Session 38

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Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey

Garrion: howdy

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: Don;t know why you continue having the connection issues.

Urso: my internet is a bit flaky lately, just drops for likke 5 seconds from time to time, enough to kick me off

Garrion: ahh, so not just with MT then?

Urso: na, is everything

Garrion: have any ideas for THS character while we wait?

Urso: well Tristan sort of maybe took ita bit, but was gonna do a engineer/mechanic type with cybernetic arm that has all his tools and has a bionic eye as well, so can see micro fractures and stuff

Urso: still using the GURPs rules right?

Garrion: nice concept

Garrion: yep

Urso: turn on your IM, I’ll send you very rough sheet so far

Garrion: just not cinematic like this camp… a bit more grounded (within the tech of the setting)

Garrion: oh forgot i had it off when i reboot

Garrion: that probably why no one here

Sefiros has connected.

Sefiros: yo

Garrion: you can take more disadvantages to give you some more points… you can have up to -50, not counting what is in a racial template

Garrion: hoiwdy sef

Urso: ya, I know

Urso: anything there you think don’t need or should have?

Garrion: what is mundane background?

Urso: think is just not really coming from anything fancy…

Garrion: well you have several things good for spacers, all looks good as a starting point

Urso: ya, is just a first shot at it… will refine it more I suppose.. what sort of weapons ? armor? do we use?

Garrion: i was working on some stuff while at work today, i have modified the starting senario a bit and may help some of you with creation ideas

Sefiros: i havent messed with anything, i been too busy nerding out over the pluto flyby

Garrion: weapons and armor would not be expected by anyone unless you were a soldier in the military or some security officar or something.\

Urso: ah, not even for self protection?

Garrion: this is not Pathfinder or traditional fantasy where everyone has a weapon on their side and wears some sort of armor every day

Urso: ok

Garrion: no, security may were nanoweave vests when on duty, but this would be very comparable to modern day except for the tech and some of the memes

Urso: ok

Garrion: you may carry a weapon but only if you are liscenced to do so or is [art of your job

Garrion: that is LAWFULLY

Garrion: wearing armor that is detectable would draw serious attention

Urso: will probably just wear a G suit or whatever a engineering person might wear

Garrion: in the future if you deviate from your primary focus (being a ship’s mechanic) you may take up wearing armor if you and your team are breaking into a secure facility and expect some possible trouble, but that would be outfitting for a special mission, not everyday wear

Garrion: let me grab my notes and give you the changes to the starting story

Garrion: you are not colonists, that idea was scrubbed when i realized the speed of ships and the distance to Alpha centari…. it would take over 2000 years

Sefiros: lol yeah

Sefiros: i thought so :-p

Sefiros: im kind of a space geek, thats why i brought that up

Taragnor has connected.

Urso: maybe a planet witha couple of moons which are colonized

Sefiros: THS is basically sol system focused for the most part i always thought

Garrion: instead you are gathered together to go explore an anomaly in the Oort cloud, a journey which is much more achievable but will still take many years. You are a small team (10 people) who have been selected/volunteer for the mission. The team is a combination of scientists, technicians and military personel (just in case there is some trouble, but should not number over 4 out of the 10)

Sefiros: its been ages since i read it tho, so im rusty im going off vague memories

Garrion: yes it is, but there is mention of exploration into neigboring systems

Sefiros: the oort cloud is a hypothetical sphereical body of comets and other icy debris that is theorized to surround the entire solar system

Garrion: the mission itself is really not important other than a launch point because it will never come to pass

Sefiros: its way out there

Urso: dun dun dunnnn

Garrion: yes about 5000 AU

Sefiros: right

Sefiros: like i said, i know my astronomy :-p

Sefiros: im an amaetuer astroner for a hobby

Garrion: Sef will really get off on this setting

Garrion: well really they say 10,000 AU for most the mass but it has a wide breadth so you could enter it much sooner

Sefiros: its way out there

Sefiros: mostly people get it mixed up with the kuiper belt

Sefiros: the kuiper belt is basically like a 2nd asteroid belt past pluto

Garrion: i was considering the Kuiper belt but it is fairly easy to reach and watch and wanted something a little more “unknown” for the mission

Sefiros: then way beyond that is a sphere cloud of shit called the oort cloud

Sefiros: that extends almost half a light year etc

Sefiros: basically suppose to be left over debris from when the sun formed via solar nebula

Garrion: yep, pluto is a kuiper object along with lots of others

Urso: everyone else havea basic idea yet on chars for that?

Sefiros: well theres some debate over that now actually since the flyby heh

Sefiros: pluto’s surface is only 100 million years old

Sefiros: thats been the big surprise

Sefiros: it was pose to be a billion year old smooth ice ball from primordial times

Sefiros: but it has active geology, which has basically caused a big shit storm

Garrion: so this will allow you to be more mission specific and not just general colonist…. the anomaly features some sort of unknown energy readings

Sefiros: has huge mountains, like the rockies, cept made of ice

Garrion: but like i said it is not that important but may play into future adventures

Sefiros: ice at those temps is like steel

Sefiros: water ice that is

Tabris has connected.

Sefiros: anyways

Garrion: yepo, the recent flyby

Tabris: Heh, was wondering if we were playing tonight, no messages

Garrion: yeah, just been here chatting some

Garrion: Cedric pointed out i didn;t have my IM up

Sefiros: anybody here into “True Detective” on hbo?

Tabris: Nah

Sefiros: ha i know you aint

Sefiros: if it aint animated, you dont watch it :-p

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: “animated in japan” i should add :-p

Tabris: Nah I watch Family Guy and American Dad and such

  • Sefiros grabs chest like Fred Sanford.

Garrion: You are launching your mission from a station near Saturn, the US has a large space station there that the deep space military patrols operate out of

Garrion: i watch GoT and Walkign Dead, that about all

Sefiros: they retofitted iapetus into a real deathstar?

Sefiros: retro-fitted

Tabris: lol

Garrion: haha, not quite

Tabris: Yeah I’ve been wondering about the THS game, I have no clue what to make


Sefiros: ITS A TRAP

Garrion: that;s no moon

Sefiros: anyways yeah i figure i’ll play the astronomer or whatever, that’ll be easy enough to RP

Urso: ya, watch True Detective, decent but I miss the first seasons whackyness

Sefiros: since i know about all that shit anyways

Sefiros: yeah i didnt like season 2 at first, but its grown on me

Urso: scientiest type

Sefiros: mostly due to Ray

Urso: thinking my guy will be mainly mechanic/tech guy and backup pilot

Sefiros: i bet theyre gonna tie in something like bohemian grove or some shit

Sefiros: since they mentioned casper heading up north

Sefiros: and the russian river

Tabris: I suppose I should live up to T’s expectations and make the uber combat guy =P

Sefiros: so just the “supernatural” angle is a little late compared to 1st season

Tabris: I thought about being an actual terminator but the templates are way too expensive

Sefiros: hahaha

Sefiros: damn thats funny since T kept joking about you actually making one :-p

Urso: should go full medical guy

Tabris: lol like I said, he automatically assumes that any character I make is going to be a death machine

Sefiros: the 1st quest is destroying skynet? cept this time it really is in the sky?

Sefiros: a converted moon into one giant cpu

Tabris: Like he threw a fit over me putting Weapon and Armor on Yuki-chan, because zomg if Tab takes it then it must be uber

Sefiros: well we did joke about making clones of your char

Sefiros: like literal, clones :-p

Tabris: lol

Taragnor: yeah heh. That’d have been awesome.

Tabris: But yeah I dunno what I want to play, I thought about making an android like KOS-MOS but the body alone is like 170 points for the non-combat humanoid android

Garrion: yep, 200 was set as the limit on purpose… you can pick infomorph but not the most awsome ones, you have to be “normal”

Tabris: Maybe I can play Data or something, lol

Urso: could make a hot shot small ship pilot

Sefiros: just dont go all Lore on us

Tabris: Yeah I should do that just so T can stop his whining about me being a death machine

Sefiros: yeah i mean i figured pilot would be a good fit for you

Tabris: I’ll make a THS version of Colmar that does nothing but make Lore checks

Sefiros: your archetypes seem to fit pilot type well enough

Tabris: And collect holo vids

Taragnor: lol.

Sefiros: lol no i was refering to data’s loco “brother”

Sefiros: he was like a murderous Data

Tabris: Oh, lol

Sefiros: Lore, was his name

Sefiros: he was a like a lunatic fucked up model

Tabris: I dunno, that might be fun…

Urso: well figure we need a small ship pilot, one who pilots the away team ship… then a large ship pilot, who I assume will stay on the ship and be an NPC.. I can be the backup large ship pilot, just in case

Sefiros: he was like all the negative aspects of humanity, as an android

Sefiros: lied, manipulative, psycho, etc

Tabris: How many disadvantage points is “Defective Programming (Psychopath)” worth?

Sefiros: as opposed to spock like

Sefiros: basically if chucky fucked data and they had a baby :-p

Sachi has connected.

Sefiros: brb, gotta get my dunc on

Garrion: a psychopath would not make it very far, they would be deleted very quickly’

Sefiros: just sub in a bottle of rum instead of bourbon from now on T, for my token

Tabris: Maybe I can be like the android on Prometheus and be subtly malicious then

Tabris: Like randomly infect somebody with alien DNA for the lulz

Sefiros: i think they have both mechanical and skinjob droids

Sefiros: ie synthetics

Garrion: any why do you want to be counter productive?

Sefiros: THS is kind of just a big tome of shit

Sefiros: so its hard to remember, its mostly just a fuckton of choices

Tabris: I don’t, I’m just joking about playing something that goes against T’s expectations since he likes to bitch about me playing a combat death machine all the time even though I can actually roleplay =P

Sachi: Hiya!

Garrion: hi sachi

Urso: hey

Taragnor: lol well I figure you’ll end up playing master chief probably Tab :P

Sachi: Could I maybe take a microframe body if I got the variant that has wheels/treads for mobility? I’m still having trouble letting go of wanting to be able to afford the emergent SAI template >.>;

Garrion: ok, fyi we are nearing a chapter end with this camp, you will have a bit of a break to do as you please till some event on the timeline takes place

Tabris: Yeah see this is what I’m talking about, I should just play the medical officer or something until you all get slaughtered in combat and whine about needing more front line support

Garrion: sure, if you have some way to mobilize yourself, not sure how much those features will cost you.. like R2-D2?

