Session 13

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Taragnor has connected.

Garrion: howdy

Tristan has connected.

Taragnor: hey

Tristan: hola

Garrion: have a good holiday?

Taragnor: wasn’t too bad.

Tristan: not bad, busy time of year (big even in 2 weeks). hope you all had a great one though

Tristan: speaking of the big event, i’ll be gone the 15th and probaby the 22nd (I may be back by the 22nd but I don’t think so)

Tristan: how was your holiday G? probably fun with happy kids

Garrion: yeah, they had a good time. just been at home when not working, no travel to see people

Tristan: i always wanted to go to time square for new years but thought that would be the place I would blow up if I were a terrorist. Not as far fetched as you might think (i’m prior military intelligence, I know these things).

Taragnor: Well isn’t really far fetched at all, got a bunch of people packed tightly together.

Garrion: hehe, i have no desire for that… not like big crowds

Taragnor: And a lot of TV time.

Tristan: yup, they even give you a countdown, like a bomb

Taragnor: I mean that’s kinda a prime target for terrorism.

Taragnor: Sef says he’ll be here in a few minutes.

Tristan: i’m surprised it has not happened yet. one situation that would be easy to go through with would be a remote control plane, you can’t take it down with a fighter jet and can take off with it very easily from really close or a couple miles away. that would be very hard to defend agaist.

Tristan: or ye-old suicide bomber dressed like a cop, they would be able to get right through…. i’m glad they don’t have smarter people in charge of the terrorsim cells….

Sefiros has connected.

Tristan: hi there Sef

Taragnor: how big of a bomb could they put on a remote control plane though?

Sefiros: hey give me a few mins, gotta finish some stuff up

Sefiros: i forgot we had a game tonight, thought we were skipping this week to holidays

Garrion: ok, still waiting on a few others

Taragnor: you send out messages to the others?

Taragnor: I know Sachi mentioned she could make it so not sure where she is.

Garrion: nah, been doing other things

Sefiros: G remind me to to fix my sheet, theres something i forgot to edit and send to you last time, i’ll have to check my notes on what it is exactly, i dont have my notes on hand, but i wrote it down, I’ll sent it for next session, but dont lemme forget

Tristan: for the bomb question: your best effect would be multiple planes but if you did a dirty bomb (suitcase nuke) I would think you could take out NY and most of the sourrounding areas would be screwed due to fallout radiation

Sefiros: sorry i have short term memory problems, quite literally, my thyroid disease symptoms, so i have to write myself notes on shit or i will forget my head if it werent screwed on

Sefiros: i been reading gurps magic some too, along with sachi showing me how magic works, and the Imbuement thing.

Taragnor: heh well yeah, things get a lot easier if you got a nuke.

Sefiros: I was gonna ask about those.

Tristan: if it makes you feel better, I have to write everything down like 10 times too, then I see my sticky note and remember. I’ve started using a free software called “trello”, it’s like a to-do list whiteboard. really helpful

Sefiros: its in power ups i believe, its the advantage thats sorta like melee magic

Sefiros: Imbue, or Imbuements, i forgot the name

Sefiros: theres a vampiric weapon thing i was pose to have gave to mina, thats the main thing i forgot to put on the sheet i sent, anyways

Tristan: that sounds handy

Sefiros: lemme finish my cooking real quick, almost done, be back in like 10 mins

Tabris has connected.

Tristan: hi there Tab

Garrion: yes, imbuements would be like the magus or vanguard PF abilities

Tabris: Yo

Sefiros: yeah its like “Imbuement: One School” along with the Vampiric Weapon skill

Sefiros: thats the shit i remember for sure she was pose to have, i’ll fix it next time

Sefiros: i forgot to include that

Sefiros: anyways brb

Garrion: you’ll have to let me know what your thought process is for that… will have to work out the legality issues

Tabris: Need to update my Limbo token

Sefiros: it was for her sword the muramasa

Garrion: not sure imbuements work quite like that (i.e. interchangable with magery

Sefiros: it was pose to be cused and drunk the blood of its foes

Sefiros: in D&D i used spell strike with vampiric touch

Sefiros: its an old legen from japanese mythology

Sefiros: thats why i named her nodachi the muramasa

Sefiros: in homage

Tabris: Would we have had time to get an enchantment put on something before our next outing?

Sefiros: its why i took that blackblade magus thing in PF

Sefiros: i only took the one technique version of the advantage

Garrion: no, we are picjking up the next day after the play… you were invited to the mayor’s party

Tabris: k

Sefiros: so she doesnt have anything else, just the vamp one

Sefiros: for fluf

Sefiros: really its pose to just be the magical enchantment of the sword

Sefiros: so you may can show me how t oset it up where it literally is the swords enchantment instead of a skill

Sefiros: i aint an expert on that

Sefiros: or well i like the fluff of it being a “magic sword” anyways

Sefiros: i think technically the way i did it was just gave the advantage o mina herself tho

Sefiros: since i dunno how to do it as magic sword

Tristan: make sure you take the “bonded” or whatever perk it is so you can get it back if stolen

Sachi has connected.

Sefiros: anyways, let me check my dinner before i set off the smoke alarm, we can talk about it later

Tristan: would suck to sync a lot of points in it and lose it.

Sefiros: just wanted to mention it before i forgot

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Sachi: Hihi Tristan! Hi guys!

Taragnor: yeah magic item pricing is kinda weird in GURPS.

Taragnor: since there’s a mana cost then a cost per mana potin or something.

Garrion: ok, i’ll need a little more concise info as far as sources and what you are seeking… i’m picking up you want an “magical” sword but want to either enchant it or imbue it?

Sefiros: look in power ups, the Imbuement advantage (Limit 1 tech)

Sefiros: 3 ranks, and Vampiric Weapon

Sefiros: is what my notes say

Sefiros: she only has one “spell” or technique whatever theyre called

Garrion: ok, looking real quick while we wait

Sefiros: the vampiric one

Tabris: Whee, skill 23 with Broadsword

Tristan: i take it you spent your points?

Tabris: Yup

Tristan: nice

Sefiros: lol 23?

Sefiros: you’re just wasting points

Garrion: i asked him if he was going to finally stop when he hit skill 40?

Sefiros: Tabs a Bronny, with “my little on trick pony”

Tristan: i would not imagine to many people have that high, but it could come in handy. mainly for feints

Sefiros: one trick*

Tabris: I was thinking of stopping when I can do the eye stab with a 17 skill or better

Tabris: I’m at 15 with it right now since it’s my signature attack

Tristan: what do you need, like 16 points?

Tristan: more I mean

Tabris: lol, probably, I haven’t counted

Garrion: the only problem…. no matter your odds of hitting, you still “miss” if they defend

Sefiros: (as for the imbuement thing G, i was just using it as the rules say, ie mina taking the advantage)

Tabris: Yeah true

Tristan: I think it’s like 8 points to increase a skill after a specific amount… but not sure

Taragnor: lol I cna see by the end of the campaign Tab will be like broadsword-40.

Tabris: Another reason to increase it more is I can take a -2 to my check to give them a -1 to their defense

Taragnor: and nothing else. lol.

Tristan: then “fumble and damage self”

Tristan: that would be crap luck

Tabris: So like right now with 23 skill I can take a -6 penalty and still have 17 skill to hit them and they have -3 to defend

Tabris: So I basically only miss on a crit fail and they defend at -3

Sefiros: (what i meant about the “magical sword” was, it would be nice if there is someway i could have the imbuement be granted by the sword or something, to fit the concept of it literally being a magic blood drinking enchanted sword, as opposed to it just being a technique mina could use with any sword she picked up)

Melty: btw, small change, I decided my full name is Melton “Melty” T. Humanmaimer

Melty: The T stands for “The”

Sefiros: (but it doesnt matter either way, mostly i just liked the backstory for the sword from mythology, and that it was cursed and drunk blood, and its a japanese myth, so me and sachi had a cool story about how Satomi couldnt sell it, it was a sword in her inventory of merchandise and she sold it to mina like a used car salseman lol)

Taragnor: lol.

Tristan: with a name like “melton” you need to learn a melting ray

Melty: I got a few kinds of lightning

Melty: Also I’m just 6 points in debt! yay

Tristan: lighting could be handy, especially vs people in plate that think they are protected

Sefiros: (but if its just a straight up advantage of minas, thats fine too, me and sachi just thought it was kind of a funny story to explain how mina and satomi had met before, and how i ended up with a nodachi)

Melty: Mhm~ That’s why I specialized in it :3

Sefiros: it was pretty funny i thought at least

Sefiros: the way sachi RPed it

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: Yay~ I’m glad you liked it, hehe

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 40*.2

Garrion: ok, so it lookslike you need imbue 3 (-80%, one skill) for 8.0 points

Tristan has connected.

Sefiros: haha yeah you were like a used car salseman trying to sell me that evil car Christine or something lol

Sefiros: yeah i know what it all costs and how the mechanics work already

Sefiros: i read up on it

Sefiros: me and sachi did a while back, i just forgot about it

Sefiros: not the rules, i mean i forgot to put it on her shit after T did my write up

Sefiros: main thing was just wanted to see if there was a way to set it up so its a function of the sword (not wanting any free pts) just like the fluff

Sefiros: you can google “muramasa”, its an old myth from folklore, later sometime

Sefiros: and read about the inspiration

Sefiros: was also a sword in castlevania i always used heh

Garrion: ok, i thought you had questions, my bad.. thanks for giving me the heads up though…. is the imbue advantage itself restricted?

Sefiros: mina was pose to basically be a chick version of alucard from symphony of the night

Sefiros: nah i know how it all works

Sefiros: i was just letting you know

Sefiros: since i forgot to tell you before

Sefiros: i have short term memory problems literally

Sefiros: my friends can affirm the fact

Tabris: Yup

Sefiros: its why i ask the same questions all the time too heh

Sefiros: side effect of my thyroid disease, messes with your memory

Sefiros: short term

Sefiros: anyways

Sefiros: can we proceed, dont wanna waste the whole session discussing that

Tabris: Yeah I’m ready whenever you guys are

Sefiros: we can talk about it after session

Melty: I’m ready too~

  • Melty flutters around in Mina’s vicinity.

Sefiros: its a seperate weapon skill anyways, so i’ll just say i choose to not “use it” till i get it on her sheet

Sefiros: it doesnt use your base weapon skill, its its own skill

Taragnor: yeah I’m good.

Sefiros: im not sure if its Restricted btw, sorry

Sefiros: @ F

Sefiros: at G i mean

Garrion: ok, you all had a great evening basking in the fame of your preformance… the main thing though is that the mayor himself invited you to his party the next evening…. you head home and go to sleep (eventually) and wake the next day to prepare for your trip to the manor

Sefiros: i dont know what resitrcited means exactly

Sefiros: i think its like magery pretty much just for melee types

Sefiros: if i recall

Sefiros: (you asked was it restricted, dunno what that means)

Garrion: ok, so you have the day to make any arrangements you want.. the party will start this afternoon/evening

Melty: “Big sis… Your performance was the best…”

Melty: (that’s Mina btw)

Tristan: (did we know Mina before or we just met her at the play?)

Melty: (Melty didn’t know her before at all, but she’s trying to act like they’re best friends)

Taragnor: I would have told you about her anyway beforehand

Mina Bloodthorne: “Big sis?”

Tristan: (does Mina have any “attractive” advantages or no?)

Taragnor: since I was the one who arranged for her to be there, she’s not just like some random person anyway.

Tabris: (Yeah she does, lol)

Taragnor: Pretty sure she has the like unearthly beauty one.

  • Mina Bloodthorne looks around. “There are two pixie’s in your group?”

Melty: (Yeah, lol, she has the highest-level one)

Taragnor: Unless Sef dropped Nymph.

Mina: no

Tristan: ok, not hard to make friends when you a hot chick. Tab is screwed (with a little luck anyway)

Tristan: oh, not a Nymph any more?

Mina: why do you keep thinking that T?lol

Mina: no

Mina: im a nymph

Mina: thats the like core concept lol

Mina: i aint dropping that

Melty: “No, I mean… I-I respect you a lot, ma’am, so i-it’s a… A term of endearment?”

Garrion: As you travel the streets after the play, you contemplate having your old lives back—mostly. You are no longer expected to spend your nights promoting the play, but as you walk the streets of Westcrown, you now and again have starry-eyed fans approach for an autograph, an offer of a free drink, or simply a request to chat about your experiences for a few moments. Many of these adoring fans were not even present at the performance, but the spreading fame you are earning for your deeds is beginning to show.

Mina: i picked nymph because she’s the child of zura, and in greek mythology nymphs were offsprings of gods

Taragnor: lol yeah pretty much like Mina probably draws a giant ass crowd whereever she goes.

