Session 35

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Tabris has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Tabris: There we go

Cedric: yup

Garrion: ok, cedric, your vote was kinda ambiguous, i’m tallying up everything for sachi and once brice connects and ranks it will be complete…. Supers and Dark Souls seemed to be upper end, Transhuman in the middle, then the last 3 were delta green, red queen and crossfire

Tabris: lol Dark Souls seemed pretty near the bottom the way I was counting it

Garrion: can you be a bit more specific since score counts

Urso: ya, first three are in order, the rest.. about the same preference

Garrion: "Doing the super hero thing might be interesting, I have never done anything like that before. Dark souls sounds fun, never been undead before…. for once Sef won’t be the only one. Space one is ok I guess, we did one a while back with T that was decent. other two, would just put a tie for last. "

Urso: thinking what we taking about was my votes

Garrion: we were Cedric

Tabris: So basically you’re saying the way Sachi listed them is basically the way you’re voting?

Urso: 1 super, 2 dark, 3 space.. all else tied for 6

Tabris: Ah, heh, that makes more sense

Tabris: How are you ranking these G? I was looking at doing it where top choice is 6 points, second choice is 5 points, etc

Garrion: well 6th places gives a score of zero

Garrion: i’m doung it 0-5

Tabris: Ah okay

Garrion: same difference

Tabris: Yeah pretty much

Garrion: can you give any preference at all to last 3?

Urso: guess western 4 for me, then green 5 and other one 6

Garrion: otherwise i’ll just ok

Tabris: I really do want to play the superhero game again lol, it was a lot of fun when we did it before

Garrion: ok, now just brice…. it is a close race

Tabris: Didn’t he say he wasn’t going to be here this weekend?

Urso: I never had, pretty much the way I made my choices was stuff I never done before

Garrion: not sure

Garrion: i know i was gone last week so not sure about this week

Tabris: And I’m gonna be gone next week btw

Garrion: ok

Urso: next week is 4th of July, probably best to cancel it?

Tabris: Yeah otherwise T will whine about how the Terminator is MIA

Urso: well 4th of July weekend, 4th is actually saturday

Garrion: i was thinking same… 4th is saturday so Thursday should be ok… we can play it by ear and see who all is going to be out

Sachi has connected.

Garrion: hello sachi

Sachi: Hihi!

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: i have the preleminary scores all tallied for you… just waiting on brice’s vote to be complete

Sachi: Awesome, thanks!

Tabris: What are the scores as of right now?

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: well that is top secret.. it could skew the final results, haha

Tabris: lol

Garrion: so far it is…..

Garrion: Transhuman, Supers, Crossfire, Delta Green, and a tie for Dark Souls and Red Queen

Sefiros has connected.

Sachi: Purr~

Sefiros: Herro

Sachi: Hiya Sef!

Urso: hey

Sachi: Heya Urso!

Sefiros: hey ced

Sefiros: i was thinking of your old char, Suldanahar, what was he class/race wise? Elf what swordsage? shadow lord?

Sefiros: was reading some of the old games

Tabris: Yeah Swordsage I think

Sefiros: it was the one where elemar got his leg chopped off and had the death timer thing on him from the demon lord

Tabris: lol

Urso: um, ya rogue 1/ swordsage whatever

Sefiros: and while yall are distracted with some invis enemy, Sed TK’ed the only elixir, we had found and high tailed it away

Sefiros: was my only decent heist :-p

Tabris: Oh yeah, I remember that part, lol

Sefiros: then Ced had to track me down

Sefiros: tho i did somehow manage to escape

Urso: that when we went to some alternate world where sef was king?

Sefiros: dimension doored away, then backtracked invis and flying on my tracks or something, he was hard to get away from with all his powers

Tabris: Roleplaying the tyrant sword was pretty awesome

Sefiros: think he could track by scent or something too couldnt you?

Sefiros: Ced

Sachi: So was Asha~

Urso: um, something likke that

Sefiros: nah that was the point where we split into 2 groups for a bit

Urso: think one of my stances gave me scent

Sefiros: the truth gods guys, and Sef’s rebel gang with tab and sachi

Sefiros: true*

Tabris: Yeah there was a stance that would give it to you

Sefiros: was you and aidrien and who else?

Urso: not sure

Sefiros: the slayer of worlds, i remmber everyone nagging you about that

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: with your other char

Urso: heh, that my archer Eerdorr

Sefiros: Errodori

Urso: i

Sefiros: yeah

Sefiros: him

Urso: he was awesome

Sefiros: i liked suld better

Sachi: Lyrica is still my favorite PC I’ve ever played

Urso: had like 7 or 8 attacks per round

Sefiros: did you ever learn who those shadowy organization dudes where in your vision?

Tabris: Siege Tabris was badass, ubercharge ftw

Sefiros: like some kind of thieves guild big whigs or something?

Urso: don’t remember

Urso: unfortunately when my comp died, I lost most of that stuff

Sefiros: yeah T needs to run an old school yurath game before we die once

Sefiros: we’re getting old

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: let G get in on beng tortured for a while

Sefiros: he didnt stay long before

Sefiros: and jumped in too near the end

Sefiros: so he couldnt understand shit

Garrion: yeah, i was pretty confused

Sefiros: seems like Ts games, you kinda gotta be at the begining or it gets fucked as a char :-p

Tabris: lol yeah

Sachi: I barely understood what was going on myself

Sachi: In the Yurath game

Sefiros: haha yeah i can imagine

Sefiros: i didnt either really

Garrion: that was a 4e game wasn’t it.. were testing the system out?

Tabris: We did a brief run of it but what we played mostly was T’s own custom version of 3.5

Garrion: seems i was testing out the 4e rogue

Sefiros: was it? i thought you played a 3e ranger/psion multiclass too

Tabris: Yeah he did

Garrion: very possible, that was my second thought

Sefiros: it was around the time we were fuckin with the mother-ites

Sefiros: if i recall

Tabris: We were basically playing 3.T

Tabris: Yeah the Mother bastards were mindhacking us

Garrion: psi-warrior ranger

Sefiros: yurath would be pretty good with M&M too id think

Sefiros: if we ever resume aylanae

Sefiros: i think im just gonna make a one armed black haired/golden eye dude, be dug up like the thing on ssthyien for my next char

Garrion: so what is better for supers, M&M or FATE?

Tabris: lol

Tabris: Well we did it in M&M before

Sefiros: either can do it, tho M&M better id say

Tabris: It worked out pretty well, but I think FATE would be really good for it too

Sachi: I wanted to try FATE though cause it’s the new cool thing for me

Sefiros: unless you’re like batman lvl super heroes

Sefiros: and not the x-men or avengers

Urso: which has best mechanics for the super powers?

Sefiros: M&M

Sachi: Like, if you wanna do numbers and get specific it’s M&M

Tabris: M&M is a little more detailed

Tabris: FATE lets you be very general and flexible

Sefiros: fate would be ok do to like daredevil, elektra, batman etc

Urso: I know nothing of either, so guess doesn’t matter to me

Sefiros: but i wouldnt try playing the avengers or something with it

Garrion: haha, same here

Garrion: very little familiarity

Tabris: I’m going to be reprising the role of my idol singer magical girl

Sachi: But that game has always been kinda more I dunno, narrative-based or something? I’d been just making shit up as I went

Urso: guess depends how powerful we are, or get to become

Tabris: Because she’s awesome

Sachi: Tab you should do it no matter what campaign we do

Tabris: lol

Sefiros: its more a comedy game Ced

Sachi: Even if it’s the Dark Souls one

Sachi: You gotta make it work

Sefiros: yall need to explain better to him prolly

Sachi: This I command

Tabris: Haha

Sefiros: he might be thinking of frank miller :-p

Tabris: Yeah it’s not gritty and dark, it’s very lighthearted and off the wall comedy type shctick

Garrion: yeah, even in transhuman space you can be an idol singer with magic tricks

Sefiros: more deadpool or something meets power puff girls

Urso: so old tv batman?

Tabris: Ehhh kinda

Tabris: Basically, in the last game

Tabris: I played an idol singer named Yuki-chan, who had a magical locket that let her become an ice based magical girl

Tabris: And T was a genius scientist type who used some superprocessor in his brain to basically do alchemy

Sefiros: i would play an actual supers game where we got to play a super hero as well, like dc or marvel

Tabris: And we went back and forth between aliens, government conspiracies, actual angels from Heaven, a trip to Hell, and so on

Sefiros: ive always wanted to try that

Urso: well if we do it, think my guy is gonna be like a master of controlling energy

Sefiros: i got dibs on gumbo

Sefiros: as a one shot or something

Tabris: lol

Sachi: I could kinda do an X-Men game but I don’t read a lot of comics so I’d just be making up a bunch of shit and calling it an alternate universe

Sefiros: yeah well thats what i meant

Garrion: i don;t even know what options are available in FATE, guess I’ll do some reading if the votes swing that way

Tabris: It’s pretty much wide open

Tabris: There aren’t any defined classes or anything

Tabris: Very rules lite

Sefiros: can lurk sat for our game

Sefiros: to see it in action

Garrion: so what determines “powers”

Sefiros: adjectives

Sefiros: literally

Sefiros: :-p

Tabris: lol yeah

Tabris: You have these things called Aspects

Tabris: Which are like the things that define your character

Sefiros: you have to like deprogram your brain to get it

Sefiros: it had me scratching my head at first

Tabris: And as situations come up in play you can invoke one of your Aspects where it applies

Tabris: There’s also a skill pyramid

Tabris: And there are Stunts, which are like special tricks you can do

Garrion: so i could use the adjective “Sponge” and absorb powers?

Tabris: It’s slightly more complicated than that

Tabris: Really you just have to read the rulebook and see it in action a bit

Sefiros: fabian cortez? or sebastian shaw?

Sefiros: or bishop

Garrion: ok, well who we missing

Tabris: T and Tristan

Urso: well lets wait to see what is chosen

Sefiros: i think i may actually like the western idea a tad better than transhuman actually

Sefiros: it was hard between those two

Sachi: Yeah, the dice in FATE are kinda weird too, it’s like half of GURPS

Sachi: It’s not too bad

Sachi: Oooo

Sefiros: i like the idea of a half-breed shaman/gunslinger in homage to the western half-indian type

Sefiros: trope

Sachi: Hehe, sweet

Sefiros: transhuman matters more on what the specific premise is

Sefiros: so kinda need to know more about it

Sefiros: tho i was kinda thinking an old fashioned no enhancments or bio or cyber, grognard

Tabris: Yeah, I was thinking of doing the android character I had in one of T’s games before if we do Transhuman, though thinking about it now I could totally be Yuki-chan…

Sefiros: who’s sort of an indian jones type

Sefiros: indiana

Garrion: well like ly post stated.. the options with THS vary greatly

Sefiros: meets captain jack

Sefiros: from doctor who

Sefiros: so he’s pure human, but will sleep with a tentacle beast, or ai toaster

Tabris: The problem with it being GURPS though is having enough points to fit your character ideal

Sachi: If I was a PC in Transhuman I would absolutely wanna be an infomorph

Garrion: well that depends on power level Sachi sets

Sachi: Yeah

Sefiros: i always wanted to run a game in that setting

Garrion: and how “modded” she wants to let us be

Sefiros: tho no way i could run gurps

Garrion: just keep in mind that biotech is purchased with money, not points

Sefiros: well it may be there aint even humans at this point

Sefiros: we dunno the details

Garrion: so in THS you can get cool power-like stuff that is actually purchased tech

Sefiros: normal humans might have essentially went extinct

Sefiros: with only transhuman descendants

Sefiros: both bio and mechanical and cyber

Tabris: Yeah there’s this new anime movie I kinda want to check out called Expelled from Paradise

Tabris: Where basically all of humanity has transitioned to a cyber collective with minds stored electronically

Sefiros: or breed out of existence with mixing with metas et

Sachi: That sounds kinda awesome

Tabris: And only a select few people are downloaded into bodies when needed

Sefiros: theres a short stort like that

Sefiros: about a whole world covered in this grass

Sefiros: and its basically a bio version of that machinery

Sefiros: and gazillions of minds living in this giant grass planet

Sefiros: forget the name

Garrion: anyone here from T?


