Session 25

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Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey, gave Urso a rank of Merchant… want him to try to buy a shield +2

Cedric: large shield

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: ok, let me look up the details on that

Urso: dungeon fantasy adventures page 30, the chart

Urso: Deflect +2 DB Armor/Shield $10,000 Deflecting of Deflection

Garrion: you want deflect or fortify?

Garrion: deflect adds to defense, fortify adds to DR

Urso: to DB, defense bonus

Garrion: ok a +2 deflecting is 500 power so $10000 plus the base item cost

Urso: also I assume can get cheaper stuff easily?

Urso: Gem of Healing (Major Healing, Spell Stone). Jasper stone heals 8 HP when crushed in hand. One use. $400, neg.

Garrion: to find it roll Merchant +3-1

Urso: so +2 ok

Urso: ←rolls Merchant and gets 9 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 2)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 2

Urso: yes

Urso: didn’t even need the bonus

Garrion: ok, in the week of searching you find the shield, for $10k plus the base shield cost

Urso: base is $90

Garrion: now for lesser magic items, if it is a less than 60 energy item then I’ll consider it common enough to find with minimal searching

Urso: how much that tagke?

Urso: major healing spell looks to be only thing

Garrion: that is anything less than $60

Urso: these are $400 each

Garrion: ok, potions use different creation rules than enchanting, those will fall into duifferent category

Garrion: i don;t think potions can be done the “quick and dirty” method

Urso: can have just a stock of them, I assume healing type things are fairly common

Tristan has connected.

Taragnor has connected.

Urso: think the whole group is goign to want to buy them, maybe get a deal in bulk

Urso: hey

Tristan: hola

Taragnor: What we buying?

Urso: those healing rocks

Tristan: healing rocks? nice

Taragnor: healing rocks?

Urso: Gem of Healing (Major Healing, Spell Stone). Jasper stone heals 8 HP when crushed in hand. One use. $400, neg.

Garrion: ok, look slike potions each have their own brewing time

Urso: basically a major healing potion, except always heals 8…

Taragnor: Ah.

Tristan: and probably more durable than glass (but not a metal vial)

Urso: is $50 more then potion, but you get set amount

Tristan: put one under your helmet in case you get your head smacked with a mace… I wonder if that would work?

Taragnor: How much does the potion give you?

Garrion: jhealing potions take a week

Urso: 2d

Garrion: To create an elixir, an alchemist must expend a certain amount of money for materials and a certain amount of time. The elixir will be brewing 24 hours a day during that time, and must be attended by an alchemist at least eight hours daily. This need not be the same alchemist throughout the process, but the lowest- skill alchemist who worked on the elixir makes the final Alchemy roll. An alchemist cannot pay attention to two different processes at one time, but he may manufacture a multiple batch of an elixir, multiplying the cost for materials by the number of doses produced. In this case, the final roll is at -1 for every extra dose of elixir produced.

Tristan: and first aid id 1d6-2 …or -3… you need healing potions for sure

Taragnor: Yeah, so you’d still be paying $50 per point on average.

Taragnor: Well I mean in GURPS seems the best way to handle most stuff is not to get hurt.

Tristan: agreed. Or hide behind Urso

Taragnor: Tanking sorta seems like a losing propositon generally in GURPS. I mean only really works against stuff that’s weak

Urso: Urso just bough himself a shield +2

Taragnor: once you start running agaisnt something big like an ogre/giant/dragon, your’e basicalyl gonna die regardless.

Tristan: nice

Taragnor: Yeah, shield seems a more worthwile use of money.

Taragnor: I mean basically you want raise dodge/parry or block really high

Taragnor: have one of those that can handle most attacks

Urso: sets aside a trusty Large Shield+2.

Garrion: I’m not sure how to handle potion availability, i mean some of the powerful ones will be more rare than the simple ones

Urso: picks up a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: readies a trusty Large Shield+2.

Tristan: Urso might be able to go toe-to-toe with a giant

Urso: readies a trusty Great Helm.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Hat of Disguise.

Urso: picks up a trusty Hat of Disguise.

Urso: readies a trusty Hat of Disguise.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Great Helm.

Urso: picks up a trusty Great Helm.

Taragnor: Yeah, I ain’t too eager to find out.

Garrion: i guess the easy way will be to roll merchant to find plus city bonus -1 per $500 cost of the potion

Garrion: thay way the more costly ones will be harder to find

Urso: G I edited my shields stuff, but my dodge and block values didn’t go up.. there someplace else I have to change those?

Garrion: now where is this healing gem you mentioned?

Urso: Gem of Healing (Major Healing, Spell Stone). Jasper stone heals 8 HP when crushed in hand. One use. $400, neg.

Urso: same book

Urso: same page, just above

Urso: on right

Urso: eventually want to buy this too, if I can….

Urso: Ironskin Amulet (Alchemical amulet). Gives +3 DR. $28,720, 0.25 lb.

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 400\33

Garrion: ok, now that is a magic item, not a potion so 12.12121212121212121212121212121212

Urso: that one probably whole group should get

Tristan: that does sound helpful

Urso: well lets do the stone first

Taragnor: whoa.

Taragnor: that a permanent +3 DR?

Taragnor: To everything?

Urso: as far as I can tell

Taragnor: wow yeah that’s good.

Urso: send out your clone army to look for them, heeh

Taragnor: yeah as soon as I solve this bone devil problem.

Tristan: yeah, that is a shitty problem to have

Tristan: at least it could have been a succubus or something =)

Garrion: i’m not sure how they come up with the pricing for the gem, the spell is pretty expensive to enchant into things, probably a mod since it is a single use thing

Urso: the solution is Urso’s axe

Tristan: that’ one is coming for Zindal. He’s screwed

Taragnor: It’d sure increase Zindal’s response time

Urso: its $50 more then the potion of the strength

Taragnor: Tehre’s a spell called armor that grants DR, so I figure it’s based off that maybe.

Taragnor: Either that or the fortify enchantment on armor.

Taragnor: Since that grants DR.

Taragnor: I’m not sure what stacks in GURPS

Taragnor: like if that’d stack with magic armor or what

Garrion: i guess based on the cost that would just be a basic merchant roll plus the city mod, pretty common

Garrion: gurps does not really specify "stacking except that enchantments all stack on items

Garrion: ok, the others know we are up?

Urso: so who wants to go magic rock shopping?

Tristan: sounds like a plan. We could really use a regenerating rock too… that we could pass around for the in-between fight time

Tristan: or a google old fashions ring of regeneration

Taragnor: prolly not cause G isn’t on IM. heh so they probably odn’t think you’re there yet G.

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: i just signed on IM

Taragnor: No idea where Sef is

Garrion: well we really need sef to start]

Taragnor: yeah.

Taragnor: Mina is our only warrior right now.

Sachi has connected.

Taragnor: Btw I emailed you my latest character version

Tabris: lol what am I?

Taragnor: picked up some new spells.

Taragnor: You’re not currently in the scene.

Sachi: Hihi!

