Session 7

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

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Tristan has connected.

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Garrion: howdy

Tabris: So can I finally update Java or did they manage to fix something else instead?

Garrion: i don;t think java issue is resolved

Tabris: lol then why are we updating

Garrion: not sure what exactly was fixed.. Taragnor said some mac issues

Tristan is disconnected.

Tabris: Apparently not that issue, haha

Garrion: because taragnor mentioned it and assumed he updated along with the rest of you for his games

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Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: that worked

Garrion: yeah, that stack size was way too big

Garrion: that why you were crashing out

Cedric: no, I just had to set it.. I swear I used like 8 before

Tabris: Heh, I just used the .jar file, didn’t even ask me to set a stack size

Garrion: i use a 64 bit jar that T sent me

Tristan2 has connected.

Garrion: the default uses 32 bit i guess

Tristan2 is disconnected.

Taragnor: Yeah. the default is for 32 bit java.

Taragnor: The weblauncher thing

Taragnor: I find it runs better on 64, at least if you’re doing a server

Taragnor: probably odesn’t matter much as a client.

Garrion: much much better

Taragnor: But if you’re DMing it you want the extra memory

Tabris: God I feel like we’re talking about my process software at work

Taragnor: Since 32 caps out at like 1 GB or so I think

Taragnor: Lets hope that G’s server never has to run anything nuclear related.

Tabris: We’re having to try to use the same software program while upgrading the OS from Win 2000 to Win 7 64 bit

Taragnor: You’re just upgrading to windows 7?

Taragnor: damn.

Tabris: lol yeah, on this system

Taragnor: Win7 is at the end of its lifecycle too.

Taragnor: There’s gonna be Win9 soon prolly

Taragnor: I mean 8 has been out for a while

Tabris: The way things move at the plant, lifecycles are relative

Tristan is disconnected.

Tabris: We still have shit from the 50’s that’s still in operation

Tabris: Fucking Westinghouse switchgears

Tabris: Vintage 1952 or so I think

Urso: that gives none of us any confidense

Tristan has connected.

Tabris: lol yeah, doesn’t give me much either

Tabris: Glad those aren’t on my system at least

Garrion: you back on the mac tristan?

Taragnor: lol. vintage 1952.

Tristan: hey guys, strange… I just tried to access maptool on my windows and I could see you guys chatting but the stack overflow was being an issue. I tried to launch using the launcher (that let me set the memory) but that did not work because it could not locate the jar file… so I ran it from the jar file and it would let me in but freeze ont eh map….

Tristan: yup

Garrion: ok, well i think we have some character introductions to do tonight or next time….

Tristan: back on the mac… maybe the update will prevent it from crashing….

Taragnor: we might as well introduce the new chars tonight.

Taragnor: No point having people play their old characters if they’re swithcing anyway.

Urso: who has new ones?

Taragnor: Sachi and Sef.

Tristan: in game terms, whos leaving?

Urso: very different?

Garrion: if you use the windows, or need to go to it for crashing issues… check the stack size and make sure it is 4… that was cedric’s issue

Tristan: satomi and …?

Tabris: Yeah the discussion is a neverending cycle of 1. These are old and need to be replaced / 2. They’re still working right now and we have production to run / 3. But when this shit fails we can’t repair it because they don’t make the parts any more / 4. Costs too much to replace it, run to failure

Garrion: eltera

Tristan: I can’t set the stack size because it cannot locate the jar file and when I launch from the jar file it does not let me set the stack….

Tristan: so, back on the mack.

Tristan: Eltera scared the shit out of me…

Urso: in the zip there is another file that lets you set stuff

Garrion: Satomi is going to become a background character… to what extent we will discuss in a bit… and eltera is changing to mina

Sefiros has connected.

Urso: ah, sef with his vamp boner

Tristan: is Sachi playing a pixie?

Sefiros: no wonder, was using the wrong MT version

Tabris: Yes she is

Garrion: i just got the mina file about an hour ago and not looked at it so hard to approve and intro tonight without knowing the details

Tabris: Named Melty Humanmaimer

Tristan: cool, I think that will be neat to see how gurps handle the stats

Sefiros: thats fine G

Sefiros: i just wanted to turn in “something”

Sefiros: been away for a few days

Sefiros: I can just lurk for tonight, eltera would prolly be following satomi off to wherever

Garrion: while we in BS mode… i watched Hurcules wioth the rock last night.. was a pretty fantasy iconic type film

Urso: ya, I DL’ed it but haven’t watched it yet

Garrion: was picturing each of your gurps characters playing the roles in the movie as the high power hero types

Tristan: do you smell what Hurclues is cooking?

Sefiros: well im already a godling so….

Tristan: i’m sure Urso would fit right in

Tristan: so, who is Eltera’s replacement?

Sefiros: mina

Sefiros: just did her up gurps style

Sefiros: figured would be fun for an urban setting

Sefiros: works better than dungeon crawling imo

Sefiros: she was already chelish on her fathers side too

Zindal: Well shit, tried to bring up character sheet and got stack overflow error

Zindal: One moment

Tabris is disconnected.

Garrion: i thought she was from ustalev?

Sefiros: yeah thats where she lived for some time, but she isnt whatever race they are

Garrion: ahh, ok

Sefiros: her father was a chelish pally from one of the old noble familieis

Tabris has connected.

Sefiros: since they were the aroden dudes

Tabris: That’s better

Urso: guess we need a new group leader now

Tabris: Well Loryc is the #2

Garrion: well Loryc has been taking over that role pretty much

Garrion: but that role is decided among you guys.. like any group you can reappoint a new leader at any time you lose faith in the current one, haha

Tabris: Zindal doesn’t care who’s in charge as long as he’s compensated generously

Garrion: ok, this last break we didnt cover too much IC stuff

Tabris: Though he definitely doesn’t think the new leader is as sexy as the old one

Tristan: we could also go without having a leader but someone that thinks they are the leader…

Sefiros: figure mina could be returning to her ancestral lands so to speak

Tristan: you can call yourself that if you want =)

Taragnor: Hey Loryc’s illusions can certainly make him look like a hot girl.

Tristan: Loryc would be the best leader type but he’s the newest to the group…

Sefiros: arent the chelish the descendants of the azlanti as well?

Tristan: well, he’s got Zindal’s vote then…

Garrion: so to address satomi… i was talking to sachi about her disires for Satomi’s NPC involvement…. we wanted to talk to the rest of you about that because it could impose some points

Taragnor: heh well, I won’t be the newest to the group after the new chars come in. I’ll be like the middle of the group.

Tristan: true

Garrion: she can step to the background and be a non-involved, only by story mention, NPC

Garrion: or if you want her to still maintain a game related connection withth egroup with maintained benefits then there are a few options that involve points….

Garrion: patron….

Garrion: contact

Garrion: those are the main tweo i considered

Tristan: she can sell our stuff at full price =)

Tristan: worth keeping around!

Tabris: lol yeah

Tristan: I hope the pixe can pick locks

Tristan: pixie

Taragnor: lol yeah even if she’s like a fixer.

Sefiros: yeah she’s out version of Neko

Garrion: but if you use her in this manor each of you have to pay the cost (i will accept debt) for that advantage

Sefiros: for anyone who’s played Secret of mana

Urso: yup, we also need to snag all the group stuff she bought for us from her

Taragnor: heh well perhaps she’d take some kinda cut of the goods, but at least offer us a better deal.

Taragnor: I don’t really figure she’d give us 100% full price, but she’d be worth something.

Taragnor: So she’d make something out of it.

Urso: heh, even 75% is worth it

Tristan: yeah, like sell at 80% or something

Tristan: or we have to do her a favor every now and again

Tabris: She’d probably fit the profile for the 10 point Contact advantage

Tabris: Though I don’t have 10 points to spend at the moment

Tabris: Or not Contact, Patron I mean

Garrion: if you use her as an advantage then i will allow satomi to take over for her during “active:” scenes.. but she will not be an adventuring companion.. she will be like charlie and you are her angels

Tristan: sweet, tight pants

Garrion: i said i will accept dept.. but you do have to pay for it because it is an ellective thing and not something gained during play

Tabris: Yeah, I like the idea of having her as a Patron

Tabris: It makes the most sense based on what we’re setting up

Garrion: if you go in debt you have to pay that off before you can buy anything else new

Tabris: She’s our money person

Tabris: And she’s the one who organized our group

Taragnor: Well can we buy her as a group or something? Since he’s for the whole group.

Taragnor: Or do we gotta buy her individually?

Garrion: each of you get her individually

Tabris: Heh, it’d make more sense to buy her as a group, I don’t really see a point where we’d each be making separate use of her

Garrion: if you are relying on her for that purpose.. if not you get no benefit.. she cuits you out and only favors the others

Taragnor: Yeah, since like otherwise one person buys her and then we just sell shit through them :P

Sefiros: whatever way is the simplest and cheapest, no need to complicate stuff

Taragnor: yeah.

Taragnor: Lets not waste a bunch of time debating this stuff, since none of us got the points for it anyway.

Taragnor: So whatever… heh. It ain’t like I payed points to have the other PCs as allies.

Garrion: you do not all get the benefits that it provides if you do not spend the points for the advantage.. no riding off the coattails of another

Taragnor: Though granted, Zindal might qualify as a disadvnatage.

Tabris: lol

Taragnor: Well I mean I think that kinda makes sense, if one guy on your team knows a fixer to buy/sell stuff, your group would probably go through him.

Taragnor: It’s not like everyone would need thier own separate fence to sell shit.

Garrion: satomi is not a PC anymore… that is the issue…. she is now an NPC… so she will either be an active NPC or an inactive one based on your choice

Taragnor: Like assuming if you’re treating her like a pure NPC, It’d be possible to share a contact like that.

Tristan: so, how about some character intro’s?

Tristan: I’m sure meeting a pixie would stand out for sure

Tristan: …or maybe go un-noticed..

Tabris: Pixie’s player isn’t here yet, lol

Tristan: maybe she is?

Tristan: and you just don’t know…

Tristan: a flying character that could go down that chimney is going to come in handy…

Taragnor: heh… well we can meet Sef’s new character.

Taragnor: Might as well do something, instead of aruging over point accounting. heh.

Taragnor: None of us can afford Satomi anyway, so kinda a moot point.

Garrion: i will not allow players to benefit from an advantage that they did not buy… you can use her in story only but when it comes to any bonuses or rolls you get no advantage

Taragnor: Guess she disappears from reality, and we can just say she was a false memory planted there by Loryc to get the group to trust him.

Tristan: so, did Eltera just take off or did she say by?

Urso: how many pts would it take to make her a contact?

Garrion: ok, you not listening.. you say can’t afford.. i saying you can take a loan.. what you mean to say is we don;t want to spend the points for it?

Sefiros: was gonna say she left with satomi or something initially

Tristan: or, couldnt you spend the points for “duty” to her?

Tristan: showing that you owe her something

Taragnor: Yeah, lol if we could take duty, that’d be worth it. I mean getting someone to sell you stuff to whom you owe money seems rather pointless lol.

Tabris: lol, yeah if you can take Duty at the “Quite Often” frequency then the cost of Patron cancels out

Garrion: duty is a disadvantage.. and if you already at limit then that doesn’t work

Taragnor: oh it counts against our limtis too?

Tristan: and it would be a great way to get G to make us take a plot hook

Taragnor: Well we’re all at limit so no point even talking about it.

Tristan: ok, no worries, just an idea

Taragnor: Since we can’t afford it like I said.

Taragnor: So lets just move on to introducing Sef.

Tristan: agreed

Tabris: Dude he said we can go into point debt for it

Tabris: You can take the advantage, you just have to pay it off before you take other shit

Tristan: I will go into point disadvantage for the “immortal” advantage

Urso: can we divide it up among us?

Tabris: He said no on that

Taragnor: And he said any disdavantage we take on it counts agasint our 50 point cap.

Garrion: this is not something i’m imposing on you based on your story choices.. this is your option… so based on your reluctance i’ll just write satomi into the background.. she will become my NPC and she will feed you info when i see fit for it,,, yoiu gain no other benifits from her as you did when she was a PC

Taragnor: So we can’t really do mcuh with that.

Tristan: fair enough

Tabris: lol I’ll take her as a Patron myself then, shit

Tabris: I don’t care about point debt

Garrion: Sachi will now take over Melty

Tristan: Zindal tapped it and she left out of embarrasment….

Taragnor: well if she’s an NPC I can false memory her into thinking I have her as a contact!

