Session 14

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Cedric has connected.

Taragnor has connected.

Tristan has connected.

Tabris has connected.

Tristan: hi guys

Tabris: Yo

Garrion: howdy

Cedric: hey

Tabris: Hey G, I may or may not be around next week

Tabris: Flying to Vegas

Tabris: Depends on what time I get settled in my hotel room and what else I’m doing

Tristan: i will be at my big leadership event the next two weeks

Garrion: ok, thanks for the heads up

Garrion: ok, well if both of you will be gone then i may cancel, will depend

Garrion: on an unrelated note while we wait… any of you play Star Wars – The Old Republic?

Tabris: I played KOTOR but not the MMO

Taragnor: nope.

Garrion: I just started playing some of it the other day…

Tristan: small chance I may be able to log on the week after next (actually driving nex thursday so that’s out). I’ll be all set up at the event the following week… but no promises.

Cedric: no

Tristan: i have played the xbox star wars old republic, but not the mmo

Tristan: I also have a good friend that is a writer for the game =)

Tabris: Nice

Garrion: a friend in AK trying to get me to start playing Eve with him and some others.. i tried out SW too since it is free

Tabris: lol, I know Sachi plays Eve

Tabris: I just don’t like MMO stuff in general

Tristan: i just played “Chivalry”, that’s a lot of fun for a bit of hack and slash

Garrion: i not played MMO since my old Everquest days

Tabris: The only MMO I ever played regularly was Warcraft 2 multiplayer mode

Sachi has connected.

Tabris: If that even counts

Sachi: Hi guys!

Tabris: Osu~

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Tabris: G says one of his friends is trying to get him to play Eve, lol

Garrion: hi sachi

Garrion: yeah, i just downloaded but not set up account yet…

Sachi: Hehehehe :3

Garrion: he said he had a 30 day friend trial or something longer than the standard 14-day

Sachi: It’s a really fun game!

Sefiros has connected.

Sachi: Hi Sef~

Garrion: ok, looks liek the clan is here

Sefiros: hey

Sachi: Hey, if Mina can’t use mirrors, can I use a Perfect Illusion to make one for her? So she can do makeup and stuff :3

Garrion: give you guys a few minutes to get situated and then we’ll dive into it…. we’ll pick up with the 9pm bell ringing the start of the next portion of the cornucopia

Sefiros: well whats the text for perfect illusion say?

Sefiros: i think the main thing i need is just it being “updated” so to speak

Sefiros: like if the illusion is static then itd kinda defeat the point of using it as a reference

Melty: Actually, I think Simple Illusion would work

Melty: If you only need visuals

Sefiros: like melty just sits there looking at mina, and makes the illusion change as mina does

Sefiros: so long as you can do that

Sefiros: then thatd work

Melty: It should~

Sefiros: guess itd be kinda funny with you in her makeup pouch, and ironic, should just refer to her as “my mirror”

Tabris: Wonder what kind of “frame rate” you could manage for that though

Sefiros: “I need to get my mirror” grabs melty out of pouch

Melty: lol, well, Melty is pretty thoroughly enamored with Mina, so she’d probably let you do that

Sefiros: i wonder how dracula groomed himself

Sefiros: unless vampires can see themselves in mirrors

Sefiros: its just everyone else cant

Tabris: I figured he had vampire spawn servants for that

Melty: I dunno if he did, in the book wasn’t he like kind of nasty-looking?

Sefiros: after he got to england, he looked nice

Melty: I mean just like the original novel

Melty: Ahh

Sefiros: he started out rough looking i think when jonathan harker first meets him

Tabris: Yeah heh, vampires weren’t really portrayed as handsome and shit until movies started being made I thought

Sefiros: or maybe it was after he feasted

Sefiros: his appearance changed

Sefiros: well dracula actually

Melty: Well, plays and stuff

Sefiros: the book is what started the charming handsome deal

Garrion: it would all be subject to the caster’s perception, but better than nothing

Sefiros: bram stokers book came up with the charming vampire

Tristan: and adding sparkles (twilight)…. right….

Melty: (haha, so your illusion would probably always look really good no matter what)

Sefiros: heh fuck you tristan

Tabris: Though I remember the dude from Nosferatu looks hideous

Tristan: lol

Sefiros: that lady is a mormon

Melty: lol

Sefiros: who literally knew nothing of vampire mythos

Sefiros: thats why the shit makes no sense

Sefiros: she basically just took a word and then made up everything else

Sefiros: im serious

Tabris: I should so do that, if it makes me that much money…

Melty: For a sec I wondered if you were gonna just stop at “that lady is a mormon”

Sefiros: yeah heh

Sefiros: well no i was using the mormon bit to explain her stupdity :-p

Melty: :3

Melty: Actually I knew a mormon in school who was pretty chill, I dunno what happened to him though

Tabris: What little I know of that book actually makes a lot more sense after knowing the author is Mormon

Sefiros: well i dont actually know much about the books, but i read an article one time about the author

Sefiros: or maybe an interview

Melty: If I was a dude I could become a mormon and get my own planet

Sefiros: and she talked or it mentioned how she was mormon and didnt know anything about vampires

Taragnor: lol.

Sefiros: so thats why hers where so different

Sefiros: which was basically the question

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: WTF is the deal


Garrion: ok, we all set to go?

Melty: I think if you’re a girl you just have to marry a guy with a planet though cause it’s bullshit

Melty: Yep~!

Sefiros: im not like a vampire fanatic or anything

Sefiros: i just like castlevania symphony of the night heh

Garrion: ok, the bells ring for the next round and all the guests head into the main hall

  • Melty barely knows what’s happening, but she’s also a wanted pixie, so maybe it’s better if she stays in Mina’s dress.

Melty: (or did I move somewhere?)

Garrion: filtering in from the various common rooms in the huge mansion

Taragnor: alrighht and remember I dispatched Melty to go scout while invisible.

Melty: Oooo yeah that’s right

Garrion: you are in Lorycs pants… um i mean pocket… oh actually i guess that was Mina

Taragnor: Yeah, while we had a free momeent between meals I invised you and we launched the Melty spyplane.

Tabris: Yeah, send out the fairy finder

  • Melty casts Hush on herself to quiet her wings, then hums kind of a spy-like tune as she flits about.

Taragnor: Yeah originally Melty was in Mina’s -… it’s best not to think about the details.

Melty: (no one can hear since she’s silenced)

Garrion: ok, so melty is doing a little recon while you are wining and dining?

Melty: Mhm~

Garrion: ok, will have to break into scenes then… to start with the group….

Garrion: as you all take your seats the servers all come out bearing platters with…..

Garrion: This course consists of honey-roasted hogfish, venison, sturgeon, and lampreys in hot sauce. In addition, a vast caravan of fruits and breads, olives, jars of curious pickles, huge stuffed peppers, figs, dates and honeycombs is offered as well.

Melty: :o~

Sefiros: (lol she was in my pouch, not in my v-jay jay, despite your fantasies :-p)

Garrion: her wings would make a nice vibe….

Melty: (Oh so you’re rectonning it now?!)

Melty: (j/k~)

Tristan: pixies are handy

Melty: Yesh~!

Sefiros: (lol)

Bruce the lesser: thought they were hansy

Garrion: as the guests feast and endulge on the rich food and drink…..

Sefiros: (well i think you tried getting funny, tho it was kind of distracting, so mina had you take residence in her pouch for the party)

  • Bruce the lesser scales back the amount of food he eats.

Melty: (Hehehe, yeah~)

Tristan: *sees that people are getting sick and scales back as well

Tabris: “Quite an impressive feast.”

Sefiros: (otherwise she’d be like that lady on dr phil who like got random orgasms every 30 seconds or something)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Quite an impressive feast.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (yeah I won’t eat that much either, since for whatever reason the food gives me IQ penalties)

Garrion: ok, everyone scaling back on the eating and not indulging.. roll HT+2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol yeah, same here)

Sefiros: (yeah heh)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls HT and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls HT and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 2)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 3

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls HT and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls HT and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 2)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 3

Melty: :3

Mina: ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 2)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 2

Melty: (I’m glad you’re so confident in Melty’s prowess~)

Sefiros: (pixie dust, does everything)

Sefiros: (thatd be funny if you gave her a dependancy disadvantage, Pixie Dust Addict, and make her like a coke head hollywood actress type)

Garrion: ok, everyone goes light on the food and by this point there is no reason to hide the fact… you can tell that the guests are all affected by the indulgence (think of it as a mix or being stoned, being on extasy, and being drunk

Garrion: there is lots of stout wine, and the spices in the foods are all very potoent

Melty: (“spices”)

  • Sefiros seems a little displeased as she watches the feast, but having to endure her own supernatural appetites.
  • Mina seems a little displeased as she watches the feast, but having to endure her own supernatural appetites.

Melty: (Shoulda noshed on Melty first)

Garrion: meanwhile… scene shift… melty investigates….

Mina: (im scared a sip would leave you like you got hit by horrid wilting)

Melty: (Hehehe)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Garrion: whrre ya heading Melty?

  • Mina looks down at her wine glass.

Mina: “Ironic, they call this vintage, ‘The Blood’.”

  • Mina says as she stands next to Loryc.
  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.

Melty: Did Loryc give me any suggestions? (or is there a layout on the website)

Mina: “Do you need me to handle anything specific with sycophants here? Or am I free to mingle as I choose? You know I love a party, even if I despite the attendees.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well you know the goal is in the attic)

  • Mina whispers quietly, as she smiles and looks forward.

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’d have told you that as well as drawn all the rooms out on the map I made before)

Melty: (I remember we did some scouting earlier)

Garrion: it is on the site

Mina: despise*

Loryc (aka Robert): Hmm… are the rooms I visited revealed for you, or just me?

Melty: Aha, found it

Loryc (aka Robert): So I mean that’s all I know, I don’t know how to get to the attic yet, hence why I’m sending you.

Melty: I can see them, hehe

Loryc (aka Robert): I also know that no demons patrol or guard the manor

Melty: Not on the second floor though

Melty: ooo yay

Loryc (aka Robert): Oh.. hmm.. lemme give you ownership of my token Sachi

Melty: So I suppose the obvious thing to do would be to fly about the top floor and look for a hatch or a ladder or stairs up?

Loryc (aka Robert): Then deselect your token and you’ll see what I can see

Loryc (aka Robert): cause you’d have the map I drew out before.

Melty: Whoa

Loryc (aka Robert): You got a perfect memory and you looked at it.

Loryc (aka Robert): So you’d know all that stuff.

Loryc (aka Robert): Becasue I basically would have went through with the group all the stuff I found as the maid.

Melty: Do any of those stairs go up? Like in the NE corner or just NW of the center?

