit and bridfle…$35

Loryc: (Well I wasn’t planning on paying anyway, so don’t bother looking up how much it is)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: saddle…. $150

Garrion: oh ok

Garrion: wow… stealing from an honest buisnessman

Loryc: (Well I’m gonna pay actualyl but with fake coin, I’m gonan return em)

Loryc: (Loryc plans on returning em bu ta man’s life is at stake)

Loryc: (And he isn’t carrying around a ton of gold)

Garrion: ok, he gives you a total for 5 light horses and 1 heavy draft horse… for urso

Garrion: with full riding gear

Loryc: “Let me get your payment…”

  • Loryc opens his backpack creating a perfect illusion of a big bag of gold (gonna do the super perfect one that evenf ools tactile senses so they can touch the gold and such)

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 6 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Tristan: (does it matter if you have a bunch of spells going on at the same time or no because you can cast them all free?)

Loryc: yeah it does that’s why I’m casting this at -7

Loryc: uit’s -1 per spell going

Tristan: wow

Zindal: lol yeah

Tristan: nice roll

Loryc: so that costs me 6-2 to cast so 4..

Loryc: receives -3 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Loryc: will use 1 out of my power stone so I’m not fatigued

Satomi: (Perhaps I can compensate him somewhat later… I’m sure there’s an opportunity cost involved…)

Satomi: (Maybe instead of Greed I should have like… Sense of Duty: Libertarianism or something)

Loryc: (yeah, heh I mean I was planning on returning the horses anyway, plus we can maybe give me something for thier troubles)

Satomi: (For Satomi)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “Here you go my good man.”

Loryc: (Also unlike the conventional illusion this one does fatigue me a bit to maintai, so we gotta kinda go, I can’t keep up a tacticle perfect up unless it’s a disguise… yet)

Garrion: “Well that you for the buisiness Sir. Have safe travels.”

Loryc: “Keep the change.”

Loryc: “Men move out!”

Garrion: duration?

Loryc: (1 minute, and costs 1 FP to maintain)

Loryc: (I’m obviously gonna maintain it till wer’re out of the city)

Zindal: (lol, he counts it out and shoves it in his safe and then it vanishes)

Garrion: ok, it takes a couple minutes to tie up your packs and mount up.. and get out of the area

Loryc: (well I’m gonna maintain it longer than a minute heh)

  • Urso gets on the bigger horse, hoping it doesn’t complain too much.

Loryc: (I mean, each minute costs 1 FP beyond the first)

Garrion: ok, however long you want….

Loryc: (bascally will keep up till we get out the gates not sure how close the stable is to that, assume pretyt close)

Loryc: (since usually stables would be near the gates)

Tristan: (now the question is, who has taken riding?)

Loryc: (so we’re riding out the gates and I’ll dismiss the spell after)

Urso: ( can probably watch em and as soon as he puts the money away, you can probably drop the illusion)

Loryc: (heh I haven’t)

Tristan: (I did, but not great at it)

Garrion: the stables are #30 on the map

Loryc: damn the stables are in the blood sector?

Garrion: ((i placed marker

Satomi: (ooo fuck)

Loryc: damn.. it’s like… a mile and a half away…

Urso: (which gate they went out?)

Satomi: I didn’t…

Loryc: Horses travel what? like 12 MPH or something?

Garrion: it is not the worst area… just the lower class undesirables area

Satomi: The one thing I overlooked out of all the obscure shit I took.

Garrion: 2 miles to get out gate

Urso: (gonna need a few moments when we hit the outside of the city to armor up… )

Loryc: Alright well I’ll give it like 5 minutes before making the gold disappear should be a big enough head start.

Loryc: where the guards wouldn’t hear of it.

Loryc: I can’t maintain it forever and hopefully by then they’d be done counting it and storing it

Garrion: move 6

Loryc: 6? for a horse, that seems really slow.

Loryc: A human goes like 5.

Loryc: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 2 FP: at half move.

Garrion: well that is not a run

Loryc: 2 fatigue from me and 3 from power stone

Garrion: at a run they much faster than humans

Loryc: We’ll got a moderately fast pace, but not like full gallop

Urso: wait horse only have move 6 ? I got move 7

Loryc: lol.. yeah, Urso is faster than the horse.

Loryc: Guess that’s why Conan ran everywhere

Satomi: lol

Garrion: but at a run he would exhaust much faster

Urso: (though once I put my armor on it goes down to 5 )

Garrion: ok anyway…. it is 2 miles to the gate

Garrion: say it takes 5 minutes

Garrion: at a trot

Loryc: okay cool well I maintained it for 6 minutes total

Loryc: 1 minute base +5 additional minutes for 5 FP

Loryc: Then I’ll dismiss the illusion.

Garrion: and you are on the road.. passing through the farmlands outside the city’

Loryc: “The stable keepers will be none too pleased…”

Loryc: “So try to keep the horses alive so we can return them.”

Tristan: (that’s an easy way to be a horse thief)

Garrion: from inside the city someplace you hear a loud… “Noooooo! All my money!”

Garrion: joking

Satomi: (Hehe~)

Urso: " so we have a plan on this attack?"

Urso: " do we want to get past them and then set up someplace to attack, or come up from behind?"