  • Melty is blatantly more respectful and polite towards Mina than she is to anyone else

Taragnor: Unless she’s concealed under a hood or something

Zindal (aka Ladzin): regains 3 fatigue, and now has 12 FP.

Taragnor: And the lustful characters are like autofail against that I think.

Tabris: lol yeah

Mina: and zura was like legendary for her beauty and shit and took baths in the blood of virgins and other crazy shit if i recall my PF knowledge

Tabris: Zindal is constantly trying to get with her

Tristan: (i’m either going to have to buy off my intolerance for urbanites or play this one out… not sure I want a bunch of yuppies buying me drinks)

Tabris: Heh well remember we were in disguise for the play

Mina: i mean really nymph and dhampir are just mechanics

Tabris: So as long as we aren’t disguised as the guys who performed in the play they won’t know it’s us

Mina: in setting, she would be like a minor demigoddess or something

Melty: (Yeah lol, I’m at a -10 to resist lecherousness when Mina is involved and my CR is 12, so… lol, I autofail except on like a 3, if that)

Mina: if you had to classify her

Garrion: Early in the morning before you have a chance to head out, a well-dressed servant delivers a written invitation to each of you repeating the verbal invitation of the mayor last night.

Tabris: (Yeah same here, lol)

  • Melty didn’t get one since she wasn’t officially there

Mina: (dhampir isnt a race anyways, its a meta-trait)

Tristan: (and at some point I ask the director if he new there would be live acid in the play)

Mina: (so ive always been a nymph, dunno why people keep asking me if i still am one, theyre not mutually exclusive)

Mina: (its my way of doing the godling angle i had from PF)

Mina: (to most people she just looks like some super hot elf or half elf or something thats crazy pale id imagine)

Taragnor: heh, well you’re always changing stuff lol.

Garrion: The message gives you a description of a great feast called the Cornucopia and tells you to arrive an hour before sunset at Lord-Mayor Arvanxi’s villa (known to locals as Aberian’s Folly, but never to the mayor’s face) dressed in your costumes from the play.

Mina: (heh no i aint she made it for me, and i edited it :-)

Melty: “Y-you’re just so… pretty… I could stare at you for… I-I mean, not that I’d stare, ma’am!”

  • Melty is staring anyway.

Garrion: very true

Tabris: Can we actually play the game and stop ranting about random mechanical shit? lol

Taragnor: I mean now you’re getting some kinda vampire sword, the points gotta come from somewhere :P

Mina: (you)

Garrion: melty is omitted.. she is the non-member, hehe

Mina: (you made it, then i finished it, wasnt any changing)

Tristan: (going to the cornucopia, glad i’m bringing my bow, sounds like the hunger games)

Mina: (im not sure what G would wanna handle it has tho in terms of setting, id prolly just say people who could ID her would think she was a demigoddess maybe?)

Garrion: i’m trying to get started.. you have the set-up

Tristan: to the group when Mina is not around “so, we are getting invited into the mayors house. Seems like you already mapped the place out good Loryc, should we be looking for anything specific while we are in there?”

Mina: yeah im just trying to think of how to cover melty’s interest in what she is

Mina: (they dont really explain much in DF about the races other than stats)

Garrion: use the standard PF lore

Melty: We can deal with the specifics of that later Sef, hehe, but according to DF pixies and nymphs are both different kinds of faerie folk

Garrion: when it comes the the lore behinf monsters/races

Mina: yeah i just aint sure how to reply lol

Tristan: (can melty get an “enlarge” spell, or just make herself look larger with an illusion?)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well we’re basically just looking for an opportnity to get up into the attic, that’s where the vault entrance is.”

Mina: thats why i brought it up sorry

Melty: (Melty would be calling you “big sis” anyway, I’m being a secret weeaboo and saying that instead of like, “onee-san”)

Tabris: lol

  • Mina sighs, and looks bored, as she narrows her eyes on the diminutive winged lecher.

Garrion: we are not inserting various real-world lore from various origins… everything would be a mess…. use standard PF lore

Tristan: (to Loryc) “you can’t just zap him with a spell to make him your bitch? Maybe that Mina chick could seduce him… I would line up for that”

Loryc (aka Robert): “There’s also a valuable treasure on the first lfoor as well, apparnetly there’s a treasury there.”

Tristan: “just saying”

Tristan: “I thought Zindal was going to hump her leg… but don’t blame him. I mean damn”

Tabris: “I’ll just be happy when I can stop masquerading as an actor… Though I do have to say the experience had its highlights…”

Melty: (Basically she’s being a little toady and trying to ingratiate herself by being chummy with Mina, she’s adorable but not terribly charismatic)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well the mayor doesn’t ever access his own vault apparently, not the magical one. So he couldn’t help us that much. And besides, that’d take away some of the fun of it.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’ll just be happy when I can stop masquerading as an actor… Though I do have to say the experience had its highlights…”

Mina: “I dislike labels.”

Tristan: “by the way, anyone with me on giving that director a beat down? I don’t appreciate the acid dip”

Mina: “But, I suppose you can address me however you like, little one.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tch… Save your energy. You’d only be causing trouble.”

Tristan: (i’m saying this while Mina is not around by the way, I would be more careful if she was)

  • Mina finally replies aftering a few moments contemplating something distracted, as they wade through throngs of fans that occasionally swarm the group.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Yeah we’ll have more than enough problems with the guards, and the very likely presence of demons.”

Garrion: ((he had nothing to do with that, the challenges were not of his devising and he did not know what they were going to be)

Tristan: (ok, i’m highly ticked until I hear about him not being at fault, but I still want to find out who’s idea that was, i’m so kicking someones ass)

Mina: “Oh yes, Zindal, was it?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins as his name is mentioned
  • Mina says turning to the swordsman.

Melty: “Um… Do names count, ma’am? I could… I could just call you Mina if you prefer that… I’d like you to know that I want you to have the absolute best possible experience at all times.”

Garrion: i told you who it was in the session…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “That’s me, yes.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Though while I’m an actor I’m using the pseudonym of ‘Ladzin.’”

Tristan: (i don’t remember, I was working while we were playing last week. Sucks, but it’s that time of year for me, not working tonight though)

Garrion: The majority of the play’s deadlier aspects are wrangled by none other than Vestus Savaska, a high-ranking member of the church of Asmodeus who, after Mayor Arvanxi made a sizable donation, agreed not only to bless the construction of the Nightshade but to also provide the deadly props and creatures needed for this evening’s performance of The Six Trials of Larazod.

Mina: “Hmm, nevermind.”

Mina: “I don’t think you can catch syphalis through oral contact can you, or blood?”

Tristan: (ok, so Vestus Savaska needs an ass whipping, check)

Melty: “Uh, blood maybe.”

Mina: “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Mina: “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) raises an eyebrow

Mina: “I got a little too carried about with my ad-lipping.”

  • Mina smiles coyly.
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) chuckles

Garrion: “a high-ranking member of the church of Asmodeus”… this will not be a streat beatdown… this will take some planning and a good side quest

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I certainly have no complaints.”

Tristan: (or an arrow)

Tristan: (i’m a good shot =) )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol, he isn’t someone you just walk up to and shoot with an arrow, he’ll probably be guarded, and if you do manage to kill him you’ll stir up a giant shit storm)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol yeah, lets leave that for another time…)

Mina: “Oh come now, I’m only teasing. What kind of courtesan would I be, if all my sponsored died.”

Tristan: (yup, that shot happens right before we leave town)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I don’t think you want Hell Knights and whoever else trying to hunt you down)

Melty: “I’m just so glad I was able to meet you and talk to you and be in physical proximity to you, Mina… This has been the best two nights of my life since before my whole village burned down.”

Garrion: ok, don’t want to waste the whole session on mindanes… you are free to pursue daily activities but the party starts an hour before sunset

Tristan: are we on a map right now?

Tristan: i’m going to make a note about Vestus Savaska

  • Mina reaches down and picks Melty up gentle.

Garrion: just limbo

Tristan: ok

Mina: “Are you this obsessive about everything you fancy?”

Garrion: if you have not already you can heal your “play” tokens for day of rest

Loryc (aka Robert): “We may want to have Mina distract the Mayor and guards… given that’s likely to happen anyway.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) approaches Mina, “It seems we have some free time before our next scheduled appearance… Do you have any plans on how to spend it?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “While they’re looking at her, they hopefully won’t be looking at the rest of us.”

Mina: (how do i heal the token someone)

Melty: “Nah, just you. You’re really h-hot.”

Melty: “Stuff.”

Melty: “O-on the stage.”

  • Melty clumsily tries to pretend she wasn’t blatantly hitting on Mina

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls First Aid and gets 4 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)


Garrion: that is only if you are injured… the point is that you do not have time to naturally recover a ton of HP

Tristan (Stan): nice

  • Mina places Melty on her shoulder, and turns to Zindal. “One moment, handsome.”
  • Mina turns her head back to Loryc.

Mina: “I thought you had mentioned before you had other plans?”

Tristan (Stan): i’m down 2 points from acid

Mina: “I mentioned trying to serve as a distraction, but she seemed to have another idea in mind at the time when we spoke before.”

  • Melty scoots closer to Mina’s head and snuggles up to her neck.

Tristan (Stan): actually, the rot grub

  • Melty sighs contentedly.

Garrion: anyway…. the day progresses…. unfortunately this day turns sour around noon…. a steady rain blows in and the sky is dreary

Melty: “Your hair smells really good…~”

Mina: (what button do i use or whatveer to do the day of rest heal, i got 1 wound for my bite i self inflicted)

Tristan (Stan): regains 2 HP, and now has 12 HP.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (You gotta figure it up manually)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well it’s a party as opposed to a carefully orchestrated stealth mission, so some improvisation willb e necessary.”

Tristan (Stan): regains 1 HP, and now has 12 HP.

Mina: (well i just mean where is the butto nor whats it called, wheres it located)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I don’t remember what the recovery rate is for, but you click the blue HP thing on the Main page of your character sheet)

Mina: (im trying to find it so i can fix that 1 hp)

Mina: (i assume 1 hp will recover in a days rest, i only had 1 lost)

Garrion: it is on your character sheet

Tristan (Stan): top right under “campaign” on my screen right below character sheet “hp”

Garrion: click the HP hyperlink

Mina: (do a minus or plus ?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Plus

Tristan (Stan): – to add back

Tristan (Stan): that’s what I did anyway

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No it’s a plus to add back

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s a minuse to take away

Mina: regains 1 HP, and now has 20 HP.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): minus*

Mina: is reduced 1 HP, and now has 19 HP.

Tristan (Stan): it said “damgage taken” so I used – 2 and got hp back, two negatives

Mina: regains 1 HP, and now has 20 HP.

Mina: tab is correct

Tristan (Stan): it worked for me a second ago.

Tristan (Stan): maybe anything but no sign works?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Weird

Tristan (Stan): indeed

Mina: (sorry for the slowdown, i just am rusty after being absent for so long heh My apologies G, everyone)

Garrion: i think it depends on what you used to change it.. the macro or the character sheet

Tristan (Stan): either way, easy enough to figure it out if you go the wrong way, just reverse it

Garrion: anyway.. it is done

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I updated the numbers on my Limbo token G so I’ll need you to copy that over for whatever else we’re doing and kill the old one

Mina: "You seem to be use to fast women, Lazarod? she jokes

Mina: “Do not mistake my appearance, for such.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I can go at whatever pace best suits you, m’lady.”

Mina: “I’m sure we can come to an arrangement, if you play your cards right.”

Mina: “But, I am a professional.”

Garrion: the rain continues on though the afternnon and by the time you are preparing to leave for the event it is a steady hard rain with the occassional burst of lightning across the sky followed by the deep rumble of thunder.. the temp has dropped a bit too

Mina: “In many areas.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “As am I.”

Garrion: this is going to make walking to the party problematic

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah, she’s got only 1 speed, she’s the opposite of a fast woman…)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: “I’m here, because of Loryc. He’s told me of some interesting gambling of your own, you all plan on doing.”

Mina: (i aint in a mood to be picked on tonight, or you may wake up as a enuch wizard)

Melty: “I fuckin’ hate gambling. Y’know the odds always favor the house, so it’s always the rich motherfuckers making off with your shit like always…”

Tristan (Stan): (i figure loyrc can do anything with magic) “can you make it stop raining?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well if you gamble intelligently you can win.”

Mina: (for the record T dumped it to crazy low levels already, but then nags me when i changed it like 1 or 2 pts more, so hes the original whore )

Mina: (so hes dumping his cheese on me to alleviate his guilt i guess :-p)

Melty: “I think it’s possible… I dunno how to though…”

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: i’m lost on whay cheese you are all sniffing but i’m sure it has nothing to do with the events of the party…. let’s get on task

Tristan has connected.