Loryc (aka Robert): “For now we’re free to mingle… at least until we get word from our little friend.”

Garrion: can you point to it?

Tristan (Stan): “where did you meet a pixie anyway?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m rather fond of mingling, personally.”

Loryc (aka Robert): I’m not sure if I found a stairwell on floor 2 that went up.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well that’s a story for another time. A rather long and very strange story, I assure you.”

Garrion: ok, the eastern stairwell connects the first and second floors

Melty: kk~

Tristan (Stan): “i guess i’ll use my imagination in the mean time”

Melty: (Hehe, we should come up with a story sometime!)

Loryc (aka Robert): (heh yeah)

Garrion: i meant the western

Melty: Ahh

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) wanders around the hall and schmoozes, looking for attractive women to hit on

Mina: (also before i forget, doesnt melty have eidetic memory?)

Loryc (aka Robert): Melty has photographic memory I think.

Melty: (Yeah, she has the level 2 version so she remembers everything perfectly)

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah, it’s not just good memory, she remembers everything.

Garrion: the eastern one…. it goes between first and second floor too

Melty: (Including what it was like to have her pixie village slaughtered and burned for Asmodeus :( )

Mina: (heh well same thing, i mean, your illusion should be perfect then since you literally dont forget any detail, i mean for being my mirror)

Melty: (She’s… Pretty mad at those cultists)

Melty: Hmm

Melty: To the unexplored zones!

Garrion: ok, you fying straight up to the balcony or goign through first floor?

Melty: Do I remember any kind of barrier or anything that’d keep me from flying up there? I mean, I’m hushed and invisible

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well it’s mostly that like she’d have to keep concentrating on the illusion to change it to match. maybe with initiative or independence I could make an illusion that copies you)

  • Mina nods to Loryc. “Just give me some kind of signal, if you need me. I’m going to follow Zindal’s lead and see if I can overhear anything interesting.”

Melty: Probably!

Tristan (Stan): pixie bug zapper

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 15 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: no, it is clear to fly up to the second floor balcony in the dining hall

Sachi: Yep, I’m hushed

Loryc (aka Robert): “Just let me know if you get into any trouble with a shadow… if we have to I can create a stand-in for you. It should be good enough to fool someone who doesn’t know you very well.”

  • Mina mingles with the crowd, following behind Zindal.

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’ll do some mingling too.)

Mina: (that to me T?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeahthat was to you)

Mina: (ok)

Sachi: I’ll fly right up there then, and I guess I’ll start by checking out that little box above the entry hall. That looks interesting to me.

Mina: “You mean someone following, or you mean.” looks to Lorycs shadow cast on the floor/wall

Garrion: ((we’ll cover the mingling in a moment… after melty starts explaoring.. she heads out as you start eating))

  • Mina smirks.

Mina: “Notice, mine? Me neither.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “The former. You do tend to attract a lot of attention, on the account of being so extremely attractive.”

  • Mina nods. “Of course. Which usually helps out with the other problem I just mentioned.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “If you’re worried about the latter, I can always create you a fake one.”

Garrion: ok, you move your token to the door you checking out

  • Mina shrugs. “I tend not to worry about anything, it’s my main character flaw.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (may want to size up your token Sachi, so that G can see it)

Loryc (aka Robert): (otherwise it’s gonna be a little dust spec)

Mina: “Well, other than violent vengence.”

Mina: “Binge drinking.”

Garrion: the upper floors are very scarse at the moment.. all the staff is tending to the guests below.. there are 1 or two rushing from room to room up here making sure things are kept tidy

  • Mina names off a huge list of character flaws, before she finally stops herself.

Mina: “Well, you get the point.”

Garrion: i can see it fine

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well just remember. You can drink the blood, but don’t spill if at all possible.”

Tristan (Stan): “oh god, do they eat like this every night? I have to admit… better thant squirl on a stick”

Sachi: (G was the one who made it tiny, hehe)

Garrion: your token is in the upper entry area…..

  • Sachi pokes around this door here.

Mina: “Eh? What does that suppose to mean?”

  • Melty pokes around this door here.
  • Mina says in a hushed tone.

Garrion: you trying the knob?

Mina: “I never know if you’re being ironic, satirical, or serious Loryc.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Right now I’m being a little bit drunk.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) smiles.

Garrion: ((well that is because you ARE tiny, hehe))

Tristan (Stan): “I don’t think Loryc knows either”

Loryc (aka Robert): (I was making a double entendre about the name of the Wine, and telling you nto to be violent)

Garrion: to those that are observant.. Lorys seems to be a bit intoxicated… the first round hit him pretty hard

Melty: (I was gonna see if I could peek underneath or get underneath, hehe~)

Mina: "(oh i thought you were like, you can go bite fuckers, just hide the corpse or something lol)

Tristan (Stan): (time to fuck with Loryc)

Mina: (i got it now, for some reason i missed the obvious “spilling blood” as in violence reference, doh)

Garrion: you may be able to peek.. but too tightly built to squeeze

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) continues looking for ladies to “mingle” with, though he also keeps an ear out for any good gossip

Melty: What can I see?

Loryc (aka Robert): (yeah, I was just telling you to mingle but not kill anybody)

Garrion: this room seems to be a bathing room

Loryc (aka Robert): oh no. If it’s the girls bathing room, Melty is gnna get distracted.

Melty: lol

Garrion: two large fireplaces light the room

Tristan (Stan): pretend to be a loufa

Tristan (Stan): perfect illusion

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Bahaha

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah lol. Illusion herself into that and then let the girls rub her all over them.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s an awesome idea

Melty: Ahahahaha\

Garrion: ok, entering or moving on

Melty: Hmm… If I don’t see an obvious ladder, or any cute girls bathing, I’ll note what it is and move on… If I do see any cute girls bathing I’ll have to make a self-control check

Garrion: no one is in the room.. they are all eating…

Tristan (Stan): any she gets clean at the same time, double win

Melty: Looks like I’m safe… This time…

Melty: Are people coming and going from this south door?

Garrion: no

Garrion: it is closed

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah, lol but you should be safe now, at most you may see some girl purging from the big meal.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: it not a ladies room.. it is unisex

Melty: (He probably screws with the maids in there, the perv)

Mina: yeah if she spots a schlong, she may get traumatized

Melty: If nobody’s coming and going, that means maybe there’s something interesting in there…

  • Melty listens carefully for activity behind the door.

Garrion: perc

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: you hear nothing other than the distant commotion downstairs

Loryc (aka Robert): (wonder if Melty could just squeeze through the keyhole)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I mean alot of those medieval keyholes are pretty big)

Melty: (How about it G?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, yeah, you’d think she could…

Garrion: no, no keyhole

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or maybe squeeze under a door if it’s the typical loosely made one… and she has a flexible ribcage

Melty: (He just said they’re not loosely-built)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Ah, heh

Garrion: at least not in this door.. which means not locked

Garrion: at least by normal means

Loryc (aka Robert): (Can’t melty teleport?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (or did you not take that?)

Melty: I guess I’ll use Apportation to try and open it quietly, slip in, and shut it also quietly? And no I ended up not taking it :(

Tristan (Stan): or fly outside then back in through another window

Melty: Only 5 points to go until I can start buying stuff agani

Loryc (aka Robert): (ah)

Melty: Ooo yeah

Melty: Well, I’d still have to open a door to get into the room we haven’t explored

Melty: I don’t think those stairs go up either

Garrion: apportation.. what that do?

Loryc (aka Robert): basically mage hand

Melty: It lets you move objects telekinetically, but not fast enough to hurt anyone (move 1)

Loryc (aka Robert): only it scales with weight to be more costly.

Loryc (aka Robert): So you can lift heavy stuff if you want but it just costs a lot (and doens’t go fast)

Garrion: ok, it just a push pull thing or can it twist and such

Garrion: i mean you can open it yourself.. you have ST

Melty: Yeah, I just figure that’d help me get it done faster

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah, Melty is actually pretty strong right?

Garrion: yes

Garrion: for a fly

Melty: It doesn’t say if you can twist or not

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Small and compact and also a good grip….

Melty: But I also know Locksmith

Melty: Oh

Garrion: ok, you open it… justa crack and slip in….

Melty: And Manipulate, that’s what I was looking for

Garrion: revealing a hallway

Garrion: 2 doors at teh far end

Melty: Manipulate does let you turn doorknobs and untie ropes and sharpen knives and such

Loryc (aka Robert): Ah ojkay, I guess you’d need manipualte to do it then. Didn’t know that was a separate spell.

Melty: I do know that too~

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 15 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Melty: Hmm…

  • Melty listens at the southern door.

Garrion: roll per

Garrion: just go ahead and do that any time you are listening/looking

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 1

Melty: kk~

Garrion: i’ll adjust for mods as needed

Garrion: you hear nothing

Garrion: this door also has no key hole

Garrion: you slip in afdter casting your spell

  • Melty heads through this door too… Since there doesn’t seem to be anyone moving in here, she doesn’t bother with the spell this time, to save energy

Garrion: these free castings?

Melty: Nah, I’ve been taking off from my ER

Garrion: ok, nm the casting statement

Garrion: thgis room…..

Melty: Oooo!

Garrion: The walls of this long room are devoted to paintings and portraits of Aberian’s great love—the theater. Pictured here are scenes from two dozen different plays— one even shows the scene from The Six Trials of Larazod in which Larazod is consumed by the beast. The paintings are colorful but not particularly well crafted—Aberian’s taste in art is somewhat undiscriminating. The stairs lead up; a velvet rope with a sign in Common that says “Do Not Enter” hangs over the bottom of the stairs.

Bruce the lesser: (promising)

  • Melty rubs her tiny hands together.

Garrion: there are also 3 doors in this room other than the one you came through

  • Melty decides to investigate upstairs first of all, to see if she can find the treasure they came for…

Garrion: melty goes up the stairs…..

Garrion: transfering you to another map…

Garrion: it is dark up here.. there are no lights illuminating the rooms like below…..

Melty: !

Melty: That kinda sucks cause I don’t have mage light >.>;

Garrion: oops

Garrion: have any other light?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: Or dark vision

Tristan (Stan): (“marco”)

Tristan (Stan): (try that)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Try making high frequency clicking noises

Garrion: a deep booming voice says “polo”

  • Mina makes her way over to where Zindal is, trying to see what set of beauties he may be working his charms on. “Come here Zindal, I’ll lend you a hand.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: hahaha

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm?”

Melty: (Loryc do you have Dark Vision? >.>; )

Garrion: ok, look s like Melty hit a dead end…..

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: and has to come back down the stairs…..

  • Mina finds looks for a group of women who seem to un-manned so to speak, and will take Zindal over to them and introduce themselves. “Hello, ladies. I believe, you’re familiar with the star our performance, but I thought I would really introduce you all, he’s quiet the charmer.”

