Session 26

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Tabris has connected.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Ring of ST +2.

Zindal: readies a trusty Ring of ST +2.

Zindal: regains 4 HP, and now has 16 HP.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Ironskin Amulet.

Zindal: readies a trusty Ironskin Amulet.

Zindal: ←rolls Parry Missile Weapons and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -10)

Zindal FAILS by 6

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -10)

Zindal FAILS by 9

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal FAILS by 2

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal FAILS by 4

Zindal: ←rolls Power Blow and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 14

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 16 with effective skill 14

Zindal FAILS by 2

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 12 with effective skill 14

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 11 with effective skill 14

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 11 with effective skill 14

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Zindal: tries to dodge and rolls a 14 with effective skill 14

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 13 with effective skill 23

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 10

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 10 with effective skill 21

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 11

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 13 with effective skill 19

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 13 with effective skill 23

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 10

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 13 with effective skill 23

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 10

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 11 with effective skill 23

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 12

Zindal: tries to parry and rolls a 5 with effective skill 23


Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 17 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 18 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 15 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 23 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 15 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 18 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 20 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 17 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 12 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 13 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 11 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 11 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 11 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 11 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 11 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The Enchanted Longsword inflicts 12 imp raw damage.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: The Mithral Scimitar inflicts 17 cut raw damage.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: picks up a trusty E Longsword PB.

Zindal: readies a trusty E Longsword PB.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 38 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 39 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 30 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 38 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 36 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 35 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 32 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 36 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 35 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 38 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 40 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 33 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 34 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 40 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 38 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 32 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 33 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 36 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 28 cut raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 19 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 21 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 18 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 24 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 18 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 21 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 22 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 24 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 29 imp raw damage.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 23 imp raw damage.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty E Longsword PB.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: get it all figured out?

Tabris: Yo

Tabris: Left you message on Yahoo, my Parry scores are still all fucked up

Tabris: They change every time I do something even if I leave the Parry modifiers alone

Tabris: And they change unaffected Parry stuff like the one for my fist

Tabris: No idea what’s going on

Garrion: so what changes them?

Tabris: Whenever I edit a weapon damage, or whenever I switch weapons

Garrion: ok, well i just got in from working outside and need to hop in shower. will look if have time before we start.

Tabris: Okay

  • Zindal prepares to fight! Initiative: 16

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Tabris: Right now it looks like both my weapons are high by 1 on Parry, and my Fist is low by 1

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Garrion: bne sure only the weapon parry mod is on the weapon, universal defense and enhanced parry goes in the abilities section

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Tabris: Oh, I didn’t see the Enhanced Parry in the abilities section, I mean mine only applies to Broadswords so I didn’t think it would go there

Garrion: you have correct updates GCS for me to compare to?

Tabris: Unless you can set conditional mods, I didn’t see where to do that

Tabris: Yeah, let me send that to you

Tabris: Oh, you’re not on Yahoo, lol

Garrion: not conditional, if applies only to broadswords then you would amp up the parry on any broadsword weapon you have

Garrion: let me launch that

Tabris: Well yeah I did that in the weapons

Tabris: I have +2 to all Broadsword Parry and +1 extra for my Longsword since it’s Defending

Tabris: So I set Parry mod to +2 for the Scimitar and +3 for the Enchanted Longsword

Garrion: well defending adds to total defense or just parry?

Tabris: Just Parry

Tabris: Or Block

Tabris: Depending on if it’s on a weapon or a shield

Garrion: ok

Garrion: so it would go directly on the sword too

Tabris: Yeah

Garrion: i’ll brb

Sachi has connected.

Sachi: Hiya~

Sachi: Didja get my email G?

Tabris: Think he’s afk at the moment, hehe

Tristan has connected.

Tristan: hola

Tabris: Yo

Sachi: Hihi!

Tabris: I was just regaling Sachi with the my latest tale of woe from work

Sachi: Turns out I actually don’t gotta lot of changes to make ^^; I bought 2 points of ER, put 2 points into the Body Sense skill, and all the rest was spells

Tabris: My production manager got an entire plant-wide system outage cancelled at literally the last minute because he was concerned about a side effect in our building, despite his entire engineering staff (including me) telling him that it was totes cool and his concerns were unwarranted

Tabris: So like now, all the overtime work that was lined up for this weekend is cancelled, and any normal work that could have gone on isn’t going to happen because, you know, there was supposed to be an outage

Garrion: hpwdy all\

Tristan: howdy

Tristan: sounds like a smart guy….

Tabris: lol yeah

Tabris: We’ve had some issues in my building lately, and it’s the building that basically everyone in the plant is fucking terrified of

Tristan: My main tech guy is 1000% smarter than I am and i’m ok with that

Tristan: that’s why I hired him. So I listen to him

Tristan: works out great

Tabris: So when you talk about potential side effects in our building it gets everyone nervous

Tabris: lol yeah

Tristan: and he makes me a lot of money. win win.

Tabris: It kind of pisses me off that like, okay, you hired me to fulfill this technical role where I know my shit and can tell you what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about

Tabris: And I do that

Tabris: And you don’t fucking listen to me

Tabris: Like, why am I here

Tristan: think that’s bad, try being in the military. you literally have to take orders from people you know your way smarter than. They stay in because their career options are limited (not everyone of course, just referring to the dumb asses)

Tabris: lol, yeah, that would drive me crazy

Tabris: Though honestly it’s almost as bad where I work

Tabris: And some of the managers are ex-military

Tabris: So they have that mentality

Tabris: Like, I’m in charge so you do what I say and I don’t care what your opinion is

Sachi: x.X

Garrion: ok, will be working on this sheet for a bit till the others arrive

Tabris: Management also randomly decided that due to our recent issues I have to take all corrective maintenance work to the “Operational Safety Board” for review

Tabris: So like this one job I have right now is to leak check about a 5 ft section of pipe that’s had a blank flange and gasket replaced on it

Tabris: And they want me to present this to a board of people to judge whether or not it’s safe

Tabris: And I"m like…. Are you fucking out of your mind?

Tristan: didn’t you get that tps report?

Tabris: rofl

Sachi: lmao

Tabris: I’m actually watching Office Space right now

Tristan: *bows

Tabris: That’s hilarious

Tabris: That shit is so true to life too

Tristan: i have camera’s in your apartment Tab

Tabris: lol

Tabris: What’s even funnier

Tabris: We actually have a system called TPS at the plant

Tristan: stop looking around, you will never find it

Tabris: When I heard about it I was like “Does it generate reports?”

Tabris: But nobody got the reference

Tristan: hopefully someone had a sense of humor when they called it a tps report.. I don’t even know that that means

Tabris: I’m going to guess Toilet Paper System

Tabris: But yeah, this is the sort of insanity I’ve been having to work with lately

Tabris: And we aren’t even direct government employees, just a contractor

Taragnor has connected.

Sefiros has connected.

Taragnor: btw is that ironskin amulet thing permanet DR?

Taragnor: Or do you gotta activate it?

Loryc: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Leather Pants.

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Unyielding Leather Pants.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Unyielding Leather Pants.

Tabris: Think it’s categorized as Always On, it doesn’t say anything about activation

Loryc: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Leather Pants.

Loryc: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Shoes.

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Unyielding Shoes.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Unyielding Shoes.

Loryc: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Shoes.

Sefiros: tab wouldnt be defense whoring in another system now would he? :-p

Loryc: sets aside a reliable set of Unyielding Leather Gloves.

Loryc: sets aside a trusty Unyielding Leather Jacket.

Tabris: >.>

Sefiros: oh yeah T, tell G about the slippers i wanted to buy

Sefiros: if those are ok

Tabris: Is Parry 23, Dodge 14, and DR 11 on my Torso considered defense whoring?

Tristan: i have a ton of points and all of my gold to spend… been too busy to learn how it all works (I read the basics)

Sefiros: i was gonna spend some cash to buy me some “slippers of spider climbing” so to speak

Sefiros: magic item of Wallwalker spell

Tristan: thinking I’m going to need a sword

Sefiros: lol yes

Sefiros: mega fuckiing whoring

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: i hope he spams you with oozes or shadows

Tabris: I just need to get another 10 points in Power Blow skill

Tristan: Tab looks for hiv in the market, does he find it?

Tristan: power blow … no homo

Zindal: picks up a trusty E Longsword PB.

Zindal: readies a trusty E Longsword PB.

Sefiros: well im glad you’re happy

Tabris: Power Blow lets me do this

Sefiros: i just realized im 60 pts overbudget on my char sheet

Sefiros: this whole time

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 32 cut raw damage.

Tristan: wow, nice.

Sefiros: this one random advantage accidently had “+3 to dex ticked on it”

Sefiros: i just noticed it

Tabris: It’s a -10 to the skill check if you use it in the same round though

Tabris: You have to concentrate on it to make the penalty go down

Sefiros: so i gotta figure what to change to make up for 60pts

Tabris: Ouch

Zindal: sets aside a trusty E Longsword PB.

Sefiros: yeah like you needed to whore anything else :-p

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Sefiros: killing it in one blow was too easy for tab :-p

Tristan: hey G, I picked up 100 bucks worth of those matts

Sefiros: too hard i mean :-p

Tabris: Oh yeah, I also can do this now

Zindal: ←rolls Parry Missile Weapons and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: i’m working on your sheet zindal

Garrion: cazn’t fix while you changing weapons

Tristan: damn, you can knock arrows out of the air now?

Tristan: boo

Tabris: Oh, sorry

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Leather Boots.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Leather Boots.

Loryc: picks up a trusty Leather Helm.

Sefiros: yeah its a skill

Tristan: I’ll have to stop talking crap now.

Loryc: readies a trusty Leather Helm.

Loryc: sets aside a trusty Leather Helm.

Tabris: lol yeah

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Sefiros: was considering taking that myself

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Leather Gloves.

Tabris: I’m not that good at it yet though

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Zindal: picks up a trusty E Longsword PB.

Tabris: Well, 14 should be pretty good I guess

Sefiros: since my dodge blows

Loryc: picks up a trusty Leather Armor.

Tabris: Out of 3dt

Tristan: i need some arrows of Zindal slaying

Tabris: 3d6

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: readies a trusty E Longsword PB.

Zindal: readies a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Loryc: readies a trusty Leather Armor.

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Heavy Leather Sleeves.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Heavy Leather Sleeves.

Loryc: picks up a reliable set of Heavy Leather Leggings.

Loryc: readies a reliable set of Heavy Leather Leggings.

Tabris: I actually get a bonus against larger thrown weapons like Urso’s axes, lol

Tabris: The only thing I’m not sure of is if I can parry missile spells

Tabris: I don’t think the skill says one way or the other

Sefiros: ok quit bragging, we get it :-p

Sefiros: Occupation: Whore

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: with your 5 stacked armors on too :-p

Sefiros: you never even get hit

Sefiros: and he wants to whore DR :-p

Tabris: I totally got hit last time

Tabris: Like twice

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Tabris: I even took damage

Sefiros: im sure your next investment is to buy like 30 hp :-p

Tabris: lol

Tabris: Well

Tabris: I bought a ST +2 item

Tabris: Which gave me 4 HP

Sefiros: how much is that?

Sefiros: that might be something i could buy

Tabris: Was like $60,000

Sefiros: got to activate it?

Tabris: Nah it’s always on

Sefiros: no cost to activate once per day?

Tabris: Nope

Tabris: Just says “always on”

Sachi has connected.

Tabris: You gotta make checks to find stuff though

Tabris: You can’t just like go to the store and buy whatever you want

Tabris: It’s a check vs Merchant skill

Tabris: With various mods

Taragnor: you sure the strengbth enhancers add to HP?

Sefiros: T does my shopping

Tabris: Well, I put it on my GCS sheet and applied it

Tabris: And it says I have 4 more HP now

Tabris: So apparently so

Sefiros: i thought 1 pt ST was 1 hp anyways

Tabris: I may be mis-remembering what it was before

Tabris: But it looked like a 4 point change

Garrion: ok, zindal, all your parry and defense stuff is fixed

Taragnor: Well yeah base increases to ST do improve HP, wsan’t sure if the spell did that the item is based off of.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty E Longsword PB.

Tabris: Hooray

Taragnor: Since some of the spells may just improve it for damage/carrying or wahtever.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar PB.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Tabris: I don’t know, I didn’t see anything in the spell description that said it didn’t

Tabris: And like I said when I applied the item in GCS it increased my HP

Tabris: So….. shrug

Tabris: Okay yeah it was only a 2 point increase

Tabris: For 2 points of ST

Garrion: ok, everyone here and tokens updated for me to save ackups?

Sefiros: you can save, but i gotta fix my GCS before i get to my token

Sefiros: prolly gonna take ma while

Garrion: ok

Sefiros: so might as well have mina off on a “Date” or something

Sefiros: or doing something else up to no good

Sefiros: prolly avoiding loryc’s curse

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: by seducing some rich men to rob later

Garrion: did everyone see and have any questions about my forum post summarizing the loot stuff?

Sefiros: i took the spirit sensing thing, thats all i got

Tabris: Okay yeah, I double checked the spell

Tabris: It explicitly says it increases HP

Taragnor: G is that ironskin amulet always on? And if it is, can you make a roll to see if I can buy one?

Taragnor: I’ll conjure another servant to put on it if necessary (to assist myself) heh.

Sachi: Hihi!

Sachi: Like I said in my email I didn’t have a lot of time to look at equipment T_T

Garrion: well since we are on MT you can make the roll, i just roll if we offline… let me see what your mods are

Sachi: But I’m done with my token, I didn’t have many changes to make since most of it was buying spells and I don’t have to put those in there

Taragnor: heh okay. I’ll roll merchant if you want. YOu can apply whatever mods ot my MoS

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Mithral Scimitar.