Urso: haha

Tristan: sweet, and should be legal

Taragnor: yeah heh, I mean she’s an NPC so… no reason I couldn’t do that.

Tristan: hopefully she does not visit that ball and have it removed.

Tristan: great Idea Targ

Tristan: you could really false memeory all of us and make us think you are the leader too (although, I hope that does not backfire on you)

Tabris: lol

Tristan: I have a really cool castration spell…. I learned it from Eltera

Garrion: she is still your “boss” unless you want to break that connection too… the point with the lack of advantages linking you to her is you get no mechanics bonus nor any bonus of your choice… she functions just like any other NPC

Tristan: …wait, that’s just a knife

Tristan: Tristan would not like having a “boss”, he’s not getting paid, he’s getting a share. He likes having compainions.

Tabris: So as far as requesting resources from her or whatever, it’d just be a standard Diplomacy roll or whatever skill?

Tristan: if someone else wants to do the talking… he’s cool with that but he’s not kissing anyones ass

Garrion: perhaps.. i would have to decide on how genrerous she is feeling.

Tristan: she would probably try to get something out of the deal…

Garrion: and if she has the spare cash or if she is tapped out from all those whores

Tabris: lol

Tristan: and remove disease spells

Tristan: orc warts are supposed to be nasty…

Tristan: and I hear troll warts keep coming back

Taragnor: Anyway… lets get something done tonight.

Sefiros: just do like zindal and buy plenty of cocktail sauce for the crabs

Tristan: yup, so first up, why did satomi and eltera just take off?

Garrion: ok, that is settled… Satomi will be a NPC.. if you want any bonuses from your connection from her you have to buy that… it is your option

Garrion: Melty knows Satomi… it is up to sachi to play the intro and reasoning

Taragnor: I figured I’d just have Loryc know Melty, since that’s what Sachi was saying.

Garrion: now for eltera.. the same thing.. but i don;t think we are quite ready to into mina tonight.. is she 100% done?

Taragnor: Figured that’s how she wanted me to introduce her.

Garrion: either way we need to wait for Sachi… i’m not going to intro her new character

Tristan: (would we think the pixie is Loyrcs familiar?)

Garrion: let’s address the task at hand when we left off….. you were in the Safehouse and Janiven and Arael were talkign to you

Garrion: in the forum we started a thread introducing some other NPCs

Tristan: (is Zindal all calmed down?, I may need loryc planting a memory that I saved his life or something)

Garrion: the other “Children of Westcrown”

Sefiros: nah i’ll just wait till next time to properly intro mina

Taragnor: lol. yeah. we had that whole episode with Zindal (maybe that’s why Satomi leaves)

Tabris: (He’s calm as long as you don’t antagonize him any more, lol)

Sefiros: i’ll just lurk tonight

Tristan: (no promises!)


Tristan: children of westcrown link

Garrion: Eltera is there.. Eltera can be interactive….

Sefiros: i dont wanna waste the whole session tonight

Garrion: no need to lurk Sef

Taragnor: well we might as well introduce Sef’s new char…

Tristan: well, character link anyway

Taragnor: becasue it’ll be harder to intro new characters once we actually start the operation.

Sefiros: well i was gonna have her depart with satomi does, that makes more sense anyways

Sefiros: when*

Sefiros: i’ll just work on my sheet while yall play

Garrion: holy hell… you are in the middle of a meeting… all of a sudden some stranger shows up at the door? i think not.. let’s play out this scene.. if you are dome with it then get up and leave and then intro characters.. but they are not walkign in on the meeting

Urso: (isn’tt he meeting done since we did all that stuff on the boards?)

Garrion: Arael was tellign you about the “Bastards” and then introduced you to other members….

Sefiros: (yall just go ahead, jeez quit arguing about my intro)

Garrion: we stopped the session and nothing was done on the forums after my post

Tristan: "so, any reward for killing these "Bastards""

Tristan: “seems like easy money”

Garrion: we had the fight between loryc/tristan/zindal.. that was wiped clean and pretty much stopped there when that degraded into chaos

Garrion: Arael speaks….

Garrion: “Well I do not have much, but I can promise to provide you with any potions I can make for a time.”

Urso: " Urso like this"

  • Tabris seems momentarily interested at the mention of a reward, but goes back to disinterest when only potions are offered
  • Zindal seems momentarily interested at the mention of a reward, but goes back to disinterest when only potions are offered

Tristan: “I guess the city is not offering a reward then huh?”

Garrion: "I can promise you no substantial reward but justice, whatever loot the Bastards have on them, and the gratitude of tens of thousands of Westcrown citizens.

Tristan: “maybe the shopkeepers in the area could chip in”

Garrion: “No, I would not count on the government paying you anythuing. There is no official bounty reward.”

Tristan: “hmm, 10’s of thousands… that sounds pretty good”

Tristan: “how would the city take it if we just started doing the vigalante thing?”

Tristan: "I could go by the name of the "arrow"" (had to)

Loryc: (lol)

Loryc: (Yeah you should do that)

Tristan: (the flash was taken)

Tristan: (how about Machine gun Tommy?)

Urso: (btw, I said a session or two ago about tristan training me how to be sneaky, how long will that take until I can spend the pts on it?)

Garrion: “The section that they are terrorizing is not very well regulated. It is a wild area up there where the poor struggle to survive and become victims of the strong.”

Loryc: (Think you can just spend points freely Urso)

Loryc: (Don’t think there’s a training time for anything)

Loryc: “What kind of bandits choose to rob the poor?”

Urso: “stupid ones”

Tristan: “you got some friends in that area that could give us some good ambush places, maybe raise the alarm at the first sign of trouble?”

Garrion: (yes, you can say you have been working with Tristan and spend your points on stealth

Tristan: (tough job to teach a giant to be sneaky)

Zindal: (That’s why they hired the best right? lol)

Garrion: ((the only time you have to record trainign time is when getting “Free” points during down time))

Tristan: (teach me to be sneaky or I crush you)

Loryc: “So what do we even know about these bandits, do we have any names?”

Garrion: Janiven speaks…. “Were you not listening to me a moment ago, or were you too busy argueing about Zindals orc whore?”

Tristan: “he doesn’t like to talk about that…”

Loryc: “I just wanted to review what we know.”

Tristan: (winks at Loyrc)

Zindal: “Tch…”

Garrion: ((Janiven gave you a complete run down last session))

Zindal: (Yeah pretty sure the answer is “nobody was paying attention” lol)

Loryc: “And there was no argument about Zindal’s orc… he can remember it.”

Garrion: i will recap… for brevity

Loryc: (lol yeah, I didn’t think we were taking this mission honestly, so I kinda didn’t pay attention)

Tristan: “well, I don’t know about this fight to the death on stage, shooting arrows from a balconey sounds like a smarter plan to me”

Loryc: (Then people actually seemed interested in it, lol)

Garrion: Before the PCs rush off to fight the Bastards of Erebus, Arael and Janiven have some more information to share with them about the bandits. The PCs learn that the bandits always attack at night. They never attack two nights in a row, and most attacks are anywhere from 3 to 7 days apart (the last attack was the same night that the PCs went into the sewers at the start of this adventure). Eight attacks have taken place in the past 3 weeks— mostly places with small, portable valuables such as a gemcutter, but one was a moneylender and another a crafter of fine weapons. It was the weaponsmith who was killed, presumably because he heard noises downstairs and went to investigate; the tieflings killed him, then went upstairs and killed his wife, probably so there would be no witnesses. They always leave a wooden token or coin with their mark in the shop they’ve robbed and on the bodies of those they’ve killed, and twice they’ve scrawled their name on the building’s front door with a sharp object. Obviously they’re sneaky (and the way Arael says this indicates he feels this way about most tieflings) and skilled at picking locks, for none of the robberies resulted in broken doors or windows, and they even relock the door after leaving. Given the small size of the shops, the number of tieflings involved in a single break-in is probably very few—more than about four and they wouldn’t have much room to move around inside the place they were robbing. However, he suspects it’s more than just a group of four tieflings involved, though he has no evidence for this—“they just tend to gather in large groups for protection when not working for normal people” (again, showing a bit of his prejudice against tieflings).

Loryc: (i was focused on the robbery)

Zindal: (Zindal isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t pay well, lol)

Zindal: (The acting job at least gets us into the mayor’s manor)

Loryc: (So they’re not robbing poor people?)

Tristan: “but, like I said if Zindal and Urso is going up there I would go too… I would feel safe enough with them two up there”

Loryc: (I mean they’re stealing gems and fine weapons…)

Garrion: Janiven’s scouting mission brings some more information to the table. She knows the Bastards keep a lookout in the old church’s bell tower, but she didn’t spot any patrols during the 3 hours she spent watching the location (though a new tiefling eventually replaced the one in the bell tower). Near the temple are a bunch of two-story buildings, probably a shop of some kind on the bottom with a small residence above. She didn’t risk getting close enough to see what was in any of them, but she did see that the one with windows on the ground level had them boarded up. Other buildings farther out (on the order of 200 feet or more) were either ransacked or had sturdy, locked doors to thwart looters. She also noticed a barn-like structure nearby, little more than a hitching post with a roof, which had a lot of loose rock piled within it, but she couldn’t figure out what the point of that was.

Garrion: no, they are stationed in the dereicts but they raid other areas randomly at night

Loryc: “So they’re stationed in the old church and maybe nearby?”

Tristan: “we could chase those rats out of there and make a few friends and a few coins”

Garrion: “Yes, however, based on the timetable for the play you may have to put the Bastards on hold. There are just too many things bearing down all at once.”

Urso: “why guard no attack them direct?”

Loryc: (when is the play again?)

Zindal: (Like four days IIRC)

Loryc: (oh that’s not too much of an issue if we know where they are.)

Tristan: “well shit, if we are going to sword fight I think I need some more practice… Zindal, do you think you could spar with me without killing me?”

Garrion: the open casting call starts tomorrow.. the same day as Zindal’s date too

  • Zindal smirks…

Zindal: “No promises.”

Tristan: “I know when that hand of yours get’s going it’s like a blurr….”

Loryc: “I didn’t know you watched Zindal when he was in private Tristan.”

Garrion: just like real life… time conflicts arise and you have to make allowances in schedule

Loryc: “Well tonight I’d like to get a little recon on the mayor’s place… and I’ve got the perfect person to do it.”

Urso: " Urso will try for play"

Tristan: “i’m just jelouse Loyrc, I would never leave the house if I could move that quick”

Garrion: wuill zindal miss the date for the part in the play, will he be late for the open casting…. how will he juggle the commitments

Zindal: lol well when is the casting call for the play? Is it at the same time as my date?

Sefiros: maybe his date is a blood sucking gold digging imposter?

Loryc: (lol)

Loryc: (That’d be awesome if it was Mina.)

Garrion: Arael, “Oh, so you have your own plan to get in and forego the play?”

Tristan: “we do?”

Tristan: “I thought that was not working out…”

Zindal: “Oh, so you haven’t given up because it’s too hard after all?”

Tristan: (setting yourself up for another joke?)

Loryc: “Well we’re going to take a look inside, and see what more we can learn… but, I don’t have any guarantees… worse comes to worse, we take what isn’t nailed down in the place and bail.”

Garrion: the casting call starts tomorrow morning.. will run all day, maybe less, depends on the actors trying out

Tristan: “well, Loyrc did mention a demon or something for a possible vault that may have a death spell. Sounds like another great plan…”

Tristan: “do we really need to be able to act or just swing a sword around?”

Zindal: (If I get there early in the morning can I go first and be finished in time for my date?)

Loryc: “Well I learned a little extra on my research… I believe the vault is on another plane and there’s a portal we need to pass through to get there.”

Loryc: “There may or may not be some kind of demon guarding it on the other side… but effectively witout a password to open the portal, we’ll be out of luck.”

Loryc: (We can send Zindal 2.0 on the date)

Tristan: “so, kidnap the mayor and do your mindtrick spell?”

Garrion: dunno, you you have clairvoyance or a divination spell?

Loryc: “Well like I said, I want to do some recon first, namely find out if spells can be cast inside the manor.”

Zindal: Sigh

Garrion: you do not know.. you could assume that you get there early and nail; the roll, you could be in and out by noon

Tristan: “ok, whatever we do we should get doing it”

Loryc: “So we send someone down the chimney, cast a spell… and then head out, possibly try to map the inside.”

Tristan: “ok, you know someone that can fly and is small enough to fit down a chimney?”

