GURPS on Golarion

Under Pressure

Exploring the vault. - Session 15


Rova 15, 4710

Short Synopsis

The group breaks away from the party and makes their way to the vault. Most of them enter to see what lies inside.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Character Points Awarded
Mina 2
Loryc 1
Tristan 0
Urso 2
“Melty” 2
Zindal 2

Loot Summary

Item # Location Found Magic Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Haversack 1 Asmodean Knot Y Dimensional void within pack. Urso
Scroll 1 Asmodean Knot Y Icy Touch spell. Urso
Scroll 4 Asmodean Knot Y Unknown Urso
Pearl 1 Asmodean Knot Y Unknown Urso
Parchment 1 Asmodean Knot Y Unknown Urso

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude

Session Log

Session 15


Sorry I missed out but I’ll see you guys Friday!

Under Pressure

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