Tabris: Oh right, the devil

Melty: Meep

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Melty: Suddenly I feel really really bad for not having finished my shit T_T

Urso: hehe

Garrion: well you can now while we wait for sef… then give him shit for holding up the show

Taragnor: Yeah.

Tristan: i’m way behind on updating my stuff too.. but the good news is we should have a lot of points and gold saved up

Taragnor: It’s Sef so it’s kinda normal for him to be late.

Tabris: lol yeah, and I haven’t spent my money yet either

Tristan: (btw, i’m trying to talk Loryc to teach me the basics of magic, i’ll probably try to pick up a spell or 2 at some point). I the very basic magery (0) now

Urso: get buying, already bought my magic returning axe and shield +2

Taragnor: yeah, I can teach you some magic. My Wizard! skill even include sthe Teaching skill.

Taragnor: I have no idea what that skklll actually does, but I assume it’s good for teaching people magic.

Garrion: or just teaching in general

Tristan: sounds like a plan to me. Just don’t want to get caught in the dark… and turning invisable could be handy

Garrion: wizards are assumed to be scholarly and thus able to teach

Taragnor: Yeah, enver hurts to be able to turn invisible, though invis takes a lot of prereqs.

Urso: Professor Loryc ? you got the necessary elbow pads on your robe?

Taragnor: I can create em.

Tristan: i’m hoping I have a decent amount of points…. although my I.Q. is only 13 or 14… so that’s going to hurt

Urso: heh, more then Urso

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean IQ 13-14 is decent at least. Like you’l be able to do some stuff, probably still want to stick wtih the 1 maintenance cost stuff for the most part if you want buffing spells.

Taragnor: One real issue with GURPS is that most spells are maintained every minute. So like… while that makes most of the stuff pretty decent in combat, it’s almost useless in any noncombat situation if you have to pay anything to maintain it

Taragnor: Since like in 10 mintuies you’ll dump 10 FP for a 1 FP cost thijng. Compared to if you can do it for free, wher you can keep it up indefinitely.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: picks up a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: readies a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: picks up a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: readies a trusty Large Shield+2.

Tristan: yeah, that could be handy. Eventutually I could bump up the i.q. I’m finding out i’m also very ineffective vs a lot of creatures (but devestating to others). if I can get that multipiler it’s over.

Urso: sets aside a trusty Large Shield+2.

Tristan: i need to get some specialty arrows or a magic bow or something

Urso: picks up a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: readies a trusty Large Shield+2.

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 12 with effective skill 14

Urso SUCCEEDS by 2

Tristan: that shield is going to be very handy

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 9 with effective skill 14

Urso SUCCEEDS by 5

Tabris: I might need to borrow Loryc to find what I want, lol

Urso: tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 12

Urso SUCCEEDS by 4

Tabris: Or one of his clones

Taragnor: Yeah I got a lot of clones.

Taragnor: assuming Mina can beat this devil

Urso: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 14

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 11 with effective skill 16

Urso SUCCEEDS by 5

Urso: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 14

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

Urso: tries to block and rolls a 12 with effective skill 16

Urso SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: that correct now urso?

Urso: looks like it

Tabris: GCS says my parry with the Defending Longsword is 21, I’m not sure that’s correct

Tristan: holy crap. Can you block arrows by chance?

Tabris: Nah I think you need a separate thing to do that

Tabris: I should totally take that though

Tristan: even with a -10 you would still have a decent shot

Garrion: 24000

Taragnor: yeah youi need the skill block missile wepaons or something

Tristan: if you take that I will have to stop talking shit to you though…. =(

Taragnor: to actually parry em with a weapon

Garrion: not sure about that, that seems pretty damn high

Garrion: normal parry is half skill +3

Tabris: Yeah, and I have +2 DB from my cloak, and then +1 to skill from Weapon Bond

Garrion: i think you have enhanced making that a bit more

Tabris: And I think Combat Reflexes adds to it

Zindal: ←rolls Merchant and gets 4 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 1)


Tabris: Wow, found my armor

Urso: nice, find some healing rocks now

Tabris: Okay yeah, +1 to active defense skills

Garrion: yeah, defense bonus adds to all defenses as long as the item is applicable, like a shield does not add bonus to off side attacks

Melty: Ooo

Tabris: Broadsword skill is 22, +1 for Weapon Bond… Half of that is 11, +3 is 14, +2 for Cloak is 16, +1 for Combat Reflexes is 17… Hmm, how the hell was it calculating 19 before then

Urso: wrongly?

Tristan: i saw a skill somewhere in one of the companion modules that will let me shoot two arrows at once. there is also a cool one called “moster slayer” that 1/2’s your penelties for targeting a specific area (like “head hunter”), or in Zindals case, eye gouger

Garrion: i can look at your GCS sheet

Tabris: Yeah let me send you the latest version

Tristan: and a 16 skill is like 98% chance of success?

Urso: not really, can still fail 2 out of 16 times

Tabris: Yeah 17 or 18 are auto-fail

Tabris: So you got a 0.125 chance

Garrion: you have enhanced parry 2

Tabris: Oh right, durr

Garrion: that adds 2 to just parry

Tabris: So that gets me to 19

Tabris: Well the Defneding Longsword is +1 to DB so that should put me at 20, not sure how GCS is getting 21

Tristan: combat reflexes?

Taragnor: yeah, pretty much you’ve got a godlike defense, unless you run into something you can’t parry, then you’ll die in one hit.

Tabris: I already factored that

Garrion: that was already factored in

Tristan: well, even if you have a touch attack… you can parry that in gurps =)

Tabris: It might be because I put the Defending and the Weapon Bond as bonuses to skill for that weapon

Tristan: now, if you can get a dancing defending long sword… that would be impressive

Taragnor: Yeah, mostly it’s ranged stuff it seems that you can’t parry. Maybe certain big attacks too. Not sure if you can parry a dragon’s claw.

Tristan: dancing longbow of desruction … sweet =)

Taragnor: I’m guessing probably not if it gets to a certain size threshold, but I don’t know

Tabris: Yeah it says some shit about if the attack is really heavy you can’t parry it

Tabris: Like I don’t think it lets you parry shit like greataxes because they’re too heavy

Garrion: or giant greatclubs the size of tree truncks

Taragnor: oh really? I figured you could parry any base weapon. Just assumed that like if you had a giant witha greatsword or something

Taragnor: it might be unparryable.

Tristan: it’s fantasty, throw a – at it and give it a shot =)

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Tristan: picks up an enchanted fairy

Garrion: i think i may know.. sklill went up with the swords accuracy, that may have given you that extra

Tristan: shoots a massive lightingbolt

Tabris: lol now MT says my Parry is 15231

Tabris: Yeah that’s what I’m guessing

Urso: that’s good

Tabris: I have +2 to skill basically, +1 from Weapon Bond and +1 from Accuracy

Tabris: So that gives me an equivalent skill of 24

Taragnor: Think that’s an inidcation to start spending points on other stuff :P

Tabris: Man, yeah MT is really messing up my numbers for some reason

Taragnor: Unless you want to be able to stab a gnat in the eye.