Tristan: “can you make one of the hellknighs look like a troll or something? the other ones would probably attack him them”

Tristan: *then

Tristan: “I want to get ahead and find a nice perch I can launch some arrows from”

Loryc: “I could do that but they’re likely disciplined enough not to fall for that.”

Loryc: “And casting illusion froma distance is difficult…”

Tristan: “or someplace I can shoot and move, preferbly with some trees as cover. Or, can you make me invisable? Mages do that right? I could thin their ranks before they knew what hit em”

Loryc: “yes I could make you ivnisible but upon firing the first shot, you’d appear.”

Tristan: “maybe you could magic me into a bush or something”

Tristan: “what about if you disguised me as a tree?”

Tristan: “not sure if it works that way”

Loryc: (heh that’s a good question what if I disguised him as atree wtih an illusioniary disguise?)

Loryc: (The arrow would seemingly just come out of nowhere?)

Urso: " main problem is if they have alot of horsemen, then they can just run away after they see who we were"

Loryc: (well come out of the tree itself)

Zindal: “If Urso rode by and attacked one of them and then rode off into the forest the ones on horseback would give chase. Then the rest of us can move in on the wagon.”

Tristan: (but they are probably not looking for a tree, and you could all ambush them when they come looking)

Garrion: oh, when you got the horses.. Jacovo told you you were luckly because his nephew and some friends just borrowed several just a bit earlier to go for a ride in the countryside, he only had a couple more past what you took

Zindal: lol… Gee, I’m sure that’s a completely unimportant and inconsequential detail…

Garrion: they were in a bit of a hurry

Loryc: heh

Urso: ( who Jacovo?)

Zindal: Who’s his nephew exactly?

Garrion: the stable owner

Loryc: Yeah do I know who his nephew is?

Garrion: did you ask?

Loryc: y3eah I’d probably ask

Loryc: Loryc is generally talkative.

Zindal: You didn’t actually mention this while we were buying horses so you should assume we ask, lol

Satomi: Yeah heh.

Satomi: You didn’t mention it so we couldn’t really know to ask >.>

Garrion: “Ahh, the boy’s name is Gorvio, he works for me here at the stables.”

Satomi: Also sorry, I had to step away for a little bit

Zindal: Is Gorvio one of Janiven’s friends?

Garrion: understandable… just wondering if you would have asked or relied on knowledge only

Garrion: not that you know of

Loryc: (heh okay… well guess we’ll go on our way since we don’t know who that is)

Urso: ( ask em if he a trouble maker )

Garrion: just a side detail… maybe useful… maybe just a red herring ;)\

Garrion: back on the road if no more questions….

Garrion: moving to area map…..

Loryc: “Can you check the tracks see if their wagon is ahead or behind us?”

Garrion: you ride west till you come to the crossroads

  • Loryc seems rtather out of breath btw that last illusion took a lot of out of him.
  • Urso will stop someplace for a bit and put his armor on, as well as probably others.

Loryc: heh how long it take you to suit up?

Loryc: I need to know how much FP I get back.

Satomi: “Urso, you’re a skilled rider, yes? You’re definitely the hardiest…”

Urso: few minutes I think, especially with help

Loryc: I get back 1 FP per 2 minutes so…

Loryc: Most of the time Urso just carries the horse.

Garrion: loryc rest whoring here, haha

Loryc: lol this is more of a short rest :P 4E style

Loryc: I mean if he’s gonna put his armor on anyway.. also can I rest while on a horse?

Loryc: Like does the riding count as resting to recover FP? or not?

Garrion: no, not while riding

Garrion: if in a wagon, yes

Tristan: “I could check for tracks but this is a city street, hard to tell which track is which”

Loryc: okay.. well if Urso gonna stop and get armor on I’ll take that time to rest.. how much FP do I get back for that? How long it taek hi.

Loryc: (we’re outside now aren’t we?)

Garrion: yep, you well out of the city

Loryc: (I was gonna ask ihm to check the road after we’re outside for tracks0

Garrion: about 8 miles

Loryc: (Wagon track and 4 warhourses should be easy enough to spot.

Garrion: you come to the crossroads

  • Urso mounts back up once on his horse, shield strapped to his arm and an axe loosened in its belt loop.

Garrion: lots of trafic heading north at the crossroads, not so much heading west into the fens or south

Zindal: Should be easy enough to track them then

Garrion: ok, Tristan.. wilderness boy skills are up

Loryc: Alright so assuming Urso took like 5 minutes to get his armor on…

Loryc: I’ll add 2 fatgiue back to my main and reserve.

Loryc: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Zindal: readies a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

  • Zindal pulls out his mail coif and puts it into place over his head while Urso is putting on the rest of his armor

Urso: " can you tell how far ahead they are?"

Garrion: were you just carrying your heavy armor with you… or you go home to get it?

  • Urso looks down at the tracks.

Tristan: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 6 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 9

Zindal: readies a trusty Potion Belt.

Urso: (ya, was in my backpack )

Loryc: heh I assume he carries it in his backpack or something. heh.

Urso: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 11 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 2

Garrion: and totes pack around town on daily basis…. not being a hard ass and going to allow you to have it.. just something to think about

Tristan: (I don’t have a house, have to tote that backpack)

Urso: (not always, just when he know he gonna get into a fight.. this time.. it was known )

Loryc: yeah true, I mean we were gearing up for a prison break.

