Session 5

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Cedric has connected.

Urso: hey

Garrion: howdy

Taragnor has connected.

Urso: we find any healing potions?

Garrion: yes, you already claimed it… the one on the cleric

Tabris has connected.

Tabris: Oh, Tristan isn’t here, no wonder I wasn’t messaged about the server being up

Garrion: Urso picked it up and pocketed it… it is posted on the site

Urso: oh, none from the newer 4 guys?

Garrion: nope

Urso: slackers

Tabris: lol what is Urso pocketing?

Urso: healing potion

Garrion: yeah, braice emailed and said running alittle late and not to wait, will be here in a bit

Tabris: Ah

Urso: since I was the only one who got hurt in that fight

Tabris: Yeah that’s fine

Tabris: Just so long as you aren’t pocketing the coin

Tabris: Because Zindal is doing that

Garrion: i thought Satomi got the coin and the letter?

Tabris: lol yeah, I was joking

Garrion: ok, also just so you know, didn’t repost it int he forum but the brigandine is also emblazoned with Order of the Rack insignia, but not hard molded like the armor

Garrion: plate

Garrion: it was already stated in the loot listing

Garrion: so just so i can make sure i have records straight… you are keeping the weapons and the brigandine but tossing the rest in the fens

Urso: can those symbols come off easily?

Garrion: with some work

Urso: axe work?

Tabris: Are the weapons specially crafted or are they “off the shelf?”

Garrion: haha, well that will damage the armor too… with a little elbow grease to get the dye/paint off

Garrion: they are standard quality

Urso: oh, it painted on there?

Urso: ( we can’t walk into the city with them, so either we give em to the rogue guys, or just dump em someplace )

Garrion: even though this is “Pathfinder” you will find enchanted gear much more rare than in d20… every other sword is not magicall

Taragnor: Yeah. we’re gonna take anything that’s worth stealing and toss the rest into the fens.

Garrion: you do not need magic to be at the “proper scale for monsters of your CR”

Taragnor: We

Tabris: Just slap some mud on the armor

Taragnor: And taking the horses too

Tabris: It got dirty

Taragnor: we’re gonna try to sell em to thje bandits.

Tabris: Then you can paint over it later

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: ok, also to make sure we are clear.. the bandits are not “good guys” fighting against the system.. they are mostly evil and only out to line their own pockets no matter who it hurts

  • Urso tosses whatever they want into his sack.

Tristan: the bandits sound like us in the sewers…

Taragnor: Yeah, I didn’t think they were good guys, but… our cover is they attacked the hell knights anyway.

Tristan: hi there guys. Garrion, did you get my email saying I was going to be late? not sure if that’s the best way to let you know

Taragnor: And giving them the hell knights horses works with that, plus it creates a balance of power that’ll keep the hell knights even more busy.

Garrion: ok, makes sense.. just didn’t want you to think they would want to be buddies

Taragnor: Well I mean, I’m considering forming a loose alliance with them, in that we can provide them info about the hell knights that want them dead, and maybe they’ll work in thier own best interests.

Urso: ( we have to approach them incongnito, so they can’t sell us out to the knights for something)

Garrion: yes i did brice.. nothing has happened.. the guys are just rolling in

Taragnor: But yeah, I’m aware they’re not into the whole rebellion thing

Garrion: ok, well we covered limited time lapse in the IC chat… so i guess we resume with you making off with your loot… disregard my assumption you are heading home

Tabris: lol, I’m out to line my pockets no matter who it hurts…

Taragnor: heh. yeah I just wanted to drop the stuff off to the bandits then we can head home since we can’t really get them into the city

Garrion: You dispose of the unwanted items and the bodies in the fens… you burn them or bury, or just dump?

Zindal: I guess if we want it to look like bandits we might as well just dump them sloppily

Garrion: tristan give me a Tracking roll to act in reverse and cover your tracks with your knowledge of how to track

Zindal: Unless we’re worried about somebody casting Speak With Dead

Sefiros has connected.

Urso: can I assist him?

Taragnor: Yeah, I was kinda worried about that.. so lets burn em.

Urso: burn if we can

Taragnor: Also I assume I can get my FP back since I’ll be resting on the wagon while the rest of the PCs are doing the heavy lifting.

Taragnor: I restore 1 FP every 2 minutes.

Zindal: lol, yeah I’m guessing eventually I get my FP back

Garrion: sure… you decide the primary and secondary person… you get a bonus or m inus depending on MoS

Sefiros: i miss anything?

Zindal: Nah

Garrion: nope, just getting started

Zindal: We were just discussing what we might be taking from the Hell Knights and how to dispose of the bodies

Cedric: (how good are you ? my tracking is 9)

Sefiros: stupid window updates crap, i forgot about when i rebooted, have to wait for that stuff to configure

Garrion: so if urso assisting you roll your tracking first

Sefiros: had*

Sefiros: so what’s the plan ingame?

Zindal: Burn the bodies, sell the horses to some bandits

Garrion: they discussing that now

Zindal: Keep the other shit except maybe the plate since it’s distinctly Hell Knight and we can’t do anything with it anyway

Sefiros: well we cant really do anything with the armor

Sefiros: i say bury it in a secret spot, incase we ever wanna use it for disguises

Zindal: The brigandine can be modded, and the emblem covered up

Sefiros: we can come dig it up

Urso: some is just painted, so can get it fixed

Taragnor: well he said it won’t fit any of us, cause it’s plate mail

Taragnor: we’ll keep the brigandine.

Zindal: Yeah it’s like custom fitted and shit

Tristan: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 7

Zindal: We’d have to take it to a smith to refit it, and then somebody would know where we got it

Tristan: hmmm… i like it better when I know that tracking outcome…

Urso: A Tracking check sent to GM.


←rolls Tracking and gets 7 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: i don;t.. mwahaha

Taragnor: yeah I mean wouldn’t make sense for bandits to take that but the brigandine would be something they’d grab. I mean even if we don’t really want the armor we can always just give it to the actual bandits

Taragnor: But we should at least steal it.

Tristan: “ill do my best to make it look like an unmounted ambush took these hellknights by surprise”

Taragnor: Plus having us change course to go towards where the bandits are known to be, evne if they do track the horses… great, it only fits with our story

Urso: ( we can take it for sure, and maybe just dump it someplace )

Taragnor: where if we head to the city, it looks worse.

Garrion: ok, urso assists Tristan, for better or worse, and they do their best to cover their tracks

Taragnor: Might as well put Urso’s great strength to use carrying the armor, he’s a one man bandit camp in terms of carrying capacity.

Garrion: you have 2 war horses and 1 draft horse still alive too

Garrion: you will have to double mount or some will have to walk

Zindal: Do we not still have the horses we “rented” too?

Garrion: i think you gave those to Janiven and Arael

Zindal: Oh yeah, I think we did

Garrion: and told them to say they found them near a dead noble

Garrion: or some such tale

Taragnor: yeah we gave them to Janiven and such, and told em to return em to the stablekeeper yeah.

Zindal: I call dibs on riding with Satomi

Urso: ( If I toss some of my stuff on a horse, Urso can move as fast as one )

Urso: (actually faster )

Garrion: ok, however you group up, the horses are going to have a little extra load from the extra rider and gear….

Taragnor: heh… yeah, Urso is faster than a horse lol.

Tristan: “you guys are not scared of a night without feather beds are you? Not sure if we are going to make it in after dark”

  • Urso shrugs.

Garrion: your move may be the same but that is harder for you to maintain over distance than a horse.. horses also have enhanced land movememnt which means they move faster than “move” at a gallop

Tristan: (guess I can’t just get a piggy back from Urso then…)

Zindal: “Tch…”

Loryc: “I think I can manage. I’d rather make sure we get away the bandit ruse.”

Urso: (urso can switch off with someone from time to time)

Loryc: “If we pit the hell knights and the bandits agaisnt each other even more… it can only benefit us. The bandits and the hell knights are both bad guys. It’s win-win.”

Garrion: not want to get bogged down in mechanics right now.. want to focus on the story.. the point is regardless of your move score a horse is intrensicly faster than a person, even an Urso though urso can cover short distances very fast due to his Strength

Tristan: “Loryc, that may be the first good idea you have had yet. I agree, put them at each other throats and we can stay low key”

Garrion: ok, yuo make your way back to town, you are not heading straight to the gates but swing wide to avoid any dottari patrols near the city walls?

Urso: yes

Zindal: I think we’re off looking for some bandits to offload this stuff on

Zindal: And not going directly back to town

Garrion: you swing north outside view of the city walls and skirt the farms and plantations in the countryside

  • Urso does drink that healing potion he found, its was d6 one?

Loryc: yeah we were gonna go meet the bandits first.

Loryc: not gonna go to town just yet. we’ll spend the ngiht outside basicaly.

Loryc: regains 7 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Garrion: till you come across the road heading north out of Westcrown toward Westpool

Garrion: refer to the area map if you wish

Loryc: So I figure I’ll tell Tristan where they are and he can guide us using his rangery stuff.

Tristan: yup, i’ll ranger it up

Garrion: due to the extra load and the diversion you find yourself on the road in the wilderness as dusk comes…

Urso: " find place to rest, or push on?"

  • Zindal shrugs

Garrion: give me some explanation of how you setting up a camp and what you are doing

Tristan: “we are a well equiped party, a night in the woods should not be an issue. if you all wish, our mage here could illusion us up a diversion, make us look like a bunch of trees or something but either way we are keeping watch. Of course, we could push on if you like” (how far are we to the city)

Zindal: “Loryc is the one leading this expedition.”

Loryc: “Well I unfortunately can’t maintain an illusion while I’m sleeping.”

Zindal: lol we haven’t even found the bandit camp we’re supposed to be looking for, why are you talking about pushing on to the city

Tristan: “Would you put a farmer in charge of navigating a ship?, Not sure t he mage is the best suited to woodcraft”

Garrion: illusions can not be maintained while asleep or unconscious

Urso: " Tristan, can you find us a decent place to camp?"