Garrion: so last version was skill 23 halved to 11 plus 8 in bonuses made 19… new sword makes skill 24 halved to 12 plus the old 8 in bonuses plus the 1 for defending 12+9=21

Tabris: Yup

Tabris: So 21 parry is correct then

Tabris: Now I just need to get MT to behave itself

Tabris: And stop messing up my defense numbers

Garrion: ok, i got part of it fixed

Tabris: lol, yeah it’s got my Parry as 2 points high now

Garrion: still a little off

Garrion: but better

Tabris: My new armor will make it go up too actually, since I bought the +2 DB enchantment

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: Oooo

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: ok, i think where lots of you guys are getting messed up stats is with the defense bonus stuff… if somehting applies a universal defense or parry bonus then apply that under the “Ad/Disad” tab

Garrion: "Defense Bonuses

Urso: so were we able to find any of those healing rocks?

Zindal: ←rolls Merchant and gets 14 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 3)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Tabris: I found ’em

Urso: how many we find? Urso would like 10

Garrion: i did not see any rolls with all the other stuff i beeb helping with.. honor system, make the roll for your searching

Garrion: just a flat merchant+3 for city bonus

Urso: if zindal found em, why I need too?

Tabris: Who says I’m sharing them with you? lol

  • Urso axe says

Tabris: lol, you don’t know I found them if I don’t say anything =P

Urso: you going to roll for how many he find or no?

Urso: ←rolls Merchant and gets 7 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 3)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 5

Urso: heh, Urso finds his own

Taragnor: lol Urso is the only one who ever takes damage, I dunno why Zindal wants to hoard helaing potions, don’t think he’s even taken damage this whole quest.

Tabris: I totally took damage

Tabris: I got hit like, twice

Tristan: he took the greed flaw

Garrion: ok, i’ll have you guys make your fixes to your sheets and make sure all the numbers are correct.. let’s get something rolling tonight, still no word from sef?

Urso: heh, pretty sure not greed when you have to buy it…

Garrion: well greed means not wanting to share too

Urso: so how many Urso find?

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean greed is like for finding treasure, getting rewards, etc. I don’t think it necessarily means that he’d do completely dumb stuff like letting his companions die off. Well he might if there was a giant treasure haul I guess

Garrion: 1 for now

Taragnor: and he wanted to split one less way.

Urso: 1 measly rock?

Taragnor: But like you could totally just find the rocks and sell em to Urso, possibly at an inflated price.

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: yeah, not meesly if it costs $400

Taragnor: That’s probably what a greedy person would do.

  • Urso will emplore the guy to find him more of them. ( knuckles cracking)

Tabris: Oh, that’s a good idea

Tabris: But he found his own so too late

Tabris: How many did I find btw? lol

Garrion: “I can’t sell you what I don;t have in stock sir.”

Garrion: “Mages only make so many of these among the other items the guilds craft.”

Urso: " tell them there is demand… Urso demand"

Garrion: “I just recommned being careful and use it as a last resort.”

Garrion: “You will have to take that up with the enchanter’s guild I’m afraid.”

Urso: I got enough time to look for that amelet, or not enough time?

Garrion: not in this week

Urso: ok

Tabris: It’s still not calculating my Parry right, heh

Garrion: ok, who would sef trust to run Mina for him? I can’t really exclude her since she is focal character

Urso: guess I’m good then, paid living expenses for last month and this month

Taragnor: I don’t really know enough about GURPS melee.

Taragnor: prolly give her to Tab to run.

Garrion: just the sword, everything else ok?

Garrion: ok, the upcoming month not due yet

Tabris: Fist Parry and Dodge seem off too

Garrion: all 1 low?

Tabris: Fist Parry is low by 3, I may not have updated it recently though

Taragnor: Or could just retcon it a little or something and say I went to ZIndal instead of Mina. So then Zindal can fight the thing instead.

Tabris: Not sure what my Dodge is supposed to be, I don’t see it on GCS

Taragnor: Since Sef ain’t here, and that’d let us do something.

Garrion: i’m good with that if zindal gets charcter sheet quared away

Urso: ( ya, unless we all decide live together? maybe get a house with a serving old woman to do the cooking and cleaning?)

Tabris: Yeah I just need to get my character sheet to not fuck up

Taragnor: If Zindal kills it great, if Zindal dies to it… no big loss :P

Tabris: lol

Urso: its under encumberance on the GCS

Garrion: dodge is in the center of first sheet on GCS.. it is 12 due to encumbrance

Melty: I wanna live with Satomi cause I’m tiny and don’t need a lot of sapce~

Tristan: give it to the pixie, I don’t think the thing can fly

Tabris: Oh I see, heh

Garrion: i think encumbrance affectsd all defenses or just dodge?

Tabris: I think it’s just Dodge

Taragnor: Well she’s gotta come down sometime. I think it’ll just keep pursuing you till either you or the devil is dead.

Garrion: ok

Tabris: It should be higher though because I have bonuses to Defense Bonus

Garrion: well let me try to fix your sheet, one sec, then we can start

Tristan: i just pictured Urso having it then the demon shows up and goes “oh shit, my bad”

Taragnor: lol.

Tristan: “I thought you were someone else…”

Garrion: so the GCS is all correct except needing DB+2?

Sefiros has connected.

Garrion: there he is

Tabris: Well your copy doesn’t have the new armor I added, so basically my DB will be 2 lower on yoru copy

Taragnor: oh nm there he is.

Garrion: ok

Taragnor: Alright time to do Mina vs. Old boney.

Sefiros: sorry im late, overslept

Sefiros: what map?

Sefiros: nm i found it

  • Mina prepares to fight! Initiative: 14
  • Loryc prepares to fight! Initiative: 18

Urso: hey, just in time.. you buy all your new crap?

Urso: we all live on the same floor?

Tabris: I don’t think we’ve ever specified our living arrangements

Tabris: It’s kind of assumed that we live separately right now I think

Urso: well we had a week to relocate or no?

Sefiros: no i didn’t spend any cash yet, because i wasnt sure if i could, since i recall someone saying T had spent all his time buying urso’s shit, figured might have to wait

Taragnor: I know I live in a separate area, figure Mina does too. I dunno. Though melty was with her.

Tabris: Well T has clones

Sefiros: i got some ideas on stuff to buy, tho i havent officially spent any

Tabris: Or if you have Merchant skill you can just go look for stuff yourself

Sefiros: well whatever the case, let’s proceed

Melty: Hihi!

Tabris: G is trying to sort out my character sheet right now, heh

Taragnor: yeah lets do something.

Garrion: ok, zindal, should be correct now i think

Garrion: look it over and confirm

Sefiros: ok just saying we can talk abotu spending money after the session or whatever

Garrion: ok, let’s get rocking on the actual session now

Taragnor: yeah best to hahndle that stuff on the forum.

Sefiros: and what do you mean about T having clones anyway?

Taragnor: No point wasting time in session with shoping and stuff.

Garrion: now that sef is here the rest can wait

Taragnor: I can create servants that have my merchant skills.

Sefiros: oh

Tabris: Hmm, yeah looks correct

Tabris: I think

Garrion: recap

Taragnor: btw I still have invisibility and fly on.

