Session 28

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Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey

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Sachi: Mew~

Garrion: howdy

Taragnor: yo

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Urso: no tristan, just waiting on sef I guess?

Garrion: checking latest forum update

Tabris: Not sure if Sef is coming or not, he was online earlier but no sign of him right now

Taragnor: yeah who knows with Sef.

Taragnor: I never know what he’s doing

Sachi: ; ;

Garrion: he said nothing about not being here. chatted with me a bit

Garrion: i know has been working on mina

Garrion: her anger is very focuses Loryc, you could try redirection techniques but it would be very hard to do and take a lot of therapy…. if you did attempt it i would call it a -7 for difficulty and -5 for trying it faster than normal

Taragnor: Hmm.. yeah that’s tough for even me to do… well maybe I’ll just work on her gradually.

Taragnor: As opposed to like getting an instant turnaround.

Taragnor: I mean she seems kinda vengeful anyway… so hopefully we can use her to some degree… do I know how prevalent Moloch is in terms of the Chellaxian leadership?

  • Urso sits in a stool in the corner listening while he sharpens his axe.

Taragnor: Like how does it work what archdevil they associate with?

Zindal: Heh, they’re all Asmodeus worshippers I think

Garrion: make a hidden lore devils or occult

  • Melty perches on Zindal’s shoulder and watches the devil head with blended curiosity and suspicion.

Garrion: well asmodeus is the main dude… but there are lots of subordinate devils that are hedge worshiped… polytheistic

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 5 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)


Taragnor: That has hidden lore in it

Taragnor: Yeah mainly was hoping we could turn her against some worshippers of Moloch. I mean I can at least sense she wants revenge against ihm probably, right?

Garrion: moloch is Asmodeuses war general

Urso: (heh, no longer hidden )

Garrion: He is an archdevil and ruler of the infernal layer of Malebolge. It is said that all who burn join the armies of Moloch. A being of seething wrath, the Lord of the Sixth embodies both absolute discipline and directed destructive force. General of Hell’s armies, Moloch endlessly trains his infernal legions to be the greatest martial force in the multiverse.2 His unholy symbol is a yellow flame surrounded by the head of a bull.[

Garrion: Moloch was originally an angel, a mighty general under the command of Baalzebul, who in turn served Asmodeus. When Asmodeus led his hosts into Hell during the Exodus, Moloch followed his masters and was rewarded for his loyalty with the status of archdevil.[

Garrion: Whatever body Moloch might have once possessed was consumed in flame long ago. Now, the General of Hell is an embodiment of the most devastating, inhuman aspects of war, a creature of fearsome black metal and spiked armor encrusted with the blood of countless opponents. With his clawed gauntlets he exerts the strength of a titan to heft the blood-soaked sword Ramithaine and the horned battleaxe Goreletch. Even in his most tempered moods, flames leap from Moloch’s eyes, flaring nostrils, and every other joint and chink of his scorched armor, this blaze growing more wild as the archfiend’s ire rises.

Garrion: Moloch is known for being disciplined, severe, and merciless, but aside from commanding Hell’s war machine, he’s also very mercenary in his recruitment for his legions in that he’s willing to provide services for those who honor him; if people sacrifice to him, he fixes their problems. Should one burn offerings to Moloch to stop a flood and save their village, he’s probably more likely to step in and stop the flood than most deities. The caveat, of course, is that whether one worships him as part of a militaristic cult, as part of the traditions of one’s people, or just because his standing offer of aid is tempting, serving him damns a soul to his fortress realm in Malebolge after death. But when faced with dying at the hands of a foe, infernal intervention for either benevolent or selfish reason might be worth the price of later damnation.[

Melty: (That’s metal as hell)

Urso: (heh, Molock, the demon from the Sleepy Hollow tv show?)

Garrion: dunno, never watched it

Taragnor: Do I know of specific people in Chelliax that worship him specifically?

Taragnor: Like targets we could maybe turn Khazrae to going against?

Taragnor: Like are the hellknights devoted to him or something? maybe a hellknight order?

Garrion: anyway… Loryc obviously is very studied on Moloch… makes you wonder…..

Taragnor: Hey gotta know my enemy.

Garrion: checking the hell knight orders

Melty: “Obviously you gotta know who you’re dealing with in order to kill them all.”

Taragnor: Yeah mostly just looking for any kind of evil target, whether evil temple, evil organization, etc in Chelliax that we could turn Khazrae against heh.

Taragnor: I mean I’d like to give her a starting focus and maybe make an ally if we can.

Taragnor: btw what would it take to restore her body? Regenerate spell?

Garrion: hmm, roll wizard to see if you know since not something you have

Taragnor: That’d be a roll against thaumatology right?

Taragnor: Or is it a diff skill?

Garrion: yep

Taragnor: If it’s thaum I get to add my magery too

Taragnor: so it’ll have a +7 attached

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 7 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 17

Taragnor: yeah think I should have a few ideas. :P

Zindal: lol

Garrion: yeah, you get it

Garrion: yes, Restoration or Instant Restoration

Taragnor: Not sure if Melty has that yet or not.

Taragnor: I know I don’t.

Melty: I think I have Restoration now, I’m checking

Garrion: Relieve Maddness could help temporarily

Zindal: Heh well he asked about restoring her body I think

Zindal: Though making her sane would be good too

Taragnor: yeah heh.

Taragnor: I was asking about restoring her body, but yeah making her sane is also something useful.

Taragnor: Wel maybe, honestly i’m not sure if we’d be better off with her insane or not at this stage.

Garrion: oh sorry…. i thought you were talkign abot mind

Taragnor: Like if she’s insane and bent on revenge… that’d b egood.

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: Probably better than a typical scheming devil

Melty: At least, it was one of the ones I wanted to add after last week (I got a few points), but my entire life has been consumed with school

Garrion: to repair her body you need Regeneration

Zindal: Yeah that’s true I guess, if we can manipulate her through her single-minded bent for revenge then that works better for us

Taragnor: Yeah, like psychologically, what do I think is wrong with her? Would she be more helpful to us in her current state or if we fixed her?

Garrion: sorry, spoke too soon.. Regeneration only heals a lost limb…. she worse off than that

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: Yeah need a greater regen or something lol.

Zindal: Yeah I guess a torso doesn’t count as a limb

Melty: Ahhh lol

Urso: (well its a limb, just a very big one.. hehe)

Urso: (sef just got on yahoo)

Garrion: You need Resurection, even though she is not “dead” you need to restore everything.. only problem, the caster suffers -1 per day dead, that would be like -1000 to yourr roll

Zindal: lol damn

Taragnor: Well technically, she’s not dead though :P

Zindal: What’s the GURPS equivalent of Wish or Miracle?

Sefiros has connected.

Taragnor: So shouldn’t that penalty not count?

Melty: T_T

Garrion: oh there is a possibility, did not even look at that group

Garrion: well she is dead… uindead

Taragnor: I mean, like… I figure the penalty is for things like the soul deparing or whatever, but we got her soul right here.

Taragnor: Oh is she actually an undead devil? I figured it was just like that GURPS spell that detached the head that I used on that one guy in the first quest

Taragnor: I mean original Loric decapitated that one barkeep.

Taragnor: He got better.

Sefiros: sorry im late, got behind on house work

Garrion: yes, she is considered undead, though not rotting like a zombie

Garrion: more like a vamp

Zindal: Freaky

Sefiros: im cooking, so i may go afk momentarily, dont wanna burn my shit

Zindal: Yeah this sounds like a job for Wish/Miracle

Taragnor: oh… yeah… that’s interesting… could we maybe graft the head onto a humanoid body or something, frankenstein style? heh.

Zindal: Although… Man, I don’t even want to know what the pre-reqs are for casting a Wish in GURPS, you probably need to write an actual contract and have it notarized with a minimum of two witnesses

Garrion: this is Wish…..

Taragnor: lol wel I figure like you’d probably need like 20 wizards working for 2 years or something. lol.

Taragnor: tocreate it.

