Session 8

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

You have disconnected.

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Cedric has connected.

Tristan has connected.

Tabris has connected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Tristan: hello all

Garrion: howdy

Cedric has connected.

Taragnor has connected.

Tabris: Took it a while to load this time for some reason

Tristan: same here

Cedric: evening

Garrion: maybe since all connecting at once?

Tristan: maybe

Urso: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Urso SUCCEEDS by 1

Cedric: awe ya

Garrion: ok, we’ll give everyone a bit to connect

Garrion: not seeing sef online

Tabris: Yeah dunno where he is

Garrion: ok, well we kinda need Sachi here to play her part in recounting the scouting mission

Garrion: but I guess we can go ahead without her… Loryc can speak in for her

Taragnor: heh well I mean, it’s not really a scouting mission anymore, more of a mind-reading mission with force.

Garrion: when we left off the group split up with Loryc and Melty heading to the manor for a little scouting whie the other stood by near

Taragnor: Since we may need some backup, Melty is gonna pull out for now and we’re gonna return the next day (my plan is on the site)

Taragnor: Since I didn’t see any objections to it, I’m assuming we’re all on board with it

Tristan: “so Loyrc, let me get this strait, you want us all to climb down the chimney into the mansion? How do we get out of there without killing someone if we need to depart quickly?”

Garrion: You regroup that evening.. finishing up just as the sun is setting and you head back to the security of your home(s)

Garrion: Melty displays some flashy illusions of the interior of the manor and Loryc draws a map… you all discuss the plan that evening or the next morning

Urso: " Urso likes the pictures"

Tabris: I think we already kinda did that on the site didn’t we? lol

Garrion: yes, pretty much

Garrion: anything else to add to that?

Tristan: (i’m still trying to figure out how all of us climbing down the chimney is supposed to work

Urso: ( urso good with pulling people up and down by rope )

Garrion: cause seemed like a small discussion.. with all the other stuff going on

Tabris: Presumably it’s a seldom used chimney in some guest chamber or something

Tristan: (seems like a great way to get stuck and have to fight our way out if needed)

Taragnor: figure the next morning.

Taragnor: Yeah, heh I mean unless someone didnn’t see the plan, lets just run with it. Assuming we can use Mina and Melty (or Zindal doesn’t mind being alone on the bottom level).

Garrion: ok, Rova 6… ~0900

Taragnor: Otherwiwse we kinda may want to wait for new PCs…

Tabris: lol

Garrion: You look at your event planner…

Tabris: Well I think the next day is the play auditions

Garrion: Zindal has a date at noon…. this is also the date for the open casting for the play

Tristan: (yeah, i’m ok with it for the sake of not getting caught up not doing anything, and i’m not the leader so if it goes wrong then I can blame it on Loryc)

Tabris: And yeah I have a date

Urso: ( we can’t go armored can we ?)

Garrion: into the house?

Urso: walking around in town, toward the house and stufff

Garrion: well you would draw some attention.. depending on the level of armor you talking bout

Urso: ( steel corselet )

Taragnor: heh, well Urso can be armored since he can’t fit in a chimney

Taragnor: and I’m gonna have him invisible on a rooftop

Urso: can ya get him invis going there?

Taragnor: basically Melty is gonna maintain your invisibility with her maintain spell spell. (We kinda need Sachi here unless I can have total control over her stuff).

Garrion: i think he talking aout gettinthere though.. walkign the streets in his steel armor

Taragnor: Yeah, we’ll wer’re basically gonna fly you there invisible.

Tabris: Just wear a cloak over it, lol

Taragnor: Get you on the roof prety much since you can’t fit, you’ll just be lowering peole down on ropes (cause Loryc can’t climb and maye some others can’t either)

Taragnor: Plus I can’t really fit you down there… so…

Garrion: flying invis works too.. though they may hear the yelling coming from nowhere up in the sky

Garrion: lol

Taragnor: well, we’re gonna be silent hopefully.

Taragnor: And nobody is gonna be yelling a bunch of crap.

Taragnor: Just hope the roof doesn’t collapse under Urso’s weight.

  • Urso is good with this.

Tabris: “Casting call for the play is today, Loryc… Do we still want to go that route? Or are you discounting the Pathfinder woman’s plan altogether?”

Garrion: as he freaks out from being 200 ft up in the air with nothing to hold on to

Zindal: “Casting call for the play is today, Loryc… Do we still want to go that route? Or are you discounting the Pathfinder woman’s plan altogether?”

Urso: ( still annoyed why climb is dex based, not str )

Garrion: well it can be ST

Urso: ( it can?)

Loryc: “We can probably end up showing up late for casting call… I figure this should only take up about lunchtime, then we can show up for the afternoon.”

Zindal: “Well I have a date at noon… So let’s get this over with quickly.”

Garrion: it is flexible and depends on the GM’s call and the description of HOW you climbing

Loryc: “Since once we invest ourselves in the play we probbaly won’t have any time to do this anyway… we need to get this done now.”

Tristan: (like pulling yourself up a rope would just be ST)

Urso: (oh, that’s good )

Loryc: “Otherwise we’ll be going in from the play blind.”

Garrion: purely hauling self up,, ST… nimbly skirting across the face stretching for holds… DX

Tristan: (where finding handholds and being all spiderman like would be dex… although I could see it being ST too)

Zindal: (ST is where you ram your fist into the wall and create your own handholds)

Tristan: urso should do that

Urso: ( do it Tick style )

Tristan: (we should dress you like the tick, I’ll be the arrow, Loryc can be Dr. Strange)

Garrion: ok, go ahead and make your plans for the day

Tristan: task 1. not die

Loryc: (Alright objective one is gonna involve ferrying everyone over invisible to the rooft of the mayor’s place.

Zindal: I told Loryc I have a date at noon so if we’re gonna do this shit let’s hurry up and do it

Tristan: (so, no play then?)

Loryc: (We’ll show up to the play in the afternoon)

Tristan: (ok)

Loryc: (Be fashionably late for casting calls)

Loryc: (it makes us look better anyway)

Loryc: (And even if they did pick someone else, we can always arrange for some kind of situation to come up with them.)

Loryc: Alright so… step 1: getting everyone ferried over to the manor’s roof with invis and levitate spell I can cast both at 0 cost to maintain so… not a huge deal

Loryc: I won’t maintain levitate once we get them over there but will maintain invis

Loryc: So only levitate 1 person at a time.

Urso: ( what ultimate goal here?)

Zindal: (Loryc is going to try to mind read the mayor)

Urso: ( read that dudes mind?)

Loryc: If all goes well, mind reading on the mayor and we learn the password and location of the vault.

Loryc: Which we can then use after we infiltrate from the play.

Tristan: (your like a super mage maintaining all those spells at once)

Loryc: heh well IQ 19 and 4 magery goes a long way, I’ll have to drop em though for mind reading since that’s opposed

Garrion: well it makes it progressivly harder to cast the next one

Loryc: and I dont’ want to be taking a massive penalty on an opposed roll

Loryc: So this is just to get there.

Garrion: at least not have to succeed a rerol at each maintain

Loryc: Yeah and failing a spell with 0 cost basically has no repercussionb eyond wasting the time to cast it

Garrion: wold suck to fail at 200 ft in the air

Loryc: okay, so G do we get everyone on the roof? Or does something happen along the way?

Tristan: i’ll volunteer to go first (easiest roll to make)

Tristan: =)

Garrion: ok, so doing this first thing in the morning….

Tristan: plus, I can provide cover

Loryc: Yeah I want to send our stealthiest members first.

Loryc: So basically sending people in descending order of stealth.

Tristan: I think the pixie make me look like a dude in plate.

Garrion: you ferry everyone across…. by the time you get all the trips done about an hour has passed.. it is now 1000

Tristan: (looking around for guards)

Loryc: okay fair enough… alrgiht… now I’m gona pass off my invisibility spell that’s on Urso to Melty.

Loryc: Using Lend Spell

Loryc: Then Melty is going to use her Maintain spell on Urso so thge spell automaintains itself (necessary since we can’t maintain it once either caster is past the barrier)

  • Urso unrolls his rope once he gets to the top of the roof and waits to find out which one they are going down.

Loryc: Basicalyl melty is gonna drop like a 12 pt maintain on it, to give Urso 2 hours of invisibility. 6 points from energy reserve and 6 pts form natural FP btw.

Urso: ( sweet )

Garrion: ok, remind her to mark it off when she gets here

Garrion: i don;t like RPing characters not present thoughm, you know that… so keep her interactions limited

Loryc: Well I don’t have to have her talk… but like I need her for initial chimney scouting.

Loryc: hmm the manor map is black again

Loryc: can you revea that so I can show which chimney I’m going down.. well she’s going down actually

Garrion: cause no tokens on it….

