Session 29

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Tristan has connected.

Garrion: howdy

Tristan: howdy right back

Garrion: you getting your mat order done?

Tristan: I picked up shadow of mordor (for PC). really good game

Garrion: yeah, i finished it on PS3

Tristan: yup, I submitted my matt order today. I did grey tiles, 40 1 inch squares and 10 hex squares

Garrion: was a good game

Garrion: so you got 50 total? i did the 40 tile set

Garrion: don’t forget your bonus tile per “vote” you earned

Taragnor has connected.

Garrion: i’m torn over getting hex on hex or hex on square… i think the hex on square will fit tables better

Garrion: howdy T

Taragnor: hey

Taragnor: Hex on hex on square?

Garrion: so Cedric will be absent, cmputer pooped out… sef will be late

Garrion: oh, a kickstarter Brice and I did

Garrion: i posted it to the site for any interested

Garrion: magnetic tiles that you link together as needed to form a tabletop mat

Tristan: I actually did forget the to bonus tiles so maybe they will just throw them in. i’m ok if they don’t anyway. I was looking at picking up some of the cheap “dungeon tiles” on amazon to mix with these. they look really nice and are super cheap.

Garrion: i got 40 plus 1 bonus total so think i’ll go 20 hex on square and 41 square on square.. all 1"

Tristan: I did think it would be cool if they made clear ones with the squares/hexes marked on there. That way, you could use it as an overlay to anything. I saw someone do that with a huge pice of plexiglass before. They just slide whatever they wanted under it. It had to be a pain to make all those little squares

Garrion: opps meant…

Garrion: i got 40 plus 1 bonus total so think i’ll go 20 hex on square and 21 square on square.. all 1"

Tristan: yeah, I got 40 square on square and 10 hex on hex. Mechanically I like hex but the squares have ease of use and the ability to line up stuff

Taragnor: ah

Garrion: yeah, no doubt, but would be nice… really the mat thing is just an impromtu thing for me.. my main setup is with projecter pointing down on a white dry erase board… the board is super smooth and gives great resolution detail… can see intividual pixels

Garrion: i just use MT to host a session and project the map on the table

Tristan: I saw something like that on google before. I wonder if it was your man cave I was peeping?

Tristan: that’s a sweet setup.

Garrion: nah, i not posted mine.. not done with my new man-cave remodel…. i used that setup when i gamed in AK

Tabris has connected.

Tristan: I just surveyed my 11 acres today (paid for it and tagged along). I’m hoping to build my house next year complete with epic man cave (it’s really like “man basement”. Nice when business is good =)

Tabris: Whoa, nice

Tristan: does everyone have access to maptools when you do it that way or just you?

Garrion: yeah, that we are doing.. remodeling an older house and finishing out the basement including a dedicated “game room” with RPG stuff and electonic gameing for kids

Tristan: i was thinking setting up a flat screen behind me then dragging stuff I want them to see behind me (onto the screen)… but being able to draw on the table is a really really nice feature

Tristan: nice, does your wife game as well?

Garrion: no, they do not control the map.. i just pan it as needed…. i had tried at one point using pogs on the screen and basically just play on a public session and pass mouse as turn changed.. that was a pain and the group prefferred old school minis and just using the projected map

Sachi has connected.

Tristan: cool, good to know for when I set up my room.

Tristan: hola Sachi (and tab)

Sachi: Hihi!

Tabris: Yo

Garrion: they just move the physical mini across the map just like if it was a physical one, i just don;t have to draw and erase.. but being on white board ai can draw in details that may not be projected

Garrion: howdy sachi and tab

Tristan: hmm… I could probably do something like that (projector to table) and just use adobe photoshop and erase the layer on top as they explore. … i’m not the maptool ninja you are

Garrion: yeah you could.. i likes using MT cause I would use a digital “Vision” token within MT to display individual visions for the miniature if needed

Garrion: but for very basic you could just project any map in a image viewer

Garrion: ok, guys and gal

Garrion: cedric had comp crash and sef will be late

Garrion: what is the plan for tonight… you had some info gained last session that you can act on or you can do something else

Tristan: Yeah, the vision thing would be nice. I’ll have to test out the d20 thing I bought awhile back.

Tristan: I got my new ring so i’m ready to do some stealing type stuff =)

Garrion: yeah, for now d20 doesn’t have vision but that is supposed to change with the new build

Taragnor: heh yeah I’m all good to try to steal from House Drovenge.

Garrion: holy crap, just got email and Paizo raising prices on all their subscriptions

Taragnor: I mean seems like we could let the pathfinder mission lapse if we wanted to. Since I don’t really think anyone can get into the palce w/o the stuff we have.

Tabris: That’s the assumption anyway

Taragnor: At least that was the impression I got.

Tabris: Zindal doesn’t care, he just wants phat lootz and sexy wimminz

Tabris: Give him those things and he’ll do whatever you want

Garrion: it seems that way, only thing is the shadow plague

Tristan: i still want to hunt down the ass that dipped us in acid during the play. I would be down for that.

Tabris: If it’s a literal Shadow plague my suggestion would be “Hire a 10th level Cleric. Turn Undead. Rinse/Repeat”

Garrion: haha

Garrion: well so far no efforts have seemd to really get rid of it

Garrion: Delvehaven has some sort of connection in theory

Tabris: Well I guess if it’s manifesting because of some cursed artifact the Pathfinders brought back or whatever it might be a little more difficult

Garrion: but…. if you want to rob random houses you are free to do that to get your kicks

Tabris: Well not random houses

Tabris: Random houses with enormous gems

Garrion: there are a few other quests too

Taragnor: Yeah. heh.

Tabris: That are said to be insanely valuable

Taragnor: Ripping off corrupt nobles that are part of the council of thieves.

Taragnor: I wouldn’t just rob random people heh.

Taragnor: I mean should be fairly easy we can send Melty in to scout it out.

Taragnor: maybe get a layout of the place, then clean em out.

Tristan: would be cool to set groups against each other. Like leave a coin from those idiots terorizing the shops

Tabris: Heh yeah, there’s nothing Lawful Evil bastards hate more than disorder and chaos on their city

Tabris: in*

Sachi: Purr :3

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean I already implicated the mayor with the hellknights

Taragnor: so framing someone else for robbing Drovenge would be good

Taragnor: like one of thier enemies. We’d start all kinds of chaos.

Sachi: Hehehehe~

Tabris: I like chaos

Tabris: It’s so much more interesting

Melty: Melty just likes sticking it to the (hu)man

Taragnor: hehe, so you want to do a preliminary scouting mission with Melty on the Drovenge place?

Taragnor: Maybe send her down a chimney like before?

Garrion: well i don;t have a “Drovenge map” ready so this is just going to have to be narative

Tristan: i’m down with that. can we tie in the guy that dipped us in acid?

Melty: :3

Melty: Yeah hehe~ I’m cool with that.

Tabris: Meh, he probably doens’t have enough money to be worth it

Tabris: doesn’t*

Garrion: haha, he a head priest of Temple of Asmodeus

Tabris: Oh, maybe he does then

Melty: Plus he’s a priest, so it’s totally okay to steal from him!