Tristan: “yup, should be easy enough. On well traveled roads like this there will be plenty of spots”

Loryc: “Indeed, the wilderness is your strong point. We may want to camp a bit off road… so as not to attract the hell knights if they come looking.”

Loryc: “It wouldn’t look good if we’re camping with their horses next to us.”

Garrion: refer to the area map… you skirted through the fens to miss the farms and plantations around the crossroads and you cut back to get back on the road north of the crossroads and the farms

Urso: (anyone have better vison or senses for the dark? they should take middle watches, rest take first or 4th watches )

Garrion: you are 12 jiles from the city by road

Tristan: I got an old camping trick we can use. We start a fire and put a bunch of our sleeping rolls next to hit and stuff htem with leaves, then we make our actual camp a bit back out of the area and post some watches. If anyone sneaks up it’s always to the campfire with the sleeping rolls. Set a couple trip ropes and it’s simple enough"

Garrion: you have heard this is a ripe area for bandit activity as they like to hit the traffic between the two cities

Zindal: “I suppose we can think of it as setting bait.”

Tristan: “and if this place has a lot of bandits, maybe we could set an ambush for them and get some actual coin. Bandits normally have gold”

  • Urso shrugs, " whatever is best "

Garrion: Moorstalk is also a location for traffic heading west to the distant cities that direction, but it is closer to Citadel Rivad

Loryc: “Well I’d like to just give the bandits the hell knight horses and then get on our way back to town, we’ll find more gold in the city.”

Garrion: if you want to target Moorstalk bandits then you are free to do that

Tristan: “so boss, push on or keep going? if we push on we are in the open though….”

Loryc: “I was considering we could hit the mayor’s vault.. or maybe steal the jewel of Aroden.”

Tristan: “I say set up camp but make it look like an easy target and attack them if they try to attack us”

Tristan: “if we sleep in shifts we can all grab some shut eye”

Urso: " if we stay, we have to hide the armor someplace.. they might send riders out to see what happened from that citadel place"

Loryc: “Well it’s not the bandits I’m worried about, I’d much rather talk to them. But if we run into more hell knights from the citadel, then yes we should take them down.”

Loryc: “It’s onyl a matter of time before the hell knights send out a patrol to find out what happened to their wagon.”

Tristan: “you worry too much, with all that magic can’t you just make a fake dragon or something? A platoon of bandits running away, something?”

Sefiros: “Too much talkin and jabberin, make up yer minds.”

Zindal: “If their search party is anything like the group they’re looking for, I won’t be too worried about them.”

Loryc: “An illusion won’t do us much good if we’re detected while we sleep.”

  • Eltera taps her foot impatienty.

Zindal: “Yes, I agree… I’m not camping in the wilderness just to listen to you bicker.”

Zindal: “Pick a plan and stick with it already.”

Loryc: “Wilderness survival is Tristan’s specialty, so lets go with his fake campsite plan.”

Garrion: (and thus leadership breaks down….)

Garrion: and we spend a session planning a camp site, haha

Zindal: lol seriously

Zindal: Just go with Tristan’s plan and fast forward

Garrion: ok, rehash tristans plan.. i got lost in all the chatter

Tristan: (yeah, not trying to make a camp adventure all night)

Tristan: (basically make a camp with a camp fire and all but put sleeping bags filled with leaves near the file in case we get attacked, then set our actual camp site away from the fire so we can see anyone attacking us)

Garrion: ok, and the horses with the gear strapped to them? where are they?

Garrion: anyone?

Zindal: It’s Tristan’s plan, lol

Loryc: yeah heh, I’m just letting Tristan explain it.

Garrion: ok tristan the spotlight is on you

Tristan: can leave them near the fire, it will make the bed rolls look even more realisitc

Tristan: ok, first off, i’ll try to pick a spot off the road, in a place the fire will actually be hide from the road

  • Urso just drinks the potion before he goes to sleep. ( it a d6 one?)

Garrion: ok, the plan is set… you set up a fake camp with a fire and your bags around it… the horses hitched nearby… your real camp is silent and dark in some cover nearby so you can watch… apporachable in only 1-2 directions…..

Garrion: based on your specifications give me a survival roll at -2

Tristan: then i’ll instruct everyone to set up their bedrools around a fire and make a fire that looks like we are trying to hide it, then i’ll use camouflage to help people find good sleeping places.

Tristan: (correct)

Garrion: it is a minor healing potion urso

Urso: healing: 4

Urso: decent

Tristan: also, I want to be on the opposite watch as Loryc, I want him to make a bunch of fake people (that can take arrows), during my watch i’ll just go old fashioned perception and find a nice pertch with a good view of the fire location.

Urso: (you save those tokens someplace?)

Tristan: ←rolls Survivial and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -2)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: survival at -2 to find and set up the camps like you want.. and a camo roll to hide

Tristan: ←rolls Camouflage and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc: nice.

Garrion: the combat tokens are being held on the “Common Ground” map

Urso: My arm is down to 9 HPs and overall I’m down to 22 HPs.

Garrion: ok, the night passes.. everyone give me Observation-2 or Per—5 rolls, whichever is better

Loryc: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 10 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 1

Tristan: time to spend those extra points on observation…

Urso: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 4 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of -2)


Zindal: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal FAILS by 9

Garrion: watch groups and order… 3 groups of 2?

Zindal: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 13 FP.

Tristan: I’ll stay up with both watches so i’ll take half the night (1 watch and 1/2)

Cedric: (guess sounds good )

Loryc: yeah I’ll create a bunch of servants to fill the fake bedrolls during my watch, also using darkvision on myself (I can mainain all that indefinitely), don’t really want to bother wasting rolls for it if nothing is gonna happen during watche sanyway

Loryc: but if it’s relevant that’s what I’m doing.

Loryc: Also creating myself a nice restufl bedroll for when I do sleep, create object doens’t have to be maintained so I can sleep in it.

Garrion: ok, yeah need to determine what group sees action.. so just give your watch as 1 -2 – 3

Loryc: I’ll be 2 since I can see at night.

Loryc: I’ve got the best darkvision of everyone I think

Urso: I’ll be 2 as well, give Loryc some beef

Loryc: I can also cast DV on whoever is watching with me too.

Zindal: Guess I’ll do 1

Garrion: 6

Tristan: 1 and 1.5

Loryc: So I’ll do that as well, it’ll drain 3 FP per casting, but unless they attack wtihin 12 minutes of me casting the spells i’ll have it back afte rthat

Tristan: then i’m finding a nice hiding spot to curl up in

Loryc: and I can maintain DV for free.

  • Urso will gladly accept it, assuming it works on his spell resistance.

Tristan: (you casting that one everyone during your watch?)

Garrion: ok, nothing happens in watch 1 or 2.. tristan, urso, loryc and ? see no action

Garrion: however, watch #3…. just before the sun rises

Garrion: Satomi and Eltera?

Loryc: If Sachi isn’t here, can we just say that Satomi’s watch isn’t the one attacked?

Zindal: Yeah, that’d be then

Zindal: them*

Loryc: And do like Eltera and say Urso or Zindal.

Garrion: ok then satomi is with Tristan on #1

Zindal: lol, that puts me on 3 then

Loryc: Yeah, just put her elsewhere for convienence.

Zindal: With Eltera

Loryc: Yeah that’s fine.

Garrion: yep

Loryc: Just didn’t want someone who wasn’t here on watch

Garrion: the perfect pair.. she can practice busting his balls

Zindal: lol

Eltera: sorry was grabbing dinner

Loryc: btw the sleeping bag I created with my spell has a camo pattern on it as well.

Loryc: So it blends in to where I’m sleeping really well.

Loryc: My real sleeping bag is at the fake campsite.

Garrion: but you are sleeping in it?

Loryc: The conjured one yeah, not the real one.

Garrion: can’t maintain spells and sleep?

Loryc: I don’t have to maintain this

Loryc: it’s duration is until I stop touching it

Garrion: ok

Loryc: No maintenance required

Loryc: You can have a spell on, you just can’t maintain it.

Garrion: aso real object, not illusion.. understand now

Loryc: right.

Loryc: SO I can sleep in it.

Garrion: anyway.. did i get a roll from Zindal and Eltera….

  • You roll secretly: 3d6 => 12

Eltera: what kind of roll you want exactly? Perception?

Zindal: I rolled it like way back

Zindal: When you first asked for them

Garrion: the better of PEr-5 or Observation-2

Garrion: ok, got your zindal

Eltera: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Eltera FAILS by 4

Eltera: i guess i did that right, (just a -5 on perc check)

Sachi has connected.

Garrion: wow… yep was correct

Garrion: hi sachi

Sachi: Hi guys!

Loryc: heh well here’s Satomi geuss she can have the atch if she wants after all.

Tristan: hi sachi

Zindal: We’re about to be ambushed in the dead of night and killed, join the fun

Urso: hey, we camping

Eltera: no fuck that just proceed, god… use retconning watches

Eltera: take even longer

Tristan: (hopefully our fake camp is getting ambushed)

Sachi: _>

Garrion: ok, you go through your watches and see no activity in the night.. the sun rises and everyone wakes

Zindal: lol

Zindal: And we find the fake campsite ransacked in the morning and the horses gone?

Loryc: Yeah, well it fooled the Nazgul.. so hopefull it works here too.

Garrion: however.. as you check your fake site you find the sleeping positions undesturbed but the horses are cut loose and everything on them is gone

Zindal: lol

Loryc: Well they were probably stolen by bandits.

Tristan: (at least it was not on my watch….)

Zindal: “Seems like the fish stole our bait.”

Tristan: “yes and on your watch”

Tristan: “oh well, at least we did not pay for them….”

  • Zindal shrugs

Loryc: Guess it’s time to conjure a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner.

Garrion: you do not really know who dropped the ball

Loryc: Well if bandits took em, that’s fine. lol.

