Session 9

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Garrion: loading up some fire wood, brb… let the others know

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Cedric: evening

Tristan: hola

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Garrion: howdy

Tristan: howdy

Garrion: ok, so i didn’t ever hear anything more after question #6

Garrion: i assume that is all and you wrap up the spell and skulk out?

Taragnor: yeah. heh.

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Taragnor: Actually I do have room for 1 more question if I wanted, but don’t really got anything much to ask I don’t think.

Loryc (as Maid): receives -1 fatigue, and now has 3 FP: at half move.

Loryc (as Maid): regains 1 fatigue, and now has 4 FP.

Tristan: (I could think of all kinds of questions to ask…. we are so going to die)

Taragnor: Ah okay… yeah. that’s why I stopped, had to drain all my focus anyway.

Taragnor: And anymore and I’ll end up fatigued.

Taragnor: basically I’m just gonna look for a good moment to slip away, and then getting back to the chimney and getting out of there.

Taragnor: Having Urso pull me out.

Urso: ( down is free, but going up is 1 gp .. hehe )

Garrion: ok, give me one last ac ting roll as you interact with the staff and then try to slip out

Taragnor: k

Loryc (as Maid): ←rolls Acting and gets 7 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (as Maid) SUCCEEDS by 13

Taragnor: yup I’m good. pretty sure a success by 10 is acrit right?

Garrion: yeah

Tristan: (I may think you really are the maid….)

Tristan: I check under the bed when he comes back to make sure the other maid is still there

Taragnor: (yeah, that’s why I’m coming up to where Tristan is and not Zindal’s exit.)

Taragnor: (He’ll try to seduce me)

Garrion: ok, by the time you wrap up it is 1230

Taragnor: (Also just to clarify, Question 5 I asked covered both standing guard supernatrals and patrolling ones, not sure if you interpreted it that way, but it was meant to include both. Just wanted to amke sure on that one since the mayor responded that no creatures roam the manor. The question included stuff that was standing guard too. So wanted to amke sure that answqer was accurate.)

Taragnor: But yeah, we’ll get out of there, I’ll take a brief rest on the roof, or Melty can lend me some energy, and then we’ll fyl back invisible as we came. and get back out.

Tristan: (Tristan will officially be paranoid of mages now after seeing what Loyrc can do)

Garrion: correct, there are no magical creatures guarding the manor proper

  • Urso pulls everyone up as necessary, only dropping them down some in the chimney a few times.

Taragnor: lol.

Urso: ( think full size yo-yo )

Taragnor: okay, good. I mean I figure there might be some inside the vault, but since he didn’t know what’s in there apparently… I kinda didn’t bother with that

Zindal: lol

Taragnor: I was kinda curious who does go to the vault, but if there’s no supernaturals in the manor at the very least we don’t gotta worry about a pit fiend killing us.

Tristan: might be one in the valut though (if it’s on another plane)

Tristan: send in the pixie!

Garrion: ok, anyone hear from sef?

Garrion: let’s do what we can that does not involve sachi… when she arrives we can dive in with the full group

Zindal: Not heard anything from him lately

Garrion: he been showing for other games/

Zindal: Yeah he’s usually around Fridays and Saturdays, but like he can be kind of flaky too so no telling really what his deal is

Urso: ( slacking I guess )

Taragnor: He gave me his character to send you.

Taragnor: Not sure if you got the email, but apparently he said he was up all night from yesterday, so couldn’t make it today.

Garrion: i only got the draft from him.. i’ve been working on the vampire power stuff

Taragnor: But basically he didn’t get his char approved yet, so I figure he kinda decided not to show till he gets an approval. I dunno. Think he’s been busy with stuff lately, or just not feeling very good.

Taragnor: I emailed you the latest version he sent me a little while ago

Taragnor: It’s the magic item version that I talked about on the forum, convinced him to go wtih that, since you didn’t really like the whole supernatural power stuff

Taragnor: so I just modeled it based off Melty’s stuff, and made it simpler.

Garrion: ahh, there is it, i see it

Taragnor: Went with D&D flavored items and such. Belt of giant strength, etc.

Taragnor: Claok of the bat for vampire shapeshifting and what not.

Garrion: well i mean i’m fine with the supernatural stuff, just need to have a source for it…. in fact reading into the powers book more that fits the bill exactly

Taragnor: I basicalyl copied the system Melty ued for her stuff, and let him fill in the other stuff.

Taragnor: Well I mean the source of any D&D setting is pretty much “It’s magic”

Tristan: how does that work exactly? I know it’s a discount for using an item instead of the power. How does the power work? for instance, if you have a ring of invisibility is it unlimited?

Taragnor: Occasionally “It’s psionic” which really uses the same rules for magic anyway, so in GURPS notation wouldstill basically be “it’s magic”

Taragnor: since anti-magic field cancels psi too.

Garrion: in fact there is a Pyramid article with vampiric powers… they powered with a blood pool

Garrion: i’ll l;ook over the sheet and see how it all looks

Taragnor: At this point prolly easier to just handle it with magic items anway, Sef was okay with that, and you were cool with Melty doing that for exotic stuff.

Taragnor: So I just used the same system for Sef’s powers, and we can avoid all the complex stuff, since Sef was mostly confused by it.

Garrion: you all did see the blurb i uoted stating the gadjets also need to be considered as unusual backgrounds if you are not a gadjeteer makig them yourself?

Taragnor: Well I just did the same stuff that Sachi did for Melty.

Garrion: would be nice if i spelled gadget correct

Taragnor: Since you approved that. heh.

Taragnor: So to avoid any problems I just copied her stuff and just altered the size of stuff pretty much

Tristan: i did not see that post but I can check the forum

Taragnor: since that changes the modifer.

Taragnor: Then let Sef fill in the powers.

Garrion: i’ve not had a chance to talk to sachi about the unusual background aspect for her wand

Zindal: I really don’t understand the reasoning behind that to be honest

Zindal: If we’re playing in a high magic Pathfinder world

Zindal: I don’t need to take a feat in D&D to buy a magic item

Garrion: it is because you get gadgets without having to spend the points for the advantage that lets you create them.. it is a balance issue… you are “stealing” points and getting the benefit of the gadgeteer without having to pay the high price for it… i’m learnign all these nuances too just like you guys

Tristan: it’s probably evened out because you cannot keep creating things and they can be taken from you

Garrion: the book is pretty plain about it, i just didn’t know jack about gadgets and when they were built that part must have been overlooked

Taragnor: Seems kinda weird in that you can have a gadget that’s more expensive than just having the ability outright.

Zindal: lol, I just don’t see the need to balance it by taking points away from the character, you have to spend money to get them and if they get destroyed or taken it’s not like you can just go buy another one, even if you had the cash for it you would still have to spend time having it crafted and such and find someone capable of making it

Tristan: is it cheaper or more expensive to use points converted in cash… I would think it’s cheaper to get the item … but I could be wrong

Taragnor: Well not exactly. I mean probably if you buy multimillionaire, you can deck yourself out in magic gear.

Zindal: It might be cheaper but like I said it’s balanced by the fact that a) it can be taken away from you much more easily and b) it can’t necessarily be replaced in a timely fashion

Garrion: anyway, i don;t want to get into it, i just want to play the game.. i really didn’t delve that deeply into the comparisons, just read the rule and the why

Taragnor: If you bought it as signature gear, ti’d be ahuge ripoff, but if you just made yourself crazy wealthy.

Taragnor: plus the unusual background modifier is pretty crazy as I’m reading it in the house rules thing, like just being a blacksmith would be a +80% modifier if I’m reading this right.

Garrion: blacksmith?

Garrion: no, blacksmiths are common to the setting

Zindal: Not greater than 15% of the population common

Zindal: That’s like saying every 1 in 7 people is a blacksmith

Taragnor: right.

Urso: .

Garrion: well maybe i need to revise the percentages.. those were meant for a general idea….

Zindal: Not to mention the fact that a lot of the “exotic” things can be replicated outright with spells, and there’s no Unusual Background for being a mage because mages are also considered “common”

Garrion: i mean wizards are not super common but they do exist in adequate umbers that they are not uncommon to EVER see

Zindal: Yeah, that’s my point

Zindal: It’s like why even bother with making a character that’s unique and has supernatural powers when you can just build a wizard and not deal with all the extra hassle

Garrion: blacksmiths are common enough thet people know who and what they are without any need for special knowledge.. it is a common thing in society

Zindal: It seems like it kind of stifles creativity to an extent

Zindal: lol well going by those percentage rules Blacksmiths would qualify as an Unusual Background, that’s the point he’s making

Tristan: I think he was trying to say if there is an exotic background there should be some justification for that (blood of a god or something like that) and it can’t be uber powerful.

Zindal: I don’t see how something really qualifies as “exotic” when any run of the mill wizard can do the exact same stuff with a staff and a spellbook

Tristan: there is the pre-rec of being a mage and of course the stamina limitation

Garrion: because it is a common aspect of the setting… it all revolves around the setting

Garrion: wizards are a common thing.. magic is common, clerics and godly involvement is common

Taragnor: Yeah I mean UB in GURPS as I understand it is generally reserved for getting powers that your opponents aren’t prepared for. like if you can teleport in a world without anti-teleport defenses and such.

Zindal: Well monsters with extraordinary powers are also common

Garrion: psionics are uncommon

Garrion: exactly, but those are racial.. they are common for THAT RACE

Zindal: No I mean the actual presence of them in the game world is common

Garrion: that is why racial advantages never cost unusual background

Zindal: The fact that they exist and are commonly encountered

Zindal: So seeing those powers and encountering them in the game world isn’t unusual

Taragnor: And for gadgets it’s also problematic because well.. having magic items isn’t exacty uncommon.

Zindal: lol yeah

Zindal: Any major city has shops and a market where you can just go buy items

Zindal: Or have someone make them

Garrion: but a human having mist form without being a wizard to cast a spell to do it.. that uis not common… that is a supernatural ability that needs some source for the power

Tristan: like having the god’s blood in your system

Tristan: or being blessed by a spirit or something

Garrion: but gadjets are stictly differentiated from purchasabnle magic items.. infact the rules state that a gadget can NOT be anything you can just go buy

Zindal: I really don’t see how that’s mechanically different from “I’m a wizard”

Taragnor: yeah fundamentally all abilities in D&D are basically just “magical” in terms of descriptor.

Tristan: mechanically you could design it like that as a template but it would have to carry the same balance of power and cost. just needs to have a reason

Garrion: it is not mechanically different.. it is based on a different set of rules

Tristan: all about keeping it balanced on a point basis

Garrion: wizards have to spend a shit load of points for magery and spells and a shit ton of prerequisits to work around

Urso: ( so we waiting for satomi or something?)

Garrion: why spend all that when you can take a 10 point power to let you do that for nothing.. no fatigue cost no spell casting rules

Tristan: the good thing is they do get the flexibility of learning new spells where a power can be limited to the growth of that power

Taragnor: well buying powers individually is really expesnive too.

Taragnor: And spells gfive you a ton of versatility.

Taragnor: I mean it’s only 1 pt to learn a new spell.

Taragnor: Where as like if you’ve got innate powers, you gotta pay like 20-40 points for something new

Zindal: Yeah, why pay 10 points for a power when I can just spend 1 point for a spell that does the same thing

Garrion: they are not that expensive… it all depends on what you are wanting to buy

Zindal: lol they are that expensive with +40% Unusual Background or whatever it is

Garrion: then be a wizard and do the spell route if it is so good….