Tristan: then we should rob him and frame someone else instead. let him take that wrath out of the thieves guild or something

Melty: (I dunno if Melty knows many “giant” priests who don’t follow Asmodeus >.> )

Taragnor: hehe. yeah if you want to go after that guy, he’s on the table too

Taragnor: No problem with robbing a high priest of Asmodeus… we could even frame the Drovenge maybe.

Taragnor: Since they are part of the council of thieves.

Tristan: sounds like 2 birds with one stone

Taragnor: Yeah heh.

Taragnor: We can look into that guy too.

Garrion: ok, so what is the first objective?

Taragnor: yeah maybe you could just do some Melty scouting in narrative or whatever, and then post up a map of what she finds on the site?

Melty: Yeah, I gotta know where to infiltrate

Taragnor: So hmm… you want to go after the priest or Drovenge? Don’t really matter that mcuh to me

Taragnor: both are good targets heh.

Tabris: Drovenge is my vote

Tabris: Giant shiny gemstones are worth shitloads of money

Tabris: We don’t know what assets the priest is packing

Tabris: Drovenge is a known quantity

Garrion: THe “jewel of Aroden”?

Tabris: Yeah that thing

Tabris: Giant shiny rock that has significance to the scattered worshippers of a dead god

Tabris: It’s worth a fortune

Melty: Melty kinda wants to help the Pathfinders too, are we not doing that though?

Melty: She’s curious about them

Tabris: lol T has dungeon crawl allergy

Garrion: apparently not…

Taragnor: heh well I mean if you really want to rush towards it we can, but figure we can do that at any time

Taragnor: it ain’t like anyone can access the place other than us.

Taragnor: Cause we got the codes and they don’t.

Melty: Ahhh, right

Taragnor: unless you’re in a rush to head to the dungeon of death.

Tabris: So you assume anyway, lol

Taragnor: Well I mean the thieves wouldn’t be after the crux if they could get in without it

Garrion: though not adressing certain events can have repercussions in future happenings… like you upset the blanace and civil war breaks out and millions die, haha

Taragnor: Wouldn’t make sense.

Tabris: Zindal’s official response to that scenario is “Meh”

Taragnor: Well I mean, Delvehavenh as been sealed for years man.

Taragnor: It aint’ like a week or two is gonna change much

Tabris: Dude don’t you know that all modules are written such that everything is on the very cusp of suddenly and dramatically changing =P

Taragnor: Unless we’ve got reason to believe that they can somehow access it without the stuff.

Tabris: Reminds me of one of your campaigns, lol

Tabris: “We need to rest”

Tabris: “No you can’t, the world ends in 4 hours”

Taragnor: Nah it’s a moduel they don’t blow up the world :P

Melty: Melty’s curious about them though, they’re probably the only group of non-evil big people she’s met with a common cause that isn’t just fighting against the people she hates

Garrion: it could be possible.. i mean you could have gone there at any point.. but knowing certain clues just makes it easier

Melty: (also as far as I know they’re fantasy Indiana Joneses and that appeals to me)

Taragnor: (Well let us not forget the Serpent’s skull, where they sent us to the depth of hell.. on an ungodly mission for like 100 gold peices)

Garrion: just like anything.. you can try anything.. it could be easy or hard depending on how prepared yo are… like imagin just going to the mayor’s without knowing what you wre dealing with

Garrion: no, it is BASED on a madule in part.. i have modified and added many elememnts

Taragnor: I mean we dont’ really have any reason in character for believing that the delvehaven thing is urgent, do we?

Garrion: no, not other than the desire to get to the bottom of the shadow plague

Garrion: but nothing is pressing you into that

Taragnor: Yeah Loryc is curious about that, but at the same time, he figures that House Drovenge probably is watching Delvehaven.

Garrion: unless dealing with a nightly curfew and death at night is annoying

Taragnor: Since they probably know someone else has the crux.

Taragnor: Yeah lol, well I mean that curfew is annoying.

Taragnor: So I would like to fix that. lol.

Melty: :3

Garrion: ok, so you scouting drovenge estate?

Taragnor: Yeah, lets at lesat do some scouting of that we don’t have to attack it yet.

Taragnor: But Melty can get us some recon and I can use that to draw a map.

Taragnor: That okay with you Sachi?

Garrion: it lies on the island somewhere.. none or you have been there other than when escorted to the playhouse

Tristan: sounds good to me. gives me a chance to try out my new ring.

Melty: Sure~!

Garrion: it is #2 on the town map

Taragnor: Hell I was even considering trying to time it so we can rob House Drovenge and cause chaos while another group was hitting the pathfinders, but first I’d like a little recon. heh.

Garrion: well i guess i should not have told you… oppps

Taragnor: Alright, I mean I assume we can just fly there while invisible, probably bring along Tristan, Melty , Loryc and Zindal. (basically whoever is here in chat now heh)

Tristan: Melty should own this job

Garrion: if you can sustain fly and invis for all then you can try

Taragnor: And we’ll get positioned on the roof and send in our fairy scout.

Taragnor: Well I need only 3 fly spells,since Melty can fly on her own, and 3 invis since tristan can turn invis on his own now (right?)

Taragnor: So 6 spells is no big deal. so I’ll do that.

Tristan: I can invisible myself now

Tristan: geeze, six spells no big deal. my next character will be Loyrc

Tristan: j/k

Melty: Purrr~

Taragnor: heh… technicalyl it’s 8 spells actually since I also have coinceal magic and an illusion disguise onmyself.

Melty: I gotta pull up my sheet and such ^^;

Taragnor: But I got a 25 skill rank, so… 25-8 is still 17, so I’m cool

Melty: ugh I forgot to use the launcher again

Melty: brb

Sachi is disconnected.

Garrion: oops i meant Jewel of Aroden.. Abadar is a living god

Taragnor: Don’t have to worry about FP since I can just rest and recharge before going.

Sachi has connected.

Tristan: wow, 25 skill is epic

Tabris: lol

Tabris: Yeah his Magery skill is 1 point higher than my effective Broadsword skill

Tabris: So he’s like me but with magic

Taragnor: Yeah lol, less eye stabbing but I can cast a bunch of spells.

Melty: There we go~

Tristan: you can make other people stab each other with all those spells

Taragnor: GURPS offers you a ton of benefits for having a high skill as a mage. You cast faster, cast cheaper, and can maintain more spells

Taragnor: Plus having a high IQ means your other skilsl are solid too

Garrion: ok, so no repercussions for failing at this point.. but if it arrises just remember the penalty for the spells maintained

Taragnor: So anyway we’ll get to the rooftop and deploy Melty.

Garrion: ok, going down chimney?

Zindal: “So this is where they’ve been hiding all of the high value targets.”

Taragnor: (Yeah we’ll send her in a chimney unless there’s open windows.)

Melty: So I’m invisible?

Taragnor: yeah.

Melty: Did you do that on me? Yay~

Taragnor: You may want to cast whatever prep spells you want as well.

Tristan: using my ring, concentrate 3 rounds

Garrion: you first have to locate Vaneo Drovenge… with a little digging you discover where it is.. perhaps you have to disguise and impersonate but just going to wave that since your skill can cover it and no real repercussion other than curiosity over interest

Taragnor: yeah heh, I mean if my area knowledge doesn’t already know I should be able to get it easy enough with all my skills/spells.

