Session 37

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Tabris has connected.

Tabris: Man, I’m gone one weekend and miss the vampire fight

Taragnor has connected.

Taragnor: there it goe./

Taragnor: *goes

Garrion: yeah, power outage made me have to set up new ports i guess

Tabris: Need my mini in here

Garrion: oh, one sec

Garrion: ok, you’ll start there.. just add self to init

  • Zindal prepares to fight! Initiative: 21

Zindal has received initiative.

Tabris: Awwww yeah

Sachi has connected.

Taragnor: heh. weird power outage for me usually changes my IP but my port settings stay the same

Sachi: Hihi!

Garrion: well i have port forwarding, so when the IP changed it didn’t know where to look

Sachi: Sorry I’ve been so quiet about my game ^^; We’re just starting the group project part of my C# class (which so far looks like it’s gonna be way not as bad as my two previous group projects in school)

Garrion: i used to have static ports set up but when we moved and had to set up new network i just kept dynamic

Sachi: …and… u-um, the expansion for FFXIV just came out, so I’ve been playing a lot of that too >>;;;

Garrion: Sachi, i sent you an invite for the THS site, here it is direct if you don;t have email…

Zindal: brb

Garrion: i just posted also about using my account to set up your FATE game if you want. I can give you co-GM status but just means you can’t post “GM Secrets” or I’ll see them too

Garrion: or you can set up yourself but all the advanced features will be shut off

Tristan has connected.

Tristan: hello govna

Garrion: howdy

Sefiros has connected.

Sachi: Awesome, thanks! I don’t think I’d mind using yours, cause I think we’d use the advanced stuff more than I’d use GM secrets

Garrion: While we have a moment before game Brice. I noticed I missed a forum post from you. In regard to the THS camp I have just about completed all the starting details. All I have left to do is go through old Pyramid issues to see what alternate content I want to allow.

Garrion: Ok, well I’ll get that set up here while we wait and send out the invites.

Tristan: ok sounds great, ive been reading the gurps ths book you refereced as well

Sefiros: hey

Garrion: What do you wnat me to name it? Sachi’s ……

Mina: we ready?

Tristan: do you have to pay monthly for obsidian portal? I don’t mind chipping in a few bucks (I get the bennies too)

Zindal: Okay I’m back

Garrion: annual fee

Tristan: i’m happy to chip in

Garrion: no problem, i pay for it as part of my gaming budget… i would maintain it as long as i’m playing

Sachi: Hmmmm

Mina: we switching to THS already?

Garrion: no

Garrion: it is a future project.. but if i HAD to i could be ready in a week or two

Mina: sorry hemmroids kept me away from my desk for most of the week, times like this i wish i had a laptop

Sachi: I always just thought of it as the Yukiverse ^^; but I don’t think it’d be fair to name the entire campaign after someone’s PC, lol

Garrion: i already have most of the site content done

Mina: so havent checked the forums or mail or squat

Zindal: >.>

Tristan: either way, if you find a new tool you want to try i’m more than happy to chip in. I apprecaite you running the game. I know it’s a lot of work

Mina: i think that like 16 hour combat trucker session of sitting, was the problem lol

Tristan: guess I can say the same for Sachi now too

Garrion: well here is the direct to the site if you want to join, also send email invite…

Mina: The Land of Fiction, call it that

Garrion: Sachi’s Super Heros?

Taragnor: heh well Sachi ain’t gonna be anywhere near as elaborate as G with the web stuff.

Tristan: it will be fun to get introduced to a new system

Taragnor: So I mean don’t expect anywhere close to what G has up on the site. G really does a great job maintaining his OP site.

Sachi: Yeah, G is way better at being organized than I am >.>

Zindal: Could call Sachi’s game something simple like Superhero Mayhem maybe

Mina: as far as THS goes, i got dibs of the space expert, astronomer, whatever

Mina: skill wise and flavor wise :-p

Zindal: I kinda want to play an android of some sort with an AI

Tristan: i’m going with mechanic/robotics

Garrion: i just wish i had time to keep up with all the lore type links for NPCs and places.. but that is fluff that players can help with so i just maintain the core stuff

Tristan: i thought about the AI too but like magic I want someone else to go first because it looks complicated.

Tristan: Zindal, if you want you could be my creation =) I don’t owe you or anything but would have massive loyalty to protecting you

Mina: i think it would be cool if one of the AI or android chars “belonged” to another biological PC

Zindal: lol, that might work

Garrion: it is not too bad but you do have two seperate interconnected systems.. the digital mind and the computer requirements to run it

Tristan: sweetness

Zindal: Maybe you created me and I evolved sentience

Tristan: maybe he could be the sum of two pc’s efforts

Tristan: have a computer person too

Tristan: that would tie the group together nicely

Mina: would make for a good probe

Mina: anyways

Mina: what about nanotech?

Mina: I wouldnt mind having some “utility fog”

Garrion: you can make a SAI and belong to another…. ok the SUpers site is made.. sending out invotes to that….

Mina: anyways, are we ready or what?

Mina: i cant sit here for too long, so the sooner we get started the better

Sachi: Aw, I definitely wanna be an AI though…

Sachi: Also yay thanks!~

Zindal: I’m ready when you guys are

Mina: what about a holographic cortona/jarvis type sachi?

Mina: i need an super computer to crunch spacey shit

Mina: not k-mos or whatever

Sachi: I totally could~ I wanna be an AI but I don’t have a solid idea on what body I want (you buy your mind and body separately pretty much anyway)

Mina: more jarvis

Zindal: KOS-MOS is love

Mina: yeah well i was looking more for a scientist than the terminator

Garrion: ok, i got all the Supers invites sent

Sachi: Yeah, I could totally do that

Garrion: as soon as i get you on it Sachi i’ll give you co_GM status and you can set stuff up… I’ll halp if you need

Sachi: Thanks ^^ I’ll hafta sit down and play with it this weekend or something, hehe

Mina: oh yeah i never picked the free signature move for mina, ala eltera’s kick. so i’ll go with sword swing to the neck

Garrion: ok, i see you on there and you co-GM now

Mina: i forgot about you giving us all one of those

Tristan: no signature groin kick?

Garrion: ok, i think we all set now.. cedric wil be a little late he said

Mina: btw, GCS has a new update again

Garrion: oh? I’ll have to go grab that

Taragnor: What’s the new update do?

Mina: i dunno

Sachi: Yay, thank you!

Mina: just said theres a new version available

Garrion: they usually just bug fixes or new content

Mina: Version 4.1.1July 4, 2015 Bugs Fixed A crash on Ubuntu 15.04 caused by that OS setting an environment variable which was injecting bad code into all Java-based apps has been fixed by forcibly removing that particular environment variable if it is present. Notes in templates now wrap at a reasonable width. Data File Changes Fixed missing defaults in the Artist skills. Removed forced line wrapping in notes of various races.

Garrion: ok, Tabris comes down the stairs as you are mid-fight and joins the fray

Garrion: i mean Zindal

Zindal: I’ve had my sword out the whole dungeon btw, since I expect danger

Garrion: you missed the Pit Fiend fight

  • Zindal sees fighting ahead and moves in behind one of the unknown foes

Zindal: Gonna use FP to do move and retain full attack bonus, and then I’m gonna go ahead and blow another one to attempt a Power Blow

Zindal: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 13 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -10)

Zindal FAILS by 3

Zindal: Curses

Zindal: No defense since I’m attack from behind right?

Garrion: correct.. unless some feature you don;t know about

Zindal: Gonna Rapid Strike then and go for double Vitals thrust

Garrion: ok

←Attacks Vampire with a Thrust
in the vitals
←Rolls 6 vs. Skill 18 (24 with a modifier of -6)


-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

←Attacks Vampire with a Thrust
in the vitals
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 18 (24 with a modifier of -6)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 8

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Table critical_hit (Garrion): If any damage penetrates DR, treat it as if it were a major wound, regardless of the actual injury inflicted.

Zindal: Nice

Tristan: (Loryc litterally made me shit my pants … not happy about that)

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 12 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 9 imp raw damage.

Garrion: ok, now the damage calcs…. imp does 1x to undead

Zindal: Hmm damn

Zindal: Vampires don’t have vitals? lol

Garrion: sword is silver?

Zindal: Not the one I’m currently using

Garrion: ok, DR 10 supernatural and DR9 natural

Zindal: God damn

Sachi: o.o

Garrion: so soaked

Melty: Oh shit

Melty: I can’t remember if I have a spell charged or not x.x

Mina: do you have any FP or energy left sachi?

Zindal: “Tch… Tough little bastard.”

Garrion: The vamp spins on Zindal…..

Melty: I do

Garrion: and sidesteps as she drives a stake at him

Zindal: Aw, a she? That’s a shame

Melty: 14 + 7 from my powerstone

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): r Statement Body : getName(targetID)

←Attacks Zindal with a Thrust
in the Left Hand
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 13 (17 with a modifier of -4)

Vampire SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Left Hand, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -4 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 11 with effective skill 26

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 15

Garrion: -2 to defense for deceptive

Zindal: 13 then

Garrion: ok

Tristan has received initiative.

Tristan: ok, for the rules, if I want to step back 5 feek does that cost anything?

Zindal: Nope

Tristan: cool

Garrion: no step 1 yd for free

Tristan: i’ll go hear and fast draw some bodkins

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: tjat 1 yd there

Tristan: ok cool

Zindal: Hmm, wonder what the penalties are for dual wielding…

Garrion: depends on if have ambi

Tristan: I’ll try to shoot vamp 2 in the back of the head and vamp 1 in the vitals

←Attacks Vampire 2 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the skull
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 18 (21 with a modifier of -3)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 8

-7 for skull, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -1 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the vitals
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 17 (21 with a modifier of -4)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 9

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -1 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Vampire 2: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 5

Vampire 2 FAILS by 8

Mina: id check, but i think i deleted elteras sheet tab, on the dual wielding

Zindal: Eh no worries, I’ll look into it later

Tristan: ok, not sure if vamp two can dodge anyway (i’m behind him)

Tristan: vamp 2 damage

Tristan: The Elven C. Bow (ST20) inflicts 15 pi raw damage.

Tristan: dr/4

Garrion: you are to his side… -2 to defense

Tristan: cool

Tristan: ok, vamp 1 dodge

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 10

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 2

Tristan: oh well

Mina: also im not grappled anymore G

Melty has received initiative.

Mina: you can take those status things off us

Mina: we ended with me busting out of the guy who was boob grabbing me from behind

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: ok, DR10 Supernatural and DR 9 natural at skull

Tristan: divided by 4

Mina: The target is struck in the right arm.

Mina: ignor that

Garrion: 4.75

Tristan: so, 10 got through x1 multiplier?

Zindal: lol ouch, that was to the head too

Tristan: still only 1 multiplier?

Garrion: yes 10 got through x4 for head but /3 for pi

Garrion: 13.33333333333333333333333333333333

Tristan: still, not bad

Garrion: 13 total

Tristan: i’ll take that!

Vampire 2: is reduced 13 HP, and now has -22 HP: at half move.
Vampire 2 breaches -20 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Cedric: (what I miss?)

Melty: Hrm

Garrion: just got started

Zindal: I stabbed one of the vampires in the vitals but DR soaked it

Cedric: (oh, nice)

Garrion: you should have some invites in your mail for two new sites… my THS and Sachi’s Supers

Cedric: ok

Cedric: will look later

Garrion: here are the direct links… ….

Garrion: oops those ran together



Urso: ( will just look later )

Taragnor: whoa Sachi’s is all… pink.

Vampire 2: Death Check

Vampire 2: Vampire 2 rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire 2 SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: lol

Tristan: at least he’s got an arrow in his head =)

Garrion: she camn customize the style later herself

Melty: Hehehe

Vampire 2: Major Wound Check

Vampire 2: Vampire 2 rolls 3d6 and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire 2 SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: Damn… We seem to be having trouble hurting ’em, right?

Garrion: head wound has auto knockdown roll?

Tristan: not sure, probably knockout roll

Zindal: I think it does actually

Urso: (heh, Urso hasn’t hit one yet.. if he did, it would be down … well he hit one of them toward the beginning, then nothing since )

Zindal: And yeah they have crazy high DR

Mina: well more just hittign than hurting

Garrion: ok, Tristan can you look that up for me?

Mina: we have only landed maybe 3 times the whole fight

Zindal: Yeah skull hit is Knockdown at -10

Zindal: I just looked it up

Urso: (heh, if Urso hit they will hurt.. dr or no )

Mina: so we havent gotten much chance to see what dmg we can do to em

Zindal: Heh, well I just landed two shots in the vitals and did no damage

Garrion: ok, that is a HT check

Mina: bad luck on our rolling and good luck on theirs

Zindal: When any normal human would be dead

Mina: they dont even have decent dodges

Zindal: So I know something is up

Mina: they just rolled good

Vampire 2:

←rolls HT and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -10)

Vampire 2 FAILS by 7

Vampire 2: Collapse Check

Vampire 2: Vampire 2 rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -10)

Vampire 2 FAILS by 8

Tristan: nice

Garrion: ok, magic melty

Melty: I’m starting to run low on energy, so I’ll cast Deathtouch and then fly up to the one that’s engaged with Zindal (gotta wait til next turn to deliver it)

Mina: you already cast deathtouch before

Mina: i think you are done with your waiting now

Mina: i believe thats how we left off

Taragnor: yeah I basically got crap for energy so I’m mostly letting you guys handle this

Melty: Oh! Did I really?

Garrion: Zindal, btw… a bright light flashes brightly down the hall ahead of you obscured from direct vision but still bright reflected light

Taragnor: figure you got it though since you got the emperor of eye-stabbery now.

Mina: unless you used it on someone else

Taragnor: :P

Mina: i know you cast it once tho, at least said you were

Mina: then you had to wait or something

Mina: i dunno what for

Zindal: Eye stabs don’t do much to undead, lol

Zindal: Especially not with DR 19

Melty: I know I threw one, then I thought I cast another and I guess I did

Mina: we killed a bunch already

Mina: urso and tristan splatted some

Zindal: Those were the mooks apparently

Mina: quit panicking

Zindal: Like I said, I landed two vital shots against this bitch, she should be dead

Melty: Regardless I can’t move and attack in one round without nerfing my roll so I’m done

Mina: if it dont die in the first turn to an eye stab you think its the tarasque :-p

Urso: ( we killed the midgits, not the more impressive ones yet )

Garrion: Dual-Weapon Attacks This optional rule might be cinematic . . . but it is balanced enough to use in a realistic campaign. The GM has the final say. If you have at least two hands, you can strike with two hands at once using an Attack maneuver instead of an All-Out Attack (Double) maneuver. Each hand can attack unarmed, with a one-handed melee weapon, or with a pistol. Of course, if your ST is high enough, you can wield a two-handed weapon in one hand! Each attack is at -4 to hit, but you can learn the Dual-Weapon Attack technique (p. 230) to reduce this penalty. You have an extra -4 (total -8) with your “off” hand, unless you have Ambidexterity (p. 39) or learn Off-Hand Weapon Training (p. 232). Roll to hit separately for each hand. You can attack one target or two – but to strike two foes with melee attacks, they must be adjacent. If you aim both attacks at a single opponent, he defends at -1 against them, as his attention is divided! If you already have multiple attacks – for instance, from an Extra Attack (p. 53) – you may “trade” only one of these for a Dual-Weapon Attack. All your remaining attacks must be simple, single-weapon attacks.

  • Melty flits around behind the vampire while she’s distracted with Zindal, hoping she can get a touch in…

Zindal: Yeah I looked it up already G

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal: Think Melty is done

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: ok, just the move?

Urso has received initiative.

Melty: Yep

Melty: I think I did cast a spell before, like Sef said

Garrion: yes your Death Touch

Melty: Yay~ Yeah, so I’m still holding it

Garrion: you had cast it last turn

Urso: (vamp 2 down>)

Urso: ?

Garrion: yes, he on the ground… not sure if permanent though

  • Urso steps back a little and attacks the vamp to his left twice.

Urso: ( – 3 per attack )

Zindal: Yeah she cast it last turn, but she had to move so she’s waiting until next turn to attack with her full bonus

Tristan: decapitation time

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Swing
in the Torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 14 (17 with a modifier of -3)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 6

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 6 with effective skill 12

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 6

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Swing
in the Torso
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 14 (17 with a modifier of -3)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 6 with effective skill 12

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 6

Urso: stop that

Urso: ( wtf, you just copy and paste that ?)

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: lol

Garrion: hehe, oddly no

Zindal: That’s “random” number generators for you

Urso: ( can I for once get a crit in this damn game.. I’ve gonnen one with Urso.. ever.. just one )

Mina: why didnt it parry instead of dodge anyways?

Mina: is that one armed or not?