Garrion: hear

Sefiros: An in depth analysis of the sounds produced by the whisperweed as it waved in the virtually continuous breezes of the planet revealed a set of complex, ever-changing waveforms overlayed on a stable base of repeating tones. In addition, the sounds generated by one group of whisperweed seemed to affect how another part would bend in the wind and therefore the sounds it would produce. Further analysis revealed a remarkable fact. The whisperweed covered plains are in fact a gigantic biocomputer containing the uploaded minds of an estimated 5 billion intelligent beings in a virtual world. Instead of using electromagnetic signals to generate the programs that contain the minds and world of the inhabitants, the whisperweed uses sound waves generated by its own motion in the winds. The resulting virtual existence operates much more slowly than that created electromagnetically in a terragens computer matrix but is tremendously stable and resistant to damage or disruption. It is presumed that the terraformers of Whisper are the inhabitants of its sonic virchworld. The reasons for their unique method of uploading themselves into virtual reality, or their present state after millions of years of existence within it are unknown. The whisperweed has been shown to be sensitive to sound produced by its fellow plants, but appears completely unaffected by any other stimuli. This would seem to indicate that the inhabitants of the Whisper network are totally cut off from the external world and may be complete solipsists. For this reason, no attempt at communications with them has yet been made although several petitions to do so are currently being considered by the local hyperturing review board.

Sachi: I haven’t heard from him ; ;

Sefiros: sounds GoT old gods and weirwoods

Sachi: Like I talked to him earlier today and he didn’t say anything about not being here

Garrion: well he is online in IM, but no reply to msg

Sefiros: said he was prolly gonna just guard the door or something

Sefiros: last i talked to him

Garrion: ok, well let’s move on i guess

Tabris: lol yeah, he’s being his usual whiny self about not being any good in combat

Sefiros: what map we on?

Garrion: last session Mina and Urso kinda hung back, now Loryc and Tristan will fade back

Garrion: Delvehaven Cellar

Sefiros: can someone give me a basic recap?

Urso: ya, me too

Sachi: Oh yay

Garrion: someone do the recap while i pull everything up

Tabris: Uhhh, we fought a triceratops skeleton, and then some more Shadow Mastiffs

Tabris: Explored around the ground floor, didn’t find much

Cedric: really? cool

Tabris: Eventually found steps going down to the basement

Sachi: Yeah, we also found a mysterious altar in like the courtyard

Tabris: Yeah there was that too

Urso: where are we at?

Tabris: Just went down to the basement

Urso: place those dead folks told us to go?

Tabris: Yeah

Tabris: Delvehaven

Tabris: Looking for some artifact that whoever is in league with the Drovenges doesn’t want us to find

Tabris: Supposedly it may be the key to ending the shadow plague thing

Tabris: Or something

Garrion: ok, i’m all set.. need me to fill in any blanks?

Urso: don’t know

Tabris: I’m directing T’s summoned servant around and using him as a trap springer and door opener

Melty: Ummmm… Yeah, did we find anything else important?

Tabris: I don’t really remember finding much that was important

Melty: Other than the magical mystery altar?

Garrion: ok, you got control of him?

Tabris: Yeah I do

Garrion: ok

Urso: (heh, Urso backs up )

Garrion: ok, you have just descended some stairs and go down to a floor below

Urso: ( light spell on my shield or what we doing?)

Garrion: the hall here is straight and dark, a door is on the north wall and there seems to be an intersection ahead

Zindal: I got light on my sword I think, or something like that

Zindal: Somebody else had light too, I forget who

Urso: (ok, as long as someone has something)

Garrion: Zindal has a light spell on him

Garrion: Melty has Dark Vision

Zindal: “Dunric, open that door.”

Melty: Yep yep

Garrion: The servant follows your orders…..

Sefiros: brb bio

Zindal: “See what’s inside.”

Garrion: the door swings open

Garrion: “It is dark.”

Garrion: nm, you moved

Zindal: Need to give him light, lol

Garrion: The walls of this room are decorated with hundreds of mostly smashed glass display cases that seem to have once contained thousands of insects, spiders, and other arthropods. Yet more impressive are the larger, giantsized vermin that have been preserved and are on display. Dog-sized ants, man-sized spiders, and even a horse-sized scorpion are mounted in threatening postures, although in each case, the immense preserved monster is badly damaged and, in some cases, in pieces.

Zindal: “Hm… Bugs…”

Urso: " experiments?"

Garrion: there is a door on the far wall…..

  • Urso pokes a couple of things with his axe.
  • Melty shivers a little as she flutters past myriad corpses of creatures close to her size…

Zindal: “Dunric, open the door over there.”

Garrion: As you walk aroud the room roll Will…..

Zindal: Oh goody

Garrion: actually cancel that

Garrion: instead roll Perception

Zindal: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 5

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 1

Garrion: Zindal, you feel a sudden pang of hunger…. it is true you have not eaten since breakfast but you should not be hungry yet

Garrion: 10

  • Zindal frowns…

Garrion: The others have no such warning…..

Sefiros: back

Mina: “Eww….Gross.”

  • Mina looks around the room with a shriveled nose.

Melty: Oh dear…

Garrion: The hundreds of vermin in the room suddenly lurch into violent life as phantasmal legs, wings, and heads reattach in a single sudden storm of hungry ghost bugs. An instant later, the verminous storm collapses on itself in a cannibalistic orgy, the phantasmal creatures tearing themselves apart and feeding on each other. As the storm of ghostly bugs flies and crawls through your bodies, leaving behind hideous wounds that look like bite marks left by decidedly human teeth, each of you suddenly feels himself growing fuller, as if your bellies were distending with flesh chewed from the bodies of your friends.

Zindal: “What the…”

  • Zindal backs out of the room

Mina: “Next….”

Garrion: You tkae 20 mental strain (FP) from the ordeal.

  • Mina looks pale."

Zindal: Uhh, holy shit

Zindal: Well time to rest, I’m at -8 FP

Garrion: jeesh…..

Mina: everyone?

Garrion: rthat was a damn big roll

Mina: or just tab? confused

Garrion: everyone….. only tab has any sort of forewarning that something odd was about to happen

Zindal: No save for this?

Mina: not sure how many FP i have lemme see

Mina: im at -12, she’s in torpor

Melty: receives -20 fatigue, and now has -10 FP: at half move.

Garrion: no, no save.. it is automatic

Mina: thats a masquerade joke

Zindal: lol, looks like we just got hit with a TPK then if we all fall unconscious in the room full of gnawing ghost bugs

Mina: apparnetly adventurers taste like turkey!

Melty: “What the hell?!”

Garrion: actually, i will allow a will check at -5 to reduce by half

Zindal: lol geez, -5

Mina: im still out

Zindal: ←rolls Will and gets 8 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Melty: ←rolls Will and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -5)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: Whoa, awesome

Zindal: Well I’m conscious at least

Melty: woooo

Melty: regains 10 fatigue, and now has 0 FP: at half move.

Zindal: receives -10 fatigue, and now has 2 FP: at half move.

  • Zindal staggers out of the room, cursing

Mina: ←rolls Will and gets 7 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -5)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 1

Zindal: I’m assuming Dunric is just toast

Garrion: Dunric… 12

  • Melty slowly flutters to the ground…

Melty: “H-h-hey… C-can you… P-pick me up… H-hey…”

Mina: im still at -2

Garrion: yeah, he is down….

  • Mina slups against the wall, her face growing even paler than usual.

Cedric has connected.

Melty: I’m at exactly 0

Garrion: now this is the first FP damage we have dealt with…..

Zindal: Roll a save or die for Will at -5 Cedric

Mina: “B….lood…..” her eyes roll

Melty: II gotta make a Will roll to do anything besides talk or rest

Urso: this vs magic?

Zindal: Not sure

Urso: my resistance help?

Zindal: Apparently all the dead bugs in this room came to life and gnawed the shit out of us

Melty: ←rolls Will and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: For FP damage

Garrion: it is not magic

Garrion: it is something different

  • Melty flutters out of the room…

Garrion: supernatural but not magic

Urso: ←rolls Will and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Urso FAILS by 5

Garrion: it is not real.. all in your mind

Zindal: Yeah you’re boned, take 20 FP damage

  • Melty collapses on top of Zindal

Garrion: hence the FP instead of HP

Urso: regains 20 fatigue, and now has 14 FP.

Urso: receives -20 fatigue, and now has -6 FP: at half move.

Garrion: 0 FP or less – You are on the verge of collapse. If you suffer further fatigue, each FP you lose also causes 1 HP of injury. Thus, fatigue from starvation, dehydration, etc. will eventually kill you – and you can work yourself to death! To do anything besides talk or rest, you must make a Will roll; in combat, roll before each maneuver other than Do Nothing. On a success, you can act normally. You can use FP to cast spells, etc., and if you are drowning, you can continue to struggle, but you suffer the usual 1 HP per FP lost. On a failure, you collapse, incapacitated, and can do nothing until you recover to positive FP. On a critical failure, make an immediate HT roll. If you fail, you suffer a heart attack; see Mortal Conditions (p. 429).

Mina: i need a snack

Mina: about 6hp of snack

Zindal: lol so negative FP does do HP damage

Garrion: yes, as it starts to take a toll on your physical body

Mina: receives -10 fatigue, and now has -2 FP: at half move.

  • Urso staggers about," what happen?"

Taragnor has connected.

Mina: is reduced 2 HP, and now has 18 HP: at half move.

Garrion: yay, taragnor is here

Zindal: Looks like you get a will roll to stay conscious Sef

Taragnor: heh sorry I’m late. got tied up with some unexpected stuff.

Garrion: -1¥FP – You fall unconscious. While unconscious, you recover lost FP at the same rate as for normal rest. You awaken when you reach positive FP. Your FP can never fall below this level. After this stage, any FP cost comes off your HP instead!

Zindal: Oh, never mind, lol

Zindal: So basically set your FP to -1 and the difference comes off HP

Mina: do i need a roll or not?

Mina: regains 1 fatigue, and now has -1 FP: at half move.

Zindal: I think the roll is only if you’re at exactly 0

Mina: is reduced 1 HP, and now has 17 HP: at half move.

Garrion: no, anywhere between 0 and -1xFP

Mina: high pain tolerance matter any?

Melty: Hiya T!

Mina: ok so what values should i bet at then?

Garrion: you only roll if you do anything more than talk or rest

Mina: i had 8 fp, took 10 dmg

Mina: and was at 20 health prior

Zindal: Oh wait, I was misreading it

Mina: so -1fp, and 17 hp?

Zindal: If you’re at negative your full FP then after THAT you take HP damage

Zindal: And you can make will to stay conscious until you get to that point

Mina: so what should my value for FP and HP be set at?

Garrion: you take full FP damage (-20 or -10 if you saved), but also take -1 HP per FP below 0 you are

Mina: it was 8/20 prior

Mina: i saved

Zindal: No it says -1xFP, you have to be at negative your full FP before you start taking HP damage

Zindal: Wait no, sorry

Zindal: Damn this shit is worded confusing

Zindal: They repeat the same thing twice

Garrion: 0 FP or less – You are on the verge of collapse. If you suffer further fatigue, each FP you lose also causes 1 HP of injury.

Melty: Yeah x.x

Mina: receives -1 fatigue, and now has -2 FP: at half move.

Urso: regains 6 fatigue, and now has 0 FP: at half move.

Urso: is reduced 6 HP, and now has 22 HP: at half move.

Mina: regains 1 HP, and now has 18 HP: at half move.

Melty: These books are sometimes not the best for clarity

Urso: ok, should be ok then

Zindal: Oh okay, I think I get what it’s saying now

Zindal: It says the least FP you can ever have is negative full FP

Zindal: And after that you just take straight HP damage if you’re still taking FP damage somehow

Garrion: ok, so what happens is you deduct either -20 or -10 from your FP, you are at whatever result… if it is a neg number you take that amount also as HP daamge

Mina: yeah i gotcha

Mina: the original way was right before tab went all stephen hawking on me

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Yeah sorry, like I said it’s confusing the way it’s written

Zindal: Worse than some of the procedures I have to deal with at work

Garrion: now…. if you do anything other than talk or rest you must roll will or pass out

Taragnor: I’m not sure exactly what’s going on,, but I’m glad my character isn’t getting affected by it :P

Mina: “Blood….”