Tristan: (with some sarcasim of course)

Loryc: “As a matter of fact, I know two people.”

Loryc: (intro for new charactres!)

Tristan: “seriously? another bad joke?”

Tristan: “or maybe you have a plan to shrink one of us..”

Loryc: (Well the chimney is pretty big isn’t it?)

Loryc: (Figure a medieval hearth is gonna be a big ass chimney)

Garrion: The NPCs that Arael walk off tending to their various tasks.. returning to the background….

Tristan: (what time of year is it? summer? winter?)

Garrion: some are small a few are big

Tristan: (do they have beds here we can sleep in to save some money on rent?)

Loryc: “They should be big enough for a person, but I also have someone a bit smaller in mind…”

Garrion: there are cots

Zindal: (Heh, you still pay the same CoL every month anyway)

Garrion: but you have not been offered permanent lodging

Loryc: (Their last base got raided by the death knights, you probably don’t want to stay with them)

Garrion: if you do, i will discount CoL as a game perk

Garrion: CoL assumes no outside benefits

Tristan: (hey guys, I deleted the email with party loot, how much was the split? Like 3 gold…)

Garrion: i can reduce on case by case basis for each characters personal choices

Zindal: $363

Garrion: it is all on the site

Zindal: 3 gold, 6 silver, 3 copper

Garrion: if you ever have questions look there

Tristan: (thanks)

Loryc: oh we’re doing the silver = $10 thing?

Loryc: I knwo gold and silver had diff values in GURPS.

Garrion: yes, 100/10/1

Zindal: That’s what was decided like way back

Tristan: much easier than that

Loryc: heh I wasn’t aware.

Zindal: I mentioned it in the last loot e-mail, lol

Loryc: “Well I’ll get in contact with my contacts… we’ll need to bring in some new associates, especailly since Eltera and Satomi want out of this job… pity that that ball-kicking tournament came up to draw Eltera’s attention.”

Garrion: need to turn down damper… damn wood stove burning me out

Tristan: “so, we need any acting skills or just be good with a blade for this play?”

Loryc: “But I wish her luck in winning 1st place… though I pity the slaves they put up as targets.”

Zindal: “Why not both?”

Tristan: “to be honest I kind of feel safer with her NOT around, she’s a loose cannon (loose balista?)”

Loryc: “I’m not sure, I’ll read up on the play too, assuming we go with that.”

Zindal: “It’s rather interesting from what I’ve heard… You might like it.”

Tristan: (got a fire going here too… getting that woodstove at the next place)

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: (btw I’m gonna use my mind-sending spell to send out a call for assistance to Sachi and Sef’s new characters)

Loryc: (Basically to justify getting them involved, they’ll be outsiders I subcontracted to)

Loryc: (I was gonna use Sachi or Sef to go down the chimney)

Loryc: (preferably Sachi can she can try casting spells down there)

Tristan: (that’s what happened to Saschi’s character, she got ate by the demon after she went down the chimney)

Garrion: Arael, “Well the day is youn g and you sound like you have plenty to discuss. I guess there is not much more we can help you with tat this point. If you need anything else let us know. You know whwere to find us now.”

Loryc: (nah her new character)

Loryc: “If you could write down the name of that church where the teiflings were too, we might look into that if we’ve got some free time.”

Loryc: “But for now we’ve got a lot on our plate.”

Tristan: “actually, if you could ask the shop owners to start keeping their ears open for any information of those bastards, I would not mind looking into that later”

Garrion: ((he is trying to play the other player’s characters, lol))

Garrion: Janiven tells you the location, in the northern district.. you recognize some of the landmarks… (refer to map from here on out))

Urso: (ok, added 4 pts of stealth to my guy )

Loryc: (Awesome)

Sachi has connected.

Sachi: Hi guys!

Tristan: (now start saving for weapon master Urso, you will be the one hit wonder)

Zindal: “Hm… I shall have to decide what to do about my date with Roxanne tomorrow… Apparently from what I’ve heard, casting calls last all day.”

Tristan: hi there Sachi

Loryc: “Well if you want, I can send a servant there in your place.”

Tristan: “i’m sure she will reschedule”

Zindal: “A servant?”

Loryc: “Remember Dunric, well I can summon something like him, only he’ll look exactly like you.”

Loryc: “He’s also fully functional.”

Urso: (hey)

  • Zindal smirks… “An interesting proposal… Though he won’t be me. And I hate to miss out on the good parts…”

Zindal: (Hey Sachi~)

Loryc: “He can fill you in afterwards I’m sure.”

Urso: (ya, got 4 pts in reserve, will take a bit )

Loryc: “After all, given the last servant I summoned was going to be arrested and used as bait… I figure I owe them some easy work.”

Garrion: ((added a marker on the site map and added a information token to the map here on MT))

Zindal: “I wonder if she would be content with watching me audition…”

Urso: ( don’t forget to save the limbo map G.. I did the update there )

Loryc: “Actually that might be a better idea… it might raise questions if you were two places at once.”

Loryc: “Since she does work at the mansion.”

  • Zindal nods…

Zindal: “Yes, my thought as well.”

Garrion: ((ok))

Tristan: (I see the marker but how do you access the info?)

Loryc: “Dunric willb e disappointed, but it’s for the best of the operation.”

Garrion: is Urso fully healed from the last fight?))

Loryc: “Now… I’m just going to send out a little red bird to guide our new companion to us…”

Loryc: (I’ll conjure a sentient perfect illusion of a bird to guide Sachi’s new character to us)

Garrion: i have not added any info yet.. short notice… only had time to create marker so not pulled from session too long

Loryc: (basically since I assume she doesn’t live in the city)

Sachi: (Speaking of which, do I have a token I can use?)

Loryc: (I’ll mind-sending to tell her the bird will be waiting near one of the gates or something)

Tristan: “so Loyrc, is there like a mage college here in the city, do you have to follow a bunch of mage rules or something?”

Sachi: (Or do I just like make one?)

Garrion: not yet, don;t know what image you want

Loryc: (And then the bird will escort her there)

Loryc: (Is there a mage college)

Loryc: (?)

Garrion: you can import your own too, i don;t have that restricted

Loryc: “I don’t follow anyone else’s rules but I do have a rather strict code of honor that I’m constantly revising.”

Sachi: Ahhh ok!

  • Urso laughs.

Garrion: anfer you import your new token i’ll move Satimi to NPC area

Tristan: (raises eyebrow to Loryc’s comment)

Garrion: no, there is no mage college here in town that you want to be associated with

Garrion: they all demon summoners and shit

Loryc: (well I wasn’t gonna be associated with one, I was just wondering if there was at all)

Zindal: Devil summoners, lol

Zindal: …..Digital Devil Summoners?

Garrion: corrected…. devil

Loryc: “The mage’s colleges in this city all seem to focus on devil summoning anyway, as if that was the only magic around.”

Tristan: (raises eyebrow to Loryc again) “you seem to know a lot about that subject”

Garrion: ((“Blood magic” to take a note from Drafgon Age))

Loryc: “I know a lot about a variety of subjects.”

Tristan: “you ever summon a demon?”

Loryc: “Not intentionally.”

Zindal: “I hear there’s a variety that’s rather…. physically attractive.”

Loryc: “I find demons and devils to be rather poor associates… always trying to bargain for souls.”

Tristan: “please don’t try to summon a demon while i’m around, not sure a demon would drop with one of these here bodkins”

Tristan: “a mage however, I know it would drop one of them” (pats Loryc on the back)

Loryc: “It depends on the kind of demon… and yes Zindal, there are some that are physically attractive, and they’re amazing sexual partners.”

Tristan: “well, maybe that demon would be ok….”

Zindal: “Indeed…”

Loryc: “Well even I would have trouble with some of the more powerful devils.”

Tristan: “sexually?”

Tokens dropped onto map ‘* Limbo’ by player Sachi (Player)

Loryc: “Well they are insatiable… in more ways than one.”


Zindal: “Perhaps I should research some of this summoning magic…”

Loryc: “And they’re into some freaky things… I can only imagine the creative uses they’d come up with using Zindal’s sword handle.”

Urso: " so we go to play now?"

  • Loryc shakes his head.

Zindal: “We go to audition for play… Tomorrow.”

Loryc: “So few mages remember to create a safe word…”

Garrion: ((Of course you wonder if loryc is talking out of his ass or really knows what he is talking about… all these details are extremely obscure “Hidden Lore”))

Sachi: How do I put in my stats and stuff?

Loryc: (I have hidden lore in my Wizard! skill)

Loryc: (Plus I’m sure sex demons are pretty well known, I mean they’re the porn stars of the D&D world)

Zindal: lol

Garrion: yes, but havbing it does not grant automatic know-all.. and i was speaking of the others anyway.. they jhave no such knowledge, IC))

Loryc: (Everyone is all like “Dude, they’ll fuck your soul out. Say no to succubi.” )

Sachi: (I still wanna run a Planescape game sometime just so I can use the version of the Nine Hells from my M&M game >.> )

Loryc: (Plus Loryc may be making this up. If he was you really couldn’t tell anyway)

Loryc: (Sachi you ready ytet with your character?)

Zindal: Think she’s working on putting stats in

Loryc: (I’m gonna need her services, also I sent you a telepathy and gave you a guide bird to take you to where we are)

Sachi: (I dunno how to put stuff in other than her skills)

Loryc: (So you can join in with your new character)

Garrion: ((click on the character sheet just like normal sachi.. then the hyperlinks on the sheet to edit the info))

Melty: ←rolls ST and gets 14 vs. Skill (8 with a modifier of 5)

Melty FAILS by 1

Garrion: ""Attributes" to edit those

Loryc: click the “Attributes” link near the top

Sachi: Ok, found it~

Loryc: (So I figure we can wait till Sachi gets here, then we’ll go with operation fairy x-mas.)

Garrion: ok, so you have all been dismissed by Arael… you can now leave and do your stuff you want… free option to choose… lots of options… no railroading

Garrion: i think you should just leave town and jump a ship to the shackles, haha

Zindal: Do I have any way of contacting Roxanne?

Loryc: (Heh, well I know what I’m doing. I’m getting Sachi’s new char and then sending her down the chimney)

Garrion: ’no

Garrion: your last words were that you would meet her there at the same time tomorrow.. which is about noon

Tristan: “well guys, my cash is low and now Sachi’s out we need a place to stay”

Loryc: (You didn’t buy a cost of living thing? you should have a place to stay)

Zindal: Yeah it’s automatically assumed as part of your cost of living fee every month

Garrion: ((you are assuming she wants to go down the chimney.. maybe whe will just stick her wand of melting up your ass, haha))

Tristan: (yeah, I have cost of living but I thought we were crashing at Satomi’s, so guessing we are renting a house or something?"

Loryc: (Well yeah she can always say no)

Zindal: Yeah I mean it’s assumed you have some kind of housing

Loryc: (But I’m gonna ask her to do that first, cause that’s my plan)

Zindal: You paid the money for it

Garrion: yes, Satomi was holding a meeting there… she is not your mommy

Loryc: (obviously she may not like the plan… but whatever, I’ll worry about that when it actually happens)

Loryc: (Backup plan is to send Mina.)

Garrion: ((Notice how Loryc nominates the 2 new PCs and not himself… ))

Sachi: (btw I heard about what you guys were discussing earlier, I hadn’t really made a decision on Satomi cause I was busy with other things but if taking her as a Patron is the way to let her stay as an interesting NPC I’ll probably do it)

Loryc: (Well if I could fly naturally or turn into mist, I’d nominate myself)

Tristan: (smart wizard showing his intelligence)

Tristan: (we have one that can turn into mist?)

Zindal: (Mina, Sef’s new character)

Urso: (heh, you got the pts to make your old char your contact? would be good way to get you into the group )

Zindal: (Vampire chick)

Tristan: (sweet)

Loryc: (She can also spider climb on any surface, another advantage)

Loryc: (Hey man, I mean what would be the point in having a team if I just do everything myself?)

Tristan: (so basically, he we can squeeze it into a normal pathfinder character and have the points we can make what we want?…. sticking with Tristan though)

Garrion: ((she is NOT a vampire…. she is a damhir and is not a blood sucking killer, haha… i made the clear discintion to sef and we had long debate about it))

Zindal: lol

Tristan: (sounds good, I mean, if you have the points and it’s not super over powered then why not?)

Zindal: Well, you said casting call runs all day right? So I guess I can keep the date with Roxanne and then just drag her over there

Zindal: Call it a special treat, she gets to be the first fan of a new rising star

Garrion: lol, true narcicist

Loryc: (Well this is Zindal)

Loryc: (not every vampire is a blood sucking killer.)