Zindal: Not sure it can parry Urso, big huge dude swinging that axe

Vampire 1:
←Attacks Urso with a Thrust
in the Torso
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 13 (15 with a modifier of -2)

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -2 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: -1 defense

Urso: tries to parry and rolls a 10 with effective skill 16

Urso SUCCEEDS by 6

Mina: why cant you parry an axe?

Mina: flails only give like a -2 penalty

Garrion: mass difference

Garrion: but in this case it could.. just not HUGE axes

Urso: ( you can parry, if you got high enough str )

Mina: well i just mean i didnt know there’s a rule about being unable to parry certain stuff

Urso: ( though don’t think you can with the 2H one, ever )

Zindal: Yeah if it’s a big heavy attack you can’t parry it

Mina: axes or high st or whatever

Melty: If the weapon you’re parrying is sufficiently heavier than the one you’re parrying with, your weapon can break

Mina: well i got 21 ST and a huge nodachi :-p is why im asking

Zindal: He wouldn’t let me parry a horse kick once, lol

Urso: ( sword is different then axe )

Garrion: he steps around Urso Slightly to get Tristan in his friont

Mina: if they cant parry certain attacks i’ll choose new tactics

Mina has received initiative.

Mina: so the x-bow man is KO’ed?

Melty: I found out a while ago cause I was curious how fighting huge stuff would work in GURPS, hehe, cause I wanna do that Dark Souls campaign sometime

Zindal: Looks like it

Taragnor: I dunno if your ST matters in what you can parry, I think it might just be the weapon weight.

Mina: yeah just confirming

Melty: Yeah, I think it’s just the weight of the weapon

Melty: s

Melty: As a proxy for bulk + durability and such

Mina: well mine weights 7 lbs i think, whats an axe weigh?

Garrion: it is mainly light fencing weapons vs mass weapons.. like a rapier vs a maul

Mina: he’s got small hand axes anyways i thought lol

Mina: not a huge he-man axe

Mina: i thought he used throwing axes

Garrion: he does

Garrion: so thay like ahatchet

Garrion: or tomahawk

Urso: (ya, have throwning axes, really no advantage to having a big ass axe, so switched it )

Mina: i dont care, was just wondering if these rules affect me, is why im asking

Mina: if there are certain weapons/attacks that cant be parried, now’s a prime time to spam em :-p

Garrion: mina is up.. has a vamp in her face

Urso: ( plus now can do melee or ranged, very flexable )

Garrion: wel they can still dodge

Mina: is he still corporeal, or did he gas back?

Melty: Like, I was designing a Souls-style boss NPC (SM +2), and if e.g. Zindal tried to parry her greatsword it actually would automatically break his weapon and invalidate the parry

Garrion: can always dodge unless unaware

Melty: Since it’s so heavy

Zindal: lol damn

Garrion: he is corporeal.. was grappling mina a moment ago

Mina: ok I’m gonna step past him and tries to hit the chick from behind or close to behind while she’s got her attention on tab

Melty: If the difference is less overwhelming you roll a d6 with a target number depending on how big it is

Mina: is that legal?

Garrion: can’t pass throuh foe unless he lets you or you push past

Mina: whats the undo move button?

Melty: And you still get the parry if it breaks I think if you fail the roll, it’s just if the difference is big enough that the odds of breakage would be 100% that you auto-fail

Melty: On the parry

Garrion: need to look up details if you want to do that

Mina: i got super jump so wasnt sure if i could just flip over him and land on other side

Mina: dont require jump checks, main advantage vs say flying leap skill instead

Mina: ie no check

Garrion: oh, yeah ceiling is high enough.. barely

Mina: anyways screw that then I’ll just do a run by attack on her then and go around the dude if i have to

Zindal: He said you can jump, heh

Garrion: just didn;t know that was what you were doing

Garrion: ok, make the atk

Mina: roger

Garrion: melty is there.. be careful

Mina: Using Deceptive

Zindal: If you’re hitting from behind they can’t defend, no need for Deceptive

Garrion: correct

Mina: i aint sure if she’s totally defenseless or not, ie if she saw me move

Mina: not sure what her facing is

Zindal: She’s facing diagonal SW

Garrion: she facing zindal

Zindal: Towards Zindal

Zindal: So you’re in her blind spot

Mina: ok yeah your token covers up that

Mina: roger

Mina: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Mina: whats rapid strike penalty for WM tab? -2 or -3 or 4

Zindal: -3

Mina: always forget

←Attacks Vampire with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 12 (19 with a modifier of -7)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -2 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: oh one thing.. are you maintaining both light spells loryc or did we drop the one on Zindal to light up Urso?

Urso: (think we did , but not sure )

←Attacks Vampire with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 9 vs. Skill 12 (19 with a modifier of -7)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 3

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -2 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal: You bring this up now of all times

Garrion: just noticed you had light on you

Urso: ( well urso is like 10’ away from you )

  • Mina leaps over the mook vamp, and unleashes a flurry of sword strokes towards the vampiress exposed neck.

Zindal: Yeah I’ve had light on me the whole time

Garrion: so wanted to be correct ;)

Zindal: Technically I never went anywhere

Zindal: So I should still have it on me

Mina: and T had darkvision on me too as well

Mina: thats all i kept track of

Garrion: well you hung back a bit last time and Urso took lead so they lit him up

Zindal: Well I still need light to see either way

Mina: yeah urso had light, and mina darkvision

Garrion: we can swap after fight

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 26 cut raw damage.

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 28 cut raw damage.

Tristan: wow, that’s a lot of raw damage

Mina: that has AD 2

Zindal: Well I mean how the fuck can I even see to move up if my light is suddenly gone, it doesn’t make any sense lol

Mina: and is solid silver

Mina: actually it should be 27, and 28 dmg anyways, i forgot my puissance +1 enchantment

Mina: will add that in the macro for future

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 22 cut raw damage.

Mina: oops ignore last roll

Mina: trying to edit

Garrion: ok, bypasses supernatural DR.. only DR6 on neck

Mina: and that gets Armor Divisor 2

Garrion: why 3 damage rolls>?

Zindal: He said ignore the last one

Garrion: ok

Zindal: Rolled by mistake

Garrion: so 3 DR

Mina: meant to edit sheet to add accuracy and puissance enchantment and hit dmg roll instead

Urso: (meh, average for urso )

Garrion: 23 aND 25

Zindal: Dirty kill stealer

Garrion: X1.5? or more for neck?

Mina: x3 vs cutting isnt it?

Tristan: x2

Tristan: I think

Zindal: Neck is x2 for cut

Garrion: ok, so 46 and 50

Garrion: Mina is the monster hunter.. liek the Witcher

Tristan: good lord

Melty: o.o

Zindal: lol and T whines about me being overpowered =P

Garrion: well she took advantage of tactical weakness… had she gotten a dodge….

Vampire: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 13

Vampire SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: anyway….

Mina: yeah whats that like the 2nd thing the whole camp i killed

Mina: lol

Taragnor: heh, yeah well you challenged Sef to an arms race. He’s gonna beat you eventually since he’s up to revision 32 by now :P

Zindal: lol

Vampire: is reduced 96 HP, and now has -75 HP: at half move.
Vampire breaches -21 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.
Vampire breaches -42 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.
Vampire breaches -63 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Mina: lol nah its same shit i always had

Vampire: Death Check

Vampire: Vampire rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire SUCCEEDS by 7

Vampire: Death Check

Vampire: Vampire rolls 3d6 and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire FAILS by 1

Mina: i bought the imbuements with pts, but same shit from before

Vampire: Death Check

Vampire: Vampire rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire SUCCEEDS by 7

Vampire: Major Wound Check

Tristan: can you save vs death if you are decapitated?

Vampire: Vampire rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal: I see a failed death check

Mina: i havent changed anything, i need to tho, i worked on it some last week but i fell asleep

Garrion: i think there is a rule about massive damage.. i think if it is 5x amount needed to cripple

Garrion: i’ll call that one a decap

Tristan: sweet

Mina: well at least i killed something this campaign, i didnt wanna get skunked

Zindal: “Hmph…”

Loryc has received initiative.

Tristan: with style at that

Mina: “No time to worry about glory in this one, Zindal.”

Melty: “Kyaa!”

Taragnor: you guys seem like you got it handled. I’ll just go full defense

Garrion: oh, i forgot to take turn on the unconscious vamp’s turn…..

Mina: lol i recall T saying that before like 8 hours of combat happened after

Tristan: would he panic if he woke up with an arrow sticking out of his face?

Mina: dont have any battlefield control spells?

Garrion: well side of skull

Mina: i know you’re a pacifist figured you had some kind of battlefield control maybe tho

Garrion: ok, vamp 3….

Garrion: turns to strike mina

Vamp 3:
←Attacks Mina with a Claw
in the Right Arm
←Rolls 11 vs. Skill 15 (11 with a modifier of 4)

Vamp 3 SUCCEEDS by 4

0 for Right Arm, 4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal has received initiative.

Mina: tries to parry and rolls a 11 with effective skill 16

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

Zindal: “Guess we’ll see if the other sword does any better.”

Mina: oh cool, parry went up by 1, due to that +1 accuracy enchantment

  • Zindal drops his enchanted longsword and fast draws his Mithral Saber

Zindal: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 12 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

Mina: i still havent added the armor i bought to my token

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Tristan: (I need to amazon a variety pack of different arrows)

Zindal: Looks like I can reach him with a swing

Zindal: Will attempt Power Blow again

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 11 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -10)

Zindal FAILS by 1

Zindal: Damn, so close

Mina: seems you got a dose of the luck we had last time

Garrion: rch 1 is the orange/red circle

Zindal: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Zindal: That ain’t what the measuring tool says

Zindal: Unless it’s measuring from like center of mini or something

Mina: so that means the yellow circle is rch 2?

Garrion: yes

Zindal: Okay, thrust attack it is then

Zindal: Not sure if I’m in his blind spot or not

Garrion: nope

Garrion: in flank.. -2

Zindal: Will go for Vitals and use a 6 point deceptive attack

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Thrust
in the vitals
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 14 (23 with a modifier of -9)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

-3 for vitals, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -6 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal: -3 to defense

Garrion: silveres this timne so bypass supernatural DR

Zindal: No Weapon Master damage though sadly

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 14 with effective skill 7

Vampire 1 FAILS by 7

Zindal: The Mithral Scimitar inflicts 6 imp raw damage.

Zindal: lol probably still soaks it

Garrion: yep, this one is armored up pretty good…. soak

Urso: (anyway you can feint to give it a negative defense bonus vs Urso, Zindal?)

Zindal: I have no idea

Garrion: he is wearing…..

Zindal: You can just use Deceptive Attack yourself

Zindal: Every -2 on your attack roll gives him -1 to defense

Urso: (oh, is not a special manuever?)

Zindal: No, anybody can do it

Zindal: I think

Urso: ( double attack isn’t working, so guess will try that next )

Garrion: yes, anyone can deceptive atk

Tristan: wish I could with a bow =)

Tristan has received initiative.

Tristan: ok, please desribe his armor and if he has any unarmored parts

Mina: you can technically do both

Mina: ie rapid strike + deceptive cant you?

Zindal: Yeah, if you have enough skill

Mina: since i dont think deceptive is an actual maneuver

Zindal: You can Rapid Strike the eyes with 6 point deceptive for a total penalty of -18, lol

Garrion: his body is armored and has heavy cloak…. head and neck seem less covered

Tristan: does he have a helmet?

Mina: yeah thats not my area, i mean my most lethal method is to just swing at the neck

Mina: or torso

Mina: i dont have 20 zillion pts

Tristan: (enough swing damgage gets through anything)

Tristan: does the vamp have a helmet?

Garrion: no

Tristan: ok, i’ll fast draw two bodkins and drop them into his skull

Tristan: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 15 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 1

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the skull
←Rolls 15 vs. Skill 18 (21 with a modifier of -3)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 3

-7 for skull, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -1 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

←Attacks Vampire 1 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the skull
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 18 (21 with a modifier of -3)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 10

-7 for skull, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -1 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 14 with effective skill 12

Vampire 1 FAILS by 2

Vampire 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 10 with effective skill 12

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 2

Tristan: what are the rules for succedding by 10?

Urso: hand shake

Zindal: You have to roll like 6 or less on the dice

Zindal: It isn’t just “success by 10”

Tristan: oh, ok

Tristan: The Elven C. Bow (ST20) inflicts 14 pi raw damage.

Urso: nice

Tristan: dr / 4

Garrion: ok, 10 Super + 9 normal

Tristan: glad I got all that dr/

Tristan: need to get some silver arrows and blunt arrows for the skellies

Garrion: 4.75

Tristan: or just get exploding arrows =)

Garrion: 13.333333333333333333333333333333332

Garrion: 13.. dejavu?

Zindal: Luck 13

Tristan: “stake to the head bitches”

Zindal: Lucky*

Vampire 1: is reduced 13 HP, and now has -4 HP: at half move.

Vampire 1: Major Wound Check

Vampire 1: Vampire 1 rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Vampire 1 SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: head shot gives penalty to wound check.. -10, -5?

Zindal: -10

Zindal: For knockdown

Urso: (damage should start lowering his dodge I think )

Tristan: based on damage I think, -10 total?

Mina: a boken will fuck up a gurps vamp tab

Mina: with their weakness vs wood

Zindal: lol

Mina: i have one, tho i need to stat it up

Tristan: and if he took that damage first the second one may not have gotten dodged (although it’s probably at the same time

Zindal: Yeah I should start carrying a wooden training sword around

Mina: heh yeah i look like firion

Mina: nodachi, bokken, daggers, morning star, and whip

Garrion: ok, then he fails the major wound check… he is down unconscious

Vampire 1: Major Wound Check

Vampire 1: Vampire 1 rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -10)

Vampire 1 FAILS by 6

Urso: ( any still up ?)

Tristan: a couple are just stunned

Garrion: the minion vamp

Mina: tho i can explain my storage if need be, boken/nodachi daisho style, daggers in bandoleer across chest, morningstar and whip on opposite of daisho side

Mina: why didnt you do this last time tristan?

Garrion: ok, let’s just end it here… you have cleaned up the major foes

Mina: you fired like 500 arrows, and now all of a sudden its back to pwnage like you never skipped a beat

Mina: guess the whole group was curpsed with hax rollers last time

  • Zindal recovers his other sword

Mina: have we ever got a x2 crit yet tho?

  • Melty twirls her wand in her hand.

Mina: “Normal damage”

Mina: “Normal damage”

Zindal: “Well that was different.”

Mina: “Normal damage”

Mina: “Normal damage”

Mina: “Normal damage”

Mina: :-p

Garrion: well it is a bell curve and not linear

Urso: (these actual vampires, or more like Mina?)

Garrion: these are vamps… full blown

Mina: sachi you’re the programmer, i request a crit char source code audit

Tristan: (I just bumped up to be able to shoot 2 arrows a round… very helpful)

Mina: chart*

Mina: theyre dead urso

Melty: :3

Mina: im alive

Mina: but we have similar “powers”

Garrion: in fact as mina examines closer she realizes the weaker ones are vamp spawn, the other 3 main ones were full fledge vamps but not master vamps

Mina: yeah

Mina: basically that, like D&D vamps

Tristan: “for some reason I thought Vampires would be tougher”

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Mina: instead of gurps native vamps

Urso: " Mina, we do anything spcial to make sure they dead?"

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Mina: so actually not sure if that wooden club would hurt em or not

Tristan: “I guess nothing likes the ol arrow to the skull though”

Garrion: as you stand by you notice the wounds healing slowly on the 2 unconscious ones….

Tristan: “excpet those damn ghost… oh and the skeletons. Why are we on this undead crusade again?”

Mina: “Somehow, I don’t think we’ve met whoever sired these.”

Melty: “I don’t think they’re dead…”

Urso: " talk to them, or just kill?"

  • Zindal stabs one of the unconscious ones once he notices it starting to heal

Melty: “I think we should—”

Mina: “I think that friend, Chamady spoke of, might be their Vampiric Master, and these his spawn, if not directly then subordinated at least.”

Melty: “Or, yeah, you can stab ’em too I guess.”

Garrion: you finish them off…… you have heard that a stake in the heart prevents vamps from coming back and also burning them

Tristan: “I’m not vampire expert, i’m sure if we let them heal they will be a bit pissed off”

Taragnor: lol I thought you said these guys were tough Sef? :P

Melty: “Stake ’em, and stuff.”

Tristan: “anyone bring any marshmellows” *Tristan says with some dry humor

Mina: well i didnt say they were tough, i said the battle tok 8 hours

Zindal: “Kill them. No use in trying to negotiate with creatures like this.”

Loryc: ah. heh.

Mina: we just couldnt hit and they never failed a dodge 7 check lol

Urso: (they got anything useful on them?)