Garrion: the phantasm that you saw disipates and goes away

  • Mina tries to crawl out of the room.

Taragnor: FP damage would have totally crippled me. lol.

Mina: ←rolls Will and gets 9 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: trying to crawl is an action and will have to make will to stay conscious

Garrion: you got it

  • Zindal staggers back and slumps against the wall, holding his hand out for Melty to land and rest
  • Melty curls up right on Zindal’s palm.
  • Mina clutches at Zindals hand.

Garrion: Dunric III is on the floor on the far side of the room

Melty: “Th-that was… Fucked up…”

Mina: ←rolls Will and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: now if any of you fell below -1x your max FP you outo collapse

Zindal: “Tch… That was unpleasant…”

Zindal: (Terminator down! Terminator down!)

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: urso, urso should be at -6 FP

Urso: regains 6 fatigue, and now has 6 FP.

Urso: receives -12 fatigue, and now has -6 FP: at half move.

Taragnor: Yeah, I’m cool with staying at the entrance with Tristan :P

Taragnor: I’ll let you guyshandle this one.

Urso: tho;ught it stops at 0 ?

Mina: you can at least give me some blood :-p for destroying my place :-p

Mina: you dont need blood to look at the wall :-p

Garrion: no you drop full FP, just anything beyonf 0 ALSO deal HP

Taragnor: I dunno I might…

Mina: itd be nice to get to 1 fp, but thatd take 6hp

Mina: the ratio blows haha

Mina: 3 to 1

Garrion: ok, so you can stay in room or if attempt to crawl/walk out you roll will to do so or pass out if fail

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: Yeah, you need to be a more efficient vampire.

Mina: iron prices are high right now in this market

Zindal: lol

Urso: ok, is set

Zindal: Yeah I think I’m going to just rest until I get my FP back

Garrion: Taragnor is standing back at the steps with Tristan and sees his companions come staggering out of the room

Taragnor: I guess I can FP battery you

Garrion: at least Zindal for now

Taragnor: I actually can lend fatigue I think.

  • Melty curls into a fetal position and shivers in Zindal’s hand… Bugs and other such vermin are much closer to her size than the others…

Taragnor: and I regneerate it faster than at least most of you (Mlety may do it at the same rate I do)

Melty: Yeah I do

Taragnor: yeah I’ve got lend energy.


Garrion: ok, at this point there seems to be no immediate danger though those that failed and took the full 20 also feel a bit nauseous at the thought of having fed on the flesh of companions

Zindal: I need 2 FP to get back to operational terminating condition

Loryc: lol.

  • Urso leans up against the wall, " Urso no feel good"

Loryc: you need to use some CP on that emergency power reroute :P

Garrion: you wait till you feel well enough to continue

Urso: (I do recover FP at x2 rate … not sure what that rate is though)

Garrion: (just let me know how long you need/want)

Loryc: Well I’ll use lend energy

Loryc: to help them gain it faster.

Garrion: normal rate is 1 FP / 10 minutes rest

Zindal: “Looks like we need another Dunric.”

Loryc: pretty mcuh it’s a straight 1/1 ratio.

Melty: I get 1 per 2 minutes

Zindal: Well, I need 100 minutes to get back to full

Loryc: I assume I’ll be at full when I encounter the others. so…

Melty: (and 1 EP)

Loryc: I’ll just top them off…

Loryc: So grant the other group a bonus amount of 1 FP per 2 minutes from me.

Mina: whys that urso?

Loryc: You guys can decide how you want to restore it.

Urso: ( Fit advantage )

Mina: ah

Loryc: Just remember it’s “Lend Energy” not “Give Energy”, so I totally expect that shit back.

Mina: you heal more too at some many hp

Loryc: :P

Mina: like twice the rate at 20 oir something

Zindal: lol

Urso: actually if I took the Very fit one, I would have only taken half of it

Garrion: ok, so 30 minutes will do it with Loryc assisting?

Mina: “You’re lucky I don’t bite the shit out of you, you door hugging scared cat.”

Mina: “What’s with you a doors?”

Mina: “Guess I don’t gotta worry about you lurking at mine anymore, after your hellish friend knocked it off the hinges. You’re still going to fix that shit too you know!”

Urso: well 30 min will get me 6 pts back, un assisted

Melty: “Doors are… H-hateful… Unthinkable… H-how could you all…”

Melty: (22 minutes will top me up)

Garrion: dunric is just unconscious, not dead

Zindal: Heh, 100 minutes at normal recovery, not sure what assistance I get

Loryc: (Well he’ll probably be conscious at the end of 30 minutes or whatever.)

Garrion: but he passed out in there and not able to crawl out

Loryc: (Well I can add 1 FP per 2 minutes to whatever you guys recover,, though that’s to an individual not the group)

Urso: ( do some heal checks for the hp damage?)

Loryc: (I’ll just create antoher Dunric then)

Garrion: ok

Garrion: dunric IV

Loryc: (I can’t do much for the HP damage, though melty might be able to)

Loryc: (Melty can technically lend energy too, since it’s a prereq of the recover action)

Melty: (Yeah I can heal, just put it in your notes or something how many times I’ve healed you each day cause there’s a penalty each time)

Loryc: (Yeah Dunric IV)

Urso: Urso can try some heal checks for the hp damage, though he isn’t as good as tristan at it

Melty: (Actually I’ll put it in mine)

Zindal: I can do a heal check too heh

Garrion: another servan appears in the hall

Urso: how good are you at it?

Melty: Who needs some magical healing? Or are we at that part yet

Urso: 10 for me

Mina: ←rolls First Aid and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 1

Mina: "not very good

Garrion: 1d-3 HP

Mina: to who

Garrion: whoever had first aid done

Mina: i rolled one

Mina: i dunno if it had a penalty or not

Mina: i just rolled bare skill

Garrion: for self or other?

Mina: self

Garrion: ok, i think is harder on self, checking

Urso: do on urso then, urso will do on you

Mina: haha

Mina: yeah we can lick each others wounds i guess :-p

Urso: ←rolls First Aid and gets 5 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 5

Urso: 3

Urso: 3 healed

Garrion: basically you are just treating shock.. no “real” wounds

Mina: 2

Zindal: ←rolls First Aid and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 1

Urso: roll for mine, nice

Zindal: 3

Zindal: There’s 3 more for whoever needs it

Urso: regains 2 HP, and now has 24 HP: at half move.

Mina: regains 3 HP, and now has 20 HP: at half move.

Urso: does healing hp heal fp as well?

Garrion: no

Melty: Nope

Urso: regains 6 fatigue, and now has 0 FP: at half move.

  • Mina kiss Urso a peck on the cheek in gratification.

Zindal: “All right, I vote we avoid that room from now on.”

Mina: “Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll kick you in the balls.”

Zindal: “Didn’t look like there was any treasure in there anyway.”

Urso: ok, healed my 6 FP from normal rest, now how much bonus he get?

Garrion: anyone want to try to figure out what happened?

Mina: “That room sucks.”

Urso: ( Loryc, can you give Urso more FP back?)

Garrion: roll hidden lore undead or occult if so

Loryc: (yeah, potentially I’m not sure how you guys wnat to divide it, but if you’re resting 30 minutes I can give you guys in total 15 FP, divided how you want)

Loryc: (Can I roll? Or would their descriptioons of the room not be enough?)

Zindal: Well let’s see, 30 minutes gives me back 3 through normal rest, then I need another 7 to get back to full

Mina: ←rolls Hidden Lore (Undead) and gets 6 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 4

Mina: ←rolls Occult and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: yes you can roll once they tell you what they saw

Zindal: So if you give me 7 then you can give Urso 8

Melty: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: Mina… you suspect this is something known as a haunt. It is a supernatural effect not based on magic but on the spirits of the dead.

Loryc: well doesn’t Mina need some too?

Loryc: Or can she regain FP faster?

Zindal: Not sure

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 3 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)


Mina: regain it normally

Loryc: well that should do it. heh.

Mina: i can just get it back by drinking blood too

Loryc: I mean I assume they’re briefing me on what they saw during the 30 minutes we’re resting.

Urso: ( I’ll take whatever you can give me, am 0 / 14 FP right now )

Mina: same with hp

Garrion: does wizard cover hidden lore and occult?

Mina: 3 drained per 1 gained

Loryc: Yeah.

Loryc: It’s got that in there.

Zindal: Is the 0/14 with the 30 minutes of rest?

Urso: ( yes, was at -6 )

Zindal: Sounds like we need another 30 minutes of rest, lol

Garrion: then you know the same thing based on there recounting of what happened and you sensation of the room

Garrion: (you do not detect magic)

Mina: minas at -2 fp

Mina: shes at full hp tho

Zindal: You can add 3 FP from resting if you haven’t already

Garrion: You know a bit more about these haunts though

Loryc: (So what do we do against a haunt?)

Zindal: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 5 FP.

Mina: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 1 FP: at half move.

Loryc: anyway to neutralize it? Or…


Loryc: lol.

Loryc: unfortunately I think a proton pack is a ltitel bit above our tech level.

Garrion: They usually emmit some sort of sensory cue before they manifest, if you detect it in time you may quickly counter the haunt

Loryc: how do we counter it?

Garrion: Most haunts detect life sources and trigger as a result of the approach of or contact with living creatures, but some haunts can be tricked by effects like hide from undead, invisibility, or even by simple illusions.

Garrion: You can also detect them with undead sensing spells.

Loryc: Well since the others got blasted by it, I’m assuming Dunric didn’t trick it.

Mina: “Well, anyone can get the door open from here?”

Melty: Hmmm.

Garrion: He is “living” right?

Garrion: i can never remember exactly what he is considered?

Mina: “I might could use some of tricks, to cross the room is mist form.”

Mina: “I dont know if that will trigger them.”

Garrion: it would have to be something that masks your presence

Mina: "Might could go under it, or through a crack if it aint air tight,:

Urso: ( so rest another 30 min? or Loryc giving us some FP back?)

  • Mina shrugs, less interested after being dined on.

Garrion: ok, rest another 30 and get another 15 FP to spead among you

Garrion: that give you all what you need to get going?

Zindal: I dunno, how much is everyone down

Mina: i was at -2

Zindal: Me and Mina will get back another 3 after an additional 30 minutes

Mina: then got back 3 from rest tab said

Garrion: don;t forget your own natural recovery, you get 6 in 30 minutes yourself URso

Mina: so at 1 currently

Mina: max is 8

Zindal: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Garrion: so an hour would give you 12 FP

Garrion: without help

Zindal: I need 4 more, Mina needs 5 more

Zindal: I think Melty is full recovered, she said she regains 1 per 2 minutes?

Mina: alternatively, i could drain urso and melty heal his HP :-p haha

Garrion: if positive energy is applied in the area of the manifesting haunt it can be countered… a healing spell, for example

Zindal: lol

Melty: Yep~

Melty: 1 FP and 1 EP, but it’s my FP that are gone x.x

Loryc: Yeah… I’m pretty sure DUnric is considered living.

Loryc: Since he’s like a summoned monster basically

Loryc: I figure the D&D equivalent would be like using a summon monster spell.

Zindal: Okay so Melty is at full, Urso is up 12, and Mina and I are up 6

Zindal: And then T has 30 FP to spread between us

Melty: regains 11 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Zindal: I need 4, Mina needs 5

Garrion: that what i thought.. he is just a summoned “being” from another plane that is made to appear “human”

Zindal: Not sure how much Urso needs

Mina: if im at 6 why would i need 5?

Mina: my max is 8

Zindal: No you’re up 6

Zindal: Not at 6

Zindal: Whatever you were at before, add 6 to it

Mina: id be at 4

Mina: i started at -2

Zindal: Oh right, my bad

Loryc: I’m not sure what he is actually lol. Like he’s considered a creation. But I mean he has FP and creature stats and such. So I assume he’d be considered living. Since he can bleed and what not apparently.