Zindal: lol

Zindal: If she’s into me enough she’ll go with it

Zindal: And if not, well there’s plenty of other girls

Tristan: (yeah, you haven’t seen Twilight?)

Tristan: (some glitter and are wusses)

Zindal: Also, I have the perfect spin for it

Zindal: I heard that if the mayor likes the performance he might invite the actors to his mansion, which means I would get to see Roxanne again

Garrion: ok, so you leave and head back to wherever…..

Tristan: (back to wherever!)

Tristan: (and beyond!)

Tristan: (fast forward to adution?)

Zindal: Yeah apparently Loryc has cast Summon Melty

Zindal: So we’re waiting for her to show up

Tristan: (lava elemental shows up)

Loryc: (Well I’m fast forwarding to Sachi’s new cahr arriving)

Loryc: (since I wanted to put her donw the chimney, then we can do the audition)

Melty: picks up a trusty Fortified Buff Coat.

Melty: readies a trusty Fortified Buff Coat.

Melty: picks up a trusty Heavy Cloak.

Melty: readies a trusty Heavy Cloak.

Garrion: here is roxanne.. we know zindal likes this….

Zindal: Har har

Melty: picks up a reliable set of Fortified Cloth Gloves.

Melty: readies a reliable set of Fortified Cloth Gloves.

Loryc: haha.

Tristan: that was after the beer goggles

Garrion: ok, the afternoon creeps on as you make your plans for the evening and next day…..

Loryc: lol.

Melty: picks up a reliable set of Fortified Shoes.

Melty: readies a reliable set of Fortified Shoes.

Loryc: (well I’m not sending Sachi out in the evening.)


Tristan: before pick

Sachi: Sorry, I’m working as quick as I can

Tristan: pic

Loryc: (Since there’s shadowdeath out there)

Loryc: (I wanted to send her like before nightfall)

Sachi: Letting my tacos get soggy even ; ;

Loryc: (Well you ain’t gotta have everything inputting yet, you got it on the char sheet anyway)

Sachi: Yeah it just took me a bit to figure out equipment

Garrion: plus you mentioned something about stalking some shadowcreatures in teh night? not sure when if that is a real thing to do

Tristan: (equipment does take awhile)

Sachi: For Move should I put my Basic Move or my Flight Move?

Loryc: (Well if traistan wants to go out, I can put him in darkvision and invisible)

Sachi: Flight is what I’m gonna be using most of the time

Garrion: use your flight move

Loryc: (And he cango hunting if he wants, there’s no guarantee though that they can’t see invis)

Sachi: kk

Tristan: (I would be more apt to track the bastards)

Garrion: but make note of your land move in case your wings are clipped

Loryc: (I mean I’m not sure what they look like, if they’re like ground based stuff, or if we’re talking Pitch Black instant-death swarm)

Garrion: it not like Mt tracks your move limits.. that is just a reference thing

Sachi: kk~

Garrion: well no one really knows for sure… “the stuff of shadows”, “It appeared out of the black night”, “the night just swallowed him up”

Zindal: I’m wondering if they’re literal shadows, like from the Negative Energy Plane or something

Sachi: (Just gotta put in my most-used skills I think and I should be good)

Loryc: (I’d figure if they were that weak they wouldn’t be that big a threat though)

Loryc: (And they’d probably not be so afraid of the light, I mean regualr torchlight don’t really stop those)

Loryc: (Figure they’re some kinda custom thing)

Garrion: remember magic enchanted gear is not as common as core D&D

Zindal: Yeah I mean if they just sent the regular town guard I could see a bunch of Shadows slaughtering them

Loryc: heh except for the DR enhancing magic armor, which is apparently like only $50 for some reason.

Loryc: A high priced hooker costs more than a magic suit of chainmail.

Zindal: lol same as a +1

Garrion: and has different properties… a +1 sword does not grant +1 to hit and to damage for only $1000

Loryc: (Anyway Sachi you ready?)

Sachi: Almost!

Garrion: well the +1 stuff is pretty easy to come by, relatively… but more than that and you talking big price jump

Loryc: Is the economy the same? Like is a GURPS silver worth equivalent to a D&D silver? Or did this particularly instance of the world experience a lot of de-inflation of the currency than a standard D&D world.

Garrion: anyway… let’s intro Sachi….. you set the meetin gplace and time… how long it take?

Loryc: (well I’m getting her there ASAP, I mean presumably she comes from the forest and flies to town.)

Loryc: (I assume she lives close by, then gets guided by my illusion to where we are)

Garrion: i did a quick and dirty conversion, not exact by any means but i figures 1 D&D silver and copper equals 1 GURPS silver and copper

Zindal: (She was saying something about working with the rebels already as part of her backstory so I assume she’d be here in town)

Garrion: however, 1 D&D gold is half a GURPS gold

Loryc: (or she can be in town, no real big difference)

Sachi: (Ok I should be pretty good)

Loryc: (The process is the same I set a meeting place where she meets the illusory buird, and it leads her here)

Garrion: so something costing 1000 giold would be 500 gold or $5000

Loryc: (So she has a way to meet us and get here)

Urso: (heh, should just keep everything in $$.. makes life easier )

Garrion: yes, $$ is the default money value… the only reason to discuss gold, silver, copper is for flavor

Melty: (This has become a tradition for me… This is the only day a week I usually eat fast food, and it’s gotta be GURPS and it’s gotta include dorito tacos)

Garrion: lol

Loryc: (Yeah, it’s mostly like I was curious since 1 GP seems liek WAY more in this game than it is in D&D.)

Loryc: (like you can get magic armor enchanted for 5 silver)

Melty: (Ohhhh they forgot my hot sauce! Good thing I’ve been saving up all the extra they usually give me)

Loryc: (in actual D&D magic armor costs you 1000 gp)

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: right, like i said the conversion is not full-proof.. i just took values of common weapons and went with that.. muindane gear.. magic throws the scales off

Tristan has connected.

  • Melty arrives at the meeting site in due time… in fact, she’s probably hiding there well before Loryc arrives, if she can get there fast enough)

Tristan: (update did not fix crash on mac apparently)

Melty: :(

Urso: hey

Zindal: lol I’m curious what it did fix

Zindal: You usually fix SOMETHING when you update

Tristan: (it disabled my windows PC from working….)

Garrion: either way, lets not get caught up on conversion symantics… GURPS costs fololow the GURPS rules and magic gear is not as common as common or the same as D&D gear

Zindal: Yeah let’s just get to introducing Sachi’s character

Loryc: “Ah… good to see you again, M. Everyone, this is Melton Humanmaimer, but you can call her Melty… but don’t let the name fool you, she knows very few fire spells.”

Garrion: (not sure why your luncher is not workign for windows Brice.. you have 32 bit java installed on that machine?

Garrion: it worked for mine, just using the luncher

  • Loryc introduces the little fairy to the group (figure you can give em a description)

Tristan: (the launcher could not detect my jar file and if I launched from the jar file I cannot set the memory)

Urso: (how little is little?)

Tristan: “no shit, a Pixie”

  • Zindal raises an eyebrow at being introduced to a tiny several inches tall person with wings

Zindal: “Interesting name.”

Garrion: ((imagine tinkerbell with an even bigger attitude))

Tristan: ←rolls Naturalist and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 3

Tristan: (looks like I don’t know anything about pixie’s)

Urso: (how does something that small even work?)

Garrion: Tristan does not know much about pixies

Tristan: (i’m going to invest in a “monster manual”)

Loryc: (She’s 11 inches of fury!)

Garrion: ((it could be an insect.. you better swat it, haha))

  • Melty is a tiny person just over 5 inches tall, with sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and skin just barely tan enough to look unusual given the preceding. She’s wearing a well-tailored little duster-size coat, and has antennae and glimmering dragonfly-like wings protruding through the back of the coat.
  • Urso squints at her, " that toy?"

Garrion: i thought she was 5-6 iches

  • Melty furiously waves a tiny magic wand in Loryc’s direction.

Garrion: yeahm, as her description says

Melty: “You forgot the ‘the’!”

Melty: (Yeah hehe, she can fit in your hand)

Urso: (she primarily a caster?)

Loryc: (oh wow, she’s smaller than I thought)

Melty: “And how did you spot me?!”

Loryc: (Nah, she’s a frontline fighter)

Urso: (heh, how?)

Tristan: “well, things just got interesting”

Zindal: (She has Weapon Master and 30 ranks of Striking ST)

Garrion: she can arm wrestle urso, lol

Loryc: “Well I spotted the illusionary bird you followed to get here.”

Melty: (lol, well, I’m a caster, but I specialized in offensive magic because I thought it’d be hilarious cause I’m a tiny pixie)

Tristan: (how many HP do you have?)

Melty: (9 HP)

Loryc: (hey, lets not ask the fairy personal questions like how many HP she has)

Loryc: (She’s very sensetive about her weight..)

Melty: :3

Loryc: (Also HP = weight in GURPS)

Urso: (ah so sort of touch attacky stuff? btw, there any penalties to attacking something so small?)

Loryc: yeah there’s a tonof penalties.

Zindal: lol can we get on with the character introduction and save the mechanical questions for later? Sheesh

Loryc: but yeah back to the RP!

Garrion: yes, you suffer size mod as penalty to attacks

Garrion: in her case -6

Melty: (Yeah, anyone trying to hit me is at -6, and yeah let’s RP some more~)

Tristan: “well Mrs uhh??? i’m Tristan, pleased to meet you” *puts out his finger to shake

Urso: (just wondering, never had someone so small as a pc before )

Garrion: for urso, +1 to hoit him

Melty: (Hehe me either, that’s part of why I was interested)

  • Urso squints at her, " that toy?"
  • Zindal kneels down and leans in to get a good close look at Melty, eyeing her tiny body up and down…

Melty: “Also, how did you know I was here?!”

Tristan: (please don’t try to bang the pixie)

Urso: (heh, finally with her you will be swinging a great sword )

Loryc: “As I said, the bird you followed…”

Loryc: “It isn’t quite as good at hiding as you are… and I created it.”

  • Melty squints at Tristan, looking him up and down.


Loryc: (ouch)

Tristan: (maybe… mabye not)

Urso: hehe

Tristan: lol (nice Vagania Zindal)

Melty: “You look like a woodsy kind of guy… These guys’re okay, right Loryc…?”

Tristan: (you should have put 16 points into “huge penis”)

Urso: (she can ride on Urso shoulder )

Zindal: Are we going to RP or are you going to make dick jokes all night? I mean god damn

Loryc: “This is Tristan… he’s a bit of an archer.”

Tristan: lol

Tristan: not the only one ….

Loryc: (lol you get so pissed off Tab :P )

Garrion: lol. well it beats attacking other PCs lol

Urso: " yes… he teach Urso to be sneaky… I try teach him to swing axe… that no work out so good"

Tristan: (insert dick joke after “attacking party”)

Loryc: “And yes, you can more or less trust them, I mean they’re mostly in it for the loot, but we’ve got a thieving operation going here, and we needed someone small and sneaky that’d fit down a chimney.”

Tristan: “axes are heavy Urso”

Garrion: i’m just standing by to make tacky comments as you RP this out, ignore me

  • Melty takes Tristan’s finger in both her hands and shakes it.

Tristan: “we are not all built like two legged oxe’s.. and don’t let that go to your head”

Loryc: “The big one here is Urso… We’re working on making him less noticeable, but it’s not exactly easy.”

Tristan: *Tristan smiles that he got to meet a pixie, big cheesy grin

Loryc: “Don’t worry though, he’s a gentle giant, except when he’s splitting someone’s head open with an axe.”

Urso: (heh, so we got a super tall char and super short char in one group.. so guess we average out to normal sized group now )

Tristan: (kneels down to the Pixie and whispers "is this Loryc guy ok? You seem cool but still trying to figure this one out)

Melty: “Eh, Loryc’s all right. He ’n Satomi were the first humans who really treated me like… Not burning down my home and killing all my friends, so I guess I gotta soft spot for him.”

Loryc: “And the last one we’ve got here is Zindal. He’s the group’s swordsman. If egos were visible, he’d be bigger than Urso.”

Tristan: “wow, that bar is not to high… seems like the humans that you have met suck… most of the humans I have met suck too so that’s normal”

  • Zindal smiles… “Greetings, Melty. You’re rather cute.”
  • Melty grins at Zindal.