Taragnor: It doesnt’ matter when you apply themods does it?

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Taragnor: I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t, well except to determine critical failures.

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Taragnor: Also Sef wanted to buy a spider climb thing. I priced something up for him, you can tell me if it’s correct.

Taragnor: But first lemme roll my merchant check…

Loryc: ←rolls Merchant and gets 14 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Taragnor: hopefully that’s good enough, the thing ain’t that expensive.

Tabris: Well you get +3 for the city size, I think -1 per 500 energy the thing costs

Tabris: And like a -5 for every other item you’ve found in the same week

Taragnor: well it’s like $20,000 something os that’s like not that big a modifier.

Taragnor: yeah ifit’s failure I’d like to burn my luck on it.

Tristan is disconnected.

Taragnor: with the mods facotred in anyway.

Taragnor: Getting DR on my eye is pretty helpful…

Taragnor: Got a lot of eye stabbing going on.

Tristan has connected.

Tabris: lol

Garrion: ok, i think this is your second item to look for so -5 and the cost is $28720 giving a -5 and +3 for city mod

Tabris: Well I increased my minimum damage by like 3 points… So it balances out

Taragnor: alright so that’s at what? -7?

Taragnor: Alright I’ll luck that then if it’s failure.

Garrion: yes

Loryc: ←rolls Merchant and gets 11 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc: ←rolls Merchant and gets 9 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Tabris: Heh, that’ll do it

Taragnor: Succeed by 10 should do it.

Taragnor: That’ll be an overall MoS of 3 with the -7

Garrion: your first roll succeeded with MoS8

Taragnor: heh well I get to roll 3 times and take the best, so might as well take the 10.

Garrion: no point in using up your luck,.. you may need it later in session

Taragnor: Well I rolled earlier and got only a 5.

Taragnor: My first was a fialure. So I had to use it

Garrion: oh ok

Tabris: Yeah heh, he failed on his first search check

Garrion: so you find the amulat with your second search for the weeek

Garrion: you also have committed 3 Servants to your companions for help during the week

Taragnor: yup that’s fine.

Garrion: ok, that wrap up all the searches to buy?

Taragnor: Sef wanted some spider climbing thing

Taragnor: I calced the price for him (I think) you can verify

Garrion: ok, the spell in use?

Taragnor: He wanted to support 300 lbs with wall walker spell, and I had it so it required a Power 3 enchantment (to maintain indefinitely)

Taragnor: We calced it to cost $60,000

Taragnor: Or I did anyway

Loryc: picks up a trusty Ironskin Amulet.

Loryc: readies a trusty Ironskin Amulet.

Garrion: ok so that is a 1000 base and then it is not self sustaining so have to add that enchantment to it

Taragnor: Yeah, and 3 levels of the power enchantment to cover the maintenance cost (but not all fo the casting cost)

Garrion: costs 4 to cast for 300 lbs

Taragnor: yeah he’d stillh ave to pay FP to cast it

Taragnor: but it can maintain indefinitely

Taragnor: Since its half to maintain

Taragnor: so it’d be 6 for 300 lbs, and 3 to maintain. ANd power 3 would let that maintain indefiniteyl

Garrion: ok

Taragnor: which is fine, since he won’t be spider climbing in his sleep

Garrion: right can’t sleep on the ceiling, haha

Taragnor: Well he could if he got 3 more levels of power :P But that’s way too expensive.

Taragnor: As I priced it it was like 3,000 energy * $20 for $60k

Garrion: so energy is 1000+2000… $60000 to enchant

Tristan: so, how would something like a ring of invis work? power/cost wize?

Garrion: plus cost of ring itself

Tabris: It depends on the energy it takes to cast the spell and maintain it and shit

Tabris: And it’s basically $20 per energy point

Taragnor: You could do that I think. it’d be expensive. If you really wanted to pump money inot it you coudl get an always on invis that wouldn’t deactivate when you attacked, but you’d need I think Power 5 for that so that the activation cost is nil.

Tristan: ok, where is the best source to read up on this? In “magic?” (the book, not the secion?)

Taragnor: Power 2 would make one that is always on until you attack

Tabris: Yeah, the book

Taragnor: Yeah, it’s kinda complicate dto price the items, basically you look up a spell in GURPS magic first that you want to copy.

Taragnor: Then you look at the item section to see if you can make an item out of it and how much energy that takes.

Tristan: cool, sounds easy enough

Taragnor: After that you have to buy the “Power” enchatnment out of the enchantment college to reduce the cost of the spell (otherwise you’re paying the cost from your own FP by default)

Garrion: (a) Jewelry, wand, or staff; only affects the wearer. Energy cost to create: 1,200

Taragnor: Basically you want to get the mainteance cost down to 0 with power.

Garrion: costs 5 to cast and 3 to maintain

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Taragnor: Well invis got changed from DF, so it was 4/2 I think.

Taragnor: Since you kept that change.

Garrion: oh right

Taragnor: Since regular invis doesn’t go away when you attack.

Garrion: thanks for reminding

Sefiros: hmmm it may take me a while to get mina sorted out, so unless you want me to fix her later, its prolly best if you plan around her being “Busy” in game for tonight

Sefiros: maybe she has dhampir PMS and ran loryc off to go on a blood bender

Garrion: so need power 2 to maintain it for free

Sachi has connected.

Sefiros: actually, i was looking at that blood healing power you have on the house rules sight

Sefiros: i like that idea, but i was wondering if you can buy the self-only flaw off like you can with normal buying off disadvantages for stuff

Sefiros: ie i want to be able to drip or let someone suck on my blood and heal from it, like in vampire the masquerade how a vampire can heal humans with blood

Sefiros: thatd be cool

Sefiros: and fit with the S&M and “Good vampire” thing

Sefiros: if she could heal people like theyre catholics drinking christ blood :-p

Garrion: that is racial, your blood itself is not healing, you just heal by imbibing other’s blood

Sefiros: i dont really need self healing so much

Sefiros: healing others would be cool tho

Tristan: ok, so the cost on that ring of invisiblity?

Sefiros: like alot of vampire rpgs can do that

Tristan: 4 then 2? x point cost?

Sefiros: i know what it is G

Sefiros: im asking could i buy something like that

Sefiros: like a healing power that uses blood agent etc

Sefiros: instead of touching em

Garrion: hate to piss on your party but no, you can’t feed others your blood and heal them. htat would be an entirely different advantage but one you could possibly acquire later with divine gifts

Sefiros: so just whoring combat stuff is all thats allowed? :-p

Garrion: no, you cvan whore Zindal too ;)

Tabris: Zindal is totally willing to be whored

Tabris: No dudes though

Tristan: lol

Garrion: like i said, we can revisit it later on with some sort of divine influence to it.. not something i want to answer now on the spot

Sefiros: i should just take magery

Sefiros: and buy a crapload of spells

Tabris: lol yeah I made that suggestion a while back

Sefiros: prolly cheaper

Tabris: No easier justification than “It’s magic”

Sefiros: overpriced advantages grumble grumble

Garrion: well she is a god-child, so divine influence would really make sense too

Garrion: but it being magic is always a good cover-all

Garrion: anyway.. lets stop ruminating over what we can tweak and get on with the session

Sefiros: i dont gotta tweak really, im just technically 60pts over budget

Sefiros: that i didnt know

Garrion: The night passes without event after mina and melty drive off the devil

Sefiros: till now

Sefiros: i dont wanna cheat

Garrion: ((i don;t want you to either)) 0L:

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Garrion: The morning comes with tired eyes from a night of worry and watching on when another attack could come.

Sefiros: didnt know alternate form, doesnt carry your stuff with you either

Sefiros: gotta buy an extra for that

Loryc: (btw from now on I’m gonna run with an armor spell always on me, since I have to anticipate that devil may be coming back, I’ll also throw on a conceal magic as well)

Sefiros: i discovered

Sefiros: otherwise your shit just falls off haha

  • Tabris rattles the Chelish Crux around, trying to figure out what’s in it
  • Zindal rattles the Chelish Crux around, trying to figure out what’s in it

Sachi has connected.

Sachi: blehhhhhhhhh

Loryc: I’ll also keep flight activated just in case too.

Sachi: hopefully it works now T_T

Garrion: You all gather together this morning to discuss past events of the week and what you plan to do upcoming?

Loryc: (Yeah… we’ll all go discuss it somewhere gathering up the group)

Garrion: so you going around maintining 3 spells on you all the time, or maybe more?

Loryc: (3 right now, armor 3, conceal magic and flight) I assume with flight I don’t have to fly.

Loryc: oh and an illusion on me

Loryc: so that’s 4

  • Melty is wearing a gold coin as a comically oversized pendant.

Garrion: Remember you have the Children of Westeros safehouse… just joking Westcrown

Loryc: I can regain the fatigue before we leave in the morning and maintain em indefinitely.

  • Zindal smirks a little as he sees Melty wearing her new “pendant”

Zindal: lol, yeah I guess that’s as good a safehouse as any right now

Garrion: the rest of the illusions dropping.. so the others look different than their “celebrities”

Loryc: Well my illusion is just of some random guy.

Loryc: Pretty much to help me blend in, and maybe confuse the devil too

Zindal: No he’s talking about our disguises

Loryc: Where he’s like “Is that the same guy?”

Zindal: From the play

Zindal: Though that was just mundane disguise

Loryc: Yeah. heh I didn’t want him to think I was looking like my other self.

Zindal: Because of the barrier around the mansion

Loryc: Oh right yeah.

Garrion: that my point though, you not look like your “celebrity” selves anymore?

Loryc: Yeah we’ll take off our mundane disguises

Loryc: Yeah, I’ll just ditch those disguises, definitely don’t want them now if we get found out as thieves.

Melty: “I tried making a bed out of them, but if I put enough padding on ‘em to make ’em comfortable, you can’t really see it’s made out of gold coins…”

Loryc: Figure we could meet at Zindals or Ursos, or some other placethat the devil doesn’t know.

Garrion: roll streetwise

Loryc: For walkking on the streets I’ll put another ilusion on Mina too, since I bet she attracts attention everywhere.

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 10 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc: That wildcard includes streetwise

Garrion: anyoen who wishes and was out during the past week

Zindal: “A bit of a conundrum…”

Loryc: Also what are the rules for getting rid fo this rune curse?

Melty: ←rolls Streetwise and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

  • Zindal strokes Melty’s head with his index finger in his usual affectionate way

Loryc: Like can I disguise it as another object via illusion and give it to someone? can they take it under mind control? etc.

Garrion: you have to get someone else to willingly accept it

Loryc: Yeah I’m just wondering what willingly accept means. Like they obviously don’t have to know what it is and what it does.

Loryc: So am I allowed to disguise it?

Zindal: They don’t have to know it’s a curse though right? I mean none of us knew about it

Zindal: It was just stuffed in the bag when we took it

Melty: Walk up to a random Hellknight and be like “hey can you hold this for a sec”

Loryc: Right. heh.. I mean it seems it can be in a container or something.

Garrion: correct, but they can not be forced to take it

Zindal: Stuff it in the bottom of a pouch of coin, lol

Garrion: you can disguise it or trick them into taking it though

Loryc: yeah you can’t force it in thier hand, but you can like.. include it as say part of a bag of gold or something that you’re using to pay fofr something.

Zindal: Drop it off on a random beggar

Loryc: And could even make it invislbe or make it look liek something else.

Loryc: lol Loryc wouldn’t give it a beggar, he’s not that kind of person.

Loryc: He would however give it to a hellknight.

Zindal: Yeah that works too

Garrion: or wear a coin purse on belt loosly and flash in pickpocket alley and the note is inside

Zindal: See if you can disguise yourself and try to get information from a Hellknight or whatever and then pay him for his services

Zindal: And have it in the bottom of the payment pouch

Loryc: Nah my planw as to say the mayor wanted the hell knights to look at some thing immediately, and hes to bring it to the hell knight’s fortress. :P

Zindal: lol

Melty: How big is the place we’re meeting? I wanna cast Watchdog there since I know there’s some devil thing after Loryc >.>

Loryc: I got 21 ranks of forgery man :P

Zindal: Haha, wow

Tristan: you should give it to that asshole that had us dipped in acid during the play

Zindal: Well you don’t even have to forge it if you put it in a sealed envelope

Zindal: Just be like “Take this to your superior immediately”

Zindal: And forget the mayor’s seal or something

Zindal: forge*

Loryc: heh. yeah.

Garrion: Loryc/Melty… while you are out on the streets you pick up whispers about “some group standing up to the mayor and robbing his manor”

Loryc: heh wow.. surprised that got out.

Zindal: ←rolls Streetwise and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 2

Zindal: lol

Garrion: it is not anounced but whispered in certain corners

  • Melty rubs her hands together gleefully.

Loryc: heh okay. yeah I sorta figured they’d try to keep that underwraps since it was a secret vault and I didn’t totally clean out his treasury.

Loryc: (Well first I’ll meet with the others to discuss our plan)

Zindal: So where are we meeting? Heh

Loryc: (Proibably at ZIndals)

Melty: How big is your place, Zindal?

Zindal: Man don’t bring your devil paper to my place

Zindal: Get that shit away from me

Loryc: (I’ll send an illusory owl to go fetch Urso)

Melty: Or the place we’re meeting at? T_T

Garrion: you also hear about the dottari paying Rabahl a visit inquiring on the whereabouts of the Sixfold group.

Loryc: (Or illsuory bird or wahtever.)

Zindal: I’m just doing the standard COL so I mean whatever that buys for crash space

Loryc: yeah so buy something bette rwith your money now cheapskae.

