Session 12

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Tristan has connected.

Tristan: ahoi

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: evening

Garrion: howdy

Tristan (Stan): can we kill the director now?

Tristan (Stan): I never got to see xeno eat anyone …. maybe Urso will

Garrion: haha, why you think it the diector’s fault?

Tristan (Stan): just need someone to blame, i’ll feel better anyway

Tristan (Stan): plus, he yelled at Urso so Urso should eat him

Cedric: heh


Garrion: oopps, caps

Drovalid: ok, well I still gotta eat so will work out for me

Taragnor has connected.

Tristan (Stan): hola Targ

Taragnor: yo

Garrion: howdy

Sefiros has connected.

Garrion: tab will be a little alte, we’ll wait for sachi and sef and maybe tab will be here by then

Garrion: well there is sef

Garrion: kids are watching the new turltes tonight

Sefiros: i remember the first nes turtles game

Sefiros: man that thing was hard

Tristan (Stan): cool, let us know how it is. Loved the old ones. (or do you mean actual turtles? like pets?)

Tristan (Stan): that game was hard! stupid hold your breath part…

Sefiros: haha yeah

Tristan (Stan): like, come up for air stupid turtle

Sefiros: with that killer seaweed tentacles or whatever

Taragnor: Yeah lol

Sefiros: everyone got stuck there

Taragnor: worst part of that game was how you died if you fell in the water in the sewers

Tristan (Stan): or by a freaken scuba tank…

Sefiros: at that like 2nd stage or whatevet it was

Taragnor: like.. dman you’re a turtle!

Taragnor: and you died by drowning

Tristan (Stan): turtles that can’t swim… crazy

Sefiros: i remember one boss fight, against beebop or rockseady dont remember which one

Sefiros: was an early one

Taragnor: guess they had to dump some points min/maxing for all that ninjitsu stuff

Sefiros: where you could stand up top, and swing down with donatello and never get hit

Taragnor: had to dump swimming skills I guess

Garrion: yeah, the new TNMT, i’ll be busy here, but may see part of it if i’m not too occupied here

Tristan (Stan): must have been gurps skill set =)

Taragnor: yeah lol.

Tristan (Stan): swimming = health – 5

Tristan (Stan): should have taken the minumum I guess

Tristan (Stan): can a box turtle swim?

Taragnor: They probably don’t got great health anyway, I mean they were born from radioactive ooze or something.

Taragnor: That shit can’t be good for you.

Sefiros: teenage mutant ninja tortoises?

Tristan (Stan): anyone ever play gamma world?

Sefiros: nope but i know it

Taragnor: Heard of it but never played.

Tristan (Stan): everyone is like “no, not radioactive waste” but go swimming in it to get free mutations.

Sefiros: i only know the original TSR gamma world

Sefiros: if thats the one you mean

Tristan (Stan): It actually has a pretty cool story base with different factions. Pure strain humans, mutants, the created (androids) …

Tristan (Stan): yeah, they have a newer version (d20) but it’s really basic.

Tristan (Stan): could probably be done in gurps.

Sefiros: there was an 80s cartoon

Tristan (Stan): I like how the fantasy stuff is working out though. I really need to take some time and look at the magic system though.

Tristan (Stan): really? I did not know they had a cartoon. sweet

Sefiros: that was basically like gamma world

Sefiros: no it wasnt literally

Sefiros: i just meant, it seemed like the same thing pretty much tho

Sefiros: Thundar the Barbarian i think if i remember

Sefiros: it has a freaky into about an apocalypse via a comet or something that always creepe me out as a kid

Sefiros: intro*

Tristan (Stan): so checking google

Sefiros: its like conan but in the future

Tristan (Stan): lol, watching it now

Sefiros: after some kind of futuristic apocalypse

Tristan (Stan): it’s so 80’s

Sefiros: like gamma world


Sefiros: yeah theres the intro of it

Taragnor: lol.

Sachi has connected.

Drovalid: heh, I used to watch that as a kid

Tristan (Stan): he man with a lightsaber (and real pants), what’s not to like?

Taragnor: lol.

Drovalid: sun sword

Taragnor: I’d like to see a barbarian who walks around barechested but with dress pants and dress shoes.

Sachi: :3

Garrion: yeah, i remember that too… had quality catoons back then, hehe

Tristan (Stan): like thundercats! Hooooo!

Taragnor: Looks more like a He-man ripoff if anything.

Sachi: T shut up what are we even talking about

Sachi: ;3

Taragnor: Well if you would have got here on time, you’d know! Don’t make me have to discipline you again! cracks whip

Sachi: \-orz

Sefiros: someone link me to the script

Sefiros: im too lazy to search my bookmarks

Sefiros: figure someone had it open already

Drovalid: slacker


Sefiros: lol

Sefiros: thanks

Garrion: atleast he admits it ;)

Sefiros: hehe

Sefiros: my stuff isnt organized lately, i got it scatted everywhere

Sefiros: i need to do some house cleaning one day

Sefiros: and delete all this old char sheets and stuff too

Garrion: lately..????

Sefiros: i got so many years of rpg shit

Sefiros: well i use to keep all my files nicely organized

Sefiros: but last few months or year or whatever i got sloppy

Sefiros: so i dont know where stuff is sometimes

Sefiros: got books scattered over 20 diff folders, drives

Garrion: ok, so everyone here except tab.. do we wait for the star actor or just NPC him till he gets here?

Taragnor: Well do we know when he’s gonna be here?

Sefiros: wait a bit longer and see i guess

Garrion: let me lok at the IM

Sefiros: if he aint here by then he prolly aint gonna show up suddenly in 3 hours i dont think

Garrion: “Might be a little late tonight, Christmas dinner with coworkers”

Tristan (Stan): heads up to guys, i’m still “at work” so i’m going to try to pay as much attention as I can but just want to give the warning to be fair. I have a huge even in January every year and i’m getting ready for it now.

Sachi: Ahh~

Sachi: Oh yeah anyway ever since I saw 80s cartoons being mentioned I’ve been looking for this, but finally I can play the game


Tristan (Stan): lol

Sefiros: lol aint that the thing i sent you?

Sachi: Yeah 3

Sachi: I was reminded of it because of the 80s

Sefiros: im still trying to figure out if thats boss hog from the dukes of hazard

Sachi: I’m pretty sure it is

Sachi: It might be

Sachi: Though

Garrion: lol

Sachi: The guy from

Sachi: Captain Planet?

Garrion: yeah, that is boss hog

Sachi: There was a guy that was a parody of that guy

Sefiros: think capn came out in like 90 earliest maybe

Sachi: I thought

Sachi: Nah, nevermind

Sefiros: yeah 1990 it says

Tabris has connected.

Drovalid: speak of the devil…

Garrion: yay, there he is

Sachi: Yay~

Taragnor: well that solves it.

Tabris: Not gonna be able to stay long, have to go into work tomorrow morning


Sachi: since you missed it tab

Taragnor: guess the chemical spill is still causing problems

Tabris: Dibs on Megatron

Tabris: And yes, yes it is

Sefiros: well im calling dibs on boss hog then

Tristan (Stan): taking all the good ones.

Sefiros: T should be cobra commander

Tabris: Well, not so much the spill itself, more the fucking retarded way that upper management and other people who have no god damn clue what our building does or how we handle things are responding to it

Garrion: i used to atch this one too…

Sefiros: tho sachi might make a good cobra commander

Sachi: I was thinking Cobra Commander :3~

Tristan (Stan): sounds like the military… one or two people now how to do everything and everyone else re-enlists to fill the spot

Garrion: think that was the precursor to many anime things today, hehe

Sefiros: i think that actually is japanese

Sachi: I mean like… He’s nominally a terrorist, but he basically just mostly does petty shit like try to carve his face on the moon

Sefiros: but a diff name

Sefiros: they ported

Sachi: And that’s totally Melty in a nutshell

Sefiros: but i may be wrong

Tabris: lol yeah, Battle of the Planets is the dub version of some other show, I forget the actual name

Tabris: But it’s actually recent compared to things like Tetsujin-28 or Astroboy

Sachi: (That’s totally something Melty would try to do is carve her face and/or name on the moon with a magical laser)

Tabris: You might know the former better as Gigantor

Sefiros: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Sefiros: is the japanese name, 1972

Tabris: Yeah that’s it

Sachi: (If, like, she found a suitable artifact)

Sachi: (She’d use it for something stupid)

Garrion: ok, who is ready for act 6?

Sachi: Me!

Tabris: Give me a second to pull up the script


Tabris: That works

Sefiros: yeah i was lazy too :-p

Sefiros: you were the first to ask

Garrion: ok, you are taken back stage after the “birthing” and you have 5 minutes recovery before the next act starts

Sefiros: werent

Tristan (Stan): looking around for the director to see if he looks surprised at what’s happening at all

  • Drovalid straps his shield on for the next part of the play.