Tristan: lol

Tristan: I might want to be a wizard after seeing how bad as Loyrc is

Tristan: bad-ass

Zindal: Well then everyone’s a wizard and there’s no originality, that’s what I was saying earlier about how the complexity of the rules kind of stifles player creativity

Garrion: i was trying to be fair with the guidelines and the percentage for the UB… otherwise it is pretty arbitrary and not based on the power of the advantage at all

Zindal: Like why go through all the trouble to design something unique and balance when I can just be a wizard and take the spells that duplicate what I want to do

Tristan: i personally like the idea of the template you were talking about. cool to see a different angle with the same system

Tristan: that’ the beauty of gurps

Garrion: i did not make it to screw anyoone over, i made it to make it even and fair for everyone

Tristan: I thought you had it figured out with the powers and limitations before, why change it to the power items?

Zindal: I’m not trying to say you did, I just don’t understand the way the rules are written why they feel like this is necessary, especially when we’re playing in a high fantasy setting where these sorts of things are commonplace anyway

Garrion: if the +40% makes it too expensive then take more limitations and as you get points buy those off

Garrion: you are making a big assumptiuon that they are common…. they are not.. even in pathfinder many things that are known to an experienced player are not COMMON in the setting world

Taragnor: well weapon masters, heroic archers and wizard with IQ 19 and 4 magery aint’ common either. :P

Zindal: lol

Garrion: take for example demons…. to a player someone would say well those things are common as hell… not… ask any peasant or townfolk or woodsman if he has ever seen a demon.. sure he may have HEARD of them but to actually ever witness something is altogether different

Taragnor: most peasants haven’t witnessed an expert at stabbing people in the eye etiher.

Zindal: Heh, yeah

Zindal: I don’t think it’s really fair to PC type characters to define commonality based on the entire world as opposed to people in their same class of skill and power level

Tristan: learning how to use a sword like that is achievable by a normal human, turning into mist is not

Garrion: those are not exotic and supernatural advantages.. they are cinemetic.. they do not give the character some ability that is beyond the normal realm… firing really fast from a bow is just super exc eptional natural action

Zindal: Yes it is

Zindal: Just be a wizard

Zindal: Any human can do that

Tristan: he’s not banning it anyway, he’s saying it has to be justified (tu-sha on the wizard comment)

Taragnor: Unusual background isn’t relating to commoners, it’s relating to the campaign. In this case the campaign is heroic adventurers. So only something uncommon for that trope would have a UB really. So like someone starting wtih master chief power armor would be a unusual background for instance.

Zindal: lol yeah, or if I had the ability to stop time or split atoms

Garrion: “class” is another beast altogether… classes or professions if you care to term as that do allow some supernatuiral traits.. that is what a cleric is.. he is very supernatural.. but he has a reason for his powers

Garrion: he has to buy certain advantages to even get access to those things…. much like a mage

Zindal: Okay, but those advantages aren’t a percentage cost of whatever power you’re trying to achieve

Zindal: They’re a flat point cost

Zindal: Like my Weapon Master

Tristan: let’s talk about this via the forums or we are never going to get anywhere

Taragnor: right, normally UB is a flat cost too. not a percentage. heh.

Garrion: well i can make it a flat point cost if that is what is bothering you… 20 points for uncomon, 40 for rare and 80 for unheard of… would that be more fair… you pay 40 points for a rare 10 point advantage and someone else pays 40 points for a rare 100 point advantage?

Tristan: so I can have power armor for 100? sweet

Tristan: masterchief time

Garrion: that why i made it a modifier.. it is scaled to the points of the power… again to be FAIR to everyone

Taragnor: lol dude, the sample costs for UB in the book are like 5 points to maybe 20.

Taragnor: You’re charing 100 points for nothing more than a backstory?

Taragnor: And no actual abiliites?

Garrion: i don;t like arbitrary things that depends on a persons whim… oh tofday that is a 10 point UB, another day it is a 30 point UB

Tristan: I think putting fatige limits on the powers makes more sense

Tristan: so intead of making them more expensive make them less powerful, that puts them in line with the wizard

Taragnor: I don’t think anyone like sthis and it seems really arbitrary to me, you’re basically raising the costs for certain abilities, purely as a tax for people that get them via means other than the conventional.

Garrion: no, read the book more.. some advantages are recommended to charge double for… there is a specific example of a 80 point advantage that they recomment charging the same cost for the UB

Garrion: i don;t recall the exact example.. i did a shit load of reading to come up with the values

Tristan: we should have done the default campaign and started in the fantasy setting =) then uncommon could have just been “i’m from anothe reality”

Taragnor: Well if you were doing ininite worls then it’d be really rare you’d ever have an unusual background, I mean the sample characters for IW are a buddhist sentient robot, a french jedi, a vampire and an elf with a sniper rilfe.

Zindal: lol yeah, it’s kinda hard to define “uncommon” in something like that

Taragnor: I mean, you’d have to be seriously out of the ordinary to warrant a UB in IW.

Tristan: although if you had a power in an alternate reality being in another reality may effect you…

Garrion: hehe, but we are not playing infinaite worlds.. if we were playing a VaMPIRE vs werewolves campaign.. those traits involving those species woulf not be uncommon.. they would be expected.

Taragnor: Well we’re playing a kitchen-sink fantasy setting.

Taragnor: vampires aren’t unusual. Not in a D&D setting

Taragnor: Just like wizards, weapon masters, barbarians with 20 HP, etc.

Zindal: Yeah, settings like this are where the extraordinary is ordinary

Zindal: At least as far as the players are concerned

Taragnor: High Magic fantasy has some over the top character concepts. I mean that’s just the way it works.

Garrion: but we are playing pathfinder.. it is magic, it is fantastical, but there are still things that are not common… vampires are not really “common” i mean you think what amount of the population in cheliax has ever seen a vampire?

Garrion: that is not the issue though

Tristan: maybe we have…

Tristan: and just did not know

Taragnor: They’re common for the trope. Common is not “anything a dirtfarmer would see.” It’s something that the audience woudln’t find out fo the ordinary. heh.

Zindal: I don’t get why we should be judged by the entire population when PCs are by definition extraordinary people with extraordinary abilities and talents

Garrion: you are placing player percieved commonality on the real setting commonality

Taragnor: Yeah, like nobody in this group is something that’s “common” by your definition.

Zindal: If you look at what’s common among PC type characters, “vampire powers” are not really out of the norm by that much

Taragnor: Mostly UB is about the foes not being expected for what you’re bringing to the table. So like if your foes had no idea wtf a vampire was or what it could do, and couldn’t really research it… then yeah, it’d be a UB.

Garrion: because thay are still normal people with high talent.. their experiences in adventuring MAY subject them to the worlds rarities…. but even among adventureres how many do you think have ever seen a human that can grow tentacles out of his forehead to suck your brians out… not too damn many… but yet using GURPS rules you could make that if you wantyed

Zindal: lol well a Wizard with polymorphing specialties could probably pull that off

Zindal: And any Druid can Wild Shape

Tristan: my mom was a vampire

Taragnor: A barbarian with Urso’s HP isn’t a normal person. I mean the human body can’t take that kinda punishment.

Taragnor: That goes well beyond normal human, in fact it directly says it cause he can transcend the HP limits for normal people.

Garrion: but those are special powers that grant them access to that… and wild shape would not allow that, there is not anumal that looks like that and does that

Taragnor: Which is fine, becuase everyone in the game is extraordinary.

Tristan: which is what he’s basically saying is “if you want those powers justify why you have them like a barbarian”… although an unusual background penalty does seem high

Zindal: I’m using that as a general example, Wild Shape could let you do basically the same thing either way by letting you turn into a kraken or something, or actually I think you can do magical creatures when you get high enough level so you could do an otyugh or something

Tristan: I liked the idea of putting the limitations on them like requiring time to activate or some kind of “power” pool (blood or fatige)

Taragnor: well the barbarian doesn’t justfiy why he has them lol. He just kinda does.

Taragnor: Like every other supernatural thing in D&D.

Garrion: omg, i feel like i’l banging my head on a brick wall…. there is a REASON he can exceed that.. he as adhered to a “CLass” to get that benefit

Sachi has connected.

Tristan: which is a not-so-unsusual background

Tristan: maybe uncommon… but not unheard of

Taragnor: Neityher is being a vampire.

Taragnor: If G all of a sudden had one of his NPCs reveal vampire fangs and turn into mist, it ain’t gonna be like as a group we’re gonna be all like “WTF was that? What’s avampire doing in this setting!”

Tristan: tribes of large barbarians is probably more common than tribs of vampires

Taragnor: now compare that to if one of the NPCs whipped out a plasma rifle.

Tristan: i would think he’s a page

Garrion: again.. i am not allowing players to be vampires… vampires are blood sucking predators that feed on society in the PATHFINDER setting

Taragnor: It’s all about how it fits to the setting.

Garrion: maybe not in other settings in literature, but in PATHFINDER they are

Urso: hey SAchi

Sachi: Hey

Tristan: Hi there Sachi

Tristan: Pixie Power!

Sachi: :3

Sachi: Has Sef turned anything in yet? Last I checked he still did not know what your actual decision was for how he should make his character

Garrion: now a dhampir is different.. thay are not the same as a vampire.. they are very similar but have major differences

Zindal: Having the power to turn into mist or a bat or whatever isn’t that unusual though, there are a number of people who can do the same thing through different abilities

Taragnor: Wellh e gave me a char sheet to give to G (apparently he hates email)

Taragnor: So I sent ti to him.

Taragnor: Yeah, i’m just saying like as PCs if we saw an NPC turn into mist, we wouldn’t be shocked really. Liek any wizard can do that

Zindal: Yeah, it’s not like my brain is going to explode as I fail to comprehend how this can possibly happen

Garrion: now i will allow a dhampir to have “VAMPIRE-LIKE” abilities as a variant or extra stong vampiric blood connection.. but that is UNUSUAL for dhampirs and needs an uncommon background

Tristan: I was shocked when I saw Loryc cast his magic, until I saw him do that it was all hearsay to me

Tristan: I would say make him by the template at the same cost as a mage (magery levels)

Tristan: then make him spend his (blood) pool

Tristan: or, you can just use the bloodpool and skip the “magery” levels.

Taragnor: Well why can’t he just have a “class” like a barbarian, the class stuff seems totally arbitrrary.

Taragnor: I mean humans are allowed to be extraordainry, so why not dhampirs?

Tristan: it’s evened out because he is a one (or two) trick poney and loses the flexibility

Garrion: i have all the stuff to do just that.. the powers are all spelled out and powed by a BLOOD POOL…. i just have not had the time to write it out yet….

Garrion: and it is part of a GURPS rules source… as an option of course

Tristan: then he’s scrwed when he runs out of blood until he refills, that would even it out

Tristan: even out the power level I mean

Tristan: a mage can just rest

Garrion: exaclty…. but the blood pool is the source of his power and the vampiric relation is the source of the power…. both explain WHY AND HOW he has these powers

Taragnor: You could really make the same argument about any powers assigned to a dhampir though.

Taragnor: “vampiric relation” can be the source and justitfication for anything vampirey.

Garrion: it is not about sef and it is not about the dhampir.. that is what i keep trying tyo tell you guys.. if someone wanted to be aa wood elf but had wings and shot silk from his ass. it would requirte an UB

Tristan: I can see his argument for thinking the unusual background being a bit unfair (expensive), expeically if there is a blood pool limitation

Sachi: I… I’m sorry, but I fail to grasp the analogy

Taragnor: I mean it just seems really arbitrary… like you’ve got someone taking classical vampire powers and using the rationale “vampire heritage”, which isn’t okay, but then if you take a blood pool (a mechanic that doesn’t even exist in Golarion) it becomes okay?