Zindal: lol

Loryc: I’m totally upgrading since a devil borke into my shit.

Zindal: Well do we want to just buy a place for all of us to stay in?

Garrion: he doesn’t have to have it on him.. . he can lock in a box and bury it but he is still the focus of the curce… not the paper

Loryc: Yeah well I’m bringing the paper anyway,. I’ll have to deal with it at some point.

Garrion: was letting Zindal know that the paper being on you does not mater

Loryc: (Plus the devil don’t care about hunting you down)

Loryc: (it’s just like geased or whatever to hunt the guy that’s cursed I assume)

Garrion: but he will kill any in the way if need be

Loryc: Well yeah. heh.

Loryc: But like… if I’m not there, it won’t murder him in his sleep

Garrion: correct

Zindal: All right well what do we want to do, should we just buy a place that we all share or what

Loryc: (Well first lets deal with this devil)

Melty: “I don’t think he’s too keen on making a deal…”

Zindal: lol well I ain’t wasting money on a bigger place for me when we’re going to get a different place for everyone later

Zindal: So you’re all squeezing into my hovel for now

Garrion: ok, so you go to the safehouse…. you notice an increased prescence of guards now…. this has grown steadily over the past few days to quell any boldness before it grows out of hand

Loryc: (Well I was just planning on having my own place heh, I don’t think you can necessarily even pool lifestyle costs anyway)

Loryc: (since some of it is food and clothes and such)

Zindal: G said we could

Zindal: Before

Loryc: (Though I dunno how that works if you want to have guests at your lifestyle)

Zindal: Well we can figure it out later I guess

Garrion: yes, you essintially just all pitch in with your current CoL and get a large palce that you could not afford alone

Zindal: Do we want to use the Children of Westcrown place or what

Zindal: Or just “Zindal’s place”

Loryc: Lets just go to your place.

Loryc: I don’t want to get them killed.

Loryc: Plus that’s another step we all have to go to.

Zindal: lol okay

Zindal: We’re meeting at Zindal’s place G, not the safehouse

Loryc: So we’ll just meet at Zindal’s place. damn.

Garrion: oh ok

Loryc: We’ll lose them as allies if I bring a devil down on thier place :P

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Like I said I don’t really know what sort of place the standard COL provides

Loryc: And Loryc doens’t think they can handle themselvs as well as Zindal and his other companions.

Zindal: I’m guessing an inn room or something

Loryc: What status level you got? 0 or 1?

Zindal: Uhh, whatever the default is

Loryc: well what did you pay for?

Zindal: Well actually, I think I bought some extra starting wealth

Garrion: everyone all gasthering as a group as you move on picking up other people and go to zindal’s or arriving at different times through some other communication?

Zindal: Let me check

Loryc: 0 is like $500 a month I think.

Zindal: Yeah I bought one rank of extra starting cash

Zindal: It doesn’t say what my wealth level is on my sheet

Zindal: So it’s like, whatever the default is

Garrion: that does not increase your status or wwealth though

Loryc: Well you had to actually specifically pay for the month of lifestyle.

Zindal: Well I did that

Loryc: If you didn’t you’re basically living in the streets :P

Zindal: I just don’t remember what I paid the last time

Zindal: And it isn’t noted on GCS anywhere

Zindal: I didn’t pay any points to increase it

Zindal: So I mean whatever

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: yeah, i jotted down CoL on everyone’s page on OP

Zindal: It’s the standard cost, I’m not purposely living extravagantly or anything

Melty: Well whenever you guys are done figuring out where we’re meeting and how big it is I’m gonna pre-cast Watchdog and rest up

Loryc: Yeah, I wanted to up my lifestyle too, though I’ll wait till after we destroy the devil.

Cedric: sorry, just got, give me a few to get set up and Ill be good to go

Garrion: at least i thought i did

Melty: It costs me 1 FP x the radius and the duration is 10 hours so I have plenty of time to rest

Garrion: Melty does not have one

Zindal: Well I didn’t know you did that, lol

Melty: Oh

Melty: Oops

Garrion: loryc does

Loryc: heh well until oterwise I’ll assume ZIndal lives in a cramped, dirty, lice-ridden hovel.

Garrion: Cost of Living: $600/mo

Zindal: Okay there it is

Zindal: Yeah, $600 / mo

Zindal: So whatever place that buys

Loryc: okay think that’s status 0

Loryc: Alright… so you got like something kinda shitty, but manageable.

Zindal: Yeah like I said, probably an inn room

Zindal: At a kinda dive place

Garrion: yes, you all are status 0 now, only Satomi had high status before

Loryc: Yeah it could be an inn room

Zindal: Close to the red light district

Loryc: Yeah, I’ll be raising my status soon.

Loryc: After I fxi this devil problem.

Zindal: When do we pay that btw?

Zindal: We did it once before I think

Loryc: Thikn you prepay at the start of the month.

Garrion: begining of each month

Zindal: Okay well when is that, lol

Zindal: How long since we paid it last

Loryc: It’s by month… though not sure how much time has passed since we last paid.

Garrion: today is the 23rd

Zindal: Okay….. When did the campaign start? lol

Loryc: Also is Sef around still?

Loryc: Or did he go afk?

Zindal: He’s working on his sheet I think

Sefiros: im here

Loryc: ah okay… so is Mina coming with me to the meeting or is she going and doing vampire stuff?

Sefiros: i’ll prolly just say she’s off to herself

Garrion: look here for campaign timeline….

Sefiros: since i dont feel right doing shit with a char sheet thats 60pts over budget

Loryc: Alright.. so I guess Loryc, Melty, tristan and Urso meet at Zindals.

Sefiros: makes me feel like im cheating

Melty: .-.

Melty: 60 points?

Sefiros: yeah

Zindal: Okay, so we’re still in the same month we started in

Sefiros: was error on gcs

Zindal: So we don’t need to pay COL again yet

Sefiros: one thing was adding 3 pts of dex

Garrion: you paid for this month at the beginning

Sefiros: that it shouldnt

Zindal: Got it

  • Loryc knocks on Zindal’s door.

Zindal: Good to go

Garrion: you will pay again in 7 days

Sefiros: so i gotta figure out how to re-arrange some shit so im rules legal

  • Zindal takes a moment to answer the knock…

Zindal: “Who is it?”

Loryc: “It’s Loryc, though not as myself.”

Zindal: “When are you ever?”

Loryc: “And I’ve got Melty with me.”

Zindal: “Oh, well…”

  • Zindal opens the door

Garrion: and mina

Melty: “Sup.”

Loryc: (I thought Mina was busy?)

Garrion: ahh, she can be here too

Zindal: (Sef just said he was having Mina be “busy”)

  • Loryc comes in and shuts the door.

Sefiros: i’ll RP so long as we dont bust out in a combat or something

Loryc: (Guess we can assume Tristan an d Urso are here, if Cedric and Tristan are present)

  • Zindal eyes Melty’s gold coin pendant and smirks a little…

Garrion: yep

Loryc: “Remember that bag of holding you gave me? Well it turns out it was also holding a devil.”

Garrion: as long as you told them you were having a meeting

Zindal: “Who says I gave it to you?”

Zindal: “It didn’t have gold or weapons in it so I didn’t care.”

Loryc: “The curse apparently. Since otherwise the devil would be hunting you down.”

Sefiros: “It tore up my house too, asshole.”

Loryc: “If you’d like to announce that it was only a temporary loan, I’d probably be okay with that. I’d just make a habit of sleeping with one eye open.”

  • Zindal smirks

Zindal: “Fraid not.”

Loryc: “So now… I’m going to need a little bit of help in getting rid of this cursed thing… or I should say some backup in case my plan goes wrong.”

Melty: “Yeah, I’m more or less a fashion plate now with all this money. I tried making a bed out of it but… I haven’t figured out a way to pad it so it’s comfortable but you can still tell it’ smade out of gold coins…”

Mina: “I say we just find a good mark to pawn it off on, some suitable scumbag.”

Loryc: “And by wrong, I mean the devil shows up ahead of time and tries to kill me.”

Mina: “Someone you dont mind being dead.”

Mina: “Saves us the trouble.” she says a little sarcastically

Loryc: “I’m thinking we can give it to the hellknights… Unless anyone else has some other idea?”

  • Zindal shrugs

Urso: ( miss anything major?)

Zindal: (Nah)

Zindal: (We’re regrouping and Loryc is explaining his devil curse problem to us)

Melty: (How big is this place btw again for the nth time?)

Garrion: yep, seems so

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: (It’s an inn room Sachi)

Garrion: small

Loryc: (so like pretty small)

Melty: (Ah kk)

Zindal: (It’s basically an inn room)

  • Urso listens to the story.

Zindal: (Kind of low quality)

Loryc: (We’d be squeezed in)

Zindal: (Near the red light district)

Melty: (Anyway I’m casting Watchdog around it, so if anything comes through the perimeter I’ll be alerted)

Garrion: a status 0 room at an inn

Garrion: like motel 6

Zindal: lol yeah

Loryc: “I’ve cast a spell that should throw him off, and Mina hurt him pretty bad… but there’s no telling when it’ll show up again.”

Mina: “It teleported away, like some panzy.”

Loryc: “But it won’t stop until the owner of a certain note is dead. And right now that’s me.”

Melty: (I dunno how much FP it costs because it’s 1 FP x radius in yards)

Zindal: “Hm, well I’ve never tried killing a devil before, but I suppose I could give it a shot.”

Mina: “Back it it’s boney mother I guess.”

Loryc: “If it makes you feel better, I can create it a sword Zindal, so it’ll feel more like a fair fight.”

Garrion: well you can say radius of room is about 9 feet

Zindal: “I’ll pass on that, thanks.”

Melty: (So 3?)

Mina: “Not sure if stabbing it in the eye works though.”

Melty: (2 with my skill)

Garrion: 18-20 feet across

  • Mina shrugs. “Guess you can poke first and ask questions later like you usually do.”

Tristan: “guessing my arrows can’t really hit a vital spot…”

  • Zindal grins

Loryc: "Well based on the new gear you’ve acquired you should be more than abel to handle it… but it’d probably be easiest if I just pawned it off on a hellknight. "

Zindal: “It’s worked well for me so far.”

Tristan: “hey wizard, what kills demons?”

Garrion: got Hidden Lore?

Loryc: (Yeah in Wizard!)

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 14 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 3

Mina: ""I think he said it was a Bone Devil."

Tristan: “i’m not used to my arrows being so ineffective… a couple different creates in a week. Ever sense we started hanging around you it seems like life just got a bunch more complicated”

Mina: “It’s not actually a demon.”

Loryc: “Yes a devil not a demon… which means holy silver is your best bet… dismemberment works wonders.”

Mina: “There’s a distinction.”

Loryc: “Or you could just stab it in the eye like Zindal.”

Garrion: i think you rolled gggod on that… you would basically know that all devils have a supernatural protection that is vulnerable to goodness

Zindal: “Well, I have the silver part…”

Tristan: “demons, devils… arrows don’t see to work so well. I mean, that one that I shot in the eye… that was ok but getting through it’s skull was a bit tricky”

Zindal: “Perhaps I can acquire holy water or something to coat the blade.”

Loryc: “Well it won’t be easy regardless, and hopefully if we do this right we won’t have to fight it.”

  • Zindal nods…

Mina: how do you ever get good aligned shit in gurps?

Loryc: (G if I destroy the cursed item after I give it to someone, it’ll make it so they can’t transfer the curse, right?)

Mina: i didnt think there was such

Zindal: “So basically whoever you give some scroll to is the devil’s new target?”

Urso: " maybe best if we find place we can all live together, or very close"

Melty: “Oh yeah, that’d make sense.”

Loryc: “The only catch is they have to accept it willingly.”

Loryc: “Though I don’t have to tell them its cursed.”

Zindal: “Do they have to know they’re taking it? Or can it just be hidden in something?”

Loryc: “If the scroll si destroyed, it’ll make it impossible to transfer the curse.. so ideally I can transfer the scroll then destroy it.”

Zindal: “That’s kind of how you got it, right?”

Loryc: “It can be hidden in something, or just disguised.”

Garrion: yes, but you couldn’t give it to them if you destroy it and if you take it to destroy after you essentially reclaim it

Zindal: “So shove it in a coin purse and drop it on the street then… Somebody will grab it.”

Melty: “What if you pour the holy water on the scroll or something?”

Loryc: (well what if it had a contingent spell on it?)

Loryc: (like I had melty put on a delayed destructive spell, that triggers later?)

Garrion: unless you give then sneak in and set fire to it without taking it again

Loryc: (We could trigger it remotely, and destroy it while its in thier possession)

Garrion: that could work

Loryc: “I’m going to need a small wooden box that I can lock… and Melty do you know how to set a spell to delay and activate later?”

Garrion: what did you end up doign with the body of the teifling?

Loryc: (I paid to have her buried remember)

Garrion: oh right

Loryc: (Under an illusion of course)

Loryc: “I’ll need some kind of spell that can destroy a peice of parchment… though not now, some time later today, once I’ve already given it to someone else.”

Garrion: ok, as you come over Zindal was handling the crux and jiggling it around

Garrion: ?

Zindal: Well that was before I answered the door

Zindal: But yeah he was trying to figure out how to open it

Loryc: “Do you have a spell like that Melty?”