Garrion: i’ll coppy all tokens from limbo over to it

Loryc: heh well put our tokens on that casue we’re gona start going down chimneys now. well Melty first.

Loryc: I kinda need melty for this part like I said since she’s our recon drone.

Loryc: lemme know when thery’re copied over and w’ell do phase 2

Tristan: how much can Melty carry? she’s less than a foot tall right?

Garrion: right she less than 6 inches

Tristan: Zindal should like that…

Garrion: ok, which chimney you descending?

Zindal: lol

Tristan: screen still black (assign token?)

Zindal: Well she apparently likes me…

Loryc: Map isn’t fully revealed.

Loryc: so hard to show where… can you reveal the rooms?

Tristan: (pixie is a good frined to have, and there is probably an enlarge spell)

Urso: (which map?)

Tristan: (it worked in hook)

Garrion: Aberian’s Folly 1

Tristan: ahh, I was on 2

Loryc: I’ll show ya what rooms I’m going to, if you revela the ones we’ve mapped so far.

Garrion: ok, once you tell me which chimney i’ll place you in that area

Tristan: I think more was visable than this (but probably fog of war), can’t see the chimney tops though… so I guess we can use the map you sent

Garrion: holy crap….

  • Urso ties the end of the rope around his waist.

Garrion: mean all those rooms gone

Loryc: Well I want to see it to tell you which chimney it is. heh.

Loryc: Since it’s easier to point ot which room there.

Zindal: lol yeah none of the interior is visible at all

Loryc: then I can just use the arrow or whatever.

Zindal: Everything they explored before is hidden again

Loryc: Yeah, you should just leave that stuff revealed.

Garrion: i think it reset when i deleted the old tokens, not sure

Garrion: i didn’t rehide it.. it did it on own

Urso: ( just move a token around real quick )

Loryc: yeah, just move a token around quick so I can see the place and where we’re going

Loryc: and can someone link me to the post on the webiste where he put the map, so I can fill in the blanks. heh.

Loryc: nm I found it

Zindal: Oh good, now I get to take back that eye roll and heavy sigh =P

Tristan: (no guards on the roof then?)

Garrion: nope

Zindal: There weren’t last time

Loryc: yeah, heh, so I mean you should be fine so long as you stay invisible.

Tristan: (nice)

Loryc: gonna let him reveal the stuff then we’ll commence the operation.

Garrion: ok, exterior is revealed

Garrion: yuou should be able to see all those extrerior chimneys

Loryc: Alright, few questions the first floor bottom right corner room, what was that?

Urso: ( any bigger then the others )

Garrion: so just arrow the one you camping out at and going down

Loryc: Was there anyone in there last time melty went down there?

Garrion: that was a vacant room

Loryc: okay and the 4 bedrooms on second floor, right side, were also empty?

Urso: (btw, we see how many guards on duty outside?)

Garrion: no, the SE room on second floor was occupied

Loryc: okay, what about the other bedrooms?

Loryc: And who was occupying that room?

Garrion: 2 at the gate, 1 in the yard, and 8 outside the perimeter between house and cliff

Zindal: We can take ’em

Garrion: the other rooms seemed to be guest rooms and not occulied

Tristan: (Tristan is fantasizing about picking off all of them)

Loryc: okay great, the one occupying the other room? who did it seem to be? Servant, guard, what?

Garrion: you don;t know.. Melty did not explore closely

Loryc: okay,.

Loryc: Melty will check the guest room 2nd from the top, 2nd floor

Loryc: The one she found empty last time.

Loryc: Will use that stealth spell she uses all the time.

Garrion: here.. where arrow at?

Loryc: well I can’t see the interior of the rooms so not sure exafcytly where it is.

Zindal: (Sachi says she’s delayed getting home, stuck on a donut and can’t get on the freeway)

Loryc: It’d be 2nd floor, right side, 2nd room from the top

Loryc: on the part we revealed.

Garrion: well you know from the chimney… second room down on east side of house… second floor

Loryc: I mean Melty has photographic memory so she’d know where to go.

Loryc: whatever chimney takes her to that room I jsut described.

Zindal: I do not see chimneys

Garrion: ok, melty goes down…..

Garrion: urso is “On” the chimney

Tristan: “having wings comes in handy”

Zindal: Oh, they’re built into the side of the house?

Garrion: yes

Zindal: I see

Loryc: yeah. it’s just kinda tricky sinc ethe revealed map you gave us has a blacked out spot so it’s hard to count which is which.

Garrion: all those redish blocks are chimneys

Zindal: I thought that was just crenellations or something

Loryc: So it’s easier to just describe the room I want to go to.

Garrion: ok, melty is down

Zindal: btw try not to put us down the chimney for the sacrificial furnace

Loryc: Still empty?

Loryc: lol well if there’s a fire I ain’t sending anyone down there :P

Garrion: was she supposed to fly back up to let you know?

Loryc: Yes. She’s just there to make sure the room is clear.

Garrion: it is clear

Loryc: okay,, she flies back up, then Loryc is gonna do Lend spell to pass her all his invis spells (save for his own) so she can maintain em, als gonna make her invis again while she gets up)

Loryc: Then Urso will lower Loryc via rope.

Loryc: Down that same chimney.

Loryc: basically not gonna require any climbing since I’ll just tie the rope to myself and then let Urso do the heavy lifting with his massive ST.

Garrion: ok, this is a normal size chimney, not a grande hall or anything… make a DX check to wiggle down

Loryc: ←rolls DX and gets 9 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 1

Garrion: Loruyc gets down without getting stuck.. but he is covered in soot

Tabris: lol

Urso: ( I need any str checks?)

Garrion: and any active spells he may have had… poof

Tristan: (the mage is kinda impessing me by being able to do everything at this point..)

Taragnor: yep. so my invis is gone, but since I passed the others to Melty, the rest of the group remains invisible.

Garrion: no, simple task for urso

Taragnor: (heh well thus far I haven’t done much. Melty scouted it and I needed Urso to get lowered down)

Loryc: okay put my token inthe room

Loryc: Also gonna lower tristan down too at this point. same chimney as me.

Tristan: (besides flying all the party members up and making everyone invisable like an assembly line, that’s huge)

Garrion: tristan…. DX check

Tristan: "never thought this day would come…. (mumbling… “I better not fuck up my bow”)

Tristan: i can’t see my token so I can’t bring up my character sheet

Garrion: it is there with the others

Tristan: wait, yes I can. had to zoom in really far. this place is huge!

Tristan: ←rolls DX and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 5

Tristan: less dirty that Loryc?

Garrion: ok, tristan gets down.. slightly less sooty than loryc

Tristan: nice

Tristan: (drawing bow and notching an arrow)

Tristan: well, not drawing bow but you get the idea (bodkin)

Garrion: problay ahve to string it.. doubt you wnet down with a strung bow

Loryc: Alright i’m gonna brush the soot off myself near the fireplace btw, and try to keep as much of it as I can inside the fireplace… so it’s not liek I’m leaving a trail or anything heh.

Tristan: ok, i’ll work on that while everyone else is climbing down

Loryc: I dont’ really care if it’s on me but I wnat to get to the point where I’m not gona be leaving tracks or a trail that makes our itnrusion obvious.

Garrion: well you do have it on your boots….

Loryc: heh okay, I’ll leave my boots at the chimney then. I’l lgo barefoot.

Loryc: It’s a nice place.

Garrion: ok

Loryc: or just with socks.

Loryc: doesn’t really matter. heh. I’ll be cloaked in illusion anyway. so…

Loryc: alright next step, after that… gonna cast a keen hearing (4 pt cost, reduced to 2), gonna roll for this since it’ll actually cost me FP if I fail

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 11

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 9 FP.

Loryc: I can maintain it for free, it’ll give me +4 to hearing

Loryc: Then I’ll drop invisiblity on myself

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 12 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -1)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: ok

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 8 FP.

Zindal: I guess I climb down after Tristan

Garrion: did you account for all those other invis castings?

Loryc: (Well I was just gonan rest on the chimney)

Loryc: (So I had full FP)

Loryc: (Since I can get my FP back super fast.

Garrion: ok

Loryc: with ER I get back 1 FP per minute basically

Loryc: Obviously this is more time intensive so I’m applying it here.

Garrion: ok, zindal.. DX check

Loryc: (Zindal doesn’t need to come down yet)

Zindal: ←rolls DX and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 2

Loryc: (besides you’re gonna be in a diff chimney)

Zindal: Oh

Zindal: You should have told me that, lol

Loryc: (You’re the first floor guy.)

Loryc: (Well you’d know the plan anyway)

Garrion: apparently he didn;t remember and coldn;t wait…

Loryc: (Like I would have gone over it OOC and Melty has photographic memory)

Loryc: (So she’d be like “wtf you doing dude?”)