Melty: “I mean, to make it stop raining. I know you can win if you gamble smart.”

Melty: “I think it’s possible… I dunno how to though…” “I mean, to make it stop raining. I know you can win if you gamble smart.”

Melty: (for Tristan)

Tristan: getting booted again… hope it’s not another one of those nights.

Mina: (well i would prefer to change it to be honest, but thats another story, i been busy with holiday stuff, but yeah enough ooc talk, im getting lost)

Loryc (aka Robert): “As for the rain….”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) casts create object and makes an umbrella.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Well that takes care of a whopping one of us.”

Garrion: lol, i was about to say the same thing

Tristan: “you know, being a wizard seems pretty handy”

Mina: “My makeup….”

Tristan (Stan): (as I take the umbrella)

Loryc (aka Robert): “It saves a lot of effort in packing.”

Tristan (Stan): (serious about taking the umbrella)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Remember that thing about how the mayor’s manor dispels illusions? And how we’re all in mundane disguises because of that? Rain is going to kind of mess that all up, don’t you think?”

  • Mina frowns a bit as her makeup runs as the rain gets harder.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Would be a shame to have your brilliant plan spoiled by the weather…”

Melty: “As for complaining, we’ve been over this… My whole family is dead, so I’m allowed to complain about anything I want, forever.”

Tristan (Stan): (and gives the umbrella to Mina and Melty)

Tristan (Stan): (the pull up my good)

Tristan (Stan): *hood

  • Mina pulls up her hood, forgetting about Melty as she does so.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well I’ve been meaning to buy a cloak…”

Loryc (aka Robert): (guess I’ll buy a cloak quickly before we go)

Mina: “Oh, how absent minded of me.”

  • Melty nestles into Mina’s hood next to her neck… She doesn’t complain, just makes sure she has room to breathe and talk out of.

Mina: (i have a parasol she carries since she dislikes the sun, so I’ll pull that out)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) pulls the hood of his cloak up as well, though wonders if that will be enough in this weather
  • Mina opens her parasol and then lets her hood back down.

Mina: “I’m sorry Melty, I didn’t mean to ruffle your fea…..well you get the point.”

Garrion: you are in full dress from the play…. regal looking headdresses and all….. not very easy to cloak and make it across town without getting all frumpy

Mina: yeah thats why i whooped out the parasol heh

Mina: i didnt see that in the gear, i will add a custom item tho next time

Mina: but basically she’s very victorian normally

Loryc (aka Robert): Oh I didn’t realize it was a bunch of stuff we couldn’t cover iwht a cloak.

Mina: with fancy attire and a parasol

Garrion: you could look up the yeloow pages and call a covered carriage?

Loryc (aka Robert): heh, well if we got time, I’ll call a carraige.

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean we are going to a party.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol, mighty heroes, stymied by rain

Loryc (aka Robert): So it’d be appropriate to make an entrace.

Melty: “You guys should get a carriage or something. This rain’ll fuck up your costumes and shit.”

Mina: “They said come as we were, but who wants to d othat.”

Garrion: just imagine an ornate victorian era pompous attire

Mina: “Wearing this crud to a party.”

Melty: “Actually they said come in costume.”

Mina: oh well thats what mina likes to wear anyways when not in adventurer mode

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Yes, the mayor wants to see us in full costume… This should be interesting…”

Tristan (Stan): (can we step under an overhang?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Actually Sachi don’t you have that weather dome spell?)

Melty: “I read your… I-I happened to see one of the invitations lying around.”

Mina: (what did you call that style again sachi?)

Melty: (Actually yeah I do, let me see if that’s mobile but I’ll cast it)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Gothic Lolita? lol

Mina: (the victorian sexy type deal)

Mina: (yeah i think thats it)

Melty: (I think so, hehe)

Mina: (its like victorian style dress but risque)

Zindal (aka Ladzin):

Melty: (It’ll at least let you get out of the rain until we find a solution)

Mina: (well this is some real kind of clothing style, i dont mean something anime)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Well they have real clothing versions of it too

Garrion: ok, a carriage for the group of you will cost 1 gold

Mina: (ah ok i aint much of a weaboo)

Loryc (aka Robert): oh lol lets just get that.

Loryc (aka Robert): we got a ton of gold.

Garrion: $100… equate to a lemo ride across town

Loryc (aka Robert): Alright I’ll pay the 1 gold and we’ll do that

Melty: Yeah the dome isn’t mobile, I don’t think

Mina: “We should go somewhere and ready ourselves.”

Mina: “We can’t show up to a party all wet, with runny makeup.”

Garrion: ok, loryc sends his servant with a note summoning the carriage?

Loryc (aka Robert): (sure)

Melty: “I actually can repel the rain, just in a pretty small area that doesn’t move… So I’ll make us a shelter.”

  • Melty casts Weather Dome.

Garrion: some way you request one.. it arrives

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan (Stan): (we are in the city, probably some overhangs we can get under)

Garrion: you load up with the assist from mely to not get soaked on your way to the carriage

Mina: what does my costume from the play look like G?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or if this is happening before we even leave we can just send for the carriage before we step outside, lol

Loryc (aka Robert): (okay so we’ll do that)

Mina: I would like to change into something more eye popping if its too bland

Mina: (i know they said come as you are, but she doesnt really care )

Melty: (Either way it costs me 2 FP then 1 FP every 6 hours after that… That’s 4 minutes of rest >.> )

Garrion: well you know the character… i imagine some kind of dominatric looking but yet stilll ellegant and regal

Mina: hmm ok thats pretty fitting anyways

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So like your normal clothes, lol

Mina: haha

Mina: yeah just checking

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah figure we’ll be rested from the carraige ride anyway

Garrion: ?

Garrion: ?


  • Mina climbs about the carriage, and takes out some makeup and a mirror.

Mina: “Melty, could you hold this for my my sweetling.”

Melty: (I kinda like how magic is balanced in this game in general, like, you exhaust yourself pretty quick but you also gain FP back pretty quick)

Mina: for me*

Mina: the mirror that is

Tristan (Stan): (wont be hard to make friends in that)

Melty: “I’d be glad to~!”

  • Melty holds the mirror up for Mina to see.

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Mina: (links dont work for me )

Tristan (Stan): (bottom link worked ok)

Mina: (ok 3rd one did )

Mina: (ok yeah that’ll work then G heh thats sorta the type of shit she wears anyways)

Garrion: or maybe this….


  • Mina wipes off all her old makeup to begin with, with reveals a beautiful but somehow odd appearance.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): God that eye makeup is awful

Tristan (Stan): (like in-human apperance?)

Mina: Her eyes are a bit sunken with dark circles around them like she hasnt slept in a long time, and her skin is even paler than imagined.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Vampiric appearance, lol)

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Naturalist and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Tristan (Stan): (naturalist role to notice what she is)

Melty: (Ooo, I really like that Flandre in lingerie in that link you had Tab :3~ )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hehe


Mina: (yeah tab, supernatural features, thats why she wears makeup)

Melty: ^ that one

Mina: (well its more like that vamp chick from the game tab sent me before, with the black dress, i dont have it around so cant link it)

Mina: (mouse over her token for a close look if anyone wants to know what she looks like)

Mina: (she has a portrait attached there)

Garrion: you wanting to know her nymph or her vamop?

Garrion: with that roll

Tristan (Stan): (your the GM, what ever would stand out to me more)

Tristan (Stan): how about I make two?

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Naturalist and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 3

Mina: (prolly to you, the vampiric features, since thats a flaw)

Tristan (Stan): so, only one

Tristan (Stan): (true, if that’s your flaw)

Mina: (i got a flaw for her pallor)

Tristan (Stan): (but I am a dude so my best friend may be talking)

Garrion: nymph is a rare natural creature a -5 mod, a fail…. a vamp is not natural at all and would need a hidden lore undead to know about

Mina: (and also for her body temp, shes cold to the touch)

Loryc (aka Robert): (probably fiogure she’s some kinda arctic nymph.)

Mina: (i sorta called her a “blood nymph”

Garrion: your nature roll would tell you that something is “unhuman” abiout her though

Mina: that sounded like something the demon queen of vamps would make

Tristan (Stan): ok, can I follow it up with a perc check to get more info?

Tristan (Stan): now that I know she’s not natural i’m looking for clues

Garrion: no, you know what you know.. the only way to get another chance is to research it or experiment

Mina: (i mean shes kinda unique, i got unusual background, so itd prolly be you know shes something weird/odd, but would be hard to really ID specifically, since well she’s sorta demigoddess technically)

Garrion: beyond the scope of tonights events

Tristan (Stan): (ok, i’ll make it a point to keep an eye on her, try to brush her skin, get a good wiff, watch her behavior ect)

Mina: (prolly could be mistaken for a vampire id guess unless someone knew the specifics)

Mina: (or just a nymph)

Mina: (anyways, you could always just ask her :-p)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She’s hot, that’s all the knowledge Zindal needs

Tristan (Stan): (that would be rude) ;)

Mina: (then again this is cheliax, so i figure people might think she was a tiefling)

Garrion: ok, the carriage takes you across town… due to the clouds obscuring the sun it is already dark despite the time of day

Tristan (Stan): (I mean, she aint human but that don’t mean I would not bang her… I’m a dude too, hot is hot)

  • Mina takes out her makeup kit, after cleaning her face, and begins to redo her makeup.

Mina: sec i got the skill

Loryc (aka Robert): (Do we gotta worry about those shadow creatures?)

Tristan (Stan): “do you have some elf in you?” (to mina)

Garrion: that is a very real possibility…. but oddly enough tieflings are looked down on and are the refuse of society

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Yes lol)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (We haven’t done anything to get rid of them yet)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Like do they come at night or on any darkness?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well I dunno if they only came out at night, or if jsut an overcast sky would draw them)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (They come out at night but they avoid well lit areas I think)

Cedric has connected.

Tristan (Stan): hi there Cedric

Garrion: you do not know… but you soon may

Loryc (aka Robert): well I’m assuming people in the city would know.

Cedric: yey, I"m back

Melty: ←rolls Naturalist/TL4 (Earthlike) and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Melty FAILS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): since there’s that big curfew and stuf, people would probably know when to run like hell for cover.

Melty: Hiya Cedric!

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 9 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Melty: (for Hidden Lore)

Garrion: you have not had many “sunless days” to test the theory

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Ask the carriage driver

Garrion: the idea though is that they do not like light

Mina: (actually i dont think i need to make a roll just for putting it on, its mostly just for disguisng, etc)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): He’s probably lived her for a while

Zindal (aka Ladzin): here*

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well I’d figure I’d know with all my knowledges, lol)

Mina: (tho lemme add it anyways

Mina: (wish you could sort skills on the char sheet by alpha order post entry)

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 6

Tristan (Stan): ( I ask Mina) “do you have some elf in you?”

Loryc (aka Robert): that should know anyway, cuase that covers current events and such.

Garrion: the carriage however is lit… it has covered lanterns on its outside

Melty: (Melty has an enchanted coat with a hood btw, so when it’s raining or she’s in a fight she looks sort of like this)


Garrion: as you ride through the streets make a perc-5 roll

Melty: (Only she’s 5.2" tall so she’s not like imposing at all)

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 5

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Melty FAILS by 4

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 16 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) CRITICALLY FAILS by 11

Mina: ←rolls Makeup and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

Loryc (aka Robert): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 2

Mina: “I think he’s managed to hit every bump in the road.” (the driver) she remarks as she re-applies her face

Garrion: you do not see any sign of any creatures from the carriage window…. seems like the coast is clear

Loryc (aka Robert): (okay, well that’s a plus I guess)

Garrion: ((i like the hidden rolls… you have no idea if you succeeded or crit failed

  • Melty doesn’t seem to care what Mina is, even if she can tell

Tristan (Stan): ( I like the hidden roles too)

Melty: (Yeah~)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) doesn’t seem to care so much either

Garrion: you arrive at the manor.. and the carriage makes its way up the steep incline to the top

Mina: (chat is flyinh back so fast, sorry if im slow to respond heh, you guys are like the papparazi :-p)

Garrion: A corpulent building of iron and stone looms over its neighbors in southern Westcrown—the mayor’s abode is anything but subtle. This is no mere house, but rather a bloated near-castle of ochre and black, a huge manor with rusting gargoyles dancing upon its gables among hooks and nails to prevent the birds from settling. Iron gutters vomit rainwater onto the cobbled streets below, but bright lights burn fierce in every window while plumes of smoke boiling up from nearly two dozen chimneys promise an interior as warm and welcome as the exterior is cold and forbidding. Carriages arrive, belching forth their well-dressed contents at the end of a long canvas-topped walkway extending from the manor grounds’ front gates to the villa’s front doors, offering new arrivals protection from the rain on the short trip by carriage to Cornucopia.