Mina: was exteme luck on both sides last time

Loryc: “Just remember to put the stake in their heart and not their eyes.”

Garrion: well they were tough compared to most foes yo have faced

Tristan: (honestly, anything is tough if you fail a dodge and get hit)

Garrion: you scour their gear….

Mina: well that aint what T meant

  • Urso takes the two stakes teh female one had, and stakes the two that are still slightly alive. slamming them into their hearts.

Mina: his tough is an adamantium tarrasque powered by a singularity engine

Tristan: “I only got 12 bodkins left on me”

Garrion: +1 chain shirt, +1 short sword, masterwork hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts, gold holy symbol worth 200 gp, wayfinder

Zindal: Oooh, enchanted chain shirt

Garrion: ignore the worth of the symbol

Melty: “I got this spell here still…”

Tristan: “might want to stock up on some sliver. Hey mage, i’m still pissed at you but can you magic up some sliver arrows?, that might make me feel better and not want to kill you so much”

  • Melty looks at Loryc

Melty: “Yeah, mage.”

Garrion: +1 leather armor, +1 wooden stakes (2)

Zindal: “Just melt down some silver coins and make them into arrowheads.”

  • Melty giggles.
  • Mina sinks her fangs into the bowman’s neck and drains a little blood, as her wounded hand heals itself.

Tristan: “I don’t have a casting mold, I could make some arrows but want to make sure they are not shit arrows and do it right”

Urso: ( odd that vamp would fight with wooden stakes… unless they plan on fighting other vamps )

Tristan: * Looks at Mina

Tristan: (says nothing)

Mina: “Ironic.”

Garrion: +1 bladed repeating heavy crossbow with 20 bolts

  • Mina shrugs. “What, he messed up my hand.”
  • Urso tosses all the magic not initially claimed into his magic backpack.

Mina: My arm is down to 11 HPs and overall I’m down to 20 HPs.

Urso: ( sounds like good weapon for Loryc )

Mina: regains 1 HP, and now has 20 HP.

Tristan: “just making sure your not going to flip out and go into a blood rage or something right?” (to Mina). I mean you can control that whole blood sucking thing right?

Garrion: as you look at this vamp mina… you recognize her in a different form.. that of a living woan who was a fellow monster hunter

Mina: “Hmm, she was turned.”

Tristan: (who killed the good guy?)

Urso: " Tristan bind Urso wounds?"

Mina: “The woman that is, I recognize her now.”

Tristan: “sure Urso, I can give it a shot”

Mina: “Makes sense why she had the wooden stakes.”

Urso: ( down 9, btw )

Tristan: “come on over here big guy”

Mina: “Fell to her prey and became one of them in death.”

Tristan: ←rolls First Aid and gets 16 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 3

  • Urso is not impressed.

Tristan: “I don’t think this bandage is going to do it, might want to get someone else look at that one”

Tristan: (I thoguht my first aid was higher)… guess not

  • Mina searches the woman over for any other anti vampire gear.

Melty: “I don’t think I can touch ya with this death spell on my hand…”

Garrion: you find a journal…..

  • Mina looks back to Tristan.

Tristan: *Tristan freezes a bit like a cat ready to spring into action if needed (he was not joking)

Mina: “As for your question, do you go batshit crazy and attack a cow in any field you see because you desire a steak suddenly?”

Loryc: “The real question is if they were locked in this vault since Delvehaven was sealed or if they somehow got in here afterwards…”

Garrion: Known in life by the name Vashian, the Mazeflesh Man was a Varisian thug who prided himself on his extensive body tattoos. The maze of tattoos transformed an already intimidating man into a true menace, and he spent much of his youth in Westcrown flaunting the city’s curfew. He eventually paid for this foolishness when someone came upon the Varisian while he was preparing to smuggle a shipment of magic weapons out of town.

Tristan: “not unless i’m drunk”

Loryc: (to Mina) “Actually, I’ve heard stories… one farmer told me about finding several eyeless cows in his fields.”

Urso: " these two turn this lady, or tehre still more in here someplace?"

Tristan: “that was Zindal”

Garrion: another journal….

Mina: “I didn’t drink his blood because I was hungry, but because I was wounded. Think of it as one of those healing potions of Lorycs, but it tastes better.”

  • Mina smirks.

Tristan: “handy”

Tristan: “creepy… but handy”

Mina: “You want a taste?”

Garrion: Vahnwynne Malkistra, in life an ambitious and talented vampire hunter who had uncanny skill at wielding wooden stakes as weapons. With 14 slayings already to her name elsewhere in Cheliax, she followed a string of clues from several of her vampiric victims and hoped to confront their creator here in Westcrown.

Tristan: “nah, I don’t want seconds on anything Zindal has already tasted”

Mina: “I’ll let you lick the blood of my boots, if you’re a good boy.”

  • Urso tries to fix his own wounds.

Mina: “Oh? That’s no fun.”

Urso: ←rolls First Aid and gets 11 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 1

Tristan: “someone else maybe but I think Zindal went blind from a disease awhile back. Nothing personal”

Mina: “Ha….”

Mina: “Well played sir.”

Mina: “But it’s your loss, not mine.” shrugs

Tristan: *slight bow

Tristan: "I might change my mind… in like 10 minutes. I’m a dude afterall

Garrion: the flashing continues…..

Tristan: “just need to make sure I have enough to cover that healers due”

Tristan: =)

Zindal: “What’s that flashing up ahead?”

Tristan: “blind bowmen make few friends”

Melty: “I’d let you drink my blood anytime, milady… Except I don’t have very much…”

Tristan: (just pictured arrows flying out into the crowd"

  • Urso will drink his last minor healing potion thing, healing himself for 5 damage.

Garrion: after a period the sticky goo on the floor disolves

Urso: regains 5 HP, and now has 24 HP.

Tristan: “vampire pixies…. hmmmm … yah know, it’s probably happened”

Urso: (down to one major healing, and one healing rock, for him )

Tristan: (Urso I have the amulet of restful slumber but it only works if you are asleep)

Tristan: (like knocked out)

Tristan: (or knocked out I mean)

Urso: (what it do?)

Tristan: (i’ll have to look it up, I think it heals 1 point every hour that you are sleeping)

Garrion: Three separate layers of huge vault doors of stone once barred the way down this massive dark hall. Each has been forced apart by what looks to be the pounding of a thousand blows— the doors now hang askew on their hinges. Just north of the door are large piles of rubble on which numerous mirrors have been affixed, their reflective surfaces aiming to the north end of the hall.

Urso: (not bad )

Tristan: (the cool thing is if your knocked out it will heal you so if you are ever left for dead you should be ok… unless they rob you, but no one ever loots bodies so I should be good)

Garrion: north is right

Tristan: “seriously wizard, can you magic any of my arrows into sliver?”

Tristan: “not sure if it works that way”

Melty: “So what’s with the light show?”

Melty: “Let’s check it out!”

Loryc: “I could make you think they were silver.”

Zindal: “That’s what I’m wondering.”

Urso: ( urso and getting knocked out dont’ really go together )

  • Zindal starts heading down the hall

Tristan: “could you make a vampire think they are sliver?”

Loryc: “Possibly.”

  • Urso follows along.

Loryc: “Though I can also make him think you’re firing arrows that turn into dragons too.”

Garrion: you see several piles of ash as you proceed

Garrion: with some tatterd clothing in them

Zindal: lol, it’s not letting Dunric move forward for some reason

Garrion: vision

Garrion: ctrl-i to reveal

Zindal: Hm, passage off to the side

Garrion: a tunnel is dug i the east wall

Urso: ( light coming straight, or thru that tunnel?)

Garrion: light is coming from the room to the north end of hall

Garrion: let me put a source there

  • Urso keeps eye on the big tunnel, while fake man and Zindal check the tunnel.

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal: So what’s in this tunnel

Melty: “Is that how they got in…?”

Urso: " Urso think so "

Garrion: it looks to be dug out from the tunnel but incomplete

Melty: Ohhh, so it was the opposite?

Garrion: perhaps they were trying to bypass the light of the object

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: Urso.. as you step forward.. the pulsing of the light increases quickly to a strobing flash and then a searing ray of light shoots out at you……

Tristan: i got booted, please assign my token back to me (im in the dark) unless we are on another map thanks

Melty: “Whoa!”

Mina: sorry had to run to check on my dinner for a few mins

Garrion: one sec….

Garrion: this happened as you came out and stepped forward.. the others were behind you emerging from tunnel

Urso: ok

Garrion: roll DX-6 as the beam heads for you

Zindal: That’s gonna hurt

Urso: ( my SR give any protection?)

Garrion: spell resistance… yes, this is magic

Urso: have 2

Mina: “Looks like some of em didn’t make it.”

Garrion: ok, have to see if you avoid first

  • Mina says kicking around ash with the tip of her boot.

Urso: ←rolls DX and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -6)

Urso FAILS by 4

Mina: “As for the woman who was among them, I recall a little bit about her now that I’ve had time to mull it over.”

Garrion: mina, as you kick around a searing beam of light shoots just past you

Mina: “Vahnwynne Malkistra was her name, in life she was an ambitious and talented slayer who had uncanny skill at wielding wooden stakes as weapons. With 14 slayings already to her name elsewhere in Cheliax, she followed a string of clues from several of her vampiric victims and hoped to confront their creator here in Westcrown.”

Zindal: “Well, it seems she got her wish.”

Mina: “Whoa! What the fuck!”

  • Mina says trying to scurry out of the way as she was just finishing her recollection of the female vampire.

Tristan: “whatthashit”

Mina: “I don’t know any details about what she was up to, other than rumors.”

Garrion: You get struck by the light and roll HT-3

Garrion: your SR is factored in

Tristan: (someone brought out the old taser)

Mina: “I’d say she was on to that mysterious benefactor of House Drovenge.”

Mina: “She probably found him, and he turned her.”

Mina: SR?

  • Melty darts out of sight with a startled squeak… someone who looks up would see her clinging to the ceiling…

Urso: ←rolls HT and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -3)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: Urso’s Spell Resistance

Garrion: ok you only take half damage and are not blinded….. half of 18

Zindal: Ouch

Urso: is reduced 18 HP, and now has 6 HP: at half move.

Tristan: holy crap

Tristan: disentegration ray (good thing you drank that healing potion)

Garrion: you only take 9 of that urso

  • Urso screams in pain as the light hits him and moves back some.

Tristan: *Tristan tries to find were the death ray came from

Urso: regains 9 HP, and now has 15 HP.

  • Mina shields her eyes and and tries to crouch behind some cover.

Urso: ( Urso screams a little less )

Mina: “Fuck that.”

Mina: “Low winter sun is bad enough for me.”

Garrion: assuming Urso still steps back

Zindal: “Well, that looks like it could destroy vampires pretty well… Maybe it’s the artifact we’re looking for?”

Urso: (yes )

Mina: “Obviously.”

Mina: “Half of it at least.”

Garrion: once you step back to here the strobign stops and returns to the normal flash

Zindal: “Dunric, stay in front of me and move forward as quickly as you can.”

Urso: " they know exactly where to build tunnel "

Garrion: sprinting?

  • Zindal moves forward using Dunric as a shield

Zindal: Yes

Mina: “What about using some of those large mirrors we saw as shields?”

Tristan: lol, Dunric the 999999999th

Zindal: Oh, damn, that’s actually a good idea

Garrion: ok, move as far as you can ina signgle turn

Mina: “Seems like they were maybe used for something relating to this thing anyways.”

Zindal: Oh well, too late now, lol

Zindal: Well I got move 6

Melty: “Yeah, just grab a mirror and I’ll sit in your pocket!”

Urso: " Urso shield not much use "

Zindal: I think that puts me about there

Garrion: and dunric?

Zindal: I have no idea

Tristan: i’ll shoot two arrows down either side hoping whatever it is tracks those objects instead of the PC’s

Garrion: that is 11 yards zindal.. gotta move back some

  • Mina stays behind and crouches behind some rubble, afraid to expose the slightest bit of skin to the artificial sun.

←Attacks Dunric IV with a Standard Arrow
in the Right Leg
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 21 (21 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 13

0 for Right Leg, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -5 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

←Attacks Dunric IV with a Standard Arrow
in the Torso
←Rolls 6 vs. Skill 22 (21 with a modifier of 1)


0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -4 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan: (not attacking dunric of course, just shooting down range)

Zindal: Oh, apparently Dunric’s move is only 4, lol

  • Melty can’t carry a big mirror unless it’s smaller than she’s thinking, so she alights on Mina’s palm.

Garrion: lol, ok unless you carry him he slows you down

Zindal: “Tch… You’re too slow Dunric. Move back.”

  • Zindal backs away

Tristan: *Tristan shoots two arrows down range to see if they get beamed

Garrion: you pull back to the “safe zone”

Garrion: they do not

Zindal: “You said something about a mirror?”

Mina: “That light was brighter than Zindal’s bare white ass, and thats pretty bright.”

Tristan: “can you make a bunch of Dunrics?” (looking at Loyrc)

Mina: “Yeah.”

Tristan: (or maybe we can pull a door off a hindge and use that as a full shield)

Mina: ((Three separate layers of huge vault doors of stone once barred the way down this massive dark hall. Each has been forced apart by what looks to be the pounding of a thousand blows— the doors now hang askew on their hinges. Just north of the door are large piles of rubble on which numerous mirrors have been affixed, their reflective surfaces aiming to the north end of the hall.))

  • Zindal picks up one of the mirrors and affixes it to his arm like a shield

Tristan: “do you think we could angle the mirros to move the beam? I’m sure Dunric would not mind testing for us”

Loryc: ah… Dunric just has a basic move whatever a characte rwith 8 in every stat would have, not sure what that is heh.

Loryc: prolly 4-5.

Tristan: “or, Zindal seems like he’s ok to test…”

Mina: yeah its 4

Mina: i checked gcs

Garrion: Zidal prepares himself

Zindal: “Any idea how to turn that thing off?”

Mina: all 8s = 4 move and speed both

Loryc: “I do have some darkness spells, but I doubt they’d be any use against an artifact specializing in using sunlight.”

Melty: “I don’t even know what that is exactly… But light should bounce off a mirror, right?”

Loryc: “Well… we need that darkness part of the artifact from what we’ve heard, though I don’t see why we couldn’t potentially contain the sun item somewhere.”

Tristan: “strap a mirror to Dunric and see if what happens”

Loryc: “Okay, it’s time for a science expirement.”

Mina: “Yeah, I’m just wondering if the mirrors were some part of the bloodsuckers plan, or if they were just part of the chamber already before they busted in.”

Garrion: I think Zindal is all geared up and ready…..

Loryc: (I’ll have Dunric see if he can block it with the mirror)

  • Zindal watches to see what happens to Dunric

Tristan: “well, this should be interesting”

Tristan: lol, I thought you were going first

Zindal: What’s the point in having a trapspringer if you don’t use it

Garrion: ok, dunric steps closer and the same response happens… the beam shoots for dunric and it reflects off the mirror toward a wall

Melty: “Score!”

Urso: " Maybe Urso tie rope to zindal, to pull back if go down?"

Garrion: actually.. have dunric roll block

Mina: “Well wasnt there some point about them combining them together? If we get this thing, then it keeps fuckface from recombining em right?”

Zindal: Oh come on

Zindal: lol he has 8’s in everything, I have no idea what that even equates to as a block

Tristan: “i’m surprised the vamps did not try this already”

Urso: (heh, I can block em with my shield skill perhaps?)

Loryc: Well probably nil cause he aint’ proficient in shields

  • Mina shouts as she crouches behind stone.

Loryc: so it’d be like defaulting or whatever, so basically he fails.

Mina: “Maybe thats what the mirrors were for?”

Tristan: dunrics head explodes

  • Mina replis to Tristan with a shrug.

Zindal: Yeah if you’re gonna make me look up how to use a shield this is going to take a while

Garrion: seriously… just cause the mirror is on arm doesn’tt mean he can use it effectively

Tristan: “hold it out in front” (cover)

Garrion: it not that big

Tristan: then roll random hit location (oh)

Mina: “Some kind of attempt to engineer a blind spot or something?”

Garrion: not talking about a door sized mirror

  • Mina scratches her head, with a clueless look.

Garrion: about the size of a heater shield

Garrion: so still plenty of uncovered area

Zindal: Okay, default is DX-4

Tristan: “damn Urso, your looking rough. You ok”

Dunric IV: ←rolls DX and gets 12 vs. Skill (8 with a modifier of -4)

Dunric IV FAILS by 8

Mina: “Or the mirrors are intended to direct this things light at some other target in here?”

Tristan: master hates us…

Mina: “Like the darkness orb?”

