Session 6

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: evening

Garrion: howdy

Tristan has connected.

Tristan: Hola

Garrion: como esta?

Tristan: Mui bein! (i’m sure that spelling is off)… but no haba espanol

Tristan: um poco

Tristan: taco

Tristan: nacho

Garrion: aye carrumba!

Tristan: lol

Tristan: is that universal?

Urso: those your normal colors? they are pretty close

Garrion: yeah, i not changed anything

Urso: trist?

Garrion: mine should be greenish

Tristan: I did, I was trying to go a brownish…. I normally go blue but you got that already

Tristan: I’ll be happy to change it though

Garrion: casn m=be orange?

Tristan: I think someone has green already….

Tristan: and you know the ranger should be green

Tristan: Ranger dibs

Garrion: anyone have blood red, i can change to that

Tristan: fitting….

Garrion: for all your blood i going to spill

Tristan: red is a good color anyway, stands out.

Tristan: but urso is the one that keeps bleeding… it should be up to him

Garrion: Testing

Tristan: of course, I do feel that if we go into this manor house we are going to get owned.

Tristan: that looks like a red/purple

Garrion: that pretty close to sachi’s purple

Tristan: sachi … yup

Tristan: test

Tristan: that’s a nice one

Garrion: orange

Tristan: test

Tristan: yrdy

Tristan: test

Garrion: custom red

Garrion: therwe we go

Tristan: test

Tristan: test

Garrion: that one is pretty decent stands out without being to bold

Tristan: or neon

Garrion: i grabbing all my d20 pro awards…

Tristan: did you have d20 pro before? I think I have to wait until early next year

Taragnor has connected.

Garrion: no, you should be able to get it now.. your liscense is good for legacy, the new version comes out next year

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: if you log on and you do not see it available then email them and let them know… mine did not show and he had to do something to link it

Sefiros has connected.

Tristan: ahh, i thought “legacy” meant “old”. I’m also transfering all my old email and accounts from to a new one because i’m doing the web company full time… so some wonky stuff going on (this is taking a lot longer than I thought updating my online persona…)

Garrion: and they all come pouringin

Tristan: cool, will do after I get this email thing finished.

Tristan: don’t want something to get lost in cyberspace

Eltera: someone buzz me on yahoo when we’re ready

Garrion: ok, are we all set?

Garrion: well hell eltera already has red

Garrion: i guess i’ll go orange

Sachi has connected.

Eltera: dibs!

Garrion: visibility test

Urso: wow, sachi is early.. nice

Garrion: hmm, a little darker

Eltera: yeah no school

Sachi: Yeah, I didn’t have my night class tonight~

Zindal: Hooray!

Urso: i sok

Zindal: 278

Garrion: visibility test

Tristan: maybe I should change to machine gun black?

Garrion: that works

Tristan: … ranger green…

Sachi: (Green power ranger?)

Eltera: does it come with a flute?

Garrion: ok, give me a couple and we’ll start’

Tristan: (flashy useless moved) “go green ranger” (more flashy useless moves)

Tristan: (defeat useless puddy)

Tristan: (flashy move)

Eltera: you’ll have to fight the Disadvantage: Enemy (White Ranger)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: disadadvantage: can only defeat usless puddy

Tristan: or disadvantage: must follow horrible script

Tristan: disadvantage: no future in TV or big screen

Eltera: but at least you got a cool mecha, mecha-godzilla

Eltera: 2nd rate godzilla is better than 2nd rate voltrons limb

Garrion: oh sachi, to answer your question… i do not think “traps” covers magic traps, at least not according to DF2

Tristan: you could always make a house rule, like -10 or something

Sachi: Ahh

Garrion: although i could rule that Traps-5 or something such can detect magic traps if they have some sort of identifying mark.. like a rune or somethuing

Sachi: nodnod

Taragnor: So what beats magic traps? Just dispel magic and stuff?

Garrion: Disarm: The skill required to render the trap harmless. This is most often DX-based Traps, but gunk may require Alchemy, Hazardous Materials, or Poisons. Some traps allow alternative skills – for instance, Armoury (Missile Weapons) would be as good as Traps for neutralizing an accessible crossbow. This roll, too, may carry a modifier. Also note whether failure triggers the trap! Some traps can’t be disarmed – consider a pit with an illusionary floor over it. The only solution might be to spot and avoid such a trap.

Garrion: Detect: The skill needed to find the trap – usually Traps, but Alchemy or Poisons for gunk, or Thaumatology for Evil Runes – along with any difficulty modifier. Such rolls are always Per-based. Not every trap is detectable! Only magic can spot a trap concealed entirely within a wall or a chest, or behind a door.

Garrion: Circumvent: How to avoid the trap if it’s found but not disarmed. This might not even require a roll; it’s simple enough not to step on the big, red tile. If there is a roll, it’s just about always against DX – or Acrobatics or Jumping, if higher. As always, there may be a modifier. By definition, failure means triggering the trap!

Garrion: Evade: Whether the trap offers a last-ditch chance to avoid its effects when triggered. In most cases, this is a Dodge roll, possibly a qualified one (“A Hearing-2 roll lets the victim hear a click behind him. He can roll Dodge at -2 to duck.”). For gas or blinding powder, though, it might be a HT roll for the target to hold his breath or shut his eyes quickly. A few undetectable traps can be stopped by somebody carefully reaching into the trapped area to feel for and intercept traps – a DX-based Traps roll at -5 plus any High Manual Dexterity bonus.

Sachi: Ooo.

Garrion: ok, anyway.. recap

Sachi: So for that kind of “undetectable” trap that’d be 12… That’s not bad odds actually…

Sachi: For it being undetectable.

Garrion: last session you made it back to town and lie low for a few days while also doing some research…covered on forum…. then you all met at satomi’s place to talk about what you found out. during this meeting Janiven comes over and chats with you a bit and tells you about a friend who is in town

Garrion: what you mean 12 for undetectable?

Garrion: “Not every trap is detectable! Only magic can spot a trap concealed entirely within a wall or a chest, or behind a door.”, you talking about that statement?

Sachi: Nah, I was talking about a DX-based Traps roll at -5

Sachi: With bonuses for manual dexterity, not magical traps

  • Urso streches his arm, as it is fully healed now.

Garrion: oh that is not to detect.. that is a last minute evade.. like a reflex save in D&D

Sachi: Ah

Sachi: Still, I got good hands

Sachi: :3

Zindal: You should give us a demonstration…

Garrion: better if you had prehensile tongue feature, haha

Tristan: it would be much easier to get people to join your crew…

Sachi: Welll

Garrion: ok, we resume at the meeting in Satomi’s place.. Janiven has just left and you finish telling what you discovered over the past 2 days… the stuff duscussed on forums

Sachi: I did just notice that Flexibility is supposed to give you +3 on Erotic Art, so my skill at that is actually 17 >.>

Garrion: that is because you can put your legs behind your head, lol

Eltera: must be from Lys

Tabris: lol

Garrion: sex yoga

Eltera: or was it volantis that was famous for its hoes

Zindal: “Interesting… So the mighty Wizard has found a challenge he doesn’t feel up to.”

Garrion: ok, you can pick up where we left off on the forums for your IC discussion about the task at hand

Tristan: I just pictured Sachi saying “you should join my crew because I can do this!” (legs behind head)

Tristan: all the guys would be like “ok”

Garrion: the stage is yours

Sachi: Hehehehe~


Tristan: lo

Tristan: lol

Tristan: yup

Eltera: good ole pod

Tristan: Pod is the man

Urso: ( a perfect Mereneese knot )

Zindal: “So do we waste two days of effort and go for something else then? Or do we go see what the Pathfinder lady has to say?”

Urso: " Maybe she know something you don’t "

Sachi: “We should talk to her. I couldn’t learn anything useful…”

Garrion: oh not sure if you all saw my last post in response to Loryc


Eltera: “Guess this is where we find out if we can trust her or not.”

Loryc: “Well… it seems that the mayor is a bit harder of a target than I oriignally expected… but no matter, there’s plenty of other targets we can hit if his defenses prove to be too strong.”

Satomi: “Loryc says the wards around the manor are really strong, like archmagi stuff… So I shudder to think of what’s on the valuable stuff…”

Tristan: roll5

  • Zindal shrugs, “I just want coin. I don’t care where it comes from. Though we could have spent the past two days actually earning some instead of not.”

Eltera: brb

  • Zindal grins, “I did get a date out of the deal at least. I suppose that’s nothing to complain about.”

Garrion: it is about noon, Rova 5

Garrion: what that 3d roll for tristan?

Tristan: overconfident. trying to see if I need to go over or under, was looking it up

Tristan: so, not sure if I “made it” or “failed it”

Urso: " we know other jobs?"

Zindal: (Heh, you only roll for Overconfident when the GM thinks you’re being overly cautious, I think)

Garrion: you shoud create some macros for your commonly rolled SC stuff

Tristan: (I was thinking "how would I react to this)

Tristan: (ok sure, how do I make macros? where at?)

Garrion: right

Tristan: (and did I just fail or “pass”)

Zindal: I just did it as a skill

Zindal: You want to roll under the target number

Tristan: (skill is a good idea)

Tristan: (ok, so I passed).

Tristan: i’ll add it as a skill

Garrion: if you roleplay it then therte is not need to roll, but if you start being wimpy then i may have you roll for overconfidence

Zindal: ←rolls Greed and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: that is a good way Zindal

Zindal: ←rolls Lecherousness and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 0

Zindal: Yeah, Zindal basically doesn’t care as long as he gets to score with that cute maid

Tristan: "after looking at this palace it looks like it’s protected pretty damn well, I mean, we have a wizard that plans poorly but seems to have some decent spells but based on what i’ve heard they may have a fucking demon in there)

Loryc: (lol well this certainly isn’t overconfident, I mean versus skill 35+ wards, damn)

Garrion: ok, so you all want to go meet up with Janiven, Arael and Ailyn

Zindal: “I think it’s a devil technically, but I’m not well-versed in those things.”

Tristan: (also G, I know there were some issues when i tried to update my sheet last time and don’t want to touch it, which map are we “on”)

Loryc: “Not just ‘a demon’, a pit fiend, the most powerful type of devil.”

Zindal: “Do devils use swords?”

Tristan: “well Loryc, your not really selling your case”

Eltera: “Yeah, its got 5 on each hand.”

  • Eltera replies to Zindal
  • Zindal grins, “Sounds like a worthy challenge.”

Zindal: “The Hell Knights were practically boring.”

Garrion: we not on any map really now… your tokens with current damages and stuff are on “Comon Ground”

Tristan: "ok, it’s settled, Zindal is going to challenge the demon, devil or pit fiend to a swordfight…. "

Eltera: “I’ll be use to chisel that on your tombstone.”

Eltera: be sure*

Satomi: (Oh oops lol >.> I’ve been editing the skills on my limbo token)

Tristan: ok, i’ll edit the one on common ground then (that’s where I am anyway)

Zindal: (I just edited them both, lol)

Garrion: well if you did not have anything happen to your token then you can use limbo

Tristan: ←rolls Overconfident and gets 12 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: i think Urso is the only one with injuries

Tristan: (yup, good idea there Zindal)

Zindal: “So what are we doing then? I have a date and I won’t be late for it. Do you need me or not?”

Eltera: “Not playing hard to get?”

Tristan: brb

Zindal: “What’s the point in that?”

Satomi: “No point in that once you both know you want it, ne?”

Eltera: “Yeah, I think we can manage without you swhirling your wine glass and leering all night. Beat it…”

  • Satomi glances aside, pretending not to be self-conscious that she’s swirling her wine glass at that moment

Loryc: “Well we could at least talk to the pathfinder agent, though I doubt we’ll really hear much on this subject that’s going to make the manor seem like a good target.”

Loryc: “If not, we can always just pick another locationto attack.”

Satomi: “Maybe she’ll know something we don’t.”

Eltera: “If we have to fight someone while you’re away, I’ll be sure to stab them in both eyes, just for you.”



Zindal: “Might as well talk to her. I don’t see any reason to pass up a treasure vault just because Loryc is afraid of a mage better than him.”

Eltera: “The way I see it, you got a big hunk of cheese that owns to some fat bastard.”

Urso: " who go then?"

Eltera: “You steal the whole fucking wheel, he knows somethings fucked up.”

Eltera: “You just take a bite here or there over time, he doesn’t notice.”

Satomi: “I’m definitely going to meet our contact… It only makes sense.”

Garrion: ((oh Sef, you think you can have Mina ready by next session… i forgot to respolnd to your IM question about when to have her ready…. the sooner the better))

Eltera: will try

Satomi: (Oh I’ll try and have my pixie ready then too, so I won’t disrupt your stuff too much)

Garrion: that is assuming you want to play her instead

Satomi: (I made her background sympathetic with the rebels so she’ll be easy to slot in >.> )

Loryc: “Perhaps I understated how much better I mean….”

Garrion: this will be the last opportunity to switch.. unless i slaughter you, haha

Satomi: (Oh nm then, I like Satomi but I wanted to try that out >.>; )

Garrion: ok, back to your discussion

Loryc: “This isn’t someone slightly more skilled… this is a near divine level magic.”

Eltera: “Well I’ll be busy getting my red face on, till it gets here.”

Satomi: (I don’t think I’ll get another chance was all)

  • Eltera says sitting down at a table. “Hair of the dog…” she says drinking gingerly

Garrion: whatever you play i want it to be your character for the game… no swapping in and out

  • Zindal shrugs, finishing off his wine glass and setting it back down

Zindal: “The biggest rewards always come with the biggest risks.”

Eltera: “Reminds me of that street fashioned fire water, gets you tore up from the floor up, and makes you go blind half the time as well.”

  • You roll secretly: 3d6 => 12

Zindal: “Seems like we aren’t doing anything right now though, so I’m leaving to get ready for later. Let me know what sort of crazy plan the Pathfinder girl came up with.”

Urso: " maybe she knows of others jobs, even Urso hear of pathfinder’s "

Eltera: “Don’t forget to pull the stick out.”

  • Zindal stands up and starts to leave

Garrion: ((so zindal not going to meeting?))

Tristan: (back)

  • Loryc nods.

Zindal: ((He has a date with that girl from the manor, unless that’s at a time that won’t interfere with the meeting)

Loryc: “Well I dobut you’ll be missing much Zindal.”

Eltera: “We ain’t either….” grumbles

Garrion: nah, the date will be tomorrow

Zindal: Oh, heh, okay, I thought it was this day

Zindal: Never mind that then

Loryc whispers: btw I wanted to cast hallucination and delay on Zindal. Delaying it for if he has sex with a girl nearby, I want the halluncination to trigger and make it look like the girl has vampire fangs.

Loryc whispers: not going to have her attack him or anything, just going to like… make him see it out of the corner of his eye.

You whisper to Taragnor: lol that is mean

Satomi: “Yes… I may be confident in my skills, but if Loryc doubts our ability to penetrate the manor then so do I.”

Eltera: “We need to find his whores, they prolly know all kind of shit no one else does.”

Zindal: “Who says we have to use magic to do it? All we need are some fancy clothes and forged party invitations.”

Eltera: “Every man in power has a proverbial fuckload.” tips her glass in the air for her use of grammar

Zindal: “Hm… That might not be a bad plan either…”

Tristan: “Your a noble right Satomi? Can’t you just get an invite to one of these parties and go as yourself? Maybe scout the place out then give it some time before we hit it not to make anyone suspecious?”