Garrion: Loryc shows up at Mina’s door in the middle of the night and hurridly explains events to her, in the process they both hear a loud thud on the roof

Zindal: picks up a trusty Fine Giant Spider Silk Cloth.

Tristan: lol, paroid Loryc?

Zindal: readies a trusty Fine Giant Spider Silk Cloth.

Garrion: you didn’t drop invis to talk to mina?

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 12 with effective skill 23

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 11

Garrion: ok, we are on the house map

Taragnor: Hmm well I’d recast it when I hear the thing hit the roof anyway.

Tristan: good lord

Tristan: 23

Taragnor: so I’d have ti on regardless heh.

Tabris: lol yup

Tabris: Effective Broadsword skill is 24 now

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: well maybe… you have to use that as an action… the thud and inits

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: melty is here too

  • Bone Devil prepares to fight! Initiative: 20

Taragnor: yeah add yourself to init Sachi.

Taragnor: You’re in this fight.

Melty: Oh sorry!

  • Melty prepares to fight! Initiative: 15

Tristan: can’t see anything on the house map

Garrion: cause you have no token there

Tristan: that would probably be the issue then =)

Garrion: you just ahve to use your imagination

Tristan: gasp!

Taragnor: heh create him an eye token so he can see.


Taragnor: Might as well keep the other party members entertained with seeing what’s going on.

Tristan: lol

Garrion: ok, Thud!, you look at each other startled… if you have combat reflexes you may act immediately

Sefiros: i do

Sefiros: dont think anyone doesnt have it in this group

Garrion: take an action then

Taragnor: yeah, I ain’t got that.

Taragnor: So what happened? The thing just hit the roof?

Taragnor: It didn’t break through, just struck the top?

Garrion: you were mid-sentence and hear a thud on the roof

Garrion: correct

  • Sefiros draws her sword from its scabbard, and eyes the roof.

Tristan: if i’m here i’m going to open the door that leads out of the room so I can run like a sissy if this does not go well

Garrion: you had sword on you in your night clothes?

Mina: were we asleep? i forgot

Garrion: keep in mind you are safe in your house in midlde of night

Tristan: guessing arrows would not do much

Taragnor: She’s a vampire, she’s nocturnal I’d assume.

Taragnor: Be weird a vampire that’s asleep at night :P

Garrion: so probably not armed and armored

Tristan: (did Loryc tell us a demon/devil was trying to kill him?, that may merit staying up)

Garrion: not asleep but also not expecting trouble

Mina: well the sword i keep by the bed, but armor yeah prolly a diff story

Taragnor: Well I mean I did tell her that there was a devil.

Taragnor: So I’d figure she’d at least be armed.

Taragnor: Since we were talking a while

Garrion: yeah, i’ll say she had time to grab it during the discussion

Mina: how long does it take to don armor anyways actually? just curious

Garrion: i’ll create token for all to see

Tristan: cool. should have brought popcorn

Mina: just curious if lighter armors are quicker to don like in D&D

Tristan: i think so… but porbably depends on the armor

Mina: i wear leather

Tristan: like, a chain shirt would probably be easier to slip on thaan several layers of leather… but leahter vest would be quick iI think

Mina: ie if it doesnt take very long to don light armor, i may attempt it, but if its extremely slow, then i wont bother

Garrion: ok, there is an eye that all the lurkers should be able to see through

Mina: alright just screw it, she’ll take him on with her birthday suit and sword alone

Tristan: so, just to be clear. who is actually in the room? (those of you who are about to die we salute you!)

Mina: me, melty, loryc

Garrion: mina, loryc and melty

Tristan: well, Melty may make it

Tristan: too bad Urso is not there.

Garrion: ok, so mina acts….

Tristan: here’s hoping that niffy silver sword of yours works on the thing

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Garrion: she draws sword? and?

Mina: sets aside a trusty Leather Cap.

Mina: sets aside a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Mina: sets aside a trusty Leather Armor.

Mina: sets aside a reliable set of Heavy Leather Sleeves.

Mina: sets aside a reliable set of Heavy Leather Leggings.

Mina: sets aside a reliable set of Boots.

Mina: sets aside a trusty Morningstar.

  • Mina makes her way over near the window and peeks out.

Mina: if there is a window, i cant tell from this map

Garrion: there in this room here….

Mina: that it on the left?

Tristan: please let us see too =)

Mina: oh ok nm yeah i see it

Mina: “Some friend you are.”

Garrion: you should be able to see through the eye?

Mina: “Interupting my beauty sleep to bring some pile of bones to accoust me in the nude.”

Tristan: eye?

Taragnor: Did you give them ownership of it G?

Garrion: yep

Taragnor: And assign it sight?

Melty: (Can she see it yet?)

Mina: “Sounds like something Zindal would do, to get a peek.”

Garrion: yep

Tristan: i saw an arrow pointing into the darkness

Tristan: there is the arrow again

Taragnor: yeah I don’t think it revealed the map for them yet

Taragnor: do a map reveal on the eye maybe.

Mina: “Melty, keep an eye on the door. Unless it intends to tear a whole in the roof, it’s coming in this window, or the door.”

Garrion: still nothing.. it is a PC, it is assigned to the lurkers and it has vision

Mina: hole*


Melty: “Got it, boss.”

Mina: “I’m tempted to go meet the thing head on, just so it doesn’t wreck the room.”

Mina: “How big is that thing Loryc?”

Garrion: mina quickdraws her blade and goes to the back window to look out…..

Taragnor: (it was about mansized right?)

Garrion: then suddenl;y you hear the front door crash in…..

Mina: “So much for that plan!”

Bone Devil:

←rolls ST and gets 14 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 7

Taragnor: Have I got a chance to turn invisible yet?

  • Mina turns her attention to the door, as she tries to be as intimidating as possible for a nude sword wielding woman.

Garrion: front door is the northern door of the house

Tristan: can anyone but loryc, melty and mina see the room? am I the only blind one?

Garrion: too bad you don;t have the naked armor advantage

Taragnor: Also now my own token disappeared

Taragnor: can’t see myself.

Mina: naked armor advantage?

Mina: the thing i had with eltera we joked about? that what you talking about?

Mina: its for cinematic stuff only, you wouldnt allow me to take it, remember :-p

Garrion: right, but would be funny here

Taragnor: I might be lost in the darkness…

Taragnor: yeah… now I can see myself

Taragnor: put me closer to the fireplace at least if the rest of the room ain’t lit

Mina: i think it gives you a parry bonus or something, i forgot how it worked, anyways

Garrion: yeah, you in the darkness

Taragnor: No way I’m standing with my back to the darkness.

Taragnor: Either that or I’d have my darkvision up beforehand. lol.

Melty: I don’t see myself either

Melty: ooooooooo dark vision

Melty: I lost the list of spells I wanted T_T

Garrion: mina had light souorce.. was assuming she was holding a candle to see in the night

Mina: shrink and enlarge is all i remember

Mina: sachi

Garrion: so sword in one hand, candle in the other

Loryc has received initiative.

Taragnor: well I’d definiteyl not be standing in the darkness unlss we can assume I cast DV when I entered.