Loryc: Well he can go fulld efense

Loryc: that gives him prolly some kinda bonus

Loryc: but that still faield anyway

Urso: ( I have 15 in shield skill )

Loryc: Alriht lets just have Urso do it.

Loryc: I mean he can survive a little sunburn anyway

Garrion: Dunric fails to block effectively and the beam strikes him….. HT-4

Tristan: “urso looks like he’s about dead”

Garrion: i mean -5

Dunric IV: ←rolls HT and gets 15 vs. Skill (8 with a modifier of -5)


Garrion: that will fail.. he takes 12

Tristan: “let’s get someone skinny to do it” (looks at Zindal)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Vaporized

Tristan: lol

Urso: ( plus my Sr will help some.. plus i think putting it into the magic backpack might be best?)

Table critical_hit (Garrion): Normal damage only.

Tristan: crit table broken

Zindal: Heh, where does it hit him?

Mina: “Looks like Dunric the Fifth just inherited the Throne.”

Garrion: no, just normal damage at the bell

Tristan: normal damage groin (the only settings)

Garrion: lol

Urso: ( don’t tihk I have ever seen anything but normal damge from it, hehe )

Zindal: So where does the beam hit him? lol

Garrion: it has rolled some different, but not the really good ones

Table hit_location (Garrion): Torso

Tristan: you fixed it!

Zindal: Does this thing count as a tight beam? lol

Garrion: tight enough

Tristan: “ok Zindal, I think your up”

Zindal: Think you’re supposed to roll 1d to hit vitals if it does

Garrion: but not a lazer beam if you asking.. it is more like a narrow beam spotlight with a 1 ft spead

Melty: Ooo

Zindal: I’m just asking if it counts as “tight beam” damage type

Garrion: it does do burning though

Zindal: Because it says that has like a 33% chance of hitting the vitals on a torso hit

Garrion: i guess so…. it can burn through pople

Garrion: and hit others behind

Zindal: Okay roll 1d then

Tristan: crap, i’m dead center…

Zindal: 1 or 2 hits vitals

Garrion: 6

Zindal: Okay just torso hit then

Dunric IV: is reduced 12 HP, and now has -4 HP: at half move.

Garrion: a non combat foe challenge.. how do we get to it…. can’t be too easy or vamps would have dome it already

Zindal: Well Urso is the shield master, I say let him try it

Tristan: “why don’t we all hold up a mirror and create one of those shield walls Urso’s people are known for?”

Tristan: “or build a frame with no openings?”

Urso: " better to maybe attach two or more to my shield to make bigger "

Garrion: "I think urso needs to use as shield and make a run for it

Tristan: “urso ain’t looking so hot”

Melty: “Maybe if we attach a whole bunch of them together…”

Melty: “or keep digging.”

Tristan: ’i’m sure we can make something"

Tristan: (did urso ever take luck?)

Urso: no

Urso: ( Urso rely on skill, not luck )

Garrion: lol

Tristan: how’s that working out for you?

Urso: ( still around )

Tristan: you did get a nice tan out of it

Garrion: Dunric gets replaced I assume…..

Urso: ( possible to attach two or more mirrors to his shield, to make the size of my shield or bigger ?)

Garrion: yes you can offset a couple of them to make a bit bigger.. but he still ig guy, can block at +2

Loryc: lol

Mina: “What about teleportation magic?”

Urso: ( well with +2, my block is 17 )

Loryc: “Teleportation magic is always a possibility, but once we get there what do you want to do?”

Mina: “I’d try turning into mist and creeping over there, but even I know the sun burns away the morning mist.”

Tristan: waitng for the epic fumble

Loryc: “What are we trying to achieve here anyway? Without the shadow item… I don’t think we can neutralize it.”

Melty: “Ooo yeah, I could just zap myself over there… But then I might get fried.”

Garrion: and now would be the time.. and on the roll i roll a x3 crit damage

Tristan: “could you turn into mist and get into something like a hollow object? It did not go after my arrows so I don’t think it would go after a inanimate object”

Mina: “Yeah I dunno, I mean somehow it’s shooting out a narrow beam, is that some effect, or is there some mirrors or something in there that are just focusing that shit down here to us?”

Tristan: to the groin

Mina: “I mean is it an engineering solution or a magical one.”

Garrion: haha

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Melty: (Lemme check my spells…)

Mina: “Either way, I’m sitting this one out I think. I can’t slay a sun.”

Melty: Aw, I’ve got magical vision but not remote vision yet

Mina: “And you know, that other slight problem, with me hating the bright sun.”

Tristan: “ok, urso and the shild it is”

Tristan: shield

Loryc: Well first, I’ll create an illusion, give it sentience and have it scout what the situation is.

Garrion: ok, urso.. make a run for it….

Zindal: “Wonder if it can shoot at more than one of us.”

Melty: “I’m curious if it’ll shoot at your illusion, or just living people… And vampires or whatever.”

Urso: ( wait, so will drop any unnecessary gear so my uncumberance is non existant)

Loryc: “Well we’re going to find out.”

Garrion: move 5.. it is 20 yards away… will take you 4 rounds

Urso: sets aside a trusty Steel Corselet.

Tristan: i’m stepping out of the line of fire behind him

Garrion: ahh, smart.. reducing your encumbrance

Urso: my move is 7

Urso: when no encumberance

Garrion: on your mark, get set, go……

  • Urso keeps his sheild, the magic backpack and his helmet on. then is ready to go. Will also smash the magic healing rock to heal 8 pts as well before he goes.
  • Melty curls up in Mina’s hand.

Urso: regains 8 HP, and now has 23 HP.

Melty: (I’m gonna rest while we do this, hopefully recover some energy)

Garrion: ok

Urso: (any healing on him, Melty?P

Zindal: Yeah I’ll rest too

Zindal: ←rolls First Aid and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Urso: still down 5

Zindal: Take 1

Garrion: probaly takes him a few minutes to get gear off and a few more to make mirror shield.. 10 so far

Urso: regains 1 HP, and now has 24 HP.

Urso: " stay out from behind Urso "

  • Urso moves out when ready.

Garrion: ok, you get to there.. the light strobes and sends out blinding pulse…..

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 3 with effective skill 18


Garrion: very nice

Urso: (heh, good crit )

Tristan: nice indeed

Melty: Oooo

Garrion: and he dashes forward more

Urso: ( urso kept his gauntlets on we well, so better to grab that fucker )

Garrion: another pulse shoots out

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 11 with effective skill 18

Urso SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: Urso versus arcane laser.

Garrion: and he makes it to the object……

Garrion: what you do when get there?

Urso: ( it seem to be shooting out of a particular side?)

Garrion: just shooting at you

Garrion: no other direction

Garrion: a blight glow envelops the object

Garrion: nearly blingind white

  • Urso will try to smother it with his blanket first, to see if it still shoots thru it. laying a mirror on top of it as well.

Garrion: as you cover it and hold you mirror over it.. the blanket smolders and catches fire

Urso: " that no work". He will grab it quickly and toss it into the magic backpack, hoping it won’t do anything in the extra dimentional space.

Zindal: lol

Tristan: party wipe…

Melty: I hope you find your way back to our dimension sometime…

Urso: ( actually, wait)

Garrion: as soon as you touch it the living force calms it down and the pulsing stops

  • Urso readies to toss it in when it calms down, " Urso touch and it stop… it scared of him"

Loryc: heh, well I’ve got the magic extradimensional backpack.

Urso: ( thoght I did, if not, he took it from yhou )

Loryc: I certainly don’t want you tosisng it in there. :P Its gona burn a hole through it.

Urso: ( at least for this thing )

Zindal: “Seems like all it needed was a gentle touch…”

  • Zindal smirks

Loryc: I wouldn’t sign off on that plan, you’ll just destroy my bag of holding lol.

Tristan is disconnected.

Urso: ( not necessarily, how else going to do it?)

Loryc: I mean the bag ain’t any stronger than normal leather.

Loryc: Liek you can cut it, burn it, etc.

Loryc: It ain’t magically invulnerable.

Loryc: Like tristan shoots it with an arrow it’d be useless

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: Urso cant read but there are several objects on stands in here with words on little metal plaques

  • Urso puts it back down for a second, does it start pulsing again? If so will pick it up quickly.
  • Zindal approaches once the object stops shooting death beams

Loryc: Pretty sure my wizarding skilsl would tell me the bag would just get destroyed.

Urso: ( can check I guess?)

Loryc: I mean ptoetnialy I guess we could send the item into nilspace that way I guess.

Garrion: Zindal looks over the items

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 17 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 7)

Loryc FAILS by 7

Loryc: wow.

Zindal: lol

Urso: ( did it start pulsing again or no?)

Loryc: got an autofail on that.

Tristan: luck?

Garrion: what happended, you let go?

Loryc: Well Melty can make a roll too

Loryc: she’s got wizard as well.

Zindal: He said he was putting it back down to see if it started pulsing again

  • Urso puts it back down for a second, does it start pulsing again? If so will pick it up quickly.

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: no it does not

  • Urso leaves it on the ground, " seem Urso has taught it manners"

Urso: ( be a nice weapon if could control it.. finally Loryc could be useful ina fight…. hehe )

Zindal: lol yeah

Mina: like a light based 2nd ed wiz with a sphere of anhilation

Mina: or finally a version of “Flaming Sphere” spell that DOESN’T suck

Tristan: “don’t wizards normally throw things like that on a stick and make a wizards staff?”

Urso: ( more light continual scorching rays ball )

Garrion: ok, now Zindal.. you look over the objects in the room, reading the script…..

Zindal: “Hm… What do we have here…”

Garrion: this vault still contains several potent items, each labeled with a descriptive brass nameplate.

Melty: (You said it was about 10 minutes?)

Garrion: “Whisperslash—the dueling sword of Baron Agustine II, the Cold Veteran of Oppara”

Melty: (That I rested?)

Zindal: Nice…

Garrion: yes, so far

Tristan: “any magic vamp slaying bow over there?”

Zindal: “Nope… Nice sword though.”

Garrion: “Hand of the Pharaoh of Nagas, Osirion” (This is a wellpreserved, five-fingered, long-nailed mummy’s hand)

Mina: “I think the one you’re holding counts, for that bow.”

Tristan: “seems a lot of swords around huh?”

Tristan: “true, works pretty good. good point”

Mina: “Could learn to shoot those.”

Garrion: “Chess set gifted from Taldor to Cheliax in 4315 ar” (This exquisite chess set is worth ?.)

Zindal: “Mummy hand… Chess set…”

Urso: (any writing on the actual object ?)

Zindal: ←rolls Merchant and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

  • Zindal looks over the chess set

Melty: regains 5 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Garrion: you guess withthe proper historian collecter and verification it could fetch up to $3500

Zindal: “Wow, this is actually pretty nice.”

  • Melty flutters over to the treasure room to take a look now that there aren’t any lasers.

Melty: “Ooo, I bet Satomi would love that.~”

Zindal: (What kind of sword is Whisperslash?)

Garrion: “The Morrowfall”

Tristan: “so, is there still a master vampire around here somewhere?”

Garrion: a magic mithral rapier

Zindal: Aw, rapier, lame

Mina: “Well, I think it’s more likely he sent his buddies here to do the dirty work.”

Tristan: (zindals sword collection is growing)

Mina: “Or spawn, I should say.”

Zindal: “Hm, the Morrowfall, isn’t that the thing that guy mentioned?”

Mina: “Yeah, think so.”

Garrion: that nameplate was on the stand the light object is sitting on

  • Zindal picks up the Morrowfall and examines it

Garrion: the one tat Urso grabbed

Garrion: it is a golden eagle head totem

Melty: The tunnel was only partially complete, right?

Garrion: correct

Loryc: “Yes it was.”

Urso: (they trying to dig out, or behind the object?)

Tristan: brb, letting dogs out

Zindal: So you’re the one

Zindal: Now we know

Garrion: looked like digging down toward the vault

Loryc: So basically they tried to dig their way out?

Garrion: tried to dig down toward the vault to get closer and avoid the beams

Urso: (think tried to dig so could get behind the item, perhaps?)

Urso: ( probably wouldn’t have worked since it didnt’ have a barrel )

Garrion: especially since it does extra damage to those harmed by liht and outright destroys undead that sunlight harms

Tristan: back

Loryc: Ah okay.

Zindal: Wonder if we can use this thing on the shadow monsters

Garrion: if you can get it to function…..

Zindal: Like opening the Ark of the Covenant, make all their faces melt off

Loryc: (Well bsaically we’re supposed to combine it with the shadow item and that gets rid of the shadow monsters)

Urso: ONce everything seems in order, Urso will head back to his stuff and reequip himself.

Garrion: yep, something like that

Tristan: “nice job Urso”

Loryc: (liek basically it’s pretty much this thing unleashes sun bursts and the other thing unleashes living shadows)

Urso: picks up a trusty Steel Corselet.

Loryc: So we put em together and we’re good

Urso: readies a trusty Steel Corselet.

Melty: “I wonder if it’s possible to control it…”

  • Zindal holds the Morrowfall and points it at the wall, trying to will it into blasting something
  • Urso takes the mirrors off his shield and hands them to Loryc, " better put in magic bag, incase need them again "
  • Loryc takes cover as Zindal expirements with it.

Loryc: I’ll also put the mirrors in my pack too.

Urso: " Urso put in own backpack, but probably break "

Loryc: After I’m clear of Zindal possibly blasting us. heh.

Loryc: “Yeah the bag should be able to hold the mirrors pretty well, so long as they’re not broken”

Garrion: they a bit big to fit in the mouth of the pack.. you can’t stuff a dresser in there

Urso: (bah )

Garrion: i mean they the size of a large shield

Loryc: heh well so much for that ideae.

Zindal: So can I get this thing to shoot lazors or what


Garrion: no, it does not respond to Zindal.. actually wait.. zindal is pretty much evil right, didn;t we determine that based on traits and actions, haha

Loryc: yeah lol.

Zindal: I thought we determined Chaotic Neutral

Loryc: Pretty sure he was evil. Some kinda evil anyway.

Loryc: Probably CE. lol.

Urso: ( guess have to find some super shiny mirror like shield or something, just in case?… it possible to add that sort of thing to existing shield?)

Garrion: just messing with ya

Zindal: lol he didn’t have that many evil attributes

Zindal: Had more neutral ones

Garrion: it does not respond to you

Zindal: “Hm… Maybe one of you wandy types can figure it out.”

Melty: Melty’s more like CN IIRC :3

Loryc: heh.

  • Melty hesitantly reaches her tiny hand out to touch the orb…
  • Melty is prepared to pull back if it burns.

Garrion: It does not respond to melty either

Garrion: but you can ID it

Loryc: “For the sake of Westcrown we should probably hope Melty can’t figure out how to use it…. I dont’ think there’d be a building left…”

Loryc: (Yeah we should probably rest and I can cast analyze magic on it.)

Loryc: (I mean seems like the worst of it is over)

Garrion: i think touching magic items lets you make a check to ID its properties somewhat?

Melty: Yeah actually, it’s from the Magery advantage

Melty: One sec

Tristan: I think most people play neutral so that good and evil don’t get advantages agaist them and they can do whatever they want

Tristan: plus, being a murduring hobo lends itself to neutral or evil…

  • Mina lurks behind her cover still. “You guys still uncrispy?”

Zindal: “So far.”

Melty: Ah, you get a Sense roll when you first see a magic item and another one when you first touch it

Tristan: “yup, still uncrispty thanks to Urso”

Loryc: heh, well I thikn it’s mostly the latter. I never really seen someone take neutral to min/max against effects, but it’s more like just so they don’t have to do moral stuff.

Garrion: well there are technically no “good and evil or Chaos and law” in GURPS but certain traits and actions lend toward that morality

Loryc: oh you get one when you first see it?

Loryc: DIdn’t know that

  • Urso nods, " Urso save day, as usual "

Zindal: Zindal isn’t intentionally malicious, he just doesn’t care

Melty: I forgot that too

Loryc: Yeah GURPS is just personality traits, ain’t like formal morality like D&D

Zindal: i.e. Callous flaw

Melty: But you need a 3 or 4 to learn more than just whether or not it’s magical

Loryc: Yeah lol Zindal has callous and Greedy, I think that made him evil.

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 4 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)


Tristan: “actually, normally you don’t save the day. Zindal normally kills everything before you can kill it…. except that mummy… and reallym lately it’s me”

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 4 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)


Tristan: "but, today it’s you

Melty: And it’s obviously that

Zindal: lol I still had more neutral traits than evil ones

Tristan: “I mean, after the vamp slaying that is”

Loryc: Wonder if we can eventualyl get Tristan to use this, he could graduate from a bow to a laser rifle. heh.

Garrion: just greed, callous was neutral

Loryc: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc: Rolled per for my magery on seeing it anyway

Loryc: Lets see how much I know on a scale of 1 to What-the-fuck-is-this

Garrion: pER rolls?