Loryc whispers: just want to freak him out a little hehe.

Tristan: *Tristan says this while trimming his nails with a dagger

Satomi: “I suppose so… I’ve been a bit skittish about hobnobbing since the business with the Hellknights the other day…”

Zindal: “Allow me to accompany you then as your bodyguard, Boss.”

Urso: " maybe look bad if you don’t go "

Eltera: “Hmmm, does he own any slaves?”

Zindal: “Unlike some of the others in this room, I actally know how to handle myself among high society.”

Garrion: ((i would hardly qualify Satomi as a noble.. she is more of a wealthy freeman… the noble famuilies are way above your league.. think trump type level

Zindal: actually*

Loryc: “Well getting into the manor itself isn’t hard.. I could forge something, but the vault… that’s another story.”

Loryc: “The problem is we have no idea what manner of deathspells may be protecting it… all we’re really certain of is that they’re very powerful and beyond my abilities to remove.”

Zindal: “You haven’t even seen the vault and you’re already scared of whatever mythical defenses it may or may not have.”

Eltera: “Then lets just use the twat himself.”

Loryc: “So unless some of you have an immunity to maigc which you haven’t told me about… you can obviously see why this might be a slightl problem…”

Garrion: oddly enough all his workers are human, no halfling slaves

Eltera: "Stick a knife to his throat, and make him open the shit.’

Garrion: and if the workers are slaves they do not seem miserable in being so

Tristan: “shit, they make deathspells?”

Loryc: “Someone who has that kind of security may also have bodyguards that are equally capable.”

Tristan: “how are we supposed to prepare for that?”

Zindal: “I can handle that much.”

Loryc: “A vast variety of death spells.”

Eltera: “Bodyguard, sounds like a good disguise. Can you make us look like specific people?”

Eltera: “Frame those cocksuckers for it.”

Zindal: “Supposedly his magic dies as soon as we cross the threshold.”

Tristan: “What are you going to do agasit a deathspell Zindal? Challenge it to a sword fight or try to stick your little man in it? I mean really, if anything we should send that mage in”

Zindal: “I was talking about the bodyguards, Tristan.”

  • Satomi snickers.

Tristan: “and I was talking about the deathspell”

Garrion: you were all getting up to go to the safehouse Janiven told you about? going as a group or splitting up?

Tristan: “I know a few bodygaurds are no match for your skills… a deathspell though…”

Zindal: “Mages don’t usually do too well with their spells if you slice their necks open first.”

Satomi: (I think the “deathspell” in GURPS is actually a touch damage spell but still it can do a LOT of damage with high power)

Tristan: “what about a ward spell like he was talking about?”

  • Zindal shrugs

Eltera: “Tunnel under it?”

Eltera: “Does the shit go through the floor?”

Zindal: “There are always ways to deactivate wards, aren’t there?”

Tristan: (we need a red shirt or two… send them in first to clear out the cobwebs)

Garrion: ((actually there is a new Magic Suppliment called “Death Spells”

Loryc: (yeah, I mean it deals damage, but that can be liek 15d damage with the kind of stuf we’re dealing with)

Zindal: “There isn’t any point in having a ward so powerful that even the owner can’t get to their own treasure.”

Satomi: “They can be keyed to people or objects, right?”

Tristan: (better send Urso first..)

Loryc: (I mean to have a 35+ rank in a spell, he’d probably have liek 20+IQ and 10 or more levels of magery)

Loryc: 15d would fuck up Urso too.

Tristan: (pit fiend… probably about right)

Loryc: “It’s easy enough to key a ward as to not attack certian people.. or to require a password.”

Tristan: “Loyrc, can you charm someone to spill their info? that’s a magic type thing right?”

Eltera: “Get me in bed with the creepy bastard and I’ll accoust his sack so hard he’ll do and say whatever we wants, bodyguards be damned.”

Zindal: “So all we need is the key.”

Loryc: “The problem si that we have no real idea what this ward happens to be keyed to or what the defenses are.”

Zindal: “Well maybe if we actually go into the manor instead of pussying around about it, we can figure that information out.”

Tristan: “can’t just kidnap that mayor then while he’s out and make him talk, I hear he’s a puppet anyway”

Tristan: “I doubt the mayor is protected with a death spell ward”

Loryc: “It might be possible to kidnap him, of course, like I said, if the man has that kind fo protections on his manor, it’s unlikely the physical security will be lax.”

Loryc: “He could easily have a bodyguard that’s a powerful devil in disguise.”

Eltera: “Oh fuck me.”

  • Zindal sighs loudly

Tristan: “a doubt it, what devil would follow a puppet around?”

Loryc: “Because someone or something has to be maintaining those wards… and if it is a pit fiend in disguise…”

Zindal: “Are we going to actually go make some money sometime this month or are we going to spend all of our time afraid of imaginary contingencies that may or may not exist?”

Eltera: “Yeah screw this. I knew I’ve did some bad shit, so I’d prefer to wait awhile till I go to the Hells.”

Tristan: “well, this aint my area of expertise, let’s go hear the pathfinder people out and i’m in with you guys no matter how stupid the plan (looks at Loryc)”

Garrion: ((you tell them zindal))

Loryc: “I don’t know… but apparently it felt the need to put a lot of effort into making the most potent anti-magic ward it could.”

Loryc: (lol you should have Zindal duel some swordsman with 40+ skill)

Urso: " sounds good, we all go or no?"

Garrion: ((perhaps should go to the meeting before you spend a day speculating….))

Zindal: “You don’t even know what he has, you’re just making up things to be afraid of. I could skewer you right now and then you wouldn’t have to worry about whatever devil might be lurking around in disguise.”

Satomi: “Look, I thought Loryc had some lead… Let’s go hear our contact out already. We’ve wasted enough time.”

Loryc: “I’m not making up the high level antimagic ward around the manor.”

Loryc: “And that should be enough to worry everyone.”

Zindal: “Tch. I’m with the Boss. Let’s go get the other information that’s waiting for us before we discard the possibility of a good score.”

Loryc: “Sure, we cou ld imagine the secure vault is completely unguarded, but not all of us are that foolish.”

Satomi: “Loryc’s right about the wards. And the hell if I’m going to just kidnap the mayor on a hunch!”

Tristan: *Tristan stand up and put a hand out to the boss to help her up getting this party started

  • Loryc nods.

Satomi: “We killed a bunch of Hellknights… If we get caught trying to pull some shit and they interrogate us, we’re beyond fucked.”

  • Satomi states it much more bluntly than her usual flowered language.

Loryc: “We can at least go to the meeting and see if we can get some quality intel.”

Tristan: (maybe the hellknights have some open positions now they are missing a few…)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: (Yeah wonder what it would take for one of us to become a guard at the manor)

Garrion: ((but hell knights do not guard the estate))

Tristan: (was just kidding there, i’m sure they go through a pretty long process)

Garrion: (( you guess quite a bit…. as my post stated, the astate guards are Rundottari.. the elite of the dottari and not just the normal troops

Tristan: (ok, i think we are all in agreement we can fast forward to talk to the pathfinder people correct?0

Loryc: (Well I mean, the main problem aint’ really getting into the manor, it’s more worrying about walht’s protecting the vault.)

Zindal: (Yes)

Loryc: (Yeah, lets fast forward)(

Loryc: (Is Zindal coming with us or going on his date?)

Urso: (they same level as hell knights? better, worse?)

Zindal: (My date isn’t until the next day so I’ll be with you)

Garrion: ok, you make your way through the streets of Westcrown to the old abandoned Shrine to Aroden

Satomi: “We should split up on the way to the site. Make sure you’re not followed.”

Eltera: “Fine.”

  • Urso nods, " maybe go is smaller groups too "

Eltera: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 15 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera FAILS by 1

Eltera: ←rolls Urban Survival and gets 12 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Eltera FAILS by 3

Garrion: probably about the same… but the hell knights you fought were the recruits and beginner hell knights, not the verterans

  • Eltera gets drunk and shows up late.

Satomi: (btw did anyone else notice we have like a -30 point Skeleton in the Closet disadvantage for having killed those guys)

Zindal: (Oh hey, it says I get my appearance bonus on Sex Appeal checks… That makes that skill a 19)

Loryc: (btw I’m assuming that this being a sandbox game, means that we may end up getting quests that are beyond our ability sometimes, right?)

Garrion: possibly so

Tristan: (Satomi, G put an email out about that. you don’t get extra points, it’s just part of the story, just like you don’t have to pay for the contact / friend we made)

Zindal: (Aren’t you supposed to get some pop up warning in red letters when that happens? =P)

Garrion: the nature of sandbox.. but you never know till you feel it out

Urso: (did we ever send out what we got cash wise for those weapons we got?)

Zindal: (Oh, no, forgot to do that)

Zindal: (I’ll get it later)

Garrion: yep, you can buy off your secret disadvantage and make it go away with points, or perhaps through play

Satomi: (I know we don’t get the bonus points, I was just pointing it out that that’s like a serious disadvantage :p )

Zindal: lol

Zindal: (Only if someone finds out!)

Satomi: (30 points)

Garrion: yep, because the penalty of discovery is possile death

Tristan: (our you could be a bad ass pixie that killed a hell knight… that would be impressive)

Loryc: (heh well I spent quite a bit of time feeling it out with all those spells, I figured out it’s a skill 35+ thing.)

Satomi: (I actually am still thinking of doing the pixie >.> I mean I really do like Satomi so far but I think a tiny pixie would be just too awesome)

Garrion: anyway.. you make your way to your destination… you see a run down abandoned building with shuttered up windows

Satomi: A Stealth * check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth * and gets 7 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 11

Zindal: A Stealth * check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth * and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 7

  • Urso keeps an eye out for anyone taking special interest in them.

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 0

Urso: (what is non trained stealth check? do we need em ?)

Satomi: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: not really, if you look like you trying to be stealthy then that could draw more attention

Satomi: (Also gonna watch the place briefly before going inside to see if I can spot any surveillance)

Tristan: (are we free to spend those couple points we earned on mundane skills?)

Garrion: an observation to make sure you not shadowed would be more appropriate

Urso: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 16 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 7

Satomi: (lol I had like 20 points or something that I just finished spending today on my sheet >.>; I’ll send you the updated one in a bit G)

Garrion: yes, just have a reason for the upgrade, no matter how trivial

Tristan: (ok, upgrading observation after scoping the manor for a few days)

Eltera: whats observation, per-5?

Garrion: like i spent the last week testign out new knots, or practicing my swordplay, etc

Zindal: (Yeah, I upgraded mine as well, searching for servants to hit up for dates, lol)

Zindal: (And yeah the default is Per-5)

Eltera: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Eltera FAILS by 9

Urso: ( think urso is gonna learn stealth from tristan, if he will teach em …)

Garrion: yes, PEr-5

Satomi: (kk~ Yeah, I spent points on a lotta stuff I’ve been using, and I’ll do a little writeup :3 )

Garrion: you do not notice anyone following you

Zindal: (I also added Savoir Faire: High Society, since I was learning about that play and how the nobles and high society types were all buzzed over it

Satomi: (I know a ton of mundane-type skills if I can help…)

Zindal: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 4 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)


Eltera: (firegiant shadowing eltera)

Tristan: (Tristan thinks Urso is a good friend and will teach him anything he likes)

Satomi: (Ooo Savoir-Faire is a good idea, I forgot about that one)

Loryc: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 15 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc FAILS by 1

Satomi: (So many skills)

Urso: ( Urso will teach tristan how to be a bigger man.. hehe )

Tristan: (and satomi may have to teach me some city type skills… I don’t have any of those)

Satomi: (Makes sense for Satomi cuz she’d wanna hang around with people richer than her and ingratiate herself/sell them things)

Zindal: (Zindal would be happy to offer lessons in how to behave properly in high society, and also how to discern the best wines)

Zindal: (Personal, private lessons in Satomi’s case)

Eltera: a play eh? i should make mina an actor in a “vampire play” like those dudes from interview with the vampire

Satomi: (Tho it doesn’t really matter if I do the pixie >.>;

Garrion: You are on the main street in front of the shrine.. normal street traffic is passing by on their normal tasks

Eltera: “This place has seen better days.”

Garrion: assuming you not geared up for war?

Zindal: Zindal always wears his stuff but he has a heavy cloak on to hide it

Garrion: street clothes and light weapon?

  • Urso carries his axes on his belt, being a woodcutter.

Eltera: ditto

Satomi: Yeah, Satomi’s armor is just a leather coat and a cloak and a smallsword so she’s always got it

Garrion: ok, but no plate armor clanking around

Zindal: You can hide chain armor under cloak right? It’s elven too so it’s light and fine

Eltera: nah i dont got on full plate

Satomi: A smallsword is still small enough to conceal or walk around with without attracting too much attention right?

Urso: ( I put my shield in my backpack as well)

Eltera: she has some bracers and greaves and light armor with a cloak

Tristan: A Observation check sent to GM.


←rolls Observation and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 7

Zindal: sets aside a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

Zindal: Wouldn’t have the coif on at least

Zindal: picks up a trusty Elven Mail Coif.

Garrion: right, most nobles and higher society that can afford expensive blades carry one…. imagine romeo and julliette attire

Eltera: mines already equipped

Eltera: i forgot to put on my plate for our battle vs the hellkights actually

Tristan: “loryc, can you magic up my bow into a walking stick again?”

Eltera: luckily it didnt matter

Urso: (urso gonna need to get a set of leather/cloth armor for city dwelling)

Satomi: Yeah hehe, I figure Satomi’s coat is styled to be protective but also fancy.

Zindal: Yeah, Zindal’s cloak is fancy and expensive looking

Zindal: And hides his armor and sword

Garrion: ok, as long as you not dressed for war you attract no undue attention

Garrion: you stand in the street

Satomi: I’d assume most merchants take at least a little precaution in self-defense anyway.

Garrion: abandoned building in front of you all boarded up

Tristan: (you said a traveling merchant may carry a bow?… like a hunter?)

Eltera: “I gotta pee.”

Eltera: “This cunt better hurry.”

Garrion: there is a broken sign with a burnt image on it.. you can barely make out the symbol of Aroden

Eltera: “Pissing on the temple of a dead god, can’t be good luck.”

Eltera: “Though I guess he is dead technically.”

  • Eltera ponders philosophically.

Zindal: (What did she say about how we’re supposed to rendezvous again? lol)

  • Urso looks for a way in.

Urso: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 13 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Urso FAILS by 3

Garrion: hehe, that what i was waiting for

Satomi: “Some say otherwise…”

Satomi: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 2

Eltera: “Yeah, we’ll just call it holy water, and a day.”

Zindal: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 8 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc: (I dont’ realyl think she said much)

Zindal: (I think she said something like an alley behind the temple)

Loryc: (Oh was that it? I mean we’ll go wherever the meet up was supposed to be)

Zindal: ←rolls IQ and gets 8 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Zindal: There, I made a check to remember it, lol

Loryc: (I honestly don’t even recall her saying a temple, lol)

Garrion: she said to go into the alley that you left her in when exiting the sewers

Tristan: (i remember the temple only because G put an arrow to it marking it’s location)

  • Urso leads the way toward that alley.

Satomi: ←rolls IQ and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Satomi SUCCEEDS by 1

  • Zindal nonchalantly makes his way towards the alley

Garrion: you turn into the alley next to the building and stop at the sewer entrance.. you see a boarded up door nearby

  • Urso tries the door.