Zindal: lol yeah, or that

Zindal: FP Cost: 5,000

Garrion: Moloch is known for being disciplined, severe, and merciless, but aside from commanding Hell’s war machine, he’s also very mercenary in his recruitment for his legions in that he’s willing to provide services for those who honor him; if people sacrifice to him, he fixes their problems. Should one burn offerings to Moloch to stop a flood and save their village, he’s probably more likely to step in and stop the flood than most deities. The caveat, of course, is that whether one worships him as part of a militaristic cult, as part of the traditions of one’s people, or just because his standing offer of aid is tempting, serving him damns a soul to his fortress realm in Malebolge after death. But when faced with dying at the hands of a foe, infernal intervention for either benevolent or selfish reason might be worth the price of later damnation.[

Garrion: ahh, shit

Garrion: Wish (VH) Enchantment Allows the wisher to change the very recent past. It erases any justmade die roll – except a die roll for spell casting – and replaces it with the wisher’s desired roll. The restrictions on use for Lesser Wish also apply to Wish. Cost: 250. Prerequisites: Lesser Wish and at least one spell in each of 15 different colleges.

Zindal: Wow, that’s awful

Garrion: yes it is

Taragnor: Yeah, that ain’t much of a wish.

Garrion: that is an enchantment

Garrion: ok, grerat wish…..

Garrion: Great Wish (VH) Enchantment This spell can do just about anything. In particular: (1) It can be used to cast any one spell, at no energy cost, with automatic success and no chance of resistance (for spells with variable cost, the maximum energy available is 1,000). The caster does not have to know the spell, or even have it in a book – he just has to know the spell exists. If the spell is a “continuing” one, it is up to the GM to determine how long it should last. (2) It can permanently improve a character’s scores. It will increase any one attribute by 1 level, or any one skill or spell by 3 levels. It can also reduce an enemy’s scores, but only if that enemy is present when the wish is made. (3) It will grant any one advantage worth 20 points or less, or remove any one disadvantage worth 20 points or less. An enemy can likewise be cursed by losing an advantage or gaining a disadvantage, but only if that enemy is present when the wish is made. The enemy does not get a chance to resist! (4) It can do absolutely anything else that the GM feels will not ridiculously unbalance the adventure or the campaign! Though incredibly powerful, this spell is not used often. It can never be learned at a level better than 15. Furthermore, any failed roll when creating a Great Wish costs the caster, and each helper, 1 point of IQ and 6d damage! Critical failures have toppled civilizations. Great Wishes are not normally found for sale. If they are, the price should be at least $100,000. Cost: 2,000. Prerequisites: Magery 3, Wish, and a combined DX and IQ of 30+.

Melty: Wow

Taragnor: heh… yeah cost 2000, that’d take a really long time to make.. wonder if we can find a used one….

Zindal: lol damn

Melty: Wow, that 15 cap and lose IQ when you fail O.O

Taragnor: well if you can cast that spell at all, you’re probably not gonna fail.

Taragnor: I mean you need a combined DX and IQ of 30+ and magery 3

Zindal: 20 DX and 10 IQ ftl?

Taragnor: lol.

Melty: Hehe, I’m only 2 points shy

Zindal: But yeah, sounds like we need to look for a used Ring of 3 Wishes with only 1 Wish left

Melty: And you can’t learn it at better than 15 so it doesn’t matter how smart you are

  • Sefiros looks at the head curiously as she nurses a glass of wine, and fiddles with what amounts to make up and hair dyes and various cosmetics, poured out onto the table from a large pouch. She is barefoot and wearing a sea green revealing toga-like dress, that consists of little more than a single piece of cloth strategically arranged, along with a black choker collar.

Garrion: ok, anyway… out of our realm of possibilities or desires

  • Mina looks at the head curiously as she nurses a glass of wine, and fiddles with what amounts to make up and hair dyes and various cosmetics, poured out onto the table from a large pouch. She is barefoot and wearing a sea green revealing toga-like dress, that consists of little more than a single piece of cloth strategically arranged, along with a black choker collar.

Sefiros: “Hmmm….”

Mina: “Are you still playing 20 questions with the horseless headsman?”

Taragnor: So basically I don’t think I could restore her body with anything short of a great wish?

Mina: “Or headswoman I suppose.”

Taragnor: What about body swapping her into some other body?

Garrion: BTW loryc, very good RP, particularly the story about the wizard and his apprentice

Zindal: Heh, well if she counts as undead you could maybe graft her onto a Flesh Golem body

Taragnor: hehe.

Melty: Yay hiya Sef!

Taragnor: Yeah if oyu’re still giving out RP character points… I wouldn’t mind one or two to try to catch up to the others heh.

Mina: “Well, Zindal, here’s your green dress. What do you think?” she asks, seeming bored

  • Zindal grins, looking her up and down

Zindal: “I approve.”

Garrion: you should be up there toward the top

Garrion: Mina is the one who needs to catch up

Loryc: heh well yeah, I’m not as low as Mina. Though Zindal and Melty are stil ahead of me by a few points.

Garrion: ok, no hell knight orders specifically worship Moloch.. i think it is more of a personal choice and not a deity that has main temples or followers

Mina: ""Hmm, I was going to go brunette, but it seems I’m out of henna."

Mina: “Let’s see if Loryc know’s what that is. Go ahead wise ass.”

Loryc: hmm… so not a hell of a lot I could turn her against then…

Zindal: “Is red an option then?”

Garrion: Ok, lets finish up the head talk and then we can move on to other tasts

Zindal: (Zindal is a redhead btw, lol)

Mina: “Hair, or dresses?”

Mina: “I suppose both are possible, but red requires henna as well.”

Zindal: “I was referring to hair, though little red dresses are quite nice as well.”

Garrion: does the carpet match the drapes?

Mina: “For red hair that is.”

Loryc: (heh okay, well how does the head respond to me?)

Melty: “Aww, Miss Mina’d look good as a redhead. Or a brunette. Or anything, really.”

Mina: “Perhaps, Tristan, you could fetch me some. You know all about plants and trees.”

Zindal: (lol, maybe we can say that’s what he’s doing since he’s not here this week)

Garrion: “I’m always up for a little revenge, but mostly just keep me out of that damned box.”

  • Mina puts all her junk back in her purse/pouch.

Garrion: “So are you going to give me that servant you talked about?”

Loryc: “Well you still haven’t given me any information I can use yet.”

Garrion: “You haven’t asked abot anything I would know. I HAVE been locked in a box for 35 years.”

Loryc: “Well you can volunteer something you think would be useful to me and my cause of screwing over House Thrune, the hellknights or really any of the bastards in Chelliax. It’s not as though I can read minds… okay I lied, I can read minds, but I thought it’d be rude to use that spell on you.”

Garrion: “I told you my story. I can help you with any of that. I know about the Dargentu and the manor, I know about the legions of hell, I know about Delvehaven.”

Garrion: “I can’t really go anywhere of do anything without a body though can I?”

Loryc: “Hmm… well I do have a pathfinder associate who is going into Delvehaven, I suppose your knowledge may be more specialized to help her.”

Mina: “Fine, head.”

Mina: “I have a question for you.”

Mina: “Zindal wants to know, are you good with your tongue?”

Garrion: She is speakign in Infernal

Melty: Yeah, none of us can understand her other than Loryc

Mina: i assume it understands common

Mina: im talking to it, not listening :-p

Mina: dont matter if it replies or understands, its more to mess with zindal

Garrion: Linguistics rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Linguistics SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: She responds in infernal thoughso Loryc has to translate eveything….

Loryc: “Unless maybe you know about some secret treasure that Dargentu hid away in the manor in some secret passage somewhere.”

Garrion: “You want me to use my tongue? Need to taste?”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Zindal: “The tongue doesn’t look bad, I’m a little concerned about those teeth though…”

Loryc: (looks to Khazrae) “You can disregard what she said… she was just asking a question for Zindal and… you really don’t want to know.”

Garrion: She listens to Zindal….

Garrion: Linguistics rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Linguistics SUCCEEDS by 5

Zindal: (I do have +6 for Appearance if she’s attracted to my gender, lol)

Garrion: “Ohh, you are a naughty boy, just like Dargentu. you know he kept me around for more than conversation. He used to like a good suck too.”

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “I think she likes you Zindal.”

Zindal: (Yeah I gotta rely on Loryc for translation of whatever she says I’m guessing)

Loryc: “The bad news is that you’ll be responsible for any clean-up afterwards.”

Zindal: “Nothing I can’t handle.”

