Session 3

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Sefiros has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: there a battle map yet?

Garrion: nope

Garrion: not yet

Garrion: was going to log on early and get set up but sef intercepted me.. blame it all on him ;)

Urso: I will, he sucks

Garrion: lol

Urso: haha, Sef

Urso: you least figure it out?

Sefiros: i got some questions answered

Taragnor has connected.

Urso: working on your backup vamp

Sefiros: yeah just wanted to convert my RA char

Sefiros: be fun to play in an urban setting

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: i frustrated him by laying down the hammer… but we worked it out

Sefiros: more like ban hammer

Sefiros: hey im lazy

Urso: heh, I think that character would like the hammer

Tristan has connected.

Tristan: hello

Urso: hey

Tabris: Yo

Helknight Armiger:


Garrion: ok, look slike all here except sachi… one sec to tell kids night and i’ll brb

  • Urso smacks his horses hiney with the side of his axe to make it run faster.

Garrion: ok, recap

Tristan: so guys, we are at about 100 yards. not sure how many bowmen they have but that balista could be nasty. they have a cleric as well… which I don’t know crap about magic but Loric did just say “magic is difficult at a distance” so that makes me feel a bit better.

Tabris: Yeah I would say take down that ballista first

Sefiros: fuck take it down, take it over

Tabris: Gotta get to it first, lol

Sefiros: someone fire it lol

Tabris: In the meantime there’s somebody else manning it and shooting at us

Urso: (that the bowmen’s job, I"m gonna go engage the ground guys)

Garrion: last session you planned an elaborite prison break only to have it twarted by an untimely prisoner transfer. As you arrived the hellknights were in the process of loading up Arael. You sobotaged and followed the prison wagon and caught up to it on the Rack Road.

Tristan: 100 yards is a hell of a shot, – 10 as a base…

Tabris: Well we can move in closer, but don’t know how long until they spot us

Taragnor: heh, well any non-missile spell is at a -100 penalty, whcih is alot harder :P

Taragnor: He can cut it to -98 if he’s using a staff.

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: attacking these dudes sounds like suicide

Zindal: 3d6+-98

Taragnor: And even using missile spells, it’ll take him at least 1 round just to create it and charge it, emaning at most he’s firing 1 missile for every 2 arrows you do, and the missiles aren’t really all that much more effective than a bodkin.

Tristan: That’s a fumble….

Taragnor: Bodkin is probably better.

Garrion: haha, ok, you make out the details at 100 yards… a battle is taking place between the hellknights and janiven (and a group of others)

Sefiros: theyre gonna burn all Ts books

Garrion: you do not see the 4 hellknight horsemen

Tristan: ok Garrion, about movement. base speed is walking right? what is running speed (where you can still dodge?)

Urso: (how far can a horse charge in 1 round?)

Tabris: Don’t think GURPS has running speed per se

Garrion: you can’t defend if moving full speed

Tabris: The rules I looked at had some shit about building speed over multiple rounds

Sefiros: it has enhanced move (ground) is only thing i know of

Sefiros: yeah its hard to make fast shit in gurps

Garrion: you can “sprint”

Sefiros: unless you got 2000 pts

Garrion: look up sprint in the book

Urso: well the horses have been charging probably for at least 100 yards?

Tristan: i’m loving the gurps system thus far. Magic is a bit confusing but it’s probably because it’s new still

Sefiros: unless T has a flight spell that works on others

Tristan: I for one like the 100 yard distance

Tristan: i got about a 50/50 shot at hitting something and zero chance to get hit with a sword

Garrion: you can sprint the horses…. they have more endurance.. you did not really full out run them

Sefiros: yeah im going the opposite direction of where tristan is setting up his firing position lol

Sefiros: so the ballista rounds come falling on him

Tristan: that’s team work in action…

Garrion: horse basic move is 6 for reference

Garrion: ok, first off i have to make the shot on janiven…..

Garrion: that was the cliffhanger

Sefiros: there any cover to use to try and creep close via stealth?

Tabris: Yeah here’s where we watch the rebel leader we were trying to help get skewered

Tabris: Heh no

Tristan: (can I burn a fatige point and try to get an arrow off first?) (not sure if it works that way…)

Tabris: There’s no cover if you’re on horseback

Tabris: It’s tall grass but if you’re on foot it’s going to take a while to make up 100 yards while staying stealthy

Tristan: I have weapon master…

Garrion: no, you saw this happening as you got in range to see details. it already underway

Tristan: ok, no problem.

Urso: ( I think speed in more important, they are in the middle of a fight and we coming up from behind.. they not gonna notice us for a while )

Tristan: best of luck to her then…

Tabris: Yeah I saw just Charge of the Light Brigade that shit

Sefiros: whatever, charge!!!

Tabris: say*

Taragnor: lol not like there’s all that many options besides a charge.

Taragnor: I mean we’re on open plains and those other guys are going to get slaughtered if we don’t do something fast.

Tabris: Yeah heh, it’s open plains and we’re at distance

Tabris: And our allies are getting slaughtered

Tabris: Or at least the guys we were supposed to be allies with, kinda sorta

Garrion: Hellknight Ballista rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -4)

Hellknight Ballista FAILS by 4

Tabris: lol nice

Urso: nice

Taragnor: Yeah, ain’t really much of a thinking man’s battle. It’s pretty much just a rush in and hope the dice gods favor you

Garrion: the balista bolt misses janiven…..

Tristan: and she’s going to need new pants

Urso: (now lets see how long it takes to reload)

Urso: "Tristan, that ballista guy is yours "

Garrion: ok, real quick… how long it take to sprint 100 yards on a horse?

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 100\6

Garrion: 16.66666666666666666666666666666667

Urso: well football players do 40 yards in like 4.5 seconds

Garrion: 16 rounds at mormal move

Tabris: lol wow

Urso: that seems a bit slow

Tabris: They’ll all be dead by the time we get there

Garrion: but at a spint… you close it faster.. not sure where it caps at… 4x speed?

Garrion: nood to look

Sefiros: we need just like a group of nothing but archers

Urso: probably, least that the DnD thing, so probably comprable

Urso: so go like 24 per round

Tabris: Yeah looks like it’s x4

Garrion: Sprinting Sprinting is all-out running. It is very fast, but also fatiguing (see Fatigue Cost, below). Use it when you need to cover a short distance quickly, and can afford to arrive at your objective somewhat fatigued.

Sefiros: got any kind of flight spells T?

Garrion: You can sprint if you run forward for two or more seconds. Add 20% to your Move after one second. For instance, with a Move of 7, you could sprint at 8.4 yards/second after running for one second at 7 yards/second. On a battle map, where movement involves discrete one-yard hexes, drop all fractions to get a round Move score; in the example above, you would have Move 8. Assume that even the slowest sprinter gets +1 Move. Thus, sprinters with Move 9 or less can move one extra hex on a battle map.

Taragnor: Lemme see, I know I’ve got levitate but that’s not really fast.

Garrion: pretty damn complex IMO

Taragnor: Iv’e got haste that can speed boost someone

Tristan: i would suggest a house rule to prove more realistic….. if 6 is a walking pase 7 or 8 is not a “sprint pace”

Tristan: how about running for one FP / round (times 2 and sprinting x 3 running speed = 4 fp /round)

Tabris: lol you would collapse in like 5 rounds

Sefiros: too much math……grabs chest

Taragnor: I do have flight but don’t got the FP.

Tristan: have you ever had a full out sprint? unless your a marathon runner your really not making it that far…

Garrion: After every 15 seconds of sprinting or every minute of paced running, roll against the higher of HT or Running skill (p. 218). On a failure, you lose 1 FP. Once you are reduced to less than 1/3 your FP, halve your Move for any kind of running; see Fatigue (p. 426).

Tristan: ok, roll vs health makes sense. not sure the slow speed increase does

Garrion: so the fatigue shouldn’t hit you

Taragnor: oh that’s not that bad. I mean that’s fairly realistic.

Sefiros: 100 yards you dont have to be a marathon runner

Sefiros: thats a touchdown return

Taragnor: Well you can make 100 yards, it might tier you out a bit, but almost anyone would make it

Urso: (heh, most of us aren’t as athletic or perfect specimens as our characters are. heh )

Taragnor: since it’s only 15 seconds.

Taragnor: So that’s like 15 rounds per chek

Garrion: ok, we’ll just say that with the pace building and the cap that you cover the distance at 3x speed

Garrion: 5.555555555555555555555555555555556

Garrion: so 6 rounds

Taragnor: Remember that a GURPS round is 1 second. It’s not the 6 second D&D rounbd

Garrion: 6 seconds

Garrion: that is pretty damn fgast

Garrion: maybe double speed…. make it 12 seconds

Urso: not really, race horses do like a mile in little over a minute

Garrion: on horse

Sefiros: a gnome on a greyhound

Garrion: anyway… the point is you get there in a hurry… i’ll make a couple PEr rolls

Urso: heh, hopefully at big negatives to start

Garrion: PER rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -2)


Garrion: PER rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -1)


Taragnor: yeah. It’s the same negatives that Tristan has to his ranged stuff

Taragnor: that they do for vision rolls

Taragnor: think he said -10

Taragnor: Though actually I think if we’re not actively hiding they get some kinda bonus too

Taragnor: so…

Garrion: ok, he sees you as you close within 20 yards

Taragnor: it’s sorta not a guarantee.

Garrion: and inits

Tabris: Says about 40 mph for a thoroughbred, that’s 58.66666666666666666666666666666667 feet per second

Garrion: you realize you are spottted as a foe points to you and tyerlls out

Taragnor: 19.33333333333333333333333333333333

Taragnor: So that’d be 19 yards/second

Taragnor: So move 19 in GURPS terms

Urso: can’t see anything on the map

Tabris: Yeah I can’t see anything either

Garrion: oh, let me move tokens over

Taragnor: which map is it?

Tabris: “Ambush” I’m guessing

Taragnor: Yeah not the best name for what’s going on :P

  • Urso prepares to fight! Initiative: 18.5

Garrion: not goig to mess with wagon mini… will just draw it

  • Zindal prepares to fight! Initiative: 14.25
  • Loryc prepares to fight! Initiative: 15

Tristan: i’m here guys. wife needed me but i’m back.

Garrion: ok, urso is at 20 yards

Garrion: the rest of you set up order if you wish to change from what is on there

Garrion: situation….