Urso: (everyone?)

Loryc: I dnno that’s what Sachi rolled. heh

Garrion: no, melty rolled 3 of them

Tristan: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc: Is that the right thing to roll?

Loryc: I rolled 1 and Melty rolled 2 that I can see

Garrion: oh ok

Melty: Oh I thought I rolled 2

Loryc: yeah Sachi did roll 2 I rolled the last one

Melty: And yeah, sense rolls are based on Per

Garrion: the first was for? and the second?

Melty: The first was for seeing it, the second was for touching it

Loryc: yeah I just saw it so I only rolled 1

Loryc: since I haven’t tocuhed it yet.

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: ok, both were crits

Loryc: Well hopefulyl criticalk successes and not failures.

Mina: i gotta get outa this chair for a bit, buzz me if i need a roll or someone speaks to me etc

Tristan has connected.

Urso: ( so we find everything of use here?)

Melty: Oooo wow

Garrion: You get a sensation of the power of the object, but it is still vague.. you see an ancient god holding forth the item you see, it detects undead forces and dazes and harms them, she also commands it to blind her enemies with bright flashes of light and searting rays that burn holes through them, finally the power of the sun is harnesses as it blasts through the hordes as they come at her and then in a mighty burst the light flaskes so briliantly covering the area around her that she looks like the sun herself and is unseen within, then what the burst fades all the undead arund her are slain

Zindal: Sounds promising…

Mina: so long shadow bitches of westcrown

Mina: i take it the goddess has a sort of egyptian type of look in looks and dress?

Urso: yup

Garrion: the object as it sits on the stand is constantly emitting “sunlight”

Mina: basically like a female ra, is what i envisioned

Melty: “Wow… Amazing…”

Garrion: no, thisis a long forgotten god of the mwangi jungles

Mina: i was thinking of mwangi as africa, so thats why i thought egyptian

Garrion: but can roll to see if you know name

Mina: so more congo than sahara lol

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: correct

Melty: (How big is it?)

Melty: (The artifact I mean)

Garrion: not good enough…. -10 difficulty mod due to obscurity

Melty: Aww

Garrion: about 1 ft long.. able to hold in hand like a scepter

Melty: “If I could find out how to unlock its potential, I’d have the power of a thousand suns!”

Garrion: well not Melty, it twice her size, hehe

Garrion: i don;t think anyone fits this bill but anyone have Charitable, Chummy, Compulsive Generosity, Fanaticism (any charitable cause), Guilt Complex, Intolerance (groups with “evil” traits), Pacifism, Selfless, Sense of Duty, or Truthfulness

Garrion: the more the better

Tristan: i think Loryc has one of those

Zindal: lol nope

Melty: Mmm I don’t ; ;

Loryc: I got compulsive generosity and guilt complex.

Tristan: guilt complet or something

Urso: have sense of duty

Tristan: sense of duty here too

Loryc: And pacifism actually

Melty: Unless humans count as having “evil traits”

Melty: Melty thinks they do

Loryc: I got like 3 of those :P

Urso: have Honesty as well

Melty: Oh yeah

Melty: I think I do have sense of duty

Garrion: that is to companions though correct, not a greater good

Melty: Yeah, just to her companions

Melty: Oh

Urso: true

Melty: Also to nature

Melty: I do have Sense of Duty (Nature)

Loryc: that should probably counbt as a good sense of duty.

Urso: Urso: easy to read, sense of duty, honesty

Zindal: Gonna grab some sleep, catch you guys later

Garrion: Loryc have any of these… Bloodlust, Bully, Compulsive Lying, Fanaticism (any harmful cause), Greed, Intolerance (groups with “good” traits), Jealousy, Megalomania, and Sadism

Melty: Night Tab!

Garrion: and Melty?

Garrion: night, take care

Loryc: nope don’t got any of those.

Tristan: yeha, about my bedtime too

Zindal: lol Zindal has Greed

Tristan: i got about 15 min left

Garrion: Then I would say you lean toward the “good”

Garrion: Melty? any of the second list?

Melty: Actually I don’t, I have Chauvinistic (Humans) which is a quirk but not actual Intolerance of anyone

Urso: ( Urso defenently good.. bsaically a noble savage )

Tabris is disconnected.

Tristan: I have callus and sense of duty

Tristan: neutral all the way

Loryc: I mean I kinda gave him a Robin Hoodish personality since we were gonna do that intiially. heh. Though now we’re just murderhobos lol.

Tristan: robin hood was not a wizard

Tristan: or was he? hmmm…

Garrion: Urso, since you were the first to actually touch it…. when Melty tells you about the vision she got.. you nod and you remember a whisper of a name when you picked the object up…. “Easivra”

  • Urso tells the others what he saw.

Urso: and heard

Melty: She does have Kleptomania but it’s more because she used to live in a pixie village where private property wasn’t a big concern

Melty: “Easivra…”

Melty: Have I heard the name…?

Garrion: Melty when you actually touch it you hear the name whispered to you also.

Garrion: and the same with Loryc

Urso: ( we about done, or still continueing?)

Garrion: Melty did you have 2 of those traits or just the one nature one

Melty: Just the sense of duty to nature ; ;

Loryc: “It’s probably a command word.”

Garrion: oh ok, nevermind then you did not get the whisper

Melty: Aww

Urso: no whisper for you

Tristan: ok, think i’m heading to bed. catch you guys next week!

Loryc: “Hmm let me try…”

Melty: “Or is it her name?”

Melty: Night Tristan!

Garrion: gnight

  • Loryc points the thing towards a wall.

Urso: " Name Urso thinks "

Loryc: “Easivra.”

Garrion: You feel a rush of power

Tristan: night!

Garrion: The Morrowfall constantly emits daylight, as per the spell. In addition, by presenting it strongly and uttering Easivra’s name (a standard action), the Morrowfall can be used to cast the following spells. At Will—detect undead, disrupt undead, daze monster (DC 13) 6 points—blindness, daylight, searing light 9 points—sunbeam, sunburst

Garrion: oops missed deleting the DC on that one

Urso: nice

Garrion: some of these are new spells you have never heard of… IC

Urso: Loryc finally useful

Melty: Ooo, hehe

Urso: how many pts it have? how it recharge? had to have shot of shit ton of pts just lately

Melty: I wonder if it’d work for me if I said the word…

Melty: That’d be funny to see, lol

Garrion: 50 points…. recharges like a power stone

Urso: ( 50 total, or 50 pts left?)

Loryc: heh.

Loryc: so I know how to use all those powers?

Loryc: Or does the command word only cast one thing?

Garrion: actually make that 100…. but they can not be pulled to power anything else other than the magic within the item

Garrion: that is nearly 9 castings of the most powerful spell

Garrion: i mean 10

Loryc: should be 11 castings. if it’s worht 9 points

Melty: How much does it weigh?

Garrion: 11.11111111111111111111111111111111

Garrion: oh right… my math off, late

Loryc: It recharge 1 per day liike a normal power stone? Or it recharge to maximum in a day like a D&D magic item?

Garrion: recharge like a normal power stone.. double rate if exposed to bright sunlight

Loryc: I’m gonna have to pick up that innate attack skill so I can aim this thing too lol.

Melty: :3

Urso: Loryc gonna be doing alot of sun tanning soon it seems

Garrion: lol

Loryc: well I was thiinking of building a room of candles like in Red Sonya. lol.

Urso: need SPF 1000 for this thing

Loryc: where they had to charge that light based artifact.

Garrion: itis metal so pretty decent weight melty

Garrion: say about 3 lbs

Melty: Oo hehe, I could still pick it up without being encumbered :3

Loryc: Well once I invest some points in taking the attack skill I should be able to do some damage with this heh. Not sure how much dmg it does yet.

Loryc: Hopefully it’s a direct conversion of thee D&D spell damage :P

Loryc: 15d6 in a massive AoE would be nice in GURPS for a sunburst.

Urso: well the searing light did 4d6 vs me

Garrion: it is close…. d6 converts to d6

Loryc: oh nice.

Loryc: Yeah 4d6 ain’t too bad for a ranged attack

Urso: no dr

Loryc: oh it ignores DR too? damn

Loryc: That makes it significantly better heh.

Urso: heh, ignored mine

Garrion: yep

Urso: so we about done then?

Loryc: heh seems like it.

Garrion: the only thing is it “casts” the spell so you don;t roll to determine SR

Loryc: It fire with innate attack I assume?

Loryc: yeah this thing is pretty badass.

Garrion: it is always a standard value and resistance rollsare at a set difficulty

Melty: Hehe yeah it is.~

Garrion: yes

Loryc: well it’s better than the offensive potential I had before, which was virtually nil. heh.

Garrion: but you have to take concenrtate action to command it

Loryc: Does it fire instantly, or does it have to cahrge up?

Garrion: it fires instantly

Loryc: wow.

Loryc: Yeah really nice.

Garrion: but once used up it is used up

Loryc: time to show everyone the power of pacifism focused into an armor piercing anti-personnel laser!

Garrion: and has to recharge

Loryc: Yeah it’ll take like a month to recharge lol.

Loryc: actually wait maybe longer.

Loryc: like nearly 2 months.

Loryc: if it’s only getting 2 points per day.

Garrion: actually make that first group of spells 1 point

Garrion: so 1/6/9

Loryc: Are all the spells basically similar in range to their D&D counterpart?

Garrion: and your magery does not reduce that since it coming from the object itself

Loryc: like daze monster can strike someone way far away, as opposed to the GURPS one that requires you be closer or take a -1 penalty per yard?

Loryc: yeah I didn’t figure my magery would do anything. heh.

Garrion: the ranges are GURPS based except the burst since centers on “self”

Loryc: heh… yeah I mean what’s the AoE on the sunburst?

Loryc: Is it just a few yards or is ithe D&D one that goes liike 30 feet or sometihng

Garrion: 30 ft, 10 yards

Loryc: nice.

Loryc: It do full damage to eveything within 10 yards?

Garrion: and the sunbean has a max range of 20 yards

Garrion: yes, no reduction in damage.. the whole area is equally bathed in light

Loryc: wow.

Loryc: yeah that’s really good.

Loryc: yeah if we ever need a room cleared, we got a nuke.

Loryc: I assume that hits allies too…

Garrion: yes

Garrion: and yourself

Loryc: wait it hits me?

Garrion: anythign in the area

Garrion: the area one

Loryc: can I throw the sunburst at range? I thought that emanated from me.

Garrion: no the item

Garrion: is the focus of all the spellsthey come from it

Loryc: oh wait… pathfinder sunburst is more like a giant fireball.

Garrion: is it… i did not pull that spell up

Loryc: For some reason i thought it burst out from me. heh.

Garrion: i thought it a central urst on the caster

Garrion: all magic comes from and is powered by the artifact, you are just the trigger

Loryc: heh says it’s long range on the SRD, with an 80 ft burst. damn.


Loryc: Basically a solar WMD. damn. lol.

Melty: o.o

Loryc: never knew that spell was that good. wow.

Loryc: Praise the sun motherfuckers!

Garrion: oh ok, i thought it was a caster-centric spelll, i guess those are “Blasts”

Loryc: yeah I always though tit burst from the caster too.

Loryc: Till I looked it up

Garrion: i may have to mod that one

Garrion: that is a bit too OP

Garrion: for 9 points

Loryc: lol. well I mean the 80 ft burst is probably more of a drawback than anything really. since it limits where you can use it.

Loryc: Like yeah, it’s great outside, but we’re probably not gonna be fighting outside.

Garrion: true

Loryc: Though it could basically level House Drovenge in a matter of seconds. :P

Garrion: guess that is a factor. collateral damage

Garrion: except it only huirts creatures… not objects

Loryc: Think it damages objects.

Loryc: The SRD thing on the right says it does half damage to ships.

Garrion: nope just creatures in the description

Loryc: so I mean it has to damage objects.

Loryc: I think in PF/3E it’s basically assumed to damage ojbects unless it specifically says it doesnt, at least if it’s an AoE.

Garrion: well i’ll rule it is only creatures, not sure why ships is in there….

Garrion: the flavor text only states “Creatures” everywhere it talks about damages

Loryc: well I mean all spells say that

Loryc: Lighnting bolt and such says it does 1d6 to creatures too

Garrion: well i mean sunlight does not harm stone or even wood for that matter except to bleach it out

Loryc: Well sunlight normally won’t kill a creautre either heh.

Urso: still around Melty? think have come up with a concept for your game.. but will need help fleshing it out and coming up with powers and stuff

Loryc: Should at least be able to burn up wood with it I figure.

Garrion: i know this is very intense light but I’m going to rule that this particular useage is against creatures and more specifically undead and light vulnerable creatures

Loryc: can understand if you say stone is immune. since it’d probably just heat it up.

Loryc: I mean get a laser powerful enough and you can destroy vehicles with it.

Garrion: i want the flavor of this item to be cocused on the living but moreso the unliving enemies of the goddess, she woulnd’t make a spell to burn down trees and stuff

Garrion: GM perogative since a “custom” spell, hehe

Loryc: heh.

Garrion: if the wood it thin like a wood shield, it will go through that… i’m talking about thick doors and trees in the forrest

Garrion: they will get a little scorched but it will not destroy them

Loryc: heh, yeah I mean the PF version wouldn’’’t destoy that much. It’s like half of 6d6 to an object, which ain’t too much

Loryc: like it might destroy a cheap door, that’s about it.

Urso: got an idea for your new game as well G…. though Tristan might have ganked it already…

Loryc: What’s the status on THS anyway? I mean… everyone else basically didn’t respond if they wanted to switch or not

Loryc: so I assumed people wanted to keep playing this game instead of switching to THS

Melty: I’d be up to try it out hehe, I’m not in a hurry to though

Urso: I was out of town, so didn’t do anything yet… other then think about possible chars I would want to play

Urso: still around Melty? think have come up with a concept for your game.. but will need help fleshing it out and coming up with powers and stuff

Loryc: yeah heh. I mean no big deal I’m just curious so I know when to start reading the THS books

Loryc: Yeah help Cedric with his char Sachi if you’re gonna be up a little longer tonight.

Loryc: Might as well get some characters made for you game.

Garrion: well i’m nearly ready whenever people want… i have the beginnings nearly ready, just have to flesh out details and interconnected relationships, can build i=on it as it goes

Loryc: yeah I can come up with a char when people are ready anyway.

Urso: basic concept: stunt monk

Garrion: i just assumed it was the normal forum silence… sometime people busy or forget to respond

Urso: Mutant stunt monk actually

Loryc: yeah heh.

Loryc: well I mean Sef never checks the forums

Garrion: haha, that is not really in setting

Loryc: I think he meant that for Sachi’s game G.

Loryc: Not THS.

Garrion: oh ok

Urso: ya, for the hero’s game

Melty: Ahhh hehe~

Garrion: yeah, not knowing what people wanted I’ve been splitting my time between learnign FATE and building the THS camp

Loryc: yeah I’m not sure either.

Melty: I actually was gonna go to bed pretty soon but I can help ya if you got any questions~ I still need to write actual like guidelines and stuff

Urso: for G’s game, was gonna try to be a zero G mechanic and probably pilot.. have a bionic arm that has all my tools and stuff in it, and cybernetic eye to see micro fractures and stuff like that

Garrion: now that it pretty much ready to go at least anought for everyone to get concepts, i can focus more on my time-lord

Melty: I know for sure I wanna be an AI, but Tab was saying he wanted to be one too so I’m curious what he’s gonna do

Garrion: that would be cool

Garrion: just remember i’m looking for a more “realistic” game this time around…. i mean you will have your tech and genetics but the physical actions should be more realistic

Garrion: more of a gritty normal-man feel

Loryc: I don’t think Tab is gonna amke an AI so much as just a giant kill bot.

Garrion: that why i capped skills at 18 and Basic Attributes at 14 (prior to template mods)

Urso: for Meltys game: Basically Mason is a stunt guy / B movie actor / bigger movie bad guy who basically show boated too much and was basically a jerk because he was so awesome at martial arts.. reason why.. he is a mutant and is basically two to three times ( up to Melty) as strong / fast / etc as normal humans….

Melty: Yeah, I actually was thinking either a modified ship/equipment AI or like a virtual pop idol

Melty: Ooo

Garrion: so Jean Claude Van Dam?

Urso: he gets black balled by the industry and after putting around a few places, decides to embrace one of his favorite characters and become a super hero…

Loryc: pretty much Tab is gonna make this:

Loryc: Though probably not with the built-in weaponry cause that shit is expensive in points

Loryc: and it’s easier to buy a hand held one

Melty: I like that idea a lot~

Melty: Urso’s I mean

Garrion: nice concept Cedric

Loryc: yeah heh. that could be cool.

