Session 19

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Sachi has connected.

Melty: Hi!

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: since we up earl;y anything you want to go over with me?

Taragnor has connected.

Melty: Hmm, can’t think of anything in particular hehe

Melty: I did totally forget I had points to spend though

Taragnor: heh I got a ton of unspent pts

Tabris has connected.

Melty: Ponder ponder ponder

Tabris: I had a calculus professor named Dr. Ponder

Tabris: Was kinda funny

Tabris: He always talked in this super soft even voice, would make you fall asleep like instantly

Tabris: btw G I’m having trouble figuring out how I’m getting the number that MT is saying my Parry is at, I calculated it to be 18 and it’s saying 19

Taragnor: did you add +1 for combat reflexes?

Tabris: Oh, does it add to that?

Taragnor: Yeah.

Taragnor: CR is +1 to all defenses

Tabris: I didn’t check that, that must be what it is then

Garrion: yep

Garrion: but GCS should have CR included in the value too

Tabris: I don’t see where GCS generates the value

Tabris: Where is it at on there?

Garrion: with the weapons

Tabris: Oh I see, well that makes it easier then

Garrion: so tristan wants to dabble in magic?

Tabris: lol apparently

Tabris: The poor bastard

Taragnor: hehe… yeah I mean it’s kinda tough to be a gish in GURPS. Like there’s only certain stuff you can use I’d think.

Tabris: That thing Sef found is probably the best way to do it

Tabris: But that’s more like Tome of Battle stuff than anything

Taragnor: Yeah.

Taragnor: I mean that’s bsaically just like ToB stuff.

Taragnor: It don’t let you use darkvision and shit

Taragnor: It’s all just like doing shit with your sword

Garrion: yep

Tabris: Yeah I was thinking of maybe putting points into that, but I’m not sure

Tabris: Could just as easily beef up other areas

Tabris: Zindal is already a combat machine anyway

Taragnor: Yeah heh. I dunno if you need to get more combat stuff.

Tabris: I’m taking like -11 penalties to hit things and still have a better than 50% chance of hitting, lol

Garrion: sooo many choices.. oh the horror

Tabris: Actually it was -12 I think last week

Tabris: And I still beat the crap out of these things

Garrion: with the darkness you had a little more

Tabris: That was with the darkness

Garrion: but then you got your light back

Tabris: -3 for Rapid Strike, -5 for targeting the neck, -2 for defense penalty, and then another -2 for the darkness penalty

Garrion: oh and just to clarify.. darkness does also affect defenses too

Tabris: Good thing we have light now, lol

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey

Taragnor: yeah lol… it’s so weird how in GURPS like creating a bright light is difficult.

Garrion: so i think we have all now except Brice and Sef… sef knows we here, he is just delaying

Taragnor: GURPS is kinda strange in a lot of stuff that’s oddly expensive.

Garrion: well it is refreshingly different… some simpler, some harder, but all in all better IMO

Tabris: Yeah, in D&D a continual flame torch is like 20 gp, in GURPS it’d be a minor artifact

  • Melty is totally exhausted…

Garrion: it runs closer to the gritty low magc that i prefer

Tabris: This is the Pathfinder setting though, where magic is as common as leaves in a forest, lol

Garrion: by making magery cap so high you guys have lots more magic power than would in a grittier game

Melty: He did let us buy it slightly higher than DF says you can

Melty: And that’s like twice as high as GURPS recommends in general, lol

Tabris: lol

Taragnor: yeah lol, like I was having issues figuring out just making a way to mentally communicate with the group across short distances. heh.

Garrion: hence why it is so high… pathfinder is a more magical setting

Taragnor: Like a walky talky is like riduclously expensive heh.

Tabris: lol

Tabris: Take the Inventor advantage and invent a real one

Tabris: Or however it works

Garrion: or pick up psionics

Cedric: super magic, except for magic items

Taragnor: lol. yeah.

Taragnor: probably be cheapr just buying the modern tech level one lol

Taragnor: Be the first person to bring a cell phone network to GOlarion

Tabris: lol

Urso: or a flashlight

Garrion: well look at it this way.. when/if we ever play a modern or futuristic camp you won’t have to worry about it, hehe

Taragnor: Lioke maintaining perma invis is cost 2, and maintaining telepathy with someone is cost 4.

Taragnor: And not even like telepathy across the world or something

Taragnor: just basic communication

Taragnor: GURPS is just strange in alot of regards lol. Like some shit works really well, and other stuff they make prohibitively expensive.

Taragnor: AoE effects are pretty much crazy impossible to pull off too with a few rare exceptions.

Taragnor: Like explosive fireball is awful.

Garrion: well also keep in mind you are comparing it to D&D which thrives on the big flashy magic

Melty: Yeah, GURPS you gotta be more subtle

Melty: Like I have some big explosive spells, but I think other stuff is gonna end up being most useful

Taragnor: Yeah I mean I lvoe some of the GURPS magic, the illusion shit is awesome.

Taragnor: Like how you can make sentient illusions, that’s badass

Imp: picks up a trusty Tail.

Imp: readies a trusty Tail.

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: yay, closer to getting started

Urso: can someone message sef?

Tristan: hello everyone

Garrion: i already did when i told the rest of you….. he responded but i guess he thought it was too early

Garrion: hello brtice

Urso: tell em the party is starting

Garrion: brice

Urso: hey

Melty: Heya!

Tabris: Heh, I think he’s kind of not really doing anything anyway since he has so much Str damage

Garrion: what a defeatist

Urso: tristan, check this out.. this should be your char.. he is fricking amazing bowman


Tristan: watching now

Urso: actually everyone should see, if pretty impressive

Urso: is

Garrion: ok, well lets get under way.. yeah good trick shots

Garrion: Back in the knot Tristan picks himself up out of the nasty water

Tristan: oh, sorry. I was watching that video. very cool

Urso: crazy part at the end, he shoots an incoming arrow to block it

Tristan: i’m currently beaing eaten by Ghouls…

Urso: that some crazy shit

Tristan: this dude is shooting almost as fast as someone fires a gun… crazy

Urso: dont even see how to possible to notch them so quickly, let alone fire them

Urso: so now you know the standard tristan….

Garrion: Everyone except Urso is present, h e slipped down the tunnel

Garrion: give me ione sec.. gotta check school closings

Urso: heh, cold?

Tristan: this guy definatly took the heroic archer feat….

Tabris: lol yeah that shit is crazy

Tristan: before my character dies i’m going to try to split and incoming arrow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’ve been off work all week due to the weather, it’s been the best week ever

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 10 day weekend ftw

Tristan: that is nice, hopefully your getting paid

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yup

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The company told us to stay home

Tristan: nice

Garrion: ok, back

Zindal (aka Ladzin): They’re like “Nah fuck this, don’t even try to come in”

Urso: you near boston right?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol no, T is near Boston

Tristan: most people say that and then don’t pay people

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m in Knoxville

Urso: there that much snoow there?

Tristan: I just went through knoxville to go to a business trip in Nashville

Zindal (aka Ladzin): We had two days of freezing rain

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And then snow

Taragnor: yeah I’m in snow up to my ass.

Urso: ah, I know boston is around what? 7 feet of snow?

Garrion: Tristan gets up out of the water…

Tristan: we got about 8 inches which is about 3 times as normal. that’s “a lot of snow” for us. Boston is like what? 6 feet?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah some crazy amount

Sefiros has connected.

Garrion: he is a little banged up but not too worse for wear

Tristan: (Tristan is probably dropping some choice words as these things are trying to eat him)

Tristan: (one of the ghouls is still up right?)

Urso: band is all here

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I thought one of them was still alive

Tristan: or did Z take em out?

Garrion: nah, they both dead

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though heavily damaged

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I know I cut the crap out of both of them

Tristan: i’m cool with them being dead… I know Z cut ones head in half, not sure about the other one

Tristan: I gave one a fire arrow to the crotch but thought it was still up

Garrion: i think one was actually still up but i accidentally removed everything thinking encounter was over… so it is over… Zindal was gonna decapitate him pretty soon anyway

Sefiros: im here, but im not here, i may be slow, my head is swimming right now.

Sefiros: what is the plan for session?

Tristan: works for me

Sefiros: we still slogging in the knot?

Garrion: to kill miona, haha

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Exploring this godforsaken dungeon

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Looking for the fabulous treasure we were promised

Tristan: *Tristan starts slogging out of the water

Sefiros: i dont even know what or who miona is

Urso: heh, while T finds all the cash outside

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Garrion: no one said it was a single room vault with tons of gold

Garrion: mina

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It was heavily implied

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Loryc is getting an earful when I get out of here

Tristan: “Nice sword work there Zindal, I know I give you shit all the time but I’d hate to be on the other end of that sword of yours”

Sefiros: for us to kill stuff, or for you to kill mina?

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks

Sefiros: your statement was ambigious in that context to me

  • Urso yells up the tunnel, " you ok up there?"

Sefiros: if its the later, you got a 10pt str head start at least

Sefiros: but


Garrion: i was messing with ya… the plan for tonight is to kill mina

Tristan: (looking for my sword I dopped on the stone)

  • Melty is collapsed on Zindal’s shoulder

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “All in a day’s work.”

Sefiros: I paid the iron price for it.

Melty: Isn’t she already “dead” though?

Garrion: you find it and pick it up

Tristan: (nice GOT reference)

Sefiros: its words from a house in GoT

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) strokes Melty’s back while she rests

Tristan: *Ringing out my clothes as much as I can

Garrion: Your voices echo down the tunnel to Urso

Tristan: “so, in other news. a fire arrow to the crotch did not have the effect I was hoping for. That trick worked last time much better. But then again, that guy was alive … and real ass hole”

Garrion: and his calls echo back up to you

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) calls down to Urso, “Think you can climb back up? Or do we need to come down there?”

Urso: " there more tunnel here, not just pit.. and no, need rope"

Tristan: “do Ghouls collect treasure? maybe something is in that pond there?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “If there is, you can have it.”