Tristan (Stan): is the director around?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): afk a minute or two, have to call friends and let them know I’m not gonna be down there for Christmas

Melty: Aww ; ;

  • Melty retreats to Loryc’s pouch to rest more.

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: oh, and a bonus to the person who can tell be the “theme” behind by naming of the sessions on the site

Tristan (Stan): perc to see if director is surprised

Melty: “Jeez… I thought saying the play was dangerous was like… A marketing gimmick, man…”

Melty: “Human sons of bitches… Let’s burn this motherfucker down!”

Sefiros: hmm

Garrion: i wouldn’t quite qualify it as surprised as much as concerned

Sefiros: some of em are queen songs, tho i dont know the hwole list

Sefiros: last couple make me think Queen

Tristan (Stan): yup, I just googled as well

Tristan (Stan): queen

Sefiros: well i just checked the sessions name

Garrion: just the last couple sessions.. since the play started

Tristan (Stan): i cheated

Sefiros: i know queen, have some of their albums

Sefiros: so i recognize the show must go on, and death on two legs

Tristan (Stan): i know Waynes world…

Garrion: haha, well sef gets the bonus biscuit

Sefiros: highlander got me into queen some when i was younger

Sefiros: since i was hooked on the OST

Melty: :3

Sefiros: or well that album

Melty: She’s a killer~

Melty: queeeeeeeeen~

Sefiros: who wants to live forever, is my fav queen tune

Melty: got thaaaat agility~

Melty: dynamite with a laser beam~

Garrion: tonights session will be either we are the champions or another one bites the dust….

Melty: guaranteed to blow you miiihIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND

Taragnor: okay 5 minutes lemme restore FP

Melty: anytiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Loryc (aka Robert): regains 2 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Sefiros: ironically i suppose that would be a good session name for one involvng mina G


Melty: killer queen?

Sefiros: who wants to live forever

Melty: :3

Garrion: yeah, lots of good options…

Sefiros: that song is so depressing to me tho

Sefiros: its like dust in the wind or soemthing

Garrion: ok, the 5 minutes pass…. the stage hands hurry you out onto stage….

Melty: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 6 FP.

Garrion: Handerthan stands looming there….

Garrion: HAANDERTHAN (Aside) How can this be? Four trials broken, and still they prevail. Asmodeus smiles upon them. Does the Dark Lord truly know of my compact with the Abyss? It cannot be, or I am utterly undone. True or nay, I must try the last. I shall plunge their faith in pitch and acrid stew, and see if they hold to the cause.

Garrion: (To the companions) You sickly whelps profess undying devotion to one another. Another smoldering lie flung from your dark holes. You but conspire to confound this court and our Dark Majesty. ’Tis ye who contract with demon-spawn and seek my undoing, in service to some slimy mistress or master of the putrid Abyss. Your vile benefactors have thus far warded off justice’s dark hand, but let us see if you hold steadfast before the promise of oblivion.

Garrion: ((ignore the stage decore.. this set is sparsely decorated

  • Melty watches Mina, trying to catch her breath for one more FP. (if I can squeeze in another minute of rest that’ll be 6…)
  • Sefiros down’s a glass of what Zindal thinks is probably an unusual color for most wine he’s familiar with, during the brief break, then checks her make up and touches it up, but seems to otherwise take the show seriously.

Garrion: i’ll let you know when/of a minute passes

Tristan (Stan): Tristan is eyeing the director wondering if he knew he was going to dip us in acid thinking about how fun it would be to hog tie him to an angry boar

Tristan is disconnected.

Drovalid: (any healing available Melty?)

Garrion: the director stays back stage.. you do not see him very often.. not like a coach on the sidelines

Tristan has connected.

Drovalid: ( or anyone have a potion I can snag )

Melty: (I can heal you for up to like… 14, if I spend the max FP, but that’ll be a lot of my reserves…)

Drovalid: (na, keep em for probably bring me back from negatives.. heh)

Taragnor: “More? I cannot last. My old heart gives out. Go on without me, master. I served your father faithfully. Alas, I am found lacking in the face of his half-breed son. The challenges, ever dire, cleave my soul from me. May Asmodeus keep me.”

Garrion: some lines are due….

Loryc (aka Robert): “More? I cannot last. My old heart gives out. Go on without me, master. I served your father faithfully. Alas, I am found lacking in the face of his half-breed son. The challenges, ever dire, cleave my soul from me. May Asmodeus keep me.”

Garrion: nm

Melty: (kk~ Yeah my energy pool is at 11/27 atm)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “No foolish talk, old wizard. Haven’t you claimed immortality a thousand times to any bent ear? Old Dentris Maltrada cannot die, ye said. I’ve eaten the heart of an ancient Red Wyrm, and warmed by his fire, my soul burns eternal. Get up, my dear friend, more father to me, than ever any father was. Your duties are not abated. Your task is yet undone.”

Melty: (total, not counting my powerstone)

Tristan (Stan): Let him die. He’s suffered long enough, and we’ve suffered his blustery speeches even more keenly. Kick off, old bag, and be done with ye.

Garrion: (hehe, tristan probably wanted to tell loryc this before))

Tristan (Stan): (true)

Tristan (Stan): (but now i’m fully impressed by his nifty powers)

Garrion: dentris….

Loryc (aka Robert): sorry heh.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Why you shiny beetle! You quivering pall-o-dine of a young whelp-turned-demigod! You plump kettle! I’ll bring the all-encompassing powers of a thousand worlds crashing down upon your head! The keening song of dead gods warble at my command. I’ll leave your mind a tatterdemalion of a sad rag. Die! Die, you say! Nay, not till I’ve seen the last oafish breath squeezed from your lungs by tongs of fire—you simpering Aro-din-din!”

Tristan (Stan): Looking more lively now, aren’t we?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Peace, old man. The pall-o-dine works a righteous healing upon your old bones—applying the only balm your withered heart desires—spitting ire and uncouth rage. Bile for balm, bile for balm—what a wolfish old man, a terror to kings and angels. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dentris Maltrada. He knows no equal.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Enough, pup! I am much abused. Lay not your hands on me, pall-o-dine! I’ll rise without your young god’s urgings. I’ve work left indeed.”

Garrion: Ilsandra….

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) takes a few steps forward towards Loryc seductively.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “Strange old wizard, loyal and dear heart. He’ll join us in the marriage bed and one last night of bliss will be his for the taking!” she says playfully

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “A lovely sentiment, my princess of Hell, disturbing though it may be.”

Drovalid: “Enough. It is time. I am not long of your company, but know that I would stand by you all through six hundred trials. Take hands with me, half-breed. My sins and yours are one. Our destinies intertwine, and I walk your path with you to the bitter burning end.”

Melty: “Whoa…”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) glances back to Zindal with a bemused look.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m honored.

Garrion: HAANDERTHAN How touching. These sentiments of yours are nothing but dreamy clouds, soon to be shred by Asmodeus’s blasting winds.

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) throws Haanderthan a scornful look.

Garrion: Larazod….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Face of hazy dream-like bliss, kiss like fire. I burn for you, princess. Cling to me, dig your talons into my chest and touch my heart with white-hot caress.”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) smiles as she comes closer to Zindal, cozzying up against him.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “I am yours for one thousand blissful years.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins as he takes Mina into his arms, leaning in close to her in a sensuous manner
  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) puts her wrist to her mouth bites into it, letting blood flow as her fangs are displayed by anyone discernable enough to notice.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “Drink my sizzling blood from my wrist, or anywhere else you like—let us seal this sinful compact and consummate our love in the heat of battle.”

Garrion: take 1 Hp damage

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) holds up her wrist to Zindal’s mouth.

Tristan (Stan): Dentris, you old cur, dog curled by your master’s feet. I can’t call you friend, but a truer servant I’ve never known. Loyalty is the mark of greatness. Know that my sword is yours even as your spells bend to Larazod’s cause. We stand as one, and we always shall.

Melty: (ur gonna get ghouled, rofl)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): is reduced 1 HP, and now has 19 HP.

Melty: (isn’t that even how they make ghouls in VtM?)

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) gives him a glance like, hurry up.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oh sorry i missed tristans post

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Sorry, still on the phone, one sec)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (its cool just trying to emblish the dialogue and get usa better reception)

Garrion: haha, he in the heat of passion with mina and stops to pull out his communcator

Mina (aka Ilsandra): hahaha

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) takes Mina’s hand and slowly licks the blood from her wrist

Melty: (btw dunno why I just thought of this song but here~ )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 10 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 9


Zindal (aka Ladzin): -4 to that for the men

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) kisses his bloody lips, though he recives no tongue despiter her “acting”.