Taragnor: lol I don’t think I’ll be whining about needing mroe front line support :P

Urso: more like johnny 5… hehe

Tabris: Number Johnny 5!

Tabris: It is travelling at extreme velocipy!

Garrion: you guys forgetting this camp is not all about combat. Yo may have CONFLICT but it is not a combat-centric campaign

Tabris: I suppose I could play an engineer type, if combat comes up I’ll just grab the nearest pile of scrap parts and throw together a killbot

Garrion: Cedric has the engineer technician role lined up, not that there can’t be 2 on the mission

Garrion: hi Taragnor

Sachi: Hehehe~ YEah, kinda like a cross between R2D2 and like… A desktop PC with tank treads

Tabris: lol yeah at this rate I might end up just playing Master Chief by default =P

Urso: you can be more of computer guy, my guy will be more of a mechanical guy…

Garrion: was telling the others i modified the starting senario a bit to give you a little more focus and make the scenario seem plausable

Tabris: That might work I suppose




Tabris: Hahahaha, yesss

Garrion: you are not colonists, that idea was scrubbed when i realized the speed of ships and the distance to Alpha centari…. it would take over 2000 years

Tabris: Man I love those movies

Garrion: instead you are gathered together to go explore an anomaly in the Oort cloud, a journey which is much more achievable but will still take many years. You are a small team (10 people) who have been selected/volunteer for the mission. The team is a combination of scientists, technicians and military personel (just in case there is some trouble, but should not number over 4 out of the 10)

Sachi: Oooo

Tabris: It’s the Reapers isn’t it

Tabris: The Relay activated

Garrion: the mission itself is really not important other than a launch point because it will never come to pass

Sefiros: the atlanteans had a star gate in the oort cloud

Garrion: so this will allow you to be more mission specific and not just general colonist…. the anomaly features some sort of unknown energy readings

Garrion: You are launching your mission from a station near Saturn, the US has a large space station there that the deep space military patrols operate out of

Sefiros: why dont they just build stations on the moons?

Tabris: Evironmental activists

Tabris: Keep Titan pristine!

Sefiros: well there are those types actually

Sefiros: that think that way

Garrion: but like i said it is not that important but may play into future adventures

Sefiros: but im more of the terraform the motherfucker mindset

Tabris: Yeah, if it doesn’t already have some form of indigenous life then fuck it

Tabris: Mine the shit out of it and then terraform what’s left over

Garrion: these are all conflicting memes and part of the setting… are infomorphs “people” do we make the solar system our own or keep pristene?

Urso: having just a pure scientist, perhaps knowledgeable in energy or biology might be good…. I assume no aliens discovered yet?

Sefiros: yeah this is more hard sci-fi cedric

Sefiros: no aliens

Tabris: Yeah that’s another angle I was thinking about, Xenobiologist

Garrion: correct, no aliens

Sefiros: if anything, just microbes on mars, etc

Tabris: We haven’t found them yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be prepared for it!

Urso: well yet at leat

Urso: least

Sefiros: yeah i mean xenobiologist is still viable

Sefiros: hell we have them today

Tabris: lol yeah

Garrion: i should say no sentient extrasolar lifeforms

Tabris: Could also double as medical officer

Sefiros: yeah thats better sumation

Tabris: And I could give him some computer skill and whatnot too

Garrion: xenio just means not earth-based

Sefiros: theres prolly microbes or minor life on some of the other planets or moons

Taragnor: thought there weren’t even any aliens in THS heh

Sefiros: but no sentient major shit

Sefiros: well not in the sci-fi sense

Sefiros: but there could be microbes or other realistic type extra-terrestrial life

Sefiros: like pond scum on enceledus etc

Urso: sounds like sef should be the scientist type, hehe

Garrion: right

Tabris: Yeah or some dormant virus cruising around in an asteroid

Tabris: Then we mine it and release a plague

Garrion: haha

Sefiros: theres actually some scientist arguing that in RL tab

Sachi: I wanna be an AI rights activist~

Sefiros: chandra wickramasing

Sefiros: if i spelled that right

Tabris: lol doesn’t surprise me

Sefiros: ever heard of the red rain of indian? check it out one day

Sefiros: india

Sefiros: its pretty weird

Tabris: Panspermia isn’t a completely insane theory since organic molecules and amino acid precursors have been found in space

Sefiros: yeah thats basically what he posits the red rain is

Sachi: It’s a bit of a medium-term goal since I woke up pretty recently

Sefiros: organic shit from something that blew up in the atmosphere

Sefiros: they look like cells, but they cant sequence any dna from em

Tabris: Freaky

Sefiros: theres some disputed shit about them replicating

Sachi: Like, during the voyage kinda recently

Sefiros: thouggh at weird temps and some crazy long rate or something, its been a while since i read the abstract


Sefiros: In 2003, in a letter to The Lancet,10 Wickramasinghe hypothesized that elementary living organisms like the lichen-forming alga spores present in the red rain in Kerala are of extraterrestrial origin,11 and that pathogens as the SARS virus arrived on Earth from deep space carried in asteroids and comets.1213 However, in 2003 this “scientific” hypothesis lacked the necessary evidence required by the medical community with their “evidence-based” tradition for medical hypotheses. Consequently Wickramasinghe was subject to considerable attack in The Lancet letters in subsequent editions.

Sefiros: anyways

Sefiros: so what are we doing tonight?

Sefiros: if we’re gonna play, we better get too it, before im too loaded to type

Garrion: haha, ok

Sachi: I kinda had the idea (back when it was still a colony voyage) that maybe I was gonna try and commandeer the ship in a naive attempt to start a utopia out of reach of the oppressive, biological-run solar system, but end up having to cooperate with the others due to whatever disaster G had planned and give up on being a technocrat

Sachi: Hehe

Garrion: well like i said we are nearing a chapter end, so let’s wrap this up and see where we go from here

Sefiros: well mostly i just didnt like the colonist angle, because my whole interest in THS

Sefiros: is that its hard sci-fi focused on the solar system

Sefiros: which is basically non existent rpg wise

Sefiros: everyone always wants to do some shit somewhere else

Sefiros: the poor sol system gets no love

Garrion: it was just a backstory to use as a launch point…. you will not be leaving the sol system… EVAR, hehe

Sefiros: anywyas, can you give a recap?

Sachi: I think we’ve changed that, I was just trying to express the kind of character I want to play (i.e. a bumbling, mostly harmless SHODAN)

Sefiros: i forgot where we ended last time

Sefiros: you’

Urso: urso saved the day

Sefiros: gonna have some hell of a lot of latency if you’re reach is sol wid

Sefiros: wide*

Garrion: Urso recovered the Morrowfall

Sefiros: it takes like 48 minutes or somethign just for light to read pluto :-p

Sachi: Too good-natured to actually follow through on any threats to rule humanity

Sefiros: hits search button, and 1 hour later results pop up for cell phones on saturn

Tabris: lol

Garrion: You are in the basement and the Morrowfall constantly emits bright light but not dangerous now that Urso has tamed it

Sefiros: tho actually i did read the other day, internet speeds on the moon are pretty good already

Zindal: “So we got the weird sunlight blasting thing that’s supposed to help us do… something. Now what?”

Garrion: Loryc identified some properties of the item also

Sefiros: oh yeah, i didnt remember if we wrapped up and left the dungeon or not

Garrion: you did not leave

Garrion: you are still here

Sefiros: “Run for our lives?” scratches head

Sefiros: “Was the other half of that thing suppose to be in here too?”

Zindal: “I think somebody stole it if I remember right.”

Urso: " no , bad guys have it probably"

Zindal: (What did Loryc find out about this thing?)

Garrion: correct, it was stollen

Melty: “Let’s destroy the illegitimate, hellspawn-worshipping murder government!”

Urso: ( he can use ti to cast a bunch of spells, but it recharges fairly slowly )

Melty: “Turn it on the nobles! Burn it all down!”

Melty: “Let them see what it feels like!”

Sefiros: “Easy there, no need to wet your tiny panties.”

Melty: “Too late.”

Sefiros: “Ha.”

  • Melty giggles

Urso: ( we collect up everything useful around in this room?)

  • Zindal smirks…

Loryc: “Well it does have a finite amount of energy, and I don’t think it’s great at destroying buildings.”

Garrion: well you did already collect the stuff here

Loryc: “It seems like it should be best against undead being a sun item. ANd hopefully won’t burn Mina too much.”

Urso: " we leave now?"

Loryc: “Though she may benefit a bit from a little tan.”

Zindal: “Eh, depends on your tastes.”

Mina: “Eh? Fuck off with that thing. You get that fucking orb near me, and I’ll tear off your own cock and stuff it up your ass.”

Loryc: “There’s no need to get all unladylike about it.”

  • Loryc smirks.

Melty: “I think she’s beautiful just the way she is…~”

  • Loryc creates an illusion of a somewhat tanned version of Mina.

Loryc: “What do you think?”

Loryc: ←rolls Artist (Illusion) and gets 13 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Mina: “Yeah, says the guy who wakes me up and trashes my apartment with his demon cursed bullshit. You’re gonna pay for that!”

  • Zindal studies the illusion closely…

Mina: “I should just stay at your place, its nicer anyways.”

Loryc: “Don’t worry just send me the bill. Maybe you coudl borrow some furniture from the Pathfinder rec room too.”

Zindal: “Definitely not bad…”

Mina: “Yeah yeah, whatever.” brushes him off with a disgruntled look

Mina: “If I drink your blood, can I pull rabits out of hats and saw people in half and shit?”

  • Melty flies under the illusion’s dress

Urso: " do we check out rest of place, or go?"

Melty: (if she’s wearing a skirt)

Loryc: “Well judging by your combat performance earlier, you’ve got the latter part already.”

Mina: “Touche!”

Loryc: “As for the former… well the hard part is really keeping the rabbit in the hat.”

Zindal: “We might as well loot the rest of the place while we’re here. No sense in leaving good treasure behind.”

  • Loryc shrugs.

Loryc: “We should at least check out the rest of the vault area”

  • Urso heads back down the tunnel, " maybe see where vamp’s come out from?"

Loryc: “Yeah i was kind of curious where they came from actually.”

Loryc: “Given the difficulty we had in getting in here.”

  • Urso moves up to the north tunnel, " here passage "

Melty: “Yeah, it looks like there’s a bunch more places down here…”

Zindal: “They can turn into gas or something, right? Makes breaking and entering a lot easier.”