Urso: one of the powers I know I want is basically " the more the merrier" where he gets a bonous to defenses when he is attacked by 2 or more foes, as he spins and uses martial arts to sort of throw them off balance and have them almost hit each other and stuff

Urso: two ore more in melee that is

Urso: like in those big martial arts scenes in movies where one guy is kicking he shit out of 10 guys, mostly by dodging and them hitting each other

Garrion: I don;t picture my guy being a fighter at first, he is pretty naive and puny… he will stop time to create a complication for foes and then resume time to trigger the event while companions take advantage of it

Urso: oh, one draw back or whatever they called is he don’t draw blood

Garrion: in time as he hangs out with brutes he may learn some “moves”

Urso: fights either martial arts style, or with two of those telescoping baton things that cops have

Taragnor: one thing that’s kinda nice about Fate is like, it pretty much allows you to be noncombat pretty well since you can use your skills to create advantages to help your companions.

Melty: Awesome~ I’m gonna use some of the superhero options for FATE too I think, so you’ll be able to take some stunts that are more powerful than the “normal” ones. I’m thinking maybe a couple more free stunts than the normal 3 as well?

Urso: wears black cargo pants and a black turtle neck ( like Archer… hehe )

Melty: Yeah, FATE is incredibly flexible

Melty: :3

Garrion: when you “advance” do you learn new things, increase potentcy, or just swap stuff around?

Taragnor: all of those potentially.

Garrion: like the skill pyramid… you always keep 10 skills right?

Taragnor: nah, you can get more

Taragnor: basically when you advance it turns itno a collumn system.

Garrion: oh, ok

Melty: There’s like 3 kinds of “milestones” that can happen

Taragnor: like you need an equal number of ksills below your skill to support it, and you can have as many +1s as you want basically

Taragnor: So like you can aloways raise a +0 to a +1.

Melty: The smallest kind lets you swap one thing out (e.g. change one aspect, swap two skills, change one stunt to something else)

Taragnor: But to get 2 +4 skills you need 2 +3 skills for instance.

Melty: I forget what the biggest one is, but the like “advancement” one is like T said

Taragnor: You can’t have 2 +4 skills and only 1 +3 skill when you go to collumns.

Taragnor: The biggest one gives you a refresh ande raises the skill cap by 1 I think

Taragnor: so you can get up to +5 instea of +4.

Melty: Ahhhh yeah

Melty: Basically think of it as your skill thingy always has to look like a pyramid or a ziggurat

Taragnor: Well later it just has to be a collumn. the pyramid is only for creation.

Melty: Yeah, I just mean you can’t have stuff hanging off

Taragnor: like later you can say
(5): Athetics
4): Fight, shoot
(3): craft, drive
2): burglary, stealth, provoke.
then at least 3 other +1 skills.

Garrion: ok, so if i start out with only stopping time for x seconds i can later stop time for 2x seconds and also pick up time travel within24 hours?

Taragnor: like as long as you’re not top heavy, you’re good heh.

Melty: That’d be more like a stunt

Garrion: and basically build up what i can do as i get better at it

Melty: And you can have stunt “trees” too, like more powerful ones that have other ones as prereqs

Garrion: just didn;t know if i had to define averything at the outset or if i can increase the functions of what i can do as it goes on

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Taragnor: Well I’m not sure how Sachi wants to do, it usually like.. you’d probably have to make some kinda roll to use your power. Like if you try to time travel, depending ohn how hard it is, you’ll have to make some kind of overcome obstacle roll.

Taragnor: Using wahtever skill is keyed to time travel, probably will if you’re going wtih the Hiro style.

Taragnor: And like if you fail, you might fuck up.

Garrion: or teleporting too…. which is all really under time stopping.. i mean did i teleport or did i stop time, move and then restart it

Taragnor: I mean Hiro fucked up a lot, and ended up in weird spots.

Garrion: yeah, that is what i’m looking for

Garrion: lots of potential but really unreliable.. at least at first

Taragnor: So probably best to handle it as a skill roll wtih a variable difficulty. Though if Sachi wants she could set it up where it’s just liek a fixed power that always works but in limited degree.

Garrion: since this is supposed to be funny camp, i think that has lots of potential for funny complications

Taragnor: yeah.

Garrion: like i see something he would do would be to stop time and tie foes shoe stings together and trip him up

Melty: Yeah, like one example (this is just something I came up with off the top of my head) if your powers are Will-based to go with the Hiro thing, you might be able to take a stunt that e.g. lets you use Will once per conflict to create an advantage

Garrion: or stop time as a demolition ball comes crashing down on a companion… move them aside 10 yards and resume… making the attack miss

Melty: Outside of its normal use (which is mostly just for inner focus and the like)

Garrion: do you do anything to “recharge” your stunts?

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean you’d have to figure out how you wanted to handle that Sachi. I mean I could see either like having a stunt/extra that lets him do that, either that or just handling it as its own skill.

Garrion: like if you were in a really difficult drawn out fight and needed to do it again?

Taragnor: I mean with Fate you can kinda approach things different ways. It’s really kinda open like that.

Taragnor: Well I mean concievably you could pay a fate point I think to use a stunt again if it’s a limited use stunt (some stunts are straight up FP activation)

Melty: Yeah, you can make a stunt that’s more powerful than normal in exchange for having to spend a fate point when you use it

Taragnor: yeah that’s geneally for the really powerful stuff.

Melty: I’m gonna read up on it tomorrow after I do the homework I need to do and before I post about it on the forums and stuff

Taragnor: Though I mean there’s some fluctuation with stunts.

Garrion: sounds like i still got quite a bit of work to sort all this out…. kinda odd making up your own crap instead of just slecting from a list, hehe

Melty: There’s a big list of sample stunts, I’ll post it on the OP site but:

Garrion: but the narative style sounds fun

Taragnor: Yeah. I mean generally it’s probably best to just write something down, and then letting the GM sort it out after, deciding waht’s too powerful, too weak, whatever.


Taragnor: Yeah.. I mean, it’s a lot of a dfferent style than D&D/GURPS.

Melty: Those’ll give you a better idea of the kind of stuff you can do with stunts

Garrion: handy page

Taragnor: yeah, there’s a few on there that are crazy OP cause they came from examples in a magic system that was kinda deliberaetly supposed to be crazy good.

Melty: Yeah hehe

Taragnor: But most of them are pretty reasonable.

Melty: Also a lot of things can be handled with aspects too, Sef found me a few articles that elaborate on ideas for that

Taragnor: Yeah, that part is kinda confusing if you haven’t played the system.

Taragnor: But basically stunts change the mechanics in some way, where aspects can just give you narrative justification to do different stuff.

Melty: Yeah, like for example if you’re playing Iron Man you could have an aspect that represents your suit, and that would let you do a lot of the “basic” superhero stuff like fly around and use your Shoot skill to fire repulsors and such

Garrion: Yeah like if I say I’m a mild mannered reporter then it can be assumed i know about current events and talking to people to get the scoop ans such

Taragnor: So like normally the shoot skill allows you to shoot stuff, but you couldn’t use it unless you actually have something to shoot, be it a gun or a thrown weapon, etc.

Taragnor: But if you’ve got an aspeect to have an ironman suit, that could give you a built-in weapon to shoot

Taragnor: Basically it acts as your narrative justification to explain how you’re shooting people.

Taragnor: If you wanted to say shoot someone with your mind though, like use will to make ranged attacks, that’d take a stunt.

Taragnor: Since you’re using a skill ina different way (basically changing the mechanics)

Taragnor: Fate generally doesn’t deal extensively with tracking equipment, so for the most part you’re assumed to have stuff that work with your skills.

Taragnor: S like if you took burglary, you’ve got a burglary kit, or what not.

Garrion: so since there is not stop time skill if i definded it in my aspect i would have to use stunts?

Taragnor: Well Sachi could also do it as an extra, which basically could be a “new” skill.

Taragnor: Either that or concievably some stunts, probably a stunt tree, that lets you use will to do time stuff.

Melty: Yeah, extras are the thing I’m least clear on actually ^^; I gotta read up on those a little, lol

Garrion: ok, well now that the site is up I’ll create a character page and start makign some notes

Garrion: i wonder of OP has a FATE character sheet built in

Taragnor: Yeah offhand I’d just start with a draft and see what flies and what corrections can be made and what not.

Taragnor: even if’s flawed.

Taragnor: I noticed the free version of Hero lab lets you do fate chars.

Taragnor: So you could use that if you really want a generator, but you don’t really need one honestly, heh.

Taragnor: I mean Fate is a pretty simple system, msot of the tricky part is really the stunts and extras.

Taragnor: Since sometimes you create new stuff for that.

Garrion: yep, there is a FATE Core sheet on the character page

Taragnor: Ah cool.

Taragnor: I didn’t even know OP had built in char sheets.

Taragnor: Is that just for the paid subscription version? Since for wahtever reason I dodn’t remember seeing that in any of my games. heh.

Melty: Oooo awesome

Taragnor: I know G has the deluxe version of OP.

Garrion: not sure, but there is one for GURPS too…. we just upload GCS images since already done there

Taragnor: I thought about getting that for the player secrets, where you could have like certain people know some stuff.

Taragnor: Yeah GCS is an awesome program

Melty: Hahaha, I love the color scheme

Taragnor: Really all you could ask for in a GURPS generator

Taragnor: lol yeah.

Garrion: in many ways it is better than the offical GURPS Character Gen

Garrion: i just wish you could use it to print out a “group” sheet

Taragnor: I enver tried the official one, but I mean GCS has like all the spells/advantages/etc.

Taragnor: And even gives you page references

Taragnor: Which makes things way easier.

Taragnor: Honestly I couldn’t play a wizard without it

Taragnor: since the spell organization is awful in the magic book nromally

Garrion: so i can load an enamy group or all the PCs and print out a summary sheet of the important basics

Taragnor: so having those page references on your magic is essential

Taragnor: I wouldn’t be abl eto find shit otherwise.

Melty: Yeah, I LOVE the page references

Melty: And I HATE the way the magic book is arranged x.x

Taragnor: Yeah, lookjg up a spell is nearly impossible in GURPS Magic witout those.

Taragnor: I dunno why they couldn’t just do it in alphabetical order like the D&D book does.

Taragnor: Instead it’s this weird totally illogical sorting method.

Melty: Even ctrl-F sucks cause most of the time you end up flipping through every time it shows up as a prereq and also the table in the appendix

Taragnor: The necronomicon is better arranged.

Taragnor: yeah lol, you basically need a direct page reference or you’re fucked.

Taragnor: I haven’t found any good way for finding shit beyond just using the GCS page nuimbers

Garrion: yeah the order is wielrd…. i mean to the schools but then alphabetize them from there

Taragnor: yeah lemme see if I can put my char down on the Sachi page… also damn that’s so pink!

Melty: I love it!

Garrion: you can charge the style if you want sachi in settings.. i just picked that for somethign bright

Melty: lol, I’m totally keeping that for the time being

Garrion: i made my character page… just a name for now

Melty: Yay~

Melty: Yeah I’ll have more detailed stuff about the setting and characters up prolly this weekend

Melty: Some stuff at least tomorrow

Taragnor: yeah I definiteyl won’t confuse it for one of G’s campaign pages.

Melty: Oh G, about how many points are we gonna get for THS? You can give me a range if you’re not sure yet, I just wanna know what sort of body types I’d have to choose from pretty much

Garrion: 200

Garrion: al the details on the garacter gen page


Garrion: that shold be plenty to allow you to pick bionics, gene mods, or infomorphs

Mina: so what did i miss?

Taragnor: how does that stuff work with the caps on ability/skills

Taragnor: Like will having cyberware let you transcend the noraml cap? Or is that a cheaper way to get there or what

Taragnor: Like if you got some super strength cyberarm, how does that work exactly?

Melty: Ohhhh yay!

Melty: Also hiya Sef!

Garrion: i wold read first the 3e Transhuman Space book just the section on hstory and setting, then lookat the 4e Changing Times book for the rest, if you skip the 3e book you will miss out on the history and lore of the setting

Melty: We beat the crap outta the vampires and got the laser stick

Taragnor: lemme see what I got…

Taragnor: NOt sure if I got the 3E book

Melty: I have a number of ’em so I can hook you up

Melty: I got the 3E book and Changing Times

Taragnor: ok I’ve got changing times

Taragnor: yeah all I got is chabnging timnes

Taragnor: don’t got the 3E one apparently

Taragnor: So I know times have changed but I have no idea what it was like before.

Mina: well i meant once yall got the orb, do anything else?

Mina: i was resting my roids

Garrion: there are other 3e and 4e books to look into as you get going to add extra fluff, but that will get you the basics

Taragnor: heh yeah I mean at this point I’m going with the basics lol I’ll probably wait to see what the others make first, to get an idea of the kinds of stuff I can do.

Taragnor: Since I don’t really know how the setting works, nor how to stat stuff up. I mean at least the stuff that ain’t purchaseable gear.

Melty: Not particularly, we just tested it out and stuff

Taragnor: i assume it ain’t like shadowrun where you jsut pay money for cybernetics.

Taragnor: Like you pay points and such for em I think right?

Mina: wouldnt it just be normal shit just diff power source?

Mina: ie cybernetics instead of magic, psionic etc

Taragnor: Yeah I wasn’t sure heh.

Garrion: as the site says, the THS books trump all others if there is a conflict. I am allowing a few cenematic elements but this is not supposed to be an over cinemetic camp so don;t expect a lot of crazy stuff like the current one

Taragnor: like I wasn’t sure if it was like the gadget rules or what.

Garrion: you do buy cyber with cash

Mina: i’ll prolly play a grognard old fashioned human

Taragnor: Ah okay, so it’s kinda like spending cash to get more points?

Mina: with no cyber, no gene splicing, nada

Mina: which would prolly be pretty rare id guess

Mina: or maybe a martian native if not that

Garrion: your tech is your source for the unusual…. want to see inthe dark, gene-slice cat eyes or get cyber implants

Mina: prolly falls under the light world template id guess

Mina: since mars is small compared to earth

Taragnor: yeah was mainly just wondering mechanically how it worked.. like if I wanted say dark vision cybereyes or telescopic vision. How would you stat that up?

Garrion: yes, mard has i thin 1/3 the grav

Melty: It says that unaltered humans (with no racial template) are common in Third Wave and “not uncommon” in Fourth Wave nations

Taragnor: Is there just some equipment liskt that you just pay money? Do you pay points or what?

Melty: So that’s totally doable

Mina: maybe ex-patriot with a chinese wife or something

Mina: since it looks like the chinese are whoring mars

Taragnor: Live in a castle atop Cydonia.

Mina: a fortress

Taragnor: Nah, a medieval style castle. :P

Garrion: the only real requirement is that you have a character that has some interest being on a colonizatio ship heading into deep space

Mina: theres a formation at cydonia called “The fort”

Taragnor: what are we colonizing exactly?

Mina: is why i remarked

Melty: Is the Transference advantage called something else in 4E?

Mina: or maybe just have a whore house on the D&M

Taragnor: like this gonna be like Total recall dome city kinda thing? Or is the world terraformed?

Melty: I was looking at the rules for Gypsy AIs (I don’t think I’m gonna play one though) and I’m just curious what that actually does

Melty: Oh, maybe Possession

Melty: That’d make sense for how those work

Taragnor: Yeah Sachi is gonna be a slutty version of Cortana and Tab is gonna be ED-209. At least this time Tab will have a reasonable flavor justification for being a single-minded killing machine.

Garrion: You have been hired by a corporation to set up a colony on a near-earth planet in a system very close to Sol

Taragnor: oh I didn’t even think they could leave the solar system.

Garrion: probes have already been sent there and deemed it habitable

Mina: with only fusion power?

Garrion: yes, it just takes a while

Mina: what were we on generation ships? or we going a fraction of the speed of light or something

Garrion: nanostasis

Mina: so what about relativity? ie all our family perhaps dead back home

Mina: not literally, just saying is it gonna be enough of a problem to matter

Garrion: that is up to you, you can bring them along if you have connections… can be part of your traits

Mina: alpha centauri has exo-planets

Mina: you could always use that, logical being the closest

Garrion: yes, that is the plan

Mina: or barnard’s star is another really reasonably close one

Mina: plus theres actual mission plans developed for that in back in the day

Mina: trip time is around 50 years or so

Garrion: the atmosphere is slightly different and the grav is slightly different but not enought to make a huge impact


Taragnor: Good I didn’t really wanna read up on the gravity rules lol.