Tristan: “maybe they ate a wizard or something”

Melty: “Uuu… I-I’m… Outta pixie dust…”

Garrion: it is pretty murky and nasty… you can go diving if you want

Sefiros: (sorry if im a bit angry or weird tonight, i got traumatized the other day, i think i have some kind of temp PTSD or something)

Melty: (pleeeeease G let me recover some energy)

Melty: (it’s ok Sef ; ; )

Tristan: “fuck, i’m already wet. I’ll take a look. I already smell like this crap anyway. Follow me along the side here in case anything else pops up.”

Garrion: The domed ceiling above this large chamber sags, with long mildewy strips of wood paneling hanging down from above like drooping branches. A large pool of churning muddy water fills much of the room, flowing down a trough further into the room between a pair of slippery stairs to gather in a smaller pool beyond. Dozens of bones lie scattered along the five-footwide ledge that surrounds the pool.

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) pats Melty on the back, “Rest up for now little one. Hopefully nothing else tries to eat us for at least a few minutes.”

Sefiros: (this fuckin stray pit bull literally pulled my handicapped kitty out of a hole in the fence and murdered it right in front of me)

Tristan: i’m not putting my hands down there (i’m poking around with my sword listening for any metal or bones or anything

Tristan: (handicapped?)

Sefiros: (yeah it was born with these disorder which messes up their balance, basically her bag legs didnt work right, so she moved slow)

Sefiros: (like her back legs are effectively paralyzed, so she cant run fast like most cats)

Garrion: this eastern pool is shallow and only thigh deep… you heading up to the larger pool above and to the west

Garrion: i mean below and to the west.. the water dflows down

Tristan (Stan): (any water moving around like there is a current?)

Sefiros: (id sworn off another pet after my previous cat i had forever passed away, and then i got attached to the poor handicapped one and now…….gone. )

Tristan (Stan): (sorry about the kitty, that does suck)

Sefiros: (i hope i see that dog again, please GOD, grant me my wish)

Garrion: the only flow is near the outlet that flows down to the larger pool

Urso: ( yup.. thought they had nine lives? you got jipped… :P

Tristan (Stan): (ok, i’ll take a dive but only because i’m already wet)

Sefiros: that aint even funny man

Garrion: sliding down to the large pool?

Melty: ( ; ; That is so bullshit, I hate people who don’t take care of their dogs right)

Melty: (And pets in general)

Tristan (Stan): “hey Zindal, come over here to the edge. If I start swimming up like i’m running from something kill whatever is behind me… unless it’s a mermaid then you can try to fuck it”

Urso: ( so you guys tossing down a rope?)

Garrion: i think they taking a swim first

Sefiros: my pets are like family to me, not just “some animal”

Sefiros: especially that one

Garrion: though they should relay this IC

Sefiros: thats why it bothers me so much

  • Melty curls up in a safe spot in Zindal’s pack or other clothing if he’s gonna be moving around.

Sefiros: anyways

Sefiros: I’m here

Sefiros: sorry for rambling

  • Melty tries to get as much rest as she can, knowing she won’t be any use if she doesn’t…

Melty: hugs

Sefiros: just explaining myself if i dont seem myself

Tristan (Stan): (sorry about your cat, it does suck losing a pet. i have a 14 year old dog and have to nudge her when she’s sleeping to make sure she’s not dead)

Taragnor: I’m talking on the phone right now so just do the other group til I canget off.

Tristan (Stan): (the pixie finally got a light up right?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Why are you bothering with a pool full of muck? If there’s treasure in this place it isn’t going to be down there.”

Sefiros: (wasnt just that she’s dead, its the way it happened and i saw it happen)

Garrion: The water is filthy, a mix of mud and rot, and smells foul. Although the water constantly flows down into the lower pool, the water level above never depletes and the water level below never overflows

Sefiros: (feel like i watched a snuff film or something, it was fucked up)

Tristan (Stan): “well, ain’t much other treasure being found. Besides, you would be amazed at what you can find at the bottom of a pool of water”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m more interested in what’s at the bottom of this tunnel that Urso fell down, he says it continues on.”

Tristan (Stan): “i’m already wet and it wont take long… hmm… you probaby never heard that before…”

Sefiros: T had to reschedule his “Happy Ending”

Tristan (Stan): *starting toward the deeper pool

Tristan (Stan): “hey short stack (to the pixie), can you give me some light over here?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Little one is currently running on fumes and resting, you’ll have to do the exploration on your own.”

Creature: picks up a trusty Claw.

Creature: readies a trusty Claw.

Creature: picks up a trusty Teeth.

Creature: readies a trusty Teeth.

Tristan (Stan): (setting my bow and sword on the side but have my knife at my belt)

Tristan (Stan): (what light are we working by now?)

  • Sefiros sighs.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol I think Zindal has the light cast on him, and so far he hasn’t been inclined to help you

  • Mina sighs, standing up from her resting position.

Mina: “I suppose I could go have a look.”

Tristan (Stan): (does mina need oxygen?)

Mina: “I can fly down there and back up, and tell you what I see, but I’m not in any shape for a mosquitoe bite, much less a fight.”

Mina: oh it was water?

Mina: sorry

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yes, it’s a big pool of murky nasty water that ghouls have been hiding in

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And he wants to go swimming in it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Roll for Filth Fever save, lol

Tristan (Stan): “why you got to be difficult Zindal, bring your shiney sword over here”

Garrion: is an yone following him along the side?

Mina: ok yeah my bad

Mina: i forgot

Tristan (Stan): (i’ve already took a dip in it)

Mina: the ghoul watering hole

Mina: i was thinking this was something else

Mina: nm that comment then, mina didnt say that

Melty: “I-I’m sorry… I’m j-just… I g-gotta catch my b-breath… A-a few minutes…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Sorry Urso, we would join you down there or pull you back up here but Tristan has a sudden compulsion to go swimming!”

Melty: (I’m down to 3 FP and 0 energy, lol ; ; )

Mina: (someone explain the situation im confused)

Mina: (where is urso?)

Garrion: I think your fire arrow is gone when you stabbed the ghoul

Zindal (aka Ladzin): He fell down an incline

Urso: (fell down a tunnel chute )

Tristan (Stan): (urso played shoots and ladders)

Garrion: so you are in dark unless Zindal follows

Tristan (Stan): but there is only a shoot

Zindal (aka Ladzin): He falls down, we lose our light, ghouls pop out of the water

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Melty gave me another light but now she’s out of energy and trying to rest

Zindal (aka Ladzin): We killed the ghouls, now Tristan is trying to explore without light apparently, lol

Mina: where is that incline, that area east of your token?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah

Mina: ok i see

Mina: can we see or hear him or communicate with him?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah we can hear him

Mina: or he just fell down and we have no idea

Zindal (aka Ladzin): He said the tunnel continues on

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And I don’t see any other exits out of here except back the way we came

Mina: what kind of angle isthis thing?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Which is full of Shadows

Mina: the incline

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No idea

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Steep apparently

Garrion: ok, so we have different things going on here that do not mesh… a ranger diving in the dark and the rest exploring the tunnel Uso went down

Mina: “Well, if I had my strength, I could fetch him.”

Mina: “But I can’t so much as properly touch myself right now, without getting winded.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I don’t know if we want to fetch him so much as join him; I don’t see any other exits out of here.”

Garrion: You turning around Tristan when the others do not comply?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “And there certainly isn’t any treasure in here.”

Urso: " need rope to climb down, else you side like Urso.. Hurt "

Tristan (Stan): “ask urso if there are any exits down there… or else we are all in a bad spot (peering into the water)”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “He said the tunnel continues on.”

Melty: (He said there’s a tunnel down there I think)

Mina: “Rope? Ha, I laugh at rope.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I don’t think I have rope either, lol

Tristan (Stan): I have rope

  • Mina walks up the side of the wall and then stands upside down directly above Zindal as she gives him a peck on the head.

Garrion: Urso, you see a door ahead of you and what looks to be a side hall

Mina: “Voila.”

Tristan (Stan): “there is some rope in my bag up there, but I still need a fucking light”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Impressive.”

Urso: " I have not looked much, incase something down here.. but can see tunnel go on some distance, maybe 50’ "

Mina: “You were talking about the kiss, I know.”

Urso: " door too"

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m telling you there isn’t anything in that filth infested waterhole, Tristan. Urso says there’s a hall and a door down there.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Get back over here.”

Mina: “Melty, has me beat however, I can’t fly, though I can jump really high and far.”

Urso: ( G, anyway I can stand maybe a bit up the tunnel and catch anyone that slides down, so they don’t hit the end and get hurt ?)

Tristan (Stan): “ok fine”

Tristan (Stan): (grumble grumble)

Tristan (Stan): *drying off again

Tristan (Stan): (so Garrion, now that we are not checking is there any treasure down there?)

Garrion: sure you can try….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Mina: “If there’s something I can do with my unique skills, then let me know how I can help you or the big oaf down there.”

Garrion: ((maybe.. you will never know))

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Question is how much rope does Tristan have and how far down is the drop

Tristan (Stan): (lol, oh the suspense)

Tristan (Stan): 50 foot

Tristan (Stan): not sure how far down he is

Garrion: with your ST you should be able to stop them as long as they do not sweep your feet out

Urso: ( you have seen Urso has rope too, if need be )

Garrion: about 25 years

Garrion: yards

Tristan (Stan): actaully guys, nix-a the rope. I had to dump it do to weight. I only have a short strand for traps

Urso: ( can I do a Van Damme split and put my feet on the opposite walls to catch em )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

  • Mina plops back down to ground level.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Guess we’re playing waterslide then

Urso: " Send fly girl down, I have rope "

Garrion: you can always try to walk down.. Urso just took a trip cause he slipped

Tristan (Stan): “maybe there is another way down”

Mina: “Are you all trying to go down to him, or haul him back up here?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Melty seems rather tired at the moment. We’ll just walk down.”

  • Mina says scratching her head confused.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Trying to go down.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) sighs and just goes into the tunnel

Melty: (Heh, I’m fatigued to the point that my move and dodge are nerfed)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hold on tight, little one.”

  • Urso yells up, " go slow.. very slippery "

Melty: (From casting all these spells)

Tristan (Stan): (thinking he hopes is busts his ass)

  • Mina chuckles.

Mina: “Is that innuendo coming from Urso of all people?”