Loryc: (Since melty is with everyone else, so no way she’d forget)

Zindal: Yeah I mean I assume somebody is directing me where to go, I just haven’t actually seen my cue in chat yet

Garrion: ok

Loryc: (Yeah, heh… i’ll give you your cue when it’s your cue, right now I’m sneaking in and impersonating a servant, plan is to put someone to sleep and then replace em)

Loryc: Alright so first listening at the door, and if I dont’ hear anyone out in the hall gonna open the door

Loryc: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 4)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 6

Garrion: listen check

Loryc: I have 19 total for hearing due to my spell./

Loryc: so that’s why they got +4 mods.

Garrion: you hear……

Garrion: right, i got it

Garrion: some talking in the hall….

Zindal: (If you happen to see Roxanne, put her to sleep so she’s a little bit late for our date, this might run long)

Loryc: “Tristan, hide around that corner just in case someone comes in.”

Loryc: (well roxanne isn’t gonna be on duty, that’d draw suspicion)

Garrion: “We better make sure the rooms are clean and ready. Ther will likely e a party in a week after the play shows.”

Loryc: (Well that makes things easy.)

Tristan: (i’m invisible right? i’ll still find a place out of the way though)

Garrion: “I’ll clean this one, you get that one…..”

Loryc: (nah you’re not invis yet.)

Loryc: (But I’ll cast invis on tristan right now)

Loryc: (upon hearing that)

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc: That was invis on Tristan

Garrion: You hear some doors open and footsteps…..

Garrion: 1

Garrion: 1

Garrion: 2

Loryc: Then I’m basically hiding off to the side, so i’m not in their direct way.

Loryc: (whsiper to stristan) “Your’e inviisble… just stay out of their touching range…”

Garrion: you hear another door opening out in the hall.. then your doorknob starts to turn….

Loryc: (I’ll wait while in an out of the way place to see who enters)

Tristan: (look at my hand that I hold up)

Garrion: A yound maid enters the room and proceeds to dust and tidy the room….. the door is left open as she works…..

Loryc: (I’ll look out into the hall, see if I can see anyone watching)

Loryc: (or if she’s alone)

Garrion: sneak roll

Loryc: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: Maid Per rolls 3d6 and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -8)

Maid Per FAILS by 9

Zindal: lol, totally oblivious

Garrion: well big penalty for invis

Tristan: (well, someone being invisable in the room probably is not expected) =)

Loryc: (Yeah heh, I mea she’s not on guard duty, she’s cleaning the room.)

Garrion: you lok out… the hall is empty

Loryc: (She ain’t even actively looking for trouble, I’m pretty sure actually if I succeed on my stealth roll against someone actuively not looking that it’s basically an auto success)

Tristan: (i’m sure guards are not scanning for invisible people either)

Loryc: (Alright I don’t hear any footsteps coming this way right?

Tristan: except maybe that cleric..

Loryc: hmm my char sheet doesn’t seem to want to open anymore. My token might be bugged.

Garrion: no, you hear footsteps coming from the open door just to the north inthe hall. let me reveal

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): MACRO Statement Body : “Page = Main”

Loryc: okay, but nobody else in the hall or footsteps coming towards me?

Garrion: yep, looks like you altered something it did not like

Loryc: yeah just recopy it from the limbo

Garrion: oh FP says 8—1

Loryc: ah I think I just typed in a – one time and didn’t put a number by accident

Garrion: what should it be?

Loryc: so that probably screwed it up

Loryc: should be at -3 from total.

Loryc: Think just 8 maybe.

Garrion: i’ll fix it

Loryc: wait 7

Loryc: since I got 10 tota.

Loryc: And I used 6 points so far, 3 from ER and 3 from FP

Garrion: ok, works now… take off 1 more then

Loryc: receives -1 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Loryc: Alright so I don’t hear any footsteps approaching me?

Garrion: ok, this hall stretched north and south… windows line the west wall and look out into the next room over

Garrion: a closed door lies to the north end of the hall next to the open door the cleaning noises can be heard from

Loryc: well I just wanted a quick check, if nobody is coming I want to try to take out the maid in this room.

Loryc: So if nobody is coming my way gonna get back inside my room and drop a sleep spell on the maid.

Garrion: well it look slike roxanne won;t be making iot to the date…..

Loryc: It’s okay, neither will Zindal.

Zindal: You suck

Garrion: ok, Loryc steps back into the room…..

Loryc: Well, based on my reading of the sleep spell, you will be able to have sex with her so long as you’re gentle… just sayin. :P

Zindal: lol

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc: she resists that with HT.

Loryc: On a failure she falls asleep.

Loryc: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 5 FP.

Garrion: ok, you can cast silently right?

Loryc: yep

Loryc: 0 gestures or words needed

Loryc: pure mental

Loryc: That will also disrpt my invis I assume though not Tristans

Garrion: Maid HT rolls 3d6 and gets 14 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Maid HT FAILS by 4

Loryc: since it counts as an attack, right?

Loryc: I kinda assumed it would.

Garrion: well it is not really an attack per se…. i mean you do nothing to give away your position’

Loryc: ah okay. so that doesn’t cancel invis?

Garrion: i don;t think so… did D&D sleep cancel invis?

Loryc: Yeah, any spell which targeted a non-ally would cancel it.

Garrion: i think it has to be a DAMGING attack

Loryc: At least in PF that’s how it worked.

Loryc: Not sure if that’s true in GURPS.

Tristan: no intention to do harm….

Tristan: although you could slit a throat after you put someone down

Loryc: Yeah, I don’t have any intent to harm, Loryc actuall has a drawback that won’t let him harm innocents anyway.

Loryc: So he’s totally not gonna hurt her, not only is it bad form for a professional, but it also leaves traces we were there.

Loryc: At worst, she’s asleep in the room, and she’s too embarassed to tell anyone she did that, assuming nobody finds her.

Garrion: well since i already nurfed invis some.. i’ll say it has to be a harmful attack or somehting that wold give away your position…

Loryc: and if they do find her, well it’s a servant sleepig on the job.

Loryc: Sure she might claim “A wizard did it” but nobody is gonna buy that shit

Garrion: putting to sleep is not harmful IMO

Loryc: okay.

Loryc: well that’s cool.

Zindal: Fast forward to TPK after the enemy Archmage puts the party to sleep and then slits their throats

Loryc: (whisper to Tristan) “Grab her legs help me push her under the bed, be gentle though, a damaging blow will wake her.”

Loryc: (basically the two of us are gonna stash her under the bed.)

Tristan: “ok, this magic shit is cool” (does is part)

Garrion: but she m,ay be put to death for sleeping o the job.. haha

Loryc: (tristan probably doing most of the pushing, since Loryc’s weak 8 ST arms aren’t that great at pushing)

Garrion: there is a door in the room too…..

Loryc: (Well assuming they find her anyway, she’s under the bed, so gonnab e tough to find)

Sachi has connected.

Loryc: well they might go in there to clean if that’s a bahtroom ro closet or something, figure nobody is gonna check under the bed.

Loryc: I don’t hear anything coming from that door, do I?

Sachi: Ok, we’ll have to see if this works

Garrion: ok, Tristan stuffs her under the bed

Loryc: Remember I got a ridiculous amount of hearing so I should have advance notice of who is coming.

Garrion: you could take her to the chimney and tie her for urso to pull up.. then zindal can have something to keep him occupied

Sachi: I was getting a weird message with my old .bat file so I had to use the launcher

Loryc: Alright now dropping a perfect illusion + illusion disguise on myself, then dropping invisibility.

Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 5 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)


Loryc: ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 8 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc: receives -2 fatigue, and now has 3 FP: at half move.

Loryc: So I’m basically the maid I just put to sleep and stuffed under the bed

Zindal: lol wow

Garrion: ok

Loryc: Fortunatelyl I heard her vocie when she opemned the door… so… I know at least a ltitle of what she sounds liuke.

Loryc: Now I’m gonna take a little rest… basically instead of cleaning I’m gonna just be resting and recovering my FP.

Loryc: btw invis on tristan is gonna remain.

Garrion: ok, how long you resting

Loryc: when I hear footsteps or what not from someone I will get up.

Loryc: basically until I hear someone coming, or the other maids finsih up.

Garrion: ok, give me a hearing roll

Loryc: I got superman ears, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Loryc: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 4)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 9

Sachi: Hehe ooo.

Tristan: (to Loryc) “you sir are a dangerous man”

Garrion: ok, you rest for about 5 minutes… then you hear footsteps coming

  • Zindal hangs out on the roof with Melty and Urso, waiting for her to direct him on the next part of the plan

Loryc: excellent so that’s 2 ER and 2 FP back

Loryc: regains 2 fatigue, and now has 5 FP.

  • Urso keeps an eye open for any reactions by the guards, so he will know if they screwed up down there.
  • Loryc smiles back at tristan as the maid.