Melty: “Yeah, I know, thanks.~”

Tristan: "we call him “the blur” because he’s so fast"

Melty: “Oh… It’s good to meet you, too.”

Urso: " what tiny girl want?"

Tristan: (stepping a step away from Zindal before he explodes)

Garrion: you have about 3 hours of light left once the introductions conclude… it about 1600… btw you asked earlier.. Rova is the same as September

Garrion: but you are in a Subtropical location.. so never really gets freezing

Tristan: (ok, was wondering if there were some ragging fires at the bottom of those chimneys)

Zindal: “Yes… Speaking of which, Tristan… Did you still want those sword lessons?”

Tristan: (cool)

Loryc: “Well it’s hot out, and it’s during the day, not at night so… shouldn’t be a fire.”

Tristan: “actually, I do want those sword lessons, I need to pick up my own speed”

  • Zindal grins…

Loryc: “Tiny girl is going to help us rob the manor, hopefully… or at least help us scout it out.”

Loryc: “Ther’es a cut in it for you Melty of course if you’re on board.”

Garrion: ((She can carry out one candl;e stick at a time))

Loryc: “Don’t worry Urso, we still need you to carry the stuff out.”

Urso: (heh, one gold coin at a time )

Loryc: (lol yeah, fairy-only thefts don’t tend to be a huge problem people have to ward against)

Urso: " that safe? she so tiny? Urso not want her to get hurt "

Zindal: (If you gave her a Bag of Holding and a Portable Hole she could be a pixie suicide bomber)

Melty: “What do I want? Uh… Eleven kinds of vengeance up and down the fuckers who torched my family as a sacrifice to a devil probably is the biggest thing… After that I guess money and… Being the most godlike wizard ever to bless Golarion with her presence, and sex?”

Zindal: “I’m reasonably certain I can assist with at least one of those things.”

Urso: ( so two wizards in group now.. nice.. any buffs?)

Loryc: “She can take care of herself… don’t let her size fool you. Pound for pound, she’s the most deadly weapon in Golarion.”

Garrion: ((uhoh, she just said the S word in front of Zindal))

  • Melty grins, cracking her knuckles.

Zindal: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 6 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)


Zindal: Hahaha

  • Urso raises his eye brows, " Urso like to see that"

Tristan: (holy crap, that’s all kinds of wrong)

Loryc: (lol)

Tristan: (your going to be on "how to catch a predator)

Tristan: (how does that work, it’s a crit success, so no save?)

Garrion: yeah, pretty much

Tristan: wow, pixie wants the Zindal cock….

Tristan: that should be some interesting RP

Zindal: (That number btw assumes that she’s attracted to my gender, it includes the bonus for my Appearance, lol)

Garrion: she things you are one sexy bastard.. too bad you so big

Zindal: (But I did still succeed)

Melty: (I got Armor, Shield, and Haste, but I have a lot of area defense and area denial stuff too)

Loryc: (lol well unless the Zindal cock is super small, she probalby knows they can’t actually have sex)

Loryc: (Though maybe it is small enough, you never know…)

Zindal: That’s what I have Erotic Art for

Tristan: (was it the movie “hook” that tinkerbell got bigger?)

Urso: ( can probably magic it smaller )

Zindal: Yeah that was the one

Tristan: (you got a tinkerbell)

Loryc: (I’d like to see a crit fail on the shrinking magic that becomes permanent)

Tristan: (not another dick joke…)

  • Melty flutters to a landing on Zindal’s shoulder.

Garrion: (( jjesh you would think a bunch of grown men and a girl could play a game without dick jokes, cough, cough

Zindal: lol

Tristan: (whispers to Loryc) “apparently his chams work on really really tiny women but not the big ones”

Melty: :3

Loryc: (whsipers) “Nonsense, that orc was really big.”

Tristan: *charms

Urso: (hehe)

Melty: “So I heard you was fast with your hands or somethin’.”

Tristan: “is an Orc a woman?… maybe after he’s done with her…”

Tristan: (lol)

Loryc: “Well I ceratinly didn’t check… I suppose it might have been a male orc… I can’t really be sure.”

Zindal: “Indeed… I can handle a sword better than anyone. And I can handle other things quite well too.”

Loryc: “Maybe you sohuld ask him about the details.”

Tristan: “he’s touchy about the subject and pretty sure he might kill me”

Tristan: “hard to pick a swordfight with a bow”

Melty: “Ooooo, that was a dick joke.”

Loryc: (to Tristan) “That is true, but it’d be a lot of fun to see.”

Melty: “What you plannin’ on doin’ with it, big man?”

  • Zindal grins, “Well, the conventional approach is out obviously, but I’m sure I can think of something.”

Loryc: “Well while you’re thinking of that… perhaps you’d be interested in doing a little recon for us Melty.”

Garrion: ((ok, we have an hour to launch a mission…..))

Melty: “Pffff. There’s no way you’re as good as Sato— as this one girl I know.”

Zindal: “That sounds like a challenge…”

  • Melty flies back into the air and turns to Loryc.

Garrion: ((Urso, are you fully healed now or still hurt.. if everyone is back to status quo then i removing the temporary tokens))

Urso: (fully )

Urso: ( I heal at x2 from natural )

Garrion: ok, removing the temp tokens then.. keeping limbo

Melty: “I told you I’m never going down another storm sewer for your dumb ass!”

Melty: “I almost drowned!”

Loryc: “No no… this is just going down a chimney.”

Garrion: ((you were 14 of 26… only 2 days passed))

Tristan: *Steps away from Loyrc not to be associated with the scoldiing Loyrc is getting

Loryc: “It seems a certin manor, the mayor’s in this case, is protgected by an anti-magic ward, and I want to check if magic works once you’re past the barrier.”

Zindal: (Pretty sure he chugged a bunch of potions too)

Urso: I took healing potion for 4 as well, after the fight

Garrion: ok

Loryc: (Yeah Urso is a potion addict… oh crap Satomi is gobne and she’s our stock of potions)

Tristan: and first aid with a really good roll

Zindal: lol

Melty: (I have Minor Healing and Major Healing at least, and tons of FP)

Urso: (you ever figure out how many potions you bought us satomi?)

Loryc: (oh okay you did take healing)

Melty: (I had to take minor to get Evisceration, hehe)

Loryc: (Awesome)

Zindal: (The group pool has a ton of money in it, you can probably buy a whole crate of potions)

Garrion: making your token smaller Sachi… since she at -6 size

Melty: (Uhhh I’d just been deleting them off Satomi’s character sheet as we used them pretty much)

Urso: (best let us know what you have.. probably best to give most of em to Urso)

Zindal: Urso is going to have to file a requisition and wait for Procurement to approve it

Garrion: ((or maybe Satomi keepig them as NPC and will sell to you at discount, lol

Loryc: (Yeah lol, Urso might as well carry em, he’s drinking em most of the time)

Urso: (Urso will pick up satomi and shake her.. hehe)

Zindal: That’s going to be a negative impact on your performance review

Urso: (should we change the group name now that she gone….)

Melty: (I’m still prolly gonna take her as a Patron, and btw if she’s a Patron you’re gonna have to give her a lot more resources to get her up to par with the 10-point version >.> )

Tristan: “the working lantern”?

Zindal: She isn’t “gone” she’s still our boss

Zindal: She just isn’t involving herself in the day to day operations

Garrion: for real, anything belonged to satomi stays with satomi…. but we can RP you asking for things from her

Tristan: not sure she’s our boss as a boss would come with a duty

Urso: ( well she was just buying the group loot.. with the extra share of treasure )

Tristan: but was paid back

Tristan: so, evened out

Garrion: yep, which still is there… i’ll think about the duty thing too

Loryc: (Alright so.., back to the game.. heh lets at least get something done tonight, assuming Sachi si down for the chimney)

Tristan: plus, I don’t want a boss

Urso: (heh, you need one )

Tristan: ok, so pixie chimney sweep?

Melty: “You’re paying for me to get my clothes cleaned after this.”

Loryc: “I’ll have my servant wash them really nice.”

Tristan: (I need someone to go up front and say “i’m the boss” while I hide and shoot arrows from the back)

Melty: (Also I’m thinking I’m gonna take her as a Patron, cause I actually had some ideas for skills and stuff to give her as a background NPC >.> GURPS being so detailed and stuff)

Tristan: “hmm, having a pixie friend could be really useful”

Loryc: “It’s very useful, but surprisingly high maintenance.”

Melty: “As long as they get clean and you pay for it… With money or sweat or blood… But don’t get your gross-ass blood and sweat all over my shit, you dig?”

  • Loryc nods and smiles.

Loryc: “I’d never think of doing that.”

  • Zindal chuckles a little as he listens to the exchange

Zindal: “I like her.”

Melty: “I know… That’s why you’re still alive.~”

  • Melty seems to have meant it as a joke, though it’s a bit hard to tell with her.

Garrion: ((that is fine sachi, but just know that only you gain the benefits of the advantage.. it is not a “group” thing))

Tristan: *whispers to Zindal “if this one kicks you in the nuts it might not be so bad….”

Loryc: “now… why don’t I show you were the Mayor’s house is… if you don’t mind, I’d like to go with you while invisible… at least to the roof…”

Garrion: ok, you wanting to launch a scouting escursion tonight?

Loryc: “I can’t remember if you were capable of making yourself invisible, it’d make it easier to get to the roof and back.”

Urso: " tiny girl better wizard then Loryc?"

Loryc: “As far as I can tell they overrely on their magical wards.”

Melty: “I ain’t capable, tho’ I can make myself real quiet…”

Loryc: “Well then… I’ll help you get there…”

Garrion: ok, loryc and Melty head to the manor.. with 3 hours of light left

Melty: (I’ve got 14 Stealth and Hush, which boosts it to 17, which is almost as good as Satomi)

Loryc: (gonna drop a levitation and invis on both of us) and I’ll fly with her to th3e roof)

Loryc: (I’ll hold her hand, so we don’t get separated)

Loryc: (Since I tested before where landing on the roof doesn’t set off the ward, I can stop there)

  • Melty just hides in Loryc’s pocket or pouch.

Tristan: (maybe she can dress up like a parot for Halloween…)

Garrion: levitation just let you go up/down?

Tristan: parrot

Melty: (Honestly you can probably conceal me on your person with a Holdout roll or something)

Loryc: (pretty sure in GURPS it lats you fully fly, but lemme cehck)

Tristan: a pixie might look like a bird anyway at that distance

Loryc: move 3 any direction

Tristan: a slow bird

Loryc: So it’s basicalyl like slower flight.

Garrion: pixie would be hard to see.. look like a big bug or a tiny hummingbird

Loryc: I can maintina it indefinitely though… so…

Loryc: Gonna bring her to the roof.. and then release her…

Loryc: “When you go down the chimney your invisibility will drop, that was just to get you in position.”

Garrion: ok, so you find a spot out of sight and cast your stuff and maintain up the cliff and to top of roof… moving tokens to the map

Melty: (Yeah hehe, people get my size mod on checks to spot me, so actually I’m stealthier than Satomi >.> )

Loryc: “I just need you to check if spells can be cast once you’re past the ward… so try casting anything you want.”

Melty: (Aside from the invisibility, I pretty much built myself as a wizard/thief)

Melty: (Since Satomi was our roguing specialist)

Loryc: “If you want… you can scout the place out a bit if you’re feeling frisky too, but don’t take any unnecessary risks.”

Melty: “Sure thing.”

  • Melty looks into the chimney to see if it’s wide enough for her to fly in.

Tristan: “Loyrc is not the typical wizard I would imagine…”

Garrion: head to aberian’s folly 1

Loryc: you mind just going around the whole map so I can see the noninside parts?

Loryc: Just to get an idea of how big it is

Loryc: and where the positioning is gonna be.

Garrion: there are several chimneys on this side of the house.. they do not seem to be active from what you can tell

Garrion: arrow pointing to options on the side of the house…..

Loryc: (your flight isn’t considered magical right Sachi? It’s just wings)_

Urso: (can rest of us see or only them?)

Melty: (Right, it’s just wings)

Loryc: (heh okay, I diod’t watn your flight to get nullifed)

Loryc: (So you should be good to get in and out.)

Loryc: (I’m just gonna move around the edges of the house want to get an idea of how big.

Garrion: the rest of you stayed at home or if went you are at bottom of cliff… not able to see

Melty: (As long as the chimney’s not smaller in diameter than my wingspan)

Melty: (Which can’t be very big, so it’s quite possible)

Melty: (That I’ll fit, I mean)

Loryc: (okay… well I’ll let Sachi choose a chimney unless you want me to.)