Mina: “Maybe I should give him a chance afterall.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): What do I need to roll

  • Melty curls up inside Zindal’s man purse or other container

Garrion: Zindal steps out.. Acro-2 check

  • Urso moves to a spot to where he can hopefully stop em from hitting the wall if they slip.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Any bonus for being warned about it being slippery and taking my time?

  • Mina grabs Zindal before he goes.

Mina: “Hey.”

Mina: “Let Melty out, incase you fall.”

Garrion: sure.. plus 1 for prep

Mina: “Don’t want to crush her to death.”

Mina: “I’ll take her down.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Very well.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) reaches into his pouch and grabs Melty, handing the pooped pixie over to Mina
  • Mina scoops her up. “She really is spent. Never saw her this quiet.”

Garrion: i’m sure she can just fly down without exhausting

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -1)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: Zindal creeps down the slick tunnel… and makes it to the bottom

Tristan (Stan): “fancy”

Garrion: The walls of this twisting circular tunnel are of smooth polished gray stone, shimmering with moisture and sloping downward at a sharp angle.

Garrion: however.. the rest are in the dark

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Greetings.”

  • Mina hangs onto Melty, and follows behind Zindal clinging to the least slipper side or top of the passage.

Garrion: or do you all try to follow behinf Zindal closely?

  • Urso pokes em, " why you so slow"

Mina: “All the muscle’s down there, and the archer’s up there, I’m going now.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I told you, Tristan felt a sudden compulsion to go swimming.”

  • Mina says putting the firepower between her and melty.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “He’s trying to find trinkets in filth-ridden water instead of searching for the actual treasure.”

Melty: (My mom just got home, afk a few minutes, please remember I’m trying to rest some)

Garrion: ok

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) spits a little

Tristan (Stan): i’ll wait for everyone to go down watching the back

Garrion: you can’t watch jack in the dark

Garrion: Zindal has the only light

Mina: “Well you never know, but then again if you went through all this trouble, I would hope putting your treasure in a literal shit hole would be kind of boneheaded.”

Urso: " he can take bath later"

Tristan (Stan): (mumble mumble about being in the dark)

Garrion: you can pop another light?

Tristan (Stan): ok, i’ll still go last.

Tristan (Stan): i’m out of fire arrows

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol not right now we can’t

Garrion: torch, candle?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Our pixie battery is out of juice

  • Urso shines his shield light up toward the group.

Tristan (Stan): i’m all wet. I have flint and steal and a candle but probably wet at the moment

Mina: (oh shit, i forgot about my dinner, im gonna go eat that before it gets ice cold, be back in a few, mina will snuggle with melty and stay behind Zindal the All-slayer at all times)

Tristan (Stan): “all clear? I don’t want to slide into anyone”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Urso: I" go.. better to walk then slide "

Tristan (Stan): “ok”

Tristan (Stan): i’ll try to go down when the coast is clear

Garrion: ok, well i guess all oi need is a couple checks to get down the tunnel then… but in the dark these are going to be at an additional -5 for tristan and -2 for mina (due to NV)

Tristan (Stan): great…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan (Stan): “anyone got a light down there?”

  • Urso shines his shield light up toward the group.

Urso: (should help some?)

Tristan (Stan): (hopefully)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You also get a +1 for being careful

Tristan (Stan): “by the way Zindal, nice job taking the only fucking light we had up here.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Not my fault you dallied.”

Tristan (Stan): (he’s grumpy at the moment if you can’t tell)

Tristan (Stan): “your a dick you know that right?”

Garrion: so the end result is Tristan Acro-6 and Mina Acro -3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I try.”

Tristan (Stan): climbing?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Acrobatics

Tristan (Stan): I don’t have acro so hoping for climbing

Garrion: that is with the default diff, the extra care and the dim light from Urso shining it up the tunnel

Tristan (Stan): i’ll put a point in acro after the adventure though, probably used it enough

Garrion: hmm, let me see how they default to each other

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah Acrobatics is good for dungeon exploration

Tristan (Stan): can I just slide on my ass and go with dex?

Tristan (Stan): (i’m learning that)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol I considered doing that

Tristan (Stan): and you had a light!

Garrion: yes, you can sub that

Garrion: Climbing -6

Tristan (Stan): ok, dex -5 then? any bonus from urso’s shield light?

Tristan (Stan): yikes

Tristan (Stan): or dex – what?

Tristan (Stan): for sliding on my butt

Garrion: Acro default is DX=-6.. so would be DX-12

Tristan (Stan): lol

Tristan (Stan): should have been a pixie

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol geez

Urso: (good luck )

Garrion: use climbing

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Climbing * and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -6)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 4

Tristan (Stan): “ohh fuckkkkkk!!!”

Garrion: so close

Garrion: Tristan takes a tumble….

  • Urso readies to catch him.

Garrion: weee, woah…. ohh….. shit…..

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smirks as he stands back

Tristan (Stan): zindal is getting the stink eye

Garrion: Uso ST check to sto him

Urso: ←rolls ST and gets 14 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 4

Tristan (Stan): (my hero)

Tristan (Stan): (still, crashing into Urso might be like hitting a wall too)

Garrion: Urso catches you at the bottom.. the tumble only deals minor bumps and bruises to you… 1 HP

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Mina is using her Spider Climb thing to just walk down btw

Urso: (better then the 5 I took )

Tristan (Stan): (much better)

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) taps his foot impatiently as he waits

Tristan (Stan): (drying out my candle and flint and steel at the bottom so I don’t have to depend on anyone elses light)

Garrion: and mina….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think she’s just using her wall walking ability, not sure she needs a check for that

Tristan (Stan): i’m hitting hp and it’s not coming up, did I get un-assigned to my token?

Mina: ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 7 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -3)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: let me look

Urso: (where door? all the way south?)

Garrion: it looks assigned to tristan1 and tristan2

Garrion: you see a glow to the west

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Seems the path splits off.”

Tristan (Stan): is reduced 1 HP, and now has 8 HP.

Tristan (Stan): working now

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Ah, there’s a glow over here.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: and a door to the south

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) decides to check out the glow

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Well that’s interesting

  • Urso follows.

Garrion: A circular pit takes up much of this room. Thirty feet above, dozens of strange shadowy stalactites descend from the ceiling, their lengths transforming after a few feet into iron chains that descend into a tangle of chains suspended over the center of the pit below—the tangle wraps and suspends what appears to be a mutilated humanoid body at its core. Many chains dangle from this sphere into the glowing red depths of the pit below, but several chains float and writhe in the air like strands of seaweed in a churning tidepool, the tips of each fragmented and flaking away in bits of rust.

  • Urso whisper, " what that?"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Someone really wanted to keep this person chained up…”

Tristan (Stan): “should have brought the wizard with us…. or a priest”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shrugs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “It isn’t treasure, so… I don’t really care.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) ignores the giant chain sphere and checks the other side of the room

Tristan (Stan): “yeah, we probably should leave that where it is”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or not

Garrion: as you step into the area the chains start to writhe and lash out at you…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh goody

Melty: (I’m baaaaack)

Urso: ( just in time, got some metal tentacle monster )

Sphere of Chains:
←Attacks Zindal (aka Ladzin) with a Slam
in the Left Arm
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 14 (14 with a modifier of 0)

Sphere of Chains SUCCEEDS by 4

0 for Left Arm, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Melty: (oh goody, did I recover any energy?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Can I attempt to Parry this?

Garrion: about 10 minutes passes for you to recover

Garrion: did you have blade out… ready for danger?

Urso: (heh lightning bolt might be nice here.. hehe)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yes, I’ve had my blade out ever since we came in here

Garrion: then yes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): tries to parry and rolls a 8 with effective skill 19

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 11

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) bats the chain away

Garrion: Zindal parries as the blade scrapes across the chains

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Did the whole sphere actually move towards me or is it just stationary and shooting chains out?

Garrion: ok, you can go once before i call inits.. either press on or back off?

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: just shooting chains out…..

Garrion: i had to move closer to be in range for the macro to work

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Can I reach where the chains are anchored or are they all up in the ceiling where I can’t hit them?

Tristan (Stan): (keeping out of reach of the chains but ready to fire arrows at whatever)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol you’re still in the tunnel right now according to your mini)

Tristan (Stan): which I can’t see…. losing control of it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Melty is with Mina

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She’s riding in Mina’s pouch and resting

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And is there anywhere on this thing that I can attack or is it all just hanging suspended from the ceiling out of reach?

Garrion: correct.. the only thing you can reach is the ocassional chain that swings past

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hmm, okay, I’ll back off for now then

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tch… Looks like it continues on… Maybe see if there’s another way around.”

Tristan (Stan): “well. don’t see that every day”

Garrion: guessing on when it attacked you thing it has a reach of about 10 ft

Zindal (aka Ladzin): This tunne a dead end?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): tunnel*

Melty: wtf stack overflow? Guess I gotta restart this

Sachi is disconnected.

Garrion: you saw an opening on the far side

Sachi has connected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No I mean down south

Garrion: a door there

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or are you saying we have to go past the giant death sphere

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh, okay, door

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I can’t see it with the way the vision blocking is set up, heh

Sachi: musta forgot the launcher

Garrion: you open the door?

Melty: regains 5 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I’ll check the door to see if it opens

Sachi: “Haaahn… haahn..”

Garrion: it does

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Then I open it

Melty: “I-I can m-move my wings okay now…”

Garrion: description incoming

Cedric has connected.

Urso: ( I miss much?)

Garrion: A junction in the hallway presents multiple methods to progress. A wooden door sits in one wall, while a rough, cave-like tunnel winds away to the side. Opposite the door, three stairways proceed—two leading down to the left and right and one leading up in the center. Wooden signs with writing on them hang above the entrance to each flight of stairs.

Urso: (where everyone go?)

Garrion: we here

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m guessing I can’t read the writing?

Urso: (did the thing not attack?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It did, I backed off

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Looking for a way around to the south

Urso: ok

Taragnor: okay back. Though figure I didn’t miss too much

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Can I read the signs?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m guessing they aren’t in Common

Garrion: nipe

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Anyone know how to read this?”