Eltera: “Ha, a sewer, fine place to piss if there ever was one.”

Garrion: Suddenly you are startled by a young boy who walks up behind you. “Can I help you?”

Eltera: “You little shit, you scared the piss out of me.”

Garrion: "actually rephase that… “Can you help me?”

  • Eltera stands up as she was just about to squatt.

Zindal: lol

Zindal: “What do you need, boy?”

Tristan: (I hope we did not forget a secret keyword…)

Satomi: ( ; ; )

Zindal: (Well I made the IQ check, lol…)

Garrion: As you turn around… “Oh, its just you guys again.” You recognize the boy as Morosino.

Zindal: (Did we meet him before? lol)

Satomi: “Oh, hey! Don’t worry, you’re not a little shit.”

Garrion: yes, the boy who told you all about the hell knights coming to Janiven’s dinner gathering

Zindal: Oh yeah, him

Zindal: “Ah, you… Yes, we are here to see the lady of the house.”

Garrion: “You should be a little more careful strutting around here. you look like peacocks.”

Urso: " were is entrance boy, or Urso will pluck you"

Zindal: “So get us away from prying eyes already.”

Tristan: lol

Satomi: “I told ’em to split up…”

Tristan: (hearing roll for the boy to make sure he heard “pluck”)

Zindal: lol

Loryc: (Yeah I would disguise Urso under illusion anyway)

Loryc: (I mean he draws a bunch fo attention)

Tristan: “well, standing here in the street does not sound like a great idea…”

Garrion: “Ok ok, not so testy big man. Just knock on the door, Janiven said you may be coming. I’ll go back to watching the street now.”

Loryc: (so I’d illusion him whereever we go in town generally)

Zindal: “Seems simple enough.”

  • Zindal goes up to the door and knocks

Eltera: “That aint all you were watchin…”

  • Eltera scolds the kid.

Garrion: A few moments after Zindal knocks you hear something shifting on the other side of the door and it cracks open, made to open yet still look like it is boarded and sealed when shut.

Eltera: “You sure this kid aint yours Zindal?”

Tristan: (to Eltera) “I was thinking the same thing”

Garrion: “Yeah, I saw you flashing your ass, who cares.”

Zindal: “Hm… I’d have to know where his mother came from.”

Tristan: “but, I have as of yet seen a woman fall to his advances”

Urso: "na, he funnier then Zindal "

Eltera: “Wanna see if your nuts have dropped yet kid?”

  • Satomi giggles at Urso’s comment.

Garrion: he grins and runs off

Eltera: “You little bastard.”

Garrion: "Janiven stands in the door just as Eltera spits out her insult….

Urso: (they open the door?)

Satomi: “Ah, good evening!”

Zindal: “Good day, m’lady… You’ll have to forgive my companion and her crassness.”

  • Zindal smiles at Janiven

Garrion: “Well, what a way to stay low key….”

Loryc: “I try my best…. but a lot of my companions aren’t great at subtlety.”

Garrion: “Come on in and hurry before anyone comes along.”

Eltera: “I didn’t leave any corpses that could be traced back to you.”

Tristan: *Tristan looks around and lets the other people do the talking

  • Eltera says sarcastically.
  • Satomi hurries inside.
  • Zindal headsinside
  • Eltera follows behind Zindal.

Tristan: *heads inside, taking a seat on thar far side of the room watching the door

Satomi: “I can see we’re going to have to review procedures a bit…”

  • Urso enters.

Eltera: “Nice ass. Must be from trying to reach it, alot of practice. Bet your back is strong too.”

Garrion: the interior of the shrine is nothing like the outside.. the pace has been fixed up and looks like it is a worthy place of worship

Satomi: (Heh, Stealth is one of the things the DF book recommends everyone have, so Satomi will help anyone who wants to learn it… It’s just 1 point to get it up from default.)

Zindal: “Can you not have even a semblance of civility when we’re in public?”

Eltera: “We were standing on top of a sewer.”

Tristan: (yup, Stealth is a must, and a cheap one)

Eltera: “If you can’t talk dirty there, then where?”

Garrion: there are cots on the floor in place of the old pews and portable dividers seperate the cots into “rooms”

Satomi: (Climbing and Hiking too iirc)

Zindal: (Heh, I have it… We just all wound up standing in front of the safe house somehow even though it was suggested to split up)

Garrion: ((more like cubicles)

Satomi: (Yeah, we did say we were splitting up)

Tristan: brb, letting dogs in

Garrion: yeah, that is fine… you split up but arrived at about the same time

Loryc: yeah I mean Loryc would encourage them to do sound stealthy things, it’s just like OOC I don’t really want to wastea bunch of time getting really elaborate on every meetup

Eltera: “Well, I’ve seen worse.”

Zindal: Yeah I mean it should be generally assumed that we aren’t going to draw overt attention to the super secret rebel cell that wants to overthrow the government

Garrion: a man walks up to you, you recognize him as Arael. “Finally my saviors have come for a visit.”

Eltera: “On the shithole scale, a decent 6.”

Zindal: Unless somebody pays us for it anyway

  • Zindal rolls his eyes and sighs at yet another of Eltera’s overly crass remarks

Garrion: He frows at the remark. “We do what we can. We are more conserned with the cityas a whole though rather than this shrine.”

Eltera: “I’m just kiddin mister, don’t get all bothered.”

Eltera: “I was a slave, don’t get much worse than that.”

Eltera: “Same reason I ain’t got much in way of manners.”

Loryc: “I hope you’re doing well Arael.”

Urso: " you welcome, was a good fight"

Zindal: “Too short and boring for me.”

Satomi: “Good to meet you at last! I wish we could have gotten there sooner.”

Tristan: (back)

Urso: “though next time you get caught, tell Urso first”

Garrion: He seems to ignore Eltera as he looks to Loryc. “Janiven has told me so much about you. She was hoping you would join us. I had hoped for a better meeting though.”

  • Eltera pulls her hair back over her ears, showing her elf heritage.
  • Satomi tosses her hair, flashing a winning smile… Kinda sidling up behind Loryc to the side as if she’s included

Garrion: After Eltera shows her heritage and makes her explanation, he responds. “Ah, I understand sister. May you find peace here with us then.”

Garrion: ((Araelk is also half-elven

Eltera: “Everyone wears a mask of somekind.”

  • Eltera ruffles her hair back covering her ears again.

Tristan: *"I got pointing ears to, can I join the club?"

Eltera: “So…”

Garrion: “And miss Satomi? I have heard the buzz around town about the exotic beauty who has graced us with her presence.”

  • Eltera rolls her eyes.

Satomi: “Kyaha~ Ah… You’re really too kind…~”

  • Satomi blushes.

Loryc: “Well I’m not sure if I’m the organization type… I tried joining the council of thieves at one point… things didn’t exactly work out between us.”

Garrion: “Your reputation as a shrewd business woman has the merchants in fits.”

Satomi: “Mhmhm, I bet…~”

Eltera: “Yeah, she pays us so little, thats how she stays in profit.” elbows Tristan

  • Zindal smirks

Garrion: ((retcon that.. the council of thieves does not exist as far as anyone knows.. it used to but that was centuries ago))

Tristan: *smiles but tries not to laugh out loud

Garrion: 4469 Queen Koradinna declares the “Council of Thieves” destroyed along with public executions of its leaders.

Zindal: (No wonder he failed to join)

Garrion: it is now 4710

Satomi: “Hey, hey… I have overhead too, you know… All that inventory in my shop is cold assets.”

Eltera: “Aint so cold going down.” she says with a swig

  • Eltera shivers a bit at the taste.

Eltera: “Take the rust off yer sword.”

Garrion: “Well come in and meet everyone. Havwe a seat and get comfortable.”

Urso: " so where teh pathfinder person?"

  • Eltera plops down casually.

Tristan: *sits so he can see the door

Garrion: Just as Urso makes his statement Janiven walks back up with another woman beside her.

  • Urso looks about for a place strong enough to hold him and sits. ( probably on floor or stairs )
  • Eltera stands back up, perhaps out of old habits when seeing the master.
  • Satomi bows courteously to the newcomer.
  • Zindal smiles cordially, getting a good look at the other woman

Garrion: see token on limbo for image

Zindal: Don’t see it, lol

Loryc: (Well I got hidden lore and such I’d assume if the thieves guild is still aorund, I’d know about it)

Eltera: far right

Garrion: she is olive skinned with dark hair and wears leather armor and a hilted blade hangs to her side

Eltera: in black

Garrion: basket-hilted

Eltera: looks gypsy/italianish

Zindal: Oh there we go

Satomi: Yeah I don’t see nothin’ in limbo but myself

Tristan: (i just see a red circle)

Loryc: (Plus I took em as an enemy)

Tristan: (ok, got it)

  • Urso smiles at the new person as he sits down, " good timing"
  • Eltera looks on quietly.

Garrion: Janiven speaks. “This is Ailyn, the Pathfinder that I told you about.”

  • Eltera nods.

Garrion: Ailyn bows and speaks in an accented tongue.

Tristan: (knowing nothing about pathfinders) "you some type of Ranger?

Zindal: “Greetings, Miss Ailyn. I am Zindal. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

  • Zindal smiles charmingly

Satomi: (Hehe, do I know about them IC?)

Zindal: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 11 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 8

Satomi: (I don’t know much about the actual group OOC >.>;;; )

  • Urso jabs thumb into chest, " Urso "

Garrion: “Hello, you must be the group that Janiven said managed to save Arael. That was quite a task.!”

Eltera: “You from Ustalav? Accent sounds familiar.”

Eltera: “Knew someone from there once.”

Zindal: (They basically go around searching for ancient lore and lost ruins and shit to preserve the knowledge for posterity)

Garrion: “No I have spend much time in Absalom, perhaps that is what you detect?”

  • Eltera nods.

Zindal: (They’re generally a well-regarded and prestigious group from what I’ve read)

Eltera: “I’ve heard alot of various languages and dialects over the years, I get em mixed up.”

Garrion: the pathfinders are popular enough that you would have heard of them, but probaly not know alot of details

Satomi: (Ahhh cool, that sounds dope)

Zindal: (She seem attracted to Zindal at all? lol)

Garrion: lol, he can’t contain it can he

Satomi: (Or Satomi? >.> )

Tristan: (and they have a book named after them…)

Zindal: (I did take the Lecherousness flaw)

Garrion: She seems to take notice of him but she has other tasks on her mind for now

Garrion: she does a double take at Zindal but quickly gets back to business

Zindal: lol

Satomi: :3

Garrion: and a game system,. haha

Zindal: (I gotta know if they’re interested so I’ll know if it’s worth pursuing any further… Of course Zindal makes an exception for Satomi since she seems to just be playing hard to get)

Tristan: (yup, that was the book I was referring to)

Satomi: (Kyehehe, of course she is~)

Garrion: “Well shall we get right to it?”

Garrion: She has a seat on one of the pillowed rugs nearby

  • Eltera nods.
  • Loryc nods.
  • Eltera takes her cloak off and throws it down and sits cross legged ontop of it.

Loryc: “You may want to be more specific though… with Zindal around.”

Garrion: “I have come to Westcrown secretly and under cover of a common mercenary, and hopes to recover several treasures lost when the city’s Pathfinder lodge was forcibly closed decades ago by agents of the House of Thrune.”

Loryc: “He tends to assume that when someoen says that, they mean something very different.”

Garrion: She grins at Lorycs comment. “Yes, I can see how that could be so.”

Satomi: “Oooh…?”

Zindal: “I try to keep the misunderstandings to a minimum. It’s best to be direct.”

  • Satomi leans forward with interest, her fox ears perking up and displacing her hood slightly.
  • Zindal smiles

Zindal: “Now, you were saying something about priceless ancient treasures worth a small fortune in coin?”

Tristan: *waiting to see if they know anything about a balor protecting the vault…

Garrion: The lodge has been locked down tight for over 30 years, and even before then no Pathfinder has set foot inside since Aroden’s death. The fact that the shadow beasts came to plague Westcrown’s streets so soon after the lodge was sealed by the House of Thrune seems to indicate a connection between the two events, and I believe I have discovered proof while researching Delvehaven in the libraries of Skyreach at the Great Lodge in Absalom.

Zindal: (These guys are devil worshippers so you won’t have to worry about Balors)

Garrion: put that in quotes….

Zindal: “So your lodge had some artifact that summons unkillable beasts from another realm?”


Eltera: elteras armor?

Satomi: (lolol)

Zindal: (Needs more red)

Eltera: Anyways

Garrion: “As much as I would want to explore Delvehaven, I cannot—I’m not officially here on Pathfinder business, and if the society were to find out that I have taken the exploration of Delvehaven into my own hands, I would be in a lot of trouble. Yet if, perchance, another group not directly affiliated with the Pathfinders were to enter the old ruin—say, a group of heroes eager to combat the shadow beast legacy—I would be able to make a formal request to have Delvehaven investigated again.”

Satomi: “Mmmm, I see…~”

Eltera: “Always comes down to politics don’t it.”

Tristan: “so, there are rumors about a demon or a devil or something, would you know anything abou that?”

  • Eltera seems to say to herself.

Urso: " where these ruins at?"

  • Satomi turns to Eltera and nods.

Satomi: “Indeed.”

Zindal: (That’s the mayor’s mansion, not the Pathfinder lodge)

  • Satomi is still wearing a smile though.

Garrion: At this point Janiven interjects. “Imagine if we could stop the Shadow Beast threat. That would be a great victory for the common people of Westcrown.”

Garrion: “The lodge is here in town, but it is sealed tight with wards placed by the Pathfinders and also some by House Thrune.”

Eltera: “When was the first sighting of those things anyways? Anyone know the exact date?”

Tristan: (oh, I thought the pathfinder lodge was converted into the manor, got it)

Tristan: “do you know if you can slay these beast with normal weapons? i don’t want to bring a bow to a magic artifact fight”

Zindal: “They only appear at night… So we just go during the day.”

Satomi: “Yes. I could take walks at night, and my less well-off clientele could go about their business without worrying about being murdered by shadow death beasts… Everyone wins.”

Urso: " you show Loryc how to get past the magiks?"

Garrion: "Unfortunately, one cannot just simply walk into Delvehaven. While the House of Thrune no longer actively guards the site, they transferred that responsibility to Westcrown’s mayoral office. Worse, the fact that the House of Thrune has been engaged in an act of rewriting history – either by destroying existing documents or changing them to suit Thrune’s preferences – means that reliable information about Delvehaven has become incredibly scarce. I know that there are several powerful magical locks and wards on the lodge placed there by the House of Thrune to prevent entry, and my research has shown her that keys to the locks and documentation relating to those wards exists in only one place—Aberian’s Folly.

Zindal: “Oh, the place that Loryc was quaking in his boots about going into. Great.”

Eltera: “Yeah those cunts with The Wrack burn all the books every few months I heard.”

Tristan: “pretty sure that place has magic locks of it’s own”

  • Loryc nods.

Urso: " so only way to get in one magic place, is goto other magic place?"

Loryc: “it’s trading one highly secured defense for another.”

Garrion: “Further, the House of Thrune’s devotion to order and tradition all but ensures that these keys and documents are kept in a complex, twelve-sided puzzle-box container known as a Chelish Crux, and that if it has been secured anywhere in Aberian’s Folly, it is likely to lie within the manor’s vault—a place known as the Asmodean Knot. Unfortunately, my research in the libraries at the Grand Lodge in Absalom hit a dead end after that, and so I has come to Westcrown to continue my investigations.”

