Group Loot

Item # Location Found Magic Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Group Fund 1 Various N Used to purchase group items/services. $2248 Satomi
Letter 1 Hellknight Cleric N From mayor Aberian Arvanxi to the captain of the guard of Citadel Rivad asking for help dealing with a group of bandits called the “Bastards of Erebus.” Specifically, the letter seems to be repeating the request, and asks for a response to an earlier request for help in dealing with the bandits. ? Loryc
Parchment 1 Asmodean Knot Y Unknown Loryc
Vial 5 Asmodean Knot N Thick greenish fluid. ? ?
Chelish Crux 1 Asmodean Knot Y Wooden and metal dodecahedron carved with runes. ? Loryc
Leather Portfolio 1 Crux N Identified mark of Delvehaven
Ledgers 1 Portfolio N Accounting ledgers for Delvehaven
List of Names 1 Portfolio N Lists the names, descriptions, and in many cases final fates of several Pathfinders
Poem 1 Portfolio N “Cugny’s Wedding,”
Silver Box 1 Crux N Engraved with dancing skeletons Loryc
Candle 1 Silver Box Y Grave Candle, 3 used Loryc
Scroll 1 Crux Y Great Healing Loryc
Scroll 1 Crux Y Remove Curse Loryc
Scroll 1 Crux Y Soul Rider Melty
Wand 1 Crux Y Dispel Magic (8 points remaining) Melty
Wand 1 Crux Y Ward (7 points remaining) Melty
Urn 1 Sisters of Eiseth Ashes of Coriana Mina
Statue 1 Devildrome Bust of Ghaelfin Urso
$$$ Devildrome Match Winnings $195,000 Dispursed to group.
Gems Bandit Camp N Assorted small gems $6000 Zindal
Jewelry Bandit Camp N Assorted jewelry $8000 Zindal
Dagger 1 Bandit Camp N Fine Zindal
Rapier 1 Bandit Camp N Fine Zindal
Dagger 1 Bandit Camp N Jeweled $1500 Zindal
Wooden Coin 50 Bandit Camp N Sign of Mammon Zindal
Ledger Bandit Camp Details on what was stolen where. Left Behind
Vial 6 Bisby Bag Y Truecolor Dye (pending)
Chopsticks 1 Bisby Bag N Manticore Spikes
Bloodstone 6 Bisby Bag N In small leather pouch.
Bolas 1 Bisby Bag N Fine
Whistle 1 Bisby Bag N Silver
Bell 1 Bisby Bag N Golden, with Thassilonian Runes
Ring 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Pipes 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Lens 1 Bisby Bag Y ?
Leather Armor 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Ring 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Crossbow 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Quiver 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Crossbow Bolts 60 Bisby Remains N Mithral-headed (fine, silver)
Javelin 2 Bisby Remains Y ?
Wayfinder 1 Bisby Remains Y ?
Stone 1 Wayfinder Y ?
The Morrowfall 1 Amber Arca Y Artifact of Light Loryc
Rapier 1 Amber Arca Y “Whisperslash" Zindal
Mummified Hand 1 Amber Arca Y “Hand of the Pharaoh of Nagas" Urso
Chess set 1 Amber Arca N “Chess set gifted from Taldor to Cheliax in 4315 ar” $3500 Urso
Chain Shirt 1 Vampire Y Fortified Urso
Short Sword 1 Vampire Y Fine, Puissance Urso
Hand Crossbow 1 Vampire N Fine Urso
Bolt 10 Vampire N Poisoned Urso
Holy Symbol 1 Vampire Y Gold $200 Urso
Leather Armor 1 Vampire Y Fortified Urso
Wooden Stake 2 Vampire Y Fine, Puissance Urso
Bladed Crossbow 1 Vampire Y Fine, Puissance Urso
Bolt 20 Vampire N Standard Urso

Distributed Loot

You are responsible for recording and tracking these items on your character sheet and they will not be updated any further.

Devildrome Winnings
Loryc “Melty” Mina Tristan Urso Zindal
$15,833 $15,833 $15,833 $15,833 $15,833 $15,833
Settling the Score
Loryc “Melty” Mina Tristan Urso Zindal
$139,596 $139,596 $139,596 $139,596 $139,596 $139,596
Handy Haversack Potion of Stealth Sense Spirit Pendant Potion of Invisibility Hat of Disguise Fine Balanced Mithral Scimitar
Circlet of Acting +2 Icy Touch Scroll Potion of True Sight +1 Accuracy, +1 Puissance, Cold Iron Great Axe +1 Accuracy, +1 Puissance, +1 Defending Longsword
Steal Vitality Scroll Potion of Major Healing x2
Steal Energy Scroll
Affect Spirits Scroll
Rotting Death Wand
Manastone 2
We Are the Champions
Mina Loryc Tristan Urso Zindal
$4333 $4333 $4333 $4333 $4333
Lying Low
Eltera Loryc Tristan Urso Satomi Zindal
$363 $363 $363 $363 $363 $363
Minor Healing Potion Love Letter
Introductory Adventure
Eltera Loryc Tristan Urso Satomi Zindal
$1885 $1885 $1885 $1885 $2885 $1885
Large Knife x2
Thrusting Broadsword
Bodkin Arrow x5


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