Loryc: “Yeah this area is the most heavily guarded so, by logic, the greatest treasure should be down here.”

Garrion: Urso leads the way back

Melty: “We should tear the place apart and steal everything of value.”

Zindal: “I agree with Melty.”

Melty: “For the revolution!”

Urso: (anything special about the tunnel before Urso ?)

Zindal: “For the coin.”

  • Zindal grins

Garrion: hehe, so much for preserving priceless artifacts

Loryc: “Well you know a lot of that stuff is more valauble if you keep it intact.”

Garrion: it is dark except for your light

Loryc: “As much as I know you enjoy smashing stuff… maybe we can try to smash something without historical significance.”

Melty: “Well… Yeah… I meant tear it apart in the sense of like, being really thorough.”

Garrion: the door is open from the vamp that came out of it

Melty: “Humans are all zealots about hiding shit.”

  • Urso points, " send fake man down there?"

Zindal: “That’s because other humans like to take it.”

  • Mina nods to Zindal.

Zindal: Are there torches on the walls anywhere that we can light or something?

Zindal: Or maybe can make one out of the door debris?

Melty: “I don’t get why you can’t just share stuff like we do.”

Garrion: Tristan follows

Urso: ( you sending your guy down the tunnel Loryc?)

Melty: “I mean, hell, you people make coins out of gold and trade them for food and shit. Why would you do that?”

Melty: “Jewelry is way prettier.”

Zindal: “You can’t eat jewelry.”

Zindal: “Or fuck it.”

Mina: “Depends on the shape.”

Zindal: (Can we make a torch for Dunric?)

Zindal: (Or does somebody have one?)

Garrion: he has candle

Melty: “So? That’s not what it’s for, anyway. Just fuck a person instead, why didn’t you think of that?”

Garrion: Zindal and Urso ahev big lights

Zindal: “They usually want money for that. Which is what we use gold for.”

Loryc: (Yeah DUnric has a candlee spell)

Loryc: (I can drop candles for free)

Zindal: Heh, okay

Loryc: (actually wait no its’ a full torch)

Loryc: (I can do a full torch for fre,e,it’s just the sunlight that costs shit)

Garrion: Three large stone sarcophagi stand on the floor of this mausoleum. The carvings on the coffin lids are crude, vaguely depicting faceless humanoids with arms crossed over their chests. Wooden lockers hang on the south wall, behind the stone coffins. A tangle of bones lies scattered throughout the room, while a small stack of ribs and femurs that bear intricate scrimshaws sit on the lid of the central sarcophagus.

Melty: “Wait, you guys have to pay for it?”

Melty: “Every time?”

Zindal: “Well, married people or people in love supposedly do it for free… Though there are still the dates and gifts and taking care of children and so on… So it still costs money either way.”

Loryc: “There are ways around it.”

  • Loryc smirks.
  • Dunric IV returns to the group and informs them that he discovered three sarcophagi
  • Urso enters the room, axe and shield at the ready.
  • Dunric IV keeps his mithral saber ready as well…

Dunric IV: Whoops

  • Zindal keeps his mithral saber ready as well…

Mina: “I’ve never paid for it!”

  • Mina bonks Melty. “You little shit, you think I’m some whore!? I’ll tear your wings off!”

Urso: " Mina, this where they sleep?"

Mina: “Uh?”

  • Mina is distracted from her insults as she takes in the scenery, trying to get serious.

Mina: “I wouldn’t think so.”

Mina: “This place was built long before, that one woman was turned.”

Mina: “She use to be a slayer, so she wasn’t ancient or anything.”

Urso: " Loryc, that fancy thing find undead?"

Melty: “Kyaa!”

Melty: “I was just going by what Zindal said!”

Zindal: “Doesn’t mean they couldn’t have just evicted whoever was left in here…”

Melty: “Satomi and I do it all the time and I don’t gotta pay her…”

Zindal: “Hm… Fascinating…”

Mina: “Yeah, well he’s a skeevy bastard who has to pay desperate whores to spend time with him! I’m highscale! They pay for my company, not the other way around!”

Mina: “I should charge you just for speaking to you, you little shit!”

  • Urso will move over to the lockers on the south and poke em with his axe first, then will check them out.

Mina: “All else fails, poke the shit eh?”

Garrion: You look over teh plain sarcophagi

Zindal: “Heh, indeed…”

Mina: “I thought that was Zindal’s strategy, not yours Urso.”

Loryc: (actually leme see if it finds undead0

  • Melty shrinks back and tries to hide in Zindal’s collar.

Loryc: (did you werite down anywhere what it did on the site G?)

  • Zindal welcomes Melty into his collar, reaching up to stroke her hair with his finger…

Mina: “Kiss ass!”

Garrion: there are inscriptions very plain on the side of the lid indicating that these belonged to ancient pathfinder founders

Zindal: “I could get it for free if I really wanted to, but paying for it is easier and there’s less drama.”

Garrion: no i did not

Garrion: but i can give it to you again

  • Zindal tries to lift one of the sarcophagus lids

Garrion: well you can get it from the logs

Melty: “Sh-she’s being scary…”

Urso: (prettty sure detect undead was free?)

Garrion: ST-2

Zindal: “Aw, there there…”

  • Melty dabs her face on Zindal’s armor padding.

Mina: “Oh don’t be such a cry baby.”

Garrion: yes

Zindal: “Don’t be sad little one, I won’t yell at you…”

Garrion: well costs 1 point actually

Zindal: ←rolls ST and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: Zindal slides one of the lids aside

  • Zindal holds his sword ready as he peeks inside

Garrion: The sarcophagus contains a thick layer of moist soil,

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Mina: “Hmm, grave dirt?”

Loryc: “Well it can detect undead but it drains the device’s power, so it’s probably easier if we just use Dunric.”

Zindal: “They don’t normally put dirt in these things do they?”

Mina: “Well some stories say vampires require the soil of their graves to sustain their slumber.”

Mina: "I’m not sure thats what this is though,:

  • Zindal prods the dirt a little to see if there’s anything in it

Garrion: The sarcophagus contains no bones… then you rethink the bones sitting around the room

Zindal: “Heh, wonder if they tossed the bones out to sleep in these or something…”

Garrion: A tangle of bones lies scattered throughout the room, while a small stack of ribs and femurs that bear intricate scrimshaws sit on the lid of the central sarcophagus.

  • Zindal moves to the central sarcophagus and examines the pile of bones

Garrion: tangled designs have been carved into the bones

Garrion: they resemble the marking on the one vampire

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Loryc: “The vampires must have turned them into temporary coffins.”

Cedric has connected.

Melty: “Why decorate the bones though?”

Tabris: “Something to pass the time?”

  • Tabris shrugs

Cedric: " guess they sleep here after all "

Zindal: “Something to pass the time?”

  • Zindal shrugs
  • Melty tries to think if she can remember such patterns from anywhere…

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Urso: (anything in the wooden things?)

Garrion: The “mazeflesh” vamp had a maze of tatoos on his body much like the scribings on these bones

Mina: “Maybe you were right afterall Urso.”

Urso: (heh, guess he just like to doodle )

Garrion: they are empty

Urso: " nothing in this room?"

Tristan has connected.

Zindal: “Doesn’t look like it. Let’s move on.”

Tristan: hey guys

Melty: (Hehe, but that’s the first time I’ve seen it? Like, it doesn’t seem to be from a particular culture or anything, just this guy’s hobby?)

Melty: Hiya!

Loryc: “I wonder why the pathfinders found these particular bones and sarcophagi worthy of the secure vault.”

Urso: (hey)

  • Urso moves down the other tunnel to the door.

Loryc: yo

Zindal: “Guess they were important people or something? But if they don’t have any treasure on ‘em then I don’t care.”

Tristan: (anyone want to give me the quick cliff notes of what i’ve missed)

Urso: (nothing since last time)

Garrion: this is just a hidden area.. the real secure vault was behind the busted doors

Tristan: (ok)

Melty: “I dunno, humans just like keeping dead bodies around. Humans are creepy.”

Mina: "Maybe they arent the original inhabitants?

Garrion: the whole basment is “hidden”

Mina: “They might have just took some of their own grave soil and used the sarcophogi.”

Tristan: (I take it we have not ran into the main vampire guy yet?)

Urso: (can open door and step out?)

Garrion: it seems not

Garrion: urso opens the door

Urso: " more door South"

Melty: “There’s a double door up to the north too…”

Urso: " double south too"

Garrion: south first?

Tristan: (Hmm… I’m going to need to find that knecklace of darkvison, I lose my token).

Urso: (might as well )

Tristan: *tristan concentrates on his ring and vanishes then walks up next to loryc so he can see what the hell is going on

Garrion: the doors open…..

Tristan: (mind sliding me up into the light G?)

  • Urso moves up to the door and looks in.

Tristan: (thanks)

Garrion: The shelves along the walls of this room are filled with glass cases, each containing a different expanse of parchment covered with stylized writing and elaborate wax seals.

Urso: " more waste paper "

Zindal: “Heh, some of it might be worth something, maybe…”

Melty: “Oooooo, there’s a lotta words. Wonder if there’s anything interesting…?”

Loryc: “Well I suppose I could check it out.”

  • Melty browses through looking for anything that looks like magical knowledge or secrets.

Loryc: (I’ll give it a quick check)

  • Urso lets the readers check it out.

Tristan: “probably something valuable. People like old books”

Garrion: give me a general IQ check Loryc

Loryc: btw keep in mind I still got the “See Secrets” spell active

Loryc: so I can detect secret doros and such

Loryc: ←rolls IQ and gets 13 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: this seems to be a collection of famous historical documents

Garrion: The numerous treaties on display include many minor ones between noble houses, merchant guilds, and the like, but the following five are of particular interest

Garrion: The declaration of Haliad I designating Sargava as colony of Cheliax in 4138 ar

Melty: “Ahhh… Pretty cool, I gotta say… Most of it’s probably more interesting to the Pathfinders, but… Hmm…?”

Garrion: A letter from Count Andachi conscripting the mercenary general Kazavon to drive the Belkzen orcs from Ustalav in 4042 ar

Garrion: Signed by Setsuna Kuga, the Perfect Swordswoman, this treaty documents Minkai’s declaration of war against the Teikoku Shogunate in 3616 ar

Garrion: A letter from Shadowcount Thenris IV of Nidal commissioning the Red Mantis to assassinate the dragon Menkare of Hermea in 4577 ar

Garrion: A peace treaty signed in 2133 ar between Taldor’s Seventh army of Exploration and 11 tribes of Isgeri Kellids

Tristan: “anything good in there Loryc?”