Melty: (the other one was busted)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “Great Tormentor, Drovalid Vorclune, let it be said a man who can bear the vicious ministrations he renders upon his foes is a great man indeed. Though I am pledged to this young half-breed, know your courage sends shudders through my loins.”

Drovalid: “You do me sweet honor, great lady. I stand in awe of your passion, and these worthy nobles’ unshakable courage. Even this milksop of a pall-o-dine stands hard against the torments of Hell—harder than the fiercest witch.”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) she says as she turns to Drovalid, then back to Zindal pointing with an opened wrist in his direction as she delivers the final bit of the line.

Garrion: will roll to keep from popping a woody, haha

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Will and gets 5 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 7

Melty: ←rolls Will and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 0

Tristan (Stan): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (did he slip me the tongue?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (He totally would have)

  • Drovalid readies his axe.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol

Mina (aka Ilsandra): she gave you a quick raising of the brows when you did that, not expecting it, she seems to be pretty professional

Mina (aka Ilsandra): at least here

Garrion: with this final line the lights dim on the stage and haanderthan fades off stage…..

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: the rear curtain rises, revealing a stage set to look like a dank swamp scene

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: fog effects cover the stage floor….

Tristan: hmmm, got bumped twice already. thought that update was working … but looks like not so much

Garrion: suddenly you see bones fly around in two tight circles as the combine into two large hulking humanoid skeletons with long arms and large tusks….

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) draws his sword
  • Loryc (aka Robert) takes a few steps behind ZIndal and Mina.

Garrion: inits

  • Tristan (Stan) prepares to fight! Initiative: 14
  • Loryc (aka Robert) prepares to fight! Initiative: 11
  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) prepares to fight! Initiative: 8
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) prepares to fight! Initiative: 14
  • Drovalid prepares to fight! Initiative: 10.5

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Finally off the phone)

  • Skeleton prepares to fight! Initiative: 19.5
  • Melty prepares to fight! Initiative: 21

Garrion: ok, think that has everyoine…..

Melty has received initiative.

Garrion: melty is hidden in the pocket… it took at least minute for the lines to be delivered

Melty: Yay~

Mina (aka Ilsandra): gives a whole new meaning to playing pocket pool

  • Melty stays in hiding for now, wanting to see what the skeleton thingies do.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): melty is in a pocket, playing her own pocket pool

Melty: :3

Mina (aka Ilsandra): its like those russian dolls

Melty: (brb my dinner just got done~)

Garrion: the large skeletons rush the actors.. heedless of any danger….

Loryc (aka Robert): hehe.

Tristan (Stan): (whispers) “crap, no vitals”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m not sure what our actual facings would be since we were acting and shit, I’m guessing me and Mina would be facing each other?

Skeleton 1:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Slash
in the Right Leg
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 10 (14 with a modifier of -4)

Skeleton 1 FAILS by 2

0 for Right Leg, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

  • Drovalid dodges the sloppy attack.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): depends

Mina (aka Ilsandra): figure we would have all turned to look at the crazy flying bones

Garrion: their unusually long arms seem to give them a great reach, more than a normal man

Mina (aka Ilsandra): before they formed

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah that too

Mina (aka Ilsandra): fully

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like I don’t think my back would be to them anyway

Garrion: yes, you had time to turn.. but not to draw weapons unless make a quickdraw

Skeleton 2:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Slash
in the Torso
←Rolls 7 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 2 SUCCEEDS by 7

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Drovalid: tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 12

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 4

Tristan (Stan) has received initiative.

Drovalid: ( I said I drew I weapon after the dialogue finished… did that not happen then?)

Tristan (Stan): hmmm, so it looks like I have quick draw arrow but not bow.

Tristan (Stan): default for quick draw?

Garrion: not sure there is one

Garrion: have to look

Mina (aka Ilsandra): anything i recognize or know about these things other than the obvious?

Tristan (Stan): dx – 5?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ←rolls Hidden Lore (Undead) and gets 10 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 0

Drovalid: (dont forget +1 from combat reflex)

Tristan (Stan): I would think you could at least attempt it

Garrion: hidden lore undead.. also know nature

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Wizard! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina (aka Ilsandra): dont think i have nature on my list

Loryc (aka Robert): that’s all the hidden lores

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Looks like Troglodyte skeletons or something)

Garrion: this is indeed an animated skeleton… looks to be similar to a troll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Well I was close)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): do i know if bludgeoning works better on it than slashing or piercing?

Tristan (Stan): so, fast draw default? checking on my ipad but going slow

Mina (aka Ilsandra): or something like akin to D&D

Mina (aka Ilsandra): just asking since i have a flail, was wondering if there would be better use of it vs these than my sword

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Well I’m guessing piercing/thrusting damage will be useless at least

Garrion: skeletons are particularly tough foes with piercing attacks doing hardly any damage, cutting a bit, but the most effective is bludgeoning blows to break the bones.. theya re not subject to damage the same as a living creature

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah basicaly just wondering if my flail would work better on em than my sword maybe

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No default for Fast Draw

Tristan (Stan): it says no default on fast draw… but I would think you could at least attempt it. your call G

Tristan (Stan): seems like dx – 5 would be fair

Tristan (Stan): anyone could at least try to draw a weapon fast right?

Tristan (Stan): not like i’m trying to program a computer…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i dunno

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol, sounds like something to drop a skill point in

Mina (aka Ilsandra): if it says no default i assumed it was something you couldnt do

Tristan (Stan): (yeah, I got arrow and sword but did not think about the bow)

Garrion: if no default then no default… the thing is that it is something that has to be practiced….

Drovalid: (would say yes for the flail )

Tristan (Stan): (but practiaclly… think about that, it’s something that someone could potentially do)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah well you can still draw a weapon

Zindal (aka Ladzin): But not easily without specialized training

Tristan (Stan): ok, drawing bow and fast drawing arrow….

Mina (aka Ilsandra): its just trying to play gunslinger

Tristan (Stan): done

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 14 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 1)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

Tristan (Stan): arrow gets out faster than the bow

Zindal (aka Ladzin) has received initiative.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 7

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) draws his sword and dashes forward to face the skeletons, seemingly heedless of any danger

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Will spend FP to move and attack without penalty

Zindal (aka Ladzin): receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Melty: What is it that lets you do that? Is it a thing you have or just something anyone can do?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Weapon Master

Melty: Ahh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Swing to neck, also taking -2 to give him -1 to his defense

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Skeleton 1 with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 14 (21 with a modifier of -7)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 0

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -2 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina (aka Ilsandra): first time i can recall zindal actually swinging his sword

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I did it last session too, lol

Skeleton 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 12 with effective skill 9

Skeleton 1 FAILS by 3

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ah

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The Longsword inflicts 8 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 3 raW

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah true guess its hard to poke out a pile of goo’s eyes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Damn, heavy DR

Zindal (aka Ladzin): x2 for Neck

Zindal (aka Ladzin): so 6 damage to neck

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah heh

Tristan (Stan): (it may not be x2 if they are non homogenus)

Tristan (Stan): … or something like that… don’t bleed

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah true


Garrion: didn;t meran to caps

Zindal (aka Ladzin): But losing the head should still kill it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If it’s an animated undead

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So would think it would still be an effective attack

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (what does Parry 0U) mean again?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): it can parry, but is unreadied after?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think it becomes Unreadied when you parry

Mina (aka Ilsandra): or cant at all

Tristan (Stan): (unless your ST is high enough)

Garrion: means no parry bonus and causes weapon to become unready

Loryc (aka Robert) has received initiative.

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shows off his skills for the crowd again, dashing straight at the towering skeleton and slashing into its neck

Skeleton 1: is reduced 6 HP, and now has 15 HP.

Loryc (aka Robert): Hmm… not much I can do versus undead

Loryc (aka Robert): Anyone need any buffs? or you guys think you can take em?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I wouldn’t mind buffs

Drovalid: ( unready means you can swing once, next round need to raedy it, then swing again… and no parry with it )

Loryc (aka Robert): well I mean if your parry is already uber you don’t really need anything.

Drovalid: ( unless you got the 1.5x str needed, then just can’t parry )

Loryc (aka Robert): I could buff up Urso’s dodge a little

Loryc (aka Robert): eh what the hell its free anyway gonna try to cast 1 pt haste on Urso

Drovalid: ( if you do that, I"ll try to go in between em and draw more attacks

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 15 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc (aka Robert) FAILS by 1

Garrion: or the parry causes it to be unready and can’t attack with it till you spend ready maneuver to get it set again

Loryc (aka Robert): heh or not

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol, I request it and he ignores me =P

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though guess it wouldn’t have mattered anyway with that roll

Drovalid has received initiative.