Melty: “Yeah, totally.” (I had to check)

Melty: (Sorry, I’m REALLY sleepy T_T )

Garrion: will let you finish the demon discussion then can cover that

Loryc: “Alright.. I’ll need you to rig up the spell and delay on this peice of parchment, I’d recommend not touchiung it when you do it, so you don’t get inadvertently cursed… and don’t destroy it right away… we need it to be destryoed sometime later, preferably if you can activate it at any time…”

Garrion: crit fail the roll so you fry it.. PLEASE

Zindal: rofl

Garrion: ;P

Zindal: That’s going to be hilarious

Loryc: “Mina you can go get me a wooden lockbox.. in the meantime I’m going to scribe up a forged note.”

Mina: “Where the fuck am I suppose to get that?”

Loryc: “I don’t know? a general store… it doesn’t have to be magical..”

Melty: (Gotta check spell descriptions and stuff sotty0

Loryc: “Just a box with a lock on it.”

Zindal: ←rolls Savoir Faire (High Society) and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: “There’s a shop that sells nice looking trinket boxes.”

  • Zindal gives her the location

Loryc: “Make sure it’s got a lock on it.”

Melty: (It says the condition can be as simple or complex as I want as long as it happens in the vicinity of the object)

Mina: “Fine” grumbles

  • Mina holds out her hand.

Loryc: )Hmm… how about just liek 10 minutes after its accepted by a new owner?)

Mina: “Coins.”

Zindal: Condition: Person opens box?

Mina: “I’m not paying for putting up with your harassment.”

Garrion: brb while you discuss

Loryc: (Hmm or that actually)

Tristan is disconnected.

Tristan has connected.

Loryc: (Id’ say transfer of ownership though probably… since I’ll be keeping the box the whole time until I give it)

Mina: “Tear my door down, wake me up, now got me going around with a fucking shopping list.”

Loryc: (So I figure maybe 1 hour after ownership is transfered?)

  • Zindal smirks

Loryc: “Oh… I almost forgot…”

  • Loryc casts create object, making up an actual shopping list for Mina.
  • Loryc hands it to her.

Zindal: “It sounds like you need someone who knows how to treat you properly.”

Melty: “Don’t get too airtight of a box, though, or it won’t burn.”

Mina: “Yes, commander.”

  • Loryc smiles.

Garrion: back

Mina: “Anything else? Want some strawberries of a rimjob while I’m at it?”

Mina: or a*

Loryc: “Don’t worry, I havne’t led any of you astray so far, right?”

  • Zindal gives Loryc a deadpan look

Mina: “Only every step.”

Loryc: “Only what I had on the list, but thanks for the offer.”

Garrion: lol

Mina: “Fine, I’ll do your shopping, but expect the loss of a few drops of blood when I get hungry.”

Zindal: “Oh no, not astray… Just a slight mischaracterization of our last job, nothing big…”

Tristan: *looks at the wizard thinking “I wonder if arrows kill him”

Tristan: but not saying anything

Loryc: “Well it got you rich, didn’t it… which begs the question of why you’re still living here.”

  • Mina grumbles, as she heads off , looking at the list, as she walks out the door and heads to the market.
  • Zindal shrugs

Loryc: “I really hope you didn’t spend all of your share on a magic amulet and armor.”

Zindal: “It’s not like I need anything else.”

Mina: I’ll take my parasol if its daylight

Zindal: “I have a bed, a roof, and four walls… Oh, and a floor.”

Loryc: “You could use a little extra space.”

Garrion: it is morning

Garrion: probaly arund 9am

Zindal: “For what? I have enough room to swing my swords…”

Loryc: “I’m pretty sure even Melty is cramped in here.”

  • Zindal smirks a little, probably making some kind of innuendo

Loryc: “And surely you must tire of the bed bugs…”

Mina: “Fuckin daylight too!” she shouts down the hall angrily, before her grumbling fades in the distance

Loryc: “After we deal with this devil business, I’ll get you a good deal on a nice upscale house.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Zindal: “Whatever waves your wand…”

Melty: “Hey, that vault place wasn’t so bad. I got to burn that chick to de— I mean, it was a shame that happened, cause I wanted to interro— I mean… I have a deep and abiding love for every living creature on this planet, and I publicly regret my overcommitment of electricity. Uh, force.”

Loryc: “It’s time you moved from whores to courtesans.”

Loryc: “Anyway I’m goiong to get to forging the mayor’s seal.”

Urso: “what difference?”

Zindal: “Courtesans dress nicer and have better makeup.”

Garrion: oh, zindal…. did we handle you diseases last session… i know i did Loryc but you were late or something

Zindal: I honestly don’t remember

Zindal: Can I just say I bought a casting of Remove Disease or something?

Urso: Urso mucled thru his

Garrion: all the whore talk got me to thinking about your living petri dish

Zindal: I mean we’ve had downtime enough that I could have taken care of it

Melty: (ooo that’s a spell I should get :3 )

Urso: hehe

Melty: (I still gotta few points)

Loryc: Just hope they don’t charge you per disease removed :P

Zindal: lol yeah, that’s a good one to have on hand for Zindal

Garrion: no, cause you didn;t know you had anything till it rearts its ugly head

Zindal: Well when does that happen

Zindal: I mean we’ve had what, a week?

Urso: definently get remove disease and poison if there is one as well.. we have been hit by both already

Garrion: your incubation was longer than Loryc’s… you did not show signs till 3 days after heist’

Loryc: wait how did I get diseased?

Zindal: Well like I said, it’s been a week since then?

Zindal: So I mean that’s 4 days to deal with it

Garrion: i meant urso

Loryc: ah okay, I was gonna say :P

Zindal: So I’m not sure how I couldn’t have found a cure in 4 days

Loryc: My servants are clean, I don’t create em with diseases.

Zindal: All I gotta do is find a healer and throw coin at them

Loryc: And by healer, you probably mean cleric of asmodeues :P

Zindal: lol whatever

Zindal: As long as they can cast Remove Disease I don’t give a fuck

Loryc: Just hope it ain’t a disease unique to their vault. lol.

Garrion: yo only ad 1….

Loryc: Anyway, the plan is for me to forge a note from the mayor, along with his seal on the scroll…

Garrion: you only had 1….

Zindal: Wait what

Zindal: One what

Loryc: Then place the scroll in the box when Mina gets it… have Metly put her delayed enchantment on it.

Garrion: i disease, urso had 2

Melty: I got Ignite Fire so that should be easy~

Loryc: Then lock the box, then I’ll go via illuision as one of the Mayor’s servants and visit the hellknight barracks.

Melty: As long as the box isn’t airtight >.>

Melty: Might wanna have a flame-resistant interior

Zindal: Okay, well like I said, if I can find somebody to cast Remove Disease then I just pay for the casting, if it’s been a week since the heist then that means I’ve had 4 days now to find someone

Zindal: I’m not gonna let some random dungeon disease linger

Loryc: And say it’s a delivery from the mayor wiht a scroll from him, basically saying it’s important evidence to catch the perpetrators of the robbery.

Tristan: probably did not get it from the dungeon…

Garrion: i just want to get it covered so i can remove from your status que

Loryc: Nah it doesn’t matter too much Sachi. by the time he realized it burned up and got it open, it’llb e destroyed.

Loryc: I mean I assume it burns like normal paper.

Zindal: lol well just tell me how much to pay for the Remove Disease and I’ll pay it and then it’s covered, and I assume normal rest will recover stat loss

Loryc: And I’ll visit him as an illusion disguise, so it’s not like he can track me down easy.

Garrion: 2 ST

Melty: Yeah, I just mean airtight so it actually burns, and slightly flame-resistant so it doesn’t start a tenement fire or something

Garrion: you were weakened by the disease and felt very down suddenly….

Loryc: heh, well I mean I don’t want yout o put an exlosive fireball in there.

Garrion: then you realized that Lucy must have given you something

Mina: lol

Zindal: lol

Zindal: That bitch

Mina: juicy lucy

Mina: or loosey lucy

Tristan: and by down he means your limp

Garrion: Give me a few HT-3 rolls till you get it diagnosed and healed

Loryc: lol.

Loryc: -8 ST (limited to erections)

Melty: Yeah heh, Ignite Fire just creates like a spark that catches various stuff on fire depending on how much energy you spend

Tristan: lll

Tristan: lol

Loryc: okay well as long as you destroy the scroll, that’s cool.

Tristan: could not even type


Melty: Like, 1 energy can light tinder in a second, 2 energy can light paper and stuff in a second

Zindal: Are you shitting me

Zindal: ←rolls HT and gets 15 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -3)

Zindal FAILS by 5

Melty: Whoaaaa

Tristan: you were warned about touching it… you will go blind

Zindal: Wondering now if I need to luck this shit…

Tristan: dude, luck that

Tristan: is it really agaist blind? I would think so

Zindal: I mean seriously how fucking long does it take to find a healer

Zindal: This is a major city, this shouldn’t be that hard

Mina: VD kills man

Garrion: well would zindal run out right away.. he does not seem to me that type if a little down

Zindal: lol I don’t know where you got that impression

Garrion: but after the second hit he would look for help

Mina: tho he may cause an aids epidemic single handed

Loryc: Well does he feel a burning sensation on his crotch?

Loryc: I figure that’d get him panicked

Zindal: As much sex as my character has, yes if he has some kind of sign of disease he’s getting it treated

Zindal: I mean come the hell on man

Mina: i got a morning star

Melty: Perhaps I should get Restoration too

Mina: if he’s got the bull head clap

Mina: i can crush out the puss for him

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: lol I don’t know why you’re telling me what my character would do, it’s my character

Zindal: And I’m telling you IC that at the first sign of disease I’m getting it treated

Loryc: well you do have overconfident, don’t you?

Garrion: you can get healing after this roll.. you takign what you got and chancing it or going to try to luck and resist?

Mina: lol

Mina: “It’’ll get better!” dick rots off

Garrion: yes he does

Zindal: Sigggghhhhh

Loryc: probably should have him roll versus that to see if he overestimates his immune system.

Zindal: I guess I’ll luck it, fuck

Mina: lol

Garrion: which is why i say he would say it was not big deal he can shake this little bug

Melty: Like I said I’ve got some CP left so I can get Restoration, but that takes a month >.>

Loryc: THough I figure if it’s something that’d make it so he coudln’t enjoy ssex as much he’d want to get it fixed

Loryc: since he does have lecherousness

Melty: To restore your sight

Zindal: Why does this have to be a fucking byzantine chore, god damn

Zindal: ←rolls HT and gets 17 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -3)


Melty: T_T

Garrion: lol

Mina: rofl

Zindal: ←rolls HT and gets 16 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -3)

Zindal FAILS by 6

Loryc: lol…

Loryc: omg.

Zindal: Well luck didn’t do shit for me

Mina: his dick did apparently rot off

Melty: Instant regeneration is instant, but it costs 80 FP

Zindal: Fail by 5 is my best roll

Urso: bye bye wee wee

Garrion: 3

Zindal: Can I just pay for some healing already?

Zindal: I mean seriously, this is a waste of time

Zindal: Tell me what the damage is and tell me how much to cure it

Zindal: I have the money

Mina: “You’ll be fucking your own wife, with a wooden cock!”

Mina: as tyrion would say

Melty: Bucephalus Woodcock T_T

Garrion: Zindal feels worse and he is now down 5 ST.. his vision blurs and goes dark… “Help get me a damn doctor!”

Zindal: How the fuck does ST damage make me go blind anyway

Zindal: This makes no fucking sense

Zindal: At all

Loryc: can’t lift your eyelids? :P

Garrion: a doctor arrives and diagnoses you, “Ah, you have the Blinding Sickness sir.”

Zindal: “Wow, you have to be a doctor to figure that out?”

Melty: “Guess it’s time to hit the books again.”

Zindal: “Fix it.”

Garrion: “Where did you pick up such a disease if I may ask?”

  • Urso pokes Zindal in the eye, " You no see ?"

Zindal: “None of your business. Now fix it.”

Zindal: “Or direct me to someone who can.”

Garrion: “Yes, yes. Here take this tonic 2 times today and I’ll be back to check on you tomorrow. I’ll require $100 for my services though.”

Tristan: *I step back, don’t want to get sprayed with any nasty

  • Zindal fishes out a gold coin from his pouch and tosses it over

Loryc: (Golarion has better healthcare than the US)

Melty: “It’s cool, man… I learned a trick I can use to grow to human size, so you guys are pretty much redundant.”

Melty: “Well, that’s not totally accurate.”

Garrion: “I would recommend you stay in bed and rest. You need to let your body try to fight this off. With luck your vision may restore.”

Zindal: “With luck?”

Loryc: (good thing he took that advantage)

Zindal: Heh, and already blew it

Melty: “Having a force multiplier is always good.”

Zindal: This is fucking bullshit

Zindal: This entire

Zindal: FUcking

Zindal: Thing

Zindal: Is

Zindal: Bullshit

Garrion: now make another HT roll with +1 for the care

Zindal: ←rolls HT and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 1)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Loryc: (So is all this happening before I come to Zindal’s place?)

Garrion: lol, only because it is you

Loryc: (or did I get to his place and he’s blind?)

Garrion: yes

Loryc: (oh okay, so this is in the past in a flashback)

Tristan: “can you shrink us to the size of pixies and give us wings?”

Garrion: i just forgot aout him being diseased with Urso so need to handle that

Zindal: Yeah, like I said, he’s wasting time on what should be “pay X to be cured”

Garrion: they picked it up in the vault goo

Garrion: not if it deals you a permanent disadvantage of blindness

Melty: “Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to shrink people too… Wings are gonna be harder, but in principle there’s nothing keeping me from doing that…”

Garrion: that would be cool as hell

Melty: lol

Garrion: the blind swordsman,,,,

Melty: Yeah dude, that makes you Zatoichi

Melty: That’s badass as hell

Zindal: I’ll pass

Loryc: pretty sure he’d get his ass kicked in GURPS

Zindal: Just fucking fix me already

Garrion: nah, can take a shit load of advantages to overcome the blindness aspect

Tristan: “i would love to see what it’s like being a pixie for a bit, just in case you ever get that spell down. I mean, flying has got to be cool”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Zindal: Yeah because I totally have the CP for that

Cedric has connected.