Garrion: the hellknight is in the process of reloading… currently winding balista back

Garrion: the armigers are taking cover behind the wagon from the forces near the bridge

Tristan: i would actually like to dismount at about 50 yards while everyone else is rushing in….

Urso: (where are the rebels at?)

Garrion: 3 and 1 are prone.. shooting crossbow from under wagon

Tristan: garrion, when you get a moment please assign my token to me. I cannot add to inititive

Garrion: 2 and 4 are standing at wagon corner

Taragnor: remember I have my missile shield up btw. Cast that last time

Garrion: you have ownership… you have to have token selected when you open the character sheet.. it does not transfer between token instances

Taragnor: Though it doens’t create any kind of overt effect, so they don’t know im protected.

Tristan: what does missle shield to exactly?

Taragnor: protects me from ranged attacks.

Tristan: ok thanks G

Tristan: the kellknights helmet is kick ass

Garrion: 2 more inits needed

  • Tristan prepares to fight! Initiative:Initiative: 21
Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : SkillLevel=Skill_Level

Hellknight Armiger 1: « 3d6 = 10 »

Hellknight: « 3d6 = 13 »

  • Eltera prepares to fight! Initiative: 23

Eltera has received initiative.

Sefiros: CHARGE

Tristan has received initiative.

Eltera: move me up however far

Eltera: i dunno how many squares we calculated

Tristan: shooting at the balista guy (called shot to vitals with a bodkin). do I need a fastdraw or have I had time to draw it?

Garrion: ok, we saying you moving double….

Garrion: 12 yards on horse

Garrion: btw, i do not know mounted combat.. if you wanting to fight from hoseback that is on you

Eltera: nah im gonna dismount once i get within range

Eltera: i need both my hands for dual wielding

Garrion: i will learn it later when i have time

Eltera: if i knew the rules, id prolly just run these guys over like a steamroller

Eltera: since theyre on foot

Eltera: tho i dunno if you can do that or not, like real cavalry

Garrion: ok, tristan… you riding horse.. this is not a trained combat horse.. you have to steer it and can not use knees.. you have no free hands to shoot

Tabris: He said he was dismounting

Tabris: He’s like 50 yards back while the rest of us went ahead

Tristan: I actually wanted to dismount a few yards back while they were still going forward

Garrion: oh, sorry

Tristan: no worries, I figured that would give me time to draw while they were closing

Garrion: ok, so i’ll move you back to 50 yards from target

Tristan: cool, is it safe to say I had time to draw a bodkin?

Garrion: yes, since you did not spend round riding up that they did you have a round to draw your weapon….

Tristan: cool

Tristan: i’m .3 yards back to far, please move me up slightly (it’s a matter of plus 1)

Garrion: haha

Tristan: or i can just use Zindal

Garrion: you can step with a shot

Tristan: ok, stepping up

Tristan: all my targets went away (darkness probably?)

Tristan: they are back

←Attacks Hellknight with a Bodkin Arrow
in the vitals
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -8 range, 1 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan: just made it

Tabris: Nice

Tristan: and you said they noticed us at 20 yards so probably did not see that coming

Tristan: The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 11 pi raw damage.

Tristan: and 1/2 dr

Tristan: then x3

Tristan: like a boss

Garrion: yes, no defense.. he preoccupied reloading and not looking out that far

Garrion: 3 penetrating

Urso: nice

Tristan: bodkin

Garrion: oh right half dr

Garrion: so only 4 DR… 7 penetrating

Taragnor: yeah the bodkins are damn good.

Tristan: 21 much better than 9

Taragnor: Is there any drawback to those?

Taragnor: Like do they do less damage or something?

Urso: (just cost more)

Tristan: yeah, bodkins don’t get X2 damage like impaling UNLESS you hit a vital

Tristan: which I always aim for

Garrion: yes, the damage types drops from impaling to pi

Tristan: and vitals make impaling and piercing X 3 so they = badass

Garrion: but half dr and no other changes

Zindal: 21 damage to the vitals

Tristan: (signature move heart shot… if it kills them of course)

Tristan: (if not, it’s probably just a lung….)

Garrion: -8

Garrion: he takes a shot to the vitals and…..

Tristan: ok, that’s my turn

Tristan: Major Wound Check

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : Mod = Modifier

Tristan: Major Wound Check

Tristan: Tristan rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan: Major Wound Check

Tristan: Tristan rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -4)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 0

Tristan: I did not type “major wound check”… that you Garrion?

Zindal: Yeah when it’s green text it’s him

Tristan: oh, ok that makes sense

Garrion: sorry yeah, i had you selected

Tristan: no problem. just making sure i’m not glitching. everything seems fine sense i’m on the windows computer

Garrion: he remains standing though he staggers a bit

Tristan: (wow, they are bad ass)

Zindal: lol damn

Tristan: (is it the black knight?)

Tristan: (stupid flesh wound…)

Urso has received initiative.

Taragnor: lol.

Urso: ( so all I can do is x2 move?)

Zindal: Pretty much

Urso: so 12?

Tristan: (not sure the range on an Axe, I know your ST is through the roof)

Zindal: Whatever your move is… only x2

Garrion: yes

Urso: ( we still on horses or no?)

Zindal: Yes still on horses

Garrion: well he is on horse.. we just calling them a move 12 at a run

Garrion: for simplicity

  • Urso urges his horse forward.

Urso: done I guess

Urso: ( can I guide horse with shield arm? so can have axe out?)

Garrion: the Hellknight on the wagon finished cocking back the balista

Garrion: as long as you not have to hold shield…

Urso: is strapped to arm

Garrion: ok

Garrion: then you can use that hand

Garrion: but trowing from running horseback will give you jostling penalty

Urso: done

Garrion: for future reference

Urso: (heh, I"m getting off as soon as I can )

Garrion: the 2 standing armigers turn to see you and drop bows….

Garrion: \then draw out their blades

Garrion: the ones prone start standing….

Loryc has received initiative.

Taragnor: How far away are we right now?

Garrion: map is to scale

Zindal: You’re round 20 yards back I think

Taragnor: just with squares instead of hexes?

Zindal: Yeah

Taragnor: and I can move how far?

Zindal: 12 on horseback

Garrion: there is actually no grid… the squares are part of the image so don;t use as scvale reference

Taragnor: alright 12 it is

Taragnor: wizard rush active. Attack move away.

Zindal has received initiative.

Zindal: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 11 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

Eltera has received initiative.

Garrion: Zindal heads off road into the tall grass.. but it does not slow him considerably

Urso: (the rebels break off their attack?)

Garrion: the few left standing are not firing right now if that is what you are asking

Garrion: but they are not running away

Eltera: I’ll take another double move

Zindal: Heh, that’ll put you past the wagon

Eltera: how much distance is it?

Eltera: per move?

Garrion: well you can slow don

Garrion: you don;t have to run the whole 12

Garrion: you can reign in horse to a slower move

Eltera: well I’d like to ride past the wagon and jump off onto it

Garrion: ahh

Eltera: to try and take down the hellknight

Tristan: (he does have an arrow burried into his chest)

Urso: (it more of a covered carriage, not a wagon ?)

Eltera: i assumed it was open top if he has a ballista

Urso: ( its the war wagon .. hehe)

Garrion: ok, make a ride skill first, to set up the jump and then a jump or acro check to make the actual jump

Eltera: ←rolls DX and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: yes a big wooden box

Eltera: for Ride

Garrion: the balista mounted on top

Eltera: ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 14 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan: fancy!

Garrion: very nice

Eltera: can i fast draw this turn too?

Garrion: yes, but if you fail you spend the round doing that instead of the other action

Eltera: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 2

Eltera: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 2

  • Eltera leaps off her horse as she rushes by the wagon, landing and rolling to her feet as she pulls her two swords from their scabbards.

Tristan has received initiative.

Garrion: very cool action sequence

Tristan: (kinda impressed by that move… but don’t want her to steal my kill)

Urso: nice

Tristan: i’m going to shoot at the leader again with a bodkin but not select a target location and go random roll

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

←Attacks Hellknight with a Bodkin Arrow
in the Torso
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 17 (20 with a modifier of -3)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 3

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -8 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan: and not sure if he’s noticed me yet

Tristan: i mean, my location (guessing he knows there is an archer out there….)

Garrion: this time the hellknight has an eye on the shooter

Tristan: no spot check?

Garrion: Dodge rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (8 with a modifier of 0)

Dodge SUCCEEDS by 0

Eltera: too bad he’s got groin armor

Tristan: dodging arrows at -2? or is that just parry?

Garrion: no, no dodge penalty

Tristan: also, he should be suffering shock (not sure if that affects dodge), and at the very least he’s down on hp… after you are below 1/3 don’t you have minuses?

Taragnor: don’t think shock affects dodge

Garrion: that i’m aware of.. correct me if you find out i’m wrong

Taragnor: thing it’s skil rolls only.

Sachi has connected.

Urso has received initiative.

Tristan: hi there sachi

Sachi: Hey guys!

Sachi: Just got home

Garrion: welcome sachi

Urso: (pretty sure these dudes are gonna have high pain tolerance like me )

Zindal: Yaho~

Urso: ( just in time.. SAchi.. roll some init and lets get rolling )

Sachi: I might have to peace out early tonight, I’ve got surgery scheduled REALLY early in the morning

Zindal: Dude what

Sachi: I had a port implanted in my torso so I could get chemo through it and now I don’t need it anymore

Zindal: Ahhh, okay

Zindal: So a good surgery then

Sachi: Yeah hehe

Zindal: Phew

Tristan: I bet it’s nice to get that out My mom still has one in. Getting it out soon.

Urso: (heh, keep it for the booze )

Tristan: I took care of her for the last 6 months… sorry you had to go through that.

Sachi: Dude, if she’s getting it out I just hope that means she’s doing well

Garrion: ok, urso is up….\

  • Satomi prepares to fight! Initiative: 17

Sachi: Ah there we go

Garrion: those not on deck can update sachi

Urso: ( you can move 12 squares charging on your horse )

Zindal: Janiven lives, the ballista guy missed her

Sachi: Whew

Zindal: We’re charging in on horseback

Zindal: Guy manning the ballista took an arrow to the Vitals and is still up

Zindal: That’s about it

Zindal: Oh, Eltera made a badass acrobatic move to jump onto the wagon as she was riding by on horseback

Urso: (though Eltera is on his ass )

Tristan: garrion, page 419 campaigns basic rules

Tristan: less than 1/3 your HP left, half your move and dodge (round up)

Zindal: lol ouch

Zindal: Yeah that dude totally got arrow’d then

Garrion: ok, that nks for that update…

Tristan: The target is struck in the right leg.