Melty: Checkiiiiing

Garrion: you find the location (#2 on map)… you land on the roof of the large estate

Garrion: This is a city house… meanign that the house is sizable and made for social events… not nobility have various estates and those with land are typically out of the city walls

Garrion: large yards are not common in town

Taragnor: oh really? They got out of town property?

Garrion: yes.. country houses

Taragnor: Like where would they most likely keep their valuables?

Zindal: I think we call these “tertiary objectives”

Garrion: that they vacation to

Taragnor: But they mostly keep thier stuff in the city house? Like that’s where they live most of the time?

Garrion: their primary dwelling in the city where they are at would be more likely to contain valuables.. but they could be in country estates tooo… people this rich can pay for full staff at both places at same time

Sefiros has connected.

Melty: Hmmmm

Melty: Hiya Sef!

Garrion: howdy sef

Zindal: Obviously we just need to burgle both of them

Taragnor: yup heh.

Mina: hey

Zindal: Hey Sef

Taragnor: well we can start with in the city, then hit the country estate later.

Tristan: hi there sef

Taragnor: hey Sef.

Mina: miss anything important?

Garrion: just talk about mission options

Taragnor: well we decided we’re gonna do a little thievery instead of going right for the Pathfinders Dungeon of Doom™

Taragnor: So we’re oding a little recon first

Zindal: We decided to leave off the Pathfinder thing for now and go steal the Jewel of Aroden from the Drovenges

Taragnor: Sending in the Melty Mk.2 burglary probe.

Garrion: btw.. i assuming this is not the same day… you left the safehouse and tackle all this some time later?

Taragnor: Yeah this is another day.

Melty: Yeah, I’m interested in the pathfinders but we’re burgling some guys

Taragnor: I mean we aren’t realyl in a big rush.

Garrion: ok, let me ive you some side events as filler then since different day…. local news

Taragnor: At least Loryc isn’t at the moment.

Garrion: “Hell knight courier killed in attack by devil.”

Melty: Melty’s gonna be hanging around the Pathfinder people, if there’s any around in a place she can annoy them

Zindal: Haha

Garrion: “Dottari ransacking slums in search of stollen valuables.”

Mina: “Strange corpses of known outlaws found drained of blood.”

Zindal: “Who is the Swordsman They Call ‘The Eye of Death?’”

Mina: Beowulf

Melty: :3

Zindal: lol

Garrion: “Annonymous noble house robbed. Reward for information leading to capture.”

Zindal: Dude, dude

Zindal: Loryc should make some clones that act as patsies

Zindal: We can turn them in for the reward money

Zindal: Then dismiss them

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: Would be immediatly detected by magical scan

Melty: “City guard, ladies baffled by mysterious rash of underwear thefts”

Mina: well Mina has an alibi, thanks to T’s illusions

Tristan: that is brilliant

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Loryc has a spell to conceal magic doesn’t he? lol

Garrion: ok, you do also have those bandits terrorizing the populace in the northern slums.. so far they have gone unchecked

Taragnor: Yeah Iv’e gto a conceal magic spell. prevents most magic scans, but I mean we’d probably need some evidence or what not implicating the servants.

Zindal: If there’s a reward for those guys then Zindal is totally up for hunting them down

Garrion: “Batards of Erubus gaining notoriety. Dottari are not sent in to quell.”

Taragnor: So the dottari are ransacking the slums and there’s bandits there, but they’re not engaging the bandits?

Taragnor: Or just not finding them?

Zindal: Clearly the mayor’s stolen loot is more important

Melty: I bet it’s a racket!

Garrion: ok, i guess that is enough for now.

Taragnor: Yeah if you guys want to jump some bandits for fun, we can do that too.

Zindal: It would totally be up Zindal’s alley, lol

Zindal: Get to test out my new gear and such

Zindal: And if any of them are archers I can swat their arrows out of the sky and make Tristan shit his pants

Taragnor: heh, yeah I mean, Loryc wouldn’t want to actually kill them,but like humiliating em would be great. Like disarming em and carving initials in em or what not.

Taragnor: WHere we run em out of town and are heroes of the people.

Zindal: lol, well Zindal can do that too if you tell him to do it

Zindal: By default he goes for the kill but if you just want them to lose their hand and have a big Z carved in their chest he can oblige

Taragnor: I mean they’re just some random bandits picking on beggars, so I figure we could have some fun with em.

Zindal: Yeah heh

Zindal: Like I said, Zindal only cares about money and women

Zindal: So if there’s bandits that have a reward on them, sure

Zindal: Let’s go kick their ass

Zindal: And steal their ill gotten loot

Mina: im down for whatever

Taragnor: Well first we’ll have Melty scout the house, then after that we can decide where to go.

Garrion: you already scouted

Taragnor: I’m sure the bandits would be pretty easy to take down, so we could do that after potentially.

Mina: a nice looking lady who looks like she might have some cash might make some nice bait for the bandits

Melty: Yeah, if there’s bandits picking on the poor and downtrodden, Melty will totally be down for that

Taragnor: oh… lol.

Garrion: unless you want to see if anything has changed

Melty: Oh, is that over?

Zindal: lol wait when did we do the scouting?

Taragnor: She already went down the chimney and got a floorplan?

Zindal: Last I saw we were on the roof

Taragnor: Or what?

Taragnor: Yeah lol, I missed the actual scouting.

Garrion: i thought you meant the bandits

Zindal: lol no

Melty: .-.

Zindal: We’re going to the Drovenge manor

Melty: I’m confused now

Zindal: And sending Melty in to map their house out

Taragnor: Yeah, we’re gonna scout the Drovenge Manor first.

Garrion: ok

Melty: I’m sorry T_T

Garrion: you are on the roor… melty heads down chimney?

Garrion: roof

Melty: We do this way after my meds have worn off so it’s kinda hard for me to follow what’s going on sometimes

Taragnor: Then maybe deal with some bandits, figure you’ll have to post the map on the stie for next week anyway, so won’t be able to do the robbery.

Zindal: It’s okay Sachi

Zindal: We don’t exactly do a good job of staying focused, lol

Taragnor: At least not tongiht, so we could deal with the bandits or what not as a side thing.

  • Melty casts See Secrets before going down

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: surely you jest?

Melty: regains 7 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Melty: (Fixing that from before)

Garrion: ok

Zindal: I’m completely serious, and don’t call me Shirley

Melty: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Mina: i assume this is in the crown sector somewhere

Mina: ?

Zindal: Yeah on the island

Garrion: yes

Garrion: northern area of crown sector

Taragnor: yeah it’s #2. on the map

Taragnor: Alright so do your thing with Sachi, while she scouts it out.

Garrion: ok you head down the chimney?

Melty: See Secrets makes “hidden items, doors, traps, etc.” stand out clearly in my vision, but only if they were deliberately hidden, not accidentally lost

Melty: Yep~

Garrion: a short way down.. a few feet… you come to a grate blocking your path

Garrion: it is big enough to allow smoke throuh but not anything the size of a rat, bird, or fairy

Mina: pixie plasma cutter

Melty: “Curses!”

Tristan: can you just fly in through the front door when someone opens it?

Melty: Is it like, set into the chimney?

Mina: cast shrink on yourself maybe?