Garrion: ok, moving tokens from limbo to the manor

Melty: “The seething furnace of murder…”

Cedric: ( I miss anything major?)

Melty: (Just Melty hitting on Mina over and over and over)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (We’re going to a party at the mayor’s manor, dressed in our play costumes)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Also that)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’ll give the driver 1 gold and a 5 silver tip)

Cedric: any time to buy stuff on the way?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nope

Zindal (aka Ladzin): We had like a day before this though

Zindal (aka Ladzin): This is in the evening

Cedric: ( guess is fine, I didn’t look up anything anyway )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So guess you could have bought something in the morning if it was mundane

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah we had a day beforehand where we could buy stuff I think.

Melty: (Oh, also my name is officially Melton “Melty” T. Humanmaimer. The T stands for “The”)

Cedric: which map?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Limb for now I think

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Thought we might be going over to Aberian’s Folly 1 soon

Garrion: i seem to have lost the melty token

Melty: lol it’s so tiny

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Loryc (aka Robert): you should probably make it a little bigger

Loryc (aka Robert): just so we can all see it lol

Melty: Yeah lol, if we’re gonna have a map this big

Mina: which map did we go to?

Garrion: nah, i think the extra one giot deleted… i not seeing it on the exploreer

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Aberian’s Folly 1

Mina: sorry my perc roll is late, was having sheet problems and trying to read all the chat texts, i got backed up for a min

Garrion: will just use the main one.. guess she was not hurt anyway

Tabris: Delete my mini off there and add the one from Limbo G

Tabris: I made all my changes on the Limbo one

Melty: Yeah heh, plus I’d be rested up to full

Garrion: are the HP all correct on the other one?

Tabris: Yes

Melty: Though as soon as you said that I immediately saved my token to my cloud storage thingy >.>;

Tabris: We should be fully healed anyway, I think Melty can cast healing spells and we’ve had all day to rest

Melty: Yep~

Mina: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -5)

Mina FAILS by 4

Mina: sorry for the late roll heh

Garrion: ok, in that case i’ll just use the main tokens…. one sec

Melty: I have major and minor healing

Cedric has connected.

Mina: I got overwhelmed there for a minute with all the IC and OOC posts etc im caught up now

Melty: Minor Healing is a prereq for Evisceration :3~ and Major Healing was just like one spell extra so I was like why not

Mina: (not the fastest reader either)

Cedric: so which map?

Tabris: Aberian’s

Tabris: Folly

Tabris: 1

Mina: (lol healing is a req for evisceration, tat sounds like an oxymoron)

Bruce the lesser: booya

Tabris: Gotta know how to put it together before you can take it apart?

Melty: lol, yep

Loryc (aka Robert): GURPS requirements are kinda weird

Bruce the lesser: so we still in disguise or no?

Melty: I think it’s required for Deathtouch also

Loryc (aka Robert): like you need light spell to get invisibility and such.

Tabris: Ywes

Tabris: Yes

Tabris: We are dressed as the characters from the play

Melty: It makes sense, I mean you gotta be able to bend light or whatever

Tabris: The mayor told us to appear in full costume

Garrion: ok, you all should have tokens on Folly 1 now

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah. I kinda get what they’re going for.

Bruce the lesser: ( gots to know the body before you can rip it apart )

Melty: (Like the prereq chain for Evisceration includes Minor Healing and also Apportation, which just kinda moves objects around, and Evisceration rips out someone’s organ, so it makes sense to me)

Tristan (Stan): brb, getting a drink

Garrion: As you arrive, you are greeted by cringing, rainsoaked servants along the relatively dry, canvas-roofed pathway from the front gates to the main hall. There, drier servants take your coats and hats if you wish, securing them while other servants escort you east to the large dining hall, where many of the guests have already arrived.

Mina: (oh yeah G, before i get, quick question)

  • Tabris glances around, wondering if Roxanne is on duty tonight

Melty: (I think Melty inherited Satomi’s disadvantage for having killed Hellknights, so I’m saying she did it by using the Evisceration spell, lol)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) glances around, wondering if Roxanne is on duty tonight

Mina: (I was going to take the courtesan template from Gurps Fantasy because i basically have all the stuff it grants anyways, but i did not see it anywhere in GCS)

Loryc (aka Robert): (You’d probably be too interested in Mina to worry about Roxanne anyway. lol)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Zindal is interested in whoever catches his interest, he doesn’t limit himself to one person at a time =P)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I mean you got some commoner chick, versus a nymph in a sexy dress)

Melty: (It’s an awesome spell, it’s like being that guy from Temple of Doom)

Mina: (anyways, the courtesan can use sex appeal for its enthrallment skills instead of sex appeal, so i was wondering if that would work for me, if i want to use like my captivate/suggestion etc via sex appeal as opposed to me giving speaches)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Sorta like having a supermodel nearby and then ending up chasing some fat chick instead :P)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Well why can’t I have them both =P)

Garrion: you can just build it yourself.. just take the things that make it up

Mina: (so just wanted you to read that over sometime)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (She’s a maid in the mayor’s manor, she’s gotta be at least somewhat attractive)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well yeah I mean the moment Mina is otu of your sight, you might go for another chick)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I just don’t figure you’d be thinking about Roxanne with Mina right thee lol)

Melty: (A fat girl can be sexy! Although Zindal is a lech)

Melty: (So he probably doesn’t have a ton of standards anyway)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Like I said, why can’t I think about both, lol)

Mina: (yeah i pretty much have al lthe stuff it grants already, but like that thing isnt really a rule or advantage, its just a blurb they mention about how you can use sex appeal to use entrhallment skills instead of public speaking, i have both either way)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I mean damn, how hard a concept is this to grasp)

Garrion: more cushion for the pushin’ Zindal says

Mina: (just thought it fit better for mina’s personality for her enthrallment to be RPed that way, rather than a politician)

Melty: (I concur with Sef~)

Mina: (i also took sexy pose, its 1pt quirk, that lets you use sex appeal from range, and not having to be up in someones face)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Damn, I need that


Mina: (i forgot where its from, i think power ups or something, anyways talk about it later, back to game)

Melty: (Hey, if the sex appeal instead of public speaking thing is a feature of a template that doesn’t have a cost attached to it and it’d make sense for your character, maybe you could take it as a 1-point perk as well)

Tristan (Stan): back

Mina: (well the mechanics is for the pre-req, ie you can use sex appeal as pre-req to take enthrallment skills, i have public speaking too)

Garrion: ok, as you enter there is a throng (not thong zindal), of people chatting throughout the room… several groups have split off and seem to be engaged in various subjects

Mina: (i just meant for roleplaying my use of enthrallment skills, i thought itd be fitting for her to be using her sex appeal more than her words alone

Garrion: as soon as you enter though they all stop what they are doing and applaud

Melty: (Ahh)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: (i didnt actually not take public speaking, i have it too)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins as he bows to the applause
  • Loryc (aka Robert) takes a bow.

Mina: (just wanted G to know, if i use any enthrallment skills, i was wanting to be sexying it up, instead of giving a UN speach heh)

  • Melty hides inside Mina’s costume if there’s any room, or in Loryc’s pouch if there isn’t (she does this before they’re thronged with people)

Tristan is disconnected.

Mina: “Ohhh….”

  • Mina turns to Zindal.
  • Melty somewhat aggressively tries to cram herself into any space on Mina’s costume that would accommodate her, unless Mina stops her

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: The house majodomo anounces each one of you in turn, making a formal introduction to the guests

Mina: “Wandering hands? Ohhh, what?”

Melty: (also prior to us being mobbed by people)

  • Mina smacks the pixie, and tells her to leave her love button alone, she’s got work to do.
  • Bruce the lesser waves when he is introduced.

Mina: “Watch it.”

  • Mina whispers.

Mina: “There are other places to hide under there you know.” she whispers

Garrion: The lead star first…."This is Ladzin, otherwise known as Larazod…..

Tristan: (a lesbian pixie is very entertaining)

  • Mina gathers herself, after having a strange look cover her face momentarily.

Melty: (whispers) “Sorry! But none of them are this comfortable…”

Garrion: as you are introduiced make a diplomacy or some sort of skill to impress

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Good evening to you all. I am pleased that you are pleased with my performance.”

Melty: (lol I think this is maybe my second favorite PC I’ve played already~)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Can I use my Sex Appeal skill? lol)

Garrion: You know that first impressions are important, particularly among Westcrown’s elite.

Garrion: well only if you want to be known that way

Garrion: just a sex object.. a hunk of meat

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Savoir Faire (High Society) and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): How’s that

Garrion: very good

Melty: beefy

Sefiros: (what did you do with my play token G, you seem to have copied the limbo one unlike the others)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (He copied all our Limbo tokens)

Loryc (aka Robert): ah okay, I can use my savoir faire skill that, works.

Garrion: i moved all the limbo tokens as requested

Garrion: since you all fully healed it seems

Sefiros: (ah ok i think i edited the play one oops

Sefiros: ok it was only a skill or two i had left of, no big deal)

Bruce the lesser: ( really only the acid hurt us I think, those skeletons at the end, didn’t do too much )

Garrion: second, she introduces… “This is Mina, otherwise known as the sultry seductrss Ilsandra…..”

Sefiros is disconnected.

Sefiros1 has connected.

Garrion: second, she introduces… “This is Mina, otherwise known as the sultry seductrss Ilsandra…..”

Sefiros1: disced

Sefiros1: hold on G, pause

Garrion: ok

Sefiros1: dont have permission, my ghost was holding my name

Sefiros1: lemme try again

Sefiros1 is disconnected.

Sefiros has connected.

Sefiros: i think i may have missed a line or two when i got disced, could you repaste anything after

Sefiros: Bruce the lesser: ( really only the acid hurt us I think, those skeletons at the end, didn’t do too much ) Sefiros: (nah i just forgot to add my makeup skill or something minor, dont worry about it, editied wrong one earlier) Sefiros: (sorry, proceed)

Sefiros: i got booted there

Garrion: second, she introduces… “This is Mina, otherwise known as the sultry seductrss Ilsandra…..”

Tristan (Stan): i’ve been booted 3 times tonight, wonder if there is a bug

Sefiros: ok

Sefiros: hmm

  • Sefiros courties in a satirical fashion, with a sultry look.

Garrion: third she introduces….. “NExt we have Larazod’s faithful friend Dentris, played by Robert.”

Mina Bloodthorne: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina Bloodthorne SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: so mina must want to be known as a piece of meat

  • Sachi is in heaven, considering that there’s relatively little room to work with in Mina’s costume

Tristan (Stan): (bonus vs the guys?)

Mina Bloodthorne: yeah she likes people to think shes just all beauty

  • Melty is in heaven, considering that there’s relatively little room to work with in Mina’s costume

Mina Bloodthorne: its part of her act

  • Loryc (aka Robert) raises his hand and smiles.

Melty: Tis a facade~

Tristan (Stan): (melty is going to need a bath)

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Fake! and gets 10 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (aka Robert): (that can do savoir-faire)

Melty: (mmmmmhmmmm~)

Garrion: ok

Mina Bloodthorne: plus i wasnt sure what else to use, got so many social skills heh

Melty: (she’s probably getting one already >.> )

Garrion: well a non-meat skill,,, for peopple to look at more than your looks, would be savour faire, diplomacy, etc

Mina Bloodthorne: what about public speaking?

Mina Bloodthorne: have that too

Melty: I think your public speaking is like stupid high because of your charisma too

Garrion: not applicable here.. you not making a big speach

Garrion: just a first impression

Mina Bloodthorne: ←rolls Savoir-Faire (High Society) and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina Bloodthorne FAILS by 5

Melty: Ouch

Tristan (Stan): oh crap

Tristan (Stan): thank got your hot

Mina Bloodthorne: lol

Tristan (Stan): god

Loryc (aka Robert): Well good thing she’s really hot. lol.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan (Stan): (“all I heard was clevage”)

Mina Bloodthorne: well thats why i rolled sex appeal

Mina Bloodthorne: i was just seeing what my others are heh

Mina Bloodthorne: ←rolls Public Speaking and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Mina Bloodthorne SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina Bloodthorne: ←rolls Diplomacy and gets 11 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Mina Bloodthorne FAILS by 2

Melty: (Play it off as like you’re being ditzy on purpose)

Loryc (aka Robert): Was going for high class courtesan… came off as disease-ridden streetwalker.