Mina: “Ask her what she knows about Zura.”

  • Mina says looking to Loryc, and padding across the room barefoot, to stand next to him.

Melty: “I won’t stop you, but you’re gonna have to pay me to get your dick reattached.”

  • Mina has a curious smirk.

Melty: “Zura, Miss…?” (do I know anything about Zura?)

  • Zindal smirks… “Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking she needs one of those special gags if I’m going to go that route…”

Melty: (Hidden Lore?)

Mina: yeah thats all you said “Zura”

Melty: “Ooo, that’s dirty.”

Garrion: “That’s what pissed him off so much. He was trying to impress the Lady Ghostovos when I told her she need not bother cause he couldn’t get it up without my mouth.”

Zindal: lol damn

  • Loryc laughs.

Loryc: “I like your style.”\

  • Melty tilts her head curiously.

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 13 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: (I forget if Mina told Melty about her connection)

Loryc: “I think I’ll let all of you get aquanted.”

Loryc: (I’m going to cast gift of Tongues spell on Zindal, Mina and Melty so they can talk to Khazrae too.)

Mina: (no, she aint told anyone)

Mina: (about being demon blooded that is, she just pretends to be some kind of dhampir)

Loryc: (Actually… wait.. scratcgh that… I’ll just cast gift of tongues on Khazrae herself, so she can understand what we’re all saying)

Mina: (Loryc prolly knows a smidge maybe)

Loryc: (that probably is easier)

Zindal: (Heh, does that let us understand her if she chooses to keep speaking in Infernal though? lol)

Loryc: (Well she can speak in any language she wants and understands all)

Loryc: (So if she wants to respond back to you she can now)

Garrion: in comon now

Urso: (what? no Urso?)

Loryc: “That should let you understand the others. The spell is called Gift of Tongues, rather ironic don’t you think”

Loryc: (heh Urso is in on it too, I cast it on the devil instead of you guys.)

Loryc: (So she can understand and speak to all of you assuming she wants to)

Mina: (tristan kept asking about her parents before, but she only mentioned her father was a human, a lord of old westcrown, and avoided talking about her mother and also how she (mina) became a dhampir)

Garrion: “So what is the deal with Delvehaven. Dargentu and his cronies set up all sorts of wards there and were trying to find some clues to break into the vault.”

Melty: “How’s it ironic?”

Zindal: “Apparently there’s treasure hidden in it. Loryc seems averse to investigating it himself though. But then that’s normal for him.”

Melty: “Whoa! We’re talking in giant-speak now. I mean like, regular giant-speak. Human giants.”

Urso: " so this different vault then where we were?"

Loryc: “i was going to turn over what we had on Delvehaven to the pathfinders, and let them well, find the treasure that’s theirs.”

Garrion: “You don;t say?” she feins with mock suprise. “Of course there is, why do you think those Thrunes wanted in there?”

Zindal: “You really think the Pathfinders can even get to it when they haven’t in however many years now?”

Loryc: “Well their representative was in town to get what we just stole from the manor. So apparently they think they can.”

  • Zindal smirks…

Loryc: “So we help them out, and now they’ll owe us a favor or two for help on thier investigation.”

Zindal: “If this is anything like the last job it’s probably gonna be more along the lines of ‘Such a dangerous task would best be undertaken by brave adventurers such as yourselves! You survived the Sixfold Trials after all!’”

Melty: “I bet they’re gonna ask us to do it anyway.”

Loryc: “As opposed to stealing the loot they wanted to recover themselves.. it tends to work out better.”

  • Melty offers Zindal a high-five

Garrion: “Dargentu was lookign for some of those that left during the riots. He had some magic candles so that he could interrogate their souls. He just needed to find their remains.”

Zindal: “So that’s what the candles are for… And the notes talk about the remains of Pathfinders.”

Zindal: “Seems like whoever’s gonna do this is gonna go graverobbing.”

Loryc: “Yeah, graverobbing was never my thing. It’s much more entertaining to rob the living.”

Loryc: “Mocking a corpse… just doesn’t have the same thrill to it.”

Zindal: “It’s not mockery unless you point at them and laugh.”

Garrion: “He locked me away before he could solve the problem though. I guess he never did since you are askign about it.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “It appears Dargentu wasn’t anywhere near as clever as he thought himself to be.”

Garrion: Then she trails off into another tirade of insults…..

Loryc: (to the group) “As you can see, she’s not big on nostalgia.”

Mina: “We could make one hell of a scarecrow.”

Melty: “Hahaha, yeah! That’d be funny.”

Loryc: “Well I suppose we should inform our Pathfinder representative of the good news.”

Zindal: “Surely there has to be some use for a disembodied devil head…”

  • Zindal strokes Melty’s back with his finger

Garrion: you found one

Loryc: “Well while I go talk to Janiven, you can work something out with Khazrae maybe Zindal. Just remember, I’m not going to explain to the healer if something goes wrong.”

Mina: “We should see if she knows anyone else important.”

Loryc: (I’ll go talk to Janiven and basically let her know that we want to speak with that pathfinder girl, I forget her name… that we’ve got good news)

Garrion: Ailyn

Loryc: (But the rest of you can talk to the head heh for a bit while I’m doing that)

Loryc: (Yeah, her, I’ll bring her into the room with Khazrae and the others once we get her, assuming she sstill there)

Loryc: (or we’ll just arrange a meeting if she’s not)

Garrion: Zindal can’t work his magic with an audience…

Zindal: lol

Loryc: (Eh, he’s pretty shameless, I’m sure he’s got no problem doing it anywhere)

Mina: “We could sew her onto Urso’s stomach.”


  • Urso frowns.
  • Melty giggles.

Garrion: she don;t have tiny little arms to poke out though

Urso: (think was his back too ?)

Garrion: ok, Loryc goes up, any others going?

Garrion: nah, belly

Urso: (where Loryc going?)

Zindal: (To talk to Pathfinder lady)

Loryc: (Just to tell Janiven we want to talk to the Pathfinder lady)

  • Urso will escort him if need be.

Garrion: up the stairs to talk to Janiven and Ailyn

Loryc: (Basically gonna turn over what we got to them, since I think Khazrae told us all she knew)

Loryc: (Doesn’t really seem to have much info)

Urso: (oh, in same house.. na )

Loryc: (Yeah we’re in their safehouse, so I’m just gonna bring Ailyn down to the room we’re in)

Loryc: (So I can explain our success)

Garrion: oh ok, bringing her down

Garrion: You go up and find Janiven, it just so happens she is talking to Ailyn

Loryc: “Ailyn… just the person i was looking for. We’ve got good news regarding Delvehaven.”

Garrion: “Janiven was just telling me you had returned.”

  • Loryc nods.

Garrion: “That was a marvelous job with the play by the way. It is all the common folk are talking about.”

Loryc: “I have to admit we ran into a few unexpected snags.” laughs “It seems that not only is the devil in the details, but the devil is also in every extradimensional space we’ve found thus far.”

Garrion: “Go on….”

Garrion: “You got the Crux?”

Loryc: “Well… the play wasn’t exactly the most dangerous act I’ve put on.”

Loryc: “Yes… and I’ve opened it already too, why don’t we come downstairs to discuss it with my associates. Janiven, you’re free to come too if you’re interested.”

Garrion: The ladies head downstairs… then gasp in shock as they see the severed head attached to Zindal’s cock, haha

Loryc: lol. is it? that’d be awesome if it was.

Garrion: no, just joking

Loryc: Lets see how much game Zindal has.

Garrion: they go downstairs with you

Garrion: the head is still ranting

Garrion: “What the hell is that?”

Urso: " head"

Loryc: (oh btw G since we got multiple NPCs in the secene, you mind using impersonate on whichever one is talking heh?)

Mina: make him roll his will to resist :-p

Loryc: (Makes it way easier to follow with multiple epople in a scene)

Mina: can i inspire emotion (lust) on him? :-p

Zindal: lol

Loryc: (lol do it)

Urso: " Demon Head "

Garrion: sure, makes it hard to remember to change impersonation but i’ll try

Zindal: I ain’t doing anything with her until I can get a ring gag for her

Ailyn: “So you opened the Crux? What did you find?”

Zindal: “Her.”

  • Zindal points at Khazrae

Zindal: “Also some other stuff.”