Garrion: you could have cast during your flight

Mina: cant swing a greatsword with a candle, so its getting dropped

Taragnor: Alright well give me darkvision casue I’d def cast that

Mina: i have some amount of nightvision or something, whatever it does

Garrion: was half moon so had natural moonlight but to see better you could have cast

Mina: gimpy darkvision i think

Taragnor: yeah, that’s fine.

Taragnor: okay good I can see myself again.

Mina: picks up a trusty Leather Cap.

Taragnor: k gonna cast invis.

Mina: readies a trusty Leather Cap.

Mina: sets aside a trusty Leather Cap.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 25) and gets 15 vs. Skill (25 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina: sets aside a trusty Dagger.

Mina: sets aside a trusty Muramasa (Nodachi).

Mina: picks up a trusty Muramasa (Nodachi).

Mina: readies a trusty Muramasa (Nodachi).

Mina: ok ready

Taragnor: and adjust my facing towads the sound

Taragnor: NOt sure where I heard it

Garrion: when the door smashes open… “I know you are in here. You can run but you can not hide!”

Mina: “No one’s hiding asshole. Over here!”

Melty has received initiative.

Garrion: loryc casts and turns to face door….

Mina has received initiative.

Loryc: “I’m hiding!”

Melty has received initiative.

Garrion: Melty up

Garrion: melty is in the dark

Urso: ( so rest of us are no place nearby?)

Loryc: Well I really doubt Melty would be randomly sitting in the dark if she can’t see.

Garrion: no, not till you all decide to get a place together, maybe after this?

Melty: I don’t even know where I am >.>;

Garrion: she could see.. by mina’s canl;delight

Urso: (nice 5 bedroom house would be good….)

Loryc: She can’t see herself cause she’s in darkness now G.

Garrion: cast light or darkvision on self?

Loryc: well she mgiht as well just move into the light or something.

Melty: Which direction is the front door?

Loryc: north.

Loryc: It’s basically middle of north wall.

  • Urso snores in his bed.

Melty: And that’s the door the guy broke through? It’s an exterior door?

Garrion: it is in the dark for you right now

Mina: (i did have the stats for my sword i wrote out, i didnt add them tho because i wasnt sure if T was available to procure stuff, if he was able to, then I might as well go ahead and add the stuff to my sheet)

Garrion: yep

Melty: I guess I’ll move to where my token is now and then

Mina: 17,100 Muramasa Solid Silver Nodachi Thrusting Greatsword $900 base x19 CF Shatterproof unbreakable Weapon $8,000 Eternal of Durability Penetrating Weapon armor divisor (2) Melee Weapon $5,000 Penetrating of Penetration Accuracy +1 to hit Weapon $5,000 Accurate of Seeking Puissance +1 damage Melee Weapon $5,000 Mighty of Smiting 40,100k total

Melty: .

Tristan: impressive

Mina: if it matters for this fight or not, is why i bring it up

Garrion: what the total enchantment on that to calculate finding it

Tristan: does sliver work for devils?

Mina: what do you mean by total enchantment?

Mina: i just bought off the weapon enchantment list in DF

Mina: thats the price listed for each enchantment above

Mina: not sure on your terminology, what you are asking

Garrion: you have lore of devils?>

Melty: Hmm

Mina: just have undead

Garrion: well the total energy needed for the enchantment process mods the roll to find.. the more complex the harder

Mina: tho i prolly should add the other to my list, due to her parentage

Mina: or demons anyways

Garrion: 23000

Garrion: 1150

Melty: Cast Armor on Mina?

Melty: Wait

Melty: Shield?

Garrion: look slike maybe 1150 energy if the cost is based on used prices of $20/energy

Garrion: ok, so Melty moves to the couch back and casts shield on mina

Melty: yeah sure

Melty: I dunno which one is better for her

Melty: Melty would remember

Garrion: armor is DR and shield is DB

Melty: Yep

Mina: quick question, the weapon block on the MT char sheet, the last box says “AD 1” for all weapons

Mina: i assume thats AD for armor divisor, so what value should i put in that for my swords armor divisor 2 enchantment?

Garrion: that does not seem to work, it is supposed to armor divisor

Mina: ah ok dead feature

Garrion: you will just need to remember that, cause i have not noticed any difference in the roll with a AD enetered

Mina: ok np

Mina: just was curious since the default for everything is 1, so was gonna say should i put 3 in there, since i have 2 ranks of AD

Mina: but point is moot

Garrion: well if it was 2 you should put 2, but like i said not ever noticed any difference

Melty: I guess I’ll go with Shield then

Mina: yeah i hear ya, i just asked because every item always has a default 1 in it for some reason

Garrion: ok, Melty casdts shield

Garrion: yeah cause divisor of 1 is just the default value

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Melty: So you get +1 DB or something

Melty: Make it +2 I guess

Mina: roger

Garrion: Conjures an invisible shield of magical force that moves to protect the subject from frontal attacks. The Defense Bonus granted by this spell is cumulative with that from an actual shield, but this spell does not allow a subject without a shield to block. Defense Bonus granted by Shield is not cumulative with any granted by Block (p. 166). Duration: 1 minute. Cost: Twice the Defense Bonus given to the subject, to a maximum DB of 4 (cost 8). Half that to maintain.

Garrion: don;t forget your range when casting regular spells…. you make it though with 6 MOS

Garrion: ok, so +2 DB costs 4 FP

Melty: Bleh I forgot that applies to buffs too

Melty: I forget ever

Melty: sorry

Melty: I feel shitty today

Mina has received initiative.

Garrion: mina, you have +2 to all defenses for 1 minute

Mina: noted

Garrion: only frontal attacks though

Tristan: I sure hope there is not more than one of them….

  • Mina moves over to protect the wizard.

Garrion: loryc is invis

Garrion: you know ABOUT where he WAS but you do not see him

Mina: is the front door that open space south of me on the map?

Garrion: no, to the north

Mina: well i thought thats by the door anyways, so another reason

Mina: oh ok well nm that move then

Mina: whats the undo move button?

Mina: ok so from the window, she’ll move towards the front door instead

  • Mina scurries over and waits against the side of the wall by the door, hoping to catch the creature as he enters the doorway.

Mina: that the correct spot there?

Garrion: i was not tracking the distance, but that is the entrance to the hall leading to the front door

Garrion: will arrow front door

Mina: ok well that spot where im at is fine, its still a doorway

Mina: done

Garrion: ok, you hear steps coming down the hall…. “I sense you in here puny mortal. You WILL become mine!”

Mina: i have the distance, i counted it

Mina: was like 9

Mina: “I hate clingy men.”

Garrion: a creature steps into the doorway, (will feed description if you want), your light alerting it of your prescence

Garrion: is sword 2-handed?

Mina: “Correction,1 puny mortal plus angry woman and explosive pixie.”

Mina: yes

Mina: thats why i dropped the candle

Garrion: ok, well i assumed you were carrying a candle to see by on one of those candle holder things people used back then

Loryc: well mina has some night vision

Garrion: ok, where did you drop it?

Tristan: back then during the time people cast magic and pixie’s cast lighting?