Mina: Daedalus would be constructed in Earth orbit and have an initial mass of 54,000 tonnes including 50,000 tonnes of fuel and 500 tonnes of scientific payload. Daedalus was to be a two-stage spacecraft. The first stage would operate for two years, taking the spacecraft to 7.1% of light speed (0.071 c), and then after it was jettisoned, the second stage would fire for 1.8 years, taking the spacecraft up to about 12% of light speed (0.12 c), before being shut down for a 46-year cruise period. Due to the extreme temperature range of operation required, from near absolute zero to 1600 K, the engine bells and support structure would be made of molybdenum TZM0 alloy, which retains strength even at cryogenic temperatures. A major stimulus for the project was Friedwardt Winterberg’s inertial confinement fusion drive concept,12 for which he received the Hermann Oberth gold medal award.3

Taragnor: I know GURPS has a ton of stuff for alternate gravity and stuff.

Garrion: well they will come into play at some point, just not if you are on THAT planet

Taragnor: Ah, so you planned on having us leave at some point?

Garrion: you will not be there

Garrion: You will start on the ship

Garrion: something will go wrong on the way

Taragnor: I mean i was kinda curious like if we’re really far away, are we ever gonna interact with Sol? Or is it purely gonna be us on an alien planet?

Mina: so its going to be more of an isolated type of vibe for our chars?

Taragnor: Well that’s good to know. I blame Tab’s character.

Taragnor: He’s the sabotuer!

Mina: if we’re not in the sol system

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: Toss him out of the airlock!

Mina: not exactly much company

Mina: as pioneers

Melty: :3

Garrion: well someone on the crew very well may be

Mina: yeah what T said basicallu

Mina: yeah i will prolly change my concept alot then if we’re going to be isolated

Taragnor: Yeah, not really sure what I’ll make in isolation. Maybe I’ll make… KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!

Garrion: picture it kind of like 2001 space oddesey and promethius and interstellar all mixed together

Mina: ok i gotcha

Mina: tab was prolly thinking of cowboy bebop or something

Tristan is disconnected.

Mina: so he prolly wants to consider lol

Mina: reconsider

Taragnor: nah, Tab will make a combat robot in any setting :P

Mina: lol

Garrion: now that is just the first chapter…. once you uncover some clues you may make a u-turn and head back to sol

Melty: Are we doing the mutable character points thing?

Taragnor: I mean if anything it’ll probably work out better that he’s isolated, since there’s no real justice to prevent him frfom haphazardly shooting people.

Taragnor: Ah okay, so it won’t necessarily just be a pure isolation thing.

Garrion: no

Mina: hmmm guess I’ll be the ship astronomer/exo-biologist etc guy

Melty: Ahh, ok

Mina: we should prolly all pick appropriate jobs for the crew

Mina: obviously we got pilot, medical, security, etc the generic sci-fi archetypes

Mina: i mean people dont gotta fit em exactly stereotypically

Taragnor: well how many are aboard the ship?

Garrion: i have not determined yet just how far from home I want to start you at

Taragnor: I assume a decent amount

Melty: I still wanna know what kinda AI Tab wants to be, but maybe I’m some kinda recreational AI for entertaining whoever’s awake

Mina: but be nice to cover the generic shit amongst ourselves

Taragnor: since it’s supposed to be a colony right?

Taragnor: So I figure there’s like around 500 people or something.

Mina: well i got the impression its more like exploratory phase 1 pre-actual mass settlement

Taragnor: Either that or we’re gonna get inbred to all hell.

Taragnor: Unless ther’es osme kinda anti-inbreeding genetic shit

Mina: well not necessarily, if we take genetic material with us

Garrion: no, crew is relatively small on these ships… many automated systems and AI

Mina: a giant sperm bank so to speak

Mina: i mean realistically we’ll want to engineer our humans to fit in with this new planet we’re settling

Garrion: there is… in the racial mix only a few mods are genetically compatable, the rst are not

Taragnor: well assuming the mission has been around long enough to have us been specifically born for it.

Mina: so makes sense to just bring some genetic material and engineer some first gen natives to be better suited

Taragnor: Or can they do DNA alteratioons once you’re born?

Garrion: they can, but harder to do

Taragnor: I don’t really know what the tech can do.

Mina: just lump all that stuff under our “doctor” position or whatever

Garrion: i have all the available racial mods on the site.. a BIG list

Taragnor: So how many are aboard the ship anyway?

Mina: we should prolly come up with the outlines of the major roles we need

Taragnor: Like what kinda crew we talking about? 10? 20? 50?

Mina: then we can tailor our chars into those somewhat

Taragnor: Or is it purely just the PCs and thats it?

Mina: i was under the impression just us, and maybe a few skeleton crew if any else at all

Garrion: oh you all and any family you may have brought and maybe enough others to total 50

Mina: tho im just basing that on his listed inspiration source material

Garrion: that does not include bots

Taragnor: yeah, I mean he mentioned bringina family and shit. So I figured there was some room.

Mina: yeah was gonna say, prolly few bios and just a ton of drones and robots and other shit

Mina: oh yeah true

Taragnor: damn, they must expect us to churn out a ton of babies if there’s 50.

Taragnor: Unless we’re just supposed to set up the habitat for future colonists or something.

Mina: yeah pretty much

Garrion: imagine you are like the first pilgrims to land on plymouth rock

Mina: we’re like the guys from the waters of mars episode of doctor who or something

Garrion: a small group to set up an initial colony and buld from there as resources come ion

Garrion: you may breed and create more generations but others will surely come as time passes

Taragnor: okay, so we’re expecting more.

Mina: all tab needs to know, is how much karate skill he needs to kill the first extraterrestial lifeform ever discovered

Taragnor: Yeah I wasn’t sure like if we were expecting more people to come or if like we were pretty much it for a long time.

Garrion: yes, if you are successful

Mina: i mean it has to be dead to be properly studied anyways right? :-p

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: the initial reports show life sustainign possible.. but it up to your mission to establish that

Taragnor: Yeah he’ll be the eyestab-99X prototype.

Mina: venusian akido


Mina: prototype “Rabies”

Mina: ie the 100 stabbing needles

Taragnor: Retractable nano-edged wolverine claws.

Mina: was a former rabies med bot, got rogue

Mina: gone*

Garrion: lol, i guess if it has a dark dome-shaped head with an insectoid body and hatches babies inside humans, he can kill it

Taragnor: who do they send on these terraforming missions? Like are we people in good standing, or would they send criminals or what not?

Taragnor: heh, yeah I kinda hope it doesn’t turn into just purely aliens. I mean I’d rather do stuff interacting with civilization and what not to some degree.

Taragnor: As opposed to just doing Serpent’s Skull with guns.

Mina: yeah i agree

Garrion: No, you would have to be reliable and respectable, i mean you may have some hidden criminal past if you want a “Secret” but you shold be scientists and settlers who are dependable and mentally rigorous

Taragnor: I mean if you’re gonna do aliens, I’d prefer like a body snatchers type thing, where they’re sneakier and breed paranoia. heh.

Garrion: though the stresses of a long journey in isolation can make even the most sound go nuts sometimes

Garrion: no, no aliens.. i was just joking

Garrion: instead you will bring back a black primordial symbiote

Taragnor: heh well I mean aren’t we under cryogenic sleep or something?

Garrion: yes

Taragnor: I figure you slept for most of it.

Garrion: the crew is active for initiation and the final stages.. but during the long “autopilot” cruise through space you are in nanostasis

Garrion: don’t expect a lot of combat, at least not with tis fist mission…. you are settlers not soldiers…. but you should be able to defend yourselves too…. i mean Ripley did ok

Mina: well theres a diff between alien ripley and alien 3 ripley :-p

Mina: she went all min max with hicks in part 2

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: GET AWAY FROM IT (combat skill cap) YOU BITCH! shouted to tab

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: well you know Tab is gonna put all his points into combat shit :P

Garrion: hiopefully not, at least not too much with the cap

Taragnor: well I mean he’ll just end up buying other shit, like natural DR or something for his kill bot.

Garrion: i mean a settlement does need a constable so he could be the lawman on the ship

Taragnor: Yeah, I don’t think Tab cares about the law. lol.

Garrion: i also posted a list of recommended careers too

Garrion: you can create your own but it would work best if you has some focus on an actual career rather than i like to train in ways to kill shit

Taragnor: heh. well I mean thus far the killing shit stuff seems to be what helps the most :P

Mina: I AM THE LAW!!!! full auto

Garrion: keep in mind that you wil have your cards too…. so at any point you can do a plot twist and create a new element in the story

Mina: we’ll call Tab “Judge Dead”

Taragnor: lol nah, Tab would’t be a judge, then he’d have to waste points on taking knowledge of the law.

Mina: because every sentence, is a death sentence in movie promo gravely voice

Taragnor: :P

Garrion: speaking of which, i need to add tat component into the rules

Garrion: on the site

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: I mena Tab was talking about making some kinda robot lol, so I mean I’m like 99.9% sure it’s just gonna be a murder droid.

Taragnor: with no skills other than shooting people.

Taragnor: It mgiht have some kinda melee attack.

Taragnor: maybe.

Mina: mining bot will be his cover?

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: yeah this shit is all for mining, come on

Garrion: i blast holes in the rock

Melty: Hehehe~

Mina: or he’ll make up AMEE from red planet

Mina: that insane killer droid

Taragnor: lol well it’ll probably be some kinda security bot I’m guessing.

Taragnor: in case of space pirates or something.

Garrion: well the ship has a small armory, but it is not much.. just ahandful of basic weapons for defense

Mina: military mode /on

Taragnor: Not when Tab gets done buying his arsenal.

Taragnor: “How the fuck did a phase 5 anti-tank plasma gun get in here?!”

Garrion: poor tab. you all stereotypng him

Mina: its for sterilizing the medical supplies!

Taragnor: lol. well I mean you seen what he did with Zindal lol.


Taragnor: He’s 100% eye stabbing.

Garrion: he didn’t stab a sinlg evamp eye tonight ;)

Taragnor: that’s only casue he wasn’t there for the whole fight :P

Mina: yeah i want some neutronium sunglasses

Taragnor: In THS he might turn to shooting stuff in the eye

Taragnor: I’m not sure.

Taragnor: Either that or he’ll use some kinda vibrokatana

Garrion: that is even harder.. range and location mods

Taragnor: Not sure if they got those in THS.

Garrion: like to see that with an 18 skill cap

Mina: THS…..Transhuman Shitstorm!

Taragnor: I’m sure he’ll find a way. lol.

Mina: as for picking on tab, we been doing this for over a decade, he’s use to it :-p

Taragnor: yeah lol.

Garrion: note tat is Base Skill…. so it can be a little higher once you add mods

Mina: his cleric in RA was prolly the tamest char ive seen him make :-p

Taragnor: yeah it really was.

Mina: or summoner whatver

Garrion: but it should not be more than a couple

Taragnor: I mean I was kinda surprised about that one.

Taragnor: weird in the pure dungeon crawl murderfest he doens’t make his typical ultra-bloodthristy character lol.

Taragnor: lik in the setting where that sorta character seems to fit in anyway. lol.

Taragnor: I mean RA really is the place if you want a bloodthirsty treasure hunter.

Taragnor: I liked RA though, I mean it was honest about what it was, and that was cool.

Mina: tentacles and dark elves prolly got him off target at char gen

Garrion: maybe we chold tell him this is a alien search and destroy mission?

Garrion: so he’ll make a lab tech, haha

Mina: yeah i agree with tab, with RA, we knew what we got

Mina: thats my only issue, i want to be sure what exactly the premise is

Mina: so i can make an appropriate char

Mina: i mean T

Mina: not tab, sorry lol

Taragnor: Yeah heh. I mean I’d like to make a character that fits the campaign.

Mina: low blow :-p

Garrion: didn;t know you all were enjoying it so much.. i got the impression you were getting bored with it

Taragnor: Nah, I liked RA, I mean some of the exploration was tedious at times, but it had some combats that were really memorable.

Taragnor: like it definiteyl had some high points.

Taragnor: I liked the fact that you could meet shit that was really overpowered for your level and the module was like “Don’t like it, well you can SUCK IT!”

Garrion: haha, that it did well

Taragnor: I mean, it was like one of those modules you felt that the min/maxing was worth it, since you actually fought stuff that could match you

Melty: RA was pretty fun~

Melty: I liked my character, hehe

Taragnor: I mean I’m different in Tab in that I get bored with raping stuff, like I’ll make powerful shit, but I like to meet something that challenges me.

Taragnor: I don’t really want trivial battles.

Garrion: maybe we can jump back to it at some point… i’m having fun with this new system and genre for now though… i’m hoping that this can avoid meaningless battles but you may very well find yourselves forced into fighting to live.. if not against a physical foe and unknown and unseen one or the environment

Melty: Shit, the AI templates in Changing Times are WAY more expensive than the ones in the 3E book

Taragnor: What’s an AI even gonna do on a colony ship?

Taragnor: I mean if we end up colonizing the thing, seems like you won’t have much to do.

Garrion: yeah, some you will not be able to afford, but are listed as possible upgrades later

Taragnor: Like it ain’t like Cortana where you can hack shit, since I dont’ think it’s gonna be like there’s alien tech or anything

Garrion: AI can transfer to new cybershells

Taragnor: Well yeah but I mean, seems like it’d be kinda pointless. if you’re paying a shitload of extra points.

Taragnor: And you aint’ really got an internet to download yoursel into.

Garrion: very correct

Taragnor: but Sachi knows the setting better than I do.

Taragnor: So maybe she knows something I don’t heh.

Garrion: anywhere away from earth has avery limited “net”

Melty: Nah, I just really want to play a character that’s an AI

Taragnor: yeah seems like you’re better off being a full robot.

Taragnor: Since the whole download thing doesn’t seem to do anything.

Garrion: there is not FTL communicatins so you have data lag

Melty: That would use the same rules anyway

Taragnor: oh, I figured being a straight robot you’d just have to buy the unliving template or whatever

Taragnor: Or whatever the electrical template is in GURPS.

Taragnor: Like without all the resurrection shit.

Melty: Nah, a “robot” would just be an LAI or SAI in a cybershell I’m 99% sure

Taragnor: Since GURPS will charge you a ton for the abiltiy to not die when your body blows.

Garrion: as a PC you need to be sapient, and as such you need an AI

Taragnor: Well do you have to be a downloadable AI? Or can you just be something hardwired to a body?

Garrion: all AI are wired into their body, but they can interface and download.. it is not a simple process though

Taragnor: I mean I don’t really want Sachi to be basically playing Dunric. lol.

Garrion: you can have copies but you can only have one conscious and active at a time

Garrion: it is sort of a get out of death card but it is not all simple

Melty: Just from glancing at the point costs I’m probably going to be something like a 5-lb aerial drone, a wearable computer, or a laptop

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: yeah lol basically oyu end up being Dunric. heh.

Taragnor: where all you can do is scout.

Garrion: where a straight up human is dead and that is it… unless they can brainscan his remains fast enough to capture his consciousness

Melty: Actually I think there’s only one body I can afford that’s capable of movement at all

Taragnor: well I’m sure we don’t have any of that fancy high tech brain stuff aboard a colony ship.

Taragnor: We got a bunch of military fatigues and a double barreled remington.

Garrion: no that is what tab as, haha

Taragnor: After we’ve murdered half the creew fighting over the only pip boy 3000, we can begin our travels into the alien ship. :P

Garrion: there should be shells you can afford sachi…. but more importantly you don;t have to have a cybershell, you can be in a bioroid

Taragnor: Well if she doesn’t have a cybershell, isn’t she just like HAL? lol.

Taragnor: where she just sits around the spaceship?

Taragnor: Prolly can’t even afford to have a holographic projection, gotta rely on Ye olde red eye for 1 point.

Garrion: no, she can be in a biorouid.. an organic lifeform with a computer chip interfacing with the brain

Melty: Ahhh, that’s true

Taragnor: So basically she’s what? Like an android in Aliens?"

Taragnor: And dos she got a bunch of spare bodies lying around when they get mangled and wrecked?

Melty: I can buy them as Allies if they have the same/lower point cost as my main body

Mina: eww

Melty: They’re pretty cheap since you get to take a lot of disadvantages for them

Mina: i just found out theyre making a Gambit movie

Mina: with channing tatum as gambit………..

Mina: the end is nigh

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: Yeah that’s gonna suck.

Mina: talk about shitting on my fav comic char

Mina: thats like x-men origins lvl shit :-0p

Taragnor: I suspect it’ll be worse.

Melty: Dude he was Magic Mike though wasn’t he

Mina: god i hate that fuckin guy

Mina: yeah that dude

Garrion: no they are nearly 100% organic, the only thing different is tat they are “grown” and have a “mesh” that the original structures grew onto and a chip in the brain, other than that there are no wires or metal skeleton or anythign like that

Mina: i think id rather have samuel jackson


Melty: On the other hand

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: Sam jackson would be awesome.