Eltera: “Be nice if there was someone who had coppies of all the old stuff before they started the purge. No telling whats in there.”

Satomi: “Except for the books I hide…”

Satomi: “Ah, so our path leads there anyway… What an amazing coincidence.”

Loryc: “Yeah, I couldn’t find much on it either, aside from rumors that the defenses were made by a pit fiend.”

Satomi: “I mean…”

Eltera: “Asmodean knot, sounds like something I use to practice.” elbows Zindal

  • Zindal raises an eyebrow

Satomi: “Break into the mayor’s manor?!”

Tristan: *raises an eyebrow as well

Eltera: “I’ll show you later.”

  • Satomi feigns shock unconvincingly.

Tristan: *then looks to Zindal like "did she just say that?’

Zindal: lol

Zindal: (You know if she’s that eager it can’t be good for you)

Eltera: “I’ll show you too, no need to get jealous.”

Tristan: (I was thinking, it’s better him that me)

Satomi: (It’s gonna be like that throw Sophitia has in Soul Calibur)

Tristan: “let’s see how it goes for Zindal first”

Eltera: yeah its more like a jujitsu move that starts as a sex position

Eltera: then transitions into a chokehold or armbar

Garrion: Arael interjects now….“If there is a connection to the Shadow Beast infestation and a method to rid us of them, or even just clues that might point to such a method, are hidden in Delvehaven, an expedition to the old Pathfinder Lodge is very tempting indeed.”

Tristan: (whispers) “I like sex positions that end with sex positions… or sleeping”

Zindal: “Do you have any ideas for getting to the vault? Loryc apparently thinks the manor’s defenses are unbeatable and wants to run in the opposite direction at top speed.”

Tristan: “do you have a map of this place?”

Eltera: "Does being kicked in the balls until you’re rendered unconscious count as sleeping? she whispers back

Loryc: “Getting to the vault isn’t the hard part Zindal.”

Loryc: “it’s actually opening it.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Zindal: “Well whatever.”

Tristan: (whispers) “nope, that does not count at all”

Loryc: “Getting to the vault will be merely difficult… but opening the thing without getting killed by pit fiend created magical defenses, that’s another matter entirely.”

Garrion: Ailyn speaks again… “It just so happens that I do, but it is a pretty crazy idea.”

Satomi: “Yes, if the manor is warded and has some grotesquely powerful demon inside… Ohhh?”

Zindal: “Well Loryc’s creativity apparently died when he saw something that would be a challenge. What’s your idea?”

Urso: " what idea?"

Garrion: “When Janiven told me about your skills at battle and how you handled the Hell Knights, I knew that if anyone could pull it off it would be you.”

  • Satomi chuckles nervously…

Garrion: “What do you know about the theater?”

Zindal: “The one they’re holding that new play in?”

Zindal: “Or, I guess… Old play that’s making a comeback.”

Loryc: “I’m pretty familiar with it.”

Eltera: "I saw a guy puked outside the of one before.

Eltera: puke*

Loryc: (I’ve got current events (all) basically which includes high society stuff)

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: “Well i meant in general, but yes now that you mention it the new building has a play upcoming in it.”

Loryc: yeah Iv’e heard of it.

Eltera: “I saw a guy puke outside of one before” (a theatre that is)

Zindal: “I know nobles like to watch plays…”

Loryc: “Let me guess, you want to try to kidnap the mayor? Yeah we thought of that already.”

Zindal: “Never acted in one myself.”

Garrion: “Oh no, nothing quite so obvious as that.”

Tristan: (mumbles) “I thought it was a good idea…”

Garrion: “Mayor Arvanxi is a lover of the theater, and in particular, the Theater Mortrescci—plays where not only the cast’s reputations, but their very lives, are on the line during each performance.”

  • Satomi almost laughs out loud, but she covers her mouth when she hears her comrades admit to coming up with the plan…
  • Satomi sobers up a bit when the topic turns to the theater, though.

Satomi: “A waste of talent.”

Garrion: “A prominent director is preparing to cast and direct The Six Trials of Lazarod with aims to perform the full and uncut version for the first time in years as part of the celebration of the newly reconstructed Nightshade Theater.”

Zindal: “Yeah, I hear the actors in this play usually die before they reach the finale.”

Eltera: “Whats is about exactly?”

Zindal: “Some Tiefling named Larazod… I did some asking around about it after that girl I met mentioned the mayor being excited for it.”

Garrion: “If tradition holds true, and if the performance of the play pleases the mayor, he’ll invite the cast and crew to his home for a banquet and party—a gala event that would give you a singularly perfect opportunity to explore the manor.”

  • Satomi rubs her hands together with a grin…

Zindal: “Ah, so there’s the rub…”

  • Urso laughs, " you want Urso to.. Act?"

Eltera: (acting check, bat form check, mist form check) puts pencil down :-p

Zindal: lol

Tristan: “so, the plan is to swordfight on stage? … Zindal is probably up for the challenge”

Zindal: “Especially if killing is allowed.”

Loryc: “i don’t see how that’s even going to help though…”

Urso: " why actors die anyway? the play can’t be that bad?"

Loryc: “The problem isn’t getting in the manor, it’s getting into the vault.”

Eltera: “Unless its a pretty actress, they’ll get stabbed twice.”

Garrion: Janiven speaks… “Wow, so as guests invited to the mayor’s home, they wouldn’t need to worry about hiding from his guards or sneaking into the house.”

Satomi: “Well… As guests, we’d have more leeway…”

Tristan: “you mean, if it’s a pretty actress she will get stabled twice” (whisper to Eltera)

Zindal: “Loryc, for the gods sake, you haven’t even looked at the bloody vault yet.”

Zindal: “At least get us inside the thrice damned manor so you can before you declare the mission impossible.”

Loryc: “I’ve seen the outside of the manor and what defenses it has Zindal.”

Garrion: then Arael interjects… “And Mayor Arvanxi’s obsession with and respect for the theatrical world would grant you a huge advantage in squeezing information from him.”

Loryc: “Do you really think they’re going to have an unbelievable outer defense, but the highly secured vault will be casually left open?”

Satomi: “Ooooh…”

  • Zindal motions to Arael

Zindal: “You’re far too quick to give up.”

Eltera: “That’s what I said. Damn, you’re thick, thicky, thickerton from fucking thicktown in thickcania.”

Satomi: (I’ve got Connoisseur (Visual Arts) too~)

  • Eltera grumbles back to Tristan.

Satomi: “I told you all it’d be worth coming here.”

Satomi: “Where I come from, we call this karma…”

Garrion: Then Ailyn adds…. “The mayor will doubtless require the cast to come in full costume from their performance, and since they’ll be playing adventurers and the like in the play, that essentially means they’ll be able to walk right in to his manor fully armed and armored, no questions asked.”

Tristan: (to Eltrea) “thick you say? My pants must be unbuttoned again” (doing crude jokes because it’s Eltera)

Eltera: “Oh thats good.”

Urso: " Urso likes this"

Eltera: “Is there a eunoch in the cast?”

  • Eltera grabs Tristan by the balls.

Eltera: “Don’t start.” she glares as she lets go

Tristan: (crap, I’m going to try to dodge that)

Garrion: Arael adds…. “I’ve heard the mayor and his staff celebrate hard—it shouldn’t be long before he and the majority of his guards are so drunk and distracted that they’ll be in no condition to ask questions if you slip away for several hours to look around.”

Loryc: “It’s still not going to matter, unless you’ve got some way to bypass the vault defenses itself.”

Eltera: well you get a free feel at least :-p

Tristan: (not the feel i’m going for)

Zindal: “Can we ignore Loryc and start practicing our acting skills already?”

Satomi: “Why waste a— Please do not damage our comrades!”

Tristan: tries to dodge and rolls a 9 with effective skill 15

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 6

Eltera: “Could spike their drink as well.”

Eltera: “Wait till theyre hammered, and add something to do the rest.”

Garrion: Then Janiven adds a tone of reality to the conversation that has been gearing into excitement…

  • Loryc shakes his head.

Eltera: “Any kind of shit you got that makes people forget a few hours?”

Tristan: *moving to a safer location “didn’t even buy me a drink” (winks to Eltera)

Loryc: “You’re not getting it. Getting past the humans is not the problem.”

Loryc: “This is a vault protected by ridiculously powerful magic.”

Zindal: “Listen Loryc, you’re not going to get into the vault at all if you don’t even fucking try. At least put your eyes on the damned thing before you declare the mission a total loss. I don’t expect it to be a cakewalk but man the hell up already.”

Garrion: “The only real disadvantage of the plan is the nature of The Six Trials of Larazod. The play is notorious and was banned for many decades for a reason—the combats and torments the actors endure in the play are not faked, but real. And to date, no cast has survived a production of the full, uncut version of the play—the version Robahl Nonon, has promised to Westcrown and its mayor. But certainly, surviving a play should be a cinch for a group like this. Even better, if you become the first to survive the uncut version, the mayor’s delight and the subsequent invitation to his home will be all but guaranteed.”

Loryc: “Getting intoi the manor is a cakewalk compared to bypassing the level of enchantmnet you’re dealing with here.”

Tristan: “no wonder they did not let you into the theives guild, I mean, even with powerful magic you can’t break into a valut”

  • Eltera chuckles.

Urso: " how this play work, something attacking them?"

Loryc: (guys you realize the outer ward was a skill rating of 35+ right? That’s ungodly powerful by GURPS standards, bsaically D&D 20th level quivalent)

Garrion: “Although, traditionally only wretched, half-starved convicts or truly desperate actors with no real talent have attempted to perform the play before, and thus it’s no small wonder that no one has yet survived the performance. Certainly a well-armed and successful group of adventurers can do the play justice!”

Loryc: (like, you’re talking balor/pit fiend level)

Tristan: (yeah, but we have to give you a hard time)

Zindal: (You realize we have a giant plot hook right here right? lol)

Tristan: (a real wizard would….)

Zindal: (I mean damn)

Loryc: (lol, good old metagaming)

Zindal: (lol you’re doing the same damn thing)

Zindal: (oh noes its level 35 we can’t win)

Loryc: (lol no I’m not, my character actually encountered that)

Eltera: “Is it possible for that shit to be faked you encounterd Loryc?”

Loryc: (that ain’t metagaming, that’s just reacting to what I really encountered and tested IC)

Zindal: (All you know about is the ward around the house, you still haven’t even looked at the vault and you don’t know if there isn’t a way to bypass the wards on the vault or a key to get into it or something like that)

Loryc: “No. It’s not. Because I didn’t use a detection spell on it.”

Garrion: “So you think the Vault may be above your ability to handle once you enter?”

Zindal: (I mean for fucks sake)

Eltera: “You know, it seems odd you said for a simple mayor to have such powerful magic, maybe thats the defense itself?”

Loryc: “I tried to bypass it, and it ireally is that strong.”

  • Loryc nods.

Eltera: “I mean, it just appears to be powerful or real.”

Loryc: “If the vault is anything like the outer defenses, and I have no reason but to believe it is, then yes, there’s no way I’ll be able to get through that currently.”

Eltera: “To discourage anyone like a wizard who’d have a chance.”

Eltera: “Sometin like dat possible?”

Zindal: “And yet you don’t know whether it is or not.”

Garrion: “Perhaps it may be, but with this plan you can get some information from the inside and see a little more for yourself.”

Zindal: “Or if there isn’t some trick to getting into it.”

Zindal: “Because you haven’t even looked at it yet.”

Garrion: “If it seems like too much you can pull back and none will be any the wiser.”

Eltera: “Got any shovel spells?” tries to hold back a laugh

  • Zindal nods

Zindal: “And at worst we can loot the mayor’s manor and steal the expensive dishes or something.”

Zindal: “I’m sure nobles of high society eat off gold plates with silver forks.”

Garrion: “But if you can enter without the theater trick then the more power to you. The point is to be able to explore the manor unmolested.”

Urso: " at very least mayor probably pay us well for doing play and surviving"

Satomi: “Yes, interviewing the mayor may help as well.”

Satomi: “Remember?”

Garrion: “Be sure to keep your eye on the important prize. Getting busted stealing petty silverware would be a shame when the whole vault could be yours.”

Urso: " though if we do this.. we will be known by all in town "

Tristan: “well, how many people do you need on stage? 6? We got Zindal and Eltera… will they let Urso play a part? He’s huge”

Zindal: “Well, according to Loryc, it’s an impossible dream to even think about it, so might as well take what we can.”

  • Zindal shrugs

Satomi: “Mm… I’ll have to brush up on my disguise skills.”

Satomi: “Illusions won’t help us this time…”

Satomi: (That’s something I spent points on anyway~)

Garrion: “There are curently 4 parts still open for the play. The rest have already been filled.”

Urso: ( do we know what the threats of the play are? fights? traps? duels?)

Satomi: “Hmm… I’m the most used to operating among nobility, but… I’m not really the best in a stand-up fight…”

Zindal: (Fighting and torture apparently)

Loryc: “Well I should be able to just use my illusions at the play.”

Loryc: “It doesn’t have the anti-magic ward that the mayor’s manor does.”

Zindal: “I know how to handle myself around high society types… And I’m the best in the group with a sword.”

Garrion: “No, you could research the play and its historical performances, but remember those were the edited versions.”

Loryc: “So faking whatever we need to be faked is easy enough.”

Satomi: “But it’ll look suspicious if our appearances suddenly change…”

Loryc: “I was saying illusory opponents.”

Satomi: “Ah, yes!”

Loryc: “I can make you mundane costumes if you want.”

Urso: ( better to use maybe makup and whatever during the play, so at least most don’t know what we look like )

Zindal: (lol yeah the play is going to be scripted as far as the fights and such anyway)

Satomi: (Maybe)

Garrion: “Perhaps you should talk to the director and get your hands on a script. That would give you some idea.”

Satomi: (What if it’s like The King In Yellow or something)

Loryc: (Well they said it’s real combats or something and nobody sruvives it)

Loryc: (So it’s basically more a gladiatorial match than a play, lol)

Loryc: (And we may have to kill each other or whatever, so I figure illusions would be good there)

Loryc: (We can do a good fake performance)

Satomi: (There’s gonna be other people too)

Zindal: (Yeah heh, it’s only four slots open)

Satomi: (They said there were 4 empty slots so I kinda assume there’s other cast members)

Loryc: (Well yeah I can pick them off and replcae em with illusions)

Loryc: (Before the play itself)

Garrion: “I do know that the conflict within the play is controlled by someone other than the director.”

Loryc: (Could just cast a sleep spell on em and leave em tied up somehwre)

Garrion: “Though he may know what is planned.”

Loryc: “That sounds liek a rather odd play if there’s no planned script.”

Garrion: The speaking is scripted, but the conflict is not. Anything can happen there."

Tristan: “don’t they just call that the gladiator pit?”

Satomi: “I must confess to a degree of curiosity as to what goes on in one of those plays… I try to avoid reveling in murder… Er, as much as one is able to living in this city.”

Loryc: “Indeed… it seems more work for gladiators than actors.:”

Urso: " if fight then Urso, Eltera and Zindal should enter "

Eltera: brb gotta boil some tea

Garrion: “And that is why none have succeeded in the past. The actors who play the part are not cut out for the combat, and gladiators make horrible actors. you will have to judge for yourselves if you are up to the task.”