Zindal: If you compare it to the other stuff though at most it would be a flat cost on whatever pre-requisite ability unlocks that stuff and then the rest just flows from that, like my Weapon Master is a flat point cost and that allows me to do extraordinary stuff like multiple parries, spending FP for full move and attack without penalty, and so on and so forth

Zindal: And then I have points invested in the skill related to stabbing things really well

Garrion: anything extraordinary and supernatural that is not LINKED to a RACE or a “CLASS” ability, is unusual

Taragnor: The problem is that “Class” is totally aribtrary, first we’re not even using DF anymore, so classes are just templates.

Taragnor: And GURPS templates aren’t supposed to give you special powers.

Taragnor: It says that in the basic set, that templates aren’t real rules, they’re just collections of abilities.

Garrion: oh jeesh, you want o say ab lood pool does not exist in golarion? does weapon master and all the other mechanics exist in “golarion”? do you really know how vampires power their abilities in golarion.. Pathfinder has mechanics, GURPS has mechanics.. the mechanics are only tools for saying how the powers are used

Sachi: But like… Classes in PF get extraordinary and supernatural stuff left and right, and GURPS isn’t Pathfinder, so like I’m just having trouble understanding how inventing new resource mechanics is preferable to say… putting Sef’s shapeshifting stuff together into a meta-trait and calling it something like “dhampir shapeshifter”

Tristan: just make a template and get it approved by the GM

Tristan: then add it as a playable template

Tristan: solved

Garrion: right and i ommitted the restriction on using the powerups that are class specific… if you did not read that either

Taragnor: Yeah, which is weird because you’re still using classes as justification to shit you can and can’t take.

Garrion: but i did not remove the restriction on supernatural and exotic abilities or exceeding limits

Taragnor: I don’t see why there’s a big problem if people can just take whatever.

Taragnor: Seems to add a bunch of complexity for really no gain, besides annoying people. I mean Sef is probably juist gonna quit because you keep rejecting his guy based on a bunch of vague and arbitrary rulings.

Garrion: because there is no balance… if i were a player and a GM let someone buy all sorts of exotic powers that that were not on the board when i built my character i would be pissed

Sachi: Yeah, he’s apparently been pretty busy IRL, but he’s gotten pretty discouraged lately

Zindal: The powers aren’t really that exotic though

Zindal: Any wizard or druid can do the same stuff

Garrion: yes they are…. look at the icons

Zindal: Or cleric even

Taragnor: Well it isn’t exotic for Golarion.

Garrion: exotic and supernatural do not themselves mean rare..

Garrion: you are confusing or mixing concepts

Taragnor: I think you’re sorta misunderstanding that rare is relative.

Taragnor: Rare isn’t based on commoners, it’s based on the important people in the setting.

Garrion: it is not rare for a manticore to have spikes on his tail

Garrion: it is not rare for an ettin to have two heads

Garrion: it is rare for a human to have those

Taragnor: So like yeah, if you’ve got some ability that say the hell knights and the majority of the other villains are totally unprepared for and have no counters for, then yeah, it’s worth more.

Garrion: no, UB does NOT mean something poeple are not prepared for

Taragnor: Because by your definition G, all of us would have UB.

Zindal: I just don’t see the distinction between, say, “person with vampire-like abilities powered by a blood pool” and “wizard who casts spells and pays for them with FP” when they’re both mechanically the same, yet the former requires a UB and the latter doesn’t

Taragnor: Zindal, well he’s attractive, Unusual background.

Taragnor: He’s a weapon master, unsuual background

Taragnor: he’s got a ton fo sword training, unusual background.

Taragnor: Urso is strong like Schwartzenagger, unusual background. has a ton of HP, unusual background, etc.

Taragnor: Like everyone is extroadinary. To arbitrarily draw a line and tax some characters cause you don’t like thier concept… it’s really unfair.

Garrion: because magery is based on mana which is a common power in the world setting… wizards have taken advantage of harnessing that

Garrion: they have powers they have purchased to allow them to do just that]

Taragnor: dude, everyone harnesses mana.

Taragnor: Most of the PF abilities are supernatural.

Taragnor: Meaning they don’t work in Antimagic fields.

Garrion: a blood pool is not a common source of power, except for vampires….

Taragnor: GURPS equivalent = they use mana

Zindal: Yeah like every class in PF that does this sort of thing does it as a spell-like or supernatural ability, that’s like saying it’s powered by mana, and vampire powers work the same way in that setting

Taragnor: So if “it’s magic” works for a wizard, then it should seriously work for other stuff, too, there’s plenty of presgite clases that also get supernatural stuff.

Garrion: magery can be harnessed by almost any race unless they are magically resistant

Taragnor: Well so can D&D sorcerers too, which is the weird explanation that you’ve got the blood of dragons or something and you can innately cast stuff without training.

Garrion: the blood pool was just an idea.. you keep placing every option i give you as in stone


Taragnor: And prestige classes like I said, get supernatural stuff.

Zindal: Nearly every ability is supernatural, in PF/D&D terms that means the same thing as “powered by mana” or something to that effect

Zindal: And in a mana deficient zone, i.e. antimagic field, they don’t work

Taragnor: Pretty much like you’ve either rejected or changed the rules on every one of Sef’s character iterations thus far… Like he’s remade the character like 3 times now.

Garrion: i keep throwing out options and if none of them make you happy (as in I WANT THIS FOR FREE), then you shoot me down… i’m running out of ideas to help you but i am NOT going to allow breaking the rules that are explicit just because players want to munchkin the shit out of stuff

Taragnor: Dude, Sef’s original Mina version was weak as hell

Taragnor: Like he’d have been the weakest character in the entire party.

Taragnor: lol and you rejected it

Zindal: I really don’t see how it can even be considered “munchkin” when it’s doing the same thing any Wizard or Druid could do with the right spells

Garrion: i’m trying to help, be fair to all…. notice the silence from “PLAIN” character’s players

Zindal: lol my character is “plain”

Zindal: I have no magical or supernatural abilities

Garrion: becaus that all falls under the MAGIC SYSTEM…. you are not wantint to follow the magic system so they use the rules for powers

Taragnor: and you’re adding a giant point tax for powers.

Tristan: this conversation should probably be handles in another time besides the game time that pops up once a week =)

Tristan: like the forum

Taragnor: Well I mean I’m trying to fix this thing since a lot of us feel like Sef has been treated rather unfairly.

Garrion: it is not about sef.. stop making it personal.. if cedric or brice were doing the same thing i would be saying the same thing

Garrion: if tab were truying to grow a 12 inch cock t at was prehensile.. i would require a UB

Zindal: lol

Tristan: how much for that? i’ll save up my points

Zindal: Yeah I might be interested in that actually, hmm

Taragnor: well it’s mostly the fact that you’re driving Sef to quit and like every new character version he comes up with, you end up changing the rules to block it.

Sachi: It’s really just that Sef is, like… my friend? and I’d rather be playing a game with him than listening to people argue about stupid bullshit

Sachi: I don’t give a fuck whose fault it is

Garrion: i dont have anything agaist sef or his race or anything with his concept.. i just want the pints to be paid as explicitly stated in the rules and not to be cherry picked

Taragnor: No, dude, you’re making up these crazy UB costs. lol. His original guy paid the costs exactly in the rules.

Taragnor: You’re making up a bunch of ability taxes.

Garrion: do i need to quote it again?

Garrion: i am not TAXING anything… i tried to devise a fair and percentage based system instead of some arbitrary points

Taragnor: I mean none of the sample GURPS chars hhave a +80% unususal background tax.

Taragnor: And they’re somne pretty crazy ass concepts.

Zindal: I just don’t see the reason for the scaling cost on every single power he takes that’s related to that background when nearly everything in the book is a flat cost, like even the Unusual Background gives example costs of like 5 points or 20 points

Garrion: that is extreme… did i ever say i was going to charge you 80%

Taragnor: yes. lol. reading your house rules about UB.

Taragnor: it said there’s 3 levels. and each one is +40%

Taragnor: And like… almost everything would be a level 3.

Garrion: i consider what he is acking for to be uncommon… +40%

Zindal: Like if he had 100 points worth of background abilities it would cost 40 points whereas going by what it says in the book it should be 20 points at most unless you declare it to be super ridiculously uncommon which it really isn’t in this game world

Garrion: i can work with the percentage if that is what is bugging you… but there is a cost

Garrion: you have to pay UB for each ability…. 40% is actually much less than a normal UB would be

Zindal: The trait says it’s to adjust the point total of the character, not of the individual abilities

Garrion: 10 points each for 4 – 20 point abilitied would be 40 points…. percentwise at 40% you are looking at 32 points.. less expensive

Taragnor: it’s not 10 points for each ability.

Taragnor: It’s 10 points overall.

Zindal: This is a “catch-all” trait that the GM can use to adjust the point total of any character with special abilities that are not widely available in the game world.

Zindal: Point total, singular

Garrion: no it is for each unusual background…. at least that is how i read it

Zindal: special abilities, plural

Garrion: if you want to have wings then 10 points.. if you want scales, 10 points, etc

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Zindal: That’s totally not what it says

Zindal: It says point total

Zindal: As in, the total points of your entire set of abilities

Garrion: well i need to reread that then, if that is the case then i can see why you thing the percentaghe is extreme

Garrion: but i read it as individual

Zindal: I pasted it right there, lol, that’s what it says

Zindal: It says point total of a character with special abilities, plural

Zindal: So the sum of all those special abilities put together

Zindal: Is adjusted by some flat amount

Taragnor: well it’s just a trait you buy like any other

Taragnor: like weapon master,

Zindal: Yeah it’s like if I was trying to stat up all the individual benefits that Weapon Master gives me

Zindal: It even says it’s a “catch-all” trait, so it’s not meant to be applied to every individual thing

Zindal: It’s a catch-all

Taragnor: I mean like I said, check out the sample characters in the core books.

Zindal: So you take the sum total of what’s presented and adjust it by some amount

Taragnor: None of them got unusual background

Taragnor: ANd that’s dealing with a buddhist sentient war machine from the future, a vampire, a jedi, etc.

Taragnor: Like that’s a ton of concepts and none of them to my knowledge has any UB points.

Garrion: ok, fair enough.. i will take your argument into consideration and i need to read on the forums about it…. i don;t want to waste a whole night discussing this

Garrion: UB is setting SPECIFIC

Zindal: Yeah I mean the sample characters don’t have UB because the default setting is IW

Zindal: Where none of that shit would really be unusual

Taragnor: yes, exactly. Master chief is unusual in a fantasy setting. Or a wizard would be unusual in Westeros or Middle Earth.

Garrion: correct

Taragnor: But pretty much when you’re playing High magic Golarion, which includes basically all things fantasy, then so long as you’re fantasy you’re probably good.

Taragnor: Maybe, if you’re something truly “out there”, like a visitor form the far plane.

Zindal: Yeah heh, in the context of a high fantasy game it’s really not unusual at all

Taragnor: Generally the game design purpose is to account for powers that the world is quite literally unprepared for.

Taragnor: So you gain a signifcant advantage being a telepath in a world that doesn’t know telepathy even exists.

Garrion: then how do you explain a human thief having energy beams from his eyes.. i mean beholders do that so why is that unusual?

Garrion: that is your logic?

Zindal: Maybe he’s got a magic item, maybe he learned a spell or two, maybe he took the feat to get a spell-like ability

Taragnor: Well it may be okay in Golarion honestly, depending on having some kind of justification for it. Like if you have magic items that let you do just that, then nobody thinks twice.

Taragnor: Maybe he has some levels in sorcerer for instance. I mean so long as the ability has the “magical” descirptor, it’s more or less not gonna cause people to think it too unexpected.

Taragnor: I mean high level characters do extraoardinary things.

Garrion: then pay the points or the money for the magic item.. though you are assuming there are ruby glasses of beam blasting

Zindal: You could stat it up as Signature Gear and spend like 5 points on it or however much it cost to buy something like that, and that’s way cheaper than +40% UB

Taragnor: well it’s D&D, there’s all kinds of magic items. If someone had ruby glasses of beam blasting, nobody would even think twice about that

Taragnor: You would’nt think it was unusual to the setting.