Mina: in front of the doorway there is fine

Tristan: =)

Melty: :3

Tristan: *readies trusty incendiary demon slaying pump action shotgun

Garrion: ok, it moves and attacks

Tabris: Need the Rocket Launcher for that size

Tabris: Or BFG

Loryc: Plasma cannon should do the trick.

Tristan: *with rocket launcher attachment

Mina: TekMissile

Tristan: *and lazer guided tek missiles

Bone Devil:
←Attacks Mina with a Claw
in the Groin
←Rolls 16 vs. Skill 14 (18 with a modifier of -4)

Bone Devil FAILS by 2

0 for Groin, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Tristan: that’s a good start

Loryc has received initiative.

Loryc: lol another groin shot.

Mina: “Watch the money maker!”

Loryc: Alright i’ll take a step closer to mina and cast great haste on her.

Tristan: your roller is either broken or perverted

Garrion: mina has groin magnatism disadvantage

Mina: yeah all the enemies are literally pussy hounds

Loryc: so -4 or range.. and 3 active spells.. lemme seee so -7 total

Melty: Ahaha

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 25) and gets 13 vs. Skill (25 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: i waiting for a 1 hit kill from that nodachi

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Tristan: like “stupid demon, messing with my sleep”

Mina: im not as good as tab

Loryc: Great haste btw lets you act twice Sef.

Mina: so dont expect any instant pwnage

Loryc: It basically gies you two actions instead of one.

Melty has received initiative.

Tristan: i’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t get killed

Mina: eh? thats pretty uber

Loryc: Yes, it is.

Loryc: You do lose 5 FP when it expires though

Loryc: and it only lasts 10 seconds, can’t be maintained

Loryc: but if you can’t kil it in 10 seconds with double speed, you probably deserve to die anyway

Garrion: lol

Mina: agreed

Garrion: ok, melty is up

  • Melty repositions herself and chants a spell…

Melty: I’m gonna cast Glue on the demon’s hex.

Garrion: ok, glue on the devil

Urso: (ah, now I see it )

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 6 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 7

Melty: Devil, excuse me :3

Urso: (pretty cool mini )

Garrion: and that offer a resist?

Tristan: am I still the only blind one?

Melty: Yeah, it works like Rooted Feet if it doesn’t resist

Melty: This may be useless

Garrion: ok, it does have MR, so that affects your skill

Melty: Well, it’s an area spell that affects the ground under his feet, so I think that technically just applies to his roll, but if he makes it I might as well have failed the way the spell works

Melty: Unless he literally moves off it and then back on

Garrion: oh ok, so not ON him?

Melty: On the hex he’s standing on

Melty: He still gets to resist

Garrion: ok

Melty: (btw Glue is awesome)

Garrion: so ST to resist

Melty: Yesh~

Garrion: ok, so your MoS was 7?

Tristan: we should all be pixies

Tristan: that would be fun

Loryc: lol

Melty: Yep

Melty: 7\

Bone Devil:

←rolls ST and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 10

Melty: :3

Garrion: ST MOS 10

Tabris: lol damn

Mina has received initiative.

Tristan: good idea though

Tabris: I think it just rips the floor up with a roll like that

Garrion: now mina, first thing you have to do is roll fright -4

Tristan: does combat reflexes prevent that or no?

Garrion: hmm, may give bonus of 1 i think

Mina: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -3)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: +2 to fight actually

Garrion: 15 is with the _2

Melty: .-.

Garrion: +2

Garrion: you have no other fearless advantages?

Mina: that im aware of no, just CR

Mina: i applied -4 mod, then -1 from CR

Mina: hence -3

Garrion: ok, i thought is had put that on your sheet and will is 13 and fright is 15

Garrion: CR is already included in your stats

Mina: yeah 13/15 is what the sheet says

Garrion: so you actually fail by 1

Mina: ok

Garrion: now we get to play with the fear chart

Table frightcheck (Garrion):
Stunned for one second. Every second after that, roll vs. Will, plus whatever bonuses or penalties you had on your original roll, to snap out of it.

Tabris: Well fuck

Tabris: I just got called into work

Melty: x.X

Tabris: And I gotta leave like right the fuck now

Melty: duuuuude at 11 PM

Melty: ?

Mina: eh this late?

Tabris: Yup

Tabris: Emergency situation, lol

Melty: o.o

Tabris: I’ll catch you guys later

Loryc: wow

Mina: do we need to head to our fallout shelters?

Tabris: Nah, nothing that bad

Melty: I hope things are okay!

  • Melty ducks and covers

Mina: haha

Urso: glad I"m up wind

Garrion: well have a good night and we’ll fuill you in

Mina: good luck

Loryc: damn… meltdown in reactor 3

Mina: dont get killed by iranians over a delorian

Garrion: Mina is affected by the supernatual fearfulness of the creature, she just hesitates not knowing what to do

Mina: she just realized she has no clothes on in front of loryc and clams up?

Garrion: haha

Tabris: lol, I don’t even work in a nuclear building

Tabris: It’s a fucking bulging drum, I don’t know why they’re even calling me for this

Tabris: Call the spill response team and puncture the fucking thing already, geez

Loryc: damn… yeah I dunno why they’d need you for that shit.

Mina: one of heisenberg’s body barrels

Garrion: the devil just smirks at her, then glances quickly around the room sniffing the air for the fear of loryc

Tabris: Anyway I’m out, catch you guys later

Tristan: later tab

Tabris is disconnected.

Garrion: PER rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)


Mina: how can a skull smirk with no meat technically? :-p

Garrion: “I smell your fear mortal. You should just give up now and save yourself the pain.”

Loryc: oh great.

Loryc: well at least I’m invis still

Loryc: so that should be a big penalty even if he knows where I’m at.

Garrion: yes, so he at -10

Loryc: well I at least do got a new useful blocking spell to help agianst attacks now

Bone Devil:
←Attacks Loryc with a Claw
in the Torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 12 (18 with a modifier of -6)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 4

0 for Torso, 4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -10 miscMod, 0 accMod

Loryc: so I got somewhat better D anyway.

Loryc: Alright lets try my new blink spell.

Loryc: Tha’ts a blocking spell so it replaces my dodge basically

Garrion: it something that can interdict, not need to have it active?

Loryc: yeah that’s how blocking spells work

Loryc: They’re bsaicalyl liek reactions

Melty: Yeah, you cast them as a reaction

Garrion: nice, i knoew some did that but not know the bnames

Loryc: That you use to pretty much dodge, parry, etc.

Loryc: Well it’s a type fo spell called a blocking spell that does that

Loryc: And blink is one of those

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 25) and gets 8 vs. Skill (25 with a modifier of -4)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 13

Loryc: Anyway that’ll be a successful defense, and it teleports me up to 3 yards in any direction I want.

Loryc: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 5 FP.

Loryc: I’ll teleport onto the table.

Garrion: all you have to do is succeed with those?

Loryc: yeahit’s like bsaically using a defense

Loryc: liek a parry/dodge/etc.

Garrion: nuice

Garrion: with your castnig skill

Loryc: Yeah heh.

Loryc has received initiative.