Loryc (aka Robert): Well I mean I can’t really buff you much

Loryc (aka Robert): I can increase your dodge

Loryc (aka Robert): but you don’t use it

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Melty: Nyao?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): That was just a free buff anyway

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I do when I can’t Parry

Loryc (aka Robert): Urso takes all the hits

Loryc (aka Robert): so I figured probably better to buff him

Loryc (aka Robert): he could dodge a strike now and then :P

Garrion: urso….

  • Drovalid steps up and attacks the damaged one.

Drovalid: (did I have my axe in hand or no?)

Garrion: (you don;t have to step that close… remember your reaches

Garrion: unless hand axe is 1

Drovalid: ( well I’m trying to draw em in some)

←Attacks Skeleton 1 with a Swing
in the Groin
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 15 (15 with a modifier of 0)

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 5

0 for Groin, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Skeleton 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 10 with effective skill 9

Skeleton 1 FAILS by 1

Garrion: no groin bonus

Drovalid: The Throwing Axe inflicts 15 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 10 raw

Garrion: so 15 total

Drovalid: (damn, exactly average for me.. damn I can never roll those high )

Garrion: even with cutting weapon, the force behind the blow is nearly enough to shatter the heavy pelvis of the skeleton

  • Drovalid steps up and slams his axe in the place its nuts should have been.

Skeleton 1: is reduced 15 HP, and now has 0 HP: at half move.

Mina (aka Ilsandra) has received initiative.

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) brushes her fancy dresses and gowns aside she tries to draw her sword quickly.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ←rolls Fast Draw (Two-Handed Sword) and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 4

Mina (aka Ilsandra): I’ll spend the FP from Weapon Master to do like Tab and move and strike, moving inbetween the two, literally and symbolically due to the nature of our previous exchange.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): regains 1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oops

Mina (aka Ilsandra): receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Mina (aka Ilsandra):
←Attacks Skeleton 1 with a Swung
in the torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 22 (18 with a modifier of 4)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 14

0 for torso, 4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina (aka Ilsandra): why do i have a mod of 4?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i just clicked torso front

Garrion: maneuver chosen?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): swing

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oh i see what you meant

Mina (aka Ilsandra): sorry you

Garrion: you have AOA determined

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah i had AoO selected i didnt mean to do that

Mina (aka Ilsandra): from last time

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i forget that stays selected till you change it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): minus that 4, was pose to be a normal swing

Melty: (I moved since I’m in Loryc’s pocket)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): or i can reroll it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): if you require

Garrion: ok, so you still succeed

Skeleton 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 6 with effective skill 5

Skeleton 1 FAILS by 1

Mina (aka Ilsandra): drunk skeletons

Mina (aka Ilsandra): The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 23 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 18 raw

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol god damn

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah that was a nice dmg roll

Drovalid: ( quit stealing my damage )

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (quit rolling so shitty :-p)

Garrion: 4d6+10?

Tristan (Stan): wow

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i think so, i dont rememmeber everything off my head

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She has assloads of both ST and Striking ST, plus Weapon Master

Garrion: we need to double check tnat… seems way high

Drovalid: (ah, same as me, except the weapon master thing)

Tristan (Stan): i think striking st counts your st as higher… not actual damage as higher

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah i know its 4d at least

Mina (aka Ilsandra): from str

Mina (aka Ilsandra): then whatever weapon master adds in

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No it counts the damage

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s why it’s Striking

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s your actual ST that’s not increased

Tristan (Stan): but, if you have a swing weapon it is +2 for die for WM so that may be right

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah 4d2then+8 from weapon master

Mina (aka Ilsandra): 4d+2*

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah you guys got this… heh. don’t really need any spells

Garrion: ok, anyway….

Garrion: 27 total?

Tristan (Stan): wow, maybe we can take out a dragon

Mina (aka Ilsandra): the roll said 23

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 16 base ST and 5 Striking ST, so ST equivalent 21 for damage rolls

Mina (aka Ilsandra): my roller is correct

Skeleton 1: is reduced 27 HP, and now has -27 HP: at half move.
Skeleton 1 breaches -21 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): its 4d+10

Skeleton 1:

←rolls HT and gets 6 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 1 SUCCEEDS by 4

Mina (aka Ilsandra): though thats only for swings

Mina (aka Ilsandra): thrust dmg is way less

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s normal

Mina (aka Ilsandra): think T gave her a bunch of dmg for swinging, so i could be diff than zindal since he pokes everywhere

Tristan (Stan): yeah, swing is way higher

Mina (aka Ilsandra): since you dont get some kind of bonus on swings or something

Mina (aka Ilsandra): some kind of multiplier for implaing or something isnt it?

Garrion: Mina’s blow breaks several bones and the loud snaps can be heard throuigh the theater.. but somehow the structure remains intact with the infernal forces creating it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i dont remember

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Damn, these things have assloads of HP

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or their damage reduction is uber

Mina (aka Ilsandra): my gurps knowledge is very little, and its been a whilke since i played too so i forgot the little bit i had gained at camp start

Mina (aka Ilsandra): so it may take me a bit to get back into remmbering

Melty has received initiative.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah the final damage after DR gets a multiplier depending on whether it’s swing/crush/thrust

Garrion: and target area

Melty: hmmm… shall I try something you think…?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Thrust damage is lower raw damage but a higher multiplier

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Swing is higher raw damage but lower multiplier

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though yeah it also depends on hit location

Tristan (Stan): (so against something that does not get multiplier it’s not so great… like things that don’t bleed… which really does make sense if you think about it…. no organs)

Garrion: because thrusts go deep and cuts are pretty shallow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah, that’s why Thrust to the eye is x4 mod, lol

Tristan (Stan): they put a lot of thought into it. I like it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Because you’re skewering their brain

Garrion: melty taking action or holding?

Melty: I’m just gonna hold for now

Melty: I don’t think I’m gonna accomplish much right now other than waste some energy

Garrion: both skeletons attack with great might.. trying to crush you in a single blow

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah heh.

Loryc (aka Robert): That’s kinda my same thought Sachi

Loryc (aka Robert): the fighters got this stuff under control

Loryc (aka Robert): so might as well let em do their thing

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s horrible acting though

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The crowd ain’t gonna be entertained without something flashy

Loryc (aka Robert): heh yeah I guess that’s a good point

Loryc (aka Robert): guess I’ll conjure up my sword again. lol.

Garrion: or you can illusion a huge fireball that you know does nothing but the crowd doesn’t

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah. heh.

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll probably do that.

Melty: Also, I’m in his pocket, so if I do something flashy…ooo

Loryc (aka Robert): Just worry abiout special effects

Loryc (aka Robert): Even if it doesn’t do anything mechanically.

Melty: Hey yeah, I can maintain Complex Illusion for free

Melty: I’ll help him

Melty: Can I cast it once and maintain it that’ll work for one scene?

Loryc (aka Robert): heh, well I can handle the illusion parts.

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean taht’s no big deal

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The more lens flare the better man

Skeleton 1 is at -27 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid unconsciouness.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol

Melty: Aww… ok… I just feel lazy cause I’m sitting here in your pocket, lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You don’t want to just blow up the Death Star, you want that giant fucking ring of fire coming off it too

Mina (aka Ilsandra): jj abrahms thinks so at least

Skeleton 1:
←Attacks Zindal (aka Ladzin) with a Slash
in the Torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 1 SUCCEEDS by 6

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal (aka Ladzin): tries to parry and rolls a 8 with effective skill 18

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 10

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) easily deflects the skeleton’s clumsy blows

Melty: Naw, I wanna do it!

Skeleton 1:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Bite
in the Left Leg
←Rolls 11 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 1 SUCCEEDS by 3

0 for Left Leg, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Drovalid: tries to dodge and rolls a 5 with effective skill 12

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 7

  • Melty generates a number of ghostly, wisp-like spirits to float around the skeletons, as if the group is being menaced by spirits.
  • Drovalid lifts his leg out of the way.

Skeleton 2:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Slash
in the Torso
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 2 SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): r Statement Body : getName(targetID)

Melty: (I just wanna do a thing cause I like didn’t last time, except for armor :3 )

Skeleton 2:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Slash
in the Torso
←Rolls 16 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 2 FAILS by 2

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Drovalid: tries to parry and rolls a 10 with effective skill 14

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: (9both skeletons attacked twice))

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Are they doing All Out Attack?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or could I tell?

Garrion: the descrition said they seemd to attack with great effort

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, okay

Garrion: but what they did exactly you do not know

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Got it

Tristan (Stan) has received initiative.