Garrion: you know languages?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol no

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m a swordsman, I don’t give a shit about scribbles on wood

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Miss MIna, perhaps you could lend your expertise?”

  • Urso shrugs

Garrion: then it all foreign to you

Garrion: mina may know it….

Garrion: languages mina?

Taragnor: heh I’d be surprised if Sef had any points left for languages

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think Sef is afk with dinner still

Tristan (Stan): (we seem to be missing our wizard)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So I’ll just check this tunnel since it’s leading in the direction I wanted to go

Garrion: ok

Taragnor: (heh well it’s tough to be good at languages in GURPS though I might have a spell that’d let me read it)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m assuming the rest of the party is following me, heh

Garrion: unless they tryibng to read signs

Garrion: you head down the tunnel

Garrion: it opens into…..

Tristan (Stan): (unless there is a possiblity of a naturalist roll.. guessing it’s demonic instead though)

Garrion: This chamber lacks a visible floor and ceiling—instead, what appears to be an endless shaft stretches to infinity both above and below. A ring of stone stairs winds upward counterclockwise around the room’s perimeter, winding back on itself in a mind-bending twist that, impossibly, brings one back to the starting point’s elevation despite the fact that the stairs themselves seem never to change their ascent or descent. Stone archways, some opening into other similar rooms and some sealed with stone, extend off from landings here and there on the ring of stairs.

Urso: (how far down are you?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “More endless corridors and strange stairs…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I didn’t go down, I went left

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Through that irregular bendy tunnel

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… Well, if I’m judging this right…”

Urso: " no monster thing"

Garrion: 4

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) attempts to follow the stairs up counterclockwise

Garrion: 4

Garrion: 2

Tristan (Stan): “I hope Loyrcs spells are holding up… i’m sure they would notice us missing by now”

Mina: (yeah sorry dinner was cold, was trying to rewarm it in the oven, i hate microwaves)

Garrion: at this time the other exit that is open other than the one you standing in is this one…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh, that’s the only path open?

Taragnor: heh yeah good thing I stayed behind to give you guys cover…

Taragnor: Otherwise you’d be so screwed lol.

Garrion: yeah, ignore that other… stone exists there

Taragnor: There’d be a giant group of guards wiating at the exit.

  • Melty peeks out of Mina’s sack.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, okay, I’ll make my way towards that one then

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I see a sealed archway at the spot I’m at now right?

  • Urso shines his lit up shield up and down the shaft, looking for an hiding metal monsters, or anything else.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “More stairs…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): This chamber same as the other?

Garrion: as you enter each circular area it appears the same as the first.. with the mind bioggling stairs….

Garrion: let me block the arches

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Which path is open out of this one?

Garrion: there is no open path out of this area

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, damn

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tch… Dead end.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And the only way back out is the way we came in?

Urso: (no, further south is m ore stuff )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I mean from where I am right now

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Since apparently all of these paths aren’t actually open right now

Melty: “What was that chain kinda thing…?”

Garrion: yes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So no other paths I can navigate in the stairs area other than what I’ve already checked

Urso: " monster Urso thinks "

Melty: (The computer lab in my school has a sign that says 1. No food or drink 2. No children 3. No vaping)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I like that they consider food and children more important to ban than vaping

Tristan (Stan): “hmmm… this is the most shitty treasure valut ever”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “No argument here…”

Melty: "That means whatever’s in it has to be super valuable!’

Melty: “There’s so many doors!”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Okay well apparently I can’t explore any of these other paths and G isn’t saying anything otherwise so I’m going back to that first branch

Melty: “Nobody would put this many doors in front of something they didn’t care if people found!”

Garrion: correct.. all you see is the one open doorway and then none in the next room

Urso: “there must be some shortcut.. no way anyone go thru all this junk to get to his stuff”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Checking this next path to the left

Garrion: ok, stop there…

  • Urso follows Zindal.

Garrion: as you do down the stairs to this room you see…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “The chained creature intrigues me… I wonder if it’s meant to be a guardian.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “There may be something valuable beyond it.”

Tristan (Stan): “or a prisoner”

Tristan (Stan): another one of those demons maybe"

Garrion: Two flights of stairs allow access to this cylindrical, thirty-foothigh room, one leading up and the other down. The walls of this room are studded with narrow holes and hundreds of short wooden pegs.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Wow, yeah that has trap written all over it

Garrion: there is a flight of stair son the far side of the room

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Are there holes with pegs in the floor too or just the walls?

Garrion: no, just the walls

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… Strange.”

Urso: ( so pegs for like climbing?)

Garrion: kinds.. but pretty slinder and do not look to suport you

Urso: (how long are they?)

Garrion: oh about 4-6 inches

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m guessing they push into the wall

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And activate god knows what

Melty: “I bet you we’re inside someone’s stomach and when you touch it that’s how it knows to digest us.”

Urso: " maybe Melty girl see if this trap?"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “What about it, little one? Feel up to exploring a little?”

Tristan (Stan): “maybe we should have just kidnaped the mayor and dragged his ass down here”

Garrion: hehe, well he would noty have bneen much help according to Loryc

Urso: (there melty?)

Melty: (Oh sorry!)

  • Melty flutters out of Mina’s pouch and cracks her knuckles.

Melty: (yay my dodge is back up to 12)

Melty: ←rolls Traps/TL4 and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: speaking of which.. Loryc.. the night passes on and the party has degenrated into activities you do not care for… you still have not seen your companions

Taragnor: heh.. damn…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Taragnor: Not a hell of a lot I can do yet I dont’ think I mean there was no sign of them getting caught…

Tristan (Stan): (sure could have used his help)

Garrion: Melty enters the room fluttering about and checking out for traps

Taragnor: I’ll check to make sure there’s no one waiting around that roped off section or anything

Taragnor: Like that there’s no guards there, I own’t actually go in there

Taragnor: but until they come down not too much I can do I don’t think.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, given the size of this place we may not be back down the same night

Garrion: the hall is unguarded and no one seems to care at this point paying attention to you

Taragnor: heh yeah well I didn’t know how big it was.

Garrion: Melty… a moment after you enter the room and start to fly around…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Uh oh

Taragnor: Is it possible to mentally communbicate with em using telepathy or something, or would the planar barrier block that?

Taragnor: I’m assuming the later, but figured I’d ask.

Garrion: hissing vipers slither out of six of the holes lining this room and slither down the walls, using the pegs and each other

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You could go through the mirror and then use telepathy from the entrance, heh

Urso: ( great, indy and the last crusade)

Melty: “Aw shit! It’s fulla snakes!”

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Naturalist and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 0

Tristan (Stan): ( to know what kind of snakes)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hmph… Could be worse.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): How big are these? lol

Urso: " stay out of thier mouths"

Melty: (look how tiny I am compared to them lol)

Garrion: some sort of viper from what you can see….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol damn

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Those are big holes

Melty: (Most snakes eat things my size anyway)

Melty: (I mean I’m not even 6" tall, lol)

Garrion: the snakes are about 4 ft long.. not boas or anything

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh, pfft

Taragnor: How long have they been gone anyway?

Garrion: i think they left around 10? i need to look

Urso: " Zindal, move ina bit so we can both attack them"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “You want to bother wasting time with these things?”

Taragnor: I mean I know I went through 2 dinner courses and whatever time was between em

Taragnor: to go find that chest.

Garrion: everyone had the squid meal?

Tristan (Stan): (trying to line up a shot)

Taragnor: And they left right after the meal befoer that

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I don’t remember

Taragnor: so it should be the duration of 2 meals + whatever time is between meals x2

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) ignores the snakes and just walks past them

Urso: (thought we only missed the last 2 meals?)

Taragnor: Yeah you only missed two so far.

Taragnor: One you were absent for and then the other I created duplicates.

Garrion: they wetn in around 1030.. it is now 1230

Garrion: or actually 0030

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Will stop on the other side and see if they try to chase me

Taragnor: yeah Loryc would definitly start getting worried at this point… I guess I’ll go turn invisible and try activating the mirror.

Taragnor: Like it didn’t suck people in right?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nah it’s just a portal far as I remember

Taragnor: I ‘m just saying activate it in case they can’t open it form the other side

Taragnor: but I dont’ want to actually go inside.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Taragnor: SInce Loryc wuoldn’t really know what’s taking so long.

Garrion: the way they got in was to walk into it… the mirror appears the same

Tristan is disconnected.

Tristan has connected.

Taragnor: Oh right…

Taragnor: It didn’t actualyl activate… hmm..

Garrion: the snakes slither toward zindal and attempt to strike out at him as he runs through

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You have to use the command word

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or phrase rather

Taragnor: yeah, i was just wondering if there was an activation thing…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, damn, these things move fast

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or they have insane reach

Garrion: but he runs through and keeps his distance… they do not pursue

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Ah, okay, that works

Melty: Are we still not in init? I wanna retreat from the room… If they’re 4 feet long I feel like I might get snagged

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) continues down the stairs and leaves the others to deal with the snakes

Taragnor: yeah dunno what much I can do then… I mean all I can really do is help em if they got trapped on the other side.

Taragnor: I ain’t gonna go wandering off since all that’ll do is get me killed and won’t be of any help to anyone

Tristan (Stan): “urso, keep them back and i’ll pick them off”

Garrion: well you flying well high enough

Garrion: but you can back out too

Urso: " Ok"

Melty: Ahh hehe

Melty: I wasn’t sure

Garrion: but now that zindal has run through the snakes are more dispursed inthe room and anyone else runing through will be hard pressed to avoid

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Anything special about this landing?

Melty: It seemed like they were reacting to me

  • Urso readies to smack the first one that comes in range. " come to Urso, need some boots"

Taragnor: I wasn’t expecting em to have to run a labyrtinh heh.

Garrion: one sec zindal….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol why are you readying to attack mundane snakes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Just leave them alone and quit wasting time

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Damn

  • Melty keeps safely in the air for now, though she watches for anything else crawling in from the sides… Waiting to see what her comrades are gonna do.

Garrion: The wooden walls of this room are painted a somewhat nauseating yellow color. In one wall, an oak door with a large lock on the handle stands, a message burnt into the front. Likewise, hanging wooden signs bear messages as well, six in all, each hanging over a stairway leading out of the room. Ruined heaps of what may have once been chairs and a table lie scattered over the floor.