  • Urso shrugs, " no need to get rid now"

Tristan: (i’m overconfident I figure it’s not me) =)

Zindal: “Whatever… Bandits took the horses, that’s what we wanted anyway.”

  • Loryc nods.

Garrion: but as loryc points out the obvious.. your primary goal was still achieved

Tristan: “that’s how a plan should work”

Eltera: “Or they fuckin grew thumbs overnight.”

Tristan: (I take a bow)

Loryc: “Zindal’s right, that was the purpose of this anyway. I would have preferred to give them to the bandits with a little bit more dramatic flair, but this works.”

Urso: " we leave the armor too, or take.. if they check at gate…"

Tristan: “now we are 100% not tied to them”

Eltera: “We can stash it somewhere and worrry about it later.”

Zindal: (Everything on the horses was gone lol, so assuming we left the armor tied to them)

Eltera: “Just bury the shit like a drunk dwarf.”

Loryc: (heh that was up to Urso, I wasn’t carrying any of the armor myself, I got crap Str)

Loryc: (Figure Urso had most of ti)

Garrion: yes, any gear you did not stow in your hidden camp is gone

Sachi: “Yes, we can always hide that. If someone finds it at least it won’t likely be traced to us.”

Loryc: Well they didn’t steal my actual bedroll I assume heh, since you said our sleeping positons weren’t disturbed.

Tristan: (who wants smores?)

Garrion: i figure you woul dhave horses carrying the burden of the new stuff and only had your personal things

  • Eltera scratches herself.

Urso: ( urso was more likely to be carrying the weapons, not the heavier armor, that was probably on the horses)

Garrion: correct

Zindal: Yeah heh

Loryc: heh, well I certainly wasnt’ carrying any of the armor, Urso might have been. He is his own horse after all.

Eltera: “I slept in chiggers, or Zindals crabs jumped onto me during watch one.”

Loryc: And he’s got the strength of 10 men.

Garrion: the sleeping positions were not disturbed… they apparently only wanted an easy catch and didn;t want to chance a hostile encounter

Tristan: “those bandits will be blamed for stealing all their gear, we don’t have to unload it and we are off scott free, i’m a fucking genius”

Loryc: “Everything worked out rather perfectly.”

Urso: ( sorry am carrying all the weapons we captured?)

Garrion: the sun rises as you congradualte yourselves on a plan accomplished

Sachi: “Yes, I quite agree.”

Loryc: Alright going to illusion everyone.

Eltera: “Except the part, where we get the fuck out of here. How long do we gotta hang around the scene of our crime waitin for someone to come and fuck with us? Let’s fuckin move already.”

Urso: ( so am?)

Zindal: “I would have rather followed a plan that didn’t involve sleeping in the wilderness… But I suppose it worked well enough.”

Loryc: “Give me a moment to put illusions on you all.”

  • Urso gathers his stuff together.

Urso: ( any healing overnight?)

Loryc: (going to basically illsuion everyone with perfect illusions then rest enoguh to get my FP back.

Eltera: “If you don’t hurry it up, you’ll need an illusion to change your balls from black and blue to pink again.”

Garrion: no you need a day of inactivity and rest.. the previous day was not that

Satomi: “Oh come on… I usually sleep in a feather bed and I’m not complaining.~”

Eltera: “I ain’t had a drink in several hours…..”

Garrion: ok, it is 12 miles back to the city by road

Loryc: So just assume everyone gets illusioned up with perfect illusion/illusion disguise.

Loryc: Gonna disguise us as seemingly normal travellers, different from any other illusion I’ve used in the past.

Satomi: “Yes, I’ll have to remember to bring a flask next time.”

Tristan: “maybe we can get paid to take some of these bandits out, wouldn’t that be ironic?”

Loryc: We’ll look like something that’d be normal for this road.

Garrion: you hike back under the guise lorycs illusion

Zindal: “No drink… And no other entertainment either…”

Zindal: “I rather dislike the wilderness.”

Tristan: “did you say that the last priest was detecting magic? maybe we should enter via another gate?”

Eltera: “You can stay here and play elf, little brother. I’m outa here, pointed ears, or not.”

Loryc: “Entering by another gate might be prudent.”

Tristan: “I only play elf half the time….”

  • Urso leads teh way down the road.

Tristan: “besides, I like watching Zindal scrirm… maybe you cold kick him in the nuts more?” (whisper to Eltera)

Eltera: “Can’t kick what ain’t there.”

Loryc: “And I wouldn’t say there’s no entertainment out here Zindal.”

  • Loryc casts a create servant spell and makes his servant look like a really hot elven girl.

Satomi: “Detecting magic?”

  • Zindal raises an eyebrow…

Satomi: “Oh my…”

Zindal: “That’s a rather interesting trick…”

Satomi: “Say, Mr. Loryc, with that spell, could one…?”

Loryc: “Yes they could Satomi.”

Eltera: “Don’t start”

  • Eltera gives them both a scolding look.

Tristan: (interested in the hot elf chick too…maybe not as much as Zindal" “Well shit, I should have been a mage…”

  • Zindal smirks… “Well, there’s still something to be said for the thrill of the hunt, so to speak.”

Eltera: “You can tell it was created by a man, the tits look to perfect to be real, no elf has tits like that.”

Eltera: “Piece of shit illusion.”

Loryc: ←rolls Artist (Illusion) and gets 15 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

  • Eltera kicks dirt.

Loryc: actually it looks pretty real :P

Zindal: lol

Tristan: “Zindal, you would be the only vegetarian hunter I know”

Eltera: “Aint no elf i ever seen with lanterns that big.”

Zindal: “Vegetarian?”

Loryc: “Do I sense a bit of jealousy Eltera?”

Tristan: (means lousy hunter)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: “people that go hunting and don’t catch anything eat plants”

Eltera: “Nah, thats the sound of your bollacks soon to be rolling around in the back of your head.”

Eltera: “Now move it, creep. Quit playing grab ass with your magics.”

Zindal: “Heh. You’ve never seen me hunt.”

Eltera: “I need something intoxicating, and a bath.”

Eltera: “Fuckin red bugs…”

Tristan: “i’ve seen you get shot down alot”

Eltera: “Anyone got some pickles?”

Tristan: (whispers to Zindal) "you want to prove me wrong? Bag Eltera

Eltera: “Or some vinegar?”

  • Eltera scratches vigorously.

Tristan: (still whispering to Zindal) “I think big sis needs a good lay… but maybe you will do”

Garrion: ok, so you all heading straigh back to Westcrown now?

Zindal: (whispers to Tristan) “You don’t go hunting Tarrasques unless you have a death wish.”

Tristan: “she’s soo up tight”

Tristan: (he laughs out loud at Zindals comment then quickly shuts up)

Loryc: (Yeah we’ll gio back to westcrown)

Garrion: it takes about 4 hours to hike back and it is about noon when you arrive

Zindal: (whispers to Tristan) “Pity too… I’d be more than happy to relieve her stress if she weren’t so hostile.”

Garrion: Rova 3

Garrion: you entering under disguise right?

Zindal: Apparently

Loryc: that’s what the illusions were for, yeah.

Garrion: through gates or some other route?

Satomi: “Well, I think it’s rather charming when you’re not using it to harass people~”

Urso: (there some other route?)

Tristan: (to Zindal) “I think your chipping away at her, she’ s just saying she will kill you now… before I think she just tried to bite”

Loryc: Gonna just pose as simple merchants via illusion, though a different gate than where we left from.

Satomi: (Heh yeah what was that about detecting magic?)

Garrion: well not a very easy route

Loryc: well that was the cleric that detected magic, we put a bunch of arrows in him.

Zindal: (lol I think we should invest in mundane disguises if we’re going to have to go past Hell Knight clerics detecting magic on us all the time)

Garrion: but many routes are optional

Eltera: “I got two swords you know. One for each annoying asshole.”

Loryc: Well we killed the cleric who detected magic.

Loryc: I can do mundane disguises too heh.

Loryc: though not so much I can do about Urso.

Tristan: (we were whispering Eltera)

Loryc: I mean I kinda need illusions for him, casue he’s a giant, only so much I can do to disguise him.

Garrion: ok, fiortunately the gates are clear and open with only the standard watch of 7 dottari present

Eltera: yeah well what other reason would you be whispering for if not to talk about me :-p

Garrion: at the gate

Loryc: Since without magic he’s gonna look like an old man with gigantism or something

Tristan: (mundane disguise us then put some illusions on some other random people)

Garrion: you enter without trouble and proceed to your destination(s)

Loryc: Alright, we’ll go past them, if I gotta show em papers, I’ll have an illusion pre-made on a peice of parchment that’s a forgery of whatever we need to enter.

Tristan: (Eletera, i’m scared to talk shit directly to you…)

Loryc: I’ll make a forgery roll if need be.

Garrion: no papers needed

Satomi: Hehehe :3

Loryc: It’d be funy if Eltera took striking ST bonus but purely nut shots.

Urso: " best sell the weapons quick"

Loryc: *for purely nut shots.

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “Indeed, Satomi would you like to do the honors of selling the weapons? You are after all a merchant.”

Garrion: unless you are carrying a cart of goods…. merchants must declare goods for taxing depending on origin

Zindal: Yeah pretty much the only reason Zindal doesn’t constantly try to get Eltera’s clothes off is because he knows she’d end him

Loryc: “Honest transactions have never really been my thing.”

Garrion: ok, you enter…

Garrion: now let’s delve into your choices from here

Garrion: over to the city map…..

Urso: " need place to stay"

Garrion: you enter through the sunset gate…22

Garrion: you already have places.. part of your CoL

Satomi: “Of course.~ I’ve more than a few connections… I know just where to get the best price on these.”

Zindal: Yeah heh, we pay living expenses every month, it’s assumed that we crash somewhere or other

Garrion: for urso it may be a rent shack but you still have a place

Urso: ok

Satomi: Ooo, I bet Satomi lives real comfy. I wonder if it has any guidelines for what it gets you.