Zindal: And I’m already at the cap on disadvantage points

Garrion: this is a story enforced disad… they don;t count toward limit

Melty: “Shit, I dunno how you people can stand having to be on the ground all the time.”

Loryc: they also don’t give any CP for it either.

Garrion: just like the other disads you guys have picked up in play

Zindal: lol yeah I was gonna say

Tristan: “we really don’t have a choice…”

Zindal: All those other story based ones we can’t buy advantages to counter balance?

Tristan: “the whole no wings thing does kind of make flying difficult”

Loryc: “I just learned magic so I didn’t have to do that.”

Melty: Yeah, you don’t get bonus points for disadvantages you get during the story

Loryc: “I’ve got a flight spell active right now.”

Zindal: Yeah then fucking fix me

Tristan: “well, yeah, unless you are a wizard…”

Zindal: Fuck this bullshit

Garrion: ok you are starting to heal…..

Melty: “I don’t get why wizards don’t just sell necklaces or something that let you fly.”

Loryc: “They do… they’re jsut extremely difficult to make.”

Loryc: “I mean would you want to sit in a boring laboratory all day enchanting a necklace, or would you rather just steal something?”

Garrion: the doctor returns the next day…. “Ahh, you seem to have not gotten any worse. Looks like the rest and my tonic have helped.”

Loryc: (I would love it if this guy was just some snake oil salesman and not a real doctor)

Garrion: ((he may be, lol… you know Zindal is a tight ass.)

Loryc: (The tonic he’s been giving you is actually just Radithor)

Zindal: Dude, I already fucking told you

Zindal: I have a disease, I’m getting it fixed

Zindal: I’m not going to fuck around with this

Garrion: lol, you get so worked up

Zindal: Especially if it’s doing something like this to me

Zindal: God fucking damn

Tristan: “hmm… flying neckless… have to add that to my shopping list”

Loryc: yeah couldn’t he just go to a temple for a quick fix?

Zindal: Seriously

Zindal: Why is this so difficult

Loryc: Or is there no remove disease in GURPS?

Zindal: Diseases are a fucking waste of time in high fantasy adventure games

Tristan: (could loryc just pump his thief skill up to high-heaven and create a servant with the skill to get all kinds of epic gear?)

Zindal: Especially when you have access to healing magic

Zindal: I mean Jesus

Zindal: Literally, in this figurative case

Loryc: heh well I can make a servant to steal minor items

Loryc: kinda tough for high profile robberies.

Tristan: yeah, probably need some healers…

Zindal: I mean all the time we’re spending on this, we could be progressing with the adventure

Garrion: “Ok, now take this tonic 3 times today. I’ll be back. Do not overdo it or you may become addicted.”

Zindal: How hard is it to go find a divine healer

Zindal: And just have them cast a spell

Garrion: apparently pretty hard… this is more fun

Melty: (I have healing magic, just not anything that can restore sight yet)

Melty: (I’m totally gonna get Cure Disease after this session though, heh)

Garrion: ok roll HT+3 this time

Melty: (And Restoration, that’ll fix just about anything short of a missing body part)

Tristan: we need to recruit one from the children of westcrown

Zindal: ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 3)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: I was blind now I see…

Melty: (Restoration and Regeneration both take a month for the limb/eye to regrow after casting, which kinda sucks)

Loryc: hehe, well it’s better than not having a limb.

Tristan: we should try to pool some money and get a regeneration and restoration ring for the party

Melty: (But like I said Instant Regeneration is SUPER expensive to cast)

Garrion: You start feeling better but your vision is still not returned. The doctor arrives the next day. “You are better. Very good.”

Zindal: “I’m not better. My vision hasn’t returned.”

Tristan: i was thinking slow regeernation

Garrion: “It seems like you have made it through the worst part. Your vision SHOULD start to return in a couple days with rest.”

Tristan: “well Zindal, at least the good news is that another swordsman may make you break a sweat if your blind….. probably not though”

Zindal: “Is there not a way to do it sooner?”

Mina: no more sex for zindal

Mina: well form me anyways

Mina: cooties

Loryc: lol.

Garrion: “If it does not you can always go to the temple and request magic healing. That will cost much more than my services though.”

Mina: be nice if i were immune to diseases

Zindal: Okay now you’re pissing me off

Zindal: Why the fuck

Mina: and could just sex assasinate people with wasting diseases

Zindal: Couldn’t I have just

Zindal: Gone to the fucking temple

Zindal: To begin the fuck with

Zindal: What

Zindal: The

Zindal: Fuck

Loryc: Cause you had to go through the review board first Tab :P

Garrion: lol, becaue i LOVE messing with you man

Mina: death panels!

Loryc: You need a referral to go to the temple.

Tristan: if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your

Zindal: Dude, why are you wasting our time on this

Mina: haha tristan

Zindal: Seriously

Zindal: How long have we wasted on this?

Garrion: yep, you are on the peasant plan….

Zindal: Nobody else has done anything

Zindal: Because you’re wasting ALL of our time

Melty: “Yeah, see? I told you it was premature to spend the past 3 days crying.”

Zindal: With this

Tristan: i knew we should have upgraded our status so we could have got the gold plan

Garrion: i don;t hear them complaining

Melty: (Just tryin’ to make the most of it, yo)

Garrion: i think they are enjoying your suffering too

Zindal: Okay seriously

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: I’m leaving if this doesn’t get resolved immediately

Mina: tabs doctor


Zindal: I’m sick of dealing with this bullshit

Loryc: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Tab’s suffering a little :P

Tristan: Zindal should (in character) start going postal on random swordsmen

Garrion: ok, after a few days your vision returns… about the time that the group comes over

Mina: this is how you should respond to his medicine tab


Melty: I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t think it’s funny, but he’s had a shitty week, hehe

Urso: ( so we decide if going to live in same spot?)

Loryc: (Alright so back to the plan with getting this curse off me?)

Garrion: ok, now wasn’t that fun.. we had some dice rolls, some anticipation, some laughs

Tristan: some std’s

Melty: “Just stay away from me ‘til we know you’re not contagious so I don’t catch blindness. Blindy.”

Zindal: Oh yeah, totally fun, it’s not like I’ve had a fucking crap week and I’ve also been sick for most of it IRL and haven’t had time to go to a doctor because my managers shit themselves when I’m not at work and yet they don’t listen to me when I am at work

Melty: ; ;

Melty: Blehhhh

Melty: hugs

Zindal: Let’s just move on already

Zindal: God damn

Garrion: Loryc is making a plan

Loryc: I’ve got my plan down. heh.

Loryc: I just need to execute it.

Garrion: ((from now on don’t catch diseases….))

Zindal: Yeah because I can totally control that

Garrion: well you did go swimming in gross goo

Loryc: So I’m forging a ltetter from the mayor, with his seal (also forged), that basically is an instruction to the hell knight commander to see this box safely given to the fortress (whatever that hell knight fortress was we went near before)

Loryc: It’s to be carried by a capable warrior under guard, as it contains evidence that may be cirtical in catching enemies of Asmodeus.

Zindal: Right, so I guess I dump all my future skill points into whatever lets me determine things have diseases and then devote all of my time to avoiding those things

Zindal: Because god fucking forbid I catch something else

Garrion: ok, roll your forgery.. this is a well known seal so it is at -7

Mina: goodbye mind control, spider climb, wolf and bat form, my dex killed you

Loryc: ←rolls Forgery and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: ((why is that mina? i think those are more “Iconic” than some DX))

Mina: ha not with a dex 9

Mina: and skills in the 9-10s

Garrion: oh yeah that would suck

Loryc: (She’s more mummy than vampire)

Loryc: (0 speed and 9 DX)

Mina: i’ll just buy em back later i reckon

Garrion: how did we not see that?

Mina: when i save up some more pts

Mina: it was easy to miss

Mina: it had IQ and not DX ticked

Mina: for this one advantage

Garrion: ahh

Mina: anyways, whatever, i havent used it ingame yet anyways

Mina: so its not like something i suddenly forgot how to do at least from an in world perspective

Loryc: (Anyway, after Mina gets the box I’ll put the parchment into the box, and I’ll use an illusion to disguise it as a hand written letter, and not a rune covered thing cntaining a curse)

Garrion: ok, you send the box on its way…. you just paying a courier?

Loryc: (wait… I got more.. Melty is gonna cast her spell on the parchment as it lay on the box, the delayed fire spell)

Melty: Delay, then Ignite Fire

Loryc: And I’ll put on a few random trinkets on top of the note.

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 4 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)


Loryc: Basically like a dagger or something.

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -1)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc: nice.

Melty: 2 FP on the Ignite so it burns the paper

Zindal: Heh, crit success with the Delay, that means it should work perfectly

Loryc: (And for the record Melty won’t touch the parchment, so no chance it’ll transfer to her)

Garrion: ok

Garrion: delay time?

Loryc: (Then I’ll shut and lock the box… and take the key from Mina.)

Loryc: (It’ll be like an hour delay after the box is given to someone)

Loryc: (like after it transfers ownership form me)

Loryc: (So after it transfer, it waits and hour then poof)

Loryc: (says the trigger can be complex as long as it happens around the triggered item)

Garrion: so who taking it, you directly or a courier?

Loryc: (I’ll take it with an illusion as one of the mayor sservants and illuision up ZIndal and Tristan to be other guards random guards escorting me

Loryc: Like this is some important evidence so probably warrants some guards)

Loryc: I’ll use my administration skill to try to figure out which of the mayor’s servants we saw might be told to deliver an important message.

Loryc: ←rolls Administration and gets 8 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 11

Loryc: And I’ll assume his guise.

Garrion: ok

Garrion: roll the disguise and spend the FP… remember the other spells you maintining

Loryc: And basically deliver the forged message and the box. along with the key (which is rolled in the parchmet) the orders aren’t to open the box until they reach that hellknight castle to the south)

Loryc: Yeah, I mean I’ll wait the 10 mins or whatever for my FP to come back.

Loryc: so I’m at full.

Garrion: the cursed parchamnt or a different one?

Loryc: (no different one the letter I forged)

Melty: (Would I be able to tell if it “changes ownership” by looking at it with e.g. Mage Sight? I can add a detection spell to the Delay enchantment if it’s necessary to tell when a condition is fulfilled)

Garrion: ok

Loryc: The cursed parchemnt is in the box, the forged scroll with the mayor’s seal is the one I’m handign to em, as well as the lcok box. And the scroll basically has orders to whoever the commander is in the barracks.

Melty: (I like that, it’s kinda modular)

Loryc: And telling them to send an escort to deliver this box to their fortress and have its contents carefully examined.

Garrion: ok

Melty: (also brb, bio~)

Loryc: Also gonna put a conceal magic on me.

Loryc: I’ll drop my armor spell for now.. so…

Garrion: Zindal and Tristan roll acting or somethign to pretend you guards….

Loryc: heh, well I mean they’re under illsuion

Loryc: and they just gotta stand around

Loryc: I’ll tell them not to talk

Loryc: don’t figure there’s anything they can do to give it away lol. I mean they’re just guards.

Tristan: boo

Loryc: It ain’t like they got speaking rolls

Tristan: i think I did take a point though

Garrion: right, but their behavior is still there… so hence the roll

Garrion: it will be modded

Loryc: Well I’ll give them a little tutorial on how to act like a guard with my Fake! skill.

Tristan (Stan): plus what?

Garrion: +4

Loryc: I mean thgey’re just mayor’s guards I dunno how they can really fuck that up. lol.

Garrion: oh trust me.. that pair could, lol

Tristan (Stan): ←rolls acting and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 4)

Tristan (Stan) SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: ←rolls Acting and gets 16 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 4)

Zindal FAILS by 1

Zindal: Oh come the fuck on

Tristan (Stan): lol, he’s still blind

Garrion: lmao

Garrion: this just not your night zindal

Tristan (Stan): can I try to pull the “guard act” and berate him like a real gaurd would

Loryc: But Ianyway.. lemme see… my spells are conceal magic, illusion on parchment, illusion on me, illusion on Zindal, Illusion on Tristan…

Zindal: Heh, do you need to conceal magic on us too?

Zindal: For the illusions?

Loryc: Yeah, I guess I’ll drop that on Zindal and company too..

Loryc: So 8 spells total.

Zindal: Also maybe boost my IQ so I can make that Acting Roll a success

Loryc: well I’m hoping you get some kinda situational bonus, because the extent of your acting is just to stand there and not scream “I’m not a guard!”

Garrion: can’t retro that.. he doesn’t have foresight to know you will act like a dope

Zindal: I really don’t see how it’s possible to fuck this up

Loryc: Since I’d specifically tell you not to speak or anything lol. And you should get some kinda bonus for an illusion.

Zindal: Unless I’m staring at some chick’s ass or something

Zindal: I mean Zindal would do that

Loryc: Even if you were, you’re a guard. So that’s not entirely out of character.

Garrion: well that COULD just be the case

Loryc: Like you’re not suppsoed to be a hellknight or someone super disciplined

Loryc: you’re just a city guard or whatever or one of the mayors guards.

Zindal: Okay well I mean that’s not really suspect behavior, I’m a fucking rent-a-cop

Loryc: You know, the very same dudes who let us blatantly walk into his vault

Zindal: lol yeah

Loryc: So obviously their discipline level isn’t super high.