Loryc: (I’ll join the other maids btw and shut the door behind me)

Garrion: another maid shows at the door just after you get a chance to stand……

Tristan: (lol), acting role

Loryc: (I got this hehe)

Loryc: (btw I’ve got savoir-faire servant as well as acting, so I know how to play a good maid servant.)

Garrion: ’This room looks like nothing has been done. What have you been doing all this time. Look at that bed, the blanket is messed up along the bottom."

Zindal: (lol… Damn, he really is scary)

Tristan: (stepping away from the bed)

  • Sachi sits cross-legged on Zindal’s shoulder.

Garrion: She walks over to the bed.

  • Melty sits cross-legged on Zindal’s shoulder.
  • Loryc as Roxanne takes on a horrifie dlook on her face.
  • Zindal reaches up to stroke Melty’s hair with a finger

Tristan: lol

Loryc (as Roxanne): "I’m terribly sorry, I just stopped to rest and pretty myself up for a second… "

Garrion: She kneels and pulls on the covers…

Garrion: straightening them.

Tristan: (un-notching my bow and slowy drawing my dagger in case I need to thump her head with the hilt)

Loryc (as Roxanne): “I can handle that, please I don’t want you doing my job.”

Loryc (as Roxanne): (If she’s gonna look under the bed, I’ll drop a spell on her)

Tristan: (we are going to have a pile of maids)

Garrion: “Well you better not slack off too much. You finish this one while I do the next. Then we can head down the hall to the others. There are lots of rooms to do today.”

  • Loryc (as Roxanne) nods.

Melty: Hehehe.

Garrion: acting check

Loryc (as Roxanne): “I understand, we wouldn’t want to make the master unhappy.”

Loryc (as Roxanne): ←rolls Acting and gets 8 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Roxanne) SUCCEEDS by 12

Loryc (as Roxanne): I’d have fooled her own mother with that check.

Garrion: She is completely convinced.

Tristan: (well played sir, well played)

Zindal: “Tch… This is taking too long…”

Garrion: and she moved on out of the room to the next door in the hall south’

Tristan: (Zindal runs in and stabs her in the eye!)

Tristan: lol

Loryc (as Roxanne): (Alright I’ll start to some cleaning and stuff, pretty much playing my part)

Zindal: (Nah, he’ll just occupy himself playing with Melty’s hair)

Tristan: (my precious)

Melty: “Right? I need to study ’til I can talk to his brain or something…”

Melty: “Then I could tell him to hurry his ass up…”

Loryc (as Roxanne): (well I mean I told you this might take a while, basically assume the signal I set was like one tug on the rope means to send Zindal down chimney #2 and for Melty to come down the chimney we took.

Loryc (as Roxanne): (like we’re waitinbg for the mayor to have dinner so it mgiht take a while)

  • Zindal smirks as he continues stroking Melty’s hair gently with his finger, sort of like one might stroke the feathers on a parrot

Loryc (as Roxanne): (Well not dinner, but to eat something inm the dining hall)

Loryc (as Roxanne): (so like I’d have told people not to be super impatient, it’s why I had Melty’s invis on Urso last 2 hours lol)

Zindal: (I told you I had a date at noon man)

Tristan: brb

Loryc (as Roxanne): (roxanne decided to sleep in)

Zindal: lol

Loryc (as Roxanne): (Alright so I’ll clean up the room and then basically meet with the other maid)

Melty: “Ahhh…~ For a human, you really know how to stroke a head, man…”

Garrion: well you do not really know if it is roxanne….

Loryc (as Roxanne): (yeah I know heh)

Loryc (as Roxanne): (I mean I don’t know her name, but that’s fine.)

Zindal: (Heh well he saw me talking to her with his magical bird thing)

Zindal: (He’d know if it was the same maid at least)

Garrion: oh yeah, i forgot that

Zindal: (he tracked her with a spell too)

  • Melty turns to Urso.

Loryc (as Roxanne): (Ah okay, well I would know, doesn’t make a huge difference)

Garrion: well in that case this is not the same girl

Melty: “Yeah, he strokes real good head.”

Loryc (as Roxanne): (oh okay.)

Garrion: i was just messing with Zindal’s miond

  • Zindal chuckles… “Now who’s making dirty jokes?”

Loryc (as Maid): So long as she doesn’t talk in the third person I’ll be okay.

Loryc (as Maid): (Alright so gonna clean the room and then leave with the other maid)

Loryc (as Maid): (gonna follow her about for a while)

Garrion: ok, you tidy up.. and leave the room……

Loryc (as Maid): (gonna check out the manor, see what I can see)

Zindal: (Make a Cleaning check)

Garrion: leaving Tristan and the others?

Loryc (as Maid): (yeah, Tristan is staying in position for now, basically right now I’m just trying to get a time frame on when the mayor will be eating)

Loryc (as Maid): (So I can get in posiotion after that I give the signal to the others and they drop in Melty and ZIndal)

Loryc (as Maid): (For now I’m just getting a bead on the target, then we’ll try to mind read him, and if things go to hell, then it’ll turn into a total free for all.)

  • Melty indicates herself with both her tiny thumbs.

Loryc (as Maid): (btw the servant’s that Melty saw serving the mayor were in maid uniforms, right?)

Melty: “This pix got unlimited verbal capacity, daddyfucka.”

Garrion: there got amaid token now… lol

Loryc (as Maid): heh okay.


Zindal: “So how are your skills at stroking heads then, little pixie?”

Loryc (as Maid): (basically I’m following her for now)

Garrion: Loryc goes intot he room the other maid is cleaning as she is near to finishing tidying up

Loryc (as Maid): basically I’ll stick with her for cleaning these bedrooms, see where she goes next… also will be listenin if there’s any activity from the dining halls.

Loryc (as Maid): Like i’ll take a quick glance over the railing or what not as we’re walking by.

Garrion: “Ok, this room is done. Let’s head on over to the other wing now. Betty will get the master’s room today.”

Loryc (as Maid): Seeing if they’re preparing food or what not.

Loryc (as Maid): where’d she go? I lost her.

Loryc (as Maid): wait nm I see her

Garrion: she walks down the hall and…..

Garrion: bypasses the door

Garrion: she feels along the wall and pushes on something in the moulding

Loryc (as Maid): (Hmm.. well that’s good to know)

Garrion: and a panel slides to the side….

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll make a mental note of that secret doors location… I assume it’s a secret door

Loryc (as Maid): Gonna stay behind her and look behind it, see where it goes.

Melty: “Oh… I practically invented the art. I’m capable of pleasuring up to… Look, I… I can’t quote you, since I’ve done it with so many different people… No, species… That I have to use arcane numerology to keep track, and it’d break your brain if I told you…”

Melty: A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 15 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Melty FAILS by 1

Melty: Aww it wasn’t public

Loryc (as Maid): lol.

Zindal: lol

Melty: (She’s completely talking out of her ass, though)

Garrion: the hall comes to an end… she presses on it…. and it slides aside

Garrion: this room is…..

Zindal: “Hm… I see… You should show me sometime.”

Loryc (as Maid): This is the GURPS port of the Maid RPG.

Melty: I still want to play that game so bad.

Melty: I have the paperback and everything.

Zindal: lol

Garrion: Several chairs and sofas sit in this well-lit room, seemingly a place to relax or take meals.

Loryc (as Maid): (hmm… any food laid out there yet?)

Loryc (as Maid): (Like any sign he’s gonna eat here?)

Loryc (as Maid): (Anytime soon I mean)

Tristan: back

Melty: “Yeah… I’ll, uh… I’ll rock your shit, man.”

Melty: “Figuratively.”

  • Melty adds hastily.
  • Zindal laughs… He seems amused by the tiny pxiie’s bravado

Garrion: no, nothign served

Loryc (as Maid): I see any preparations made in the main hall?

Garrion: was looking at a connection… the stairs in thsi room head down

Loryc (as Maid): okay for now I’ll follow this maid.

Garrion: she starts to rtidy up this room….

Melty: “What? What’s funny?”

Loryc (as Maid): (Alright I’ll help her out while making small talk)

Loryc (as Maid): “So what does master have planned today? He always does such exdciting things…”

  • Melty stands on Zindal’s shoulder with arms akimbo… She doesn’t look angry yet… So it seems like Zindal’s gotten on her good side.

Garrion: “I’m not sure. All he does is talk about that new play. He is totally obsessed with that thing.”

Zindal: “You are. In a good way.”

Melty: (obsessed you say?)

Melty: (have you seen the Yellow Sign?)

  • Zindal flashes her a charming smile

Loryc (as Maid): “Yeah… I heard everyone talking about that.”

Loryc (as Maid): “I guess he’ll probably spend today at home, right?”

Garrion: “I try to stay out of his way though. I just hope he doesn’t throw one of those huge parties though. Maybe the thing will suck, he’ll be pissy for a week but at least we won;t have to clean up the mess after the party. They get so drunk and debaucherous.”