Loryc: I’ll swtich to my atlerante identity when going back to my place btw. Remember I basically rented my place using an illusion.

Loryc: So I use that to prevent people from knowing where I actually live.

Garrion: it could be a room at an inn… the more permanent the “home” the better it will be for the cost… example,. hotel, apartment, mortage…. all may cost same but you get more for yourt money the more permananr the establishment

Urso: " probably check in on Jen"

Loryc: I’ll have an actual house, assuming I can afford that for status 0.

Garrion: right, i recall that’

Tristan: “well, a shit storm should be raining soon this should be fun”

Garrion: yesm, you can have a house.. but it would be a small house… kitchen, sleeping room, common area

Loryc: heh okay.

Loryc: Yeah I figured it wouldn’t be great

  • Urso just crashes on the floor.

Zindal: Zindal totally tries to sleep at Satomi’s place

Zindal: Preferably with Satomi

Zindal: Unless he finds some other company for the night

Zindal: Though if the Boss is into that kind of thing…

Garrion: not in the nice fancy area of town, but not in the run down slums either… the

Tristan: “no offence boss but it seems killing a bunch of hellknights to rescue someone may be worth our own beds and not just a hard foor no?”

Tristan: brb

Garrion: probably in the blood sector or the area just south of it across the Canaroden

Loryc: “Don’t worry, I’ve got something rather profitable lined up. how would you like to clean out the mayor’s vaults?”

Zindal: “Now that sounds like a job.”

Urso: " should we try to meet with Janiven?"

Garrion: we can adress the details latter if you really want to flesh that out as part of your persona

Loryc: “She’ll probably be fine for now. Besides I dont’ think we really want to get involved in the rest of the rebellion for now.”

Satomi: Hehehe… Well, she’d make you pay rent…~ (but that’d just be your regular CoL you pay to G, to make the math easier/less potentially exploitative)

Zindal: “Let her contact us… I’m not interested unless she’s offering coin or other enticements…”

Loryc: “If we find any juicy tidbits in the vault we can let her know though.. unless Zindal wants me to try to make contact with her again…”

Satomi: “Indeed… Getting some money sounds like a good plan indeed…~ And I can’t say I’d mind laying low from the rebellion until the heat dies down. To use the vernacular.”

Urso: ( we can sell the captured weapons?)

Garrion: Even as long as Loryc has been here he has never been to the “Island”.. the very elite area of the city

Satomi: “Not just for our sake, either… It wouldn’t do for us to get caught doing what we usually do and have it traced back to them…”

Zindal: (Yeah, I’ll figure up the split later once G posts what we have)

Loryc: “I think we’ve all done our good deeds for the week, and now we deserve some fun. And by fun, I mean looting.”

Garrion: it is closed off from the common people

Loryc: (Well I could fly there invisible)

Loryc: (So I’ve probably been there before)

Loryc: (It’s hard to keep Loryc out of anywhere)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: fortunately for you though… Vaneo Arvanxi, the mayor’s mansion, is in the Rego Sacero

Garrion: brb, need a quick break

Loryc: what number is his estate? Or is it not numbered on the map?

Zindal: It’s #40

Zindal: South end of the city

Zindal: Just above the distance scale

Loryc: heh okay. looks like it’s on some kind of hill.

Zindal: Yeah looks like it

Satomi: Looks like a proper manor too

Tristan: (to Loryc) “You sure now how to pick the things we are most likely going to get into trouble for… killing hellknights, robbing the mayor, what’s next? Stealing a dragon egg?”

Eltera: “Taking a dump on Pharsma’s face knowing him.”

Satomi: “That would be kidnapping!”

Satomi: “The dragon egg thing, I mean.”

Zindal: “Do you have to keep saying that out loud? Someone is going to overhear you eventually.”

Loryc: “Tristan, do you know of any dragon eggs I could steal?”

  • Loryc smirks.

Garrion: back.. something making stomach angry

Zindal: “This isn’t the bloody forest where there aren’t any other people for miles around, shut up.”

Satomi: Ack dude, that sucks ; ;

Eltera: “Yeah, Zindal has a point.”

Satomi: “Why don’t we discuss this over tea at my place?”

Eltera: “Fine, but I ain’t drinkin tea. What am I some society hag?”

Loryc: “That certainly sounds like a plan.”

Loryc: “Well wer’e all going to be people of society if we’re going to blend into the mayor’s manor.”

Eltera: “I see those wrinkled old cunts with their pinkies lifting, I just wanna grab that little finger and snap it off and gauge out their eyes with it.”

Garrion: ok, for the sectors and loryc or any of you going the the island… imagine it is the imperial sector in Hunger games and you are all from the outlaying sectors… the peons do not get to go to the imperial sector unless invited

Zindal: “That’s a rather tall order for some of us, Loryc…”

Garrion: and they have means of keeping unwanted out

Garrion: not to say that a concentrated effort could not bypass those

Loryc: (I’m assuming they don’t have magic detecting people watching every wall for fliers)

Garrion: but that is for a mission with some planning and a goal

Loryc: “Well most of you can just pose to be servants if you want. Nice thing about rich people, they like their servants.”

Zindal: Heh, well we’re talking about knocking over the mayor’s manor right now, that isn’t on the island

Satomi: “Have you never tried it? It’s quite delicious. I’ve managed to procure some amaretto as well.”

Garrion: now for the Mayors manor…. it is on a hill and is properly guarded

Loryc: “You find the most delicious teas Satomi.”

Garrion: you can not just simply walk in

Zindal: We kind of figured, lol

Tristan: (where are we at now having this discussion?)

Loryc: (At Satomi’s I assume)

Loryc: (Since she suggested we go there)

Tristan: ok

Satomi: (Yeah, assuming we’re discussing our plans to rob the mayor)

Loryc: (She’s got a place and it’s the best accomodations of all of ours)

Garrion: to pull this off you will need to do some proper plannign like Oceans 11, not just a clumsy blind stroll

Satomi: “Honey and brandy are also good, but that liqueur…”

Loryc: (Yeah that’s what I was planning on, one does not simply walk into Mordor)

Urso: " maybe start with something smaller?"

Tristan: “so wizard, what’’s the plan? You just going to magic yourself up to look like the mayor or what?”

Tristan: “maybe it’s’ a bit too much to bite off and chew”

Garrion: yo also are basing your interest on a vague rumor.. you do not know where the voult is, if it exists or any details other than the basic rumor provided

Loryc: “Well first we’re going to get some information about the place.”

Satomi: “Perhaps our first step should be to confirm—”

  • Satomi nods to Loryc.

Loryc: “We aren’t on a tight schedule for this one… so our first goal will be to get some information from some people on the inside.”

Zindal: “I suppose I can become acquainted with the maidservants…”

Tristan: “you would know this better than I would. Don’t get me killed, mamed or put in prision and i’m in”

Loryc: “Any servants we can find, guards, maids… they all might know something useful.”

Tristan: (how much for a full time whore for Zindal? it would help him stay focused…)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: (Hey man, I’m putting my manwhoring to good use for this plan)

Eltera: (gotta go make something to drink, brb in a few mins)

Satomi: “Yes… If I do say so myself, this is a rather audacious plan… I doubt we’ll be preempted…”

Tristan: (that would be a great name for your sword…. “beware my morning wood!”)

Satomi: (Ahaha)

Garrion: ok, there are many routes you can take.. i’m letting you run with this and not going to try leading you in any direction

Loryc: (lol, you should name your sword that)

Zindal: (Swords don’t get names until they’re enchanted)

Zindal: (Or until I’ve slain enough people with it for it to become imbued with my legend)

Loryc: (Does he run city business out of this estate? Or just sleeps there?)

Garrion: well it can just be HARD forged, hehe

Loryc: (Like is this the town hall + his living quarters?)

Loryc: (Or just where he lives?)

Urso: (heh, only cunts name their swords…. hehe)

Garrion: it is his mansion.. imagine the white house

Satomi: (Sword names are like nicknames, you can’t make up your own)

Urso: (white house? should be easy to get in then …)

Tristan: (I name thee sword the morning wood, or “the wood of the morning”)

Loryc: (So he governs out of it too basically? and doesn’t really leave?)

Zindal: (Apparently he’s constantly throwing lavish balls and such too)

Loryc: (oo well that’s our perfect cover then)

Tristan: “can we kidnap him and Loyrc use his magic to pose as him?”

Satomi: (There’s an adventurer somewhere who told his friends to call his sword Tarrasque Reaver and they laughed at him and now it’s Butt Reaver)

Garrion: it has been around for a long time and not a family house.. other ruleres have used it prior to him… by rulers i mean mayors…. when Westcrown was th capital of old Cheliax the royalty lived on the island and ruled from there

Tristan: lol

Tristan: "maybe there is an underground enterance

Loryc: “Posing as him is a possibility… of course, that’d be a difficult plan to pull off.”

Satomi: “Yes, rulers often have escape tunnels…”

Loryc: “I was actually thinking we could go in during one of his balls. I think you’d look lovely in formal attire Satomi.”

Satomi: “Although if it were me, I’d have it carefully guarded…”

Zindal: “I second that sentiment…”

  • Satomi does a pirouette and strikes an elegant pose, unable to quite hide her blush.

Tristan: “ummm… I don’t think I could pull off all that high society shit… maybe you could make me look like a body guard or something”

  • Zindal flashes a charming smile at Satomi

Garrion: you mention lavish balls, yes that is common knowledge but only special guests and nobility are welcome…. he does have a huge interest in the opera, as do many of the westcrown nobility

  • Loryc nods to Tristan.

Satomi: “My…~ How flattering..~”

Loryc: “Making you a servant wouldn’t be too difficult.”