Tristan: The target is struck in the right leg.

Garrion: yeah the tokens factor that into the roll based on current HP… but i not using fully statted tokens and using paper.. so i didn’t account for that

Tristan: nice

Sachi: Oooo badass on Eltera.

Tristan: ok, clicked “hit location” and nothing came up so i’ll use the 3d6

Tristan: The target is struck in the torso.

Garrion: so he was hit after all

Tristan: « 3d6 = 16 »

Zindal: It said torso when you rolled it before

Tristan: oh, did it. NP

Garrion: yeah, was torso

Tristan: ok, not vitals though so

Garrion: now just need damage

Tristan: The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 8 pi raw damage.

Tristan: 4 points (no modifiers)

Garrion: was another bodkin?

Tristan: if he has 4 armor (yeah)

Tristan: I did not want to try my luck twice

Garrion: you did do fastdraw to make the second shot right?

Tristan: yup

Garrion: ok

Tristan: i think I did… let me scroll up

Tristan: yup

Garrion: ok, he takes 4 raw

Garrion: -12

Tristan: and a roll to stay on his feet?

Garrion: nope, wasn’t a major wound that time… on his turn he will cause at neg HP

Tristan: ok cool, that’s my turn

Garrion: urso still has to go

Urso: sorry

Garrion: make a ride check for dismounts.. an action to do

Urso: can I move and dismount, or dismount and throw?

Garrion: if you succeed you dismount.. on a fail you fall

Urso: what sort of roll?

Garrion: the horse can move and you can use action to dismount

Urso: ok, will do that

Garrion: or you can stay on and make a throw.. you can not both dismount and throw

  • Urso moves and then tries to get off the horse.

Urso: ( roll vs what? I don’t have ride )

Zindal: DX-5

Garrion: ok, letting the horse move on as you get off or bringing to a hault?

Garrion: halt

Urso: well I slowed it down some, since only going normal speed now, probably brind to halt make getting off easier

Garrion: only asking cause horse will be inthe way if you bring to a halt… till it runs off

Tristan: we call that cover…

Urso: well can get off on other side, no?

Garrion: yes, but that is non-standard… will call that a -2 for unfamiliarity

Urso: he more likely to do the bring the leg over and slide off thing, then an actual step off normally

Tristan: (your talking about sliding off the back?)

Urso: dex is 12

Urso: « 3d6 = 6 »

Zindal: Heh, managed to make it

Urso: so rolled vs 7 then?

Sachi: What units are the map distances in?

Zindal: YEah

Tristan: gracefully with that roll

Garrion: if he got off standard way

Garrion: let me grab a horse token

Zindal: Distance that it measures when you move is in yards

Urso: could I have rode up and pivoted the horse some?

Garrion: no

Garrion: not coming off a run

Sachi: What about with the ruler tool? Like if I draw a line between two tokens?

Sachi: Is that the same?

Urso: maybe go little less distance, don’t really need to go 6.. just wanted to clear the road for those behind me

Zindal: Think so

Sachi: Holy crap

Zindal: lol, he’s like totally in my way…

Urso: take the north guy?

Zindal: Guess I have to now, heh

Urso: you take 1, I"ll take 3.. hehe

Garrion: you can veer around zindal

Garrion: ok, hellknight rolls….

Garrion: Hellknight rolls 3d6 and gets 14 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Hellknight FAILS by 3

Garrion: and he succumbs to his wounds

Tristan: (sweet, I did not want Eltera stealing my kill) =)

Urso: (nice)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: dropping on the rook of the carriage…..

Garrion: roof

Urso: (did all that cool shit for nothing.. guess death from above )

Tristan: (now she has the high ground)

Eltera: where is the ballista at then, inside?

Satomi has received initiative.

Urso: balista loaded, could use it.. hehe

Zindal: It’s basically where the dude was standing

Garrion: on the roof

Tristan: (time to backflip to the bottom…. or shoot that balista at point blank, sweet)

Eltera: ok yeah thats why i was asking

Urso: (mounted on roof )

Zindal: lol yeah, he did finish loading it

Garrion: well they are too close to get a shot

Zindal: Damn minimum range penalties

Eltera: yeah right under me

Garrion: but if they step out some she could

Urso: (though I doubt it can shoot straight down at them )

Zindal: What is this, Battletech

Eltera: could cut the string at least

Urso: ( but can nail any that try to run )

Sachi: I plan on pelting them with arrows in a moment (not as much as Tristan is gonna)

Garrion: ok, satomi, you up

Sachi: Ok, I can order my horse and also do my own action, right?

Garrion: not really… these are not trained horses

Garrion: you need to control them

Sachi: Ah, I was just trying to go by the mounted combat rules

Zindal: Should’ve had time to dismount like Tristan did since we’re already on Round 2

Sachi: ^ ?

Urso: (btw, they dropped their crossbows and drew swords, Satomi, so probably don’t have to worry about getting sniped at )

Garrion: well i really don;t know those rules.. but i think those are assuming you fighting from a trained mount

Garrion: i really don;t want to slow dow tne moment to get into minute rules references

Sachi: They don’t particularly, but you take enormous penalties to your riding rolls if they aren’t war-trained and there’s a lot of excitement

Garrion: this combat is not critical at the moment

Sachi: So I’d probably want to dismount anyway

Sachi: In which case I’ll draw an arrow and nock it, assuming I don’t fail my roll.

Satomi: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: ok, make a ride roll to dismount

Satomi: ←rolls DX and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Satomi FAILS by 1

Sachi: Aw

Garrion: letting horse go on or reigning to a stop and holding reigns?

Sachi: Gonna try and stop it so I don’t careen into the melee

Garrion: ok, if you come to a stop and hold reignes you get bonus letting you succed the dismount.. but no fastdraw as your hands are occupied

Sachi: Gotcha

Sachi: Well, wouldn’t I have dismounted last turn? Or did I skip my last turn?

Sachi: Tab suggested that but I dunno what you decided

Garrion: you were riding with the rest… we just picking you up where you joined

Satomi: Ahhh gotcha

Garrion: the kneeling ones finish standing….

Garrion: and turn to face the big barbarian

Garrion: actually….

Garrion: Will rolls 3d6 and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Will FAILS by 5

Urso: (bah, my horse can take em.. hehe)

Zindal: lol, pussies

Tristan: guess he just missed his promotion….

Garrion: they both stand and turn away from you

Garrion: or at angle

Garrion: the ones already standing with b lades out…..

Urso: (getting ready to run?)

Taragnor: so where are the other guys that were attacking on the other side anyway? I’m not seeing em

Garrion: Will rolls 3d6 and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 2)

Will SUCCEEDS by 0

Taragnor: Are they already dead or what?

Zindal: Possibly, we never saw the mounted guys

Garrion: they hiding… in the grass and by the bridge…. really i just didn’t want to place a bunch of NPC tokens on this map

Garrion: but the Janiven token is the basic location

Urso: ( kind of sexy tabris.. nice )

Zindal: Huh?

Urso: (her token )

Garrion: the Armigers advance on Urso….

Zindal: (Eh, not bad)

Taragnor: I thought they were helping us or we were helping them. Guess not.

Zindal: I think they were getting pelted with arrows before we came along

Zindal: So we are kinda helping them

Urso: (heh, I"m ok if they just stay down and out of the way)

Satomi: Hehe, dem armorsleeves.

Urso: (they did us a favor just stopping em and distracting em enough for us to get here )

Loryc has received initiative.

Satomi: It protects her arms pretty good, but not her heart…

Taragnor: Guess I’ll stop the horse and dismount for my turn

Satomi: Well, I guess they’re ill-equipped rebels.

Garrion: ok, ride check.. +2 if full stop and reign hold

Taragnor: wait I gotta make an untrained ride check?

Taragnor: What hapens if I fail?

Garrion: you trip and fall

Urso: (fall on your arse )

Garrion: as you miss stirrup

Taragnor: Well fuck that. Can I cast spells from the horse?

Garrion: yes, if it not moving it is same as just sitting.. but if it spooks……

Taragnor: well I don’t really have a choice given that I can’t ghet off the horse without falling.

Garrion: what is your dex?

Taragnor: Is there anything I can do to avoid the ride check? Like take 2 rounds to do it or something?

Garrion: look at what eltera did.. that should inspire you

Tristan: lol

Tristan: yeah, do that

Taragnor: Dude I ain’t a combat character, I got 10 dex.

Zindal: lol, yeah it’s kinda retarded that you need a Ride check to stop Riding

Taragnor: and i’m untrained.

Taragnor: so I’m gonna have a skill of like a 5 or something

Tristan: well, it will be memorable at least…

Tristan: you can levitate off your horse like a real wizard (or call an eagle…)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: ok, jeesh.. the GURPS DM guide says don;t be easy on ride checks… players need to know it is an essential skill if you plan on using horses

Urso: (heh, guess I know which skill I"m taking next )

Zindal: This wasn’t really planned, lol

Zindal: Our plan was to break into the jail

Garrion: i gioving you a bonus.. but if you want to puss out

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: Well what is ride untrained?

Garrion: you can take two rounds to do it carefully

Taragnor: Dex-5?

Zindal: DX-5 yeah

Taragnor: alright I’ll take 2 rounds to do it carefully.

Taragnor: No point in rolling againsta a 5 or a 7.

Zindal has received initiative.

Taragnor: So I’ll just take 2 rounds to dismount carefully.

Garrion: ok, round 1 of the dismount action

Garrion: Zindal up

Zindal: Instead of a Ride check can I just rol Acrobtics to stand on the saddle and jump off while the horse runs by? lol

Satomi: Hackrobatics!

Garrion: well you have to roll ride to get into a position to do that.. like eltera did.. that was a perfect exacution

Zindal: Bah

Zindal: Well guess I’ll give it a try, I got a 10 with DX-5

Zindal: Jumping off around there

Garrion: ok

Urso: (worse happens, you fall on your butt.. we won’t laugh.. much )

Zindal: ←rolls DX and gets 14 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal FAILS by 4

Garrion: roll straigh ride

Zindal: Time to break out the Luck

Zindal: Gonna Luck that check, heh

Garrion: ok

Zindal: So I take best of 3

Zindal: ←rolls DX and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

Zindal: ←rolls DX and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

Zindal: Yay

Urso: nice

Tristan: very nice

Zindal: And then the Acrobatics to jump down in front of #4

Garrion: as zindal approached Urso he gets into a position to jump off

Zindal: ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: and he lands it

Zindal: I already had my sword out, can I take a shot at him?

