Foe Rank and Groups

Mook/Minion/Fodder Groups (2-6 foes)

The whole group is assumed to make the same maneuver and acts as a single entity with one roll. The group attacks with normal skill, +1 per extra combatant. Opponent defense rolls take a penalty equal to the size of the group, due to distractions and attacks coming in from various sides. A hit deals normal damage for the group as a whole. The group defends at normal skill and has uniform DR. Any penetrating damage upon the group removes one member of the group from combat, however no shock is accessed to the group.

Henchmen/Rival/Worthy Groups (2-6 foes)

The same as the rules above, except as follows:
The group has HP/FP pools equal to the sum of its members. Any penetrating damage upon the group deal damage normally to the group’s HP/FP pools. A member of the group is removed from combat once their contribution to the pool is exceeded. If a single hit deals enough penetrating damage to reduce the pool by multiple members’ contributions, then each is removed. No shock is accessed to the group.


This class of foes do not function in groups. They are individuals of equal caliber as a PC.

Foe Rank and Groups

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