Urso: (tristan can just pick em off, should be easy enough )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “There’s a locked door down here! Looks like you can just use the central stairs in the first chamber!”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Ignore the snakes and get down here!”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Do the sign for the NW stairs and the NE stairs look identical?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like they both say the same thing?

Garrion: Zindal.. you hear something…..

Urso: ( you shooting Tristan?)

Garrion: a shrill female voice…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Uh oh

Garrion: “You poor thing! Suffering so from such baseless fears! Please, step into the therapy chambers and face these terrors. When you’re cured, bring me your prizes and I’ll pronounce you cured. You want to be cured, don’t you?”

Tristan (Stan): i’ll shoot them if they look like they would attack if I walk past them.

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) glances around for a source of the voice

Tristan (Stan): I basicaly don’t want to leave myself open to a snake bite if I don’t need one

Taragnor: lol what the.

Garrion: you see nothing Zindal

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hmph… Snakes do not interest me.”

Garrion: the snakes are spread through the room and do strike at any who get close or they can get to

Garrion: urso standing int he entrance now

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Melty: “Hey guys, he says you can go down the center stairs… You don’t really need to go through this snake room…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Do the signs for each chamber look different?

Tristan (Stan): “what do you think Urso, I’m not a big fan of wading through snakes. I pick em off and you kill any coming at us?”

Cedric: (they coming toward Urso ?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I know I can’t read them but does the writing look identical?

Tristan (Stan): “or, we can go around. that’s fine too”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Dude, seriously, I shouted out that you can go down the other stairs and avoid them)

Garrion: yes, the script is the same but the word is different

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (They’re mundane snakes, who cares)

Tristan (Stan): ok, i’ll go down those stairs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Why are you wasting time with them? lol)

Tristan (Stan): “come on Urso”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… So you say these chambers are for facing one’s fears…?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) glances at the writing on each of the signs

Garrion: ’YES. You must face your fears to be cured."

  • Melty flies toward the top of the shaft to see if there’s anything interesting up there, then goes to meet the others.

Taragnor: pretty sure none of the group took a phobia.

Garrion: This room actually has a ceiling

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m not interested in facing any fears. I want treasure.”

Garrion: 30 ft up

Taragnor: Ask if they can cure Zindal of his whoring ways. :P

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: “If treasure is what you seek then you must first get the doctors approval.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “And I take it you’re the doctor?”

Urso: ( sorry, back )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Guessing I can’t read whatever’s written on this door either)

Garrion: “Yes, well sort of. I’m the doctor’s assistant, but I can take care of this till he returns.”

  • Urso looks around.

Garrion: it is all the same dialect

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “What’s through this door? It’s locked so it isn’t a treatment chamber, right?”

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 7 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 3

Taragnor: The doctors office is located in a really inconvient location.

Garrion: let me give you desc Urso

Garrion: The wooden walls of this room are painted a somewhat nauseating yellow color. In one wall, an oak door with a large lock on the handle stands, a message burnt into the front. Likewise, hanging wooden signs bear messages as well, six in all, each hanging over a stairway leading out of the room. Ruined heaps of what may have once been chairs and a table lie scattered over the floor.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Can I tell roughly where the voice is coming from by listening to it speak?

Garrion: somewhere in the room.. it keeps moving around

Tristan (Stan): (looking around… like what kind of crazy place is this…)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m listening as it talks and trying to pinpoint its location… If it comes close enough to me I’ll attempt to grab at it with my open hand

Urso: (someone got some see invis or the like?)

Garrion: it never draws close.. always sounding distant

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “So what’s this door? If it’s locked it must be important.”

Garrion: That is the door into the Heart of the Knot

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “The heart? So that’s where the treasure is?”

  • Urso moves into the room.

Garrion: “That is the door into the Heart of the Knot. Perhaps. I will say no more till you bring me proof of facing your fears. I shall not help you till you show you are cured.”"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tch… Not interested.”

Tristan (Stan): (probably should have killed the snakes)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Someone want to try picking the lock? Or we can just bust it down I guess.”

Urso: " Urso not afraid of anything"

Tristan (Stan): “urso should just kick that door in”

Garrion: “So be it. I guess you really are a little chicken.”

Tristan (Stan): “someone will have to prove he aint afraid of Urso”

Urso: ( does have 1 level of fearless , hehe )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “You seem to be the frightened one if you ask me. Hiding yourself and flitting around the room…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m going to ready an action and when I hear it talking again I’m going to charge and swipe

  • Melty inspects the doof for any traps while Zindal is preparing his body

Melty: ←rolls Traps/TL4 and gets 16 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 2

Garrion: the sound is not at ground level

Zindal (aka Ladzin): How high up is it?

  • Urso puts his back to a wall and watches for attacks.

Garrion: well the ceiling is only 15 ft…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Could I jump and swipe at it then? lol

Tristan (Stan): (moving back to a wall and notching a normal arrow)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Maybe boost off of Urso?

Garrion: i guess you could

Garrion: would be pretty damn hard… you looking at automatic -10 for not seeing target

Garrion: not counting any other mods

Urso: ( could make my shield horizontal so easier to boost him )

  • Melty isn’t afraid of anything, or that’s what she tells herself… She’s curious about what’s on the other side though, from how she’s sizing up the door…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol well if I can attempt it I’ll attempt it, I can spend an FP to get my attack skill while moving

Garrion: the door dows not seem trapped

Urso: (melty should fly up and go flying girl vs flying girl action )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I can make an Acrobatics check to boost off of Urso’s shoulders or something

Garrion: ok, need a few things.. an Boost from Uso using ST… then an acro from you to jump and swing and fall without getting hurt

Melty: :3

Garrion: and also a PER to determine where at

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, well I’ll do the PER first

Urso: heh, boost easy enough

Garrion: at -2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m not gonna try this unless I think I know where it is

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 7

Garrion: well it is constantly moving, so it has to sort of a sudden spontaneous thing

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah that’s why I’m keeping it talking

Garrion: you can not pinpoint the voice

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Honestly, I don’t think you’re one to talk about fear when you can’t even show yourself to me.”

Garrion: “la lal la… oh are you stil here?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) FAILS by 7

Garrion: stil nothing

Garrion: same result

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shrugs… “Well, if it isn’t going to do anything other than be annoying, guess we can break the door open and see what’s on the other side.”
  • Urso frowns, " what it babbling about?"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Apparently it wants us to face whatever tests are in each of these chambers.”

Garrion: the door does not appear to be trapped… nor locked

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol you said it has a lock hanging off it

Tristan (Stan): (looking around for the noise maker) ready to launch an arrow at it

Urso: " what chambers?"

Garrion: oh sorry.. i did

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) points at the stairs they just came from

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: it is not trapped

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Those… That one has snakes… The others probably have some other thing.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Think you can pop that lock off, little one?”

Taragnor: That room was for treatment of ASP-erger’s syndrome.

Melty: “Let’s give it a shot…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: “Oh you are so going to get in trouble. Patients can’t leave till they are cured.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: you think you have an idea of where the voice came from

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, okay, I’ll go for an attack then

  • Melty casts Locksmith.

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Urso, boost me up.”

Garrion: urso standing next to you and waiting on the signal or what.. it not like she just goign to stay there while you line up?

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) runs at Urso

Urso: ←rolls ST and gets 14 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 4

Melty: ←rolls Lockpicking/TL4 and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 5)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 10

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 8

  • Urso boosts.

Melty: Booyaka

Garrion: the sound came from… 8

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Okay, will jump in that direction after Urso boosts me and then swing my sword

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Spending an FP to get my full attack skill after moving

Tristan (Stan): (really need to take acro)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): receives -1 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’ll use Urso as the target since it doesn’t have a mini out

Zindal (aka Ladzin): -10 for not being able to see it?

Garrion: ok roll with -12 due to blind and flying throuigh air uncontolled

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, okay

Zindal (aka Ladzin):
←Attacks Urso with a Swing
in the Torso
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 11 (23 with a modifier of -12)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 1

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -12 miscMod, 0 accMod

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Boom

Garrion: and your sword swishes through the air….

  • Urso boosts/tosses Zindal the way he wants.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Boooo

Garrion: there is nothing where you though there should be… you are puzzles cause yuo struck so well.

Garrion: "HAHA HEHE

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan (Stan): looking for whatever it is

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) lands back on the floor and turns back around

Garrion: “Big man can’t hit little ol’ me.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shrugs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I tried.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “All yours Tristan.”

Garrion: “He problaly too afraind….”

Tristan (Stan): (did I see it?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (I’m assuming Melty got the lock off with her checks, she succeeded by like 10 points)

  • Urso frowns, " Urso does not think that word means what you think it means"

Garrion: you saw the swish

Tristan (Stan): i’ll shoot at whatever the hell it is….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You can’t see it, heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You only have its voice to go by

Garrion: rol per-2

Tristan (Stan): i’ll take a while shot at the noise

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 1

Urso: (is probably throwing its voice somehow, so that probably won’t help much either )

Garrion: you can’t pinpoint it

Tristan (Stan): hate not being able to see it… but at the same time it’s pretty cool

Tristan (Stan): ok, moving arrow around trying to zero in on the sound

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Melty got the lock off?

Urso: ( summon dust cloud or see invis or something?)

Garrion: oh yes

Garrion: she popped that thing

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) checks the door now that it’s unlocked

Garrion: the door opens only to reveal what looks like a closet

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Anything in it?

Garrion: nope

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Little one, take a look in here.”

Garrion: made of the strange stone as the rest of this place

Garrion: Loryc… you going to enter or still waiting?

Garrion: the mirror appears the same as it did when they entered

  • Melty peeks behind the door.

Garrion: “I told you you have to pass the tests first.”

Urso: " why?"

Tristan (Stan): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: Tristan thinks he got it this time.

