GURPS on Golarion

Maid Service

Loryc sneaks into Aberian's Folly as the others stand by to assist. - Session 8


Rova 6, 4710

Short Synopsis

Loryc sneaks into Aberian’s Folly with Tristan. Tristan stands guard while Loryc does some scouting disguised as a maid. He manages to get himself right into the work and arranges for an up close and personal meeting with the Mayor.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Character Points Awarded
Eltera 0
Loryc 1
Tristan 1
Urso 1
“Melty” 1
Zindal 1

Loot Summary

Item # Location Found Magic Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
Betty Human Maid
Elsa Human Maid
Crosael Rasdovain Human Majordomo

Session Log

Session 8



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