Tristan (Stan): can I try to play it off and tell him to “straiten up and quit acting like a dumb ass in front of the boss”?

Garrion: well you did have a little help… magic and the place was empty of guards that nioght

Zindal: Not really empty, they were all preoccupied, lol

Garrion: we’ll RP it when the time comes

Loryc: Like I don’t think these guys are exactly the elites.

Zindal: Like those Secret Service agents a while back

Tristan (Stan): or he may just kill the guards since he is so pissed off anyway

Zindal: The ones that got caught with those hookers

Garrion: right.. that would be Zindal

Loryc: Anyway… so those are my spells… and I’m using perfect illusons for everything btw. with the double cost tacticle add on.

Loryc: So they’re basically flawless illusions (I can maintain a 3 cost for free now)

Mina: who said magic sucked in gurps again? lol

Loryc: So I can basically set up illusions that are unbreakable unless tehy’ve got anti-illusion magic or they actualyl deal damage to dsirupt em

Mina: i remember hearing how it was so shitty when we first started :-p

Zindal: Heh, well the illusion magic is way better at least

Zindal: Direct damage stuff seems like shit though

Loryc: hehe, yeah the combat magic isn’t as good.

Loryc: But the utility is nice.

Loryc: Blaster mage aint’ realyl as good as an archer though

Mina: sachi seems to do fine blowing people up heh

Garrion: well that cause d20 magic is all about damage and GURPS is not so much

Loryc: So anyway, that’s what I’ve got on them… they’ve got really good disguises.

Zindal: Actually even in d20 I’ve heard people say that the smart money is on save-or-dies as opposed to dice damage

Loryc: So I’mg onna go in there and introduce myself as a servant of the mayor and that he has an urgent delivery for them. And hand over the scroll first, then the box .

Mina: loryc is sorta the gurps version of Wiz Sef basically

Garrion: ok…. as you drop off the box and make the exchange. Zindal pulls something extremely Zindal-ish triggering a response from the Hellknight.

Mina: or thats what it reminds me of

Mina: you just need to star greasing people more

  • Zindal finds an attractive woman to gawk at

Loryc: hehe, if GURPS had a grease I might use that.

Loryc: But mostly I just fuck with people’s heads.

Mina: i thought sachi just used it

Mina: last fight with the bone dude

Mina: or was that glue?

Loryc: oh maybe there is, I don’t have it anyway.

Melty: That was the glue spell, but there is a grease spell

Mina: might be glue

Melty: They’re both quite good

Mina: yeah

Garrion: “What the hell is his problem? He not all there or something?”

Mina: mina is gonna dye her hair by the way

Mina: when she gets back, she’s busy doing lady stuff, which includes primping and dying her hair, she’s gonna be brunette for a while

Melty: (Also yeah lol, magic in GURPS is great)

Garrion: directed at Loryc

Mina: she’s got makeup skill

Loryc: “I apologize for the man’s behavior. He no doubt feels safe here amongst your company and considers his task of delivering the package completed.”

Loryc: “But I’ll see that the mayor is informed of his lack of focus.”

  • Loryc looks to Zindal with a scolding look.

Melty: (And yeah honestly in spite of me using them a lot with my magus build, D&D/PF spells that deal damage dice are among the worst offensive choices \in the game imo)

  • Zindal glances back at the others and then tries his best to look sheepish

Mina: maybe some temp wash out stuff, i forget exactly what they used in real life, i know there are some various temp hair coloring from those times

Mina: the indians used some kind of red dye alot i recall

Melty: (They’re right down there with not being a spellcaster)

Mina: anyways, buzz me if i dont respond, looking through books

Tristan (Stan): (how is the backwoods ranger the better actor than the city kid?)

Zindal: Because a) the dice hate me and b) we haven’t figured out that not everything requires a roll

Loryc: (I don’t even know if I’d consider this acting, you just gotta stand there, lol, you’re just an extra on a movie set, you don’t gotta be Denzel Washington)

Garrion: “Well you got lucky that you were not attacked in the streets. Trust me we’ll see to it that this is properly guarded and makes it to the Knight Commander.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “Of that I have no doubt. The mayor passed on his thanks.”

Garrion: (well that why they had a bonus, not anything special to do except act like they were a guard, but the roll doesn’t lie

  • Loryc gestures to Zindal and Tristan to get moving as we head out, leaving them with the box.
  • Zindal follows after Loryc all guard-like

Tristan (Stan): I follow all guard like but make my roll =)

Garrion: ok… i was thinking of taunting Zindal with some hack at his swordsmanship, but i guess I’ve picked on him enough tonight, lol

Tristan (Stan): he might like that

Loryc: lol.

Garrion: don;t want to taunt him to keep his honor

Zindal: Just so you know I basically only miss with an eye stab on a crit fail now

Zindal: Assuming I have no other penalties

Loryc: lol

Tristan (Stan): that’s sweet

Garrion: except that you get -5 for being “almost blind” haha

Garrion: i still say you should have totally gone with the zatoichi thing

Melty: :3

Loryc: Alright and assuming nothing negative happens we’ll get out of there, I’ll check to see we’re not being followed, and dodge into a side street to shfiut our disguises to something else.

Loryc: And then we’ll continue on our way.

Zindal: Yeah because I’m totally going to earn the CP to buy up all the advantages I need like lickety split without any period fo being totally fucking useless, that’s a brilliant idea

Mina: ok i changed her token for her brunette version

Garrion: ok, you get out of dodge

Mina: if the gawkers are curious :-p

Zindal: Can’t see it right now, lol

Mina: lol blindless has its downside

Garrion: yeah, you hidden in your cubby

Loryc: And we’ll meet back at the inn room, mission accomplsihed.

Mina: oh that

Mina: yeah true i never realized you cant see others tokens like before

Loryc: I’ll make an illusion fo a “Mission accomplished” banner to hang in Zindal’s room.

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “See that wasn’t so hard? Right.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Mina: she puts her blush and other stuff on as well when she goes out during the day usually, since she’s so pale otherwise, thats another reason i took makeup

Zindal: “So long as it kills some Hellknights I guess.”

Loryc: “Wel;l whoever has that box, hopefully a commander, in an hour… will be in for a nasty surprise when taht thing burns up.”

Loryc: “When you deal with devils, sometimes devils want to deal with you. It’s a two edged sword.”

Garrion: ok, so it burns up in an hour right?

Loryc: (Yep)

Zindal: “I almost wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to leave the scroll intact… Once the devil kills the cursed one there won’t be anyone else to pick it up and also get killed.”

Loryc: (i’ll leave the conceal magics on each of us too btw)

Loryc: (It basically works against scrying and scuh)

Tristan (Stan): “Well, this should be fun to see what happens. good idea by the way”

Loryc: “The problem is that they’d recognize it for what it was.”

Loryc: “And then tehy might give it to someone innocent.. I couldn’t allow that.”

Urso: " best we stay together for a time, incase don’t work"

Zindal: “Hm, I see…”

  • Zindal shrugs

Loryc: “I wouldn’t mind staying with Mina for a while…”

Melty: “Yeah… As dick as Hellknights are, it’d be kinda like leaving them with a weapon.”

Zindal: “I guess at this point they’ll consider it a crude attempt at an attack.”

Zindal: “And not realize its true nature.”

Loryc: “If all goes well, they’ll assume the mayor might have done it or someone in his house, and start to suspect them.”

Loryc: “The note after all did come from his vault.. divinations will reveal that.”

Urso: ( it burn after an hour, or hour after its openned?)

Zindal: After an hour

Zindal: The condition was transfer of ownership

Loryc: “So either he has to own up with being careless with his own vault…. or… he was behind the thing.”

Garrion: yep

Loryc: “Either way it’s a win for Westcrown.”

  • Zindal nods…

Garrion: good plan

Zindal: “Speaking of that vault…”

  • Zindal pulls out something from a belt pouch

Zindal: “Still trying to figure this thing out.”

  • Zindal holds up the Chelish Crux

Garrion: now i have to work out the intricate details of the civiol war you started

Loryc: “Hmm… from what I understand it has some rather complex map to open it.”

Zindal: “Do you think our friends would have some insight to that?”

Urso: " Deliver to the pathfinder woman?"

Zindal: “They were interested in the contents as well from what I remember.”

Melty: “Want me to play with it first?”

Loryc: (Were they? I kinda forget, I know the thieve wanted it)

Garrion: ok, description again for the crux…..

Garrion: This strange and baffling object appears as a wooden and metal dodecahedron (similar in shape to a d12) that measures about 6 inches in diameter— each face of the crux is carved with a different rune, and when one looks upon the thing, the observer has the unsettling sensation that he can see too many or too few sides at once.

Loryc: Is this some kind of known magical item from lore or what not?

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: like have I heard anything about this thing? I assume it’s something kinda famous.

Garrion: the puzzle box is quite difficult to open using any kind of force.

Loryc: yeah we’re not gonna smash it yet.

Melty: Can I make a roll? Wizard! or Encyclopedist! ?

Garrion: Rolling the Crux reveals that it is hollow, with numerous objects within sliding around inside.

Garrion: The pathfinder had asked you to get it.. she may be able to help. You know nothing about it other than knowing it is a magical lock box.

Garrion: You can try

Loryc: (Yeah I got a MOS 7 on my wizard! skill… lemme try Encyclopedist too)

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: Well MoS 7 on both.

Garrion: and Melty?

Garrion: she is not a local so this type of item would be even more foreign to her

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: Aw

Tristan (Stan): i’ve said it before but it’s damn handy to have a wizard

Tristan (Stan): or two

Loryc: hehe.

Garrion: Loryc knows that the box is unlocked using the runes, he knows it is a dimensional object used to store things.

Garrion: that is all the lore he can pick up

Loryc: (so it’s basically a bag of holding combination lock?)

Garrion: yep

Zindal: Bag of Holding: Rubix Cube Version

Loryc: “Well it’s basically like a bag of holding… so I’d advise not putting it in the bag we already have.”

Loryc: “As it could cause some rather unpredictable results.. puncturing it might spill the contests somewhere… here or maybe the astral plane.”

Zindal: “So putting bags inside of bags is bad?”

Loryc: “Yes there’s a limit to how much space and time like to be twisted..”

Loryc: “They get rather disagreeable when you push them beyond.”

Urso: " must be something important in there"

Garrion: You can go talk to the Pathfinder or you can try to deduce the rune-code yourself?

Melty: “If they’re magical bags with extra dimensions inside ’em, yeah.”

Zindal: “Wonder what’s in it…”

Melty: (Do I know the properties of those at least?)

Loryc: “I’m not ready to turn this over to the pathfinders just yet until I know what’s inisde…”

Melty: (Like, what stuff can happen when you put an extradimensional space inside another one)

Loryc: “If indeed our contact was working fo rthe Pathfinders, you can’t trust anyone fully in this business.”

Garrion: yes, melty would know,, basic mage stuff.. unless you crit fail that day ate mage class

Loryc: “Why just the other day I heard how there was this master thief using illuisions to disguise himself as anyone…”

Loryc: (So might I be able to discern the code on my own?)

Tristan (Stan): i’m sure the other normal theives don’t like you much

Loryc: (nope I’ve got them as an enemy actually)

Tristan (Stan): nice

Garrion: you can try… i need some IQ checks

Garrion: at -5

Tristan (Stan): they are like “i’m sneaky!” and your like “i’m flying and invisible and not even in the same room because it’s really a magic servant!”

Loryc: “Fortuantely I’m good at combination locks”

Loryc: ←rolls IQ and gets 11 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc: That was MOS 4 with the -5 aplied.

Garrion: Loryc follows the runes with his fingers picking out a selection that looks “right”

Loryc: (lol yeah heh. Loryc enjoys screwing with them)

Loryc: “They always happen to start these things with the ‘Des’ rune for some reason… it’s really predictable…”

Loryc: “Next I’ll try Asmodeus’ birthday reversed…”

  • Urso readies his axe, incase another demon jumps out.

Garrion: The rune he selects glows a soft red light

Loryc: (oh btw I will reestablish my armor spell as well)

Garrion: he looks to another adjacent rune to trace the path to the combination

Loryc: (just in case this thing explodes)

Garrion: IQ-5 roll

Loryc: ←rolls IQ and gets 5 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -5)


Loryc: hell yeah.

Zindal: lol wow

Melty: Wooooooo

  • Zindal watches with some degree of interest, though seems to ignore most of what Loryc is saying

Garrion: he instinctively knows the correct rune and selects it causing it to glow red also

Garrion: he then looks to the next rune

Loryc: “Funny story, I remember this one wizard, he couldn’t help but password all his objects with the code 1,2,3,4,5…. he thought putting it in elvish made it less obvious.”

Tristan (Stan): “impressive… or maybe you knew what you were doing before we found that thing?”

Tristan (Stan): “you not telling us something?”

Loryc: “There’s a lot I’m not telling you, but none of it has to do with this crux.”

Tristan (Stan): “hmmm”

Garrion: another IQ-5

Loryc: “But hey, the part about getting you all rich quick turned out great.”

Loryc: ←rolls IQ and gets 8 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: This third rune glows a dim red as you trace your finger over to it.

Zindal: “Suppose I can’t complain about the results… I can complain plenty about the process though.”

Garrion: You look over the remaining runes and try to figure out which one is the most logical choice.

Tristan (Stan): “that thing going to summon another bone devil?”

  • Zindal strokes Melty’s head as he watches Loryc do his thing

Loryc: “Come on, you got to fight some stuff… I heard about that thing wielding the glaive.”

Melty: “Man, that devil guy was annoying. He ran like a bitch too.”