Loryc: And Loryc hadn’t exactly outlined a plan so makes sense he’d be ready for anything.

Garrion: ok

Garrion: anyway… Urso can’t make out any details but Tristan spots the rtracks with ease….

Tristan: “they went a that way”

Garrion: ruts from a heavy wagon, 4 sets of heavy horse prints

Tristan: (can I tell how many?)

Urso: (can he tell if is just wagon or also mounted horses?)

Tristan: “no telling how many are on that wagon but 4 heavy horse and the wagon”

  • Urso frowns, " not sure we can take 10?)

Garrion: curiously though the prints are over the top of several lighter horse prints

Tristan: and it looks like someone else was following them

Tristan: “on light horses”

Urso: (heh, this group gonna try to ambush them as well?)

Garrion: the lighter horses were moving at a fast pace

Urso: " not following, ahead of them"

Satomi: “We might have more than just the one man to save.”

Loryc: “Great….”

Zindal: “We may not have the opportunity to ambush them if someone has beaten us to the punch.”

Urso: ( the light horses are under the heavy ones right?)

Tristan: (yup, my bad)

Garrion: yep

Garrion: meaning they went first

Tristan: “looks like the light horses went ahead of the heavy ones”

Urso: " maybe might be useful, if they attack them and have to run, they might follow and pull those horsemen off… "

Tristan: “maybe they are going to try to save that prisoner?”

Loryc: “They’re going to get themselves killed.”

Loryc: “Come on.”

Garrion: you picking up the pace or still normal rate?

Loryc: we better pick up the pace.

Satomi: “We should move… We won’t be any use to corpses.”

Urso: ( could he tell how long ago the tracks were made?)

Garrion: another tracking roll…. at -4 due to tracking while mounted on fast gorse

Urso: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 14 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of -4)

Urso FAILS by 9

Garrion: yeah, he had a MoS of 9… good roll

Loryc: yeah that’s a good quesiton how long ago the tracks were made.

Loryc: See how far ahead they are.

Garrion: the tracks look to be a hour or two old.. about the time it took you to get your horses and get out of town

Tristan: it’s doing that “input value” crap again (I have not changed anything today)

Loryc: damn the delusional horse didn’t slow em down…

Garrion: one sec.. you probaly not have token selected

Tristan: yeah, what map are we on?

Garrion: we on the area map but to make a roll you need to have your token selected

Tristan: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -4)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan: I used the one in limbo

Loryc: what map we on?

Garrion: ok, the tracks start going crazy after a couple hundred yards…..

Zindal: lol

Garrion: yeah, that is the only place your tokens are

Garrion: you can be on limbo.. i just have a “You are Here” on the area map so you know progress

Urso: ( can we stop for a moment and try to figure it out?)

Satomi: “This must be where your spell kicked in.”

Tristan: “these tracks are a mess right about here”

  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: (can I roll again or no?)

Loryc: “Hopefulyl it bought us some time to catch up to them.”

Garrion: they run off the road and back on and back off….

Tristan: “maybe that spell you talked about messed them up”

Urso: " maybe"

Tristan: “looks like the wagon went crazy here… see how it goes off into those weeds”

Tristan: “they got control of it here, then off it went again”

Garrion: as you travel on for a hundred more yards you see a form on the ground… a dark shadow

Tristan: (horse?)

Satomi: “Hmmm…?”

Tristan: (they probably put it down)

Garrion: you get closer…..

  • Urso pulls his axe out and readies it as he moves up.

Tristan: (notching an arrow)

Garrion: it is a horse.. recently killed

Garrion: looks to be an arrow in it

Garrion: or a bolt

Loryc: heh was it the one I cast the spell on?

Garrion: then a slit throat

Urso: ( light one or warhorse.. or the one y ou guys magiked ?)

Tristan: “that should slow them down at least”

Garrion: rigor mortis has not even set in yet

Zindal: “Another brilliant plan that turned out not so brilliant… Unless we can catch up to them.”

Urso: " that the horse you waggled at?"

  • Loryc examines it.

Garrion: yes, it is the one and same

Loryc: “Yes… I had hoped they wouldn’t kill it.. but Araels life is the most important thing here.”

Loryc: (Well that’s one less spell I gotta maintain)

Urso: " they should be slower, unless they move one of the mounted horses to wagon"

Loryc: “Any idea how much of a head start they have?”

Garrion: you travel on… in the distance you see a dust trail.. maybe a couple miles ahead

Tristan: “maybe you should have cast that spell on one of the hell knights”

Urso: (my illusion still up ?)

Loryc: “They’d have had a greater chance of resisting it.”

Loryc: (Yeah you’re all still illusioned)

Tristan: “oh, ok, that makes sense”

Loryc: (I can maintain those indefinitely)

Urso: nice

Satomi: “Indeed… It’s cold logic, but their minds are simpler.”

Tristan: “so, they only have one horse pulling that wagon now?”

Loryc: (though the ones on Satomi, Urso and Tristan are only complex illusions so they break completely if they take any damage, as opposed to just get disrupted momentariyl)

Urso: (think 3.. used to have 4 )

Garrion: the tracks indicate….

Zindal: “Unless one of their escorts dismounted and offered up his horse.”

Garrion: roll it up….

Tristan: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Urso: normal roll? or neg?