Melty: I don’t have it yet T_T Just Enlarge

Taragnor: hehe. yeah pixie plasma cutter lol.

Taragnor: Could probably remove it with a trap disarming kit or something

Taragnor: Figure it’s screwed in?

Garrion: it is inlayed in the mortar

Melty: Yeah are there like screws or something I can remove?

Melty: Or is it— aww

Melty: Just as I feared

  • Melty flies back out and lands on Loryc’s shoulder.

Melty: “This chimney is grated and impenetrable!”

Zindal: “That was quick.”

Loryc: “Well that’s awfully inconvenient… fortuanteyl I’ve got a new spell I’ve been saving just for this special occasion…”

Melty: (I only have Air Jet and Lightning for offensive spells, so I don’t have much I can do with a grate unless I’m strong enough to break it)

Loryc: “Actually wait a minute, couldn’t you just teleport past it?”

Melty: (Oh shit I forgot I had that spell T_T)

Melty: (I told you about my meds)

Zindal: lol, no worries, you aren’t the only one who’s forgotten they had a spell

Zindal: I had that problem plenty in T’s games

Melty: ←rolls VH Spells and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Melty: Forgot the -1 but it succeeds anyway

Melty: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Tristan: “you can teleport? Holly shit”

Garrion: Melty zaps across the grate….

Melty: “Yeah! Been studying that one for a while.~”

Garrion: you head on down the chimney

Garrion: you enter a ornate room…..

Melty: ←rolls Body Sense and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: it is decorated with fine luxury items of nobility

Melty: Remember, I can clearly see hidden stuff~

Garrion: yep

Melty: Any people here?

Garrion: no

Garrion: it seems you have arrived in some random sitting room

  • Melty looks around for anything particularly magical or valuable… I’m gonna cast Mage Sight too

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -1)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Melty: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Garrion: there are lots of things “valuable” nothing that can be easily absconded by you now

Loryc: yeah pretty much assume she’s using her super memory to remember all the stuff she can see and get a layout of the palce

Garrion: yes

Melty: Hehe, indeed~

  • Melty moves into the next room once she’s determined there’s nothing she can make off with…

Garrion: you head to another room.. waiting for a moment as you hear the footsteps of a servant….

Garrion: this room is also decorated with fine items

Zindal: If it’s a sexy maid then memorize her details too

Garrion: it is a dude

Melty: (oh you bet I will~)

Melty: Aww

Zindal: Oh, never mind then

Garrion: you spend time searching among the rooms… are you invis still?

Melty: Yesh

Garrion: also roll me a stealth.. you still make noise

Garrion: oh jeesh i hate when i loose my notes.. or in this case i think i forgot to write them down

Melty: :x

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: thanks

Garrion: you sneak from room to room, you finally come to something worth noting…. not anything worth stealing… a person

Melty: Oh?

Garrion: You see Chamady Drovenge walking the hall

Garrion: she is dresses regally like a noble lady should be but with a flair of the esxtreme

Zindal: Totally need to stalk her

Melty: Extreme like live birds in her hat or extreme like daring amounts of skin?

Garrion: a mixture

Garrion: remember she was wearing some fsort of folike creature pelt at the party

Garrion: remember she was wearing some sort of foxlike creature pelt at the party

Melty: Ooo~

Zindal: lol, so think your stereotypical rich older lady who wears extravagant furs and big feathers in her hat and has a cigarette in that long narrow holder thing

Garrion: now her dress is unsanely sheer but accompanied with odd adornments indicating some sort of flair for the extravagant

  • Melty hides behind a furnishing and gestures, casting a spell to muffle the sound she makes… It wouldn’t do for her wings to give her away by making noise…

Melty: (casting Hush)

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -2)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

  • Melty then proceeds to try and investigate whether Lady Drovenge is wearing any undergarments

Mina: if you saw her PF artwork you might not wanna do that

Mina: i got more joan rivers than hot model

Melty: Aw

Garrion: Perception rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (23 with a modifier of -10)

Perception SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina: she even looks like she has plastic surgery face syndrome with that pinched nose look lol

Mina: G made a token for her at the party, but you might not remember it

Loryc: lol.

Garrion: i’ll try to find it….

Loryc: yeah she’s some old chick.

Loryc: But hey if you’re into that sorta thing…

Mina: i dont remember her age, i just got like a joan rivers, wanna be hot but ugly chick type of vibe


Garrion: no she is young

Loryc: oh okay I was thinking of someone else

Zindal: She doesn’t really look that young, lol

Zindal: What’s her Cha?

Garrion: another dress….

Melty: That could be up to the art though >.>

Melty: See, she doesn’t have the omega cheeks in that second pic

Garrion: above average

Mina: yeah that last picture

Mina: thats joan rivers

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: Heavy makeup and kind of aged face

Melty: I think you’re being overly critical >_>;

Melty: I mean yeah lots of makeup

Melty: Definitely the creepy rich lady look


Melty: But Melty still wants a souvenir (read: panties)

Mina: lol tell me it doesnt look the same

Zindal: rofl

Zindal: Holy shit

Zindal: Dude they do

Melty: lol

Zindal: Actually I think Joan Rivers looks better

Melty: I still think the first one looks more like her, because of the cheeks

Mina: hehe anyways

Garrion: i wiould guesstimate she is about upper 20s

Loryc: lol.

Garrion: based on timeline

Garrion: maybe 30s

Garrion: anyway…

Garrion: you sneak behind her, attempting to stay out of sight and unheard

Garrion: she comes to a door…..

Garrion: she knocks

Garrion: the door opens by an unseen person.. amale voice

Garrion: the door closes

  • Melty tries to peek underneath to see what’s going on… If I can’t get a good view, I suppose I’ll eavesdrop a little and then continue my tour, keeping an eye out for dressers or other places where underwear might be stored

Garrion: “It seems that group of troublemakers is causing more problems for our plans.”

Garrion: “Keep it down Chammady, you never know who is listening.”

  • Melty grins silently as she listens in.

Loryc: Those troublemakers could be anywhere… even in your underwear drawer!

Garrion: "Oh, don’t worry brother. Father is in the country for the day.

Tristan: (i just pictured Melty zapping them with lightnining)

Melty: (Hehe, nah, Melty wants to steal the lady’s panties and eavesdrop right now~ You know, if she gets the opportunity. For the former.)

Garrion: “Back to my story. That mage, he is a tricky bastard always changing his looks but I have my little birds watching him. The others are not hard to track. They apparently got to our assassin the night of the party even though I warned her. We still have our other inside source though.”

Zindal: Damn, these guys are good

Garrion: “She even tricked them into taking that Runecurse. Somehow they got out of that one though and I suspect passed it on.”

Loryc: Yeah see, I told ya they’d ambush us if we entered Delvehaven.

Loryc: We gotta take care of these guys first.

Zindal: Yeah, wonder who the other inside source is

Loryc: Well it could be like familiars or what not.

Zindal: Well that’s probably what the birds are

Loryc: yeah.

Garrion: “They have the crux but that matters little. That was not the real thing we were there for. It provided a good cover though and worked out since she got caught.”

Loryc: But yeah, they’ve knwon about us for a while, i bet they got a spy in the children of westcrown

  • Melty lifts an eyebrow.