Loryc: (I assume she can fit in all of em)

Garrion: there are a few on the side and back of the house.. and some in the middle

Garrion: yes, she can fit in all

Melty: Were you able to find out anything about the interior?

Loryc: (Well lets have her go down one that a normal person could fit in)

Loryc: (Unfortunately no casue of the antimagic ward)

Loryc: (And the windows are apparently all shuttered, thus this is my recon to find oiut about the inside… so…)

Melty: (Ahh yeah, and we couldn’t really cultivate any inside sources either… Guy’s paranoid)

Garrion: well they are all a tight for for a man

Garrion: urso would never fit

Loryc: (ah okay, so Urso wouldn’t fit, but the others might)

Sefiros: urso’s leg wouldnt fit, let alone him

Loryc: (good to know, anyway, always helps to have a secondary infiltration point)

Loryc: (or maybe even an exfiltration point)

Garrion: ok, so pick one Melty… just arrow it out

Melty: Ok… I can’t exactly see, but I think there was one like here…?

Garrion: melty descends into the dark hole….

Garrion: cliffhanger, does she die from immediate death, will have to find out…..

Garrion: no she makes it to the bottom

Garrion: but.. any active magic spells you have an you are now gone

Tristan: (that would suck to take all that time to make a character then it got killed that quickly)

Melty: (Yeah lol)

Tristan: (but your name could have been some forshadowing"

Garrion: did you have any spells active or just lorycs?

Garrion: loryc, you feel your spells on Melty suddenly end as they did on your birds

Melty: (Just Loryc’s, though once I see them vanish I’ll cast Hush on myself to see if it works + enhance my stealth if it does)

Garrion: you won;t know

Loryc: (Yeah, I figured as much, though once she’s past the threshold lets see if her spells can work)

Melty: (I’ll know if my wings stop making noise)

Loryc: (Well she can feel if the spell ends or what not)

Loryc: (like I could for mine, since her’s is maintainable too)

Melty: (I mean, I’ll be able to tell I’m not invisible anymore, right?)

Garrion: i mean you won;t feel the spell suddenly end the way loryc did since you not maintaining it

Melty: (Or can you not tell yourself?)

Loryc: (She’s maintaining it, she’sc asting the thing, not me)

Garrion: the invis.. itis what ended

Melty: (Yeah, I’m asking can’t I tell if I stop being invisible by like looking at my hand, or does it not work that way)

Garrion: she gets to the bottom

Loryc: (plus with a reisted spell you know if your subject resists it or not, so I assume she’d know if she successfully cast a spell or not)

Loryc: (Since you do have some knowledge of what happens iwth your spell basically)

Garrion: no, you can see yourself, otherwise that would be very disorienting

Garrion: but you were told it would end, so you would be expectig it

Loryc: I’m not talking about the invis, this is Sachi’s spell.

Loryc: She’s casting a spell of her own.

Melty: Ok, hehe… Well, as I get close to the end I’ll cast Hush on myself, and if I feel it end I’ll go a little further down and try it again.

Garrion: she said when yours ends she is casting hers.. i said she can not tell that is suddenly ended.. that was the conversation

Garrion: but when she reaches the bottom she casts hers..

Garrion: roll it

Melty: Oh lol

Garrion: you arrive in a…..

Melty: I didn’t see where my token was until I dragged and highlighted it >.>

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: This large kitchen features four large fireplaces, a wide marble table, and numerous wallmounted counters and cabinets.

Sachi: (is there a place to track my energy reserves or should I just do that separately?)

Loryc: I put it on my token label.

Loryc: same with my powerstone

Garrion: There is a lady here cooking food and she hurridly barks out orders to servants as she prepared serving dishes… (it is around dinner time)

Loryc: So did Sachi’s spell work?

Garrion: i just moved lorycs format to your token so you can see it

Garrion: alter as needed for your info

Loryc: I also put my acive spells in there too

Garrion: OOC yes, but you do not know this

Loryc: Yeah I know Loryc wouldn’t know. I’m just curoous so Sachi would know she’s got her spell up

Garrion: now Melty.. give me a stealth

Loryc: Remember her spell makes her totally silent I think.

Sachi: Yeah, I was kinda waiting on if my spell succeeded.

Loryc: So she’s quiet and incredibly small.

Tristan: they might think it’s a rat

Garrion: yes, but not invisible.. i taking all that into account.. plus they extemely busy and distracted

Sachi: Yeah in the spell description it says it adds 3 to my Stealth or subtracts 5 from the Hearing roll of anyone listening to me

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 9

Garrion: Perception rolls 3d6 and gets 14 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -8)

Perception CRITICALLY FAILS by 11

Zindal: lol yeah I was gonna say, a rat is quiet and incredibly small too but you can still see one if it moves in your peripheral vision

Zindal: Though these people apparently can’t even see what they’re cooking

Sachi: I mean hey, I’m an intelligent being with plenty of training in stealth

Sachi: Not some rat

Loryc: hehe, yeah don’t be comparing Melty to a rat.

Zindal: Hehe, yeah

Garrion: Melty peeks out from the fireplace and looks around the room.. no one seems to notice her

Tristan: (cool visual)

Tristan: (like the grinch or something)

Loryc: The fairy that stole x-mas.

Garrion: Servants move in and out though the doors in the kitchen

Garrion: if you time it right you could get by when someone leaves

Zindal: (Probably safer to duck back up the chimney and pick a different one to go down)

Garrion: ((that is up to Melty))

Garrion: just setting the stage

Garrion: letting her know what is possible

  • Sachi takes a few quick, well-timed glances, taking in the surroundings and getting a feel for the cadence of the place before returning up the chimney, deciding it’s important to at least report to Loryc that her magic works once she’s past the ward.
  • Melty takes a few quick, well-timed glances, taking in the surroundings and getting a feel for the cadence of the place before returning up the chimney, deciding it’s important to at least report to Loryc that her magic works once she’s past the ward.

Zindal: (Can also see if the ward is two way, lol)

Zindal: (Does it nuke magic leaving it too?)

Garrion: as she passes up though the chimney she feels her magic being ripped from her

Melty: (Remember, I have the 10-point Photographic Memory, so Melty remembers EVERYTHING she sees)

Zindal: Wow, apparently it does

Loryc: ooo awesome.. you can help wtih the map too.

Sefiros: (Chim Chimney charoo)

Garrion: are you going to redraw the map?

Tristan is disconnected.

Urso: (maybe do some detect magic on teh way up and see if you can see the spell/runes knocking out your spells?)

Loryc: (Well I have the map drawn of the outside remember)

Garrion: if so i will giveall your vision for now

Melty: (It even says in the book that you guys have to remind me when I forget stuff OOC >.>; Which is a large part of why I paid the points and took it…)

Loryc: (So I figure I can fill it in later, cause I’d fill in what she tell sme with her photo memory)

Tristan has connected.

Garrion: but you have to make a cartography roll

Loryc: ←rolls Cartography TL4 and gets 13 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Taragnor: done.

Zindal: lol

Garrion: no satomi

Urso: (don’t see anything on the map)

Zindal: Yeah he listens to Melty recount everything in minute detail and writes it down

Zindal: She doesn’t have to make the roll if she just describes it to Loryc, Loryc can draw the map based on what she tells him with her perfect recall

Garrion: ok, if you going off her account then that is fine

Taragnor: well Melty has illusions too

Taragnor: so she could show me what it is when we get back

Taragnor: I mean I figure we’d draw it after we get back and not while we’re on the roof (and I’m invisible)

Tristan: cool use of illusions

Tristan: (“it looked like this”)

Garrion: ok, if everyone goes to the map you should see though Melty’s token now

Melty: Yeah, I don’t have the skill so it’ll have to be via Loryc using illusions as an intermediary

Zindal: Can’t see anything

Zindal: Unless the mansion is completely black, lol

Tristan: can’t see either

Garrion: hmm, not letting me select all players

Melty: “Yeah, I can cast spells just fine once I’m inside. They go poof again on the way out, though.”

Garrion: now you should see

Urso: (I see now )

Loryc: “Well that’s another peice of the puzzle we can add… do you think you could check out some of the other chimneys, we can add the rooms to a map.”

Zindal: Yup, that got it

Melty: “Yeah, totally.”

Loryc: “We’ll get a good idea how this place is layed out, I can draw all this once we get back…”

Loryc: “I know you never forget a face, or a room layout.”

  • Melty lightly taps her wand against her temple.

Garrion: she buzzes to another chimney….

Melty: “Mhm… It’s all in here, brotha.”

Loryc: “If I wasn’t invisible right now, you’d see me smiling.”

Garrion: You go down this one?

Melty: Hehe, sure.

Garrion: in this room….

Garrion: Food is prepared on these two long tables once it has been cooked in the kitchen.

Garrion: The servents buslte back and forth through the door to the west in the room as they prepare the food

Garrion: make another stealth

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -8)

Per FAILS by 9

  • Melty quickly scans the room from her vantage point

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Melty: (Powerstones regenerate 1 point/day right?)

Loryc: (Yeah)

Garrion: Again the workers go about their business unaware of the peeping eyes upon them.

Loryc: (I wouldn’t bother using any PS stuff if you can avoid it)

Loryc: (Though you got a massive energy reserve anyway)

Loryc: (And energy regenerates crazy fast)

Loryc: (I mean if you need to recharge your batteries come back to the roof and wait with me)

Melty: (Yeah, I thought maybe I’d use the 1st point off the stone each day if and only if it was full)

Loryc: (I can even drop lend energy on you)

Melty: (Nah, I got tons of energy)

Melty: (was just wondering)

Loryc: (I have only one rule, the energy I lend you can’t be used to have sex with Zindal)

Melty: (lol)

Zindal: Haha

Melty: (Hush is only 1 to cast and free to maintain at this skill so I can keep doing this for a long time)

Sefiros: (i dont think melty is a gerbil, tho zindal may be richard gere)

Garrion: ok, back out or sneaking in a door

Melty: (One of the benefits of having lots of small spells)

Loryc: (lol)

Urso: ouch, literally…

Melty: (Hehe, I’ll go back out and try another chimney.)

Melty: (Hiya Sef!)

Loryc: (holy shit your token si small)

Loryc: (can we make that a little bigger so I can see where she is?)

Loryc: (I gotta super zoom in to even see you

Zindal: He shrank it since her character is so small

Melty: (dude I can barely see myself either)

Garrion: she flies to the rear of the house….

Garrion: and down the chimney…..

Garrion: this room…..

Melty: (Wow dude, I might almost be to scale)

Garrion: This is a comfortable lounge with a private bar along the western wall

Loryc: yeah lol I think you mgiht be.

Garrion: no one seems to be in here

Garrion: and there are several doors

Tristan: does being tiny give a massive dodge bonus?

Loryc: Not a dodge bonus but an accuracy penalty

Garrion: it gives a penalty to it

Loryc: Like hitting her is similar to hitting a target’s vitals or whatever.

Tristan: ok cool

Tristan: makes sense

  • Melty casts her spell and goes to snoop around… Scoping out the wine selection and then going and listening at the doors.

Tristan: plus that helps a lot when your surprised and cannot dodge…

Melty: (Yeah, I do have +1 to dodge but it’s part of my race template and not from my size)

Garrion: you see some very nice vintages here

Garrion: not just wine but other drinks as well

Zindal: Memorize them for me, lol

Zindal: ←rolls Connoisseur (Wine) and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 2

Zindal: Damn

Melty: (thinking to herself) “Hehehe, nice. I’ll hafta ask Satomi which of these are good…”

Melty: (thinking) “Big people booze is so cheap…”

Garrion: Hearing roll as you listen at doors

Garrion: just one roll to cover all

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 15 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 2

Garrion: you hear nothing

Melty: Can I fit under them?

Garrion: no, they faily good fit.. there is a small gap but not enough for you unless you really squeeze and have no gear on you

Loryc: Fairy squeezing!

Garrion: if you want to try roll escape… to squeeze through

Melty: Well, I’m not really wearing anything of note other than my coat…

Garrion: no mod since not wearing any gear

Melty: Ahhh jeez that’s the one thief skill I don’t have… I better not, I don’t want to get stuck >.>

Loryc: (If we were super evil, we’d poison the wine for his celebration)

Zindal: lol that would be awesome

Melty: (Oh what if I cast Grease?)