Tristan (Stan): ok bow out and bodkin ready… probably not doing as much as Thunder and she-ra over there but i’ll give it a go

Tristan (Stan): attacking number 2

Loryc (aka Robert): oh okay so you can’t tell what’s an AoA and what’s a normal attack?

Loryc (aka Robert): I didn’t realize that.

Tristan (Stan):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Bodkin Arrow
in the torso
←Rolls 7 vs. Skill 22 (20 with a modifier of 2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 15

0 for torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -3 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

Tristan (Stan): is it a crit if you succed over 10?

Garrion: sometimes you can especially against a familiar foe.. but these are not familiar

Tristan (Stan): The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 6 imp raw damage.

Tristan (Stan): so, dr divided by 2 … then no multipler

Garrion: regular arrow?

Tristan (Stan): “tink”

Tristan (Stan): bodkin

Garrion: aren’t bodkin Pi+ not impaling?

Melty: They’re Pi

Garrion: makes a difference on this since undead

Melty: Not Pi+

Tristan (Stan): checking

Tristan (Stan): pi

Melty: At least that’s what the sidebar in the basic set says, I saw it today while I was looking for something else

Tristan (Stan): page 277 basic

Melty: That’s the only reason I remember

Garrion: so half DR.. only DR2… but pi vs undead is 1/3

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 4*.33

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 4/3

Garrion: so 1.32

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 1 damage

Drovalid: (need to get the green arrow boxing glove arrow )

Melty: They’re not really that broken compared to regular arrows, unless you’re good enough to consistently hit in the vitals or like eyes, like a cinematic archer

Melty: Cause regular arrows do imp

Skeleton 1: is reduced 1 HP, and now has -28 HP: at half move.

Melty: imo, at least

Zindal (aka Ladzin) has received initiative.

Tristan (Stan): i don’t think it really maters because impaling is a multipler… and they don’t bleed so I think it’s treated the same.

Melty: Not on these, no

Melty: I just meant in general

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) continues pounding on Skeleton 1, trying to take its head off

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Rapid Strike, two swings to the Neck

Tristan (Stan): wow, that’s crap damage. … hopefully it looked cool at least.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (what kind of dmg does the other arrow do if one does impaling?)

Tristan (Stan): should have gotten an axe…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (i figured all arrows were impaling)

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Skeleton 1 with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 9 vs. Skill 13 (21 with a modifier of -8)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 4

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Skeleton 1 with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 13 (21 with a modifier of -8)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 5

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Tristan (Stan): (it does PI but if you hit a vital it bumps it back up to X3 so it gets the best of both worlds if they have a vital)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (PI?)

Garrion: both hit as the skeleton seems to just take it and not even try to avoid

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Piercing

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (oh i thought piercing and impaling were the same thing)

Melty: (Nah)

Garrion: nope

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Apparently they aren’t

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (didnt know there was such a thing as piercing in gurps)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The Longsword inflicts 10 cut raw damage.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The Longsword inflicts 10 cut raw damage.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (thought it was just impaling, crushing, cutting)

Garrion: 5 each…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 5 damage on each before multiplier

Melty: (On a normal target piercing does normal damage, impaling does I think 2x after DR?)

Melty: (Nah there’s like a dozen or so

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah 2x after DR

Garrion: so 7 each

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Don’t get the x2 for slashing to neck on these?

Skeleton 1: is reduced 14 HP, and now has -42 HP: at half move.
Skeleton 1 breaches -42 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Guess because no jugular, lol

Skeleton 1:

←rolls HT and gets 13 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -2)

Skeleton 1 FAILS by 5

Loryc (aka Robert) has received initiative.

Loryc (aka Robert): hmm

Loryc (aka Robert): “Hmm these creatures seemed tougher than I expected.. let us see how they stand against my wizardly skills!”

Garrion: and with these last two well placerd cuts Zindal is able to crust the skeleton and the forces animating it and it crumbles to the ground in a haeap

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) poses dramatically as he finishes off the skeleton, watching it crumble with a satisfied smirk on his face
  • Loryc (aka Robert) makes a big drawn out incantation and chanting, even though it’s not necessary and calls down a pair of illusory flame on the southermost creature

Loryc (aka Robert): Bsaically not gonna do any damage to it, but gonna just make the stage look all burned and stuff

Loryc (aka Robert): gonna set up some dramatic illusionary flames too burning on the floor

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 14 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: nice effect

Garrion: the crowd cheers at the 1-2 combo

Loryc (aka Robert): (doing complex illusion for that)

Drovalid has received initiative.

  • Drovalid turns his attention to the other skieleton and attacks it.

←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swing
in the Right Arm
←Rolls 11 vs. Skill 15 (15 with a modifier of 0)

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 4

0 for Right Arm, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: and he hits

Drovalid: The Throwing Axe inflicts 16 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 11 raw

Garrion: 16

Drovalid: (damn it, I just can’t break into the 20’s )

Garrion: on the arm

Skeleton 2: My arm is down to 0 HPs and overall I’m down to 10 HPs.

Tristan (Stan): (poor Urso… I got a 1… suck it up) ;)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): you dont have weapon master?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (urso)

  • Drovalid slams his axe into its arm, trying to chop it off.

Drovalid: (no )

Garrion: the blow crushes the arm and the bones shatter making it useless

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Nah he doesn’t)

Tristan (Stan): (I do, but not so great on thrust damage)

Tristan (Stan): (yup, I do)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) has received initiative.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): sorry dog distracted me

Mina (aka Ilsandra): Is #1 truely done for, is it still moving any?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nah it’s dead

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Re-dead

Garrion: it is deanimated

Mina (aka Ilsandra): roger

Mina (aka Ilsandra): can you normally move and still attack or if that with the WM FP thing only?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You can but you take a penalty

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Your max skill is like 9

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ok

Mina (aka Ilsandra): I’ll do that and take the penalty

Garrion: of you can do AoA and move half and attack at full

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No defense if you do that though

Mina (aka Ilsandra): the measure/gridding is diff than when i first played too i noticed

Garrion: yeah, grid-free

Mina (aka Ilsandra):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swung
in the Right Leg
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 14 (18 with a modifier of -4)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Right Leg, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: the “aura” is your reach for 1 and 2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s not precise though, heh

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ok well i selected move & attackj for maneuver

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If you use the measure tool you can see that the ranges actually extend slightly beyond each aura

Mina (aka Ilsandra): tho it doesnt look like that limited my skill to 9 or did it?

Garrion: ok, you miss

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No, should have taken -5

Garrion: no, you have to do that manually

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ah ok

Garrion: just know that is roll over 9 you fail

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ok

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i have short term memory problems, so sorry

Melty has received initiative.

Garrion: that ok… roller helps but not fail-safe.. still have to do menatal work

Drovalid: ( boo.. mental work )

  • Melty settles back into her pouch… she disperses the spirits she made with her illusions as Loryc tosses his fireball.

Garrion: the skeleton lashes out with a huge claw and a nasty bite at the one who crushed the arm

Melty: (Hey does anyone happen to have GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2? >.> It has the full rules for oversized melee weapons, like for bigger D&D-type creatures and stuff, and I’m just curious about how it works in GURPS, lol)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (check aim

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Negative)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (Sachi)

Melty: (Awww dank! You rule Sef)

Skeleton 2:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Slash
in the Torso
←Rolls 14 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 2 SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Drovalid: tries to dodge and rolls a 14 with effective skill 12

Drovalid FAILS by 2

Skeleton 2:
←Attacks Drovalid with a Bite
in the Torso
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Skeleton 2 SUCCEEDS by 1

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Drovalid: tries to parry and rolls a 8 with effective skill 14

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: Urso dodges the bite but the claw strikes him solid…..

Drovalid: my torso is DR 6

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (mina’s nodachi aint that big tho, so i havent looked at those rules, hers is like a large bastard sword/barely a greatsword)

Skeleton 2: The Claw inflicts 8 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 3 daamge

Drovalid: so 2 ?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (just incase people thought i had Sef’s humongous sword)

Melty: (I have an idea for a fantasy GURPS campaign I’ve been messing with in my head >.>; one of the NPCs I have in mind is a badass giant lady and I want to see how big her sword is gonna be)

Drovalid: regains 3 HP, and now has 17 HP.

Drovalid: is reduced 6 HP, and now has 11 HP.

Drovalid: oops

Tristan (Stan) has received initiative.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (remember in D&D when Sef parried the storm giant dude on the spelljammer ship, that was funny)

Tristan (Stan): well my last shot did not do much… but it looks like everyone is handling them well so i’ll try to make the crowd happy and do an eye shot… trying a normal arrow… because hey, they suck anyway

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Fast-Draw (Arrow) and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 1)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Tristan (Stan):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Standard Arrow
in the eye
←Rolls 9 vs. Skill 13 (20 with a modifier of -7)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

-9 for eye, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -3 range, 0 miscMod, 5 accMod

Taragnor: (lol)

Tristan (Stan): The Composite Bow (ST14) inflicts 8 imp raw damage.