Tristan: “if I can take out a lead horse they will have no choice but to stop and fix it”

Garrion: you now see 1 set with the wagon and still 4 heavy seperate

Urso: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 13 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 4

Tristan: (how many horses pulling the wagon? still 3 or just one?)

Tristan: (i’ll be notching bodkins by the way)

Garrion: was 2 pulling horse

Garrion: now 1

Garrion: i mean carriage

Tristan: “so, if they only have one horse pulling we can stop them in their tracks. I have to get ahead of them though”

Garrion: you see dust trail ahead.. 2 miles… you are gaioning

Tristan: “or, Urso could just go by and smash it’s head in”

Tristan: “this is probably goning to alert them we are on the way, can you make us look like hell knights or something?”

Urso: " is horsemen that cuase the problems, we will be able to run down the wagon, even if it bolts "

Loryc: “They’d be suspicious we’re coming from the city direction.”

Tristan: “what about city guard?”

Tristan: “maybe royal gaurds?”

Urso: ( I got no idea how mounted combat works in gurps, but I got no skillls in it)

Loryc: “I dont’ think city guard take Rack road.”

Loryc: (plus they’re not war horses)

Loryc: (I knida wouldn’t advise fighting em mounted)

Zindal: “Who cares what we look like… Let’s just go.”

  • Zindal rides on ahead

Tristan: (catching up with zindal, but eyeing cover) (is there cover or is it all open roads?)

Garrion: zindal spurs his horse… looking forward to what lies ahead

Loryc: “If you have masks, I should drop the illusion on all of you except Urso and Satomi… it’ll make it easier for me to cast other spells later.”

Garrion: the roads hear are all on open plaines with sparse copses of trees scattered about

Urso: " we ride past them and find place to ambush… " ( they going slow enough now that they not gonna make it before night?)

Satomi: (Is there any terrain up ahead where we could hide? Like, head them off? Ahhh, you answered my question)

Tristan: (i have a leather mask, i’ll pull it up)… of course, it’s the one I always wear

Zindal: (lol, I doubt we’re going to make it past them undetected in that sort of terrain)

Tristan: not planning on leaving any survivors though

Zindal: (Unless we veer off the road or something)

Garrion: you spurring horses even more now tat quarry in sight or still a light gallop?

Tristan: “Zindal, how well can you ride? Maybe we can split them up”

Urso: ( just traveling at normal speed, don’t want to look like we coming up on them to attack )

Loryc: (Any sign of the other horses?)

Loryc: (those light horses folliwng em?)

Garrion: ok, you are still gaining but just not as fast

Zindal: “I’ve not taken any specific training in handling a horse… But I can manage well enough.”

Urso: (does it seem like they gonna be able to make the town before night?)

Zindal: (It defaults to DX-5 and my DX is 15… So I’m not terrible at it at least)

Garrion: heavy horses were with them… lighter horses (like yours) that were ahead of them)

Loryc: (oh so they’re waiting to ambush em ahead I guess)

Zindal: (Yeah some other random group is out there ahead of them)

Garrion: the fort? yes…. probably just at or a little after sunset with just 1 horse pulling

Loryc: (the shadow monsters don’t strike outside the city right?)

Garrion: yo have not tried tracking the other set of tracks recently…..

Loryc: (liek do we gotta be worried about nightfall outside the city?)

Tristan: (trying to keep up with Zindal, probably not tracking anything from up here)

Garrion: not really.. not any more than any other nightfall in the wilderness

Urso: (na, but if they slow enough, they might camp along the way, then we can take em at night, but don’t look that way now )

Garrion: ’roll a tracking at -6 due to speed and the lighter tracks of teh other group

Loryc: (Yeah not a hell of a lot I can do if we gotta come up from behind em)

Urso: ( we will ride by and set up someplace )

Loryc: can we ride past them without getting noticed though?

Loryc: If they see people circling them on the plains, they’re gonan suspect something is up

Satomi: Yeah that’s what I was worried about

Zindal: Yeah heh

Urso: ( what matters? we just travelers on the road… )

Zindal: It’s wide open terrain, they’re going to see us unless we veer way around

Loryc: travelling on a raod that only goes to their citadel.

Urso: (this road go anyplace other then the citadel thing?)

Zindal: It’s not a road that travellers take

Loryc: And going offroad to circle them.

Garrion: there are no “travellers” on this road.. it goes nowhere

Zindal: It goes to the Citadel which is the big Hellknight HQ

Zindal: Or whatever

Garrion: except to the citadel

Urso: (oh, didn’t realize that )

Loryc: lol no, look at the westcrown area map.

Satomi: Yeah, that’d be why bandit attacks are uncommon

Zindal: Us just being here is suspicious

Loryc: Rack road basically just goes to their citade and that’s it.

Tristan: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 0

Loryc: Yeah… like this is pretty much just a straight combat, there aint’ any real deception Ic an readily pull here.

Zindal: I mean they’re gonna see us and be like “wtf are you doing here”

Loryc: Yeah.

Tristan: i have to be on the limbo map to roll since I don’t have a token on the other map

Satomi: Yeah, and we’re not gonna get passed off as normal bandits, we’re obviously there to save that guy

Zindal: I mean at this point we might as well just charge in

Zindal: Unless we want to let the guy go

Loryc: well if we kill all but one and I mind fuck the last guy…

Garrion: you don;t see the other tracks anymore.. maybe they veered off or stopped and turned around at some point

Loryc: then I could make him remember it different.