Mina Bloodthorne: those are the ones i got

Garrion: yeah, i think you have set in stone your Megan Fox persona… dense as bricks but one sexy babe

Mina Bloodthorne: well i want people to think that

Tristan (Stan): (but honestly, what dude would boot megan fox out of bed?)

Mina Bloodthorne: so they dont worry about me robbing their ass

Mina Bloodthorne: shortly

Mina Bloodthorne: thats why i took acting, so they think im just a dumb chick

Loryc (aka Robert): With her appearance though she may not have to rob people could probably just be a trophy wife. lol.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Mina Bloodthorne: but anyways my rolling sucks lately anyways

Garrion: ok, loruc impressed the group with his intro

Mina Bloodthorne: T stole my mojo in the last M&M game

Melty: (Watch it man! I can steal one of your nuts while you’re asleep)

Mina Bloodthorne: all his miniions rolled nat 20s on every toughness roll

Melty: (I’ll use it to make a chimera)

Mina Bloodthorne: or so he says :-p

Garrion: “And next we have the comical companion, the foolhardy paladin Tybain played by Stan.”

Melty: (All the chimeras will have one ball too)

Mina Bloodthorne: (btw dont compare me to megan fox, she looks like a skanki to me)

Mina Bloodthorne: (i dunno why everyone liks her lol shes fugly tto me, but ihave weird tastes)

Tristan (Stan): skanky hot

Garrion: ok, lindsey Lohan, lol?

Loryc (aka Robert): well you did fail your high society roll. :P

Melty: (I’ll steal your uterus)

Tristan (Stan): ok, i’ll try to do a flurish with my broadsword to impress

Mina Bloodthorne: (lol its her thumbs)

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Broadsword and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina Bloodthorne: (google megan fox thumbs)

Tristan (Stan): then take a bow

Loryc (aka Robert): Would have been funny if he crit failed. and the sword goes flying inot one of the guests.

Mina Bloodthorne: (i swear she had toes transplanted to her hands)

Tristan (Stan): she does have toe thumbs, this is true.

Melty: (It will be the incubator for my army of one-balled magical hybrids)

Garrion: lol, that would have been funny

Tristan (Stan): (that would have been awesome to fumble and kill that noble that acid dipped us)

Melty: (lol)

Garrion: he is not a noble

Garrion: he is a high ranking clergy

Loryc (aka Robert): heh those are some weird ass thumbs.

Tristan (Stan): oh, I just hate nobles so I figured he was one. steriotyping

Loryc (aka Robert): Well I’m sure he’s as rich as a noblke

Loryc (aka Robert): Those corrupt clerics are always super rich

Garrion: “And last, we have the torturer turned companion Drovalid… a giant of a man Bruce.”

  • Bruce the lesser enters when announced, raises his arms and roars.

Garrion: intimidate??

Bruce the lesser: na, just being loud

Tristan (Stan): how about “whip”?

Tristan (Stan): lol

Melty: :3

Garrion: i think he would fumble there

Tristan (Stan): he should just eat someone close. that would be cool

Garrion: ok, your chopice of impressive skill to awe the nobles

Bruce the lesser: ( have to roll?)

Garrion: yep, something

Tristan (Stan): (how about ST? pick something crazy up)

Garrion: non-destructive perferably

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah lol lift someone in each arm

Bruce the lesser: ( ya, can I do that? there something nearby to pick up, like the dude announcing me?)

Garrion: she is a lady

Bruce the lesser: (bah, too light.. anything else?)

Loryc (aka Robert): heh just lift a couple of the guards.

Garrion: no guards in site

Garrion: sight

  • Bruce the lesser will pick up Tristan and toss em up above me head.

Garrion: surely you have something… the crowd is waiting

Loryc (aka Robert): heh.

Tristan (Stan): tristan the greater will try to dodge

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls ST and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina Bloodthorne: “It’s hard to hob knobing with these sycophants with a pixie down your pants.” she grumbles in a whispered tone trying to keep a smile on her face

Tristan (Stan): tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 13

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Melty: (Whoa, I left youtube going after that other song I linked with the autoplay thing they added sometime, and this one is really doing it for me)


Tristan (Stan): your not picking me up

Tristan (Stan): i’ll try to be funny in character

Garrion: ok, do we want to get into the whole opposed roll thing? this just something to impress the crowd.. will affect demeanor through the night

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Bruce the lesser: ( you could have been funny while you were flying in the air )

Tristan (Stan): (when he comes after me i’ll dive between his legs)

Mina Bloodthorne:

Mina Bloodthorne: i think thats the one

Mina Bloodthorne: i used for mina, maybe not same one, but pretty similar

Mina Bloodthorne: the amulet looks familiar

  • Bruce the lesser roars in frustration.

Garrion: you can’t dodge.. he is behind you… no defense

Bruce the lesser: (haha, )

Garrion: he picks you up with one hand…..

Garrion: ok, done.. now we can move on

Mina Bloodthorne: Tab had some he sent me before, but i cant find em anymore, was from some game. Hook me up if you remember tab

  • Bruce the lesser picks him up, tosses him to his other hand and then puts him down.

Melty: (Yeah, I can’t hide in the bosom of that)

Melty: (Gotta be somewhere else :3~ )

Tristan (Stan): (ok, then can I apply the acting roll?, i’ll cross my arms and look annoyed)

Mina Bloodthorne: well she has bigger boobs than that pic

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I forget the name of the game, will have to dig it up again)

Mina Bloodthorne: oh lol you mean the zipper looking deal of cleavage

Garrion: that is a good outfit for the play

Mina Bloodthorne: dont matter how big the boobs are in that i suppose sachi when its open like someones fky

Mina Bloodthorne: fly

Melty: (Yeah lol, there’s just not enough material there to hide a pixie)

Mina Bloodthorne: (well i figured you’re under her dress somewhere

Garrion: plus what isn’t open is mesh

Mina Bloodthorne: peeping out somehow

Melty: (So did I based on your dialogue~)

Melty: (Being able to see out is kind of a secondary concern to Melty after being as close to Mina’s crotch as she can get away with)

Garrion: ok, so now you are free to meander about the room and gossip……

Melty: (She’d move somewhere else if someone scolded her enough)

Garrion: a little common knowledge….

Bruce the lesser: ( People impressed?)

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah I’ll do some mingling.

Garrion: The nobility of Cheliax thrive on gossip. Knowledge is power, after all, especially the right knowledge about the right person—or the right home. Many of the guests of the Cornucopia are particularly fond of gossiping about their mayor and his unusual house.

Melty: (Or if Mina asked her nicely)

Garrion: rthere are many guests, many fade into the crowd and do not stand out, however there are a few who draw your eye……

Garrion: Lord-Mayor Aberian Arvanxi

Garrion: Aberian is a rotund, balding man with a quick and somewhat too-wide smile. He wears the Westcrown colors in his elegant suit, along with a cloak made of winter wolf fur.

Melty: (btw Melty is supposed to be kind of irritating IC but let me know if I’m actually doing anything that bothers anyone, lol)

Tristan (Stan): is Vestus Savaska here?

Garrion: mayor and Cornucopia host

Garrion: Crosael Simiin Rasdovain, Aberian’s Folly majordomo

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol you realize you’re going to blow the entire op if you start a fight with him here

Garrion: Crosael is a relatively attractive, middleaged woman who has long served the Arvanxi family. She wears dark robes and has a knack for blending into a crowd and not being noticed.

Garrion: you do not see him

Loryc (aka Robert): lol. yeah we definitely don’t want to start a fight at this point.

Loryc (aka Robert): we can always rob him later.

Garrion: General Vourne, Commander of the Gemcrown Bay Imperial Fleet

Garrion: Vourne is a grizzled, mean-looking middle-aged man with receding black hair and a neatly trimmed mustache. He wears a suit of stiff, black ceremonial leather armor that displays his rank in the Chelish navy.

Garrion: Chammady Drovenge, Drovenge nobility

Tristan (Stan): (i’m so out of place here)

Garrion: Chammady is a beautiful but dangerous-looking woman. She arrives dressed in a scanty blue gown cut high along the sides and low in the front, her long crimson hair up in a ponytail and a strange fur draped over her shoulders—what appears to be a serpentine, wolf-headed creature with wings.

Melty: (I found out there’s a spell that lets you basically write graffiti on stuff, I REALLY need to get that for Melty)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Naturalist and gets 13 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 1

Tristan (Stan): “what the hell is that thing?” (the Loyrc)

Melty: (Inscribe)


Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 6

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Wizard! and gets 16 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: (It’s an Illusion and Creation/Making and Breaking spell)

Loryc (aka Robert): hmm do I know what it is?

Garrion: she giving mina a run for her money

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): weird… lol. it’s liek a wolf thing wrapped around her.

Loryc (aka Robert): we may also want to try to steal that dagger.

Garrion: the dagger is not part of the description, lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I figure we can wait until they all get drunk and drugged up and then rob them blind)

Loryc (aka Robert): pretty much yeah.

Loryc (aka Robert): Tghat’s the plan.

Garrion: next….

Garrion: Eirtein Oberigo, Oberigo nobility

Loryc (aka Robert): I’m figuring Urso can drink them all under the table.

Mina: oh here is the one for mina finally

Garrion: Eirtein’s well-lined face always seems fixed in a tight grin—he greets everyone like a long-lost brother or sister, but his mellifluous voice is somewhat unsettling in its eagerness. He wears a flowing robe accented with black peacock feathers.

Garrion: Sascar Tilernos, Tilernos nobility

Bruce the lesser: If the roll is HT, probably

Garrion: Sascar is a delicately featured woman who wears far too much makeup. Her silver hair is up in an extremely tight bun, over which she wears an outrageous headpiece shaped like a winged, erupting volcano.


Mina: (sachi made me take knot-tying as a skill because of that lmao, im serious)

Garrion: ok, you may want to make note of who you wish to schmooze with, if any, so that we can adress that in/out of session

Tristan (Stan): glad there are no children around after clicking that one

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Tristan (Stan): surprised there is not a pixie head poking out

Mina: lol blame tab, he sent it to me originally haha

Melty: (You chose to keep it!)

Melty: :3

Mina: haha

Mina: yeah i mean i try to please my friends :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: knot tying was your christmas present

Loryc (aka Robert): What does my knowledges tell me about their relations with the mayor?

Mina: anyways sorry lol

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 13 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 3

Mina: just thought G would get a laugh out of it, wondering why i took knot tying

Tristan (Stan): (are there any woodsy types here? like a royal scout or something? I don’t want to talk to these “losers” (urbanites))

Loryc (aka Robert): Like are these good friends, political rivals, etc.?

Garrion: i gave each persons role and relationship… each is a political contact or a member of a noble house

Garrion: to learn more of motives you will have to strike up a conversation.. you are out of your leage in the know department here…. noble hushes are not well known for obvious reasons

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Zindal is going to mostly just schmooze in general and give everyone the common courtesy of being spoken to and introduced and such… Though if he sees any particularly attractive women (be they noble, servant, or whatever) he’s totally going to try to hit on them

  • Mina just smiles and plays pretty and dumb for the time being, trying to put on a good face for all these scumbag sycophants who basically ruined her estate and whole house to the point of extinction.

Loryc (aka Robert): Well I mean my skill covers current events and politcal news and such.

Loryc (aka Robert): So I’d probably know at least something about what house dislikes who and such. That’s kinda the point of taking all those knowledges. heh.

  • Melty is itching to steal everything and burn down the estate, but her position mollifies her for now
  • Bruce the lesser will just shadow the group members, pretty much just listening and sizing up the guards and any other defenses from time to time.

Garrion: initially you all meander around getting a feel for the crowd….. after a bit of time to conduct idle unmeaningful gossip the first course is rang…..

Garrion: there are no guards visisble

Garrion: it is like game of thrones.. does anyone really know the motivations of the momemnt

Bruce the lesser: ( urso finds little finder and breaks his neck )

Loryc (aka Robert): well I’m not saying motivations, but i’d know histories and such

Bruce the lesser: ( finger )

Tristan (Stan): (Tristan is hitting up the free food and eyeing Mina trying to figure out what she is, or at least getting a good view of her ass if nothing else. If any noble ladies want a peice of a “famous actor” he could probably be persauded but he’d not interested in hob-nobbing with the yuppies)

Loryc (aka Robert): like long running feuds between houses and conflicts that happened recently.

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean generally when two houses don’t like each other, it’s kinda pretty well known.

Garrion: histories are in the short role i gave you… lord mayor, navy general, noble house member, majodomo

Melty: (Oooo we should discuss the themes of our narrative in repetitive detail and then do it again next time we have dinner with different people)

Melty: (Just kidding though~)

Garrion: ok, the first course….