Tristan (Stan): so, probably super crap damage but it looked cool

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like I said, the audience only cares about seeing a good show

Garrion: Tristan fires his arrow into the pitch black soulless recesses where eyes should be

Taragnor: yeah.

Tristan (Stan): “tink”

Tristan (Stan): done

Tristan (Stan): “rattle rattle”

Garrion: 0.99

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: 4 daamge

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Wow

Garrion: i mean 1

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, I was gonna say

Tristan (Stan): ah well, at least it looked good

Garrion: the arrow sticks into the sosket but fails to do any real harm

Skeleton 2: is reduced 1 HP, and now has 9 HP.

Zindal (aka Ladzin) has received initiative.

Tristan (Stan): but now you have a troll skeleton with an arrow hanging out of it’s eye socket, that has to look cool

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Spend FP to move and attack at full skill

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Rapid Strike, double attack to the neck

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 13 (21 with a modifier of -8)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 0

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swing
in the neck
←Rolls 7 vs. Skill 13 (21 with a modifier of -8)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 6

-5 for neck, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -3 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: both hit

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The Longsword inflicts 11 cut raw damage.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The Longsword inflicts 10 cut raw damage.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 9 and 7

Skeleton 2: is reduced 16 HP, and now has -7 HP: at half move.

Garrion: the blows nearly crush the neck bones but they remain intact

Loryc (aka Robert) has received initiative.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tch… Stubborn.”

Taragnor: “indeed.. it seems they’re resistant to magic.. but nonetheless…. that’s no reason not to try!”

  • Taragnor begins to chant again… causing his eyes to glow a bright white with arcane energy… as he unleasehs a barrage of 10 illusory magic missiles that strike against the target, though explode wituh no effect.

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -6)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 6

Drovalid has received initiative.

  • Drovalid shifts a bit and strikes out at it.

Garrion: the crowd oohs and aahs

Loryc (aka Robert): “What manner of hellish abomination is this?!”

←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swing
in the Torso
←Rolls 6 vs. Skill 15 (15 with a modifier of 0)

Drovalid SUCCEEDS by 9

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

  • Loryc (aka Robert) seems to look in respect and a bit of fear as the creature absorbs his arcane barrage.

Tristan (Stan): (tristan ahh’s too)

Garrion: you hit

Drovalid: The Throwing Axe inflicts 13 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 8 raw

Garrion: 12

Skeleton 2: is reduced 12 HP, and now has -19 HP: at half move.

Mina (aka Ilsandra) has received initiative.

Garrion: mina….

Drovalid: (finish him )

Garrion: ok, about to move on…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oh sorry

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) looks to Lazarod and pretends to draw courage from him as she lashes out fiercely as they fight side by side.

Mina (aka Ilsandra):
←Attacks Skeleton 2 with a Swung
in the skull
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 7 (18 with a modifier of -11)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) FAILS by 3

-7 for skull, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina (aka Ilsandra): actually

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i cant swing at its skull if its so big, i wasnt thinking lol

Mina (aka Ilsandra): or well

Mina (aka Ilsandra): gues maybe i could

Mina (aka Ilsandra): with a long sword

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Should you still be at -4?

Garrion: you can reach with weapon

Mina (aka Ilsandra): nope i shouldnt

Mina (aka Ilsandra): my bad

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That hit then

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i had move & atk selected

Mina (aka Ilsandra): damn sorry

Mina (aka Ilsandra): thats the 1 thing i always screw up

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i thought i had changed that again

Mina (aka Ilsandra): it should have just been the skull penalty

Zindal (aka Ladzin): His actual skill is 11 so he hit with a 10

Garrion: ok, mina hits

Mina (aka Ilsandra): which is what i clicked

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i was trying to swing and come down on top of its head

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Roll up the damage, you hit

Mina (aka Ilsandra): was waiting for dodge

Mina (aka Ilsandra): The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 21 cut raw damage.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): They aren’t dodging I don’t think

Garrion: no dodge

Garrion: 16 raw

Garrion: 24

Melty has received initiative.

Tristan (Stan): wow

Skeleton 2: is reduced 24 HP, and now has -43 HP: at half move.
Skeleton 2 breaches -21 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.
Skeleton 2 breaches -42 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, damn, that should smash it…

Skeleton 2:

←rolls HT and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -1)

Skeleton 2 FAILS by 3

Melty: :3?

Garrion: the blow comes down hard on the troll skull and it crushes under the impact of the blade. the skeleton crumbles to the ground….

Garrion: the audience goes wild seeing such destruction on the stage

Garrion: the curtains drop

Garrion: yo are ushered to your rooms for a 5 minute rest as the stage is reset for the final act

Tristan (Stan): “Nice job everyone”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) approaches Mina once the curtains go down

Melty: “Mhmhm~”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) sheaths her sword as she makes her way off stage.

Drovalid: " NIce… can you bind wound?"

  • Melty peers out at Mina… Seemingly in awe of the beautiful nymph.
  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) nods to Tristan, and eyes Zindal as he approaches.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Your skills are impressive, and with raw power as well. I could help you become even better though if you’d like some… one-on-one training…”

Garrion: each of you roll lecharousness

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “5 minutes passes fast behind the curtain.”

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Drovalid: huh?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Lecherousness and gets 14 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): regains 1 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls First Aid and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Drovalid: I don’t have it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “Though I heard you only need half a minute.”

Tristan (Stan): first aid for urso

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) says with a joking smile.

Drovalid: how much it heal?

Garrion: no, zindal and mina

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Roll your Lecherousness check lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Should be 3d6 vs 12 if you took the standard version

Loryc (aka Robert): think there’s drawbacks too if the person is attractive

Loryc (aka Robert): Like it gives a penalty to it

Melty: Melty rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -10)

Melty FAILS by 9

Mina (aka Ilsandra): what do you roll anyways?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): for the checks

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like I said, 3d6 vs 12

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You can do it manually

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I set up a skill for it on my skill manager

Melty: Whatever your CR for the disadvantage is

Melty: Mine is 12, but I have like a -10 penalty because of how hot Mina is

Melty: Let me verify

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah, it says yours is 12

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So you roll 3d6 vs that target number

Melty: Yeah, -10 if Very Handsome/Very Beautiful or sexier

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And I’ve got Very Handsome, lol

Mina (aka Ilsandra): well technically mina prefers women, but she is prolly bi-sexual some

Melty: It’s up to you who she prefers~

Garrion: then only -5

Mina (aka Ilsandra): wheres a generic roller?

Mina (aka Ilsandra): I’ll indulge tab

Melty: Though it does say you’re likely to relax your standards if you’re not getting any…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): since he did at least drink my blood

Melty: Click Generic Skill

Melty: Put 12 for the value and -10 for the mod is like how I did it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): like i mean she aint like only into girls, but generally she favors women over men

Melty: Which is basically impossible anyway, I forget if you auto-succeed on a 3 or what

Melty: But it’s like a 0.5% chance

Mina (aka Ilsandra): but he’s got alot of appearance so I’ll roll

Melty: Yeah he’s like smoking hot

Melty: He’s a sexy, sexy man

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Damn right

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah im just looking for the generic skill button :-p

Melty: On your character sheet under Main

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s under Rolling Tools

Zindal (aka Ladzin): On the Main

Melty: Rolling Tools is the section

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like third block down

Melty: The character sheet is super useful

Melty: You can do anything with it

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ok “value for skill level”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): what do i put in

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 12

Melty: 12

Skeleton 2: 3d6+-5

Mina (aka Ilsandra): Mina (aka Ilsandra) rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: Put -10 for the next one for the -10 mod since he so fine

Drovalid: (so all of us need to roll it?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol wow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No, just me and Mina

Melty: And me

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Since we’re interacting

Drovalid: ok

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And we have Lecherousness

Melty: I’m staring at Mina, that’s enough

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, that’s 0 without mod

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So you failed

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “I didn’t think I needed any help, but I appreciate your offer.”

Drovalid: (btw, how much that heal Tristan?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Since you have a penalty due to my looks

Garrion: lol, ok each of you have to succumb to your lecherous desires

Melty: (we’re totally not forcing you to hit on Tab if you don’t want btw :p )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol G is apparently

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: (You can be into girls I just think G would be more comfortable if you explicitly said so)

Garrion: i don;t want details.. but let’s just say you make the most of your 5 minute break.. and it does not include healing

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol well nah i mean if it was anyone else i prolly wouldnt care, mostly i was playing along since he did at least follow my lead by drinking my blood

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Melty: “H-hey, big sis…”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): she may need a meal at some point

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) winks at Melty as he leads Mina away somewhere for a brief moment of privacy

Cedric has connected.