Urso: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 9 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: Well either way we aren’t going to stealth our way through this

Loryc: yeah heh.

Zindal: We don’t have anything to hide with

Garrion: urso doesn;t see them either

Garrion: as you travel on keepig up with Zindal….

Loryc: It’s pretty much one of those situations where it’s a mandatory fight I think. I mean I can’t think of any reason to approach em.

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: If we want to rescue this guy we need to fight them

  • Urso continues on.

Loryc: So pretty much go Sir lancelot style and charge em lol.

Zindal: Of course the boss could always decide it’s not worth fighting a bunch of Hellknights and pull us back…

Garrion: the dust trail has stopped….

Loryc: yeah heh… Satomi could just abort it.

Tristan: “looks like they spotted us”

Satomi: Heh… Yeah I can’t think of a way to do this without fighting ’em…

Urso: " did they?"

Satomi: Also it may be too late for that.

Garrion: Zindal races on…. you see a dark blip ahead on the road.. it is stopped….

Garrion: you race on ahead… closer yet…….

  • Zindal slows his horse as he sees the shape looming ahead

Urso: " they look like they are looking back at us?"

Garrion: you can;t make out people.. just the large dark wagon

Garrion: unless you get closer

Tristan: (tall grasses here?)

Garrion: yes, plained

Urso: " slow down some, and lets see what we are getting ourselves into "

Garrion: yes, plains

Tristan: (how far is the dot?)

Zindal: I already slowed down, lol

Tristan: (slowing down)

Garrion: about 500 yards

Tristan: “yeah, not the best ambush i’ve ever done”

Urso: (got any spells that let ya see farther then normal?)

Loryc: (there’s keen sight but I don’t have that)

Garrion: now you can make out a bridge near the wagon…..

Urso: (heh, those riders take out teh bridge?)

Garrion: wait you see some movement… the ballistae is firing on tiop of the wagon

Loryc: At us?

Tristan: “well, I forgot my Balista”

Garrion: no, you can’t see the bolt itself.. you just see it swivelling

Tristan: (looking around for one of those random trees)

Urso: (toward us, or someplace else?)

Tristan: “if they want to pick a fight at 500 yards that’s ok with me”

Loryc: I’m gonna cast missile shield spell on myself.

Zindal: (Does it seem like any of them see us or are they focused on something else?)

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: then you see some shapes just barely visible near the bridge…..

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 3 FP: at half move.

Loryc: 2 from energy reserve and 1 from main fatigue

Urso: (heh, if we can barely see em, then they can’t be shooting at us )

Loryc: canb maintain it for free

Garrion: a spot on the wagon seems to be reloading the balista

Zindal: “Seems like our friends are distracted. Perhaps we can still do this with some element of stealth. If we dismount and approach through the grass they may not notice us.”

Satomi: (It’s like tall prairie grass right? That we could get some cover in?)

Garrion: yes

Urso: " or we ride up quick and take them while they are distracted"

  • Zindal shrugs

Zindal: “I’m not particularly confident in my mounted combat abilities.”

Garrion: yo do not see the heavy horsemen

Loryc: “It’s up to you… this sort of attack isn’t my specialty.”

Urso: " if they the riders, they probably won’t last long"

Tristan: “500 yards will take awhile on foot, probably should get closer then dismount”

Tristan: (looking for high ground, preferbly that would be hard for a horse to approach and has a clear shot at the wagon)

Zindal: “Closer it is then. Let’s go.”

Urso: " come, this our best chance" and spurs his horse into a run.

  • Zindal follows after Urso, drawing his sword

Loryc: “Alright then…”

  • Loryc follows after them.

Tristan: (riding closer but palnning on dismounting when I get close enough)

Tristan: and letting urso and zindal lead the way

Garrion: you race forward now..

  • Urso angles his shield so its in front of him and draws his throwing axe with his other hand. " run fast horse, or Urso will not be happy"

Satomi: “Yes, let’s approach before we dismount.” (I’ll do the same, get as close as I dare and dismount)

Garrion: as you get closer.. within 100 years you see the forms plainly….

Urso: (just give us map and do next week? this will take a while, plus want sef here to help )

Garrion: a hellknight is on top of the wagon mounting the balista nd shooting heavy bolts into the field and the bridge……

Garrion: setting up senario.. then cliffhanger for next week

Urso: (that your target, Tristan )

Tristan: (or the cleric)

Tristan: (Loryc has be warry of mages now)

Urso: (think the full hellknight is the cleric )

Garrion: a few armigers are taking cover and shooting crossbows while some others are moving through the grass in a flanking pattern on the bridge…..

Urso: (are the horsemen dismounted, or fighting from horseback ?)

Loryc: (wlel I have stuff for mages, I just wasnt really expecting that)

Garrion: i said the heavy horses are not present

Urso: (oh, did you? missed it )

Garrion: in the field and near the bridge you see several people fighting for their lives… they are obviously outmatched but doing as best as they can.. you see a few bodies near the bridge… a couple with huge bolts through them…. then you see a familiar figure… is it your imagination or is it her… Janiven…. she yells out trying to rally her companions and a bolt flies from the ballista straight at her……

Garrion: dah duh

Urso: (heh, we should have talked to her before we set out)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: well I said we’d handle it, lol.