Tristan: “not sure I could be a servant either, the body guard type should be easy enough”

Zindal: (Loryc can totally forge us some patents of nobility a la A Knight’s Tale)

Tristan: "don’t have to talk much or say “m’lord”

Loryc: (Yeah heh, that’s what I was planning, some good old forgery)

Satomi: (Though it’d be a bit suspicious for some noble to suddenly show up that nobody knows… We’d have to be from far away)

Garrion: in fact the normal opera has gotten quite dull…. the new fad is what is called a Blood Opera… the nobility engorge their senses and tainted hearts with gruesome plays on stage involving live mutilation, orgies and other debauchery

Satomi: (Those fuckers all know each other)

Zindal: (lol yeah)

Loryc: "Well servants are easy, you just need to know a couple of lines. The main one is ‘yes m’lord’.

Loryc: (Well I can become someone they know.)

Tristan: (to Loryc) "how about “kiss my ass”, would that go over well?"

Zindal: “As I said, Loryc… A tall order for some of us…”

Loryc: “Not if you want to avoid being maimed, killed or thrown in the dungeons.”

  • Zindal rolls his eyes

Loryc: “If you want to pull this off, we’re going to have to use some subtlety though, going in stabbing and shooting people is only going to get us all killed.”

Urso: " Urso no invited to party "

Tristan: (nice RP urso)

Satomi: “In some places you could get away with it, but… I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea… Manners are taken quite seriously here.”

Satomi: “Deadly serious… One could say.”

  • Satomi harumphs.

Loryc: “Well no… but the gift we’re going to present to the mayor is heavy after all… and it’ll need someone large to carry it.”

Tristan: “well, if the wizard can cast things that make him invisable then maybe him and the boss can go in all stealth like and we can make a distraction to make it easy on them”

Loryc: “Well first, I’d like to find out what their magic defenses are.”

Tristan: “yup, that would help”

Satomi: “Yes, we can’t risk being detected or disrupted.”

Zindal: “To be honest, I’d rather just enjoy the festivities and mingle with the high society ladies if they’re going to do all the work for us.”

Tristan: "could you make a fake plague and clear out the entire island? Now that would be cool…

Loryc: “So before we can actually go to the ball, we need to discover who is responsibel for that.”

Satomi: “Perhaps a dry run would be in order, if you can think of a way to test their security without exposing ourselves.”

Loryc: “While I could no doubt create a fake plaguye, that’d likely result in the mayor locking himself down in his mansion with his vault.”

Loryc: “Well our best bet is to find a guard that goes to town, and then question him subtly.”

Satomi: “Ahhh, yes…”

Tristan: “you would know better than us”

Tristan: “maybe Zindal’s morning wood could convience him….”

Loryc: “If he happens to swing that way… I suppose we could test Zindal’s love of gold.”

Tristan: (he starts calling Zindals sword this from time to time)

Zindal: “If you’re so interested in my sword I can show it to you right now…”

  • Zindal starts to pull his Longsword out

Satomi: “Ehehe. I could try a bit of manipulation myself…”


Tristan: “save that sword for the ladies”

Loryc: “Zindal come on now… that’s exactly the kind of thing that’s going to get you killed in the Mayor’s mansion.”

Tristan: “and exactly why I can’t be a servant”

Tristan: “or a nobel”

Zindal: “Tch… I can handle myself in high society just fine. Dealing with bumpkin woodsmen who amuse themselves with shit jokes is another matter.”

Player “Loryc” is not connected.

Tristan: “now, the body guard thing…”

Tristan: "it was a dick joke, not a shit joke

You whisper to Taragnor: As you sit dsicussing your plans you hear s faint whisper in the background… “I know who you are.” you look around annd see no one behind you where the voice came from. The conversation continues as if no one else heard anything.

  • You roll secretly: 3d6 => 12

Satomi: “Indeed… Choosing a role that suits each participant is all part of a good con.”

Tristan: (stepping a bit out of reach though just in case he snaps… he has not been laid in a couple days)

Loryc whispers: I’ll cast a detect magic and se if I sense anything around.

  • Loryc nods.

Tristan: “come now Zindal, Morning wood is a fantastic name for a sword, some peoples swords could be called morning noodle…. we know you don’t have that problem”

Loryc: “Well first we need to know what we’re dealing with, that means getting information.”

Garrion: you do not… well only the potions that are on your new friends

You whisper to Taragnor: you do not… well only the potions that are on your new friends

Loryc whispers: I’ll see if I can mentally respond, if it’s two way telepathy I’ll say back “who are you”

You whisper to Taragnor: NOthing responds… either you do not have the power or nothing is there.. maybe you are going crazy

Satomi: “Yes. We should case the manor and get a better idea of its security. And its layout, if possible.”

Zindal: “Agreed… Perhaps even ingratiate ourselves to the mayor somehow, or some other high official. Get ourselves invited to a ball or two.”

Loryc: “That’s something we could get best from a guard or servant.”

Tristan: (do you have invisable wizard eye?)

Loryc: (nah unforutantely not for Loryc, but that doesn’t really go under doors anyway so it’s not as useful)

Satomi: (Yeah heh that spell was fucking broken)

Zindal: lol

Satomi: (I’ll admit it openly now that we’re not playing RA >.> )

Tristan: lol

Loryc: (heh I wouldn’t realyl say it was brojken, I mean it let you amke some informed decisions, but it wasn’t like it solved the adventure for you)

Tristan: (that broken spell is a life saver)

Garrion: it did ruin a lot of surprise

Loryc: (I mean, otherwise you’re basicalyl just going in everywhere totally blind)

Tristan: it would have been funny if we had a random wizard eye showing up to our group

Tristan: another group scoping us out

Garrion: maybe there was……

Loryc: (for a quest like this we definiteyl want information…)

Loryc whispers: btw roll up a Wizard! check for me, see if I know of any spell or magical effect that someone could be using to contact me this way and who it mgiht be that’s doing it.

Tristan: “Loryc, can you get a floorplan from some office somewhere?”

Satomi: (Well conversely yeah RA also had a lot of places where there’s basically no way to tell if that cave you’re about to go into has a troll or a pit fiend in it without divinations)

Loryc: (Hmm… can I G?)

Loryc: (And yeah Sachi lol.. I mean the way random shit pops out of nowhere in RA, I feel liek you need to whore divinations)

Zindal: (From the quick check of the various PF wikis I did, it seems like the mayor is constantly adding on new shit to his manor so shouldn’t be too hard to find a local architect who’s worked on it)

Loryc: (Otherwise you can randomly wander into a CR 20 monster)

Garrion: not that you are aware of.. there are not building plans like there are now days… things were built over centuries

Urso: " mayor ever leave, maybe better if less guard there"

Garrion: but that being said….

Tristan: “Loryc, you don’t think posing as the mayor and walking right in is a good idea? I mean, when he’s out of town of course”

Satomi: (imo it’s kind of a case of the system being broken and adventures being written to compensate… But I was having fun in RA too so I’m not saying that’s necessarily always bad >.> )

Satomi: “They’d likely know when to expect him back…”

Zindal: “Yeah… If they know he’s out of town and suddenly he shows up again way early, it’s kind of… you know… suspicious.”

Garrion: you could ask people who have done recent construction, but they would know nothing about anything other than what they built… you would not get a total schematic though

Loryc: “It could work, but I’d need a good listen to how he talks, and it’d also seem odd getting lost in my own place. It’d arouse suspicion that the mayor also returns without his guards as well.”

Loryc: “There’s a lot of complications to pretending to be the mayor returning early.”

Satomi: “I think it has more potential complications than it’s worth…”

  • Loryc nods.

Zindal: “This isn’t something that’s going to be solved by a simple parlor trick. This is going to take a long time and a lot of careful moves.”

Player “taragnor..” is not connected.

Loryc: “I think we’d be better off posing to be something else, perhaps guests at a ball… there’s also the problem of finding the vault.”

Tristan: “hmmm… what about posing as a guard, town official or hell knight?, you got that cleric thing down pretty good”

Player “Taragnor..” is not connected.

You whisper to Taragnor: .. you can go ahead and make your wizard roll

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Tristan: “or just making a fake dragon attack or those night creatures or something”

Zindal: Wwwwwwyzzard

You whisper to Taragnor: there are spells that can communicate over distances, you do not know a whole lot about them though

Loryc: “Well I was thinking a noble from out of town… from one of the high ranking familes of Cheliax.”

Satomi: “Perhaps I could bring an outfit I could turn out to look like a servant or the like… Slip away from the party and investigate the place.”

Loryc: “We come bearing a gift for him and say we’re planning on moving to Westcrown on business for some time.”

You whisper to Taragnor: after a short while your mind moves on to other things.. but you will remember this wierd event

Tristan: “or maybe we could just try to sneak in and not draw any attention to ourselves… or maybe a combination of both”

Loryc: “We also have an object we’d like him to secure for us during our stay, something especially important.”

Tristan: “here’s an idea, we could be the tax collector and ask to inventory his goods…. that would be ballzy”

Loryc: “Something he’ll want to store in his vault… and then we have an opportunity to learn where it is , and hopefully what defenses it would be.”

Loryc: *it would possess

  • Eltera returns from her vinegar soaked bath to rid herself of the chiggers. “What about maintenance?”
  • Eltera says as she takes a seat and grabs Zindals glass of fancy wine and chugs it down like its cheap ale.

Garrion: Satomi, have you made yourself known around town.. assuming you have with your staus and contacts

Eltera: “The place has gotta have some kind of upkeep don’t it?”

Satomi: “Ooooh… I love your plan.”

Satomi: Yay!

Satomi: Yeah, I woulda been getting around. Gotta make business connections after all.

  • Zindal flashes Eltera an annoyed look at having his wine stolen

Eltera: “Oh was that yours?”

Eltera: “Here, let me get you a refill.”

  • Eltera takes her wet hair and wrings out a wine glass full of soapy water.

Tristan: (whisper to Zindal) “perfect opportunity to put something nasty in your glass and let her steal it, maybe something that would make her shit herself?” (after Eltera wanders off)

Garrion: ok, after a couple days of discussing your plans and not really coming up with a real plan yet…. Knock knock knock… there is a knock on your front door

Eltera: “Essence of Eltera, closest you’ll ever get to tastin…”

Zindal: lol

  • Eltera smirks and plops back down.