Garrion: as the horse runs on by

Garrion: no

Zindal: Sadness

Garrion: your ride and acro was a full action

Zindal: I’m done then

Eltera has received initiative.

Zindal: “You won’t escape from me.”

Garrion: ((So much for not killing Hellknights))

Tristan: (I tried to talk everyone out of it….)

Zindal: (Loryc said he only needed one alive, lol)

Eltera: whats the official status on the leader?

Eltera: is he dead, just unconscious?

Zindal: Unconscious

Eltera: ok

Garrion: he is down on the roof….

Tristan: (bleeding to death probably)

Eltera: I’ll spend a FP and do the move and attack thing to whack armiger 2 from high ground

Eltera: when you do that, you dont take the normal penalty for move+atk do you?

Urso: right

Zindal: Yeah not if you spend the FP

Eltera: ok

Garrion: ok, you juimping down on him or standing on roof?

Eltera: regains 1 fatigue, and now has 13 FP.

Eltera: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 12 FP.

Urso: (can she tell if they are about to run?)

Garrion: treat him as being at range 2

Garrion: since you consideraly higher

  • Eltera goes for a thrust where the helm and shoulders meet, at the back of the neck.

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 2 with a Thrust
in the neck
←Rolls 16 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Eltera FAILS by 1

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: ahh, sad panda

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 2 with a Thrust
in the neck
←Rolls 5 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)


-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Eltera: two swords ftw

Zindal: lol

Satomi: Whoaaa

Zindal: Tried to do the scissor but had one turned the wrong way

Eltera: nah these were thrusts

Garrion: no defense….

Eltera: more like trying to hit the artery of spine

Eltera: or not of

Eltera: The Longsword “Dawn” inflicts 9 imp raw damage.

Eltera: If any damage penetrates DR, it inflicts double normal shock (to a maximum penalty of -8). If the injury is to a limb or extremity, that body part is crippled as well. This is only a “funny-bone” injury: crippling wears off in (16-HT) seconds, minimum two seconds, unless the injury was enough to cripple the body part any way.

Eltera: anyways im done

Tristan has received initiative.

Garrion: ok, Dr5

Garrion: at neck area

Tristan: these guys are tanks

Urso: (heh, or just have good helmets )

Garrion: that leaves 8 damage

Garrion: over 1/2 HP

Urso: (wow, my arm has more hp then him )

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Taragnor: lol

Tristan: nice. wish I could learn two bow fighting

Eltera: your arm is bigger than him too literally

Garrion: there are armigers… trainees

Taragnor: You could dual wield crossbows maybe.

Zindal: Reloading would be a bitch

Tristan: duel balistas

Garrion: the blow stuns him and he falls to the ground staggered

Eltera: “One less shit stain in Westcrown.”

Tristan: (are those mounted guys just watching us?)

Zindal: We haven’t seen them

Zindal: So… Maybe?

Garrion: you didn’t see then as you rode in

Garrion: tristan is up

Urso: (maybe they never came, only escorted them to the gate )

Tristan: ok, do I get a spot check to see the other riders or no?

Zindal: (Maybe the rebels took them down)

Garrion: no, you do not see them.. if you really want to you can roll at -50

Tristan: lol

Tristan: ok

Tristan: does a crit success auto make it?

Tristan: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 15 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 1

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: It’d be awesome if someone had the perception to actually succeed at that.

Taragnor: He’s like “Hey, they’re up on the moon setting up an ambush by that crater.”

Tristan: guessing I don’t see them so I’ll take a shot at the guy with his back turned closest to me. called shot to the vitals with a bodkin

Garrion: you see the wagon and some armigers standing around it

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 6

Taragnor: pretty suyre with a per check agaisnt -50 you could probably see what’s on the moon.

Tristan: or Zindals….

Taragnor: lol

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 1 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the vitals
←Rolls 7 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 8

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -8 range, 1 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan: i’m like legolas over here….

Tristan: The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 9 pi raw damage.

Taragnor: Give Zindal some credit, I’m sure a roll against -40 would do it.

Zindal: Haters gonna hate

Garrion: ok, 5 raw

Tristan: 15 damage

Tristan: going for the heart through the back…

Garrion: ok, major wound

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -5)


Garrion: he drops dead

Tristan: I need a raise….

Tristan: that’s my turn

Tristan: and I heart bodkins….

Urso has received initiative.

  • Urso moves up and attacks the hell knight with his signature move. ( adjusted now. its shield up and then bring the axe up under hand into his gut, the new Belly Buster )

Urso: can you make me above the horse, I can’t click on my guy

Eltera: heh belly buster

Eltera: gut spiller

Garrion: there you go

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 4 with a Thrown
in the vitals
←Rolls 15 vs. Skill 12 (14 with a modifier of -2)

Urso FAILS by 3

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 range, 1 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: and he misses his mark

Urso: oops, used the thrown on eI think

Urso: still miss though I think

Garrion: yeah, your melee is only 1 point better

Satomi has received initiative.

Garrion: Satomi is up… drawking weapon?

Satomi: Yep! Gonna draw my bow. And an arrow if I can with fast-draw.

Garrion: oh urso.. on your turn…. the horse doesn’t like all the fighting and bolts….

Satomi: I think it’s another action to nock the arrow and then an action to fire since I don’t have Tristan’s thing .

Urso: (heh, it gonna run forward instead of going back ?)

Garrion: trampling over the guys next tot he wagon

Garrion: well that was the way it was facing… it scared.. not a smart tactical critter

Garrion: Trample rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Trample SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: Dodge rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (7 with a modifier of 0)

Dodge SUCCEEDS by 0

Satomi: Yeah, horses are big, if they get spooked they’re not gonna worry that much about trampleable stuff in front of them.

Garrion: the standinfg armiger dodges aside.. the down one gets stomped on

Garrion: yeah fastdraw your arrow.. if you fail that is all you do

Satomi: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 7 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 9

Garrion: ok, you have bow and arrow ready

Garrion: Stun rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Stun SUCCEEDS by 3

Taragnor: yeah archery is super slow without heroic archer.

Taragnor: Its something like 3 rounds to load the arrow, 2 if you make a fast draw check. And then another round after that to fire.

Garrion: #2 shackes the blow off

Zindal: It’s like the difference between an arquebus and a minigun

Garrion: well heroic archer is very cinematic… the normal rules are more realistic

Taragnor: Yeah, heroic archer is pretty much one of the best advantages out there.

Satomi: Also, an actual gun at TL4 (ours) is infinitely slower than even a non-heroic archer

Garrion: the armigar takes a swing as urso….. stepping at an angle away from zindal and toward urso

Taragnor: Since it’s pretty much a 200% rate of fire increase or so.

Taragnor: lol yeah an actual musket, you pretty much want to fire once and then drop.

Taragnor: like you’re never gonna load that thing during combat.

Garrion: Swing rolls 3d6 and gets 5 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Swing SUCCEEDS by 8

Satomi: A musket can drop someone in one shot, but they take like 45 to 60 seconds to load.

Urso: The target is struck in the neck.

Urso: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 12

Urso FAILS by 1

Urso: least my neck is dr 7

Garrion: 3 cut

Zindal: Soaked

Garrion: suck ass roll

Urso: blade bounces off his great helm

Satomi: So they’d be practical in mass formations… Which is actually pretty accurate to history iirc

Tristan: brb guys

Urso: (na, supposed to be able to shoot one every 20 seconds.. least civil war era ones )

Taragnor: heh. well even in mass formation I wouldn’t want to burn 45 seconds to load it when archers are raiing death on you

Taragnor: Even at 1 arrow per 4 seconds, that’s still like 12 arrows or something to your 1 shot/.

Garrion: the armiger attempts to move with the passing horse and grab the dangling reigns

Zindal: lol is that dude stealing Urso’s horse?

Zindal: Haha

Eltera: yeah i honestly never understood why guns took off so fast

Urso: (ballista time sef, hehe)

Eltera: i guess skill

Eltera: you can put a musket in anyones hands for the most part vs needing a bunch of training to be a archer

Garrion: Grab rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -4)

Grab SUCCEEDS by 2

Urso: ( guns made armor useless, so any peasent or whatever negated the greatest battlefield advantage, heavy armor on a war horse )

Satomi: (Technically I think TL4 would be earlier than the civil war, and yeah Sef that’s why)

Garrion: and he gets a hold of them

Taragnor: Pretty sure in GURPS the bodkin arrows are probably better than a musket.

Eltera: well it depends on the gun and the specific armor, they had bulletproof harnesses

Loryc has received initiative.

Taragnor: Guess I’ll continue my duel with the horse.

Garrion: ok, you finish dismounting

Zindal has received initiative.

Eltera: eye poke incoming

Zindal: Yup

Urso: (heh, go ride after that guy now, hehe, cast on the horse )

Zindal: This guy is still within 2 of me so I can totally thrust him

Zindal: Signature move, Thrust to the Eye on #4

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 4 with a Thrust
in the eye
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 13 (21 with a modifier of -8)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

-9 for eye, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 1 miscMod, 0 accMod

Urso: (maybe go smack the guy running, really can’t let anyone get away ?)

Zindal: Awww yeah

Garrion: he attempts to parry

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : SkillLevel=Skill_Level

Garrion: Parry rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Parry FAILS by 2

Zindal: Boom

Zindal: The Longsword inflicts 6 imp raw damage.

Eltera: is that their horse, or one of ours o nthe map?

Zindal: x4 on that

Satomi: (Actually yeah, it wasn’t until around 1800 that musket parts were standardized so that they’d be interchangeable between different guns. That was Eli Whitney that did that)

Urso: (ours.. Urso’s actually )

Eltera: horse_dun

Zindal: 24 to the eye

Garrion: ok, no DR

Eltera: he’s gonna jack your shit and take off it looks like lol

Satomi: (So ours would be much less advanced)

Garrion: ol’ 1-eye

Eltera: cutting dmg must suck, everyone just pokes and pierces hehe

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 3 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -10)


Satomi: (Ah ok, a matchlock is 60 seconds and a flintlock is 15 seconds, that sounds about right)

Zindal: Heh, it’s higher base damage but lower multiplier

Garrion: and down he goes… as he falls back sunned….