Melty: “Wait, big sis… Where are you going…?”

Garrion: well if she is not into guys then it would not be the point.. but she said bi so i figure a -5 penanlty instead of the fuill -10…. still a fail

  • Melty blatantly follows them.

Tristan (Stan): (is the director anywhere around?)

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) puts two fingers under Zindal’s chin and then leans foward and gives him a kiss, and waits for him to get wild with his tongue, which she gives a slight snip with one of her fangs, just barely enough to cause him to react.

Drovalid: (btw, how much that heal Tristan?)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “A warning.”

Garrion: if not interested at all then i wold just bypass it but mina said she has some interest

Tristan (Stan): 1d-1… i’ll roll

Tristan (Stan): roll1

  • Drovalid stretches, " that good fight.. better then pushing out of acid"

Tristan (Stan): not much…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “You were a little forward on stage.”

  • Melty alights on Mina’s shoulder to stare at them while they kiss.

Drovalid: regains 1 HP, and now has 12 HP.

  • Melty sits cross-legged and gets cozy

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “But if you’re maybe I’ll forgive you after we’re done with the job at hand.”

Tristan (Stan): voyer pixie…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): if you’re good*

Melty: Yep~

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) raises an eyebrow as he feels the bite… “Mm… I see. My apologies, m’lady.”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “You’re not alarmed. Amusing.”

Garrion: melty gets jelous and interjects…..

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “Most of them usually run away.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks… “Why would I do that…?”

Melty: “How could anyone be alarmed by you, big sis?!”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) glances at Melty, wondering what her intentions are…

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “How interesting.”

  • Melty is gazing at Mina with rapt adoration.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “It seems I may not be the strangest one in this acting troupe afterall.”

Melty: “You’re not strange at all, big sis…”

Garrion: as you discuss your desires the stage hands usher you back to the stage

Melty: “You… You complete me…~”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “I don’t believe I’ve ever met such a small…..‘person’?” she says looking for the right words

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Some men like the exotic…”

Garrion: the stage is cleared of the swamp appearance and the big bones are now gone

  • Melty has to be physically seized and shoved into someone’s pocket, but she puts up surprisingly little fuss for once
  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) smiles a bit amused at their fascination, but seems use to it, trying to keep her calm.

Melty: (Who grabs her? lol)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol, Zindal will if Mina doesn’t)

Melty: (Anyone?)

Melty: (be funny if she just got left back there, lol)

Melty: (but please someone ; ; )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (He’ll also totally tease her a little with one of his fingers as he slips her into his pocket, because he’s a perv like that)

Garrion: HAANDERTHAN The final trial is at hand. Your souls shall be quenched at long last.

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) doesn’t seem to care, and proceeds with her on her shoulder.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “This trial is yours, Magistrate Maleficarum. Asmodeus is the only true judge here. Bow before him.”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “I’m not certain if there is a part in the final act involving someone of your stature.”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “But actors must learn to improvise I suppose.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Final act is starting guys, lol)

Garrion: HAANDERTHAN Insolent dog! Asmodeus shall scour your soul as sauce from a pan. Ash for bones, and waxen souls melted by the dark lord’s flame to puddle at his taloned feet.

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) says before she finally resumes her part on stage.
  • Melty does happen to be a wanted hellknight killer… so she lets Zindal grab her.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (yeah was just getting that out before i went out, i meant)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “We shall see who is judged!”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) stands next to Lazarod and gives a look of defiance to Haanderthan.

Garrion: THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS enters in a burst of foul colored flames and shrieking, crimson skinned imps and offers Larazod a choice. His devils hang silk scarves around all the companions’ necks—one of red, one of crimson. Each is handed a contract written in blood, which bursts into flames when read.

Garrion: PRINCE OF DARKNESS Choose. A true heart shall beat strong for all eternity at my side, a false one burns to cinder in an instant.

Tristan (Stan): (does the paladin get one?….. I don’t see that I have any lines…)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) chooses the crimson scarf

Melty: (mutters to Zindal on her way to his pocket) “Did… D-did you hear that…? She… Sh-she called me… She called me a ‘person’…~”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Yeah it says we all choose the crimson scarves)

  • Drovalid chooses a crimson one.

Garrion: ((You are not sure who is this role…. the costume is very disturbing and you half wonder if you are talking to the real asmodeus

Garrion: you never saw this role in the rehersals….))

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: (I bet it is)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Yeah, the whole play is an elaborate summoning ceremony probably)

Tristan (Stan): no wonder no one ever lives

Melty: (It’s like Massa di Requiem per Shuggay, it summons Azathoth at the end)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh God

Garrion: tjhe red ones burn away and Haanderthan cries out in terror as the god turns toward him….

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) takes one of the crimson scarves as well.

Garrion: PRINCE OF DARKNESS Treacherous magistrate who lords false justice over true souls. Your soul shall burn for all eternity—an everlasting torment awaits you.

Melty: (Watch the scarves be some kind of ritual protection and my eyeballs are gonna melt because I don’t have one)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (she didnt sleep with tab incase there was any confusion)

Loryc (aka Robert): hehe.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol well we only had 5 minutes anyway)

Melty: (Yeah you can’t have a threesome in 5 minutes)

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (tho she may later if she thinks she can get a donor out of him when theres time)

Loryc (aka Robert): Well depends on how fast Zindal is.

Garrion: The Prince of Darkness reaches out and grabs up Haanderthan and carries him across stage where a portal opens up to the depths of hell and they dissappear through it.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol wow

Melty: (you go to HELL)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like an actual portal?

Melty: (you go to hell and you DIE)

Garrion: it looks like one to you

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Roll something Loryc

Tristan (Stan): (holy shit)

  • Drovalid raises his fist in triumph.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks, doing his best to hide his astonishment at what he’s just witnessed

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah talk about “Go to hell.”

Garrion: it looks like a prtal should look

Melty: (whispers to herself) “Wow… That’s some Loryc kinda illusion work or that’s a portal…”

Garrion: the crowd goes wild.. they all stand and cheers thunder through the theater

Garrion: as the curtain drops…..

Garrion: everyone make acting rolls

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acting and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 5

Drovalid: ←rolls Acting and gets 15 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 5)

Drovalid FAILS by 1

Melty: “I feel like I’ve been part of something untoward, big sis…”

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 3

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ←rolls Acting and gets 17 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 10)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) FAILS by 6

Tristan (Stan): i’ll luck it

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 16 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 4

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oops

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan (Stan): ok, made it by 2 now

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i was trying to add my appearance bonus and stuff

Mina (aka Ilsandra): not sure i did that right

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh yeah, 6 on my roll for the ladies and 2 for the men

Melty: You rolled a 17 I think that’s auto fail

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ah ok

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah he

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 17 and 18 are autofail

Zindal (aka Ladzin): heh*

Garrion: yep, very bad.. must have been very distracted by mina

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol no that was Mina’s roll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Mine was still awesome

Garrion: and what you could not have

Melty: Yeah lol

Garrion: oh oops

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Mina is totally hot and bothered for me

Melty: She was distracted thinking about Melty…

Melty: JINX

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Pfffft

Mina (aka Ilsandra): well prolly more the vision of asmoedeus

Mina (aka Ilsandra): having flashbacks of dear ole mom

Garrion: well maybe mina was quandering over if she shold have given zindal a trial run

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol..

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Acting and gets 13 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah figured i waste points in acting

Mina (aka Ilsandra): and then fail the roll

Melty: Nah dude that’s just bad luck

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So yeah my total MoS is 11 for anybody attracted to me and 7 for the rest

Melty: That’s basically a nat 1

Mina (aka Ilsandra): haha no i just meant a rare situation/skill combination

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah i know, i was saying thats my luck heh

Melty: Haha yeah

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i told T i have the opposite luck in gurps than his game

Melty: Actually even less likely than a nat 1

Mina (aka Ilsandra): dont think he believes me tho

Mina (aka Ilsandra): since i keep one shotting his earth demons

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Your dice are just used to rolling high

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And don’t know that they’re supposed to roll low here

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i took specialization (d20s)

Melty: train them

Melty: cracks whip

Mina (aka Ilsandra): yeah it must be that tab

Garrion: 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): All right well I gotta go to bed

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Going back into work tomorrow bright and early

Melty: Night night Tab!

Mina (aka Ilsandra): you didnt roll i dont think T

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hopefully I can resist the temptation to choke a bitch

Mina (aka Ilsandra): oh nm it was late

Mina (aka Ilsandra): i see it

Melty: Good luck ; ;

Tabris is disconnected.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): lol tab

Drovalid: ( I assume we off next week?)