Loryc: “The play is easy. I’m definiteyl up to that.”

Satomi: “It’s a bit difficult to avoid… Why, last summer I had to give up playing Bachuan Ultra-Chess. It was getting popular to sacrifice the loser in public.”

Loryc: “That’s child’s play compared to the rest.”

Satomi: “They don’t do that in Bachuan…”

Tristan: "city folk are strange’

Zindal: “I have no problems with fighting in front of an audience.”

Zindal: “And I dare say I have the looks of a popular actor.”

  • Zindal grins

Loryc: “You’d make a fine villain Zindal.”

Satomi: “City folk don’t do this kind of thing back East. Not the ones I remember, at least. In the above-ground parts of the city.”

Tristan: “or a great red-headed step child”

Garrion: “I’ll give you some time to think about it. I know this is a lot all at once. Just remember, all I care about is the Crux and getting into the Lodge. Anything else is yours to do with at you see fit.”

Garrion: “if you come up with a different plan then I’m good with that.”

Loryc: “It seems like it’d be easier honestly to just sneak down the chimney.”

Garrion: “Now if you will excuse me, I need to get cleaned up get some rest.”

Satomi: “I call this a golden opportunity…”

Loryc: “I can fly you invisible to the chimney itself, and you could just sneak your way down iton the manor. It’s just as easy a point of entry as going through all this trouble.”

Garrion: Ailyn then rises and leaves you with Janiven and Arael.

Tristan: “Well, Loryc did not come up with the plan so maybe it does not suck”

Zindal: “If you don’t have the guts to see it all the way through then it doesn’t matter what we do.”

Tristan: “well, i’ll go on Stage if Urso Eltera and Zindal are with me… not much of a swordsman but I don’t feel right having the boss up there” (even though she could just doge the entire time

Garrion: Janiven speaks to Loryc. “You seem to have reservations? If you do not think you can handle it then that is up to you. We do not wish for yout to get hurt on our account.”

Satomi: (Hehe I hopefully could)

Zindal: (Zindal would make sure the Boss stayed safe, hehe)

Tristan: (your dodge is uber high right? you could just go full defence and let the other guys clean up)

Loryc: “As I said my main worry is with the vault itself… we could look at it, but… even then it’d be possiblefor the magical traps of that level to be undetectable.”

Zindal: “It won’t hurt anything just to look.”

Tristan: “at least we would be able to get some kind of blueprint”

Satomi: (It’s 13, unencumbered, which I would be up on stage)

Zindal: “Yes, and perhaps with all of the nobles drunk and passed out we’ll have a chance to get some information from rummaging through the manor.”

Satomi: (Actually my parry is 15 and my block is 14 too…)

Urso: (heh, mine is 12.. not much lower )

Garrion: Arael speaks. “Our only concern is for the people of Westcrown and the betterment of their lives. You have shown yourselves to be a true asset to our goal. The people need to see common folk like yourselves overcome a challenge and become better than you started.”

Satomi: (With my cloak)

Tristan: “we may have to be ready to pack up and move if this goes bad though…”

Loryc: (you’d bet at +2 to your dodges as well if I dropped a haste on you, which I can now lend to you)

Urso: (well those are good, but can only do one per round, unless you go full defense )

Zindal: (18 parry, lol)

Zindal: (And I have the advantage to parry multiple times in a round, I just take a -2 each time)

Zindal: (Cumulative -2)

Satomi: (I thought you could like block once and/or parry once and dodge multiple times or something)

Zindal: (You can do multiple Parry with Weapon Master)

Garrion: “You can not aid us in this task if you are dead. Although…. the possiblility of ridding the Shaddow Beast plague is very nice.”

Loryc: “Yeah, the main problem is that if it goes bad when we’re inside the manor, I may not be able to use any of my magic.”

Satomi: (Yeah but I was talking about for me)

Zindal: (Ah, yeah normally it’s one parry I think)

Zindal: (And infinite dodge)

Loryc: “And if we’re detected as theives… there’s going to be big trouble, especially if the mayor has some kind of bound demons.”

Garrion: you can amke more than one parry but at steep penalties

Tristan: “you got any more info on these shadow beast? Like weaknesses or any books on them?”

Satomi: (So still I get 1 or 2 super good defenses and one pretty good one, or just all super ones with a haste)

Zindal: “You didn’t have any of these reservations when you drove us to slaughter a squad of Hell Knights. Now isn’t the time to get cold feet.”

Loryc: “Right, which should tell you why this time is different.”

Garrion: Arael speaks, “While we have a moment alone there is another matter….”

Tristan: “yeah, that’s true Loyrc… you kinda volunteered us into that mess”

Loryc: “And it worked out fine. This time I fear… the odds are defintieyl against us.”

Zindal: “As I said before… The biggest rewards come with the biggest risks.”

Loryc: “Well if you want to be the one leading the charge into the vault, you’re welcome to.”

Loryc: “I can get you to it… but once we’re there, I can’t guarantee anything.”

Garrion: “In the past few weeks, a group of thieves calling themselves the Bastards of Erebus have committed a spree of robberies near the old city, with at least one incident resulting in a double murder. The Bastards are reputed to be a gang of tieflings living in the ruined part of the city; their name implies a connection to Hell, though I don’t know if the bandits are using it just to evoke fear, if their tiefling heritage actually stems from a fiend of Erebus, or if they have some greater connection.”

Loryc: “We’ll most likely have to turn back.”

Loryc: “If I could use my magic inside there, then I mgiht be able to plant a magical suggestion in the mayor’s mind to get him to go into the vault, but that assumes he doesn’t have a pit fiende as a personal guard.”

Zindal: “And if we don’t even go into the manor we’re 100% certain to not get into the vault.”

Zindal: “I’ll take low odds over no odds.”

Satomi: “Or if not I could sweet-talk it out of him, still…”

Garrion: “Regardless, they always leave behind a wooden token showing a devil’s head in profile, and have become more brazen about their nighttime crimes. For whatever reason – I suspect corruption and Janiven suspects incompetence – the city guards have as of yet done little about the Bastards—which is probably why the mayor turned to the Hellknights for help. The people of the city are growing worried; it’s bad enough that they can’t go out at night except for a few key streets, but at least they were safe in their homes during the dark hours. Now even that safety seems to be vanishing.”

Urso: " Urso rather face flesh then magic…"

Loryc: “If you really want to go take a look at it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, we can go tonight if you want… there’s an easy enough way in through the chimney… it’ll dispel active spells on you, but if you can climb that won’t be a problem.”

Satomi: “Hmph… Organized crime…”

Garrion: “However, I believe I have accurate information from a vagrant living in the ruined part of town as to the location and nature of the tieflings’ lair. In fact, it was after returning from a visit to this contact that I was captured by the dottari under suspicion of rebellion.”

Loryc: “So fi you’d like to make an attempt to case the place, I’m willing to gtive it a shot.”

Loryc: “The outer defenses aren’t lethal, they’re just anti-magic.”

Tristan: “petty thugs… should be easy targets… that is, if the city doesn’t mind us carring weapons and sneaking around at night”

Zindal: “Finally, I was wondering where your spine went.”

Satomi: “Oh my…”

Loryc: “Well like I said, it’s mostly a waste of time. But I thought it’d be fun if we all wore red costumes and fake beards.”

Garrion: “The goals of the Children of Westcrown are to increase the quality of life of the people of Westcrown and eventually inspire Cheliax to rid itself of House Thrune and its evil taint. I believe that eliminating the Bastards of Erebus will show Westcrown that there are people who care about justice and protecting the innocent—and if someone other than the Hellknights does this, it shows the people that there is strength that has nothing to do with Hell.”

Zindal: “I still like the idea of the play myself… If we pull it off, we get carte blanche to party it up with a bunch of nobles. All the best food and wines we could ever ask for. Not to mention whatever other entertainments they have to offer…”

Loryc: “i wouldn’t have a problem with going after the bandits, but I doubt there’d be any money in that.”

Urso: " there pattern to the break ins?"

  • Satomi grins at Zindal’s comment… It seems the boss is with him for once…

Garrion: “The bandits always attack at night. They never attack two nights in a row, and most attacks are anywhere from 3 to 7 days apart.”

Loryc: “Well I’m sure the mayor is one of those truly depraved nobles into all manner of entertainments. I’ve heard the mayor is the type that has become bored with women, and moved on to good looking men… he especialyl favors actors. Actually… come to think of it, you’d be perfect for this Zindal.”

Garrion: “Eight attacks have taken place in the past 3 weeks— mostly places with small, portable valuables such as a gemcutter, but one was a moneylender and another a crafter of fine weapons. It was the weaponsmith who was killed, presumably because he heard noises downstairs and went to investigate; the tieflings killed him, then went upstairs and killed his wife, probably so there would be no witnesses. They always leave a wooden token or coin with their mark in the shop they’ve robbed and on the bodies of those they’ve killed, and twice they’ve scrawled their name on the building’s front door with a sharp object. Obviously they’re sneaky (and the way Arael says this indicates he feels this way about most tieflings) and skilled at picking locks, for none of the robberies resulted in broken doors or windows, and they even relock the door after leaving. Given the small size of the shops, the number of tieflings involved in a single break-in is probably very few—more than about four and they wouldn’t have much room to move around inside the place they were robbing. However, he suspects it’s more than just a group of four tieflings involved, though he has no evidence for this—“they just tend to gather in large groups for protection when not working for normal people” (again, showing a bit of his prejudice against tieflings). Janiven’s scouting”

Tristan: “why to take one for the team Zindal”

Tristan: *way to (not why) (responding to Loyrc’s comment

Tristan: “what kind of idiot leaves behind proof that he comitted a crime? We should get some of those coins so we can pin shit on them”

Loryc: “The ones that don’t think they’ll get caught.”

Satomi: “Mmm, well, I wouldn’t mind seeing that… Unless the mayor’s debauched to the point of being hideous…”

Loryc: “Well I’m pretty sure the mayor isn’t that bad. I mean Zindal has no dobut slept with uglier women.”

Tristan: (thinking Loryc does not know Zindal as well as the rest of us)

Urso: (probably have the overconfident disadvantage… hehe)

Tristan: (and wondering if Zindal is about to kill him)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: (i’m worried he will stab me most of the time and I know him pretty well!)

Loryc whispers: gonna use false memory on Zindal and give him a fake memory of sleeping with some hideous orc woman cause he was really drunk. You can roll for the resistances and such in secret if you want. I got a 21 skill. He gets a will to resist tough.

Zindal: (He did say something earlier about skewering Loryc so he wouldn’t have to worry about Pit Fiends stealing his soul)

Garrion: Janiven then speaks up… “Yesterday I scouted out the area. The Bastards keep a lookout in the old church’s bell tower, but I didn’t spot any patrols during the 3 hours I spent watching the location. Near the temple are a bunch of two-story buildings, probably a shop of some kind on the bottom with a small residence above. I didn’t risk getting close enough to see what was in any of them, but I did see that the one with windows on the ground level had them boarded up. Other buildings farther out were either ransacked or had sturdy, locked doors to thwart looters. I also noticed a barn-like structure nearby, little more than a hitching post with a roof, which had a lot of loose rock piled within it, but I couldn’t figure out what the point of that was.”

Player “targnor” is not connected.

Tristan: “Bell towers make fantastic targets for arrows”

You whisper to Taragnor: ok roll it

Loryc: “Oh, I know Zindal well enough… I mean I can read his mind… like I remember that one time that he slept with that hideous orc when he got really drunk…”

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 7 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 14

Tristan: (lol, this should be enteraining)

Loryc: (Also Zindal remembers that too)

Zindal: (lol if you’re casting something on me I’m drawing my sword)

Loryc: (Well unless you can beat that MoS on your will save)

Tristan: “really? You did that Zindal? I mean, I know you are a horne ball and all…”

Loryc: (You odn’t see me cast anything)

Tristan: “I mean, I’ve had a couple ugly ones too but an orc? …”

Eltera: “Grab the tusks and hang on.”

Zindal: (Well Zindal would never do something like that so I know you’ve obviously done something to me, heh)

Garrion: he doesn’t have to use casting motions

Loryc: (no you don’t. cause you remember it) :P

Loryc: (I gave you a false memory)

Zindal: lol that’s bullshit

Garrion: so he only consentrates….

Tristan: lol

Tristan: love it

Garrion: make a will roll Zindal

Zindal: Heh, well I can’t beat that MoS, I only have 12 Will

Satomi: Ahaha

Zindal: Unless a critical success will win

Garrion: it could

Loryc: Yeah I think a crit might autosave.

Eltera: use the force luke

Zindal: I’ll go ahead and burn my Luck use for the night then since we obviously aren’t going to do anything other than bullshit around =P

Eltera: lol

Zindal: ←rolls Will and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 4

Zindal: ←rolls Will and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 3

Loryc: lol even with 3 rolls you might fail :P

Zindal: ←rolls Will and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: hey i not bullshitting.. giving you a shit ton of info and hooks

Zindal: I’m talking about T

Loryc: regains 7 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Zindal: He wants to take deliberate steps to humiliate my character instead of actually advancing the plot or maybe half paying attention to this other hook

Satomi: Yeah man, we got a ton of info

Loryc: (lol well you keep bashing my character of course he’s gonna do something back)

Loryc: :P

Garrion: ok, play out whatever happens Loryc.. but keep it cordial

Satomi: I was paying more attention to that than what T’s doing >.>;

Garrion: ok, was wondering if any were seeing the other “mission”

Zindal: Yeah I saw it, T decided he wanted to talk about me banging the mayor and some random orc though

Loryc: (hehe well I wasn’t really gonna do topo mcuh to him beyond like scaring him that I know his secret that he screwed some super busted orc chick when he was drunk and desperate)

Tristan: (how long does that last? that would be a great thing to hold over him)

Garrion: well i was preoccupied spilling out all the info so i missed a lot of that banter

Loryc: (It can be permanent actually depending on if he makes his roll when it ends)

Loryc: (He gets a roll when the duration runs out)

Zindal: lol it’s still a bullshit memory because Zindal would never do something like that, even if he “remembered” it there would be such a huge sense of wrongness that he would refuse to believe it actually happened

Eltera: “Don’t mean shit, I saw some women on the streets that looked worse than any orc.”

Tristan: (just because you didn’t want it to happen didn’t mean it didn’t)

Loryc: “nah this orc was hideous Eltera…”

  • Eltera says trying to comfort the poor sod.

Tristan: (one time, in bandcamp)

Garrion: lol

Loryc: (Well I added the fact that you were drunk too, so it was more believable)

Satomi: “Orcs gotta get lovin’ somewhere.”

Zindal: He ain’t ever been that drunk, lol

Tristan: “apparently at Zindal’s”

Loryc: (You have now)

Loryc: “I hear Zindal rocked her world too…”

Satomi: (u got drunk on magic boi)

Eltera: “Nah, now that part’s bullshit.”

Tristan: “so that’s where half orcs come from… if I see any red headed ones i’ll make sure I introduce you”

Eltera: “He’s too skinny to rock an orc whore’s world.”

Zindal: Sigh

Eltera: “She’d break him in half.”

Loryc: “Come now Eltera, she wasn’t a whore, she was far too ugly for that.”

Loryc: “She was just some orc that he met at the tavern.”