Zindal: lol that was only a stun? Jesus

Garrion: but he also at -HP

Garrion: that was the major wound roll

Zindal: Ahh, heh

Garrion: -11

Satomi: (Wow, a flintlock is only $200…)

Garrion: actually he not at -HP death check yet

Zindal: lol, damn

Satomi: (Alpha strike?)

Eltera has received initiative.

Garrion: The rider can take any maneuver. Use Change Posture to dismount safely from a mount that hasn’t moved, or that has moved only a step. Otherwise, the only way to get off is to jump or fall. To jump off safely, take a Move or Move and Attack maneuver and make an Acrobatics or Jumping roll. On any failure, you fall!

Zindal: Heh, so you can use Acrobatics instead of Ride

Garrion: guess so

Garrion: need to look at ride skill to see what it actually does

Garrion: Eltera is up

Garrion: eltera…. 1

Tristan: back

Garrion: 2……

Garrion: 3…….

Tristan has received initiative.

Tristan: while I was out did that soldier jump on the horse?

Zindal: Yup

Garrion: he just grabbed the reigns

Tristan: so he’s not on the horse then?

Garrion: not mounted up yet

Zindal: Not yet, but he’s about to be

Urso: (he just grabbed the reigns)

Urso: (but feel free to smack em )

Eltera: sorry was checking my soup i had on the stove

Tristan: ok, signature move, i’m not worried about defense so I’ll to a determined ranges shot

Tristan: did you want eltera to go first?

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: This is the ability to ride a particular kind of mount. Make a skill roll when you first try to mount a riding animal, and again each time something happens to frighten or challenge the creature (e.g., a jump).

Eltera: I’ll toss a knife at fleeing #3

Eltera: drop sword, and draw knife

Eltera: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Knife) and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: well in this situation i would say a ride check when charging into combat

  • Eltera tosses one of her massive bowie knives at the armiger.

Urso: (heh, should wait and ballista his ass, hehe)

Garrion: you don;t have the angle eltera.. he is right next to the wagon and you on other side

Taragnor: pretty sure Eltera doesn’t have the skills to use the ballista.

Eltera: to throw a knife at him?

Taragnor: I’m not sure what kinda skill taht’d be but she’d have to default to DX and probably suck in the process.

Eltera: i figure i could see the top of his head at least

Urso: (how hard it to pull a trigger or whatever )

Garrion: yes.. he is not a giant.. the wagon is taller than him

Taragnor: He could operate it, but his aim would be garbage.

Eltera: i was thinking he was on horse back

Eltera: for some reason

Garrion: not yet

Tristan: she can step right? … but not sure if she would know he’s fleeing, but a step over should bring him into view

Eltera: ok nevermind that then, didnt know he wasnt in line of sight

Garrion: rightm she was facing away when that happened so woulldn’t know about it

Tristan: ok

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 3 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the vitals
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

-3 for vitals, 1 for maneuver, 0 shock, -9 range, 1 miscMod, 5 accMod

Eltera: can i reach him with a thrust like i did the other one, at th eedge of the wagon?

Tristan: no worries, I got him

Tristan: The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 6 pi raw damage.

Tristan: crap damage though

Tristan: 2 × 3 = 6 (if he has dr 4 after that bodkin)

Garrion: yes.. if you knew he was there… but you do not… unless you peer down while circling wagon roof

Garrion: 6 damge to #3

Taragnor: Well if he’s mounted on a horse, shouldn’t she be able to see him?

Garrion: a wound but not major

Zindal: He’s not on the horse yet

Tristan: ok

Garrion: he is not mounted

Zindal: He grabbed the reins

Zindal: Not actually climbed up yet

Taragnor: oh okay.

Tristan: that’s my turn

Tristan: they probably think there is a ton of archers after them

Eltera: well i know there are some guys on that side of the wagon so I’ll move over to see whos down there at least so i do SOMETHING my turn

Garrion: ok, now you can see all of them

Tristan: is number 2 down?

Zindal: He got knocked down with a stun, think he’s still alive

Eltera: done

Zindal: But you wouldn’t know that until he starts getting up

Garrion: 2 was down but now seems to be getting back up

Tristan: ok

Garrion: on his turn

Tristan: Urso can pound him back into the dirt

Urso has received initiative.

Garrion: urso…..

  • Urso moves up quickly after him, " leave nice horse ALONE" ( use fatigue to do movement and attack without penalty)

Tristan: that poor guy….

Garrion: you have weapon master now?

Urso: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 13 FP.

Urso: (who me? no )

Garrion: then can’t use the fatigue thing

Urso: (really?)

Garrion: yep.. those options restricted to trained by a master or weapon master

Garrion: part of the advantage perks

Garrion: so you can do normal move and attack

Urso: (ok, will do move and attack I guess )

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 3 with a Swing
in the back
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 12 (15 with a modifier of -3)

Urso FAILS by 2

0 for back, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 1 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: and fails to strike

Tristan: does he get bonuses from the rear?

Urso: (fuck, my horse do more damage then Urso this fight)

Garrion: urso getting frustrated

Satomi has received initiative.

Urso: " he trying to get away.. get him "

Garrion: no, just no defesne

Tristan: ok

Tristan: still learning all these rules

Satomi: Ok, I drew my bow + fast drew the arrow last turn right? Now I gotta load the bow .

Satomi: And next turn I can shoot.

Garrion: you could ahve done all out attack… then you could have moved half speed and attacked but no defense possible

Tristan: no defence in gurps is not a good thing…

Taragnor: yeah lol

Taragnor: you basically never want to do all out attack

Urso: (heh, could I retcon that?)

Tristan: but urso did take a gator to the nuts so maybe he does not count

Garrion: #1 atttempts to shake it off

Taragnor: UInless you’ve got a major death wish

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Garrion: #2 gets up….

Satomi: Also, :3 at bonuses from the rear


Taragnor: hehe

Garrion: well we can use the same roll….

Garrion: it would have just not been at -4

Urso: (well would have hit then)

Garrion: what was the 1 misc mod for?

Urso: signature shot

Garrion: signature shot has maneuver specified with it…

Satomi: (that smiley is one of my favorite things ever)

Garrion: yours is an attack maneuver with upper swing to the gut (torso) right?

Urso: ya, to vitals

Satomi: (I just saved it and put it on my google drive so I can definitely have it forever)

Garrion: so with a move and attack it would not qualify… just to make sure yo know the requirements

Urso: ok, well still would have hit by 1 normally then

Garrion: anyway… you strike him in the back

Urso: The Throwing Axe inflicts 16 cut raw damage.

Garrion: torso shot i assume?

Zindal: Ouch

Urso: yes

Garrion: no defesne since it to his back

Garrion: 8 DR

Garrion: so 8 raw

Taragnor: wow 8 DR?

Urso: so 12 damage?

Taragnor: What’s that? full plate?

Urso: (better then mine, mine is only 6 )

Taragnor: heh yeah I thought Eltera’s was 7 and she’s got full plate I think.

Urso: (special maybe?)

Garrion: ok, major wound

Tristan: you need weapon master, it’s + 2 damage per dice so an axe would be another + 6… you would be doing “decapitating dragons” damage

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: Weapon Master is a seriously awesome Advantage

Garrion: and he remains unaffected for now

Urso: (really? wow, actually is 4d6, so extra +8 )

Tristan: especially with swing damage

Tristan: crapola

Taragnor: Yeah it’s +2 per die.

Tristan: every kill would be insta-death

Taragnor: Weapon master is pretty uber.

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Taragnor: I still think heroic archer is better just becuase of the RoF boost.

Urso: (I need to find someone to train me though right?)

Taragnor: But Weapon master is still really solid, especialyl with the 1 FP ubercharge thing

Garrion: #1 HT rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

  1. HT SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan: so, 12 minimum damage (8 from weapon master + 1 × 4 dice). = epic

Tristan: not to mention if you have pluses from your weapon…

Tristan: and if you want to be really nasty, be a head hunger (x 4 damage).

Tristan: hunter (not hunger)

Garrion: ok, the armiger remains stabding despite his wound…..

Eltera: i think you guys are doing good enough dmg, lol talk about overkill

Garrion: Ride rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Ride SUCCEEDS by 0

Eltera: you might wanna worry about what you’re gonna do the other 90% of the time you aitn fighting

Garrion: and he mounts up

Tristan: he’s probably suffering shock so it would be – to his rolls

Garrion: not with high pain

Tristan: up to – 4 I think?

Tristan: ok, np

Tristan: just making sure I understand the rules

Garrion: but yes you are correct

Taragnor: Yeah hopefully we’ll get a chance to do an adventure that isn’t just mindless hack and slash.

Urso: (heh, high pain is a must for any fighter )

Tristan: i want to see Urso face down a giant

Satomi: He is a giant!

Tristan: true, a bigger giant then

Loryc has received initiative.

Tristan: or a tribe of evil halflings screaming “kill the giant!”

Janiven: « 3d6 = 8 »

Taragnor: Alright I’m gonan move up I guess.

Taragnor: Lemme see.. my move should be 4 at light encumbrance, for some reason the macros is saying it’s 2 not sure why

Taragnor: Alright gonna go there.

Taragnor: that’s 4.

Zindal has received initiative.

  • Zindal moves up behind the mounted Armiger and attempts to bring him down

Zindal: Gonna spend FP to full move and attack without penalty

Zindal: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 12 FP.

Garrion: ohh, bad place to be

Zindal: “Pathetic. These are the so-called Hellknights?”

Garrion: did;t anyone ever teach zindal not to come up behind a horse

Zindal: lol

Tristan: he may be learning now….

Taragnor: he can parry a hoof.

Taragnor: It’s more dangeours if the horse is behind him :P

Tristan: that handsom flaw my be going away soon when your missing teeth.

Garrion: one sec.. brb.. it rainigand need to check windows

Garrion: thunderstorm

Zindal: I’m gonna Rapid Strike and do two attacks on his back at -3 each

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 3 with a Swing
in the back
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 18 (21 with a modifier of -3)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 3 with a Swing
in the back
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 18 (21 with a modifier of -3)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 10

0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Urso: (heh, better make sure you do more then 8 damage )

Taragnor: lol.

Zindal: Heh, 7 minimum, so unless I roll shit…

Taragnor: death by paper cuts.

Zindal: I don’t think he gets defense since I’m hitting him from the back

Taragnor: yeah h eshouldn’t unless he’s got rear vision or something

Urso: still gets DR

Zindal: The Longsword inflicts 17 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Longsword inflicts 15 cut raw damage.