Garrion: meanwhile…. you all stuff your face or watch the others do so

Melty: ^^;

Melty: Seriously, both those things are on my list

Tristan (Stan): (wing woman, sweet)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Hehe, never able to get all the spells you want)

Melty: Like… I have Light, but I don’t really want to call attention to myself >.>; Mage Light is invisible unless you’re the caster or you have magic vision

  • Mina begins to rattle on about nice and good of a guy Zindal is, and how he’s been looking for a woman for so long, and how lonely he is, no one will ever sleep with him, and other embarassing but fishing type of compliments and assertations.

Mina: ←rolls Sway Emotions and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hey now

Mina: (Sway emotions, Lust, on the women)

Garrion: wel you have to use light then i guess unless you want to give up

Loryc (aka Robert): (I could darkvision you)

Loryc (aka Robert): (If you come back to me)

Melty: ^

Mina: (takes 10 mins)

Melty: That’s what I was looking to do

Melty: If the alternative was totally giving up I’d just cast Light…

Mina: receives -4 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Garrion: which cast light or come back to loryc?

Mina: (you should have a group of hot and bothered ladies, all lusty in a few minutes tab :-p)

Melty: Personally I think it’s smarter to do the thing that doesn’t create a super visible light source where there isn’t supposed to be one?

Loryc (aka Robert): (You guys realize the purpose of this isn’t to get laid, right?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I mean if you’ve gota bunch of people following you around… it’s gonna be tougher to sneak off)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Yes but if this feast is going to take all night then I might as well kill time somehow or other)

Tristan (Stan): (lies)

Mina: (yeah but it’ll be funny watching you get a dose of what i have to deal with :-p)

Garrion: i just need a choice

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She wants to go back to Loryc to get Darkvision, G

Melty: I’m gonna go ask Loryc to Dark Vision me

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And then continue exploring

Mina: (plus it’s the best way to earn a favor from tab if i need one)

Loryc (aka Robert): okay gonna drop a DV on her.

Mina: (without having to sleep with him myself :-p)

Garrion: ok…. you make your way back downstairs to get DV

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -1)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc (aka Robert): (that’s for my DV when Melty arrives)

Garrion: but by the time you get around to this the course is ending

Melty: Tch

Garrion: and mina and Zindal are heading over to a group of young attractive bachlorettes

Mina: (i wasnt trying to get them to lust after me specifically, i just gives em a mood, i was putting em in a lustful mood, so if tab wants to try and seduce em at some point, he’s more likely to get one of em to go home with him)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I’m just looking for a quickie between courses at this point)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I got burglarizing to do later)

Mina: (This ability allows you to instill the audience with any one emotion. Allowed emotions include anger, boredom, depression, disgust, fear, greed, hate, jealousy, joy, love, lust, patriotism, peace, sadness, and unrest. If you win the Quick Contest, your audience experiences the emotion you select. How they act as a result is up to the GM.)

Loryc (aka Robert): (you realize we’re not gonna be leaving normally right? lol, unless you want to walk out the front door with a big sack of shit over your shoulder)

Loryc (aka Robert): (We’re probably gonna be running out of here with some kinda escape plan, possibly with guards on our tails)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Like I said, I don’t plan on staying with someone all night, heh)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I’m just looking for a quick one between means =P)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (So stop fretting over your master plan)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): meals*

Loryc (aka Robert): (You’ll have plenty of coin to spend on hookers later)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Why spend coin when I can get a drunk high society lady for free?)

Garrion: The bachlorettes all swoon over Zindal. but oddly enough, in their relaxed state they also fondle Mina some as well. “You were soooo hot in the play. Both of you just have that chemistry.” Let’s say we all go spend some time getting to know each other more… closely."

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “It seems the audience wishes to see a slightly different performance from us. Shall we oblige?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins

Tristan (Stan): (I go wash up since there is going to be an orgy and all)

  • Mina tips her wine glass to Zindal as if saying. “You can thank me later.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol they want you too =P)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Your brilliant plan seems to have backfired slightly)

Garrion: ((yep….))

Mina: yeah but im use to that anyways

Melty: :3

Tristan (Stan): (she dropped some xctasy at the party, sweet)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I just hope I get the chance to make Melty jealous)

Mina: haha yeah basically

  • Mina oblidges them and follows the ladies and Zindal as she refills her wine glass.

Garrion: ((in fact they want you and zindal to recreate your passion in the play.))

Loryc (aka Robert): (You know she is ill tempered… and she may or may not know a spell to make all your hair fall out or make you impotent)

Garrion: they want you both to start and them join in

Melty: :3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Works for me

Melty: Melty’s gonna be upset she missed out…

Loryc (aka Robert): (Melty will render you impotent then take the form of a sex toy that you’ll have to turn to)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: hehe, that;’s what she gets for galivanting off to loo for treasure, hehe…. zindal found some right here

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hell yeah

Melty: (That’s a pretty good treasure :( )

  • Bruce the lesser stands off to the side.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): We’ll just have to make sure to get them all drunk so they pass out by the time we’re ready for the heist

Garrion: this not in the middle of the room though.. the girls take both of you by the hands and lead you to a side room

Melty: (suddenly: succubi, dozens of them)

Garrion: where they proceed to strip your most important areas

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol.. yeah, I’m totally waiitng for that)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (There are worse ways to go…)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Zindal was a master swordsman.. 10 negative levels later… he’s just a below average one)

Garrion: btw, both of you roll vs your lecherousness if you are not willing to fornicate

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “not willing to fornicate” he says

Mina: lol

Tristan (Stan): do you really need to roll?

Garrion: no, not if willing

Mina: well i was mostly just wanting to watch

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think my penalty would be so high that I’d fail it anyway

Mina: like a director

Tristan (Stan): this is some party

Melty: Melty likes to watch!

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol..,. yeah this is Tab you’re talking about)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol well they want us to reenact our parts from the play

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Only the x rated version

Loryc (aka Robert): (And hopefully Melty doesnt’ go watch instead of doing recon)

Garrion: well mina is being stripped and prompted to start making out

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So they’re looking for active participation

Mina: haha

Mina: “Demanding aren’t you all?” she says to the groupies

Garrion: mina getting more than she intended in “setting zindal uip”

Melty: (I figure Melty doesn’t get a ton of action in a human city where she’s a fugitive, but voyeurism is pretty easy for her)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) chuckles… “Nothing wrong with catering to your biggest fans, is there?”

Loryc (aka Robert): (Zindal should probably have to make a roll to avoid premature ejaculation)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I mean Mina is super hot…)

Garrion: lol

Loryc (aka Robert): (call for an erotic art roll form him!)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hmm, kinda crappy

Garrion: or her erotic art opposed by his WILL

Melty: (I wonder what the penalty would be for stealing the panties from under someone’s skirt)

  • Mina shrugs and assists, tho she seems to go out of her way to not Zindal touch her, playing hard to get and ever the tease.

Melty: (Like for a Pickpocket roll)

Mina: (he hasnt earned the full privledges yet)

Loryc (aka Robert): (oh or that, heh. Though I figure Erotic art might cover sexual willpower stuff)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I mean it’s basically the skill for kinky stuff

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If you read the description

Mina: (tho she’ll put on a full show for him with the other girls)

Garrion: right for performing.. not to hold you wad

Loryc (aka Robert): (well you can’t perform at all if you blow your wad)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): (So I’d assume that’s kinda a prereq)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Do we really need to focus that intently on this? =P

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I mean I know T wants to be a dick in the figurative sense

Zindal (aka Ladzin): But come on

Garrion: lol, you asked for it….

Tristan (Stan): “but come on”… was that intentional?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: (ie she’ll sleep with the chicks and let zindal watch or do what he wants with the groupies, but she aint letting Zindal himself have her. He’ll have to earn that)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol, yeah he made the roll, haha. We can assume he does a good job and doesn’t botch it)

Garrion: no i don;t want a scene by scene… but i do want to know if Mina is going to ressit

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She’s basically being a giant cocktease and only letting me have the other girls apparently

Loryc (aka Robert): GURPS: Sex, in 1 second rounds!

Melty: (Did someone say scene by scene? puts on robe and wizard hat)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hahaha

Mina: nah she’s into lechery, she just doesnt wanna give zindal what he wants yet, plus she doesnt wanna mix work with play directly.)

Garrion: then i need a SC roll mina

Garrion: you are lecherous right?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And I am Very Handsome, lol

Melty: :3 Make sure you penalize him if Zindal is sufficiently attractive

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah Zindal is really attractive. Though still not in the Mina league. But then probably no dudes would be.

Mina: i mean she prefers women for the most part

Loryc (aka Robert): Unless ther’es male nymphs that are super hot.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol you’re still gonna have to roll the check the way the rules are written

Loryc (aka Robert): So Zindal is pretty much the best you’ll get out of a human.

Melty: (It’s probably a good thing this isn’t a real table so you don’t have to hear me going YEAH YEAH MAKE THEM ACT IT OUT)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): rofl

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Garrion: well you said she was bi… so zindal what is your attraction factor for same and opposite sex?

Mina: lol

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah if this was a real table, I’d certainly not want to see them both act it out. lol.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 6 for opposite, 2 for same

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Also I think there’s something about a -10 penalty? I remember that being mentioned before

Garrion: then make it a 4 since mina is undecided

Melty: I think you get the “opposite” one if it’s one you’re into

Mina: yeah tho with men its mostly for getting something she wants

Mina: like banging a politician to get information

Mina: she like wont touch em at all, but preference wise, she’s into chicks

Garrion: well zindal is attaxctive and you are lecherous.. you can’t have cake and eat it too… you have to give in to his sexyness the same way you expect him to fawn over you

Garrion: i need a SC roll at -4

Mina: well i got women here to get my lecherousness on with :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol just make the roll, you started this =P

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah lol, gotta make the roll if you took the drawback.

Garrion: ((yep.. you started it…. now time to finish it))

Mina: i dont know how to roll it

Garrion: so we can move on

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Just do 3d6-4

Garrion: just roll 3 d6

Garrion: has to beat 12

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or actually I guess it’d be +4 in this case

Loryc (aka Robert): just put it in brackets, don’t need to use a macro.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If you set up a generic roll on the character sheet it should cover it

Loryc (aka Robert): It’s 3d6 for basically all GURPS rolls

Loryc (aka Robert): except for damage

Loryc (aka Robert): or yeah, make a skill with a rating equal to your drawback

Melty: 3d6 : GURPS :: 1d20 : D&D

Mina: well its for the people you’re into technically

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If you’re bi then you’re at least somewhat into men, lol

Mina: you dont get hot and bothered over people you’re not attacted to, and mina is into girls

Mina: she may sleep with men to get information or something, but she aint really attracted to zindal i wouldnt say

Garrion: you are lecherous.. you look for an oppotunity to get hot and bothered

Mina: well im reading lecherous

Garrion: that is wehat we are checking

Loryc (aka Robert): Not to mentiont here’s an orgy of other girls looking to join in too.

