The common calendar of the land is the Absalom Reconing.
The current month is Rova.

Relevant History

Date Event
4469 Queen Koradinna declares the “Council of Thieves” destroyed along with public executions of its leaders.
4606 The death of Aroden. Westcrown is in chaos and Delvehaven is sealed by evacuating Pathfinders.
4638 Order of the Rack is founded.
4640 House Thrune takes over Cheliax. A priest of Asmodeus named Anvengen Doskivari is appointed mayor of Westcrown as the capital is moved to Egorian.
4661 Mayor Doskivari disappears mysteriously and is replaced by the wizard Dargentu Vheed.
4674 Delvehaven is reopened by permission of House Thrune.
Rova, 4676 The " Shadow Beasts " emerge in Westcrown.
Delvehaven is mysteriously abandoned and sealed once more.
4689 Mayor Vheed disappears and Mayor Arvanxi takes his place.

Current Events

Rova, 4710

Date Event
1 The Unveiling of Westcrown, The Escape
2 The Prison Transfer, A Daring Rescue, No Loose Ends, The Aftermath, Lying Low
3 Lying Low, Gathering Information
4 Lying Low, Gathering Information
5 Lying Low, Gathering Information, Meeting a Pathfinder, A Scouting Mission, Post-Scout Planning
6 Maid Service, A Window into the Mind, Zindal has a date with Roxanne at noon and the the group goes to the casting call for The Six Trials of Larazod, In the Limelight.
7 In the Limelight.
8 In the Limelight.
9 In the Limelight.
10 In the Limelight, The Show Must Go On
11 The Show Must Go On
12 The Show Must Go On
13 The Show Must Go On
14 The Show Must Go On, Death on Two Legs, We Are the Champions
15 Let Me Entertain You, The Millionaire Waltz, Under Pressure, The Invisible Man, In the Death Cell, Stealin’
16 All Dead, All Dead, Don’t Fear the Reaper, The Maze of the Heart, The Outcast King, Settling the Score
17-21 Fence loot items and shop for new gear. Lie low after heist.
22 Hunted, Here’s Boney
23 Opening the Crux, The Talking Head, The Talking Head, continued, Deciphering Clues
24 The Plot Thickens, Trouble is Brewing, Pathfinders Found, Talking to the Dead
25 Pathfinders Found, Turning Tails on the Bastard, Everyone, Out, Shopping rolls may be made.
26 Delving In, Three-Horned Horror, A Disturbed Soul, This Little Light of Mine, Cleaning Up


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