Zindal: There you go

Urso: nice

Taragnor: Damn. heh. didn’t realize Zindal did that much dmg.

Zindal: Yeah with a swing he does, heh

Zindal: I mostly uses thrusts for the x4 damage to the eye

Zindal: Or the x3 to the vitals

Zindal: And thrust damage is lower

Tristan: yup, adding + 2 per die ads up (swing gets more dice)

Satomi: Thrusts do impaling damage though right?

Zindal: Yeah

Garrion: 9 and 7 raw

Zindal: Cut is what, 1.5?

Taragnor: yeah should be 1.5

Garrion: yes

Taragnor: at least on most hit locations.

Zindal: 13.5 and 10.5

Urso: that should be enough

Taragnor: nots ure if you round up or down

Zindal: Those are to the torso

Tristan: depends on the location but most of the time yes. You can always go for the head, it normally has more DR but X 4 normally makes up for it

Garrion: ok, that brings him down to -18

Garrion: major wound

Garrion: Ht rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Zindal: Heh, that’s only the first one

Garrion: death check

Zindal: Now add in the other 10, lol

Garrion: Death Check rolls 3d6 and gets 15 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -1)

Death Check FAILS by 5

Zindal: Splat

Urso: nice

Garrion: and he reels over in the saddle.. falling from the horse…..

Tristan: horse spooked?

Zindal: “Damned cowards. Stand and die like men.”

Tristan: (then kick to the face)

Garrion: a bolt shoots out from the bridge…..

Garrion: Bolt rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Bolt FAILS by 2

Taragnor: at who?

Garrion: and thudsinto the side of the wagon

Garrion: none of you realy can see this.. they shooting at #2

Eltera has received initiative.

Taragnor: Ah okay. so they’re helping us. Was just wondering if they were shooting Zindal or something.

Garrion: Eltera….

Eltera: im thinking

Garrion: per check

Eltera: I’ll delay

Eltera: gonna eat my soup

Tristan has received initiative.

Eltera: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera FAILS by 2

Tristan: going for number 2

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: Eltera does not know #2 is at the north side of the wagon

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 2 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the vitals
←Rolls 6 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 9

-3 for vitals, 1 for maneuver, 0 shock, -9 range, 1 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan: is that a crit?

Zindal: Nope, not a critical success

Eltera: ok well im gonna go eat my grub, afk a few mins

Zindal: It’s gotta be 10 or better MoS

Tristan: close

Tristan: The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 7 pi raw damage.

Garrion: no defense.. running away

Tristan: 9 damage

Garrion: Major Wound rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -5)

Major Wound FAILS by 3

Tristan: nice

Garrion: he stumbles and falls stunned

Tristan: so, everyone is down?

Garrion: Death Chack rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -1)

Death Chack SUCCEEDS by 1

Zindal: Think a couple of them are getting back up

Urso has received initiative.

Tristan: it’s like wack a mole

  • Urso looks around to see if anyone other enemies are left and grabs his horse so it doesn’t bolt. " easy horsey"

Garrion: the hrose also goes now….

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 13 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 3

Garrion: it kicks back in fear st the action going on around it……

Tristan: lol

Garrion: Kick rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Kick SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan: the horse has the flaw "be the best average horse in the world!)

Taragnor: lol.

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 7 with effective skill 20

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 13

Tristan: or “intolerance: cocky swordsmen”

Taragnor: actually think you damage its hoof if you block it with a weapon maybe.

Taragnor: Not sure… I thought blocking an unarmed strike witha weapon did damage.

Satomi: Was just trying to figure out how to select my token .-.

Zindal: It’s got horseshoes, it’ll be fine

Garrion: really, parry a horse kick? that a pretty powerful blow… need to pull up a you tube video of that

Zindal: lol

Tristan: there is probably one…

Zindal: Well my Dodge is 12, with that roll I succeed on ducking out of the way

Zindal: So if you want me to call it a Dodge instead I will =P

Garrion: that more likely

Garrion: Zindal deftly tilts out of the way of the powerful kick

Satomi has received initiative.

Taragnor: heh well I mean I’m pretty sure he can parry that if he wanted to. I mean it’s not like a giants greatsowrd or something.

Garrion: we’ll call this the last round to give everyone a chance to do something… satomi

Satomi: Ok~ I should get to sleep soon anyway, I got surgery x.x

Satomi: Are any of the Hellknights up?

Zindal: I think one of them may be starting to get up

Zindal: Not sure

Garrion: none are up now

Satomi: Well, do I see the one starting to get up? If not I’ll use a wait action to wait until one does try to move, and shoot him.

Garrion: ok, now one stands…. #$

Garrion: #4

Zindal: And now he gets shot

Tristan: lol

Garrion: he does need a check though after the sword to the eye

Zindal: lol

Garrion: Consciousness roll rolls 3d6 and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Consciousness roll FAILS by 5

Garrion: and he drops

Satomi: Hehe, so he doesn’t stand? In that case my action says.

Loryc has received initiative.

Urso: (guess his empty eye socket spit out some blood and he passed out…)

Garrion: yep

Satomi: squick

Garrion: go ahead and shoot #2 as he stands Stomi.. that will happen next round

Garrion: just fast forwarding

Satomi: Hehe, ok~

Garrion: give you a chance to shoot at something and not let tristan hog it all

←Attacks Hellknight Armiger 2 with a Standard Arrow
in the Right Leg
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 7 (14 with a modifier of -7)

Satomi FAILS by 1

0 for Right Leg, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -7 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: Consciousness rolls 3d6 and gets 17 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Consciousness CRITICALLY FAILS by 6

Satomi: Aww what?

Garrion: he tries to stand and satomis arrow zooms past and he slumps to the ground…..

Satomi: Bullshit then on those distances being in yards

Zindal: It totall nicked him

Zindal: totally*

  • Urso tries to calm his horse down and then tie it to the wagon.

Satomi: What units are they in G?

Garrion: use the ruller tool

Garrion: yards

Satomi: Yeah

Satomi: I did

Garrion: you are 24.3 yards to target

Satomi: It says the distance between me and that dude is 24.3 yards

Garrion: it is

Satomi: Oh, I think I see where I went wrong

Satomi: nm

Garrion: ok, they all down… end combat… you cleam up the area

Satomi: I was thinking like it was D&D

Taragnor: Well we were supposed to leave one alive so I could mind screw him. but whatever. I’m just glad this fight is over.

Garrion: as soon as the last guy drops Janiven and a few others run up to you…. “You came, what a relieve. I had no way to contact you in time to let you know about the transfer this morning.”

Zindal: Heh well most of them are still alive

Zindal: They’re just unconscious

Urso: " yes, they move quick but we find them"

Zindal: Can probably first aid one to stabilize him and then shank the rest

Garrion: most are simply unconscioous

  • Zindal flicks the blood from his sword and wipes it clean before returning it to its scabbard

Zindal: “It all worked out in the end at least. Are you hurt, m’lady?”

Loryc: (Well aren’t they bleeding to death? I mean I figure they all got shot in the lung and shit)

Tristan: (starting to mount my horse)

Loryc: (I don’t expect them to survive)

Zindal: lol well we can first aid one of them

Zindal: Damn man

Loryc: (heh whatever, it’s no big deal, lol I’m sure the adventure will react the same whatever we do :P )

Urso: (why?)

Satomi: (Hey I need to get to bed, I gotta be up in 5 hours or so x.x )

Urso: ok, later

Garrion: “I am ok, but I fear some of our friends are not so well off….”, behind her you see some pople tending to a few wounded people in the grass.

Zindal: Night night Sachi, good luck tomorrow!

Garrion: g’ night sachi

Tristan: night Sachi

Satomi: (Thanks! Goodnight, guys!)

Urso: (anyone good at first aid? Urso is only ok )

Tristan: (I do)

Tristan: I see everything calming down and walk the horse over at a relaxed pace

Zindal: (I’m trained in it but that ain’t saying much)

Garrion: “We were in over our heads but we had no choice. These are simple people, not fighters like us.”

Zindal: (If Loryc says he wants one of them alive we can try to bandage them up)

Urso: (me too, got 10 )

Tristan: (you have made some good first aid rolls in the past)

Tristan: (maybe we should let the one guy out of the cage?)

Loryc: (heh well I don’t really got much FP left anyway, so we’d have to rest for about 10 minutes before I can try the spell

Garrion: You hear some muffled shouting from the wagon….

Loryc: (We can just hide the bodies or whatever anyway, and it’ll probalby end up being the same result)

Loryc: (Just toss the boides into the swamp or something)

Loryc: (So they can’t speak with dead on em)

Zindal: lol geez, stop being such a fatalist, do you want to try something or not

Urso: " are these all of them? there were no extra riders?"

Garrion: Janiven: “Arael, it is Janiven. We have come to free you, hold on.”

Loryc: heh I udnno up to Sachi.

Zindal: Well she’s going to bed

Zindal: So you’re in command now Number 2

Garrion: "Yes, we should hurry. The accompanying patrol was lured away by our decoy, but they may return at any moment

Zindal: So stop being a Number 2 and explain what you want us to do, lol

Urso: (locals probably know a place we can dump em, bury em… and burn em probably )

Loryc: (Do we know what happened to those other riders?)

Zindal: (She just mentioned that, lol)

Garrion: she just told you

Loryc: (oh lol)

  • Zindal smirks, “If they’re anything like this lot, I’m not concerned.”

Zindal: “Let them come.”

Urso: " we need place to dump these bodies, so they are never found… you know place?"

Loryc: “Well first priority is to take them out… we porobably won’t get a chance to mvoe all the boides before they get back.”

Tristan: "maybe we should set up an ambush of our own?

Garrion: “These were just trainees, except the one on top there. The others were full knights. We should go.”

Tristan: “anybody a good fit in this armor?”

Tristan: “knights are men like anyone else, they all fall under arrows and swords”

Urso: (heh, we beat em without a scratch, I guess we quit while we way, way ahead…)

Loryc: “How much did they see?”

Zindal: “I doubt anyone wants to try wearing Hellknight armor without actually being a member of the Hellknights. They probably frown on that highly.”

Loryc: “It only looks like hell knight armor, and looks can be decieved.”

Urso: " might be decent , if we even need to dress as them?"

Tristan: “If your scarred Zindal say your scared… but I meant as a decoy… Or we could prop one of these guys up no problem”

Loryc: “Hide the bodies in the wagon for now.”

Loryc: “I can work on setting up an ambush for the others.”