Melty: If I take a literal stationary computer as a body

Taragnor: Just for the ridiculousness

Mina: yeah theyd turn him into a literal pimp

Taragnor: I mean it’d shit on the character but it’d be hilarious if they just went over the top with it.

Mina: kinetic pimp slap

Mina: charging up his cane

Mina: and throwing explosive dice

Melty: That’s like -136 points

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: I should make Jax. just two cyberarms and a bunch of brawling skills. When the aliens show up I can give em a TASTE OF MY FIST!

Mina: lol jax

Garrion: i did not include mobile helmet or any ofthe the wearable stuff cause i want the PCs to be independent and not reliant on another character to carry them around

Mina: i forgot that obscure bastard

Taragnor: lol

Mina: what MK was he in? 2? or 3?

Taragnor: a bunch of em.

Mina: the first appearance

Taragnor: 2 was his orignal appearance

Taragnor: when he had the regular arms

Taragnor: in 3 he got cyberarms

Mina: oh right i forgot that changed

Mina: who was the cop dude in 2 or 3?

Taragnor: Stryker.

Taragnor: that guy was pretty cool.

Taragnor: I liked playing him.

Mina: i always imagined him as like some crooked irish cop from south boston or something’

Taragnor: Mostly for that move he had where he just shot the guy with a gun.

Taragnor: lol.

Melty: Oh I missed the Humaniform cybershell, that’s only 12 points

Taragnor: Now I have to look up where he’s from

Garrion: on average if you pick a 75 point bioroid and a 75 point career, that gives you 50 points for customizing

Garrion: yep

Melty: Um

Taragnor: Apparently he’s from New York city.

Mina: ah fuck him then :-p

Mina: will never play him again :-p

Garrion: there are lots in those ranges

Melty: The SAI template costs 153 points

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: oh, i must have overlooked that

Garrion: didn;t think it was tat uch

Taragnor: heh… yeah I don’t think Sachi is gonna have a hell of a lot of points to dedicate to skills….

Taragnor: well now you know why HAL was psychotic.. gonna need to pay off those points with drawbacks

Melty: Hey though


Melty: If I do take an immobile body I get almost all of it back >.>

Taragnor: Sense of Duty (Leave no survivors on crew)

Melty: Like, literally

Melty: 17

Mina: well technically he got conflicting orders

Garrion: then you like wiki or whatever on buck rogers.. carrying around that damned canteen looking thing

Melty: It took me by surprise too cause the SAI template in the 3E version costs way way less

Taragnor: heh. I was joking Sef, no need to go all hard sci-fi on me :P

Mina: HAL and bowman become one being in the final book tho, Vger style

Mina: those books are a mess tho

Melty: It’s 65 points in 3E, but it also doesn’t come with Possession/Transference so I think that makes up the difference

Mina: since each one is sorta alternate history of the previous since shit changes so much IRL history wise between each installment

Melty: In 3E I think only Gypsies got that

Garrion: that must have been what i was looking at, when reading through the 3e book on fluff i saw the costs and then just glanced over the Changing times stuff

Taragnor: Tab is probably gonna be an assault cannon with cyberlegs that somehow had an AI isntalled.

Melty: Yeah it’s odd, cause a mind is way more expensive but some of the bodies actually have negtive costs

Mina: lol weird, someone made a manga of an old classic sci-fi book thats one of my favs

Garrion: well based on the costs he probably not gonna afford it

Melty: Like the small aerial drone is -18 or something, and a microframe is -136

Mina: ie like making a manga version of 2001 or something


Taragnor: What does being a robot give you anway? Is it like tons of DR or somehing?

Mina: here read that sachi, you like manga

Melty: Ooo

Taragnor: Or accelerated time rate or something awesome?

Mina: thats prolly one of my fav sci-fi books

Mina: its only a few chapters in manga form

Garrion: remember that all the tech costs a lot.. either points or money… 200 points is substantial but not when you want all sorts of exotic shit

Taragnor: Yeah you may be better off just be a stock trading robot that decided to upgrade.

Mina: In 205X, armed forces and conflicts are a thing of the past and people live safe, peaceful lives, all thanks to a cheap, inexhaustible source of energy. One day, something strange is discovered on the moon: an ancient corpse in a spacesuit. The corpse is undeniably human, but it appears to be about 50,000 years old! What does this mean about the history of our species and what effect will this discovery have on current human society?

Taragnor: Like spend all your shit on wealth

Taragnor: and just buy bodies with that

Melty: If, during the course of gameplay, I bought a new cybershell with money, would I also have to pay the CP cost to get it as an alternate body or whatever?

Mina: thats a good point actually

Taragnor: Yeah, that’s what I wasn’t sure of, like if you buy it, does that mean you don’t gotta pay points or what?

Garrion: you can only go up to wealthy.. if you are a billionair you would not be on a colony ship

Taragnor: What if you financied the colonization?

Taragnor: I mean that super rich guy was on the ship on Prometheus.

Taragnor: heh.

Melty: I know that at creation you buy them as Allies with the Minion enhancement, Puppet, and the Minimal Software template

Taragnor: That owner of Weyland-Yutani. heh

Garrion: you would do it from your office back on earth

Taragnor: Maybe he just had a thing for space exploration.

Garrion: you could be LAI?

Garrion: better yet is Ghost

Garrion: be a Ghost in a bioroid…. you are still digital

Garrion: and not that expensive

Melty: True… I kinda had my heart set on playing an EI, but I’ll have to play around with GCS and see what I can manage

Garrion: i guess i need to add LAI to the list on the site

Taragnor: Just take the terminally ill flaw for 100 points :P

Taragnor: You can have a memory leak that will prove fatal at some point.

Taragnor: Casue fo Death: faulty garbage-collection routine on sex position’s queue.

Taragnor: What’s the THS stance on human cloning?

Garrion: IOt depends on the nation and planet

Garrion: It is done.

Melty: Which list btw?

Melty: Oh, it’s with the metahuman ones


Taragnor: daaamn

Taragnor: that’s a lot of shit

Melty: Man

Melty: Of course none of the bodies I’d want are allowed

Garrion: like?

Melty: 135

Melty: Hmmmm

Melty: The immobile ones with a negative cost >.>; I’m still trying to figure out if I could squeeze an SAI into this many points

Garrion: i removed ones that i didn;t feel would make very interesting or versitile PCs

Taragnor: lol an immobile one?

Taragnor: Would you really wanan be immobile?

Taragnor: I mean what it is it? Like a laptop? or a sentry gun?

Melty: Well, someone could carry me, and I could acquire another body later in theory

Taragnor: damn.. I mean if you’re that strapped for points how you gonna even afford any worthwhile skills?

Melty: The ones they have templates for include mainframes, “miniframes”, “microframes”, wearable devices, and implants

Melty: 108

Taragnor: lol be an implant that Tab’s character has, but take tons of bugs so it just gives him penalties.

Melty: lol, well that’s not on G’s list

Garrion: yeah i took those off cause i don;t want PCs to be immobile and dependent on another PC to wear them

Garrion: they make good NPCs but not PCs

Taragnor: That’d probably be pretty boring

Melty: Well, if I started as one of those I’d definitely make acquiring a mobile body my first priority but yeah I kinda concur

Melty: It’d be in character since I want to play an EI (If I didn’t already SUPER want to play an EI I’d just take the ghost template and not have to worry about the cost so much)

Taragnor: yeah, I mean unless you’re just like some sentry gun turret or something, I don’t think you’d get much to do. At least if you’re a gun turret someon can set you up to fire when the aliens invade.

Taragnor: Since the colony site is obviously gonna be infested with xenomorphs.

Melty: I wanted to be a random ship component/appliance or virtual entertainer or something that recently achieved self-determination, lol

Garrion: i’m trying to find the cost of a chip implant, since the bioroids do not include the computer ship to run the Ghost or AI in the template

Garrion: You can be Tab’s smart electronic pussy, haha

Mina: AI porno companion gui, for whats really just a number crunching super computer used for aiding in physics calculations and running simulations for scientific purposes

Mina: ie HAL with a flesh light attached

Mina: :-p

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: haha

Melty: (cf Vocaloid for the kind of thing I had in mind, or that one Gibson novel)

Mina: “Dave, at the current thrust per minute calculation I predict an ejaculation in 4.2 seconds.”

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: “By the way, I had to reroute power through the secondary systems for the primary downlink array antenna…Oh god……Oh god…..Calculations complete.” microwave ding sound

Melty: (Idoru~)

Melty: (I’ve never read it, but either he totally predicted the future or created a self-fulfilling prophecy)

Garrion: ok, a small microframe computer is just a perk 1 point

Mina: “Well guys we made it, finally the first humans to visit another star…..oh shit…..”

Mina: “By these calculations, this star is apparently going to supernova any day now.”

Mina: “But since we only had years old observations on earth, we didn’t detect this instability.”

Taragnor: hmm what happens if you use a weapon that you dont’ have the ST to wield?

Garrion: you take epenalty

Mina: no idea on that one

Mina: i did consider using my two handed sword with one hand with mina once

Mina: tho i forgot what ST i need to do so

Garrion: i think it like -2 per point of ST

Mina: 1.5 or double the min ST?

Mina: of weapon

Taragnor: so if you two hand it, it does what? 1.5x ytour ST for wielding it?

Melty: You’re at -1 to weapon skill per point of ST you lack and you lose an extra FP at the end of any fight that lasts long enough to fatigue you

Mina: nah

Mina: its just one more of those rules where one handers pwn two handers in gurps

Taragnor: 55

Taragnor: 40

Melty: I don’t know if there’s a bonus for using a one-handed weapon with two hands

Mina: nah theres a penalty

Taragnor: hmm…

Mina: depending on your ST

Mina: you can negate it with high enough ST i think tho

Taragnor: what if it doesn’t say how many hands?

Mina: think its double

Taragnor: Like it’s a gun.

Mina: ie min st nodachi, i could one hand with ST 24

Mina: since its min st 12

Melty: I was talking about using a one-handed weapon with two hands, not a two-handed weapon with one hand

Mina: if im remembering this shit right

Melty: I’m looking at the rules for the latter as we speak

Mina: i was talking to T

Melty: It has a cross next to the ST value if it needs 2 hands

Melty: Or a double cross

Taragnor: This one machine gun takes 29 ST. so I wonder what the penalty would be if I didn’t have that…

Melty: Otherwise it needs 1 oh that’s for melee weapons

Taragnor: oh okay, this doens’t have any symbol

Taragnor: it’s just ST 29

Mina: i dunno, i only know about using melee weapons monkey grip style

Melty: I think

Taragnor: well if I can dual wield 15mm Emag machine gunsa ll the better!

Mina: just be a AI gun, like megatron

Melty: Which one?

Melty: Like, what book

Taragnor: page 62 changing times

Mina: just a big ass gun with an AI in it

Mina: thats more what tab needs not a ipad :-p

Taragnor: The Emag cannon, 15 mm

Taragnor: If this is aliens, somsone should bring along a smart gun

Taragnor: hmm though actually I guess I could just get a 30 mm missile assault pod.

Melty: Hmm

Melty: Well

Taragnor: the missiles ain’t as accurate, but I guessI’ll just have to hit the aliens at point blank range.

Mina: well im not sure what i want to make

Mina: i was initially thinking we were gonna be doing more SOL based stuff

Mina: i liked the idea of film noir in space

Mina: but i think you’re going for a more horror type of scenario

Mina: mostly i just wish you’d kind give me a better idea of what the scenario is gonna be thematically without spoiling it

Mina: not the details, but umm

Melty: The Emag cannon weighs 200 lbs and requires a 245 lb backpack so encumberance may be an issue

Mina: its hard to explain

Mina: T knows what i mean

Taragnor: Yeah heh. I’m in the same boat as you Sef.

Taragnor: Like I’m not really sure what the direction is gonna be.

Taragnor: And yeah Sachi, granted it’s a bit heavy…

Taragnor: but I’m assuming they got some kinda exosuit I can wear to carry that around

Garrion: was researching computerbrains.. missed that blurb.. you wanting more details

Taragnor: oh wait it requires a 245 lb backpack on top fo the 200?

Taragnor: So it’s 445 total? damn

Melty: Yeah lol

Taragnor: damn that’s a big ass gun.

Melty: If it has a p after the weight that’s what that means

Taragnor: The dmage is kinda low given the weight.

Taragnor: The missiles seem a beter choice.

Melty: That indicates that it takes a backpack and that the number after the slash is the weight of the backpack, instead of the weight of a full reload like it normally does

Taragnor: They’re way more efficient.

Taragnor: The missiles require hardly any ST to use.

Taragnor: They’re a higher legality class, so I guess thgey’re more restricted… but who gives a shit on a colony ship. If the sheriff has a problem, I’ll just shoot him. With missiles.

Melty: Assuming I could scrape together the points to make it viable, would “EI that evolved from a virtual idol” be like an acceptable character concept?

Mina: “Frakin toasters…”

Mina: guess i could make a baltar type guy

Garrion: ok, you are on a colonizing mission when something goes wrong. you are woken from nanostasis and have to piece together clues as to what happened while in the process not getting killed by envoronmental factors, if you fail you die or maybe you can make it to a nearby moon or planet with some supplies to hold out for help to arrive, or if all goes well you can turn around and address the problems you had… and who caused them

Mina: well early baltar when he was still interesting

Taragnor: Guess Sachi can be the cylon chip in your head.

Taragnor: :P

Taragnor: And she wants to be a virtual idol… so it’ll be like the ultimatee form of getting a song stuck in your head.

Taragnor: You’d have like several whole albums.

Taragnor: which she’d keep singing over and over.

Garrion: i will state again that all along the way you have the plot cards.. if you want to introduce a new mastermind into the story you can do that, you want to introduce a virus into the computer mainframe making all the microbot swarms turn on you as “infections”, you can do that, you want to say you picked up some sort of alien life form that multiplies at an ungodly rate you can do that… or if you want to say you get your ship fixed and on the way home you encounter a Derelect ship that dates back 500 years and last you knew had gone to explore a singularity in space… you can do that too


Taragnor: heh… yeah mostly it just kinda depends on if we make it back to Sol or if we’re gonna spend msot of the game isolated.

Taragnor: Since a civilization-based thing and an isolated space based setting are vastly different. heh.

Taragnor: In terms of what chars you wanna be.

Garrion: the plan is to have you head back, but first you have to survive your first ordeal

Taragnor: heh okay.

Melty: Yay~

Mina: hmmm

Mina: what about a stowaway type for a concept?

Mina: a ship heading to another star system

Mina: would seem like a good place for someone wanted to hide

Taragnor: maybe if they had a spare cryopod.

Taragnor: Maybe you replaced someone already on board?

Garrion: if that does not sound interesting let me know before i run with it.. if you want something where you are the bioroid police who round up rogue AI who have come back to earth after a civil war for their independence

Mina: well i was thinking more like faking to be someone else

Mina: i also had an idea for a terminally ill concept

Mina: tho that may be kinda dumb in this context

Taragnor: lol I don’t think you want to be terminally ill,, I mean it’s hard sci-fi shit takes years :P

Taragnor: “Takes you 3 years to get back to earth, you die in transit!”

Mina: well i was thinking more for impetus of wanting to go somewhere, and taking huge risks

Mina: when you know you’re gonna die

Taragnor: I dunno if colonization is exactly considered a huge risk or not. I mean at least not a short term risk.

Mina: the first people to visit an exo-planet

Mina: thats pretty risky

Mina: we’re basically apollo

Taragnor: Well I just meant like I figure space travel is pretty reliable to the point that they’re probably sure we’ll make it.

Mina: but theres stasis anyways

Garrion: plus terminally ill is not very likely in THS….. unless you un underdeveloped area…. if that the case you would not be space hopping

Taragnor: oh they can cure any disease?

Taragnor: That’s good to know heh.

Mina: yeah thats my main problem with it

Mina: if you got nanotech you can cure pretty much anything

Mina: anyways, not sure really, will have to think on it some

Taragnor: yeah I’m not quite sure what I’ll make, I’ll probably make someone kinda evil. I made good chars for the past few campaigns

Mina: prolly some kind of multidisciplinary science type

Taragnor: feel like mixing it up.

Mina: physics, astronomy, astrobiology, linquist, archaeology

Mina: history

Mina: sam becket. without quantum leaping lol

Taragnor: you should know how to pilot the pharoah’s helicopter.

Melty: rofl, I should take Stutter for my AI character


Mina: its prolly a drone chopper T

Mina: haha

Garrion: well i have to get to bed.. have to get up for work in 3 hours

Mina: lol damn

Mina: 4:20 ha

Taragnor: wow… damn.

Taragnor: it’s late as fuck

Taragnor: didn’t realize it got this late.

Garrion: talk to you all later

Mina: yeah i dint know it was that late

Taragnor: cya G.

Mina: yeah night guys

Session 37

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