Tristan: (always trying to insigate them too but “stay out of it” at the same time (i.e. not be ruthlessly attacked by crazy pants)

Urso: (2 days healing?)

Garrion: yes

Satomi: (This must have been a long, dark tea-time of the soul)

Loryc: (Well I wanted to do some stuff too… I mean we were gonna look for a guard to follow back from the mansion)

Urso: 4 pts for me, cause of fast healing

Zindal: (Yeah heh, and I’m supposed to be chasing maids)

Loryc: (basically people to question, servants, guards, etc. Basically we were doing the whole casing the place thing, I was gonna use a senteitn talking bird illusion)

Urso: My arm is down to 13 HPs and overall I’m down to 26 HPs.

Loryc: (basuically to help me draw a floorplan)

Satomi: (Yeah heh we’re not being completely idle, I’m socially networking and trying to sniff out people who might know stuff about the mayor and his estate)

Loryc: (Yeah we’l be working on building a knowledge base)

Garrion: you can spend your time doing whatever you want to entertain yourself.. the idea is that you are planning your heist

Loryc: heh, yeah I just didn’t want you to hink we were doing nothing.. basically I wanted to follow a guardsman/servant or what not to a tavern outside the estate and then ply them for info.

Eltera: “From what I hear, those tin can cunts, burn all the books in town every few months, so I doubt you’re gonna find anything about the place in any kind of book period. Who knows when the place was built, but old manors need upkeep don’t they? What about some of the local masons that might have been on the inside before fixing shit. They might know what the place is like inside.”

Garrion: but after 2 days of formulating scetchy plans and not really having anything solid yet… there is a knock on the door

  • Urso pulls an axe out and waits.

Loryc: “Expecting guests?”

  • Satomi yawns languidly, shaking Zindal awake… Bodyguard duty is part of his rent

Zindal: “Hm…?”

Garrion: Rova 5

Loryc: (oh are we all still here or just Satomi?)

Loryc: (I wasn’t sure what the set up was)

Eltera: “I know if I hada place like that on some hilltop overlooking the sea, there’d be some kind of escape tunnel leading to the water.”

Garrion: you are all there.. talkign about your plans

Satomi: (I dunno either, hehe)

Satomi: (Ok~)

  • Satomi looks out the spy-hole.

Garrion: and what you have found out.. you can fil me in with your past 2 days events as we do a backflash scene once you come up with ideas… just don;t want to waste session time with a bunch of banter and no descisions

Loryc: “That’s something to consider Eltera. but first…”

Eltera: “Waterways alot less crowded and makes for an easier escape than the streets, especially if you got an angry mob of towns folk you been fuckin over since they crawled outa the crib.”

  • Urso readies his axe, hiding it behind his leg.

Loryc: (Well I mean we need more info before we can come up with a concrete plan, that’s why i wanted to get info from a guard/servant)

Zindal: (Yeah heh, and Zindal is looking for maids and other female servants to ply for information in between plowing them)

Garrion: so imagine a movie scene where there is a bubnch of preliminary banter and talk… then fglash forward 2 days to another meeting to talk about what you discovered over the past 2 days and you flashback on those events as they are told by each party

  • Eltera looks to the door and then to the others.

Garrion: well this happens during that meeting

Tristan: (Tristan discovers that the Mayors locker combination is 123456)

Garrion: haha

Zindal: (That’s the same combination as my luggage!)

Tristan: (and change my locker combnation!)

Tristan: (Tristan takes the time to learn the watch rotation)

Garrion: ok, so knock knock… urso pulls axe and slides behind

  • Zindal stands up and moves near the door, off to the side

Garrion: send this to me on forum, we can cover out of session

Tristan: ok

  • Eltera seems non-plussed as she sits in a chair with just a towel, dripping wet from her bath.

Garrion: so decide what you personally scope out over the next 2 days and we will go over the results on the forum

Loryc: (okay cause some of it like seducing the guard may take rolls and what not is why I mention it, unless you’re just gonna ssume I succeed against minor foes like random guards)

Urso: (there a window to look out?)

Garrion: i think that is the easiest way for me to respond and keep everyone from getting bored with the banter

Zindal: (Satomi is checking the peephole in the door)

Garrion: i’ll roll for you if need be or you can send me rolls from one of those email roller things

Eltera: “Well, yall gonna answer the door, or you want me to do it?”

Tristan: good idea G

Tristan: about the forum I mean

Tristan: “not my house, not my door”

Garrion: but most of it will be considered automatic as long as you are doing something very basic and simple

Tristan: “send Urso, they wont try to sell him anything”

Satomi: (yeah I want to see who it is before I open it up)

Zindal: (lol, still waiting for G to tell us who’s at the door)

Satomi: (I’m pretty well off so I assume my house got a peephole or something)

Loryc: (I mena would mind reading a guard and using social skills to try to pry info out of him while under illusory guise be considered simple and basic?)

Garrion: who has gone to look?

Zindal: (Figure it out later, lol)

Urso: (satomi?)

Zindal: Yeah Satomi is using the peephole in the door

Garrion: Satomi, you look through the window and see Janiven standing there

Zindal: Oh lordy

Tristan: “you feed em once and they always come back….”

Garrion: she has on her commemorative “I Love Zindal” t-shirt

Zindal: lol

Zindal: In that case let her in

  • Satomi opens it up with a smile.

Satomi: “Good afternoon, Miss Janiven! How have you been?”

Loryc: (I’ll also cast a detect magic just to make sure she’s not some kinda illusion, we can’t afford to be too careful, since I’m not sure if she originalyl even knew where Satomi lived)

Garrion: “Hello Satomi, i hope I am not bothering you.”

Garrion: you do not detect any magic in place on her

Zindal: (Heh, if she’s got contacts to learn when the Hell Knights are going to move their prisoners she can probably find Satomi easily enough)

Garrion: ’that why i asked if satomi was making self known

Satomi: “Not at all! Just another boring planning meeting…”

  • Satomi winks.

Loryc: “Jan! So good to see you. I trust Arael is feel better now.”

  • Satomi waves her in with a flourish.

Garrion: she looks over Satomi’s shoulder and sees Loryc. “Yes, much, thanks to you… all of you.”

  • Urso nods and puts his axe back on it belt.
  • Zindal steps forward and smiles as he bows in greeting

Satomi: “Would you like some tea?”

Zindal: “Good day, Lady Janiven. So nice to see you again.”

Garrion: she enters…

Zindal: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Tristan: (looks like she’s going to get a good look at morning wood….)

  • Eltera kicks her feet up on the table.

Garrion: "She flushes slightly upon seeing Zindal fawn before her…. "And you as well Master Zindal.

  • Urso sits back on the floor and leans against the wall. " need stronger chairs"

Tristan: *Tristant props his feat up by big sis and brings her some of Satomi’s ale and puts his own up for a clink

Tristan: (to Eltera) "something tells me we have another low paying job heading our way (in a whisper)

  • Satomi gives Janiven a winning smile

Satomi: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 10 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: “Can I get you anything, m’lady?”

Satomi: Aw, you got a better margin. Also I don’t think she swings my way.

Zindal: lol

Garrion: “You are looking well Satomi, have you done something with your hair?”

Garrion: “Um, i did not plan on staying long or bothering you, but yes a tea would be nice.”

Zindal: “Of course.”

Satomi: “Ehehe~ Yes, I got a sample of imported shampoo from an acquaintance and I do believe I’ll be writing an order… But of course!”

Garrion: “We had not heard from you since the other day and I wanted to make sure you were all doig ok.”

  • Zindal goes to pour Janiven some tea… His attitude is completely different when he’s trying to win over an attractive woman

Eltera: “Ass kisser.”

  • Eltera says aloud.
  • Satomi reaches for the tea just a half second too late and has to pretend she was going for a sugar cube.

Eltera: “Other than a red bug infestation, we’re still alive.”

Garrion: “I want to thank you again for what you did. I do not think we could have pulled it off without you’re arrival.”

  • Satomi looks down at her nearly-empty tea cup and pops the sugar cube in her mouth when she thinks no one is looking.

Satomi: “I’m just glad we arrived when we did. I apologize for not being easier to get in touch with.”

  • Zindal brings Janiven her tea and offers it to her with a practiced flourish, the very picture of handsome courtesy

Garrion: We had several wounded people but over the past couple days they have healed up nicely with the aid of Arael."

Loryc: “Attacking a bunch of hell knights wasn’t the best idea you’ve had. Well it actually wasn’t the best idea I had either.”

Zindal: “They were rather underwhelming in my opinion… Or perhaps it’s simply that our skill is overwhelming.”

Urso: " knights come looking?"

Eltera: “Dead rats don’t squeak, as they say.”

Garrion: “Yes, out parting was very abrupt after the diner meeting. I wanted to let you know not to go there looking for us. The place is being watched as I’m sure you would suspect.”

Tristan: (to Zindal, giving him rare credit) “you did handle yourself well out there”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “I suspected as much.”

Satomi: “Indeed. We’d been avoiding it in the absence of confirmation.”

Loryc: “After the last hell knight attack, it’s obviously been compromised… a shame because it had so much potential.”

Garrion: “We are using our alternate safe house. I was about to invite you to it when you left. i did not know if i could trust you at that time but now I know we can.”

Tristan: “well, hopefully they were not watching you when you headed here, perhaps we should have a singnal if you want to meet with the boss?, something that does not lead people to our doorstep?”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “It helps to have another safe house we can show up at, assuming things go poorly.”

Loryc: “One can never have too many contingency plans.”

Garrion: “They are not watching me, yet. Artael explained everything that happened when we got back.”

Satomi: “I’m glad! I’ve another friend with similar… predilections. I’m happy to help.”

Garrion: “He was going to meet someone about some information and they were being watched. He was taken into custody for accosiating with this other person.”

Garrion: associating

Zindal: “It’s rather fortunate we were able to rescue him then.”