Zindal: Okay we both need 4 then

Mina: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Urso: another 30 minutes would put me at 6 / 14 FP

Loryc: It doesn’t say he has any of the construct or unliving metatraits.

Zindal: Okay yeah, T can top us all off then

Urso: regains 6 fatigue, and now has 6 FP.

Loryc: So in GURPS turns I would figure he’d be alive.

Zindal: So after an hour we’re all full

Garrion: ok, you end up reasting for an hour… you naturally recover 6 FP, urso recoveres double…. then add whatever Loryc lends you

Zindal: regains 4 fatigue, and now has 12 FP.

Mina: regains 4 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Urso: that with no magical help… how much magical help you give me, still down 8

Zindal: He’s got enough to cover you

Loryc: yeah I’ll divide evenly among the ones that aren’t melty

Zindal: We’re all full

Loryc: since Melty can recover as fast as I can.

Loryc: So figure like 10 points to each over a half hour

Mina: regains 8 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Garrion: ok, after an hour of resting and contemplation you prepare to move on……

Urso: ok

  • Zindal shuts the door to the bug room

Urso: regains 14 fatigue, and now has 14 FP.

Mina: “Well, this is going to be fun.”

Zindal: “Down that hallway, Dunric.”

Melty: “Okay… So… So that was a… Spook?”

Garrion: the hall comes to a 4-way intersection

Urso: " whatever was, Urso no like"

Garrion: yo see doors on the wall ahead

Zindal: “Hm… Which direction…”

Mina: “The sun rises in the east, that one’s bad luck. I say south, low winter sun.”

  • Zindal smirks…

Zindal: “Very well.”

Garrion: you turn south…..

Melty: “That was, like… Ewwwww.”

Zindal: Damn, not letting me move for some reason

Mina: “I’ll keep an eye here while yall check the door.”

Garrion: this hall seems to dead end.. there is a door on the west wall

Zindal: “Open that door.”

Mina: “No wonder you don’t have interest in women.” she remarks to Loryc

  • Mina points to the conjured servant.

Garrion: The iron door to this room is locked.

  • Loryc smiles.

Urso: (can’t grab my mini)

Loryc: "Well magic does have its perks.

Zindal: “Hm, locked… That’s a promising sign.”

Mina: “Why buy the cow, when the milk is free eh?”

  • Mina walks down to stand next to Zindal, eying the lock on the door.

Garrion: there you go Urso

  • Urso gets ready, putting his sheild up.

Mina: “We’re not just gonna smash this thign down are we?”

Melty: “I wonder if I could do that with an illusion…?”

Mina: “I don’t think that’d be a good idea in this place.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Zindal: “Got any better way to open it?”

Mina: “Sorta.”

Loryc: “And the servants can come in multiples too.” smirks

Zindal: “Feel free then.”

Mina: “Though, if its trapped.”

Loryc: “Well I could pick the lock.”

  • Mina nods.

Mina: “Want me to check it out first?”

Zindal: I care not how it opens, just that it opens."

Loryc: “But if you feel better kicking it, that’s okay too.”

Mina: “I mean whats inside.”

Mina: “Could probably squeeze under the door or keyhole.”

Loryc: “I kn ow some warriors have pride issues when it comes to doors… seeing each as a particular trial of manhood.”

  • Urso moves back to give her room to work.
  • Mina rubs her hands together.

Zindal: “Hm… See what you can find then.”

Mina: “Been a while.”

  • Urso shrugs, " door is door"

Garrion: Mina, keep in mind you can not see in the dark

Loryc: “Except when it’s a jar.”

Garrion: so if you go in and there is no light you will be blind

Mina: hmm actually yeah im not sure what kind of senses body of air has

Loryc: You should keep your existing senses

Garrion: it is you normal sense

Mina: Body of Air: Your body is made of gas. ST 0 -100; +10 HP 20; Doesn’t Breathe 20; Flight (Lighter Than Air, -10%) 36; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards 30; Injury Tolerance (Diffuse) 100; No Legs (Aerial) 0; No Manipulators -50; Vulnerability (Vacuum and wind-based attacks ¥2) -20; and Taboo Trait (Fixed ST) 0. 36 points.

Mina: is stats for it

Loryc: yeah, so no extra sneses

Loryc: whatever you had before

Mina: “Can you give me some kind of magic light spell or something snazzy? I cant necessarily see in there if its pitch black.”

Mina: “Do something, door man!”

Loryc: "well I suppose I could give you darkvision. "

Melty: “I’ve got darkvision from Loryc right now…”

Mina: “Yes, a gift my bitch of a mother didn’t grace me with, not yet anyways.”

Garrion: also your question about that hiding you… it does not make you “unliving”

Loryc: “Though I was always under the impression that vampires could see in the dark.”

Mina: “Well, it’s like a cat, I can see good, but not in a black box.”

Mina: “Hmm, though actually, bat’s can.”

  • Mina smirks with a big grin.

Zindal: “I thought they just heard things well.”

Loryc: well there should be light coming under the door I’d assume right?

Mina: “Good enough to get the job done.”

Zindal: Doubtful, this entire floor is dark

Garrion: you see no light coming from the room through the key hole

Mina: “I figured that position might spook you.”

Zindal: Actually the whole dungeon has been dark

Loryc: Well I mean our light.

Loryc: Zindal is carrying a glowing thing I think.

  • Mina remarks to Zindal.

Loryc: Would figure that should be enough if you’ve got dark vision 9 or whatever.

Mina: ok well I’ll wait till T hits me with darkvision, then take the 10 seconds to go mistform

Loryc: but if that’s not enoguh I’ll put a darkvision on her.

Loryc: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Loryc: okay there.

Loryc: darkvision on Mina

  • Mina concentrates for a bit, as her form becomes gaseous.

Garrion: Dark Vision 3 1 25 points You can see in absolute darkness using some means other than light, radar, or sonar. You suffer no skill penalties for darkness, no matter what its origin. However, you cannot see colors in the dark.

Melty: “Ooo, neat trick.”

Zindal: “Yes, very intriguing…”

Garrion: Night Vision 3 1 point/level Your eyes adapt rapidly to darkness. Each level of this ability (maximum nine levels) allows you to ignore -1 in combat or vision penalties due to darkness, provided there is at least some light.

  • Mina will try to slip under the door or through a crack or some other un-airtight spot around the door to go inside and look around.

Garrion: Regardless of level, Night Vision only works in partial darkness. It has no effect on the -10 for total darkness (for that, get Dark Vision, p. 47).

Loryc: Well I figured the light from under the door would create partial darkness.

Zindal: Well, I’m throwing off the equivalent of like daylight, some of it should be flooding under the door, yeah

Mina: put a torch at the keyhole maybe?

Garrion: the door is pretty tight

Loryc: I mean even a very little bit amount of light coming under the door I figure would beneough if you’ve got max night vision

Mina: well its got a keyhole at least i figured

Garrion: a very small amount may get through but not enough to help

Mina: for me to get in anyways

Zindal: Well if any gets through at all it isn’t “total” darkness

Garrion: most the room will be total dark

Garrion: only in the area of the beam.. the “shadows” will be total

Loryc: yeah heh. I mean night vision 9 can see in super insignificant amounts of light.

Garrion: anyway

Mina: could turn back human i guess

Mina: and light a torch

Melty: Yeah, cats don’t care if you turn the lights out

Garrion: she has DV so she mists and goes in

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: mina.. description incoming

Melty: brb

Mina: first time ive did this in gurps actually

Garrion: The walls of this room are lined with bookshelves. A velvet sofa along the southern wall contains a single skeleton clad in long-decayed rags, its arms wrapped tightly around a burlap bag bulging with unseen items. A scattered pile of junk sits on the floor before the skeleton, a corona of treasures and clutter alike. A message in Common is scrawled on the wall in huge crude lettering opposite the seated skeleton: “He who steals from me dies by my hand.” The grisly pile of skeletal remnants heaped in a mound in the center of the room seems to testify to this threat.

Cedric has connected.

Zindal: Shit, phone call, hang on

  • Mina will ooze back out the cracks and reform and let the others know what she saw inside.

Mina: “Well, no living enemies at least.”

Loryc: “I wasn’t expecting anything living down here.”

Mina: “But a dead guy and his shit, who doesn’t take kindly to said shit being stolen.”

Mina: “Sounds like our speciality.”

Loryc: “Anyone who tells you robbing the dead is easier than the living is a liar.”

Mina: “Were a bunch of books, covering the place.”

Loryc: “Well then the lower library may have something worth taking.”

Mina: “Pile of skeletons in the middle that seem to indicate his curse was no joke either.”

Mina: “Another dead guy with a curse scribbled in there.”

Loryc: “A curse?”

Mina: “He who steals from me dies by my hand.”

Mina: “Is what it said, with a bunch of skeletons heaped up as if trying to prove its authenticity.”

Mina: “All kind of other shit in there too, valuables.”

Mina: “Main thing was a bag the curse bearing skeleton was clutching.”

Mina: “Junk and valuables both scattered elsewhere.”

Melty: Back~

Loryc: “Well that’s a challenge I can’t readily turn down.”

Mina: “And of course the books.”

Zindal: “Sounds like the jackpot.”

Mina: “Which should be a priority in my opinion.”

  • Melty rubs her hands together with a grin.
  • Mina nods. “Sounds like it at least.”

Loryc: “I mean if he bothered to scribble something on the wall like that and call us out…”

Mina: “Wonder if theres a ceiling trap or something, all the skeletons were heaped up in a big pile in the middle, kind of odd.”

Loryc: “We can’t just walk away.”

Mina: “I’ll let your smarter people figure it out.”

Loryc: “Well fortuantely we’ve got Dunric.”

Mina: “True enough.”

Loryc: “But first the lock.”

Loryc: (I’ll cehck for traps and then pick the lock)

Loryc: ←rolls Traps (TL4) and gets 11 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Mina: “I can pick a few locks, but I doubt I’d be any good with this. Looks like you’re up, Doorman.”

Loryc: ←rolls Lockpicking (TL4) and gets 9 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Garrion: you find no traps

Loryc: “Well so far so good.”

  • Loryc opens the door.

Garrion: you fail to pick the lock

Zindal: Wow

Loryc: seriously?

Loryc: With a MoS of 10?

Garrion: -12 difficulty

Loryc: hoyl shit.

Zindal: Geez

Mina: “Heh.”

Mina: “Told ya.”

Loryc: The locks are the hardest thing in this place lol.

Mina: “Serious shit.”

Mina: “Here, want this.”

  • Mina digs into a pouch on her side, and pulls out a vial of acid.

Mina: “Want to try and burn off the mech?”

  • Loryc nods.
  • Mina hands Loryc the vial.

Mina: “This is how I usually handle it.”

Loryc: (I’ll try pouring the vial on the lock)

Melty: “You need a locksmithing spell?”

Urso: " maybe Melty try?"

Melty: “Oh, that’ll work too.”

Garrion: it is internal lock

Garrion: just FYI

Mina: i got 3 i think, you’ll have to check gear section for the details on how it works

Mina: how much dmg it does

Garrion: not a pad lock

Garrion: can do hinges too

Loryc: (Well I think the metal eating acid will still work, wouldn’t it? I’m not sure how that works)

Loryc: (Yeah okay, we’ll jsut destroy the hinges)

Mina: 1d-3 cor it says

Mina: per vial

Loryc: that’s it?

Melty: I can get out my special locksmith tools and…

Loryc: Does it do DoT?

Loryc: Or it’s just 1d-3 and then done?

Garrion: ok, you pour the acid on the hinges.. they fizzle and bubble as the acid starts working……

Garrion: then the most odd thing you have ever seen happens.. the hinges seem almost to “heal”

Melty: “Oh snap… It’s more dead people magic…”

Loryc: “Alright… now it’s personal.”

Mina: not sure

Zindal: “Impressive.”

Mina: “Hmmm.”

Melty: “Want me to take a crack at the lock? Think it’ll heal back up too?”

  • Mina shrugs.

Mina: “Just dont set the room on fire, all those books.”