  • Loryc (as Maid) nods.

Loryc (as Maid): “how many guests do you think we can expect this year?”

Garrion: “Yeah, probably. Unless he heads out after lunch is served.”

Garrion: “Oh who knows how many will show up this time.”

Garrion: Ok, we’re don here, let’s move on."

  • Loryc (as Maid) nods.
  • Loryc (as Maid) follows along

Tristan is disconnected.

Loryc (as Maid): “So how long do we have until lunch, I’ve been completely losing track of time lately.”

Garrion: “I’ll take this one, you taker the next. Do try to not be so slow this time.”

Loryc (as Maid): “Don’t worry. I got it.”

Loryc (as Maid): (Alright gonna go where she she seems to be directing me)

Loryc (as Maid): presumably the door here.

Garrion: the door opens

Loryc (as Maid): That a bedroom or something else?

Garrion: bedroom

  • Zindal passes the time shamelessly flirting with Melty up on the roof while waiting for the signal

Garrion: both of you spend time cleaning…..

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah just don’t disrupt Melty’s rest too much she needs to get those 12 FP back)

Zindal: lol

Tristan has connected.

Melty: (Dang, I spent a lot of FP)

Garrion: i don;t think she can “rest” and recover while maintaining thos other spells

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah you can. I mean I do that stuff all the time heh)

Loryc (as Maid): (They’re free to maintain so…)

Loryc (as Maid): (I don’t see why you couldn’t.)

Melty: (I didn’t see a place in the rules where it said if you could or couldn’t explicitly)

Loryc (as Maid): (If they cost you FP you couldn’t, but prety sure you can rest while maintaining free to maintain stuff)

Loryc (as Maid): (since it’s not tiring you out)

Melty: (So I thought the same as T)

Zindal: (Yeah if it’s free to maintain then you aren’t really expending effort on it)

Garrion: but you are not resting, you are having to work at maintianing them.. the rules specify anywhere?

Garrion: anyway

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I don’t see anything that says that you can’t recover FP while maintaining.)

Garrion: She finishes up before you… since you suck as a maid

Garrion: she walks past your door and stops…

Loryc (as Maid): (So I don’t see why you couldn’t, obviously if you had to spend FP you’d still have to spend it, but… remember maintaining isn’t like a constnat thing, it’s like you onyl do it every minute when the spell expires.)

Loryc (as Maid): (plus you’bve let me recover since the start of the game)

Loryc (as Maid): (like this ain’t the first time I’ve had something maintained so…)

Loryc (as Maid): (If you want to change it, at least do it after this msision is over)

Loryc (as Maid): (Since you’ve never mentioned that before at all)

Garrion: “I’ll get this next one since you aren’t done yet. Head on over to the north wing when you finish and I’ll meet you over there.”

  • Loryc (as Maid) nods.

Melty: (All it really says on B427 under fatigue recovery is giving examples: “reading, talking, and thinking are all right, walking around or anything more strenuous is not”, and like T said you only have to actively do anything to maintain the spell once per duration period)

Garrion: She heads on down the hall and you hear the next door open

Tristan: (i was thinking we should all be archers but now i’m thinking we should all be mages and pixies)

Garrion: ok, well i’ll say it ok since it is non-taxing.. but keep in mind that even simple walkign is too much effort

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah heh, I’ve never tried to do it while walking)

Loryc (as Maid): (I know you’ve got to be sitting down somewhere or what not)

Melty: (Dude, one of us would need to be a human with gigantism so we can all ride on him and fling spells like a walking artillery platform)

Zindal: lol

Loryc (as Maid): (Alright I’ll clean up the room, then go back through the secret door basically, since she told me to meet her there, so maybe I can get some freelance scouting done.)

Melty: (It’d be like pixie voltron)

Garrion: Ok, you taking time or you going to finish up in a normal pace and move onas she asked?

Loryc (as Maid): (I’ll do as she asked, I mean it’ll give me more time, and I can claim it took me a while or whatever)

Garrion: well she said to go to the north wing… see if you can fighure that one out

Loryc (as Maid): (Gives me time to do some scouting)

Melty: (Oh man, is there a way to combine into a super form in GURPS?)

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I’d like to get some indication of when lunch is gona be served)

Loryc (as Maid): (So I can let my party know)

Garrion: ok, so how long after she says that do you give it til you head out?

Loryc (as Maid): (btw did Melty see what she thought wa s amaid serve the food?)

Melty: (Yeah, did I?)

Loryc (as Maid): (you never answered before, or I missed it if you did)

Loryc (as Maid): (Like I know there were servants, but were they maids?)

Garrion: there are both male and female servants.. though mre female

Loryc (as Maid): (Well were some of the ones serving food dressed as maids is what I mean)

Melty: (Forget Compartmentalized Mind, Photographic Memory is the best CP I’ve ever spent)

Garrion: they are not dressed in the sexy french maid uniforms like the pic… i was just messing with ya

Melty: :3

Zindal: Well they should be damn it

Loryc (as Maid): Well I’m just wondering if they got the same outfit on that I got now.

Loryc (as Maid): Like UI’m trying to figure out if I’m gonna be asked to serve the meals or not.

Loryc (as Maid): Or if I need to switch servants.

Loryc (as Maid): If I’m purely cleaning staff, then I probably want to try to swap out with someone else.

Garrion: all the servants are dressed the same.. you do not know duty roster

Garrion: except the grounds keepers.. most those are men and dressed in rugged clothes

Garrion: the people serving were dressed the same as the claning staff you are part of

Loryc (as Maid): (okay)

Garrion: ok, so how long delay before you leave room.. need to determine how long you have to “explore”

Loryc (as Maid): Well however long it takes me to clean it to the point it doesn’t look totally half assed.

Garrion: we really do need to include the others though.. i mean this is important stuff but the others just sitting idle… boring

Loryc (as Maid): It doesn’t have to look great, but like so long as it kinda matches the other rooms I’ve seen and looks decent.

Loryc (as Maid): Well yeah, I’m gonna include them once I find out when the mayor is gonna be eating.

Loryc (as Maid): I mean if you want you can FF it a bit, and just tell me what kinda stuff I discover, you know my goal.

Garrion: you figure lunch

Loryc (as Maid): Like we don’t gotta RP each scene.

Loryc (as Maid): I’m just trying to dig out info about where the mayor will be eating and when

Garrion: she indicated he would eat lunch here and then maybe leave

Loryc (as Maid): so I can time my other party members as support then go ahead iwth the mind reading.

Loryc (as Maid): Oh, did I think she meant here as in that little dining room?

Garrion: i dunno what you assumed

Garrion: you asked what his plans were.. and if he was goig to leave and she said he may after lunch

Loryc (as Maid): well Ill try to figure that stuff out, like I said if you want to FF it and such so the others get some stuff to do I’m cool with that.

Loryc (as Maid): Like I said, you know what info I’m trying to acquire, so I’ll try to small talk it out of her.

Zindal: He’s trying to figure out the timing of when the Mayor is going to eat and what room he’s going to eat in so that he can direct us

Loryc (as Maid): right.

Garrion: k, well you can assume this is a guest wing so this is a place for guests to relax… he will propbaly eat where you saw him eating the other night

Loryc (as Maid): I can’t put the others in position till I know where he’s gonna eat and when.

Loryc (as Maid): heh okay. Any idea on the timing of that, do I smell coking meat or something?

Garrion: not from here.. but traditional lunch is at noon.. it is not 1030

Garrion: now

Loryc (as Maid): okay. well guess I’ll kill some time then.

Zindal: Lame, you’re gonna make me miss my date

Loryc (as Maid): Just gonna play maid and get some info.

Loryc (as Maid): We don’t gotta RP it all out.

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll try to small talk her some while we’re alone with my social skills see if I can get any more info out of her and such.

Loryc (as Maid): Also will try to rest for a bit at times when I can… like if she leaves me alone , rest a couple mins to regain some FP here and there.

Garrion: ok, you have some time to act alone… you can go back and relay to others, you can explore other places, you can try to figure out where the hell she wanted you to go to

Garrion: on average it is taking her a bout 5 minutes to clean each room

Garrion: so you only have 5 minutes alone

Loryc (as Maid): okay.. so I don’t got too much tijme.. for now I’ll just regain some FP then instead of exploring, if I think he’ll eat in the dinging hall anyway.

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll use those 5 mins to gain 2 FP and 2 ER.

Garrion: ok, so she gets done and you done nothing but stay there?

Loryc (as Maid): regains 2 fatigue, and now has 7 FP.

Loryc (as Maid): Well I’ll leave liek 1 mintue after and head down the hall back through the secret passage.

Loryc (as Maid): not going toof ast since it’s okay if she catches up and shows me where to go.

Loryc (as Maid): Like I said I’m basically gonna play maid for now.