Urso: (got map or no?)

Zindal: Well I guess Zindal has his motivation now

Zindal: We’ll get a map next week, we ain’t doing the fight right now

Garrion: not now… will for next session

Urso: ( btw, SAtomi, how many potions you buy for the group? also how many did you give Urso ?)

Garrion: that was the cliffhanger

Tristan: da dant da!

Garrion: we resume next week to find out if the shot hit the mark or missed

Garrion: and if you are spurred to act a littlwe faster now, hehe

Loryc: well not a hell of a lot we can do to save her.

Loryc: she’s out of range of my deflect missiles spell.

Urso: need to take out that balista basterd, just of us will take out teh ground troops

Loryc: And we’re already on a reckless charge.. so…

Garrion: unless the shot is a miss… i’ll roll it at the beginning of next session for all to see

Tristan: (i’m no super hero and she’s not my friend…. no need to be wreckless here) =)

Zindal: Yeah I mean it ain’t like we told her we had a plan and to let us handle it or anything

Loryc: Yeah if she dies… it’s her own fault.

Tristan: i’ll just think it was one of Lorycs awesome plans

Zindal: lol

Garrion: well you told her to contact you in 3 days… she didn;t have time to wait.. so without help of powerful companions she did what she could with their little rag-tag band

Loryc: lol well not my fault the quest basicall didn’t give us much room to actually do anything.

Tristan: maybe we should kill those traitors and get in good with the hell knights

Loryc: I’d have gotten him out of jail if that didn’t immediately get disrupted before the plan even started.

Satomi: (Oh damn! Sorry I’m getting sleepy _> Good thing we’re stopping ; ; )

Zindal: lol

Tristan: seems like we are are picking the losing side

Zindal: If Janiven wasn’t an attractive woman Zindal might be thinking along the same lines… I mean at least the Hellknights will probably be willing to pay us

Garrion: fair enough…. but as i said.. choices have repercussions.. sometimes good, sometimes bad.. you never know

Loryc: heh. well this felt less like choices have repercussions and more like a bunch of scripted events :P

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: We’re all like “We have a plan to bust him out of jail” and then it goes straight to “lol they’re moving him you suck”

Garrion: no actually her diing is very unscripted

Garrion: it wold put a major kink in things… but she would risk her life to save Arael and that is what she is doing

Satomi: (Nothing we can do now anyway… We didn’t know they were gonna move him so soon.)

Garrion: maybe shee’ll live.. the chance of fates will decide

Urso: can you fire upa sound boom or something to distract the dude shooting?

Zindal: Well what we’re saying is we didn’t really have time to try to do anything heh, I mean it went straight off to him being moved even though we stated we were going to try to bust him out of jail

Loryc: lol. yeah I mean we basically had no chance to bust him out of jail.

Loryc: Yeah it basically didn’t really matter what we did.

Zindal: I mean I didn’t think we took that long

Zindal: This is like the next day basically

Garrion: yes, i ahd already determined prior toall your plannign that the move was going to happen first thing in the morning

Zindal: lol

Loryc: yeah, I’m eager to just go to some freeform robberies and less scripted stuff.

Garrion: the hellknights were pressing for this and just had to wait till light to move out

Loryc: I mean kinda sucks to basically be forced into a straight out fight with no options.

Loryc: makes me want to just remake berserker as my character lol.

Garrion: bah, not scripted.. but i’m not going to rearrange predetermined timelines based on PC choices.. itjis not the end of the world ort the campaign…. just a possible loss of contacts

Tristan: I guess we will have to plan faster next time

Zindal: Clearly we should have risked certain death by unknown shadow beasts and tried to bust him out at night

Loryc: lol.

Tristan: lol

Satomi: Hehe.

Tristan: clearly

Tristan: or, robbed his house while he was in jail

Loryc: heh, well whatever from now on, we’ll just rob noblemen :P

Garrion: the cause is not even lost if it was even something that the group cared to advance…. Arael is still alive and you don;t know how many others will live

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Yeah I’m tellin’ ya man, things are a lot easier when your only cause is yourself

Garrion: or you could have joined Janiven when she asked you if you were in or out… then you would have been with her when she got work in the morning about the transfer

Loryc: Well I mean I said we’d help, and we totally are.

Loryc: Also I wonder how she even knew about the transfer that quickly.

Garrion: there are many possible sollutions and i’m not bottling you in on any one of them

Tristan: maybe we should have pre-designed the group with a cause in mind (freedom fighters set to free westcrown from tyranny) or something like htat

Tristan: as of now it’s profiters

Tristan: teers

Loryc: heh well I’m fine if we just go to looting noblemen, so long as they’re corrupt evil nobles, whatever.

Loryc: I mean I’d like to do some stealing.

Loryc: we’re supposed to be Robin Hood anyway, not braveheart

Garrion: had it been scripted she would have invited you into their lair without knowing your allegances and divulveged all theirt secrets and theirt members

Zindal: lol

Tristan: hey, I brought the bow, i’m pretty close to Robin hood… except I want to keep the gold

Satomi: True, we kinda are just around to make money and it’s just because of a choice I made when I created my character basically, so if you guys wanna reorganize I’m not gonna say no

Zindal: Apparently we were supposed to go full Rebel Alliance instead of New Hope Han Solo where he takes his money and leaves

Garrion: and not left you with a choice to say “wait till later”

Loryc: heh well I mean Loryc ain’t really a hardcore rebel, it’s more he likes to help epople out… but combat just aint’ his thing.