Garrion: “Who? The patrol? They saw a decoy bandit ambush. They rode away after them in pursuit.”

Tristan: “sounds good to me” (looking for a good sniping point.

Loryc: “They’ll know it’s obviously not bandits when they return to find the wagons attacked and the prisoner freed. We should try to take them out too.”

Tristan: “That bridge would make a fantastic choke point. A simple rope pulled up at the right moment and secured to something like a rock could dismount them quickly. … still, that decoy would have to get past it first”

Garrion: “I really didn’t want this kind of blood shed. This will surely infuriate the Hellknights now. Let’s get Arael out of here.”

Urso: " Urso can attach his bigger horse to the wagon, help us move out of here quicker "

Zindal: “I doubt we can move the wagon quickly enough to make an escape from men mounted on horseback.”

Loryc: “You can get him to safety, we can take out the three others.”

Tristan: “if you want to leave the wagon then put one of these bodies inside and burn it, hard to tell it’s not the prisioner they had”. Just throw the lock back on it

Tristan: one burned body looks much like another"

Loryc: “No, I was actually planning on having them find their wagon just as they left it, or so it would seem.”

Garrion: “Eltera, toss that guy down here or see what he has. He seemed to be the leader and probably has the key.”

Loryc: “Then when they get close enough, you do what you do best.”

Urso: (maybe check for magic as well?)

Loryc: alright I’ll drop a detect magic.

Loryc: It’s free anyway

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: you detect a minor healing potion on the guy on the roof

Loryc: That for detect magic, gonna scan all their possessions especially the leader.

  • Urso claims that.

Loryc: (The DR 8 armor magical?)

Garrion: not magical

Loryc: (Well that means it’ll be DR 9 when we get it enchanted for 50 bucks)

Garrion: just very finely crafted

Zindal: lol

Tristan: (that is some thick ass armor)

Loryc: (I figure Urso is gonna grab the armor)

Urso: ( it like obviously their armor when you look at it?)

Loryc: (who cares, I’m a master of illusions)

Urso: (ya, until I get hit)

Loryc: (It cabn look liek a leather doublet if I want it to)

Garrion: if you get caught with it it will be the noose for you, yes a very specific design for each branch of the hellknights

Loryc: (if you’re getting hit, then you’ll be glad you got DR 8)

Garrion: and finding a buyer will be tricky

Urso: mine is 6, not much worse.. and less a pain in the butt

Eltera: sorry im nodding off here, im gonna pull a sachi and call it a night

Urso: ( so we leaving them or what?)

Loryc: “Well you people wanted treasure… that armor will be worth something, ev en if you just want better battle gear.”

Loryc: (Well I wanted to stow the bodies, set up a bunch of illusions and ambush em

Urso: " too easy to recognize.. not worth the trouble"

Zindal: “More trouble than it’s worth. I prefer coin.”

Tristan: “i’m ok with an ambush… wish I had a tree though”

Urso: ( the weapons have thier symbols on them, or more generic like?)

Zindal: “I’m game for an ambush…”

Eltera: sell it to thieves guild so they use it for disguises?

Tristan: (what kinds of weapons do they have?)

Garrion: ok, you have a limited time frame.. so you better get to work and get commands issued… no time to debate this as a commitee sweetheart

Tristan: (any bodkin arrows?)

Eltera: hide it some where and arrange a pick up or something

Loryc: “Alright everyone load the bodies in the wagon while I set up the illusions.”

Zindal: Figure out what to do with the armor later heh

Zindal: We need to set up our ambush

Garrion: the wagon is locked

Urso: ( we sure we want to ambush them?)

Garrion: a very strong looking lock

Loryc: (okay I’ll pick it then)

Tristan: garrion, how deeps is the creek?

Zindal: Search the leader dude for the key

Eltera: anyways im going to bed, T our feerless leader can decide

Loryc: ←rolls Lockpicking (TL4) and gets 9 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Urso: ( satomir can probably pick it?)

Loryc: It’s not locked anymore :P

Zindal: Or just pick it, that works too

Zindal: Key would probably be faster though

Garrion: Loryc spends a period of time picking the lock the later finds the key on the leader

Zindal: lol

Loryc: (I figure with MoS 9 it won’t take me long to pick it)

  • Urso grabs a guard in each hand and tosses them where instructed.

Zindal: Do these guys have any coin on them btw? I’m totally pocketing that shit if nobody else thinks to ask about it

Loryc: (We’ll have time to loot em after the ambush :P )

Garrion: well it is a very ice lock.. so part of that 9 Mos was eaten up by a difficulty modifier

Garrion: you still got it though

Loryc: (Is it a padlock?)

Loryc: (like does it come off the door or is it built in?)

Garrion: no, an internal lock on the door

Loryc: (hmm guess we could try to sell the wagon)

Urso: ( maybe have Tristan climb and check out the balista? might be good for a shot ?)

Tristan: “Loryc, can you make it look like that bridge is out? Or maybe we should burn it….” (how deep is the creek and how steep is the bank?

Loryc: (Yeah, I can handle that.. I will have to remove most of your disguises though.)

Garrion: the bridge is stone.. the creek is 4 ft deep

Loryc: (I can only keep up so many spells)

Loryc: “I can handle that.. I will have to remove most of your disguises though.”

Garrion: the ban is not too steep, you can walk down to the creek

Loryc: “I can only keep up so many spells” (that was supposed to be IC

Urso: (there 4 for of these riders? we sure we want to ambush them?)

Loryc: Would the bridge stop a wagon if it was out?

Loryc: Or could they just wade through the water and get through that way?

Loryc: Like would that be reasonable reason they stopped there?

Tristan: “or, maybe you could make me look like a horse while I shoot them with arrows”

Garrion: wel they could try to go through the creek but it would be trouble.. the bridge is of course preferred

Loryc: “Nah, I was going to make you look like the leader, so you can be on top of the wagon and nobody will question it.”

Loryc: (okay first thing I’m gonan do is drop all my active spells except missile shield.

Garrion: well they know they stopped there…

Tristan: “Hmmm… could you make it look like I don’t have a bow and i’m not shooting them?”

Garrion: Janiven relays events…..

Loryc: How wide is the bridge?

Tristan: “if their leader starts taking them out then they would probably catch on really quickly”

Urso: ( they ride on other side of teh bridge or where?)

Tristan: “hmmm… I wonder if you could make the wagon look like a couple twigs then they crash their horses into it after we park it on the bridge” (I climb on on the wagon to keep a look out)

Urso: regains 1 fatigue, and now has 14 FP.

Loryc: “Leave the wagon here. I’m going to go disguise the bridge then recreate the scene.. The rest of you will be hiding among the hell knights.”

Garrion: “The Hellknights approached from the east and just as they came up to the bridge the decoy party attacked and ran drawing away the escort. The wagon was waiting for the escort to return when we started attacking.”

Loryc: (Actually wait I think I can just concentrate to change an illusion… I dont’ have to formally remove an active one and recast it.)

Tristan: does the leader have a cloak?

Loryc: (So I’ll just keep up the party’s illusions and change them for hell knights.

Urso: (any of their sheilds have the hell knight insignia’s and are large ? if so Urso will stow his and use one of theirs, to better his disguise)

Tristan: i’ll go put his helmet on and if he has a cloak ill drap it

Loryc: Like basically copying the knights we just fought, Tristan can be the leader. And zindal and such will be assorted footsoldiers.

Loryc: Zindal and Urso.

Garrion: “We were unable to make a significant impact though.”

Garrion: no, he has…..

Loryc: I’ll make myself the wagon driver.

Garrion: full plate, heavy mace, wooden holy symbol, prison carriage key.. and the potion

Loryc: actually.. wait…

Loryc: I’ll be the hell knight leader (so I can use my deception skills), and I’ll make tristan the driver

Loryc: so he’s still on top of the wagon

Tristan: slightly used full plate

Loryc: (And the other 3 party members willb e assorted illusory hell knights.

Tristan: (notching a bodkin)

Urso: ( so they gonna ride up on us from the east or west?)

Garrion: the leader though also has a letter… tucked in a pouch

Loryc: (Yeah good question lets ask Janiven that)

Urso: (there someplace we can put our horses?)

Garrion: It is from mayor Aberian Arvanxi to the captain of the guard of Citadel Rivad asking for help dealing with a group of bandits called the “Bastards of Erebus.” Specifically, the letter seems to be repeating the request, and asks for a response to an earlier request for help in dealing with the bandits.

Garrion: there are a few sparce groves of trees

Loryc: “Quick Zindal and Tristan go take our horses over there.”

Loryc: “Hide them where they can’t be seen…”

Urso: (maye have the rebels take our horses and go hide there)

Loryc: (We do know which way they’re coming from, right?)

Loryc: (oh right… lemme just give our horses to the rebels actually)

Loryc: (We can always walk back period)

Garrion: they would most likely be coming from the way they went.. unless they somehow circled around

Garrion: they have their own horses toied up nearby…..

Loryc: (to Janiven) “Take our horses back with you… also funny story those aren’t really our horses, I might have borrowed them, you can return them to the stablekeeper. You can tell him you found them on the body of an arrogant noble who got what’s coming to him.”

Garrion: “You don’t want us to stay?”

Loryc: “there’s only three of them. Just tell us which direction you last saw them go, so we can be ready.”

Zindal: There’s four of them, heh

Loryc: *four = three

Garrion: 4 of them

Tristan: “great, our mage can’t count”

Zindal: “Three rounds to four?”

Loryc: “We’ve got them outnumbered.”

Garrion: “They went across the bridge after the decoy.”

Tristan: “Do they have any range weapons?”

Loryc: “I can work with that.”

Urso: " might be hard, they can run away on horse, mean we have to kill horses so they can’t run"

Garrion: “They probaly have crossbows like the others, but I can’t say for certain.”

Loryc: “Or we just have to take them by surprise.”

Tristan: “a crossbow is a slow weapon”

Garrion: Arael is released from the wagon….

Garrion: He is a half-elf.

Garrion: “Thank you so much. Janiven, are you and the others alright>?”

Loryc: “Well take our horses and go in the opposite direction you saw them go.”

Garrion: “who do I owe my gratitude to here? I know of you Loryc.”

Garrion: that would be back to Westcrown

Loryc: “Just keep riding we can take care of ourselves. I’m travelling with two master swordsmen, an elite marksman and a man whose arm is tougher than most people’s torsos.”

Urso: " you know Urso when you see him"

Zindal: “The name is Zindal. Well met.”