Satomi: (I was sorta thinking we were close to done since it’s close to usually when we’re done time)

Eltera: “Or maybe he’d get one of those Asmodeus knots, I was refering too.”

Eltera: yeah im really sleepy, i think im gonna go hit the sack

Eltera: gotta get up early

Satomi: (That’s why I wasn’t really trying to push us on track real hard >.>; )

Zindal: “You have one chance to end this conversation right… now…”

Garrion: ((I just want to know if you tacklign either of these things or attemptring something on your own?))

  • Zindal stands up and pulls his sword
  • Loryc laughs.

Eltera: eltera just follows what the boss tells her to do

Eltera: im gonna crash, will leave this on, peace out

Urso: later

Satomi: (What do you guys think? I’m still thinking the play thing, cause I’m curious about what might be in the lodge.)

Satomi: (See ya Sef!)

Zindal: Yeah I want to do the play

Tristan: “always trying to put your sword in something… isn’t that what got you in trouble in the first place (trying not to laugh but not doing a very good job”

Eltera: will read rest of log tomorrow

Eltera: night!

Garrion: get mina done and she can take Eltera’s place

Tristan: (play is the way to go, urso, zindal and eltera will clean it up)

Urso: ( well I would ratehr go into that house fully armored and armed, then not )

←Attacks Tristan with a Thrust
in the right leg
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 19 (21 with a modifier of -2)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 7

-2 for right leg, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 attacker’s posture, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Loryc: “Well he is predictable Tristan.”

Loryc: (lol wow, you seriously attacking him)

Zindal: I told you to stop, lol

Tristan: (did you seriously just attack me when Loyrc was the that started it)

Eltera: payback for his armor

Loryc: heh well he rolled it…. so yeah I’m assuming he did attack you.

Tristan: do I get an inititive or anything?

Garrion: ok, sdo i need to interject.. this is how parties break apart

Satomi: (Plus it might let me do some acting~ It’ll be kinda awkward to switch to a pixie in the middle of this >.>; )

Satomi: (And yeah guys seriously we don’t gotta escalate.)

Garrion: poking fun is one think.. injuring your companions with an attack is another

Loryc: Yeah. lol, especialyl in GURPS.

Loryc: This ain’t D&D where you’re just gonna do HP damage and nobody cares.

Loryc: You could end up taking off his limbs.

Tristan: (up to him, if it’s in character I will not get upset (everyone else might if he kills me)

Zindal: Heh, I’ll pull the attack so I cut his pants without actually injuring him

Garrion: if you are goig to carry this through, for whatever odd reason then it needs to be by the rules….

Zindal: I stood up and very clearly warned you that the conversation needed to stop

Garrion: but Loryc was the one doing it right?

Tristan: (if your in character it’s cool, no worries)

Loryc: lol, hey man you spent the whole session bashing Loryc, learn to take a little :P

Eltera: tristans walking stick is really mjolnir

Garrion: ok, i must have missed Tristan giving Zindal shit

Zindal: Heh, I didn’t do anything to physically alter your memories

Loryc: It was all in good fun.

Tristan: (I gave him a little bit of shit but Loyrc was the one that was really doing it, I just laughed at what loyrc did, but if Zindal flips then Zindal flips)

Loryc: Plus you don’t know I changed your memories IC.

Garrion: he can give them back to you after you sleep it off, hehe

Eltera: anyways, unlike mina, i require sleep, peace for realz

Satomi: Peace Sef~

Eltera: dont make me read a bloodbath in the morning

Tristan: later sef

Loryc: lol… yeah man, I mean it was at least an orc female.

Zindal: Yeah I mean Loryc is the one I would really like to run through but Tristan was the next one to say something after Zindal warned you all off, lol

Eltera: no use wasting blood when i could be drinking it

Loryc: I could have been a lot nastier… :)

Satomi: Coulda been a tentacle monster

Zindal: ….I’d actually not totally mind that

Satomi: :3

Zindal: Can it be one like Saya?

Loryc: Wel the tentacle monster I’m saving for the play.

Zindal: Saya is cute

Garrion: like Xeno

Satomi: Only if you have like crazy eye disease

Zindal: lol

Satomi: Innit?

Zindal: Yeah

Loryc: Gotta have Ultros show up

Zindal: He has a neurological disorder that makes him see the normal world as some grotesque nightmare

Zindal: And Saya is the only thing that appears “normal” to him

Garrion: ok, so roll inits if you making an attack

  • Tristan prepares to fight! Initiative:Initiative: 18
  • Loryc prepares to fight! Initiative: 14

Zindal: I said I was gonna pull the attack at the last second

  • Urso prepares to fight! Initiative: 20.5

Zindal: Just making it clear that I mean business and to stop fucking with me

Garrion: yes, but gotta do it by the rules, if you attack they get to respond

  • Zindal prepares to fight! Initiative: 20.25

Tristan: *Tristan glares back not amused “if you want to step BOY then step like a man and put down that sword”. Just because you fucked some orc you don’t got to get all pissed at me" (this is of course in character)

Garrion: i think we using different maps.. i have inits from some on one and inits from others on another

Garrion: use the comon ground map

Loryc: oh I was on the m,ain map

Loryc: The lobby one

Tristan: (probably going to get my ass kicked)

  • Loryc prepares to fight! Initiative: 20

Tristan: (Zindal, why could you not pick a fight at 100 yards like I asked?0

Zindal: “I told you the conversation needed to end. So end it.”

Urso: (what happened to my init?)

Tristan: “fine, I’ll drop that you fucked an Orc if you can’t take it”

  • Urso prepares to fight! Initiative: 21.5

Taragnor: heh yeah we need Urso to restrain him.

Tristan: nice inititive urso

Garrion: ok, you all sitting around on the floor talking smack and Zindal stands making a threat….

Garrion: Urso.. your up first to respond

Cedric: (what exactly happen, cause until he actually attacks.. will just delay )

Taragnor: does Zindal have bad temper or something? lol

Taragnor: Seems like he has a super short fuse.

Garrion: ok, urso sits loking oddly at Zindal

Urso has received initiative.

Zindal has received initiative.

  • Satomi prepares to fight! Initiative: 19

Zindal has received initiative.

Garrion: zindal makes the attack he mentyioned

Garrion: hits but “pulls” the attack

Tristan: (btw G, i’m looking at my sheet and some of the updates I did last time did not save (probably when I was having sheet issues), if you look at the sheet I sent you I had broadsword and fastdraw sword… not updated now.

Garrion: not drawing blood

Tristan: tries to dodge and rolls a 13 with effective skill 13

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 0

Tristan: (moving out the way anyway)

Garrion: you talking about the GSC sheet?

Taragnor: haha wow.

Taragnor: Super archer dodge.

Tristan: barley archer dodge

Garrion: well you seated still tristan.. penalty to dodge

Tristan: yeah, the one I sent (but the one on maptool is the one not updatd)

Cedric: (will go after zindal?)

Urso has received initiative.

Tristan: ok, so I did not make the dodge then?

Garrion: nope

Tristan: ok

Zindal: I’m not actually drawing blood this round so you’re okay, heh

  • Urso stands up , " what wrong… you go crazy ?"

Tristan: well, I figure it’s a “sucker punch”

Garrion: did you make a fast draw zindal?

Zindal: ←rolls Fast-Draw (Sword) and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 7

Taragnor: Well I mean you ddi just swing a sword at him.

Taragnor: That looks pretty aggressive, it’s not like punching him

Garrion: he has a vow.. remmber :)

Tristan: screw anything that moves?

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: Does he also have like super bad temper or something? lol.

Tristan: ha ha

Zindal: Heh, not as a specific flaw

Taragnor: I mean most people respond to jesting with a little less aggression.

Taragnor: Especially not drawing a lethal weapon and attacking someone with it.

Garrion: i gues he just really doesn’t like tristans pants

Garrion: he wants them off NOW

Zindal: Well you went beyond jesting, you actually altered his fucking memories, and then the others start piling on

Taragnor: you don’t know that

Taragnor: Stop metagaming.

Taragnor: You wouldn’tknow your memories have been altered.

Taragnor: So don’t use that as an excuse for why he attacked.

Zindal: lol yes I would, I told you there’s no fucking way I would do that shit IC

Tristan: (in character he could be really pissed… maybe not “kill your friends” pissed though)

Garrion: right, it would be as it if had always been \so

Tristan: (you would not go to sleep in character in a fight… unless someone cast a spell on you. same thing)

Taragnor: Yeah. like you actually remember it. You don’t think someone put a spell on you.

Taragnor: You just remember banging some really ugly orc chick while you were drunk.

Zindal: That is such fucking bullshit, I don’t care what the spell says

Garrion: zindal was having a dry spell, lol

Tristan: (lol)

Tristan: (Zindal attackes Garrion…)

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: garrion summons balor

Tristan: Loyrac runs

Tristan: Tristan follows

Garrion: ok, on with it.. this just goofing around.. either end it or run with it

Garrion: urso is in shock

Zindal: Let’s just drop it, I never intended for it to go into an actual combat anyway

Tristan: (Uraso up, i’m dead indian)

Urso: ←rolls Wrestling and gets 5 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 6

Zindal: This is stupid, I apologize for being a dick

Urso: (was gonna do that next turn if it persisted)

Garrion: ok, keep that in mind.. you can not just arbitrarily do something to someone without then getting to respond… If they know it happening

Tristan: (ok, no need to appologize, like I said, if that’s what your character would do I would not take it personal)

Garrion: now lorys was undetectable and you did not know.. had you known what he was doig you would be justified in runnign him through

Urso: (grab zindal and put em into a head lock or something )

Taragnor: Yeah we’re probaly beter off retconning that attack, since I mean, kinda weird for us to travel wtih Zindal if he’s that psychotic lol.

Taragnor: Like punching someone, fine… swinging a sword at em… you’re nuts.

Tristan: I think some player conflict adds spice to the story and I have no intention of getting into a swordfight with you (if it can be avoided)

Tristan: (like how we look at Eltera sideways after she beheaded the hot elf chick)

Tristan: …maybe you should stab her?

Taragnor: It’d be the equivalent of a soldier in the military randomly firing his rifle at one of his squadmates cause they amde fun of him.

Sachi: Yeah I’m fine with a little conflict but Satomi doesn’t like seeing her buddies kill each other >.>

Garrion: yeah, wierdo….

Sachi: Oh hry G

Tristan: always trying to stick people with your sword

Tristan: some vow you got there!

Taragnor: lol.

Garrion: ok, well it is about time to wrap up… i gave out a shit ton of info tonight… we can rehash and discuss among character chat the options

Taragnor: vow to be a psycho.

Tristan: ok, sounds good. And Zindal, don’t worry about it man, we are all the butt end of the joke at some point or another. Tristan has your back (as long as you don’t stab me)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Yeah I still say that spell is complete bullshit, I don’t care what it does

Tristan: if you stab me …. I want my friendship braclett back

Garrion: he means ha has (a bullsyeon ) you back

Taragnor: It’s an awesome spell.

Tristan: (you could have planted a memory that he blew Urso….)

Tristan: lol

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: Yeah I could do that if I wanted, that’s why I said I was nice. lol.

Tristan: “I don’t want to talk about it”

Sachi: For purposes of reputation (on B27) how big a class would be like “law enforcement in Cheliax” and how big would be “rebels in Cheliax”? Like to represent someone the rebels and the common people like but the rulers and/or Hellknights don’t.

Taragnor: lol.

Sachi: I was gonna make my pixie have some ties to the rebels cause we’ve been doing a lot of stuff with them.

Tristan: Speaking of that spell, couldn’t we kidnap the mayor and just make him think that you saved his life or something that would make him trust you?

Taragnor: Well yeah, till he crosses the threshold of his antimagic field

Taragnor: then the spell gets removed.

Garrion: let me look up the categories…. since not tacklign anything else game related now

Taragnor: WHich is why that ward is especially problematic.

Tristan: we could get a ton of information out of him before we let him go, and make sure we have good disguises in the mean time, we could even blame it on the people leaving the wooden coins

Taragnor: Yeah. I mean, it’s a possibility, but gonna be hard with all his guards.

Taragnor: And when he geoes back to his manor its gonna get dispelled

Taragnor: so he;’s gonna remember the truth.

Garrion: hellknights and dottari would be small class

Tristan: we would have to be in disguise when we kidnapped him, put the spell on him (he would remember being kidnapped and maybe even the spell but we would get the info)

Taragnor: But I could get some info from him in that regard. I mean I got so many ways of fucking with people’s minds.

Sachi: Word

Taragnor: Though I mean regardless of who he thinks I am I doubt he’ll tell me how to get into his vault.

Garrion: rebels in cheliax would be small class too

Taragnor: I mean I could drop a suggestion on him to open his vault.

Taragnor: Though the antimagic ward would kinda ruin that unforutantely.

Sachi: Cool~ I could make ’em cancel out pretty easy…

Zindal: If we get into the manor you can try your spell in there

Zindal: Assuming the ward is only on the exterior

Taragnor: Heh, yeah, and assuming there ain’t more to it. I mean given how uber it is, I’m kinda expecting it’s super well defended.

Taragnor: Like I dobut you’re gonna have an uber ward on the outside then leave the inside totally undefended.

Zindal: Well if we follow the play strategy then everyone at the manor is going to be wasted from partying

Garrion: don;t forget the prison break senario… you can make a ton of plans based on even more what ifs.. but till you know what is going down all that prep doesn’t account for much

Zindal: The guards probably won’t give a shit

Taragnor: Well I mean a good heist relies on good recon.

Taragnor: If you don’t have good intel, you can’t really accomplish much. YOu want to know patrol routes, where everyone is, etc.

Tristan: yeah, getting into the manor would provide some valuable scouting and Zindal would own the swordfight i’m sure

Zindal: You can get the intel when we get inside the manor, lol

Garrion: not saying you should not scout and be prepared.. just saying to watch how much what-if ing you do and that it doesn’t override the action

Zindal: Yeah seriously

Zindal: We’ve already spent a week on this

Zindal: We’re going to spend at least another week

Taragnor: Well I mean, I think it’s a reasonable assumption that something uber warded is gonna include the vault.

Zindal: I want to et to actually doing something

Zindal: Instead of second guessing ourselves into inaction

Taragnor: Well we can send Satomi down the chimney

Taragnor: She’s got mundane stealth so antimagic won’t do much to her.

Tristan: (maybe we can RP via chat and fastforward to some action parts?), we could always drop a few roles during the week to see how our actions do

Taragnor: Operatiojn Satomi drop!

Tristan: damn, that pixe would come in handy via the chimney

Garrion: that is a valid assumption.. i get that

Zindal: Or we could just take the adventure hook that’s been given to us, lol

Taragnor: lol yeah.

Taragnor: Well I mean, I’m assuming it’s more like RA where you could run into something uber. As oppsoed to like Oblivion where all the quests autoscale to your level.

Tristan: that would work…

Garrion: but you still operating on a bunch of assumptions that have not been verified

Taragnor: And everything is inherently doable.

Taragnor: Well I mean, I did verify the strength of the outer ward.

Taragnor: Which says quite a lot.

Garrion: but not what is inside….

Zindal: You’re still making an unverified assumption

Zindal: And you don’t know if there might be a trick to bypass the vault defenses, whatever they are

Zindal: You have one piece of info

Sachi: Well we gotta have our stuff ready next week if we’re gonna switch right? I think I’m gonna do like a pixie mage/thief.