Mina: appealing member of the sex you find attractive

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah lol, throes of passion and such

Mina: she finds girls attractive

Mina: but will sleep with men for a purpose

Mina: like how a whore bangs some old bastard for his money

Mina: doesnt mean she likes the slimey bastard

Garrion: and girls are here.. but you also said she was kinda bi too… so she would not be repulsed by zindal

Mina: yeah because professionally

Melty: I think Sef is trying to say he doesn’t wanna

Garrion: then don;t rtake the flaw…..

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.. just make the self-control roll to dodge Zindal’s meat rod.

Melty: rofl

Mina: well i did, i just didnnt think id be forced to sleep with dudes :-p

Mina: its fine for chicks

Garrion: but you took it so have to roll with it.. the oppotyunity is here for an orgy with zindal and 2 other girls

Mina: well i dont mind sleeping with the chicks, its tab :-p

Garrion: soi roll it if you are resiting their requests

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol dude you called yourself bi, just make the roll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Do you really want to spend all night on this

Mina: jeez, buncha rapists :-p

Garrion: i know.. you will probably succeed and all this a waste

Mina: fine, wheres the roller

Tristan (Stan): will win, then go for it anyway

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Just hit the Generic Skill thing on the character sheet main page

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Set target number as 12

Garrion: bracket 3d6 end bracket is all you need

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Put in a -4 mod

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or yeah just roll 3d6

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And we’ll do the math

Mina: i was wanting to join in on the fun, not get poked by him basically heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think you need to roll under 8 with the mod for my Attractiveness

Garrion: well you can.. but in the passion you may let yourself “go”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah, that’s why it’s a flaw

Loryc (aka Robert): heh yeah, the flaw means it’s uncontrollable

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like how Loryc is fuming because we’re wasting time with this isntead of focusing on the big heist

Melty: Yeah heh, that’s why you get the points for it

Mina: what do i put where it says “value of the dice”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 3d6

Mina: yeah but i dont think shes attracted to zindal is what i was saying

Mina: lecherousness says to people you’re attracted to

Mina: is all my point was

Melty: Well, just say you’re not into guys then

Garrion: he gets a bonus even for those not wanting to bang him at any moment

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah, my leve of attractiveness still gives me like a +2 at least

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So you still need to roll

Mina: 3d6d0+0

Garrion: the point is you are in the middle of an orgy… will you resist when zindal makes a move or let hiom.. that is the SC roll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, well that’s a fail with -4

Melty: Yeah, it’s a heat of the moment kind of deal

Tristan (Stan): now roll not to bust a nut early

Tristan (Stan): is this out in the open?

Cedric is disconnected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No we’re off in a room somewhere

Loryc (aka Robert): Feel the might of Zindal’s ultimate attack! The cunt thrust!

Melty: Yeah they’re in a side room

Tristan (Stan): ok

Tristan (Stan): lol

Mina: give me a sec, i got cats everwhere

Garrion: ok, the orgy takes place.. mina gets it on withthe girsls and IF zindal attempts anything with mina she does not resist due to the throes of passion in the moment

Mina: lemme put em out



Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol you know he’s gonna attempt it, the girls said they want a show

Melty: NUT


Zindal (aka Ladzin): She can lash me with her whip later if she wants

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I might enjoy that too though

Garrion: now we can move on.. zindal has his conquest and mina failed to resist

Garrion: good enough….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): This also makes us conveniently absent for however many HT checks

Garrion: now while they are otherwise occupied…..

Garrion: nah, you still have HT checks for what the girls have, lol

Loryc (aka Robert): Well hopefully ZIndal doesn’t try for any thrusts to the eye.

Cedric has connected.

Melty: ohohoho~

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: anyway… the others are confronted by… 2

Garrion: Crosael Simiin Rasdovain

Garrion: the house majodomo

Mina: ok the horde is outside

Mina: whenever its my turn, i swear they turn into like furballs of fury

Garrion: “Good evening to our stars. I trust you are enjoying yourselves? Where are the two lovebirds?”

Mina: do i need to roll anything else or something?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nah

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Not for now anyway

Loryc (aka Robert): “I think they lost themselves in the festivities, and likely msot of thier clothing as well.”

Melty: (“They’re makin’ like birds and fucking”)

Tristan (Stan): “holy shit, I wonder if he was able to…. that lucky fucker”

Mina: well if you’re going to do it, might as well do it right, or well potentially wrong

Mina: ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol nice

Loryc (aka Robert): (Watch out ZIndal, she bites)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m cool with that

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Just leave me enough to keep doing what I’m doing

Loryc (aka Robert): (She gotta get that used fatigue back somehow)

Garrion: mina puts on a great show and gives everyone the time of their lives

Garrion: well you rerally don;t know that… you just saw mina take him over to a group of girls.. doubtful you cared enough to intently watch what happened from there

Garrion: not with all the other activity going on

Tristan (Stan): is anyone puking their guts out yet?

Loryc (aka Robert): (well I do have the nosy quirk)

Loryc (aka Robert): (So I probably would be peeking in a bit…)

Mina: this?

Melty: (Hehe, so does Melty)

Melty: (Since she’s a pixie I figured it’d be appropriate)

Melty: (Also goes with her being a voyeur >.> )

Garrion: btw, mina and company are not the first to start to “team up”.. you notice a few others leaving the room together

Garrion: not puking yet.. this not make you sick…. just intoxicated

Tristan (Stan): ok, i’m a dude… probably going to strike out but still going to give a go at it. Use the star card

Garrion: anyway… back to rasdovain

Garrion: “So what do you think of the party?”

Garrion: i thought you hated the nobles and society

Tristan (Stan): still ike girls

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Maybe you can go for the servants

Tristan (Stan): hate sex. even better

Garrion: so it is a hate fuck?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Ask one of them to serve you privately

Tristan (Stan): i would like to hook up with some nobles wife, even better

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: only if he can watch

Tristan (Stan): too bad that guy that dipped us in acid is not around

Loryc (aka Robert): “The mayor certianly knows how to throw a party. The food is exquisite. How did you manage to prepare all this food? You must have quite a large kitchen.”

Garrion: those nobles are knky like that

Tristan (Stan): I’m down… hey, I may spend some points and start liking this more after that

Tristan (Stan): (they are not so bad after all)

Melty: :3

Garrion: “Yes we do. We call in extra staff for the event though. The normal house staff is not sufficient.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (You know we totally should have just infiltrated the place as part of the extra staff… damn)

Melty: (heh)

Melty: (But this way was fun!)

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Loryc (aka Robert): “Still the food is rather impressive, even a well travelled man such as myself has trouble identifying all of it.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I get to have a four way with a dhampiress and two noble chicks this way

Loryc (aka Robert): “I must commend your chef on a job well done.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (wonder how many points the “I’m pregnant with Zindal’s baby” disadvantage will be for Mina.)

Garrion: “The Lord Mayor spares no expense in entertaining his prized guests. now is there anything I can do for you before I check on the others?”

Melty: (Can dhampirs even get babies?)

Garrion: i’ll have to roll to see if she gets that one, haha… no she is barren

  • Mina primps herself back up quietly, as she seems to take an orgy as another normal day, unlike the mesmerized companions she wowed.

Loryc (aka Robert): “No, I’m just fine. Thyough I did have a question about this room… how did you manage this impressive scenery?” (The dining room is the one that looks like it’s outside right?)

Melty: (Ouch)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I think they’re sterile actually)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I don’t think tehy are by default, unless Sef took that strerile flaw)

Mina: (if not, then I’ll swap something for the flaw, i wasnt sure, kinda hard to be a courtesan getting knocked up all the time)

Garrion: now contrary to popular belief… men can rock a woman’s world if he knows his shit.. zindal make a roll to see if you rock mina more than she rocked you

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Tempted to use Luck

Melty: Popular belief also thinks Nickelback is pretty good

Garrion: if so then mina may have to come back for seconds.. lol

Mina: (and it was kinda part of my story for her to not be able to have children, since shes partly mad because her House will end with her because of her being barren)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol Sachi.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah hell with it, I"m gonna use Luck for my roll =P

Melty: lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): For the lols

Loryc (aka Robert): oh god.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 16 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 1

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 2

Melty: Watch, your next roll is gonna be to resist mummy crotch rot

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh well, 3 it is

Garrion: well mina wins…. she was the star if THIS show

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Always next time!

Mina: “I win this time, Lazarod.”

Garrion: yes Melty.. we know you can rock it too

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) has a shit eating grin on his face as he relaxes… “This time.”

Melty: :3

Loryc (aka Robert): I bet that manipulate spell has a lot of good sexual uses…

Melty: I bet~

Tristan (Stan): (i totaly give zindal a high five when he tell me and say “well played sir, well played”)

Garrion: did i miss a response to rasdovain?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Melty: Ooo, I bet Melty could use it like an extra pair of hands. Like people-sized hands.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think T was saying how he was impressed by the feast and such

Melty: Like vectors!

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah, I asked her about the dining hall ceilign)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Since it’s got that special sky look to it)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol that would be awesome Sachi

Mina: T is all business, he’s like a banker

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: Like in Elfen Lied, only sexy

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol, well I didn’t take the lustful flaw for my character, I mean he’s perfectly willing to get down, but not during a job. He’s aprofessional)

Mina: his character that is

Loryc (aka Robert): (Besides he can kinda create orgies at will. soo…)

Garrion: yes, you notice that right now the ceiling is dark… with a faint moon glow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Gotta make the rubes pass out somehow man

Mina: (well no i just meant abotu the festive occasional in general, he’s like i want my money bitch, let’s go)

Tristan has connected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Garrion: just like outside.. except not raining in here

Loryc (aka Robert): (heh, well anyway, I was commenting on it regardless and asking about how they managed to do that)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Loryc is all uptight and business-focused, he needs to learn to relax a little and play it cool

Melty: The girl was sexy, but she had a tendency to do stuff with her invisible mind arms like snap people’s necks and toss them like ragdolls

Loryc (aka Robert): (Nah, he’s not super uptight but he does stay focused on the msision while in enemy territory.)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah that show was awesome in a dark and twisted way

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Especially the part where one of them gets like quad amputated and has to rely on her vectors for movement

Loryc (aka Robert): “Amazing the level fo detail in the celing here… clearly some powerful magic.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Might I inquire who did this masterful enchantment?”