Zindal: Yeah that’s what I’m thinking

Loryc: weird, I read that thiefs mind nd she thought they wanted the crux. Wonder what else they could have wnated..

Loryc: I mean I mean unless there was a second thief.

Garrion: “Events have been set into motion and it should not be much longer till all hell breaks loose.” you hear a chuckle and the male voice responds. “Yeah literally and we’ll be there to take over.”

Loryc: Yeah that doesn’t sound good…

Melty: Literal hell doesn’t sound too good…

Zindal: Sounds like the sort of thing devil worshippers would like though

Loryc: yeah…. these guys are probably more important than the pathfinder place right now.

Garrion: “Our friend of the night wants his little part too. I’m sure we can make accomodations. He has been most helpful.”

Garrion: “He is just worried that they will actually try to get into Delvehaven and get the artifact. He has his spawn over there right now trying to acquire it so it can be destroyed. Then there will be nothing to oppose his dark power.”

Melty: !

Zindal: lol you still think we need to put off Delvehaven?

Melty: (I knew it!)

Garrion: “Just hope he doesn’t become too much of a problem for us.” the male voice counters.

Garrion: “If he does, we just sick the devil on him, hehe.”

Loryc: Hmm… well i wonder why they wnated to break into the mayor’s vault if they could break into it other ways..

Garrion: “Those fools have no clue and are busy chasing their tails. They are more worried about stealing silly treasures.”

Loryc: Don’t forget chasing women too in Zindal’s case.

Garrion: “We need to dispose of them though before they catch on. Should we send some of our assassins?”

Melty: They called us fools! Now we gotta get revenge by fucking up their plans!

Garrion: “Just leave them be for now, we don’t want to tip them off or anything. If they start being more troublesome then we can take care of them.”

Tristan: (lets just kill every evil noble in town)

Garrion: “They are actually helping us now though. They have the dottari and the hellknights in such a fury that there are no eyes on us.”

Tristan: (and blame it on another group)

Zindal: Heh, well it sounds like they’re talking about a frenemy

Zindal: Like some other person who is helping them on one hand but could also be a pain in the ass on the other, and has different powers than them

Melty: (internal monologue) “S-so… Just randomly going around and sowing chaos might… NOT be the best thing to do…? It might even HELP the cultists…?”


Melty: ^ Melty

Zindal: lol

Garrion: “I’ll continue workingon gathering our alliances for the right moment to strike. Westcrown will be our brother. We will rule it together.” then you hear the sound of muffled grunts…

Zindal: Oh lordy

Loryc: hehe

Melty: Super

Melty: Freaky

Garrion: Melty can not get a good look during any of this.

Garrion: Melty hanging out or looking for loot or heading back to tell the others?

Mina: might be a vampire, they said he was “of the night” and had “spawn”

Mina: may have to dust off the wooden stake subweapon and my morningstar

Tristan: “hmm… maybe we should all carry a stake or two”

Mina: someone needs a warhammer, to pound the stakes in

Zindal: Cutting their head off and stuffing with garlic works too

Zindal: That’s what my sword is for

Garrion: of course you know none of you know about this converstation till Melty relates to you.. she may choose to hold certain details, haha ;)

Mina: i thought it was holy waffers?

Zindal: I always heard garlic

Zindal: We can just do both though

Zindal: Or you know, there’s plenty of water here

Zindal: Just dump them in

Tristan: “what about fire?”

  • Melty decides she’s heard enough once it progresses to physicality, and flutters off to give the rest of the house a quick look before going to report on what she heard… It doesn’t affect her ability to memorize, but half of her parallel mind is busy turning it over in her head… This news that indiscriminately causing trouble for the authorities in Cheliax may not be an ideal course of action is a real shock to her worldview

Loryc: heh, well I’m pretty sure Melty will tell us and she has a photographic memory or whatever so she can relate everything, unlkess she specifically decides to withhold, but I can’t imagine why.

Loryc: Unless she’s the isnide source!

Tristan: (we should frame them for something)


Loryc: Yeah, it may not be a bad idea to get the guards on them.

Zindal: Yeah heh

Loryc: Hmm..

Zindal: And I think we need to find out more about this ally of theirs

Zindal: And just go ahead and go into Delvehaven

Zindal: Because they clearly don’t want us to do that

Zindal: And if this other guy gets what he wants in there then it sounds bad

Melty: Yeah

Loryc: Yeah, it seems like they’re gonna opena portal to hell or something

Melty: Melty definitely doesn’t want hell to break loose, she’s very opposed to that

Garrion: i think you need more than a story to incriminate the most wealthy noble house in westcrown

Zindal: Yeah we need to fuck with their plans

Zindal: And watch our backs

Melty: Yesh

Zindal: Find their familiars and get rid of them

Zindal: And watch out for assassins

Loryc: Well At this point I’m more considering trying to find thier source in the children and feed them disinformation

Loryc: We can use it to our advantage.

Garrion: did that thicken the plot enough for ya ;P

Zindal: It’s definitely thickened a bit, lol

Loryc: hehe yeah. Now things are getting interesting.

Zindal: Heh, well I still think Delvehaven is critical after hearing this

Melty: I concur~

Zindal: She basically said that if this mysterious other person gets what he wants then the shadow plague lasts forever

Tristan: “why not just kill them and blame someone else?”

Zindal: If I understood that correctly

Tristan: “I mean, nothing messes up a plan like death”

Zindal: “City folk are too complicated for that to work.”

Melty: We gotta go to Delvehaven and we gotta find the mole and start on the counterintelligence

Loryc: Yeah, it probably is. Though we’d need an escape plan. Since if we go there, she’ll know about it if we can’t shut down whatever they’re using to spy on us.

  • Melty eventually pops out of the chimney, assuming nothing else of note happens in the house

Zindal: It’s called Teleport

Loryc: Well I can’t teleport everyone.

Zindal: You and Melty together probably can

Loryc: At lesat I don’t think I can’t. This si GURPS you gotta pay by the pound.

Loryc: Maybe if I can fit you in the bag of holding or the cube.

Zindal: Heh, yeah I mean the thing has like what 20 cubic feet?

Loryc: may want to invest some ranks in contortionist skill :P

Zindal: It’ll be a tight fit but we could do it

Zindal: lol I got DX 15, I bet I can do it

Melty: I don’t have Teleport Other, and also it’s increasingly expensive if you’re going further than like 10 yards

Loryc: I’m not too confident about Urso…

Garrion: i forgot to tell yo about the 50% chance of getting lost in the cube right??

Loryc: Yeah, teleport costs a lot in GURPS.

Zindal: lol

Melty: The what?

Loryc: Yeah you did fail to mention that…

Zindal: That’s not really a reliable means of storage

Garrion: just messing with ya

Mina: brb

Loryc: Just remember the prime numbere drooms are safe, the others might be trapped!

Zindal: Haha

  • Melty flies right into Loryc in her haste

Zindal: All right, so I suggest we split our resources here

Loryc: “Melty? What happened?”

Zindal: Have Loryc lead up the “Find the mole” team and have Melty assist the “Figure out how to get into Delvehaven” team

Loryc: yeah sounds good, I’m thinking maybe of making servant copies fo you guys, and you going out ot the city invisible

Loryc: so they don’t know you left.