Loryc (as Maid): since I gotta kill time anyway and don’t want to arouse suspicion.

Garrion: the door closed back here.. you did not see her activate the door from this side…..

Loryc (as Maid): What skill would it be to find secre tdoors?

Garrion: there is a plain door.. or can search for the sectret one

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll try to figure out what opens it.

Loryc (as Maid): Well I know where the door is. heh.

Garrion: traps

Loryc (as Maid): The only question is what opens it.

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Traps (TL4) and gets 14 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: but not the opening mechanism

Loryc (as Maid): Yeah so I’ll look for that with my thief skills.

Tristan: (standing in a room wondering what do to if Loryc does not come back soon)

Garrion: you just barely are able to find it after some searching…..

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I mean if you don’t hear an alarm or see your invis fade…)

Garrion: click.. it slides to the side

Loryc (as Maid): (Like you were basically expecting it might be a while since I’m, waiting till he eats to tell you)

Tristan: (I have “loyalty companions” but not sure if you qualify as my companion yet….)

Loryc (as Maid): (okay I’ll make a mental note of how to open it then head inside and go back to the other side, trying to get to the north side.)

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I mean, this is still all according to plan, if I get caught, I mean I don’t really expect you to bust me out)

Loryc (as Maid): (I mean Loryc is good at this sorta thing, he doens’t really expect to get caught as a fake maid)

Loryc (as Maid): (Also btw my Fake! skill can be used to like make myself look convincing in roles, like fake cleaning and such, so I don’t look totally out of place)

Garrion: ok, loryc.. put token where you heading

Loryc (as Maid): (So I mean he can at least look okay doing stuff)

Garrion: opening that door….

Loryc (as Maid): Well first actually

Loryc (as Maid): Actually yeah go up there fo rnow

Loryc (as Maid): I’m just gonna try to go to the north wing area and playing a maid for now…

Urso: (heh, ya could just actually clean… )

Garrion: the door opens into a room with some stairs

Loryc (as Maid): yeah I mean I’m basically klling time till lunch pretty much playing my role.

Zindal: (He’s not trained in that skill)

Loryc (as Maid): well you can use Fake! it says to replicate a bunhc of skills related to doing an act.

Garrion: and a door leading west

Loryc (as Maid): Like ti doesn’t actually do a professional job, but it loojks good enough to pass pretty much

Garrion: the stairs go down

Loryc (as Maid): I mean I won’t remove all the bodily fluids from the bed sheets, but it’ll look decent.

Loryc (as Maid): (hmm.. lets try the door on the left.

Garrion: it opens to the balcony area

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll walk across to here.

Loryc (as Maid): (Anyone in the edinign hall below? Any guards period?)

Garrion: yes, you see some people below….. and a few guards

Loryc (as Maid): (They look like they’re setting the table or anything?)

Loryc (as Maid): (or nothing food related yet?)

Garrion: yep, starting to set out a few plates and such

Garrion: some silver

Loryc (as Maid): (okay I’ll actually stop a bit if I see that and head back to tell Tristan… gonna tell him real quick (assuming I don’t see/hear anyone nearby that’s gona spot me)

Loryc (as Maid): Gonna tell him to give the signal to Urso to send Zindal and Melty down.

Loryc (as Maid): (Basically he’s gonna pull on the rope, that’s the signal anyway, heh)

Loryc (as Maid): (pretty much one pull is mission going normally next phase, and two pulls of the rope is “get us the hell out”)

Melty: (Ok, what am I maintaining? And am I back at full energy?)

Tristan: (peeking at the maid under the bed, making sure she’s not stirring)

Melty: (Which map am I on btw? 2?)

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah you should be back at full energy I assume by now, casue you were resting all taht time I was maidnig)

Loryc (as Maid): (maiding)

Zindal: (We’re on Averian’s Folly 1)

Melty: (Wait no yeah I keep forgetting I’m so tiny)

Garrion: been resting for ab out 45 minutes now

Loryc (as Maid): (to Tristan) “I’ll probably have to drop invisibility on you when I move into position so be ready fo rthat, don’t be standing out in the open for the meeting, and only come in if all hell breaks loose.”

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah so she’s at full.. she only needed 6 pts )

Loryc (as Maid): (to tristan) “All is going according to plan so far.”

Tristan: “ok, no problem. I guess i’ll stand in the chimney then… no other real places to hide … except under the bed and someone took that spot already”

Loryc (as Maid): (to Tristan) “I have to keep pretending to be a maid.. so I gotta go, stick with the paln and we should be good.”

Loryc (as Maid): (to Tristan) “Just hide behidn the corner there so they can’t see you (points to north corner)”

Tristan: (moving to chimney) also, I do not have access to my token (I got booted), please re-assign

Loryc (as Maid): (to Tristan) “And if you hear all hell break loose get out here and do what you do.”

Loryc (as Maid): (Then I’m gonna head back to that door I was at on the map and open it)

Tristan: “ok, but if your running i’m dropping anyone chasing you, not pulling any punches if shit hits the fan, no time to get up the chimney”

  • Loryc (as Maid) nods.

Loryc (as Maid): “Just don’t shoot any servants.”

Garrion: ok

Zindal: (Am I doing something yet? Because I’m kinda thinking about going to bed, lol)

Loryc (as Maid): (Alright so Zindal is getting positon in that room on the first floor, and Tristan will be bedroom, Melty will take the diinging hall, presumably hanging on a chandelier)

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah, I just gave the signal to send you in )

Garrion: was busy with other stuff while you were planning… just saw go back to open door you were at

Loryc (as Maid): (Melty btw will check the room Zindal is going down to first before sending him in)

Melty: (Roger dodger~)

Garrion: you open the door….

Tristan: (i’m hanging near the chimney in case I have to duck in and hide)

Garrion: As you open the door a guard turns to look at you..

Garrion: “What are you doing?”

Garrion: it appears you have opened up the door to the library

Melty: (ohhhhhhhh snap)

Loryc (as Maid): (fakes being startled) “Oh I’m sorry, I was told to clean here, I think… perhaps I misheard.”

Loryc (as Maid): (I"ll start to very slowly close the door, since they yelled at me)

Loryc (as Maid): (unless they tell me otherwise)

Garrion: “Well his Lord Mayor is in here reading at the moment. You can clean in here later.”

  • Loryc (as Maid) nods.

Garrion: acting

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Acting and gets 9 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 11

Garrion: Discern Lies rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Discern Lies SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc (as Maid): good thing I rolled so high.

Tristan: wow, close

Zindal: Sharpest guard ever

Tristan: super mage!

Loryc (as Maid): Fortunately Loryc is a master con-artist.

Urso: (damn, these guys are walking lie detectors )

Melty: Whewwwww

Garrion: You notice that the guard is not being too gruff with you.

Loryc (as Maid): (And technically that’s not really a lie, heh I mean.. it is part of the north wing. hehe)

Garrion: He steps a bit closer…..

Tristan: (maybe he has hooked up with that maid before… your going to have to take one for the team…)

Zindal: lol

Loryc (as Maid): (heh well he’s not gonna bang her right here in front of the mayor)

Urso: ( awe ya.. bow chica bow wow )

Garrion: Don;t tire yourself too much. Perhaps we can resume what we started the other night?"

Zindal: (The mayor might be into that kind of thing)

Loryc (as Maid): (gonna make sure he’s not testing me with my own detect lies)

Loryc (as Maid): A Detect Lies check sent to GM.


←rolls Detect Lies and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 7

Tristan: (oh no, he wants it alright)

Loryc (as Maid): (It seem like he’s being sincere or is he just like doing some kinda routine to try to trick me?)

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : SkillLevel=Skill_Level

Garrion: He seems to be truthful

Garrion: as you turn he reaches out to pinch your ass

  • Loryc (as Maid) blushes and smiles back at him as she slowly shuts the door, eyeing the mayor.

Loryc (as Maid): (heh okay, I won’t do anything special about that, I’ll let him have the ass pinch, btw due to using illusonary shell on a perfect illusion, the ass feels just like the real thing)

Tristan: (I guess your going to drop a false memory that she cleaned and got it on by the guard?.. to sleeping beauty that is)

Garrion: haha, goodd thing you went for the all out illusion

Loryc (as Maid): (lol, yeah I wasn’t gonna take any chances here)

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I don’t really need a false memory necessarily… I mean the chick is gonna be too embarassed to say she fell asleep on the job)

Garrion: ok, door closed

Loryc (as Maid): Do I see that other maid coming anywhere?

Loryc (as Maid): If not I guess I’ll open the next door (btw feel free to FF this part to whenever dinner hgappens, like I said I’m basically playing maid and killing time)

Garrion: L:oryc look sup.. the ceiling in this room looks just like outside.. the sun high in the sky

Loryc (as Maid): (to himself) “Maybe it’s best Mina isn’t here.”