Garrion: that would be evil since you do not kow the target.. could be some good lady

Loryc: well I mean he doens’t share wine wtih his servants.

Loryc: And I’m figuring everyone he invites to his party is gonna robably be evil.

Garrion: i’ll give you a +2 from greese, still tight but will make it more slick

Loryc: hehe yeah lol use grease.

Zindal: I’m gonna go on to bed guys, had a long day at work and I’m tired

Zindal: I’ll catch you later

Garrion: night

Sefiros: a greasey fairy

Melty: (Night Tab!)

Sefiros: that is usually an insult to most people id imagine

Tabris is disconnected.

Melty: (And whoa the default is DX-6… I’m actually not too likely to make it… Would I be at risk of being stuck if I fail? Or just on like a crit fail?)

Garrion: wan to try with grease or up and out?

Garrion: stuck if only crit fail

Melty: (Actually, I’m also stuck if I succeed and then someone spots me on the other side and I can’t get back…)

Tristan: you could try it without greese then get a second chance again after greese

Loryc: (Hmm yeah, you shouldn’t try that)

Melty: (Yeah, I’m just gonna go back up the chimney for now)

Sefiros: (it aint eazy being greazy)

Garrion: next chimney over….

Loryc: “There’s something I wnated to test…”

Loryc: “Cast a spell with an effect up here or cast a spell on me for instance”

Loryc: “And see if it ends when you go down the chiumney..”

Loryc: “I want to see if it cancels all cast spells or just the ones that are active on you.”

Melty: “Oh, sure.”

Garrion: this look slike a private bath…..

Tristan: i’m falling out to guys, heading to bed. See you all on the forums!

Garrion: A large metal and porcelain washtub sits in this room —as with the sinks, the tub has hot and cold running water

Melty: (Night Tristan!)

Tristan is disconnected.

Garrion: or at least that is what you thing the red and bklue mean on the knobs

Melty: (And heh before I go down I’ll cast Light and leave it there so he can see if it goes out when I pass the ward)

Garrion: you never seen that kind of thing before.. roll IQ

Melty: (That’s free since it costs 1 right?)

Loryc: (heh not light… we’re trying to stealth)

Melty: ←rolls IQ and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Melty: (Oh duh)

Melty: (I’ll cast Armor instead)

Loryc: (heh okay)

Melty: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 10 FP.

Garrion: ok, so you casting armor in Loryc?

Melty: Yeah, before going down the chimney

Garrion: ok

Melty: And I’ll see if I feel it vanish when I hit the ward

Sefiros: guess Loryc is Richard Gere instead of Zindal.

Garrion: next chimney…..

Garrion: this opens into an empty bedchamber

Garrion: and you do not feel any connection with the spell break since this is not something you have to actively concentrate on

Melty: All these doors are similar I’m assuming?

Garrion: you do lose sense with it, like you can not maintain it

Garrion: but the spell persists

Melty: Hmmm, yeah, I’ll come back up before a minute so I can be sure it didn’t fade naturally

Loryc: interesting…

Garrion: yes… door description….

Garrion: Doors are of heavy oak and carved with images of capering devils

Garrion: brb, quick break while you move out and around to south side

Melty: (kk~)

Garrion: unless checking room more

Melty: (I’ll make a quick check over the cabinets and such if I have time, but I can’t stay more than a minute anyway or I won’t know if my spell faded naturally or was cancelled)

Loryc: (Can she remaintain it once she exits the zone btw?)

Garrion: once you pass back up your connection to the spell resumes

Melty: (In principle I think I should be able to)

Melty: (I think the way it works is it lasts the duration and then you can choose to pay the maintenance cost again or not)

Loryc: (yeah I’m just trying to get to see how the ward works)

Loryc: (This is all valuable information)

Melty: (Indeed)

Loryc: (Next time I’m gonna go down one of the chimneys, at least once we fly Urso up there.)

Loryc: (And gonna see if I can sneak around down there)

Garrion: give me a search.. at -4 for the rsuh

Loryc: (but for now we’ll just recon each room)

Loryc: (btw how may floors to this place?)

Loryc: (one or two?)

Garrion: 3

Loryc: (wow.)

Melty: A Search check sent to GM.


←rolls Search and gets 13 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -4)

Melty FAILS by 5

Garrion: only half the house has a 3rd floor though

Melty: (Wow… Huge place)

Garrion: she finds nothing

Garrion: and exits

Urso: (there any open windows or the like?)

Loryc: yeah… I mean… we’re definitely gonna want to recon this place some beforfe we go in.

Melty: (Yeah, I see any openings besides the chimneys on my way around?)

Garrion: no, there are chim neys in the middle of the roof too.. but just doing exterior for now

Melty: (Ooooo, the main hall…)

Garrion: she goes down the next.. this one is accessed from the front courtyard

Melty: Ooooo, even fancier

Garrion: Thickly carpeted and well lit, the walls of this manor hang with numerous paintings of past Westcrown mayors and nobility. Fully two-thirds of the spots are empty

Garrion: stealth….

Garrion: as a guard walks through the room…..

Loryc: ooo…

Melty: For Hush

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 7 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 9

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc: yeah she’s casting hush every time she crosses the threshold of the ward I assume.

Loryc: since there’s plenty of chimney to cast that

Melty: Yeah I am

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -6)


Melty: Hopefully I set that precedent

Garrion: the guard walks from an unseen door in the far ne of the room and stops in the middle of the room by the stairs.. looking toward the front dors.. then turns and continues south through another door

Garrion: Melty has remained unseen

Garrion: exploring room or leaving?

Garrion: there are 2 sets of stairs going up

Garrion: on the east side of the room

  • Melty takes in a sharp breath as the guard enters… pressing herself into an alcove and trying to remain small… Then she hides in the chimney just out of sight to listen for the guard and see if she can discern any timing. (also can I hear anything from upstairs?)

Garrion: per

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: you hear nothing from the stairs and you can not tell if the route is repeated in this short time

Garrion: out or explore?

  • Melty darts over to the furniture on the other side of the hall, then to a hiding spot where she can see what’s upstairs, if she can find one.

Garrion: you see several doors and the 2 stairs

Garrion: Suddenly the north door opens and a servent walks through…..

  • Melty ducks into the corner behind the furniture here

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -6)

Per FAILS by 6

Garrion: and the servant walks on by

Urso: (wow, servants have some good peepers )

Garrion: passing south

  • Melty wonders if there’s any fireplaces on the upper floors…

Garrion: she can fly up stairs to see or exit and try other chimneys

Loryc: (Well tehy got pretty big penalties since she’s a fairy.)

Loryc: (plus think they gotta beat her stealth so…)

Loryc: (Very unlikely thy’ll see her)

  • Melty flies up the stairs, hanging on near the top to peek at the second floor

Melty: (Yeah isn’t it a quick contest?)

Garrion: n or s stair?

Loryc: (think so, when you’re stealthing)

Melty: (North for now)

Melty: (Yeah, they have to beat their modified Per by more than I beat my modified Stealth and that’s not very likely)

Garrion: you go up to a large common area…

Melty: (That’s the main reason I didn’t take Invisibility at the outset, heh)

Melty: (My size + Hush makes me pretty hard to detect already)

Garrion: This large open space has a polished hardwood floor and seems serve as a place for guests to mingle—sometimes, the chamber may be used as a ballroom is appears.

Melty: (I mean it definitely helps, but it’s not absolutely vital like I’d consider it if I was full-size)

Melty: Ooo…

Melty: Any sign of activity up here? Footsteps or noise or anything?

Garrion: hearing roll

Melty: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: you hear nothing

Garrion: you peak arounf the stairs and see a large opening heading into what appears to be a balconied area

Garrion: looking down on the rooms below…..

  • Sachi gapes in awe at the vast space…

Garrion: as you peer up you see an amaizing sight.. it is the open sky… but you did not see this from outside

  • Melty gapes in awe at the vast space…

Melty: (Hehe, since there’s a balcony I’ll peek over the edge and see what I can see on the floor below too)

Garrion: ok, the floor below….

  • Melty also gazes up in awe… Going over her perfect memory of tonight’s stars (or the clouds) to try and guess if it’s the real sky.

Garrion: seems to be a large garden

Garrion: with a flowing stream and a bridge passing over it

Melty: (Thinkin’) “Bastard… Keepin’ this to himself…”

Garrion: Loryc.. Melty has been gonefor quite some time now.. far longer than any of her other forays

Garrion: roll will +2

Melty: Looks like a dining room here? I’ll get a quick look and then go back out the way I came…

Garrion: flying over to the other balcony?

Melty: What is it I see on the other side? Interior windows or something?

Melty: Or just doors with a weird light box?

Garrion: yes, on the far wall are a series of interior windows seperating this area from another

Garrion: and.. as you look over the rail here…..

Melty: Ah, the dining room

Garrion: you see none other than the mayor himself sitting down to a nice large dinner served on silver plates

Loryc: ooo…

Garrion: servants bring food from an area to the north and then leave.. guards stand at the doorway… stealth

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)


Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -6)

Per FAILS by 4

Garrion: they seem to never be aware of you

Garrion: as you creep around

Cedric: (heh, might not want to push your luck too much )

Garrion: you see many fireplaces in this room

Garrion: and the surrounding areas… these are probably many of those you saw in the center of the roof

Sachi: (Muahaha, those arrogant humans!) But yeah, I wanna check out what’s on the other side of the window and then peek up a fireplace here. If by here you mean this balcony, I’m not gonna risk going down where the mayor’s eating dinner.

Garrion: no, they down in the dining hall and the garden

Garrion: ok, you circle around the balcony… sudenly a door opens and a servent s walks out….

Sachi: Ok, hehe, in that case I’ll go back down the stairs and up the chimney there after I check the windows… Ooo :x

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -6)

Per FAILS by 7

  • Sachi ducks behind one of the supports for the railing.

Garrion: and you miraculously duck out of view as she walks by

  • Melty holds on to the edge of the window and peeks through, trying to see what’s on the other side.

Garrion: as you go up to the door you hear the ladt just passing by you stop and speak.. and you hear someone else.. then the new voice comes your way.. she is heading straight for you carrying a basket

Garrion: you are in the middle of the floor with no cover….

Garrion: she comes down the hall…..

Melty: :x

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -3)


Melty: I’ll cast Itch to distract her and see if I can get to cover…

Garrion: ok, go ahead

Garrion: distance applies

Cedric: (just tell her you are her fairy god mother… )

Garrion: 9 yards away

Garrion: or can wait till closer.. but every moment is closer to possibly seeing you

Melty: I’ll take my chances… They’re still pretty good…

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: will to resist?

Melty: HT

Garrion: HT rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of )


Melty: It lasts and gives them -2 DX until they take a full second to scratch

Melty: Mostly I’m hoping for the distracting effect more than the debuff, though

Garrion: She suddenly stops and starts scratching…. setting the basket down to do so

Cedric: (can you say whre? like on her face so she has to scratch with her hand, blocking her view of you?)

Melty: (Yeah it says I get to choose)

Garrion: roll stealth

Garrion: as you duck away

Loryc: (ooo fly into the basket, that’d be awesome)

Melty: (So yeah, I’ll pick a place that I happen to think IC is likely to work…)

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: Melty ducks back over to the railing….

Cedric: (fly to ceiling, doubt they normally look up much )

Garrion: ok, that too

Melty: (And hehe yeah it would :3 But you don’t know where I am IC so I want to get back to you, lol. Also yeah, is there a chandelier or something I can hide in?)

Melty: (Also I don’t want to get trapped somewhere)

Garrion: yeah, there are several in the halls

Cedric: (well I need to go.. later folks )

Garrion: each seems to be providing light from candles.. but there is no heat…..

Garrion: as you fly up near it you notice that

Cedric: (heh, probably why magic works inside… magic lights )

Garrion: the maid picks up the basket but you notice something fell out of it….

Melty: (See ya Cedric!)

Melty: (Hehe, we should prolly wrap up soon, it’s late and we’ve been leaking people)

Garrion: she walks to the door and turns slightly to get the door…. “Oh heck.”

Melty: ooo?

Garrion: she sets the basket down and walks back to pick up the dropped clothing

Cedric: (mayor’s undies )

Garrion: well that cause they have nothing to do probaly…

Garrion: the unattended basket sits in front of the door as she walks back to gett he item 9 yeards back

Melty: I’m being tempted…

Garrion: curiosity

Cedric is disconnected.