Loryc: “Funny story… I sent my associate Zindal to go into the vault and recover the crux, and it turns out that like any trip Zindal makes, he can’t seem to go anywhere without geting some head.”

  • Zindal smirks

Loryc: “In this case, it wasn’t good head… but rather Lawful evil head.”

Unknown command: “smiles”. Try /help for a list of commands.

  • Ailyn smiles

Zindal: “It’s hard to get good head…”

  • Janiven giggles

Loryc: “Her name is Khazrae, and she knows something about Delvehaven.”

Ailyn: “What is she screaming on about?”

Ailyn: “Its going to be hard to sneak in there with that racket.”

Loryc: “Oh… she’s not a big fan of the previous mayor. She may also be a little crazy… but what can I say, it was Zindal that found her. so…”

Loryc: “You know how that goes.”

Ailyn: “So she is the only source of information we have?”

Loryc: “oh no, we’ve got more than that.”

Loryc: (I’ll show her the ledgers and stuff that we found, all those papers)

Loryc: “These are some notes from Dargentu.”

  • Ailyn pours through the contents eagerly……

Loryc: “Or to Dargentu rather… should help you access Delvehaven hopefully.”

Melty: “We found all this shit! Also lots and lots of rotting, diseased muck but we didn’t think you’d want that.”

Zindal: “Yeah, and we left the giant tentacle monster in the vault.”

Ailyn: “Ths is great. Apparently they were trying to track down the missing Pathfinders to get more clues on the wards.”

Zindal: “So you’re out of luck if you were looking for one of those.”

Loryc: “I thought you’d be pleasantly surprised.”

Urso: " unless you know where they are?"

Loryc: “Now there is a bit of bad news…”

Mina: “Isn’t there always.”

Ailyn: "now that you have some information to act on, let me fill you in with what I know.

Melty: “Nonsense! Nothing bad happened at all! We destroyed all our enemies and drove them before us into the HELLS!”

Ailyn: ’/me stops midstride….

  • Ailyn stops midstride….

Ailyn: “Bad news?”

Loryc: “It seems that the Council fo Thieves, specifically House (insert name) specifically.”

Melty: “Or wherever they go.”

Loryc: (whatever noble house was associated with the council)

Ailyn: the ones that hired the assassin?

Loryc: (Yeah)

Loryc: (who were members of the council of thieves)

Mina: Chamady was it?

Loryc: (yeah something like that Sef)

Mina: or that was the first name, house name is with a D i think

Loryc: (I forget the name and can’t find her in the NPC index on the site)

Ailyn: that is Drovenge

Loryc: Yeah drovenge.

Mina: yeah House Drovenge

Mina: chamady was the snob from that house, at the mayors party

Ailyn: Chamady is the daughter

Loryc: “It seems House Drovenge is heavily linked to the COuncil of Thieves, and hired a bit of an assassin to recover it singlehandedly… I couldn’t help but admire her courage trying to take on my entire group at once.”

Loryc: “Granted it was a terrible plan, but she was rather brave for a thief.”

Janiven: “I thought the Council was destroyed?”

Mina: “Their family is old, I know that, but it seems somehow they’re kept hold of much of their power, where all the other old houses died out or were sent into exile.”

Loryc: “You know the way it is with thieves. you can never really get rid of them all. They also like to use trickery.”

Ailyn: “What is this Council you two are talking about?”

Melty: “I didn’t really mean to fry her completely to a crisp, but… Shit happens.”

Loryc: “Effectively a thieves guild in Westcrown, backed by at least one of the noble Houses.”

Ailyn: “So we have them to condend with too then?”

Loryc: “And very interested in Delvehaven from the sound of it.”

Loryc: “Well I wouldn’t worry about them too much, they’ll probably be too busy wondering how all their stuff got stolen to be worried about stealing from you.”

Loryc: “I mean after we rob them, they’ll be thinking that.”

Mina: “Corrupted, decadent descendants from once decent people, is about the sum of it.”

Mina: “But we seem to be in the same business now, and no one likes competition do they.”

Janiven: “So all eyes are on Delvehaven it seems. The Thrunes and the Council both want in there. Ailyn looks like you came to us just in time.”

Loryc: “Personally I think competetion can make things fun.”

Mina: “Especially when you have opposite agendas.”

Loryc: “Well I don’t think our current mayor cares at all about Delvehaven, he was too scared to go in his own vault.”

  • Melty lands on Mina’s shoulder.

Janiven: “You think they could be working together?”, she looks to Loryc.

Loryc: “So my guess is this stuff was locked up for a while…”

Mina: “They’re like greedy dragons with their hordes.”

Melty: “Personally, I just wanna kill humans and make money.”

Melty: “…Not you guys, I mean.”

Mina: “It would really piss them off, if we just dumped all this wealth into the streets, metaphorically.”

Loryc: “I doubt the mayor was working with the Council… seems unnecessary to hire people to break into his own vault, especially not after the news of the robbery went public.”

Zindal: “I’m with Melty on this one.”

Loryc: “I can’t see him wanting to smear his good name with incompetence.”

Janiven: “Well that should help some if Aberian is not involved. Though if he catches wind of this or any Thrune agent you can bet your ass they will be all over it.”

Loryc: “Well I have a feeling he’s too busy explaining to the hellknights why he sent them a cursed parchment that burned itself up before the curse could be transfered.”

Mina: “Well we have a perfect alibi of sorts don’t we? The mayor got knocked over by House Drovenge ticks, not us.”

Loryc: “Aberians going to have his hands full for some time. And if he was working with Drovenge, he’ll have to wonder if they were the ones who backstabbed him.”

  • Janiven looks at Loryc inquisitavely.

Melty: “Mmm, indeed…”

Janiven: “SO Ailyn, you were going to tell us something?”

Loryc: “So all in all, a victory for Westcrown, a victory for the Pathfinders, and a victory for us. There was a lot of money in that vault.”

Mina: “Now, we just need to clean out the Drovenge, give em a dose of their own medicine.”

Ailyn: “Yes, let me continue….”

Mina: “Nothing like thieves, robbing thieves.”

Ailyn: “In late 4605 ar, a Pathfinder named Donatalus Bisby returned to Westcrown from a mission to the Mwangi Expanse—a mission previously believed to have been lost. Bisby’s unexpected return brought much celebration, despite the fact that of the dozens who traveled with him to the southern jungles, only he and his chronicler had returned. Word soon spread that Bisby’s journals would revolutionize what was known about certain lost tribes of the Mwangi, and that he brought back with him a potent artifact. Yet before his journals could be published, Aroden died. “Upon Aroden’s death, panic seized Cheliax. Details of what happened in Delvehaven are sparse, but it seems that the majority of the Pathfinders stationed in Westcrown—Bisby included— perished in the riots and mayhem. Worse, his journal and all of Delvehaven’s artifacts were cut off from the Society for over thirty years. In 4674 ar, many years after the House of Thrune seized control of Cheliax, they made a great show of reopening Delvehaven and inviting a select few Pathfinders back to run the lodge—but those choices were not the Grand Lodge’s to make. The House of Thrune only agreed to Delvehaven’s reopening if Chelish Pathfinders of their choosing were to manage the site, and the Society reluctantly agreed to the conditions. Securing an accurate list of what had and hadn’t survived in Delvehaven’s vaults was a political nightmare—the House of Thrune and their pet Pathfinders reported that nothing of value remained, but they were resistant to letting anyone from outside make their own inventory and exploration of the ruins. To the public, the lodge seemed to be run by the Society, but in truth we have very little idea exactly what was going on in Delvehaven during those years. The whole situation seemed to be coming to a head, with a full-on clash between the House of Thrune and the Society imminent, but as things worked out, Delvehaven didn’t remain active under Thrune’s control for long. “In 4676 ar, something happened in Delvehaven that caused the deaths of all the Thrune Pathfinders and its subsequent sealing by the government itself. The House of Thrune has to this date refused to open Delvehaven or allow the Society access to the lodge, and various conflicts with the Aspis Consortium and the House of Thrune in other parts of Cheliax since then have effectively distracted us from Delvehaven’s legacy. General consensus in the Society today is that Thrune looted Delvehaven to the root and that nothing of value remains within. “But I’m not so sure. Over the past several months, I’ve grown more and more intrigued by the unexplained mysteries of exactly what happened in Delvehaven. Of perhaps more interest to you as Westcrown natives, I’ve learned a bit about the artifact Bisby returned with, an artifact that was in Delvehaven at the time of Aroden’s death and that hasn’t been seen since. Notes on this artifact are vague, alas, but from an initial report sent from Delvehaven just before Aroden’s death, it would appear that the artifact had ties to a dualistic religion of light and shadow. The fact that it was only a few weeks after the House of Thrune closed up Delvehaven that the shadow beasts first appeared in Westcrown can’t be a coincidence. I suspect that they found this artifact in Delvehaven, but in so doing triggered the lodge’s defenses and caused something. I’m not saying that the source of the shadow beasts is hidden in Delvehaven, or even that the artifact is involved—but in my experience, there are no coincidences.”