Zindal: I’m not really against the concept of paying the points for it but when you compare it to the other examples of how you might get stuff like that the point cost you’re asking seems kind of crazy

Zindal: And even Unusual Background itself is an adjustment to the character’s entire point total, at least as far as I read it

Garrion: magic is the source… and it also has specific drawbacks.. it does not work in low mana or anti-magic…. same thing with clinging, mist form, 12 inch prehensile dick…. you need a source of the power

Taragnor: Yeah, and for D&D it’d be “magical”

Zindal: YEah heh

Zindal: Like I linked you before

Taragnor: honestly if someone took something other than “magical”, then you could ptoentially call it unusual.

Zindal: Nearly every single vampire power is Supernatural

Taragnor: I eman making magneto with mutant powers would certainly be unusual in Golarion.

Zindal: And Supernatural powers in PF/D&D are magical in nature and don’t work in AMF

Taragnor: But someone with innate supernatural powers? Dman man, that shit is a dime a dozen.

Tristan: i saw a Magneta template build with gurps and he was like 1200 points

Taragnor: Generally how D&D goes, you can do basically anything with magic, so long as you slap the “magical” descitpor on it, you’re kinda covered.

Garrion: ok, i will go withtat explanation…. keep in mind i have not looked at the charatcer sheet yet so i’m taling concepts, not yout specific stuff

Zindal: Yeah like nearly every class ability in D&D outside of the stuff for the mundane Fighter types is supernatural or spell-like, and all of that stuff is basically the GURPS equivalent of Mana Dependent

Taragnor: I mean I’m not asking that you have to accept Sef’s latest character, I’m just saying like… accept one of the Mina variants he’s setn you, don’tnmake him redo it yet again.

Garrion: i’m not personally shooting you down either….. i need to know that you understand that there needs to be a source of the power.. just follow the “Powers” concept

Taragnor: He’s done a bunch of em… like pick one that you like the best (or hate the least) and lets run with it

Zindal: I get that there needs to be an origin for the power, but if you’re making the comparison to PF/D&D then honestly “mana dependent” would cover like 99% of everything

Garrion: now tha that has been agreed on we can move forward.. i will reconsider teh UB thing… i was trying to be fair based on my understanding of the rule

Taragnor: I mean from what I’ve seen in sample chars, UB is used very sparingly.

Taragnor: But anyway, lets play with what time we got left.

Zindal: Well apparently Sachi’s ISP is down

Zindal: They’re having an outage or something, so she’s offline

Garrion: my understanding was tha is was charged per unusual feature, not common in the game setting…. like little grey men from space

Tristan: crazy snow out there causing issues…

Zindal: I really don’t know how you can get to that when the trait says in its descriptive text that it’s a catch-all ability that adjusts a character’s point total, that to me reads that “you have a character with unusual special abilities, adjust his point total by X amount to account for the disparity between him and more normal characters”

Taragnor: yeah, I mean it’d be a percentage modifier if they intended it to apply to everything

Garrion: ok, i agree, we wated anoutgh time on this.. was mentioned just to pass a little time while waiting for sachi or some other suggestion to get rolling… not intended to take up the whole night and bore everyone except those vehement about it ;)

Urso: satomi back?

Zindal: No, her ISP is down

Garrion: so after you come up the chimney what hapens?

Zindal: She said she called them and there’s an outage

Zindal: Well Zindal is going to try to make his date with Roxanne, lol

Taragnor: how did she tell you that?

Taragnor: lol. if her ISP ain’t working

Zindal: She’s on her phone

Taragnor: oh right.

Zindal: Can’t run MT on a phone =P

Zindal: But you can get internet!

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: Alright, well guess we’ll do the preprations for the play.

Garrion: as far as me not paying attention.. i rarely use yahoo mail (notice i send all my email via hotmail) and i’ve also been very busy this week taking care of changing jobs at woprk… moving over to another department

Tristan: brb, letting my dogs out to go to the bathroom.

Garrion: so i never got the notice about the yahoo mail to look aty the sheet

Garrion: now that i know it is there i’ll check it out

Taragnor: yeah, like I said, I mean I’d appreciate if you let Sef use one of the iterations he did, and not have him remake the guy again.

Garrion: i’m usually pretty prop,t on responses.. so if you are expecting a response to something, try IMing me or something to bring my attention to it

Garrion: i only saw the one he sent and now this one you sent.. if there were others i don;t know about them

Urso: .

Sachi has connected.

Garrion: yay, she is back

Urso: yey

Taragnor: There was a 3rd I think that he may not have sent, since you preemptived changed the rules to make it not work or something

Sachi: Internet came back!

Garrion: now let’s not bore sachi and piss her off even more for wasting her night

Taragnor: I had to actualyl talk him into sending this one in, he was originally just gonna quit the game.

Sachi: I was just about to ragequit too

Sachi: I was actually typing my angry message when I lost my connection

Garrion: i already talked to him about that and thought we had it worked out… last i knew he was fine

Garrion: ok, so anyway….. you get up the chuimney

Taragnor: lol that must have been a while ago. Since last I talked to him, he was gonna like stop coming.

Garrion: ((just so you know.. this is NOT fun for me either….))

Sachi: Yeah as far as I know he’d basically given up :\

Garrion: ((we keep regressing away from the story… that was a couple weeks ago. he thought i was personally attacking him.. i explained it all and thought we were cool.. maybe he was just not being honest about his feelings))

Taragnor: So yeah, I mean I didn’t really want to filibuster the game with this, but like it is a pretty serious issue since it could potentially capsize the game entirely if it gets out of hand.

Taragnor: Well that was also before you introduced the unusual background stuff also G. heh.

Taragnor: He was cool at that point, then you changed the rules again, and basically invalidated the latest char he made with the other stuff.

Taragnor: So he had to go through it again.

Garrion: i’m just trying to apply the rules to be fair as i learn about all the options and how they supposed to work.. i warned you that i was not a GURPS expert…. you need to understand that and work with ME too))

Taragnor: Yeah, I just think special care needs to be taken before you’re slapping huge modifiers on the costs of abilities, before any of us really know the system.

Zindal: I also think that simplicity is much preferable, lol

Garrion: ok,, so now… you get up the chimney

Garrion: everyone is standing around tapping their toes.. thouigh none can see each other doing that

  • Urso pulls everyone up as necessary, only dropping them down some in the chimney a few times.

Garrion: because thwey invis ;)

  • Sachi can just flutter upward :3
  • Melty can just flutter upward :3

Tristan: back

Taragnor: yeah like i said, earlier gonna wait to recover magic points and do an invis + flight to get everyone out.

Taragnor: same wa y we got in basically

Zindal: What time is it? I have a date

Taragnor: Melty can loan me some energy points if she has to.

Taragnor: He said 1230 I think earlier

Zindal: Shit

Garrion: ok, you get back to… wherever…. the street home etc

Urso: (Urso can toss people if they need to fly )

Zindal: I’m running off for my date and trying to come up with a good excuse for being late

Garrion: Rova 6…. 1230

Taragnor: Well you can say you had to take a bath since you were filthy.

Garrion: ok, Tristan runs off to the meeting spot.. perhaps asking Loryc to fly him straight there

Taragnor: Also totally not a lie, casue you are.

Zindal: lol

Melty: “Where’s he goin’…?”

Garrion: and yes.. you did get rather sooty

Zindal: Yeah I’d take the time to clean up and look presentable, though maybe a little rushed

Taragnor: Tristan is going to the meeting spot?

Zindal: I think you mean Zindal is

  • Urso shrugs, " He thinking with head "

Garrion: oops, zindal

Garrion: wraong PC

Tristan: did I steal his date?

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: so I assume the rest of us can rest, and I can recover my energy and such.

Garrion: Trstan comes running up….., yes you can recover based on the text you quoted to me the other day

Tristan: i want to take a bath and wash my clothes (even though i’m a ranger I don’t want to smell like fireplaces all the time)

Garrion: haha

  • Melty sits on Urso’s shoulder instead.

Garrion: Hey i came instead of Zindal.. he is so lazy and you know you want me instead."

Zindal: lol

Tristan: lol, he said you are not worth his time, cry on my shoulder

Taragnor: yeah, I’ll go take a bath too, and relax while doing it. FP + clean = win.

  • Urso eyes the fly lady on his shoulder, then shrugs, figuring he can allow this.

Garrion: By the time zindal cleans up and gets there is is 1300

Zindal: lol damn

Tristan: Urso eats the pixie

Tristan: we should dress the pixie like a parrot

Urso: (bah, not even a snack )

Melty: “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. You don’t…”

  • Melty glances around at all the people 10 or so times her size.

Taragnor: Well it’s easy enough sneaking her in I think, she can just be in someone’s pocket.

Melty: “Nobody here bites, right?”

Garrion: Roxanne is standing there with arms crossed…..

  • Zindal is out of breath and breathing hard as he runs up to the meeting place, hoping that Roxanne hasn’t left

Urso: (sef’s new char will… )

Tristan: I was saving orphans

Melty: :3

Loryc: (His secret idenity is a chimney sweep!)

Garrion: she is clearly not pleased based on her body language.. no roll needed unless you are dense

Melty: (I’m mad hype for Sef to get his new char in actually, I got all sorts of RP ideas since she’s a nymph >.>

Zindal: lol

Urso: ( we waiting until after date to do the play thing?)

  • Zindal bows low, “My dear Lady Roxanne, I’m dreadfully sorry to have kept you waiting… One of my colleagues brought up an urgent business matter that couldn’t wait, and I addressed it as quickly as I could before coming straight over here. Please accept my humblest apologies.”

Urso: " so what wizard man find in there?"

Tristan: “my phone died, I could not call”

Tristan: “yeah Wizard man, what you got for us?”

Garrion: ((i don;t want to exclude anyone from play… we can limelight zindal for a few minutes but not to the detriment of the others…. if any others want a limelight moment let me know what it is.))

Zindal: (Zindal plans on showing up for the play auditions too, basically whenever the auditions are scheduled to end he’ll try to show up an hour before that to be in time for last call)

  • Melty lugs a soup bowl into the bathroom so she can bathe too.

Garrion: “Hmmph, well i was just about to leave. I’m glad you friend was more important than our date.”

Garrion: (they will probably end around 1600…. not thing really posted but that is customary))

Zindal: “I’m terribly sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?”

Urso: ( urso will save his limelight for when he tries to act… hehe)

Garrion: “And standing here in this dreadful heat. i feel as if i may faint…..”

  • Zindal reaches out for her hand and smiles charmingly, “Well then, we should go somewhere dark and cool, away from the harsh rays of the sun, yes?”

Zindal: ←rolls Sex Appeal and gets 9 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc: “Well… quite a few useful things.”

Garrion: she stumbles a bit… fallign against you…. “Oh my head, its spinning….”

Loryc: “Our target is in the attic, there’s no devils or other supernaturals in the manor.”

Garrion: Bluff rolls 3d6 and gets 7 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Bluff SUCCEEDS by 5

Loryc: “Ther’es also a treasury somewhere on the first floor.”

Zindal: A Detect Lies check sent to GM.


←rolls Detect Lies and gets 14 vs. Skill (9 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal FAILS by 5

Loryc: “That’s where we can find most valuable thing not in the vault.”

Tristan: “is there a portal to another place or it’s just in the attic?”

Garrion: you failed by 5

Loryc: “It’s a portal, but I’ve got the command word now.”

Zindal: lol wow

Garrion: Zindal things she is really about to pass out

Urso: “any demon things there?”