Loryc: Since thier spies will be on your ass otherwise.

Zindal: Yeah

Loryc: And if we kill em, they’ll know we know.

Melty: “A spy! They gotta spy in the Children! They also have a night man for a henchman and they were the ones who slipped you the curse! They’ve got a friend in Delvehaven right now, and they’re gonna release the Hells into Westcrown if that guy finds the artifact in there!”

Garrion: you are not really sure how they know about you… as connected as loryc is it is possible to have networks vasty more connected than he is

Loryc: So probably bes tthing is to fool em, since they dind’t know we were looking in their house, I’m assuming tehy can’t see invis…

Tristan: “so, I take it no one else just wants to kill them?”

Garrion: he has his tricks but he has also lived here a long time and interacted with many people through the years

Zindal: “As much as I enjoy killing, it’s rarely the answer to the more complicated matters like this.”

Melty: “I think the friend is a devil. Or else it’s the night man.”

Loryc: “What?! Release the hells into Westcrown? Are you sure?”

Melty: “That’s what they said! Maybe they were being poetic, but do you wanna take that chance?!”

Zindal: “I suggest we talk about this somewhere other than the roof of the house that belongs to the people plotting nasty bad things?”

Melty: “They’re Asmodeans!”

  • Melty buzzes in circles and loops around everyone’s heads

Garrion: btw, you are al still invis so none of you can see each other, hehe

Loryc: “They slipped me the curse? That’d mean they knew we were going to be doing the robbery.”

Melty: (That’s why I slammed into Loryc)

Melty: “Yeah, I told you, they have a spy!”

Zindal: “Or we can just keep standing here, you know, whatever…”

Loryc: “They must have been onto us from the beginning…”

  • Melty is flying around excitedly regardless, constantly bumping into people

Loryc: “Hmm… well I can assume they’ve probably got your place under surveillance… we should fly somewhere while invisble to discuss this…”

  • Zindal nods…

Loryc: “Since they dont’ seem to know that we’re here.”

Zindal: “Somewhere that we can be assured of not being listened in on.”

  • Melty clings to the clothing of the next one she hits
  • Zindal reaches up to stroke Melty’s back in an attempt to calm her down

Loryc: “Hmm.. let me think of a good place to go…”

  • Melty scurries into a pocket or other convenient hiding place, since she’s got them memorized

Loryc: (Hmm wonder where the best place to talk in secret would be.)

  • Melty ducks inside the pocket, wondering if it’s still transparent from the inside

Garrion: hmm, Zindal needs to meet this lady…..

Zindal: (Abandoned building with an anti-scrying spell set up?)

Garrion: This rosy-haired woman is completely nude except for the mass of vines and leaves that cover her lower body. The plant matter silently weaves about her frame seemingly of its own volition, and consists of flourishing vines bursting with blooming flowers as well as wilted leaves covered with a silvery sheen of hoarfrost.

Zindal: This definitely sounds promising

Melty: Where at?

Loryc: heh it’s Poison Ivy.

Zindal: Man, I deal with enough itchy rashes as it is

Garrion: lol

Zindal: lol just make a knowledge check Loryc

Zindal: For a good place to talk

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: you can find any number of abandoned places in the slum district of the north…. of course there are also

Melty: ←rolls Streetwise and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: you can find any number of abandoned places in the slum district of the north…. of course there are also “eyes” there too, but that is anywhere

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 8 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 11

Loryc: That’s a streetwise check

Loryc: I assume that’d know some good spots.

Zindal: ←rolls Streetwise and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc: Yeah, I mean I’m not sure the slums is a great place to hide from a thieves guild.

Garrion: yep, you know of several good places…. some may be a bit dangerous due to being condemned

Zindal: Yeah we want a place that assassins aren’t going to think to immediately look and that we can hopefully not be magically observed

Garrion: you could also try a boat.. sail out to sea?

Zindal: Hmm, maybe

Loryc: Well I got a conceal magic up so it’s hard to scry me, but I dunno about you guys, though I can’t think they can perma scry you all.

Melty: Sounds like I should learn Wall of Silence

Zindal: No, I know what somebody needs to learn

Zindal: Rope Trick

Garrion: lol

Loryc: heh they don’t got that in GURPS.

Zindal: Shit

Loryc: I dind’t see anything extradimensional.

Garrion: and a good thing

Loryc: Though there is that timestop like thing.

Melty: Wall of Silence is basically like the Cone of Silence from Get Smart except it works

Zindal: Oh, that might work

Loryc: called Time OUt where you’re bsaically in frozen time.

Zindal: Haha

Loryc: Not sure if we’re allowed to take time spells, maybe that one though, since it’s basically like a D&D time stop

Zindal: Yeah if you can hit all of us with it at the same time so we’re equally sped up / slowed down

Loryc: (Hmm alright, well I guess I’ll take the abandoned building for now)

Zindal: Then we can have a long conversation in the span of a few seconds

Melty: Wall of Silence makes a wall around an area that sounds won’t pass through, so people wouldn’t be able to hear us from outside it and vice versa

Loryc: Yeah well I think it’s an AoE in GURPS.

Zindal: Oh nice

Loryc: it’s like you basically create a bubble where everything else is frozen outside I believe.

Zindal: And yeah Wall of Silence sounds good too if we can keep familiars outside of it

Loryc: Yeah. heh.

Melty: I can set up a Watchdog spell or something along with it

Melty: So it’ll warn us if something approaches

Zindal: Yeah that might work

Melty: I should check what the prereqs are for Wall of Silence…

Melty: lol, they’re easy

Melty: Just Sound and Silence

Garrion: FINALLY…. found my important part of the jewel

Melty: Which I have already, to get Hush

Zindal: For now I guess just one of the abandoned spots, we’re invisible so hopefully any familiars they have can’t follow us

Loryc: Yeah.

Loryc: We’ll go to an abandoned spot for now

Loryc: Then later we can work on something else

Loryc: Good thing you guys don’t know where my actual house is lol. So hopefulyl neither do the thieves.

Zindal: lol yeah

Melty: lol yeah, that was a good idea

Loryc: Children of westcrown don’t know either

Loryc: like it’s purely a secret identity.

Loryc: Sometimes being paranoid has its uses.

Zindal: Heh, definitely

Garrion: you don;t have your new digs yet…. still not beginning of the month

Loryc: ah okay.

Garrion: jus a few more days and your mortgage will be ready to sign, haha

Loryc: Keep in mind that mine is signed basically under a totall fake identity with forged papers and such

Garrion: right….

Garrion: melty roll me a search check while in the house.. at -10

Garrion: this will determine if you happened across the jewel while you were scouting around

Garrion: since not really a systematic search due to the distraction

Tristan: I think Loyrc should start forging “secret” messages that accidently get found to mess with the groups relations with each other

Zindal: Maybe, although we apparently need to be more careful in our application of general disorder

Melty: ooo

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: A Search check sent to GM.


←rolls Search and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -10)


Loryc: hehe… yeah

Loryc: I’m thinking I need to start a campaign of disinformation against them.

Melty: There’s no way I’m gonna make that

Melty: Although if it was deliberately hidden it WOULD be very obvious and highlighted to me, since I had that spell up

Garrion: it was not hidden, was in plain sight

Garrion: just wanted to give you a chance to happen across it

Garrion: but the other events sort of derailed your search

Loryc: one sec brb.