Mina: “Mwangi, interesting.”

Mina: “The women there bite worse than I do.”

Urso: " we run into one of these shadow creatures in vault, Urso think "

Mina: “Cannibals, demon worshippers, you name it.”

Loryc: “You don’t know the half of it… Iv’e heard stories of endless jungles and never ending encounters with giant tigers.”

Ailyn: “Now that list you have….”

Melty: “At least it’s not devils. Demons are usually easier to get away from when they’re burning down your home, cause they’re easier to see coming.”

Melty: “Usually.”

Mina: “I don’t know much, except about a tribe known Bekyar, they’re huge people. Taller than any other people I’ve seen in all my travels and years.”

Mina: “And they worship a particular Demon Lord.”

Loryc: “Sounds to me that some kind of cursed artifact unleashed the shadow monsters possibly.”

Ailyn: “All five of these Pathfinders are listed as “missing” by the Decemvirate back in Absalom, and if you could discover the fate of these five, their names and fates could be etched upon the Wall of Names in Absalom and bring closure to this awkward chapter of the Society’s history. For each Pathfinder whose fate you can secure proof of, I can arrange a reward of $1,000.”

Zindal: “I’m hearing lost ancient artifact and the sound of gold coins jingling…”

Mina: “Maybe it’s a demonic artifact, and not something of the devils.”

Melty: “Maybe we can make them kill each other!”

  • Mina nods.

Melty: “Mwahahahahahahaha!”

Ailyn: “Not to mantion you probably need to look into them for further clues anyway. Just a little bonus right?”

Zindal: “Seems reasonable enough… Though I usually put people into graves as opposed to digging them out.”

Mina: “There’s a fabled lost city there…Zurakai.”

Melty: “Look into the graves?”

Ailyn: “By the sound of the notes they are not in graves.”

Ailyn: “Oh there is this too… this poem.”

Ailyn: “There is something about it… look.”

Ailyn: “the poem’s meter and construction are unusual—every twelfth line has an extra syllable in it.”

Melty: “Hmmm.”

Ailyn: “Someone write these down….”

Loryc: “Well I assumed this would mostly be Pathfinder business at this point, after all while I do enjoy stealing, I have no desire to steal from the Pathfinders… plus Iv’e had my fill of cursed objects.”

  • Ailyn reads off the words…..

Zindal: “I think I recall someone saying something about this scenario…….”

Urso: ( Urso doesn’t know how to write )

Zindal: (Melty has eidetic memory, lol)

Zindal: (I think she does anyway)

Melty: (I do~)

Loryc: (Yeah Melty remembers everything)

  • Melty grabs a tiny quill pen regardless and starts writing… Seemingly oblivious to the thought that no one will be able to read it without magnification

Ailyn: These extra syllables, pulled out of the poem and written in order elsewhere, create a second (and much shorter) poem— one called “The Wave Door.”

Melty: (she’s got some paper/parchment)

Ailyn: " This poem describes how one can activate the secret Pathfinder cache in Cutlass Cove"

Ailyn: “I am curious to what this cache contains but I can not look into this nor Delvehaven myself. Remember, I am not supposed to be here.”

Ailyn: “I guess I could patition to Absalom to send agents for this but I fear by that time it will be too late with these other parties involved.”

Ailyn: “Then I could always get rejected too. I doubt we want to start a war.”

Melty: “Ohhh! What’d I tell you!”

  • Melty punches Zindal’s fist.

Ailyn: “If you are interested I can decipher this poem for you. If you are not going to Cutlass Cove then there is no point….”

Ailyn: she leaves it hanging midair

  • Zindal grins

Zindal: “Well, you mentioned a reward for finding those dead Pathfinders, what about for recovering this cache?”

Loryc: “Well like I said, this does sound more like a Pathfinder affair… my companison would want treasure, and I think this cache belongs to you.”

Loryc: “Besides we can hopefully buy you sufficient time anyway by slowing down the Drovenge the best way I know how… by robbing them blind.”

Zindal: “Loryc, she just said that she can’t do the work herself and that she doesn’t have time to request assistance or whatever… We’re it. Just shut up and take her coin already.”

Loryc: “Well I don’t see how we’re in a huge rush here, if they needed the Crux we have nothing to worry about.”

Loryc: “Obviously if they oculd have got inside without it, then they would have alread.y”

Melty: “Yeah, Loryc, saying ‘my hands are tied with red tape so I’m afraid I can’t investigate’ is adventurer code for ‘feel free to rob the shit out of it as long as you bring back the thing I want’.”

Zindal: “Indeed…”

Ailyn: “I hav a suspicion based on the poem here that it was written to let any surviving Pathfinders get tools needed to access Delvehaven. You are correct in that these are Pathfinder artifacts. I guess I can only trust you to return them once you are done utilizing them. You will be rewarded of course for returning our lost items to us. Most importatnly though, if we are correct this could help the people of Westcrown, you and your friends.”

Melty: “We probably won’t take any shit if we find it, though. Unless it’s valuable shit. Like, I heard diamonds are actually made out of dragon poop that’s been subjected to intense heat and pressure.”

Zindal: “And for all your talk of robbing the other nobles in town I have yet to hear an actual plan for doing any of that… So until that materializes, I’m all for the job with actual terms of payment being given out.”

Loryc: “Well as with anything we’ve got to case the place, and well, I’ms ure they’ve got chimneys.”

Zindal: “Well, if you want to make the Pathfinders an ally, they’ll probably be more willing to help us if we retrieve their stuff… And they’re offering a reward on top of that. So…… yeah.”

Melty: “Yeah… I like these guys.”

  • Melty turns to Ailyn as if she forgot she was standing right there

Melty: “You guys.”

Ailyn: “I have told you all I can. The rest is in your hands. I’ll let you think about it. Just remember though. More is at stake here than just wealth. I really belive there is a connection between Delvehaven and the shadow plague.”

Melty: “You don’t seem so bad.”

Ailyn: “That scourge is what keeps the people under control. Without that rebellion could rise against Thrune.”

Melty: “Yeah, like… Most humans I’ve known would just wanna demolish all the houses here and burn ’em as a sacrifice to Asmodeus.”

Melty: “Well… A lot of them.”

Melty: “And I guess I haven’t really seen them talking about it, but they would if they weren’t such fucking hypocrites.”

  • Loryc ponders.

Zindal: “And whoever gets rid of the shadow plague is going to be really popular in the aftermath of that rebellion, yeah? Isn’t that how you get control of a government in the first place? Get really popular? Well, that or just kill everybody who opposes you, I guess…”

Loryc: “Well taht is true… Mina what do you think?”

Melty: “Yes! We’ll take over! Burn down everything and see how they like it! Kyahahahaha!”

  • Melty takes off and starts flying excitedly around her companions’ heads

Janiven: “That is what I and Arael are in this for. The Children were formed to help the people of Westcrown. We have been kept under the thumb long enough.”

Zindal: “Ehhh, let’s not burn everything… I mean, gotta keep the brothels and gambling houses at least.”

Loryc: (Sef you there?)

Janiven: “No, no Melty. If you burn everything down many innocent people will die, either in the flames or in the aftermath.”

Mina: “I don’t see why we can’t do both.”

Janiven: “You have a great power Melty, loryc, Zindal, Mina, Urso.”

Mina: “That is House Drovenge, and Delvehaven.”

Melty: “Aw, yeah, I know… I mean, yeah, I’m not seriously… I’m not saying we should do it, just it’d be poetic, you know?”