Melty: (lol if it was the other way around and she like died of vampirus and Zindal was too busy hitting on her to notice)

Garrion: even though she is grabbing at his cloak and pulling him close

Melty: “Really…? A portal to where…?”

Loryc: “The plane of shadow from what I understand.”

  • Zindal holds her up and guides her towards the nearest inn or tavern, somewhere they can sit down and rest comfortably

Loryc: “No idea what we’ll encounter there, the mayor apparently doesn’t use it himself… if I had more time I would have found out who did.”

Garrion: zindal not have a flask?

Loryc: “But at the very least we can fight inside there, and won’t set off any alarms.”

Zindal: Oh yeah, let me check my equipment… I think I have a wineskin or something

Loryc: “And the way there just has mundane guards, which are easy enough for me to deal with.”

Tristan: “maybe you should do another recon mission, a field trip to the plane of shadow should not be taken lightly”

Melty: “Intriguing… I’ve been interested in studying methods of planar travel…”

Zindal: (Yeah I’ve got a wineskin, lol)

Zindal: (I’m not sure I’d wear that on a date though)

Urso: " maybe find book about shadows?"

Garrion: ok, well it is up to you and how big it is

Garrion: but refreshamnt is common for heat

Zindal: Yeah I mean a flask would make a lot more sense conceptually

Zindal: He has Connossieur (Wine) so he usually carries some around with him

Garrion: anyway.. she falls against you and Zindal does not pick up on her feigned behavior…..

Zindal: I can adjust my equipment later if you’re okay with letting me say I have a flask, lol

Zindal: That’s one of the things about GURPS is it’s hard to keep track of all the little bits of equipment that one might conceivably have

Garrion: “Oh yes, that would be great. I guess I may have to forgive you for now…. till I get feeling better.”

Loryc: “Well there’s no way to effectively recon the vault itself that I know of…”

Loryc: “And stealth is more or less out fo the quesiton since we’ll be opening a portal there.”

Melty: “You could totally prank someone by opening a portal to the plane of water in their humidor…”

Loryc: “The good news is that since there’s treasure there, it’s unlikely there’s too many guardians, if any.”

  • Zindal offers her something to drink, “That’s most gracious of you, m’lady. Come, let’s adjourn to somewhere out of the heat and order some refreshments.”

Loryc: “And for that I’ve got all of you.”

Melty: “You only need me!”

Garrion: Zindal leads her to a local inn of his choosing and they sit at the table talking and sharing stories…..

Garrion: fade scene

  • Loryc pats Melty on the head.
  • Melty flutters into the air and puffs out her chest

Loryc: “You’re by far one of the most valuable members of the team Melty. Though your treasure carrying capabilities leave something to be desired.”

Tristan: (looks at the pixie) “true, you could recon pretty well i’m sure.”

Garrion: ((you can swap equipment.. not like it is essential story critical stuff))

Tristan: (not getting the “you got me” referring to her being a bad ass)

Zindal: (k, I’ll clean that up later)

Garrion: (oh i intend to post a Pyramuid article for all of you reguarding armor wear in civilian area.. and how to hide it… based on a fantasy setting))

Melty: “You gotta problem, giant?!”

Urso: " carrying stuff? no "

Garrion: fade scene to the discussion about the “vault”

Tristan: (who’s the "got a problem giant aimed at?)

Garrion: i think there is only one giant

  • Melty sneers at Loryc, then abruptly spins to face Tristan, the aggression instantly draining from her face

Urso: (hard to tell, everyone is giant to her )

Melty: (Nah she calls everyone that)

Tristan: (everyone is a giant to her)

Melty: (lol, like you said~)

Garrion: haha, ok

Melty: “I can do it all! Except…”

  • Melty glances at Urso.

Tristan: (tristan smiles at the pixie not wanting to piss her off)

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 15/form

Melty: “One or two things… I might not be as, uh, efficient… Due to my stature… And thank you very much for pointing that out, Loryc…”

Loryc: “No one is perfect, it’s why it helps to work as a team.”

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 15/form

Urso: " she probably tell what is good to take and what is junk "

Melty: “Yeah… I mean… Even I gotta admit it’d be nice to be big sometimes.”

  • Urso shrugs, " big, hard on furniture"

Garrion: Vampiric Power-Ups By virtue of their undead nature (and Vampiric Gifts perk), vampires can buy the following abilities as power-ups: • Alternate Form (Children of the Night*) 15. • Blood Healing: Healing (Injured Only, -20%; Self Only, +0%; Uses Blood Pool instead of FP, +0%) 24. • Blood Pool (see below), up to 20 3. • Claws (Sharp; Switchable, +10%) 6. • Clinging 20. • DR (Tough Skin, -40%) up to 3 3. • Insubstantiality (Carry up to No Encumbrance, +10%) 88 or (up to Light Encumbrance, +20%) 96. • Mind Control (Suggestion, -40%; Vision-Based, -20%) 20. • Speak With Animals (Specialized, Children of the Night*, -40%) 15. • Super Jump 1 or 2 10. • Upgrade Night Vision 7 7 to Dark Vision 25 for 18 points. • Upgrade Vampiric Bite for 5 points per extra HP/turn drained, up to 3 HP/turn. • Buy off Divine Curse 5, Dread 10, or Uncontrollable Appetite 15. * Children of the Night include bats, rats, wolves, etc. New Power-Up: Blood Pool 3 points/level Vampires have a special Energy Reserve called a blood pool, which can be used for anything that FP can be used for – spellcasting, special abilities, extra effort, etc. – but is not depleted by normal physical exertion, lack of sleep, etc. It does not recover normally through rest, but only through use of Vampiric Bite, at the normal rate (1 blood point/3 HP). A vampire may also choose to spend a blood point to heal the daily 2 damage from Draining; to heal other damage using blood points, buy the Blood Healing power-up.

Melty: “Which is why I have you! All of you! To do my bidding for me!”

Tristan: "so wizard, are we really going to go to the plane of shadow? do you know anything about it? that’s all wizard stuff….. "

Garrion: ((i thought Sef could cherry pick those powers for what he was wanting))

Melty: (is Zindal still on his date while we’re discussing this?)

Garrion: ((a few i may not allow due to not fitting concept))

  • Zindal does his best to enjoy a quick date with Roxanne, trying to get on her good side and perhaps even make a move if she’s receptive enough, though given the short time window before the play he’ll have to keep things brief for now

Urso: (gives us something to do )

Garrion: ((yes, i assume you are doing this immediate and he will be gone a couple hours at the least

Zindal: (You could always try to find him if you’re jealous, hehe)

Melty: (omg I was so distracted by arguing about GURPS + calling the internet that I forgot I have TACOS)

Melty: TAC0S

Melty: THAC0S

Melty: omg

Garrion: (OMG, how could that be)

Garrion: haha

Loryc: I’ll speed read the play btw

Loryc: I think my Wizard! skill has speed reading assumign we got a copy of it

Loryc: If not we’ll just have to wing it.

Tristan: i have not seen a thaco sense second addition…

Zindal: I don’t think they gave out copies of the script ahead of time

Zindal: I asked about that before

Garrion: you do not have a copy… you will get handed a line when you arrive…

Loryc: ah okay.

Melty: I kinda miss thac0 and some of that weird clunky shit from AD&D sometimes

Loryc: Well fair enough then. nothing to study then, so we’ll jsut head over there after we get Zindal.

Urso: ( we using our real names and faces or no?)

Melty: Not thac0 so much as the acronym

Garrion: ((in a live session each player would read the line as if acting his character.. that opointless in this media type so i’ll just have you give me an acting roll since cutting and pasting a line is pretty damn droll))

Melty: (It’s fun to say it out loud)

Loryc: (heh)

Loryc: (Yeah fair enough)

Urso: (heh, what the ability linked with acting? cause Urso is gonna suck.. unless its acting to be a bad ass, then would be ok )

Tristan: acting should be fun for myself and Urso

Loryc: Int I think.

Loryc: yeah it’s defintieyl int, cause I’m good at it.

Loryc: And yeah, THAC0 sounds awesome.

Cedric: ( well do have 10 IQ )

Loryc: You say you’ve got a +5 BAB you sound like a pussy, but having 15 THAC0, you seem way tougher.

Zindal: lol I think the default is pretty big if you don’t have skill points in it

Zindal: Like -5 or something

Garrion: well you cold do that if you impressing with talent for a certain aspect of a roll other than speaking lines

Loryc: Yeah, I’m not really sure how we’re gonna do this if the rest of you guys gotta act.

Loryc: I mean about all I can really do is replace you wtih an illusion

Loryc: during line reading

Zindal: Yeah, default is IQ-5

Zindal: So Urso’s equivalent skill is 5

Loryc: But you’re gonna suck ass live.

Garrion: ’i mean acting is more than speaking.. also have the action srtuff too

Loryc: Just saying.

Loryc: lol.

Cedric: (yeesh )

Melty: I don’t suppose there are any roles for pixies… Also it’s probably not a good idea for me to be doing stuff that publicly to begin with >.>

Cedric: (maybe tghe big brute is a mute )

Loryc: yeah, you can just be stored in a bag probably or something?

Loryc: well I can get us a part anyway, though if we suck not sure if we’ll get invited to the mayor’s mansiuon… lol.

Melty: I’m 5.2" tall so I probably fit in most containers

Loryc: I mean suggestion on the director will go a long way.

Garrion: Zindal will volunteer to have you hide out in his pants, lol

Tristan: plenty of room in there

Tristan: (had to)

Melty: real talk: That’s one of my RP ideas for when Mina is in the game >.>

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: lol

Garrion: ok, after you discuss the vault for a while and any other topics… ((assuming there is not RP desired for this)) … zindal appears from his date….

Melty: (Melty is secretly intimidated by boy parts, especially when they’re bigger than her entire body)

Zindal: Well since this play is supposed to be bloody and include a lot of combat, I’m hoping he’ll give some preference to someone who shows exceptional fighting skills even if the acting isn’t that great

Loryc: hehe.

Melty: (I don’t think that’s even hyperbole, lol)

Loryc: (Yeah I’m good with FFing to when Zindal shows up)

Melty: (Same~)

Loryc: (Don’t really want to bash him too much behind his back)

Zindal: lol

Tristan: “how did the date go Zindal, did you stick her with your sword? I know you like to do that”

  • Melty hovers next to Tristan’s head, barely outside his peripheral vision, doing crotch chops

Garrion: Zindal arrives with a little red mark on his neck.. that either he put there himself, neglected to wipe off on purpose, or had no clue had gotten there…..

Melty: silently

  • Zindal smirks… “It went well enough.”

Tristan: (glances to the right, feeling dirty for having a bad thought pass through his head at the tiny hotty)

Loryc: “I figured it might…”

  • Loryc smirks with that look that he might know something you don’t.

Garrion: ((lipstick, not a hickey))

Tristan: “looks like she did not mind you being late”

Melty: (If Melty was a video game character, air crotch chops would be one of her idle animations)

Tristan: lol

Tristan: mine would probably be to scratch his crotch in boredom

Melty: ahaha

Loryc: lol.

Zindal: “She was a bit cross at first, but I was able to win her over. If you’re so interested in the intimate details of my personal life, perhaps you’d like to observe the next date and take notes for your own self-improvement…?”

Tristan: “are you inviting me on your date? Kinky”

Melty: “Hell yeah!”

Urso: “get anything useful out of her?”

Loryc: “Oh I’m sure I’ll hear all about it later.”

Garrion: ((i think you should phrase that more directly Urso, lol))

Garrion: zindals concept of usefull may vary from urso’s

Zindal: (lol, I was going to subtly ask some questions about the manor and such but seeing as how we already got all the information we needed there isn’t really any point in it…)

Zindal: “Perhaps, perhaps… Time will tell.”