Garrion: shoot at -10 for blind shot

Tristan (Stan): taking a shot as soon as I hear it, what is the minus?.. ok

Tristan (Stan):
←Attacks Zindal (aka Ladzin) with a Standard Arrow
in the Groin
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 15 (20 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 2

0 for Groin, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -2 range, -8 miscMod, 5 accMod

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan (Stan): i did -8 and picked a target that is 02

Tristan (Stan): -2 so – 10 total

Garrion: and the arrow wacks against the wall hitting nothing but air

Tristan (Stan): “that was a good show, must be some magic spell”

Urso: (can you detect magic or something?)

Tristan (Stan): (i cannot)

Melty: (I think I can detect auras by handling stuff? Let me check the book)

Garrion: yes, you have to see it or handle it i think

Garrion: or maybe handle only

Urso: ( can’t just scan an area looking for aura’s ?)

Garrion: but then it is only a sense of an aura letting you know that magic infuses it

Melty: It says the GM makes a Sense roll when I first see a magic item, and again when I first touch it

Melty: On a success I know it’s magical, and on a 3 or 4 I know whether it’s helpful or dangerous and about how strong the magic is

Garrion: that requires a spell.. and not sure Melty wants to cast or maybe doesn’t know

Melty: Nope, that’s something you can do by just having Magery 0

Garrion: did you ever tyough that glaive?

Melty: There’s a mage vision spell or something that gives you a better version

Garrion: touch

Melty: I woulda in the course of inspecting it

Melty: I thought I cast detect magic on it too but maybe not

Taragnor: heh nah, not gonna enter right now. I mean nothing I can do there but get myself killed.

Melty: I might be thinking of something else

Garrion: well you do know its magic.. i pretty much told you that

Taragnor: I’ll have to put my faith in my party members to accomplish this I think.

Taragnor: I ain’t really made for battle, especialyl going at it solo and it’d cause all my illusions to end outside

Taragnor: which basically screws our escape route

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: excuses excuses, lol

Melty: Yeah there’s a Mage Sight spell that lets me detect all magic stuff in my vision and tells me more info

Zindal (aka Ladzin): If everyone at the party is wasted they probably won’t notice one way or the other

Melty: But I don’t have it ; ;

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The part was over and we left

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Perfectly logical

Melty: I have Detect Magic but that’s on an object by object basis

Zindal (aka Ladzin): party*

Taragnor: lol. well then what happens when they see you’re still here when we leave?

Taragnor: mean there’s still guards dude.

Taragnor: It ain’t like everyone is wasted.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Heh, he said nobody stopped you or paid attention to you going up to the mirror

Garrion: ok, so at thid point you are at an impass… you have stairs.. an unknown voice and a blank closet behind a locked door

Taragnor: Better to at least maintain somekinda cover story since I can’t help you in combat at all really.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): They don’t give a fuck right now

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hm… This place is really starting to annoy me.”

Garrion: no, you have not seena single guard all night

Taragnor: Well I mean the mayor and such doesn’t care. But the rest might.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Dude he just told you there aren’t any guards, lol

Taragnor: oh there’s no guards?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s like midnight at a frat party

Garrion: only serving staff

Taragnor: Like at all?

Taragnor: was there guards outside?

Garrion: at all

Tristan (Stan): we basically went to the place we really really needed a wizard and forgot to pack him

Taragnor: well Melty is a wizard. heh.

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) decides to head further downstairs

Garrion: there were a few outside when you entered, but nothing like before

Taragnor: Melty is better than me in a lot of regards, one of those being combat/.

Tristan (Stan): I am looking forward to the pixie ass kicking

Taragnor: She’s also a lot faster than me in terms of rapid fire spellcsating.

  • Urso follows Zindal.

Taragnor: PLus I don’t even know what I’d be doing right now to help you lol.

Garrion: you come to another junction with a door and stairs diverging off in 3 directions

Melty: I can take catnaps inside people’s luggage and that’s an advantage over being human-sized

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Continue south to the door

Taragnor: yeah heh. Melty is an awesome all-in-one casting machine.

Garrion: As you walk away…. “Don;t say I didn’t warn you. Patients should not wonder till they are released from care.”

Garrion: the door opens

Tristan (Stan): “this place is nuts”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Quite…”

Melty: “There’s nothin’ in that closet to be scared of!”

Tristan (Stan): “reminds me of the time I ate a bunch of shrooms with some nyphms … wait, that was way more fun”

Tristan (Stan): “but the trippy part I mean”

Melty: “Whoa, seriously?”

Tristan (Stan): “at least, I think that happend. It all kind of blends together”

  • Melty flits around Tristan’s head.

Garrion: the door opens to a dirty path

Melty: “Hey, can you tell me about that?”

Garrion: and winds around to some stairs….

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: “Tell me about that!”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) follows the path

Melty: “You gotta tell me about that.”

Taragnor: Loryc would be feeling pretty worried right now… but he also realizes there ain’t shit he can do if he does go in there.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Now you’ve done it.”

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: A flight of cracked, crooked stairs winds down deep into the Knot here; as each step descends, they grow increasingly slippery.

Tristan (Stan): “yeah sure, maybe next time we find some nymphs you can have some shrooms with them too. I highly recommend it”

Loryc (aka Robert): regains 6 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Tristan (Stan): “you see, I was gathering shrooms and…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Watch your step, it’s slippery.”

Garrion: roll acro -1 as you descend

  • Cedric approaches carefully.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -1)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 7

  • Urso approaches carefully.

Garrion: Zindal makes it down

Taragnor: like I’ll go in if it’s kinda intended I’m supposed to, but from a purely IC standpoint I can’t really see him having any reason to go in, since even fi you are getting fucked up some giant pit fiend there isn’t much he can do aobut it besides die alongside you

Garrion: Urso can take a +1 bonus for warning

Garrion: making it an even roll

Taragnor: and at the same time it’d blow our cover. I mean I figure at the very least some of the drunk patrons are hitting on Mina and Zindal’s creations heh.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): You’re so getting an earful when I get out of here

Urso: don’t have acro? just dex?

Garrion: at this point Zindal…..

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think the default is DX-5

Garrion: The twisted stair ends at a wide, circular chamber of thick yellow sludge—a lake of disease and decay over fifty feet across. An island of filth, broken weapons, dead bodies, and worse floats in the center of this chamber, the walls of which loom nearly a hundred feet above and appear almost as half-melted walls of some grand cathedral.

Urso: do have jumping if that helps?

Urso: ←rolls DX and gets 4 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)


Garrion: nope, jumping not help you here

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) wrinkles his nose

Urso: (sweet, make it easily)

Tristan (Stan): nice urso

Garrion: Urso is tippy light toes there

Melty: “Ehehehe… That sounds awesome… I used to have some nymph neighbors, but I never worked up the courage to steal— to talk to one…”

Urso: ( might be my first crit ever in this game )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “This looks like a job for Melty.”

Tristan (Stan): “your still young, maybe you will get another chance”

Melty: “Then they all got burned to death by fuck— by you hu— by those fuckin’ cultists.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) steps to one side in case anyone falls down the stairs

Garrion: actually ignore the island bit.. it is just outside your view

Garrion: you just see an endless lake of sludge

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’m stepping to the side with back against the wall in case anyone tumbles down the stairs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That way they fall in instead of pushing me in

Garrion: lol, good idea

Garrion: Tristan… acro os DX-5 to go down the stairs

  • Urso steps to the side as well, but will grab anyone that slides down, like before.
  • Melty just flies down the stairs.

Tristan (Stan): so, totally taking acro at the end of this adventure

Garrion: and I’ll roll miona i guess

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls DX and gets 16 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 7

Tristan (Stan): lucking it…. this is ridiculous

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls DX and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls DX and gets 16 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan (Stan) FAILS by 7

Tristan (Stan): ok, i’ll take the make it

Mina: ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina FAILS by 2

Garrion: Tristan slips a bit but catches self

Garrion: Mina slips and falls on her ass and bounces a little but does not tumble to the bottom.

Garrion: you testing the “waters”

Melty: Y’all might wanna spend one of them points on acrobatics and some other skills, y’all.

  • Urso puts out his arm to stop her, but seems is not needed.

Melty: They’re cheap in GURPS to get decent at

Tristan (Stan): (indeed, going to spend them at the end of the adventure. I think I have a bunch saved up)

Urso: (ya, took jumping last time, probably will take acro next.. )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): There a loose rock or something nearby?

Garrion: you could justify spending at any point…. note the post todayabout learning skills from a recent success or failure

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Also does this stuff smell or is it just a giant pool of yellow slime?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or what

Urso: (heh, guess that crit success would be a reason for urso… hehe)

Garrion: it does smell awfull

Melty: “Poke it with a stick.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Got a stick?”

Melty: “See if it eats us.”

Garrion: just not bad enough at this point to do anything to you

Urso: " you got that pole arm "

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’m not using that, it’s valuable.”

  • Melty clutches her tiny wand protectively under her coat.

Tristan (Stan): “I got an arrow” (shoot an arrow into it)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Can I see anything wooden or cloth floating in it? You said it was full of junk right?

Garrion: actually cancel that.. now that you are down to the edge of it… the full stench fills your noses

Garrion: roll HT-2

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 0

Urso: (this poison like?)

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls HT and gets 5 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -2)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 5

Zindal (aka Ladzin): me holds his sleeve up to his nose to try to block the smell

Mina: ←rolls HT and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Mina FAILS by 4

Melty: ←rolls HT and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Tristan (Stan): (guess i’ve eaten worse)

Garrion: mina hurls….

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Urso: ←rolls HT and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -1)

Urso FAILS by 1

Tristan (Stan): (the undead bloodsucker hurls?)

  • Melty holds back Mina’s hair.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She’s only half undead

Urso: ( if this counts as poison or noxsious I got extra +3 vs it )

Garrion: and so does Urso…. both of you are nauseated

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’d say it counts as noxious at least, lol

Garrion: Nauseated: You have -2 to all attribute and skill rolls, and -1 to active defenses.

Urso: You are naturally resistant (or even immune) to noxious items or substances that are not direct, physical attacks. This gives you a bonus on all HT rolls to resist incapacitation or injury from such things. The bonus from Resistant applies to all rolls to resist noxious effects within a particular category – usually some combination of disease, poison, and environmental syndromes (altitude sickness, the bends, space sickness, etc.).