Garrion: i didn;t want it to seem like i took that away from you.. though did not know your search skill either

Melty: Ahhh

Melty: lol… It’s like a 2% chance, but thanks~

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Wow, they’re pretty confident in themselves, just leaving that shit sitting out

Zindal: It must be warded to hell

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: ok, on with events….. what is to follow

Garrion: you want to skip a few days to set up other events or heading straight into something

Melty: We’re gonna knock over Delvehaven, obviously!

Zindal: Yeah, like I said earlier

Garrion: right away?

Zindal: We need to split our resources into two groups

Zindal: One is the “figure out who the mole is” group

Zindal: And the other is the “figure out how to get into Delvehaven” group

Loryc: ok back

Zindal: There was something about going to some cove right?

Garrion: i mean it is like mid-day now so you have time… but there were also the “tools”

Zindal: And then we have that shit about where the dead pathfinders are

Zindal: That we could go interrogate with the candles

Zindal: We need to actually start following up on this shit

Garrion: yep, just wondering if you were going to do that or go straight there

Loryc: yeah lol. though we wnat to do it without the Drovenge knowing about it

Melty: Yesh~

Zindal: Well I don’t want to just go straight there, it’s supposed to be warded isn’t it?

Zindal: I gathered something to that effect I thought

Garrion: yep

Zindal: Yeah so I’m not just charging straight in

Zindal: I want to figure out how to bypass that crap

Tristan: “cant you just do that piggy back thing and figure out who the mole is? wouldn’t that be easier?”

Garrion: ok, you have the “Cove” poem that Ailyn deciphered for you

Mina: well they supposedly sent people there to destroy some artifact, so they must have way in right?

Zindal: I’m guessing that’s what these clues that were in the crux were for

Zindal: There was something about it all going to shit when Thrune took over and the place being sealed

Zindal: And the Pathfinders who were in charge of it all getting killed

Garrion: and you have the list of missing pathfinders.. which also have reward from her

Zindal: So whoever’s left may not even actually know how to get in

Zindal: But the dead Pathfinders presumably do

Zindal: Which is what those candles are for, they’re supposed to be for talking to dead people

Loryc: Well honestly I wouldn’t try to collect any rewards right now, I wouldnt’ evne let Ailyn know were doing the mission

Loryc: let them think we aren’t doing it

Garrion: here is the list again…..

Loryc: And then we can do it sly.

Zindal: Yeah I mean we need to be covert about it

Zindal: But we need to actually do it

Zindal: We need the info

Garrion: Mayor Vheed— Presented below is what I have been able to piece together regarding the Pathfinders who escaped notice after they sealed Delvehaven during the initial riots in the pre-Thrune unpleasantness. After the passage of seventy-some years, it would seem likely that only Sivanshin still lives, and if you wish, I can send my agents north to Nidal to attempt to find him. The use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided we can find their remains, of course. I am happy to report that I’ve made some progress in that area. 1. Donatalus Bisby: Leader of Amber Privateers and one of only two survivors of a journey to darkest Mwangi—he has firsthand knowledge of at least one magical artifact that could well serve our needs for control. It would seem Bisby was sealed inside one of Delvehaven’s lower vaults as the others fled, but I’m unclear if this was a voluntary sacrifice. 2. Ilnerik Sivanshin: Bisby’s chronicler, a half-elf, Sivanshin fled Westcrown a week before Aroden’s Fall. Evidence suggests he fled north, toward Nidal, and with a stolen relic. 3. Coriana Heavenscape: A Westcrown native and, if rumor is to be believed, an aasimar, Coriana remained in Westcrown and organized the Father’s Bulwark, one of many groups of rebels glorious Thrune smashed in the pursuit of establishing order. She was slain and her remains collected by the Sisters of Eiseth—I’ve got them sifting through their holdings in an attempt to find her. 4. Loremaster Liriam: Delvehaven’s master of lore—no other would know more about the vaults below. Alas, no evidence of his survival has surfaced—like Bisby, his remains might still lie within Delvehaven. I do suspect he was the author of “Cugny’s Wedding,” and if so, your suspicion that it is a cipher may well be correct. 5. Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin: Aiger was certainly the one who ordered the sealing of Delvehaven. My early research indicated that he planned on fleeing Cheliax for Absalom, but further investigation revealed this to be false. He remained in Westcrown and fought alongside Coriana in the Father’s Bulwark, but was laid low by a Thrune wizard who petrified him and then smashed the resulting statue. Scuttlebutt among the blood bookie circuit is that the remains of the man’s petrified body have been in the possession of one of the lesser noble houses involved in bloodsport, but I’ve not yet determined which family (I suspect the Luccas). These filthy has-been nobles play well enough when faced with Thrunish agents, but without the direct aid of your allies, master, I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn more…

Zindal: he use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided we can find their remains, of course.

Zindal: Yeah see

Zindal: That’s what those candles are for

Zindal: Find dead Pathfinders

Zindal: Light candle

Zindal: Ask questions

Zindal: PROFIT

Garrion: you have to do it with the remains at hand though

Zindal: Okay well we go find their remains

Zindal: We have a list of names

Zindal: Somebody’s gotta know where they are

Garrion: ok, doing that right now after leaving the drovenge place?

Loryc: Well first we’re oging to the abandoned building

Loryc: to discuss our plans.

Zindal: Well we need to figure out how to not get fucking spied on

Loryc: And staying invis for now

Loryc: we’ll join hands

Loryc: so that we stay together in the air

Loryc: and I’ll lead them somewhere.

Garrion: right…. i mean you letting any significant time pass or you jumping right into this?

Tristan: “if we wait to long the game could change, let’s do this now”

Garrion: just need to get timeline adjusted

Zindal: I think we need to jump into it soon, they talked about whoever the hell is trying to get into Delvehaven eventually succeeding and

Zindal: And destroying that artifact

Zindal: And making bad things happen

Zindal: We just need to figure out how to throw their spies off

Zindal: Or deal with them

Zindal: One or the other

Loryc: yeah.

Zindal: I mean if we can find out who’s spying on us maybe we can arrange an “accident”

Zindal: To get rid of them without it seeming like we know we’re being spied on

Loryc: We don’t want to let a bunch of time pass, but we have to get a plan to avoid the spies

Loryc: SO it’s not liek we’re gonna camp for weeks lol

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: I mean now we’ve established that time is a factor

Zindal: So we aren’t going to dick around

Loryc: yeah.

Garrion: ok it is 1300 on the24th.. the day after Ailyn talked to you about the stuff

Loryc: well if I can find what’s spying, I got the perfect spell for dealing with em

Loryc: Great hallucination, it’ll basically make em totally trip balls.

Zindal: She mentioned birds

Zindal: Look for birds following us around

Zindal: Like literal birds

Mina: what if we illusion some others to look like us?

Garrion: there are ots of pigeons in the city

Loryc: Well I can make servants taht look like you.

Mina: thats what i meant

Mina: for disinfo

Zindal: We need something that doesn’t drain too much of Loryc’s resources though

Zindal: Unless you can maintain copies of us and do your other shit

Loryc: Well I could ptoentially, it’d be tough though.