  • Urso will move up to the northern double doors once Loryc examines some of the books.

Loryc: “Hmm… a lot of historical documents.”

Loryc: (Wghat’s the current year?)

Garrion: you can further examine the documents for more details if you wish to bother

Loryc: (Are any of these at all recent, or is this stuff like hundreds of years old?)

Loryc: (I’m guessing the latter heh)

Garrion: Rova, 4710

Melty: (Do we have a way to move them without messing them up? I’m guessing if they’re that old they’re probably extremely fragile)

Garrion: they are probably fragile, but you do not know for sure unless you try

Tristan: “Hey Melty, are spell books real things or is that just all bullshit?”

Garrion: these particular ones are laid out on a table

Tristan: “oh, and scrolls. I mean, can you really put a spell on a peice of paper?”

Garrion: hey tristan, did not even see you arrive

Tristan: (lol, i’ve been chatting away)

Tristan: (must be the ring of invisiblity ….)

Mina: G must be color blind to green text

Garrion: yep, hehe

Garrion: more just skimming for things i need to reply too, not paying attention to who saying it

Melty: “Yeah! They both are. Though you can’t cast a spell out of a book by just reading it the way you can with a scroll.”

Tristan: “that doesn’t make any sense”

Melty: “I’ve heard rumors about planes of existence where wizards need to memorize their spells out of a book every day, but that sounds ridiculous. They’re more of an educational tool.”

Tristan: “but, being able to put a bunch of lighting bolts on paper sounds pretty bad ass”

Zindal: “It doesn’t have to make sense as long as it works.”

Garrion: (lol, planes of existence)

Loryc: “Ah yes, I’ve heard of that too Melty.”

Urso: " Loryc have fake man check north doors?"

Loryc: “Sure why not.”

  • Loryc nods to Dunric and instructs him to go forward.

Tristan: “really? that sounds even more stupid. That’s like saying you can only shoot your bow once a day… stuipd”

Garrion: The faceless man…

  • Melty carefully tests a corner of one of the documents without any writing or designs near it, folding it to see if it crumbles.

Mina: “A man is drunk on rum”

Mina: “A man is fucked up, when he shouldn’t be. A man will puke soon.”

Mina: sorry lol

Garrion: lol

Zindal: I liked the Illusive Man better

Mina: that was a GoT reference, you heretic bastard tab!

Garrion: the parchment crackles a bit but rolls

Mina: you and you animez!

Zindal: lol Illusive Man is from Mass Effect =P

Mina: wacth some real people instead of damn cartoons occasionally

Mina: we’re not askin gmuch, just put your love pillow down for an hour

Zindal: Meh

Mina: i know about those love pillows!

Zindal: And I only have the case, not the whole pillow

Mina: i dated a japanese chick, i aint stupid!

Zindal: It makes a nice wall decoration

Mina: haha

Mina: what about those ones that are like a lap?

Mina: where you lay on

Mina: know what im talkin about

Zindal: lol yeah, I don’t have one of those

Garrion: these doors open freely as well

Mina: lol

  • Urso moves up to the doorway and see’s what there is to see.

Garrion: The walls of this room are lined with shelves, although they are badly scorched and burnt, the scrolls and books that once rested upon them now nothing more than ashes.

Melty: “Hey Loryc, you got a scroll case or something?”

Urso: " same as last one, only burned "

Garrion: and that wraps up the basement. you going to explore any more of the lodge or just going to leave now that you have what you came for?

Tristan: “maybe someone found a fireball scroll?”

Loryc: “Yeah I should have something I can use..”

Garrion: forensics?

Loryc: (I’ve got a scribes kit, i assume that’s got a scroll case)

Garrion: yeah, would say so, but probably full of blank paper

Urso: ( most of the good stuff was probably down here, not sure it worth it to do rest of above )

Melty: “The Pathfinders might like it if we bring some of this stuff back… And I want them to like me.”

Garrion: WWUD… What Would Urso Do?

Mina: break shit?

Tristan: (be the pack mule)

Melty: “They’re all about diving into nooks and crannies and bringing back whatever cool shit, right?”

Zindal: “Yeah… I do that too. Only, you know, I sell it.”

Tristan: “selling it sounds like a good idea to me”

Tristan: “gotta be worth something”

Garrion: appraise?

Zindal: ←rolls Merchant and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: along with a History check

Zindal: Don’t have that one

Tristan: ←rolls Merchant and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc: ←rolls Merchant and gets 7 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 12

Tristan: showoff

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: Enyclopedist has history

Garrion: the first scroll…..

  • Urso can carry some extra books and crap if necessary.

Garrion: The declaration of Haliad I designating Sargava as colony of Cheliax in 4138 ar (the text is accurate, but this is not the original—the Haliad seal is a copy).

Garrion: Loryc also has forgery so

Melty: “Mmm… Dunno how interesting a copy would be…”

Garrion: appraise at -10 for #2

Melty: Whew

Garrion: the forery may bring $150 for its historical reference

Tristan: *Tristan looks around to see if he can find any old maps possibliy leading to treasure.

Tristan: A Search check sent to GM.


←rolls Search and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: ←rolls Cartography and gets 13 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 1

Tristan: or not…

Garrion: there are no treasure maps.. these all seem to be historical documents

Tristan: *tristan hopes that the wizard and zindal can fetch a good price for all these old books…

Mina: i think i just passed the event liquor horizon

Zindal: (Maybe the Pathfinders will pay full market value, lol)

Loryc: (heh hopefully)

Garrion: wow, munney grubbers

Garrion: money

Zindal: Damn right

Tristan: (ranger wants to buy a big treehouse, Hook style)

Mina: yeah, fucking existential materialist bastards

Melty: :3

  • Zindal points to the Greed Disadvantage on his sheet

Tristan: lol, good mental image

Garrion: lol

Melty: Melty likes money too, but she also wants to get in good with the Pathfinders

Loryc: (heh, well I mean we came here for a reason, and the Pahtfinders are kinda screwed w/o our hlep anyway)

Zindal: Hey, we found their shit, they should be grateful for first chance to buy it back

Zindal: We could just go sell it on the open market

Tristan: (whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t have any)

Loryc: (Loryc won’t want to rip them off exactly but like he thinks we deserve some kinda compensation)

Mina: it’ll buy lots of liquor

Garrion: and then later on a new liver

Mina: hahahaha

Mina: yeah

Melty: Kyehe

Tristan: (need to take a portal to some place with biotech)

Garrion: hmm, just so happens a portal into the far future of a strange world called earth is nearby

Mina: i’ll make sure to get a uber tech liver for my alcoholic scientist

Mina: in THS

Garrion: ok, so we wrapping up here at delvehaven?

Urso: sure I guess

Tristan: “arn’t we supposed to be stopping some summoning hell breaking loose or something?”

Melty: You don’t wanna check out that weird altar in the courtyard?

Mina: i been wrapped up, i feel like im playing EQ with no levels of alcohol tolerance, the screen is just blurry blob of shaking shit

Garrion: you appraise and examine the documents finding 3 of them are genuine originals and could fetch up to $1500 from a collector

Loryc: “Well yeah.. we need to find more information about that.”

Loryc: (what was the deal with the summoning?)

Loryc: (And don’t we gotta find clues where the other half of the artifact is, that’s creating the shadowstuff?)

Garrion: you have the artifact that they were apparntly trying to get and destroy

Tristan: (people were trying to call forth the gates of hell)

Garrion: beyond that you do not know much more right now….

Garrion: so you keep it close or you turn it over to someone important?

Zindal: Obviously we should keep it with us so that we lure in whoever the big bad is and kill him

Melty: “Turn it over?! No way! This is our weapon of vengeance!”

Urso: " can use to defeat shadow creatures, free the town"

Tristan: “we should keep that, when is the next time you will find one of those? Never”

Melty: “Exactly! It’s our ace in the hole! Our engine of destruction!”

Tristan: “I thoguht that was you little one?”

Tristan: “no?”

Garrion: ok, it is around 1300 when you emerge from the lodge

Melty: “I’m not an engine, I’m a pixie.”

Tristan: “ok, Pixie of destruction then”

Tristan: “what the hell is an engine anyway?”

Tristan: “like a catapolt?”

Mina: “A thing that throws big ass rocks?”

Tristan: “well, if you could teach them to throw lighting then it would be a Melty”

Melty: “Yes, exactly. Our tool against the oppressors! And, like, that thing we’re supposed to use it to destroy or whatever.”

Mina: you know you’re drunk when you head bang to the Xenogears OST

Urso: ( we head back to town I guess?)

Garrion: well you are IN town

Loryc: (heh well lets just go back to our residences? I mean I’m not sure where to go from here other than to attack house drovenge)

Garrion: but if you mean exit the lodge i think so

Loryc: (that seems to kinda be the next target that we know of)

Loryc: (Actually as we exit I’m gonna turn us all invis

Urso: " head to rooms and rest?"

Loryc: (So we can sneak out of there without being detected)

Loryc: “Yes, I’ll make us all invisible as we leave the lodge so we can escape without being detected.”

Garrion: ok, or so you hope

Zindal: Yeah, I’m good for wrapping up for tonight

Garrion: Tristan can turn self

Tristan: I’m actually already invisible

Tristan: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 16 FP.

Tristan: receives -3 fatigue, and now has 13 FP.

Garrion: ok, give me something you want to do for the next week in game time, you don;t seem to have any iminent threats at the moment

Mina: just make up Emeralda for THS sachi

Melty: Hehe

Mina: tho that body would prolly cost 500pts

Melty: Probably more than that

Tristan: (let’s go take out that priest that dipped us in acid… or, let’s put a couple rivals against each other)

Zindal: Haha

Garrion: Sachi, what time frame for us starting your game?

Mina: wasnt sure if you actually played the original Xeno

Tristan: (kicks the bees nest as it is)

Mina: i know tab has

Urso: Urso will enlist Lory to find that DR necklace he looked for last time

Melty: Pffff who the hell do you think I am :3

Melty: Hmmm

Mina: a voice in my head?