Garrion: “Yes, magic powers many of the household functions.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol.. yeah elfien lied was brutal)

Mina: “I may need you to take me out to eat, later, if you don’t mind. I know it usually happens the other way around, but I have a unique situation.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Oh really? What else is powered by magic?”

  • Mina says to Zindal as she finishes re-fancying herself.

Loryc (aka Robert): “I must say I’ve always been intrigued by magic, and it’s many creative uses.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I suppose that’s the least I could do to show my gratitude for your gracious setup tonight.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smiles charmingly
  • Mina gives him a fanged smile.

Garrion: The lightsm, the heating, the running water… all made possible by magic. You don;t find too many other places with those sorts of luxuries do you?"

Mina: “Curious.”

Mina: “You still haven’t reacted, or seem to care.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well, lets just say I don’t find many places that go to such extremes.”

Mina: “Did Loryc tell you all about me already?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Does that bother you? You’d prefer I was repulsed or afraid?”

Mina: “It’s more just something I’m accustomed to.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “So how does the running water work? Is the water magically created, or is magic merely used to move the water?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “So long as you don’t intend to take my life, I don’t mind parting with a little blood here or there. Losing blood is common for a swordsman after all.”

Mina: “What exactly, did he tell you about me?” (this is in the bedroom, before we come out, and after we usher out the groupies)

Mina: (or whatever kind of room it was)

Mina: “Oh?”

Mina: “So you do know then?”

Garrion: “By the way, I’m glad you enjoy the food but you may want to pace yourselves if you want to have your wits by night’s end. As you can see, many here know no such restraint.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Very little actually… I don’t recall the precise details offhand.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “But I can guess well enough from those fangs and your remarks. I’m not quite as dense as you might take me for.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well I do have to show some retstraint, there’s unfortunately not a lot of work opportunitues for overweight actors, especially in plays that are designed to be lethal.”

Garrion: at this point the conversation fades.. unless you make a carrousing roll to keep her talking

Mina: “A little teasing never hurt anyone, well besides the mentally unstable sensitive jealous lovers of my other lovers.”

Mina: “But they usually ended up more hurt, than they intended to hurt me.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (nah, I don’t really have too much beyond just asking some questions about the place.)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) chuckles

Loryc (aka Robert): (Actually one question I did want to ask…)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Besides, you’ve already had a bit of a taste, haven’t you? So long as you didn’t mind it, I don’t mind letting you have more… Of course, I’m sure Loryc will complain if you render me unable to perform my role the next day.”

Mina: “This is usually how I survive, quite honestly.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “So one more thing before I let you go… I was curious, does this place have any special security agaisnt those creatures that lurk in the night?”

Garrion: “The lights my boy. The lights around the manor keep the creatures at bay.”

Mina: “One has to use their own specific gifts to scrounge up their next meals.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Ah, so lights are all it takes then. I was always curious about those things, in all the world they seem to only plague Westcrown… such fearsome things scared by something as simple as a torch…”

Mina: “Wether its the homeless boy, plucking fruit unseen off the fruitstand, or something else in my case.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Indeed. Just as I live by my sword.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “And my looks.”

Mina: “Yes, well you don’t sicken and die, if you don’t gauge out someone’s eye daily.”

Mina: “Or so I’ve heard anyways.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (I dunno he might… I haven’t looked at his disadvantages)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “True enough.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “All the more reason to be thankful for someone unafraid to donate to the cause, wouldn’t you say?”

Garrion: “Well luck y for us… or this place would be a ghost-city. Yes, though I have heard of some that are not repulsed by the light entirely.”

Mina: “Yes, I suppose.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Oh really? I would think the mayor would be concerned about such a threat.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins… “I won’t ask for much in return. I certainly won’t demand orgies every night. Though once in a while certainly wouldn’t be unwelcome…”

Mina: “Don’t presume to make demands.”

Garrion: “He has done what he can with the dottari. They are at a stand-still for now. It seems we shall live on this way forever.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I did say ask, not demand… If you’d rather provide me with someone else to satisfy my end of things, that works too.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shrugs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Of course, it’s hard to find anyone that matches you in terms of grace and beauty, if I may say so.”

Mina: “How romantic.”

Mina: “Now.”

Tristan: *smiles at the pixie

  • Mina turns around.

Mina: “How do I look?”

Melty: (Hehe, I thought I was invisible? Or am I back now?)

Garrion: the pixy is invis

Mina: “I can’t go back out there, all disheveled looking.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Really? I suppose after seeing all the finery here, I assumed there was little beyond the mayor’s control.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) stares at her ass for a few moments… “Quite lovely… Do you mind if I help make a few fine adjustments?”

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah and the pixie has darvision and should be scouting again anyway)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I promise to be gentlemanly.”

Tristan: * does not smile at the pixie

Garrion: well if she does not she will have to contend with guests

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (She might have foudn us, lol)

Garrion: will she do tat or wait for the next meal?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): found*

Loryc (aka Robert): (If you saw a pixie, it’s becuase you were no doubt halluncating..)

Loryc (aka Robert): (nah we can send her now, I mean might as well get her scouting so long as it’s not like obviously risky to do so.)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I mean she is invisible and silent… )

Mina: “Debauchery will have to wait, we’re still on the job, and the task handler, is growing restless I would imagine.”

Garrion: the question is will she stop to watch or stay on task, hehe

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol yeah, well there’s that)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Of course.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) helps Mina straighten up her outfit and look presentable again

Mina: “Thank you.”

Melty: (Yeah hehe, is there sexy stuff going on where I’m snooping around?)

Garrion: loryc feels a tug at his ear from an unseen form

  • Mina goes over him as well. “There.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “You have my thanks as well.”

Mina: “Ladies first.”

  • Melty alights on Loryc’s shoulder.
  • Mina heads outside.
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) motions after her, bowing slightly as he shows her the door
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) then follows out after her, not caring if anyone sees the two of them exiting together

Loryc (aka Robert): “What did you find Melty?” (assuming I can wishper to her without being heard)

Loryc (aka Robert): (if ther’es people around I’ll go into the bahtroom)

Garrion: only if you break conversation with rasdovain

  • Mina walks past the groupies on her way to fetch her another glass of fine wine.

Loryc (aka Robert): (yeah I’ll break convo)

  • Melty cancels her spell so she can talk to Loryc.

Loryc (aka Robert): “I should let you get back to your duties… arranging this feast could be no small matter.”

Garrion: “Well on a night like to night the girls do all the work.. I get to have some fun you know.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) smiles.

Garrion: loryc finds a retreat

Garrion: and works out the details with melty

Loryc (aka Robert): “If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being in charge, it’s that there’s always someone who needs some discipline. No doubt at least one of the servant girls has made their way off to have a tryst… perhaps even with one of my co-stars.”

Garrion: then melty returns to hger task…

Melty: (whispers once he’s excused himself) “It’s dark upstairs and I can’t see… Like, not without making a real bright light.”

Melty: (Hehe, ok~)

  • Melty gets her dark vision, resilences herself, then flutters off.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I’m hoping Tristan sees us coming back into the main hall so I can flash him a smug grin)

Garrion: unfortunaately some fornicationis takeing place out in a corvner in the upper room

Loryc (aka Robert): “I’ll enchant you with a spell to help you see in the dark.” (I rolled for the DV like way earlier heh, figured I’d cast it on her earlier)

Garrion: SC roll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan: i’m sure you are not sneaking in….

Sachi: 0 rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)


Loryc (aka Robert): (Oh no… with that darkvision she’l be able to see in all kinds of normally concealed places)

Tristan: mina might be doing the walk of shame but your are probably doing jumping jacks

Melty: Ooo

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hahaha

Loryc (aka Robert): (fortuantely she resisted)

Melty: Just barely.

Loryc (aka Robert): (just barely is about all I can ask for from one of Sachi’s characters)

  • Melty bites her lip… lingering over the couple for a moment, but making herself move on before it gets real good…

Garrion: as much as mina would like to get distracted she stays on task…. iunless you deem she auto-fails…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You mean Melty, hehe

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah Mina already got distracted.

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 17 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 1

Sachi: lol, I failed casting Hush

Garrion: yeah, melty

Loryc (aka Robert): lol… well at least it wasn’t a crit fail

Loryc (aka Robert): So at most it just costs you 1 FP

Melty: Ah cool

Garrion: that is a crit fail?

Loryc (aka Robert): and you can try again.

Loryc (aka Robert): It doesn’t say it’s a crit fail

Garrion: 17 or 18?

Loryc (aka Robert): If the spell doesn’t cost anything to cast normally then failure doesn’t cost anything

Loryc (aka Robert): Think it requires an 18 if she has a score of 15+, not sure.

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean the roller doens’t say crit fail

Garrion: oh ok

Melty: I think that’s how it works but I can check

Loryc (aka Robert): So I assume it isn’t since the roller calculates that

Mina: (nah she is like a hippie chick, she aint so quaker, i mean she doesnt dislike tab, she was just trying to play hard to get, but so much for stretching out the foreplay)

Mina: (@ tristan that was)

Garrion: i think you may be right. it is just uncommon to have skills as high as you guys do

Loryc (aka Robert): plus be weird if you could only crit fail with a skill 16.

Tristan is disconnected.

Mina: (she’s a ‘nymph’)

Loryc (aka Robert): tyhere wouldn’t be a normal failure if 17 was a crit fail

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I’m just that awesome, obviously)

Mina: (you know, the things nymphomaniacs are named after? lol)

Garrion: well if it is a 17 skill you have succeed and crit fail

Garrion: cause 18 is always a crit

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah, 18 is always a critical failure.

Loryc (aka Robert): Think 17 is always at least a failure.

Loryc (aka Robert): But not a crit if your ksill is high enough.

Melty: (I found it on B348; an 18 is always a crit fail, a 17 is a crit fail IF your effective skill is 15 or lss)

Melty: (otherwise it’s a normal failure)

Garrion: anyways… she passes by… fortunately this was a male/female thing.. had it been female/female then melty would not have been able to resist

Melty: :3

Tristan has connected.

Mina: (Garrion: “Well on a night like to night the girls do all the work.. I get to have some fun you know.”)

Mina: who said that btw?

Mina: to T

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (The majodomo of the house)

Mina: (im confused, sorry had to catch up a bit)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Basically the head maid)

Mina: (ah ok)

  • Mina spots Tristan, standing off to himself and approaches him.

Mina: “Why the long face? Out of your element?”

Garrion: hmm, can’t reveal her vision

Tristan: “I think I missed out on the orgy”

Tristan: (says with a bit of sarcasim)

Garrion: ctrl-i not working

  • Mina grins. “At least you are observant.”

Tristan: “more than one orgy”

Tristan: (smiles)

Tristan: “but, at least I didn’t sleep with Zindal”

Mina: "There are plenty of willing ladies here. You couldn’t find anyone?