Loryc: But first.. lemme see if I can fidn what’s spying.

Melty: Yeah maybe the bird is magic

Zindal: Ideally you’d not only make copies of us but also illusions or disguises for the real us

Loryc: Alright, so we’re in the abandoned building, I’m gonna go back out while invisible with amge sight on…

Melty: Do I see any magic birds with my mage sight?

Loryc: basically gonna look for magic birds.

Loryc: Or yeah Mlety can do it.

Tristan: heading to bed guys. i’ll catch up on the reading in the morning. have a great night

Melty: Night!~

Garrion: no you do not

Zindal: Yeah I need to go to bed soon myself actually, I have shit to do in the morning

Loryc: yeah maybe we’ll resume this next time then.

Loryc: Now that we’ll have some planning to do.

Garrion: oh man.. was hoping to launch a forray

Melty: Aww

Melty: I’m pretty sleepy too though

Loryc: Since we’re gonna have to find these birds. or whatever they are.

Zindal: Maybe start a thread on the forum for IC planning?

Zindal: Basically our abandoned building chat

Loryc: yeah… start a thread perhaps.

Garrion: ok, well let’s cover what we can on the forum and drop into the missions in session

Zindal: Yeah that sounds good

Melty: kk~

Zindal: Also fyi, I’m on another trip next weekend

Melty: My semester’s over finally~

Zindal: Will try to make it for Thursday but may or may not

Garrion: ok

Zindal: And if anybody is around Chicago you can potentially come say hi, lol

Garrion: Cedric lives there

Zindal: Oh yeah that’s right, heh

Melty: Aw, I used to live near there

Melty: But now I’m in buttfuckland

Zindal: I’m going to Anime Central

Melty: Oooo

Zindal: They got 07th Expansion as guests

Zindal: Including RyuKishi07

Garrion: really…. sounds shitty

Melty: :o~

Loryc: lol

Loryc: yeah I have no idea what that is Tab.

Zindal: They’re the ones who created Higurashi

Melty: ^

Taragnor: ah

Zindal: RyuKishi07 is the brain behind it, he created the original story

  • Garrion face-palms… “I should have known that!”… haha

Zindal: And also did the illustrations for the original visual novel I think

Melty: With the lobster hands?

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: I think that was him from what I’ve been able to gather

Melty: Well, I definitely liked the story~

Zindal: Yeah, it’s an amazing story

Zindal: So is Umineko

Melty: Speaking of that art style, I haven’t been able to get Higurashi Daybreak to run since I got Windows 7 ; ;

Zindal: Aw

Zindal: Have you tried compatibility mode?

Melty: I haven’t seen/read Umineko yet

Melty: I forget, it’s been a while

Zindal: Oh man, Umineko is great

Melty: I should dig it up

Zindal: It’s hard to compare it to Higurashi

Zindal: But it’s an awesome work in its own right

Zindal: I need to finish watching it

Zindal: I also still have half the Higurashi manga to go through

Zindal: But yeah, I’ll be flying up there next Thursday and then doing pre-con activities with one of my friends

Zindal: Will try to make game time though

Zindal: Weekend after I’m going to be back home again for my sister’s graduation

Zindal: But I should be able to make that Thursday

Garrion: ok, well hopefully we can get through the mundane stuff and be ready for the missions for the session time

Garrion: one quick question… this is way in advance but just curious…. anyone interested in taking up the GURPS banner when we decide to end this camp (like you save the world from imminent distruction)

Zindal: I could go with it for a different campaign

Zindal: Curious what something sci-fi would be like

Garrion: i would like to do that also

Garrion: something firefly/traveler/transhuman space/deus ex – like

Zindal: Yeah, that stuff is cool, assuming you let us really play with it, heh

Zindal: Like digitizing my mind and downloading myself into whatever body I want, for instance

Garrion: i COULD run it after this.. but more was asking if any of you want to…. i woul dlike to play at some point

Melty: I totally would!

Zindal: Oh, you’re asking if someone else wants to GM?

Melty: I like GURPS a lot

Melty: Oh really?

Taragnor: heh. yeah lets let Sachi take a chance at running it.

Garrion: right.. .pick up the GURPS banner

Melty: lol, I missed that too ^^; But I totally wouldn’t mind trying, the semester from hell is over

Zindal: Yeah, Sachi knows the sort of stuff I’m talking about, I think she could do well with it

Zindal: We’d need to pick a different game time though that helps her with her meds and stuff

Melty: Yeah no way I could GM something without those ^^; Though I don’t want people to miss out either

Garrion: ok, just curious and something to think about.. wanted to let you all think it over and get some ideas

Taragnor: though I don’t get the feeling this game is gonna end anytime soon anyway

Garrion: we still a long way from the end of this though.. if there is an end.. you don;t really ever “cap-oout”

Melty: I could do something transhuman space-ish, or I have a couple fantasy themed ones in mind; one is kind of FFVI-inspired and the other one is more inspired by Dark Souls

Zindal: Ooh, I like FFVI inspired

Zindal: It is the best of all FF

Melty: I concur~

Mina: 4, blasphemy

Garrion: Feindish Friends Value Indiscretion??? just joking i DO know what FFVI is at least even though never played

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: hehe yeah I always liked FF4 the best

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal: It’s an awesome game, easily one of the best RPGs ever made

Zindal: I actually still haven’t gotten around to playing 4

Mina: i cant believe T said FFT was too hard and never finished it

Mina: coming from a star craft fiend

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: lol well ti has some real BS battles man.

Taragnor: There was that one fight I lost before I even had the chance to take a single turn lol

Taragnor: literally

Zindal: haha wow

Taragnor: Like I never got to act.

Garrion: I’ve played a spattering of some of the older FF games but never did get very far into them.

Mina: what did you do, save right before some hard battle and get stuck?

Mina: and unable to go back

Taragnor: heh, well no I got past that, I just got distracted by other gams

Taragnor: and never finsihed FFT

Zindal: Man I hate when that happens

Mina: theres one battle i remember where you have to just use ramza solo against this demon and its cohorts

Mina: that was kind of a pain in the ass

Taragnor: it wasn’t so much that it was too hard, was just I was playing other stuff

Zindal: I never played any of the FFT games but Valkyria Chronicles was very enjoyable

Zindal: Kind of the same schtick, turn based combat with units that you move around

Mina: well theres only one

Garrion: sounds like a battle for this game.. use Zindal solo against the devil and his cohorts

Mina: tho i guess theres the psp version

Zindal: lol

Zindal: But yeah the later battles on Valkyria Chronicles are a pain in the ass

Zindal: Like if you don’t move your units just so and choose just the right ones then some of those fights are impossible

Zindal: And then you have boss units that are insanely powerful

Garrion: ok, since we just shooting the bul now i’m gonna get some sleep…. work will come early

Zindal: There’s a cover mechanic and vital spots you can target too

Zindal: Yeah I gotta go to bed too

Zindal: I’ll catch you guys later

Taragnor: yeah heh.

Garrion: let’s cover wat we can on forum over the week

Taragnor: I’m really tired too

Taragnor: Yeah we got some planning to do

Tabris is disconnected.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Session 29

GURPS on Golarion Garrion