Garrion: ok, it is now 1500

  • Urso laughs, " nothing then… its ok "

Garrion: by the time Zindal arrived from his date

Tristan: “he got something, that’s lipstick on his neck”

Garrion: takes you about 30 minutes to get to the Limelight theater

Loryc: “WEll I suppose we should be going to the playhouse.”

Garrion: nothing like cutting it close….

Zindal: “Hm…? Oh, I thought I”d gotten it all…"

Urso: " we go as us.. or someone else?"

Tristan is disconnected.

Loryc: (Hmm…. good question actually Uros, I can’t really give us illusions exactly, since they won’t hold up past the anti-0magic field)

Tristan has connected.

Loryc: (So we kinda gotta go as ourselves.)

Loryc: (I could do muyndane disguises, but not sure if we had time fo rthose)

Urso: (mabye just masks or something?.. maybe different hair colors and stuff.. though can’t really hide urso much )

Loryc: (Could I give them illusions that I could make into mundane disguises later?)

Garrion: The Limehouse Theater is owned by Robahl Nonon, a relatively infamous director known for his temper and his knack for getting emotional performances out of his actors—at least out of those who don’t run in shameful tears from his stage. The theater itself is rather small, and for larger productions (like Robahl’s upcoming one), the Limehouse serves more as a headquarters and a place for dress rehearsals than an actual venue. The locals actually prefer this, as they find the dress rehearsals to be much more entertaining with their more-frequent errors, and Robahl himself has made a tradition of forcing his players to perform to this audience.

Loryc: (I’ll do that if I can.. so over the next day, I can come up wtih actual disguises.

Urso: (maybe some major face tatoo’s for urso… or something similar.. something that really draws the eye, so later when dont have.. not as memorable )

Garrion: well you can illusion anything.. if you want it to be real later it needs to be not too extreme

Melty: (Yeah, I don’t have disguise skill… I could possibly help create disguises with Artist (Illusion) if that’s the kind of thing T’s talking about)

Melty: (Like, conceptualize)

Loryc: I do have mundane disguises.

Urso: (or big red beard and hair or something?)

Loryc: Yeah, I’ll create something not too extreme as an illusion

Loryc: That I can make a mundane disguse out of

Loryc: Since I got mundane disguise skil too

Zindal: Yeah I think he’s just talking about something that looks mundane for the illusion so that he can later replicate it with an actual mundane disguise that won’t get blasted by anti-magic

Loryc: Yeah.

Loryc: Basically I’m doing an illusionary disguise that I can later do with mundane diosguise stuff

Loryc: So like an illusory fake beard or whatever. heh.

Urso: ( so what most exotice thing you can make with your disguises?)

Garrion: ok, you give me an extreme you talking aoubt… 1 to 10… and that will modify your roll to make the disguise and also any attempt to recognize you

Loryc: (Hmm.. well I’ll go wtih a basic disguise for now, just like a 2 I guess, my mundane disguise skill ain’t that good0

Melty: (I literally don’t have it so maybe I shouldn’t help)

Urso: ( do we need to be specific, or basically just say something that raelly draws the eye away from urso height..)

Loryc: (And yeah melty doesn’t need one)

Garrion: you only get one roll to disguise…. as you won;t know just how effective it is till it

Garrion: you may think it is great when in reality it may have some flaws

Loryc: okay. well I can burn my luck roll on that when the time comes (which I’m totally gonna do, since that’s sorat instrumental)

Melty: (Yeah lol, I can hide in someone’s pouch or jeans or whatever)

Garrion: go ahead and make the rolls now, swhile fresh on the mind

Garrion: state a PC and then make the roll for their disguise

Urso: (how good are you.. up to you guys as to how elaborate you make it )

Loryc: oh you want me to do the mundane disguises now? I didn’t figure we’d have time for tha tyet.

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Loryc: oh I thought I only get one roll total? It’s one roll per PC?

Garrion: Loryc said he going with a 2 rank disguise.. that means -2 to your roll and also -2 to attempt to recognize you if it is a good one

Garrion: yep, for each PC’s disguiose

Sachi has connected.

Zindal: Well right now he’s just using illusions

Urso: (how good are you?)

Zindal: He’s not doing the mundane disguises until later

Loryc: yeah right now I’m just doing illusions for today.

Loryc: Since we don’t got time to bust out the disguise kits, we’re kinda in a rush

Sachi: (got disco’d)

Garrion: right i know.. just want to roll it now and record for later while we thinking ab out it

Loryc: now how does this work exactly? Like isn’t it just a MOS against my disguise skil?

Loryc: I don’t get the whole penalty thing.

Garrion: yes

Garrion: i just asked you to rrate your own set difficulty

Loryc: So why wouldn’t I just roll my full disguise skill and let the full MoS work in my favor? If I take penalties seems like it’s worse.

Urso: how big of penalty you take now, is how big of penalty they take to recognize it

Sachi: (I think he’s saying you can take a penalty depending on how complicated you want to make it or somn?)

Loryc: yeah I’m trying to analyze what’s better though, since if I take a big penalty, it’s basically useless since i’ll fail my roll.

Garrion: the harder the disguise the bigger your p[enalty to make it.. but hat will also make it harder for them to see through it.. you gett eh same penalty plus the MOS agianst the opposition

Urso: what the skill to recognize? just percept? or something else?

Loryc: and if it’s MoS anyway, I’ll just roll agianst the full disguise check instead o taking a penalty.

Loryc: since not taking the penalty on my roll will just add to the MoS anyway.

Loryc: and also decreases my chances of failure.

Loryc: Like I don’t really see why I’d want to take a pnealty.

Garrion: but ehn they just use the plain MoS… not any extra penalty for them either.. that is fine….

Loryc: yeah I’ll do that.

Loryc: Okay this is for Tristan.

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Loryc: okay this is for ZIndal.

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 13 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: each PC record the MoS for your persianl disguise for later reference

Loryc: For Urso

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 16 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 2

Urso: suck

Loryc: eh, well he’s a giant anyway.

Loryc: lol I mean ain’t really too much we can do to disguise that regardless.

Urso: (on which mini?)

Loryc: And myself.

Loryc: ←rolls Fake! and gets 11 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: record in notes on limbo min

Loryc: I mean I really don’t think I can do much with Uros regardless, since like… they’re not gona be searching by specific description and just looking for “that dude that’s got gigantism”

Garrion: yeah, limited population his size… but a few

Loryc: At best we can just claim it as your twin borhter or something: Arsu.

Loryc: so I may just have to illusion disguse you after the fact.

Urso: need to wear wide horizontal stripes that make em look shorter, hehe

Loryc: which is no big deal

Loryc: that’ll be better anyway, cause it’ll make you look shorter.

Garrion: ok, everyone recorded for your later personal disguise matching Loryic illusion

Loryc: Not gonna bother on Melty, she’ll just have to ride in a pocket ior backapck, she won’t be in the ply anyway.

Garrion: Loryc fires up a temporary illusion.. not getting too fancy

Urso: (guess can always illusion him later, so long as no anti magic shield stuff, should be ok )

Sachi: Hehe yeah. I’d be just as conspicuous as Urso… And I’ve got a bad rep too…

Urso: ( well you alot easier to hide.. put you in someone’s pocket and you good.. Urso fits in no pockets )

Melty: (lol, still, I’ve got a social stigma and a bad rep with the Hellknights, so you don’t exactly want Melty showing her face too close to them)

Melty: It’d probably be like this:


Garrion: ok, you head up to the play house

Loryc: well good thing you’re small.

Melty: (Hehe, yeah~)

Melty: (Mostly I wanted an excuse to link that >.> )

Garrion: after loryc casts and maintains spells…. he maintaining 5 spells?

Loryc: 4 spells. (there’s 4 of us right?)

Garrion: oh right… eltera not here

Zindal: Loryc, Zindal, Urso Tristan

Loryc: Actually I’ll just hand them off to Melty with lend spell to maintain if Melt is just gonna be hiding anyway.

Loryc: So I can do social stuff if need be without penalty.

Loryc: Assuming Melty doesn’t plan on doing anything from inside the pcoket.

Loryc: You had anything you can do to help us with this Sachi?

Loryc: Or is it okay if I jsut have you maintain the illusions for now.

Loryc: I mgiht need some MoS stuff if we’re going into combat.

Melty: Well, I was gonna see if I could peek out and fling some spells, but… You’re the one that’s gonna be a target, so I can accept that >>;

Loryc: hehe yeah.

Loryc: My combat skilsl are like… kinda shitty.

Tristan: you can “act” like you have combat skills… or can you?

Loryc: Yeah, I can fake it. Up until it turns into ar eal combat.

Zindal: Not if you’re actually stabbing people for real, lol

Loryc: Like my Fake! skill lets me pretend and stuff.

Tristan: fake it until you make it…

Loryc: so long as I’m not actually defending myself.

Melty: How many spells you giving me? 5?

Loryc: Like stage combat I cand o… real combat.. not so mcuh

Loryc: 4.

Loryc: So you’ll be at -4 to cast anything else.

Loryc: they’re all free to maintain so… no big deal there.

Garrion: ok, you approach.. there is a line but not that long…. it seems many have come and gone

Melty: (Awwwwwww tight! I can still cast air spells at skill 16)

Loryc: (hehe)

Garrion: a few obvois actors hang out nearby.. hopeful that they will be called back

Urso: ( so we using our names or no?)

Loryc: (Nah, don’t use our real names)

Tristan: i’ll be “Stan”

Garrion: ((Loryc will be Rick?))

Loryc: I’ll be Robert, using the french pronunciation Rober.

Tristan: dman, I should have been daryl

Garrion: Zindal can be Zen?, lol

Zindal: I was thinking of calling myself Ladzin

Urso: ( Tito?)

Loryc: (Sachi can be our special effects, Deus ex pixie so to speak)

Garrion: ok, come uyp with your fake names.. b ut try not to get too complex or the players may get confused

Sachi is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Tristan: she could go by tinkerbell

Tristan: everyone will believe it

Loryc (aka Robert): done

Garrion: your turn eventually comes up….

Sachi has connected.

  • Bruce the lesser smiles.

Melty: (Got a weird error, so I tried upping my stack size)

Garrion: each of you roll actiong and add any Charisma or other reaction modifiers that pertain

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah increasing your stack size is generalyl helpful)

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Acting and gets 10 vs. Skill (20 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 10

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls IQ and gets 8 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of -5)

Bruce the lesser FAILS by 3

Bruce the lesser: (not bad actually , if wasn’t for the -5, would have made it )

Garrion: actually.. i want to try something different… we’ll see how this works out.. you roll your acting or other relevant skill you hoping will work and i’ll make a reaction roll modified by that MOS

Tristan: ←rolls IQ and gets 14 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan FAILS by 7

Tristan: nice

Zindal: Heh, well since this is supposed to require actual physical combat can I roll Acting and Broadsword?

Garrion: sure.. i’ll take average

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Acting and gets 7 vs. Skill (10 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 3

Tristan: ←rolls Broadsword and gets 6 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 9

Zindal (aka Ladzin): ←rolls Broadsword and gets 10 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Zindal (aka Ladzin) SUCCEEDS by 11

Zindal: That’s an average of 7

Zindal: Though I think the Broadsword was a critical success technically

Garrion: what was witht he 9?

Zindal: I took skill points in Acting

Zindal: I told you I was doing that since I knew this play was coming up, Zindal has practiced

Garrion: i mean the MOS 9 broadsword.. you rolled teice?

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls Axe/Mace and gets 17 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Bruce the lesser CRITICALLY FAILS by 2

Loryc (aka Robert): lol. oh god.

Bruce the lesser: (heh)

Tristan: one of those was mine

Zindal: Uhh, I didn’t see a 9 anywhere

Loryc (aka Robert): He broke his own foot.