Garrion: there we go

Tristan: (not sure, did I find one?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah he tried to find one)

Mina: “Hmmm, would that be a good or bad thing?”

Garrion: ok, melty on map folly 2

Loryc (aka Robert): (Don’t think he ever got a roll)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Give Tristan a check to try to score)

Mina: “Or is it, maybe men you prefer? I can find you one of those if that suits your fancy.”

Tristan: (to Mina) “well, i’m not that drunk… he is kinda pretty though” (again, with some sarcasim). I always did like red heads

  • Mina says, thinking maybe there’s no one around that suits his fancy.

Tristan: “nah, i’m a ranger not a sailor”

  • Mina laughs, almost choking on her wine.

Mina: “Trying to kill me, with a sense of humor? That’s new.”

Tristan: (which is really funny because I was in the navy for 4 years…. steriotypes are not true!)

Garrion: ok, Tristan.. what you using to hook a fish

Tristan: star power

Tristan: how about “naturalist”?

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Tristan: (she’s ready to bang)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): rofl

Garrion: haha

  • Mina puts her arm over him affectionately. “Now, now. First, show a little confidence.”

Melty: I can see!

Tristan: (he’s plenty of confident… and decides to mess with her)

Garrion: he goes around sniffing the fertility of every woman here

Tristan: "if you want to sleep with me you have to ask nicely)

Mina: “You can’t expect something to happen, just sitting here complaining.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Tristan’s trying to pull a Steve Irwin with some chick, “Oy look at the size of ‘er, she’s puttin’ out lots a pheromones!”)

Tristan (Stan): lol

Tristan (Stan): (that one is having sex right now that means she’s ready)

Mina: “Well, usually words aren’t involved.”

Garrion: rood descr

Tristan (Stan): (all the other primates are taking a go)

Mina: “You’ve been in the wild so long, I think you’re putting women up on a pedestal.”

Tristan (Stan): “how about rope?”

Garrion: Dusty and vast, this attic is cluttered with crates, old furniture, and miscellaneous items.

Mina: “A rope?”

Mina: “Now, that’s an interesting idea.”

Tristan (Stan): (my knife skill is 15, that should work right?)

Tristan (Stan): lol

Mina: “Speaking of sailors, I can probably tie a better knot than most.”

Tristan (Stan): “that’s handy”

Garrion: you have any social skills to use?

Mina: “Do you have a length of rope on you by any chance?”

Loryc (aka Robert): lol… I’d be a little worried about someone trying to pick up chicks with his knife skill…

Garrion: if not then i’ll just roll a impression check

Mina: “You look like the type that’s always prepared.”

Mina: “Well, except things like this.”

Melty: These are all doors?

Tristan (Stan): not really. ranger sterotype. what’s impression based on?

Garrion: yes

Loryc (aka Robert): lol… well this is a nobleman’s party, not some dark alleyway.

Tristan (Stan): “if you really want one, I could find one… and I have my belt…. …. wait, are we flitering here or are we going to do it for real? I’m not used to all these games… but if you want me to tie you up that’s cool”

Tristan (Stan): (he’s very strait forward)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Mina: “I need rope, not a belt. I have a whip to beat you with already.”

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): dialog(‘Reaction Table’,‘width=500;height=250’) Statement Body (first 200 characters): {
  • Mina says taking a swish of her glass, finishing it off.
Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): dialog(‘Reaction Table’,‘width=500;height=250’) Statement Body (first 200 characters): {

Melty: Do these stairs go up or down?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol, she shames herself with Zindal and then gives Tristan pity sex?)

Tristan (Stan): “i’ll let you smack me a couple times if I can get mine first, no probem. Heck, i’ll even try to give you one. I’m a fair guy”

Mina: (she isnt shamed)

Tristan (Stan): (liking the addition to the party)

Tristan (Stan): Your Reaction roll was sent to the GM
The player used the Reaction Modifier ‘’Social Stigma’’ for a bonus.

Neutral: Requests for aid are granted – if they are simple. Complex requests are denied, but the PCs can try again at -2.

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol, well she has to go out of her way to show Zindal that he didn’t matter and what happened was a mistake)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: So wat was your request.. "I want you to give me the best hummer of my life.

Garrion: or “Come in here and see if you can help bme get this zipper unstuck.”

Mina: “Well I see why you haven’t had much success.”

  • Mina rolls her eyes, like this guy’s hopeless or gay.

Tristan (Stan): “i’ve been waiitng for a real woman” (throws back his glass)

Mina: “Hmm, now there, you might have me.”

Tristan (Stan): (not sure if she’s being a tease or what).

Mina: “I’m not sure if I fall into your classification’s danger ranger.”

Garrion: sorry not on your map. had to roll for tristan

Tristan (Stan): “let’s find out”

Tristan (Stan): (by the way, using luck on this)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Tristan (Stan): once per night =)

Melty: Hehe it’s cool~

Melty: The north staircase in the room I’m in is what I’m wondering

Tristan (Stan): ok, so basically saying “now that Zindal warmed you up it’s time for the main course”

Tristan (Stan): and rolling luck and hoping like hell

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: “I think he was the one that got warmed up technically.”

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Tristan (Stan): “i’m sure you warmed him up and burnt him out”

Garrion: ok, trisatan.. you are the “comical” character in the play and your social skills… well, suck…. so you are able to get lucky bt it is with a 6 not a 8-10

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Garrion: using your star power alone and the fact that they are 3 sheets tot he wind

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Tristan (Stan): even with the luck roll? trying for Mina.

Tristan (Stan): totally syncing some points into “huge penis”

Loryc (aka Robert): I think Urso wins that one.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh well if you want to try to hook up with Mina you just gotta roleplay it out, she’s a PC

Tristan (Stan): (I thought we were)

Garrion: back to melty

Garrion: those are stair s down

  • Loryc (aka Robert) walks up to Tristan and Mina.

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Lip Reading and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 2

Mina: “Ah, the great Alakazam himself, to what do we owe the pleasure?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “If I were you Tristan, I’d go with how delicious your blood is.”

  • Mina says looking to Loryc.

Garrion: as you approach this area.. you notice this door alone, unlike any of the others has an impressive lock on it

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) is indulging in a glass of wine after his earlier exertions, seeming pleased with himself at how the evening has gone

Loryc (aka Robert): (seems to know what Tristan and Mina were talking about, even though he was seemingly farther away out of earshot)

Mina: “Fair point, well played mister wizard.”

  • Mina holds up her empty glass to Loryc in a pretend toast.
  • Loryc (aka Robert) raises his glass.

Loryc (aka Robert): “As you can see, she’s out of blood.”

Tristan (Stan): Tristan gives Loryc the stink eye like “you big cock block”

Garrion: suddenly out of the door trastan walked into with the girl she comes storming out… “NO, I WILL NOT BAAHHH LIKE A SHEEP!”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Oh, I’d never imagine doing that… I’m not that kind of person Tristan.”

Mina: “Has this one ever had a woman before?”

  • Mina says looking to Loryc, then to Tristan.

Garrion: just joking Tristan

Tristan (Stan): (he doesn’t actually say that, just the stink eye)

Mina: lol G

Tristan (Stan): don’t knock it…

Tristan (Stan): what happens in the meadow stays in the meadow

Loryc (aka Robert): “He’s a bit rusty on civilized courting rituals, but they’re overrated anyway.”

Mina: “I’m not sure if he knows the standard operating procedure.”

Tristan (Stan): “I could show you a few tricks I learned, but I aint begging for it. Either you are a tease or we are going to do this, either way fine with me. I’m not one to beg”

Mina: “Ooohh, burn.”

Garrion: ok, melty,,, what now?

Tristan (Stan): (if she takes more than 5 seconds I walk away… at least I can have my pride)

Mina: “And I thought Zindal was forward.”

Melty: Ok… The door to the north, you mean?

Melty: And none of the others are locked?

Tristan (Stan): (ok, I walk away). “have a great night Mina, sorry Zindal did not satify your cravings”

Tristan (Stan): going to bang a 6!

Mina: “Me too.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Garrion: correct

  • Mina smiles.
  • Mina looks to Loryc. “What’s up with your friend?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “He’s somewhat bitter. He’s had a bit of bad luck with the other guests.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “His skills in the social arena aren’t quite up to par with his archery.”

Mina: “Does he taste bitter?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “I’ve tried to keep him away from overly salted foods.”

Mina: “It’s been a while since I’ve had elf lord.”

Mina: “Or half of an elf lord.”

Loryc (aka Robert): (Is tristan an elf?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I thought he was human)

  • Melty casts Detect Magic on the lock to see if it’s enchanted, and on the door and frame to see if there’s an alarm or ward.

Tristan (Stan): 1/2

Mina: (half elf like eltera i think)

Tristan (Stan): human from the waste down…

Loryc (aka Robert): (Ah never knew that)

Garrion: you detect no magic

Tristan (Stan): i have magery at the base level

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

Mina: “What about you, wizard? Is there anything alive under those robes?”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well I have heard that half-elves have a special kind of taste… like a mixed drink. Of course, I might have heard that from you, so I don’t know how accurate it is.”

Mina: “Or are you a eunuch, and I’ve never knew all this time.”

Melty: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

  • Loryc (aka Robert) smiles.

Mina: “Though I suppose your eyes, are on the real prize tonight.”

Mina: “How goes it? Anything?”

Garrion: melty, you have curiosity flaw?

Loryc (aka Robert): “Indeed… I find that the greatest pleasures are up here.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) points to his head.

Melty: Mhm~

Melty: Though I was gonna open it anyway, hehe

Garrion: ok

  • Mina taps Loryc on the carotic artery. “To me, they’re here.”

Mina: carotid*

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well you have to consider that taste happens in the mind.”

Mina: “Would I get smarter, off of you, is the question.”

Mina: “They say, you are what you eat.”

  • Melty casts Locksmith and gets out her toolset… Pixie lockpicks are telescoping tools that are enchanted to be quite strong for their size, much different from normal people ones

Loryc (aka Robert): “I don’t think it’d work that way.”

Garrion: that just makes tools or other bonus?

Loryc (aka Robert): “Besides some of my best organs need that blood.”

Mina: “Good, I’d hate to taste your friend, and become a puckered up asshole.”

Melty: I have tools, so it gives me a +5 bonus on my skill roll

Garrion: lol

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc (aka Robert): “I think he’d be safe to taste.”

Garrion: ok, roll lockpicking at -10 mod plus all your normal bonuses

Loryc (aka Robert): “It might even raise his morale a little bit.”