Garrion: a bell rings and you are all summoned to the table

Tristan (Stan): (to Urso) “at least there food”

  • Bruce the lesser hopes there is alot.

Bruce the lesser: " hope we get seconds "

Garrion: Each course is eaten from tables laid with a dazzling array of cutlery, including a delicate barbed short spear on a slender thread and a fat silver goblet. The table settings are removed at the end of each course and set again for the next event in a 15-minute flurry of action while the guests entertain themselves in adjoining rooms. Eating generally takes half an hour, during which time attempts to leave the feast without being noticed are made at –4 penalty as everyone is seated. Guests can sit anywhere they wish.

Melty: I can probably make a check without the penalty.

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean kinda tough to really determine much, when i don’t know anyting about any of the houses.

Garrion: As each hour rings, starting at 6:00 in the evening, a new course of the Cornucopia banquet begins

Zindal (aka Ladzin): None of it is written in the book T, lol

Loryc (aka Robert): We could send Melty to scout.. maybe I coudl cast invisibility on her.

Loryc (aka Robert): of cours ethat’d require reaching into Mina’s crotch…

Melty: :3

Melty: (My role: bringing people’s hands and crotches closer together within the Imaginarium)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Tristan (Stan): like a dirty cupid

Melty: (Exactly!)

Tristan (Stan): I wonder what your arrows look like?

Garrion: just not something i wish to take up game time debating… your skill is valid and noted… but even at that you do not know the hidden connections and motivations between the nobles.. you have never met them, they are “untouchables” to your kind

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think we all know

Garrion: but all that is about to change….

Garrion: all you have to do is pry a bit by talking to them

Mina: (lemme go feed the cats, the meowing is deafening)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol well I mean knowing em would give me stuff to ask about. It’s kinda like not knowing that the Lannisters are rich , or that the Red wedding happened. lol. Like I got no real foundation at all.

Bruce the lesser: and wait for the liquoir to flow a bit

Mina: (anyone want to adopt about 10? I’ll UPS someone a couple lol)

Garrion: you would knwo generalities, but those are simply that they are noble houses tjat are all vying for power in the eternal struggle

Tristan (Stan): (my dogs might like them but not for long)

Mina: (i got 12 cats, no bullshit)

Melty: (btw I have to kinds of arrows: one is shaped like you’d think and the other is shaped like flying V guitars with flame decals)

Melty: two*

Mina: (and a 100lb massive bulldog, fuckin zoo)

Tristan (Stan): did the bull dog get so big eating the other 22 cats?

Mina: (my dog thinks their her children)

Tristan (Stan): only 12 left to go

Mina: (she’ll kick someones ass if they mess with em)

Tristan (Stan): kinda cute

Mina: (including other dogs)

Mina: (nah she was raised with em, she loves em)

Mina: (anyways brb)

Garrion: i gave you foundation… navy general (this the person who knows about military matters), house majodomo (this the person who knows al bout the house), noble fgamily members are all alike, some minor differences but we are not talking about regianal/national powers.. these are minor families in the scope of the world and they all hold to chellish tradition

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah mostly was just wondering if the noble houses themselves had any background/specialties/whatever.

Garrion: i can get you more detail but i do not have it on hand nor wish to take up game time detailing it here.. it is something that can do on forums

Tristan (Stan): (Tristan would not care.. if I knew we were going to be in a city most the time I probably would not have gone with the ranger, but sense I did i’ll go in character and be grumpy here)

Loryc (aka Robert): Alright, well I guess I’ll just kinda mingle with a bunch fo people, try to get what info I can…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Zindal is only interested in the attractive women)

Garrion: (well we knew that zindal)

Tristan (Stan): (loyrcs time to shine)

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll ask em a little bit aobut the shadow creatures if I can.

Loryc (aka Robert): Just sorta casually mentioning them. and how the party is going to end late, and what not.

Loryc (aka Robert): (Since I asusme it’s going inot the night)

Garrion: You and the other guests gather inthe banquet hall to find the H-shaped table well stocked with food and drink. The wine you are offered is Jeggarian 4683, known as “The Blood” for its rich red hue

Loryc (aka Robert): See if I can get any kinda info dropped in casual conversations about the shadow stuff.

Loryc (aka Robert): Well that’s appropriate for Mina.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 1

Mina: (sorry im so scatter brained tonight, i wasnt really prepared)

Garrion: Zindal is not enough of a connoisseur to know much more about it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Lame

  • Mina mills about the party, not really saying much but just trying to be eye candy, unless someone approaches her, she does seem to pound down quite a bit of wine however.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Ah, I’ve heard of this vintage… I’ve yet to have sampled it however.”

  • Mina approaches Zindal.

Garrion: all you know isit is very good

Mina: “Would you be a gentleman, and pour a lady a glass?”

  • Mina extends her empty glass.
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins, “But of course.”
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) gently pours Mina a glass of wine, being careful to not spill any

Loryc (aka Robert): (gonna just make a savoir-faire roll for mingling)

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Fake! and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 7

  • Mina swirls it about and takes a sniff and tastes it gentle in a faux lady-like fashion.

Mina: ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 5 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc (aka Robert): Just basically see what rumors and such I can get dropped, and what I cna learn.

Loryc (aka Robert): I can fake being a connosuer too. lol.

Garrion: mINA GET S A BIT MORE…..

Mina: “They call this The Blood, but personally I would disagree with that connotation.” she says with a devilishy smirk at the irony

Garrion: this is an incredible vintage. This is but the first hint as to the level of decadence to which you all are about to be exposed.

Garrion: it is VERY expensive

Loryc (aka Robert): damn we should have raided that wine cellar…

Loryc (aka Robert): We found it before through the chimney, we could get Melty to clean out the bottles no doubt. lol.

Mina: “Blood tastes much better, but it does come with its fair share of complications.” she whispers to Zindal

Zindal (aka Ladzin): We should have raided the Bag of Holding factory first

Loryc (aka Robert): heh, I dunno if GURPS even has bags of holding.

Loryc (aka Robert): Does it?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Mm, indeed…”

Garrion: the wine and appetizers are gathewred up and you mngle a bit…..

Garrion: 4

  • Mina looks for the rarest piece of meat amongst the dishes.

Garrion: the only member you are able to target this time is Chammady Drovenge…..

Garrion: You catch her alone and strike up a conversation

Mina: “You know, I quite enjoy cooking. It’s an artform in itself, often a thankless one, to such spoiled brats.” she whispers to Zindal

Melty: :3

Garrion: you pick up on the folowing as you observe and chat with her…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Oh? I’ve not much experience in such matters… I suppose that makes me more typical of high society.”

Mina: “Yes, I was just wonderng how well you fit in amongst the rest of the throngs here.”

Mina: “If you’re more similar, or dissimilar.”

  • Mina says in quiet tones, as she gazes at the food.

Garrion: Although the mayor invited several Drovenges, Chammady alone is here to represent the ancient Wiscrani famiiy, and many of the lesser nobles spend much of the Cornucopia trying to get her attention. Haughty and proud, she seems to have little interest in the actors.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Judging my character, are you?”

Mina: “I haven’t much to judge by just yet.”

Mina: “To which House, do your call your kin?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m afraid I don’t belong to any House. I’m only noble in manners and looks.”

Garrion: anyone going to take the bait?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, she isn’t interested in us so I dunno if any of us is interested in her

Garrion: ok, fair enough

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Mina has Zindal’s attention right now anyway, lol

Garrion: per -5 from all

Loryc (aka Robert): Does she seem interested in Zindal or Mina?

Loryc (aka Robert): I figure even them just being attractive might interest her.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 11 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 6

Bruce the lesser: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Bruce the lesser FAILS by 4

Loryc (aka Robert): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 1

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Melty FAILS by 5

Loryc (aka Robert): If she doesn’t like acting, probably want to send out the hottest person we got that she likes. lol.

Mina: “What do you think about that one over there?”

  • Mina nods towards Chammady.

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 5

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hard to say… She seems to not care much for us.”

Mina: “Why not try your luck?”

Garrion: She is pleasant enough when confronted and spoken to in passing but seems to have little time for idle chit-chat. She acknowledges your looks but does not seems drawn to either of you.

Mina: “I thought the most rewarding ones, were the ones that are so hard to catch.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’ve already spoken to her, she did not express much interest.”

Garrion: none of you notice anything remarkaboe about her

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah if she’s not showing much interest, I don’t really want to press the issue.

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll overhear some of her conversations with others maybe.

Loryc (aka Robert): Also btw I can read lips.

Loryc (aka Robert): so definitely using that to maximum effect to try to catch tidbits

Mina: (do i even know who she is or is famous for etc?)

Garrion: in that case you meander till the next course is served…. 7pm

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Lip Reading and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 4

Mina: (sorry so many names and stuff)

Mina: (and so much text flying by, i tend to get my brain tangled up, so dont mean to sound stupid if you just said so already)

Garrion: house drovenge.. yes they are a major player in local and chelaxian politics

Mina: (i meant her specifically)

Loryc (aka Robert): guess you can ask about the wolf thing. lol.

Garrion: but more so her dad…. plus there is a rumor about her family…..

Mina: (if she is renown for anything specific other than her lineage)


Mina: thanks, for the link, and patience

Loryc (aka Robert): oh okay, so her house has that jewel.

  • Mina eyes seem to grow a little sour as if she remembers something.

Mina: “The Jewel of Aroden, yes now I remember.”

  • Mina says, still speaking softly next to Zindal.

Garrion: you all are summoned to the table……

Garrion: as you recall what you knew about her family

Garrion: This course consists of beef marrow fritters, boiled side of axebeak, loach flavored with spices and sage, eels in jelly, and smoked fillet of giant gar set in jellied aspic.

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That sounds… Kind of awful

Garrion: lol

Tristan has connected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though eel is pretty good actually

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Mina: me and tab are the only two who prolly know or have ate gar

Garrion: well in reality you probably would find what trump and his cronies eat at a fancy meal aweful too

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Mina: irl

Mina: its like a fish fucked a gator

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Been a long time for me

Garrion: this course is titled….

Mina: “Ah beef marrow fritters, quite delicious. Some physicians say the bones are the source of the blood, as ridiculous as it sounds.”

Garrion: The Feast of the Gluttonous Wolf

Mina: “A fitting meal for me I suppose.”

  • Mina seems to be trying to throw some obvious hints as she smiles/

Melty: (whispers) “Hey, Mina, can you pass me down some sausage or som’n…?”

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’m thinking of a way I could have that wolf scarf she has animate and start eating the food)

Garrion: mina’s comment seems odd to those around her.. not knowing the reason or context

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) stares dubiously at the array of food…

Tristan (Stan): “not bad, had some of this stuff before but the spices are nice”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Yes… I haven’t eaten this well in quite some time.”

Mina: “Perhaps you should hide in Zinda’s breaches, if you want sausage.” she whispers

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: “His is fully cooked, if you take a quick glance.”

Tristan (Stan): (wondering if all Pixies are pervs)

Mina: (nah thats sachi period :-p)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well I’m sure you’ll find quite a bit of blood there too.”

Tristan (Stan): (has a brief thought of a pixie orgy then shakes it off feeling dirty)

Garrion: ok, after you are done wit this course it is cleaned up and you resume your activities… each make a HT-2 roll

Melty: “Eww… I ain’t getting close to a gross-ass human schlong…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh lord

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls HT and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 1

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls HT and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yay

Mina: (well theres always the enlarge spell, which is i think her goal for conquering mina eventually haha)

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls HT and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 3

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 1

Melty: (lol)

Garrion: loryc… take 2 IQ damage from the potent meal

Mina: “Picky? Why limit one self to only half of the population?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Wow

Loryc (aka Robert): shit.

Melty: Daaaamn

Tristan (Stan): wow, that’s crazy bad for you

  • Mina says glancing down.

Melty: that IS potent

Loryc (aka Robert): guess there was a mind flayer hidden in the dessert tray.

Mina: do i do -2, or just 2?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): -2

Loryc (aka Robert): how do I even apply IQ damage anyway?

Mina: ←rolls HT and gets 4 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)


Garrion: or just note that all IQ rolls are at -2 till you recover

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Click the blue IQ link

Mina: “Tasty.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Actually I think that just makes a roll

Loryc (aka Robert): that just does an IQ check I think Tab.

Mina: figures the source of blood, ie bone marrow she’d crit on :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You’ll have to go into your Attributes and adjust it down

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah guess I’ll jsut remmeber it then

Melty: “Pixie guys are okay, but what am I gonna do with one of those? With giant girls like you and Satomi there’s at least a comfortable pocket I can fit in…”

Garrion: yeah, if you don;t want to permanently change then just note a -2 IQ mod till you recover

Loryc (aka Robert): Loryc got mad cow disease.