Urso: " best next time you get in trouble to let Urso know"

Loryc: “It seemed everything ended well… we got lucky.”

Satomi: “Tch… To arrest someone simply for talking to another. Sometimes I wish I’d listened when I was told not to set up shop here.”

Eltera: “What you expect from The Wrack.”

Eltera: “They’re real shit stains.”

Garrion: “Anyway, this person had some news about the Shadow Beasts and thinks that there may be a darker plot behind them. An old frined that is a member of the Pathfinders has recently come to town and wants to look into this claim. She says part of the proof can likely be foud at the mayor’s mansion.”

  • Satomi perks up.
  • Zindal raises an eyebrow

Satomi: “The Pathfinders?”

Garrion: “Yes, you have not heard of them?”

  • Satomi literally perks up; she doesn’t wear a hat indoors.

Tristan: (whispers to Eltera) “we could be disguised as shadow beasts”

Tristan: (just being sarcastic now)

Satomi: “Oh, but I have! I’m simply expressing my interest.~”

Satomi: (her ears)

Loryc: “Well given this person was the one that got him arrested, I’m not certain if we can trust anything about that.”

Garrion: (btw, does she have regualr ears and fox ears or just the fox ears?)

Loryc: “Of course… we may get around to poking around in places we’re not supposed to be.”

Loryc: “One can never really tell what plots I’ve got going on.”

  • Loryc smirks.

Tristan: “who wants another Ale?” (getting up to get a refill

Zindal: “The Pathfinders are usually worth assisting… I’m curious as to what they’re looking for exactly though.”

  • Urso holds up two fingers.

Garrion: “I’m fine with this tea.”

Loryc: “If we find anything of note about the shadow creatures, we can deliver it to your safehouse.”

Garrion: “She mentioned some key needed to enter the old Pathfinder lodge here in town.”

Loryc: “And you can do with it what you want.”

Tristan: *ok, getting two ales, one for me and one for Urso

Garrion: (Loryc knows the tales of the lodge… a great travasty occured there and the place was condemned.. House Thrune came in under the official guise of investigation but soon after the place was sealed tight with powerful magical wards and has not been entered since."

  • Urso frowns.

Garrion: "She mentioned something about a plan to get the key and any information concerning the govenments involvelment in the lodge, both of which she is sure are at the Mayor’s manor

Loryc: “You think the lodge and the shadow creatures are linked somehow?”

Satomi: (gomen, had to step away for a sec)

Garrion: “I know you probably want nothing to do with this but I thought of you and your obvious skill with the way you handled yourselves during the rescue.”

Satomi: (I figure her hair hides where her normal ears usually would be, cause… I actually hadn’t thought about it)

Zindal: “Hm… What year was the lodge shut down?”

Garrion: “She thinks so. but there is nothing to prove the connection or to know what it may be.”

  • Eltera seems more interested in her bottle than the conversation.

Garrion: ((one sec while i get that date….

Loryc: (Yeah chronologically is there any relation to that compared to the appearance of the creatures?)

Zindal: (Yeah that’s what I’m wondering, heh)

Satomi: “At the manor, eh…?”

  • Satomi grins, rubbing her hands together.

Satomi: “Daikitsu-sama’s blessing must be with us…”

Garrion: lore….

Garrion: Delvehaven is the name of the Pathfinder lodge in the old Chelish capital of Westcrown. It was founded in the late 47th century AR by Venture-captain Aiger Ghaelfin

Garrion: Ghaelfin sealed the lodge in the weeks immediately following the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, fearing that the rioting would spread to the lodge and endanger its precious collection.1 Prior to closing down, it was one of the most significant lodges in the Inner Sea region, serving not just as a lodge but also (in Chelish fashion) as a museum.2 Closed for 30 years, it was eventually reopened in 4674 AR after repeated petitioning by the Pathfinder Society. House Thrune allowed this request, but with a significant limitation: the House would choose which Pathfinders could take residence in the lodge. The Society reluctantly agreed, and the next two years were to prove greatly disappointing to it: the propped-up Thrunists in the lodge provided reports of many missing artifacts (“disappeared during the rioting of 4606 AR”), and the quality of their Pathfinder material was shoddy and unusable.2 The situation soon righted itself in 4676 AR. Rumors of a terrible tragedy in Delvehaven began to circulate throughout the Inner Sea region, and the Chelish government tacitly confirmed these rumors by closing the lodge entirely, sealing and warding the entrances with magical locks and wards of great power.2 Since then the lodge has stood silent and shut, rumored to be haunted, and occupying a sore spot in the minds of Society historians.[

Zindal: Yup, same year

Zindal: It all began in Rova of 4676 AR. What started as stories of strange creatures slinking through the shadows became a citywide panic as Wiscrani began disappearing off the darkened streets.

Tristan: (i’m constantly amazed by the breath of backstory in pathfinder)

Garrion: though loyc would ner the know man on this.. he can relate it all to the others

Satomi: (Me too, there’s so much stuff)

  • Loryc relates the story to everyone.

Zindal: “Interesting… So Thrune screws up the lodge and a bunch of artifacts go missing… And then the same year that some unspecified tragedy happens to close the lodge again, the Shadow Beasts start appearing.”

Loryc: “Hard to say if ther’es any actual relation or it’s coincidence.”

Garrion: “Well i see you are busy though with your own things. If you are interested you can come meet with us at the safe house. Ailyn can tell you more.”

Loryc: “Well what more can he tell us, supposing we were interested in that kind of thing.”

Zindal: “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Eltera: “Aint no such….yeah what jabberwocky there said.”

Satomi: “Nor do I… Though I doubt Daikitsu-sama had anything to do with the lodge.”

Garrion: “She has some sort of wild plan for getting access to the mayor’s mansion.”

Satomi: “I’m told she prefers the lucky coincidences.”

Loryc: “I wouldn’t suppose she has any actual information about the mansion.”

Loryc: “Like defenses and the like?”

Tristan: (from the couch) " or a floorplan"

Garrion: “I don’t know. She just asked me who I knew that could handle themselves and would be crazy enought o try something like that.”

Satomi: “Or any acquaintances with inside information…”

  • Satomi nods.

Garrion: “She will have to give you the details.”

Loryc: “Well I suppose we could listen to her idea. That couldn’t hurt I suppose, but I really can’t promise you anything.”

Loryc: “I just don’t want to get some plan to infiltrate via a secret tunnel in an otyugh filled sewer though.”

Garrion: “Understood. This is ot really for the Children of Westcrown. She is just an old friend. If it happens to help the city too then we all win.” she says with a smirk,.

Satomi: “Yes, we could at least supplement her plan with any information we find, perhaps…”

  • Satomi grins.

Loryc: “Or perhaps she could supplement our plans. That may or may not exist of course.”

  • Zindal smirks

Zindal: “Indeed…”

Garrion: ((btw, note that you now have Children of Westcrown as a “Contact Group” story reward… you can use them for information from time to time.. refer to the advantage for how that works.))

Loryc: (ah okay cool)

Loryc: (si that one roll per person, or one roll for the wohle group when we try to invoke em?)

Garrion: ((you also have a “Secret” as a story drawback…..))

Loryc: (technically I didn’t actually kill any hell knights, at least as far as a detect lies spell is concenred)

Garrion: for the group

Satomi: (Yay!)

Zindal: lol

Satomi: (And oooooooo.) reacts like kids at a campfire story

Tristan: (good point Loryc)

Urso: (heh, think Tristan pretty much killed em all )

Zindal: (lol I killed two of them)

Tristan: (Zindal helped)

Garrion: lol, pi it allon him

Tristan: (the wizard put me under a spell….)

Zindal: (Actually I think I killed an Armiger or two as well)

Urso: (urso killed none )

Satomi: (brb)

Garrion: ok, let’s resume…

Garrion: “Well if you are interested you will need to know where to come?”

Loryc: “indeed.”

Loryc: “I assume it’s the safehouse which you spoke of.”

Garrion: “You remember that alley we parted ways in? Well it was on the back side of the old Shrine to Aroden. We have taken up in there.”

Satomi: (Back~)

Garrion: 46 on the map

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “I think we can find it easy enough. Any passwords we need to know?”

Satomi: “We’ll be discreet should we need to get in touch. Mr. Loryc, have you a way to send messages remotely…? That could be useful to keep our personal contact low-profile.”

Garrion: “No, just go into thwe alley and make sure you are not followed.”

Loryc: “Well I have a variety of messnegers at my disposal, but not in the sense of instant transmission.” ]

Satomi: “Well, instant wasn’t really a condition. I just meant it’d be safer than a dead drop.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “Well I certainly manage that.”

Garrion: “I enjoyed the tea Satomi, thank you very much. I’m also glad you are all ok.” She blushed slightly again as her eyes pass over Zindal.

  • Zindal smiles charmingly as Janiven glances at him

Zindal: “I’m quite happy that you remain well also.”

Garrion: “I must go now. I’ll let Ailyn know that you may be by to hear what she has to say.”

Satomi: “Thank you, Miss Janiven! Feel free to sneak by anytime you’d like another cup.~”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “It’s nice seeing you, pass on my well wishes to Arael as well and the rest of the group that tried to break him out. I can certainly respect thier conviction and courage.”

Satomi: “Yes, please tell them we wish the best for their safety. You as well.”

Garrion: Janiven stands and heads to the door. “I will. I know he would like to thank you in person but he can’t really get out in public just yet.”

Loryc: “I understand, after all, he’s suppsoed to be dead, best he keeps a low profile. Those bandits likely finished him off when they killed the rest of the hell knights.”

Loryc: “And then dumped his body somewhere, probably in some kind of swamp. Just a guess really.”

Satomi: “We certainly understand that necessity.”

Garrion: at that she opens the door and departs

Zindal: (once Janiven leaves) “Well, at least this time her request meshes with our own plans somewhat.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “There should be room in the sacks for a few extra documents and a key.”

Zindal: “Yes, one would think…”

Loryc: “I’m not sure if we want to go with her plan though… as far as I’ve seen the rebels are rather amateurish.”