Loryc: I assume if they do a deceptive attack any penalty that’d apply to other defenses probably still applies to blocking spells.

Loryc: Also only 1 blocking spell per turn max.

Garrion: does that then impact your normal actions or act like always?

Loryc: I still act like I always do. It’s bsaically just a spell used as a defense.

Loryc: So like… it’s similar to how a fighter can dodge/parry/etc.

Garrion: i’ll have to remember that

Loryc: It’s just considered a defense bsaically. Like I can’t dodge and blink. I can only do one

Loryc: At least that’s how I understand they work anyway.

Loryc: Alright I’ll jsut go full defense up there.

Melty has received initiative.

Loryc: can’t really do much so gotta leave it to Melty and Mina to win this

Garrion: ok melty, give mr bones his due

Garrion: but.. since you are in range of his aura.. fright-4 check

Melty: Ooo

Melty: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -4)

Melty FAILS by 1

Stunned for 6 seconds. Every second after that, roll vs. modified Will to snap out of it.

Melty: Awwww

Tristan: lol

Loryc: 6 seconds? shit.

Melty: …Would defensive luck work on that?

Loryc: That’s like the whole fight.

Loryc: Hope Mina can do something…

Urso: (don’t have recovery do you?)

Garrion: defensive luck? i may

Garrion: it may

Garrion: it only apply to defense rolls?

Loryc: Hmm… leme see if I got some kinda emotioanl thign….

Melty: Oh

Garrion: or any resist and such

Melty: I don’t think it does, unless a Fright check counts as a resistance roll

Loryc: oh wait hmm. I do got emotion control or bravery that may help

Garrion: it is, it is a specialized will roll

Melty: I’m a use it then~

Melty: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -4)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 3

Melty: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -4)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: Melty resists the fear of boney

Melty: I was rested when this started right?

Garrion: yep

Melty: regains 7 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Melty: (I paid the 3 for Shield from my ER)

Garrion: excep tat you just cast

Garrion: ok

Melty: “You freakish monstrosity… Taste the fire of the heavens, boner man!”

Garrion: boney was arogant and ignored a little runt like you in his eagerness to get his prize.. his back is to you

  • Melty rapidly traces a sigil in the air with her wand, then pirouettes and thrusts the tip of her wand at the demon, firing an absolutely massive bolt of lightning…

Melty: receives -3 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Melty: (first action to cast, second action to throw it)

Garrion: ok, no MR for thrown spells

Melty: ←rolls Air Spells and gets 12 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -1)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 7

Tristan: good mental image

Garrion: and no defense

Melty: Hm I dunno where my innate attack macro went

Melty: It disappeared

Garrion: this may hurt a bit

Melty: ←rolls Innate Attack (Beam) and gets 5 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -1)


Melty: (Torso)

Melty: Damage: 12

Urso: nice

Urso: wow, shit damage

Loryc: wow… remember to roll on the crit table too

Loryc: since she crititted it.

Tristan: do you get to roll on teh crit.. yup

Garrion: natural DR is no help

Melty: :o

Loryc: plus if it’s ligghtnign it should have to make that check or be stunned, right?

Melty: Yeah

Garrion: spell is lightning?

Mina: (what rpg was it, that when you killed an enemy they exploded into a little pile of bones orsomething)

Melty: Yep

Mina: (was it secret of mana?)

Melty: Sorry I’m like super drunk right now

Tristan: lol

Melty: I’m outta green and my meds don’t last this long

Tristan: yet you showed up the game. right on!

Garrion: ok 12 damage and -6 to HT roll

Bone Devil: is reduced 12 HP, and now has 9 HP.

Urso: (balders gate, if crit killed it, it wo uld blow up )

Melty: purrrrr

Bone Devil: Major Wound Check

Bone Devil: Bone Devil rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: so, it can’t have that many hitpoints if it had a major wound check

Urso: ( urso laughs at the bone devil takinga major would with just 12 )

Bone Devil:

←rolls HT and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -6)

Bone Devil FAILS by 4

Garrion: the devil is stunned by the shock…..

Garrion: as the energy jolts him

Mina has received initiative.

Garrion: mina may roll will to shake off the fear

Garrion: will -4

Mina: ←rolls Will and gets 7 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -4)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: she recovers

Garrion: and may act

Loryc: remember you got 2 actions

Mina: you can take step with an attack normally correct?

Garrion: yes, 1 yd step

Loryc: Technicalyl I think you could even do an all out attack then as your next action do a regular attack and you’d still have your defenses.

Loryc: Since you act twice ffectively before he does.

Mina: I’ll go for a rapid strike, while he has his back to me.

Garrion: he is stunned… can’t act so AOO with no worry

Mina: rapid strike is -4 correct?

Tristan: pixie saves the day!

Tristan: damn, other party members have a mummy under their belt and you guys will have a demon under their belt. … I need to step up my game

Table critical_hit (Garrion): The blow does maximum normal damage.

←Attacks Bone Devil with a Swung
in the back
←Rolls 13 vs. Skill 15 (19 with a modifier of -4)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 2

0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -4 miscMod, 0 accMod

←Attacks Bone Devil with a Swung
in the back
←Rolls 16 vs. Skill 15 (19 with a modifier of -4)

Mina FAILS by 1

0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -4 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: 23

Bone Devil: is reduced 23 HP, and now has -14 HP: at half move.

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 24 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 24 cut…..

Garrion: now that is 2 AD?

Mina: yes

Mina: the sword is silver and magic if that matters

Garrion: has supernatural 10 you can’t bypass with that, knocking it down to 14

Mina: solid silver, that is, not the silver coated variety

Mina: thats why i bought the unbreakable enchantment, since solid silver weapons break alot easier

Garrion: 9 gets through past natural DR so 13.5 total

Mina: oh i have that haste action too

Mina: hmm

Bone Devil: is reduced 13 HP, and now has -27 HP: at half move.
Bone Devil breaches -21 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Mina: Guess I’ll go for the repeat

Bone Devil: Death Check

Bone Devil: Bone Devil rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 8

←Attacks Bone Devil with a Swung
in the back
←Rolls 5 vs. Skill 15 (19 with a modifier of -4)


0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -4 miscMod, 0 accMod

Table critical_hit (Garrion): If any damage penetrates DR, it inflicts double normal shock (to a maximum penalty of -8). If the injury is to a limb or extremity, that body part is crippled as well. This is only a “funny-bone” injury: crippling wears off in (16-HT) seconds, minimum two seconds, unless the injury was enough to cripple the body part any way.

Tristan: owning it

Melty: oooooooo

←Attacks Bone Devil with a Swung
in the back
←Rolls 6 vs. Skill 15 (19 with a modifier of -4)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 9

0 for back, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, -4 miscMod, 0 accMod

Melty: brutal

Mina: so thats the rapid strike attack, from the extra haste action from T’s buff

Garrion: ok, 2 hits

Mina: he cant parry or dodge since he’s stunned or something?

Garrion: right

Mina: what stunned him btw, i didnt catch that

Mina: was it melty’s spell?