Melty: Melty rolls 3d6 and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 2

Garrion: Loryc roll will at -2

Garrion: i mean +2

Melty: (Thinking) “Nnnnnggg… Damn it… If only I didn’t have to worry about that asshole worrying about me so much…”

Melty: (thinking) “That gentleman, I mean…”

Garrion: loryc…

Loryc: ←rolls Will and gets 10 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: that was called for a while back.. and enough time for another…..

Loryc: ←rolls Will and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Melty: There you are!

Loryc: heh what’s going on?

Garrion: no i’m rolling those

Loryc: heh, yeah stepped out to get a drink for one sec.

Loryc: What’s happening?

Loryc: remember I’m still invisible.

Garrion: Melty has been gone a very long time.. much longer than any of the other trips

Melty: Yeah that’s what you know IC, hehe.

Garrion: so i asked a while back for a roll and never got it.. enough time passed for a second so i made both

Loryc: ah okay. what’s the roll for? do I know?

Garrion: because she been gone a long time.. you getting conserned

Melty: I think it’s got to do with your disadvantages probably

Loryc: Hmm… well there’s not a hell of a lot I can do at this point.

Melty: Like if you got a sense of duty

Loryc: heh I don’t.. I do have guilt complex though, so if you die, I’ll take a bunch of penaltis.

Garrion: ok, Melty.. what you doing.. taking the basket trip or not

Loryc: I mean if I climb down there I ain’t gonnab ea ble ot climb out…

Melty: Melty does have a sense of loyalty though (I just didn’t have enough room for all the disadvantages that’d be appropriate), and she probably knows Loryc is a worrywart

Loryc: (does Melty have any communications spells like mind-sending that I now of?)

Loryc: (Since I can send a one-way message to her, but not get anything back.,)

Loryc: (oh wait.. I’ll cast a seekler on her.)

Garrion: Ohh, apparently i missed some outside chimneys…..

Melty: I’m gonna stay in hiding and try to get back to Loryc soon… And heh no I don’t or I woulda signaled you)

Loryc: (wait no, nm, that own’t see what’s around her unless I’m a mile away)

Loryc: (so scratch that)

Loryc: (I think I’ve just got to wait unless I get totally reckless…)

Loryc: (Since my only other option is trying to descend with no climbing skill)

Melty: (Plus I doubt I could do a mind-sending through the ward you know?)

Loryc: (Well my sekeer spells worked through it)

Loryc: (I dunno if that will tho)

Melty: (Ahh interesting)

Garrion: i’m going to reveal some other rooms to you… these you would have come to when you did the others on the back side of the house….

Garrion: this is a bedroom… seems to be currenlty in use

Melty: (Anyway I don’t have any even if they’d work, so I kinda have to get back up to you heh)

Garrion: as in has stuff in it

Loryc: (I will send a mind-sending to Tristan and tell em to get to a (gonna say a pretty innocuous point near the manor where I can possibly airlift one of em in)

Garrion: another unused bedroom

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -5)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Garrion: another bedroom

Melty: (thinking) “They all got their own fireplace… This is even swankier than Satomi’s digs…”

Garrion: and another bedroom

Loryc: (I’d basically need Urso to lower me down, casue I can’t climb for shit)

Garrion: now back to where you were

Loryc: (Since I’m kinda relying on levitation to get past that)

Garrion: ok

Loryc: (Also gonna tell Tristan to have a rope handy with my mind-sending)

Garrion: gonna reveal some other bedrooms with external chimneys….

Melty: I’ll head back to the chimney I came in from, or a closer one if there is one

Garrion: this room here is not a bedroom….

Melty: Oooo…?

Melty: Kinda resembles another kitchen… Or a workshop…

Garrion: This library has comfortable leather chairs surrounded by shelves of books.

Loryc: yeah lots of good entry points…

Garrion: a couple other chimneys on the very top floor….

Loryc: we may be better off not using the play… I mean if we can just catch the mayor alone inside… I could ptoenitlaly figure out the password/defenses to his vault.

Garrion: new map… folly 2

Loryc: Also are you blanking out the map again, or is that some kinda MT bug?

Loryc: Since the places she explored went dark for me now.

Melty: I think it has to do with him cut and pasting my token maybe?

Melty: Cause when he’d move it to a new room everything would go dark for a sec

Garrion: as you pass down this chimney there is no light at the bottom

Garrion: you cast light?

Garrion: or exit back up?

Melty: Damn… I dunno if I want to risk a light right now.

Loryc: I woulnd’t.

Loryc: I mean you’re small but a light cancels that out.

Melty: I’ll just go back up.

Loryc: Makes you a giant beacon.

Loryc: If you can’t cast dark vision/infra whatever

Loryc: then I wouldn’ttry anything there.

Garrion: the room is dark, no windows or lights here like the rest of the house

Melty: Unfortunately I don’t have mage light anymore thanks to the point crunch

Loryc: Lemme scout that or something.

Melty: “It’s dark in there… I didn’t wanna make a light.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “A wise decision… we can cehck that out another day.”

Loryc: (Did we check out all the chimneys?)

  • Melty stretches, her wings holding her in place seemingly effortlessly.

Loryc: (or are there more chimneys to check out?)

Garrion: well if you head back out and avoid the basket temptation then thatis all

Loryc: “Alright lets go back to our headquarters and we can work out a map so I can give to everyone.”

Melty: Hehe, ok. Yeah, I’m not gonna ride the basket this time.

Loryc: “You did great Melty, I was worried about you for a while there.”

Loryc: (i’ll put her in my pcoket so she turns invisible too ajnhd then going to transport her back to base with another levitate)

Melty: “Hehe, worried? I did have one close call… Or I would’ve if I wasn’t awesome.”

  • Melty huddles snugly in Loryc’s pocket.

Loryc: “Yeah… I just didn’t want you to be discovered in there, since there’s not really any way I can back you up.”

Garrion: well piss it didn;t save any of the lower explored floors.. i’ll have to re=reveal those

Loryc: “Though next time, we can bring along Urso on the rope, and get most of the group inside one of the less-used rooms you found.”

Melty: “Yeah, I even had a chance to ride some laundry in even deeper… But I’d seen a lot, so I kinda figured it’d suck if I got stuck somewhere. Those doors are well-made, man… They’re real tough to squeeze under.”

  • Loryc nods.

Loryc: “It’s okay. You did great.”

Loryc: “I wanted to keep this low risk anyway, we learned a lot today.”

Loryc: (G could you reveal the places she went on the first floor too, that went dark for some reason)

Melty: “Hehehe. I always do.~”

Loryc: (Also be nice if maybe you put the revealed map up on the website so I can consult it over the week)

  • Melty is clearly quite pleased to be praised, though.
  • Loryc gives her a little pat on the head.

Garrion: i will, in the forum where i revealed the other

Melty: (Hehe, she’s a little like Zindal in that the quickest way to her heart is right through her ego :3 )

Loryc: “We’ve now got a partial layout of the inside of the manor, as well as multiple points of entry.”

Loryc: “Now we just need to find a good way to get Urso inside…”

Melty: “Too bad I dunno any shrinking spells… Yet… I’ve been meaning to study that stuff.”

Loryc: “I’m thinking we can hopefully learn the mayor’s vault password and defenses before the play, then we’ll go in during the play and execute the plan, since that seems the best way of getting Urso in.”

Loryc: “At best I could make him look smaller, and plant a delusion that he could fit in his mind.. but that won’t actually make him fit.”

Melty: “Then I can become huge… And nothing will be able to stop me from getting my revenge…”

Garrion: oh, need to do the dining and garden too


Loryc: hehe

Loryc: (Yeah that’s a shitload of recon gathered here)

Loryc: (so nothing led to the 3rd floor at all?)

Loryc: (or is the 3rd that dungeon level?)

Melty: (I’m no arcane eye, but I’m pretty, tiny and awesome!

Loryc: (You’r also significantly less vulnerable to dispellign wards!)

Loryc: “Was there any guards in the room where you saw the mayor?”

Garrion: you went down the other chimneys very short distance but was dark…. 2 on the edge of roof

Melty: (There were, right?)

Garrion: yes, guards

Loryc: (how many?)

Melty: (Yeah, hehe, my memory’s perfect)

Loryc: (And was there like a maid or something serving his meal?)

Loryc: (Yeah I"m loving that uber memory)

Loryc: (Yet another way you’re beter than a wizard eye)

Loryc: (that shit only has liek 128MB of RAM)

Garrion: several, you counted about 5 that you saw through the scouting.. but some could have been duplicate counts or some not seen

Loryc: “Did anyone get close to him? Like a maid or maybe one of the guards?”

Garrion: yeah, there were servants serving food

Loryc: “Well the servants are our way in… if I disguise myself and move in there….”

Melty: “Mhm, the servants were all over the place…”

Loryc: “I can read his mind… and then… we’ll have all we need for the night of the play.”

Melty: “You’re pro with illusions, right? I can only keep my best one up for so long…”

Garrion: ok, got screen cap converted to image for upload to site.. will do that tomorrow

Loryc: k cool.

Melty: Yay~

Loryc: (Did there seem to be some like uber guard or something? Like a personal bodyguard that seemed better than the rest?)

Loryc: (One that might be a pit fiend in disguise?)

Melty: (Yeah did anyone look special or super beefy?)

Loryc: (Or was it a bunch of rank and file grunts guarding him?)

Garrion: Melty, roll any military skill

Garrion: or IQ-5

Melty: (Does Tactics count?)

Garrion: none are “grunts”

Loryc: well I mean do any of them look to be some kinda uber guards?

Garrion: not really

Loryc: like that one guy who is extra close to him?

Melty: regains 1 fatigue, and now has 11 FP.

Garrion: well you weren’t there.. only Melty was and that depends on her skills to determine guard strength

Sachi: Yeah heh

Loryc: well she can show me a picture with her photo memory

Loryc: and an illusion spell.

Garrion: so if you not have any military type training then rollIQ-5

Loryc: I mean I kinda imagine I’m basically getting all her info with that.

Loryc: Since she can recreate the scenes for me. So I cna tehn draw em.

Loryc: Since she’s basically perfectly remembers everything, right?

Loryc: So she can just create an illusion copy of the things she saw.

Melty: ←rolls IQ and gets 16 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Melty FAILS by 6

Sachi: And yeah, can I recreate some stuff that way?

Garrion: she does not notice any guards standing out over the others

Garrion: or does not recall it

Loryc: You got illusions and photographic memory, so I don’t see why not.

Garrion: now as far as loryc.. roll any military recognition skill you have

Loryc: Hmm… My Ecnyclopedist! covers all expert skills and area knowledge.

Loryc: Think one of the expert skills may cover military, not sure..

Sachi: (Oh yeah I have that too, would that be a military skill?)

Sachi: (I forgot about that completely)

Loryc: yeah it covers military science.

Garrion: go ahead.. roll

Sachi: (btw G this is totally unrelated to what we’ve been doing but as of recently this is my new favorite terrible song:

Loryc: Also it covers Xenology, which is basically like monster knowledge.

Melty: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 1

Loryc: So keep that in mind as well

Loryc: ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: well that is knowledge of other races…. some monsters may not fall under that

Sachi: (btw that isn’t a fan thing, actual people recorded that and it’s part of an official licensed product sold for money)

Loryc: well it says the “known” races of the setting. So basically it eems like it covers most of the monster types unless it’s like totally new.

Garrion: Xenology: General knowledge of the known races in your setting. Can substitute for Anthropology, History, Physiology, or Psychology to identify a member of a race different from your own, or to answer general questions about the race and its culture.

Sachi: They mostly come at niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Garrion: or hidden lore.. i would not call that a known race

Loryc: heh well I also have every hidden lore from Wizard!

Garrion: demons, elementals, things left unsaid

Loryc: Iv’e got a bunch of knowledges… but anyway..

Loryc: So what do we know about those guards?

Garrion: also wouldn’t cover animals and magical beasts.. they not “races”… i say it covered humanoids

Garrion: they are rundotarri.. the palace guards.. there was not one that she saw or relayed that seemed to be a “boss”

Loryc: hmm okay well that’s good…so long as he doens’t have a demon in disguise… we should be good.

Loryc: So I become a servant girl, drop a mind probe on his ass, and then get out.

Loryc: Nobody suspects the maid.

Sachi: :3

Garrion: ok,l well it past my bed time… i’m heading out…once wegot rolling you got some good scouting done

Loryc: yeah.

Loryc: We should have enough for a good plan next time.

Sachi: Night G! That was fun tonight!

Sachi: I really love this pixie so far!~

Session 7

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