Garrion: another IQ-5

Tristan (Stan): “that thing had eyes… arrows don’t do so great agaist bones. … not sure about wizards”

Loryc: “Nah if it’d sumoned a devil it’d already have come after Zindal… Zindal, you didn’t happen to run into a succubus recently did oyu?”

  • Melty sits cross-legged on Zindal’s palm.

Loryc: ←rolls IQ and gets 11 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: “That would have been preferable to how I spent most of this week, I think…”

Garrion: as zindal traces his finger to this next rune the divice hums and vibrates slightly……

Loryc: “Yes, Dunric the third informed me that you had a little sight issue.”

Zindal: Loryc you mean

Mina: “You might could classify me as a succubus, though I might take offense.” she says peeking around the door, with her hair wrapped up in a towel

Tristan (Stan): (did we find a vibrator?)

Loryc: “I really should have imparted him with a little more knowledge of temples, he could hav efound you a healer… but at least he did help you turn up that Ironskin medallion…”

Loryc: “And what was that enchanted shirt you picked up? I didn’t get all the details on that.”

Loryc: “Mina you’re far more beautiful than a succubus, don’t sell yourself short.”

Tristan (Stan): “and deadly”

Zindal: “Giant Spider Silk… Thinner and lighter than normal cloth. Fits under the armor without restricting my movements.”

Garrion: all the edges now glow dim red and it seems almost like light is shining through the crevases from within

Loryc: “Ah spider silk… The dark elves make quite nice swimwear out of that.”

Mina: “Hmm, what color dress goes well with brown hair. I have an evening of festivities to attend, some potential new ‘clients’.”

  • Zindal raises an eyebrow as he turns his attention to Mina…

Zindal: “Brown hair? Hm… Try green.”

Mina: “Green?”

Loryc: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 11 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc FAILS by 1

Loryc: oops, guess I don’t really know :P

Mina: “Hmmm.”

Zindal: “Yes… Sort of an arboreal look.”

Zindal: “Natural.”

Loryc: “Hmm.. well she is a nymph… so that could fit…”

Mina: “Not bad I suppose.”

  • Zindal smiles

Garrion: now Loryc?

Zindal: “I look forward to seeing it.”

Loryc: (wait what am I doing now?)

Loryc: (DO I know how to open it from here?)

Zindal: (you got the thing to open apparently, lol)

  • Mina disappears again.

Loryc: (Another IQ check or?)

Loryc: (is it opening? pulsating like it’s going to blow up?)

Garrion: you can choose to open it.. it seems ready

Loryc: (oh yeah lets crack it open.)

Zindal: Press X to open

Loryc: “Alright weapons at ready boys.. it’s going to come open…”

  • Zindal draws his longsword

Zindal: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 5 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)


Loryc: “It may or may not be filled with a devil.”

  • Melty lifts off into the air for a good vantage point

Zindal: readies a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Loryc: “Zindal I barely got out the word sword before you drew that…”

  • Urso readies his axe and shield.

Tristan (Stan): step back and ready bodkin

Urso: sets aside a trusty Hat of Disguise.

Urso: picks up a trusty Hat of Disguise.

Urso: readies a trusty Great Helm.

Garrion: you open up the device and the sides all somehow interlock in a way that as it unfolds it lays flat into a 2-foot square sheet.

Garrion: Laying there on the sheet are some objects….

Urso: ( a new tv?)

Urso: (damn it )

Mina: A NEW CAR!!!

Melty: “Whoa.”

Loryc: (Figurine of wondrous power: Honda Civic?)

Melty: “Cool!”

Garrion: now that you have seen it in action you recall some other details you had heard about these things…..

Zindal: (Do they summon a pale dude with pins in his head?)

Loryc: (lol)

Zindal: (That’s basically what this thing is lol, one of those puzzle boxes from Hellraiser)

Loryc: (lol hopefulyl it’s not… damn we got it from hell too…)

Garrion: this you already stated…. As an object that creates an extradimensional space, a Chelish crux functions as a bag of holding for determining how long a living creature within can survive, or for what happens when the crux is placed in another extradimensional object like a portable hole

Loryc: (this shit better not have another devil in it)

Garrion: A Chelish crux can hold up to 200 pounds of objects, but the physical size of each object is irrelevant

Loryc: nice… now that I cracked the combination can I open it easily now?

Loryc: Or do I gotta replicate that attempt each time?

Garrion: no, you know the combo now unless it gets changed

Loryc: And how small is this thing too? We may wanna give this to melty if it’s fairy portable.

Loryc: I figure my backpack of holding thing is too big for her.

Urso: ( 6" cube thing )

Zindal: Yeah it was fairly small from what I recall

Zindal: Like gem sized

Loryc: Actually isn’t she 6"?

Loryc: I mean it’s basically a big d12.

Zindal: lol yeah she is I think

Urso: ( still as big as her )

Mina: lol

Zindal: Actually I think she’s below 6 inches

Mina: pixie prison box

Loryc: Yeah so much for that plan lol.

Urso: ( like a refrigerator box to her )

Zindal: lol

Garrion: This strange and baffling object appears as a wooden and metal dodecahedron (similar in shape to a d12) that measures about 6 inches in diameter— each face of the crux is carved with a different rune, and when one looks upon the thing, the observer has the unsettling sensation that he can see too many or too few sides at once.

Loryc: yeah we can stuff her in there as punishment.

Zindal: Yeah 6 inches in diameter

Mina: pokeball

Urso: " so what inside?"

Loryc: yeah so still too big for her.

Melty: Yeah I’m about 6"

Zindal: Hahaha


Melty: 6" tall

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: Melty! I —damn it

Melty: :3

Garrion: ok, on the sheet lie……

Loryc: (Yeah lets examine the spoils of solving the despotic d12.)

Loryc: (It conatins a copy of each weapon taht deals d12 damage!)

Zindal: lol

Mina: it includes 1d100 cenobites

Zindal: Haha, yeah

Tristan (Stan): legolos’ quiver?

Garrion: a severed head (more to follow), a leather portfolio, 3 scrolls, a silver box, and a matched pair of wands.

Zindal: lol severed head

Melty: I was looking at the perks in one of the GURPS PDFs, and apparently there’s one that lets you take like 10 seconds or something to curl up into a tight ball and reduce your SM by 1 (you can’t move while you’re compacted like that)

Zindal: That was a really important severed head apparently

Garrion: the severed head that immediately begins shrieking and screaming as soon as the crux is opened.

Loryc: “Well… I wish this thing gave me more of a heads up about what was inside.”

Melty: It also lets you squeeze through tight spaces

Tristan (Stan): “can you cast a spell to see if there are any more demons or devils attached to those things?”

  • Urso looks at the stuff, putting his axe away, " don’t look like much"

Zindal: “Damn… Somebody shut that thing up.”

Loryc: “Melty can you silence that thing?”

Melty: (is it saying anything intelligible?)

Loryc: “Preferably without breaking it”

Loryc: (think it’s just screaming and shrieking)

Zindal: Whose head is it? lol

Zindal: Also male or female

Zindal: This is an important detail

Garrion: “You fucking cocksucker, I’ll slit your throat you damn coward. no i’ll slick off your dick and then shove it up your ass.!”

Loryc: (Yeah human head, devil head, etc.)

Mina: “I have a gag.”

Loryc: “Funny none of those included biting…”

Loryc: “I mean I would have thought about biting first. Maybe that’s just me.”

  • Loryc speaks rather nonchalantly to the head.

Garrion: it continues on screaming profaniites in rage

Melty: “Whoa, hey, buddy. What happened to you?”

Mina: “Or Zindal can just stuff his cock in it, to shut it up, he usually doesn’t care judging by those recent visits from that guy who owns the apothecary.”

Garrion: it is a female head

Zindal: Why hello there

Loryc: (Oh it’s a female head?)

Garrion: role hidden lore

Zindal: Female what? lol

Loryc: (Guess Zinda’s share is a new sex toy)

Zindal: Okay apparently not human

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 6 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 7

Zindal: If Hidden Lore is involved

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 12 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: it is an erinyes

Zindal: Oh wow, lol

Loryc: (oh they’re pretty hot)

Tristan (Stan): “start hanging out with a wizard and you see some wierd shit”

Zindal: Yeah how attractive an Erinyes? lol

Zindal: What’s her Cha score?

  • Urso steps on the top of the head, then applies pressure with his foot so that it traps the things jaw underneath so can’t yell anymore.

Loryc: “Somoene mind putting a gag on that head? We may want to question it later.”

Urso: " Quiet you "

Zindal: The thing is unrolled on a table or something, you don’t really want to step on it like that

Zindal: Someone just gag it

  • Zindal grabs some rags from the bathroom

Garrion: it is possible to tell that Khazrae was once quite beautiful, with crimson red hair that somehow still defies the centuries of dust and abuse it has received. Her sinister eyes, though, reveal her devilish heritage, as does her penchant for litanies of curses and ramblings in Infernal.

Mina: “I’m not sticking my toys in that things mouth.”

Loryc: “You’ll disappoint me Zindal if you don’t have a ball gag lying around.”

Zindal: “Oh, good point…”

Mina: “Well I do, but….I dont want something Zindal may have.”

Mina: “Or soon get that is.”

Garrion: ignore that name.. you do not know her name yet

Mina: “Better pull its teeth out first.”

Zindal: “Hm, indeed…”

Loryc: “Well not quite yet, who knows we may be able to befriend her.”

Loryc: “After she calms down that is.”

Melty: “Yeah, I’d be pissed if my head got cut off and stuck in a puzzle box for who knows how long.”

Zindal: “We did just release her from prison..”

Loryc: (alright so is someone gonna gag it?)

Zindal: lol yeah I’ll gag her

Garrion: mmghtppmsdpnaolnn… she caries on while gagged

Zindal: I assume I can find something lying around

Melty: (If she doesn’t calm down I can cast Hush)

Loryc: (to head) “Look you’re never going to get ahead in life if you just go around screaming like that.”

Zindal: “That’s the problem with so many of them, they don’t know when to stop talking.”

Mina: “I have things to do, I have to get ready.”

Loryc: “Well fortunately, my bag is one devil short.”

Zindal: “At least it was only a partial.”

Loryc: (Now that she’s gagged I’ll pick up the head and put it in my backpack of holding to muffle it.)

Mina: Fuckin talking heads, some reward."

Garrion: You fucking prick. You think that is so funny huh? Get a-head!"

Zindal: I thought she was gagged lol

Garrion: well you can make it out slightly through the gag

Zindal: “You could just put her back in the thing, might be a funny surprise for our Pathfinder friend.”

Urso: " what about other stuff?"

Loryc: “Yeah maybe… but first I want to know what she knows, and we can examine the toher stuff…”

Garrion: as you look through the other things she starts to calm down some… but first the other objects

Mina: "Quiet down, before we toss you into the latrine.

Melty: “Aw, don’t be a dick. She just got outta there.”

Garrion: The leather portfolio contains a number of papers.

Loryc: (Well I tossed her in my bag of holding to muffle her)

Loryc: (After she was gagged so she don’t bite through it)

Mina: “The more reason she can refrain from making my ears bleed.”

Loryc: (I’ll do detect magic + analyze magic on the items so I know what they do btw)

Garrion: This leather-bound portfolio bears a single mark on its cover—an embossed and very stylized letter “D.”

  • Melty seems to have some level of sympathy for the tiefling, in spite of her prejudice…

Loryc: (gonna minimize risk of cursed stuff)

Urso: " careful, maybe curse too "

Mina: its not a tiefling, its a full fiend

Zindal: Yeah heh

Zindal: Erinyes

Mina: erinyes, sorta like succubi

Zindal: Basically a fallen angel

Garrion: well in that case she won;t calm down

Loryc: (Do I know that particularly stylized D as being some kind of recoignizeable wizard’s sigil, symbol of a place, etc.?

Garrion: local lore

Loryc: (Yeah we can question her when we got a more secretive location, don’t wnana question her in the inn.. I mean it is Zindal’s room so tehy’ll rpbably just assume it was a hooker he was banging or something)

Mina: lol

Zindal: lol

Zindal: True

Loryc: (Probably one that he tried to cheat out of her money, that’s why she was bitching him out)

Garrion: lol

Melty: Oooo

Zindal: Nah I paid her to yell at me

Zindal: Wanted to mix it up a little

Loryc: haha or that.

Tristan is disconnected.

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 8 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc: That’s got my local knowledges.

Loryc: Also I’ll be checking this stuff for curses, magical traps, etc.

Garrion: this mark is the symbol for the Pathfinder lodge of Delvehaven.

Loryc: So tell me what I roll for anything like that.

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: roll traps

Garrion: to detect traps

Loryc: ←rolls Traps (TL4) and gets 15 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: ok, noted

Loryc: (Yeah after my encounter with the demon cursed scroll I want to exercise maximum caution here)

Garrion: opening poertfolio or moving on?

Loryc: (I’ll open it if I think there’s no traps, also remember gona use detect magic and such on it)

Loryc: (And analyze magic if it turns out to be magical)

Garrion: the portfolio is not magic

Loryc: (Okay I’ll open it if it’s not magic)

Loryc: "It’s a pathfinder portfolio from Delvehaven (Is that the sealed PF house in this city?)

Garrion: yes

Loryc: “Lets see what kind of records it has.”

Melty: “Ooooo… Secrets.”

  • Melty alights on Loryc’s shoulder.
  • Zindal picks over the other items for any gold or anything that looks valuable

Loryc: (Melty can probably read faster than I can actually with her compartmentalized mind)

Loryc: (Figured that’d give her like multithreaded reading capacity or something)

Zindal: (Yeah plus she has Eidetic Memory)

Garrion: you pull out several papers that include: ledgers, a list of names, a poem

Loryc: “A poem? That’s gotta be some kinda puzzle…”

Garrion: you look closer?