Zindal: I’ve been wondering about starting Sachi’s game too

Melty: Maybe like 3 weeks-ish? Tops? We’re doing a group project in my C# class right now but after then it’ll be over and then I only have one class next term and it’s SUPER easy

Garrion: This is really the best place for us to pause here. We have a break in the action as you have recovered the artifact and now just have to find out who wanted it in the first place

Loryc: heh well figure we should all have chars done pretty soon hopefully

Loryc: the we can start it whenever Sachi is ready

Mina: oh yeah for T, who argued with me about Batman vs the Doctor

Mina: they meet in the new lego game, so suck it :-p

Mina: the batman cant hang with the doctor man, the doctor does batman better than batman does batman :-p

Zindal: But do they fight to the death? You can’t ever make a ruling about which one is better until they fight

Mina: well the doctor knows venusian akido i guess technically :-p

Mina: and he kicked robin hoods ass with a spoon!

Zindal: lol

Urso: oh G .. what TL are we in, for that game?

Zindal: TL9 I think

Zindal: For Transhuman Space

Mina: indiana jones in space is my condept basically

Tristan: that whip is going to suck on a spaceship

Mina: monowire pwnage?

Garrion: yes, TL 9 is the “standard” but there is lots of TL10 stuff in the 5th Wave societies

Garrion: so campaign level is TL9 but if you want to use all that TL10 gear without penalty then you should take increased TL

Mina: but actually Tristan

Mina: G changed the premise

Mina: think you showed up after he mentioned that

Tristan: true, monowire would own

Tristan: oh, I did show up after that

Tristan: so, is it really “indiana jones in space” or is there more to it than that?

Mina: lol no

Garrion: yes, you missed the changeup tristan… to make easier i’ll just post a summary of events leading up to the launch on the site

Mina: i was just joking about being the scientist/archaeologist type of char

Tristan: ok sounds good

Tristan: got ya

Mina: tho i should take a monowire just for shits and giggles now

Tristan: totally

Tristan: although, no one is going to pay a dom with a monowire whip for too long… that whole death and all

Zindal: Just have to get a reinforced body

Tristan: yeah, so is anyone going to be an AI?

Zindal: Sachi is

Melty: Meeeeeeeeee

Tristan: sweet

Tristan: love to see how the point spend works

Mina: gives whole new meaning to “mind fuck”

Garrion: in a nutshell though you are a small team (10 people) selected or volunteer for a mission into the Oort Cloud some 4990 AU away to investigate an anomaly with strange enrgy readings… the team is a combination of scientists and more martial skilled people (4 of the 10 max) for protection

Mina: can AI’s be prosts

Melty: My cybershell (physical body) is gonna be mostly comedic relief to start with probably, but I can get more when we get back to civilization and I get some money

Melty: Or maybe I can take over something on our ship >.>

Tristan: we will boldly go where no one has gone before

Urso: na, I"m making a bionic mechanic, has bionic arm with all his tools and stuff in there, and bionic eye so can see microfractures and the like… basically going to be primary mechanic/engineer… secondary pilot

Melty: I’m okay with treating them as just temporary, if it’s something I hacked into instead of buying :3

Garrion: you are people with social lives and skills so do not make a reclusive hermit or sociopath

Tristan: that’s a sweet concept urso

Melty: I’m definitely gonna not be a sociopath, I’m a friendly and outgoing kind of computer

Urso: sort of like poor mans Cyborg

Tristan: I’m thinking a video game geek that is a mechanical engineer that loves trying to make some stuff from video games (like a pip boy)

Zindal: Think I might go with the biologist idea

Mina: im the astronomer, geologist, archaeologist etc

Tristan: sounds like most of us are not going too combat… don’t forget to take a few skills

Melty: AIs have a taboo trait, so I actually am not allowed to take the Megalomania disadvantage (among others)…

Urso: maybe do a bit of a medic or something as well Zindal

Zindal: Yeah that’s the plan

Tristan: or doctor

Zindal: Surgery will be my combat skill, I’ll use it to throw scalpels at carotid arteries

Tristan: like a ths ninja

Melty: Apparently “memetics” is a discipline in THS which makes me want to specialize in that but mostly it’s just because I like Metal Gear Solid

Garrion: remember that “conflict” is a fact of life, but “combat” is not….

Tristan: and a lot of fights are probably done with spaceships

Melty: And memes!


Mina: or liquoe

Mina: liquor

Mina: nano liquor!

Garrion: yes, memes are a big deal, honestly one i need to read up on more before i can really do a lot with them

Zindal: Thrust vectoring!

Zindal: I need to grab more THS books from somebody, I have like almost nothing that’s on the list of allowed material

Tristan: oh no, I just pictured Zindal with a bionic penis

Zindal: lol


Garrion: It would make sense if you are all aligned or at least friendly to the US.. since you are assembling and launching from their station

Tristan: yeah, no point in being terroist

  • Melty looks for the chart about AI rights

Tristan: so is Melty going to “belong” to someone?

Garrion: the one with each country’s stance?

Zindal: Yeah I think even the US considers a Sapient AI as property

Melty: Yeah hehe

Garrion: hmm, i think it in the 3e book, checking

Tristan: i’m taking robotics… anyone else taking computers?

Melty: I wanna be an Emergent though if I can afford it, so I’ll probably have a Secret (disadvantage)…

Tristan: Or, I could take both… or Melty could be U.S. property

Urso: could be considered part of the ship….

Loryc: heh, I have no idea what I want to be yet. I’ll probably wawit to see what everyone else pics.

Urso: like the robot on Dark MAtter… anyone watch that on SyFy?

Zindal: Page 127 of the THS book

Tristan: cool, heading to bed guys. See you on the forums

Melty: Night night!

Melty: Yeah that’s kinda my idea actually, is that I’m the AI for some part of the ship or some appliance or something and I achieved full self-determination at some point since launch

Zindal: Oh lol, even the US treats Emergent AI as “wild animal” category

Garrion: hmm, AIs are slave or non-person

Melty: I’m pretty sure it makes me delete-on-discovery

Zindal: Yeah, it says if in a bioshell then treat as Abomination

Garrion: a ghost is a citizen though

Zindal: “If discovered by authorities it will be incarcerated or destroyed for the good of society”

Melty: Space tends to be a lot friendlier to emergent AI though, at least the transhuman nations

Garrion: why you want to be AI over ghost? there a preference?

Zindal: Because AI are way cooler

Melty: Because I think it’s cool

Garrion: ok, just wondering

Garrion: well as AI you could “belong” to one of the other PCs

Zindal: The 200 point limitation makes playing one really hard though

Melty: And just like, interesting, to be this digital lifeform

Garrion: SAI or LAI are: Animal/Slave. The entity’s legal status is similar to a pet or domestic animal. It must be under control of a legal owner, or it can be considered a stray and subject to arrest. Neither the law nor public opinion will sanction the entity’s abandonment or actual torture, but they do permit exploitation, laboratory experimentation, resale, or humane destruction.

Melty: Yeah, but I like the dramatic potential

Zindal: She wants to be an Emergent Intelligence G

Zindal: EI-SAI

Mina: i think i just fell into the liquor singularity

Garrion: ahh, so a self discovered AI?

Melty: Also, it’s entirely possible for someone to pose as my owner to avoid scrutiny

Melty: Yeah~

Zindal: Yeah

Zindal: Like truly sentient

Melty: If I can afford the lens at least

Mina: and i leave you uneducated fucks, with the glory that is pluto


Zindal: I was thinking since my character is interested in extrasolar life that he would be cool with an awakened AI

Zindal: It’s another form of “life” that isn’t human

Melty: Night Sef! Also oooo~

Mina: yeah its similar discipline really

Mina: non-human lif

Mina: i only wished i lcould live an few exrtra 100 years or something

Mina: to step on one of these worlds

Garrion: i’m sure that would be ok and if yo can find someone sympathitic to be your “sponsor/owner” you could make it pass, but you would ahve to have a “Secret”

Zindal: Yeah that would be awesome

Zindal: Yeah I wouldn’t mind posing as her “owner” hehe

Melty: Yeah, and think how awesome it would be to find a rare and exotic form of life hiding in your roommate’s Game-Box?


Mina: close up of flyby

Mina: mountains maid of water ice on the scale of the rocky mountains, totally unpredicted by current models


Mina: sorry, wrong link, thats the one

Garrion: wow, emergent SAI is 153=50

Garrion: wow, emergent SAI is 153+50

Melty: +25

Garrion: doable with disads but tight

Melty: It only costs 50 for LAI because it also removes Dead Broke, but SAI don’t have that in their template

Melty: So it’s 25 for an SAI

Mina: speaking of sentient AI

Garrion: oh right

Mina: they been playing Transcendence on HBO lately

Melty: Also dude Sef that’s awesome~

Garrion: 50 was for LAI

Garrion: nice concept and can lead to some intersting RP

Melty: And yeah heh, that’s why I was so interested in the mobile microframe cybershell or one of the wearable ones ^^;

Mina: yeah surfaceis only 100 million years old, they thought it would be billions, basically this one flyby has made us have to re-evalutate the whole history of the solar system

Mina: pluto is pose to b a dead world

Mina: with no active geoglogy since 4.5 billion years ago

Mina: 100 mya is recent geologically speaking

Garrion: humaniform is only 12

Garrion: that works good

  • Mina nerd cum.

Zindal: Where is that at?

Melty: Yeah I think the microframe is like -90 with the mobility upgrade

Zindal: The only cybershell I saw that wasn’t some crazy military thing was the sex doll thing

Melty: Like, of course you guys know I’m ok cause I’m a PC, but having an AI emerge on a long flight like that would be an interesting plot just by itself

Melty: A microframe isn’t a military thing, it’s basically a desktop PC

Melty: Except I’d be a desktop PC with tank treads

Garrion: the Wanderbox variant?

Melty: Yeah

Garrion: i still think Humaniform would be more versatile, you could DO more

Garrion: physically

Melty: Absolutely

Zindal: Where is the Humaniform? I don’t see it in the book

Zindal: Unless you’re talking about the Cyberdoll thing

Garrion: Changing Times P55

Zindal: I don’t have that book

Zindal: I told you I don’t have like most of the books, lol

Melty: But points would be pretty tight still

Garrion: Changing times is the “main” 4e revision of the core material

Melty: I need room for Modular Abilities too, cause all AI in the setting have that

Zindal: Okay well where do I get it

Zindal: The only book I have is just called Transhuman Space

Garrion: remember that racial disads don’t count toward limit, so you sill have 50 points of disads you can take

Garrion: i’ll send to yo if no one else has Tab

Zindal: Yeah I mean send me all the books on the list of allowed material, I don’t have any of them I don’t think, lol

Garrion: haha, you talking a bout a shit ton of transferring

Garrion: you don;t have biotech or ultratech either?