  • Janiven looks to each of you as the says your name.

Mina: “The later may help us secure our goals dealing with the second though.”

Mina: later with the first, i mean

Janiven: With great power though, comes great responsibility."

Janiven: ((haha, just had to work that one in there)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: “So you want to hit them both at the same time?”

  • Melty suddenly looks like she’s about to tear up with joy, flying over to land on Janiven’s shoulder and kind of awkwardly hug the side of her neck.

Zindal: “I like the sound of that.”

Zindal: “If we’re going to make money then let’s make all the money.”

Melty: “You noticed! You really noticed!~ In particular, I’m more powerful than all them put together!”

Loryc: (hehe)

  • Janiven turns to give Melty a little kiss.
  • Melty blushes deeply.

Mina: “Well, I suppose that may be possible, I mostly just meant, ending the cause of the shadows that stalk the streets will go a long way with the populace here, which will make taking care of the Drovenge all that much easier, well in theory.”

  • Loryc nods…

Mina: “But that’s alot of assumptions.”

Loryc: “Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it’ll be so easy to get rid of the shadow curse. It never is.”

Zindal: “Well, something tells me the Council of Thieves probably doesn’t have something so lofty in mind with their own interest in Delvehaven.”

Mina: “Yeah, it’s pretty much a gamble, I’d say. I guess the question is, is it worth the gamble?”

Melty: “You’re super nice, Miss Janiven! Not even just for a human~!”

Ailyn: “We need to find the source. if it is not in Delvehaven then I believe it will lead you to it.”

  • Melty has switched from being a little standoffish to sucking up

Mina: “I must admit I have some personal interests in Delvehaven, with the rumors of Mwangi artifacts.”

Loryc: “Knowing Mwangi artifacts, it’s probably going to be a mildly enchanted blowgun.”

Ailyn: “If you are not prepared for this though I understand. i’m sure it will be very dangerous and I do not want you to go if you do not feel you are up to it. You can’t be heroes if you are dead.”

  • Mina gives Loryc a lingering look, implying she knows and means more intended for him.

Ailyn: ((she is edging to goad your pride now… zindal….

Mina: ""Some of the tribes, have a fascination with blood rituals."

Zindal: (lol, I’m already in favor of investigating Delvehaven, Loryc is the holdout =P)

Mina: “And make sacrifices to certain Demon Lords.”

Melty: “Well, we can just kill ’em if we run into any, right?”

Loryc: “Well I suppose we can give it a look… though I can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about some dungeon of death.”

Ailyn: “So do you want me to continue on with Cutlass Cove?”

Zindal: “Oh, you mean you aren’t planning to just wait outside and let us handle it like last time?”

Ailyn: ((lol, knew that was coming))

Mina: “Also, supposedly one of the most fabeled treasure holds of all Golarion are rumored to rest there.”

Mina: “If something like that was found, and hidden away in Delvehaven.”

Urso: " that sound good to Urso "

Loryc: “Well the only reason i dd that was to give you a cover story at the banquet.”

Loryc: “Nobody even knew you left.”

Garrion: know local for basic Cutlass Cove info

Mina: “Zurakai.”

Mina: “A scion of Azlant.”

Loryc: “As fro this… well… it seems I can go with you, though I can’t say I’ll be of too mcuh help, my skills aren’t specialized at killing.”

Zindal: “That’s what you have me for, isn’t it? You do the wizard stuff, I stab things.”

Mina: "The most widely accepted theories are that the city is a pre-Earthfall colony of ancient Azlant, which might have survived the destruction of its parent empire, or a city established by followers of the ancient Azlanti queen and future demon lord Zura in the depths of the jungle. "

Mina: “Now, you want to talk about treasure.”

Mina: “It doesn’t get more teasure…y.”

Loryc: “Well I prefer to do the thief-stuff actually.”

Mina: “If someone saved us the nightmare of actually trapsing through the jungle and found things, and brought them back….”

Mina: "Now that would be “quite” interesting indeed."

Mina: “But, we shouldn’t decide what to do just based on some rumors and legends.”

Mina: “I’m just saying, I’m not adversed to doing this gig.”

Mina: “One more gamble, I suppose.”

  • Loryc shrugs.

Loryc: “Well then I guess we can do it if everyone else is on board.”

  • Mina shakes her head. “I’ve lived for over 311 years. I have patience.”

Mina: “The rest of you decide.”

Zindal: “Promise of treasure and some extra coin on the side? Of course I’m in.”

Garrion: know local?

Zindal: Don’t have it

Garrion: Mina or Loryc should

Melty: Is it part of Encyclopedist?

Garrion: i think so

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 16 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 4

Melty: Aw

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 9 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

  • Urso shrugs, " Urso not busy "

Mina: ←rolls Area Knowledge (Westcrown) and gets 15 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina FAILS by 4

Garrion: Loryc relates…..

Mina: ←rolls Current Affairs (West Crown) and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina FAILS by 1

Garrion: Cutlass Cove is located at the tip of the small peninsula east of Westcrown, about a quarter mile from Delvehaven and Rego Sacero’s eastern shoreline. A few small buildings dot the coast here, but for the most part Cutlass Cove is uninhabited, a site long used by smugglers, pirates, and others who need a convenient nearby but relatively isolated cove in which to conduct their illicit business. The rise of the House of Thrune and the strength of the Chelish navy in recent decades has seen such use of Cutlass Cove drop drastically.

Mina: not my night

Mina: too much wine

Zindal: “So we’re gonna need a boat… Unless one of you wizard types can get us out there somehow.”

Melty: (I doubt it but let me look at Teleport)

Loryc: (I got teleport)

Loryc: (or we can steal a boat)

Zindal: (Does it require you to have been to the place before?)

Loryc: “Lets steal one. That sounds like fun.”

Mina: “I agree.”

Melty: (Ah motherfucker, Teleport Other is a separate spell)

Garrion: you don;t need a boat… jumping ahead too much

Mina: “Sailing is nice.”

Loryc: “Maybe from House Drovenge.”

Mina: “Let’s make it a nice boat too Loryc.”

  • Mina smirks in agreement.

Mina: “Maybe we can even do the old false flag trick.”

Garrion: you can walk there from where you live

Mina: “Some shit happens, they’ll blame it on Drovenge.”

Zindal: Oh we can? lol

Garrion: look at Westcrown map….

Mina: still would rather sail :-p

Mina: mina is a azlanti, she likes the sea

Zindal: Oh, yeah that’s not far at all

Melty: (Teleport is interesting, the cost and skill penalty depend on your familiarity and also the distance)

Zindal: I thought it was going to be like across the bay or something

Garrion: “Here are the instructions…..”

Loryc: (lol yeah false flag would be awesome)

Mina: “Plus a ship would be nice to haul things back with.”

Ailyn: “Here are the instructions…..”

Mina: “What are we, fucking pack mules.”

Mina: “I say we take down everything that isn’t nailed down for once.”

Melty: (So if it’s within 10 yards it’s 3 FP, and at the other end 100-999.99 miles is 10 FP and -7 on your roll, and then another +1/-1 per 10x distance after that)

Melty: (Makes me wanna get Movement or Gate as my other “specialty” school >.> )

Ailyn: oops, i told you wrong place for the cove… it is a bit further south

Loryc: (stealing a ship sounds fun, so lets do that)

Mina: “Delvehaven was supposedly a museum.”

Zindal: lol

Mina: “If we’re going there, I say liberate the whole place.”

Mina: “That would really piss off the Hellknights.”

Mina: “Especially if we bring back a shipload of historical documents, and other artifacts.”

Ailyn: “The poem cipher instructs you to begin on a black-sand beach on the northeast shore of Wart Rock, the smallest of the three islands that shelter Cutlass Cove from the open water.”

Melty: “That sounds awesome, too! A museum would be cool.”

Urso: (cutlass cove on the westcrown area map?)

Ailyn: “the poem cipher indicates that the Wave Door is located 300 feet northeast, but the site requires a bit of searching and systematic activation of a wayfinder’s light.”

Loryc: “Well we mighgt as well stuff everything we can get in there, because I doubt w’ell get a chance to come back.”