Garrion: oh sorry

Zindal: Oh, the 9 is Tristan

Tristan: the 9 was mine

Tristan: my average is mos 2

Garrion: ok, once all rolls are in i’ll start my reactions…..

Bruce the lesser: heh, my average is fail by 2.5

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll just keep my acting roll heh, It’s what I excel at.

Zindal: Also my Very Handsome apperance gives +6 to reaction rolls from people attracted to my gender and +2 from everyone else

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): dialog(‘Reaction Table’,‘width=500;height=250’) Statement Body (first 200 characters): {

Melty: And I’m in hiding~

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): dialog(‘Reaction Table’,‘width=500;height=250’) Statement Body (first 200 characters): { Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): dialog(‘Reaction Table’,‘width=500;height=250’) Statement Body (first 200 characters): {

Loryc (aka Robert): Lets hope the director is gay.

Tristan: lol

Zindal: lol

Bruce the lesser: actualy my barbarian negative might help here, if am supposed to be scary…

Garrion: hmm, i know i fixed the reaction roller

Melty: Is that like a stealth or observation check from me? Or a holdout check for the person who’s carrying me, or what?

Loryc (aka Robert): Your Reaction roll was sent to the GM
The player used the Reaction Modifier ’’Normal’’ for a bonus.

Excellent: The NPC is extremely impressed by the PCs, and acts in their best interests at all times, within the limits of his own ability. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs are extremely friendly. They may even join the party temporarily. The PCs may ask for aid or information; roll again at +5. (If a fight is in progress, the NPCs surrender.)

Garrion: ok, loryc….

Garrion: Excellent: The NPC is extremely impressed by the PCs, and acts in their best interests at all times, within the limits of his own ability. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs are extremely friendly. They may even join the party temporarily. The PCs may ask for aid or information; roll again at +5. (If a fight is in progress, the NPCs surrender.)

Loryc (aka Robert): I’d hope he likes me with a +10 roll.

Loryc (aka Robert): nice.

Garrion: Brice the lesser.. -3 average

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol ouch

Tristan: i’ll luck my acting (not that it will help)

Bruce the lesser: and its Bruce

Tristan: oh, not me

Tristan: my mos should be 2

Tristan: positive

Bruce the lesser: Your Reaction roll was sent to the GM
The player used the Reaction Modifier ‘’Appearance & Social Stigma (Others)’’ for a bonus.

Very Bad: The NPC dislikes the PCs and acts against them if it’s convenient to do so. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs attack, and flee only if they see they have no chance. (A fight in progress continues.)

Garrion: Urso (aka Bruce)… Very Bad: The NPC dislikes the PCs and acts against them if it’s convenient to do so. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs attack, and flee only if they see they have no chance. (A fight in progress continues.)

Bruce the lesser: (heh, guess I"m not getting the part.. unless being hated is part of his character?)

Garrion: The director does not seem impressed with Urso… “Rabble… what is this disgusting rabble that comes onto my stage?”

Bruce the lesser: " Bruce big and strong…"

Garrion: “It can’t act and it fumbnles about with that big humk of metal.”

Garrion: Did you illusion him a different size?

Loryc (aka Robert): (nah, he’s still big)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Casue it was so I could come up wtih a mundane disguise remember)

Loryc (aka Robert): (So couldn’t really change his size)

Bruce the lesser: (anything nearby real heavy I can lift?)

Garrion: “However… there is a part that really needs a big man like you. You may have a use yet.”

Garrion: yes, there are sand bags holding the curtains

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (You’re the back half of the horse costume, congrats)

Melty: (lol)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol at least let him be a dragon)

Garrion: lol

  • Bruce the lesser walks over and picks them all up with one hand.

Garrion: pretty heavy… what is you 1hand lift?

Garrion: if it under 300 LB roll it

Garrion: as he does that, on to the next contestant…..

Loryc (aka Robert): pretty sure iwth GURPS you can use extra effort to lift more. I forget how it works but I remember readin ghat somewhere

Bruce the lesser: ( I can one hand 230 lbs )

Loryc (aka Robert): like you spend FP and it increass your lift by ann amount equal to what you spend

Bruce the lesser: (heh, can say I spend enough FP to lift it, have 14 of them )

Garrion: ok, or you can roll it.. however you want to handle it….

Loryc (aka Robert): you may hav eto make a roll too, I’m not sure actually

Loryc (aka Robert): I just know you spend FP to increase your lifting.

Bruce the lesser: ok, will spend 4.. so +4 to roll?

Garrion: sure

Bruce the lesser: ←rolls ST and gets 10 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 4)

Bruce the lesser SUCCEEDS by 12

Garrion: Bruce lifts the bags holding the curtain and as he does they drop some…. the directors jaw drops… yes, I think you may do just fine for the role i have in mind

Garrion: tristan…..

Tristan: (slay the oger)

Garrion: a net result of 1

Tristan: 9-7 = 2

  • Bruce the lesser puts the sand bags back down and smiles.

Tristan: if I use luck how does that work?

Tristan: three rolls?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): It’s the average of your rols, 9+7 = 16 / 2 = 8

Garrion: average….

Tristan: oh

Tristan: luck = 3 rolls?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Well, the average of your MoS

Garrion: yep

Zindal (aka Ladzin): What was your MoS on each roll

Tristan: ok, i’ll luck it

Tristan: ←rolls IQ and gets 9 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan FAILS by 2

Tristan: ←rolls IQ and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan FAILS by 4

Garrion: 9 and -7

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oh, lol

Tristan: ←rolls IQ and gets 10 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan FAILS by 3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah that would be 1 then

Bruce the lesser: (wow)

Tristan: -2 and + 9 = 5.5 mos

Garrion: ok, best is a -2

Melty: (btw guys I’m taking statistics this term and the more I learned about the normal distribution the more I appreciate GURPS)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 3.5 actually

Loryc (aka Robert): heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 9-2 = 7, 7/2 = 3.5

Tristan: yup, that looks correct

Garrion: ok, dropping fraction.. 3

Tristan: if I had one point in acting….. might have to add a point to that later

Tristan: acting ranger…. what is the world coming to?

Loryc (aka Robert): lol

Tristan: Your Reaction roll was sent to the GM
The player used the Reaction Modifier ‘’Social Stigma’’ for a bonus.

Poor: The NPC is unimpressed. He may become hostile if there is much profit in it, or little danger. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs shout threats or insults. They demand that the PCs leave the area. If the PCs stick around, the NPCs attack unless outnumbered, in which case they flee. (A fight in progress continues.)

Garrion: Poor: The NPC is unimpressed. He may become hostile if there is much profit in it, or little danger. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs shout threats or insults. They demand that the PCs leave the area. If the PCs stick around, the NPCs attack unless outnumbered, in which case they flee. (A fight in progress continues.)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Tristan: I don’t like him either

Garrion: “What the hell is this shit..Get off my damn stage!”"

Melty: (I’ve got the death sentence on me in 12 systems)

Tristan: ok, I need a willpower roll

Tristan: ←rolls Will and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 3

Garrion: what that for?

Tristan: intolerance urbanights

Garrion: is it WP or is it a Self controll roll using set number?

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think it’s a self-control roll

Tristan: I think it’s a set number, I just rolled wp

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah those don’t use will, they got a set num they go agaisnt)

Tristan: is the goal to roll under or over ?

Melty: (It’s usually 12 though, unless he modified the cost when he bought it)

Tristan: I think it’s 12

Tristan: so, I still failed right?

Garrion: yep

Tristan: ok, i’ll rp it out.

Garrion: fail to control reaction

Tristan: “go fuck yourself”

Garrion: lol

Tristan: that’s in character

Melty: lol

Loryc (aka Robert): “I think what you miss here in my colleage is his excellent portrayal of anger… and he’s also the foremost trick shot expert.”

Tristan: i’ll start to walk off unless he puffs up

Garrion: “I wold tell you to do the same but with your skills you would probaly screw it up.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Oooh, burn

Loryc (aka Robert): “Granted he has not had time to master the script itself, and his reading was a bit poor… but believe me, he is not without merit…”

Garrion: “A trick shot you say?”

Tristan: (stop and turn around debating if I should punch this ass hole in the face)

Garrion: well you are up on a stage.. he down in the seats

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’ll walk over to tristan, gonna cast an emotional control on him so he doesn’t like totally go off)

Loryc (aka Robert): I’ll try to calm him down magically.

Tristan: “I’m such a good shot I could hit your tiny dick from 50 paces”

Tristan: (he’s pissed)

Loryc (aka Robert): (hehe yeah, that’s why I’m gonna cast a spell to make you not pissed)

Garrion: you are not on stage with him.. you can be off to the side in the seating area.. an isle

Garrion: as you walk off stage and he attempts

Tristan: “fuck this bullshit, I don’t need to have this pussy judge me”

Tristan: to judge

Melty: (btw I’ve been discreetly casting Shape Air on ladies’ skirts from my hiding place)

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’m gonna cast emotional control on him to make him happy)

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Spell (SL 21) and gets 9 vs. Skill (21 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 12

Loryc (aka Robert): you resist that with will btw.

Tristan: i’m screwed on that

Tristan: ←rolls Will and gets 15 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan FAILS by 3

Garrion: distance mod.. you are about 10 yards from the stage

Tristan: nope

Loryc (aka Robert): (well I walked up to himn)

Loryc (aka Robert): (as I was saying all that)

Tristan: (thinking, i showed him!)

Tristan: (now smiling)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Like where I was talking about his skills I was lkiek walking up to Tristan)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Specific aly doing that to decrease the range penalty)

Tristan: (daydreaming how i’m going to shoot him with an arrow, completley happy)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Watch his amazing change of emotional states!”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Before frothing anger, and now happiness! What amazing range of emotion.”

Garrion: “Really, then try it….” he holds up the pencil he is holding

Melty: (I can cast it at 2 FP for free and 1 is a “breeze”, so hopefully that’s enough to flip a skirt…)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Granted he is not fully familiar with the script, it has not been allowed to grow within him.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Zindal has been greatly appreciating Melty’s skills)

Tristan: “I do suddently feel much better…”

Tristan: ←rolls IQ and gets 8 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of -5)

Tristan FAILS by 1

Garrion: he is 10 yards away.. but pencil will be eye equiv

Loryc (aka Robert): (Well you don’t have to act being happy, you are happy) :P

Tristan: ←rolls Broadsword and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tristan SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: boradsword?

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah you’re suppsoed ot use your bow)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol he’s asking you to do a trick shot, need the bow for that

Loryc (aka Robert): (I’m selling youa s a master of trick shots)

Tristan: ok, i can use the bow

Garrion: loryc is promoting your shooting skill

Loryc (aka Robert): (only zindal is a master of trick shots using his ‘sword’)

Tristan: ←rolls Bow and gets 18 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 4)


Zindal (aka Ladzin): ROFL

Loryc (aka Robert): please say you can luck that

Tristan: i added 5

Garrion: lmao

Tristan: I think I did that wrong. I added + 4 (3 for heroic archer and one for weapon bond)

Tristan: let me roll the attack, it caculates correctly

Garrion: you need range of 10 yards.. and the eye penalty

Melty: Well if you roll an 18 you crit fail

Tristan: ok sure

Loryc (aka Robert): lol yeah.

Loryc (aka Robert): on a natural 18 he was kinda… screwed.

Melty: No matter what your skill is

Tristan: oh, in that case that’s true

Garrion: but yes an 18 fails either way

Tristan: maybe I shot him

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah heh

Zindal (aka Ladzin): That’s like rolling a 1 in D&D

Melty: Less likely, eve

Loryc (aka Robert): (to Tristna) “This isn’t the magic show act we did, you’re not supposed to miss the first time.”