Melty: Wow

Garrion: very god lock

Garrion: good

Melty: ←rolls Lockpicking/TL4 and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Melty FAILS by 4

Mina: “I had considered, he’s not really my type, but well charity is one of the virtue’s the monk’s taught me.”

Garrion: melty works at it a bit and fails to break oin

Loryc (aka Robert): “I’ve always beleived it’s good to share.”

Mina: “Yes, maybe the Mayor will be doing so soon.” she says, using a kiss as an excuse to say so in a quiet whisper to Loryc.

Mina: “Anything?”

  • Mina Mina says turning around smiling looking around the room.

Garrion: the lock is still in good shape though… melty has not broken anything

Loryc (aka Robert): “I’ll know soon enough… it pays to have small friends in high places.”

Mina: “I see.”

Melty: Oh, I should check for non-magical traps too… Often they’re not much for Melty to worry about, but a fairy could get squished or impaled too…

Melty: ←rolls Traps/TL4 and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina: “Well then, I’ll busy myself until I hear more, or you hear more.” she means the moans

Garrion: you find no traps

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods.

Loryc (aka Robert): “Why don’t you go try to cheer up Tristan… he may not look like much, but he’s definitely a friend you want on your side when the arrows start flying.”

Mina: “Fine.”

Tristan (Stan): (lol, “fine, i’ll go suck his…”)

Tristan (Stan): (probably walking in on me and the 6)

Tristan (Stan): (maybe that luck roll paid off after all!)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Garrion: going to try again Melty?

Melty: (mutters under her breath) “Ngh… Nefarious fuckin’ demon creation… Yield your secrets…”

Melty: Mhm~

Garrion: how long the spell good for?

Mina: lol

Melty: It’s good for 1 minute, which is good for 1 attempt at the average lock it says

Loryc (aka Robert): “Well you certianly don’t have to, but I’m just saying, he probably tastes better than he looks.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?”

Garrion: ok, it is over then

Melty: I gotta pay another FP to try again

Garrion: yep

  • Melty maintains it

Tristan (Stan): (I can picutre Melty in a demons face puffing up her little chest)

Melty: ←rolls Lockpicking/TL4 and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Mina: “A girl has to eat.”

Garrion: actually that is a normal lock. this is beyond that so that fisrst attempt too you 3 minute

Melty: Ack

  • Loryc (aka Robert) nods and smiles.

Loryc (aka Robert): “So she does.”

  • Loryc (aka Robert) raiess his glass to Mina

Melty: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Garrion: so you had to maintain 2 times.. then anothe minute while you checked for traps

Garrion: 4

Mina: “One of these days, wizard.”

Melty: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Garrion: so we on minute 4 now as you start to pick again

Melty: Well, I made my second roll

Loryc (aka Robert): “You can count on it.”

Garrion: and succeeded by 1.. so you open it in 2 miuntes… so that was 6 minutes total that you were using the spell

Loryc (aka Robert): (btw I can keep her invisible and with darkvision indefinitely.)

Melty: So another 2 FP on top of the 4 I’d spent already…

Garrion: the door lock pops open

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (You know, I just thought of something brilliant, you could convince people they had poltergeists or something by using Melty to invisibly move things around and conjure noise illusions and such, and then you could pretend to exorcise the ghosts)

Melty: (Ooo)

Loryc (aka Robert): (hehe)

Tristan (Stan): that would be cool

Tristan (Stan): (i think they are in the treasure room…)

Garrion: The contents of this room are similar to those of the main attic, but much dustier.

Melty: (Like Scooby-Doo!)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (It was Old Man Miller all along!)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

  • Melty flits around, glancing at the contents of the stuff… Careful not to disturb too much dust yet.
  • Mina makes her way over to Zindal.

Garrion: you see a door

Garrion: it is not locked

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) is sampling a few of the wine vintages on offer and making casual small talk with the guests

Melty: (under breath) “Why must the giants put barriers between every room…? Doesn’t it make them tired to open them over and over…?”

  • Melty listens at the door.

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 7 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: you hear nothing

Mina: “What should I fill my glass with?”

  • Mina says glancing at the selection.
  • Melty decides to check it out…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… The Blood still seems to be the best so far… But if you like something sweet then perhaps that one would better suit your palate.”

Garrion: the door opens and she inches in….

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) gives Mina some wine recommendations

Mina: ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 13 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina FAILS by 3

Garrion: The walls of this empty storeroom are scratched, as if by fingernails, although no other clue to the room’s original use remains.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 3 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) CRITICALLY SUCCEEDS by 8

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol awesome

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Getting Mina good and liquored up

Mina: haha you drunk their whole supply

Loryc (aka Robert): (guess Zindal found the wine that tastes te most like blood)

Melty: “That lock’s gotta be there for a reason…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Maybe it’s like that one episode of Bob’s Burgers where he drinks the stuff out of the wine tasting spitoon)

Mina: “Yes, this one is a nice change to the palette, the other while delicious was growing a bit tedious.”

Melty: (lol, I gotta watch more of that show)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol yeah, he won a blindfolded wine tasting contest by being able to ID that as what he was drinking because he’d tried it before without knowing what it was)

Garrion: ok, what does melty think now?

Melty: “Um… Lord of Darkness guide me…?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol… Kind of a dangerous thing to say in a devil worshipper’s house…)

  • Melty waits to see if something happens.

Mina: ←rolls Current Affairs (West Crown) and gets 4 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Melty: (Isn’t it supposed to be the key phrase, though?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (We totally know what we’re doing)

Loryc (aka Robert): (And yes it is)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Oh yeah, that’s true)

Mina: “I hear, that lady there is quite the freak. Perhaps you should pursue her next.”

  • Mina says offering Zindal some tips of her own.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Oh really…?”

Garrion: There is nothing that heppens here

  • Melty checks the other room too.

Tristan (Stan): have to head to bed guys, busy time of year. wont be here next week. you guys have fun!

Loryc (aka Robert): K cya tristan

Melty: (Night Tristan!)

Garrion: searching or what?

Mina: “I’ve heard she can make a pit fiend, beg for mercy.”

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: have a good couple weeks

Melty: Yeah, since nothing seems to be going on I’ll start looking around for places where the dust has been disturbed.

Mina: “Or so the dirty rumors say.”

Mina: “What would I know.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Dirty rumors propagated by whom, I wonder…”

Garrion: PER -7

Mina: “I don’t start them, I just spread them.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Isn’t that what all the gossipmongers say?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 15 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -7)

Melty FAILS by 9

Melty: ; ;

Melty: I really wish I had Mage Sight…

Melty: I have so many spells I wanna get after I pay off all this debt

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah you probably gotta get me up there Sachi)

Mina: enlarge!

Garrion: You find nothing as you look around the room.

Loryc (aka Robert): (So I can continue the investigation)

Garrion: At a cursory glance

Mina: is her primary one, so she can bang mina, or so she confessed to me :-p

Garrion: you can use search to look closer

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Take 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or whatever the equivalent of Take 20 is

Loryc (aka Robert): Don’t think you can take 3 in GURPS I dunno

Garrion: you can take extra time for a bonus

Mina: “By the way, did you steal my underwear?”

Garrion: Extra Time: Taking more time than usual for a task (as specified by the rules or the GM) gives a bonus to a noncombat action: 2¥ as long gives +1, 4¥ gives +2, 8¥ gives +3, 15¥ gives +4, and 30¥ gives +5. For instance, taking a work day (eight hours) to do a onehour task would give +3. This bonus only applies if it would make sense to take extra time for the task at hand (GM’s judgment). You can take extra time to open a safe or figure out an alien artifact, but not to neutralize poison or chase a fleeing suspect!

Mina: “You don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.”

Loryc (aka Robert): ah

Melty: Ahhh

Melty: How much time does it normally take?

Melty: To do a search

Garrion: wel Search is to realy pick over things… a room this size to search for hidden doors or such would take about 10 minutes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Unfortunately no… Perhaps our little winged friend is to blame for that one?”

Mina: “It steals pa……wait, of course it does.” she says comprehending

Melty: (Hmm, how much time do I have until the next course or whatever?)

Melty: (Hey now, who’s this “it” you’re referring to)

Garrion: at this point for you, about 20 minutes

Mina: lol your panty raids

Melty: (lol, but you called her “it”)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “It’s too bad her infatuation is so biased… I’m certain one could have some amusing times with her.”

Melty: (it’s kinda funny :3 )

Mina: (then i chose my words nicely then )

Melty: (lol, it’s like she worships Mina from the moment she laid eyes on her and Mina barely realizes she’s sapient)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Zindal just wishes Melty would be a little more open minded)

Garrion: ok, so you going to search for how long?

Mina: (well i actually havent really had a chance to talk to you any yet mostly)

Melty: (Hehe yeah, mostly I was just trying to hide in your clothes)

Melty: I guess I’ll spend 20 minutes searching, since I really should report to Loryc eventually…

Melty: Melty rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): wow awesome.

Melty: (Self-control for her curiosity)

Melty: :(

Melty: waitwaitwait go back actually it’s— (nah lol)

Garrion: that was a search roll?

Mina: “Open minded?”

Melty: That was a self-control roll for her curiosity

Mina: oh sorry that was ooc

Melty: A Search check sent to GM.


←rolls Search and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 1)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Mina: nm that remark

Melty: That was a search check

Mina: “You’re jealous?”

Garrion: wow… ok, melty searches the room and finds a secret door

Melty: Ooo!

Melty: “Melt on!”

Melty: “Holy shit, I should make that my catchphrase.”

Mina: “I don’t even want to know, never mind.” shakes her head

Garrion: and only takes her 10 minutes to do so

Melty: (He wants that pixie poon)

  • Melty examines it carefully for traps.

Mina: “I’m sure that would be a death sentence, I know you’re not exactly well endowered but still.”

Garrion: roll traps

  • Mina teases.

Melty: ←rolls Traps/TL4 and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Come now, you know as well as I that there are other ways to enjoy oneself besides the conventional methods…”

Garrion: you find no traps

Mina: “Loryc was right I think.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm?”

Garrion: and also find the release for the door

Mina: "I believe the exact quote was “He’ll fuck anything with a pulse”, though technically you may have broken your own rules already."

Garrion: a “knot” in the wood paneling nearby

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks…
  • Mina puts his hand to her neck. “Is there a heart beat?”

Melty: “Ha! They think they can keep me away from their homes and possessions with these Fiendish contrivances such as ‘doors’!”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Not anything… I’m exclusively interested in females.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) feels Mina’s neck for a pulse

Mina: “Ah I see, one of those.”

Garrion: mina is not undead…. she has a pulse

  • Mina teases.

Mina: (yes i know i was just teasing tab)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… Yes, it’s there. Faint, but there.”

  • Melty listens for anything behind the secret door.