Zindal: Heh, I don’t see it labeled anywhere

Ailyn: it is not marked but I pointed to it with cursor… i’ll show correction again

Loryc: lol guess I’ll just run a train of servants to load up everytthing.

Loryc: Since I won’t be helpng much with the combat prolly.

Zindal: That doesn’t really seem like an isolated pirate’s cove, lol

Zindal: There’s buildings right on top of it

  • Mina nods.

Ailyn: It used to be….

Zindal: Cutlass Cove is located at the tip of the small peninsula east of Westcrown, about a quarter mile from Delvehaven and Rego Sacero’s eastern shoreline. A few small buildings dot the coast here, but for the most part Cutlass Cove is uninhabited,

Zindal: It doesn’t sound like it’s even in Westcrown

Mina: “Give the people back some of their history, and maybe find a cause of the shadow beasts, and priceless treasures all in one. Sounds good.”

  • Loryc nods.

Ailyn: Rego Sacero is that section of town

Mina: “Only bummer is, it’s supposedly all creepy and dead, but what the hell, people say the same thing about me.”

Zindal: Well that sector goes all the way out to the end of that peninsula doesn’t it, so like a quarter mile east of that is out across the bay

Ailyn: and it on the shore… itis not like a cove for huge ships. it was a little smugglers cove

Mina: sorry i dont know why i used the word bummer lol must be channeling The Dude, in my sleep deprived state

Ailyn: thwey row in there with smuggled items

Mina: yeah so we steal a big ship, anchor it off shore, row ashore in smaller boat, and ferry back loot

Mina: then take off with a galleon full of phatz

Urso: ( right by Lorycs house?)

Ailyn: “Ok, here is the synopsis…..”

Ailyn: “1: The Wave Door is located in Cutlass Cove, above the waves of the cove itself and about 100 yards off the shore of the black sand beach on the northeast shore of the uninhabited island of Wart Rock. 2: The Wave Door can only be opened at night. 3: In order to open the Wave Door, someone must first activate a wayfinder to create light so that the light created falls upon the point in space above the water where the Wave Door is located. 4: Once the location is lit, someone (not necessarily the wayfinder user) must recite Delvehaven’s Oath, a vow taken by all Pathfinders when they join Delvehaven’s roster.”

Loryc: heh… well it’s only a quarter mile from the city, we’d have to dsiguse the ship somehow

Loryc: cause someone would probably see it lol.

Mina: we get someone to sail it out of sight, stay on board

Mina: and then come at a drop time?

Cedric is disconnected.

Mina: and we row back out to rendevous?

Mina: ie keep the big vessel far enough out to sea

Cedric has connected.

Mina: and just bring it in close to disembark/rendevous back with our small skiff

Ailyn: “I’m assuming none of you have a Wayfinder?”

Zindal: “What’s a Wayfinder?”

Loryc: “Damn… I left mine at home.”

Mina: mostly i just dont know nay other way short of us stealing a ship and using it to haul cargo

Mina: unless we just take what we can carry in our hands

Ailyn: “Most wayfinders are magical compasses used by the Pathfinder Society—they help avoid becoming lost and can be commanded to emit light.”

Mina: hell we could always sink the bastard and use a sunker wreck as our hiding spot for all that loot

Cedric: " Urso no get lost "

Loryc: can anyone breathe underwater?

Mina: good luck hellknights playing salvage divers

Mina: i was planning on taking some water spells

Loryc: well I mean they probably got a mage who can let them breathe underwater. I dunno

  • Zindal shakes his head

Mina: yeah but i dont figure theyd expect soemone to be crazy enough to sink their own ship full of loot as a hiding spot

Loryc: Though I doubt they’d go looking in a shipwreck

Melty: Water Breathing is on my short list

Ailyn: “Well you will need the light it produces to activate the Wave Door. Here you can borrow mine. Don;t get killed cause I want it back.” she smirks

Loryc: Yeah… like they’d expect we loooted it then sank it

Loryc: as opposed to loaded it with treasure, then sank it

Mina: right

Mina: maybe get a merchant ship, so it looks like we knocked the ship off for its valuables, then sank it

Mina: or something valuable

Mina: that looks like the intended target

Loryc: yeah.

Mina: ie make it look like some pirates jacked some ship with some valuables, then maybe sank it

Loryc: I’m sure some noble house has some mercahnt ships.

Loryc: well if we stole it out of the harbor they probably won’t suspect pirates.

Loryc: Unless they’re super ballsy pirates.

Mina: yeah how to get the ship is the question

Mina: inside job approach?

Garrion: ok, i’ve lost the point of the ship conversation with the other stuff i was workign on…. you want to hijack a ship?

Mina: we want a ship, so when we hit delvehaven, we have a floating treasure chest

Mina: to fill up

Mina: instead of just carrying a sword or gem or two out in our bare hands

Mina: we wanna clean out the whole damn museum

Garrion: You have Loryc’s mansion.. sure he has plenty of room.

Zindal: Still gotta be able to carry all the shit there, lol

Mina: then sink it with treasure on board, as the hiding spot

Loryc: yeah mostly it was just like if we’re gonna clean it out, we want someway to carry all the stuff out (and store it for transport)

Garrion: ok, you still have to transport to ship too… either way is talking logistics

Mina: we’ll shuttle skiffs from the shore to galleon or whatever

Mina: say get like 2 small skiffs or something

Garrion: hehe, galleon, you setting eyes big.. i think a schooner is more likely

Zindal: Heh, might be easier to just teleport back and forth

Zindal: Your house is nearby

Mina: well i just meant “bigger ship”

Mina: i dont really care

Mina: doesnt have to literally be a galleon

Urso: ( can Melty just teleport it out?)

Mina: how far away is delvehaven from the beach is the other question?

Garrion: i thought you wanted to be blackbeard with a galleon with 3 banks of cannon per side

Mina: we might wanna bring some horses

Zindal: It looks like it’s right on the shore

Mina: good then

Zindal: #38 on the mpa

Zindal: map*

Mina: ah yeah i was looking everywhere for it

Mina: yeah pretty good spot

Zindal: The problem though is I’m wondering if parking a ship off the coast next to it is going to attract attention

Mina: well i figured we will have someone on board

Mina: and sail the ship out of sight of land

Mina: and rendenvous back with us

Mina: drop us off, then come back

Ailyn: “Now the final piece is the Pathfinder oath. You must memorize this as part of the entry key.”

  • Ailyn recites the oath…..

Urso: ( ship means more people)

Loryc: “Well Melty should be good at this.”

Ailyn: “Here is my Wayfinder.”

Zindal: Honestly I think a ship is too complicated for this, just get Loryc and Melty to save a few FP for teleport spells, lol

Loryc: (Yeah the big problem with the ship I figure is that it’s only like 1/4 of a mile from the city… so it’s gonna be hard to hide that)

  • Ailyn hands the device to whoever reaches out for it

Loryc: (if it was farther away, it’d probably be a lot easier, kinda tough if they can see us from the higher buildings in the city)

  • Zindal takes the Wayfinder from Ailyn

Urso: ( can Melty just teleport out chests?)

Melty: (Checking)

Mina: what about weather cover?

Mina: fog banks, wait for a stormy nigth etc

Loryc: (I got tlepeort too now, I guess I could check to see if I could get some kinda portal spell

Mina: timing might help in that regard

Ailyn: today it has been overcast and drizzly all day

Loryc: (and we could just toss em through a portal, I mean the idstance aint far so I could teleport to my house or something)

Mina: or on a new moon maybe

Melty: (With just Teleport I can only take stuff I can carry on my person, up to Heavy encumbrance)

Loryc: Yeah if we got fog actually… we might be able to hide the ship.

Zindal: Now you’re thinking with portals!

Ailyn: “I’ll leave you to making your plans. Come see me if you need any further help.”

Melty: (I’m really starting to think my other specialty should be either Protection or Gate :3 )

  • Ailyn heads back up the stairs….
  • Janiven follows her up the sstairs.

Loryc: I’d probably not bother speccing in gate, I mean I took some teleportation (mostly for blink cause I needed a defense)

Mina: a museum sounds too valuable to not clean out, considering how the hellknights are nazi, burning books and everything

Loryc: Protection seems more universlaly useful I mean it ain’t like you’ll be able to teleport with much anyway, being a fairy.