Melty: (Also yeah I’m kind of a huge pervert if you guys haven’t noticed, sorry >>;; )

Garrion: ok, back to the smoozing…. 6

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hehe, nothing to apologize for if you ask me :3

Garrion: this time you catch up with Sascar Tilernos

Tristan (Stan): horny pixie is fun, lots of bravado.

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll try to take it easy on the food and drink, now that I’m taking IQ penalties.

Melty: Yay~

Garrion: as you observe closer you discover….

Garrion: Sascar is shrill and prone to snorting when she cackles, and fancies herself a connoisseur of fine wine when in fact she’s merely an alcoholic with deep enough pockets to maintain her sickness in style.

Mina: “And what of the rumors of some of those pockets being lined with fangs of their own?”

Melty: (Hey! That’s like half the ladies that would shop at our liquor store)

Tristan (Stan): (zindal should get a job there)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): How attractive is she?

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Melty: “That was the most fucked up mimic I’ve ever seen…”

Mina: (they got some weird laws there tho sachi, i dont get the cant buy beer at the liquor store deal, i noticed that when shopping in state there before )

Tristan (Stan): flordia has drive through liquor stores

Garrion: she is attractive.. of course we are talking about elite.. they can afford to look better than an equal on a lesser income

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Lots of states have those

Garrion: so by zindals whorehouse standards she is a damn beauty

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I’ll attempt to chat her up then

Loryc (aka Robert): guess Zindal frequents the cheap places.

Melty: (Yeah lol it’s weird, in SC liquor stores can sell wine and liquor but NOTHING else, not even corkscrews, nothing except bottles of non-malt (whatever the criteria) alcoholic beverages)

Mina: (yeah we got those too, drive through ones hell almost everyone one has a drive thru, dunno any that dont know that i think about it)

Melty: (Grocery stores can sell wine and beer but not hard liquor)

Garrion: as you chat with her roll some appropriate skill for gaining info

Mina: (blunt wraps or cigs?)

Garrion: diplomacy, detect lies, etc

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Savoir Faire (High Society) and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 1

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 14 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 3

Melty: (Nope, the only exception I know of is lottery tickets unless they relaxed the rules at some point)

Garrion: that is more for fitting in, not getting info

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hm damn

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Detect Lies check sent to GM.


←rolls Detect Lies and gets 14 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 4

Garrion: she is not impressed by your wine skills

Melty: (There are places that have other stuff but they have to have like, separate entrances and registers and everything)

Melty: (For the different sides)

Loryc (aka Robert): A Detect Lies check sent to GM.


←rolls Detect Lies and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Diplomacy and gets 8 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 9

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 11 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (aka Robert): oh subtract 2 from those since I think they’re IQ based.

Garrion: Zindal is too distracted by her bareing dress to pay much attention to anything else

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s assuming she’s attracted to men, lol

Garrion: she does think you are a sexy little play toy though

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah no telling how many lesbians are around…

Loryc (aka Robert): If Sachi was GMing it, then it’d bascialyl be like 90% of the NPCs.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan (Stan): brb, letting dogs out

Garrion: now loryc on the other hand. he is abole to ask just the right questions to ferret out some info

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: :3

Melty: Yeah hey what can I say… >.>;

Garrion: Sascar believes the popular rumor that Arvanxi has a sick, deformed son, and is all too anxious to express her deepest concern for the boy in whispers when she thinks the mayor cannot hear. According to her, the child lives in a secret room in the attic, his affliction making him both susceptible to terrible sunburns and unpleasant to look upon.

Garrion: Loryc.. know -3

Garrion: and add your -2 for the food

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 1

Melty: (It was like groundbreaking in Avatar when they had two girls holding hands, so I can overcompensate a little if I’m the GM…)

Loryc (aka Robert): failed due to food poisoning.

Garrion: you do not recall any more details about this rumor

Mina: (who is sascar exactly, i seem to have missed something obvious)

Melty: (The show, not the movie)

Mina: (nm i found her intro)

Tristan has connected.

Mina: (is she silver haired due to age, or just exotic looking like mina?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (heh well apparnetly the latest trend in Disney movies is that true love only exists between two girls, or so I’ve heard anyway)

Tristan: booted again…. anyone else on a mac?

Garrion: the bell rings again.. summoning everyone to the table…..

Garrion: 8pm

Mina: (lol kora reference T?)

Melty: (I was making a Korra reference)

Mina: (i wasnt sure if that was disney or not)

Garrion: this course is introduced as the Worshipful Hog

Garrion: This course consists of roast peacock, thick broth with salty strips of worg flank, fresh chuul soup served with Chelish black bread, and a roast dire boar of such size that it takes 12 bearers to bring it into the Garden.

Loryc (aka Robert): (I was referring to Malificent and one other movie, Frozejn I think. I dont’ really watch disney movies so I forget exactly which two it was.)

Bruce the lesser: ( or one Urso )

  • Bruce the lesser smiles, " this looks good"

Mina: (they were lesbians in those?)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) tries to keep his food consumption light since he needs to be alert for the heist after the feast

Tristan: "i’m surprised that everyone isn’t super fat:

Tristan: (trying to slow my role on eating as well)

Melty: (Have I been missing out?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well I’m pretty sure in Malificient, sleeping beauty is woken up when the chick kisses her, not the prince.)

Garrion: zindal suceeded… so unless you notice signed of innebriation then you have no cause to refrain

Melty: :o

Garrion: PER-3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

  • Mina makes her way over to the other silver haired woman in the room.

Tristan: (i’ll keep drinking just don’t want to get too full)

Bruce the lesser: all?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 5 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -3)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 2

Bruce the lesser: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -3)

Bruce the lesser FAILS by 2

Garrion: Zindal and Melty oth notice the effects the rich food and drink are having on the guiests

Loryc (aka Robert): heh, yeah I mean I’ll tone down on the drink, we’re supposed to be doing a robbery here.

Mina: “The lovely lady Sascar.” courtsies politely

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -3)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

Melty: (I totally wanted Korra and Asami to get together anyway)

Garrion: and Tristan

Melty: “You guys might wanna take it easy…”

Tristan (Stan): (ok, now i’ll slow my role and just sippy sip)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah, I’ll hold back so I’m not a complete wreck by the end of the night

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Indeed…”

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean it’s good stuff, but I dont’ wnat to get totally wasted in the middle of a job.

Garrion: anyone have a defect that applies here.. gluttony or some such?

Bruce the lesser: no

Garrion: alcohol?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nope

Bruce the lesser: no

Garrion: ok

Mina: “It is not often I see someone with silver spun locks, such as my own.”

Melty: “You can pass it down to me if you wanna make it seem like you’re eating it… I can totally sleep it off before we have to do anything, we pixies have a super fast meta… meta…”

Melty: A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Tristan (Stan): i think Zindal has “gluttony, vaginas”

Loryc (aka Robert): nope.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Bruce the lesser: " how many courses are there anyway?"

Garrion: haha, well that is a different dsort of eating

Loryc (aka Robert): I ain’t a drunk. lol.

Mina: Sascar just ignoring me?

Garrion: ok, if you are trying to make it look like you are eating like the rest then roll acting

Mina: “Have you tried The Blood?” she says, swhirling her glass

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Acting and gets 10 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 10

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acting and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc (aka Robert): subtract 2 from that for lowered IQ but… should stillb e good

Garrion: otherwise no need if not hiding your decreased consumption

Loryc (aka Robert): so only margin of 8

Melty: (“Have you tried MY BLOOD” then you slit your wrist into his mouth and turn him into a ghoul)

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: ok, this time roll HT+2

Cedric has connected.

Melty: (I think that was how it worked in Vampire at least, you made them drink your blood and they got addicted to it)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls HT and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls HT and gets 10 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 2)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol wow, good thing I had the +2

Cedric: (they let the rest of us know not too eat too much?)

Garrion: yep, i think so

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls HT and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

  • Cedric takes it easy on the food.

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah lol if I see someone pigging out an dgetting drunk I’ll definitely give em a little nudge.

Garrion: but stil have to roll at +2 for even reduced consumption

  • Bruce the lesser takes it easy on the food.

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 18 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) CRITICALLY FAILS by 6

Tristan (Stan): that’s not good

Bruce the lesser: ( roll what?)

Tristan (Stan): i dropped my plate

Garrion: HT+2

Mina: ←rolls HT and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Mina FAILS by 1

Zindal (aka Ladzin): +, not -

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls HT and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 2)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 8

Mina: oh dang i didnt even know we could fake it thats a good idea lol too late now

Mina: melty is gonna get blasted by the runs

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh well you realized that the food was having an effect

Melty: x.x

Tristan (Stan): and so she earns her name.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You can choose to reduce your consumption and roll with the +2

Tristan (Stan): melty poops

Mina: yeah i mostly just mean Ts use of acting

Mina: i never know what to use for skills

Mina: so mostly i just observe what everyone else uses and how they use it to learn

Mina: was just remarking i should try the acting deal like T did next time heh

Mina: or hold out, if i wanna smuggle chicken legs i guess

Loryc (aka Robert): lol. smuggle chicken legs.

Garrion: Tristan attempts to look like he is shovling the food down but really not eating as much… he slips up and chokes… spewing food all over his plate and grossing out thiose aroundf him

Melty: I was wondering a while ago if hiding myself in someone’s clothing, like if someone was looking for me if that’d be a Stealth roll from me or a Holdout roll from the person hiding me

Garrion: maybe both….

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Garrion: one roll assisting the other

Tristan (Stan): (wipe off my face) “sorry about that, went down the wrong pipe”

Loryc (aka Robert): I could see either being used, I mean I think holdout is mostly for like avoiding body searches and stuff. So probably stealth just for them seeing you peeking out

Garrion: at least he now has a valid reason for not eating…. all interaction rolls at -2 now for the embarassing moment

Tristan (Stan): (ok, in character it fits)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) rolls his eyes at Tristan and his usual boorishness

Tristan (Stan): (they think i’m a fool already)

Garrion: ok, the meal ends…..

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan (Stan): (to see if I notice Lorcy rolling his eyes)

Garrion: back to the gossip…. 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol not Loryc, Zindal

Tristan (Stan): oh, my bad.

Loryc (aka Robert): we’re all probably rolling our eyes a little bit. lol.

Tristan (Stan): (true)

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll try to like make some funny comment or something to cover up his boorish outburst.

Garrion: ok, during this gossip moment you hone in on general Vourne

Loryc (aka Robert): A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 7 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 10

Tristan (Stan): (sad that Urso the barbarian out classes me)

Garrion: General Vourne is perhaps the most grim and sour-faced of the attendees at the Cornucopia. A stern man, the sight of so much frivolity and gaiety unsettles him. Arrogant and pragmatic, he has little time for fools— particularly “peasant actors whose claim to fame is ‘surviving a play.’” The mayor invited him as little more than a courtesy since the general was in town, and the general accepted the invitation for the same reason, but he does not enjoy wine or idle chatter

Loryc (aka Robert): well Urso’s a giant, he can definitely hold his liquor and food better.

Loryc (aka Robert): man nobody likes us.

Tristan (Stan): (try thowing up on them, that might help)

Garrion: He does manage to deliberately mistake TRISTAN for a waiter, and keeps snapping his fingers for service, complaining about the food and wine.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hahaha

Loryc (aka Robert): I’m tempted to screw with this guy…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I wonder if he’s an armchair general or if he actually remembers how to wield a blade

Tristan (Stan): i’ll need to make a role

Garrion: uh oh

Loryc (aka Robert): lol…

Garrion: Tristan’s ’TUDE gonna mess up the job.. i love disfunctional PCs

Tristan (Stan): in character =)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Loryc better bust out that Calm Emotions spell

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah lol

Tristan (Stan): so I have to roll under or over to keep the cool? I think we talked about adding this as a “skill” last time?

Loryc (aka Robert): if I see him getting super psised I’ll calm him again

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Under heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Lower is better

Loryc (aka Robert): well under means it triggers right?

Loryc (aka Robert): Or maybe not.. I forget how it works

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No under means you succeed on the check and it doesn’t trigger

Loryc (aka Robert): Think higher numbers are cheaper, so yeah maybe under to reisst it

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls intolerance urbanights and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: if you succeed (under) you stay in control

Garrion: if you fasil, you succomb to your whims

Tristan (Stan): still not happy someone is snapping at me.