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 1

Garrion: sdhe hears nothing

Mina: “I prefer them myself, though I occassionally make exceptions.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) slides his fingers down her neck with a light brush to tease her

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm, I see… Well I enjoy a challenge.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smiles
  • Melty grabs onto the latch, bracing herself against the door with her feet as she figures out how to turn it.

Mina: “Well, no, a challenge would have been if you looked like Urso, and had the manners of Tristan.”

Melty: (ice burn)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) laughs

Garrion: entering?

Melty: Hell yeah I’m entering, I wanna see what these giant fuckers who could step on me had to go to so much trouble to hide

Melty: From me, personally

Melty: (that’s how Melty thinks, basically)

Garrion: The only feature of this bare room is what appears to be a pair of double doors made of flat gray metal in the northern wall. The surface of the doors seems moist and reflections in the doors look more like vague shadows and smears of light.

Garrion: As you stare at the doorsyou note that the “reflections” seem to writhe and move of their own accord.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol… Sounds like it’s time to go get the rest of the crew)

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: “Ok… This must be where the code word comes in… I better get back to Loryc… And not stare at this thing too long… That probably is a bad idea…”

Garrion: ok, stop here

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: we will resume next time… as Melty makes her way downstairs the bell rings for the next course

Loryc (aka Robert): how many courses are there anyway?

Garrion: and everyone is summoned to the dining hall to feasty again

Cedric: so we officially off next week, or not sure yet?

Mina: its like the hall of gluttony

Melty: “Yeah… I’ll go tell ‘em what I found, and big sis Mina’s gonna be so proud of me! Maybe she’ll let me sleep in her room…~”

Garrion: last one at midnight.. it is now 10pm

Loryc (aka Robert): Ah okay

Loryc (aka Robert): so we got plenty of time

Garrion: ok, good job everyone… nice Rp once we coaxed Mina not to be such a prude

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah Mina sluttin it up.

Loryc (aka Robert): Loryc didn’t want any sloppy seconds. He’s at least patient to wait till Mina cleans up a little lol.

Garrion: i know where you are coming from that you did not WANT to do that.. but you have the flaw which means that you may give in and not do what you know you should not

Melty: “Then we’ll get married and we’ll burn down every human city in this land…!”

Mina: lol well i didnt wanna be a prude, i was wanting to make tab work for it longer

  • Melty takes a deep breath in order to laugh heartily, then remembers she’s supposed to be quiet…

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah nobody eally wants to sleep with Tab’s characters, but a flaw is a flaw… :P

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: well i didn;t want to detailit play by play… just make the rolls to see if you eventually give in adn let him or if you put up the stone wall

Garrion: but once we got past that you all did good

Mina: she likes to play hard to get sometimes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Zindal is just too awesome to resist, obviously

Melty: Yeah lol I don’t actually want you to kiss him at the table if you don’t want to, that’d be gross

Melty: (metaphorically)

Mina: lol nah i aint that repressed

Mina: if i didnt want to i would have made her a straight up lesbian, i just wanted to lead him on longer first heh

Garrion: on a normal day you do not have to resist jumping his bones or even turning back his advances.. but in tat situation with your female counterparts arrousing you it would have been a challenge to resust your lust

Mina: whatever i dont care, she’ll bang anyone and anything pretty much, im not bothered

Mina: quit apologizing

Melty: :3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: anyway… expectaion established and played through… good job with the carrousing and finding your “mark”

Mina: mostly you just ended my games early

Mina: no sense of foreplay man :-p

Melty: Teleport, Deathtouch, Wizard Hand, Inscribe, Mage Sight, Mage Light, that’s my list of spells I wanna get…

Mina: when you live for 300 years

Melty: That I can think of atm

Garrion: well i know the others did not want to sit through your play by play cock tease forplay

Loryc (aka Robert): hehe

Mina: well no i meant foreplay as in make him wait more sessions lol

Garrion: ok, we’ll resume witht he feast in session and then whatever follows

Loryc (aka Robert): lol. I think with the lechery drawback you’re just too mcuh of a slut to play hard to get though

Melty: “Whatever follows” is gonna be Melty hitting on Mina some more

Melty: Yeah heh

Cedric: ok, later folks

Garrion: well unfortunately your lust got the better of you and you could not hold out to tease him any more… even the biggest cock tease gets more than she barganed for and succombs

Mina: yeah im sure she’ll have banged the whole party before long

Mina: i need plenty of willing blood donorsw

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Cedric is disconnected.

Mina: though someone is gonna have to get me really drunk or tie me up for urso

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Mina: or give me like the whole treasure share

Garrion: well that is what Ilsandra would do

Garrion: lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hey, Zindal already told you he was a willing donor

Garrion: lione them all up, tie them up and give them a whipping and a blow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though I guess he’s going for more of a trade

Melty: It’s probably a good thing Melty doesn’t know any mind control spells

Mina: why’s that?

Mina: mind control tab into sleeping with hags or something?

Garrion: night all

Melty: She’d be going around doing things like using magic to get people horny and trying to get them to have sex while she watches

Melty: Night G!

Mina: oh lol

Mina: night G

Garrion: will get rewards posted this weekend

Melty: Yay rewards~

Loryc (aka Robert): lol I could mind fuck Zindal…

Melty: I don’t advocate doing that with PCs

Mina: yeah well at least you dont have that problem if you hang out in my pouch i guess

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I could do the same to you, only it’d be my actual sword through your brain =P

Melty: Melty could literally steal your brain

Mina: or his balls

Melty: My favorite thing about Melty is how she’s such a silly character but she can also literally pull people’s organs out like in Temple of Doom

Mina: “Can i fit in a urethra with shrink spell?” i can hear sachi asking already

Melty: Ooo~

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hahaha

Melty: She could probably fist you down there

Melty: I dunno how that would feel

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah like Zindal said, there’s more than one way to have fun

Melty: She knows lightning spells though so you definitely don’t wanna make her mad

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Taragnor is disconnected.

Mina: yeah im sure i’ll wake up thinking i was having wet dreams one night

Mina: as melty hides under the bed

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Melty: :3

Mina: though the trail of wet tiny foot prints will prolly give her away

Melty: Hehehehehehe

Mina: oh well no, she flies

Mina: your plan is secure

Melty: :3

Melty: My plan?

Mina: plan(s)

Melty: It sounded more like a suggestion~

Mina: knock yourself out

  • Melty hides under your bed and stalks you while you’re asleep

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Wow, this Kickstarter project I’m following broke $510k with 12 hours left to go

Mina: shed be more worried about killing you, than you or her protesting

Mina: you roll over the wrong time, and squish

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: She’s got 9 HP, she’s pretty durable I think

Mina: yeah i just mean realistically speaking

Melty: I know she’s ridiculously strong for her size

Mina: a tiny pixie logically would sound very easy to damage

Mina: i dont know you’re like a mini hulk

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Even if you survive the initial roll over, if Mina is a heavy sleeper you could stay pinned down there and suffocate, lol


Melty: lol yeah :(

Mina: my pinkie is prolly bigger than your thigh

Mina: you’d need like to tickle you with a feather or something

Mina: thatd be “safe sex”

Mina: lol

Mina: a queef would be like hurricane force winds!

Mina: have to tie down first

Melty: lol, wow, Melty can actually carry up to 55 pounds and still fly at speed 2 if I’m reading the rules right

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol wow, you could totally pull off the anime style grabbing a giant mallet and hitting someone with it

Mina: trying to guestimate how much a boob weighs for breast fondling?

Melty: lol yeah, she can carry 5 pounds without being encumbered at all, which is about 5 times more than she weighs

Mina: speed blitz between the left and right

Melty: I think she could actually wear like, that DR 7 super heavy plate armor in pixie size if we could afford it

Mina: yeah you’re like an ant or something

Melty: It’d give her DR 1

Melty: So it’d have to be enchanted for it to even be better than the coat she wears now, lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You’d look like one of those DARPA drones or something, lol

Mina: itd chastity belt turnt into pixie plate

Mina: what kind of coat and dr do you have?

Melty: It’s a buff coat with a hood and it gives me 0 DR, but it’s enchanted with +1 DR and the enchant ignores size modifiers

Melty: So I have DR 1 everywhere besides my eyes and face

Melty: DR 3 for my skull, according to the sheet

Mina: well you said itd have to be enchanted to be better than your coat now

Mina: so i assumed you meant you had like 5 or 6 dr or something

Melty: Yeah, it’s the same as my coat now, and enchanting it would give it DR 2

Melty: lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think the size mod on the plate reduces its effective DR

Melty: Yeah

Mina: oh ok i see

Mina: i didnt know that

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Thin and light metal ain’t gonna protect as well as a big human size hunk of it

Melty: You reduce the DR by your SM

Mina: i gotcha

Melty: So I get 0 protection from anything except the heaviest plate armor, lol

Melty: Scale mail would be like tinfoil

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nah, 30 mesh screen

Melty: lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin):

Melty: So there’s not really a lot of pixie melee fighters I don’t think… Especially since weapons take a size penalty too

Melty: Although you’re totally free to buy a ton of ST…

Melty: For some reason the first thing I thought of was like… that’d be a sexy material to use in an outfit for a pixie >.>;

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Not very flexible though, unless you get the really thin stuff

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Also wherever you cut it creates a sharp edge that’s a total bitch to handle

Melty: You couldn’t wear it against your skin anyway, it’d chafe

Melty: Yeah, it’s like the screen in a screen door right? The edge on that shit sucks, I wouldn’t actually use it in an outfit unless I had that dealt with

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You can buy stuff a lot finer mesh than what’s on a screen door though

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like 5 micron size I think is the smallest you can go

Melty: Yeah hehe

Melty: Wow

Melty: Yeah, small mesh would probably be a lot better for an outfit

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like I said though, it’s really fragile

Melty: Breakaway outfit :3~

Melty: Like a pixie stripper

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hehe, yeah

Melty: Your door fee gets you like, I dunno, a pair of those sports glasses

Mina: just go for the fruit roll ups

Melty: Or she could dance behind a lens… I’m thinking too hard about this

Mina: bunch of pervs huddled around with magnifying glasses?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Just be careful to do it indoors and away from direct sunlight

Melty: Yeah ouch

Melty: Don’t wanna burn her like an ant!

Mina: bwahahaa

Mina: anyways, im about to starve, im gonna go find something to eat

Melty: I’m gonna get to bed~

Melty: Night night, guys!

Mina: im sure you can come up with a way to conqueror mina somehow

Mina: wether by force, stealth, or pursuasion

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I gotta crash too

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Later guys

Mina: “PLEASE, if you kill me, at least I’ll die happy!”

Melty: p.s. DA~BU~SU~TE

Sachi is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Sefiros is disconnected.

Session 14

GURPS on Golarion Garrion