Garrion: as the acid looses concentration the hinges seem as if nothing touched them

Loryc: “Well if you want to give it a try Melty, maybe your small hands can really raech in there.”

Melty: “Nah, I ain’t gonna blow it up…”

Melty: “I’m gonna use the magic pixie fingers…”

  • Melty gets out her special tools, then casts Locksmith on herself…
  • Mina backs away

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 11 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Mina: “You never know.”

Garrion: lockpicks are almost as big as her, hehe

Mina: “Might be some enchanted key, we need.”

Melty: ←rolls Lockpicking/TL4 and gets 15 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -7)

Melty FAILS by 8

Mina: “Sounds like some shit these blowhards would do.”

Loryc: (wow..)

Melty: (I get +5 from the spell so I added that in)

Loryc: (So much for magic pixie fingers)

Garrion: ok

Garrion: you fail to get it open

Garrion: spell last one attempt or for a while?

Mina: “Only thing I know to do, is pray I don’t die, and try to open it from the inside.”

Loryc: “Well it’ spowered by some kind of magic.. so.. all I really have to do is cut it at the source…”

Mina: “Or see if we can smash or cut the thing down on either side.”

Melty: I have to maintain it each attempt

Melty: So it costs me energy

Mina: "I mean arent most doors usually openable from the inside?

Loryc: “Zindal stand back with the light… I’m going to need it to see.”

Mina: “Lock or no or what?” scratches her head, being an amateur at locks, knowing just a little from Loryc

Garrion: (not always.. my grandparents old victorian house has old locks that have to have a key on either side to open

Mina: yeah i know

Loryc: (how much magery does Mina have? I’m wondering if I can just lend you all my spelsl to maintain)

Mina: i was just trying to show mina isnt too bright with the subject

Mina: none

Mina: magery per say

Loryc: (Yeah generally old locks just went on both sides)

Loryc: (oh aren’t you casting spells?)

Mina: no

Mina: alt forms

Loryc: (Oh okay, you never changed to the magery variant)

Mina: never did pick up magic

Loryc: (Thought you were gonna change it heh)

Mina: nah too lazy haha

Garrion: she is using powers.. not spells

Loryc: (Alright, I’ll transfer my spells ot melty then.. gonna use lend spell to gie her control of my stuff)

Melty: "Whoa.~

Loryc: Sachi you’ve got a conceal magic, 2 perfect illusions, a see secrets, 3 darkvisions, a servant, invisibility, mage sight and haste (power rating 2)

Mina: “If you want to cut it.”

  • Mina draws the Muramasa.

Mina: “Wheres the source?”

Loryc: “i was speaking mytstically.. I’m going to set up a temporary dead magic zone.”

Melty: “Damn… You make slinging around so much energy look effortless…”

Loryc: “Then I’m going to see how well this magical lock holds.”

Garrion: you still maintaining a haste on someone?

Loryc: (Yeah ZIndal)

Mina: “Alright, well this baby is pretty sharp, so hey if you need a hand.”

Loryc: (Technicalyl Melty is maintining that now)

Loryc: (Since I lent her the spell to maintain)

Loryc: “Well if I can’t pick it… you’re up.”

Mina: (i got AD on it now)

Garrion: right

Mina: (and its unbreakable)

Loryc: one sec I’m gonna look up the sepll.

Mina: (tho doubt could still hack the door down anyways)

Mina: but makes decent crowbar at least, since it cant break

Loryc: Alright going to cast a suspend mana spell on the area with the door.

Loryc: And then try to pick it again.

  • Melty backs off a little.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 25) and gets 10 vs. Skill (25 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 15

Garrion: ok, just removing any magic?.

Loryc: basically it turns the area into a dead magic zone, reduces the mana to 0.

Garrion: ok

  • Mina backs away from Loryc even further.

Loryc: then I’ll try to pick the lock.

Loryc: ←rolls Lockpicking (TL4) and gets 6 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)


  • Mina tugs Melty back with her.

Mina: “That’s no good for us little one.”

Garrion: click

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Garrion: the door unlocks

  • Loryc swings the door open.

Mina: “Well it’s open, now try not to do the dying part.”

Garrion: The walls of this room are lined with bookshelves. A velvet sofa along the southern wall contains a single skeleton clad in long-decayed rags, its arms wrapped tightly around a burlap bag bulging with unseen items. A scattered pile of junk sits on the floor before the skeleton, a corona of treasures and clutter alike. A message in Common is scrawled on the wall in huge crude lettering opposite the seated skeleton: “He who steals from me dies by my hand.” The grisly pile of skeletal remnants heaped in a mound in the center of the room seems to testify to this threat.

Loryc: “Zindall you’ll want to stay out of the room with the light… the dead magic zone will persist for 10 minutes, and it’ll kill anything that enters it.”

Loryc: “Melty you too wtih those spells….”

Melty: “Yeah… Well, you can fly through it… But you don’t wanna hang out there for sure…”

Mina: “It’ll do more than that.”

  • Urso readies his axe and shield.

Garrion: how big is the “Zone”

Mina: “She’s a pixie, it’ll make her sick.”

Loryc: one yard hex.

Loryc: basically on the door.

Mina: “Me, as well.”

Loryc: It doesn’t include the whole room.

Garrion: ok, it just supresses right or will it kill anything in effect?

Zindal: “Very clever… You put up an annoying obstacle between myself and the room full of treasure…”

Melty: (it’s 1 HP per minute, so you can pass through a small zone without getting hurt probably)

Loryc: Hmm… actually lemme check that. it wouldn’t autokill a magical creature, but spells are just instadead.

Garrion: ok, i thought the spell would just supress and then return when exit

Loryc: permanent and enchantments are suspended in no mana

Loryc: and temporary and lasting spells are dispelled.

Garrion: ok, cool to know

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Loryc: So a magical item just doesn’t function utnil it leaves the area, but pretty much any spell effect is dispelled straight up. The lock itself probably would resume once the thing ended but it lasts 10 mins

Cedric has connected.

Loryc: so should be more thyan we ened.

Garrion: so only those with no active spells on them better enter

Cedric: (urso can go then )

Loryc: “Alright.. Urso and Mina, you’re up…”

Urso: " what we do?"

Loryc: “Zindal stand at the entrance with your light but not too close to the door.”

Loryc: “They’re going to need that light you’re carrying.”

Zindal: “Very well…”

Mina: “Run in an test the death traps apparently.”

Mina: “Didn’t I already do that?”

Garrion: well mina still has DV?

Garrion: or you let it drop?

Loryc: (Well she won’t once she passes the door)

Garrion: oh right

Loryc: (She does now, but once she enters through the dead magic zone she won’t have it)

  • Mina makes a short leap into the room, with a bit of a grimace.
  • Urso follows after her.

Loryc: “It’s imperative that no matter what happens, you don’t try to enter the room Zindal, that’ll end the light source and probably end up getting almost everyone else killed.”

Garrion: your DV goes and you get your normal Night Vision back

Loryc: her normal NV should be more than enough at this point.

Loryc: wtih the big beacon of light streaming in.

Garrion: yes it is

Garrion: the skeleton is on the couch

Mina: “What now, fearless Doorman?”

Zindal: “Right, so if you all die I just stand here and smirk at you.”

Garrion: the bone remains are on the floor…..

Mina: "It said “Die by my hand.” so don’t pull its finger."

Loryc: “Well…. unfortunately passing through the dead magic zone will kill DUnric… so it’s up to you to try to steal from him. If you want to play it safe agaisnt animating skeletons you can move the bones into the dead magic zone.”

Zindal: “Perhaps Little One and I can get a little better acquainted?”

  • Urso pulls out a torch and lights it and tosses it on the floor wehre its stone only.

Melty: “I’ve got a name…”

  • Zindal grins as he strokes Melty’s back with his finger

Urso: (over by mina )

Garrion: let me grab a light source

Zindal: “Of course… I guess you don’t care for an affectionate nickname then?”

  • Mina glances over the bookshelf trying to get a glipse of any of the titles, with the little light coming from the door.

Mina: “Fuck off Zindal.” she shouts out the door

Mina: “She’s like 4 inches tall.”

Zindal: ←rolls Erotic Art and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal: “What’s that got to do with anything?”

Mina: “Though I guess maybe you could finally find a tight fit, junior.”

Garrion: there you go

Loryc: “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about Zindal, I mean just what the other ladies are saying about him in the brothels.”

Mina: “I don’t need rumors.”

  • Urso looks around the room, looking for anything interesting.

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 4

Loryc: “oh well then you’ve seen it first hand.”

Mina: “I tried to at least.”

Melty: “I can fuck ANYTHING of ANY size!”

  • Mina smirks.

Melty: “Size doesn’t matter!”

Zindal: “You’re rather cute the way you act so aloof about it, Mina.”

Garrion: you see a variety of books on pathfinder lore and discoveries

  • Zindal chuckles

Loryc: “I know Melty, we’re not questioning your abillities.” pats the fairy on the head

Zindal: “I’d like to see the side of you I saw that night again sometime.”

Urso: " we looking for anything specific?"

Mina: “I’ll be sure to put that on your tiny gravestone.”

Loryc: “Mostly you’re just looking for loot.. you can try passing some books out first if you want…”

Urso: " Urso no read "

Loryc: “You don’t need to read them, just pass them out.. into the hall.”

Mina: “Hey. besides, if size doesn’t matter, then what were you babbling about large titties being the best titties the other night?”

Melty: “Humans, pixies, elves, dragons, storm giants…”

Mina: “Or was it kitties?”

Melty: “Well, they’re the best on human-sized women, cause they’re cushiony.”

  • Urso will grab anything that looks like it might be valuable, starting as far from the skeleton as he can.

Urso: " mina, you check books"

Mina: “Don’t make me tie you up with a loose thread off my cloak. I could do it you little piss ant.”

Garrion: as soon as you touch and move the object the skull rises from his bones to scream, “Thieves! Thieves! Thieves!”

  • Mina scolds Melty for getting too high strung.

Zindal: Oh hell, a Demilich

Urso: " shush "

Garrion: also, a pair of shadowy forms rise from the bones in the center of the room

Mina: “Just because you’re little don’t mean, I don’t know little knots!”

Loryc: “Apparently he has a thing against thieves…”

  • Shadow prepares to fight! Initiative: 14.5
  • Shadow 1 prepares to fight! Initiative: 18.5

Melty: “Ehehehehe…”

Zindal: “Looks like you’ve got some company there.”

  • Urso prepares to fight! Initiative: 21.5

Zindal: “I’ll just stand here and watch.”

  • Melty gives Mina a goofy grin… She doesn’t seem to really mind that idea…
  • Loryc prepares to fight! Initiative: 15

Melty: (let’s see, I can’t throw missiles through the dead zone right?)

Loryc: (probablly not energy missiles)

Loryc: (You may be able to telekinesis something through)

Urso: ( need tristans bow for this )

Loryc: (but I’m pretty suree the dead magic zone would cancel any spells you try to toss through the area)

Loryc: (Well Sef did mention he wanted an opportunity to kil lsome stuff without Zindal steaeling the kill)

Garrion: yep, would say so

Loryc: (So here you go)

Mina: “Fuck, these things.”

  • Mina prepares to fight! Initiative: 14

Garrion: Urso you said was on far side of room right?

Mina: dont think we could kill these things before technically :-p

Loryc: If you hit it until it stops moving,, that counts as a kill

Urso: I guess, wanted to start grabbing stuff tha tlooks good as far from the skeleton to start, so is fine there, assuming there is something there worth getting

Mina: nah last time it was run, before they hit us until we stopped moving

Garrion: books and stuff that loryc asked for

Urso: ( urso can’t read, so he not looking at books, more treasure stuff )

Urso: ( gems, coins, weapons/armor.. stuff like that )

Garrion: the main thing is the bag he holding.. but there are other odds and ends.. gold candle sticks etc

Garrion: or silver should say

Urso: (he could grab those )

Loryc: (Also if it’s a demilich… we can probably conclude that G really would rather be a PC in Sachi’s game) :P

Zindal: lol

Mina: lol

Garrion: lol

Melty: :3

Urso: ( well hopefully magic weapons is all we need to effect these things, else will be short fight )

Zindal: (Heh, didn’t do us much good last time)

Loryc: If it’s a demilich, you’re bsaically fucked.