Tristan (Stan): I get up, walk over to him, look at him for a moment like i’m going to tell him off, then walk away before I do (because I made my roll)

Garrion: just remember it’s title.. Self Control roll

Garrion: it is a roll to try to maintain your self control

Tristan (Stan): (probably should go clean the food off me anyway)

Tristan (Stan): yup, that’s why i’m walking away

  • Mina makes her way up to the general, seeming to love a good challenge

Garrion: “Hello miss, ahh, miss Miona was it?”

Loryc (aka Robert): (hmm… I’m tempted to screw with this guy… I’m gnna rol on my trickster self control roll to see if I prank him or not…)

Mina: “What a bunch of boring sycophants.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): It’s a rank 12.

Mina: ←rolls Acting and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Mina FAILS by 1

Loryc (aka Robert): « 3d6 = 11 »

Mina: goddamn i cant roll anything tonight

Loryc (aka Robert): heh okay I resisted it.

Loryc (aka Robert): Though I’m kinda tempted to screw with him anyway…

Mina: “Whatever….names don’t matter too much under the sheets.”

Garrion: “No shit. I hate these things. All these pompous asses out to ruffle their feathers while we are the ones keeping them safe.”

Mina: “I don’t really remember yours to be honest.”

  • Mina says with a smile.

Garrion: “Uh, ah, I’m General Vourne.”

Mina: “Ah yes, nothing gets the blood flowing like a good fight.”

Garrion: “You seem like a lady who likes to get aggressive.”

Mina: “I apologize, but my parents always said I was a bit of a tomboy.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah guess I’ll let mina handle this one, figure he at least likes hot girls)

Tristan (Stan): (not much of a stretch)

Mina: “I wouldn’t say I’m exactly a lady, but aggressive, certainly.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (yeah lol, I mean even if you’re not into acting, she’s still super hot.)

Tristan (Stan): (he might think you have a penis now)

Mina: “The greatest part of the role, was getting to swing such a large sword.”

Garrion: “Well what SHOULD I call you then?”

Mina: “Mistress”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol nice

Garrion: Ahh, Mistress Mina… how that rolls off the tongue."

Melty: 3

Tristan (Stan): (i was thinking you were going to say “master”)

Melty: purrrrr

  • Mina taps her fingers on a leather whip she has attached to a fancy belt.

Tristan (Stan): (a pixie with wet hair pops up for air)

Mina: “You’re so accustomed to dishing out pain, I can see it in your eyes.”

Mina: “How do you feel about receiving it?”

Tristan (Stan): (this is some party)

  • Mina laughs,

Mina: “Well, beyond the pain that is this dull affair.”

Melty: pant pant

Mina: “I mean….”

  • Mina leans in close.

Mina: “Real pain.”

Garrion: “Unfortunately I was about to adjourne and go see to some business. You could come along if this rable bores you as much as it does me.”

Mina: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You get your appearance mod to that too

Mina: (was that a doctor who joke Tristan?)

Mina: (there was a villian named the master they gendered swaped into a woman whos now the Mistress)

Tristan (Stan): (no, but I could so how that applies)

Garrion: “You are definately someone I would want test my mettle against.”

Mina: “I see.”

Mina: “It seems the sparring has begun already General.”

Mina: “But any real warrior has to posses stamina.”

Mina: “You’re already raising your sword in victory, when the battle has just begun.”

Tristan (Stan): (you have to raise your sword to start the fight….)

  • Mina walks away, and turns back to glance at him devilishly, and she goes to get another glass of wine.

Garrion: “Wh- what swor- uh, you don;t know that.”

Melty: (now all I can picture in my head is… “swordfighting”)

Tristan (Stan): (glow in the dark condom)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Tristan (Stan): (that was in some movie…)

Bruce the lesser: ( skin deep )

Loryc (aka Robert): we could replicate it by casting a light spell…

Tristan (Stan): (nice)

Mina: “I didn’t think you wanted a close up of the general’s sword, Little Sis.”

Garrion: Vourne shakes his head a bit as Mina saunters off.

Mina: “One poke, and you’d be dead.”

Garrion: He seems to take a step in her direction but then turns and goes over to the Mayor.

Mina: “Perhaps, you should find a better tactical position?”

  • Mina says teasingly, in hushes tones to Melty.

Melty: “What, you think you’re gonna be puttin’ stuff in there? Aw…”

Loryc (aka Robert): lol… are you using Melty as contraception?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: lol

Mina: “You would make for a nice surprise however.”

Mina: “But I think I have enough to worry about, than you savaging a Hell Knight’s bits.”

Garrion: After he talkes to the mayor he leaves the room and does not return

Loryc (aka Robert): can I read lips on him

Loryc (aka Robert): see what he said to the mayor?

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Lip Reading and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): or not.

Mina: (i wasnt sure what if anything yall wanted out of him info wise, so i wasnt sure what to do other than maybe give him hopes of something later)

Loryc (aka Robert): stupid -2 penalty.

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah didn’t really got anything, I mean we’re mostly killing time

Loryc (aka Robert): and are just gonna move on the attic when we get a good tme to break from everyone

  • Melty crawls to a different spot inside Mina’s dress, perhaps into a pouch she’s got inside for concealing some of her equipment?

Bruce the lesser: ( even cutivating him for future info might be good )

Mina: yeah she has a small pouch with her makeup and stuff

Loryc (aka Robert): Have people broken off into different rooms or what not?

Mina: her purse so to speak

Mina: and i think she has a healing potion or two i nthere, i forget

Tristan (Stan): i think you currently have a pixie in your purse

Garrion: yes, in between meals people break off into groups, meandering to the different common areas on the floor

Mina: “Mind the caltrops, too.”

Melty: Yesh~

Mina: (have a few of those in there, incase have to slow down pursuers after break ins)

Garrion: they not all stand in the great hall

Garrion: that why i say you catch differetn ones in a position wherre you are alone and can talk aboout “sensitive” things

Mina: “Don’t drink the acid vial either. It’ll make for a hell of a bout of indigestion.”

Loryc (aka Robert): hmmm… maybe we can try to send some peopel to sneak off…

Loryc (aka Robert): Like melty to scout

Mina: “Melty, indeed, you would be.”

Loryc (aka Robert): Assumng I can get her out of Mina’s crotch.

Garrion: ok, it is time to wrap up.. we are about to start the next course…. much of this can be done on the site except any rolls needed… we can handle tat as needed

Loryc (aka Robert): (whispers to Mina) “Try to get Melty out of there and meet me in the hall when you get a chance…”

Melty: (Good luck!~)

  • Mina nods.

Tristan (Stan): (yuk, does melty have a string on her foot?)

Tristan (Stan): (too far?)

Bruce the lesser: they ever say how many courses?

Mina: lol she aint that little, she was just hiding in her dress not literally IN her lol

Melty: (Hehehehe~)

Garrion: one each hour, last at midnight

Tristan (Stan): I thought you said she was 8 inches right? or larger?

Melty: 5.2"

Bruce the lesser: it approaching 9?

Garrion: 5 inches

Mina: mina practices kegels all the time

Garrion: yes, approaching 9

Tristan (Stan): stop braging Bruce

Tristan (Stan): bragging

Mina: so melty would prolly have gotten crushed

Mina: like one of those rooms with the collapsing ceiling

Loryc (aka Robert): lol… well she could be hiding inside her…

Bruce the lesser: so 4 more, hope at least one is desert

Melty: She totally could fit… If she didn’t get destroyed by Mina’s flexulating vagina

Melty: I dunno if that’s a word but I like it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: lol yeah is kinky, but not richard gere gerbal kinky

Mina: yet :-p

Bruce the lesser: heh, well ok then.. I"m out of here

Melty: See ya!~

Garrion: well if you want “Vaginal ST” that will cost you 1 point per ST, lol

Mina: hahaha

Melty: lmao

Tristan (Stan): it could come in handy though

Mina: yeah gonna have to invest in chastity belts

Loryc (aka Robert): is that limited to 20?

Mina: tho melty prolly has miniature lock picks to get around em

Tristan (Stan): cracking wallnuts

Bruce the lesser: I should be good from now on.. today we did a Christmas 2.0 since half my family was sick last week and we sort of postposed stuff

Loryc (aka Robert): Also what if she wants to buy a bite attack for her vagina?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Don’t forget shooting ping pong balls

Tristan (Stan): shucking corn

Bruce the lesser: got wireless earbuds, pretty nice

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s an Unusual Background T

Tristan (Stan): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol yeah

Mina: well i wanna hit up T real quick before we stop

Loryc (aka Robert): that would be an unusual background

Tristan (Stan): that would be an unusual background, unless you were from Thailand

Bruce the lesser: I"ve seen that at a bachelor party

Mina: “I have some business to attend to, so extract yourself, or I’ll have to.”

Garrion: lol, yeah, not to mention scare all the clients off

Tristan (Stan): that’s some party

  • Mina says peeking down her dress.

Mina: “And it’s not the general, gross.”

Melty: “Awww… Okaaay…~”

Mina: “He’s greasier than an otyugh.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: ok, heading to bed…. see you all next week and we can handle what you want on forums

Loryc (aka Robert): I wanted to drop invisibility on Melty, and dispatch the fairy scout.

Tristan (Stan): cool, have a great week all

Mina: ok well i wanna see what T wants, then i’m done

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well I just wanted to dispatch Melty as a scout

Mina: ah ok

Loryc (aka Robert): figure we could get her figuring out where the guards were and such

Loryc (aka Robert): wanted to cast invis on her

Mina: just asking before i forget about it next week

Loryc (aka Robert): and deploy our advanced wizard eye.

Tristan is disconnected.

Mina: will fix the errors on the sheet for next week

Mina: wasnt expecting to have a game tonight

Mina: so caught me off guard

Tristan has connected.

  • Melty flutters out of Mina’s dress after rustling about for a bit.

Mina: “You’re lucky you’re a pixie.”

Mina: “Talk about moving fast.”

Garrion: just how fast can he wings flutter….

  • Melty has an enraptured look on her face, like she just had the time of her life.

Melty: “Yeah… I know…~”

Melty: (that she’s lucky~)

Mina: “It is rare I mean someone as lecher……more lecherous than myself.”

Tristan: (all the guys are jeleous)

Mina: “But I think I’ve met two in the same day.”

  • Mina looks to Melty, then to Zindal.

Melty: “L-lecherous?! M-Miss Mina… I… I never…”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins

Melty: “…It’s really that obvious…?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I hope that’s not a complaint.”

Mina: “A deluded lecherous pixie to boot?”

  • Mina teases

Loryc (aka Robert): “I figured you’d like Melty.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “And I knew Melty would love you…”

Mina: “I don’t mind a little lechery.”

Mina: “I just didn’t expect it to be literal.”

  • Mina smiles.

Melty: “Hell yeah! Miss Mina is the best!”

Mina: “Oh, Mister Zindal, did I spill your secret. My apologies.”

  • Mina teases.

Melty: “You’ll let me hide in there again, right?”

Mina: (ie shes saying he has a tiny weenie)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I figured, that’s the standard joke everyone makes =P

Mina: “It seems to me, you owe me, and not the other way around so far. Perhaps, when the score is even.”

Mina: “This arrangement has been quite one sided.”

Mina: “I’m sure we can come to some agreement. There must be something I could use, and somewhere you could sneak in and get it.”

Melty: “Hey, you want me to do more while i’m down there? I figured you wouldn’t want the distraction right now…”

  • Mina says looking to Loryc.

Loryc (aka Robert): “I can make you invisible and then you can scout out for the attic entrance and the supposed first floor treasury…”

Mina: this is all when we’re in the hall or whatever, not discussing this in the middle of all the guests for the record

Loryc (aka Robert): (yeah heh)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol I think G went to bed anyway, heh

Mina: i know

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah he’s not here anymore

Mina: thats why im saying it

Mina: for the record lol

Mina: “Sounds good.”

Mina: “I can only pretend to be a stupid whore for so long before even I lose interest.”

Melty: “Hell yeah!”

Melty: Just 6 more points and I’ll have paid off my debt .

Mina: “If I have to spend much more time here, I may need a drink they can not provide.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.
  • Mina says to Loryc, knowing he knows what she means.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well hopefulyl we’ll get a good opportunity shortly, I’d just like to get a good clear path to snea k up there, so we can get Urso up there.. that part won’t be easy.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “So knowing where the guards are beforehand will be quite helpful.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Of course, after the initial scouting, I can go up there and clear the way hopefully.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Then it’ll be up to you guys to clear the vault itself.”

Tristan: heading to bed guys, have a great night and see you on the forums

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah heh, I’m pretty tired too

Loryc (aka Robert): think I’m gonna get some sleep

Melty: Me too~ Night guys!

Tristan is disconnected.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Sefiros is disconnected.

Session 13

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