Loryc: yeah melty shocked him

Garrion: well stunned can still defend at -4

Loryc: plus you’re hitting hm in the back

Loryc: so also no defense basically

Mina: zap zizzzzit

Garrion: but he aOO loryc and his back is to you

Mina: alright, so what do i roll for the crit?

Garrion: i already rolled

Mina: i never rolled one before

Garrion: just roll the damage for both

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 26 cut raw damage.

Mina: The Muramasa (Nodachi) inflicts 28 cut raw damage.

Mina: better rolls for once

Garrion: 11 and 13 raw… 16.5 and 19.5

Bone Devil: is reduced 16 HP, and now has -43 HP: at half move.
Bone Devil breaches -42 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Bone Devil: Death Check

Bone Devil: Bone Devil rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 5

Bone Devil: is reduced 19 HP, and now has -62 HP: at half move.

Urso: ( 15 DR, ouch )

Garrion: 10 supernatural and 11 natural

Tristan: this kind of damage would take out a dragon

Bone Devil: Major Wound Check

Bone Devil: Bone Devil rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 8

Bone Devil: Major Wound Check

Bone Devil: Bone Devil rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: ok, he gets HT roll to break the stun

Bone Devil:

←rolls HT and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bone Devil SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: and succeeds

Melty: uh oh

Melty: :3

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): H Statement Body :

Garrion: the devil turns to face you with a sneer… “This is not over yet!”

Garrion: it takes a step back and concentrates…..

Garrion: Spell rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -8)

Spell SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: suddenly the creature vanishes…..

Melty: “What the fuck?!”

Mina: “Where is it?”

  • Mina looks around confused.

Garrion: loryc thaumatology

Garrion: and melty

  • Mina looks around unsure if the thing teleported away or is just hiding.

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 8 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 16

Loryc: That gets a +7 cause I ad my magery to Thaumaturgy rolls as well

Garrion: Loryc realizes based on the signature of the spell that it teleported

Loryc: “Damn it teleported away…”

Loryc: “No telling where it could be now.”

Mina: “As long as it’s not under my bed.”

  • Mina checks under her mattress for good measure.

Garrion: you could tell it was pretty gravely wounded, it is safe to assume it will not be back for a bit till it can recover

Mina: “What was that you said about a curse?”

Tristan: heading to bed guys. nice job owning the devil. it will probably be back but you took care of it in a couple seconds.

Tristan: not too shabby

Tristan: good night!

Loryc: “Yes… apparently the extradimensiaonl bag had a cursed object inside… and by carrying it I’ve apparently taken the curse onto myself.”

Loryc: "The only way to get rid of it is to kill the devil or pass it onto someone else willingly.

Garrion: by human standards that could be months without magic, you do not know the healing of devils…. at any rate you will have to watch over your shoulder till you can rid yourself of this menace

Garrion: night brice

Urso: bye

Melty: Night!

Melty: “That fucker! I totally nailed him!”

Melty: “What the fuck!”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Urso: .

Loryc: “Yeah, well it at elsat bought us some time to think of what to do next.”

Garrion: ((on a side note if any of you play local games…

Mina: “Tch…”

Garrion: does loryc go back home or stay here for the night?

Mina: “Now we gotta worry about this asshole crashing anything we do.”

Mina: “At this point, we should just try to find some way to track the beast down and destroy it for good.”

Mina: “What if we’re in the middle of some heist, and it shows up out of the blue. That won’t be good.”

Loryc: (I’m gonna stay here for the night)

Loryc: (I ain’t going back home with some super devil hunting me)

Loryc: (For all I know it teleported back to my place, somewhere it knew)

Garrion: ((poor mina and melty have to refrain for tonight with loryc around))

Loryc: "Yeah we have to either destroy it or… maybe I can pass the cursed object to someone else.. like a hell knight commander.

Mina: “We?”

Loryc: “If I can trick him into accepting this scroll of parchment… then he’ll be the new target.”

Mina: “I’m sure I can seduce some halfwit you can hand it off to.”

Garrion: ((sounds like a good side mission))

Mina: “Just make sure he’s a suitable scumbag.”

Loryc: “Yeah, I wouldn’t give it to someone innocent.”

Melty: “Ufufu. Yeah, that sounds badass. Hand it off to a cleric or something.”

Melty: “…A devil cleric, of course.”

Mina: “Give it to that Chamady woman.”

Melty: (who?)

Mina: “She looks like she could use a good boning, as stuck up as she was at that party.”

Garrion: ((just have to be careful, some may recognize what it is))

Mina: (that noble lady who was the big snob at the party)

Loryc: (Well not if iut’s covered by an illusion)

Loryc: (or just hidden inside something.)

Garrion: you can RP out the discussion but the scene is wrapped and you settle in for the night…. it passes uneventfully into the next day

Loryc: (Since apparently you can just put it inside something liek a bag, since that’s how ti was given to me)

Loryc: “Well it should be exciting trying to trick her into accepting it anyway.”

Melty: (ahhhh~)

Mina: “Well, since you woke me up. You got first watch.” she says scolding Loryc

Mina: “And the sofa.” she tosses him a blanket

Mina: “Come on Melty, us ladies need our rest.”

Garrion: and she picks the candle back up

Loryc: “Wait you sleep during the night?”

Mina: “Well I sleep whenever I get tired, and right now I’m wore out.”

Mina: “Fine, you want the day watch?”

Loryc: “Interesting… so that creature of the night thing is just a misconstrued stereotype.”

  • Mina snatches the blanket.

Loryc: “I can keep watch at night… though if you look up and don’t see me, it’s because I’m invisible.”

Garrion: Lady of the Night…

Loryc: “Or possibly going to the bathroom.”

Mina: “As for your question.” she shrugs

Garrion: uh oh, power supply just cycled… storming outside

Mina: “I prefer the night, but I’m not magical compelled to sleep only during the day or something, if thats what you think.”

Mina: “My unique skills lend to a night life.”

Urso: probably the one that hit chicago earlier

Loryc: “Well you are a unique being. Probably the only one of your kind on Golarion.”

Garrion: Let’s just call it a night since i may lose power again and Zindal and Tristan gone.

Mina: “Most parties, heists, acting gigs, undead slaying usually occurs at night doesnt it?”

Melty: Ack ; ;

Urso: ok

Loryc: “Well most of the interesting parties anyway.”

Mina: storm in your neck of the woods G?

Garrion: you can go ahead and RP this scene out and we will resume next time with the new morning as you continue on your business… maybe exploring the Crux?

Melty: “Yeah, I like being awake at night too. Or at least I did ‘til the shadow beasts and shit. It’s easier to tag buildings when it’s dark.”

Garrion: yeah, we had power out for 2 days

Melty: x.X

Melty: I’d go nuts

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: (Yeah we can stop here, I’m getting kinda tired myself)

Mina: same here

Mina: 2 days? jeez

Mina: why so long?

Melty: (I’m a little sleepy too~)

Garrion: just took power company forever to get all fixed. about 3k without power

Garrion: in different areas

Mina: yeah its just im use to alot of tornados and thunderstorms etc and 2 days is a long time for here

Mina: anyways

Mina: think im gonna go look for some food

Session 25

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