Zindal: Don’t think so, let me check

Zindal: Nope, just High Tech

Melty: I got a huge torrent of GURPS stuff so I could hook you up with things too

Garrion: let me try to find a “public” download source you can snag from

Melty: I mean

Melty: “legitimate”

Melty: that I can “let you borrow”

Zindal: My clients are set to auto-accept transfers from friends so you can just drop the stuff in my IM window even if I’m not around, lol

Melty: Now the NSA knows I don’t pay for RPG books sometimes, as if they didn’t already

Zindal: Dun dun dunnnnn

Zindal: But yeah, hook me up, lol

Zindal: Dropbox it or something if you have an account

Zindal: Or pass me that torrent link

Melty: I’d hafta get out of bed and get on my other computer >.>;


Garrion: that link has a lot of books

Zindal: Sweet, thanks

Garrion: i’m still deciding on what ship to have you all in but that is not really something you decide

Melty: Star Destroyer

Melty: Or TARDIS

Melty: One of those two

Garrion: oh yeah, i was thinking USS Enterprise

Melty: That’s acceptable too~

Zindal: Just don’t make the control panels explode at every slight bump

Garrion: lol

Garrion: gives URso something to fix

Zindal: A section of the ship on the complete opposite end of the bridge got shot! Control panels explode!

Loryc: What’s the main THS book?

Loryc: like the stuff that has the basiic rules for the stuff, I got changing times

Loryc: but is there like a main campaign setting book?

Garrion: the main SETTING book is THS 3e

Loryc: ah okay, that got the rules for cyberwaree and such?

Garrion: but ignore the templates and such as those have been updated for 4e in Changing Times and other books

Garrion: it is more definitions

Garrion: it explains WHAT stuff is

Garrion: and the geography, politics, tech of the setting

Loryc: hmm… so where’s the cyberware/bioware rules at?

Garrion: there are many other 3e and 4e books that add details but those two are the primary material, the 3e book for the setting info and the 4e book for the templates and setting updates

Zindal: Damn, I can’t tell which one of these things is the actual download link and which ones are virus laden ads

Garrion: the link i gave you?

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: Shit looks like a minefield, lol

Garrion: click on the title and ignore any popups, the page will change to a countdown timer which when hits 0 will give you download option

Garrion: typical 4shared fare

Zindal: Yeah it’s asking me to download some shit called iLivid

Garrion: no, igniore that, you don;t have to download crap

Zindal: lol well every damn thing I click on is an ad

Garrion: the files will download throughbrowser normally

Zindal: I mean usually with these sites I can find the real download link but this one is particularly tricky

Melty: Use AdBlockPlus and NoScript like I do :p

Zindal: lol nothing is downloading in my browser

Urso: alright, well I"m out.. later

Garrion: you getting the countdown timer?

Melty: See ya!

Zindal: Heh no

Garrion: hmm, let me see

Melty: Both those things are the shit btw

Garrion: yeah working for me

Melty: Or maybe you do have NoScript and you haven’t found the magic domain to temp allow yet >.>

Garrion: clicking on the file link opened page with countdown timer (20 seconds) in top right corner.. wait for it to reach 0 and will either auto download or give you a link to click

Zindal: lol well I can’t tell which one is the actual file link is the problem

Zindal: There’s like five fucking “DOWNLOAD” things on there

Garrion: will be a small “Click here if download does not start automatically”

Garrion: oh wait, that shit is an ad too, they have made it tricky

Cedric is disconnected.

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Yeah, installing AdBlock and NoScript actually made it a lot easier, only one download button now

Garrion: ok in center of page is a row of buttons… Download, Share, Add to my account twitter and g+

Zindal: Though now the timer isn’t counting down

Garrion: cklock the small download and that is the real one

Melty: Make sure to temp allow

Melty: In NoScript

Melty: It wants me to log in with my social media account now though

Zindal: That still isn’t letting the timer count down, lol

Zindal: Yeah I fucking hate sites like this

Garrion: i have an actual 4shared account so i don;t know

Garrion: let me find my account.. i think i have lots of these books on there

Melty: It doesn’t count down on the page, you gotta click the link below it that says FREE DOWNLOAD


Garrion: that is my page

Melty: And then it asks you to log in with your 4shared or social media account and that’s where I don’t wanna do that just to test it, cause I think I have most of this stuff with the torrent

Zindal: lol Jesus what a pain in the ass

Zindal: That just gives me a log in screen G


Melty: I like how that guy called it “My 4shared of death”

Zindal: File link not valid

Zindal: I think Sachi just needs to start “loaning” me her books, lol

Garrion: well shit let me just send you a few

Melty: Hehehe

Garrion: i sending cedric some too so may take a while

Melty: Yeah, I’ll hook ya up

Zindal: Yes, direct transfer ftw

Zindal: Assuming my Yahoo cooperates

Zindal: Let Sachi hook me up if you’re already transferring G

Zindal: I know I can receive stuff from her, lol

Garrion: let me know if you want me to try

Melty: Hm, I don’t have all the allowed stuff either, at least in my dropbox, I’ll hafta check for more

Garrion: what you missing Melty?

Garrion: just keep in mind as you going through stuff that THS trumps the other material if a conflict..

Melty: I’m missing a lot of the THS stuff actually

Melty: Wings of the Rising Sun, Transhuman Mysteries, Toxic Memes, all the Teralogos News ones, Martial Arts 2100, In the Well, Cities on the Edge, and Bioroid Bazaar

Zindal: lol guess G needs to transfer to both of us

Garrion: ok, you have shell-tech?

Garrion: that has lots of shells

Melty: Ooo, I do

Melty: I better take a look

Garrion: i have not actually gone through that one and listed them, i don;t think

Garrion: nope, my list only has the changing times ones…. i guess i better add the microframe for you as allowed

Garrion: even though i don;t really thing it will be fun with the limitations

Garrion: but you can always upgrade to a new shell later

Melty: Yeah, I’d wanna make it a priority anyway

Zindal: Her “owner” could always buy her a new one

Melty: Or like, I could buy it with you as an intermediary >.>

Garrion: i need to find definative advice on whether upgrades are purchased with points or cash

Zindal: Hehe, yeah

Zindal: Though since AI are supposed to be dead broke I would be curious where you got the money…

Melty: If we used the mutable point total rules it’d be easy (I honestly kinda like them, at least for THS, at least when it comes to making AI characters easier to handle)

Garrion: i really think it can be either, but i think if it is a item it should be with $$ but if something “learned” it should be points

Zindal: You mean I can’t download kung-fu into my brain like Neo?

Garrion: i was considering using that rule and asking you all

Garrion: i like that rule

Melty: I can! Except not really, since you roll at -3 in a combat or time-critical emergency when you’re using downloaded skills

Melty: Mutable totals? I do too, for a more freeform game with less combat focus like THS

Zindal: Man, the future sucks

Zindal: lol

Melty: Since your “power” in terms of ability to do stuff depends a lot on money too, given the amount of wild stuff you can get with money in this setting

Melty: So it isn’t quite as important exactly how many points you have

Garrion: yeah, downloaded skills can be used but not as good as the real thing because you have not trained “body and mind”

Melty: At any given time

Garrion: ok, sending a few of those files to both of you

Melty: Yay!

Zindal: Whoo

Melty: If it seems like it’s frozen up on me it’s cause I went downstairs to get ice cream

Melty: brb~

Melty: Here’s some J-hop!


Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: ok, that should be all from that list

Zindal: Cool, thanks

Garrion: focus first on the main books THS and Changing Times, the rest can be added as you progress

Melty: Yay thanks!

Garrion: the 3e books shoul dbe used for reference only to setting concepts, points and other stats come from the 4e books

Melty: Also G, this is the game I’ve wanted to play for years but I don’t think I’ll ever get enough people to actually do it


Garrion: i know… hope i can make it fun for everyone…. i’m kinda indiidated a little and the pressure is on

Melty: Aw, I think it’ll be awesome! THS I mean, not Maid RPG

Melty: I mean I think the latter would be awesome too but that’s not what we’re playing

Garrion: a complete home brew and a setting i’m not 100% familiar with and has some very “alien” concepts

Taragnor: This the first time you ran something non-module?

Zindal: Heh, does it say somewhere what edition a book is

Garrion: yes, i have it in the title on the ones i sent you

Zindal: Well the one I have for the main THS book doesn’t have it

Melty: The main THS book is 3E

Zindal: It just says SJG 6700

Zindal: Oh, so I can’t even use anything in this book? lol

Garrion: otherwise look on the second page of each book and it will tell you in a little box "For use with GURPS 3rd editon or 4th edition

Melty: Changing Times is the conversion guide

Melty: From that to 4E

Melty: Most of the stats in THS are in Changing Times already updated though

Zindal: Ah, okay

Melty: But if there’s other stuff you want, CT has a guide to converting things from 3E to 4E

Garrion: yes, THS 3e setting book is striclt for setting concepts and info… but it has A LOT of it

Melty: There’s some judgment calls though if you’re converting stats so I’d check with G

Garrion: pretty much everything in the 3e books should be converted in the 4e books

Garrion: they were pretty thurough with it

Mina: damn…..

Melty: There’s barely even a difference between the core rules in 3E and 4E, it’s not like D&D

Mina: sorry i been AFK

Melty: The biggest change is ST

Mina: rolling con checks to stay conscious

Mina: what i miss

Garrion: main things are certain weapon stats, how ST works and the costs of stuff…. some ads and disads were altered too

Mina: so wtf is deal, are w estarting THS space or what

Mina: i dont wanna work on one char sheet or another unless i know wtf w’rre doing

Mina: or we doibg sacghi’s game

Garrion: we are doing both

Mina: how? sheecule wise

Garrion: sachi doing hers and i’m doing THS

Mina: sorry, im fucked up as a yard dog

Taragnor: When is THS starting?