  • Garrion rubs his hands devilishly…. having layed down a wondrous hook

Tristan: “yeah, there last plan went over like one of Lorycs”

Satomi: “If they have a plan, that means they could have some intelligence. On the manor I mean.”

Satomi: “It’s worth cooperating with them, I believe.”

Zindal: “Janiven mentioned needing to find someone crazy enough to attempt it, that would imply that the plan is slapdash or otherwise just not very good.”

  • Loryc nods to Zindal.

Garrion: a yone attempting to break into the mayor’s mansion would be considered “crazy”

Loryc: “Besides I’d feel more comfortable going with a plan of my own creation, that way if it goes to hell, I can have a good back up plan.”

Tristan: "she’s right about the info they may have though’

Eltera: “Does the crusty bastard like whores?”

Satomi: “Mhmhm… Well, anyone would call us crazy for wanting to rob the mayor in the first place.”

Garrion: most esentric leaders do

Satomi: “That’s what’s great about doing crazy things… Nobody expects it.”

Eltera: “Fuck his brains out, followed by a good strangling or kick to the balls, he’ll tell us whatever we wanna know.”

Eltera: “Or maybe I got the order on that wrong.”

  • Eltera shrugs and empties her glass.

Zindal: “Are you volunteering for that assignment?”

Eltera: “Sure, I’ll fuck the skeevy bastard, if it nets us a hefty payday.”

Loryc: “Well the rich generally have thier own set of expensive courtesans, not common streetwalkers.”

Garrion: Zindals wants to voluntter for t trial run

Zindal: lol

Eltera: “Can’t be any worse than you.”

Zindal: “I’m sure I could prove you wrong, but I’d rather keep myself intact for the women who actually appreciate what I have to offer.”

Loryc: “Besides Eltera, the mayor might be into asphyxiation… you’d be surprised actually…”

Eltera: “Awww. How sweet.”

Eltera: “That’s why I wasn’t sure of the proper order.”

Eltera: “Some even like their manhood stomped on and kicked, oh the aristocracy, what about of perverted brainless twats.”

Eltera: what a bunch*

Tristan: “why would anyone like to get their nuts stomped?”

Eltera: “You fit right in Zindal.” pats him on the shoulder as she gets up and walks by, to go find some attire

  • Zindal smirks

Garrion: ((ok about time for a wrap…. we have lots to work onover the break or we’ll move on past it…. fill in your flashback scene of the information each of you were trying to obtain.. i’ll let you now what you find out

Zindal: “I did tell you that blending into high society would be no issue for me.”

Garrion: i’ll name the IC topic.. “Gathering Information”

Satomi: “You’d be surprised. I suppose when you’ve no problems in your day-to-day life, one wishes to experience something a bit more… Real? -ish?”

Loryc: “Perferably I’d like to get this done without actually killing anyone. The less of a bloodbath this is, the less of a chance we’ve got of raising alarms.”

Tristan: “can you make a magic mind control ring or something and give it to the mayor?”

Tristan: “not sure what you can magic up and all….”

Satomi: “Not that I fully agree with you on the frequency with which such measures should be applied, Eltera, but… I wouldn’t exactly mind being paid to step on an aristocrat’s junk myself…”

Loryc: “Well I can’t directly control his mind.. but I can do quite a lot.”

Loryc: “Satomi admittedly would make a much better courtesan… the fox ears add that special allure that the wealthy would find exotic.”

Zindal: “Indeed…”

Eltera: “I just thought you were a slut boss, not a whore!” *she says as she dresses herself with the door open a room over.

Garrion: try to keep the posts as IC as possible with actions and not making assumptions of what you find…. ie. I scope out the entrance to the manor over the 2 days looking for paterns on who comes and goes. (Observation skill 12.)

  • Satomi flicks one of her ears petulantly.

Satomi: “A professional dominatrix is not a ‘whore’!”

Tristan: can we spend our extra points or do we have to wait or train or something?

Urso: I got observation 9

  • Satomi seemed to take that a tiiiiny bit too personally.

Eltera: “I aint got paid any.”

Eltera: “I dominate men all the time.”

Urso: Urso will be fully healed

Loryc: “It also makes an excellent excuse to smuggle in rope.”

Urso: also let us know what we get from selling those weapons

  • Satomi fist bumps Loryc.

Garrion: also…. a couple of you have expressed alternate characters… we have being doing this long enought that we need to have characters pinned down. I can’t tie in PC specific stuff without knowing the final disposition of the PC

Eltera: “Reckon how big a coil Zindal could smuggle in his bum?”

Eltera: “A 50’ coil?”

Loryc: “I suppose if you tied it with knots Eltera…”

Eltera: “There should be plenty of room after he pulls that stick he has up his ass out.”

Urso: alright, I"m out of here.. later

Satomi: See ya!

Tristan: later urso

Satomi: o7

  • Zindal sighs and shakes his head… “Such crudeness from such beauty… I still can’t fathom it even after all this time.”

Eltera: peace cedric

Cedric is disconnected.

Eltera: “I haven’t killed enough folks yet to pay for charm school.”

Satomi: “Even the beautiful can’t choose their circumstances. Besides, it’s not like she minds.”

  • Eltera returns wearing clothes finally or reluctantly perhaps.

Eltera: “Well, who’s ass do I get to kick this time?”

  • Eltera twirls her swords.

Eltera: “Sure, you don’t want me to just beat the shit outa the guy?”

Garrion: ok, i’m heading to bed too, got work tomorrow… as usual i’ll leave this up for you to chata nd save the log later

Zindal: “No one’s, apparently… At least, that’s what I gather from our friend Loryc.”

Satomi: Baibai G!

Eltera: “He could use it, the way he treats his citizens.”

Loryc: “Yes. quite sure. The last thing we need is an alert being raised.”

Satomi: “Not this time. We’ve merely an additional objective, as it were.”

Eltera: “Got any amnesia spells, just so I can do it for the sake of satisfaction?”

Loryc: “Well I could but I’ll need to save my energy for other things…”

Satomi: “A side quest… To coin a phrase.”

Eltera: “Some friend you are, what’s a little forgotten senseless beating between friends.”

Eltera: “Alright, we’ll do this the square way then.”

Satomi: (Technically with regards to the overarching plot robbing the mayor would be the side quest, but Satomi sees it a little different)

Loryc: (Yeah Loryc still sees it as robbing the mayor is the primary objective)

Loryc: (If shit we find happens to help the resistance, then great, if not, well we got a bunch of cash)

Zindal: (lol yeah, that’s Zindal’s attitude as well)

Zindal: (He’s friendly towards Janiven but that’s totally just to try to get her in bed)

Tristan: then we can start robbing churches….

Satomi: (Satomi does have a vested interest in solving the night stalker problem… She enjoys moonlit walks)

Loryc: (Loryc actually likes Janiven, but like primarily he considers himself a thief, and not really a warrior)

Zindal: Well if they’re temples to Asmodeus, sure… Though maybe not a good idea to have him pissed off at us directly

Loryc: (lol I dare Eltera to piss in one of his offering bowls after smashing the tepmle)

Zindal: lol

Satomi: (He’d probably piss back on you except it’s like… Alien blood.)

Satomi: (Or alien piss.)

Eltera: direct me to it

Satomi: (I don’t know if xenomorphs urinate.)

Eltera: I’ll leave him a brick as an offering

Eltera: and i dont mean masonry

Tristan: I think the GM would have a god piss on you….

Eltera: one piece of shit deserving of another in my opinion

Tristan: like an avatar our something. Pathfinder and all…

Satomi: I dunno about G in particular but that’s just what I’d do is corrosive murder urine

Eltera: it might just turn into the material component for a summon oughtyugh spell tho

Zindal: lol

Eltera: anyways

Loryc: heh

Eltera: so what exactly is our plan for next session

Eltera: in STEPS

Eltera: id like to have a rough checklist or something

Loryc: well I mean I need to collect info first.

Loryc: I’ll outline it on the website after G gives me some recon.

Loryc: Obviously we gotta know some of the defenses we’re facing before I can have a formal plan.

Zindal: 1. Gather info on manor, 2. Listen to Pathfinder girl’s crazy plan, 3. Develop plan for robbing manor, 4. ????, 5. PROFIT!

Loryc: I can’t really plan without a decnet idea of what the layout looks like.

Loryc: yeah basically waht Tab said.

Eltera: hehe

Eltera: works for me

Loryc: I’ll have a plan thought up after G gives us some actual information on it.

Loryc: Right now it’s juist a mansion on a hill heh.

Eltera: we still doing M&M at 6pm tomorrow? or well “today” technically

Loryc: yeah.

Eltera: ok

Loryc: Speaking of whcih you ever figure out waht you wanted to have Justy do for that Sachi?

Zindal: I’m totally filing paperwork for all the formal complaints against Lastar that I can muster

Eltera: well first we gotta prank natsuki

Zindal: Since he “lost” my property

Eltera: then after that im heading back to trissemon to relay lastars message to adron

Eltera: thats my plans

Loryc: k yeah mostly I was wondering what Sachi decided as to who she was gonna tell

Zindal: I’m gonna grab some sleep for now, I’ll catch you guys tomorrow for Aylanae

Loryc: k cya.

Tristan: yeah, i’m heading to bed too. we will keep going on the forums. have a good night!

Tabris is disconnected.

Tristan is disconnected.

Satomi: Sorry! I was in the bathroom ^^; I didn’t really decide, I didn’t end up having a lot of free time today cause of homework and stuff

Satomi: I’m a hop off for now though, I can talk to you about that somewhere else so it doesn’t clutter up G’s log

Taragnor: yeah itr eid to messag eyou on AIm but it didn’t go through for some reason

Taragnor: not sure why.

Taragnor: kept getting some erorr where you werne’t logged in

Taragnor: Yeah anyway gona shut this down

Taragnor is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

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Sefiros has connected.

Sefiros is disconnected.

Session 5

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