Garrion: ipretty much want to see what you manage to find here.. since several things Melty did not find

Loryc (as Maid): heh okay if there’s some important stuff to find we can keep going, I just mostly didn’t want to keep everyone waiting. It wasn’t really my intent to hog up all the session time.

Melty: I’ve been pacing myself, so… I’ve got 3/4 of a quesadilla left.

Loryc (as Maid): Like I was figuring I’d just kill time in maid mode until the time to eat, then we’d either succeed or fail.

Melty: :3

Loryc (as Maid): Then we’d have the play to do.

Garrion: Several large stuffed animals, including a dozen hawks and leopards and an owlbear, have been put into storage here

Tristan: yum, Quesadilla

Loryc (as Maid): (hmm they probably don’t want me to clean that…)

Zindal: (You have to find the 5 gold hidden in the owlbear’s beak)

Garrion: door west and south

Loryc (as Maid): (I’m also gonna drop a see secrets spell on myself for the hell of it too.. that auto finds secret doors and other hidden stuff)

Garrion: but he misses the trap where is slams shut on his hand

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (as Maid): paying for that totally with my energy reserve.

Loryc (as Maid): I can maintain for free.

Loryc (as Maid): basically gonna see if there’s any secret doors/ traps/hgidden items in there.

Loryc (as Maid): And then head back out.

Garrion: ok, nothing hidden here

Loryc (as Maid): alright next door…

Garrion: doors, here here and here…..

Loryc (as Maid): k lets try that one.

Garrion: one sec

Garrion: this door is locked

Loryc (as Maid): k ignore that one

Garrion: the only one yo have come to that has been locked so far

Loryc (as Maid): yeah heh… no sense going in there yet and I certainly don’t want to whip out lockpicks in the middle here

Loryc (as Maid): if anyone comes along I’m screwed.

Loryc (as Maid): So I’ll jsut make a mental note of that

Garrion: a few door in here and…..

Garrion: A few tables and chairs in here give a place for guests to play card games or one of several board games stacked on a shelf to the west, including three different copies of Aberian’s favorite—Pits and Perils.

Garrion: this door is locked also

Loryc (as Maid): That door?

Garrion: opens to a short hall

Loryc (as Maid): k opening this one if It’s not locked

Loryc (as Maid): okay try opening this one.

Garrion: hearing roll

Loryc (as Maid): A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 3

Loryc (as Maid): add 4 to that

Loryc (as Maid): I forgot to do that

Loryc (as Maid): Skill should be 19 not 15

Loryc (as Maid): Still got my super hearing up

Garrion: you hear doors opening behind you…. and the clomp of shoes on the floor.. like those of the other maid…

Loryc (as Maid): (okay I’m gonna try to open the door in front of me, act like I’m cleaning the room in the back first)

Loryc (as Maid): good some kinda bedroom. I’ll clean it.

Loryc (as Maid): (thieving archmage maid service? WOuld you like to get cleaned out?)

Garrion: just as you step in and start cleaning you hear steps coming down the hall and styp at your door.. the other maid is there. “So how much have you gotten done over here so far?”

Loryc (as Maid): “I didn’t clean that room yet, I was just cleaning in here.”

Loryc (as Maid): (I’ll look busy

Loryc (as Maid): (Like I’m working at cleaning this room)

Garrion: acting

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Acting and gets 16 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 4

Loryc (as Maid): not the greatest, but I mean it’s a maid…

Loryc (as Maid): At worst she thinks i"m just lazy.

Garrion: “OK, I’ll do the next one then. We need to hurry and get done here so we can go help with kunch.”

Loryc (as Maid): “Yeah… I’ll be quick!”

Loryc (as Maid): (I’ll do a quick job of cleaning and basically waiting for her to be done, I’ll get some resting done too if I can, maybe get a couple mins rest if I can fit it, not really doing a great job with cleaning this room since Ifigure she’s in a hurrty and won’t check my work)

Garrion: ok, fast forward. you have several rooms to clean here and then you head down into the kitchen to help with lunch……

Loryc (as Maid): yeah.. heh fast forward, assume Zindal and the others get in position as well.

Garrion: give me another acting roll…. this time at -2 due to the numerous workers in the area

Loryc (as Maid): Zindal at first floor, room at SE corner, Tristan where is now and melty is floating over the chandellier over the dinign hall.

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Acting and gets 8 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 10

Tristan: (bring me back a sandwich)

Garrion: you seem to fit right in, picking up cues from the others on what to do

Zindal: (So what am I doing exactly, lol… Just on standby to stab someone if needed?)

Loryc (as Maid): Alright when I’m in the kitchen area, gonna take a moment, to do a hang spell, That’ll take me 10 seconds to set up, gonna hang mind control.

Melty: Yeah what’s my role once I’m in position?

Loryc (as Maid): (basically just run out and start stabbing if there’s an alarm)

Loryc (as Maid): (Melty is hovering above the chandellier pretty much or whatever over the hall and is to provide support if I get caught)

Loryc (as Maid): (Since I’ll be in the middle of the dinging hall.

Garrion: ok, let me get the hall set up

Loryc (as Maid): Alright rolling for mind-reading then the hanging part.

Tristan: (mind reading result: When is that maid getting in here with my daily bj?)

Loryc (as Maid): Actually not gonna bother doing that just yet…

Loryc (as Maid): since that’s expensive.

Loryc (as Maid): I won’t hang till igot the mayor in sight.

Loryc (as Maid): wait it’s 1 hour duration… nah I’ll do it now sorry.

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -3)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 9

Loryc (as Maid): Okay I got the mind reading hung.

Loryc (as Maid): receives -2 fatigue, and now has 5 FP.

Garrion: ok, the meal is prepared and ablout to be taken out…. 65

Garrion: it does not seem like you are intended to be serving the food….

Loryc (as Maid): I’ll keep my see secres spell on for now.. but gonna drop that when I get to the actual dining hall, as well as tristans invis

Melty: (Hey you mentioned I’m maintaining spells atm… What spells? Invis?)

Loryc (as Maid): well you passed through the anti0magic field

Loryc (as Maid): so none right now..

Garrion: “Elsa, you stay in here and help while they take the food.”

Melty: (Oh yeah)

Loryc (as Maid): Urso’s spel I had you maintain though with your maintain spell thing

Loryc (as Maid): so that’ll last 2 hours without you doing anything

Loryc (as Maid): That’s why you were 12 energy down

Melty: (Ahhhh, word)

Melty: (I’ll cast Hush on myself then once I’m in the field)

Garrion: “You forget what day it was or something?”

Garrion: now you do see the staff take a secret passage, not the main hallways

Melty: ←rolls Most Spells and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (as Maid): (one sec)

Garrion: as they carry the plates…..

Loryc (as Maid): (Well i wanted to drop a spell on him if he’s talking to me)

Loryc (as Maid): (I don’t want to stay there heh)

Loryc (as Maid): (Who was it that told me that? btw?)

Garrion: one of the other servants

Garrion: workign there i the kitchen

Loryc (as Maid): (And that was directed at me?)

Garrion: yes

Garrion: you assume your name is Elsa

Garrion: since they looking right at you

Loryc (as Maid): (does he seem to be one that’s gonna be serving the food)

Loryc (as Maid): (and do I see like what seems to be some in charge of manageing the staff? Liek anyone giving orders?)

Garrion: no, she is preparing the food

Loryc (as Maid): (or does this guy seem to be the one giving most of the orders?)

Garrion: just part of the staff….

Garrion: however…..

Loryc (as Maid): (I assume there’s someone in charge somewhere who tells people what to bring out and such)

Loryc (as Maid): (Like I’ll use my psychology skill to see if I can discern who has the authority here)

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Psychology (Human) and gets 9 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (as Maid): like lookjing for cues as to who they seem to defer to and such

Garrion: just as the food uis being taken out a staunch-looking woman steps into the room… “Snap snap now. Let’s get to work ladies.”

Loryc (as Maid): (She seem to be like a head maid or something?)

Tristan: do you know what the “BIC” is?

Garrion: As she enters and speaks the ladies all suddenly look even more busy even though they were already working well.

Tristan: = bitch in charge, every office needs one. It’s the lady that gets stuff done

Garrion: You recognize this lady from reputation…….

Loryc (as Maid): (hehe… yeah I just needed to find someone in charge)

Tristan: (that is way less sexist than that sounds…)

Garrion: Crosael is a relatively attractive, middleaged woman who has long served the Arvanxi family. She wears dark robes and has a knack for blending into a crowd and not being noticed.

Tristan: it’s a positive term =)

Loryc (as Maid): (Did I see some of the servants serving food?)

Loryc (as Maid): (liek I see who they are?)