Garrion: as soon as possible as far as i’m concerned.. that really depends on what everyone wants

Mina: im not muich for alcohol normally

Mina: but ive had an abscenssed tooth the past week

Mina: ive turbnt into a drunkl

Melty: omg, that sucks

Garrion: we are at a good stopping point in fantasy camp this is a natural break point

Zindal: Ouch, yeah

Mina: onlu way i can manage toget some sleep, is to get drunker than dunc on autrstailian whatever the fuck

Melty: T_T

Mina: T abnd the others will know wtf im taling about lol sorry

Mina: private joke

Melty: Holy shit that suuuuucks, if my mom hadn’t flushed all my leftover vicodin from when I got surgery I’d say I’d hook you up

Garrion: i know you will all need some time with characters… sef maybe a moth or two, lol

Mina: haha

Mina: well ,my guy is most;;yu knowledhes anuaus

Mina: anyways

Mina: sorry. dex penalty is fucking with me :-p

Garrion: i want to consolidate a few details for the launcha nd the setting and get a solid picture of the PCs, since the camp will be built around them

Mina: jeez, she flushed your meds, thats fucjed up sachi

Melty: To be fair I didn’t need them anymore

Mina: well jeez

Mina: goddamn toy’

Mina: you had cancer lol

Mina: wtf es;e excuse could tou neeed

Garrion: i really want the plot cards to be put to good use to introduce interesting elements into the plot

Garrion: not just things that can help me out with this one task

Melty: But yeah, I was gonna use them to

Melty: uh reduce the pain

Melty: of grinding levels in FFXIV

Mina: lol

Mina: the pain of life i was gonna say, but apprently not

Zindal: That’s a bad Sachi, tsk tsk

Zindal: wags finger

Mina: ah come on tab

Melty: \-orz

Mina: ypu pussy fuck

Mina: straifght laced sober coksuslc;er

Zindal: lol

Melty: rofl

Mina: i miss yurath sometimes to be honest

Garrion: so prior to getting the full details on your characters if you could post a short concept on the site it would be great to figure out how you all fit into the world…. like sachi with her EL-SAI

Mina: we’ve never gotten G to experience the madness

Garrion: i actually have

Mina: meh

Melty: Yeah! I’ll get to work on that right away, I’ve really wanted to play a character like that for a long time~

Mina: 2 weeks dont coubnt

Zindal: You only got a small dose

Mina: haha yeah

Garrion: lol, true… that was enough

Mina: let’s play shadows of sefiros :-p

Zindal: Oh god no

Mina: hahaha

Zindal: I’d rather play CoC

Mina: i dunno wtf that camapign would even be

Mina: T?

Garrion: i just remember the shadow realms

Mina: shadow realms?

Mina: wtf tab

Mina: i dont remember any shadow real ms

Zindal: He might be referring to Void space, I’m not sure

Garrion: something about us walking through a desert that was all shadowy, yeah probably that

Melty: You coulda voted for Delta Green if you wanted CoC :3

Garrion: i like Delta Green… the once i played was fun

Melty: That woulda been a lot more serious in tone than this game’s gonna be

Taragnor: What are you asking me?

Mina: thay was the mosr depressing ending for a campaign

Melty: I’ve never played it but it’s on my short list of things I wanna play

Zindal: I only mentioned that as an alternative to Shadows of Sefiros, lol

Melty: I’m not asking you anything T, I’m just teasing Tab

Mina: it was lke, you’re dead, gg bye thanx :-p

Mina: your epilogue sucked dickweed

Zindal: lol yeah

Melty: Yeah that took me by surprise

Zindal: You critted the multiverse

Mina: it was like 10 years of effort

Mina: and poof, fuck you

Mina: fuckin troll

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: let

Mina: restart a yurath game

Mina: i have a long for the past

Taragnor: heh, well the Yurath storyline was over. You guys finished it.

Mina: boo

Mina: finished?

Mina: bah

Melty: Then again, I FULLY expected that to end with my character’s annihilation, but I managed to save my girlfriend and transcend existence somehow

Taragnor: I mean it’s as finished as you can get pretty much lol.

Mina: GG thx bai dont count as finished :-p

Taragnor: I don’t recall saying “thanks” :P

Mina: lol

Mina: yeah more like GG fuck you bai

Melty: Actually Sef if it makes you feel any better, the ending to the Yurath campaign is part of the backstory to my superhero one

Mina: yeah i know

Mina: mostly i just wanted an epilogue

Taragnor: heh, well the epilogue was pretty much that you stopped the sword of Mairyssa, and then you created a new multiverse.

Mina: well sachi did anyways

Mina: i was off jacking off in my own multiverse

Taragnor: lol yeah.

Zindal: lol yeah and Elemar was lost to the Void

Taragnor: pretty much for sef he returned to the void. And that’s what happened.

Mina: i call shenanigans

Garrion: damn shell-tech has a lot of options, i really don;t want o list each one of them ;)

Melty: Hehe

Mina: you went east ion sachi cuz boobs

Mina: damn that was a depressing fucking campaign

Zindal: And yet you want more, lol

Mina: hahaha

Mina: im drunk whart do you expect :-p

Mina: its the masochist

Taragnor: lol well I might run another D&D game at some point. I just don’t thiink it’d be Yurath. Since that storyline was finished.

Mina: Tab keeps steeling my womenz

Taragnor: But I’ve considered doing another d20 fantasy type game.

Mina: get yout own

Mina: bastard

Taragnor: well you stole his wife in Aylanae.

Zindal: Hey man, I can’t help it if I’m a stud

Mina: lol

Zindal: lol he didn’t steal her, I let him have her

Mina: yeah trye i guess

Mina: tho he killed her

Mina: and traumatized me

Taragnor: lol.

Melty: Dude that game was fucked up in every sense of the term

Mina: yeah i aint felt right in the abscence of sef clones

Mina: with the FF7 remake, i gotta make a sef clone to rebalance the universe

Zindal: Yeah that game is the one I kinda want to do over, I’d rather try a different path with Calim than trying to ally with that Toress bitch

Taragnor: Heh, well you should make one in THS.

Taragnor: They got the technology :P

Zindal: And there are plentiful meteors

Melty: But especially in terms of wife murder, incest, and near-total lack of cohesion

Mina: meh

Mina: i should have never gotten you to read the ASOIAF novels

Zindal: Yeah the lack of cohesion was what really killed it for me

Mina: traitor to the cause

Taragnor: Yeah, Sef’s secret mission was going to the Oort cloud to grab a giant meteor to bring back to earth and destroy it.

Melty: Like IIRC I was the only one whose character wasn’t actively working against the rest of the party and/or murderously insane

Mina: lol

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Nah that’s the mysterious energy reading we picked up

Melty: ahaha

Zindal: Sef using the Meteor summon

Taragnor: heh, yeah Aylanae had some problems as a campaign. It was kinda an expiremental format that went a bit too far.

Mina: i liked it, you whiny bitches


Zindal: lol

Mina: you were just jealous :-p

Zindal: Yeah well when you reward people for screwing over the other PCs it kind of leads to more screwing over the other PCs

Melty: Yeah giving us incentives to backstab one another works in Paranoia (that’s another one I wanna try sometime) but in that one it was just like Rift was playing his own game by himself and the rest of us were at cross purposes 100% of the time

Zindal: Yeah heh

Taragnor: hehe… yeah, I sorta overestimated your eagerness to stab each other in the back :P

Mina: id like for G to play in one of our campaigns one of tgese days

Melty: Paranoia would make a great one-shot

Mina: and not 4 sessions

Taragnor: I mean I gave incentives since I assumed the default attitude was cooperation from playing all the D&D and such

Taragnor: But as it turned out… things rapidly got out of hand.

Garrion: my problem is limited time… family life

Zindal: Yeah I tried to get cooperation on the whole “help me murder my wife so I can fuck my sister” thing and you see where that got me

Mina: lol

Melty: Yeah see

Melty: That was his character’s goal in life and in the game

Zindal: Though actually the divorce thing would have worked if Laventa hadn’t gone total yandere

Mina: lol so true

Melty: And my character was like this super cop

Taragnor: well I mean you could have talked her out of doing the murder thing.

Mina: fuck the world, i wat t twinest

Taragnor: YOuj ust kinda chose not to try.

Taragnor: And instead went for going for the murder :P

Zindal: lol I did try and she just got crazier

Taragnor: Well yeah she was a bit unstable.

Mina: yandere?

Zindal: It’s the term for basically “If I can’t have you no one can”

Mina: that bitch was cray cray

Taragnor: I mean she had some definite yandere tendencies, no doubt about that, but it wasn’t guaranteed she’d try to off Sylara if you didn’t go along with her plan.

Zindal: Somebody who’s in love with you to the point of being psychotic

Mina: tendencies? lmao

Mina: that bitch was nuttier than a christmas fruit cake

Zindal: lol yeah, you went way beyond what I intended for her character

Mina: she made Sef seem balanced :-p

Mina: anyways you huyd see the comic con or whatwverer E3 FF7 remake thingy

Melty: hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

Zindal: Yeah I saw

Zindal: I’m waiting for the inevitable fanboy complaints of everything they got wrong once the remake gets released

Melty: If only they’d do that with XENOGEARS

Zindal: God yes

Zindal: I want a Xenogears remake

Mina: time is a flat circle

Mina: me too

Mina: i played it when it originally came out too, you damn panzies!

  • Mina kicks the can.
  • Mina farts dust,

Melty: Hey I didn’t own a playstation when it came out

Melty: I played the legendarily awful PC port of FFVII on a computer that was not able to handle it

Melty: Then I begged and begged my mom to get a playstation for FFVIII when it came out

Melty: And it was FFVIII

Zindal: lol

Zindal: I actually liked FF VIII

Zindal: It was what got me to buy a PlayStation actually

Melty: Yeah, it’s not my favorite but I actually do like it

Zindal: I saw the commercials and was like “God damn it I have to get one”

Melty: Uncontroversial opinion: The worst numbered FF was XI

Garrion: i had the Atari 2600, wee

Garrion: and Comodore 64

Mina: damn you panzies

Mina: didnt even play FF7 for ps1

Melty: My parents had a 2600, actually we just found it in the garage

Mina: blasphemy

Zindal: I played it

Zindal: Eventually

Mina: hh

Mina: HAHA

Garrion: 64 k of memory, all you would ever need to load those 5.25 floppies

Mina: i had a comodre 64 i remember

Mina: talk about a pos

Melty: But we don’t have a bunch of the 2600 games anymore ; ; I think they might’ve gotten rid of some of it and then we got another one somewhere

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: The commodore 64 had some damn good shit for its time though

Zindal: Gonna get some sleep for now, catch you guys later

Tabris is disconnected.