Zindal: And you’re making wild assumptions based on that one thing

Taragnor: lol it’s not exactly “wild” it’s more like a very likely assumption.

Sachi: I love Satomi but this might be my only chance to be a pixie.

Taragnor: It’s kinda like if you see two guys at the gate of a military base, and you assume that they’re the only ones that are armed in the entire compound

Taragnor: Like the internal securty is generally stronger than the outer one.

Tristan: if the pixie dies you can bring satomi back

Taragnor: Unless the site is like a converted building or soemthing that’s been repurposed.

Taragnor: And the vault wasn’t secured by the same dude that built it.

Garrion: or maybe the eternal security so powerful tat the internal is commonly overlooked?

Sachi: That’s sorta what I was thinking, I want to keep her in the background sorta

Zindal: Yeah it could be the other way too

Zindal: Like a giant tortoise

Sachi: Like not under my control, just there

Zindal: Tough outer shell

Zindal: Soft insides

Sachi: In existence

Garrion: you know, once you gain entry into the super secret installation you can roam the halls unmolested because you must be long there if you got through security

Zindal: lol yeah

Taragnor: Well I mea it’s just an antimagic ward, it ain’t like a death spell.

Taragnor: So I’m kinda assuming there’s more to it.

Taragnor: Like okay, if the outer defense was some kinda instant death attack, then maybe.

Zindal: Dude, not everyone makes campaigns like yours

Zindal: Stop thinking like you’re running this thing, lol

Urso: maybe the security is like a vampire and have to be invited in.. and then nothing can hurt you .. hehe

Zindal: lol yeah, you have no idea what’s in there but you’re fixated on the assumption that it must be fucking badass because that’s how you’d do it

Taragnor: Well I’m assuming because of what I’ve actually seen.

Tristan: it’s eating loyrcs spells…. that has me a bit worried

Taragnor: I mean you got some archmagi level security, those guys are generally thorough.

Taragnor: You don’t get to cast 35+ rank spells by being stupid.

Zindal: You’re also talking about decadent and corrupt nobles

Garrion: maybe it is only geared towards magic.. nonmagic approaches are a weak spot?

Taragnor: Well I don’t think he cast it, a pit fiend cast it suppsoedly.

Zindal: Devils work by strictly worded contractual obligations

Zindal: How do you know they didn’t fuck up and he only cast the outer ward

Taragnor: Well maybe if there was something to suggest it was anti-magic only. But we know basically nothing about the thing that put it down there, aside from a rumor that it was a pit fiend. lol.

Taragnor: lol, whose making wild speculations now.

Zindal: lol well the pit fiend thing is only a rumor

Zindal: And all you’ve seen is the outer ward

Taragnor: Well it’s powerful enough to be a pit fiend created ward.

Zindal: Everything inside is a mystery

Taragnor: Dude it’s rank 35+.

Zindal: You can assume it’s one thing but you don’t KNOW

Sachi: omg I’m not even gonna be 6 inches tall. With this ST it’s gonna be more like 5.25".

Taragnor: That’s insane… like ZIndal has what 21 sword skill?

Garrion: and will continue to be till someone has the balls to check it out, lol

Taragnor: Now imagine some dude with 35 sword skill.

Taragnor: That’s how powerful this shit is.

Zindal: Like I said, all you have is an assumption

Zindal: You don’t KNOW that the inside is like that

Taragnor: Well that part isn’t an assumption. I know that’s on the outside.

Tristan: unless it’s a margin of success thing then you are evenly matched agaist that 35

Sachi: I’d fit in your pocket!

Zindal: I’m talking about your assumption that the vault defense is just as good

Zindal: It’s just that

Zindal: An assumption

Taragnor: Well dude it’s a vault.

Garrion: Loryc could assume that though…. that would be Taragnors call to make on what Loryc really believes

Taragnor: lol. vault is supposed to be secure.

Cedric is disconnected.

Sachi: So I’m not like super concerned about hiding from the cops.

Garrion: but if the others cold prove him wrong….

Zindal: lol well if they have a badass ward on the outside and a shit ton of guards in the manor that’s pretty fucking secure

Sachi: Since I’m the size of a mouse compared to the cops.

Zindal: Why would they need anything extra

Taragnor: like that’s the point, when you do security systems, you put the best stuff protecting your vault.

Taragnor: and I mean if the guy spend that much effort into creating a super detect magic/anti-magic ward… I just don’t suspect he’s gonna shit the bed when it coems to protecting the place here all his valuables/secrets go.

Taragnor: Unless he’s got a reputation for epic carelessness or something

Taragnor: Maybe if the guy had spome kinda overconfidence personality flaw or something. lol.

Zindal: lol well maybe he does

Zindal: You

Zindal: Don

Zindal: Don’t

Zindal: KNOW

Taragnor: Well I’d have knowledges about him.

Taragnor: I mean I’d know that at least, if he’s known for being not very thorough.

Garrion: remember though that this is not just some noble dude’s home… this is the manor of the mayor where delecate private conversations take place…. they would want something securing that from eavesdropping

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean I understand why he’d have an antimagic ward on it.

Tristan: I just consolidated all my emails and am cleaning it up… 20,000 plus emails…. geeze

Taragnor: I’m just saying like when you can set up a ward like that, you’re probably going to include stuff on your vault too.

Zindal: lol yeah, they probably care more about the information that’s exchanged than what’s in the vault

Sachi: o.o

Taragnor: lol. Becaue rich guys totally don’t care if you take their money and valuables.

Garrion: yep, probaly so.. but there also have to be bypasses.. and perhaps you can find out what that is

Zindal: Yeah I mean damn, we should at least look for something

Taragnor: Well I mean, there’s more to be worried about than just the spell too.

Zindal: You’re treating it like it’s a completely impossible task without even trying to see if it really is or not

Taragnor: It’s the fact that he has someone on his payroll that can cast shit like that.

Taragnor: Like, that’s the improtant thing… he’s got some servant that can put up that kind of magical protection.

Zindal: Well if we use the Pathfinder lady’s plan maybe he’ll be drunk with the rest of the nobles, lol

Taragnor: rank 35+ magical protection. You probably don’t want to run into that shit.

Garrion: this is mission impossible.. not mission avoidable

Taragnor: heh well Mission impossible, tehy actually know about the vault they’re braking into.

Tristan: ok guys, i’m heading to bed. you all let me know how the bromance works out

Taragnor: they know what sensors and shit it has and stuff they can do to bypass it.

Taragnor: They ain’t just going in dark and hoping for the best.

Zindal: Well we’ll know all that shit too once we get into the manor, heh

Taragnor: Not really lol, I unfotuantely don’t have any spells to analyze magic. Pretty much the only way I know what something does is by testing it.

Garrion: plant your moles to find out more info… sneak in, go in as guests, etc

Taragnor: Like I can detect magic, but I don’t know what it does.

Zindal: Yeah I mean we can play this out over time, it doesn’t have to be one massive strike

Zindal: We get on the mayor’s good side with the play, get invited in and scope things out

Tristan is disconnected.

Zindal: Then plan from there

Taragnor: Well I’ve been trying to find out more info, and I mean while we can get a layout of the manor by doing shit with servants and stuff, the big problem is the vault. nobody will know what’s protecting it besides the mayor himself.

Taragnor: Liek I saikd, I’m not worried about actually infiltrating the manor.

Taragnor: That part is pretty easy with our team.

Zindal: Heh, well maybe we can find some documentation somewhere, like in the mayor’s private chambers or something

Garrion: Ailyn gave you a huge piece of info you never knew before.. her research told her about the Asmodean knot

Zindal: I mean damn, let’s find his journal or something

Zindal: And yeah, go research that, lol

Taragnor: Even without spells we can easily do that. The hard part is beating the actual vault security.

Taragnor: Do I know anything about that?

Taragnor: Like does that name actually ring a bell to my knowledge?

Taragnor: I got hidden lore from Wizard! and basically a ton fo other knowledges in Encyclopedist!

Taragnor: I figure at least one of my wildcards might cover it.

Garrion: nope, it is not public knowledge that you would have ever heard.. but there may be some sources that do

Taragnor: Well I mean I know about hidden lore too I think.

Taragnor: Wizard! covers all magical hidden lores.

Taragnor: Also occultism, taumatology and hazardous materials (magic)

Taragnor: So I’m assuming I’d have at least a shot of hearing about it.

Taragnor: Unless it’s something that like one dude made up and never told anyone about

Garrion: yes i know.. but that doesn’t mean you automatically know every fact ever in existence.. if something is not in the circles of your research and knowledge then you would still have no way to know… you would have to look in some very specific places and know what you are looking for

Taragnor: Well no, that’s what the roll is for :)

Taragnor: If I fail I may not know it.

Garrion: remember that skill shave mods based on difficulty or availability iof the info

Taragnor: Yeah I know.

Taragnor: I’m just saying I should get a roll at least. Even if it iis at like -10 or whatever.

Garrion: ok, Asmodean Knot… -10 to know abou it… -15 to know specific details about it

Taragnor: Alright i’ll use my luck rol for the session on it

Taragnor: see if I get lucky with 3 tries.

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Taragnor: damn

Taragnor: oh well.

Zindal: Time to hit the books

Taragnor: yeah well I got research too.

Taragnor: So I can maybe research it as well.

Taragnor: Though I dunno, given that tehy said that Chelliax has been rewriting history and stuff

Garrion: yep, or people who may know.. but who are they?

Taragnor: probbaly not at the public library.

Zindal: Start looking for those wizened hermit scholars living in caves in the mountains

Taragnor: lol well do my knowledges know of any people that may know?

Taragnor: Can I send a telepathy to Golarion’s equivalent of Elminster?

Garrion: remember that Aberian likes to party… other nobles may have intimate details from past conversations

Zindal: Yeah you know the guy likes to get drunk and party

Garrion: ’other nobles will be at a gala event after a said play…..

Zindal: People let important shit slip when they do that

Garrion: or they screw ugly orcs when they get that way too :)

Zindal: Nope

Zindal: Never happened

Sachi: Oh do the disadvantages from my race template count toward my total?

Sachi: For -50?

Garrion: no

Sachi: Ooo

Taragnor: I generally don’t let my ATM codes and all my extra super secret passwords slip when i get drunk :P

Garrion: racials do not count

Sachi: Awesome

Zindal: lol well some people do

Taragnor: We might find out he slept with an orc too though.

Zindal: Not everyone is as intelligent as you or me =P

Zindal: Like I saw this article earlier about people who posted pics of their first paychecks on Instagram

Zindal: Hashtagged for easy searching and everything

Garrion: yes, how idiotic

Zindal: All the info you need to ID theft someone

Zindal: And those people weren’t even drunk

Taragnor: I mean I figure the best thing to do would be to get him to open it for some reason. I mean my magic could do that.

Sachi: Yeah lol like I was dumb about some shit but I wasn’t THAT dumb when I got my first paycheck…

Taragnor: Well yeah I mean people do dumb stuff, but genreally not the people in power.

Zindal: lol are you shitting me

Zindal: How many politicians have been involved in some scandal

Zindal: Come on man

Taragnor: Well scandals are generally different, cause it’s not really the end for them most of the time.

Taragnor: Like most scandals don’t really do much.

Zindal: It still happens often enough that it isn’t outside the realm of plausibility

Garrion: ok, well you have lots to consider.. you can follow the Pathfinder’s plan, you can tell her you not interested in anything to do with her, you can look into the bandit problem, etc.. there is sort of a time crunch on the play thing thouigh since it is set to happen on a specific date

Taragnor: yeah I mean I’m thinking we can just send Satomi in through the chimney.

Sachi: I like the Pathfinders

Taragnor: Have her scout the place maybe.

Garrion: if you have your own plan seperate from that though it doesn’t matter

Sachi: I like the play idea too…

Zindal: lol yeah I like the play idea too

Taragnor: I get the feeling things are gonna go horribly wrong if we do the play…

Taragnor: I mean…. based on the last scripted msision we did… it basically just turns into a mandatory combat.

Garrion: that idea is just that.. an idea. it can be followed or not and has lots of variables itself….

Taragnor: So I’m kinda guessing it’s scripted so we automatically get discovered in the middle of it and have to fighty our way out.

Zindal: lol now who’s metagaming

Garrion: lol, so pessamistic

Taragnor: lol yeah I admit that’s blatant metagaming :)

Taragnor: But probably also true.

Taragnor: I mean it’s letting us keep our weapons for a reason.

Garrion: no, the only thing scripted is the play script and what you will have to face

Taragnor: Which I’m sure is because it’s gonna turn into a total bloodbath the way the first mission was. lol.

Taragnor: Where basically our only option was attacking the hellknights braveheart style on the road.

Taragnor: I’d kinda prefer to stick to a covert style.

Zindal: If we stay this covert we’re never going to do anything =P

Garrion: oh you mean the hellknights, not the gladiator thing

Taragnor: Yeah.

Taragnor: Well, we can drop Satomi thorugh the chimney.

Zindal: Dude how is she going to get out

Garrion: well there was timeline in place for that…. had you waited you would have missed the whole thing and had to break into the citadel instead

Taragnor: Climbing skill?

Taragnor: I mean it’s a chimney pretty easy to climb.

Garrion: had you acted immediately that night you could have done the jailbreak thing

Taragnor: Basically one of the easiest climbs you’ll get that isn’t a rope.

Taragnor: Well I would have done it at night but the shadow creatures were generally conidered to be bad.

Taragnor: So I figured we had to avoid them.

Garrion: it was all based WHEN you reacted, not how

Zindal: Heh, yeah, it was heavily emphasized that shadow beasts come out at night and are unbeatable killing machines

Zindal: So that kinda discouraged any night missions

Taragnor: yeah, pretty much it was like the Hellkinght citadle was this unassailable fortress, ad the shadow things will fuck you bad at night.

Taragnor: So it sorta only left one option that seemed at all reasonable.

Garrion: yes, that is a risk.. something you had to take into account

Taragnor: I’m kinda picturing Pitch black with the shadow creatures lol.

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: Where it’s just this swarm that eats you if you don’t stay in the light.

Zindal: Well Urso could probably be a good stand-in for Riddick

Taragnor: And using a bright light generally isn’t a good idea for a stealth mission…

Garrion: each option had its own set of challenges.. it all depended on what was more important.. a clean exctration with risk of shaow creatures, a hellknight encounter, a very trickly citadel infiltration

Taragnor: Heh, most of the other options wee pretty much described as suicide IC. or implied that we’d get fucked hard.

Zindal: lol yeah, it really didn’t seem like we had any real options

Garrion: not quite that bad.. not every person in the dark gets killed.. but the odds are favorable enough that not many want to take tat chance that it wil be them

Taragnor: Yeah lol. It feels sorta like a “Yeah you can totally do this, but seriously don’t… cause you’re gonna die.”

Garrion: well you could die worrying about when your next screw will be, hehe

Garrion: i leave this all up to you, everything has some challenges and some risk, some more than others, some moral options also… you have to make those calls…

Taragnor: heh well, yeah I’m just saying the risks seemed like WAY more risky on everything that wasn’t the straight out charge.

Garrion: i just react based on what the world does and the timeline of specific events

Garrion: i mean as we speak there are things happening that you have no clue about, IC or OOC…. that cold impact any of your missions

Taragnor: heh yeah, kinda why I like the idea of going in on our own timetable. We usually end up getting fucked when we stick to the preplanned schedule.