Garrion: yes, they are grabbing it out of the preparation area…. you are therte now

Loryc (as Maid): (or saw who they are I should say)

Loryc (as Maid): (okay… I’ll find one with a distinctive feature, then move up to Crosael and use a suggestion spell on her.)

Garrion: This lady os the majodomo of the manor.. the lady in charge of all the household dealings

Loryc (as Maid): (Going to basically give her the suggestion to replace the one with distinctive feature X with Elsa as food server.)

Loryc (as Maid): So it’ll be like “Replace the girl with the ponytail with Elsa” or whatever.

Loryc (as Maid): Also dropping invis and see secrets at this point

Loryc (as Maid): As well as keen hgearing gfonna need a big bonus

Loryc (as Maid): (And suggesting this to her, she resists with will)

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 11 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 8

Loryc (as Maid): should be good enough I hope

Loryc (as Maid): receives -1 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Loryc (as Maid): using 1 FP from my power stone as well

Garrion: ok, let me check on something…..

Loryc (as Maid): The suggestion makes them think the idea was their own btw.

Garrion: Will rolls 3d6 and gets 17 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)


Zindal: lol wow

Garrion: oh luck y ass

Loryc (as Maid): whose the BIC now? :)

Tristan: I guess that would be you…

Loryc (as Maid): Now I only got one more step…

Garrion: “You there, stop. Your hair is all messed up, the Lord Mayor will not stand to see you like that. Elsa, take her place.”

Sachi: Oooo.

Loryc (as Maid): “Yes miss Crosael.”

Loryc (as Maid): (or whatever form of address is appropriate for a servant addressing the majordomo, I got savoir0-faire servant)

Loryc (as Maid): (And I’ll start taking plates out to the mayor)

Garrion: The girl has a look of horror and shock on her face as she hads the dish to you with downtrodden eyes

Garrion: you hurry to folow the others down the hall

Loryc (as Maid): (yep gonna take the food and follow em down the hall)

Garrion: the passage is a short cut intot he dining area…..

Garrion: oh 5 minute to stop time…..

Loryc (as Maid): Alright i’ll walk close to the mayor within 1 yard, and basically drop my mind-reading hung spell on him (only takes a second of concentration when it’s hung)

Loryc (as Maid): Guess we can fin dout if this works…

Loryc (as Maid): Should be barely neough time heh.

Garrion: ok, you lay the dish on the table by him…..

Loryc (as Maid): and droping the mind reading…

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 8 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of -2)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 11

Loryc (as Maid): hmm… I’ll stick with that roll… that’s about as good as it gets I think I was gonna burn my luck roll if it sucked

Garrion: will?

Loryc (as Maid): but that’s a good roll.

Loryc (as Maid): Yeah versus will.

Garrion: Moyor Will rolls 3d6 and gets 8 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Moyor Will SUCCEEDS by 6

Loryc (as Maid): Also he’s not aware his mind is being read except on a critical failure by me it says.

Loryc (as Maid): (gotcha)

Sachi: (Hehe, yeah, your odds of getting lower were pretty bad.)

Garrion: as you lay down the serving patter the spell takes hold and you get a fklood of information as his thoughts stream into yours…..

Garrion: and a good place to stop.. we can handle the mind reading via forum posts

Loryc (as Maid): That was mind-search I was using btw. So I can search him for some stuff… heh.

Loryc (as Maid): Yeah basically just gonna use the usual questions. Where is the vault? How do I open it? What traps do you have protecting it? etc.

Urso: sounds good

Tristan: having a super mage is handy

Urso: can he pull out anything he wants?

Loryc (as Maid): (Well I can’t maintain it forever, but yes sorta)

Garrion: ok, sorry for the lack of involvement for the others… didn’t really want to tie up the whole session with a Loryc solo but was some stuff i didn’t want to skim past either

Loryc (as Maid): (I mean I can’t totally download his brain, I can force him to answer questions though)

Loryc (as Maid): (it takjes 1 minute to cast, so… that’s why I had to hang it)

Urso: is ok, caught up on some tv on Hulu.. hehe

Loryc (as Maid): (So I can cast it instantly basically)

Loryc (as Maid): (So pretty much my plan here is to just get the info then slip away at the first opportunity)

Loryc (as Maid): (And get back to base.)

Loryc (as Maid): (then we’ll do the play)

Tristan: Maybe in the future we can handle like 50% of things and via the forum and roll for actions once we start to resolve quickly (just an idea).

Tristan: like, when we start i’m going to try to (insert) and (insert and insert), if it’s a scouting mission… not sure if that would work or not.

Loryc (as Maid): (Yeah, I’d like to do that stuff too, mean I didn’t expect this to take that long. heh, I figured i’d just like get in, sleep a maid, then it’d just be like a Fast forard to serving dinner)

Tristan: It was cool to see the rules in action though

Loryc (as Maid): (I didn’t really want to go scouting it, was mostly casue she directed me to a place I didn’t know where it was )

Tristan: I don’t think i’ll ever mess with the mage… scary guy

Garrion: yeah, were a few key areas i wanted to see if you would find and who you would run into while bumbling arounf unescorted

Urso: well I"m out, later folks

Cedric is disconnected.

Loryc (as Maid): yeah I wasn’t gonna try anything to make myself too noticeable, liek I said i was basicalyl killing time trying not to blow my cover.

Loryc (as Maid): Since I wnated the other PCs in position when I actually tried to read the mayor’s mind, since if I failed, or he had someone that can detect me…. i was kinda hosed.

Garrion: ok, so the others were invis in the bulding now?

Loryc (as Maid): nah, they’re not invis anymore. But they’re in the buuilding, only Urso is invis

Loryc (as Maid): and he’s on top the anti-magic thing would kill everyone else’s invis

Sachi: Yeah, I have Hush up on myself and anyone who asked for it

Sachi: If I could after going inside

Garrion: didn;t know they got the message to get into position

Loryc (as Maid): hehe, yeah I mean Tristan is out of sight anyway in the guest room that’s already been cleaned

Loryc (as Maid): Yeah I gave them taht a long time ago.

Loryc (as Maid): When I went to see Tristan

Garrion: ahh, ok all who inside give me a stealth roll

Loryc (as Maid): Remember before I went to the door.

Loryc (as Maid): Melty was gona scout for Zindal.

Loryc (as Maid): they ain’t actually moving into the dining hall, excpet Melty.

Loryc (as Maid): Just going to their respective rooms and waiting for the signal.

Garrion: oh ok

Melty: A Stealth check sent to GM.


←rolls Stealth and gets 7 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 3)

Melty SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc (as Maid): Melty will be flying above the diigng hall though, since she’s super small

Garrion: then just melty give me a stealth

Tristan: i lost my token after I got booted, if you re-assign i’ll give you that stealth roll

Loryc (as Maid): So she’s gonna get in position heh.

Zindal: Yeah apparently I’m in a random side room or something

Garrion: Per rolls 3d6 and gets 6 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -8)


Melty: The +3 is from Hush, and anyone making Hearing rolls to detect me is at -5

Zindal: Don’t mind me, just random dude in a cloak standing in the corner

Garrion: ok, Melty remains undetected

Loryc (as Maid): wiht her super small size mod, I doubt anyone is gonna see her.

Loryc (as Maid): lol you’re in that room on the bottom floor, you’re not standing out in the open Zindal. heh.

Zindal: lol well I can’t fucking see anything of the inside of the manor

Zindal: I have no clue what the layout is or where I am

Melty: Yeah, Hush is mostly a precaution cause it’s basically the GURPS version of a personal Silence

Loryc (as Maid):

Garrion: ok where was he goig to be.. i’ll put him there so he can see

Melty: It muffles all the sounds she makes

Loryc (as Maid): First floor bottom right room. Melty will scout that first btw to make sure its empty)

Loryc (as Maid): It was the first tme she checked but taht’s where I want him if it’s empty

Loryc (as Maid): The room at the far SE corner on the first floor

Melty: There’s a version that lets her make sound voluntarily without dropping it, but IIRC it wouldn’t be free to maintain for me >.>

Garrion: there you go zindal… description of room…..

Garrion: while this room is cleaned regularly, it’s musty with years of disuse

Garrion: doing anything in the room while you wait?

Garrion: you see a symbol of Asmodeus here…..

Zindal: Avoiding the symbol of Asmodeus for one thing

Zindal: Where is that btw

Tristan: heading to bed guys, have a good night

Garrion: on the wall

Tristan is disconnected.

Melty: Night night!

Zindal: Basically just doing my best to stay hidden and waiting to hear about how the plan is going

Garrion: ok, nothing special then

Garrion: we’ll continue on the site.. i’ll start a new thread for the mid reading scene

Taragnor: yeah cya.

Taragnor: gonna head out.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Melty: Baibai guys!

Melty: I’m out!

Melty: See you all later~!

Zindal: Laters

Sachi is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Session 8

GURPS on Golarion Garrion