Loryc: Like he really prefers to avoid violence, it’s just in this case like… there’s really no choice.

Loryc: since we’re pretty much forced inot a straight up charge.

Satomi: We could be a rebel cell and Satomi could be a financial backer who happens to like getting her hands dirty sometimes, for instance

Zindal: I’m perfectly fine with the for-profit Robin Hooding, Zindal doesn’t really care about noble causes or fighting for freedom

Zindal: He just wants coin and hookers

Garrion: so i just want you to know i’m not scripting anything to work against you or for you….. it is just that i had a timeline and when you made your choice i was thinking “oh this is not going to go well, but i’m not going to push them into the ‘safe’ course of action”

Tristan: zindal should have been a priest….

Garrion: now for other events time and plannign may be the best option….

Loryc: heh yeah next mission lets do some freeform looting.

Garrion: the only thing scripted was the timeframe of the transfer….

Loryc: So we got some time to plan and can actually do a burglary of some kind.

Loryc: Have Urso carrying out some guys statuary or something. lol.

Garrion: the rest was all choice.. the spell really helped

Garrion: it let you catch up to them before the slaughter was complete

Garrion: i was planning on having just a couple people hanging on to life as you arrived… but now several are saved

Tristan: ok guys, i’m heading to bed. catch you all next week. have a great night

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: the only thing you have lost so far is a few nameless NPCs that you problaly could have cared less about anyway.. and a little sense of accomplishment

Garrion: the entire quest is not a bust…

Urso: alright, later

Garrion: but if you want to abandon it you are free to do so.. you can tuern around now and let the hellknights finish the job

Cedric is disconnected.

Satomi: Nah, we ain’t dicks

Zindal: Nah, Zindal wants to fight somebody

Loryc: lol.

Loryc: I mean if you turn away, Loryc owuld kinda have to follow since he can’t do shit in a straight up fight like this, especially over distance.

Satomi: Satomi would feel like an asshole if she rode all this way out to help some ragtag band only to get cold feet all of a sudden

Loryc: If he could sneak up on em it’d be okay maybe.

Zindal: It’s just annoying to go through a week of planning and coming up with a course of action and then find out it was all basically for nothing, heh

Loryc: Yeah lol.

Zindal: And now the rebel leader may die right in front of us with jack all we can do about it

Loryc: yeah it wasn’t even like the plan failed, it just got annuled beofre it even started really.

Zindal: Yeah like we might as well not have done anything

Garrion: i understand… but as you were making the plans i tried to cool your heels and have you hold off til the session

Zindal: And this same thing would have happened basically

Zindal: lol I thought the whole point was to do that stuff between sessions so we could get straight into the action

Loryc: lol. yeah, that’s kinda what I thought.

Garrion: that is why i didn’t expound on the jail layout and the guard partols and skimover you casing the joint for a couple days

Garrion: we played out all the stuff with janiven in the alley up till the point when you said to contact her in three days.. that was when i stopped the IC portion of the thread on my point

Garrion: i knew that as soon as we started the session with the next day and you started to scope the place out that you would see the transfer wagon and i wanted to save that for the session

Garrion: so that you could react in real time and not via post messages

Loryc: yeah it was just kinda annoying given tehre wasn’t a hell of a lot we could do to actually change what happened.

Loryc: Pretty much our only real option was to either wait to get em on the road or to go with ZINDAL SMASH!

Loryc: which would have been a seriously dumb idea.

Zindal: lol

Loryc: ahving him try to solo like 8 death knights.

Loryc: And outside the guard barracks too lol

Zindal: Or we could have just taken the whole party from the start and assaulted the prison

Loryc: so he’d have gotten jumped by the guards too

Loryc: in the middle of it.

Zindal: Which would have also been suicidal

Garrion: well no, there was nothing you could do to change the timeline of events, you could have set up an ambush in the streets had the whole group been there.. probaly not the smartest chouice either

Zindal: Well if we’d had some way of knowing the transfer was going to happen we could have set something up outside of town

Loryc: Yeah, I mean it wasn’t really like we have consequences to our actions, since our actions didn’t really matter. Like pretty much there was just one way things could play out really.

Loryc: Yeah, I’m kinda curious how the rebels knew it was gonna happen and when before we did

Loryc: and we were like right there to see it.

Loryc: Yet somehow they got to the horses and set up an ambush before we did.

Zindal: Guess they’ve got an informant in the prison or something

Garrion: the timeline did constrain you… but it was not an intentional afront to your planning and that is what i want to be clear on… the timeframe was predetermined long before you started planning… so unless you have magic to change time then that is the way it want

Loryc: well I mean if tehy did they could have told us that lol.

Loryc: I mean if they had some kinda information, you’d figure they’d have told us “oh btw, he’s getting transferred first thing in the morning”

Garrion: they couldn;t have.. they didn;t know how to contact you all…. you said tyo pull out a quill in 3 days at the tavern and an agent will approach.. that is not a good way to contaxct someone fast

Garrion: Janiven didn;t find out till late in the night/early morning from an informant….

Loryc: heh, well I thought the night had death dealing shadow creatures and such? I eman I’d have gone at night if I didn’t think those things would basically rape the shit out of us.