Urso: ( mine is poison )

Garrion: this is not poison

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So do we see anything that would be subject to melting by strong acid floating in this muck? That would tell us that it isn’t corrosive

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like are there any bits of wood or cloth or whatever?

Garrion: you see nothing floating but the muck

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I thought you said there were pieces of weapons and stuff in it

Urso: ( do we have to do those things manually, or you set them?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or the description did

Garrion: on the island….

Garrion: the island of bodies

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh

  • Urso spits up some.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That I can’t see yet

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Okay

Garrion: but some of you can’t quite see that doe to vision limits

Garrion: Melty can see it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh, I have a 6’ pole, I forgot about that thing

Tristan (Stan): does melty have natural darkvison or that’s do to a spell?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I’ll shove the pole in and see what happens to it

Garrion: a sopell

Garrion: spell

Tristan (Stan): cool

Melty: It’s a spell T handed to me

Garrion: the glaive?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No, I have an actual 6’ pole

Garrion: oh ok

Garrion: the pole slips into the muck….

Garrion: The fluid in this lake is thick and slimy, the consistency of half-clotted blood or fresh, not-quite-set pudding.

Melty: “You guys see that pile of corpses over there? You think that’s where all this muck came from?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Pile of corpses?”

  • Urso shrug, " fly over and see?"
  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) checks the pole to see if the muck is melting it

Garrion: it is sticking to it

Garrion: not melting

Tristan (Stan): “this place get’s better and better”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Well, it isn’t corrosive it seems… But I still don’t want to go into it.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Little one, think you can fly out and take a look around? Hold your nose…”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shoves the pole back in to check the depth

Urso: " how deep?"

Tristan (Stan): “ok, i’ve been in some nasty swaps but that’s just nasty”

Melty: “Ugh…”

Garrion: it seems shallow here but gets deeper as you reach out.. you can not tell the full depth

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Shallow around here, but it looks like it gets deeper farther out.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Probably above our heads eventually.”

Garrion: Well tristan is already wet????

  • Melty opens her mouth to tell Zindal she better get something nice for having to fly out to look at a bunch of corpses… Then she remembers the others can’t even fly, so she closes it again…

Melty: “Aight, man…”

  • Melty holds her nose and flies out to scope out the room.

Tristan (Stan): (i’m just getting dry… no ponit in getting wet again)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I’d offer to give you a reward but I get a feeling you don’t want the sort of reward I have in mind…”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins

Garrion: Meltyy flies out to the island of refuse and corpses

Urso: " Tristan, ready bow"

Garrion: PER melty

Tristan (Stan): “my bow is always ready mighty Urso”

  • Urso moves back to give him some room.

Tristan (Stan): “although I really can’t see a damn thing down here”

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: The tanlg eof corpses and broken weapons armor and other refuse is a mess here….

Garrion: one thing pulls your attention though.

Urso: (magic throwing axe?)

Garrion: Sitting on top of everything, hanging from a broken pommel is a necklace with a symbol.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (A throne of bones with a skeletal king sitting on it?)

Tristan (Stan): (any flaws that would make you go for it? sounds like a trap for sure)

  • Melty flies closer to check out the symbol…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (lol, she has Greedy and Curious I think)

Melty: (You bet I got flaws)

Garrion: the symbol is fashioned from a circle of black iron and inside it is the sign of asmodeus

Melty: (Curious and Kleptomania actually)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Sounds like an unholy symbol)

Garrion: go for it or roll to resist urges?

  • Melty reaches for the ring… Then she pauses, taking a moment to try and remember if she knows anything about such symbols, like if it might be bad to take it…

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Melty: (for an appropriate hidden knowledge)

Garrion: you know that suymbols like this are commonly used by the clergy of a deity to harness their power

Taragnor: It was forged in the fires of Mordor.

Garrion: this one seems linked to asmodeus

Garrion: based on the symbol alone

Garrion: the metal also looks like iron (not sure if Melty has iron susceptibility)

Garrion: sice she is fey

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s only if it’s cold iron

Melty: (Hmm, it doesn’t say I do)

Garrion: what exaclty is “cold iron”

Melty: (Just dependency on mana and a sense of duty to nature)

Urso: (is a way of making iron )

Garrion: i think that is any iron and not sure how the “cold” got added in there

Zindal (aka Ladzin): This iron, mined deep underground, known for its effectiveness against fey creatures, is forged at a lower temperature to preserve its delicate properties.

Taragnor: In D&D terms that basically means like iron forged at really low temperatures or something, it’s a special expensive process)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): No it’s a special iron

Taragnor: (I’ts not just any iron)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s from deep underground and it’s forged at low temperature

Garrion: ok

Taragnor: Yeah, like it’s special shit since it costs you an arm and a leg to buy one in D&D

Garrion: some sorces say fey hate all iron.. but we sticking to PF lore

Tristan (Stan): are you a “fey” creature?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah it’s resistant to magic too since it costs extra to enchant it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah pixies are fey, lol

Garrion: anyway

Garrion: uyou take it?>

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean in GURPS I think any iron or steel works.

Taragnor: But if it’s going by Golarion style.. then it’d have to be special

Garrion: oh its is so curious… its is so greedy… its wants its precious

Melty: Sure! Couldn’t hurt. Well, it probably could hurt very much.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Urso: (heh, holy symbol of some other god isn’t worth much )

Mina: Cold iron is a poetic and archaic term for iron. Francis Grose’s 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue defines cold iron as “A sword, or any other weapon for cutting or stabbing.” This usage often appears as “cold steel” in modern parlance. Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Cold Iron”, found in his 1910 collection of stories Rewards and Fairies, used the term poetically to mean “weapon”. “Cold iron” is historically believed to repel, contain, or harm ghosts, fairies, witches, and/or other malevolent supernatural creatures. This belief continued into later superstitions in a number of forms: Nailing an iron horseshoe to a door was said to repel evil spirits or later, to bring good luck. Surrounding a cemetery with an iron fence was thought to contain the souls of the dead. Burying an iron knife under the entrance to one’s home was alleged to keep witches from entering. In his novel Redgauntlet, the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Your wife’s a witch, man; you should nail a horse-shoe on your chamber-door.” The original belief, that cold iron literally hurts otherworldly creatures such as fairies and spirits, has been taken up again in modern times by authors of modern fantasy, including novels, role-playing games, et cetera.

Garrion: Melty.. you touch the symbol as you take it.. it is nearly as big as you are but you have the ST to cary it

Melty: Well, one of them might pay for it, right?

Mina: thats the real life inspiration for it anyways

Melty: Plus maybe it’s like I’m desecrating their shit, so it’s like I’m punking their temple or something.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: as you touch it you feel something reach out to you.. to your mind

Tristan (Stan): (evil pixie time)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Well that’s not good

Melty: Oh dear

Garrion: You sense an intelligence brooding in the object and instinctively understand how to contact this intelligence with your own mind.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Admiral Ackbar.jpg

Urso: (back in 5)

Garrion: You get a flash of three items… a red smokey glaive, this symbol, and something else that remains blurry and indistinguishable.

Taragnor: seems safe.

Taragnor: Well you’ve got the gliave right?

Taragnor: That’s from that demon you guys killed.

Taragnor: Or was that a different glaive?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah I have the glaive

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s made of red crystal or some shit so I assume that’s it

Melty: gotta catch ’em all gotta catch ’em all gotta catch ’em all preciousssssssssss

Taragnor: hehe.

Taragnor: So basicallythis place seems like some kinda insane asylum for crazy devils.

Garrion: do you contact the “intelligence”?

Mina: gotta catch em all, sounds like tab with STDs

Taragnor: lol

Garrion: lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s what Clerics are for

Melty: Oh hell no I don’t wanna talk to some devil man inside this evil mind ring

Mina: yeah well if you know one that can fix my arm, I’ll give you one of ellen tighs “The swirl”

Taragnor: Obtain all varieties of Herpes! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Garrion: ok roll SC roll…. i think your curiosity triggers

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Like that Robot Chicken skit where James Bond gets tested and they tell him he has all these different diseases, including some that they’ve never seen before

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Then he has to call all of the Bond girls from the various movies and tell them the bad news

Taragnor: lol.

Melty: Devil worshippers burned down my house and everything I ever loved except revenge and fantasy street drugs

Tristan (Stan): i did not see that, it’s funny though

Garrion: and tits.. dont’ forgert those comfy pillows

Mina: reminds me of doctor who episode, 12th doctor encounters robin hood and his merry men, but think theyre fake, robots, or something else, but def not real

Melty: Indeed~

Mina: so he jabs will scarlet with a needle and analyzes his blood

Melty: Ooo sorry

Melty: Melty rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina: The Doctor: I’m sorry, blood analysis. Oh! All those diseases. If you were real, you’d be dead in six months, Alan-a-dale: I am real. The Doctor: Bye.

Garrion: ok, roll SC to resist finding out whatis trying to reach out to you

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She rolled it

Garrion: nm, saw the roll sat a i typesd

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Everything okay over there, little one?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) calls out

Garrion: you resist the urge… for now

Garrion: and you fly back…..

Garrion: or going on across to other side?

Urso: (anything beyond?)

Melty: “Yeah, everything’s great! I got this devil ring that wants to contact my mind.”

Garrion: you see a “beach” on the far side Melty

Mina: hmm wonder if can restore stat drain or something with my bloodrinking advantage

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Tell it you’re busy!”

Mina: think thats only HP tho

Urso: " Urso say probably not touch "

Melty: “I see a beach though! Well… It’s not so much a beach as not covered in slime.”

Mina: “A beach…” he eyes glazes over

Urso: " see if dead end"

Mina: “Sorry, old memories.”

Melty: “Too late for that, man. You think we can sell a creepy-looking ring with a devil thing? I think it wants to be reunited with that glaive.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “In this town, probably…”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “See what else is out there if you can do it safely.”

Mina: “Satomi sold me a blood drinking sword whom killed every previous owner, she could probably swing it.”

Garrion: You flying across?

Garrion: with the amulet?