Mina: history books might be worth more than their weight in gemstones here

Loryc: yeah I mean we got the extradimensional shit too, not sure how mcuh that holds, but a portal would be ideal.

Loryc: since it’s a short distance, so I’ll have to check that out

Zindal: Yeah I’m all for cleaning the place out, I’m just saying that stealing a ship and keeping it hidden from the authorities is going to be too much trouble to bother with for a job like this when we can just teleport everything like half a mile away and be fine, lol

Urso: (probably good place to stop and make plans on the forums?)

Mina: i hate magicking everything lol

Zindal: Actually the group house is even closer to the place than Zindal’s house

Mina: its like if robbin hood spammed knock :-p

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: Heh, no point making it harder than it has to be =P

Urso: ( we can always rent a place closer if need be?)

Zindal: Plus with stealing a ship you have to worry about the authorities looking for it and then there’s the fact that none of us has any skills in sailing

Mina: plus i just like formenting chaos as well

Zindal: And also I’m guessing we’re going to need a larger crew than just us

Zindal: If it’s a ship big enough to hold a museum worth of stuff

Loryc: I got servants… though I’d have to pick up sailing skill.

Mina: anything to get all these greedy bastards thinking the other is up to something

Loryc: So I can teach em how to run a ship.

Zindal: It just sounds like a big logistical headache, lol

Janiven: ok, you all want to call it here while you develop your plans?

Loryc: lol yeah, I mean mostly it’s just for the fun of stealing a ship.

Loryc: Yeah might as well call it here.

Zindal: I mean if it was just wrecking some shit and making people think someone else did it then yeah that’s cool, let’s do that, but trying to actually keep the ship and use it in our heist is going to be a pain in the ass

Loryc: THough it’s kinda tough if it’s only 1/4 mile from the city.

Loryc: I mean if we could steal it quietly it’d be okay probably.

Mina: why not sail out beyond land sight?

Mina: and relay message with your communication spell

Mina: to arrange pickup

Janiven: ok, talk about your logistical plans and decide what route you going with. before delvehaven thouigh you need to look into the other things.. unless you want to go in unprepared

Loryc: So I stay with the ship and bring it in when you guys are ready to ffload treasure?

Zindal: Well then you have to teleport the shit out even farther than you would just teleporting it straight to Loryc’s place, lol

Mina: yeah something like that

Zindal: Or if you’re bringing the ship in to shore you have to worry about the authorities spotting it or just any random opportunists that might come along

Mina: i thought the point of the ship was also as a storage medium by sinking it full of valuables

Mina: so they dont just raid one of our houses etc

Zindal: Like hey what’s this ship doing over at Delvehaven, who are those guys standing on the shore with all this shit, let’s go check that out

Garrion: do you really want to sink libraries of books?

Mina: we cant fence 300 years of museum loot through Tony down the street

Mina: not the books

Loryc: heh, yeah I mean if itw asn’t a foggy weather… it’d be easy to spot aship from 1/4 mile away.

Mina: but pretty much anything else

Loryc: and yeah I dunno if we’d want to sink books.

Zindal: Yeah that’s another thing, not all this treasure is going to be water resistant

Zindal: So we’re already having to split it up

Garrion: i thought you were handing it over to the Pathfinders?

Garrion: you gonna double cross them?

Zindal: We’re just trying to figure out how to get it out of Delvehaven right now, lol

Zindal: I’m all in favor of quick and simple

Zindal: i.e. teleport

Mina: alright, well whatever, i’ll let yall decide, im not great master planner

Melty: Purr~

Garrion: ok, well you debate it.. i’m gonna go get some sleep, hehe

Melty: I’ll see what kinda magic I can come up with in my studies~

Loryc: yeah I mean I’ll have to see the transportation spells

Urso: ok, later

Mina: we gotta worry about hiding too after stealing it

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: be sure to read the list of missing Pathfinders… you can look in log if needed…..

Mina: and it getting repossesed

Garrion: Mayor Vheed— Presented below is what I have been able to piece together regarding the Pathfinders who escaped notice after they sealed Delvehaven during the initial riots in the pre-Thrune unpleasantness. After the passage of seventy-some years, it would seem likely that only Sivanshin still lives, and if you wish, I can send my agents north to Nidal to attempt to find him. The use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided we can find their remains, of course. I am happy to report that I’ve made some progress in that area. 1. Donatalus Bisby: Leader of Amber Privateers and one of only two survivors of a journey to darkest Mwangi—he has firsthand knowledge of at least one magical artifact that could well serve our needs for control. It would seem Bisby was sealed inside one of Delvehaven’s lower vaults as the others fled, but I’m unclear if this was a voluntary sacrifice. 2. Ilnerik Sivanshin: Bisby’s chronicler, a half-elf, Sivanshin fled Westcrown a week before Aroden’s Fall. Evidence suggests he fled north, toward Nidal, and with a stolen relic. 3. Coriana Heavenscape: A Westcrown native and, if rumor is to be believed, an aasimar, Coriana remained in Westcrown and organized the Father’s Bulwark, one of many groups of rebels glorious Thrune smashed in the pursuit of establishing order. She was slain and her remains collected by the Sisters of Eiseth—I’ve got them sifting through their holdings in an attempt to find her. 4. Loremaster Liriam: Delvehaven’s master of lore—no other would know more about the vaults below. Alas, no evidence of his survival has surfaced—like Bisby, his remains might still lie within Delvehaven. I do suspect he was the author of “Cugny’s Wedding,” and if so, your suspicion that it is a cipher may well be correct. 5. Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin: Aiger was certainly the one who ordered the sealing of Delvehaven. My early research indicated that he planned on fleeing Cheliax for Absalom, but further investigation revealed this to be false. He remained in Westcrown and fought alongside Coriana in the Father’s Bulwark, but was laid low by a Thrune wizard who petrified him and then smashed the resulting statue. Scuttlebutt among the blood bookie circuit is that the remains of the man’s petrified body have been in the possession of one of the lesser noble houses involved in bloodsport, but I’ve not yet determined which family (I suspect the Luccas). These filthy has-been nobles play well enough when faced with Thrunish agents, but without the direct aid of your allies, master, I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn more…

Mina: i dont really like the idea of having a city fortune of historical shit just in one of our houses

Zindal: The house is just a temporary holding point

Zindal: We’re supposedly turning all the shit over to the Pathfinders anyway so we just arrange with them to come get it later

Mina: whatever, they’re a bunch of nerds from a guild from absalom, this is MY city :-p

Garrion: Maybe share plan with Ailyn? Perhaps she has a ship you can stash on for her to transport out of Cheliax and back to Absalom?

Zindal: Heh, maybe, I mean she’s here “unofficially” so I don’t know what resources she has

Zindal: But yeah if we could just transfer the stuff directly to her that saves us the trouble

Loryc: hehe

Zindal: Assuming we really do want to give it all back to the Pathfinders and not keep any juicy bits for ourselves

Mina: im trying to restore westcrown, not just pilfer its coffers

Garrion: if you do you just take it someplace else

Mina: so i dont really necessarily like the idea of just giving them all westcrowns artifacts

Loryc: Yeah Loryc is a thief with a conscience, really the only reason he’s doing this is cause it might stop the Shadow creatures, otherwise he’s not that interested.

Zindal: Well they’re Pathfinder artifacts in the first place, lol

Zindal: It’s their lodge

Garrion: well they are not Westcorwns

Zindal: And their stuff that they recovered from elsewhere

Mina: finders keepers!

Garrion: they are the pathfinders. The Pathfinders find worldwide artifacts and Westcrown happened to be one of their largest lodges, till the death of Aroden

Zindal: Yeah so there’s treasure from like all over Golarion in there potentially

Zindal: Not just Westcrown shit

Mina: yeah and thus likely has alot of west crown historical items, and maybe records which have been whiped by the hellknights

Mina: thats is my main interest

Mina: west crown related material

Zindal: Well we can segregate that stuff out if we find anything like that

Zindal: They have no clue what’s left in there since they haven’t been inside the place in however long

Zindal: So we just hand them the stuff we don’t want to keep

Zindal: And then we take their money and their gratitude

Melty: :3

Garrion: Ok, i’m heading out. have a good night.

Garrion: will leave up and save log in morning.

Session 28

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