Loryc: (financial ledgers? and what names?)

Loryc: (Absolutely)

Loryc: (i’ll take a bit to scan this thing.)

Melty: (Yeah hehe~ My IQ might not be as good as Loryc’s yet but my brain is super efficient.)

Loryc: (Yeah I’m better at puzzle solving, but you’re probably better as a walking encyclopedia of knowledge)

Garrion: These sheets of paper serve as accounting ledgers for Delvehaven. All of the ledgers are dated from the years of 4674–4676, the period when Delvehaven was under the control of the House of Thrune. Of particular interest is a passage on the top paper that indicates the strong possibility that the Delvehaven Pathfinders hid a portion of their treasure and clues about how to enter the deepest vaults in an off-site hidden cache somewhere in or near Westcrown, but that no indication of where this cache might be located has yet surfaced. These ledgers are frustratingly vague and written in shorthand, but cold offer valuable insight within Delvehaven. The ledgers cease abruptly at the end with no explanation.

Loryc: ooo…

Loryc: an excellent time to use my new Finance skill!

Loryc: ←rolls Finance and gets 8 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc: Lets see if I can discern anything from the ledgers…

Urso: " so that what we find, or there even more?"

Loryc: “There’s more items but I’m going to check out the notes first… you know you should generally read the scrolls first… since they contain useful things like instruction manuals sometimes and warnings.”

Garrion: you determine nothing more than already gathered… you think that the ledgers could help you to ID magic items and appraise the value of anything found

Tristan: (next up, rob pathfinders…)

Melty: :3

Garrion: nmext up.. the list

Garrion: This single piece of parchment lists the names, descriptions, and in many cases final fates of several Pathfinders.

Garrion: Mayor Vheed— Presented below is what I have been able to piece together regarding the Pathfinders who escaped notice after they sealed Delvehaven during the initial riots in the pre-Thrune unpleasantness. After the passage of seventy-some years, it would seem likely that only Sivanshin still lives, and if you wish, I can send my agents north to Nidal to attempt to find him. The use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided we can find their remains, of course. I am happy to report that I’ve made some progress in that area. 1. Donatalus Bisby: Leader of Amber Privateers and one of only two survivors of a journey to darkest Mwangi—he has firsthand knowledge of at least one magical artifact that could well serve our needs for control. It would seem Bisby was sealed inside one of Delvehaven’s lower vaults as the others fled, but I’m unclear if this was a voluntary sacrifice. 2. Ilnerik Sivanshin: Bisby’s chronicler, a half-elf, Sivanshin fled Westcrown a week before Aroden’s Fall. Evidence suggests he fled north, toward Nidal, and with a stolen relic. 3. Coriana Heavenscape: A Westcrown native and, if rumor is to be believed, an aasimar, Coriana remained in Westcrown and organized the Father’s Bulwark, one of many groups of rebels glorious Thrune smashed in the pursuit of establishing order. She was slain and her remains collected by the Sisters of Eiseth—I’ve got them sifting through their holdings in an attempt to find her. 4. Loremaster Liriam: Delvehaven’s master of lore—no other would know more about the vaults below. Alas, no evidence of his survival has surfaced—like Bisby, his remains might still lie within Delvehaven. I do suspect he was the author of “Cugny’s Wedding,” and if so, your suspicion that it is a cipher may well be correct. 5. Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin: Aiger was certainly the one who ordered the sealing of Delvehaven. My early research indicated that he planned on fleeing Cheliax for Absalom, but further investigation revealed this to be false. He remained in Westcrown and fought alongside Coriana in the Father’s Bulwark, but was laid low by a Thrune wizard who petrified him and then smashed the resulting statue. Scuttlebutt among the blood bookie circuit is that the remains of the man’s petrified body have been in the possession of one of the lesser noble houses involved in bloodsport, but I’ve not yet determined which family (I suspect the Luccas). These filthy has-been nobles play well enough when faced with Thrunish agents, but without the direct aid of your allies, master, I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn more…

Zindal: (Yeah Zindal is picking through the other stuff while Melty and Loryc read, he doesn’t care about random bits of paper)

Melty: “Control of what…? Those nighttime shadow guys?”

Loryc: It mentions Cunghy’s wedding, am I familar iwth that book?

Loryc: ←rolls Connoisseur (Literature) and gets 12 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: “Be careful Zindal… that stuff may be cursed.”

Garrion: you look further….

Garrion: What appears to be a page torn from the back of a book sits in a larger piece of folded parchment. The torn-out page presents a poorly written poem called “Cugny’s Wedding,” about a man who falls in love with a mermaid but drowns when he tries to seduce her. The poem is covered with spidery script, as is the folded parchment that cradles it. A quick study of the parchment indicates that someone believed the poem was a code or cipher that hid the route to a cache of Pathfinder treasures kept outside of Delvehaven (as indicated in the ledger portion of the Delvehaven papers).

Tristan: heading to bed guys, i’ll finish reading this in the morning

Zindal: “Eh… Doesn’t look like anything great anyway…” (or maybe it is, will wait for descriptions after the paper stuff is done)

Loryc: (ooo treasures…)

Zindal: lol this sounds familiar

Zindal: Fabulous treasure hidden away in a locked up place that nobody goes into?

Loryc: (though not sure if Loryc would want to steal fromthe pathfinders)

Loryc: (they’re good aligned right?)

Zindal: They’re not dicks at least

Loryc: (yeah.. I didn’t get the impression tehy were evil)

Garrion: yes, they recover and store all the ancient lost articacts and knowledge across Golarion

Zindal: Yeah like they care about preserving lore and history and such as opposed to just looting lost ruins

Loryc: (heh well so did the Angjan in my campaign, it didn’t make em good :P)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Well they don’t disregard other shit in pursuit of that goal, I mean they don’t intentionally cause harm if they can avoid it

Zindal: And I’m pretty sure they don’t do things like sacrifice virgins to open temple doors or whatever

Loryc: (Yeah if they’re mostly a good organization I figure I’d want to turn it over ot them, Loryc is a thief, but he only robs from the corrupt)

Garrion: that is it for the portfolio

Loryc: (Alright I’ll check out the other items)

Loryc: (Using analyze magic if necessary)

Garrion: 3 scrolls

Loryc: (I can cast analyze in 1/4 of the time, so only 15 mins instead of an hour.)

Melty: Yeah I kinda like the Pathfinders, they sound like D&D Indiana Jones

Loryc: (Checking everything for traps, so I’ll rol that if you want)

Zindal: Yeah that’s basically what they are

Garrion: they contain magic spell formulae

Loryc: (Yeah I got the impression the pathfinders weren’t bastards, so I wouldn’t screw them over.)

Zindal: Like if Indy was an organization instead of one dude

Loryc: (That’s not Loryc’s style, he’s just curious about the secrets)

Garrion: note GURPS scrolls function different than d20 scrolls

Loryc: heh, yeah I mioght need a little tutroial onhow they work.

Garrion: you look them over.. the basic idea to them is….

Melty: They sound pretty cool really, hehe. I like sharing information and stuff ^^

Garrion: scroll of heal, a scroll of remove curse, and a scroll of scrying.

Loryc: “Oh the irony…”

Zindal: rofl

Zindal: Scroll of Remove Curse

Zindal: That’s great

Garrion: even better would have been a scroll of remove disease and heal blindness

Loryc: “Somewhere there’s a hell knight who definitely needs this.”

Zindal: Heh, yeah

Garrion: a silver box and 2 wands are left

Loryc: (oikajy continuing my search for traps, magic ID, etc)

Loryc: (Assume I handle each item with extreme caution cause we’re not on the clock here)

Garrion: the wands are magic….

Garrion: you detect no traps so far

Loryc: Analyze magic on em.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 25) and gets 11 vs. Skill (25 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: looking for equiv, one sec

Loryc: (heh well if you want we can just stop here and you can put the treasure on the site for us)

Loryc: (since it’s getting pretty late.)

Zindal: Yeah put the notes and papers up for review too

Garrion: i’ll find an equiv but something like break enchantment and death ward

Melty: (Yeah I’m really sleepy ; ; Can’t wait for this semester to be over)

Zindal: Also I may not be around next week, I’m supposed to drive back home for a cousin’s wedding

Garrion: and if no equiv i may make unique items

Zindal: Though work may interfere with that

Zindal: Remains to be seen at this point

Loryc: yeah your work wil prolly shit themselves if you aint’ there.

Garrion: let’s do silver box.. last item

Garrion: you open it and it contains some stubby candles

Zindal: Yeah, nice to be needed I guess… Would be nicer if I got paid better, lol

Loryc: Probably you’ll come back to see that a portion of Louisian has been reduced to rubble.

Garrion: you detecty them as magic

Loryc: Assume I’ll idenitfy em with analyze magic.

Loryc: yeah you should hold em hostage for more money lol.

Garrion: analyze tells you that if you light them you can commune with a dead spirit

Zindal: lol yeah, when I went on vacation a couple weeks ago my backup was all nervous and shit, I told her when I got back “Well the building is still here, so you didn’t fuck anything up too bad”

Loryc: Encypt your papers using a special cypher and then quit.

Loryc: “Interesting speak with dead candles…”

Loryc: (Do I think all this stuff was Pathfinder stuff?)

Loryc: (Or just the journal?)

Garrion: This is a small silver box engraved with dancing skeletons and containing four stubby candles.

Zindal: (Heh, one of those papers talks about finding the remains of dead pathfinders I think)

Loryc: (obviously the erinyes heead probably wasn’t…)

Zindal: (Were probably using the candles to interrogate them or something)

Loryc: (Well yeah I know the journal and papers was PF stuff)

Loryc: (Yeah that’s kinda what I wanna know.. I don’t really wanna rob the Pathfinders, or at lesat Loryc doesn’t.)

Loryc: (honestly OOC I got a bit of a grude agaisnt em for sending us on that Serpent’s skull mission)

Loryc: (but Loryc wouldn’t act on that)

Loryc: (me OOC I say fuck em :P )

Zindal: Actually if I’m reading this right these documents might actually be like House Thrune stuff from when they took over the Pathfinder lodge, the ledger was from that time period it says

Zindal: And then they’re talking about tracking down the remains of dead Pathfinders

Garrion: The pertfolio seems to relate to PF stuff but not written by them.. it is done under period of Thrune occupancy.. Someone was trying to break the code and never got to finish it seems or at least stopped writting about it.

Zindal: And figuring out some cipher that they left behind

Zindal: Yeah heh

Garrion: the name, Mayor Veed…..

Loryc: Ah okay cool so we can take the magic items then.

Loryc: If they ain’t PF stuff, they’re loot.

Zindal: So it’s actually the notes on some other asshole’s attempt to steal their shit

Loryc: Yeah. so we can hand the notes to the PF contact, once we verify she’s reallky from the pathfinders, and not a spy.

Loryc: And we’ll be good.

Garrion: He was the first of the post-Thrune mayors and was a known wizard

Zindal: Oh is that the dude who wrote this or something?

Loryc: Yeah probably..

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Loryc: SO we can turn it over to the Pathfinder chick or whatever and keep the items, then plan our next move, since I doubt Zindal is eager to go into another dungeon fo death anyway :P

Cedric has connected.

Loryc: Remember ya can’t stab wraiths or iron golems in the eye.

Zindal: lol

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal: Yeah that’s one of the reasons I took Power Blow

Garrion: well you can keep secreet from her or work with her.. she may be able to shed some light

Zindal: Just need to get the skill check high enough to use it in a single round

Garrion: that all up to you what you want to reveal

Zindal: With a successful Power Blow check I can actually beat Urso or Mina in damage

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty Enchanted Longsword.

Zindal: picks up a trusty E Longsword PB.

Melty: Whoa

Zindal: readies a trusty E Longsword PB.

Loryc: well if she’s really form the pathfinders, I figure we can giver her the journal and be okay.

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 41 cut raw damage.

Zindal: Like so

Loryc: Funny thing is Melty can beat ya all probably if she enlarges.

Loryc: Kaiju Pixie.

Melty: :3 I’m pretty sure I can

Zindal: lol

Zindal: The E Longsword PB inflicts 24 imp raw damage.

Melty: I don’t even gotta be kaiju sized.

Zindal: Imagine 24 impale to the eye

Garrion: oh, vheed was the second mayor…..

Zindal: x4 damage, no DR

Garrion: Of all the cities in Golarion, none suffered so badly from the death of Aroden in 4606 AR as did Westcrown. Rioting broke out onto the streets as panic engulfed the city. The mayor, Norren Betevesk was murdered during riots and the mayoral manor partially destroyed. The chaos led to civil war, which was to continue until the rise of House Thrune and the appointment of mayor Anvengen Doskivari in 4640 AR.7 The capital of Cheliax moved to Egorian, and Westcrown became a shadow of its former glory. The mayor disappears mysteriously in his mayor and is replaced by the wizard Dargentu Vheed in 4661 AR.[

Zindal: sets aside a trusty E Longsword PB.

Garrion: ok, good night, heading to bed

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

Melty: It turns out pixies are more or less the Juggernaut when magically scaled up to human size

Melty: Night night!

Zindal: picks up a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

Loryc: heh okay cya.

Loryc: Next time we’ll divvy this stuff up I guess, and figure out what we wanna do.

Zindal: lol, so you’d be like Mina and could basically break me in half… But I’m still gonna try to get in the sack with you anyway

Loryc: A vaginal contraction could probably break bones.

Melty: omg you’re probably right

Session 26

GURPS on Golarion Garrion