Garrion: As the curtains rise again you and other actors come out to bow, the crowd goes even wilder. A shower of objects hurls onto the stage—brooches, chains, coins, gems, and other pieces of jewelry.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): now i got wayne brady stuck in ym head

Mina (aka Ilsandra): ←rolls Dancing and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina (aka Ilsandra) SUCCEEDS by 1

Drovalid: ( we supposed to pick these up… or are tehre "people’ that do this?)

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) gives them a provocotive dance as they cheer in appreciation.

Mina (aka Ilsandra): (had to make it up to em)

Tristan (Stan): ok guys, i’m out too. have a great night.

Garrion: it goes into the profits of the play that are part of your earnings

Tristan is disconnected.

Loryc (aka Robert): hehe. nice.

  • Drovalid smiles and picks up Zindal and waves him to the crowd.

Garrion: Robahl rushes out onto the stage along with a few others and hoist Zindal into the air….

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) scoots her way over to Loryc.

Garrion: several others comea nd hoist all of you up… though htey have some trouble with Urso

Mina (aka Ilsandra): “An interesting way to meet with commiserate with an old friend.”

Mina (aka Ilsandra): meet with and*

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) says before the stage gets mobbed further and she cant hear or do much.
  • Melty casts Hush on herself and migrates over to Mina’s clothing when she notices them talking.

Garrion: and they carry you down the aisles of the theater and out onto the streets where you are met with exuberabnt fans

Garrion: The mayor himself is there to greet you as you are temporarily set down.

  • Melty carries out a silent, one-sided conversation with Mina for quite a long time before she remembers to cancel the spell
  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) looks around, thinking she heard something in the roar of the noise.

Melty: “Loryc, you know big sis…?”

  • Mina (aka Ilsandra) looks around a few moments, then turns her attention to the mayor.

Garrion: “Very good job. That was an excellent evening of entertainment. Why don;t you come to the after-party at my house tomorrow. Everyone will be so thrilled to meet the Sixfold Heroes. Be sure tyo come as you are.”

  • Mina courtsies politely to him.

Mina: “Thank you m’lord.”

  • Drovalid nods.

Loryc (aka Robert): “We would be very honored m’lord.” (Assuming you address him as m’lord, I’d know how since I got Savoir Faire anyway)

Mina: ditto wasnt sure

Garrion: You are escorted back to your sections of town, though very slowly as you are paraded along the street.

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’ll address him in the proper way, bowing or what not)

Mina: i know lord mayor is used in alot of brittish places as a title

Mina: or like australia at least i saw on the news recently, the mayor refered as such

Loryc (aka Robert): (And yeah Sachi you’d have known about her, I’d probaly have told you guys at some point that that’s Mina who I wanted to bring in on the operation anyway)

Garrion: ok, we’ll call it here.. i’ll post some activity to the forum to discuss and also post your rewards

Loryc (aka Robert): k

Melty: (did you tell me she’s a nymph? >.> )

Melty: (Hehe, ok~)

Mina: well i dont think officially she would be called that, most people just prolly think she’s a hot half-elf

Drovalid: we off next week right?

Mina: unless they know her story

Mina: and she’s told them

Melty: Like, that she’s faerie folk is the relevant part

Garrion: umm, yes.. christmas

Mina: yeah im not sure how that bit works

Drovalid: ok figured

Mina: since im thinking of greek nymphs

Garrion: everyone have a good christmas and i’ll be in touch via the site

Mina: who are offspring of the gods

Drovalid: ok, later folks

Drovalid: and merry christmas

Melty: I figured all of Melty’s faerie friends are dead so she’d get super clingy with Mina

Melty: Merry Christmas!

Garrion: very good job with the play

Mina: i dunno if you’d know or not exactly to be honest

Mina: you could prolly tell “Something” was with her

Mina: but maybe not know exactly what it was

Mina: id figure that much at least

Drovalid: oh, if anyone wants Urso’s headband, assuming we get to keep it.. or we sell it?

Melty: Well, do you think it’d be funny for Melty to cling to Mina like an older sister she worshipped, or would you rather not? lol

Mina: thats up to you

Melty: That’s basically the question I’m asking you

Mina: i dont mind either way

Garrion: you did such a good jobRobahl tells you to keep it

Melty: I think it’s cute

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: i’ll come up with a price

Garrion: g’night all

Melty: So I wanna do it~ But if it like violated your backstory or whatever I got plenty of other ways to go~

Melty: Night G!

Mina: nah im just saying i dont know explicity what answer to give you

Melty: Hehe, ok~

Mina: you could say melty recognizes “something” at least

Melty: I’ll just say she knows there’s a connection somehow

Mina: yeah

Melty: Like she can smell it or whatever

Loryc (aka Robert): (heh, yeah, not sure if I’d tell you she’s a nymph, if you asked I would have told you she was really hot. I’m not sure how easy it is to tell if someon’es anymph, especially if they’re part vampire)

Melty: I bet Melty can smell it since she’s a faerie.

Melty: She stole one pair of Mina’s underwear and she knew right away

Mina: lol

Melty: (you did notice that quirk right)

Mina: they were already missing, tab got em first!

Mina: yeah im the one who told you to be a klepto

Mina: tho i wasnt aware of panty raids specifically

Mina: but yeah makes sense

Melty: I added the quirk to give it more of a personal The Humanmaimer focus

Garrion: here is melty…

Mina: what quirk?

Mina: kleptomania?

Melty: Pretty much~

Mina: or something else

Melty: Habit (“Borrows” women’s underwear)

Mina: ah

Melty: It’s a -1 point quirk

Mina: i was refering to just general klepto

Mina: i recall us talking about it before

Mina: she still have that too?

Mina: or is it just panty raiding specifically now?

Melty: She does

Melty: She has Kleptomania too

Melty: At CR 15 though, since I couldn’t fit it otherwise

Melty: But I can always just choose to not resist >.>

Mina: yea

Melty: So I figure like she can keep her fingers to herself most of the time but she’s constantly nicking panties

Mina: well guess I’ll be going to the party without drawers

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Mina: since they went missing backstage


Melty: ^ this is also Melty

Mina: of course i’ll prolly blame tab now

Mina: poor guy

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Mina: first it was jabbing a tongue in my mouth, now my shit is missing

Mina: i dunno if this is how you normally romance women or what buddy

Mina: if you wanna be so direct here let my oblidge you bite



Mina: jj abrahms?

Mina: he direct that? with all those lense flares

Melty: I believe that’s supposed to be fog or steam >.>

Melty: From her breath and/or body temperature

Mina: i was just joking about whoever mentioned lens flares earlier tonight

Melty: :3

Mina: so before i head out, whats the next general plans for next session and part of this caper?

Mina: T

Mina: since you’re the mastermind/leader

Loryc (aka Robert): well basically we’re gonna look for an opportunity to slip off

Mina: i assume we go to the party, but generally beyond that

Loryc (aka Robert): And then try to sneak into the attic (since that’s where the vault is)

Loryc (aka Robert): There’s also a secondary target on the first floor I believe

Loryc (aka Robert): Where the mayor keeps another valuable item.

Mina: i may be good at providing distractions for the guests?

Mina: if you dont need another actual burglar

Mina: dunno what roles you’ve decided and jobes for the specifics

Loryc (aka Robert): well I can provide the distractions if need be as well.

Loryc (aka Robert): Since there may be combat beyond the portal

Mina: ok

Loryc (aka Robert): Since the vault is like one some demiplane on the plane of shadow

Loryc (aka Robert): So figure leave the combat to you guys.

Loryc (aka Robert): Honestly mostly did the play thing so I could get Urso inside lol. If it wasn’t for that I’d probably have just loaded everyone into the chimney

Loryc (aka Robert): and just gone from there

Mina: heh

Loryc (aka Robert): But then Cedric wouldn’t have much to do and that’d kinda suck

Mina: well the play was fun in and of itself anyways

Loryc (aka Robert): so I figured we’d get in this way.

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah, heh.

Loryc (aka Robert): It was worthwhile.

Loryc (aka Robert): I’m just saying like tactically speaking it introduced some Xfactors.

Mina: just wished id been here from the start

Mina: yeah i hear ya

Mina: well im gonna head out, if either of you need to talk, i’ll be on msnger

Melty: Night Sef!~

Mina: i aint going to bed heh

Mina: just gonna close this down, memory hog

Mina: and need some food, but if you need or want to discuss anything or just whatever I’ll be online

Loryc (aka Robert): heh okay. I’ll shut it down too

Melty: I guess I will too~

Taragnor is disconnected.

Mina: yeah peace

Sachi is disconnected.

Sefiros is disconnected.

Session 12

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