Melty: even*

Garrion: i think that may be the case… nah i need to roll it

Loryc (aka Robert): (to director) “I apologize, he’s used to missing the first shot, to set up the crowd… he’s a bit too into his rehearsing…”

Tristan: You drop the weapon. Exception: A cheap weapon breaks. Exception: Certain weapons are resistant to breakage. These include solid crushing weapons (maces, flails, mauls, metal bars, etc.); magic weapons; firearms (other than wheel-locks, guided missiles, and beam weapons); and fine and very fine weapons of all kinds. If you have a weapon like that, roll again. Only if you get a “broken weapon” result a second time does the weapon really break. If you get any other result, you drop the weapon instead. See broken weapons (p. 485).

Loryc (aka Robert): “The goal is for the audience to laugh at him at first… and then he does a lot of impressive shots you see.”

Tristan: (pick the bow back up)

Melty: (lol, 1/10 as likely as a 1 in D&D!)

Garrion: this is funny as hell

Tristan: “ok, i won’t miss then”. what’s my “eye” target?

Melty: (Like I said, I love the normal distribution)

Loryc (aka Robert): A Fast-Talk check sent to GM.


←rolls Fast-Talk and gets 9 vs. Skill (19 with a modifier of 0)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 10

Loryc (aka Robert): Using my fast talk to try to play it off like he meant to do that

Tristan: i need a range target for 10 yards or whatever the – is

Tristan: like -1?

Garrion: “Well I’m sick of al the horsing around. I have more people to see….”

Tristan: doing that strange roll thing again

Tristan: i’m impersonating my icon in “limbo”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Yes… show him what you can do my friend. He has had enough games, that is the thing to use on common folk who know no better, this is a renowned director.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Show him what you are truly capable of.”

Tristan: roller not working G

Bruce the lesser: ( guess we can knock out the guy who wins and Trist can replace em, hehe)

Garrion: just use the generic roller… use skill and the penalty is -13 (-4 range and -9 eye)

Tristan: ok

Loryc (aka Robert): (don’t forget your aim bonus too)

Tristan: then + 4 so -9

Tristan: wait, … figuring this out.

Tristan: skill = 19 + 1 for weapon bond + 1 for determined aim + 3 for heroic archer

Garrion: so 24

Tristan: so I need an 11 on 3d6 (or less)

Tristan: roll9

Loryc (aka Robert): thank god.

Tristan: “you should have told me you wanted me to hit it the first time”

Garrion: as the director speaks you take your shot in mid sentence shooting the pencil from his fingers

Tristan: (thinking … a minute ago I was going to shoot him in the crotch… not knowing what changed my mind)

Melty: Whew.

Loryc (aka Robert): “That is what I’m talking about.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “You will find no better shot in all of Cheliax.”

Garrion: He reacts just as he did with Urso… (Bruce). “Now THAT was impressive. You may have a use yet. Your acting needs some work though. I’ll have to think about it and I’ll get back to you.”

Tristan: (all happy now) "well thanks! I appreciate it and will work hard on the script!)

Garrion: (ok, who was next… Zindal?))

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Think so

Zindal (aka Ladzin): My average MoS was 7

Garrion: Net of =7

Zindal (aka Ladzin): 3 on the Acting and 11 on the Broadsword

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Also I have either +6 or +2 to all reaction rolls, thanks to Very Handsome

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Depending on whether this guy likes other dudes or not

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Your Reaction roll was sent to the GM
The player used the Reaction Modifier ‘’Appearance (Others)’’ for a bonus.

Very Good: The NPC thinks quite highly of the PCs and is quite helpful and friendly. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs are friendly. The PCs may ask for aid or information (roll again at +3). Even sword foes find an excuse to let the PCs go… for now. (If a fight is in progress, the NPCs flee if they can, or surrender otherwise.)

Garrion: Very Good: The NPC thinks quite highly of the PCs and is quite helpful and friendly. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs are friendly. The PCs may ask for aid or information (roll again at +3). Even sword foes find an excuse to let the PCs go… for now. (If a fight is in progress, the NPCs flee if they can, or surrender otherwise.)

Bruce the lesser: (so gay )

Garrion: “Spendid! That was extreme acting and swordsmanship. You will do nicely, and the ladies may fancy you too.”

Melty: :3

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) smiles and bows graciously, “That is certainly my hope, director. Thank you.”

Melty: Riiiiight

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol, be awesome if he hits on Zindal)

Garrion: that cover everyone?

Tristan: (thinking, that director is gay….)

Loryc (aka Robert): (Yeah, we’re not gonna have Melty audition, she’ll just be in people’s pockets)

Garrion: you don;t know if i gave the attracted bonus to reaction of not???

Zindal (aka Ladzin): lol

Melty: (We were blatantly guessing)

Loryc (aka Robert): (As a side note, she also grants you a near automatic win in a riddling contest)

Melty: (Or at least I was)

Garrion: ok, each of you except tristan are accepted on the spot…..

Melty: (Hehe, that’s true, she does have all that brain power)

Zindal (aka Ladzin):

Garrion: as casting call draws to a close the director calls out the selections….

Melty: (lol)

Tristan: crap, I hope urso is up there if we are fighting to the death…

Garrion: “Ladzin… you will make an excelent Larazod.”

  • Zindal (aka Ladzin) grins… “That’s the lead, if I’m not mistaken.”

Tristan: (which one is supposed to die?)

Loryc (aka Robert): (totally gay)

Garrion: ((Larazod is one of the play’s two starring roles)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (Possibly all of them… the play has a reputation of seldom being finished because of the brutality of the combat scenes)

Garrion: Robert…. You did not display much use with the weapon, but you have a wise look about you. You wil make an excellent Dentris."

Garrion: Dentris is a sharp-tongued wizard who has a knack for biting insults and a quick wit, and who acts almost as a father figure to Larazod

Melty: Ain’t he supposed to die, lol

Garrion: “I have one more test to make sure you are right for the role…”

Bruce the lesser: (how much this pay, btw?)

Tristan: (yup, he’s gay)

Loryc (aka Robert): “Bring it on.”

Garrion: “Insult and berate me, and to do so as wittily and cruelly as possible.”

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (That’s not much of a test for Loryc)

Bruce the lesser: ( your mother was a hamster.. you smell of elderberries .. )

Loryc (aka Robert): (heh give me one sec to formulate something…)

Garrion: lol, not as quick on his feet as your thought

Melty: (Hey man, sometimes you need a sec when you’re playing a role)

Garrion: or double playing

Garrion: roleplaying a PC acting for a role in a play

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yo dawg I heard you like to roleplay so I gave you a role to play while you play a role so that you can roleplay while you roleplay

Melty: (Hey Tab you been playing the Borderlands pre-sequel? You get to the part where you launch the rocket from the city?)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Hehe, yeah, that was great

Melty: (lmao that was my favorite part of the game so far as I’ve played)

Garrion: while loryc composes something

Tristan: heading to bed guys, have a good night

Garrion: wait.. you need your part"Bruce

Melty: (Night Tristan!)

Garrion: “Bruce…. You will make an excellent Drovalid.”

Loryc (aka Robert): “Clearly sir, you are quite foolish not to select me for the leading role in this play. At first, I was apt to believe it was because of your own ineptitude in your position, but then I considered that it was more likely that your true interest lies in seeing the swordsman’s carefully concealed second sword and its skill at striking at the rear. But do not get your hopes up sir, for his swordsmanship as well as the size of his secondary blade will put your own small offering to shame.”

Garrion: Drovalid, as the torturer who has a change of heart and joins Larazod’s side to protect him, is the toughest character in the play>

  • Bruce the lesser flexes his arm and smiles.

Bruce the lesser: ( sweet, I get to torture Zindal ?)

Garrion: he is also known to be a giant although finding a proper sized actoris often hard to do.

Bruce the lesser: ( no pay necessary now )

Melty: :3

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Garrion: “And finally…. Stan…. your companion has influenced my into taking you on as Tybain.”

Garrion: Tybain is the comic relief of the play, a bumbling paladin whose devotion to Aroden is even more comical in this age, due to the deity’s death. Traditionally, Tybain is the character who dies first in the play, but the longer he can survive, often the better the play is received.

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Haha

Garrion: and those are the roles…..

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Bruce the lesser: " how much pay this play?"

Loryc (aka Robert): (And the deaths in this play are supposedly, real right?)

Melty: Maybe someday we can go outside Cheliax somewhere I can get a part :3

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Yeah, like I said, the play is rarely performed to completion

Zindal (aka Ladzin): Because it’s so brutal that the actors end up dying

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Loryc (aka Robert): our party turns into travelling actors?

Loryc (aka Robert): That’d be an interesting twist.

Melty: lol, like that filler episode of Slayers

Melty: That one was awesome

Garrion: to loryc…. “Well that was head spinning, but it had wit and insult all mixed in together.”

Melty: (Shoulda just done a freestyle rap)

Zindal (aka Ladzin): (No microphones to drop though)

Loryc (aka Robert): lol.

Melty: (Hold Melty like a mic and let her go at the end)

Loryc (aka Robert): (lol)

Melty: (Let me learn a couple sound spells and maybe I can even amplify you)

Garrion: haha, that would be funny to see.. that voice amplification device looks like a pixie

Zindal (aka Ladzin): She’s about the right size, lol

Garrion: ok, after each of you is assigned your roll he takes you back stage to meet the other actors that have already been cast….

Garrion: role

Garrion: we will handle this in forum or in sessin next time

Garrion: good job all…. that was a bit of fun

Bruce the lesser: (he say anyting to what we getting payed?)

Garrion: oh sorry….

Garrion: one sec.

Melty: kk~ Yeah, I’m hoping we can get everyone in here next time~

Bruce the lesser: I assume its up front, hehe

Loryc (aka Robert): yeah. lets hope we can get Sef ready for next time.

Loryc (aka Robert): Well kinda doubt we’ll get much money since we’re taking off after the first showing… though I dunno

Loryc (aka Robert): amybe since it’s lkiek the death play.

Loryc (aka Robert): We may pull some cash

Bruce the lesser: well is only one showing ?

Garrion: Robahl informsyou that everyone will be paid a percentage of the house’s take from the performance. Thus, it is in the interest of everyone involved to make the performance as great as possible, and to spend the next several days promoting the production. Until the performance is over, the exact amount of each character’s payment is unknown, but Robahl does tell you that you’ll be paid 5% of the house’s total take after the performance, with a possible bonus (at his discretion) for jobs well done.

Bruce the lesser: 5% each?

Garrion: area knowledge at -4

Garrion: yes, each

Loryc (aka Robert): Roll area knowledge?

Bruce the lesser: IQ ?

Loryc (aka Robert): ←rolls Encyclopedist! and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -4)

Loryc (aka Robert) SUCCEEDS by 4

Garrion: Loryc realizes that this rate is relatively aggressive and respectable for such a production.

Loryc (aka Robert): Yeah I woudn’t assume that’s too bad.

Melty: Hehehe… Melty’s good at propaganda, she can help you guys promote.

Garrion: ok, 2 CP each for tonight.. had some good RP

Loryc (aka Robert): cool. Yeah lets hope we can get Sef in for next time.

Melty: Yay!

Garrion: once we got past the debate.. did you see my post of the vampiric Powers?

Garrion: that was what i was considering using for Mina.. it seemed like a good fit

Loryc (aka Robert): I mean mostly at this point I just don’t want Sef to have to remake his guy again.

Bruce the lesser: ok, I assume no game next week?

Garrion: i had not thought about it.. but correct, no game

Bruce the lesser: ok, happy thanksgiving then everyone.. add see ya in two weeks

Garrion: we can still do stuff via forum though

Melty: Night! Happy thanksgiving!

Garrion: take care everyone

Cedric is disconnected.

Taragnor: happy Turkey day.

Taragnor is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Session 9

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