Garrion: had you been with her you would have known too…. but you weren’t and she didn;t know how to contact you

Loryc: well she could have mentioned she had an informant or something.

Loryc: I mean she didn’t really give us any reason to stay with her.

Garrion: they are dangerous.. but my text said that people do brave the streets regardless… just that occasionally trajedy strikes to remind everyone of the danger

Garrion: she didn;t even know.. she thought the burocrascy would give time…. something hurried it along faster than normal

Garrion: the point is to move on now, not lament on what could or could not have been done different

Garrion: either do what you can to try to save them or rethink what enemies you want to make and leave them to their fates… go rob some houses or look into some other jobs on the streets

Garrion: go oin some bandit groups terrorizing the roads or go stop them

Satomi: Pffff

Satomi: Even if I do change greed to something else, Satomi’s never gonna not be overconfident.

Loryc: heh… well I’d sorta like to do some stuff where we can plan, as opposed to just a bunch of combats.

Garrion: i’m not holding your hand or directing you…. i made that clear when we started. i’m also not working for or against you… i’m just unfolding events as they transpire

Loryc: heh, yeah I mean I guess it didn’t really feel like we had a hell of a lot of choice here aside from like just giving up on the mission.

Garrion: just cause it didn’t fit into a preferred power niche doesn’t constitute failure…. you just work around it as best as you can

Garrion: the servant infiltratio thing was really a very good idea

Satomi: Yeah, props to that. We gotta remember that one for next time it’d actually be useful.

Loryc: Yeah I’m just hoping it’ll actually be useful at some point. heh.

Garrion: ooc, janiven heard about the transfer and one of the members of their group os the cousin to the stable owner.. they wne tot go get horses and raced out to an ambush spot.. a group of the less comat savvy members lured the horsemen away with a fake ambush…. this left the other group to try to get Arael from the wagon…. they are just not experienced enough to do it without heavy casualties (without the PCs help)

Satomi: This is off topic, but I think everyone should be required to change their name every so often. Like 8 or 10 years. You can pick the same one you had before, but you have to actually submit one or else it gets changed to something embarrassing if you do, like Shia LeBouf and then a procedurally-generated number.

Garrion: jbut janiven and the group were desperate and willing to sacrifice all for it… without Areal they felt like they would be loist

Zindal: lol

Satomi: You’d have all these middle school kids with names like Robot Dinosaur von Explosion and it’d be great.

Garrion: my oldest wanted to name my middle one polka Dot when my wife was pregnant with him

Loryc: lol Sachi must be so baked right now.

Satomi: Yessir.

Satomi: But you can’t deny middle school kids would name themselves that if my policy were enacted

Satomi: Also awwww, that’s adorable!

Satomi: (Although not taking the advice was probably the right call)

Garrion: ok, past my bed time and i have to work… everything kosher for next session? i did not hijack your efforts and try to ruin them out of spite…. i’m not that sort of Gm

Zindal: Yeah we’ll figure something out

Satomi: Yesh :3 I ain’t mad.

Loryc: heh yeah I mean I ain’t got any problems, mostly it’s just I don’t want all the future sessions to involve a bunch of mandatory combats. heh, I mnean I’d like at least the chance to see our plans fail.

Garrion: don;t forget player interaction on the world too…. you could have spent a CP to have a wheel fal off the carriage making them delay the transfer till it could get fixed

Loryc: heh, well I mean I didn’t particularly want to burn CP. especialyl sicne I slowed em down with the mad horse anyweay.

Loryc: or tried to.

Satomi: Like I said it doesn’t bother me to fight, it’s just cause our first sortie was kinda awkward. Also it feels better to kill Hellknights than a motley crew of escaped convicts >.>

Garrion: well this could ahve not been a combat either… i mean Janiven wants to avoid bloodshed too…. she was left with no option…. with your powrers you could have intercepted the transfer gagon with offical documents to take over the transit for the rest of the trip

Zindal: Yeah I really don’t like the idea of burning CP like that in general

Zindal: I mean it’s like you can advance your character or you can make random stuff happen

Zindal: It’s like burning XP for spells in D&D only not as great

Loryc: heh.. yeah, I mean burbning character power isnt’ really something I’d generally want to do.

Loryc: *burning

Loryc: Like might consider buring a CP to save the chars life, but genreally not really worth it most of the time for random effects.

Garrion: yeah no one wants to do it but it is like the hero points in PF except it is a CP so something you care a little more about

Satomi: I think what they’re saying is like, Mutants & Masterminds has a point buy system too but the points you burn for rerolls and editing are still completely separate from each other

Garrion: anyway, i’m off to bed

Satomi: If you burned power points for rerolls in M&M I’d like never ever do it

Satomi: Night!~

Zindal: Yeah gonna shut this off for now

Tabris is disconnected.

Loryc: yeah like Sachi said, you’d never really want to permanelty light your characters power on fire for a temporary bonus.

Loryc: Like in PF the hero points were shit that you got extra, and they went away if you didn’t spend em.

Loryc: It wasn’t like you were gaining a permanent negative level or something you couldn’t get rid of

Satomi: I think we’re the only ones here ^^;

Satomi: So I’m gonna shove off, hehe

Loryc: yeah.

Loryc: time to shut down.

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Session 2

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