Zindal: (GURPS rules are different)

Zindal: (And yeah, if it’s an actual Demilich you might as well call TPK now, lol)

Garrion: the 3rd shadow is not a shadow.. just a place holder for the skull

Urso: ( could alwys drop your magic spells and enter as well, Zindal )

  • Shadow 2 prepares to fight! Initiative: 13.5

Zindal: If I go in you have no light

Zindal: And I don’t have Darkvision

Garrion: there is a torch on gorund

Urso: ( got torch burning in here )

Loryc: well he did throw down a torhc, but I mean torchlight kinda sucks in GURPS.

Mina: drop the sword?

Loryc: since eit’s still like a -3 or something

Mina: and draw another and come inside?

Mina: or whatever the light source was

Zindal: My magic sword is the one with the light on it, lol, that one is my primary

Garrion: yeah, and the shadows on on the “Dim” area of the light too

Urso: (or have someone else cast another light on themselves)

Loryc: but hey lets give Mina and Urso a chance to do something, those two don’t get to do much.

Urso has received initiative.

Garrion: ok, here we go

Mina: haha a chance to get raped, thanks :-p

Urso: (axe out or no?)

Garrion: no, you were picking up loot

Loryc: (I’d assume Urso would probably have a weapon out, I mean we’re ekinda expecting trouble)

Loryc: (Should have an axe in one hand)

Mina: mina was looking at the books on the shelf

  • Urso quickdraws his magic axe, steps forward and attacks a shadow.

Mina: while urso was looting random shit scattered

Loryc: (I mean there was a warning that straight up said that the guy would kil us if we took his shit)

Mina: mina already had her sword out, i posted it earlier

Mina: when we fucked with the door

Urso: ←rolls Fast Draw Throwing Axe and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: just figured he needed hands to grab loot and not hold axe

←Attacks Shadow with a Swing
in the Groin
←Rolls 11 vs. Skill 17 (17 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 6

0 for Groin, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: either way he got it out now

Urso: ( is magic axe if thta matters )

Garrion: your swing passes right through the insubstantial shadow form

Zindal: (It doesn’t, lol)

Zindal: (Like I said, GURPS rules are different)

Zindal: (You need a specific enchantment for affecting insubstantial)

Urso: ( so we can’t effect them?)

Mina: oh yeah i got that imbuement now i think

Mina: let me send you the sheet G

Zindal: (Nope, last time we had to wait to attack until they tried to attack us)

Zindal: (Readied action basically)

Urso: (oh, did I know tht?)

Zindal: (And then target their hand)

Garrion: a shadow moves out of the bight light into the dim area.. you nearly lose sight of it in the dim light… roll PEr

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 5 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: but you keep your eye on it

Garrion: as it circles around behind you, staying in the dim area

Loryc has received initiative.

Mina: lemme fix GCS. it needs to add something correct, sec

Loryc: I’ll just go full defense for now.

Loryc: actally you can prolly take me off init for now I guess and assume I’m doing full D until something happens dire for the tohers.

Loryc: SInce I dont’ wanna proceed in there and lose all my buff spells.

Urso: “weapon no work”

Garrion: the other shadow advances on Urso, being closer than mina and in the light either way it goes

Loryc: “Don’t worry, I’m sure Mina and Urso have this under control.”

Garrion: The insubstantial shaow manifests an arm that reaches out for Urso’s life

←Attacks Urso with a Touch
in the Left Arm
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 12 (12 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow SUCCEEDS by 4

0 for Left Arm, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Urso: ( have to dodge or can I parry?)

Garrion: you can try to dodge or parry.. you are not sure what effect a parry will have

Mina: ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 13)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 13

Mina: sorry ignore that

Urso: tries to parry and rolls a 6 with effective skill 17


Mina: hit wrong button

Urso: ( well if it worked, it really worked)

Garrion: your blade strikes substantial form

Garrion: crit defense i think does something to the attack other than miss

Mina: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Garrion: like a neg on next attack or something

Mina: that was wrong, just fixing few errors

Mina: maptool sheet so out of date

Loryc: Think it turns it into a critical miss maybe?

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Mina has received initiative.

Garrion: will look up whil emina acts

Cedric has connected.

Urso: (miss anything?)

Mina: I’ll use a move an attack maneuver

Loryc: nope/

Mina: actually, wait

Mina: can you spend more than 1 fp in a turn?

Garrion: Critical Success on Defense Rolls If you get a critical success on a defense roll against a melee attack, then your foe goes immediately to the Critical Miss Table (p. 556). You “faked him out,” knocked his weapon from his hand, or otherwise defended very well!

Mina: thats a dumb question of course you can

Mina: dunno why i asked that

Table critical_miss (Garrion): The weapon turns in your hand. You must take an extra Ready maneauver before you can use it again.

Mina: I’ll just spend 1 fp for weapon master to move and attack

Garrion: not applicable… has no weapon

Urso: (cool I guess…)

Urso: (or totally useless.. seems to be on crit, should roll until actually something happens…. hehe)

Mina: then I’ll try out my new ghostly weapon imbuement that costs 1fp

Zindal: Heh yeah

Mina: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Urso: nice

Zindal: If you roll something not applicable you should keep rolling

Mina: yeah G told me to take it a while back

Mina: i forgot i had it

Garrion: well we can say that you knocked it aside so hard he has to ready to get back “on line”

Mina: lemme see

Mina: skill is 12

Table critical_miss (Garrion): You manage to hit yourself in the arm or leg for half damage (50% chance each way). Exception: If making an impaling or piercing melee attack, or any kind of ranged attack, roll again. If you get a “hit yourself” result a second time, use that result. If you get something other than “hit yourself” use that result.

Melty: Daaang


Garrion: oops

←Attacks Shadow with a Swung
in the torso
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 12 (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: i just say use the first….

Mina: The Muramasa (Ghostly) inflicts 22 cut raw damage.

Urso: ( just do -2 to attack next round, hehe)

Mina: Ghostly Weapon General; DX/Very Hard Default: Specialty for related weapon at same penalty as weapon default. Prerequisite: Imbue 1. Gives the weapon the Affects Insubstantial enhancement (p. B102), allowing it to affect ghosts and other insubstantial foes.

Zindal: Nice

Mina: its magic, solid silver, and has AD 2 as well

Mina: tho thats just normal properties if it matters

Garrion: very nice…. you embue the blade with your power and it takes on a special hue…. as you swing it it strikes solid form as it enters the shadow realm and cleaves the creature

Mina: “Ha, payback’s a motherfu….”

  • Mina holds her potty mouth back, trying to remember she’s a lady though she often forgets.

Garrion: it does not attemp to defend because it has no reason to try

Garrion: not knowing you can actually hurt it

Urso: (heh, can shadows poop, cause I think his buddy just did )

Mina has received initiative.

Shadow: is reduced 22 HP, and now has -12 HP: at half move.
Shadow breaches -10 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Mina: my turn again?

Zindal: lol nice, does it have any DR?

Zindal: Otherwise I think it takes like 33 damage to the torso

Loryc: nah, lol. I just took myself off init, since I’m just gonna full D anyway

Mina: oh

Loryc: so it just repeated the messag eits your init casue I removed myself form the list.

Loryc: Didn’t really want to bother wasting time since you guys got this

Garrion: oh right, forgot the multiplier

Loryc: So I wasnt gonna do anything lo.

Shadow: is reduced 11 HP, and now has -23 HP: at half move.
Shadow breaches -20 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Shadow: Death Check

Shadow: Shadow rolls 3d6 and gets 13 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow FAILS by 3

Zindal: Nice, one shot kill

Mina: i took ghostly, vampiric and anhilating weapons if anyone wants to know what imbuements i bought

Mina: tho im not great with em yet

Mina: like 12ish

Garrion: Mina dispatches the first shadow……

Garrion: her monster hunter status is starting to reveal itself

Melty: :3

Urso: " well struck "

Mina: “My specialty, dead cunts.”

Mina: “Takes one to know one as they say.” she says half joking

Garrion: Mina, suddnly in the place of the fallen shadow the form of your Mother rises from the fading shade….. will fear

Garrion: roll fear

Mina: “You gotta be shitting me!”:

Zindal: lol what

Loryc: lol.

Loryc: Mommy is disappointed in you!

Mina: fright check?

Mina: or will roll?

Garrion: yep

Garrion: fright

Mina: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 6

Urso: (heh, nice.. else drop that weapon and Urso will use it to kill the last one, hehe)

Mina: skill

Mina: not weapon

Zindal: lol yeah, it’s not the sword

Zindal: It’s a skill that she has

Urso: (urso don’t know tha t)

Mina: the sword is magic and made of silver and has AD

Mina: but the ghostly thng is an imbuement

Garrion: You recover from your bout of fear and realize this is just a figment of your imagination and is not real.

  • Mina sweats a bit, relieved.

Urso has received initiative.

Mina: “Talk about dirty tricks.”

  • Urso steps back into the light and readies to attack it if it attacks him.

Mina: i bought some better armor too

Mina: i need to add that

Mina: got dragon leather now

Mina: on my list but forgot to slap it on GCS

Mina: isnt a ton more effectiv

Mina: but looks cool

Urso: " come to Urso"

Mina: will make a note to add that later

Mina: forgot about it

Garrion: dont forget you have to roll to find special materials and enchantments

Mina: seems dragon shit in gurps is leather unlike D&D

Mina: yeah T did all that way back

Mina: i just procrastinated o nactually updating my sheet

Garrion: oh ok

Mina: lol

Mina: been gimping myself a long time

Garrion: we’ll just cal you the gimp

Zindal: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badass

Mina: bought off the preperation bit of my forms

Mina: so i dont gotta spend 10 minutes to ready each one as well

Mina: tho still takes 10 secs to change

Garrion: The shade advanced on mina…..

Garrion: and reaches out a ghastly hand

  • Mina seems willing to oblidge it.

Shadow 1:
←Attacks Mina with a Touch
in the Torso
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 12 (12 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow 1 SUCCEEDS by 2

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina: parry or dodge?

Garrion: either

Mina: tries to parry and rolls a 10 with effective skill 15

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

Mina has received initiative.

Zindal: Wow, higher Dodge than Zindal

Mina: parry

Zindal: Oh, misread, never mind

Mina: lol

Mina: i aint that whored out :-p

Zindal: lol

Garrion: yeah her parry needs about 20 more points to match zindal’s haha

Loryc: yeah mina’s dodge actualyl really sucks I think.

Loryc: And nobody is as big a whore as Zindal :P

Zindal: Nah only 11

Garrion: 11, 20, whats the difference, lol

Urso: (my dodge is 14 )

Mina: what do i roll to feint?

Garrion: ok, mina.. batter up

Mina: curious

Loryc: pretty sure feint is just an opposed dsword skill roll

Garrion: well the easy versionis deceptive atk

Mina: well what skill do you roll tho

Loryc: which basically means you can’t really do that agaisnt Zindal anyway, cause he’s a sword skill whore

Mina: say i do AoO Feint then attack

Mina: what do i roll first for the feint part

Loryc: pretty sure just your weapon skill on a feint

Garrion: you take neg to give them -1 for every -2 you take

Loryc: Never use AoA.

Mina: just curious how that worked

Loryc: Just use deceptive attack heh.

Loryc: Way beetter

Mina: i know just curious how the skill works

Garrion: but to faint for real……

Zindal: lol yeah you never want to use AoA

Zindal: Unless you manage to one shot kill them and there aren’t any other enemies you leave yourself open to a massive raping

Garrion: FEINT “Fake” a melee attack. You cannot Feint someone unless you could have hit him with a melee attack – that is, your weapon is ready and your foe is within reach. This maneuver is not an attack, though, and does not make your weapon unready. When you Feint, roll a Quick Contest of Melee Weapon skills with your foe; if either of you is unarmed, you may roll against an unarmed combat skill instead. Your opponent may opt to roll against Cloak or Shield skill, if he is suitably equipped and this would give him a better roll. If his DX is better than his combat skills, he may roll against DX instead.