Taragnor: So I figure we’re better off sending Satomi in via the chimney.

Garrion: or you get fucked if you dally too long and the pit fiend breaks free and eats everyone in westcrown, haha

Zindal: Heh, I don’t really like the idea of sending the Boss in by herself where if she gets caught she’s basically dead

Taragnor: Should your team be caught or killed, the government will disavow any knowledge of your missiojn.

Sachi: :x I mean I don’t wanna sound like no cowardly bitch but that’s kinda my issue

Taragnor: heh well I mean if I could use my magic inside I could go in.

Garrion: or the asteroid you were supposed to interplanar travel to hurtles into the planet killing everyone because you did not start the thrusters diverting it away,

Taragnor: I ain’t really afraid of the guards.

Zindal: lol well you won’t know if you can or not…. until you go in

Garrion: ok, genre check

Taragnor: well yeah, it mgiht work inside. I don’t really know.

Taragnor: I just suck at climbingin if I can’t levivate :P

Zindal: Maybe you can get some info from those nobles, like if the mayor enjoys magical entertainment in his manor

Taragnor: That’s why I suggested Satomi.

Taragnor: Well yeah but by the time we talk to the nobles, it’ll be too late to actually have much of a plan cause we’ll already be inside.

Taragnor: And whatever timed events that were suppoed to trigger, will probably have already triggered.

Taragnor: No doubt catching us in some kind of fight to the death.

Zindal: Well maybe that’s something I can ask Roxanne about on my date, lol

Zindal: I have a date with a servant who works in the manor remember

Taragnor: yeah you can go ahead and do that.

Taragnor: See if magic works inside… be kinda weird question to ask though lol

Taragnor: hopefully she’s pretty dumb.

Zindal: Heh, well I just gotta phrase it right

Zindal: Something like “What’s it like to work in the mayor’s manor? I hear he enjoys all manner of entertainments”

Garrion: see like that for xample.. if Zindal bangs Roxanne but then flaunts his conquest to the group he looses his chance with Ailyn and Janiven at the same time, haha

Taragnor: yeah i mean if magic works inside, we can try it out. Won’t be hard at all like I said, wandering around inide.

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: I mean I figure Satomi even would be pretty good, she’s got high stealth I assume

Taragnor: being a rogue.

Taragnor: So she can splinter cell the thing if we get her in there.

Sachi: Yeah hehe. My stealth is 18.

Garrion: only one problem with that. it omits the rest of the group for that time span

Zindal: Still a big risk putting the boss out there on her own

Zindal: And yeah that too

Sachi: Yeah

Taragnor: Plus give her a good chance to try out her roguery stuff.

Taragnor: Well I mean being a rogue genreally entails scouting ahead and such.

Sachi: I don’t really like sidelining a bunch of people (but I do like roguery stuff; pixie is still gonna be rogueish)

Taragnor: Like that’s kinda part of the job description, getting recon and such.

Garrion: so you doig the pixie thing or not?

Taragnor: She’s probably not gonna be able to steal it on her own but she can get some scouting.

Taragnor: basically the goal is to get Urso in there cause he does the heavy lifting.

Taragnor: if we find a bunch fo gold we need him to carry i tout

Garrion: you don;t really have to drop “Satomi” completely, maybe just reassess some points

Zindal: Well if he’s invited in for his awesome performance in that play…

Garrion: Satomi could have been a pixie all along under guise

Taragnor: heh well I mean, I’m kinda assuming we get invited in and something is gonna end up happening that turns it inot a bloodbath.

Garrion: well the NCs already gave you a run down on what they view as the pros and cons

Zindal: So many assumptions

Taragnor: SInce that’s usually how these pathfinder adventures go. lol.

Taragnor: I mean I figure msot of this is an adventure path converted to GURPS, and the adventure paths are like 99.9% combat.

Garrion: this not a “Pthfinder Adventure” anyomore

Taragnor: They aint’ gonna have a stealth mission in the plot. lol.

Taragnor: Well yeah, but I’m saying if you’re following the plot of the PF modules, combat is basically assured.

Garrion: i am using some, actually many different adventures and some things of my own as framework tools, but the story is not scripted

Sachi: We off the rails son

Sachi: I suspected, man.

Garrion: you can reach point a nd go to point c without passing b

Zindal: Like that Dominos commercial


Zindal: “Keep your shirt on!”


Taragnor: heh… well we’ll see. :P

Taragnor: I mean if Satomi wants to do the play thing we can. And see how it goes.

Taragnor: I’m just kinda predicting it’s gonna turn into a massive bloodbath.

Garrion: but some things may need you to go to B if you don;t have another method of bypassing it…

Taragnor: The only real question is how. lol.

Zindal: Yeah that sounds like a lot more fun than sitting on my ass while she does all the work

Taragnor: Like we may get detected as intruders or potentially someone else attacks the manor while we’re there.

Garrion: well it is already said it will be a blood bath.. that is the purpose of the play… “murder plays”

Zindal: He’s talking about when we get into the manor

Zindal: He’s convinced that if we follow the adventure hook given to us that it’s going to railroad us into combat no matter what

Garrion: the play will go on without you.. or it may not if no actors are found.. will they still succeed or will they fail… if they instead get invited and the play happens can you infiltrate some way then, likely… if the play fails then the party never happens and that opportunity is lost, but there are others

Garrion: lke i said you can talk it to death and speculate till the end ofdays… but you really only know by making a choice to act

Zindal: Yeah heh

Taragnor: Yeah well I mean I’ll let Sachi ultiamtely decide.

Garrion: is it the right choice.. maybe or maybe not.. just like with life we never know what our choices cause

Garrion: unless your character has time alteration and can go back to the descision moment over and over again each time he dies

Sachi: Yeah dude I mean at some point we gotta live.

Garrion: i mean if you really wanted to through me for a loop you could pack up and move to Ustalov or something and fight some undead, hehe

Taragnor: heh, well I’m trying to avoid most of the fighting thing and actually have a stealth-based msision . heh.

Zindal: Well if everyone at the manor gets drunk and passes out there ain’t gonna be much to fight

Garrion: well this is a very stealthy, urban, intrigue-y, political, adventure. so it should be right up your alley

Taragnor: well yeah, it’s got the potential for it. I’m just not sure if that’s how it’ll actually end up :)

Taragnor: But lets let Sachi decide, since she’s supposed to be the real group leade.r

Taragnor: at least till she makes the fairy.

Garrion: well you can go in with hus]ge attitudes and cause a fight if you wanted…. i mean there always is that chance :)

Taragnor: When she makes the fairy, then I guess I become group leader. heh.

Sachi: I mean I think the play sounds interesting. And checking out what’s in the lodge. And the others seemed interested too.

Garrion: well like i said.. i think the pixie and satomi can work together.. if she rearranges her points

Sachi: Hm?

Taragnor: well the pixie is gonan be a hardcore caster.

Sachi: I mean, she’s not gonna be as rich as Satomi but her personality would be fairly similar, just a bit less mercantile

Garrion: the main thing with Satomi is her status with the group and wealth…. the pioxie could be posing as satomi all this time in “human” guise

Garrion: once she trusts you all she drops the disguise and lets you see her true form

Taragnor: well I don’t think she was gonna take a bunch of disguise spells though

Garrion: or maybe some event neccessitates her giving up her secret

Sachi: Yeah that’s kinda why I was talking about keeping Satomi around as a background NPC, cause it’d be weird if she just went poof with all her money (unless I just get a bunch of money as a caster but I thought magery was expensive >.>

Taragnor: yeah lol, gonna be tough to afford wealth and the magic stuff

Taragnor: and DX

Taragnor: since you’re making the pixie a thief too

Zindal: Yeah just have Satomi as a background character doing Boss stuff and the pixie becomes our offensive caster or something

Taragnor: no way you’ll afford money too

Garrion: well we can keep satomi as a striclty off the books character.. she can become a “patron” advantage for all of you

Taragnor: well maybe if you totally dump strength

Taragnor: I guess mgiht be possible

Taragnor: be funny if Satomi lost her company in a game of cards to the pixie. lol.

Taragnor: So some fairy is your boss now.

Zindal: lol

Garrion: she is tired of the fie;d and runs things from her secure office.. like Charlie

Sachi: Yeah, like that way I could go back to her if the pixie got squished or whatever

Sachi: Hehe yeah~

Zindal: Yeah I think that idea works better

Sachi: That’d be really cool actually.

Zindal: That way the company boss isn’t putting herself in constant danger either, lol

Zindal: And she can do things for us behind the scenes

Zindal: Pull strings and make contacts and such

Sachi: (I wouldn’t mind getting to RP her from time to time either cause she’s fun~)

Sachi: Even if it’s like just for a scene now and then.

Zindal: Zindal will still make regular visits

Garrion: but she is under my control as an NPC, you can have input based on what concept you have for her and what advatages you have allow

Garrion: i mean you can take contact, parton, etc and get lots of meta influence in her activity within the game

Sachi: Roger!

Zindal: It’d be hilarious to see a fairy casting save or dies, like Finger of Death or something

Garrion: Satomi: “Hey I have just the – eh – person for this job…..”

Taragnor: lol nah. the real hillarious thing woudl be the fairy using evicerate spell.

Taragnor: That would be so inredibly awesome.

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: That Sachi must do it at least once.

Sachi: I’m so gonna take that if I can fit it

Sachi: Just for how metal it would be

Sachi: If I only cast it once in the whole campaign it’ll be worth it

Taragnor: lol yeah.

Zindal: All right well I’m gonna go to bed for now

Zindal: Catch you guys later

Garrion: oh i was working up my stat conversions for the pit fiend, in case he ever comes to play…. his claw attack is 32 skill or some crazy shit like that and 6d damage

Sachi: Night night Tab!

Sachi: .-.

Sachi: whimper

Taragnor: lol.

Zindal: I could take him

Taragnor: Yeah lets let Zindal fight him :P

Taragnor: Prolly like DR 15 or something if you dont’ got a holy silver weapon.

Zindal: lol

Zindal: Anyway I’m out, later

Garrion: i actually have a pretty decent method down for doing a quick convert of d20 to GURPS. it not full proof but it is pretty good in a pinch

Sachi: As soon as he crit or you failed an evade he’d like poke out your epiglottis

Taragnor: And that natural DR applies to its eyes too :P

Tabris is disconnected.

Sachi: That’s a pretty ridiculous skill, It’d be like FATAL where you can impale someone through the uterus but not any of the organs in front or behind it

Taragnor: lol.

Sachi: ^ FATAL is the worst RPG ever made

Taragnor: I think that Normality game might be worse.

Taragnor: given that it’s liek.. not even a game.

Garrion: well a skill like that is useless if you don;t target vitals and do the attack option to lowerdefenses


Sachi: I still think it would be hilarious to pull Normality on some people though

Sachi: Like to actually give them that book and follow the “character” “creation” “rules” and say “THIS IS WHAT WE’RE GODDAMN PLAYING TONIGHT

Sachi: I especially like the suggestions in the GM’s guide for “setting the proper atmosphere” that include stuff like putting a CD player on each end of the room with a different CD in each one

Taragnor: lol…

Sachi: For values of “like” that include “think it’s a hilarious parody-whatever-thing of RPGs”

Taragnor: Also FATAL is actually about ethics in gaming journalism.

Sachi: lmao

Garrion: i’m off to bed… get your pixie ready and we’ll work on writing her in and Satmoi out with whatever traits need to be in place for her to still be in the story

Sachi: Ok, thanks! Goodnight G!

Taragnor: Yeah, the pxiie would be pretty cool.

Garrion: though, you do realize that a pixie would not be well recieved in Chelliax

Sachi: I suspected as much, but I figure it’ll be easier to hide since I’m less than 6" tall.

Garrion: yes it would…. unless you glow, hehe

Taragnor: heh… I hope she doesn’t glow.

Sachi: Someone could even smuggle me in a pocket :3 Also I’m pretty sure I don’t… Checking…

Taragnor: yeah at 6 inches you can be carried in backpacks or pouches.

Sachi: Nah, but I do require mana constantly (I assume mana is pretty much everywhere)

Sachi: She’s actually more like 5.25, hehe

Garrion: there are some places without.. ot decreased amounts, also some with more.. but in general you can assume a “normal” mana level

Sachi: She’ll know right away if she lacks it, anyway >.>;

Garrion: yep

Taragnor: heh, yeah I mean at first I thought the manro was a dead magic zone, then with further study I figured out it’s just an uber ward.

Taragnor: It may or may not cause a pixie to wink out of existnece.

Taragnor: lol.

Sachi: Well, in a dead magic zone she loses 1 HP per minute, so it’s not like STALKER where you take a wrong step and you’re meat paste

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: oh okay, it’s 1 per minute?

Taragnor: Yeah that’s not bad.

Taragnor: I was just thinking it was instadeath or soemthing

Garrion: maybe it is not dispeling at all… maybe anything magical gets auto-portaled to the Asmodean Knot, haha

Taragnor: I’m not sure what that is, but that’d probably be even worse for Sachi.

Sachi: Yeah it sounds pretty bad… Unless it’s a sexual position like they were saying

Taragnor: yeah it’s not.

Garrion: lol, only zindal would think that

Taragnor: lol

Taragnor: well the pit fiend might have its way with him.

Sachi: :3

Taragnor: And tie him into a knot after its done.

Taragnor: Zindal will be all like “What you afraid of? Oh right, it’s eye has 15 DR”

Sachi: I’m not sure whether to take Weirdness Magnet or Lecherousness for the pixie.

Taragnor: lol

Taragnor: Lecherous pixie.. That’s be pretty awesome.

Sachi: I’m not sure what to expect from the former but it sounds fun, whereas the latter would be hilarious

Garrion: while you connected give me a research roll on the Asmodean Knot at -7 for basic info

Loryc: ←rolls Wizard! and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -7)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 0

Taragnor: wow barely did it with the -7.

Garrion: Ok you knoly learn the most basic of info in some histoical books you find.. and talking to Ailyn to make sense of it

Garrion: The Asmodean Knot is a pocket demi-plane, created of shadowstuff, used by the Lord High Mayor of Westcrown as a personal vault. Being not of the prime material plane, it may or may not follow traditional rules of physics within. It is widely thought to hold many treasures, traps and horrible creatures and spirits. The Knot was invented by Lord High Mayor Anvengen Doskivari, who was an powerful Asmodean cleric and engineer. He is presumed to have died in the Knot, since he never returned from it.

Taragnor: lol..

Taragnor: So basically there’s gonna be a portal leading to the vault, and without the command word we have no chance of getting ot it.

Taragnor: Damn, why can’t it just have a temperature and pressure sensor like a normal vault.

Garrion: because you wanted a game with magic instead of a scifi game, haha

Taragnor: hehe.

Garrion: ok, that is your little nugget to chew on…. looking forward to next session.. if you actually make up your minds what you are goig to try toaccomplish

Sachi: Night night~!

Sachi: I’m off too, hehe~

Sachi is disconnected.

Taragnor: heh well I mean we’re acting on limited info, so it’s tough.

Taragnor: Always tougfh to make a move w/o really knowing what we’re getting into.

Garrion: yep, the nature of a non-scripted sandbox, hehe

Taragnor: heh. well I would like a little more info on stuff, so our non-plan doesn’t just devolve into going in Rambo style and murdering everything.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Session 6

GURPS on Golarion Garrion