Melty: Ehhh…

Tristan (Stan): “so, I don’t know about you guys but this seems like a huge waste of time. we would have been better off robbing … well, robbing anyone than druging around in this shitty place”

Melty: Yeah, I’ll fly across with it for now

Mina: “Agreed!”

  • Mina nods to Tristan.

Melty: See if it tries to invade my mind any more

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Definitely agreed…”

Tristan (Stan): “let’s get out of here and find greener pastures”

Garrion: the amulet weighes about .5 lbs…. probaly ot enough to burden you too much

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “This was all Loryc’s grand idea… I say we give it to him when we get out of here.”

Mina: “This guy’s idea of valuables is probably a spikey stick to shove up his ass, along with a bathtub of skulls to swim around in.”

Mina: “One man’s treasure is another man’s trash, in a strange reversal of the saying.”

Garrion: there is a tunnel melty

Garrion: it curves around to a door

Melty: Yeah, I can carry 5 and a half before I get encumbered

Garrion: the door is not locked

Mina: “I can barely carry any extra guilt, much less treasure.”

Melty: Hmmm… I guess I’ll take a peek, cause the others are gonna want to know if it’s worth it to wade through that sludge.

Mina: “This was one piece of shit of a job. The party was a better pay off than this dump.”

Garrion: the door opens with a bit of shoving

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Indeed…”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins

Tristan (Stan): “maybe we should have robbed the wizard?”

Mina: “I say we toss Loryc in here to spend the night, if we make it out of here.”

Tristan (Stan): “I saw him make gold out of thin air… he probably does not care about treasure anyway”

Garrion: this opens up into another one of those bottomless/topless pit things with a connecting room

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “I second.”

Urso: (heh, all we find so far is magic backpack and a weapon taken off a demon.. not much )

Mina: “Yeah, probably some fancy spellbook or something in here he really wants.”

Garrion: (just have to find the realy treasure horde)

Melty: “Huh… This looks like somewhere we’ve been.”

Garrion: an open archway exists in this room….

Mina: “I’ll get him back, he can’t put up much resistance with something up his ass, in his mouth, tied in 500 knots and dangling from the ceiling while I scourge him.”

Garrion: and opens into another but you see no exit from here

Melty: Any other openings in here?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Well, we can try ‘facing our fears’ as the disembodied voice put it. If the other chambers aren’t anything worse than snakes it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Tristan (Stan): (thinking i’m glad I did not sleep with Mina…)

Melty: Hmmm. Do I see any levers or panels or any kind of controls on the walls or anywhere? I’ll try and look where a human might put them…

Garrion: no, nothing of the sort

Garrion: you make your way back or explore something else more?

Taragnor: lol damn.

Taragnor: why you so pissed at Loryc I found you guys a nice set of treasure.

Urso: (sift thru the junk a little maybe? )

Taragnor: And found the way into the vault.

Mina: because your idea of treasure is different than ours? :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol this ain’t a vault, it’s a fucking maze with almost no treasure

Urso: “can Melty tell how those on island died?”

Taragnor: lol well all my sources called it a vault.

Mina: yeah for the criminally insane maybe

Taragnor: even the mayor himself.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah and then you left us in here while you enjoyed the party and found some actual treasure

Taragnor: So there’s gotta be something there.

Mina: prisoners :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah those rebel guys said he hid something in here I think

Mina: and dead people

Taragnor: heh.

Urso: (they did want us to get in? get in to do what?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): I think we’re supposed to find some artifact or something

Urso: (they ever say?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): To open up the sealed off Pathfinder’s lodge

Garrion: the Chellish Crux

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah that thing

Melty: I’ll make my way back, I guess.

Urso: (and taht is what? exactly?)

Garrion: and anything else you find is yours to keep

Garrion: it is a Magic polygon of sorts that opens to reveal somthign hidden inside it

Zindal (aka Ladzin): A Hellraiser box? Shit

Urso: ( I assume we will know it if we see it )

Garrion: yes

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah when you hover your mouse over it the descriptive text will pop up with the name

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Also the text color will be different since it’s a unique item

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh wait that’s an MMO, never mind

Garrion: lol

Melty: Ahaha

Mina: sachi should be on point then for sure

Garrion: dont forget to mouse over foes too to see if green, yellow or red

Mina: she’s a mmo junkie

Mina: :-p

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol yeah

Mina: go solo bahamut for us or something sachi

Melty: “Well, there was another couple of those cylinder rooms across there… I didn’t see any exits. Oh uh… I saw a vision of that glaive when I touched this ring, so I think they wanna be together. It’s probably not a good idea, since they’re of devils.”

Urso: " so what now?"

Garrion: melty makes her way back over… hovering just over the water with her load

Garrion: ?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol you don’t want to hover just over anything

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Be up in the air

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Away from whatever fucking monster is lurking in that shit

Urso: (ya, least 10’ up )

Tristan (Stan): lol

Garrion: lol, paranoid aint ya?

Tristan (Stan): that shit may be the monster

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Nope

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Genre Savvy

Urso: (just no reason to take a chance )

Zindal (aka Ladzin):

Mina: “I’m sorry guys, I don’t really know how to help you here, my expertise is usually robbing lords of their purses, not breaking into demonic vaults. I had to escape something like that before, so I try to not make it a habbit.”

Garrion: ok, melty crosses giving plenty of clearance

Urso: " we head back up? "

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Yeah, I’m definitely not wading through that muck.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Shall we face our fears? Or we can try to run past chain man.”

Urso: " can someone take rope up, so we can climb up?"

Garrion: You are all reunited and Melty relays what she found.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She found an amulet right? Not a ring?

Garrion: correct

Melty: Yeah heh I ain’t gonna hover super low over something that nasty.

Melty: Oh oops

Melty: That was my bad lol

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hehe, no worries

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Is it fancy at all? Like gem encrusted or anything?

Melty: “You should probably not let this touch your skin. I know I did and it was creepy.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Or just a plain iron amulet?

Garrion: nope.. just plain old black iron

Melty: “I don’t wanna carry this around all day though…”

Mina: “Zindal touched you with that?”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) glances at the amulet but doesn’t seem interested

Urso: (who has the magic backpack? toss it in there )

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Hand it off to Tristan or Urso.”

Melty: “Ugh, did I get my brain assaulted by a demon for nothing?”

Garrion: Zindal.. will roll

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh goody

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Will and gets 6 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Boom

  • Mina takes a few steps back.

Garrion: You start to feel an urge to suggest you take it but you let it pass.

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls Will and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal (aka Ladzin): He only needed me to make the check

Tristan (Stan): ok

Garrion: alright, you heading back up to the voice?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Do we want to humor this disembodied voice and face the chambers? Or should we just backtrack?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Shit, hang on a second

  • Urso shrugs, " Urso likes fights"

Garrion: “Haha i knew you would be back. Too afraid togo on? I told you you needed to face your fears first.”

Tristan (Stan): “what are our fears? My fear is to be stuck down here with you babbling on and annoying the shit out of me the rest of my life”

Garrion: melty…. about 20 minutes has passed

Urso: " where these challenges at?"

Garrion: “Each stair will take you to a challenge… just read the signs.”

Melty: “Hmph. What’s there to be afraid of here?”

  • Urso raises an eyebrow, " read?"

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “We can’t read the signs. We don’t speak the language.”

  • Melty looks them over.

Garrion: "Oh jeesh, what simpletons. They say: Arachnophobia, Ophidiophobia, Hematophobia, and Pyrophobia.”

Tristan (Stan): “let’s either get out of there or go kill some snakes”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “And how exactly does one face their fears?”

Garrion: ((just too bad none of you took a real phobia as a disadvantage))

Urso: (heh)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: (Hehe, I thought of taking one about devils and/or fire or something but I had too many already)

Garrion: “Just go into the room and bring me what you get after you face them.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “What is considered ‘facing’ them?”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Do we let the snakes bite us or is killing them all sufficient, for instance.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: “You’ll have to figure that one out rourslef mister smarty pants who mocked me.”

Taragnor: maybre you just have to get from one exit to the other.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol well I already did that for one room

Taragnor: Scne there’s a way in and way out it seems.

Cedric has connected.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Though he said we’re supposed to receive something

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) shrugs

Zindal (aka Ladzin): “Very well.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) heads back up into the snake room

Garrion: ok, we’ll stop here

Cedric: ( these the 4 passages at angles from this room?)

Garrion: we will resume next time with the challenges and Loryc desciding he wants to come looking for his missing friends.. or maybe they stole all the loot and left without him, haha.

Garrion: yes, each of them has the sign

Urso: (heh, good luck finding us)

Tristan (Stan): or we chose to have a wizard beat down…

Zindal (aka Ladzin): The only one I’m really worried about is pyrophobia

Garrion: ok, good job all… made some progress and discovery, passed a few challenges… lets call it 2 points

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Spiders and snakes we can just kill

Garrion: actually make it 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): And blood… Pfft, Zindal has spilled gallons of blood in his career

Melty: Yay!

Urso: (think will take the 2 pts from last week and invest in acro )

Melty: Double yay!

Garrion: you did quite a bit tonight

Tristan (Stan): yup, acro is for sure

Garrion: whatabout the MVP.. you guys want to sart doing that?

Urso: even got my first crit ever, I think

Urso: na

Tristan (Stan): i think it’s a good idea

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Doesn’t really matter to me

Urso: wow, just broke 300 pts

Garrion: so 1 yes, 1 on the fennce

Garrion: 1 no

Tristan (Stan): wow, 300 points. I think I have to go spend a ton of htem…

Garrion: well not like you have 300 to spend.. now that would be insane

Tristan (Stan): i make superman

Urso: heh

Garrion: i’d do a Peter Partrelli, before he woosified.

Melty: I’m ambivalent, hehe

Melty: If I could be any character from that show it’d be the cheerleader who can regenerate from anything

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Taragnor: heh.

Garrion: ok, well no answer so I’ll let you mull it over… i’m hitting the sack

Garrion: will get site updated this weekend

Taragnor: I don’t mind doing the MVP thing

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls Acrobatics and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 3

Taragnor: but don’t really care either way.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): So we earned 3 points tonight plus what’s on the site for our totals?

Tristan (Stan): have a good night all

Session 19

GURPS on Golarion Garrion