Urso: (well since it attacking Mina, Urso basically useless in this fight)

Garrion: If you fail your roll, your Feint is unsuccessful. Likewise, if you succeed, but your foe succeeds by as much as or more than you do, your Feint fails. If you make your roll, and your foe fails, subtract your margin of success from the foe’s active defense if you attack him with Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack on your next turn. For instance, if your skill is 15 and you roll a 12, your foe defends against you at -3 next turn.

←Attacks Shadow 1 with a Swung
in the torso
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 12 (12 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina: The Muramasa (Ghostly) inflicts 29 cut raw damage.

Urso: (geez, your weapon skill is only 12?)

Garrion: skipping the feint?

Mina: ghostly weapon is

Zindal: With that ability

Mina: nah it was a reg attack

Mina: was just curious

Zindal: She’s using a separate skill

Zindal: Not her default sword skill

Mina: how the rules worked about feinting

Garrion: 365 for details in future

Urso: (ah, I see, it a special attack you have…)

Mina: yeah theyre individual skills

Mina: have to buy em up

Mina: like spells

Mina: actually, tho my swords +1 does add to em

Mina: i need to fix GCS

Shadow 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 7 with effective skill 11

Shadow 1 SUCCEEDS by 4

Mina: same with weapon bond

Mina: so should be like 13 actually

Mina: anyways proceed

Garrion: Urso…. in front of you appears your greatest fear…. a naked Zindal

Urso: (ahhhhh)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Greatest fears suddenly appearing out of thin air? Is somebody using Phantasmal Killer?

Garrion: no i don;t know what Urso’s greatest fear is but it has to be pretty big

Garrion: roll fright check

Urso: ←rolls Fright Check and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 1)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: you don;t know IC…. you only see 2 shades and a screaming skull

Garrion: mod of 1?

Urso: ( got fearless 1 )

Garrion: that should be built in i think

Garrion: ok, you realize the figment is imaginary

Urso has received initiative.

Loryc: lol.

  • Urso will move to inspect the screaming skull thing, since it seems mina has this one wrapped up.. plus can’t hurt it anyway.

Garrion: “Thieves, thieves, thieves….”

Urso: (it something he can attack, or whta is it?)

Garrion: it is a skeleton and an animated skull

  • Urso will try to smash it with his axe.

Garrion: you swing and smash the bones on the couch

←Attacks Shadow 2 with a Swing
in the Groin
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 13 (17 with a modifier of -4)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

0 for Groin, -4 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: as longas you don’t fail the roll

Garrion: they scatter as you cleave them

Urso: The Throwing Axe +1 inflicts 30 cut raw damage.

Urso: (wow, close to max )

Urso: ( seem to have any effect?)

Garrion: yes, they smash and break and scatter

Urso: ( still yelling?)

Garrion: yes

  • Urso frowns, " stupid skull " ( done)

Mina: picks up a trusty Muramasa (Ghostly).

Mina: readies a trusty Muramasa (Ghostly).

Garrion: the shade maneuvers around mina.. just at the edge of her vision

Garrion: -2 to defend

Mina: ok finally a proper macro for it

Shadow 1:
←Attacks Mina with a Touch
in the Torso
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 12 (12 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow 1 SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Mina has received initiative.

Mina: I’ll spend a FP and defend with this

Mina: Annihilating Weapon Melee; DX/Very Hard Default: Specialty for related weapon at same penalty as weapon default. Prerequisite: Imbue 2. Your damaging melee weapon automatically gets to roll its usual damage against any weapon that parries it – in effect, it’s destructive for parrying purposes, just like a force sword. Roll its damage normally and apply it to the parrying weapon (or body part, if your opponent made an unarmed parry). This effect is always obvious – your weapon flames, vibrates, turns to brilliant green energy, or otherwise telegraphs its destructive nature. Thus, canny foes can avoid the worst of it by

Mina: relying on Dodge instead. However, you can trigger your skill defensively (see Defensive Use, p. 5) so that your weapon damages a rival’s weapon or body when you parry him.

Mina: see if i can cut his shadow hand off haha

Mina: tries to parry and rolls a 8 with effective skill 15

Mina SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina: and whatever body part he hit me with, takes

Mina: would it be cutting?

Mina: with the parry?

Garrion: ok that applies to a weapon is parrying aginat you

Mina: i dont imagine thrusting dmg

Mina: oh ok my bad

Garrion: you are the one parrying this time

Garrion: plus is embueing a free action?

Mina: yyeah defensive use is

Mina: some of em can be used defensive for a FP

Mina: like this one

Mina: regains 3 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Garrion: ok, well the text made ot sound offensive

Mina: sorry wrong button

Garrion: let me reread

Mina: receives -3 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Mina: had added fatigue wrong earlier, forgot the minus sign

Mina: its ok

Mina: I’ll just do a normla parry

Mina: and attack him

Mina: dont wanna slow shit down

Mina: we can read it later

Garrion: ok, didn;t catch the second part

Mina: just was wantign to playtest it mostly

Garrion: abot the defensive use

Mina: see how it works

←Attacks Shadow 1 with a Swing
in the torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 13 (13 with a modifier of 0)

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

0 for torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Garrion: so roll your daamge

Garrion: for the parry

Mina: The Muramasa (Ghostly) inflicts 26 cut raw damage.

Mina: tho i need to roll the parry too still think i forgot

Garrion: you cut hand

Mina: tries to parry and rolls a 10 with effective skill 15

Mina SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: the hand it cut clean off… dismembered

Mina: “That’s for grabbing my junk all the time, do that with no hand now.”

Mina: My hand is down to 0 HPs and overall I’m down to 13 HPs.

  • Mina tries to finish it off with a regular attack.

Mina: which i rolled above

Garrion: it dodges

Shadow 1: tries to dodge and rolls a 15 with effective skill 11

Shadow 1 FAILS by 4

Mina: The Muramasa (Ghostly) inflicts 21 cut raw damage.

Garrion: 31.5

Shadow 1: is reduced 31 HP, and now has -21 HP: at half move.
Shadow 1 breaches -10 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.
Shadow 1 breaches -20 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Shadow 1: Death Check

Shadow 1: Shadow 1 rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow 1 FAILS by 1

Mina: its like the ghost of Sefiros with one hand

Shadow 1: Death Check

Shadow 1: Shadow 1 rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Shadow 1 SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: shadows do not “bleed”… it is dead

Mina: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 6 FP.

Mina: “Well, that took a bit out of me, but it was well worth the payback on those assholes.”

Garrion: as the last shadow falls Urso sees the bones he just cleaved reform as if by unseen spirits……

Mina: “You just had to fuck with that guy huh?”

Garrion: but the skull silences……

  • Urso glances back, " kill it… good"

Mina: “Says you’ll die by his hand, wonder what that means. Watch your eyes for the eye gauge Urso.”

Garrion: the skull droops down and remains quiet

Mina: “That thing done for?”

  • Mina she asks the Barbian, pointing to the skull with her sword.
  • Urso pokes it a few times with his axe.

Mina: “Give it a stomp or something.”

Mina: “Ok guys, the spooks are gone for now, I think.” she shouts our the doorway

Garrion: “Who are you and what do you want?”

Urso: (oh, it talks?)

Mina: “Uhhh….We’re friends of the Pathfinders.”

Garrion: “What proof do you have of this?”

Mina: “Hey guys!”

Mina: “This skull wants to know what proof we have that we’re good with the Pathfinders.”

Zindal: “Here, show it this.”

  • Zindal tosses her a Wayfinder
  • Mina takes it and kneels down, showing it to the skull up close.
  • Urso puts his axe away.

Mina: “I can pick you up off the dirt, if you promise not to gnaw my pretty face off there.”

Urso: (no need, it reformed, unless Urso’s poking knocked it over )

Mina: “This Wayfinder, see.”

Garrion: “You are as you say. Speak quickly, what do you desire?”

Mina: (oh thought the skull fell to the ground)

Urso: (did, but it reformed after you killed the last shadow )

Zindal: It did, I think it’s disembodied from the rest of the bones

  • Mina gets distracted at the question, someone better help before you says something stupid.

Mina: her*

Garrion: no, it just droops onto the skeleton instead of being lifted up

Mina: “Hmm Desire, that’s a tricky question.”

Zindal: “We came here to find an artifact of power that was supposedly locked away here. Someone dangerous wants it for their own purposes.”

Urso: (what we need from him?)

Garrion: but the bones reformed after he cleaved them

Mina: “It wants to know wh…..yeah that.”

  • Urso nods to Zindal, " what he said"

Mina: “Someone supposedly linked to these shadows wasn’t it?”

Mina: “The ones plaguing the city.”

Zindal: “Yes… Supposedly it may be some hope for ridding Westcrown of the plague of shadow creatures.”

Urso: " something to kill those shadow things would be good too"

Garrion: “Yes, I have sensed this presence. Something dark, something evil. This is why I stayed behind, this is why my spirit can not leave. i must protect the Morrowfall.”

  • Mina frowns a bit.

Mina: “That’s awful.”

Mina: “Being stuck here.”

Mina: “You must have been one really sefless person.”

Zindal: “What is the Morrowfall? Why do they want it?”

Melty: “At least you got a lot of books, right…?”

Mina: “Is there anything I can do to release you from this torment?”

Mina: “Oh yeah, I guess my friends have more questions.”

  • Mina scratches her heads."

Garrion: “I fear my old companion, the half-elf Ilnerik Sivanshin, stole part of the Aohl and fled to Nidal to sell it there. The Morrowfall is the other half that counterbalances the Totemrix.”

Mina: "Eh?

Zindal: “Please explain in detail.”

Garrion: “I was once known as Bisby, the founder of the Aohl.”

Garrion: “I and Ilnerik were the only two survivors of our party. We returned with the great artifact but its power was so great we feared t and locked it away. ilnerik grew jealous and distrustful and stole a portion of it.”

Urso: ( we hear of this guy?)

Zindal: I think their names were in our notes

Melty: I prolly remember then

Urso: " is other half being used to make those shadows?"

Garrion: “Once its two components were separated, no longer had countering forces to keep them in check. The portion Ilnerik left behind was called the Morrowfall and depicted an eagle’s head, the representation of a long-dead sun cult, the name of whose god has fallen into utter obscurity. This portion grew unstable over the week that followed, periodically emitting blinding and searing blasts of sunlight so that the Pathfinders were forced to secure it in a deep vault below, both for its security and to prevent the blasts of light from hurting anyone.”

Loryc: “So we have to merge the sun half with the shadow half apparenetly.”

Garrion: “The entrance to the deeper vault is in the room across the hall, and that to open the way, one must spell out the words “Behold the Amber Arca” on the red door”

Mina: “That is kind of an eerie mythos to someone like me.”

Urso: “how often these light blast happen?”

Mina: “What does this have to do with Mwangi, do you know?”

Garrion: “Iit seems likely that the other half of the Aohl, the Totemrix, had a similar building of power. This portion of the Aohl is the opposing counterpart of the golden eagle—the long dead demon lord of shadows Vyriavaxus—and I fear that the Totemrix, with its power uncontested by the Morrowfall, may have worked a most unholy transformation on my old friend Ilnerik.”

Mina: “I see, Vyriavaxus, I’ve heard of the name.”

Mina: “Not an expert or anything.”

Zindal: “So how do we make this… not a thing?”

Loryc: “I assume we basically have to combine the two.”

Garrion: “‘Dark spirits’ have recently passed though these halls, and even now I can feel their intrusions in the vault below, beyond my reach. Worse, these “dark spirits” have in them a hideous familiarity—I worry that my old friend Ilnerik is behind their appearance, and that they seek to destroy the Morrowfall, which even now works to oppose the Totemrix. With the Morrowfall’s destruction, who knows what shadowy growth and vile magic the keeper of the Totemrix might unleash?”

Mina: “Huh, so a former pathfinder…..afterall.”

Mina: “I guess I’m not surprised.”

Garrion: “I feel my mind wondering back into madness… I thank you for the last few moments of sanity you have granted me.”

Mina: “We can’t just leave you here to suffer like a loon.”