Mina: peace tab

Mina: you panzy ass motherfucker! cant

Mina: hang?

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: lol srry im drunk as shut

Taragnor: yeah, Iv’e noticed :P

Mina: haha hey like i said replace bourbon with rum, fuck dunc

Taragnor: yeah I’lll need a map entitled liquor cabinet to store all your tokens on maptool.

Mina: lol

Mina: what, you dont partake?

Taragnor: Rarely.

Mina: pussy

Mina: roll that d20 void check’

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: You probably don’t want to encourage me to bring the void into another RPG campaign :P

Mina: my alcohol tolerene sucks :-p

Mina: the 5th of rum pwned me

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: well probably better to have a shitty tolerance, so you ain’t paying a shitload to get drunk

Mina: lol

Melty: I’ve been drinking gin and baja blast lately, that’s my jam

Mina: always the min maxer eh

Mina: eww jin

Mina: what are you snoop doh

Mina: dog

Melty: Apparently

Mina: lol

Melty: Maybe it’s just this gin though

Mina: R

Mina: rollin down the street smokin indo

Mina: and sippin on jin and juice

Mina: laid back

Melty: laaaaaaaaaaaaid back

Mina: lol


Taragnor: You drunk too Sachi?

Melty: Nah, I ran outta gin earlier today actually

Melty: Gotta go get some more tomorrow :3

Mina: i chugged a 5th

Melty: Real talk though: holy shit

Taragnor: lol.


Melty: I had a liter of gin and it lasted me a couple weeks I’m pretty sure

Mina: this song is so goddamn depressing

Melty: Gonna get a 1.75 next time I think, for cost efficiency

Taragnor: heh.

Mina: 1.75 whay

Mina: ml?

Melty: liter

Mina: ah im not even sure

Mina: i just bought some bacardi gold

Mina: roughly a 5th, ghestimating

Mina: was like $17


Mina: tis shit

Melty: Yeah that sounds about right, more expensive than here but liquor is cheap in this area I think

Taragnor: Ah.

Taragnor: Yeah never had that stuff, I’ve always been a captain morgan person myself.

Mina: yeAH IT doesnt give me a hang ober

Mina: is why i prefer it

Mina: time to polish off the last glass brb

  • Mina pukes on T’s shoes.
  • Taragnor is glad this is an online game.

Melty: A “fifth” is 750mL, a “pint” is 375. 375 is almost exactly a pint IIRC but they’re all in metric now, they’re just called by what they used to be in imperial, cause people are used to it and it’s easier to say “gimme a fifth” than “gimme a 750 milliliter one”

Mina: lol

Melty: Most stuff comes in those sizes, 200 mL (half pint), 50 mL (minibottle), 1L, and 1.75L (half gallon)

Mina: ever heard of old thompson?

Melty: Useless shit from when I worked at that liquor store with that asshole

Taragnor: nope.

Mina: i drank a half gallon of that shit befor

Mina: blurghj

Mina: puke

Taragnor: heh

Melty: Hehe, I think we might have carried that but I never personally drank any

Mina: its like po man’s lord calvert

Melty: Awwwwww yeah we did have that

Melty: I think that’s one of the ones we only had in the 1.75L plastic bottles

Mina: haha yeah thats it

Mina: its dirt cheap

Melty: Yeah lol

Taragnor: yeah anything that comes in plastic is gonna be pretty cheap.

Melty: It was bought exclusively by 1) kids who were throwing a party and wanted the most efficient thing we had and 2) prematurely aged people who are gradually self-destructing

Mina: fuck it, im so drunk i might as well druink ouy of the bottle at this point

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: lmao sachi

Mina: lol

Mina: #2

Mina: thats me :-p\

Melty: Aww

Melty: nuzzle~

Melty: At least you’re not drinking Old Thompson. Or Aristocrat vodka.

Mina: lol

Melty: There’s a non-indicative name for you

Mina: i tried some shit one time called mr boston vodka

Mina: goddamn

Mina: was like $5 for a 5th

Melty: lol, then you’ve pretty much had Aristocrat

Melty: It’s the same price range and quality

Mina: yeah that shit made me sicker thab fuck

Taragnor: lol. I’ve never had a desire to get shit that cheap. lol.

Mina: lol T

Mina: rich fuck :-p

Mina: we be po folks :-p

Melty: Some vodka doesn’t have a real strong smell when you open it, which is a little surprising since it’s basically water and ethanol

Taragnor: lol. I’m not exactly rich, but it’s more that I wouldn’t get drunk in the first place.

Taragnor: if I gotta get drunk off that.

Melty: But Aristocrat smells like rubbing alcohol and negativity

Mina: lol yeah

Mina: boozew smell is the worst to me

Mina: i can handle tge taste better than i can the smell for some reason

Melty: I kind of like how gin smells actually, it reminds me of christmas trees

Mina: lol

Mina: that aint a good thing

Mina: drinkin christmas trees

Taragnor: heh.

Mina: ok well that bottle is finished

Mina: i got one more mixed dink in my glass, and its done

Mina: someone give me some drunk depressing music to blow my brains out too :-p

Taragnor: hey you gotta live to see the FF7 remake.

Mina: lol

Melty: Yesh!

Mina: low blow T

Mina: remember when you sent me that psp case?

Mina: superglue pwnt me

Mina: that shit was hard too

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: oh well.

Mina: lol

Mina: yeah my psp screen looks like wolverine got ahold of it

Mina: i appreciate the gesture tho bud

Mina: shows you aint subhuman at least :-p

Mina: fuckin false advertising

Mina: bastard waswnt the right size etc

Mina: oh come on

Mina: you gusy cant leave me tomy own devices

Mina: The critical hit causes normal head-blow damage.

Mina: lol wtf

Mina: i dont think i clicked on shit

Mina: The critical hit causes normal head-blow damage.

Mina: The critical hit causes maximum damage.

Mina: The critical hit causes normal head-blow damage, and deafens the target (cr) or causes it to lose Appearance levels (other).

Mina: The critical hit does normal head-blow damage, and knocks the target off balance. The target must Do Nothing on next turn.

Mina: goddamn haxorx

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: now it’s actually doing soemthing

Taragnor: normally the crit table always craps out

Mina: fgurps crit sucks ass

Taragnor: Just does normal damage.

Mina: yeah fuckin rip off

Taragnor: Surprised there aint’ a critical hit eye stab table.

Mina: lol

Taragnor: They gotta make one for Tab.

Melty: :3

Mina: damn

Mina: you guys dont ever get depressed?

Taragnor: I do sometimes.

Taragnor: Why would you think i wouldnt?

Mina: i dunno

Mina: you always seem pretty positive

Mina: you dont ever sene to be down

Mina: what about yousachi?

Mina: dont ever miss your pops?

Taragnor: Well I just don’t talk about my problems.

Mina: yeah i know

Mina: ypu

Mina: tr so damn secretive

Taragnor: Well I don’t like to talk about that shit, so if you don’t know anything about it, you can’t ask :P

Taragnor: Which prevents the subject from getting onto things I don’t want to dwell on.

Mina: hehe i know

Mina: thats my point

Mina: ive known you over a decade

Taragnor: I’d rather deal with topics that I find entertaining than go over the depressing bits of my life.

Mina: but i dont know jack shit’

Mina: fuckin secretive bastarf

Mina: must be some kind of mobster or some shit

Mina: or koean whorehouse properiet

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: I wish.

Mina: me too :-p

Mina: i find myself stuck in the past all the time

Taragnor: Yeah, I tnoiced with all the Sef clones :P

Mina: lol fuck you

Taragnor: lol.

Mina: low blow man . low bow

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: Plus you’re asking me to go back to running Yurath, and I’m not even sure how i’d do that. lol.

Mina: lol

Mina: yeah im just drunk sorry

Taragnor: heh I know

Taragnor: I’m just saying heh. That’s kinda a strange request.

Mina: lol i know

Mina: juar ignore me

Taragnor: heh

Taragnor: Though it could just be that alcoohl makes you crave D&D. It sure seemed to work that way for Dunc :P

Mina: lol

Mina: to be honest

Mina: im kinda wtf bored with my fate char

Taragnor: Why is that? Just a lack of abilities and stuff?

Taragnor: Or is it more the personality?

Mina: i duno

Mina: think i just suck with rogues

Taragnor: yeah I just wasn’t sure if you were mechanically bored or personality/cocnept bored.

Mina: well hes based loosely on a char from the death gate cylcle novels

Mina: its just i kindas personaly suck lol

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: wel it’s not too late to switch chars if you want.

Taragnor: I mean or even switch games, if people are unhappy with how that game is going, I dunno how much people are liking it. I mean I know Sachi likes it, don’t know about Tab or Rift.

Mina: im just drubj man hehe

Taragnor: heh I know.

Taragnor: I’m not taking anything you say too seriously :P

Mina: lol

Taragnor: I’m just saying like, when yous ober up if you still feel that way, I mean there are options.

Mina: lol

Taragnor: I didn’t want you to think you were stuck playing a char you didn’t want to be./


Mina: some death metal i was a member of

Mina: all else fails listen death metqal

Taragnor: heh.

Mina: should read those one day

Mina: think you’d like em

Taragnor: yeah heh, maybe when I got a ton more free time. lol.

Taragnor: I got so mcuh shit I wwant to do, and not enough time to do it

Mina: well they aint ASOIFC complex

Taragnor: Well it’s not so much understanding as just the page count and reading all those pages.

Mina: theyre short stories by comparison


Mina: 1st book

Taragnor: lol well it’s still 450 pages, and that’s one book.

Taragnor: So I mean the whole series is probably liek 2000+

Mina: pussy

Mina: but yeah the series is 7 books

Mina: never known anyone to read em besides me

Mina: which is why i nah you

Mina: nag

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: Yeah I know, it’s a lot of work to read a series.

Mina: oh come on

Mina: its more D&D than ASOIAF

Mina: listen to the audiobooks then

Taragnor: well like I said it’s not about complexity, it’s just raw pagecount

Taragnor: I mean 3000 pages of Dr. suess is still gonna take a lot of time to rad.

Taragnor: Because it’s 3000 pages.

Mina: lol

Mina: you’re a shiffy friend :-p

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: I know

Taragnor: Never cliamed to be a good friend :P

Taragnor: I just got a million games on steam that I haven’t played yet. lol.

Taragnor: so it’s low priority.

Mina: im out

Sefiros is disconnected.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Session 38

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