Loryc: “We can exchange pleasantries later, right now we’ve got an ambush to set up.”

Garrion: “I am Arael. Please try not to make this a war against the Hellknights. Just make sure that their wrath can’t come back to us. We’ll see you again back in Westcrown.”

Tristan: “Zindal, Eltera, If you don’t mind I would like one of you on each side of this wagon so I make sure i’m not bringing a bow to a swordfight”

Loryc: “I would have prefered to solve this witout violence, but we’re in too deep now…”

Loryc: “Right now the best we can do is blame their deaths on someone else.”

Loryc: “And not on rebels.”

Tristan: “maybe the boss wants to get up here with me since she also has a bow”

Loryc: (HOw many were on top of the wagon roiginally?)

Loryc: (Just the driver and the leader right?)

Zindal: (Just the one when we encountered them I think)

Tristan: 1, but she’s not here so she can lay down and hide

Zindal: (When they left town yeah it was driver and the leader I think)

Tristan: it was really just to remove her from combat

Urso: (heh, we aren’t doing this fight tonight)

Zindal: Yeah I’d rather have Satomi somewhere safe too, heh

Loryc: (Yeah we won’t do the fight tonight)

Garrion: there were 2 armigers on each side of the wagon on the running boards and the cleric on top wit the driver… the driver was killed in the initial assault by Janiven

Loryc: (oh hmm… )

Zindal: Heh, so it’d make sense for one of the Armigers to take over that spot

Loryc: (Well i wanted to be the leader)

  • Urso will take up position by the horse and look to be tending to it.

Loryc: (And I was gonna have tristan be the driver)

Loryc: (Mainly because I can do the talking and lure them in)

Urso: (they not gonna be all mounted up and just waiting.. will be standing by the wagon, probably looking for trouble u ntil the others show )

Zindal: Does the wagon’s prisoner chamber have bars and shit that someone could fire a bow out of? Maybe Satomi could hide in there and fire out of the windows

Loryc: (Yeah I mean she can kinda be whereever she wants really)

Loryc: (mostly I didn’t want to have more than 2 on top since that doens’t seem to be normal protocol.)

Tristan: i would prefer to be on top of the wagon

Garrion: Janiven and the others gather up their wounded and mount up on the horses. Arael lays a hand on some of those barely hanging to life and they seem to be batter.

Urso: (nice, found us a healer )

Loryc: (honestly healing potions are better in GURPS)

Garrion: They then offer thanks once more and ride off back to the city

Loryc: (I dont’ think thre’s even spells to reattach limbs and stuff0

Loryc: (Okay gonna chagne aroudn the illusions liek I said, I’ll be hell knight leader, the others will be armigers.)

Urso: (wow, I don’t think we took a scratch in that fight?)

Loryc: (Tristan can bre on top taking the drivers position for the dead driver.

Tristan: cool

Loryc: (I’m gonna leave the body of the dead drive rwhere it was, the other bodies gonna be inside the wagon)

Loryc: (Or any that died by Janiven’s group I’ll leave outside, but the others gonna be isnide… the ones we killed.)

Loryc: (So how many did we take down?)

Garrion: yeah, mook trainees and you took out the leader with the first shot\

Loryc: (4 of them right?)

Loryc: (plus the leader?)

Garrion: you took down 4 armigers

Loryc: (ANd the leader?)

Loryc: Wel there’s 5 of us so that’s perfect.

Garrion: the leader.. and there is a body of the driver on the ground… 6 total

Loryc: yeah well he’s dead, so he doesn’t really need an illusion

Loryc: So I can just shift my existing illusions on them so don’t gotta worry about that. And then I’m gonna cast an advanced illusion on the bridge.

Loryc: Complex illusion rather, basically gonna be like a big 1 yard radius hole in the bridge. Gonna sculpt it so it looks liek the work of some kind of magic, using my thaumatology and artist(illusuon) skills

Garrion: there are 6 of you

Garrion: who is going to be sitting out?

Loryc: Oh right.. okay…

Loryc: I forgot, lol cause I only had 5 active illusions

Loryc: I think cause we were short someone last session

Zindal: Somebody has to be disguised as the prisoner, lol

Urso: (damn, that weapon master is 20 pts?)

Zindal: Yeah heh

Loryc: alright I’ll do a 6th illusion then on the last guy… using complex illusion on them. Basically gonna make them look like the driver, with an arrow through thier chest.

Garrion: well the wagon is completelu enclosed except a few slits

Loryc: And we can throw the real body in the wagon

Garrion: they can’t see in unless they open door

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 8 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Urso: (oh then they can’t see in there anyway)

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 14 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 0

Loryc: That was complex illusiona nd illusion disguise

Urso: maybe someone just hide by the bridge

Loryc: Nah we’re all concealed

Loryc: one is the dead driver, the other are armigers and I’m the leader.

Garrion: ok, as you make your plans and are finishing loading up the bodies in the wagon… you see atrail of dust and distant rideres heading your way…..

Zindal: “They’re coming.”

Tristan: (4 horses chasing one or just 4 horses?)

Loryc: well I wanted to do one more thing before thy got here.

  • Urso takes his position as indicated, " you say when we attack?"

Loryc: I was gonna disguise the bridge with a complex illusion.

Garrion: no more time to prep.. you better get to positions and get those spells in place…..

Loryc: I didn’t roll for that yet.

Loryc: but I’m gona do that (I said I was doing that before just didn’t roll yet)

Loryc: I can do all this stuff in under a minute btw

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc: okay bridge is disguised too

Loryc: and then getting on the wagon.

Urso: (heh, move the horse and dead bodies out of there)

Loryc: basically it’ll look like they blocked the bridge so th wagon had to stop

Loryc: Well we’ll leave the wagon’s horses.

Loryc: Our horses are with the rebels

Loryc: and the dead bodies are in the wagon

Loryc: SO thjey can’t see em

Urso: (mean just the mini’s off the board )

Loryc: (ah)

Loryc: “Let me do the talking, sionce I’m supposed to be the leader.”

Tristan: my mini is stuck under the horse

Garrion: i’m just telling you in real time that you have run out of time.. i don;t care if it takes 30 minutes or 2 seconds…. they arrive just as you finish loading the prisoners and are ion the process of casting spells…. you have time to get a few more off before thay can make out details… the point is you don;t have an abundance of time to make further plans and prep

Loryc: Alright well I’ll get on top of the wagon, with Tristan, the others are scattered about, we’l have Satomi be the dead driver.

Loryc: All cloaked in illusions.

Tristan: (do we see 4 horses chasing one or just 4 horses)

Zindal: Tristan should be on top of the wagon in the driver position

Garrion: as they get closer.. you see 4 horses

Loryc: yeah.

Zindal: Eltera would be on the ground

Loryc: put tristan up there.

Tristan: (yeah, i’m stuck under that horse on the right side of the screen)

Loryc: All of usa re disguised as armigers, except Satomi who is the dead driver. And me who is the leader.

Loryc: (Tristan, master archer, trampled to death by a horse)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: (hey, i’m making a friend…)

Tristan: (milking the horse)

Loryc: Alright so…

Garrion: you finish mounting up and getting into position as the riders come up on the bridge…..

  • Urso whisper, " use no names, incase some get away "

Loryc: Put Eltera down off the wagon btw, and tristan on it.

Tristan: (are they movign fast or slow coming in?)

Loryc: (Whispers to the others) “By the way, when I use the word ‘weather’, that’s code for everoyne to attack at once.”

Loryc: (I’ll hail them in whatever is typical protocol for hell knights, I’ve got savoir faire (all), so I know everyone’s protocol thanks to my Fake! skill)

Garrion: a trot

Tristan: ok, so not chasing anyone

Loryc: (so I’m basically doing waht would be protocol, if there’s anything I’m supposed to do at range)

Loryc: (otherwise I’ll jkust wait for them to approach)

Loryc: (Keep in mind Loryc basically knows all the military customs and stuff so he can blend in with more or less anyone with his Fake! skill)

Garrion: ok, time to save and wrap

Tristan: (i was hoping they would be chasing the decoy at a high speed and I could drop the lead horse for a domino effect).

Garrion: did you cast the bridge spell?

Loryc: yes.

Loryc: Complex illusion on the bridge.

Loryc: so it looks like it was magically damaged, basically bad enough where a wagon couldn’t fit over.

Garrion: to look like?

Garrion: ok

Loryc: Pretty much there’s a magically created hole in it.

Loryc: Like some kinda stone shape or what not.

Loryc: Assuming tehy got knowledge of magic, I can use my artist(illusion0 and thaumatology to make it look convincing.

Urso: ( that to explain why we still here? though we just waiting for them to come back.. and no reason for that?)

Loryc: right

Loryc: The bridge got disabled and our driver got ambushed and killed

Urso: (remember they saw thru your illusion before)

Loryc: (Well thatw as the leader)

Loryc: (and he had to have a spell up)

Tristan: yup, I doubt the other ones are clerics

Loryc: (he’s dead now)

Garrion: ok, well you didn; not have time to collaberate on a story…..

Loryc: (well I’m gonan do the talking)

Urso: (the guy we take out that leader or no?)

Loryc: (So they don’t need a story, I’m assuming the leader is the one who talks)

Zindal: (Yeah that was the same one)

Tristan: (yeah, pretty sure he was the leader, he was the cleric)

Zindal: (And yeah Loryc said to just let him do the talking)

Loryc: (So they don’t really need to know much, I’m gonna be doing the story)

Loryc: (they ain’t gonna expect lowly armigers to talk much anyway, they just follow orders)

  • Urso just some dumb grunt.

Loryc: I mean you don’t go and ask the grunts what happened, you ask the commander.

Urso: and will act accordingly. ( hehe)

Garrion: ok, till next time

Tristan: ok guys, have a fantastic night

Urso: ok, later all

Garrion: we freeze at them approaching the bridge and slowing down

Zindal: Yeah, I’m out for now, later guys

Urso: any pts for this session, or not until its all done next time?

Garrion: yes, you get points.. always get al least 1 point if you show up

Garrion: i’ll post on the site

Loryc: (Also I’ll have some of the others, maybe Urso and Eltera look wounded in thier illusions)

Urso: ok, not like we spending em anytinme soon.. but think gonna take riding skill next chance I get, seems we might need that

Loryc: (So it seems there was some kinda fight)

Tabris is disconnected.

Urso: ok, later

Cedric is disconnected.

Tristan is disconnected.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Session 3

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