Mina: “How can we set you at rest?”

Zindal: “Hm… Destroy one and the balance is lost… Darkness covers the land.”

Zindal: “Probably not a good thing.”

Garrion: “Recombine the seperated parts. Only then can I be at rest and balance will be achieved.”

Loryc: “So the artifact made you rise as an undead?”

Urso: " are there anything else around here that can help us?"

Garrion: The skull falls into silence…..

Garrion: but the bag falls from its clutching arms

Mina: “Well, that’s that.”

  • Urso grabs it before it falls too far.

Garrion: and you now notice it has some items on it as well.. like rings."

Melty: “Man, I’d feel like shit knowing I let this guy just sit here goin’ mad.”

Urso: " you hear, only way to save him is put those things together"

Loryc: “Well we have to find those artifacts and combine them apparently… it seems to be the only way, as my necromancy is a bit underdeveloped.”

  • Mina pricks her finger, and scribbles the holy symbol of Pharasma in blood on the top of the skull. May Pharasma guide you home and grant you rest."
  • Mina lowers her head in a few moments of silence.

Zindal: “Well, looks like he left behind some things that might help us do what he requested. Might as well grab ’em.”

  • Urso snags anything else of use, the rings from the skeleton, as well as anything else of use that might to tossed about around nearby.

Mina: "Don’t forget the books.

Mina: “Load em up in the bag.”

Garrion: The various items that Bisby managed to scavenge from Delvehaven and brought here to protect testify to his madness in those final hours, for they represent a somewhat eccentric collection of objects, including six vials of truecolor dye, a pair of chopsticks made from manticore spikes worth ?, a leather pouch containing six bloodstones worth ? each, a masterwork bolas, a silver signal whistle worth ?, a golden bell carved with Thassilonian runes worth ?, a magical ring, a set of magical pipes ?, and a magic lens.

Urso: “any paper over there useful Mina?”

Mina: “Theyr’re worth more than gold in these parts.”

Mina: “We dont have time to ready several bookshelves of tomes right now, unless Loryc wants to lag behind and go over them in detail.”

  • Urso shrugs, " names on them?"
  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: "Yeah let me just take what looks valuable and we can head out.

Garrion: Although Bisby’s nonmagical gear rotted away long ago, several of his magical items still adorn his skeletal remains or lie nearby. He still wears his suit of +1 leather armor. A ring of protection +2 sits on one bony finger, and his +1 animal-bane heavy crossbow sits across his legs. An efficient quiver containing 60 mithral-headed crossbow bolts and two javelins of lightning is wedged between his bones and the back of the chair he sits in. His wayfinder is clutched in one hand, a dusty rose prism ioun stone set in the wayfinder’s central receptacle. As long as this ioun stone is kept in the wayfinder in this way, the wayfinder’s powers are suppressed but the ioun stone grants additional powers.

Mina: “Shit cram em all in that magic bag.”

Loryc: (I’ll go in peruse the books and take the most valuable ones, filling ym extradimensional bag.)

Zindal: Oooh, Ioun Stone

  • Urso will toss whateever books Loryc indicates into the bag.

Garrion: one book nearby is of particular interest….

Garrion: Further details on how wayfinders and ioun stones interact can be found in Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets.

Mina: PF version of kama sutra

Loryc: (it takes me forever to ID stuff btw so probably best to identify thee stuff later)

Garrion: this may tell you what the stone in the wayfinder does

Loryc: uh okay, I guess I’ll flip thorugh that book and see if I can figure it out,, my wizard! skill has speed reading

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Mina: “Told you guys, south was lucky!”

Zindal: “Indeed. Good choice.”

Melty: “Yeah! We cleaned up!”

Garrion: grants +2 to defense by granting insight

Urso: ( all defenses?)

Garrion: yes

Zindal: Melty should take it, it’d be like she had a small moon orbiting her

Melty: :3

Garrion: but you have to be holding the wayfinder for it to work

Mina: well it is a dusty rose

Mina: and my sigil is the rose :-p

Urso: (might not work on her, since it like half her size… just as easy to hit the gem as her )

Urso: (oh, don’t just fly around you?)

Garrion: the dusty rose by itself is another matter.. that was with it mounted in the wayfinder

Mina: just joking around anyways

Garrion: by itself it only grants +1

Urso: (might be useful for Loryc, he can clench it while he hides from fights)

Loryc: heh.

Mina: lol

Zindal: lol yeah

Loryc: yeah, I mean I dunno if any of you others have an open hand for it

Mina: hey im the one with like a 7 dodge score or something :-p

Zindal: Heh, well Zindal fights one handed

Loryc: though not really like I’m gonna make many D rolls anyway. but still

Garrion: so you can have floating around you for +1 to defense or mounted in the wayfinder and held in hand to grant +2

Loryc: lol I’m pretty sure Zindal’s doesn’t really need anymore defense.

Loryc: I mean you only fail on a critical failure. lol

Mina: we can sort it out, roll etc later

Zindal: Never enough defense =P

Garrion: ok, good place to stop…. you leave the room… locking it back?

Mina: save this token G

Mina: no tthe one in limbo

Mina: i dont want to have to redo more shit

  • Urso will grab a couple of random books for himself. ( need some TP )

Loryc: Mighgt as well leave the door open right?

Loryc: Do we have to go bakc to put the guys soul to rest?

Loryc: Or does that hapen automatically?

Urso: ( might a well lock it, if anyone come might not know we were here )

Garrion: ok, saving token on delvehaven map

  • Mina will look over the books before she goes, to see if anything interets her

Mina: occult shit, vampires, undead, demons, etc

Mina: if theres any untaken on those subjects

Mina: so they dont get left behind

Mina: My hand is down to 7 HPs and overall I’m down to 20 HPs.

Mina: why is my hand down to 7hp? cramps?

Garrion: ok, you take a selection of books that may be useful given time to rad them

Zindal: Think he marked damage on you by mistake earlier

Garrion: correct

Garrion: was fixing it

Mina: ok toss em in my big croker sack and sling it over my shoulder

Garrion: you don;t know.. he just said to join the halves

Mina: “So, whats the plan now? Check the rest of this place out, or do we have what we need?”

Urso: (this bag a bag of holding as well, or just normal bag?)

Garrion: just regular burlap bag

Loryc: (Is the other item in here? I forget)

Mina: yeah me too why i asked

Loryc: (Yeah lol I forget wher ethe other thing is)

Garrion: it was stollen.. you don;t know where it is right now

Garrion: the one that is here is in the vault….

Urso: can you save Urso token again

Garrion: “in the room across the hall”

Zindal: “Probably want to go get that artifact we came here for… Especially if somebody else is trying to beat us to it.”

Urso: " yes, we go look for it"

  • Loryc nods.

Garrion: he also said he sences dark forces in the vault beyond his reach “as we speak”

Garrion: ok, you got some food for thought now and i’ll get everything posted to site

Garrion: we can resume with whatever you choose next time

Melty: “Yeah! We’ll beat ’em to it instead!”

Garrion: Zindal will be out next week, anyone else?

Urso: not sure

Loryc: should be aorund

Melty: I should be here

Garrion: well we’ll plan on being here, hopefully brice can chime in on his picks and i’llpost the tally on the results

Mina: i’ll be here

Loryc: yeah.

Garrion: then Sachi can start he planning

Loryc: Still haven’t heard anything from Brice yet.

Garrion: i have everyone else locked in.. the running is close

Melty: \o/

Loryc: yeah lol.

Loryc: Looks probably like the superhero game and Transhuman space are the top I’d guess.

Zindal: Superhero game ftw!

Loryc: I mean depending on how we’re gonna tally the results, probably the most fair way is a multi-pass elimination vote.

Melty: ^^

Garrion: the status for now is.. Transhuman Space, Super Heroes, Crossfire, Delta Green, and a tie for last place for Dark Souls and Red Queen

Zindal: Yeah lol, can we get a runoff between the two top choices or something?

Loryc: Well I mean what you do, if you want to be msot fair is basically tally the choices on a point systeme initially. So like a number 1 pick is +1, #2 is +2, etc.

Loryc: Then the one with the higheest points gets eliminated.

Loryc: And then you redo people’s votes such that you close the gap.

Loryc: And then retally it, and do a second pass, eliminating the worst again, etc.

Loryc: Until you’re left with one.

Garrion: well we assigned points to the ranking and just added up the score…. it is whatever Sachi wants to do.. i’m just doing the tracking for her.

Zindal: Yeah I like the process of elimination idea too

Melty: Yeah, that’s basically what I had in mind

Zindal: Though it might take a while to run all the votes

Loryc: Yeah, though it’s not all that hard if you put it on a spreadsheet or somethingh

Loryc: I’ve done that before. It’s not actually as complicated as it may seeme.

Zindal: I was just thinking more of how long it’s taken us to vote up to now, lol

Garrion: not hard just to write it down on paper either, hehe

Urso: top 2 is all you need, then vote for those

Garrion: i’ll post the scores on the thread once brice chimes in

Loryc: Well we already know how people will vote for a top 2 (assuming people have ranked them)

Loryc: Since you can tell which is higher.

Mina: well mines a little more subjective

Loryc: Though I mean I’d like some clarification on what the Trnashuman space game is going to be. Like right now, it’s more a setting than it is a game idea.

Garrion: then we can let sachi choose if run another elimination or go with the result

Mina: like i kinda like the western one as much as transhuman too

Urso: Sachi should be the tie breaker, she is the one running it

Loryc: I have no idea what kinda PCs we’ll be making for it.

Mina: so it was hard to rank

Mina: really kinda would like sachis to choose more than us alone

Loryc: Well yeah Sachi should get to vote too heh.

Melty: I wanted to see what kinda stuff you guys wanted to do, but I like the idea of you guys being some kind of activist group or something like that

Mina: since well shes running it

Mina: transhuman space is cool

Loryc: Either that or she can just break ties.

Mina: but i get it may be the hardest to actually run truthfully

Zindal: Yeah plus I dunno if I want to do another GURPS game right now

Mina: well i dont really wanna do two fate games either tho

Garrion: i’m really good with any plot / theme in THS… they are all good

Mina: not that i dislike fate

Mina: id just rather some variety

Loryc: Well I don’t have anything against THS specifically, it’s just the idea kinda needs some direction. Like riight now it’s equivalent ot saying “We’re playing a World of Darkness game” without saying if it’s vampoires or werewolves or what not.

Mina: oh

Loryc: So like it’s hard to even vote for or against THS since I don’t know what the theme is going to be.

Mina: let’s just play mage :-p

Garrion: haha, or Star Wars Edge of the Empire.. i run that one for my family

Mina: i made a star wars homebrew once tho never ran it becuase too much rules tweaking

Mina: M&M or fate would be good to do that one day

Mina: haha i even made a video intro star wars style

Mina: tho it was back when saga version was released

Mina: never got to play that

Mina: its basically pose to be like origin story for humankind

Mina: sorta BSG

Mina: but star wars

Garrion: i like the new system… pretty fast and rules light and other than the custom dice easy to do…. the dice are easy once you get used to them

Mina: where the earth had been terraformed in the past

Mina: and humans werent from here

Mina: originally

Taragnor: Yeah I never tried the new Star Wars, though I don’t really find SW games really good for any kind of long running campaign

Taragnor: They’re more a one shot kinda thing

Mina: yeah it was more just space opera

Taragnor: since for hatever reason people seem to get bored of them fast.

Mina: more just using star wars rules

Taragnor: Only so many stormtroopers you can shoot.

Mina: more like origin of star wars sorta

Mina: looong time ago

Mina: but in our galaxy, not far away

Garrion: can always do Prime Directive for the other end of the spectrum, hehe

Mina: bunch of delta green type stuff in it

Mina: like this would be like the hidden history, you’d be discovering in a delta green game

Mina: cept you were playing out the past

Mina: 65 million years ago

Garrion: ok, saving log this time.. forgot before i closed last time

Melty: I’ve never done Prime Directive

Taragnor: What’s Prime Directive?

Mina: i mean i wouldnt mind a superhero game

Mina: tho i would prefer not to do one in fate

Session 35

GURPS on Golarion Garrion